January 20, 2016

Traders and Investors,

As a business, we have set a target of reaching 1 million clients over the next 3 years, and we are looking for partners to get there. We thought the best people to partner would be our clients like you, who have used our platform and services.

Why partner with Zerodha?

  1. Less than 0.1% (<1 million) of India actively invest on the stock exchanges. With the government focusing on greater financial inclusion, this % can increase significantly over the next few years. We will be in the forefront of the Indian retail brokerage business to capture most of it.
  2. Technology first brokerage firm. India’s best trading technology – Kite, Pi, Q, and Quant.
  3. Lowest brokerage costs. Completely transparent with no hidden charges or conditions.
  4. Credibility of having run the business successfully over the last 8 years with almost 8 lakh clients.
  5. Business of scale. Even though the yield per customer acquired is less, it is easy to scale greatly. Higher yielding products like Mutual funds (starting Feb 2016), and Insurance products (starting by Aug 2016) should add significantly to partner revenue.
  6. Niche platforms using Kite connect. One of our endeavours is to grow the shallow retail participation on the Indian capital markets. We believe that just great charting and trading tools, or zero brokerage won’t be enough. Using Kite Connect, we are providing an easily accessible gateway to new-age fintech firms to build their platforms using Zerodha infrastructure. This can attract huge number of internet enabled millenials in India to the stock market.
  7. One deal. Every client at Zerodha gets the same offering in terms of pricing, risk, and anything else. This makes it a very easy product to offer support for.
  8. Tier 1 & 2 cities. Majority of our business is currently from metros like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai, among others. We see a huge opportunity in growing our business in smaller cities, especially more with the exponential rise in Internet penetration because of popular platforms like FB, Whatsapp, etc.

Do help spread the word,

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Ank says:

    Would you provide white labelling for upcoming member/participant

  2. Sudhakar says:

    I am interested to become aub broker send details please

  3. PAPPU KR PATEL says:

    Hii I am here Mumbai and I am interested to become the Sub Broker of India largest Demate Account ….. so, plzz contact me on 7633922677

  4. Shri Ranjan says:

    Please contact me for sub broker Im interested in my contact number is 8928190637

  5. Thippeswamy K C says:

    I want to get a Sub broker of Zerodha if my requirements are fulfilled, Could you please arrange for a call back on my mobile +91 9845255718

  6. Jignesh shah says:

    Dear sir
    I am intrested for sub broker
    Share trading

  7. service center says:

    sub broker business with a local based company
    however would like to move to your platform , can some one assit me on this

  8. AWS training says:

    really good info

  9. ravindranath says:

    Hi , im already in sub broker business with a local based company
    however would like to move to your platform , can some one assit me on this
    my no is 9581402327 .

    pls do the needful

  10. Ankit Goyal says:

    I am very much interested in working for Zerodha. I am from Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka. And I have recently discovered that you do have a Branch Office in Hubli, Karnataka. It is my humble request to you to kindly appoint me in a suitable position for the Hubli, Karnataka Branch.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ankit, we don’t have any openings currently, but please do keep an eye out on this link here

      If you are referring to becoming a Zerodha Partner, more here.

  11. Mahesh Ashok Chaudhari says:

    how many referral is needed for your partner program ? ( 50 or 100 )

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Mahesh, if you have referred more than 100 clients we will contact you for further discussion about our partner program. More here.

  12. Balaji says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have been in the stock market franchisee business since 2012( full time marketer with office setup). having a good client base, tried to become zerodha partner many times. how to get it?
    The last time i wrote to [email protected], and got call they have conducted some interview through video calling, i have explained everything but got rejected.. I dont know what to be done to get franchise? Kindly Help..

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Balaji, we see that our team has already had a word with you regarding this and how we have uncertain regulations on Algos with regards to your source, hence we’ve decided to skip this for the time being. For further assistance, please reply to the same ticket and our team will contact you.

  13. MOHD GAYAS says:

    I want to take sub-broker ship of Zerodha so please tell all about franchise of Zerodha.

    My Contact No- 9670560514

  14. Asif Kazi says:

    Hello Nitin Sir and Shubham Sir,
    I am very much interested in working for Zerodha. I am from Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka. And I have recently discovered that you do have a Branch Office in Hubli, Karnataka. It is my humble request to you to kindly appoint me in a suitable position for the Hubli, Karnataka Branch.

    Awaiting your kind reply

  15. HEMANT CHOKSHI says:

    I wish to have a master franchise if possible for city or district level with zerodha 9313942768 & 9426282400

  16. tarun banerjee says:

    sir ,i have refferd this app to my frind 09/03/22.but i have not got any rewards money for the referral.

  17. Gaurang says:

    How to become zerodha Mf distributor

  18. Tofik khorajiya says:

    I am a zerodha reffreing partner appliad please help me to this process

  19. vinod v says:

    i want a zeroda franchaisee code, give detail for open franchaisee as soon as possible any link Available

  20. sachin varkhede says:

    i want a zeroda franchaisee code, give detail for open franchaisee as soon as possible

  21. Sachin Sopanrao Pawde says:

    hey, i am sachin sopanrao pawde, from Nanded, Maharashtra -431605 , i want to become a subbroker of Zerodha.

  22. Ashish Rathor says:

    i m intrested plz contect me sir

  23. rakesh says:

    sir do you provide franchise in zerodha

  24. SHARATH says:

    hello sir do you provide franchise in zerodha ?

  25. Josh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have 8+ years experience in insurance and working as financial consultant and tax advisor
    Recently i have cleared NISM Exam and become AMFI member, currently an ARN holder, i would like to associate with Zerodha,
    I do have my client base who are ready to invest in mutual funds, do you have a partner program like INDmoney, NJ Wealth?

  26. HEMANT KADAM says:

    I want to open franchisee in thane

  27. Mahesh says:

    i want to be broker of zerodha so can you arrange one phone call your sales team on 9726970887 this number.

  28. Yogesh pathak says:

    want buy sub brokership of zerodha so can you arrange one phone call your sales team on 8668588463 this number

  29. Niraj Pande says:

    Hello team,
    Good Day

    I hope you are all well in this pandemic,
    I am genuine customer of Zerodha And Regular part time trader and All trades done with Zerodha, I am satisfied with you UI, Customer services and all other things,

    So I want to be a Part of your successful journey, I am from Lucknow, so I want be a sub broker of Zerodha.

  30. pandurang chavan says:

    i want buy sub brokership of zerodha so can you arrange one phone call your sales team on 9637815223 this number

  31. Sharath TR says:

    i want to buy sub-brokership of Zerodha. so can you arrange one phone call from your sales team on 9916836966 this number

  32. Shubham Yerudkar says:

    hey this shubham yerudkar from Sharecom trading & consultancy services. i want to buy sub-brokership of Zerodha. so can you arrange one phone call from your sales team on 8591654247 this number.

  33. sachin gupta says:


    I have filled form for partner in Zerodha, but not getting any response

  34. akshay zodge says:

    I am wishing to have a master franchise with zerodha.9969334404

  35. Priyanka sah says:

    I am wishing to have a master franchise with zerodha.
    Contact- 8250195649

  36. Ashok says:

    Hello Nitin ji,
    I have broker code of zerodha. I want to seminar in my city on learning and account opening can zerodha help me regarding.

  37. ALPESHKUMAR says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I worked earlier with Karvy Stock Broking. Now I want to Start The Business with you. Kindly Guide Me Regarding This. Kindly Contact On 9904070699. I having Experience in stock market from last 15 year.

  38. Parth Patel says:

    Hello sir,
    Zerodha is the best trading platform in India due to its flat brokerage plan. Also it has highest active clients compare to others. But, Zerodha is creating some complication in NFO trading specially in Bank nifty and Nifty NFO. It creates the the specific range of the NFO’s open trading of above mentioned NFO. Beyond the range of this, it will not allow to buy and other brokerage firm have not such type of certain range of trading in NFOs.

    So, kindly look into this matter and try to solve this problem. So, traders are happily enjoy their trading beyond the specified range and gain their profit.

  39. Arvind Kumar says:

    Hello Nitin
    I got an account opened in Zerodha in 2016 and according to the company’s referral programme in 2017 I referred to some friends and they got the account opened accordingly. The very same was being shown on the referral page in console for years but now it is not there. I didn’t get any points or commission for my referrals till now.
    when I raised a ticket and called customer support they are saying that the scheme was terminated in 2018 and reintroduced in Jan 2020. And for referrals before Jan 2020, neither points /commission will be given nor referrals would be restored.
    All my work went in vain. I feel cheated and there is a deficit of trust with Zerodha now.
    plz, resolve it so that trust will be maintained.

  40. G Anjaneyulu says:

    Am from Telangana state
    I want to become a zerodha partner.

  41. Anupriya says:

    I want to know how to create business with Zerodha . I have 3 year work experience in MNC organization that’s why I want own business so please contact me as soon as possible.

  42. Krishna says:

    Hi Nithin and Team,
    Do we need to open 30-50 accounts to partner with Zerodha ?? I have some accounts which generated brokerage 3-5 lacs per year with all accounts. is it mandatory to open 30-50 accounts initially to be Zerodha Partner.


  43. Jeo Varghese says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have filled form however didn’t got call back, what’s the TAT for call back.. I an interested to partner with Zerodha, starting business for small town and Metro.

    Jeo Varghese
    Mob: 9900988338

  44. Sam Thomas says:

    Why partner with Zerodha?
    Imagine someone seeking answer to this question; what exactly is he looking for?
    What do I get or what is my benefit, right?
    Now look at your answer and see how well it answers the question.
    You are big, yes; professional, yes; fast growing, yes; but why partner with Zeroda, in plain simple English please.

  45. Balaji says:

    Hi ,
    I am running financial website, i have decent monthly traffic related to account opening . i want to associate with zerodha for online account opening !
    can anyone help me to do so..

    Balaji 9841115421

  46. Bikram Badyakar says:

    Hi, i am interested in Zerodha Partner Program.
    Location – Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal
    Education- 12th
    Stock Market Knowledge – 4Years
    Current Job – Trading and Investment
    Past Experience in Broking services – Kotak securities,Zerodha, Angel Broking.
    no one Contact me.🥺

  47. powar says:

    I want sub brokeres

  48. Venkata Madhu Sudhana Rao M says:

    Hi Sir, Good Morning. I am a retired person from Army with Office(Accounts) background. I am so glad to inform you that I had opened demat account in Zerodha on 02 June 2020 and gained almost 90K till date. I opened another account to my wife after 3 months and she also gaining reasonable profits. I also recommend to my relatives and friends and most of the people opened. As I residing 12 kms from town i,e Eluru West Godawari Distt Andhra Pradesh, Now I want to go one step forward and ask you to advice me to join Zerodha group to give my services to Zerodha at our town. I will send my resume if you feel suitable for any appointment.

    Thanking you sir
    Venkata Madhu Sudhana Rao

  49. Rajat kansal says:

    Working in brokerage company but now I want to open broking firm in Kota education city to connect more people with zerodha . Student factor and other older who involved in trading business last many years in a this line but how to do generate brokerage BCs zerodha don’t take any brokerage I want to know everything

  50. Vijay Avhad says:

    I want to take franchisee of Zerodha
    Pls contact me at 9881149279

  51. Krupananda says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Filled Details and Submitted the Form.
    post submission there is no acknowledgement if the entries were accepted or not.

  52. Deeak says:

    i have fill your zerodha partner form 2 week before yet i dont recieved any call or mail related partnership . My mobile no is 8816909846 .kindly contact as soon as possible

  53. mukul dua says:

    looking for the franchise. contact me on 9812055551

  54. Vinod Raghav says:


    I want to take franchise in Agra .

    Pls contact 9554433213

  55. Rajat Kansal says:

    I m searching above bloglist but it is not anywhere pls contact me on this no ,9024117434 pls contact us

  56. shashikant shantaram kadam says:

    pl. call back to discuss business opportunity.

  57. VINEET KUMAR says:

    This Is Vineet Kumar
    Am Interested with You Like Zerodha Business Partner Program.
    I Register Many Times But No Call Back Or Support Receive.
    Please Help Me To Become Partner With You.
    Please Update Me .


  58. Monika Gupta says:

    I have submitted the form , but did not get any response . Contact number 7838293380.

  59. Vijaykumar M Vedpathak says:

    i want a franchise in your company, so many times i call you & commented a post, please replay
    thanking you

  60. sanjay chaudhary says:

    I want to become authorized person. kindly contact 7572931940. i am existing authorized person in another broking house.

  61. Suresh says:

    I submitted from last month but haven’t received any call

  62. Vijendra kumar says:

    Intrested in zerodha authorised partner programme and sent to a requiest in privious days. Please contact on my mobile 9044545222

  63. Vijendra says:

    I want to become zerodha authorised partner for stock broking, I had sent the request in privious days, nobody is there to connect me.

  64. Jay says:

    Hi, I want to start partnership with Zerodha and have already submitted the for 2 weeks back, but no one contacted me yet. Please let me know how to proceed further.


  65. SACHIN T says:

    hi, i want to become your subbroker. kindly let me know what are the formalities .

  66. NISHANT JAIN says:

    I want to become a partner/sb/ap in zerodha. kindly tell me process. i belong from jaipur.

  67. Sumit says:

    I had enquired and got below mail.

    To start with a partner account, you have to open 50 referrals account through the referral program initially. Once you have added the required number of clients through the referral program, we can proceed with the partner account opening.

    Need to know more details, please call back on 9167535681

  68. SMIT BHATIA says:

    Sir I want to become Sub broker of Zerodha and I’ve just passed my HSC (Commerce Stream) in 2020. And that is my huge dream to become a Broker of Zerodha Company. Can you please give me this opportunity ?
    Huge Expectations.!

  69. SMIT BHATIA says:

    Sir I want to become Sub broker of Zerodha and I’ve just passed my HSC (Commerce Stream) in 2020. And that is my huge dream to become a Broker of Zerodha Company. Can you please give me this permission?
    Huge Expectations.!

  70. Shailen Mistry says:

    Interested for Frenchie…in Chandrpur Maharashtra

  71. Anshuman Mishra says:

    I am willing a work for zerodha as a franchise. Kindly call on 9131718361 or provide me some contact number

  72. Uttam Bhadavankar says:

    I have already filled the form but nobody contacted me after that ..
    I want to do this business with Zerodha…

  73. ankit gupta says:

    sir i m from firozabad near agra (up). i connect with zerodha as a trader 8 month ago. i m having 4 yrs experience of stock market as a trader. now i want to connect withZERODHA as a franchise partner…
    can u help me?

  74. Dhanraj says:

    I want frenchaise of

  75. Prateek Darda says:

    I want franchise of zerodha

  76. Shubham Patil says:

    I am interesting to get our zerodha franchise.
    Please Give me the further information about it…..I am interested to become a sub broker . I have good knowledge of stock exchange so I need a platform from where I can use my knowledge to create our clients please give me opportunity to join our Zerodha family .
    So please reply me as soon as possible.

  77. Sharang Bhatnagar says:

    I am interested to become a sub broker . I have good knowledge of stock exchange so I need a platform from where I can use my knowledge for making it income source.
    So please contact me as soon as possible.

  78. MONIK patel says:

    7405372933 for AP

  79. Sagar Mittal says:

    I want to associate with Zerodha as a business partner. Plzz Contact me ASAP.

  80. Jahangir says:

    I want to become ur franchisee partner

  81. kaleem mogal says:




  83. Mahadev says:

    hi,    i am Mahadev, a trader for few years now. im really looking forward to startinga zerodha franchise,i actually try to contact you via website but haven’t received any response till now.  Please contact me on my phone +916282750069

  84. Krushnakant Joshi says:

    dear sir, i m intrested with business you. and i need your brokership. so, how to get your sb(sub broker).
    please tell me…and contact me….thank you.

  85. Abhishek yadav says:

    I am intrested in your sub brokrek plan please contact me 9415247346


    Hello sir,
    I want to become Zerodha Marketing Partner OR sub broker of Zerodha in Odisha . Is it possible to get franchise of Zerodha. Please tell me what I have to do for the same.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Himanshu shekhar Mohanta
    (Masters-Business Analyst)
    Mob: 7008350981

  87. Avinash says:

    I wanted to setup an office in my town, could u help me with that.

  88. vineet kumar bhagat says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to become Zerodha Marketing Partner OR sub broker of Zerodha in jharkhand state. Is it possible to get franchise of Zerodha. Please tell me what I have to do for the same. If it is possible then what are the sateps for beacome sub broker of the same
    Thanks & Regards,
    vineet kr. bhagat
    Mob: 9608570580

  89. Vijendra says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to become Zerodha Marketing Partner OR sub broker of Zerodha in Mumbai city. Is it possible to get franchise of Zerodha. Please tell me what I have to do for the same.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vijendra Khulpe
    Mob: 8169465382

  90. Amit kumar says:

    I want to work with zerodha as a sub broker

  91. Heera Ram says:

    MY MOBILE No.9116460821

  92. NEELAM KAKKAR says:


  93. Vicky kumar barnwal says:

    I want to become broker partner with zerodha plz help

  94. santosh says:

    I’m interested in sub-broker program of zerodha, I would like to know about the same.

  95. Ranjeet Kumar Singh says:

    I’m interested in sub-broker program of zerodha, I would like to aware about the same.

  96. Deepak Kisan Kene says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam,
    I am interested in Zerodha sub-broker program, I would like know the further details of the same.

  97. pradeep says:


    and also use name of authrosed person

  98. pradeep says:

    Hi sir,
    my is pradeep iam partner with zerodha i can use your logos, videos etc… in my website

  99. Niya Nima says:

    I have already submitted partners documents few days back.still not contact from partner team

  100. MANGESH KADAV says:

    Hi, I am interested in Zerodha sub-broker program, would like know the further details of the same.

  101. Sandip says:

    Hi ,
    I am interested in Zerodha sub broker program, I have sent email to [email protected], but still no updates.

    I have also filled my details on provided link, Please provide me the proper details.


  102. Amit dua says:


    How do I withdraw funds from my zlm partner account?


  103. Abid Pate says:

    I want to be a channel partner with Zerodha. I am located in Pune and my number is 7887449942.

  104. ASHISH KUSHWAHA says:

    Respected Sir
    My name is Ashish I am Kanpur from Uttar Pradesh sir I want to become a sub broker in your form so please help me .

  105. krishna says:

    I am interested to became authorised person (sub-broker) to Zerodha. Let me discuss regarding this.

  106. Shanmugam says:

    I am shanmugam, I interest to open sub-broker for your zerodha, can you send me details.

  107. Bhagwan Wargane says:

    Nitin sir
    You are doing fabulous work and we also expecting to get chance to grow under you in this beautiful umbrella.

  108. Abhisek Chatterjee says:

    I want to become a zerodha Marketing patner in konnagar westbengal. no branch of zerodha in my locality. I have a office room at station area. I want to zerodha should be publish in whole city, I have some hoarding Board also I use my hoarding board to grow your Business and this is my small help to zerodha. Response as soon as possible.
    Mobile no – 9903478907

  109. Abhijit Patra says:

    I would like to know about the procedure for franchisee of Zerodha.
    My location is West Bengal
    Mobile: 7001183100

  110. srinivasarao vadde says:

    Sir I would like to know the procedure for franchisee of Zerodha.
    My location is Goa.
    Mobile: 7774089399
    Also iam your client since a year.


  111. gaurav shah says:

    I want to associate with Zerodha as a business partner.
    please call me on 9510172811.

  112. Sivakrishnam says:

    Thank you for response that i clearly read the documents about partner with what you assigned with mail. I am really impressed and waiting to associate. But i have some doubts on that..

    1.Do i need pay any deposit for partner program?
    2.when i refer clintes to zerodha when they get singup and renew do i get any money to my partner account?
    3. When my client trade in equity delivery do i get any brokerage commission because zerodha has no brokerage for equity delivery?
    4.can i access my clients accounts from the backend through website.? a partner with offline trading available for me or clients? there any communication line for me and my clients for call and trade and other account related enquires?
    7. What about leverage is it surely for intraday only or otherwise can extend to 5days or something because competitors are providing 5days time for the leverage?
    8.what is the exact brokerage amount or clintes to reach to get a franchise from
    9. Will you provide training and how many days??

  113. Ashish chouhan says:

    Respected sir.
    I want to became as a partner in zerodha in north Gujarat.
    Please contact @9782833271

  114. Raju kumar says:

    i want to take frenchize of zerodha 9205736418

  115. Rahul Gupta says:

    I want to start business I want your brokership

    Rahul Gupta

  116. Debiprasad Nayak says:

    I want to become a zerodha sub- broker in angul,odisha. As there is no branch of zerodha in my locality.
    Kindly let me know about detail procedure.

  117. Upender Singh says:

    I tried for enrollment in partnership account but there’s very lazy support received from your end,I also have a Demat account with ZERODHA,my client Id -XX4450, UPENDER SINGH,,I think it’s not good for a person who wants to be your partner for spreading your good ideas .Earlier I think ZERODHA is best but customer support is not up to the mark, Sir I request you to do needful for the same,

  118. Nikhil Maheshwari says:

    I just contacted Zerodha for Partner Program. I was explained that if after becoming partner for 6 months i am not able to generate leads , they it is deactivated.

    It is really astonishing to know this – imagine a scenario when I have already registered 20 clients with you , giving Zerodha a healthy brokerage per month. Now i don’t want to expand further , but maintain the clients i have referred and try to increase brokerage from them. But due to the policy informed to me, my account will be deactivated and i won’t be able to continue as a partner. Zerodha very conveniently will absorb all the clients and enjoy full brokerage without passing on any commission to the Program partner who has generated the lead.

    The policy seems unfair .

  119. Vivek says:

    Can a Sub broker of Zerodha trade on behalf of the clients without logging into each clients account

  120. Rohit Jha says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    I have seen this post today. I am late i know. But can i be a partner with Zerodha. I have trading account with Zerodha. I like it most. So i am requesting you to please mail me regarding sub-broker opportunities if there is any opening.

    Will wait for your reply.

    Thanks & regards,
    Rohit Jha

  121. Vaibhav agarwal says:

    Want to open a office in agra city.

  122. Rahul Dev Paul says:

    How to contact zerodha sales manager

  123. Deepak Pant says:

    A great stop (ZERODHA) to start a beginning.Have some queries to creat a limit after deposting a amout.kindly contact me thanks

  124. Ajay Bathija says:

    I want to become sub broker. As there is no more branches of zerodha in my locality.So how can i become the sub broker of zerodha? And what are the procedures.

  125. TUSHAR MODY says:



    Where we have to pay a REGISTRATION FEE Rs 1180.

    Does it Require any “” GST “” ( Sales TAX REGISTRATION ) from “”OUR SIDE “”.

    OR ..


    ALL SUCH SALES TAXATION MATTER is taken care of by ” ZERODHA ”

    Please Clarify

    I want to become ZERODHA “” ONLINE AP “”.
    But am worried about any more SALES TAX MATTERS TO HANDLE

    please clarify



  126. Shiba Pathan says:

    Interested in tieing up with zerodha!
    Contact – 7276308624

  127. Sarjerao shelar says:

    Want to start zerodha franchisee in my city my no. 9766831762

  128. Dinkar says:

    Sir I am interested in sub broker zerodha.
    My mobile no 9890120590.
    Please call me.

  129. FABIYA SHEIKH says:

    Sir I want become sub brokar kindly plz help me my no 9137804992

  130. Sandip Kamble says:


  131. sachin lovanshi says:

    i want to join

  132. rahul says:

    what are the minimum requirements to join the partner program? Do i have to invest money as well?

  133. Vinamra says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great initiative my you buddy. It gives me immense pleasure on how you have made your business model. I think I will be going ahead with “Gamedrome” kind of offering where professional traders trade and mostly I will be offering your platform.

    With regards,

  134. Navin A says:

    Need to become zerodha business partner for mumbai division.
    Please tell me how to proceed.
    My contact no is 7021952556.

  135. Feroj khan says:

    Sir i would like sub broker as Zerodha

  136. Shubhendu das says:

    Can I take Zerodha franchise. I am from Kankinara (North 24 Parganas) a semi urban place of West Bengal.
    I am just want to know details about this.

  137. shyamal says:

    Hello Nitinji,

    Just wanted to know how to become business Partner with Zerodha, there is no business partner here in ahmedabad and I want to take this initiative and see how can I help trading community.

  138. Avi says:

    I has been very hard to become a Business Partner.
    Since a month,I am trying all means.
    Filling up the form,Raised ticket 2 times,
    Call Customer care 2 times.
    Not sure if this program still exists or I need any recommendations to become Business Partner to Zerodha.

    Please help ,if this program still exists.

  139. SHRIKANT DHOPE says:

    i am running franchise with other owner , i want to transfer my franchise under zeroda , what benifits its gets , please suggest


    I want to take franchise of zerodha

    • Mary Salins says:

      Hello Sir,
      Thanks for showing Interest in Zerodha Franchise.
      Kindly contact me on 7498082020.
      Thank you.

  141. PANKAJ VAIDYA says:

    Dear Team

    I want to take franchise of zerodha what should we do ?

    • Mary Salins says:

      Hello Sir,
      Thanks for showing Interest in Zerodha Franchise.
      Kindly contact me on 7498082020.
      Thank you.

  142. Rahul Vasant Revale says:

    i hv tried to open an account in zerodha online. As my adhar card is not updated with my mobile and email id, i could not verify my adhar in online form. But i have made an online payment. I have got a message of successful payment from your website too. Is my account generated? how will i get my password? Is there any further process needed to open a demat account and start trading online?

  143. dili says:

    Hey Vinod, best write to partner[at], the team will be able to help you

  144. Rahul says:

    i need mail id to contact for your franchise.Tried on [email protected]. but mail is not delivered.

  145. Vinod Navadiya says:

    Want to become a discount broker franchise

  146. Himanshu anand says:

    Want to become sub broker of zerodha

  147. LALIT says:

    I want Zerodha franchise. mail also sent to your provided ID.

  148. Anand says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I am existing zerodha user and I referred one of my friend to open account with zerodha. He opened the account with zerodh but he forgot my name to mention in referral. Can you please suggest me how to add him in my under as referral candidate.


  149. Yogesh Pratap Singh says:

    Sir i want open branch of Zerodha in UP.
    What’s the process?

  150. Jitesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    ive recently joined in associate partner program, like other sub-brokers or AP where they can see client,s turnover or business generated on daily basis why cant we get that as a partner we are not allowed to trade on their behalf or we dont get dealer’s terminal access, atleast if we can get the data of brokerage on daily basis it will be easier to understand in which segment the volume happens and what kind of traders are trading on average so that there is scope to improve partner’s revenue. whereas if we only get to knw once a month that too we dont knw how much and which client had contributed on regular basis. please look into this


  151. Jitendra says:

    after getting account in ZLM ( Zerodha Partner Program), I referred some people, a Lead which was provided by me, zerodha’s employee did not work properly and they did not put that a/c ( ID:- P1240838 ) into my zlm a/c by showing some minute difference in a/c opening

    why should I refer people if you cheat on such minute issue, I informed my client about zerodha, then why are you cheating to put his referral into my zlm a/c ???????


    lots of thanks in advance to resolve this(a/c ( ID:- P1240838 ) issue

    • Matti says:

      Best write to partner[at] with this. This isn’t something that can be addressed here. cc matti[at] for escalation.

  152. Lalgoulen khongsai says:

    I am interested

  153. Chandra Bhanu Pratap says:

    3 days back i have signup and verified but no call and confirmation from Zerodha team.
    should i trust on Zerodha ?. because I am already having account in Kotak security due to bad service i want to switch.
    lets see when i can get response from Zerodha team.

    Chandra Bhanu

  154. Prakhar says:

    I have raised ticket no. 573098 two days before regarding excess brokerage for my trade on 14 November which is still unanswered. Hope high level management will check this issue as it is not possible to everyday manually check the correctness of contract note and ledger.There should be mutual trust between brokerage and client.

  155. Bhumika says:


    I posted one query on Aadhar updation.

    My query is still not answered.

    Query number = #402703

    Why Zerodha is not allowing offline process of linking Aadhar for customers facing issue with OTP ?
    All other banks and brokerages are allowing offline process of linking Aadhar without hassle of OTP.

    Kindly do the needful.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Bhumika, as per regulations we have to compulsorily authenticate the client’s Aadhar based on OTP or Biometric. Since Biometric authentications aren’t feasible this is next best alternative. If your mobile number is not linked to your Aadhar, you can request the OTP on your email. If both your email and mobile aren’t linked then you will have to visit your nearest Aadhar Seva Kendra and get the details updated.

      • Bhumika says:

        Thanks for prompt reply.

        Banks are allowing AADHAR linking, online without OTP.
        Also, Reliance money, is allowing to submit ‘change request’ form to be submitted at branch without OTP or biometric validation.

        Reason/rules you are giving are not consistent with other Banks and brokerages I have dealt with.

        Kindly see if this ‘offline-facility’ (by submitting change request forms)provided by other banks and brokerages can be provided by Zerodha.

  156. Robin Kachhap says:

    Looking to do business with you.

    Pls send documentation procedure.

    Thank you
    Robin from Chandigarh
    Mob: 9915162042
    Whatsapp : 9653965789

  157. kapil says:

    hello sir,
    my referrals still not id is ZU6990…its been two weeks that my referrals started trading regularly..plz help
    thanks in advance

  158. Lav verma says:

    Hello sir, I like to be zerodha authorize person, I have some good client and I have 7 years of in future and options trading…
    Call me
    thank you

  159. nithya says:

    you should come out with screener for Future long/ short buildup. it will help traders.
    thank you

  160. Jitendra Saxena says:

    The RM that Zerodha provided me ( Nishikant Tiwari ) rarely pick calls, I am frustrated by your customer service team

  161. Dipesh Mutha says:

    Require details on Partnership Program

  162. Subhash says:

    Interested in partnering with Zerodha or subroker whichever is the model.
    Pls let me know details.


  163. Ashish Dighade says:

    i Have to fill the form for a marketing associate
    No one has call sir

    pl help
    want to associate with you

  164. GS Nair says:

    I have just signed up last week however after submitting all due documents and in the login details Name part is wrongly spelled. I can’t believe how obsolete can it be that this to happen.

    The software of the trading platform itself seems too complex compared with platforms such as MT4 /MT5 which I have been using since the year 2002 for Forex e trading. Must be difficult it is to make these platforms user simplified yet comprehensive and inclusive under regulatory obligation!?

    BTW, I have sent my details for the business association as well.

  165. akshay subhash gawade says:

    pls give the details of businee plan call as soon as possible

  166. Chetan says:

    Regarding becoming a partner

  167. Pandurang Chopde says:

    Hi sir
    I want to become zerodha Marketing Partner, franchisee for my city
    Plz give me details

  168. Ved says:

    Interested for franchisee in Kolkata

  169. Nilesh Deshpande says:


    Just wanted to know when does the “Wallet” get updated? I am seeing the same amount in my wallet for about a month now. I am sure that the amount should have got bigger by now. It is disappointing and discouraging not to be able to see your wallet grow day by day. And on top of it, it is extremely frustrating, not to be able to find any helping handle about that hidden information on the wallet page.

    Till some clarity appears on the above, I am stopping referring any more people to zerodha.

    • Vinay says:

      Hi Nilesh,

      Wallet is updated monthly once, in the first week of the next month. Example For the month of July 2017 wallet earnings will be update on Aug 2017 first week or within 10th date. Our concerned team member will call and discuss with you.

  170. Shanu Garg says:

    I have applied for partner program. No response from your side. Can you please reply or contact me


    Interested in getting franchise for jammu region , j&k

  172. Aditya Manekar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a chartered accountant and wish to have a zerodha franchise in Nashik.
    Kindly mail be your franchise model and payment terms on the above mentioned email ID.

    Aditya Manekar.

  173. samba purohit says:

    is there any chance that zerodha coming in i.p.o market ? so we could buy some share of it .i think if it is come then it will be subscribed 100x .

  174. Mir Mohammed Mehdi says:

    Filled the form for 3 times, but did not get any response from your end.

  175. Chandrasekar says:

    Hi I am little bit level in english. when varasity available in tamil .

  176. Murtuza Kabul says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I realized after being a client that the system is quite opaque. I’m hardly able to contact anyone apart from my nearest branch bearer (I’m not sure who is the person in charge as there is no clear identification – I also want to talk to someone on this later.)

    Anyways, I’m interested in exploring business opportunity with Zerodha and recently I’ve referred approx 400 clients. I realized that it takes ages to pick up the lead and there is no serious follow up. I do have great technical experience as well as experience of stock markets which I want to leverage with a platform like Zerodha.

    Is it possible to have a contact point to discuss it further ?


  177. Ravi Shankar Kolathur says:

    There will be very little debate if I say that markets globally are influenced substantially by algo-trading. Now, algo-trading is done mostly by the big traders or the techie-traders. The common man investor is completely ignored in this new phenomenon. I have wondered for a long time now as to why the common-man investor is not even provided the facility by trading platforms of entering a simple order like (1) Buy @ X Price, (2) Sell @ Y Price only if Buy has been done, and (3) Stop-Loss at Z Price only if Buy is done and Sell is not done. All the stock trading recommendations are given in this manner, and the common-man investor misses out on either on leg (2) or leg (3) of the transaction.
    If you can provide this feature (with sufficient margin money for Zerodha’s safety), it will attract hordes of customers. Of course, the other trading platforms will ape you soon enough.
    What do you have to say about this?
    Best wishes.

  178. Suresh Duraiswamy says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I am looking for a opportunity to start investment management business and interested in partnering with Zerodha to establish the business in India, Chennai.

    I found Zerodha is very interesting with its ground breaking ideologies, I am keen to looking for ways to grow together. I have strong academic knowledge in investments by completing the CFA and FRM examinations.

    I filled and submitted the google form, looking forward to hear from your team.

  179. M Kithan says:


    If I send visitors from my blog to Zerodha Varsity through my unique affiliate link but they signed up maybe after 10 days only. Would that still count as a referral or Zerodha would not consider it?

  180. Rajveer says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Your sales rep form isnt opening. Can you please let me know contact number for the sales team. I need some info on partners front from your team

  181. Swanand Kulkarni says:

    Franchisee for pune region

  182. Awais says:

    My Ticket (#295452) raised yesterday is still in open status.

    • Hanan says:

      We usually respond to tickets within 24 hours. Someone from our partner desk is looking at your query and will get back to you soon.

  183. Geetanjali says:

    My Partner ID is ZMPGXS.

    I have written to Partner@ but I need more detailed information.

    I know Lead gets lapsed after 60 days. Can I recreate same Lead again?

    Who gets benefited if such Lead opens Account after 60 Days?

    If not Why Partner is not benefited for such cases.

    What if on 60th Day CRM log shows Documents Couriered? & on 61st Day it disappears from CRM.

    What is the review mechanisam in place to monitor such borderline pending cases which is taking considerably long follow up time?

    I would appriciate if I get detailed answer for each question.

    Thnx & Regards

    • Venu says:

      1. Lead can be recreated 30 days after they lapse
      2. Nobody benefits out of it
      3. 60 days is sufficient enough for a prospective lead to be converted to a client. It’s a business policy to not keep unwanted junk leads in the system; puts unnecessary load on the system.
      4. If the CRM show ‘Document couriered’, you could raise it with the partner support team here at Zerodha who will give you the benefit, if they feel the partner has worked towards activating the account.
      5. It’s done on a case-by-case basis, have hardly seen such case happen.

  184. Abhimanyu Sahoo says:

    I am facing lots of problem regarding change in stamp. I have some of forms but not able to send due to this problem. No one responding properly not even lifting phone. Please do the needful.

  185. Swedekhoto Kraho says:

    I have been trading with Zerodha since August 2016. I live in the North Eastern part of India where the investment market is still foreign to general people, despite this I have done extensive research for few years and through this fact finding I realized that the market is promising in this area. I’d like to partner with Zerodha and acquire as much as clients as possible. Ofcourse I will fill the form and expecting a call from the sales executive at the soonest.

  186. RA9979 says:

    Zerodha is going, it is true but support is not up to mark. I have to docket or book ticket every time for any simple or tiny problem and wait when they reply. Hope this type of problem can be solved by chat /direct phone call (which I gathered very pathetic experience in market hours) within one to 3 minutes. If you send any mail for any problem or any query, no one given importance you even you mark Mr. Nithin Kamath also. Their is no time frame for correct resolution, customer care executive try to close docket any how with proper resolution. I have to continue docket again and again. This is my personal experience last few months from zerodha.

  187. Bijith says:

    Is there any sharing for mutual fund and small case for partners

  188. vinod babu k says:

    can i get franchaice in commodity and what is the charges

  189. SIVA241985 says:

    can you arrange investers live satuerday sunday every month and expert people

  190. Abhimanyu Sahoo says:

    hello sir, I am not getting any profit sharing from indirect mapping which was 10% .

  191. dattatray khandekar says:

    Sir ,
    I am stock market trainer. I am very glad to inform you that I am very interested to taking your franchise.
    I want to speak with you for business purpose. please sir…

  192. Vijay hemany says:

    Namaste nitin ji ..sir m start franchise of zerodha in ahmdavad..wts is process..pls ask me detail..

    • Can you send your contact details to [email protected]. Our sales manager will call you back.

      • RA9979 says:

        Mr Nithin, do you have any time schedule monthly/weekly to answer query of zerodha clients directly from you ( no team) by chat or email?

        • We have over 2lk clients, so it is impossible for me to answer all queries emailed to me directly. I spend couple of hours everyday on all our forums to answer queries. So personally no schedule. If you send email to [email protected], the maximum time taken should be 4 hours to respond. But I get what you are trying to get to, even the simple questions are taking longer to respond. We are working on having a fix for this.

  193. Chirag Gandhi says:

    In case I am Partner of Zerodha if any quarry relating to Account opening whom should I contact, which Email should I approach?

  194. Divyarajsinh Zala says:

    Let’s grow toghather…

    Want your franchise…

  195. Rishi says:


    I am looking for business opportunity with zerodha. Many people in my network wants me to do business with their money. It’s difficult to handle multiple accounts. Is there anyway whereby i can trade from single account? I need to know expected ROI from your franchise model.

  196. shaik babu says:

    Hi Nithin
    this is my first posting after opening an account with you approx after 1 year
    iam prev having account in reliance money for 10 yrs
    i have been thinking of how to over come with huge brokarage
    i searched in the net
    i found zedrodha and some others
    after tharough verification i choose ZERODHA
    opend account online
    iam happy with the services
    i appreciate for low brokarage
    many people in reliance. sharekan, icic etc etc dont know this … hence paying high brok
    i also advice giving add in public news papers once in blue moon is ok…( even though it is not your principle)

    i like pi charting most
    kite is very good
    i appreciate prompt replies form support team
    i wish you succed in 1 million customers very shortly
    shaik babu
    Lic Development officer
    khammma 9441252624

  197. Aby Kurian says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is this like a franchise model business you are looking into. If so, I am interested. I shared my information over the form you requested. Please share me details so that I will get some insights into this. Thank you.

    With Regards,


  198. Abhay Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I filled the form given in this blog and received a response back in email. Filled another form in email to enrol under a sales manager and was asked to pay Fee of Rs.1140. But when I called the sales manager, he asked me to hold on to the fee payment as it is being revised to an higher amount, which obviously I don’t like and agree to. Now even after few weeks I didn’t heard back from him. What to do now? Also, why should I pay higher amount when I applied before the fees was revised?


  199. Lal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been contacted by your team for the proposal that I have filled up for becoming a marketing partner. I have been provided banner for my small office sign board too. Everything was perfect and my two leads were also picked up immediately. But I have started getting tough questions from my clients asking where is your registration/ appointment from the company ( zerodha) you are dealing with ? You know, Just showing the registration mail is not a strong conviction to some extend. So my advise is if you could kindly provide us a simple certificate stating that He/She ( ZLM) is appointed as a marketing partner of Zerodha “the discount brokerage” bearing ZLM partner id ZLMxxx..with effect from such n such date. Decorum also matters sometimes, I hope you got what I mean.

    Looking forward to you

    With regards,

  200. Bibin Frederick M E says:

    What is the deal between Authorized person & Zerodha

  201. harsh says:

    suboker facility is availelable or not…?

  202. Abhimanyu Sahoo says:

    most of my client investing in mutual funds. When you are going to give its share ?

  203. mahesh says:

    i have filled the form still no response from zerodha

  204. Rahul Pal says:

    Filled up the form,Any turn around time by which i would get contacted.?

  205. Surendhar Thangavel says:

    i have registered the form what should i do now ?

  206. Arvind Singh says:

    Querying about partnership.

  207. chanchal ghosh says:

    i already filled up Zerodha – Online Partner Enrollment but did not get any thing from your side.

  208. M Kithan says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    Do you provide affiliate links for traders like us who run a trading blog? If yes, on which page do I get it or do i have to request it? I would like to put up a “Zerodha Sign up Ad” on all my blog pages. I’m an existing client of your company.

    Thanks & Regards

    M Kithan

  209. Mukund says:

    Hello sir. I want to take franchise with zerodha. What is the criteria ?

  210. Aniket Bange says:

    Hello Sir,
    I want to start trading in agriculture product in medium scale, I know that you will trade in BSE, NSE etc. Can Zerodha has exports contacts of agriculture products ?

  211. Dheeraj Chorma says:

    Started process to open demate A/c. with Zeroda. So excited to see your technological advancement. Would like to join you shortly as a trading partner in Indore (M.P.).

  212. Bharath Raja says:

    dear Nithin,

    I have referred many people using referral program. but none of them getting call or further steps to proceed. If this is continues it really difficult to achieve the target. I raised many support tickets on this also no use.

    Thank you!

  213. sobha ram gurjar says:

    2 client form pickup successfully by me. and account opening process and all more process done. client started trading. but my back office status is no mapped client.
    help me sir.

  214. says:

    I’m a new associate and have your banners on my share market related website.
    Is there a plan to have us as associates for the mutual funds business?
    Banners on SIP and Mutual funds will be great at this time as the markets have been beaten down and the tendency of retail investors is to go with SIP and mutual funds.


  215. Abhimanyu Sahoo says:

    How you will share mutual funds share with us?

  216. KarthikKumar says:

    I am running home loan finance business, I want to engage in trading activity. How much I need to invest for Zerodha franchise. Please visit my website for my established business.

  217. Surendra says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Are you guys having any plans to open up unlimited trade plan for active traders / scalpers?

    There are some competition in this aspect for you guys.

    Eagerly waiting to see if you are also opening up with unlimited trade option with some decent subscription per month.

  218. Rajlaxmi santghariya says:

    I had filled up the form but didn’t get any reply from your side please contact me

  219. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    What happens when my referred new clients open account with zeordha but assume that if all of them do delivery trade, then Zerodha don’t earn any brokerage from them as delivery trade in Zerodha is Zero. So, in this scenario will I get any profit percentage / or earn any thing from these delivery trades? Though I may have referred a good number of people to open an account with zerodha.

  220. Joe says:

    People like me who live outside of India eligible to be a partner for this?

  221. PRATAP says:

    Would like to be an Authorised Person of Zerodha , planning to get Investor advisory registration , to manage multiple client Portfolio’s .

    Meanwhile forwarded form for partnership programme .


  222. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have registered on the form but till date i have not received any call .

    Could you please let me know if once can call me and explain ?


  223. Vinayak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Zerodha is really a Game Changer. You guys are awesome at what you do.
    We are are aware of the fact that your team is doing tremendous work these days,but can you confirm on below queries.

    1) Is this opportunity still valid or you got enough partners & stopped making calls ? Bcos it has been more than 15 days since I registered, No calls from Sales Team yet.Not complaining,though.

    2) If 10 or more clients shown interest for same district to setup office, any screening process will be implemented or you will partner with all of them ? Any limit for no.of offices/district ?

    3) Why not send a detailed document about the Business opportunity to all those registered instead of making them to wait for such a longtime ? Wudn’t it be easier and you can make calls at your own pace.

    If document is sent, atleast those registered will get an idea instead of waiting for calls which are delayed due to huge number of registrations.


    • 1. Still valid. I am not able to search your email on our partner DB. Will get someone to email.
      2. Currently the plan is to partner with as many, slowly we will weed out the ineffective ones.
      3. Yep, but it is best to have sales guy explain it, a little tricky to understand our partner module. 🙂

      • Vinayak says:

        Thanks for quick reply Nithin. Not sure why my mail id not in partner DB, anyway will be expecting the mail 🙂

  224. ratan says:

    mr nitin,
    today again i faced same problem in kite at 06:46 pm , it was not responding.
    but today i spoke to mr zawahar , he told me to download google chrome and then use kite.
    “its working fantastic in google chrome.”
    your kite software is not adaptable to safari browser . i face problem on macbook as well as on iphone while using kite in safari browser.
    if i would have aware of this fact earlier , i could have avoided my yesterday lose in crude.
    please pardon me for critisizing so openly, but its really very painful to suffer lose because of software problem.

  225. Anudeep says:

    I have filled the form..and got a reply that a representative will contact me in 7 days…it’s been 2 weeks but no one hasn’t contacted me yet…any tentative date or time frame by which we can know about what exactly is this opportunity..?

    • Venu says:

      We’ve received tremendous response and our Sales team is doing its best to get in touch with all of them. Will get someone to call you asap.

  226. ratan says:

    mr nitin,
    today i was trading in crude . at 0856pm i tried to sq off my position at 2206. but your kite software hung up. by the time i logged out and logged in again script was trading at 2193 at 0859pm.
    this is not happening for the first time.
    thanx for the pathetic software , no improvement since last so many months despite repeated request.
    for intraday trader kite is not good in service please improve.

  227. Balkrishan kanungo says:

    yes i m interested , i have a office in main market in Jaipur city.

  228. Aditya says:

    I know it’s off topic but I came across a news article that stt and stamp duty on derivatives maybe doneaway with in the budget based on the committee report made public last year. Are you guys lobbying for this? It’s almost certain that stt will be exempted in gift city. Would we benefit?

  229. Vishal says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Got a call from your team 2 days back, they explained the model and told that they would send a mail with further details, but I did not receive any mail. Do I get back to someone or wait for some time?

  230. Sadik Shaik says:

    When mutual funds start in ZERODHA, can we expect any date.

  231. Karthik says:


    I’m Karthik, I need to know about t2t cycle. I have few doubts, hope you gonna help me.

    1. A stock i.e below 50 rupees/share, how can i know that the stock is in T2T category?

    2. If suppose the stock is in T2T category and if i buy that stock today[of course in delivery] when can i sell that stock [tomorrow or how many days i have to wait] ?

    3. After selling the stock when can i expect the stock amt in my demat account? so that i can re-invest, or should i have to wait?

    • Venu says:

      1. Not all T2T scrips are below Rs.50. If you’re using Pi, select the Exchange, in the next drop down select “BE” for NSE and “T” for BSE and you’ll be able to see all T2T stocks.

      2. You can sell it after you get delivery of stocks which happens on T+2 day
      3. On sale, amount is credited to your account instantly for repurchase. If you want to withdraw you have to wait till settlement happens, i.e after T+2 days

  232. NESAR BILAGI says:


  233. nikit metgud says:

    Hello sir,

    Filled the form and was waiting for reply, no I did not get any call from Zerodha, and when I choose the link and tried checking my ticket no., it was closed.

  234. ratan says:

    i din’t get reply as far as fixed monthly charges for brokerage.
    plz clarify and amplify whether its possible or not.

    • We don’t intend to offer any fixed monthly charges. But I guess you know that equity delivery is free with us and if you profit from your trades you can get complete brokerage refund through the 60 day challenge.

  235. alan jose says:

    one single ad will do EVERYTHING….

  236. arpit says:

    I have got a call from zerodha.
    They are asking me to deposit of 25000 which is refundable to be a onlilne partner with Zerodha.
    For offline partner a registration fee of Rs 1000 is being charged.
    Just want to confirm whether it is from Zerodha or it is a fruadulant call.

  237. Vj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Its End of January . I would like to put a main Drawback to refer any with Zerodha as the first thing any smartphone user ask is Does Zerodha has Mobile app .their are more flaws as well .

    1) No BSE Support .
    2) No VTC facility

    When can we expect this basic support from Zerodha ? I keep reading connect and was eager that both these features will be up by end of January . Hope to have some good news .


    • Venu says:

      While we would love to provide you all these features and more, do understand that there are a few constraining factors and as brokers we have to work within the framework set by regulators. Every feature request, requires us to interact with vendors and seek approvals from the Exchanges. Sometimes there are delay which are inevitable, which is when we aren’t able to meet our commitment.

      As Zerodha, we’ve always strived to provide you the best facilities for trading. Both your feature requests are in the pipeline, you should be hearing about it from us soon.

  238. DURGA PRASAD says:

    Please forward the details for partnering with ZERODHA.

  239. Tilak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When can we get “valid-till-xxxx” feature? For retail investors it will be really helpful. This is the only thing I am missing compared to other brokerage house.

    All the best 🙂

    • Venu says:

      We’re working on including this feature. Should be out in the next couple of weeks.

    • arpit says:

      What is “valid-till-xxxx” feature?

      • Venu says:

        Its a feature which allows you to place an order whose validity can be chosen at the time of placing the order.

        Eg: You could place a limit buy order for Reliance industries today, and chose its validity as 10th March 2016. This order could get traded anytime till 10th March 2016, if the price gets achieved.

  240. Archana Dubey says:

    I have account and associated with zerodha. Prior I was distantly posted. Now I am in position to start it. Please give me password etc for starting.

  241. Narsimha says:

    Sir,we hav already registered in ur business plan now i got one idea we r running a gift shop since 20years now we want to be in challengingfield our premises is 1200sq ft big we r ready to use it for growth the place is located above Kotak securities Ballari if ur intrested we will talk further

  242. nikit metgud says:


    What is the investment capital and profit structure…??

    thank you

  243. Vinod Talekar says:

    Hi Sir,

    Any update on “Opentrade – Learn following star traders”. Would like to benefit from experienced traders and ready to pay nominal subscription.

    Best Regards

  244. Ranjit Kumar Singh says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I wish to request on behalf of ZERODHA costumers from you to please start SMS alert system once the trade is executed so that we get proper update of our “SELL/BUY” and plan our trading accordingly.
    Like we get SMS alert on our Mobile phone when ever our Order get executed from Other securities like Kotak,HDFC and ICICI. It will be a great favor to us if we get such SMS alert from ZERODHA also after order is executed. Many a time we miss many opportunities just because of unawareness of execution of our order. We Retail investors cant Sit in front of System and monitor the Market whole day long due to our other commitments and Work.
    Request you to please accept our request and implement this SMS alert system in ZERODHA.
    I am very satisfied with other services zerodha .Keep your good work and together we can build a long term relation.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ranjit Kumar Singh

    • Venu says:

      We’re currently sending an SMS for all trades that get executed through the dealing terminal. So if you’ve used the services of our call and trade desk and if the order gets executed, you’ll receive an SMS.

      On the facility of sending SMS for trades placed on your own, will check with our vendor and revert.

  245. Ramachandran NV says:

    Dear Nitin, Lot of improvement opportunity and scope for user friendly upgrade in the existing platform available. Though, we refer to our friends and others to join Zerodha, we do aspire to get the best and simple modification to the existing front end to strengthn our recommendation. To take flashy decisions, the software need to reduce unwanted fields updation while placing orders.

  246. v s bihari says:

    Hi I am your customer
    And I interested your idea
    I fill form but not call any person
    I start your business in my small city palanpur(gujarat)many person presently trade with other brokers but I try his come with Zerodha
    please contact me
    My id DB0839

  247. Praveen Rohatgi says:

    Hi sir ,

    My name is Praveen Rohatgi i am a customer of Zerodha i have recently referred one of my Friend but i have not received any response as of now.


    Praveen Rohatgi



    hi nitin. in pi , please also have – ADAPTIVE MOVING AVERAGE (popularly known as KAMA (kaufman adaptive moving average). eagerly waiting for your response on it & also in pi.

  249. ramana says:

    I am interested , pl send details plans

  250. Rajeev RANJAN says:

    I am interested , pl send details plans .

  251. saba says:

    Money transfer between equity trading account and commodity trading account become cumbersome and due to which we are not unable to capitalize good trades. For example I could not transfer my money from equity account to commodity account.

    We need to take out the money from equity to my bank account and then transfer to commodity account which takes easily one day.

    Can you do something about that?

  252. M Kithan says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Have filled up the form yesterday. yet to receive a call from your sales team. When can I expect the call?


    M Kithan

  253. murali says:

    For an individual scrip traders,you must give the scrip details for specific scrip via smsor email.for example I am trading only in tatamotor scrip since 2008.beyond the drastic market volatility ,it will help the trader somewhat helpful.its my opinion .what abt you

  254. Rathnakara Hande says:

    unable to submit the form. Error statement is given below.

    ‘502. That’s an error.

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.’

    • Rathnakara Hande says:

      Have been successful in submitting the form on second attempt. Looking forward to detailed information.

    • Can you send your contact details to [email protected]

      • Rathnakara Hande says:

        I have already opened an account with Zerodha (PR0589). I am planning to transfer my holding in HDFC Securities to Zerodha account. Most of my holding are being quoted at much lower price than the price at which I had acquired. After transfer to Zerodha account, the acquisition price(buy rate) shall get changed to market rate on the date of transfer. This shall lead to erroneous calculation of gain/loss. Is there any provision to edit the portfolio for correcting the ‘buy rate’ of transferred shares (through off market purchase/account transfer as above)?

        • Venu says:

          If shares are transferred from other demat, we show it as discrepant and you are required to enter the buy price and the date of purchase. This will ensure that all your P&L’s are accurate.

  255. sumanlata kela says:

    I am intrested please send details.

  256. karthik says:

    Do we also have the facility to apply for IPOs from feb? If not please make sure we also get that! there is a huge link up of good ipos coming this year.

  257. Kailash Chaturvedi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Gr8 going …positive and perfect step taken at correct time is the need of our country and you are leading us in right direction …keep rocking …
    a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  258. rs2988 says:

    I am interested plz send more details

  259. M RAMESH NAIDU says:

    I am also interest, so please send details and send business praposels

  260. Velkumar says:

    Am interested.. send your business proposal.

  261. Krishnan Karthikeyan says:

    Yes, I would be interested in exploring this opportunity with Zerodha. Please do contact me

  262. Ashok Parasrampuria says:

    Interested in ur Buisness opportunity

  263. Rajesh says:

    I am interested

  264. gsrao says:

    Zerodha Team
    I am in trading through agent since 1990 only few months back opened account , It is very good platform buy individually, I have almost 10 lakhs brokerage paid last financial year. I am also interested in join the group.

  265. Dahale Sunita says:

    Sound great with intent of TEAM ZERODHA ( may be sole -might be tertiary too) to have INDIANS having exposure to capital markets from 0.1% to at-least 5% in 10 years to come;

    this can also be thought of as START UP;( brokerage with No frills )
    well I am interested for central Maharashtra for 5 districts, starting from Aurangabad.

    let us Do it……

  266. praphulla chandra says:

    sir , I am new to treading , i start treading with minimum amount. i last more money only for paying brokerage and stamp duty. Can any one help me to improve my treading performance.
    I am using Kite platform treading its good for me to tread but i want to tread in BSE also , suggest me the best treading analysis websites and stack suggestion .

    thank you

  267. Shreya says:

    I live in Mumbai, and had to face few problems while opening account with u. Especially documentation part. It is very difficult to understand what other person is saying in his/her southIndian accents even though they r speaking in English. So i guess, local people for all cities will be of great help.
    Not able to understand, what Zerodha’s expectations are from such business partnership.
    I mean what u want us to do to get more clients? Convincing traders to open account with zerodha i.e. Marketing for u by whatever way?
    To become a bridge between new clients n u?
    To train new beginners how to trade?
    Anyways, i already have filled a said form m waiting for zerodha’s call.

  268. Pramod Chhajer says:

    I’m Interested in partnership with Zerodha as i have been knowing a lot of people feed up with high brokerage fees in my City

    I’ve Filled up the google form
    Looking forward to hear back from Team Zerodha

  269. As a AP can I give advertisements on web with Zerodha link?? As I want to become a AP and want to promote zerodha seriously.

  270. Mayank says:

    I am interested kindly contact me before 1 pm if possible

  271. Darshan says:

    I would like to know more. pls contact

  272. suny says:

    Yes, I’m interested. Please contact me.

  273. Nitesh Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Not Able to Fill The form the form it says editable access needs to be Given

  274. Raja says:

    are these comments answered by nithin or someone @ Zerodha on your behalf? 😀

    BTW, do you still Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar? and how bout getting body fat % in single digit ?? i see this status for a long time… jus checking in 😀

    • 🙂 answered by me itself, easier to get a hang of what clients want.
      Yeah still love poker, ball and guitar. Body fat % is going further away from being in single digit, my love for food and spirits ;)..


    Yes I am interested in your partnership scheme and as such, please let me know more details of your scheme as early as possible to take participation in your partnership scheme.
    Thank you
    Yours sincerely,

  276. DM2259 says:


  277. prashant dhamale says:

    hi I am interested me 9730767938

  278. Abhinay says:

    Hai Nithin
    From some of the above conversation with other clients I am assuming that Zerodha is willing to expand to developing cities of India so please choose young blood in your expansion

  279. Anish says:

    Would like to know more abt this oppurtunity?

  280. Hi,
    I will be glad to work with Zerodha. Call me regarding. Also I have a web base platform which help online trader to trade in profit. It will help Zerodha also to retain existing client and increase the business in the form of brokerage.

    • Vivek says:

      Hi Nitin,
      Pl connect with me on whatsapp on
      ‪+971 52 649 3127‬
      or on Skype: drkatara
      to share about your web based platform.

  281. Yv ramana says:

    Iam intrested please call me
    Thank u

  282. Pramod says:

    I’m interested..

  283. syam says:

    Kindly make the support team stronger.Very hard to get zerodha support on phone during market hours.

  284. deepak chaudhary says:

    I am intrday trader please advise my turn over more than 1 cro and lost some thing 2 lakh please advise income tax return and any audit required ?

  285. I would to like promote. Wants to know the commission structure.

  286. Manoj says:

    I am a working professional who also invest in equity mutual funds and f&o. What r the criteria.

  287. Arun says:

    I am interested but unable to connect the Google Drive form

  288. krishna sudhakar reddy putta says:

    hi nithin
    any age restriction and what about education qualifications?

  289. Pugazhendhi says:

    Dont have previous business experience but i am a regular trader in F&O. What is the investment, training needs etc.

  290. Chenna says:

    Do u provide any sessions to get knowledge on trading.

  291. Ramana says:

    I am interested kindly send me details.

  292. Ajay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thank you for these opportunities to us. However is it possible to know following before we fill the form –

    1) Eligibility Criteria? Any degress? Any certificates? Others?
    2) Costs involved? Exchanges? Legal? Infrastructure?
    3) Exptected returns?

    Thank you,

  293. pankajjaim says:

    Hi Nithin

    Thats a good initiative. i am anyways an existing Partner.

    One thing i want to highlight to you and your team is the exponential increase in sales calls from advisory firms from Ujjain, Indore, Surat,, etc etc.. almost 5-7 daily calls, since the time i have signed up for services with Zerodha. This is the only most annoying part :(. On the contrary there has been no disturbance/ sales /advisory call from Zerodha at all which is the good part.

    i hope you can take care of this part somehow and ensure customers numbers are not passed on to advisory firms.

    Pankaj Jain

    • kaamil says:

      Believe me, I was dormant with HDFC, and then started trading again. As soon as I started, I got a flood of calls from stupid fake advisory services from Madhya Pradesh. If they are so good with advises, why can’t they make a billion bucks for themseleves. Why do they need to ride on other people’s money !

      Thankfully, didn’t get any such calls after having traded with Zerodha. Hope that remains same.

  294. ramesh says:

    Hi, i am also interested . so call me .

  295. purna prakash bhojak says:

    plz provide full details i am interested to work with you.

  296. Hi Nitin,I am stock broker in Puttur city near to Mangalore. I am interested to take franchisee.kindly contact me 8970020914-

  297. Rakesh Thakkar (RK0896) says:

    Please send me the proposal for being partner with Zerodha.

  298. Subhash says:


  299. The problem with open post like that is it will open up floodgates for really weird applications.Hope zerodha has thought this through.Please dont make it as another open offer for job application.

    Anyway,the post is really vague and need further elaboration.Maybe you can elaborate

    1.What is different with client referral program already in place .
    2.What is your requirements for business partner – investments, office and connection wise.
    3. What are the advantages for the partner and how zerodha will help to scale up the business for partner.

    Please make further elaboration and your business plan for probable partners.

    • Riddhi, I thought the post was clear enough that it is not a job opportunity, but more a business one. All the details bit, it is best if someone from our sales team talks to you about it. Do fill up the form, someone will get back and explain.

      • Anuradha says:

        Sir i am already a partner of zerodha and I have generated 5700 brokrage but it is not credited in my account why sir even my partner id is ZMPZIA

  300. Mohan D says:

    I am interested to become one of the partner with zerodha

  301. Kusumakar Shetty says:

    I’am interested, give me details

  302. Please connect. we are an elearning company promoting trade related education.

  303. TK Ram says:

    I interested please

  304. Ravi MPatil says:

    Yes sir I am interested.I am from Pune.Please provide more details

  305. Pradeep D says:

    Call me

  306. NITIN N. SONONE says:

    Nithin Sir,
    I love your Idea ! I am from Amravati (Maharashtra) which will be Smart City within next year.
    I want to business with Zerodha Firm. I will be give 21 Clients per month to Zerodha
    But I want to reward My Professional Work … ( Because Clint Connect to Zerodha entire Life )
    Can you Contact me Personally, when you have time !

  307. Anuj Saraff says:

    I am interested. located in mumbai. kindly provide more details

  308. Sunil Kumar says:

    Yes I m in

  309. Kaushal Joshi says:

    Hi, dear, I wanted to start business with you.
    I am In Ahmedabad.

  310. Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath..

    There is a big secret for success which is missing in your business..And very few brokerage firms are following the same secret and increasing the clients base dramatically (though their brokerage is higher than you). Yes it is true ..You can mail me to know more..Thank you.

  311. Jaipalreddy says:

    Hi nithin, is it like franchise business?

  312. Bimal Patel says:

    Well sir I am holding accounts in your firm and I am interested i n doing business with you sir.please send me details .

  313. suresh says:

    I’m intrested. Plz send full details

  314. Hello Zerodha,

    What is meant by partner? Do we spend our time with you, or invest in your business. The post explains more about zerodha than “what with” zerodha. A brief idea about the objective of partnering would go a long way in explaining this post further.

    Nevertheless I have signed up. Thanks for bringing out my curiosity.

    And please make the contact information private. I was able to see the contact information of all previous submissions and this opens up spamming.


  315. Deepak sharma says:

    Zerodha is Going to be Larger Now !

    • BG Kariappa says:

      Call me back I want discussion on investing with zerodha

      • Do fill up the form in the above blogpost, our sales team will get back

        • DR.A.RAMCHETAN RAI says:

          dear nithin, what you are doing is great,over time, i see you integrating yourselves seamlessly and joining robinhood markets… see it as inevitable….ROBINHOOD ZERODHA !!

          dont sell your stake completely to them…retain your shareholding….and let us also get acsess to american markets….all the best to you!!

        • Umesh Ramaj says:

          But when you come with IPO segment?

          • It is a little tricky for brokers like us who are not banks to offer online IPO. But yeah we are working on it.

            • DR.A.RAMCHETAN RAI says:

              you know something, all you need to get i mllion customers…is to put out one single half page advertisement in the hindu businessline…one single ad will do…maybe you can do it once in a year or so…thats enough…dont spend too much on these ads….once a year will do…

              i know u have a policy of no advertisements….but its required yaar…cant help it…you have been functioning for last five years, but i myself first heard about you from a friend who casually mentioned…..and then i did some cross checking, and immediately opened an account…..compared to icicidirect, its pure heaven!!

              and you need to do this, before robinhood markets comes in and does that…maybe u can even partner with them….


              google ventures is also an investor in robinhood…and they have deep pockets…doesnt matter…team up with them when they come in…but you need size…change your policies…go for that one single advertisement…that will do the trick!!….delivery equities free brokerage as a tagline…will do the trick

              • What Robinhood is trying to do is quite different than what we are trying. Robinhood is offering mobile only investing platform, whereas we are trying to be the new-age Charles Schwab of India. The probably in India is that we have a very shallow market, the active total market participation in India is lesser than 10lks. So one add won’t get us 5lk leads will it.:). So the big problem to solve on hand is to get more people invest in India, and that we are doing partnering new-age fintech startups using Kite connect.

                • DR.A.RAMCHETAN RAI says:

                  that one advertisement will definitely get you 20 percent of all the clients from sharekhan, icicidirect, and all the other brokerages combined….with immediate effect…most of the clients there are fed up!!…and they dont know anything about zerodha…i know u not doing it because u dont want to antagonize the rest of the brokerages in india….but they deserve it…for screwing us properly all these years…and i am sure they are doing their utmost to screw u guys up anyway…

                  my main intention is to help u…i really like u guys and what u are doing…..and in case u find that this free brokerage equity delivery model isnt working, i will be happy if you go back to charging like before….i dont want to go back to icicidirect …ever!!

                  • Dr S A Patil says:

                    Dear Zerodha Team,
                    Initially I am using ICICIDIRECT from 2001onwards.
                    My daughter suggested to open account on zerodha.
                    I am very happy for zerodha , request to increase bandwidth.
                    Most of the professional are using Zerodha.
                    Thanks to Team.
                    Dr S A patil

            • KIRAN says:

              hi nithin,
              I have been using of ICICI for more than 2 years, shifted to zerodha last year.
              PI, KITE are really awesome tools for all the traders..!

              But, when I referred 8 friends…! and having disscussion on our trades profit/loss.
              we found
              1. more people showing interst to become traders.
              2. more people need knowledge to read the indicators, fundamentals
              3. Awareness of trading startagies, calculate the brokerage, time their trade.
              4. ………….. list continues
              ZERODHA provides the tools,,, IT can only accelerate (nx) only when it provides personal training sessions on technical/fundamentals ( purely not stock advice) for clients.

              • Kiran, we are running the most popular online educational initiative in India:

                • KIRAN says:

                  hi nithin
                  Thank you for the reply, we are thinking the same way with varsity.

                  Main issue with sales person..! He only concentrates on A/C opening process. He does not bother about educating people regarding, webinar on pi..! Artificial Intelligence

                  From our side we are doing our best part to spread the knowledge of VARSITY , PI, SPAN CALCULATOR.
                  Hope this will help more people to come into trading with confidence and manage their PROFIT/LOSS.

                  Our only request is regarding trading awareness in the people.
                  If your can conduct trading awareness programs at your place..! more people will show interest in trading.
                  eg: you can conduct a session on Saturday & sunday.. Invite people .. let them understand .. and make a good decision.


            • CA Arpit jain says:

              Respected sir,
              we want to connect with your venture, but we are unable to get how can we join your dynamic organisation,
              recently qualified CA , with new praticing firm we also want to expand our organisation, but we don have amount to take agency,but we have knowledge as well as professional team at sout extention part 2 New Delhi

        • DR.A.RAMCHETAN RAI says:

          nithin…if at any time you coming up with an ipo for zerodha…first prefernce as shareholders must always be for your existing customers…dont forget!!…then remaining shares you can offer to public…:)

            • Hasher says:

              I do echo the same sentiments, your customers should be the first preference and a portion of the lot should be reserved for them.. I do not know the legality of it, but hope some preferential allotment is workable…. Zerodha is great, and one of the best things I have done in 2015…, compared to the likes of hdfc, icici, this is unbelievable an experience and my regards to team Zerodha for providing this wonderful platform..,

            • Suraj says:

              Zerodha is a modern brokerage, you guys keep coming up with innovative platforms and offerings. I would be really happy to invest in Zerodha at the very first opportunity.

              Keep up the good work guys!

        • sudhir gudwani says:

          mr nitin can i suggest you one thing which is simple but irriatating if you dont have.
          i was using your platform since 2 months i wish to state that in cash position if you add the holding LTP it will be very helpful . its a suggestion for the betterment of your company

          • Venu says:

            Not sure which platform you’re referring to. Can you be more specific.

            • sudhir gudwani says:

              sir i am talking about pi platform when you see the stock holding it can get total value as of time . total p&l but it doesnt show LTP of the stock price.
              it will be better modification if you add LTP column in stock holding page.

        • VISHALKUMAR B PATEL says:

          I have already filled the form but nobody contacted me after that ..
          I want to do this business with Zerodha…

        • Niks says:

          Nobody gets back, filled form multiple times and sent email too.

        • Iqbal Tapadar says:

          Dear Sir,

          I got two I’d one is Partner ID and another one is Emp. I’d, which one I will use for reference purpose and where I will get reference link to add to my website.
          Please help

        • Vinayak Babar says:

          Hello sir,
          I want to be sub broker of zerodha in Sangli city. Is it possible to get franchise of zerodha. Please tell me what I have to do for the same.

        • Moneysha says:

          I Nitin , i have filled up details for becoming the partner, but not received any call. Can you give the details for investment required & brokerage/payout structure


        • deependra singh says:

          i want to take a frencise of zerodha in satna madhya pradesh

        • Dnyaneshwar Rathod says:

          Sir I wants to provide huge customers to you…the what is my benefits..

        • Deepan R says:

          Hi Mr Nithin Kamath
          Is zerodha providing any sub broker platform like other brokerages

        • Ajay Lohamror says:

          Sir I’m very happy to be a client of zerodha.I want to become affiliate partner of zerodha. I’m am contacting many people’s on daily basis and set a day planner for call & contact of people who are passionate about their future and want to financially stability in life. I am very excited and enthusiastic to have partner of zerodha.Peoples joined me and Last week I opened 4 accounts and 3-4 accounts are in pending which shall be completed very soon and much more ..Please arrange me a call and send me further steps for your partner.

        • anish kumar says:

          how to take franchise zerodha

        • Adarsh Shetty says:

          Hi Nithin,

          Filled form last 3 months back but still no one called for the same. Will you pls advise the team.

        • Ashok says:

          Hi nitin ji
          I have a broker code of zerodha. I want to seminar in my city. Can zerodha help regarding.

        • Sachin Birla says:

          Mr Nitin
          We at Delhi are running a stock market institute under name of ISM .
          From starting in 2016 i have always recommended my student to get their account in zerodha and ni where else..and today we have Alamost around 200 students who are having account with zerodha .
          We don’t want any monetary incentive we just want some recognition so that we can also grow .Our main aim is make India stock market literate and become financially independent.
          If this post is read by you ..and if you think by imparting financial markets education we are doing some good…then pls help us in growing.
          Sachin Birla
          Ism Delhi

      • varun kalra says:

        Needs franchise of yours

    • guru kiran says:

      When r u going to install pivots in commodity segment in pi software?

    • sathish says:

      hi ,
      Do you have a tool which list 500 odd companies history with details like P/E ratio,assets,liabilities,dividends etc

        • Rajmohan says:

          Hi nithin

          Yes, Zerodha is a best place for technicals but as far as fundamental are concerned we are lagging much beyond….We don’t required much just provide the historical pe data with average low and high pe of the stocks for the particular year….This kind of things we can get from blomberg terminals but no broker in India is providing such much needed services in India… Zerodha is always staying ahead of others…i want here too Zerodha to go ahead of others….just one employee can feed all these details in 15 days even if things are feeded manually….

        • bhushan joshi says:

          Hi, Nothin

          What Sathish wants is Value investing
          Baba Benjamin Graham, Baba Shaughnessey, Baba Peter Lynch Ki jai ho……
          Moved to Bangalore recently from Mumbai
          Can see a potential after Pi…..
          Jump a Bungee into value investing
          None Baba’s above did F&O …. Its investment vs Gambling !

    • Biplob Paul says:

      i am intarested

    • Dr S A Patil says:

      ZERODHA is the best for all types of trading & Investment.

    • Subrat Kumar Nayak says:

      I open my zerodha account. I want to invest here. How can I do it?

    • Vinod Rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr says:

      Plz call me I am interested our franchise bcz of many customers join with zerodha Account &
      New customer available in our hand

    • Shravan kumar says:

      Mujhe franchise chahiye 9137078289

    • Naseer says:

      I would like to become a Sub Agent, Please contact me.

    • Goutam sarkar says:

      Dear sir
      i want to take franchishe so whats the terms & condition ,i am from assam Barpeta road

      with regards
      Goutam sarkar

    • Gaurish says:

      I m interested in zerodha Franchise.
      Plz cal me on 9833568988

    • Deepak says:

      Im looking for franchise ,
      Please letme know how do i reach out to discuss more about it.

    • New SEBI law says:

      As per new SEBI law you have to open physical offices around the cities so how can we participate in this and start business with zerodha and how are you planning