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August 8, 2018

Investors & Traders,

Through Varsity, TradingQ&A, and Z-Connect we have continuously tried to share as much knowledge as possible. After 8 years as Zerodha and interacting with lakhs of investors and traders, there is still a lot to be done to empower/upskill people through education.

To make information about trading, investment, and finance easier, accessible, and industry-driven, we have partnered LearnApp as part of our Rainmatter initiative in our quest to broaden financial literacy. Prateek Singh is the founder and CEO of LearnApp.com and the co-founders are Swati Sharma, Ankush Oberoi and Sohail Alam who have all been friends for about a decade now. Below is the post by Prateek introducing the platform.

Find below a post by Prateek introducing the platform.

What if you could learn from the Chief investment officer of ICICI, Aditya Birla or IDFC? What if traders could learn from hedge fund managers managing hundreds of millions of dollars? With LearnApp, you now can.

  • Movie like video courses on Investing and trading
  • Strategies taught by Industry leaders
  • Assessment quiz after lessons
  • Live interactive classes by practitioners
  • Enrol @Rs. 375 per month (charged yearly) or Rs. 500 per month (Charged 3 monthly) to access all courses and live classes.

To learn more or visit learnapp.co.

Learn from the best

What is LearnApp?

There exists a skill gap between our college education and the real world. LearnApp fills this gap. Industry leaders teach real-world skills that we cannot learn in any institution.

LearnApp is our attempt at building world-class video courses and live classes at an affordable price.

The Course Lineup

Here are some useful courses that could get you started, there are 14 courses to explore:


S. Naren teaches value investing

Naren shares what strategies worked and what did not in his career in fund management. He teaches value investing with a framework you can use. One huge pro of this course is that you get a ready framework to apply to your investments. One con is that value investing is a slow process, you need to have patience.

Mahesh Patil teaches how to decode economic indicators

When I first started trading I would try to find stocks that would react to oil, inflation or GDP numbers. Back then It was a bit difficult since I didn’t understand the implications of the economic data. This course not only explains each indicator but also its impact on sectors. One huge pro of this course is that you can pinpoint sectors that will react to the upcoming news. One con is that you will have to find the stocks yourself that lead a sector.


Tom Basso teaches trend trading

The first Book I first read as a budding trader was Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. Tom Basso was one of them, I am proud to say that he has built an amazing course on trend trading. A huge pro for this course is that they teach in Indian stocks as well. It is expected in September that he will take a live class as well, get ready!

G Bharadwaj teaches scalping

In and out within 60 seconds. That takes some skill! G. Bharadwaj shows stock selection, entry/exit criteria and risk management. One pro of this course is seeing a unique trading style, after all, Bharadwaj has won the 60-day Challenge 10 times in a row. One con of this course is that the stock selection criteria could be taught in more detail, to mitigate this Bharadwaj is taking two live classes.

Quiz Assessment

Assess your understanding of the subject

Learning happens only when there is a feedback loop. Once you learn, you must revise. To do this we have an interactive quiz with a timer. Soon we’ll release an update where you will experience quiz with charts/graphs and analytics on your learning progress.

Live Classes

Live classes offer a platform to interact with mentors realtime. A live chat two-way communication with the mentor on voice stream. These classes are intermediate to advanced and must be attended after you take the relevant video courses.

Interact with mentors realtime

LearnApp will conduct over 24 live online classes in Hindi/English on Trading & Investing in August. The mentors try their best to read the live chat and answer your questions on the spot. The lineup for August can be found here.

Interactive classes in English & Hindi


Enrol to access all courses and all live classes. Nothing is charged after you enrol.

  • Rs. 375 per month for 12-month enrollees. (Rs. 4500 +GST)
  • Rs. 500 per month for 3-month enrollees. (Rs. 1500+GST)

Upcoming features

Hindi Dubbing

All courses being dubbed in Hindi by artists working with National Geographic and discovery.

New series

Apart from working on new trading and investing courses, we will release a series on Entrepreneurship too. The best in the country are participating.

IIM Professors

In our quest to create the best content possible we are filming additional video courses with IIM professors.

Get started, visit LearnApp.co

Happy learning!

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Naveen says:

    Hello Team, when I visit the subscription page. It shows membership is full and I’m unable to go the paid learning page. Any help?

    Love the work you guys do.

    Thanks & regards,

  2. mehul bhadada says:

    sir I made payment for varsity certification course but have no details of my registration or anything please help!

  3. Jayaraj says:

    I Just subscribed to learn app one year plan. The course conducted by g bharadwaj is completely waste of time not worth to money paid. Please don’t take subscription based on this thread or trailer from learn app.

    • Pulkit Lalwani says:

      Hi Jayaraj, hope you are doing well!

      May we know what did we miss out on the course? What were your expectations and how we could not meet the same? Have you checked out some of the other courses, would request you to go through other courses taught by industry stalwarts and offer great insights along with outstanding strategies! 🙂

  4. Mani says:

    Hi, link is not working for 3 month plan. It shows only 12 months plan.

    Can you check and reply ?

    • Pulkit Lalwani says:

      Hey Mani,

      We only offer annual subscriptions, unfortunately, we have discontinued the quarterly plan!

      If you want to check some content on the platform, feel free to click on any course and the first topic of all the courses is free to watch.

  5. Elif kotadiya says:

    Will i get certificate after completing the different courses ?

  6. RK Podili says:

    I did go through the link today and i get an error

    403 ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied.
    Request blocked. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: 9qCwW5f3l7c6hagU45FZG5u2WQEm87261jR5Pj-8GDaRtEOHFVDJBg==

    Hope this is a temporary error that could be corrected.

    • Pulkit Lalwani says:

      Hi sir,

      We apology for the error and inconvenience caused.

      Is there a possibility that you are using learnapp.com on your office device, or is there VPN enabled on the device?

      Are you facing the same issue on your mobile as well?

      Looking forward to your response.

  7. Sushil says:

    Can you guide on the language the classes or videos are available?

    • Pulkit Lalwani says:

      Hi Sushil,

      Most of our courses and classes are conducted in English, there are some courses where mentor have used Hindi phrases to explain the concept in easier language, but we have English subtitles to cover the non-Hindi audience. We are also working on the Hindi dubbing of some courses! Hope this helps!

  8. Jerrin George says:

    Lesrnapp.co is down.. Anybody knows what happened??

  9. Anudip Ray says:

    Hi Team,

    I am an unemployed person wanted to know if i can make career as an online trader and make the income to survive without doing job , as i job i find no growth only politics and severe health issue , i want to invest my time and get knowledge here rather doing job which will anytime will go off even you put all your effort and hard time and also de-moralise self esteem, so please suggest me i want to be full time trader and want to give time and effort so that i enjoy a life with self esteem and earn more than job and make the money without licking any once back .

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Anudip, you should learn trading and investing skills but not rely on it for immediate income. For that you still need to do a job, wealth from markets comes after many years of experience, even if you have LearnApp or Varsity the road is long ahead – learning platforms can only shorten the curve. Start learning immediately, don’t waste any more time but set your expectations of earning a few years from now.

      This is my honest opinion 🙂

  10. Pulkit Lalwani says:

    Hey Akshay,

    Our plans are subscription-based, once your subscription expires, the user has to enroll again to watch the previous courses and classes!

  11. Akshay says:

    Post subscription completes, do we stil retain access to the app and go thru recorded sessions. Say I enrolled for 3 months pack and once 3 months are completed. Do I still retain access to see previous recorded sessions?

  12. Akshay says:

    I watched the trailer and wants to join the course as soon as possible. But, I want to ask you, Is it a certified course?
    Like, after completing the course, are we going to receive any certificate?

  13. Krishna Kumar says:

    Any course based on Darvas box strategy

  14. ASHISH SHARMA says:


  15. jeeth rai says:

    Hi, i have registered and am currently going through your courses. Excellent job..
    I have 2 queries,
    1) You have kept the recordings of the classes for 7 days only. Isnt it possible to archive all the recording so that the paid uses can go through it.
    2) Can you introduce price action and some techniques of price action trading in learn app. Would like to learn more perspectives of price action.
    Thanks again.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thank you Jeeth! Glad you are enjoying LearnApp.

      1) Recordings will always stay: In the next 60 days or so we intend to create a new flow for the live classes. The classes will cease to have a time limit an can be viewed by premium users at any time. Yay!

      2) Checkout the live classes by Prateek Sharma, he teaches only price action strategies. You will love it, I promise!

      Happy learning 🙂

  16. Jeeth Rai says:

    Hi, learn app is a good concept. well done guys..
    I have attended some of your classes on trade academy a few years back. Found it very useful.
    I want to attend a few trading classes on learn app specially Tom Basso and G. Bharadwaj’s classes. Can i watch their old course recordings or should i have to wait for them to conduct the next classes.
    Also when are they conducting the next class?
    Thank you.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thank you Jeeth 🙂
      All video courses can be accessed at anytime during your subscription, no problem! The live classes schedule can be seen here, hope you find something that interests you: https://learnapp.co/live/all (BTW a new schedule with 40 new classes is going up by tomorrow).

  17. Zahid says:

    How to enroll for 3 months classes and are the classes held online or offline,how to pay fee ,after enrollment how do I know I have been enrolled .

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Zahid, These are video courses you can watch at anytime at your convenience. Included in your subscription are live classes too. Visit learnapp.co and signup, after subscribing you will get instant access to the courses and live classes. If you have any questions please email help[at]learnapp[dot]co

  18. Radhika says:

    Worst service worst platform. Had never in my life seen a service company being so callous in their attitude towards customers. I haven’t even begun trading and I am already wanting to come out of Zerodha. A special mention on Ms, Kiran Kaur who will never answer your call no matter how hard you try!! Ridiculous team. Landline directions are again a mismatch with the client id format

  19. Archit Gupta says:

    Hello Prateek sir.
    I am a huge admirer of your work and particularly of your Learnapp initiative. As a CA/CFA student I particularly love attending the live virtual classes conducted by renowned experts in that particular topic/field.

    The concept is really amazing and it has helped me and countless others a lot. Can’t thank you enough for starting this.
    But, I also have a few humble suggestions, which I will like to mention here. (with all due respect to your knowledge and insights)

    I want Learnapp to be “the source” for 1.Technical Analysis 2.Derivatives Trading(particularly options).
    3. Commodities Trading, and not just wrt the theory modules but basically how can we apply these concepts in ever-changing, volatile market dynamics should also be covered thoroughly. (live virtual classes, simulation classes are a great example of that).PDF notes etc can help a lot as well. Quality of the content should be on par with the leading institutes in India/abroad.

    A full-fledged course, on these topics divided into 3 parts beginner, intermediate, and advanced will be of great help to enthusiasts/professional finance/financial markets students/traders alike. The reason why I am mentioning this is, my experience with courses/workshops on these few topics have been very dismal. So many websites/experts/tv pundits etc are claiming to be ‘God’ of this and that and in lieu of that, they are charging an exorbitant fee for the same with sub-par content and bogus claims of instant profits and what not. As a finance student and professional, this bothers me a lot and hence I took this initiative to write a long note to you on a public forum.

    Once again as I write this, with all due respect and admiration, I want to repeat that what you have done is of great help and importance to all of us specially when we all know how dismal financial literacy is in India and this need to be addressed urgently which you and your team have and are constantly doing with this amazing platform.

    You are a seasoned professional/entrepreneur while I am just an enthusiast /newbie finance student and this is just a humble suggestion to you sir. I am a huge fan/admirer of you and Abid Hassan sir ( founder of Sensibull ).
    Looking forward to hearing and learning from you.
    PS: I hope you guys create a forum/community of Learnapp users so that we can interact with each other on a regular basis, discuss and debate, organize meetups etc at regular intervals.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Archit!
      So overwhelmed by your response. Thank you for taking the time out to write this. The entire team at LearnApp has read this 🙂

      PDF notes is something we do offer is someone asks over email. We will make this a feature soon, give us some time.

      Your suggestion on grading the course by difficulty ‘Beginner’ ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’ is something that will be released in the next version, expected in June. We are creating ‘Playlists’. We have a playlist for ‘Beginner Investors’, ‘Investing Strategies’, ‘Trading Strategies’ etc..

      As we add more content we will create more playlists and hopefully some day a nice recommendation engine too! One problem with LearnApp is that the process to create one single course is very lengthy. We sit with a mentor for 5 hours to outline his/her course then another 4-5 hours to film them. The editing process has 4 levels of iteration before it goes live too.

      The real hero here is the Mentor, they do this to give back to us – their motivation is only to help. If you liked a course you should tweet to them to show that it helped. That’s their reward 🙂

      What courses would you like to see? We listen to every suggestion and try to implement it!

  20. Parikshith says:

    Hey Guys. Sumptuous effort. Before enrolling, one quick question.
    Does the packaging have any soft copy reference notes sort of a thing or does it ask us to make self notes from the videos ?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Parikshith!
      We used to have PDF for each course but the analytics suggested people were not using them. Maybe after an engaging video many did not find a PDF helpful? For now we have paused that effort. The quiz we have should really help measure progress. Happy learning 🙂

  21. Jayesh Khatri says:

    When the next class of scalp trading is going to start?

  22. Surya says:

    Learnapp – Brilliant brilliant concept !! Please do more videos from Industry Experts, the knowledge they share is priceless.. Thank you Prateek and Learnapp! Please do more live classes on Algotrading and option writing..

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thank you Surya! Some crazy trading related courses being shot in April which will release in May. I promise you it is worth the wait 😀

  23. Sam says:

    Why Bhardwaj classes are taken down scalping.

  24. HITESH PUNJABI says:

    Will this course provide basic or advance knowledge in stock market and will it make me job ready in financial company. And if required will I get chance to work as an intern in any of these companies to get practical exposure

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hitesh, we have basic courses as well as more advanced ones. Since you have access to all courses after you join, you can find what interests you the most. The courses are built to be practical and useful in the real world 🙂 Enjoy!

  25. HITESH PUNJABI says:

    Hi, I am Hitesh Punjabi CA Final Student. I want to know the fees of the course and will i get certificate. Please provide a contact number so that I can ask my doubts and who can guide

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Hitesh!
      LearnApp’s subscription is Rs. 500 per month (quarterly or yearly plans) giving you access to all video content and live classes. Nothing needs to be paid after you have enrolled. We don’t provide a certificate right now but I promise, you will enjoy the classes 🙂 Also, doing certification courses is on our roadmap, but will take some time.

      Write an email to us help [at] learnapp [dot] co and we will respond!


    We are very very thankful to you and team of zerodha for such a tremendous effort. As you are already providing us with the Knowledge of Stock Market, Fundamental Analysis, Technical, Future & Options and so on and now Z Connect Platform. Thank You So Much, Sir, for this.

    Last but not the Least – A very Special thanks to our mentor, our Guru Karthik Rangappa Sir.

  27. raja ram singh says:

    I have seen the learnapp site. please tell in all video classes and all course how to use in live market. how to actually take trade to chose one stock. in sectors or many stocks how to identify them. please tell intraday trading videos.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Raja, we have a lot of topics being covered so please visit learnapp.co and see the video courses and live class section. When you enrol you get access to all content.

  28. vikas says:

    yesterday on kite zerodha there was a link for 3 day trail for learnapp.
    today on learnapp site the 3 day trail is not available
    can u help out

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Vikas, visit the website and login using your Kite ID. You will automatically be given 3 days free access if you are a first time user. enjoy!

  29. Karan Jatav says:

    I m a user of Zerodha and all I expect from your platform for education is to create a Mock Kite app or set a mock section in the current kite app so that before getting into real trading user feels confident that he has the grasp of your app and the stock market, please create something like “moneybhai” from moneycontrol, but totally identical to Kite and bug free with all the features, not many of the brokers are doing this the right way. Create a perfect paper trading app.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Karan. LearnApp most likely wont build a mock trading app. But I see the benefit of having something like that.

  30. sat says:

    hi…do i get all sessions previously done(recording) if i enroll next week….or only live n upcoming classes…?

  31. Kushagra Aggrawal says:

    hey !! can u please tell me when will the hindi dubbed version will be available???

  32. Lalith says:

    I Think LearnApp will be a very good place to start learning about Markets. The Idea is very exciting. Great to hear from the legends. I hope there will be more Knowledge.

  33. Guhan says:

    Hi Good Morning, I came across the below offer from LearnApp
    “Get one Month extra access if you subscribe after the trial and 3 months extra if you subscribe to the 12 month plan”. Does mean that existing subscribers period will also extended. I mean I have subscribed for an year, so my subscription time will also get extended by 3 months.


    Just no words, it’s now companies like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo would start hiring people who learnt from LearnApps rather than searching the talent in MBA colleges. Knowledge is now almost free for common man, this thing is sure to bring revolution in investing. Zerodha which is the best is adding the best.

  35. Abhishek Upadhyay says:

    Can we download recorded videos and refer later when we are offline

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      There is no offline viewing feature yet, but the videos stream pretty well and should not be an issue.

      • Abhishek Upadhyay says:

        We had to stream in a browser isn’t there any app. Also how come these videos are different from plenty of videos on YouTube. I am a great fan of zeodha service as they are tend setter in their field and also the way you people share insight information

        • Prateek-Singh says:

          The courses are structured, to the point and our live classes allow you to ask questions and get all your doubts cleared. That, I think is really effective 🙂

  36. Sadath says:

    Ya its helpful .n I want to join, can I pay in instalment basis?

  37. Harsh says:

    As a beginner, do I go to varsity first and then come here or can I directly start from here without going to varsity?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      I’ve learnt alot from Varsity myself. Star there and if you need more come to LearnApp 🙂

      • Prateek-Singh says:

        I have learnt alot from Varsity myself. Would suggest you start there, Karthik is a genius! You can always join LearnApp after that.

  38. MSP says:

    Hello Zerodha and team.,
    Thanks for empowering us with another ingenious product, now in terms of training and knowledge.

    Zerodha varsity is my go to source of knowledge for all matters related to trading and investing.
    When my friends / relatives ask for any queries related to trading and investing, I redirect them to Zerodha Varsity without a second thought. Thank you K. Rangappa and N.Kamat!

    I genuinely wish and hope that in future Zerodha Varsity metamorphose itself into an interactive / animated medium.

    Thank you!

  39. Gagan says:

    Are there any benefits specific to Zerodha customer.
    I see prices are same irrespective whether you are Zerodha customer or not.

  40. Harshendu Gor says:

    are these classes having specified courses/training on Commodity/Equity/derivate. etc respectively, & for intraday/long term stay etc. or been given same technical/fundamental analysis for all.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Harshendu,
      we run live classes on almost any topic imaginable. Ironically, commodities are not introduced yet, but it’s a matter of time before it is. Check out the live classes and courses on learnapp.co

  41. Guhan says:

    First of all thank you, learn app was really helpful, actually I signed up for full year subscription when I heard of learning initiative called LearnApp in august. Also made few of my friends to sign up so that they don’t lose money!!!!

    Is it possible for you guys to include option class that talks about strategies that can be adjusted according to market conditions. More classes like David Sir’s.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thank you Guhan for your kind words! I hope your friends also benefit from LearnApp 😀

      We have some nice option strategy live classes coming up. In addition to that we have an awesome course on option strategies coming up in the next 2 weeks. It’s a very detailed course on how to use spreads if you have a market view.
      We launch a new course every week, two brand new courses going live tonight.

  42. Shyam says:

    Dear sir,

    Thanks for reply. Hope this happens in october . I will subscribe shortly.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Visit learnapp dot co and head on to the live classes section. Abid Hassan himself will be teaching 3 classes on options. I’m sure you will like them 🙂

  43. Archit Agarwal says:

    Please do a class in option chain analysis please

  44. Shyam says:

    Dear sir,

    Please conduct a course on market profile,orderflow analysis nd volume profile analysis

  45. Uday Reddy says:

    Here u showed 375/month and when I clicked on enroll it showing entire amount
    I want to pay like monthly

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Uday!
      We have only 3 monthly and yearly plans. Since we release new courses every week and run live classes, three months is the minimum you need to benefit from the platform 🙂

  46. Sagar says:

    Hey guys,

    I believe many of you have already enrolled the course and watched the videos. Just wanted to know about the quality of knowledge delivered by the instructors. Have you applied the same knowledge in the trading sessions? what is the success count before this knowledge and after it? I hope it will be great for all who want this course based on your experiences.


  47. Vikram says:

    From when September classes will start. I want to enrol for the courses.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Vikram!
      We run classes in a continuous cycle. You don’t need to wait, join and start attending the classes 🙂

  48. Archit Agarwal says:

    I watched every video of yours on youtube and was waiting for new videos now I can see them on learnapp

  49. Deepak rathore says:

    Zerodha is always famous for doing unique things for the client and employees and again zerodha proved this .
    Seriously waiting for this , thanks alot .

  50. Shivu says:

    I wana knw about courses detail..do we get all type of course video access!?
    How frequently you add videos

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Shivu!
      1) To see the course details just click on any course on learnapp.co
      2) Once you enrol you get full access to ALL videos and ALL live classes.
      3) We try to add 3-4 courses every month.

  51. Pravin says:

    Hi ..It now working …Thanks for quick reply

  52. Pravin says:

    I am not able to access learn app on mobile ….

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Sorry to hear that! send a screenshot to help [at] learnapp [dot] [co] along with the browser you use and what mobile manufacturer. We’ll get this solved asap!

  53. Roy says:

    Great job. But shouldn’t the live classes videos be available for review for subscribers till their subscription expires ?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Interesting suggestion, we keep them for 24 hours so learners can review it by then. The class will repeat the next month allowing you to attend again.I’ll share your idea with the team, if we all agree – shall implement!

      Thank you Roy 🙂

  54. Mani says:

    also a search bar to find classes will be of lots of help

  55. Mani says:

    where can I find the recorded video of live classes?

  56. Ashwini says:


    Do you guys have an app for this?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Ashwini! Unfortunately we dont and the App development has not even begun yet. I am guessing it’s going to take a while. Android or iOS?


    Good Job Nitin & Prateek. Two great minds at work 🙂

  58. Srini says:

    I have enrolled for learnapp. After I login and select the course; I don’t see the content all I see is Black screen and Ask a Question box active below. I had tried from Different browser (Chrome, Firefox from Laptop) and had also tried from Mobile.

  59. Deeapk says:

    repeating this question please answer
    Can I pay for the subscription amount from my zerodha kite free cash available balance ?

  60. Vijay says:

    Hi Pradeek,

    Watched the recording of your first Live class. It was fantastic. Couple of suggestions:

    1. There is no way we can clear our doubts while watching recordings. I think there should be a way to ask questions even for offline viewers. It need not be answered live.
    2. There should be some channel to talk to instructors.
    3. There can be links to some useful sites/books related to sessions.

    Looking forward to your next classes.


    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Vijay,
      So glad you enjoyed using LearnApp 🙂

      This is a really good suggestion, currently after 24 hrs the live class disappears. So perhaps the discussion should not be under that class. Maybe if we created a forum divided by say investing, trading etc? Perhaps that will solve this.

      Useful sites and books we will add in the existing course material for sure. Thank you for your review Vijay, we will implement!

  61. k.Manjunaath says:

    appreciate the work you are doing. can we have a DVD like thing as some of us may not be able to learn as fast as the youngsters not free but at the charges you fix after completing the course.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Manjunath,
      Unfortunately we do not provide DVD’s on completion of the course. Thank you for the suggestion
      though 🙂

  62. Jagadish says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Congrats and thanks a ton for this initiative.

    We can have coursed offered by many sites in the market but however not affordable for most of them. This step is in the right direction will cater to those groups who were looking for alternatives.
    My suggestion would be to categorize the course such as

    Derivative Traders
    1) Course X
    2) Course y
    3) Course z

    1) Course X
    2) Course y
    3) Course z

    So that will help people to choose the right path or courses.


    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Jagadish! Wonderful suggestion. We will implement once we add the next 5 courses. We’ll also add a path so learners can start from basics and slowly move upwards.

      The dream is, affordable, best in class mentors and cutting edge content. The race is on!

  63. Nisha Sajnani says:

    Great initiative by the team. Today’s youth wants to invest but lack knowledge of doing it well. It would be great if you add the basics of investment too along with the advices and courses from industry experts.. It’ll be an all in one app

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Nisha!
      Totally right, infact the industry experts explain the basics really well. In upcoming courses we are diving deeper!

  64. Aziz says:

    Phone nomber send me I am talking with you

  65. Vego says:

    i am only interested in one course,but irrespective of one or all the courses the payment remains the same
    is what i gather.
    Correct me if i am wrong

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hello Vego!
      Yes, the enrolment is all access. If interested in only one course I would recommend to wait until you see more courses that you find interesting. You can explore the live classes as well: https://learnapp.co/live/all

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  66. Kiran Suryavanshi says:

    It is very nice initiative. I would like to be a part of it if the time table suits me but I need formal training. thanks

  67. Wasim says:


    I have just entered stock market a month back with zero knowledge. Studied something on technical analysis from varsity. Want to learn A-Z, whatever is mentioned here. Is it possible by enrolling here and of course dedicating the time. What are the pre- requisite.

    I am Finance illiterate

  68. Deepak Saraswat says:

    Can I pay for the subscription amount from my zerodha kite free cash available balance ?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Deepak, apologies for missing your question. No, you cannot pay from your Kite account, head on to Learnapp’s website and use the payment gateway to enroll.

      Thank you, have a great weekend!

  69. Deepak says:

    Great job Nithin & Team.I learned trading from varsity.video tut will helpful for all new comers to the trading world.

    Once again Great job team

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hello Deepak!
      Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂
      We are adding lots more intermediate to to advanced content over the next 60 days, stay tuned 🙂

  70. vikram dewan says:

    the courses mentioned here are gonna helpful for a beginner or not? beginner in the sense just new to trading and just started leaning ABC of trading.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Vikram,
      Actually at LearnApp’s current stage if you took all courses and live classes then this is perfect for a beginner. Very advanced traders will not enjoy LearnApp right now. In the next 60 days however that will change. We are adding 3 trading specific, backtested strategies – By then it will be useful to all levels of traders 🙂

      • Prateek-Singh says:

        I would recommend to take the trend trading course live class and video course then the rest.

        • Vikram says:

          I couldn’t find teen trading course…which one to take among financial services, investing, trading, entrepreneurship….I am confused, as I told u I am just started catching this things

  71. pradeep says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    Great initiative.
    Are there any courses planned in Futures?
    I can see for options, but nothing for Futures.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Pradeep!
      What kind of things would you like to be explored in the futures course? We are likely to start this soon.

      • pradeep says:

        Hello Prateek,

        Futures, as you know is a different ball game altogether compared to cash market.
        Hence different strategies, OI movements, other Future specific parameters, entry/exit etc.
        Thanks once again.

  72. Vinay says:

    Hey prateek,

    Love that you are responding to the comments. I have a question. Can I get one month access as I am Interested in the scalping class. I do not want the 3 month option as I will waste the opportunity and money.

    Thanks and the trailers look fantastic! 🙂

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Vinay!
      Unfortunately we do not have a one month plan. Perhaps you could wait before you subscribe, I got some great feedback on the Bharadwaj course and we are working on adding more content over the next week. Perhaps it’s better suited for you to join after this new content has been added 🙂

      You will miss the live class though on Saturday by Bharadwaj but hopefully you will be able to attend the next if he decides to do one more.

      All the best!

  73. GK says:

    Awesome Nithin and Prateek, it’s simply awesome. Can’t imagine the huge fortune to be interacting with someone of the scale of Tom Basso. He is wizard of the wizards. What Pros will teach, ws may not be able to take everything or even something immediately. But the kind of stuff that they speak or teach is going to be awesome. All the best. Now I just have one Rodha ( barrier). That I will tell only if Nithin himself asks me what that is ☺️☺️

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey GK,
      I think the best part of this was interacting with these stalwarts. Thank you for reading the post 🙂

  74. GK says:

    Awesome Mithun and Prateek, it’s simply awesome. Can’t imagine the huge fortune to be interacting with someone of the scale of Tom Basso. He is wizard of the wizards. What Pros will teach, ws may not be able to take everything or even something immediately. But the kind of stuff that they speak or teach is going to be awesome. All the best. Now I just have one Rodha ( barrier). That I will tell only if Nithin himself asks me what that is ☺️☺️

  75. Deepak Saraswat says:


    One specific question will these courses be based on
    specific / practical / trading strategies which are applied in real world and back tested throughly
    and which are usable to earn money.
    or only
    of academic/ informative / theoretical nature which is all good for ear which loads the brain with too much
    unnecessary information overload and
    at the end of day
    useless for earning money.
    sorry for harshness

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Not harsh at all 🙂
      In the next 40 days we are releasing 3 strategies that can be followed, backtested thoroughly. The money part is completely dependent on your discipline and personality. I think a course can only give you 30% of what is needed to be successful.

  76. Hardik Bhatt says:

    Please allow the zerodha account holders to use learnapp without any extra subscription charges.

    Its a request.

    • Ankush-LearnApp says:

      Hardik, thank you for your request.
      But do you see the price being a major obstacle to all the courses that LearnApp is providing?

  77. Ravi Kumar says:

    Excellent job by Zerodha team. Will it be also available on app?

  78. Deep Desai says:

    Despite Being A Sub-Broker Of Motilal Oswal, I Must Say Team Zerodha Is Doing Extra Ordinary.
    I Am Having Simultaneous Shocks(In A Good Way) From The Team.
    I Am Sure If Investor & Trader Education Goes At This Speed (Not Only Education But Everything You Offer) , Full Service Brokers Gonna Suffer (Incl. MOSL).
    I Am So Much Happy.
    Thank You Team.

  79. Digvijay Singh says:

    I think the universe heard my prayers.

    Thanksalot. Godbless.

  80. Pulkit says:

    Great Initiative.

    Much needed for the trading community 😀

  81. Siddharth Kotkar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I checked the value investing course and saw the introductory video which I found very useful. After checking out the course content ,I saw the video content is of only 65 mins..
    Do you think so little content is enough to atleast cover all the major aspects of value investing.?
    Also, if someone has a doubt can they connect with the mentor to clear their doubts?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Siddharth,
      I agree, the content is not enough. This course is a great introduction to how value investing works. Over the next few months you will see more in-depth content added to it. You could perhaps join then?

      For questions, each video has a discussion under it so all your doubts can be cleared.

      I promise, the quality of content will keep improving. Support us with some time and we will build
      a platform India can be proud of.

      • Prateek-Singh says:

        And oh, we make up for some really heavy content on Value investing in the live classes. Those classes are gold.

  82. Surya Chaturvedi says:

    Hi..Firstly it’s amassing to hear that top market expert will teach us there GURU MANTAR to be successfull in stock market, so thanks to team zerodha for such an effort.

    I have couple of question for you
    1) I mostly trade in options & futures, So would this topics will be covered in this class
    2) Will there be class on how to read the chats, how & when to use lagging and leading indicator’s, candle stick pattern, etc.

  83. Karthik says:

    Are there any trial of the classes and do you assure cashback if not satisfied.
    How long it might take for a beginner to make a profitable intraday.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hello Karthik!
      Thank you for reading the post. There are no cashback but I would encourage you to take
      the live free class on Saturday 🙂

      For a beginner to be profitable intraday is a tough question. I dont think just taking our courses is enough, it is probably only 30% of the journey. The rest is about patience and discipline to trade ons strategy for a long time and actually following it.

      That is something now course can teach, only experience can I think 🙂

  84. Resham says:

    Sir,how to join learning app and what to learn

  85. Venkatesh says:

    Can i connect using Zerodha details? its forwarding to wordpress site. Let me know where n how to login using kite login n pw.

  86. S.RAMYA says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Super Effort please carry on…. This Live Classes- Cost also Very Very Affordable for me better than Other Mentors..
    I also read Mr.Bhardwaj article from our Portal i am very impressed…

  87. Rushi Karia says:

    Great work. Industry really need something of this kind which would encourage people to learn about the markets and gain insight from expert investors and traders. Also pls guide if partner can get any benefit from refferral.
    Keep it Up as Zerodha Team is a Game changer.

    Good Luck

  88. Akshay Joshi says:

    Hello Zerodha, currently i am giving CA exams so won’t be able to apply for now… Can i start this after November? Will i miss anything??

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      You should definitely focus on your exams right now, there will always be time to learn in November 🙂
      You will miss a bunch of classes, but in the long term it doesnt matter!

      All the best for your exams, I’m sure you will SHINE!

  89. D.Rajendran says:

    Dear Nithin,
    How about attending to webinars selectively say like Tom Basso and of my choice only.
    Can you make some provision if I choose to attend.
    Charges are exorbitant.
    Does it worth?
    Anyway you collecting the money first.
    Just Business.
    Reminds me “Money is more than God”.
    Good luck.

  90. rakesh gode says:

    great work sir please this traning
    translet to hindi

  91. vinayak shinde says:


  92. T.GOPALAN says:

    would definitely love to enroll. pl advise by mail how to enroll and in addition to the videos , will there by pdf books/reading materials sent to enhance the learning.
    the early amount is R 3900 plus taxes and will this be deducted from our trading account

    pl advise, good initiative

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hello Gopalan,
      Nothing will be deducted from trading account. Please visit learnapp.co and enrol. For any questions you have
      please email [email protected]

      To answer your question, yes we have PDF reading materials for the courses as well viewable online (not downloadable).

      See you soon

  93. Laxmikant Patil says:

    I’m with Zerodha since last one year.
    Thanks to Zerodha for providing a useful platform. Being a technical person I couldn’t understand some key words and unable to make full use of this platform. Hence it’s my opinion if Zerodha providing a face to face interaction training program for beginners.

    • Hi Laxmikant,

      The live classes are are 2 way interactive session with the mentor. So you can ask them questions directly which will be answered.

      Also, you can register for the live classes that you would like to attend. In case, of any queries, do write to us at [email protected]

  94. Arup Dey says:

    Isn’t there a free trial offer period, like most of your services have, initially?

    You guys have been good, I really enjoy reading Varsity.

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Arup!
      Unfortunately there is no free access for anyone, however please attend our live class session on Saturday 11th August 11AM (this one class is free).

      I Hope to see you there Arup 🙂

  95. Mayur Undale says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    This is a good initiative. However, would you please help me understand the annual charges mentioned above in the article.
    Rs. 325 per month for 12-month enrollees. (Rs. 4500 +GST)? Rs. 325 X 12 months = Rs. 3,900 + GST. Your calculation says Rs. 4500+GST.
    Would you please give the exact figure?


    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Mayur,
      My post was incorrect, apologies for the confusion.
      For 3 months the enrolment is Rs.1,500+GST
      For 12 months the enrolment is Rs.4,500+GST

      Let me know if there are anything else we can help you with.

  96. Jayakumar says:

    Sir, Is there any chance to translate Tamil?

  97. Pankaj says:

    The best ever thing ever happened in India. This is like my dream come true.very very thank you from bottom of my heart…….it is like short cut to success…

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Pankaj!!
      Thank you for your encouraging words! What do you think should be the next courses on the list?

  98. Anwar Khan says:

    Good job.
    Please do all training in Hindi or Marathi specially for Intraday trading.

  99. Vijay says:

    Nice initiative from Zerodha. What will be timing for Live classes? Will it be there in weekends?

  100. Jay solanki says:

    Really good for us..

  101. chaitanya mahajan says:

    I just want the scalp trading course what is the cost is it available

    • Hey Chaitanya,

      We would like to inform you that G.Bhardwaj is also taking a live class this saturday i.e. 11.08.2018 at 11 AM.
      So if you want to learn this strategy, you should go through the video lesson and then take the live class.

  102. Nantu Barman says:


  103. Ankur agrawal says:

    I wanna join it

  104. Roop Singh H says:


  105. Sivashanmugam says:

    Is any stock market course is available in Tamil nadu please explain

  106. Pulkit Bhatt says:


    The concept which you have introduced was something which was needed from Zerodha.

    It separates you from other traditional conservative brokers where they opened account,give rubbish research calls, charge you hefty brokerages and lack customer service.

    Definitely looking into it.

    Thank you.

  107. Pramod says:

    Quite a commendable step, which was so essential.
    Would love to have modules on “Options Trading” as an essential part of the course!!!

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Pramod,
      Good suggestion, we do not have any video course on the basic of options however we do run live classes
      on this topic. We’ll try to get a video course up too soon.

  108. Santosh Prabhakaran says:

    GRAND! Get the best to share their insights. And keep the fee low so it benefits all segments of the society. That is how trading can be made more popular and democratic. Congrats on a good initiative.

  109. Abhishek Rajurkar says:

    Thanks.. We really need this.. Now finally we got the place where we can resolve our problems and queries…

  110. Nithin says:

    Hi I have a doubt here ,If same classes are repeated everymonth ( u mentioned in above comments ) what is the need to listen it everymonth ?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hi Nithin,
      We introduce new classes as well. But since most learners usually are unable to attend all classes we repeat the classes. Also for topics such as trends we can show latest developments so each class is unique since markets are ever changing.
      The advantage of live classes, I think is that the market data is latest and some of your questions can be answered on the spot.

  111. Khurshid says:

    I want to learn..

  112. Bhalesh patel says:

    How to attend video classes…any link…? Yaa youtube… webinar..?

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Bhalesh, visit learnapp.co and signup after you enroll you can access all the video courses and live classes.
      We have a free class on Saturday, do attend 🙂

  113. Sougata says:

    Well Done Zerodha.

  114. LALIT MOHAN Joshi says:

    We need to free course if you have process free please provide me

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Lalit, Unfortunately there is no free course but please come to the free live class on trends this Saturday. I hope to see you there 🙂

      • KULDEEP says:

        Just want a TEST of the COURSE.

        Is there any FREE DEMO Session so that I could make my mind to enroll in the 3 months course and if I felt it useful, I would sure like to join for 1yr and then for Life Time.

        How can I get a FREE DEMO CLASS?

  115. Ashish says:

    link not working for learnapp.co

  116. Nagaraja MV says:


  117. Sriya says:

    Wow!! This is very helpful for all the investors. Especially for the beginners who can become more knowledgable with your sessions!!

  118. MOHANDAS K G says:

    I am a fresher in the trading. So I think this tutorial will be very much helpful for people like me

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      You will benefit from the live classes too, do take the Tom Basso course on trends to start off with.

      • KULDEEP CHAND says:

        क्‍या अलग-अलग Courses के लिए अलग-अलग Pay करना होगा या एक ही Payment से सभी Courses में Enroll हो जाएगा?
        प्रत्‍येक Course के लिए अलग-अलग Pay करना तो काफी महंगा हो जाएगा।

        • Ankush says:

          एक ही Payment से सभी Courses में Enroll हो जाएगा 🙂 और जब तक आपने subscription ली है तब तक आने वाले Courses भी।

        • Deepak Gupta says:

          Very good

  119. Anil says:

    Awesome job…. I got lot of knowledge from zerodha varsity… so I can definitely expect awesome videos from paid

  120. sonu says:

    Hiii if i want one month then Is it possible ???

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Sonu, since we have alot of live classes and course material up it usually takes more than a month to complete. The minimum subscription is 3 months, but you can attend the live class (Free) on Saturday 🙂

      • Raviprakash Vijay says:

        Which live class prateek sir

        • Prateek-Singh says:

          We do some live classes which are free but not regularly. No plan for a one month subscription yet, I think you would need more time than that to explore all the courses 🙂

  121. Thilagam says:


  122. rohan tiwari says:

    ultimate step

  123. Sivabharathi says:

    Looks like there is some error in this.. Pl correct it..

    Rs. 325 per month for 12-month enrollees. (Rs. 4500 +GST)

  124. Tarang says:

    Prateek and Nithin. Kudos. You people are real Game changers and disruptors of Indian stock market space. These kind of works were long awaited.

  125. joseph don says:

    sir can i enroll this scheme for 3 to 4months?

  126. Pravin says:

    Can live classes will be available in recorded from so that we can see letter ….??

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Hey Pravin, yes each live class is recorded and you have access to it for 24 hours. All classes repeat every month so even if you miss a class or need a revision there is always next month 🙂

      • KULDEEP CHAND says:

        हर महीने क्‍या Same Class ही Repeat होगी क्‍योंकि अगर हर महीने Same Class Repeat होगी, तो फिर 3 महीने या पूरे साल के लिए Enroll करने का क्‍या फायदा?

  127. Jl sharma says:

    Great no words to describe the achievement. Kudos

    • Prateek-Singh says:

      Thank you Sharma ji! We hope we can keep pushing out new courses and making the platform even better.

  128. ShivamD says:

    Commendable . Something of this kind was really needed which would encourage people to learn about the markets and gain insight from expert investors and traders.