Zerodha Sentinerl - real-time price alerts on the cloud

Introducing Sentinel

May 22, 2018


One of the more popular requests we had from all of you was for a price alerts tool. A notification on your mobile/email whenever the underlying hits the price you have set. The challenge with existing tools is that the alerts are just based on last traded price and they run on your machine. If your machine is off or you are logged out of the trading platform, the alerts don’t work – which is exactly when you need the alerts.

Enter Sentinel

Market alerts residing on the cloud waiting to be triggered – today, tomorrow, or months from now, even when you’re away. Alerts can be set for all 80,000+ stocks, bonds, commodities, F&O contracts, and currencies across exchanges on OHLC, bids and offers, and more, in addition to the price. Create advanced alerts that combine multiple triggers using simple, easy-to-use operators.

The alerts are sent on Kite web and via email. Alerts will also be sent on Kite mobile soon. We will soon have trade buttons on these alerts for you to execute any trades planned based on them instantly.

How to set an alert?

When you log into Sentinel, you’ll land on the basic alert creation dashboard. You can set basic alerts based on parameters such as price, traded quantity, day change (price & % change), volume and open interest.

Create basic alerts based on price, traded quantity, volume and open interest.

You can also trigger an alert by comparing the attributes of two different scrips similar to IFTTT.  In this example, an alert will be triggered if the closing price of Infosys is greater than that of TCS.

Create a trigger by combining 2 conditions.

You can also access Sentinel right from the marketwatch on Kite web and we’ll soon have it on Kite mobile as well.

Access Sentinel from Kite marketwatch.

Advanced alerts

On Sentinel, you can combine multiple triggers to create advanced alerts. For instance, set an alert for when the close price and volume traded of Infosys is greater than that of TCS. With Sentinel Trigger Language (STL), creating complex triggers is as easy as writing a formula in Excel. Read more on how to create triggers using STL here.

Combine multiple alerts to create advanced triggers.

Instant notifications

You’ll receive a message on Kite as well as an email when an alert is triggered.

Instant notifications on Kite and your email.


You can view all your triggered alerts under history. You can click on the details option to view the time and OHLC values at the time the alert was triggered.

A comprehensive history of all your triggered alerts.

Creating advances alerts can take a little getting used and hence we have created a page with a few tutorials and explanation of all the parameters that go into creating an alert. You can also interact with the trading community on TradingQ&A if you need help building your triggers.

We will soon have these alerts also delivered as push notifications on your mobile, even if you are not logged into the app. This is just the first version of Sentinel. Many more cool features coming soon. Since this is still in beta, please let us know if you spot any issues by filling this form.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Yogesh M Sohoni says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am trying to login into Sentinel but Zerodha’s login page is appearing instead. And in Zerodha’s web app, the alerts are not as advance as that of Sentinel. Please let me know how to log in to Sentinel.

    Thanks & Regards


  2. DEEPAK says:


  3. Osuri Kiran Kumar says:

    Few suggestions for sentinel
    A type of Push messaging system in mobile will be great as it helps working professionals

    For derivatives traders price alert of underlying instruments alongwith derivative instrument in push messaging system is very helpful

    A runs back ground app may be more suitable solution

    I Hope zerodha will come with a solution.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Osuri, Sentinel has now been migrated to Kite, and you can place the alerts from Kite itself. Once triggered you will receive notification via email as well as on Kite web and app. More on this here.

  4. Amit Ghotikar says:

    Hello Guys,

    You are doing awesome job.. one suggestion here can you add feature like getting normal phone call / voice note from app like whatsapp call in parallel with notification from app.

    Result of this would be very impactful and will increase usability of app by doing trade at that time.

    What happens is sometimes busy people like me (being an software engineer) miss the notification as I dont like to be on phone all the time but if I get a call I attend that.
    And this way I would be knowing about my alert.. so I can take action at that time


  5. Dhaval says:

    Thanks Team for this, have one scenario, if you can help if I can achieve/code using the available tool, else we can consider as feedback.
    How do we utilize Sentinel alerts to track the movement of stock for medium/long term (not intraday/closing/opening price) by “percentage”. E.g. say want to track and get alerted, for a stock on 15% movement upward OR downward from some base price in a single rule. This movement may span across days, weeks, months, years and so on. Which may help me to track a stock very closely.

  6. Vijit says:

    Can you please guide, how to get a pop up when an alert is triggered…

  7. Ankit Jain says:

    When are the additional features getting implemented like Push alerts and placing orders by simply clicking on the alerts?

    Also, currently the alerts triggered from Sentinel do not make any notification sound making it possible for anyone to miss those alerts and opportunities to trade.

    I will be happy to know more about the upcoming Features.

  8. Nikhil Modi says:

    I have created 200 Alerts now I need to create more alerts but it is showing this message
    “Max trigger limit exceeded. Cannot create a new trigger”
    Is that any limit of alerts and can we extend the limit?


    Can an alert be Created for VWAP on basis of 1,2,3 & -1,-2,-3 σ crossovers or above/below

  10. Ashish Burnwal says:

    How do I get message via SMS ?

  11. Jitendra says:

    I would like to know if there is facility to place bulk alerts from excel sheet.

  12. Binoy says:

    Is this service takes any specific charge ??

  13. Aadi says:

    Hii Team,
    I am facing trouble while using sentinel. When i just logged into sentinel it gets automatically logged out while i am creating alert. How to fix it???

  14. shreevathsav rao says:

    Hello everyone, where can I get all the commands for the sentinel??

  15. AMD says:

    I have logged into Sentinel, its gets logout automatically when I am working on it. Please assist me how to fix it.

  16. varun says:

    Hi Team,
    I created alerts , they get inactive after the trigger has been met. I go manually to sentinel dashboard to get them activated again, may i know is this the only way to re-activate, or can we automatically activate the trigger the same day or before next day. Thanks

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid a trigger is only valid once. You’ll have to manually re-activate it once it’s triggered.

  17. Vinoth says:


    Is the sound alert in sentinel done?
    Has anyone checked it?
    I saw a december comment that it will be done


  18. SURESHA says:

    As we do not have Good till date (GTD)/Good till cancellation(GTC) zerodha app is useless.

  19. Pankaj says:

    Zerodha alrert is completely FREE or Paid?

  20. Zeeshan says:

    Is there any app for sentinel?

    • Matti says:

      Sentinel is a web-only app. However, you’ll be able to create alerts on Sentinel from the new Kite 3 mobile app that is currently in beta.

  21. Sri lakshmi .B says:

    How to trade Indra day

  22. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Matti,

    Your sentinel not working properly. Even any trigger price comes in basket order it is not at all giving notification or any pop up. i have raised ticket to your team support zerodha but still no one cald me regarding this. I have just recd email to check in spam but i have checked evey thing nothing happened.There is no point in introducing new features at the same time if any bug occurs solve the issue as soon as possible.This is how you response to customers. Here is my ticket# 20181228240261.
    My contact: 9566068331

  23. UmeshKanade says:

    Hi. You guys are doing a great job with new updates on your products. Keep it up.
    I am using Pi/Kite since the last 7 years and I feel the need of this desperately. And I have been using Tradetiger before that since 2006.
    I do have a few concerns about certain features not available on your apps.

    1) Sentinel gives text alerts on the screen. What if a trader is on another web page? What if he is in office working on something? Sentinel needs to give SOUND alerts. That is the most important feature missing. If you cannot give that, at least a modal window should pop up on the screen about a price alert set by the user. Sharekhan’s Tradetiger gives modal window price alerts. Timing is everything since no one would like to keep looking at the prices throughout the day.

    2) I would request you to put 2 and 4 hour time frames on Kite as much as Pi.
    3) Can we have scanners on kite in the same way as in Pi?
    4) Can we have the “snap to quote” feature, as in Amibroker, for studies drawn on the charts? Without this, a trendline break or price level break cannot be interpreted perfectly.
    5) Extending on point 4), can we have a scanner that displays user drawn trendline breaks and user-set price level breaks?

    Analysis is a pain at this point, since most traders like me have to depend of various software other than Zerodha’s for analysis.

    Hope you understand.

    • Matti says:

      1. Yes, this will happen soon.
      2. 2 & 4-hour timeframes are on our list of things to do as well. For now, you can actually view 4-hour charts on Kite by clicking on the “1M” option at the bottom right of the charts.
      3. This wouldn’t be possible in the near future.
      4. & 5. Wouldn’t be possible either. However, we’ll soon be launching TradingView charts that would make drawings a lot simpler.


    Please add Previous Day High and Previous Day Close alert in the Sentinel. It will be very useful for us to track.

  25. umashankar kuppuraj says:

    @ZERODHA create opportunity to give sms or watsapp alrets while market opening like which stock will hit ,target& also stoploss.i am watching CNBC Tv 18 for this make these options in zerodha would better.IIFL broker have this option.

    • Faisal says:

      At Zerodha, we do not offer advisory services as it has remained our founding vision to educate the clients to trade on their own while we provide with a smooth trading platform for execution.
      Make sure to check out Varsity – our investor education initiative.

  26. Sai says:

    When is the mobile version rolling out. Waiting for it from long time. I work so I cannot be at system every minute so mobile push notifications is the way I am looking sentinal to work when trigger fires.
    Thank you team for your work in bringing this freature at such cheaper price.

    • Faisal says:

      Sai, this is in our list of things to do 🙂
      Can’t comment on a timeline. All clients will be informed once we go live.

  27. Prasanta says:


    I have a basic concern on the kite tool, sentinel is ok but why there is no push notification present in kote when any order got executed. Why we have to check all the times does the order executed or not.

    I think this is more required then sentinel price alerts

  28. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    sentinel not working. getting err msg “This page ( is currently offline”

  29. satheesh says:

    Is there any app for this?

  30. Saurabh says:

    What is the process to get unsubscribed from Sentinel as I don’t want any paid service?

  31. Praveen Suvarna says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Sentinel is another great feature indeed from Zerodha.. Great going.. Keep them coming.. However, please consider the following ..
    – The alerts set are fired during pre-market, which is not what one desires. Or maybe u can provide an option in case it is to fire in pre-market so users can decide.
    – Currently, we get a message stating that the xxx named trigger has been activated at ttt time. Could u please consider also intimating the details which were set in the trigger.. ie to include the attributes and or operators that were set and levels.
    – Facility to view / export all the triggers on one page; both those active and those that have since triggered giving the trigger details. This will help in easily managing the triggers instead of opening each one and reviewing them. The total calls on ur servers also may reduce.
    Thanx and bst rgds,

  32. Akash Zutshi says:

    So many people has asked for the sound alert why isn’t anyone replying to that. For working people who use VDI’s an d Remote desktops sentinel is useless without sound alert.

  33. Kishor Chaudhari says:

    Would you Please add additional data points : Weekly Open,High,Low,Close and Monthly Open,High,Low,Close

  34. Gopi says:

    can we get rollover option in futures contract??

  35. Hg says:

    This alert feature is too old and already available on other trading platforms absolutely free.. e.g. on

    • Matti says:

      Hey, while this feature is available on other platforms, none of then store the alerts on a cloud, so the alert will be triggered even when you’re not online. Hosting stuff on the cloud has a cost associated with it, hence the charge. Also, these alerts aren’t just for LTP, but various other parameters, again something not available elsewhere. You’ll see that we do offer free LTP alerts.

  36. Prashanth Rao says:

    Its an awesome feature…..will help to build our stocks easily…..

  37. siddu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    i want to have alert when macd or stochestic momentum crosses on daily or hourly chart. pls let me knw if this can be build

  38. shabbeer says:

    superb feature

  39. Puneet says:

    Does this work intraday, because just to test I’d set a price level which on a minute bar hadn’t been reached, yet the alert said price level reached.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Puneet, yes, this works for all timeframes. Each tick may not be captured on the chart, but a trade may have taken place. This is explained here. Same logic.

  40. Atul Sharma says:

    is it applicable to options as well ?

  41. Ankur says:

    I tried adding an alert on Sentinel for SBI but it did not work can you please explain what I am doing wrong ?

    ClosePrice(‘NSE:SBIN’) > 270

    I should get an alert when SBI day closes above 280


  42. Sathyaraj says:

    Requesting you to please add a beep to kite(like the one you have during placing orders) for sentinel notifications which would make this feature much sensible and useful.
    Thank you.

  43. vasudev khatriya says:

    sir sentinel मे indicoter crosser alerts नहि हे

  44. Souvik says:

    What will be the charges for this service.

  45. Ajeesh Kumar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can it be possible to provide margin calculator on the order window itself? It would have been better for the beginners like me. I had to check the web for it every time and price would have been moved by then. It would be helpful if made available in Kite as well apart from Pi.

    Thank you.

  46. shantanu says:

    @ZeroDha – This is very good initiative in fact i will call it a social traders that provides a interactive and easy to use trading platform to retail investors. It works very well for the Mobile traders who do trading as part time.
    I would suggest to provide a risk rating for stocks and same to be made available on this kite platform. This will alert the retail trader/investor while he places the order.
    Also you can think to introduce a control mechanism which can stop the trader in entering risky stocks. This can be controlled by allowing the users to select there own risk appetite in their profile like risk averse , conservative, aggressive etc. and stocks can be blocked by mapping on risk rating against selected profile.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Shantanu, the risk a stock poses is very subjective and depends on the person doing the analysis. This would veer into the advisory space, something we’ve stayed away from and intend to.

  47. zo8278 says:

    please enable bracket order in commodity trading ………….dont want to trade with other broker like upstox #nitin

  48. Ravi Kanneganti says:

    I am Ravi, I live in the US. Can I set a loud alarm on the system using Sentinel so that I can wake up to trade when key levels are broken? I really appreciate this tool. Hope this feature is available. Thank you!

  49. Pravin says:

    Alert is not coming on mobile massage .its come on mail.
    Can alert received by massage ?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Pravin, Sentinel doesn’t support SMS alerts. We’ll soon start sending these alerts to the Kite mobile app though.

  50. YI6127 says:

    Zerodha needs to update Kite android app and Quant.

  51. Kishor Chaudhari says:

    Its a *Sheer Greed shown by Zerodha* every now and then when they launch any new Enhancement /Features to their trading platform
    Sentinel – 160 rs pm with no Good till cancel order, No sms alert .No sound alert ,No weekly OHLC attributes ,NO Monthly OHLC attributes , most other brokers offering it for free, i do understand moving it on cloud would have price tag to it but looking at zerodha user base of over 0.6 million. does 160 rs pm price tag is justified?
    Coin – 50 rs pm with No SWP/STP and No Real SIP mode , No Goal based SIP 50 rs pm is it justified ? MFU,CAMs,KARVY offer it for free
    Screener.Smallcase – 100rs pm whereas is free with almost same facility Screener do have some additional feature but again with user base of over 0.6 million. does 100rs pm price tag is justified?
    smallcase – 100 rs per smallcase and 200rs for some select smallcases is it not greed shown by zerodha
    Sensibull – No comments

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kishor,

      Smallcase, Streak, Sensibull, etc., are separate businesses that charge for a service. Nothing wrong there.

      As for Coin, we’re selling direct mutual funds here. One of the most important things for a business is to have a clear revenue stream. With direct funds, the only way to have any revenue is to charge the user. Would you allow a business that may shut down tomorrow to manage your investments? No. If there isn’t a clear revenue stream, then the business either plans to start charging later or will run aground once there are no more funds left to run the business. Both undesirable situations. MFU is run by the AMCs and your investments generate revenue for them. Not the case with us. CAMS & KARVY are RTAs and so their revenues come from charging the AMCs for the transactions. So having a charge for Coin isn’t really unreasonable. As for more features on Coin, we’re constantly working towards them. You should see these on the platform soon. Also, we intentionally stayed away from the conventional SIP mode this involves a lot of hassle for you, as the user, as the registration of each SIP could take up to 7 days and cancelling up to 9 days! So yeah, charging for the platform is justified.

      Sentinel, as we’ve previously stated, has a charge because it’s on the cloud. Additionally, most other platforms that are free offer only simple alerts based on price and on single stocks. This is free even on Sentinel. Only more advanced features are charged.

      In addition to all this, the first 25k worth on investments on Coin are free, stock investments are free for all (0 brokerage), and our brokerage is still at Rs. 20 or lower for everything else. We also run Varsity for everyone to learn the markets for free. Quality education elsewhere is quite expensive! If you look at the big picture, this is as economical as it gets.

      So to answer your questions on whether these charges are justified, yes, they are. There is nothing that is hidden. All these charges are shown upfront and the user can choose to use the service or not. Is calling a business charging for some of its services ‘sheer greed’ justified?

  52. Ankit says:

    please provide triling feature on SL order like bracket order,
    if i buy a stock on mis/cnc then i have nothing for trail,

  53. Sarin says:

    So… can you add a PE (Price/Earnings) trigger also ?

    Friday, May 25, 2018

  54. Naveen says:

    It would be nice if I can set/edit triggers on Kite interface itself.

  55. Meena says:


    Nice initiative. Because this feature was available on many brokerage portals. Personally, i have another Demat account with Kotak securities and their trading software has this feature and that too FREE OF COST. We would expect that sentinel too will be provided free of cost post june as well.

    Moreover, try to incorporate, if feasible, alerts related to corporate announcement as now a days this feature is very important looking at the volatility of the market on any relevant news related to particular stock. This feature is rarely found on any brokerage portal or website. You may charge reasonable price for this which will create “WIN-WIN”situation for all.


    • Matti says:

      In case of most other platforms, the alerts reside on your machine, which means if you’re not online, you won’t receive an alert. Sentinel alerts reside on the cloud, forever. This has some cost associated with it and hence the charge.

      As for news alerts, this doesn’t really fit into what Sentinel does right now, nor is there a reliable data source available to make this happen. We may add this to Sentinel later or create a different platform for it.

  56. Vijay says:

    This is a good feature, but could have waited. How about fixing the Backoffice app to show contracts and P&L. Isn’t that more important??

  57. Hanumant Choudhari says:

    When new backoffice will launch?

  58. sumanta das says:

    This is a great & useful feature. I have one question. In future when alerts will be sent as push notifications in mobile, then will we get sms for the alert or notification in kite app in mobile? I think SMS is better option and useful. Please clarify. Thanks

  59. Sandeep Rao says:

    Setting alerts (price alerts) on graphs would be wonderful. Most of the study happens on graphs. with conditional on volume size.

  60. swapnil says:

    i dont think it is more useful whie intraday trading
    lets c how it is working

  61. Hari says:

    I couldnt get Nifty and Bank nifty index values from the list to create an alert, if you include that it would be great, but i am able to get future/option ltp’s of the same which are getting listed, please clarify.

  62. Balu Gorade says:

    Dear team Zerodha plz provide instant news. Like results, announcement, etc. It’s must needed.

  63. anand says:

    Zerodha charges for everything. There are other brokers which provide in app/mail/push msgs price alert free of cost and we don’t need to be online for that. why should i pay to you?

    • Matti says:

      Seeing as we were the first brokers to go 0 brokerage for equity investments, wouldn’t saying ‘Zerodha charges for everything’ be unfair? 🙂

      Anyway, in case of most other platforms, the alerts reside on your machine, which means if you’re not online, you won’t receive an alert. Sentinel alerts reside on the cloud, forever. This has some cost associated with it and hence the charge.

  64. Haresh Hapaliya says:

    Thanks for this nice tool
    I need more one
    Watchlist me Jo jyada up he
    Ya jyada down he
    Who automatically upper dekhana Chahiye
    Plz I request

  65. Ramana says:

    Hi Nithin,
    This is really cool and useful feature. I have a question :
    When you said free till June, what are charges after June?

    Also I have another question not related to this feature.
    If I purchased a share (ex: TCS) at 3500 and I would like to sell whenever it reaches 10% hike (say 3850). How can achieve this without creating a sell request every day.


  66. Sailaja says:

    Wonderful and much needed tool for investors, but we will experience the full benefit only when you can notify alerts on mobile as Push messages or SMS. Request you to implement this sooner. Thanks.

    • Mahesh Pujari says:

      +1 Waiting for SMS notifications, and not sure if this is implemented but if we have this alerts appear in different applications with-in Zerodha like kite and all it will be more useful.

  67. Vishwanath says:

    After 30 th June whether it is paid services or free of cost..

  68. D.Rajendran says:

    Dear Nitihn,
    There should be a limit to your greed.
    This sentinel is a small feature in any trading platform, and you want to charge on that account.
    I say “SHAME ON YOU”.

    • hmm…Guess you didn’t get the point. The alerts you have on trading platforms that you are referring to stay on your computer. So if you are not logged into the platform or there is no internet, you won’t get the alert. With sentinel all alerts are constantly running on the cloud (@Amazon/AWS), so it will alert no matter what. If it has to run on AWS, there is processing power required which has a cost to it. If alerts are running on your computer, there is no cost. But what is the point of an alert engine, if it can’t alert you when you are not logged into a trading platform.

      • prabhakar says:

        Dear Nithin, further adding on….. Usually alerts are used to know a price of a script to take action, i.e Buy or Sell, so along with the alert you should be providing buy and sell tabs along with the script. It would make the platform more friendly and also add sound to the alerts.

      • MN Karia says:

        Agreed in point of AWS cost to company. Isn’t it worth to give 1st month free trial instead of giving static date like 30th Jun. whats fault of new customers who join after 30th ? 🙂 I missed to explore b4 30th.

        • Matti says:

          Hmmm… Good point. Up to 30th June was like an introductory offer. Now, we’ll make it free for use for the first week when a user logs in with Kite. 🙂

    • sameer says:

      myself a angel customer, but this offering from Z i loved!!!! Angel gives free alerts, but i need to be online on the speedpro all the time to get…. also, theyre offering a free option to u. and they don’t charge much for all other services. how is dis greedy? if anything, theyre quite friendly. may consider shifting to Z now that they have alerts!!!!!

  69. Baldeep Singh Khurana says:

    Great job!

    Can we get this notification as a message on mobile too?

  70. susmitha says:

    dear SIR,much awaited …simply monitor free time.lessen eye strain.your motivation is un comparable.old war horses(brokerages) are clue less whats your next big move.thank you ..the only pending add-on is a real time scanner–i think you will soon add up this value service so that your clients are not being exploited by others.thank you once again

  71. Sandip Vilekar says:

    Congratulations and thanks to Zerodha. Please add copy/paste functionality to the triggers.

  72. Atharv says:

    Another great feature from zerodha.

    Keep it up zerodha team.

    Special thanks to visionary CEO kamath sir ?

  73. Satvir says:

    Great job zerodha, you definitely know what your client needs.

    Once again keep it up and keep blooming …

  74. tarak says:

    All these are icing over the cake. Fundamental thing is rock solid trading platform which does not make CEO busy with apology mails.

    Any way good luck!

  75. prabhakar says:

    Alert with sound will be better.

  76. Kartikbhai says:

    Hi Nitin and Matti,

    Greetings and congratulations on adding another Wow !
    Actually this is necessary feature to introduce GTC.
    If I have set a very long trigger on price of a stock, then once it is triggered, i wish to do an action, buy or sell.
    So this feature will do 50% work of giving me trigger.
    If i can automate and pre-set balance 50% work also by placing 2nd action once condition triggered.

    Best wishes and thanks for great work by Zerodha.

  77. Sudipta Paul says:

    video is more helpful for us.

  78. Mamita Dash says:

    Can I set an alert for all FNO stocks hitting the 52 week’s low or high ?

  79. sunil says:

    It is auto renewal after 30 june. or payment will be asked?

  80. YK Khoday says:

    Hi Nithin

    It is a great tool to keep a track of stocks and their prices. Currently I am tracking order/prices in Amibroker. It will be good if you provide ready made Amibroker plugin to Zerodha so that people can do auto trade based upon their strategy. I am having lot of difficulty to get this thing done.


  81. Deepak says:

    Excellent ! Best wishes for such a great feature

  82. Sri says:

    Its BETA, it is being tested? I can’t set alerts yet on my stocks even if loged in from Zerodha-Kite and approved with permission?
    So, whats the point in only a GUI and workflow with a blog without working feature
    We can be sure of its features only when we can use it and review.
    Has anyone tested in real time? Please comment.
    Appreciate it for objective comments and process reviews ((:

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sri, the product is still in beta because we’re still open to customer feedback. It’s a working product you can use to set alerts.

  83. Nikhilesh says:

    Mentioned – Sentinel Pro will be available for FREE until 30th June 2018 for all Zerodha customers. Will it be charged afterwards? Pls confirm.

  84. Ashwin says:

    Great work Nithin & Zerodha Team. Can we have alert set for best buy/sell for a scrip/option also? Or i am missing to see it in the current list?

  85. Piyush Gupta says:


    Please do something to the option for IPO too in Kite….. we are losing so much in that option.


    • Iqbal says:

      Can you elaborate what you are referring by option for IPO? I think there is some confusion.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Piyush, for IPO, we need to be able to block funds from your bank account, which is tricky. The ASBA option most banks provide should allow you to place IPO bids on the bank portal using your Zerodha DP ID, which is quite simple in itself.

  86. Sami D says:

    Does it alert for FNO prices as well?

  87. raunak says:

    doesn’t edelweiss already have this? included push notifications to the app?

  88. dhamu says:

    I don’t agree with charging for the PRICE ALERT feature. Zerodha should consider this for free to all your clients.

    • Sri says:

      Yes, I agree global recognized brokers (IB) has these features free on both the versions of desktop and web applications to set alerts on sms and email.
      This a price grab if not made not tools features upgrade for customers enrichment!
      Zerodha while growing the customer base, the value additions like these must be set and offered free that sets apart form other brokerage firms.
      Nithin must take a note this and respond positively!
      Lets see if he has some inherent kinship?

      • Matti says:

        In case of most other platforms, the alerts reside on your machine, which means if you’re not online, you won’t receive an alert. Sentinel alerts reside on the cloud, forever. This has some cost associated with it and hence the charge.

    • Matti says:

      In case of most other platforms, the alerts reside on your machine, which means if you’re not online, you won’t receive an alert. Sentinel alerts reside on the cloud, forever. This has some cost associated with it and hence the charge.

  89. Subir Das says:

    Thanks a lot to do a such important things. please do a more thing please start MY GTD order like sharekhan. where I can put any buy or sell order to execute as per choice dated. where any order will not cancelled after market hours, where order will start next day automatically as per my selected day automatically

  90. Avinash Thombre says:

    That’s good move. Was searching for same tool and it will be helpful now. Thanks!

  91. MANOWAR says:

    There is an app known as “” which is easily available on Play store at free of cost. Using this app we can set the alert as per our convenience then why I should pay for such service.

    • Matti says:

      In case of most other platforms, the alerts reside on your machine, which means if you’re not online, you won’t receive an alert. Sentinel alerts reside on the cloud, forever. This has some cost associated with it and hence the charge.

  92. Indrajit says:

    Thanks Nitish & Zerodha. This is a great addition.

  93. Ankit says:

    Great work.

  94. sangita says:

    Thanks, was very much needed, cheers.

  95. Yogesh says:

    Zerodha service is very bad

  96. Pratik Mehta says:

    Can you also add something like a news alert.. so that people can trade immediately based on news

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… This doesn’t exactly fit into the way Sentinel works. Maybe another platform in the future.

  97. krishna says:

    Great Job.. This was missing in zerodha………..

  98. Kishore Kumar says:

    Very Good tool wishing good luck for its success.

  99. Ananth says:

    Long awaited. Thanks for rolling out. While it’s all in zerodha ,why alert system needs to know our account balance and margins?? What is the thought process

    • Matti says:

      Since the payment is linked to your Zerodha account (post June 30th) this is required. Nothing to worry about though, since this is our own platform.

  100. Harish soni says:

    After 30 june…is it chargeble or free??

  101. Sagar Kapoor says:

    Great step. But wouldn’t it be a lot easier if zerodha integrates the alert system in kite itself, Like does?

  102. Jignesh bhandari says:

    Great work sir

  103. Prakash says:

    Sir, that’s great.

    But when will ** crux ** analytical tool will come…?
    Waiting it for more than 1 and half year.

  104. Sukanta says:

    Whether this is applicable in mobile app or.only web

  105. Sultan says:

    wow superb Step team zerodha…. now this is I was waiting….

  106. Gaurav Saini says:

    This is going to change my Trading World, now I can trade with more no. of stocks, I was really looking for such a tool, Thanks to Zerodha who did such a splendid work, great, commendable.. You’re doing everything that a trader really needs..

  107. Kishor Chaudhari says:

    Great work !! Team Zerodha
    Waiting for this one since Long ….. Advanced Triggers with combinations of price behavior and Logical Operators will be great tool to use …l
    Was Expecting GTC order feature too

  108. Rajesh says:

    Super sir.but pls bring this facility for kite mobile apps very soon it will be very helpful for smalla investors Who don’t have time during market hours to watch. ???

  109. Hemanth says:

    Is it sentinel and sentinel pro? This will remain free for a while, then the charges start. It does seem that things will eventually become expensive trading. Please keep the pricing nominal.

  110. Raj says:

    What will be charges after June – 18

  111. Vikram says:

    Nice work Zerodha team. I am happy that i have opened account in zerodha. This new feature is awesome

  112. Prasanna says:

    Tussi great ho. Zerodha da jawab nahi.???

  113. Paresh says:

    Important to note it is free till 30th June. So r u planning to charge for it? Other brokers have free service since long time.

  114. Harish Reddy says:

    Great work !! But if you can integrate it within kite it will be much time saving, rather than logging in to different console .

  115. Chanan singh says:

    Carry on for best

  116. Gaura Goswami says:

    What wiil be the charges after june ?

  117. Madhusudhan K says:

    Nice initiative. Good for traders.

  118. Ramakrishna Shanbhag says:

    I am new to Zerodha, I like the user friendly features.Now Sentinel is added. Congratulations Kamatmam.

  119. says:

    Proud to be associated with Zerodha.

  120. Sudeep Majumdar says:

    Well done Nitin!
    Now we look forward to seeing more such features which make trading easier.
    Congrats to you and your team.

  121. Rahul says:

    This thing we missing in Zerodha ..
    Now its great..
    Hope it will helpful..

  122. kaushik banerjee says:

    Can i get alerts based on technical analysis scanning? For a simple example, alert me with list of stocks trading 2% above 5 day moving average.

  123. Zafar Ul Islam says:

    Superb keep going for new innovations.

  124. VIMAL K PUDHYADTH says:

    Superb. Looking forward for this feature

  125. Kishore says:

    Can we leave the name of the script blank and get a list that meets certain criteria in say OHLC? If yes, this will a killer feature.
    Good initiative, keep up the good work.

  126. Arpan says:

    Want it to scan n generate alerts only from the stocks in my watchlist (i.e. Nifty 50 stocks or FO stocks). Is it possible?

  127. Krishna Kumar says:

    Nithin – Hats off for the additional feature to zerodha. Pls make sure the charges are minimal and barable. If it’s more then it will not meaning of being ZEROdha. Thankyou

  128. Anil Kedlaya says:

    Thanks, Zerodha team.

  129. Ankit says:

    A welcome step. This has been a long-standing demand of customers.

  130. Sadish P R says:

    Most awaiting enhancement…Great…Thanks to zerodha team….

  131. Sunil says:

    Congrats. But we are also looking for Trading tips on daily basis.

  132. ARUN GALGALI says:

    Great initiative. Keep it up team Zerodha.

  133. Chetan says:

    Please provide GTC or GTD order, alerts are even provided by other online site free, more we need is GTC or GTD, start it soon

  134. Dinesh says:

    Thats Greate Nitin but what you think about in these types of service in commodity segment in future ?

    • Matti says:

      You can set alerts for commodities using Sentinel. 🙂

      • saurav says:

        Hey matti,
        The order will be triggered automatically when it reaches the alert.Instead of this, Can u provide some option when it reaches the alert what we have set, we should have option whether to execute or not. Thanks

  135. Mehul Shah says:


  136. Chandrasekaran says:

    Alert required in mobile when the transaction takes place.
    Try to work out placing of sale orders in options valid till expiry with option to revise. This will enable us not to miss the opportunity even when not activated daily

  137. Kavita SANTOSH KELA says:


  138. Shekhar says:

    When we can use this segment and how?


    Great!!! Waiting for good market tips…….

  140. Rohit Bhattad says:

    I would like to try out sentinel and avail the one month free trial. I’m not sure if I’ll be charged as the way to activate this is through the pricing page. Should I select one month and continue? If I don’t find it helpful, cancelling it within the first month won’t debit anything from my account?

  141. zodin says:

    I am just addicted to zerodha kite platform. I have account with 4 other brokers but I have to say no one beats zerodha kite, its simply the best

  142. Dinesh says:

    When can we expect auto investment or trading platform from zerodha?

  143. Ashish Sawant says:

    Nice Nitin

    Keep up the good work

  144. phad says:

    zerodha now dada

  145. Sachin suklal Salunke says:

    It is good for those who r offline

  146. Sachin says:

    Aasome nithin Bhai great ,with this type of alart it will grate for those who are not allways in front of pc or Mobil or online on market days

  147. Soundararajan says:


  148. Jayesh Matani says:

    Good work…
    Keep it up….

  149. zodin says:

    How about GUI based order entry. Like a limit buy order beyond this line and a stoploss over this line. That would be awesome.

  150. Ganesh says:

    Please if it is possible to make on phone price alert ..

  151. Sakahi says:

    Introduce digit based pin on kite instead of username,pwd and security questions.

  152. Awadhesh singh says:

    Amazing work from Zerodha

  153. Sajid UK says:

    I am using the Live Alerts feature in Upstox (RKSV) web & mobile app since last year, but I will definitely use & like this Sentinel from Zerodha kite as it has some advanced feature which are very useful.

  154. C k parija says:

    It will be better if this feature is added to market watch scrips

  155. Jayesh Matani says:

    good work..
    Keep it up….

  156. Deepak Kumar Behera says:

    Great sir, if it works it will goes with the benefits of zerodha account holders

  157. Akash Bhalla says:

    Zerodha is simply awesome..I am a college student and trade often ….the tools technologies provided by it is simply outstanding…. keenly awaiting when it will come with an ipo I’ll be the first one to subscribe to it… continue the great work

  158. Manujanshu Pal says:

    Great feature addition. All the best for future.

  159. Ghanshyam says:

    Sir you are not explained about the charges of this service is this free or charges?

  160. Ravi says:

    Nice stuff!

  161. K says:

    Please keep it free after 30th Jun as well.

    If you agree, please share this message..

  162. Debmalya says:

    Kisses for zerodha team.. You make me trading a tool everyone..

  163. Parth says:

    Real & basic need is to get these alerts on SMS. Even with extra charge, it’s better than email & kite, as it’ll work without being connected constantly.

  164. Amar prakash says:

    I am already trading at zerodha and using price alert on 5paisa? And 5paisa is also good.

  165. Ranvir says:

    omg Nithin sir … you are amazing. how did u build this technology…. simply great sir…

  166. Jagadeesh says:

    Happy that a real time scanner is introduced which makes it easier to scan. I once subscribed to screener by smallcase but very much disappointed by the lack of features i wish it had. My honest suggestion or request for zerodha is to create a great scanner tool, like chartink which i think is incredible.

  167. Manish says:

    Finally its here… Much awaited tool… Thanks a lot for this… Highly appreciate it

  168. karan says:

    Bahut hi badhiya banaye ho guru.

  169. arvind says:

    thanks nithin & team zerodha !!!!

    this is most important feature for traders ..thanks for fulfilling wish ?

    waiting for sms notification ( as net dont work sometimes in some places).

  170. vijay r says:

    Nice enhancement..rocking

  171. Deepak says:

    Thank s

  172. Baskar says:

    After June 30 what will happen and what will the charge

  173. Pratik says:

    Thanks Zerodha,
    For reducing stress

  174. Zeenath says:

    Thanks for alerts.system.If possible stocks and mcx alerts expecting ups or down to be included

  175. Pramod says:

    Really it is needed for traders.
    Thanks to zerodha for bringing this type of alert.
    Superb nitin

  176. kazi123 says:

    Kudos to team Zerodha

  177. P Suresh says:

    Thanks to zerodha for this feature introducing

  178. Ritesh Jaiswal says:

    Very Useful

  179. James says:

    Awesome, you guys are superrrr!!!, cheers to team zerodha from the Indian traders community!!!

  180. Piyush ninawe says:

    A simple trigger alert of order placed (with vibration) in phone when the app is running or not is the must have thing in modern trading..
    If sentinel is doing that then its great upgrade…
    If not then kindly add this to kite

  181. Ajish says:

    Great Idea. Keep going

  182. Prashant singh says:

    Really wonderfull.tx u so much

  183. Abbas says:


    I can execute my trades much better now.

  184. Gyanendra Kumar says:

    Great effort waiting for button also

  185. Satya Prakash Choudhary says:

    That’s great news for zerodhaians

  186. Sriram. says:

    Nice one… MRket tips is somethi g which would be very useful and competitive.

  187. Robin says:


  188. Rajagopal malathy says:

    We expect OCO orders from Zerodha soon.

  189. Bhavya saboo says:

    Zerodha , the retail investors and traders chariot!!

  190. Subhadip says:

    Thanks a lot…excellent…

  191. PRASHANTH N says:

    What are the charges levied after June 30th .

  192. Mike says:

    How much charge?

  193. Balaji M says:

    Awaiting this feature eagerly. Now I can set alerts and browse other screens without worrying on market status. Thanks Zerodha!

  194. Saurabh says:

    Was long waiting for such a thing. Thanks zerodha for keeping up good work. Is sentinel live?

  195. Vidya sagar singh says:

    Make kite more option and colour full

  196. Milan says:

    This was much needed! Nithin, you never fail to amaze!

  197. Venkatesh says:

    Come in right time
    Very useful

  198. Sumantra Chabri says:

    Nice endeavour. When can I avail this facility? Am I need an extra app other than kite ?

  199. Prabhu M says:

    Wow that’s fun?

  200. Prakul says:

    What are the charges for this system?

  201. Nitesh Kumar says:

    Let see dear

  202. Prashanth says:

    Woow really suprrrre

  203. Raghav says:

    Looks like what you guys promised, mother of all alerts engine. 🙂


    Nice nitin it a great tool for both investors and traders… But we were expecting good till cancel order…
    But i think to some extent it will do that work also…

  205. Hari says:

    Awesome 🙂

  206. Ankur Bhargava says:

    This is really a good initiative and will definitely benefit a lot of people


    Again a great feature from zerodha.
    Keep up the enhancement

  208. somnath says:

    Thanks guys

  209. Abhijeet Pandharinath pawar says:

    I want market tips

  210. Sandeep says:

    Superb, best of luck zerodha.?

    • Dipesh Bujad says:

      Superb sir,

      Please make alert ? for example if price of cipla is right now Rs.550 and i want to buy from Rs.555 ,so when it is Rs.555 i get the alert or automatic buy.

      • Matti says:

        You’ll get an alert, you’ll still have to place the order yourself. You can also just place an SL buy order at 555 on Kite and it’ll be executed once the stock hits 555.

      • Yogesh bhardwaj says:

        You actually don’t need a alert you just enter SL order and it will happen automatically.

    • RAJU DHINGIA says:


    • Gopinath says:

      Can we get rollover option in futures contract??

    • Saurabh says:

      hey ! will it work for 5 min candle closing price alert ? if yes i will use otherwise no use

    • mohiyoddin says:

      These alerts are useful when linked with any suitable indicator not with the price of some X STOCK IS RELATED TO Y . i think it is simply waste of time and utterly wasteful effort.

      • Faisal says:

        The usability depends on what strategy you are using to trade. There are about 15 different scrip data points(LTP, LTQ, OI, etc) that you can use in multiple ways to trigger alerts.
        If you are looking at triggers based on Indicators, have you tried Streak yet? 🙂