Latest updates – Aug 2017

August 18, 2017


We turned 7 years old on Aug 15th and I’d like to start off by thanking all of you, our clients. We have had a great journey as a business and it wouldn’t have been possible without your love, support, and patience. In this post, I’ll update you on what has been happening over the last year and some of our plans for the future.

Highlight of our journey so far

This Aug 16th, I, along with a group of entrepreneurs, were invited for an interaction with our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi on the subject of transforming India. This is a huge milestone for us as the PMO recognizes our contributions to the industry.

Personally, I was blown out of my mind after hearing our PM’s vision for India. I was also fortunate to meet several prominent ministers of the cabinet including the Hon. finance minister. I’ve come back from this interaction all the more determined and inspired to help grow the capital market ecosystem in India, create job opportunities, and continue wow’ing all of you as we always have.

Business updates

Having added over 250,000 clients in the last year, we’re now the 7th largest broker in India in terms of active clients. With a total of 400,000 clients, we now contribute to over 5% of retail trading turnover on the Indian exchanges every day.

We’ve added almost Rs 300 crores in direct mutual fund AUM in less than five months with Coin, and helped clients potentially save tens of crores in upfront and trail commissions that would have otherwise been paid to distributors.

Our team now has over 800 members with an additional 500 partners all across India. Our technology, infrastructure, and bandwidth costs have quadrupled. Yet, our scale ensured that we were able to close the last financial year amongst the most profitable retail brokerages in India with zero debt on our books.

We have just received our NBFC license and will start our loan-against-securities business shortly.

Our success online is evident in our Alexa ranking (top rank amongst Indian brokerages), Google trends (most searched broker on Google), and SimilarWeb (in the top 20 financial websites in the world). We’ve achieved this organically through word of mouth and zero paid advertising. While these are only a reflection of our success, I thought I’d highlight these as mischief makers have been trying to tarnish our name by spreading unfounded rumours (most commonly on platforms like WhatsApp).

Product updates

Kite 3.0

We’ve rewritten Kite and its backend from scratch (new technologies, new architecture) for even bigger scale, better stability, and increased performance. The new frontend will be released soon with several new features that you have been waiting for. Significant parts of the backend has already been replaced over the last few months. On an average day, Kite processes over 300 million requests during market hours, with peaks of more than 20,000 requests per second. These are technical details, but I’d like to highlight them nevertheless to give you a hint of the engineering complexities and scales at which we operate, more than any other broker.

We’re also working on a unified experience across all our platforms and partner platforms, where you’d be able to use your Kite account to gain access to everything. Just one password to memorise.

Kite Connect API 3.0

Our “broking as a service” platform, the first of its kind in the world, now powers several financial businesses; our partners, smallcase and Balance, to name a couple. We have been working with many product companies who are integrating Kite Connect into their offerings. For instance, imagine a personal finance management app that automatically picks up stock and mutual fund holdings from your Kite account to visualize your portfolio.

We continue to add new features to our Kite Android app and our brand new iOS app was released recently.

Q – Backoffice 2.0

Though much later than originally anticipated, the new Q is now fast nearing completion. Again, this has been done from scratch using new technologies. We hit a lot of roadblocks trying to replace the entire backend and moving enormous amounts of data. Our holdings, positions, P&L history, and ledger data now account to more than 1 billion rows, and it keeps increasing every day. This has been quite a learning experience and we’ve pushed a number of limits. In addition to technical challenges, the lack of clear specifications on a lot of processes afforded to us by the exchanges and our regulators, even as a broker, have cost us time.

We’ve also been working on improving several other areas of the backoffice. For instance, you may have noticed our new and improved payment gateway flow, which integrates directly with banks.

Coin / mutual funds

In addition to saving our investors significant amounts of commissions by offering direct mutual funds, we’ve been working on a completely new experience for Coin. All this while, it’s been a self-service platform where you search for the fund you want to invest in, but the new Coin should be a great discovery platform as well. A stand-alone Coin mobile app will also follow.

We’re also working on enabling funding of direct mutual fund purchases on Coin right from your bank account.

Fintech startup partners

Two more fintech startups have been recently incubated under Rainmatter, Zerodha’s fintech startup fund. I am very excited about the cutting edge products they are going to bring to you! This takes the number of startups we’ve funded to help grow the capital market ecosystem in India to six – Tradelab, smallcase, Balance, Digio, and the two new additions (formal announcements will follow).


As brokers, physical leased lines pulled from the exchanges are fundamental to our operations. Getting a leased line is tedious and extremely time-consuming, where a single line can take several months to be commissioned. Despite this, over the last year, we’ve quadrupled the number of our exchange leased lines for increased capacity

We are also investing heavily in a disaster recovery setup at a new data centre in a completely different geographic location.

There are of course numerous other things that we’re working on. As always, I thank you for your continued support.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Raj says:

    In Kite3 is it possible to place stop loss order by just giving the difference in the price from current market price. i.e., if the LTP is say 562, then I want to specify 4 to buy above 566. Similarly sell below 560 by specifying 2.
    The reason for asking for this feature is to be able to quickly place an order.

  2. Raj says:

    I have noticed this happening to even Nifty chart in the morning when the market opens. This happens almost everyday. But it stops if we go to some other thing and come back to chart.

  3. Raj says:

    Today, USDINR chart is not displaying properly. The moment we click chart, it displays it only up to 12:30PM. After that it shows only ‘—–‘ . This keeps growing and the chart scrolls to the left. Please correct this bug.

  4. Raj says:

    There is one issue in Kite3. In the chart, I create Studies like Pivot and RSI and Save the view using View –> Save option, giving the view a name.
    Now if I go to some other window like Orders or Funds or Positions and come back to Chart, It is not there. Even the Saved View is not listed in the Saved Views menu.

    Please correct this bug, as it is becoming a headache because every time I have to create these studies.

    • Matti says:

      After saving a view, please hit save preferences. Your view will stay saved. Will have this fixed soon.

      • Raj says:

        Yes, Save Preferences works. But one issue with it is that, If I make some change to a Saved View and Click Save preferences, the change does not reflect when I come back to that View later.


  5. Vinit K says:

    Dear Zerodha team, I have transferred my entire portfolio from another demat to zerodha. To attain accurate P&L report, I entered numerous manual entries but due to my mistake and once as Q did not load entry duplicate entry took place. Even upon written requests and phone call follow up, process seems slowed down. And latest I was informed it may take 15 days to update, which sounds too much in this technology driven time.

    All i wish is satisfactory and responsible response from your end. As support and Q (Back office) are different.

    Once this is done, I have another demat to transfer to zerodha with even larger data. But procedure needs to be smooth. Hope you are listening !!!


  6. Anant rajwade says:

    Please guide us to continue our treding account in modifird zerodha system ,what is the process ? by updating or downloding the new app,?please reply,

  7. Masood Akhtar says:

    I have been in the stock market for more than 10 years now. I joined Zerodha only about a year ago. I am not only satisfied but extremely pleased to have joined you. Before my trading was based on viral tips from several sources without any homework on my own. However, after reading substantial material from varsity I feel empowered and more informed about my trading. I am an educationist by profession but your resources have lit a new enthusiasm of stock market. I am finding time to read all the writings available on your channels. I thank you for providing this expertise in easy to understand language. Keep up the good work.

  8. DHARAMVEER says:

    I able to access the excel link in pi but I don’t know how to access options Greeks in excel link in live market like we are able to access in nest or Odin software kindly confirm the same, is it possible to access options Greeks live in excel link or not possible

  9. draj says:

    I’m using kite as well as Pi for trading. I’m looking for one feature in any one of them. Basically, I want to place 2 market orders simultaneously. The scrip in the two orders are different. Is this possible? The scrips are call and put options. The purpose is to hedge. If I place orders manually, the time gap after my first order may increase my loss; i want to avoid this.
    Kindly let me know exactly how to do this. Does it require scripting? If so, if you can supply the exact script for placing such orders as a batch that will help.

    is it possible to place such orders in a batch or bulk without scripting?


  10. DRCHETAN says:

    bad experience from zerodha….looks like manipulating our trading orders…i put SL order but after some time is executed without price reaching trigger price…quite horrible…coz after putting my order price didnt crossed my trigger price for whole day….

  11. Ashu says:

    Hi Nithin, Now zerodha calculator is showing maximum stamp duty of 200/- for Haryana. Is there some mistake or NSE member association has convinced Govt & max cap has been fixed at 200/-?

  12. Hema V says:

    Hi Sir,

    I tried to open my new zerodha account by signing up online using AADHAR yesterday, thinking it will be activated “instant’ as advertised in your website. However this this minute there was no response from your end.

    also i mailed today morning to support@zerodha early this morning and no one has responded.

    i am not happy with my first welcome experince.

    Pls do the needful


    • Matti says:

      Hey Hema, a lot of verifications happens on the backend that has to be done manually, so account opening takes up to 72 hours. Sorry for the delay in response from support. The standard is a response within 24 hours.

  13. Sanchit says:

    I just applied for zerodha account. While I filled all my details correctly, the system has put a wrong mobile number in my profile and digitally signed documents. I’m not able to change it without paying Rs 50 as charges. Since this is not my mistake or change of no. please change it from back-end.
    I have been trying to reach support through e-mails for last 2 days but no one responded. No one is answering customer support number also. Not a happy start with Zerodha!

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sanchit, the mobile number available in the KYC registry is what is fetched by the system. If you’ve recently made a change to your KYC, it’s possible that the same hasn’t happened on the registry servers yet. This is the data we fetch. Please write to updates[at] with your client ID. Will have this changed.




  15. ASHOK BHOSLE says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Can we have the following incorporated in Kite studies:
    1. McGinley dynamic indicator
    2. Support & Resistance line

  16. draj says:

    I’m looking for the following feature in kite:- I want to know at any point of time, the ratio of “Total bids” to “Total offers” for all the scrips arranged in descending order / ascending order of this ratio. Currently we have to click at every scrip in the watch window to see how bullish the scrip is to take a decision to initiate a buy or sell at that point of time. If this is available for a list of selected scrips in a separate window and refreshed on continuous basis as the trade goes on, it will benefit traders.
    Kindly let me know whether you can provide this feature.


    • draj says:

      just one more point on this:- many times we don’t come to know about major moves in scrips that are not in our watch list in kite. If you can provide the top 50 scrips and bottom 50 scrips (for this ratio) in nifty 50 and nifty 100 and nifty 500 it will be very useful.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… We’ll take this under advisement. This would be tricky to implement, so will take some time.

      • draj says:

        thank you. It is ok even if is not arranged in sorted order of this value, in case that is going to add to server load. It can be in fixed order of the scripts’ names. Just showing the list (without sorting it dynamically on the numerical value of the ratio), i feel should not add to server load much.

  17. Naveen Kumar says:

    The customer support no of zerodha is of no use as whenever i contact i have to keep waiting for more than 10 minutes,after which i hang up the call.
    then why should i have to join zerodha if customer support is not the top most priority..
    if I have any issues, where will I raise the concerns everytime.
    Please improve your customer support service.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Naveen, of late our call volume has increased exponentially, making the wait time unusually high. We are working on a fix for this. This should be resolved ASAP. Sorry for the long wait times you’ve had to endure. Please write to us on [email protected] and our executives will get in touch with you for assistance.

  18. Bhautik Parsaniya says:

    Hello Sir,

    It is Possible to place trigger based entry to Bracket order? mean Once we press “Submit”, the Bracket Order algorithm will send the first order. After the original order has been traded, the Bracket Order algorithm will immediately send the corresponding Square Off (Take Profit) and Stop Loss orders. The Square Off Sell Limit order is sent and the Stop Loss Sell Order is sent.
    This is very use full to place buy above/sell below orders.
    If you do not support please support this.

    Bhautik Parsaniya

  19. Raju says:

    When is the stable release date of kite3.0 android app. Please introduce much awaited feature of limit price entry of CO

  20. Bharat says:

    Hello..let me outpour my anguish.. in 25 years of working field I have not seen a more bullshit programme than PI. It sucks and every day… repeat every day I cannot get through the login process and start seeing my market watch.. do you have any alternative? Sorry to say but you re a stockmarket service provider.. this is not done. Reply and clarify if you care for your reputation.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bharat, that shouldn’t be happening. As long as your system meets the basic requirements, Pi should work fine. This is a stable release. Can you please write to support[at] with details? We’ll have someone get in touch and see what the issue is.

      • Amit says:

        On Saturday I have tried to open a account in zerodha.after filling the details I made payment & that. Was successful.i got an email from rozerpay that your payment is successful but sir still i am not able to fill the next step of the application form.i have sent an email to support@zerodha 2days back still no phone call and no email.they just issued a ticket .how much time they will take to contact me

  21. PRASHANT says:


    I had applied for Zerodha Account opening on 3rd Nov, 2017. All my and in person verification was done by 7th Nov, 2017. I was told my trading code will be generated by 10th Nov, 2017. Also on your website it says that account opening takes 48 hrs ( i guess after verification)

    Till today(18th NOV, 2017) my code is not generated. I have opened several tickets but of no avail. Even no reply is posted on those tickets.
    i have even called your support staff many times. The only answer i get is my code will be generated within 24 hours but still today i am yet to receive my code.

    Kindly elaborate on what the problem is?? I had planned for a long term relationship with ZERODHA but this type of service had made me thinking twice. Also your business model requires you of prompt and transparent communication in order to make your clients secure and intact but frankly speaking i see a total lack of it!!!

  22. Prakhar says:

    I have raised ticket no. 573098 two days before regarding excess brokerage for my trade on 14 November which is still unanswered. Hope high level management will check this issue as it is not possible to everyday manually check the correctness of contract note and ledger.There should be mutual trust between brokerage and client.

  23. Ash says:

    Issue :

    Yesterday and today, in Kite application, the positions tab is not reflecting “Average Price” and “P&L” at all and “Change” shows as NA. It shows as 0. You might want to look into the issue. I think the issue is common to many users, even my friend is facing the same problem.

  24. vikas says:

    Hey Nithin & Zerodha Team,

    since long – we dont have new updates on Zconnect, i am eagarly waiting for Crux,,, any chance of it appearing in coming days ?

  25. george ks says:

    I am active trader of Zarodha from 2014.I have a request to give the SL SL_M order facility in BO & CO like upstox. This will helps to reduce loss and increase profit. So Plz arrange the same facility in our zarodha. Reply expected.

  26. Sandeep P says:

    Disappointed that in the Kite 3.0 beta, selecting non-MW stocks directly in the charts is still not available. Also, in the drop-down, the MW stocks which do appear cannot be selected using the keyboard. Needs a mouse click

  27. Ash says:

    In Kite application, I think you should have a “Square-off All” feature in the “Positions” section/tab, which should square off all your positions at the current market price. I think we have a similar feature in Shrekhan. Would be great if Zerodha can bring it to the Kite application, which would help traders a lot. Thank you. Ash.

  28. eswar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have a query regarding UI.

    when im checking chart at the same time i need to exit.
    is it possible to do buy/sell button in same chart window.

    Each time if i wanted to exit i have to go to positions, mean time price variations will come.
    im facing difficulty and loosing money.


  29. PANKAJ JAIN says:

    pi soft may banknifty options 9 nov aaj ka exp date nahi show ker raha hay pl help me quickly

  30. krishan marjara says:

    Dear sir,
    I have made a request through system fund transfer from my trading account to my SB a/c for Rs. 35000/-
    on 03.11.2017 but it still shows pending /no updation till now. Please expidite in transferring the funds.
    My user ID is YW3348.
    with regards.

  31. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Hi there!

    I see very poor reviews everywhere on the internet regarding customer service after opening an account with Zerodha. People invest so much money and what do they get in return? Poor support. Is this because you are provide everything at cheap rates.

    If you really care, why don’t you improve your service. I have dropped my plan for investing through Zerodha just because of this very reason. I think investing through you guys is more risky compared to risk in investing in market.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Gaurav, there are going to be some bad reviews for every business in the world. It is not possible for anyone to keep 100% of clients happy. Secondly, when a business is doing well, there are always bound to be competitors trying to take this route of mudslinging to hurt our reputation by posting these online. Also, in today’s world people mostly have the tendency to post bad reviews than good ones. Some of the review sites encourage users to do so as their business model is to go back to the business and say that they can help remove the bad reviews. Read more here.

  32. Sanjay Mane says:

    I haverequest with respect to the costing of the shares which I sold through PI trading platform

    wherein though my average cost reflected in trading software PI was less

    The purchase cost is taken higher.Now as logically i sell part of my holding to book profit, I see loss in my trading account.

    Further as the share price goes down I stare at loss in my overall profit.

    This has also resulted in I getting loss in my overall profit

    Please request you to consider overall average cost as reflected in Pi for my shares sold.

    This will save me the loss I got in profit.

  33. VRS says:

    Disappointed to see no update/eta for Stoploss AMOs.

  34. Sudipta says:

    1) I had opened Zerodha account 2.5 yrs back. At that time you did not have your own demat service, so you had opened my demat account in IL&FS. Since then I am using that demat account and I am an active trader. Now recently they sent a mail that I need to submit copies of my Aadhar card PHYSICALLY in their office as per govt order. If this is not done, they will freeze my account next month. This is extremely problematic for me because I am residing in West Bengal and IL&FS does not have any office nearby. They have sent the office addresses which are all in Maharastra, Karnataka, New Delhi etc.
    I had already provided my Aadhar card number when I opened the account. I do not know why this new requirement came up now. Zerodha & IL&FS both should already have my Aadhar. Can you please look into it and help ? Can you coordinate with them and get the required documentation done for me ?
    2) Overall I am not much satisfied with IL&FS anyway. But I am not able to transfer my shares to any other broker house. I had earlier discussed on this topic with your support team. They informed me that once I send the request to IL&FS in writing, they will close my account and transfer the shares to other demat account. But in between I may not have access to it. Now I want to open demat directly under Zerodha, but I can then only see my shares in Zerodha account (my IL&FS shares will not be visible for transaction). This makes the whole thing cumbersome. I sincerely request you to come up with some easy way for your old customers to transfer everything to your own house without any hassle. Right now the ownership of this transfer is completely put on us. We are neither experienced nor influential enough to get it done quickly & error-free. I need help here. If this even attracts some charge, I am happy to bear. Please suggest how to painlessly move everything to Zerodha.
    — Please note, there are 2 different topics / requests I brought up here. If the second part can be done this month, the first part wont be even needed. Thanks.

  35. george ks says:

    Plz arrange the facility of SL M OR SL order in BO and CO .Some discount brokers already allowed this facility.

  36. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi nithin no one cald me as of now. Please arrange me a call back to resolve the issue. My ID DO0042. contact 9566068331. My trading in commodity on 30-10-2017 instead of credit in my account was debited. Cald your customer care even they does not know the exact reason and unable to pull the contract note also. Can any one call me regarding this urgent……


  37. D.Omprakash says:

    My ID DO0042. contact 9566068331. My trading in commodity on 30-10-2017 instead of credit my account was debited. Cald your customer care even they does not know the exact reason and unable to pull the contract note also. Can any one call me regarding this urgent…

  38. draj says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin, I have copy-pasted my query from another page.

    I have 2 questions about the brokerage charged by zerodha:-

    1. If I buy 5 lots of nifty index options and square off 1 lot of it 5 times on the same day, will the brokerage charged be the same as when I square off the entire 5 lots in one go ?
    2. As I’m a small trader, it is a bit scary to trade 5 lots or 10 lots in one go. Instead, If I guarantee to trade a minimum of 10 lots per day but in one lot size (i.e. 10 times), will you consider the same brokerage of Rs. 40 for this?


    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) The brokerage is charged per transaction. In this case, Rs 20 will be charged each time you sell.
      2) Same deal for all our clients. 🙂

      You can make use of the brokerage calculator for calculating your charges –

      • draj says:

        thanks for the response. Only in the case of options you have kept a minimum of Rs.40. But generally options cost less than Rs100. We mostly deal with options that are in the range Rs1 to Rs 50. That being the case, it is very difficult to earn profit with small changes in the price of options like say, Re 1 or Re 2, if the brokerage is Re40. If it is less like say Re20 then we can profit from small fluctuations in option price.

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Traditional brokers charge on a per lot basis. In our case, the brokerage is Rs 20 regardless of the number of lots you buy. 🙂

  39. Krishan Marjara says:

    Dear sir,
    There occur problem while login PI
    Error msg. Not able to Log in . Contact system Administrator

  40. Krishan Marjara says:

    Dear sir,
    system problem occur while login PI
    Error msg. shows Not able to login. Contact system Administrator
    Pl guide

  41. Nataraj says:

    4.Is there any additional charges for trading with nifty bees excluding normal charges ?

  42. Nataraj says:

    Hello zerodha; I have a question ..
    1.ETF like Niftybees can be traded or invested as we do in case of any equity?
    2. Is there any expense ratio for buying or selling of kotakETF OR NIFTYIWIN or Gniftyetf ?
    3. Please upload a webinar on ETF

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) Yep, they are similar to equities.
      2) Yes, there is an expense ratio but compared to mutual funds it’s not much. For example, it’s 0.10% for Kotal Nifty ETF, you can check out the scheme document for more.
      3) Interesting idea, we’ll see what we can do. In the meanwhile for more you question, you can post on

  43. Krishan Marjara says:

    Pl guide how to install PI Desktop plateform


    I am with Zerodha for more than 6 years now. Immediately after the closure of the stock market on 26.10.2017 (Thursday), I had put up a request for the withdrawal of money (big amount). But ridiculously, though the amount had been deducted from Zerodha account immediately, the same has not yet been deposited in my bank account.
    Please look into the matter, so that, at least it does not happen in the future & clients do not suffer like this with their own money.

  45. Krishan Marjara says:

    Dear sir,

    Please guide how to install PI desktop plateform

  46. Ud says:

    I have heard that ipo subscription is not possible through zerodha.
    Pls clarify if this is true or not.

  47. Faizan says:

    Is there any way to see, cancelled orders?
    I can see only executed orders. But suppose I placed a limit order, which doesn’t got executed on that day, and then it was cancelled. I forgot which price I kept. And on another day I want to see that price. Is there any way?


    Dear sir,

    I’am your new client. I wish to know whether Zerodha client can use PI terminal for trading. Is this facility is free or
    chargeable. What are the advantages of the terminal.

    with regards

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Krishan, there are no charges for using Pi. Kite our web-based trading platform and Pi is a desktop-based platform. Check both out and use the platform you like the most. 🙂

  49. Souji says:


    It would be great if you introduce unlimited brokerage plans. I am sure you’ll be able to attract more new clients and it would be a win-win for both the customer and Zerodha.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  50. Sanjeev Joseph says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    Off late you have removed the ability to look for a single day P&L statement. The from field has been disabled and it by default starts at April 1st 2017. Since you have deprecated quant I have been feeding the data manually into my custom made excel sheet. Sometimes I travel and trade from mobile.But after I comeback and try to manually get each days trade details.But now I am unable to get that including the brokerage details.Now I get consolidated P&L from April 1.which adds up all the scrips together.this makes life difficult. and removes the transparency for which Zerodha was much appreciated. Please restore the ability to check single day P&L The contract not does not help as it gives multiple trades for a single order and I am unable to find the average traded prices.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sanjeev, this is a temporary change and the option to select custom time range will be available back again soon.

      • Sudipta says:

        More than a week and it is still not fixed. I always keep the calculations in my own excel tracker beside all online tools. But without the daily P&L calculator, it becomes extremely difficult. Please restore the option to view a single day P&L details (specially the charge details).

  51. ud says:

    1. what are the account opening charges at zerodha ??
    pls tell for both trading and demat account. i could find only AMC @300/year in the charges list.
    2. is there any further procedure after opening account online through aadhaar?? what time would the overall process take ??

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) The account opening charges are Rs 300 for equity and Rs 200 for commodity account.
      2) You will have to send us your POA for equity and ECN for commodity account since these forms cannot be e-signed.

  52. ud says:

    can i subscribe to ipo through zerodha ??

  53. S de says:

    I am only intraday trader in equity. Can I open trading account here and what is the minimum amount to be kept in trading account

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Yes, you can. Just click on “Open an account” on No minimum balance requirements as such. 🙂

  54. Pradeep Verma says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Since option of P&L report between any 2 dates is not there in back office now, how can I see charges and profit (after charges) of current day?

  55. Biswarup Banerjee says:

    I bought shares of Manpasand .Suddenly one day I saw my kite holding is showing 50% loss in the stocks.I called immediately to customer support as I know there can be maximum 20% up/down in a stock in a particular day due to circuit limit.

    I was informed that the company issued bonus and price should be updated within 15 days. It is already one month but it is still showing 54% down.Though quantity is increased but average price at which I bought is not reflecting correctly.

    It is extremely confusing and not expected.I called several times to customer care but no one responded. Zerodha must improve customer support.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Biswarup,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your support ticket. I’ll have someone check why there was a delay. To answer your question, when you get the credit of the bonus shares, you’ll need to go to your holdings in Q and add a discrepant buy value as for the bonus shares. Once you do this, the average price should be corrected on the terminal. We don’t do this automatically because there is no way for us to know when the bonus shares are actually credited in your demat account.

  56. sagar says:

    Congratulation………..i would like to know there are may software for auto trading which send buy sell signal from Amibroker to trading terminal or say even to Kite .. so is it Legal in India to use such software fro full automatic order placement…….

  57. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I had sent details/cancelled cheques for 3 bank a/c But kite is showing only 2a/c.Now I want to change the primary a/c bank and make the other bank a/c as primary which is already registered with my a/c How do I do it.

  58. sachstlko09 says:

    I am facing issue with KITE api POST back page. Working on the PHP code.

    I want to place a new order from the POST back page on the basis of following condition:
    1) On one already placed order completion, and
    2) On some specific amount.

    What will be the code to achieve this? and need explanation how this Post Back Works?

  59. Hitesh says:

    Dear sir,

    I fill the online form for Aadhar based than KYC registered.
    The digio digital sign is will complete
    It requires any physical copy or signature to send a zerodha main branch to send post.
    Digio digital sign is completed it than power of attorney form will send a physical way or it work online based.
    Plz… reply sir

    • Zerodha Social says:

      If you e-sign you won’t have to send any physical docs except the POA. You will have to courier it to our Bangalore address.

  60. Pankaj says:

    You don’t allow SL orders as AMOs for Equity. High volatile stocks may touch Lower Circuit soon after opening. In absence of advance AMO SL orders, we can’t limit our risks. As I remember you used to provide this facility earlier, and even other platforms have this. Why have you taken such an investor unfriendly step? Can we expect this to resume?

  61. kumar says:

    zerodha not showing total buy price ( investment price) in holdings….Please correct it…it show total present value

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Kumar, looks like this is a case of adding discrepant values to update your buy price. Contact our support desk and they’ll be able to guide you through.

      • kumar says:

        basically holding value ( Purchased price * number of shares)…a very common detail not showing in holding …dont know why miminum common things not present in zerodha….very sad

  62. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    “Ramesh, you can update the price of your transferred stocks by adding discrepant values from Q. Check this link for the process.” The above ans does not have a link.

  63. kumar says:

    Is zerodha keeps shares of customer in zerodha demat account..

    Please advise…that means…customer has no control over the shares…

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Kumar, all your shares are held in your demat which is maintained by CDSL. Your shares are safe and secure 🙂

  64. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I recently transferred my holdings from another brokerage to my new a/c in ZerodhaI want to update the date of purchase and price .How do I do it can I send a copy of my previous portfolio statement to Zerodha for the same?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ramesh, you can update the price of your transferred stocks by adding discrepant values from Q. Check this link for the process.

  65. viju_1105 says:

    Dear Nithin,
    In spite of some glitches mentioned in my recent post, I still consider is a great broking house. Most of the queries sorted out promptly. You staff is also knowledgeable. I used to do trading through sub broker (franchisee) of one the big broking house who does not know what is “trailing stop loss”.

  66. TP says:

    After online a/c opening
    (1) Can I send the POA and demat a/c nomination form at the same time
    do I have to wait for updation of POA before sending the nomination form

    (2) Is there is any time frame for sending the POA document?

    (3) Would IT return for FY 2015-16 suffice for F&O? If not, then can I opt to have F&O activation at a later date?

    An early response would be much appreciated.

    • Matti says:


      1. You can send the PoA and the nomination forms together.
      2. There is no hard and fast rule as such, but it is advisable to send the PoA as early as possible as you wouldn’t be able to sell shares you purchased until then.
      3. Returns for 2016-17 would be accepted. 2015-16 wouldn’t work as it is quite outdated.

  67. viju_1105 says:

    It appears that reports such P&L and trade book on back office do not contain Shares aquired through ipo and sold through buyback.Hence the reports cannot be used directly for Income tax purpose.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Viju.

      If you receive shares via IPO, the buy price needs to be entered as a ‘discrepant quantity’ for the system to factor in the acquisition costs for report generation. There is no other way for the system to know the buy/sell price of these stocks that weren’t purchased through the trading platform. To make things simpler, we’ve started adding the acquisition costs for stocks acquired through IPO by considering it to the allotment price for said IPOs. So, nothing to worry about for the newer issues.

      • viju_1105 says:

        What about Buyback? Now a days those are sold through trading platform.

        • Zerodha Social says:

          If you wish to participate in a buyback you will have to send us a soft copy of the tender form. This would have been sent to your email, you can check this post for more.

          • viju_1105 says:

            Dear Zerodha Social,
            I have not asked how to do buyback. I know how todo it. I have already done for TCS and HCL tech. through Zerodha. These buy back transactions neither appear in trade book nor in P&L Tax report. In fact Tax P&L report is prepared wrongly for FY 17-18.

            • Zerodha Social says:

              In the case of a buyback, the transaction happens off market, so we don’t get to know and hence we can’t show it as a trade on P&L. But we intend to have a way to sort this in the new version of Q. A buyback will be treated like a stock transfer out without a trade and we intend to give an option to enter a sell trade.

              • viju_1105 says:

                The buyback transaction at least should appear in the “Trade book” as I have received Contract note for this transaction. The other broking house where I have an account has shown TCS buyback transaction in Trade book as well as P&L report.

                • Zerodha Social says:

                  Tradebook just shows the entries for trades which happen on the exchange and buybacks happen off-market. Having said that this feature will be available in the new update to Q.

  68. Pavan says:

    From last few days -> holdings tab is not showing holding from how many days after clicking on scrip. It was very necessary to identify which are short term and long term holdings and to consider tax before selling.


  69. Pawan kumar jain says:

    Your charges details requred

  70. Parag says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been trying to open a Demat account in Zerodha to sync with my trading account. Zerodha person came and picked by documents two weeks ago. Since then, I am chasing support who has no clue where these documents are. They sent me a screenshot of a courier page saying that they are waiting for the same – not sure what I am supposed to do with that since the courier was sent by your Pune (Kalyaninagar) office to your Bengaluru office. I am meanwhile still waiting for the Demat account. This is an example of the frustration we face with your support, which worries us in depositing our money / stocks with you. Ticket #712792

    I am aware this is not the right place to post this, but if support is of no use, which is the other forum?

  71. D.Omprakash says:

    It’s been 5th day still my PI software not working and no one replied or cald me regarding this.This is kind of response you people give to customers. My ID DO0042. My previous comments FYI.

    Hi Nithin. MY ID DO0042. PI not working properly for last three days and i am unable to use PI. Raised ticket#680008 but they just replied to check firewall and check for network. Every thing works fine. This is really very bad that you people not calling and resolving the issue. Kindly ask any to come in team viewer and resolve the issue.It’s been 4 days i am not using PI.

  72. chess says:

    this is deepak ,login ID-YD5884, I was holding 80 shares of liberty shoes but today it was showing unknown scrip.also total amount as 0, i could not able to sold that scrip today

  73. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin. MY ID DO0042. PI not working properly for last three days and i am unable to use PI. Raised ticket#680008 but they just replied to check firewall and check for network. Every thing works fine. This is really very bad that you people not calling and resolving the issue. Kindly ask any to come in team viewer and resolve the issue.It’s been 4 days i am not using PI.

  74. SATYA says:




    • Have you enabled F&O trading on your account. Can you email [email protected] for this.

      • Vijay says:

        Hello Nithin,

        For all your claims of “best customer support on planet”, your on-boarding process is terrible…I am struggling to open an account with you….a direct email escalation to “you” went unanswered. Your colleagues promise to come and collect documents and have twice failed without even the courtesy to inform.

  75. Ronak says:

    In NEST you had a brilliant feature of linking the marketwatch to MS Excel, so that I can apply formulae to prices etc. Long long back you had promised that this feature will be available on Kite or Pi. I don’t think its still possible to do so….is it? If now when can you get this feature on board on kite (Kite is a better platform than Pi I feel)?

  76. rohan says:

    when will you get fox trader for zerodha?

  77. Nataraj says:

    Why DP charges is not given on margin Statement?

  78. Srinath says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there any idea brewing in you about using Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for equity portfolio? I see more and more DP’s starting to use this now for better analysis of portfolio of clients. It was Rel Sec and now Kotak Sec etc.

  79. Pratik says:

    Awesome post!!! Congratulations Team Zerodha..Big fan of smallcase and balance here..
    Also eager to know what new Zerodha has to offer from the two new start ups!!

  80. Vipin says:

    Hi Team,
    I earlier had account and closed it for some reason. Now I am trying to open account again using your online method. I have done all formalities, payment made and signed forms using aadhar OTP. However since last 10 days O am following with your support guys but still not get my account activated. I am not sure where is the confusion. Are they not aware of online account opening process? Are they not able to see my payment and forms?
    I am not getting a proper reply and waiting for account to be opened. Can you guys help here?
    Support tickets # 198114 and 527903.

  81. Venkatesh V says:


    I’m not going to ask anything new when would we can expect the launch of your new Q?

    We are anticipating since last one year almost…can you atleast give na hint or any teaser video etc


  82. S JOSHI says:

    Nithin ji
    Zerodha has been a boon for retail investors like me. You are my second favorite Kamath ! (Shri R S Kamath, the founder of Naturals Ice Cream being the first, by a whisker).
    I have a suggestion for improvement-Currently certain NSE listed securities cannot be traded on Kite. For example-HEOF1100RG -It is listed on both NSE and BSE, but on Kite I can only trade it on BSE. Can Kite be improved to permit purchase on NSE also of this security?
    With warm regards

    • Venu says:

      Thank you for the compliments, I’ll pass them on to Nithin 🙂

      About your query, the MF isn’t trading on NSE today which is why you aren’t able to add it on the Marketwatch. This is what I get when I try to view this on nse’s website:


      • S JOSHI says:

        Hi Venu
        In your support department, there is a very helpful man-Shri Gopinath Ravikumar. He took the effort to find out that I can place order using Zerodha trader but not Kite. I could place the order in AMO using Zerodha trader.

        Unfortunately, the order was rejected by NSE giving the message, “RMS:Blocked for MF nse_cm broker-ZERODHA block type:ALL”.
        I do not think that Shri Gopinath can help me any further. It is something that only Zerodha management can help with. Hence taking the liberty of posting here.
        With warm regards

          • S JOSHI says:

            There are four such scripts-SMCSRVIR-MF, SMCSRVIRD-MF, SMCSRVRG-MF and SMCSRVRD-MF.
            Zerodha support says, “Exchange is stating these MF series are traded on MFSS platform provided by NSE you need to check with NSE directly for more information on MFSS platform.”.
            I am not convinced. These are close ended MF and their NFO period is over. They should trade like shares (just as on BSE).
            Nithinji, I will appreciate any help.

            With regards

  83. Truestox says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It would be awesome if you can provide a teaser of the two new startups under rainmatter!

  84. Srinivas says:

    One of my friend demoed how is using the Kite, very simple. I am very impressed with simplicity and the costs. However the platform lacks the capability to track the portfolio effectively, this gap can be bridged by leveraging third party personal finance tools like Perfios. Request you to either build this or partner with third party personal finance tool provider then you make very compelling case for switching. If effective portfolio tracking is provided there is no reason that we waist money on other brokerages.

    • Srinivas, I don’t know if you saw our reporting tool We are in the process of launching a new version of it with portfolio tracking. Btw, we are also in the process of integrating with perfios.

      • Srinivas says:

        Thanks Nitin saw the current version of p&l tracking – I think the charges like stt, brokerage etc not included for p&l. I also saw the perfios integration – the same challenge charges are not being captured. I am confident that new version address these issues. Currently Perfios integration only covers the equity, please explore integrating mutual fund portfolio also. I sincerely believe your mf platform has huge potential if we have the good portfolio (p&l) tracking. Thanks once again

  85. Umesh says:

    I am an investor and have an account with Zerodha. I have very basic question about the safety of investments.
    1. My question in the perspective of the unauthorized trading in our account (see the link )

    2. This is with respect to the recent news article regarding a Delhi broker pledging the holding of clients and then taking the loan from banks for real estate development. Then got bankrupt, and losing the clients holdings this way. What are the safeguards in this scenario?

  86. TP says:

    I am looking to be an very active trader with Zerodha.

    I want your advice on the following w.r.t taxation-

    1) Is it better to have 2 separate trading a/cs – one for trading and one for investment.( I already have one with CBSL for investment. Should I close it?)

    2) Is it better to have 2 separate bank accounts.

    3) Is it better to start with a absolutely new bank a/c or link with an existing a/c?

  87. Laxmikant says:

    I have few suggestions.
    1) There is no mobile app for Zerodha Coin where I can track my investments. The current portfolio can be shown as widget on mobile.
    2) PI is not available for MAC. Please introduce it for MAC OS as well.
    3) Two step login process is irritating, it can be done once and later on pin/biometric authentication can be used in Kite mobile app.

    • Venu says:

      1. We’re working on the app 🙂
      2. There are a few dotnet dependencies which is why it isn’t compatible on Mac OS. You can install it through a virtual windows installation on Mac.
      3. 2FA is a SEBI mandate. We’ll explore the Pin/Biometric option in the future.

  88. Manu Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am a client of Zerodha since July 2013. Its been a great experience. Zerodha has been instrumental in growing my interest in the stock market with inducting so many indicators over the period. I would like to have fib extensions too.
    I just got two points to share. First I think the stock market time should be extended til 7:30pm. A lot of people would definitely want to day trade after office. By the time I reach home, the market is closed and I am not able to day trade. Moreover if Indians can watch live market action after office, it will develop interest in the stock market.
    My second point is that it has been a huge huge let down for the trading community the way the central government has increased the lot size in futures trading. This is such a shocker to the trading community which is very few in numbers in India. This move is bigger than demonetization. How can lot size amount be increased from Rs. 2 lakhs to almost 6 lakhs? A 5% move on the wrong side will wipe out Rs. 30,000. I believe all the brokers and trading community should ask the govt to roll back the decision. If not then certain changes should be made. If the govt is so concerned about retail investors losing money in futures, then a cap on loss of an individual retail investor in futures market can be placed which will depend on the income tax returns ! This will in fact make more Indians pay tax.

  89. TP says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Clarification sought on following points:

    1) Can nominees be specified at the time of online a/c opening?

    2) I believe as per latest rules 3 nominees are permitted. How many nominees do you allow?

    3) Can nominees be changed ONLINE at a later date?

    4) Are any documents needed for nominees?

    5) Even with online a/c opening, it is required to send POA by post.
    (a) Is it reqd to get witness signatures on POA?
    (b) How do you acknowledge receipt of POA? How long does it take for a client to know?
    (c) How soon can I start delivery based trading after a/c opening?

    6) Can secondary bank a/c be added at the time of a/c opening ?

    • Venu says:

      1. No, you’ll have to send us the hardcopy of the nomination page to add nominees to your account.
      2. Yes, if you’re opening a demat account, you can have upto 3 nominees.
      3. No, hardcopy of the nominee form is required, can’t be done online.
      4. Any ID proof
      5. (a) Yes (b) We’ll email you upon receipt within one day (c) One day after the PoA mapping is done.
      6. Yes, please give us a request with a copy of a personal cancelled check leaf.

      • TP says:

        Thanks for resolving all queries.

        A couple of suggestions –
        1) Facility for adding nominees online would have been useful.

        2) Also, is there any nomination facility for funds in trading a/c ?
        I believe many brokerages have this option. It is different from nomination for Demat of course, but again very important.


    Hello Nithin sir

    Seems you have missed my request of 10th Sep 2017.

    Waiting for your reply and looking for predefined marketwatch and increase in number / size of marketwatch list from 5/20 to 10/50.



  91. Gagan Mittal says:

    Hi Nithin

    I think there should be some more features added like

    1.triggers for person who do not want to keep daily tab on the kite app( there could be upper & lower trigger so that I can cut my loss or average in case of lower trigger and sell or add in case of higher trigger)
    2. P&L reports based on Costing of stocks on cumulative basis as I would want to know my actual cost rather than FIFO so that overall I make money rather than loss on initial and profit on later stock and vice versa
    3. If news updates on your stocks could appear like that on Moneycontrol that would be icing on the cake.

    Just some feedback for zerodha to become even better.otherwise I am a fan of zerodha:)

  92. Pravin says:

    Congrats sir ….1. is there any plan to come with IPO …So we can also invest in zerodha …
    2. is there any plan to come one with zerodha mf .. Similar to motilal focus mf fund ..
    3.from long time we are waiting for new version of q ..

  93. Nataraj says:

    Hello Nithin sir good evening. Is it possible to sell CNC product on same day ? Can arise any problem ?
    2. What will be the STT charge for cnc product if sold on same day ?

  94. Himanshu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am investing in stock market from last 10 years.. But this year, i started moving to Zerodha…
    And seeing a lot of issue with software, which i think[as i am also system engineer], are not complex at all.. Like P&L statement is just a garbage specially in case of OFS and bonus share adjustment.. For small portfolio, we can remember the buy/sell price for shorter period, but in case of large portfolio and long term, it is not possible..
    Investor have to 100% depends on the P&L share by the Broker..

    Even short term investor, use bonus share for tax saving as well.. But if P&L are wrong, how can a investor do such adjustment..

    Even such things, are creating doubt that is all the entry visible on portfolio are valid, or wrong data is displaying there also.. Is our money/share safe? Lot of doubt…

    Even now, i am cautious, and not getting confidence to move my portfolio further from another broker to zerodha..

    In one of your comments, you have mention that you are learning.. then my question, learning on who’s cost? And P&L is not new, it is vary basic, and must be perfect with zero error..

    Please do the needful..


    • Himanshu, corporate action is very tricky to handle. I can’t think of any other broker in India who handles this. All of them don’t consider corp action. That is not an excuse, the new Q should have all this fixed. Until then, if you can email [email protected], we will try to fix the corp action issue from backend.

      • Himanshu says:

        Thanks Nithin for your quick response.. before opening the account with zerodha, i checked the google and saw your comments for most of the issue.. which i liked most.. you are really a gem, and brand in yourself.. keep it up..
        And you are the only founder who is trying to be in contact with all of your client irrespective of relationship value, and building a strong relationship..
        Your this attitude build confidence that everything will be fine, even there are several issues..

      • Himanshu says:


        I forget to mention that also have tht feature.. and there software takecare about the bonus share adjustment.. ( just fyi, i know, moneycontrol is not a broker)

        • Himanshu, moneycontrol allows you to manually adjust the mock portfolio. With us it is quite different, we are required to figure this out on our own. But like I said earlier, I think we have kind of figured out all the loop holes with corporate actions. We will have these sorted soon.

  95. reje1043 says:

    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations to Zerodha for completing 7 years of service but don’t think it will go further the way company is acting. My standing position in FNO was squared off by your RMS team without my consent & I was having a big amount of credit balance in my trading account on the trading day. Now your team replies that they squared off the position to save me from losses, it is ridiculous & i have lodged the complaint in NSE Investor service cell & also planning to go to SEBI & police complaint for this fraud. I fail to understand how can a broker touch clients position if the client is having a very huge amount of credit balance in his account.



    Though the Kite software is good trading platform, but after using for about last six months, felt that it has restricted its market watch just to 5 numbers and with 20 scripts, so limiting it 100. My request is on two issues, Please increase the numbers of watchlist to atleast 10 with each containing 25 scripts, thus around 250 scripts or to provide 10 watchlist as against existing 5. Another option or suggestion for Kite is to provide predefined watchlist of nifty 50 and NSE FNO stocks (around 100) and another predefined of NSE FNO (near). I guess such increase in watchlist will not make much impact on your resources. Right now with just 5 lists and 20 numbers, need to keep on changing the entries in these watchlist, which is bit irritating and frustrating. Please consider.


  97. Abhijeet says:

    Any updates on Q-Backoffice 2 release date to users? Its been pending for long time. Present Back office is way slow and most of the times when I try to download the reports it display 502 Bad Gate way error.

    Best regards,

  98. Nataraj says:

    I got sms from NSE As “Dear CJSXXXXX3Q,Your traded value for 07-SEP-17 CM Rs 11233 Check your registered email. ” …what does it mean? That day my traded value was about only 6000 .

  99. Sumit Mhatre says:

    Dear sir,
    Please arrange to enable options of ex bonus shares on the same day.As traders are getting stuck in ex bonus stock like reliance industries which goes ex bonus today and call option of 830 not enabled on kite zerodha

  100. Rajkumar says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team on completing 7 years…!!!
    But one thing we are facing now a days is intraday “auto square off charge” . If you charge 20 flat for a BO order even that order executed in multiple orders. But intraday “auto square off charge is 23.60 for per order. It is very high.
    I put a BO order for one share- quantity 1000. It executed in 15 sub-order . Then brokerage is 20Rs. for this order but if i not square of then auto square off charge=15*23.60=354 Rs.

    If you consider BO is a single order than auto square off should also be consider it as single order.

  101. D.Omprakash says:

    hi, Commodity platform not working mcx. all prices freezed. can any one help? cald customercare no response. My id:DO0042.Omprakash.

  102. Srinath says:

    I recently opened an account with Zerodha and after reading the above blog I must congratulate zerodha team for the fantastic journey it had in last 7 years. Looking ahead of future, I feel there is scope for improvement with respect to account interface. Rel Sec is giving one of latest technology TICK which is coupled with Artifical intelligence. Of many interface I have come across, i feel TICK is more comprehensive and latest technology in use. Zerodha should adopt the technology to give its customers best service.


  103. Nataraj says:

    sir what is the charges of intraday auto intraday squared off ? and on what basis it is charged ?
    is intraday “auto square off charge” and ‘Call and Trade Charges ‘ same that is showing on the ledger ?
    if it flat 20 the why it is showing ₹23.60 on the legder ? please help.
    please give all details of hidden charges and DP charges ?

  104. Veeresh Malik says:

    Good to see the wide-open transparency here. This is my 4th movement into the equity trading and investing adventures in as many decades, and each time while I’ve more than made money, there was always some sort of how complicated is this reason which made me withdraw. Making and then sometimes not making money is part of things.

    In the ’80s it was all about paying for stamps, making trips to this office, getting stuck with fake shares and forgetting to do the transfer stuff in time. Still, made some money, sat and held some blue chips and went on with my life.

    In the ’90s once again I played the market a bit, this was with some help from a friend who was active in the business and would play just 3 specific counters in cyclic fashion, I think it was all about inside information. Again, got bored when the scams broke, so I pulled out.

    Then I got busy with starting a small tech company which consumed my life for about 10 years. To divert my mind, I started trading again, but then all those pink slips and the fact that I was travelling a lot and in the middle somebody would call up about signature variation and auction, exit again. Here, again, I made a lot of money. Got lucky I guess.

    Now a few months ago walking past your office I asked a friend, what does Zerodha do, and that friend told me, online trading, so I put it in the back of my mind and then forgot about it. A few weeks ago I had a small windfall and so remembered and said, Oh OK, time to match wits again.

    Opening the account was a bit bumpy, your people in North India are too pushy and also don’t know the meaning of punctuality, so it is better to try and do everything online directly especially since 20%-80% rule will come into play here. I’ve run a few flutters over the last few days, some on research, some on sentiments and some on flashes of brilliance. Learnt once again not to mix sentiments but the rest are doing fine, this is for Cash and Carry with mid to long term holding in mind.

    So far so good, I really like the simple pages and processes.

    I have a few suggestions please –

    1) A copy of all documents signed by customers especially the nomination may be sent back, either soft copy or even printed hard copy, and this may please be repeated every year. Hard copy at cost to customer and soft copy free of charge, for customer’s and nominee’s records.

    2) Option of a “preview your order” and “are you sure” and “place order at such and such time” screen for those who want it.

    3) Zerodha users groups, by city and location, where people can meet up face to face.

    4) Very soon, website option in different languages, that should not be difficult.

    Once again, cheers and all the best. And thanks too.

    • Hi Veeresh,

      1. Soft copy is sent to all clients. Let me have checked why you haven’t received yet.
      2. hmm.. let me bounce this off our team.
      3. We tried this, kinda went wrong. Too many ego’s in one room tough to manage. 🙂
      4. If you are on Kite, look at the bottom of the home page, you will see language options. The entire is going to be tricky to convert to other languages. Let me check.


  105. Subhojit says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Something very interesting happens in KITE once in a while.
    I placed some stop losses today. One of them got hit while the other orders are still intact.
    However in the holdings window it shows that all the stocks have been liquidated ( for which stop losses were placed) . The margin is updated for only one position sold .While the holdings amount has been reduced by that of all the four positions . In effect, about 8/9% of my capital have just disappeared into thin air without suffering any loss.
    I guess i don’t have a heart strong enough to keep trading in zerodha . I thank god that i did not put stop losses on all my trades .
    Otherwise I could even see a 90% drop in my capital in a fraction of a second.
    Good luck to the rest. But I suggest you guys should get some medical insurance for sure.

    • hmm.. when you place a stoploss order, the quantity gets reduced from your holdings even if it isn’t sold yet. The reason it has to reduce is because if we don’t, you can end up shorting the stock by placing another order. Short delivery has severe financial consequences.
      Only if stock gets sold, will the margin get updated. There is no way any capital of yours can disappear. I can get someone to call and help you understand.

  106. Subhojit says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I bought 2 shares of INFIBEAM on 30 Aug (CNC) . The stock split yesterday i.e ( ex date) 31 Aug. And they are supposed to give the new shares on today (record Date) 1st Sept. I cannot see the stocks in my account yet and neither the balance. I have written mails to the support center 3 times in last 20 hrs . Yet there have not been a single reply.

    Please clarify as to when will the stocks be credited to my account , if at all.

  107. Venkatesh says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Reg Kite iOS App..
    Kite indeed a great app with so many awesome features however quite disappointing when it lacks the basic and vital requirement needed by any trading user. Let me highlight in brief

    week earlier I have highlighted few issues earlier and subsequently I noticed a new ver of iOS app released with notes saying few improvements done, however I find present issues are even worse.

    1) status info like Pending/executed , funds open positions etc., do not sync in line with kite web or next and still manually have to keep on refresh by swiping down the screen for more than 30-45 seconds, absolutely not productive.

    2) on the order window the LTP price and Last qty traded info not Updating Live instead frozen to the value at the time I open the order window. no way to see the latest LTP or traded qty. in present day markets volatility price jumps like anything in fraction of seconds and what is the efficiency in keying in some bid based on frozen data.
    I don’t know about this on your Android app however for iOS App I can confirm that LTP prices are not updating…
    besides you have ample amount of space in the order window and you can comfortably place the best 3 Bid/Ask values which is very vital for any trader…these features were present in almost all the other trader apps, just wonder why was it not done in Kite.

    3) Order placing for FNO Scripts, it’s a nightmare keying in the Future stock qty as there is no provision by any shortcut keys in incrementing the qty proportional to the lots. only way is calculating the actual qty mentally and key in the correct number manually, this process is cumbersome and at times even error prone, final result is either I miss an opportunity or my order get rejected due to incorrect qty. at least in your kite web you have a Up/Down arrow next to qty by which the qty can be incremented/decremented proportional to lot size.

    here my suggestion is, when the qty is supposed to be placed only proportional to qty what is the point of trader entering the qty in number, instead Pls provide an option for trader to enter the qty of lots …e.g. for RELIANCE Stock future of lot size 500, and wanted to trade 5 lots, at present he need to enter qty as 2500 instead, allow him to enter just the lots e.g. 5 and for the clarity sake display next to that the multiplied total qty e.g. 2500 in greyed text…which changes in multiples of 500 as long as the trader changes the lots qty…Pls provide a up/dn arrow or a + or – button next to lot qty so that trader can either key in the lots or just increase/decrease using the button icons. nevertheless to mention that all other trader apps already do have this feature.

    4) unlike the order window in kite web have a button on the right side top where i can flip or Buy/Sell order window without going back, however in your mobile app that button is missing due to which i have to do to extra clicks if I want to change the Buy order window to Sell order window, Pls provide that flip icon on the mobile app as well, which is very vital and helpful for trader for placing the orders fast and efficient.

    5) Notification Alerts, I just wonder why the notification alerts are pushed only within the app…instead at the smart phone level…I mean I can see the notification only when my mobile app is running in front end…which is practically not possible all the times, it make sense for web application however for mobile apps notification alerts must be pushed to the smart phone level(that’s what all other apps does), so that even when my app runs in background any of my order execution gets notified through notification. just wanted to understand if any technical imitations you see. nevertheless to mention that other trader mobile apps already have this…why not with zerodha as well.

    6) Below are my wish list for extra features, Price Alert notification on my smart phone based on a value or by %, secondly the Thumbnail chart on the watch list next to each script (would be very useful for trader to know in quick glance of the stock trend even without going in to chart (most of other trader apps do have this)

    Summary & Conclusion.
    No matter Kite mobile app comes with so many feature rich functionalities, however when basic and essential requirements are not met or addressed then all of these other features makes not much value addition from a common trader perspective.
    Your developers have to work more to make the mobile apps compatible with latest features, otherwise you can claim that you too have a mobile app, but it’s effectiveness a million dollar question..

    Hope you think about this and expect some modifications done on your mobile apps on war front basis, otherwise you mobile app make no sense for an effective use what a trader expect to do.
    FYI, At present I have no choice except using your Kite app on mobile browser which is bitter but the fact. I happen to use 1 app for my price alert and 1 app for thumbnail view and of course your app for trading…do you see a efficiency here?

    Nitin I trust you are the person believes in innovation and who understands the pain what a trader would commonly encounter, Hope to expect a transformation in your thinking of improving your mobile app overall.


    • Thanks Venkatesh, these are all on my list of things to do. At the scale we are at, some of these changes are taking time. I will try to get these out soon.

      • Venkatesh V says:

        Dear Nitin,

        I certainly do agree the challenges involved with timelines and no doubt that you are striving to get the things done in best ETA, However appreciate if could you get the basic things (my points 1 to 4) get it done on priority As these are sure show stoppers for any one who trades with kite mobile app.

        Probably you realize every discomfort or lack in feature cost Taders like me a huge price either by missing trades or wrong timing trades.

        fyi, some one in your Tech team already requested some more info reg the issues and i did pass it immidiately without any delay, now i hope to see a early next version reelase fixing the critical basic issues what i have highlighed.

        Hope you drive and follow up personally with the progress going on.



  108. Alok says:

    Hi Nithin

    I am very much impressed by the Zerodha ideallogy and its services. Even though I believe that on customer care front there can be more improvements. Being a small and beginner investor I find the Kite app very handy and user friendly. Also would like to have a few feedback\suggestions on the services:-
    1) Zerodha must come up with SIP in equity stocks (not mutual funds) and integrate that to Kite app over mobile platform just like being provided by IIFL, Sharekhan, Kotak and ICICI to list a few.
    2) Zerodha should also try to add more features in Kite app like investor forum to discuss the issues and queries among the investors.
    3) There should also have a integration in Kite or in Q wherein investors can see more details about the company and view its recent management actions. I really don’t like to visit moneycontrol app while using Zerodha to trade.
    4) Zerodha should also come up with mobile app for Varsity and Coin.

    Hoping for your earliest revert on my suggestions.

      • Alok says:

        Thanks for sharing the links @Nithin… Even though I tried to find these but couldn’t really find the direct link to address my queries below.

        1) Zerodha must come up with SIP in equity stocks (not mutual funds) and integrate that to Kite app over mobile platform just like being provided by IIFL, Sharekhan, Kotak and ICICI to list a few.
        2) Zerodha should also try to add more features in Kite app like investor forum to discuss the issues and queries among the investors. I am here referring to some in App feature.
        3) There should also have a integration in Kite or in Q wherein investors can see more details about the company and view its recent management actions. I really don’t like to visit moneycontrol app while using Zerodha to trade.

  109. D.Omprakash says:

    D.Omprakash says:
    August 29, 2017 at 9:14 am
    D.Omprakash says:
    August 28, 2017 at 6:15 pm
    Hi Nithin,
    My id DO0042 Omprakash. I have 680 shares of l& t finance holding since 31-01-2017 dividend date on Aug 18,2017 but still as of now dividend not been credited in my bank account. Kindly do the need full. Can any one reply me please….
    Contact: 9566068331…..

    • Venu says:

      There’s a time difference between the dividend declaration date and the actual dividend payout date. If you are eligible for the dividend, you’ll receive it on your bank account when the company starts making the payout of such dividends.

  110. Mohammed Soheb says:

    Im with zerodha for past 2 years it has been a great journey for me the thing i want to add is q is always lagging behind to show the correct positions and holdings i was surprised to see that sometimes dont even show my holdings and in the mobile kite platform you are not allowed to place a limited order for nifty futures when placing a cover order you have go with market price this should be changed thank you for you effort

  111. JR CHOUDHARY says:

    Congs for getting invitation from our esteemed PM. Zerodha really deserve it.

  112. JR CHOUDHARY says:

    In my opinion Zerodha is making a social service. We are proud of Zerodha Brokerage pattern. Full service brokers charge very much and don’t deliver such useful Recommendation that can be compared with their brokerage. When Zerodha is charging so less obviously the Customer Care Services may be not so prompt. I am satisfied with the services. Direct Plans in Mutual Funds is a super service to the society. I had requested for inclusion of about 7 MF schemes in Direct Plan viz. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip, DSP BR Microcap, etc which are giving excellent returns. Please include these plans.

  113. Charles says:

    I hope there is Risk reward tool available in charts.
    thank u

  114. munish says:

    What vision did PM had …any feelers

  115. Rajesh Nirankari says:

    Hi Sir.. recently I saw that has launched scanner that generates algorithm based backtested strategies for novice users. Is sends buy and sell signals based on we at ZERODHA also have such a tool .. or planning to come up with some thing on these lines pls advice

  116. Ajit Pawar says:

    Consistantly complaining about account opening problem but not satisfied with customer support can u solve my problems ???? @nithin kamath

  117. RAGHUVEER PAI says:

    Congratulations Nithin!!
    From initial fear of opening a brokerage a/c with a small & relatively unheard firm, years ago, to see Zerodha as it is now –> AMAZING!!
    All the Best!!

    PS: May be someday you should pen down your experience meeting Honorable Prime Minister

  118. Adil says:

    HI Nithin,

    Can i link ICICI NRO with Zerodha or still its not possible?

  119. Piyush Gupta says:

    Is it possible to add Mutual Funds in Pi MarketWatch window? If yes, please explain how.

  120. Vipin says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team on completing 7 years…!!!

    Suggestion from my side to expand customer base and provide a gift to existing users by introducing monthly brokerage plans which now exist in market for a long time.

    And SUCCESS for more coming years…!!!

  121. Ravindra Ambupe says:

    Congratulations Mr Nithin & Team Zerodha for Completing 7 successful years.
    Keep it up.
    God bless you to have good Health & Wealth

  122. YOGANATHAN A says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team Zerodha.

  123. Hariharan Velu says:

    Congratulations Nithin and team on completion of 7 years! Exciting enhancements and new additions on the way.

    Will you/team be able to share the timelines for the outlined road map of the products and the platform enhancements? Are they weeks/months/years away, the last option wouldn’t be a great news though!


  124. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Congratulations for a completing 7 Years journey , indeed a great achievement, and I am so proud being a foundation customer almost since zerodha been started. there were lot many occasions you have surpassed my expectations.

    however I have few disappointments as well

    New Q Back office, I am hearing almost since last 2 years, however time lines passed but not finite ETA yet…would this be a reality at least this year. Appreciate if could you let me know what is the actual bottle neck in the progress.

    in the interim, my wish is at least restore the Flash Back (looking flash back of executed trades) feature, which is something I’m missing over for a long time. could you?

    Kite iOS App, though you have standardised the look and feel same as android, still there were some teething issues, order which was placed in AMO on Kite Web, could not be able to modify in the Kite App, orders do not get sync’d in real time when new orders placed over kite web or nest trader…

    likewise other app, pls extend the trade execution notification at smart phone level, currently notification get alerted within the Kite app…

    Real-time Price alerts notifications on smart phone level, again this is done with almost with all other competitor apps, I just wonder why couldn’t be done at Kite app level.

    Appreciate if could you take a serious note of this.


    • Venu says:

      We’re working on taking Q live at the earliest, we’ve come across a few hurdles that we initially did not expect. We’re on road for release sometime soon, will keep you posted.

      Flashback cannot be restored because there’s no one working on it for now. All the resources are dedicated towards taking Q live soon.

      Have passed on your feedbacks about Kite to the iOS developers.

  125. kathiresan says:

    congrats .

    congratulations for you and your team …
    suggest to integrate airtel money like mode for getting fund instead of from netbanking.

  126. Sundar says:

    Thank you Nithin and Team Zerodha

    Way to go

  127. Roy says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team Zerodha. You are doing a fine job.

  128. Praveen says:

    Firstly congrats to Nithin and his team on 7 years completion. I remember many years back doing a 3 month NCCMP course where Hanan took derivatives for us. Being a technical person , had learned a lot from Varsity about FNO. prompt answers to queries too. As for customer care, main problem is just delay in answering the call; but once answered I have never had a bad experience with anyone on the other side of the line sorting my problem out. Very polite and helpful folks. Good job guys. Hope you climb much many more rungs on the ladder and stay the best around.

  129. kashinath says:

    I am with you since 2014.
    Introduce trailing stoploss for normal orders (CNC orders).

  130. James says:

    Hi congratulations on completing 7 years, I just started my journey as a trader and varsity has helped me a lot, I m still learning, thank you for getting it all together in one place and making it simple and thumps up to the team of zerodha,you guys are making a difference and are teaching India to trade, wish you all the best, God bless you all!!

  131. vishwa says:

    congratulations! & keep it up

  132. Yogesh says:

    While creating account you guys deduct the money, and now nobody calling. Please return my money or open my account.

  133. Imran Khan says:

    Congratulation on being 7 year old company. I tried to open account with your and after providing all required document it almost 7 days your customer support person has run out of excesses.

    Almost 7+7= 2 weeks I was supposed to get account ready and 7+7+7=3 weeks that I have made payment to Zero+dha for account opening.

    Need not to say with this kind of approach company will be Zero-dha

    A Well Fried (to be) Customer

    • Venu says:

      Hi Imran,

      Sorry for the delay, the past few days have been harrowing courtesy the flash floods we’ve had in Bangalore. No excuse to delay account opening though. Can you email me the registered number with which you registered for account opening, my email ID is [email protected]. Will get this sorted asap.

  134. Ashok Pati says:

    Congratulations, Mr Nitin and Team on completing 7 years and the recognition from GOI. I have been using Zerodha Kite for over a year and have found it very good on the whole. Couple of suggestions I have:

    1. A way of alerting the investor when bonus / stock split occurs for any entry in “Holdings”
    2. A way of generating total dividend earnings for the financial year, perhaps on quarterly basis. This makes it easy to report in IT return. Otherwise one has to total numerous entries in the bank statements.

    Thank you

  135. Mohan says:

    Hi nitin,
    Hearty wishes on successful 7 years. My only suggestion on improvement would be to give margins for non F&O stocks. This would really help enhance trading experience. Presently it is only 1X which is too low when you look at the competitors. I hope this facility with good margin should be available soon. Believe me, it would also help to attract huge customer base.


  136. Roopak Sharma says:

    Some Indices data missing

    In your application Pi, I am not able to find any data for some NSE as well as BSE indices. Even in web application Kite, data for some indices is missing.

    For eg., in Pi, there is no information of NSE indices like Nifty Metal, Nifty Realty, Nifty Private Banks etc. Similarly, there is no availability of BSE indices like BSE Telecom, BSE Infra etc.

    Please include data and charts for all Indices too.

    Roopak Sharma

  137. NIMESH says:

    I am having my id with you for two years And my goas is also like you .Want my body fat around 10 to 12 %

  138. Karthik K says:

    Dear Nitin Sir and Zerodha family,

    Congradulations for you and your team for providing good service and reaching 7 yrs mile stone. I am happy to be a zerodha customer and i am with zerodha for 2 years. I like smallcase and coin very much. Need more service like this. I read in internet like robo advisers kind of robotic scanning of stocks and giving suggestions to do a trade or investment. They robots are having fraction of seconds to find a good trade. If something like this provided by zerodha for long term investment option of clients it will be useful. As i am a s/w engineer i will not get much time to analyze the good companies to invest for long term. If any kind of service for long term investment with extra buck it will be useful like us.


    Karthik K

  139. R Muthukumaran says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Nithin and team Zerodha. Great achievement.I would like to suggest some points.You can have some emergency back office either away from Bengaluru or even in other state,because of the recent problem due to heavy rains.I don”t know if its possible.
    Some improvement can be made in the technical team,.because our calls for technical problems are not sorted out immediately.

  140. M.Ashok says:

    Hi Zerodha Team!

    Firstly Congratulations! The Vision for Zeerodha should now be – “One stop financial solution app” – A smooth, seamless , intuitive financial transaction of any kind and which gives the customers better returns than any other competitor!!!

  141. Mathew Cherian says:

    Congratulations on your excellent work and also for the recognition! I have been with you for the last 2 years and have never had a complaint.

    Only one request:- can you do something about “Good Till Closed” orders? Like Kotak is providing.


  142. Vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Congratulations to you and Zerodha for fabulous achievements in these 7 years. This could not have been accomplished without your vision, commitment and special concern for the cause of retail traders. I personally admire the idea of Zerodha and it’s customer support team. I admire their commitment too towards us and Zerodha’s vision and I thank you for keeping such wonderful team that shows great character in the time of need despite being a discount brokerage they have actually outperformed many full service brokerages. BTW in the conclave did you get any chance to push over section 44AD of taxation?
    Thank you.
    Vikas Srivastava

  143. ch prakash says:

    I wish to know about How to participate in Buyback Tender Offers in Zerodha. Easy Guide/SOP may be made available in portal.

  144. Kalavathi says:

    Hi Nitin congrats on your completion of 7years. I request you to include sensex and nifty updates as we have to on our TV to see the market updates

  145. Devicharan R says:

    Dear Nitin Kamath,

    Zerodha offerings are too good, I just love to work on your products.

    Please improve on your customer care, rest all is perfect.

    Have a great future ahead
    My best wishes to team Zerodha.

  146. Soniya Sharma says:

    Great work !!

    but pls give themes choice on background on zerodha kite web as now only white background . Pls give more option mostly black background theme also as u already inserted in charts. but not for whole window screen.

    watching whitish screen with long time is dangerous for eyes… sometimes feel vry paining type problem so please give changing option , much better if u insert black background theme..not a big job for zerodha ..hopefully it will come

  147. Ramana KV says:


    I have been a client of Zerodha since couple of months. All fine so far and I am pretty satisfied. Kite and Coin are the products I use most. They are lacking in lot of features. Hope to see them in the upcoming releases.

    Best Regards,

  148. anmol jain says:

    Congratulations for the milestone
    Although i’d like to request that you develop platform to invest in IPO’s directly through zerodha since other brokerages have the facility

  149. Pranab Sarkar says:

    Wish Zerodha prosper more so that small trader like me can prosper more.

  150. Manjul Krishna Gupta says:

    Congratulations!! I have been using your platform from almost 3+ years.

    I believe, Zerodha has potential to become one of most admired financial services companies in world (not just in India, that will happen anyway within next couple of years).

  151. Gantasala Jaganmohan apatro says:

    Congrats on completing 7 years.Though I am probably the oldest client ( 85yrs) and not being able to trading as expected,I have a desire to help youngsters without jobs.Let me workout and then I will contact you for specfic help.Let Shiridi Sai bless you…Patro..RJ2225

  152. Pravin says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Please refer my previous post.
    If you can spare some time, please go through all complains mailed by me to ZERODHA support.
    Listen to my last two transcripts with your call centre representatives.
    It would be a great value addition and quality audit for ZERODHA and that too at free of cost.
    Best regards.

  153. Chandran KNP says:

    Congrats to Nithin and his outstanding team! Keep it up! Regards.

  154. Pushpalatha says:

    Congratulations on ur 7th anniversary.

  155. Jayesh Tailor says:

    Dear Mr Kamath,
    Congratulation for 7 yeaqrs successful journey in Market,
    i am your customer since last 2 years , but your Online solving I T Team is day to day become poor team,
    can not solve Pi soft ware issue on my pc.nor receive any phone call during issue.

  156. Anil Shivdasan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congratulations to Zerodha on the 7 th year accomplishment.

    We spend a lot of time doing Research of companies and Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

    I have spent 25 years in IT. Have a lot of Passion for DATA Analytics and Business Intelligence.

    Can Zerodha create an App which will do Robotic Data Analysis and based on Programmed Rules Execute a Buy Sell decision on its own.

    This will be the Ultimate Automated Investment Tool.
    We need not do any Research. Data Mining Programs will do thus work continuously.

    Hope to hear from you Nitin. I am willing to contribute my services in building such a tool which will Revolutionise Equity Investing.

    Thanjs for your time.

    Best wishes.

    Anil Shivdasan

  157. ANKIT says:

    I have recently joined Zerodha on August 3. When I tell people that you offer free brokerage for delivery, they say that you are a fraud company and will run away with my money. I know that you aren’t but how do I convince them?

  158. Gagan Chandra says:

    Many congratulations to you..please start your E margin facility asap. After this facility, you will be on the top. No competition from anyone.. I love zerodha…Trading has been fun..
    God bless u Nilesh and May God give u good health and happiness..

  159. P K RADHAKRISHNAN says:

    I am your client for mare than a year and the experience is nice.About one thing I was unhappy that in the tax statement scripwise expenses details were not available.But Zerodha has promised that from current year onwards the same will be available.
    In the market watch page if you can include 52 week high and low it will be useful to the investors.
    You are providing good customer service.The services rendered by SADIQUE RAZA of your team is simply superb.Congrats Sadiqueji.
    All the best to Zerodha!
    P K Radhakrishnan

  160. Kinshuk Chandra says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Congratulations for completing 7 years 🙂 Thanks to you we have such a great trading service. I am with you since 2011 I guess. Hopefully, you grow stronger day by day and remain customer centric 🙂


  161. Sukumar Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been with Zerodha for a little less than a year. Coming from IT background I was struggling to get into the Financial market as I could never make up my mind as thee were no real good apps available with context based and informative data available for a trader.
    Once I started using Zerodha I have been attracted towards this new found activity in Financial market purely because of the simple and need based GUI. Made me use your apps like Kite, Pi, Back Office quite regularly as a result I am spending more time than ever before in understanding the tricks of the trade.
    Though initially my knowledge about this market was very vague and limited to buying / selling shares for profit and some times loss. However, in the last few months I have acquired so much knowledge in this market and learnt about the way trades are set up / executed by professionals, Institutions, etc not only in India but also in other countries.
    Now a days following the activities in Financial markets like Spot/Cash, Futures, Options, etc., in Equities, Commodities, Derivatives and Currency though NOT ventured into these full fledged.
    On the whole I would appreciate the work your TEAM at Zerodha has done so far and I believe that there is a long way to go as there will be scope for improvements all along the journey and the WANTS are ever increasing.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you will continue to offer the required services as the situations need.

    Best Regards,

    Sukumar Patil

  162. krishnan v l says:

    Hats off to Zerodha & Congratulations to Nitinjee. I am associated with your organisation since Feb16, a wonderful experience for small traders like us.

    Best wisher and warmest greetings for to achieve many more such milestones in future.

  163. Raju says:

    Dear Sir,

    Congratulations on ur 7th anniversary.
    In kite 3.0 Android app these are the features needed to be incorporated
    1. Co limit price
    2.sort by % change in watch list with intraday graph
    3. Withdraw money within the app
    4.margin display while placing an order.

    Hope that u will incorporate all the above all the best keep on the good work ur doing

  164. Atul says:

    Good wishes & all the best 🙂

  165. Dinesh Kumar Takyar says:

    I’ve been enjoying your services since the last one year and noting the improvements.
    Thanks to you and your team. All the best!

  166. Saravanan R says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have been with zerodha since Jan,2014. Last 3 years learnt a lot in equity intraday(mis) cash segment. Experience was really exciting with Zerodha. Iam using NEST TRADER, in this, Nest Plus- Tools – Market Moniter is very useful for me. I depend it for trading.

    Iam planning to actively trade from 4th Sep,2017. Iam comfortable with NEST TRADER, and believe this platform will exist in LONG TERM for traders like me.

    I am really proud of all your achievements and meeting with PM. I would like to thank you in person for giving this kind of a business model and opportunity. But this is only just a beginning and lam looking forward a long travel with you.

    Thanks a lot.

  167. Rajesh panjal says:

    I have been with zerodha for the last three months….excellent trading platform…kudos ti you n your team….

  168. Prathamesh P says:

    One suggestion for next version of Kite is to incorporate Renko charts with wicks/tails.

  169. Prathamesh P says:

    Hearty congratulations and all the best!

  170. Sujatha Ananth says:

    Dear Nitin

    We admire your ethical business approach and your success. I have tried many big brokerages. You r creations and associations like smallcase and coin are wonderful tools for retail investors. I am greatly benefited by smallcase.
    I wish you good luck and looking forward to your NBFC activities.


  171. Amit Rajderkar says:

    Fabulous!!! Congrats, Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath.
    My best wishes to Zerodha Family..

  172. GR Mishra says:

    Hi Nitin, Your platform is unbeatable (I have used IndiaBulls and ICICIDirect). The brokerage is also extremely low. Hope you have a desk / person that takes care of customer suggestions and (more importantly) also updates whether those ideas can / will be implemented or not. About Modi, many like you are blown away by his supposed ‘vision’. That is why there are so many ‘craters’ on the roads. Zero development, zero work on ground, only arrogant incompetent MPs riding on Modi’s charisma. Very bad law and order situation, infrastructure in Haryana at least. I am thoroughly disappointed. Hope your eyes open up too. Modi’s vision is just to win maximum seats and increase his rule (like all politicians). What he says is totally different from what he thinks (like all politicians). Anyway, I suggest you keep this political stuff out. I know you have to live with these people to survive and thrive, but still.. Better to remain professional. Keep up the good work. Best regards, GR Mishra

  173. P.S. Nair says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    I have been trading thru yo for the last 3 years and my experience so far is quite good. Well. would it be possible to buy IPO shares thru you.

  174. Rakesh says:

    Please integrate all features like Q, COIN etc. inside Kite app itself. It’s a pain to login multiple places to access same details of one ID.
    Also in main screen itself, add high and lows of a share price for the day to help us in quick decision-making.
    And before we confirm a buy or sell, please show the amount deducted or added.


  175. vikas says:

    Having nice journey with Zerodha since last 10 months.

  176. Vinay Adavi says:

    Congratulations Nithin Kamath & team for successful completion of 7years. I m thankful to Zerodha for its best service..

  177. Rajekhan Kazi says:

    अभिनंदन |||
    …………झरोदा आँनलाईन खरीद /बिकरी केंद्र ……..
    मेरा जैसा शेअर मारकेट कोई भी
    जानकारी न रहनेवाले को आप ने जिंदगी जीने का तरीका सिखा लिया………
    मै और मेरे परीवार ……और पहली बार शेअर मारकेट का परीचालन करनेवाले भाई लोग के तरफ से
    आपको धणयवाद……??

  178. Ghansho Bhatia says:

    Dear Mr. Zerodha
    I found you on the web, sent you an email and your prompt response with a ticket number has given me an impression that I have pressed the right button. Congratulations on your 7 years of success. I am a Canadian NRI.

    Hope to do business with you.

    Ghanshon Bhatia

  179. D P GUPTA says:

    Congratulations to Nitin Kamath and his excellent Team for being invited by the PM House for deliberations. I have opened my two accounts with Zerodha about 6 months back. However, i have started using these accounts for my investment in shares only for the last two weeks. My experience is excellent and will close all my other Demat accounts and shift the entire portfolio to Zerodha. We wish Zerodha and its Team a Great Success in times to come.

  180. Praveen says:

    Dear Nithin
    Congratulations and very excited to be part of zerodha with the recent developments as per your message.

    I am a NRI Investor who is also very interested to invest in Mutual funds through Coin. Please make this option available soon. Many Thanks in advance for your understanding.


  181. vadivel a says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. Nitin kamath sir and zerodha team for completing ZERODHA its successful 7 years.

  182. Santosh says:

    Congraluations Zerodha for great milestone of 7 years.
    I have plusure of trading with hassle free support from Zerodha however charges on auto square off & brokarage on currency & comodity to be reduce further.

  183. MA Kazmi says:

    I congrats to Mr. Nitin Kamath and All zerodha team for completing 7 years. Now i hope your much awaited product
    margine funding on delivery is coming shortly .

  184. Mahesh says:

    I have been associated with Zerodha from last 1 Year. I have experienced unique benefits with Zerodha which no one in Indian market could think of compitition. From last 3 months, I am having 95% successful trades with unique indicators which no one have in India. I am also working as AP and proudly would like to share that I have opened 106 accounts in Very short span of time. Many thanks to Zerodha for providing such fabulous product at almost Zero cost. I pray very soon we will become number 1 broker in India. Heartily Congratulations and Best of Luck.

  185. B R Subramani says:

    Big Congratulations!!!
    My pleasure to be with Zerodha always

  186. Shakti says:

    Many congratulations for successful 7 years in operations, and wish you much more success in the future…
    Please improve support function. I just started zerodha and need support.

  187. Midhun says:

    Best wishes Nithin and Zerodha team. You guys are awesome.

    Happy to be associated with you guys.


  188. kumud says:

    congrats nitin& team zerodha

    i am actively associated with zerodha since last one year.
    but sorry to add
    Since last a few months trading with zerodha is just a night mare owing to its garbage back office product q. Every now and than some scrips in my holding reflecting wrong buying average. P&L STATEMENT is also not updated and full of errors.

    one of scrip name Hindpetro still reflecting a huge mismatch in back end p&l statement.
    vedanta has been sold on 31.07.2017 but no reflection in back office q.
    it is too tough to keep a check when u have 50-60 scrips in your holding.

    some of my colleauges whom i boast of zerodha, now want to go for it but i am really scary what the next with zerodha………..

    nitin, do something urgently.

    • Yes Kumud, we are working as hard to replace the old Q asap. That said, the issue you are pointing shouldn’t really be happening in current Q also, unless there was some corporate action on a stock.

  189. Raj says:

    I would like a functionality in Kite 3.0 that displays total Investment in MF thru Coin (On Kite’s Dashboard itself)

    Many investors (such as me) prefer to park money in liquid funds during periods of excess overvaluations.
    It is always handy to know looking at the Kite Dashboard, how much money is available for investing during market corrections!

  190. Veet says:

    Are You going to reduce the monthly charges of COIN?

  191. Jagjivan Machhar says:

    Congratulations Noting sir,and team Zerodha, proud moment for all of us.

  192. Prakash Shet. says:

    Congrats Zerodha team.
    Lot of traders (existing/new comers) would be thankful to you if your team got to discuss/message to abolish STT trap for the traders!! Still dont understand why this very basic flaw there in our system!


  193. Subash T says:

    Great going. Your growth in these seven years is very stupendous. One small suggestion, that is either you provide the scanner in kite or ichimoku indicator in PI. preferably i want kite to have scanner.
    In a way you have done a great service to small traders like me by low brokerage other wise it would have been difficult to learn & grow. Congratulations & GOD bless Zerodha .

  194. Raj says:

    Congrats Nithin !

    We need the facility to apply for IPOs directly from Zerodha.
    When can we expect that?

  195. Archit Agarwal says:

    Its been only few months on zerodha but i must admit that the ease of trading on zerodha is ultimate there had been no issues be it on the trading platform or backoffice site and i believe this will remain the same for future also and congratulations for completing 7 years.

  196. Vaman Nene says:

    Congratulations to Team Zerodha and an outstanding leader (leading from front) – Mr Nitin..
    I have been with Zerodha since 2011 and it has been a pleasurable journey and I am sure it is going to be more exciting in future. Keep up the good work

  197. Ravi Nandigam says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha.

    But, don’t get carried away. I think you need to focus on DR setup. The other day I have received an email regarding floods in Bangalore. Because of floods, slowness in customer care operations. This is not acceptable. I wish you guys work on this.

  198. Prabhukumar says:

    Congratulations on the great work done during the past 7 years and also on the well deserved recognition from PMO.
    For investors using normal investment and trading features your platform is superb. However the stability or consistency sometimes concerns me. This is accentuated by less than optimum customer support. Request you to improve the whole process of customer support.

  199. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Congratulation on completation of 7 years of great jounery and be the best startup as PM invited you.

    I am part of Zerodha since two years, I have multiple 4 trading account with different broker, but no one providing service and feature like you, you idea for online trading platform is very unique, because you have already faced the difficulty experience during online trading and make the unique platform like Kite, it is very simple and have very useful tools.

    Hope you will also work on customer service to be make it more better.

    Thanks to me also to be part of Zerodha customer.

  200. Santosh Parab says:

    congratulations Nitin and zerodha team.
    Keep it up

  201. S says:

    Congratulations on completing 7 years , kudos to the the team. As you scale up to support new customers, I hope you have the focus on stability and availability. Unlike any other business, in trading time is money any outage on your side can be devastating for the customers. I hope you folks understand this. In the past there have been issues with your service, and few of the folks I know have migrated to other brokers.
    So this is also time to reflect upon opportunities and work on them. All the best to the team and I hope you folks keep working on performance and stability of your systems and Infrastructure.

    All the best.


  202. Avi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Congratulations on completing 7 years and the recognition for all the hard work and effort that has been put in.I see a lot of appreciation messages in here and glad to see them however there are some really serious issues w.r.t your trading and execution platform which I would want to bring to your notice…not necessarily through this public forum.Please let me know how to proceed further to get to your notice it.


  203. Amol says:

    Nitin – Heartiest congratulations on this achievement. The next part of the Zerodha journey should be even more impactful. Will await for next set of roll outs ! best wishes to the team

  204. tushar mody says:

    Dear….Nithin ji…..

    My Heartiest Congratulations on this meeting with the PM

    You Sure are made for something…….still…….. BIGGER . . .

  205. Jayachandra says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha and team
    I have been with Zerodha past one year. Lot to do in future. Hoping for the best transformation India through contribution from Zerodha and team.

  206. Sudhir says:

    Wiclsh all the very best.

  207. Vishal Dhakan says:

    That’s tremendous achievment. But how about your body fat% in single digit? 😉
    Keep flying high and serves us better than last year.
    Best wishes to your team.

  208. manoj says:

    Zerodha is the best broker in India and I experience in 1year
    Is the best other than

  209. V Venkataraman says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Congratulations to you and your team. Very much astonished to hear the Govt’s efforts in mobilising people like you and getting feedback on such matters. Was not aware that this Govt is working really hard. Been with Zerodha for the last 1.5 years and experience has been very nice. My suggestion to you is real time messages for transactions made through SMS/Email, IPO offer and sending contract notes on the day of trade itself positively before 9 PM. Sometimes contract notes are sent two days later and getting it downloaded from backoffice needs IE platform and horribly time consuming! Hope to get these issues sorted out early.

  210. Neeta gosavi says:

    I am from last year onward very good service. Keep it up.

  211. SANDEEP says:


  212. Kanha Mahakud says:

    Dear Sir,

    Congratulation on your anniversary!! i am asking what, when ll margin funding business start ???

  213. Sumit Jorvekar says:

    Zerodha is better than other, as per my experience.
    But one issue and please solved it- why does not apply in IPOs
    Please solve this problem

    Thanking you.

  214. Vivek Bharadwaj says:

    Congratulations to you and your team for providing very good platform for retail investor like us.
    I have been using ZERODHA for last 6 years without any issues, very creative/innovative approached year on year

    Thank you very much

  215. Rakshith says:

    Congrats Nithin and your team. I have been trading with Zerodha from past one year. Your team is doing great job for assisting newbies to market like me and made simplified trading compare to other vendors. One feedback, I know you already provided online material in varsity but it is really helpful to start classroom sessions on weekends.

  216. Suresh Kumar says:

    Awesome guys..You guys rock.

  217. Swami B says:

    That’s good news.

    What about Pi platform? Any enhancements planned for it? I feel that the Pi platform gets a step-motherly treatment. Is Pi going to be in the scheme of things for long term platform, or is it short term?

  218. Rahul Paul says:

    Congratulations Zerodha,

    I am a rather new customer, trading on Zerodha for the last 1 month, and find the platform very savvy and easy to use. Keep up the good work.

    I do have a couple of feature requests, let me know if if there is any forum where I can post them.


  219. sankar says:

    Keep up the good work

  220. chaitanya says:

    Dear Nitin and Team

    Heartiest Congratulations

    keep up the good work

  221. SURESHBHAI says:

    Congratulations Nitin & Zerodha Team,

  222. Surabhi says:

    Congratulations team 🙂

  223. B.KANAKA RAJU says:

    Congratulations for your remarkable achievement over last 7 years. Entered the Zerodha train a few months ago and using your services very frequently . I am mostly in the category of long term investors. I am from Hyderabad and wish you arrange for a local office and also organize a seminar of one or two days on ” How to use your softwares for optimal benefit of your clients”, could be against nominal fees.

  224. Rakesh Khanduri says:

    Congratulations Nithin Kamath! Well deserved recognition of the grit and determination to support small investors.

    I have been with Zerodha from the last four months . Overall, it has been a great experience so far…

  225. Vivek says:

    Dear Nithin
    Many Congratulations to you & Zerodha team!!!
    May Zerodha achieve many more milestones in the future.

    Having been a member since 2015, have seen a lot of change, wherein your products are being constantly being upgraded for a positive experience for its users.

    Awaiting the new modules of Q, Kite which would add more value to an user.



  226. Ram says:

    All the best keep rocking . Zerodha excellent broker seen ever

  227. Mrs. Lalit Shrivastava says:

    Hi Nitin
    Congratulations on your grand success. I am new client just started trading on your terminal
    and have nice experience, but there was some hesitation to deal with you because of low brokerages and ‘0’ charges on delivery basis trading,. this creates a doubt how you will pullon
    to meet the expenses in the present scenario.Some brokerages houses are also commenting over this issue. Anyway best of luck.

  228. Sachin says:

    Dear Ni3,

    Heartiest Congratulations,
    Your success and visionary attitude has made you clear winner.

    Great keep it up

  229. Avinash J.R. says:

    Congrats,& wishing all the very best.Request the team to also upgrade Pi to international standards with new & latest indicators & features & discontinue with outdated features & indicators which can make it slow.

  230. Anoop says:

    Initially was very convinced about zerodha, hence last year enrolled with zerodha, tried calling up yr people in bangalore and mumbai- for more than 2/3 months-so as to provide basic trading training and solving certain individual queries- but got very POOR response.

    Hope yr service would have improved now for a number of small time delivery based investors – with people or representative s – in major city like Mumbai – to help or guide us- atleast at the initial stages. Still interested to be associated with zerodha.

    Also if a representative or individual meets us personally- in Mumbai, more queries and investment options like how do we use COIN ????, for Sip, investment training in call/put options, investment in AIFs etc can be discussed or understood. Lalwani/ mob:7977724100. Thks

  231. Aslam Nadaf says:

    I am satisfied with zerodha. I would like to recommend that will you please close auto squareoff as call and trade charge. Please help us out.
    Aslam Nadaf

  232. Pratik says:

    congratulations !!!

    We are happy to trending with you.your service is excellent.

  233. Bharat Thakkar says:

    Well done Nithin..absolutely fantastic journey and achievements..hope you continue doing what you do an become one of its kind in the world of personal finance..Best Luck..

  234. Nishant Sheth says:

    congratulations. Any updates on Algo trading using zerodha platforms?

  235. kamlesh kumar rajpoot says:

    one more thing here should be available some monthly package also.

  236. Mayur Thakkar says:

    I am eagerly waiting for few more things from zerodha to add for their customers such as
    1. there should be a training platform were someone entering new to this market he or she can learn the basics about share market and its produts & also a detail training for how to trade thru zerodha
    2. i was expecting that zerodha should start IPO also through their portal

  237. Keval Shah says:

    Margin Calculator should also provide Margin required for weekly Bank nifty option too.
    Please incorporate this requirement asap.

  238. kamlesh kumar rajpoot says:

    I have been 2 Year’s with zerodha, Most effective thing about zerodha about Kite.. which is need to login only once time .
    2nd is we can put order easily through watch list, which is more efficient with other, here I am very sure for “faster” , because of i am using other one brokering platform also.

  239. Milan says:

    Hello Nithin, congratulations for your achivments, Hope you will start GTC on 7th anniversary.

  240. Milan says:

    Hello Niyhin, congratulations for your achivments, Hope you will start GTC on 7th anniversary.

  241. SB says:

    Dear Nithin ,
    Gr8 Milestone Achieved, Many more to come.

    1) STT is killing intraday traders , It has to go away .
    2)STT on exercised options is big trap (It needs to be corrected).
    3) NSE co location facility is undue advantage to big players , it has to be terminated.
    4) Retail traders should get Top 10 Bid/Offer data for free (Right now its just Top 5)
    (Did you get chance to discuss above 4 points with Amitabh Kant or Fin Minister ?)

    Expectation from zerodha:
    1) Kindly introduce countdown timer for Intraday candlestick charts (Refer
    2) Buy /Sell orders trigger depending on Nifty spot price.
    3) Buy /Sell orders from charts directly.
    4) Introduce quarterly /yearly candlestick charts (currently its upto monthly)
    5) Market orders for options.
    6) Disclose quantity option for Futures and Options orders.
    7) More later on……..

    Last one but very very very important :
    Don’t sell zerodha Business to any big Fish out there , They will simply extort money from small retailers like us. If you wan’t to sell your Business do let us know , we will give you offer.

  242. Girish Dedhia says:

    Congrates !!!
    Pls start Online IPO Application feature..

  243. Mustafa says:

    Its a 6 year Journey with Zerodha
    lots of Ups & Down seen, but overall very satisfied with the Model.
    Among the few first opened Mcx with Zerodha & till now recommended 100 of fresh a/c to it too.

    Just improve on Tech front is the needy Part & a Professional platform like MT4 is the most needed, either tie up with them to provide services.
    Zerodha softwares Kite Pie are good, no doubt but for a Professional chartist Mt4/Amy is must needed.
    Just think over it

  244. Harishankar says:

    Congratulations Zerodha..Great to know about Digital India transformation Initiatives and you are part of it. You are doing a great job. I am associated with zerodha since a year or so for investment and I am happy with your services. The technology improvement’s and documentations are very good.
    Still Things can be improved like ipo facility,credit facility for delivery and features like message alerts/email notification from a watchlist for certain price of a stock,.personalized recommendations for portfolio improvement.

    Thanks & regards,

  245. Faisal Shaikh says:

    Great to know about your meet with PM and future endeavors.

    I would like to highlight that you should update your kite order page in a manner that it shows the the total amount required to purchase and available limit if possible, for easier and fast processing of orders.

    Say for eg, i Have only 10K in my account and want to place a CNC order for 100 scripts priced and 90. The order page should show that amount will be 9000. Please it will be very helpful to place orders swiftly.


  246. Sangita Chandrashekhar Yekhe says:

    Congratulations on completing 7 years of very nice and yeoman’s service to clients.
    I connected recently to Team Zerodha got a very nice, user friendly experience while trading in equity market.
    I wish every success in future and may flowrish in future.

    Thank you,

  247. Anikessh Jain says:

    I have just started using zerodha and the experience is very good.It is very easy to buy and sell stocks and it gives good overview of the market as well.I will like to continue with Zerodha for a long term.

  248. Gaurav Jain says:

    I think you should provide automated recommendation engine for mutual fund selection which is goal based. That would fill a gap in the coin facility and would help compete with other such vendors.

  249. Anis says:

    Let me first congrate you to complete 7 years.
    Now I have to say you why you not researach base advice to your big client group .
    All other standard brokerage firm supporting their client by advice.
    Do think this point.

  250. Madhumita Banerjee says:

    Mr.Nitin and Team,

    Being one of you client happy to see your progress.Well deserved recognition from Government Of India.
    Congratulations!Keep it up your good work.
    Mr.Nitin you are an inspiration to many entrepreneurs.

    Thank you.

  251. Gautam Sen says:

    Congrats Nithin and team. Been with you for 2 years now. Part of Coin, Balance, smallcase too. Losing in option trading. Can you introduce guidance for option/ future trading and handholding?
    Would be great. Congrats again.

  252. sunil soni says:

    Congratulations sir… I’mnew use with Zerodha from lasf month. And my overall experience is good with it..

  253. ratan says:

    Dear Nithin &Team,
    Congratulations for successful 7 years and wish you much more success in the future…
    Waiting eagerly for the announcement of more innovative plans and sophisticated and competitive softwares….

  254. Megharaj S H says:

    Congratulations and happy that Govt. of India doing this activity who is deserved to get “Thumbs Up” and “Need To Do More”.

    As a client of Zeordha, am happy to be part of your journey as a customer and way you guys are thinking and transforming is really remarkable.

    I wish you all the best and congratulations to you and your team success.


  255. K.N.Rohini says:

    this is great. There should be provision for display of time on kite in HH/mm/ss, presently there is no way of knowing if it is real time or there is some lag.

  256. Gobinathan says:

    Hi… Nithin… Congratulations for all your efforts and achievements… One request on for Kite… feel like background color change is required… So, if possible please do that…

  257. Soundar says:

    Congrats…but you need to improve drastically your infrastructure for the login issues during critical times like demonitesation, us elections, brexit and state election times…during these times your system always had login issues…lets us know what steps have taken to correct this..

  258. Manish grover says:

    CongratulationsMr Nitin. Overall satisfied with Zerodha’s performance. If alerts on stocks could be possible in kite it would be great.i am also confused about your averaging of share prices in holding section.

  259. Shashi says:

    Congratulations!!! This is a great honor…

    I love zerodha! Personally introduced over ten people to open accounts.. They all love the features offered here… Thank you!

  260. Amit Santwani says:

    Awesome brother… Big big big honour getting invited and meeted with modiji.
    One of my dreams of my life to get invitation basis on my work towards country benefit.

  261. Anjaneyulu says:

    Congratulations Nitin & Zerodha Team,
    wish you bring more laurels.

  262. Vidyadhar says:

    Congratulations Nitin and team ZERODHA.. Been with ZERODHA for 6 wonderful years…Well done..

  263. Pradeep Kamat says:

    Hi…Heartiest congratulation on completing 7 years of services.
    For Many more years we need your services.
    Based on past experiences of yours you may add “Zerodha’s” Technical study chart so as Zerodha generates more revenue thro wealth created by using this “Zerodha Study chart ( much refined of “Supertrend”)

  264. Somnath says:

    Dear NK,
    First of congratulations in completing glorius 7 years. I am very new to your platform but your platforms, products and varsity study materials have impressed and motivated me immensely.
    Recently I came across some comments in social media that i should share with you. It is regarding identity /data security. Some of my friends opined that it was easy to share personal data by employees of company like yours. It would be a grave security issue if someone’s personal details like networth etc gets public. Being a wellwisher i would like to caution you against such threat perceptions that can be very damaging to your reputation, business and the very business model. Please take proactive steps to dispel such fears and you may like to educate your clients and prospects by explaining your data security model. People should feel that sensitive data are absolutely secured and safe.
    All the best!

  265. Raja Rajan says:

    Great achievement Mr.Kamat, I hope you and your team would accomplish many more great tech product.

    My wish in that list that your team develop a repository product that can handle payin and payout of securities on realtime basis just like a banking account where credits and debits are captured on realtime basis.

    This product would revolutionise the clearing corporation in line with NPCI.

  266. Vishwas says:

    I am doing active trading with Zerodha since 2 years; and I would like only thing – please improve your customer service.

  267. Mohit says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Great work and congratulations to the team.

    I have a feature suggestion:
    Have you thought about adding a family account feature in Kite wherein you are able to map 3-4 accounts to a single Kite account and allow them to trade individually without having to log out and log in?

    I don’t know if that is even technologically possible or something. Hope you look into it. I have like 5 accounts with different family member names and it gets kinda tedious to trade.


  268. Ketan says:

    You guys are doing a great job!!
    Thank you!!

  269. Prashant singh says:

    1. Many many congratulations for the recent achievements. PMO thinking highly abt ur org is a testimony to it.really Zerodha has captured the hearts and wallets of so many becoz of the RELATIVE OUTPERFORMANCE in terms of cost and technology and the intuitiveness of investing process.
    2. But thts d tricky thing in intuitivenss and performance.others r catching up in terms of price .still i feel there is a lot of room to grow and also capture the market share if there is a real effort to think only this.HOW TO MAKE IT EASIER TO TRADE AND INVEST FOR THE CUTOMERS.I feel der is still such a huge scope of improving on that.few examples.
    3. Alerts system on mobile based on price .technical conditions .
    4. Result feed during earning season of a watchlist with minimum time lag .also alert on mobile.
    5. More number of watchlist thn present 5 with more number of companies per watchlist.alert system based on a particular watchlist and condition.
    6. You hv to build up on a system better thn opentrade wherin emphasis is on equity also and charges are should be within kite social or something abt whts trending .basically u want people within zerodha to interact more n more.share info.
    7. Finally to outperform in d future u hv to be intuitive invoative n customer friendly and keep integrating ur features into the same portal.IF UR CUSTOMER IS A WINNER BECOZ OF UR HELP.NO DOUBT U WILL BE A WINNER OF THE INDUSTRY.

  270. Manish says:

    Huge congrats to Zerodha for making such a phenomenal progress in so little time and offering so much to the clients at a Unified place and framework. Indian traders/investors are truly blessed because of all that Zerodha provides is more than enough for anyone to start a solid business in the Financial Markets. And that also in a most discounted price than any other broker in India. Really happy to see all the improvements that have been made and is being made all the time. At the same time the whole Zerodha platforms esp Kite has totally matured so fast that it has rightfully placed itself as the #1 Trading Platform in India. Kite has become totally stable, reliable, fast, featured, and performant all around.

    So thanks a lot for all you’ve done. Really appreciate it. Keep it up 😀 !!

  271. Pankit Shah says:

    Hello Nitin

    As you mentioned earlier you got NBFC license for loans against securities.So what would be the interest rates on the above loans.


    Pankit Shah

  272. P S KUTTY ( RK0957 ) says:

    Kudos to Nithin & his team.
    You have been truly an angel for AAM AADMI investors.
    I have ony a small disappointment regarding Q.zerodha & bo.zerodha. very often it is frustrating to get it opened
    Hope you will divert a little attention to this backoffice platforms in the ensuing period
    My sincere admiration for all activites which you are engaged in with great zeal and enthu

  273. RAJESH.R says:

    I discovered zerodha from the web. At last i came the right place. thanks, wish you all the success.


  274. dharmaranjan says:

    when Zerodha will start margine lending on CNC Product n whats about IPO

  275. R K Talati says:

    Congratulations on achievement.
    And wish your team all the best.

    My one suggestion is the reports we find are not in bold letters they are very light and we are unable to read easily.

    Please do the needful.

  276. Jitendra Phadke says:

    Congratulation……. 7 Years…. keep going…….
    All the Best……
    This is from Jitendra & Mugdha Phadke (Mumbai)..

  277. Basavaraj Gheji says:

    Dear Nithin &Team,
    Congratulations for successful 7 years and wish you much more success in the future 🙂

  278. Sharan W says:

    Congrats Zerodha…u guys totally deserve this
    I have been with Zerodha for more than six years, great experience with Zerodha.

    Keep innovating 🙂

  279. Rajesh Subramaniam says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nitin and team. I thank you for showing the world of derivatives and stock market.varsity was so helpful, I immediately signed up with your platform.keep up the good work.

  280. Kuldeep says:

    Sir pls comodity trade mai thoda margin bhadiye kyoki cover order mai target price nhi dala jasakta

  281. Banupriyaa says:

    My Wishes.
    All the BEST, You are the BEST.

  282. kishan kumar tantiya says:

    Many Congratulations to Nithin and Zerodha team.keep it up.

  283. Suman Ch Das says:

    Congratulation for completing 7 successful

  284. Ayushi says:

    Have recently been trading with fantastic experience. Never felt need of alerts on kite-mobile.
    In case turnover becomes auditable, do you provide audited statement, on payment, for tax return, since you have all transaction details and one shall then not have to look for a chartered accountant ?

  285. Anusha Arjun says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nithin and Zerodha team.

    Am new to Zerodha and trading, Expecting customer care help to understand basics and suggestions to improve my skills. If possible please do the needful.

    Wish you a successful journey ahead…

    Best Regards,

  286. dr sundar says:

    i am just new to zerodha
    so far no serious hazzles to me though there were hitches here and there
    it appears now i can be happy……… so far so good.
    hoping to have a long loving relationship
    god bless

  287. AMEET LAMBA says:

    Being with Zerodha for 5 years ……no doubt a great experience ……could improve on reliability as many times the charts do not update in real time….also purchase rates in equity shares holding are not correctly reflected

  288. RAKESH NAYAK says:

    Dear Sir,
    Congratulation for completing 7 successful years , looking forward to many more achieve your milestone .

    All the Best for Future
    Keep doing keep rocking rocking
    Sir and team

    Rakesh Nayak

  289. Rajkumar sharmma says:

    Please i request you To activate new GTC order system on your terminal for traders on 7th aniversery . Wish you all the best..

  290. Amrish bhatt says:

    Hi congratulations Nitin and entire zerodha team for the milestone. I am very happy to be a part of zerudha.
    I would suggest if you also start giving margins on delivery too.

  291. Vanlal says:

    Congrats trading platform…staff helpful..warm.keep it up

  292. Lukhmaan Khan says:

    Congrats….being with Zerodha makes me proud. Nithin, I appreciate you and your team for always being in touch with client queries and suggestion on Z-Connect.

  293. Dilip says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been a client of zerodha for last 3 years and it has been a wonderful journey with Pi. I have seen the phase when once people have to pay hefty brokerages and charges for sub-standard trading platforms which they claim to be best. You have led us to ecosystem where there is zero brokerage for equity and 20 rs for F&O with most of brokerages following you just incase their clients would come to know about zerodha and change their broker. Also, platforms like Pi and Kite are given for free to users to rescue traders from hacks people use to do using Amibroker or other scripting based software by providing all things at one place.
    Wish you success for your futur goals.

  294. Dilip Shaw says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congratulations. I am sure you must be bored of this word but anyway 🙂

    Disaster recovery setup is done best with Cloud Disaster Recovery (cloud DR).

    It is a backup and restore strategy that involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in a cloud computing environment as a security measure. It is faster and cheaper than going the traditional way.

    Hope it helps.

    Dilip Shaw

  295. S Murthy says:

    Many Congratulations and more power to you guys.
    Looking forward to more features and functionalities like STP, SWP for mutual funds. Any ETA?

  296. Dr G S Singh says:

    Congratulations for the truly deserving success to team Zerodha under your stewardship.
    Three years back when my son told me that there is a discount broker and asked me why don’t you try. Frankly I was very hesitant because its my hard earned money. But he advised me that there is nothing to worry and that way I got an account with Zerodha.
    My experience with Zerodha excellent..
    Only thing I suggest you to make downloading of reposts from back office a bit faster.
    Wish you good luck.

  297. Sivaramakrishna R says:

    For quite long time I was requesting for price trigger alerts in KITE. But there seems to be no effort towards that. It was there in ur zerodha nest . For office goers like it will be great useful if the option of price trigger alert is there. Hope you will come out with positive effort this year.My heartiest wishes to team zerodha.

  298. Rajiv S.Kale says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nitin Kamath and full Zerodha team. Wonderful growth achieved in last 7 years.
    All the best for similar growth in coming years!
    I am with Zerodha for about six months and very happy with the PI platform , KITE and also responce of the Zerodha team ! Keep it up !!

  299. Shyam says:

    Dear Nithin &Team,
    Congratulations for successful 7 years and wish you much more success in the future…

  300. Amit Bajaj says:

    Bahisaab, pls enable alerts in kite, 7 saal mein aap yeh nahin kar paye., This the very basic feature one would require when one is trading.

  301. Rajan Patil says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Congratulations! You are doing a great job and I wish you all the best in your future plans.
    Warm Regards,

  302. KK says:

    Congratulations for completion of 7 years and a profitable business.
    Though you are a low brokerage company but now there are many which are cheaper than you. Also, your charges to customers have increased and not really a low charge broker (effectively). For e.g, your requirement for bringing 50% cash for margin generated through pledging of securities is a dampener and so on. ICICI direct provides no brokerage on currency derivatives in certain plans. Please don’t lose sight of the main purpose of your company when you started which is low cost for traders.

  303. ujwal says:

    Nithin , Congratulations for completing 7 successful years , looking forward to many more .waiting eagerly for kite 3.0 , please try to include buy and sell directly from chart window along with market depth window that will be easy for trading


    Excellent Mr Nitin Kamath, Congratulations on Zerodha’s achievements.

  305. Amar Hassan says:

    I have used many trading platforms and nothing matches kite.Beautiful design and so easy to trade with only the relevant things shown to user and asked from user.

  306. Vasumati Rao says:

    Congratulations Nithin Kamath! Well deserved recognition of the grit and determination to support small investors.

    I have been with Zerodha from the last three years. Overall, it has been a great experience.

    As you grow, my feedback and request is that the Customer Care service should be back to its initial responsiveness… this has deteriorated and causes inconvenience and frustration. The other feedback is that some features that have been withdrawn, like SL/SLM AMO should be reinstated.

    Wishing you a great journey ahead!

    Vasumati Rao

  307. CA Sanjay Lalwani says:

    Congratulations Nitin & Zerodha Team,
    wish you bring more laurels.

  308. Vinayak says:

    Many congratulations for successful 7 years in operations, and wish you much more success in the future…
    I don’t want to play spoil sport here, but the you need to focus more on quality and reliability of the Kite and Q platforms than releasing fancy features like coin and smallcase… Of course its your business decision, but as a your customer for last 2 yesrs, man the overall experience is not so smooth… Many times the Q and kite both do not show positions and holdings, sometimes coin holdings are not shown in Q, many times your lines ckts and phone lines are down … These things had given some very high BP times to me…there not sure if I can increase portfolio size with you guys..even if I want to continue association with you…
    Please , please focus on reliability and availability aspects of the kite and Q platforms
    Best wishes,

    • Yes, working on it 24/7/365 to iron out any broken experience.

      • Prashant says:

        @Nitin Bhai, BSE Sensex index kab add hoge. No option to add BSE sensex in watchlist. I have checked it from customer care they are also not aware.
        1. Two major index nifty 50 & BSE Sensex by default need to be on top of market watch. These are basic for all user, So it should exclude from watch list and place above that. (Change in index can be made from there only)
        2. Last trade time for stock is not known. very important for trader. How much fast liquidity is in stock to buy and sell in minutes is most important for day trading. So if last trade time last trade qty is given it will help most.
        3. Top gainer/looser by value and volume. Market news & announcement , Trading calls all are missing in mobile app and web version.
        4. You have given 5 watchlist it is okay to add(20*5=100) stock script but Do you really think anyone tracks 100 stock.
        5. Script Margin %, Very big point, if you cannot give margin calculator for equity day trading no problem but atleast given margin % of a stock. How can i calculate how much amount required for ITC 500 shares intra day trading. As each script has vary from 10% to 75 % margin so each script margin % required can be given with immediate update. Not required developers to go huge changes.

        Lots of more key essential thing is missing in mobile app version and i can see updates are not getting frequent after so many suggestions from various users. You may have start brokerage firm as passion which has turned in vast business now. So Now you cannot go with same speed like beginning time of your business and you cannot left these inputs from various users unhandled. You need to be more hardworking and professional with IT Team. because YOUR BUSINESS IS NOW RUNNING ONLY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. SO YOU NEED TO BE MORE ADVANCE IN TERMS OF SOFTWARE AND WEB TECHNOLOGY.
        See now huge smartphone users in india and multitasking is in life like, travelling and trading, is part of life so mentioned suggestion need to be must have point in smartphone app version to make is practically useful app for day trading. I have already given much input here as suggestion not complained. I have switch Zerodha just because of brokerage charges but I see kite mobile app/web app is far behind from most of market leaders in industry which i used to.

        • K.V.Rajesh says:

          Two major index nifty 50 & BSE Sensex by default need to be in dashboard in kite people working in Desktops & Laptops need to switch to other sites to view the live market.
          Kindly update desktop app same as mobile app which is showing index nifty 50 & BSE Sensex it will be very useful for all the kite users.

      • A KHAN says:

        HI Sir,
        Congratulations to you and your Team at Zerodha on completion of SEVEN years of service and the detailed note on the existing products and future plans.
        But I Found something missing in Pi which sharekhan trade tiger has in trade tiger we can see previous days high low and open and close in martket watch but , in Pi and nest we can see only see current day high low open high, please update pi with a tool by that we can see last days last week and last month high and lows in chart, in market watch please ask your team to update the above mention feature in pi to make it best one.

      • Kanakray says:

        Dear zerodha,
        I have recently opened demat account with you.
        I have to wait till listing day for getting shares credited to my demat account after successful allottment. Other brokers are giving credit of shares into the demat account on the same day of allottment or on the next day.
        I am not given credit of shares in my demat even after allottment.
        I have tried so many times to talk with your customer care executive, but your customer care numbers are not showing any options for that. I am not satisfied with customer service as well. I am feeling insecure about these, you must impove these things

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Hey Kanak, if you have received an allotment, the shares will automatically show up in your holdings on the listing day. To sell new listing check this post.

  309. NISHA says:

    Fabulous effort Nithin Kamath. and my best wishes to continue the growth for zerodha. ZERODHA ROCKS.

  310. K sahith says:

    I have been with zerosha for the past 4 years and it has been a wonderful and exiting journey…and zerodha have evolved a lot by bringing cutting-edge technology to retail traders at a very minimal cost… my only wish is that you to come up with robust algo trading platform with data of interval less than 1min.this will encourage lot of tech savvy traders to put their hands on opportunities in the active markets….please make mish come true… Thank you… sahith

  311. Rahaliyas says:

    Hi Been with zerodha for 5 years I guess…It’s been a nice journey
    with more power comes more responsibility ….
    Hope to see a lot of feature requests to see light and off-course Q 🙂
    Customer care has bottomed out even though u have 101 reasons to justify the same .Hope to see an improvement on this side too

    • V Shravan Kumar says:

      I am having 2 ID’s in Zerodha…and I have been with Zerodha from 5-6 years….the only problem with the brokerage is customer care system….hope it gets better.

      • Subhojit says:

        Spot on mate. The customer care is a total mess. The applications are buggy as well. Seven years , and yet the applications cannot be termed as mature.

    • N.P.Raju says:

      Dear Sir,

      Congratulations to you and your Team at Zerodha on completion of SEVEN years of service and the detailed note on the existing products and future plans. It is heartening to note that you have been invited for the NITI Ayog meeting with the PM on 16th Aug 2017 which is an indication of your standing in your professional service in the country ( as well as outside the country ).
      I have joined Zerodha very recently (had been ignorant of its services —- having said that Zerodha does not promote itself). I have started trading activity from 2nd Aug and had 6 successful sessions and two unsuccessful sessions
      ( which of course had given me leanings). I was able to positively enhance my small capital more than 20%. Had it not been for the unsuccessful trading my capital would have been enhanced to more than 40% in 8 sessions! This was possible with the great Technical support as well guidance and leanings Zerodha extends to its clients which I feel no other organisation in the same profession would be willing to extend. This is against my trading activity of more than 5 years with a different organisation where in I would have lost more than Rs 2 lakhs. The support received from that trading house is a big Zero. I hope and is very positive that what I lost would be recovered in short span of time and the the funds put back to productive returns with Zerodha.

      Thanks and wishing your team for a greater achievements in their roles for the organisation.


    • piyush says:

      Well its a discount brokerage business model – no frills cheapest cost brokerage – one should expect it to be mostly self help and very limited customer support.. that’s how the business model is structured – if they have to have hundreds of customer support ppl to improve support quality they wont be able to afford it at 20 bucks a trade . So its a trade off, but i’d anyday prefer 20 bucks a trade over much better customer support. btw, what do u need customer support for?

    • Yes, trying our best to do whatever to make sure you don’t ever have to reach our customer care and if you did you get a great experience. 🙂

      • Sandeep Ballal says:

        Hello Mr Kamath,
        I am writing on behalf of my brother Mr Pradeep Ballal who expired on 30th May 2017, he was holding account with Zerodha and had balance in his trading account, I wanted to know to what is the alternative option to get that money without legal heir. Not a single paisa gets generated from trading account.
        My brother was active trader and unfortunately he didn’t opted for nominee for his trading account.
        Hope there is some other alternative solution.
        If required you can contact me @ 9886792956
        Sandeep Ballal

      • [email protected] says:

        Sent form to open CNC (demat) account.
        Support group asked to submit documents: Income Proof Missing required income proof.
        I haven’t received any update after submitting documents, and verification is completed. It has been more than a week. You support group and your Sales Manager gives me different reasons. No one tries to resolve the problem.

      • vandana yadav says:

        Hi Nithin
        Please change/ update 2 things in kite 3.0 version
        1. In market depth please keep day low price below day high and keep close price below open price
        2. Please provide OI change and % also in market depth and long/short build up long unwinding short covering details of stocks in market depth or in ‘More’


      • Sunil Raja Lakki Reddy says:

        Dear Nithin,
        Do you offer PMS services. please advise if you are partnering with any other entity.

    • Ashraf AK says:

      For last 7 years, I’ve closely been watching Zerodha’s Technological Integration to their services which are lacking to other broking firms in India in terms of expediting the same, thus bringing the easiness in handling the trading plat form and trading execution.

      I wish that Zerodha had more direct customer friendly team.
      Sure, we’re with Zerodha to gain its aim……

    • Dear Nitin Ji, iam happy to be zerodha Trader for last 4 yrs. i request you to update mcx margins to lower.

    • Santhosh says:

      Can I have update on this ticket Ticket #246186 ? I am fed up of reaching you … What kind of tool u guys are providing …

    • vandana yadav says:

      I have 2 suggestions for zerodha kite platform…
      1The market depth in latest version is bit confusing, clumsy and time consuming when I am doing a quick search for day high low open and close prices. Please arrange close price below open price & low price below high price

      • vandana yadav says:

        My second suggestion is to add OI details of stocks and long/short build up and long unwinding/short covering details i’n market depth’ or ‘more’ column
        Thank you