Intro to “Q” – next generation backoffice system

July 11, 2014


Q” is our new reporting/backoffice tool built to be your next generation – trading journal and financial assistant. Some features on the first release other than the fact that it works on all browsers ๐Ÿ™‚ are

Summary of your account shown using a donut chart

Account Summary

Account Summary

Funds page to place/track withdrawal requests

Funds Page

Funds Page

Portfolio to track your average buying price and current unrealized profits of holdings, pledged holdings, and open positions

You can even enter buying price of stocks which were transferred to your Zerodha demat account from your other demat accounts to help track your portfolio better and in generating capital gain reports for filing your tax returns.



Check your historical open positions and also download all reports if required to an excel.


Open Positions

Refer friends, track leadsย and withdraw sharing using the wallet

Refer and Track

Refer and Track



60 day challenge – Start,ย Win, Claim your brokerage refund & winner certificate

60 Day Challenge

60 Day Challenge

Tradebook with heatmap to better visualize your trading activity


Tradebook with heatmap

P&L Statements: Absolute & Indicative statements. Q is the only reporting tool in India to provide both reports



Complete tax ready P&L with calculation of turnover and breakdown of capital gain. Moreover, easily downloadable Excel report for you to send across to the CA.ย If you have tax related queries,ย please visit our popular postย “Taxation Simplified” or visit “Trading Q&A“.

Tax P&L

Tax P&L

This is just a start toย โ€œQโ€. Soon, we will be adding advanced analytics and reporting that will help improve your odds of winning by analyzing your past trading behavior. If there are any reports that you need specifically, do feel free to either request it here or ask us over e-mail.ย 

Click here to login and get started.


Happy Trading,


Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Naveen says:

    I want to down load complete Financial years P&L statements and contract notes at one go but currenctly console is not supporting the same, it restricts me to extract report for only 1 month (31days).

    Please help us out to get the statements

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Naveen,

      You can download the P&L statement for the complete financial year (or any period defined by you). You can also download the Tax P&L statement which is available for each quarter or the complete financial year. It’s a technical constraint to provide the contract notes for the complete financial year in one go. However, we will work to make this available soon.

  2. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Login after a long time,all my pledged shares have been unpledged want to pledge again but LiquidBees are discrepant unable to access back office can you help me.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Ramesh,

      You can login to Console, our new backoffice reporting platform using your Kite login credential. Kindly go through this comprehensive support article which explains how to pledge shares for margin. In case you have any further queries, we request you to create a ticket from our support portal.

  3. pj says:

    where do i find zpin required to get into your call centre

  4. Margaret Gopal says:

    On 6-11-18 @ 11.05, 200 nos of Auropharma was sold @ 784.85, using B.O, with S/L 3 and Tgt 3. At 11.20.58, it reflected in my order book that my S/L @ 787.85 was triggered.
    When I checked the charts of 15, 5, 1minute, the high of the candle showed 787.20, @ 11.20 & 11.21. On verification of NSE chart, the high showed 787.20 only. I don’t understand how my S/L @ 787.85 could get triggered when the price of the share didn’t go more than 787.20.
    After that the price went down further [never reached 787.85]. At 11.38, my Tgt 781.85 was reached.
    Instead of me getting a profit of 600/-, the order book showed a loss of 600/-. Kindly verify and reconcile.

  5. prabu says:

    i am holding shares of uniply
    recently it announced split
    my avg price for holdings are divided into split price which is wrong in new
    normally prices for split and bonus shares entered as 0 price
    correct the bug in new back office tool
    thanks & regards

  6. Rushikesh says:

    I can see the status “Redemption not allowed for this fund” against my redemption request for the mutual fund “HDFC Balanced Fund – Direct Plan”.
    How can I redeem my money invested into HDFC Balanced Fund – Direct Plan mutual fund?
    Please request you to help on this.

    • Rushikesh says:

      Hi Zerodha team, any response to this query please?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rushikesh, this fund underwent a merger with another scheme as part of the SEBI re-categorisation mandate. As such, we’ll have to manually update this for you on the backend and you’ll be able to redeem the fund. Please create a ticket on for this and it’ll be done. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rushikesh says:

        Many thanks Matti for the swift response. I have already raised ticket against the same query.
        Ticket no is #20180906144999. Could you please update this from the backend for me.

  7. Smita says:

    Can you please let me know how to modify the Buying Price of the share transferred from another Demat account.

  8. biswarup says:

    i am not able to see when my intraday trading relized profits are credited to my fund balance. however the P&L statement is showing the amount as realized you have a statement facility to be shown online to have all the money in/out from the account?? not able to see when the realized profits were payed in however the payouts for stock settlements are available.
    if the pay out and pay in are adjusted,then that needs to be shown clearly to the trader so as to clear all doubts.
    2. the minda industries stocks purchased at 627 qty 50,are showing LTP of 418,whereas the bonus shares are not added to the holding statement,this is creating confusions.either the total qty to be shown after the bonus shares are allotted and added,or some signal may be placed to show that there is something looking at the holding statement it seems that all the profits have changed onto losses overnight. as earlier trading price was in the range of 1200 .

  9. Deepak Sakpal says:

    I need to check the P&L for the current year ie 2018-19 (for the period April 2018 to June 2018). However the report which I get only gives me stocks which were bought and sold after April 2018. The report does not cover the stocks which were bought before April 2018 and sold during the period April 2018 – June 2018. Can anyone assist me on this.


  10. Siva says:

    I have bought 4 shares of avanti feeds on 22/06/2018. How many shares should i get finally after this bonus & split?

    • Murali says:

      Siva, I had 5 shares and now I see 15.
      I suppose it would be 12 shares for you- 4 Split and 4 Bonus.

  11. Sanjay Tewtia says:

    My call options are continuously rejected today for the reason i can’t understand. Pl suggest

  12. Sandesh Rane says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I did not receive Quarterly Account Statement for period 1st Jun to 30 Sep 2015 & 1st Oct to 31st Dec 2015.

    Since there is query raised by IT dept, I have to produce account statement.
    Could I get the same ?

    Zerodha ID: RS3849

  13. Goutam says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Initially I was happy to start my trading with Zerodha however very soon i have realized that it is not so…This month (May 2018) when the Kite Problem started, I was unable to open Kite or PI or even connecting customer service over phone call. It was like a disaster. NOTE that only because of this problem I made a loss of 9+ Lakhs in TVS Motors F&O.

    Another problem which is driving me crazy is BackOffice. Yesterday (22 May 2018), i have generated P&L for the same day and the back office shows -13000 where as according to the trade activity I have made +13000. Also nowadays, the support is getting BAD. If i ask these questions over Phone Call to the Customer Service, they are harshly responding with comments to check the Contract Notes.

    I would urge the Senior Management of Zerodha to look into these queries ASAP and provide resolutions at the earliest.

  14. RAVI PRAKASH says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am happy about being served by zerodha and happy about things team is trying to change.
    Having said that, I would like to know, who is running Q’s services? Is there a professional assigned to look into it’s daily development. I keep seeing some of the nice features broken, as days pass. Following up with Customer care has standard answer of “new version is coming and …” and the tickets are being closed unsatisfactorily.
    What’s really going on?
    Here are some of my examples and pain I go through.
    01. Today I opened to discover, the sort on Holdings page is working. Should I explain my pain?
    02. There is (was) an expand feature against each stock (little +). I could expand to know my earliest holding, current holding bought at different time, etc.. This is broken long before and checking with customer care has no clue and they in fact wants me to explain the feature. It’s more that 6 months, since feature is broken. If no plans to restore it, please at least remove the icon (+). Don’t false claim on it.
    (I planned to paste the screengrab here and see can’t do. Else, it would have been easy on my above explanation)


    • RAVI PRAKASH says:

      Typo (in my angst): Read as,
      1. Today I opened to discover, the sort on Holdings page is NOT working. Should I explain my pain?

  15. Pulkit Bornani says:

    Hello, I opened an account with Zerodha and received login credentials for Kite on Friday April 20th (and bought some shares too), but I did not receive the login details for Q, when going through Zconnect comments found out that Q credentials are same as Kite. So tried login in to Q but itโ€™s been 3 days now (22nd April), when I still login to Q it shows user not synced. The Demat PoA has also been received by you for which I have already received the email stating that itโ€™s delivered and received at your end. Your site mentions it takes 24-48 hours for back office to sync, but weโ€™re well past the 48-hour mark. Could you please check as to why Q has not been synced yet for new accounts, thank you. And I would hope for a reply, I have seen the practice for not replying to messages/comments related to Q login or Q not syncing, or when account would be synced etc.

  16. Jyoti says:

    Tax PL Statements are not reflecting properly

  17. Ragesh G R says:

    When bonus shares are alloted, should we manually go and enter 0 in the discripant ?

  18. Sathiya says:

    Can you help me with this? I am not able to see the Long term holding details in the Q-Backoffice page … Can you tell me the reason for the same?

  19. Selvi says:

    Often getting Error 502 Bad Gateway when trying to access all F&O P & L. Please rectify it.

  20. ELANGO says:

    Sir, I had BHATAT22 Shares 695 at avg.price 35.97. When I add at discrepant , made mistake that the avg. price as 25000. Before I bought the same of 5 shares , the avg.price was in correct. But now it shows as 275. So it shows my gain is in negative. I could not know the actual gain at present. Please give the option “edit” in discrepant to rectify the mistake.

    • Matti says:

      The problem with allowing to edit discrepant is that then we’d need to keep checking for edits to change the buy average all the time. This just isn’t feasible.

  21. sanjeevkh says:

    Hello Team,
    Writing about discrepant holdings in my account. 1400 bonus shares of Vakrangee were allotted to me on 04 Jan 18. Since these were not being reflected in my holdings, I added them in Discrepant Holdings with a cost of Rs 0.1 since the cost field does not accept zero. Subsequently, the originally allotted bonus shares started reflecting in my account and the ones that I has added in Discrepant holdings, became surplus. To counter that, I added an equal amount with a negative sign. However, the P&L is reflecting very different figures that I feel may be erroneous.
    It is mentioned on the relevant page that we cannot alter discrepant holdings after we enter them. I do not know how to address this issue. Can the discrepant entries be deleted or altered by admin. Kindly do the needful.

  22. Soundaravalli V says:

    HI team,

    I see all the discrepant holdings (transferred shares from other 3rd partydemat account) that are added in this year are not accounted for P&L. Could you please correct it ASAP.

    Currently it gives a wrong P&L (especially for TAX perspective) for FY17-18.

    Appreciate your quick resolution.

    Soundaravalli V

  23. vinit says:

    I’m not seeing the option for buyback offer of Balrampur chini in working hours.
    Please help.

  24. Sameera says:

    getting 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to access all F&O P & L. Happens often. Is there is stipulated time when it works or when we are supposed to access this?

  25. jigar says:

    Hi after performing some trades on 12.03.2018 my total balance in kite was updated next day(13.03.2018) morning.
    But the main concern is, when i click on withdraw funds my q back office is not showing the total balance available in kite.

    request zerodha team to provide the needful information.

  26. Abir Paul says:

    Please note I have opened an account with zerodha. But whenever I m tryng to log in to Q its saying user not synced. I have the account more than 4 days now. Also contract notes are not sent. Please assist.

  27. Jakee Agarwal says:

    I am trying to refer 2 of my friends but it’s not working out. Can someone from your end sort it out?

  28. kushal says:

    I’m puzzeled as to why is the bank account linking process so complicated at Zerodha. I’be trying to link it for the last 2 WEEKS!!. There is no option to do this online. I had to visit a branh and submit the documents. After waiting for a week I got an email saying that they need mother’s name. After I called and provide the information, no action was taken. I had to call them a few times again and then someone created a ticket for me. A lady replied on the ticket that the MICR code has ‘expired’ on the check provided. I dont know if this was an excuse to close the ticket, but she closed the ticket without waiting for my response. After all this back and forth and wasting hours on the phones, I still dont know what is happening. They insist on an MICR code for a non-MICR branch! I’ve used the same check to update my account at 3 other brokerages, and I didn’t have any problems. Your competitors can get this process done in 2-3 business days. Really poor.


    My tax P&L as calculated by Q seems to be incorrect. Could you confirm whom I can reach out to on email?

  30. NARENDRA RAJU says:

    Why does it take 1 full day, for fund withdrawal request placed on Saturday to take place? why can’t these requests be processed on Monday morning on priority basis?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Narendra, we process withdrawals after the trade process in the evening. That’s just an operational call we’ve taken to maintain uniformity in process.

  31. Prabir Sahoo says:

    I have activated my Zerodha Kite account one day ago with the login ID and password provided by Zerodha. But I am not able to access the Backoffice Q with the same ID and password. Is it a different password needed for Backoffice Q? I have not received any email with the password for Backoffice Q. Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

  32. Arun Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I recently opened account online and my user name and password was sent on my mail id on 9/2/18 I transferred fund through my bank account and started trade today I.e. 11/2/18. But I am not able to withdraw fund as is not working , and technical team told me that it takes around 48 hours to map back office tool. Sir is this correct? Tomorrow is bank holiday and my fund is stuck up for two days?

  33. Subhash Goyal says:

    I was able to offer Infosys shares in tender offer using Q -> Portfolio -> Buyback.
    Now I am eligible for Swaraj buyback again by tender offer but there is no option to tender shares!!! The buyback started on Jan 31 and is till Feb 14. Please see what the issue is…..

    Secondly, I called support desk 10 times in last 2 days. I was on hold for over 15 minutes most of the times and then it said we are closed, call again during market hours. I was already calling in market hours!!!


  34. Soumitra says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to Zerodha. I am having a query regarding the Aadhaar option in Q. Since I am already KRA verified, I didn’t have to go through IPV during my account opening process in Kite. But as I explored Q, I saw the “Aadhaar” option in the top-right hand side corner drop-down menu. I thought it is a separate process to link my Aadhaar with Q. So I clicked it and found out that it is meant for Aadhaar linking. I filled up all details and went through the IPV process here. Then I thought, probably I didn’t need to do this, since I am already KRA verified. So, will there be any problem due to that?
    And there should be an option to let the users know that their accounts are already Aadhaar linked once someone clicks the “Aadhaar” option in Q.

  35. Rajbir bhagat says:

    How can i get my client id

  36. Ayush Tiwari says:

    In P&L statement of q backoffice there is no mention of DP charges deduction. That is also deducted from the account and must be deducted from the total profit after all the taxes already incorporated in display of P&L statement of q backoffice

    DP charges is not included in P&L statement

    I understand because it is deducted the next trading day (T+1) but if i am generating statement of full financial year it can be incorporated in P&L statement

  37. ROHITGADKARI says:


  38. Kanad Joshi says:

    Dear Zerodha Sr. Management, or Mr. Kamat,
    I have invested considerably larger amount in short time with zerodha.
    I must say your website & interactions in terms of customer experience and your support team is totally frustrating. I have been having difficulty even pre account opening phase. Not sure if your management is looking into better customer experience while you are on fast track to grow the company. If ignored this time, it will have big -ve effect on growth.
    EX: Your Q-office system has upload option for document, even after uploading your support team is asking document by mail…. this is not first time. Even personally submitting document in your bangalore office , i received mail about submission……. Your phone lines do not go through multiple times…. is there any track of document and how much frustration we will have??? Customer approach to you when something is not clear.

    Kindly resolve this kind of issues. Unless basics are right, it would be difficult to keep loyal customer base.
    Wishing best for Zerodha.

  39. Ganesh Prasad ESWARA says:

    I wanted to see the contract note.
    so i accessed this link
    and downloaded in PDF and Excel sheet Format.

    I’m unable to see the following information in the exported excel sheet.

    Order No. Order Time. Trade No. Trade Time Security/Contract Description Buy(B) / Sell(S) Quantity Gross Rate / Trade Price Per Unit (Rs) Brokerage per Unit (Rs) Net Rate per Unit (Rs) Closing Rate per Unit (Only for Dereivatives) (Rs) Net Total (Before Levies) (Rs) Remarks

    the same can be seen in PDF file, but in excel i’m unable to see the same?

    P.S: I’m newbie to trading,
    Wanted to see the amount traded, taxes and stuffs and remaining profit.
    and i came across this.
    YC5629 12/01/2018 MCX Obligation Amount

    so i came here.


  40. Prasanna says:

    As I referred 6 clients for opening zerodha account and also it listed in Q that 6 client’s account has been opened.My referral clients also start traded but referral commission is not occurs in my Q back office.Hope to help me out.

  41. MANJUNATH says:

    Hi sir, I am Ur Clint, I have opened demat account recently in zerodha, and I have sent PoA through Indian Post on 23, December 2017, it is delivered on 26 of the same month, but ur team said it didn’t reach so far, again I sent PoA second time but even now also Ur team is saying old tale, pls can u correct my issue. Hoping

  42. Vinit says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    In holding/profit and loss report, Previous closing price even after market has closed reflects yesterday price. Thus displaying obsolete report. Instead, P&L report should reflect live rates and keep customer abreast with latest report.

    Thank you.

  43. Shivansh says:


    Please inform whether Q Back office is available for mobile or not.

    Also please share link if available on mobile (Play Store app Link).

    Thanks and Regards.

    • Matti says:

      There’s no app for now Shivansh. You can access the website from the mobile browser though, it’s responsive.

  44. Anand says:

    I have an account at Zerodha. My Equity Margin available / account value shows me a negative number but that number does not match with ledger. Every time when I am using a different start date and same end date the ledger closing balance is changing. It is all erratic what is shown in the ledger. May I know the reason why?

  45. Avinash Pareek says:

    Hello there,
    I have been facing a lot of problems while trading at your platform.
    recently i bought a few quantities of BAJAJ ELECTRIC at around 468 and it was in my account and everything was going smooth until last friday those shares suddenly disappered from my holdings.
    i request you to please look into the matter ASAP cz i am a student and not a big trader, i cant afford to lose my money to such blunders of your platform. Fix it please cz i am in need of funds as of now but not able to sell them as they are not being shown in my holding.

  46. Meenakshi says:

    I’m a big fan of Zerodha and have multiple account with you. I’m really astonished to see that at this age we are not able to show the accurate Profit/loss statement to clients. I’ve been listening that you are testing your new back office tool but now it’s a high time to bring it into production.

    I’m currently manually tracking my P&L. This administrative work is not expected from such a tech-savvy company. I urge you to look into this. If possible send me monthly or biweekly P&L for my accounts.

    • Matti says:

      Best write to support[at] to get account statements. The reason for the delay in launching the new Q is that this is a very large process where we’re handling extremely large sets of data. Should be out in a few weeks’ time. We’re almost done.

      • vinod says:

        Any update on New-Q launch date? I have raise service request multiple time but still, have pricing issue for the share which was transfer to Zerodha. No indication of long term/short term holding.

    • Vinit says:

      I have the same issue. Such a sad report and delayed report.

  47. SUJAY KUMAR says:


  48. Gandhi says:

    Is there is a chance for systematic transfer plan in zerodha coin platform?

  49. MANU SEHGAL says:

    how to buy sovereign gold bond online through zerodha .
    my id RP7498

  50. shyam says:

    My pi software account is not log in, its always showing same questions even i gave correct answer its not going in to my account. please help me

  51. nagaraj says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Thanks for such a wonderful platform to do trading.
    i have a question:
    i transferred the shares from icicidirect to Zerodha using interdepository & offmarket option in icici demat.
    when i checked with icici team, they said the transfer is done and complete.
    But the shares are still not reflecting in Zerodha account.
    Please let me know how much time it will take and is there any manual process to do this?

    Thanks in Advance

  52. ehtesham says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have recently joined the zerodha network and am impressed with Pi. I am new to using Q, so will take time to dig information.
    Can you help me understand where to find our M2M( mark to market) position , check the free cash balance available for withdrawal.
    FYI- i liquidated my cash holdings today and added FNO contracts for a particular banking stock.
    Just to let you know, when trading with a broker sometime back in Kolkata( Eureka share and stock broking ltd), they would update the client legder by 8pm max on the same day. this would always give me a clear picture as to where we stand, free cash available, open positions etc.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Anupam Sadhukhan says:

      you have know before join zerodha that, you will get all report after 24hrs. even if you lost or delete contract note no way to view it from back office.
      you will not get any confirmation msg about your after trade hour completed.
      thus the reason zeodha is discounted broker firm.

  53. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I sent a/c modification form twice both time your backoffice staff made wrong entries had to send mail to have it corrected your staff needs to be more careful.


    Dear sir
    ( ID : RV3140 )
    I hve a referral balalnce of Rs 1382.42 ( as seen from Wallet in back office )
    I see no change in this inspite of my trading in other account to which this is linked.
    When I opened 2nd Account in the name of my WIFE ( ID : PR2151 ) I linked for referral to
    my 1st account.

    Pl get it checked as why there is no increase in my referral score ( wallet ) inspite of trading in wife account.

  55. Ankur Lad says:

    My backoffice dashboard doesnโ€™t display my name correctly. it says โ€œnoneโ€. Please Help.

  56. bhavesh dholariya says:

    I have A/C is not showing proper Profit and Loss. There are many cases . Please find the few of this.
    Because :
    1. I brought the HPCL 5 before split and after that it show same value and give the loss me. How ? I have s
    2. I got the IPO of Cochin shipyard , but the profit of it is not shown into P&L. Why ?
    Can you please send me complete my statement for this year ? Please do needful as earliest

  57. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    If I buy shares for delivery can I request for pledge on the same day so that I can avail of the margin for F&O trading next day.

  58. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I did my first trade on Zerodha after opening my a/c Earlier I had used Kotak Sharekhan and Ventura sec.I want to draw your attention to some points about the Contract note issued to me.
    1.I had sold some shares from my portfolio the contract note shows the details tradewise but does not show the total no.of shares,avg price and total consideration which is a must.
    2.On the same day I did a trade in F&O it also does not show the total no.of shares,avg price and total considerationut it has also been included in the same contract note.All my previous brokerages issued separate contract notes for Equity sale/purchase and F&O trades,as the same are often asked for by IT authrities it will be difficult.Can these be corrected

  59. Sagari says:

    In P&L reports , “from date” is fixed as 1st Apr 17 . I was able to change it before, just for last few days I am not able to change the from date. Is it a glitch?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sagari,this is a temporary change and the option to select custom time range will be available back again soon.

  60. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    for carry over trades contract notes are being issued which other brokerages issue as a activity reports otherwise from contract notes it will become very difficult to find the trades.I hope you will consider these and try to make the neccessaru changes.

  61. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I did my first trade on Zerodha after opening my a/c Earlier I had used Kotak Sharekhan and Ventura sec.I want to draw your attention to some points about the Contract note issued to me.
    1.I had sold some shares from my portfolio the contract note shows the details tradewise but does not show the total no.of shares,avg price and total consideration which is a must.
    2.On the same day I did a trade in F&O it also does not show the total no.of shares,avg price and total considerationut it has also been included in the same contract note.All my previous brokerages issued separate contract notes for Equity sale/purchase and F&O trades,as the same are often asked for by IT authrities it will be difficult.
    3. Also the difference inMTM price has been included in the contract note which should be indicated separetely.

  62. Damini Purohit says:

    Dear Sir,
    Q back office is not properly working. I have added 50k to my commodity a/c and earned 2500 profit but Q is only showing the profit. Where is my balance 50k?


  63. Anupam Sadhukhan says:

    ow can I view my contract note in “Q” some notes deleted from my mail. so I want view some note, how can I view from Q?

  64. Athar says:

    Is it there a way to view P&L report in running ledger format? or at least ‘Date wise’? Now when we select certain time period it shows in aggregated format based on contract or instrument [like total NIFTY17OCTFUT QTY -375 traded XX amt relized profit]. Is it possible to view this info date wise?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      We have disabled the option for now. But you will be able to check your P&L based on a date range in the upcoming update of Q.

      • Athar says:

        I understand that u have disabled the date range. and we can view only from this year 1st April onward.
        But requirement is little different. Let me explain,
        Say I have bought 1 lot of Niftybank Oct for for 5 times in last 3 wks . P&L report shows that in consolidated mode. i.e. (40*5 )=200 Niftybank Oct bought @ xx rate & sold @xx rate.
        But I didn’t trade 5 lot at one go. I did 5 separate trades 1 lot each time.
        So instead of consolidated P&L for that contract(Niftybank Oct) how can i view trade wise P&L.

  65. Vandana Kottakota says:

    I have placed a fund withdrawal request in the morning. Still not processed. Unable to reach customer care also. Can you pls help me to know when this will be processed.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Withdrawal requests placed before 7:30 PM on Wednesday, 18th October, will be processed on the same day and the funds will hit the bank account on Monday, 23rd October. Check this bulletin for more.

  66. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    if I sell shares today can I use the sale proceeds for margin trading today itself.

  67. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Can you send a link to account modification form

  68. Arpita says:

    I am newly created account with zerodha, previously I have used icicidirect, relligaere, geojit. swhiching to this platform has two major points first is of course brokerage and 2nd simplified and faster web interface, however when i tried to look for back-office for different report and analysis on my holdings i am getting confused and didn’t understood it well, or may be it lack real information that i searching for. current reports gives me no worth information.
    may i know where i can get those question post and get answers. I don’t want to appeal like abusive on board here
    sorry for that.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      You ledger, tradebook and P&L give you all the information you need to know about your account. If you have queries you can contact our support desk and they’ll assist you.

  69. Hiten(DH0507) says:

    I am unable to down load contract notes on respective segment, I need for year 2014-2015.

    when I am trying in, I am getting following error messages :
    404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    Please help I need urgently to provide to IT department.

  70. Siddharth says:

    i have created account with zerodha but even after 2 days i am getting this error message Your Q account hasn’t been synced yet. Please wait for 24 hours for it to be synced.
    So will i not be able to withdraw funds until it gets synced ?
    If so then i want to know about when will my Q back office be synced with my Kite account ?

  71. Sourabh says:

    Dear Nithin,
    ( if you happen to read this )

    I am a new Zerodha user and I find that if I click the back arrow on the chrome browser even after logging out of Q, I am directed to the last page of Q I visited including the display of relevant sensitive data from my account. This could compromise sensitive data of users if machines are shared. I don’t know if this is happening only to me but if I’m not alone on this, then Zerodha might find in their best interest to see that the HTML and CSS data of the previous pages be removed from the browser when logged out. This could be serious if someone with malicious intent shared a device with a Q user. I hope you will look into this. I will use this opportunity to also mention that I am personally having a bad experience with Q as it never recognizes my password and I have to keep resetting it. I feel that Q has a bit of glitch overall.

  72. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am posting this comment after being utterly disappointed with the support from Zerodha. I have been using zerodha for the 4+ years and have always recommended Zerodha to many of my friends. Of late, I see a drastic drop in the quality of services being offered. Especially in the reports like P&L that you are providing.
    Ever since January this year, I have been getting an update from you support team that you guys are upgrading your back office platform and this would be completed in a couple weeks. We are now in the month of September. Report issues and wrong buy averages are still there. Very interestingly, the response from your support team remains the same ” We are upgrading our back office and these issues would get fixed in a couple of weeks time. ”

    Are you really doing an ugrade?

    Can you do something fix these issues?


  73. Pavan says:


    Please let us know when we will be upgraded version of Q or replacement for the same would be available.

    Best Regards,

  74. George Varghese says:

    I would like to know when will new Q System will be live. I currently not able to track aging of my stocks in Zerodha.

  75. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    In case of IT scrutiny will Zerodha be able to provide verified accounts of trading and P/L as I am having difficulty in getting the same from Ventura who insist on only providing the unsigned Excel sheets which IT refuse to accept.

  76. KOTHA MAHIPAL says:


  77. Oommen abraham says:

    transfered Rs.30000/- purchased reliance 15 shares
    godfry philip 5 shares total value is less than 30000/-
    position as seen is on 9 shares of reliance
    where is the other shares brought under delivery
    pl. convey

    • Venu says:

      You’ve bought 6 shares of Reliance & 5 shares of Godfry under product code ‘MIS’ which is our Intraday product code. These positions have been squared off at 3.20 and you’re left with 9 shares of Reliance that were bought under product code ‘CNC’.

      The remaining funds are also in your account. So it’s MIS for Intraday and CNC for delivery.

  78. Lovely singh says:

    Hi Guys i am constantly facing the issue of wrong average prices in my portfolio. Can anyone explain how the average prices are determined. I do trade the same scrip in both delivery & intraday mode. A simple example will be sufficient before raising it with Zerodha Support.

  79. Bala says:


    I can see some of the holdings in my protfolio in q doesnt have buy value. Any idea, how to update it. Is discrepancy holdings the right option to update the info.
    A stock bought kite platform is showing up as ‘0’ in buy value. Not sure..what’s wrong there…
    Also, it would be good, to take up the buy value of stocks through OFS, as OFS applications are applied through q platform.


  80. BRAJESH MAHERE says:


    • Brajesh, if you trade using MIS and don’t square off yourself, our risk manager squares it off. Call n trade are applicable for those trades also. Make sure to square this off yourself before end of day to avoid this.

  81. Shashwat says:

    When does the funds becomes available for withdrawl from Q?
    e.g.-I added x amount today morning for intraday trade. After the closing bell I had X+Y amount in the Kite funds section, but the same is not getting shown on the funds withdrawl page on Q.
    How long does it takes to for Q to show correct account balance?

  82. Jai says:


    1) What is the latest expected date on Contract notes in Q?

    2) BO has Contract Notes only till last financial year. To calculate LTCG, we need contract notes for prior years. How can we get that?


  83. Prateek says:

    Bought Stocks of ITC last to last Monday and it is displaying in Trade Book but not displaying in Positions Tab in Q Zerodha Back Office tool.

  84. rixon says:

    macd indicator zero line comes fixed it would be great……it was right side of macd indicator

  85. Ajit says:

    In Q back office I see negative balance in equity cash balance. What does it mean?

  86. chaitanya says:


    I have bought shares using zerodha, however the back office holding port folio has asked me to enter buy price of few of the shares(even though bought through zerodha) for proper P&L report. I have entered the details. But in one stock i had entered wrong buy price. Is there a way to edit it?? Please advise

  87. Mittal says:

    I can login to backoffice of Zerodha but when I click other options like Reports , Ledger , Portfolio anything cannot be opened . Is there any system / software requirements for the same ? If possible you can contact me on my updated number in your records.

  88. sudesh says:

    I added a few discrepant holdings as CPSE ETF did not get added to reports.
    However it seems the interface does not allow any correction in case wrong data gets added.

    Could this be fixed ?

  89. vasanthy says:

    why biocon split is not reflecting even after a week .Please resolve

  90. Shafi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It has been almost 6 months since Trade Wise Tax Reports stopped working (with bad gateway error), June 30th is fast approaching, do you guys have any serious intentions to restore this at least before the tax filing deadline ?? What frustrates most is that you guys have been repeatedly saying that this will be restored in a ‘couple of weeks’ which never happens.

  91. Deepanshu says:

    Sir, my account’s tradebook is not showing heatmaps. Please suggest.

  92. Manjunath K says:

    I bought 5 shares of Sandesh @966.27 on 04/05/2017.
    Now when i view the holdings page in Kite website, I see the Avg Cost as N/A.
    Can anyone please let me know why cost price is not displayed?

  93. Madan says:

    Hi Nithin

    I have been trying to download the contract notes from bo.zerodha for FY16-17 for record keeping as well as for IT Return, but I am consistently getting errors or unusually long delays with no output on that tool. Unfortunately, I deleted all my old mails in my inbox so all the zerodha sent mails containing contract notes have been deleted. Is there any way I can download it from Q or get them through email by your support team.


  94. Prabu says:

    when will the new Q back office available ?
    now a days Q most of the time it shows bad gateway
    It will surely affect ZERODHA brand
    Do the needful as soon as possible

  95. amit khan says:

    You guys have totally screwed up the graphs which used to be one of the best features of Kite. Please bring back old format graphs which works absolutely fine in mobile and laptop.

  96. Adithyaa Vasudevan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just received my login credentials for Q.
    Please tell me, what documents are required to be physically signed and posted to Zerodha Office. I have only signed up for Equity Delivery Trading.
    Thanks and Best Regards,


    • I am guessing you sent us a physical form right? in which case, nothing else needs to be sent.

      • Adithyaa Vasudevan says:

        I used the AADHAR e-sign to sign-up.
        Please confirm which forms have to be signed and sent physically.
        Further, I haven’t received my login details for kite.


        • Matti says:

          Hey. Once you complete the e-sign process, you’ll receive an email with the documents you need to courier. You can also login here and download the requisite documents. You’ll receive the login credentials as soon as your account is active (ideally within 24 hours).

  97. Praveen says:

    Hi Mr Nithin,

    I am unable to see historical ledger entries. The calendar is only allowing to enter current month date.

  98. Sachin says:

    I am new customer and waiting for complete Demo. Your 080 number is very hard to reach and it keeps me in waiting. What is the best way to ask questions ? I need some one to answer my questions on phone to get comfortable with portals.

  99. Jai says:

    Just tried downloading the contracts again today.. still the same error!
    How long will you take to fix this? Will this comment also be deleted?

  100. Jai says:

    I am trying to download contract notes for period 1st April ’16 to 31st March ’17 for past 3 weeks without success on Sometimes it says resource not found, sometimes some 404 error.
    It is extremely frustrating as my IT return is held up due to this. Zerodha you have grown so big and popular, dont lose all the goodwill due to such basic service issues!!

  101. S.B says:

    Is there a way where I can get the Trade details (Buy / Sell price along with brokerage charges) for financial year 2016-2017 ?

    I can see the “Q” Trade Book , But it does not provide for brokerage details against each trade.
    I can see the “Q” P&L report , But it also does not provide brokerage charges against every trade.(It provides Total brokerage)

    I’m looking for Trades done in every quarter , I need to report Profit and Loss in every quarter.(My P&L will also include any brokerage charges) , I cannot work with total brokerage charges for full year

    Please let me know.


    • Hi S.B we currently don’t have tradewise brokerage details. You can pull quarterly P&L statements. You can also pull P&l statements quarterly to see charges for that quarter. Our new reporting tool will have this.

  102. KUMAR ABHISHEK says:

    I had mailed a issue at support zerodha and there has been no final response to the issue .
    ticket ID – 785180 , charging DP charges without any sale of shares .Pathetic response to no response ,it’s been 7 days since I reported no refund no explanation .

    • Venu says:

      Sorry for the delayed response, you’ve sold 45 shares of Noida Toll on 6th April, these shares get debited from your demat account on 7th April and DP charges have been applied for this sale transaction. Hope this clarifies.

      • KUMAR ABHISHEK says:

        Q is related to deduction on 10th April – ledger shows deduction of approx 15 rs In DP charges ,you are telling me about 7th april

        • Venu says:

          There’s only one deduction of DP Charges in the period 01st April till date which is for 45 shares of Noida toll as I’ve already said. You sold the shares on 6th, Zerodha debited them on 7th and delivered it to the Exchange on 10th (T+2), the DP fee was levied on 10th for 7th date.

  103. sai says:

    Hello Mr.Venu

    how many times i need to send mail
    already i sent one on april 13 th.
    till now i didnt even get a resoponse.
    its ur duty to provide ledger.,
    if not tell me ,i will close my account
    tell me whether you will provide or not.

  104. shashikumar says:

    There is some problem in daily accounting to total value of the accout.

    1) shares purchased today the full value is deducted from account.

    2) stocks sold today to value is not reflected on next day but after payout.

    3) So as the stocks purchased today and even though delivery is not received are shown in historical section so the incoming payment position should also be shown in historical section till actual payments are received for better accounting of the client at his personal level.

  105. sai says:

    hello sir

    unable to generate ledger for fy 15-16
    502 bad gateway error getting.
    send it to my mail
    i am facing lot of problems with ledger and P&L
    i sent mail 3 days back but i didnt get any response.
    i am waiting for your reply.

    • Venu says:

      Sai, we’ve made a bunch of grades to the Q servers. All reports including P&L are working just fine. Can you please try clearing your browser cache and download the reports? Also we don’t seem to have received any email from you.

  106. Puja says:

    Dear Team,
    Tax P&L is not working in Q-office Report Option
    Even P&L statement is generating with wrong data.

    How to generate P&L statement combining [date of purchase, PV, Date of Sale, SV, Stock Name, Quantity, Profit/Loss, & Tax Value of Short term & Long Term]
    If you do not have this option, kindly activate the same as other DPs are giving this option and become very easy for investors to calculate profit & Tax in a single statement
    Please advise

  107. sai says:


    Trying to retrieve P&L and Tax P&L FY15-16.Fy 16-17 unable to generate,lot of people facing same problem.
    unable to generate ledger also.
    when you are going to fix these problems.

  108. amit khan says:

    The most pathetic back end ever. Trying to retrieve simple profit and loss from Jan 2016 till date and between any two selected dates but doesnt give any data. Several tickets raised the latest being – #939248. It even fails to provide basic service like retrieving historical trades. The yearly P&L statement calculator also doesn’t give any value except brokerage. God knows how people calculate their profit and loss between any two random dates and analyze their trade. Please fix – #939248.
    Stop adding fancy useless features and ensure that you assure customer of the very basic services that a trading firm is supposed to provide.

  109. Prakash says:


    Would like to know if capital gain statement are readily available on your site for any member.


  110. ARUN AGRAWAL says:

    I am new user of Zerodha. I transferred 5000/- to zerodha using payment gateway for which I see zerodha has debited Rs.10/- from my balance. This is unfair as this should be not be charged to customer. Please clarify if this will also be charged in case I put up funds withdrawal request.

    Also I have sent 2-3 mails to support team but my problem is still not resolved for not able to update purchase price of CPSE ETF in my demat account. Every time I update the price system deletes it next day and it shows no purchase price available.

    Please request you to give proper reply.


  111. Amit says:

    Sir , quant is showing many errors. Please reatify it.

  112. Richard says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we please have an option in backoffice to track the dividend received for the stocks in
    the holdings?.


  113. Rupesh Parab says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any estimation as to by when q will be live again, it will be great if status of q is shown on kite

  114. Dev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    i have been trying to login on q through kite page for reports and directly through q login, its showing unavailable-error 502 bad gateway. i have experienced this issue quite some time earlier as well. i tried to access q for reports usually during market hours and between 9.00pm-10.00pm in the night, but most of the time i got an error 505 bad gateway. when i try to access p/l statement, i do get the same error most of the it an issue from my end or from your end.
    if its from your end please fix the same asap
    kindly reply


    • We are having some issues because of financial year end. We are also working on moving out of our vendor based backoffice platform to in house.

      • UD says:

        Thanks for the answer.
        I’m unable to open kite from the ship.
        Can I send a mail to support and ask them to buy some stocks from our account.

        Pls advice what will be the brokerage to buy sovereign Gold bonds.

  115. UD / userid-ZS9849 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I work on a merchant ship and presently sailing in mid-Pacific ocean. I am an NRI and have recently opened an account on my wife’s name who is a resident.
    We don’t have high speed internet on board and initially I was able to login and do transaction. But since 15th March I am unable to login to kite.zerodha. If low internet speed is the reason then why I could login before 15th March.
    Kindly check and guide me so that I’d like to trade as soon as possible. Due to domestic responsibilities my wife won’t be able to operate her account.

    Thanks and regards,

  116. kavindra says:


    This has been very frustrating experience since two weeks. Q-Backoffice Reports are not reflecting the purchase and sales correctly (T1 & T2).
    Not able to even get the stock average price on time in Holdings (either backoffice or front). Due to this, all calculations are going haywire.

    Frequent “Bad Gateway – 502” that means, overloaded request on server which causing No response to client browser.

    Called your customer care center, they admitted there are some issues but did not provide more info. Please rectify this with utmost priority.


    • Our bad Kavindra, we are working on having these issues sorted. The current backoffice platform, the underlying layer is a vendor product. we are moving this in house, these shouldn’t repeat after that.

  117. Dheeraj More says:

    tried at 7 am. get “bad gateway”. I have read the comments and replies on this thread. Seems the intial reasoning was old back office causing these issues. Later the reason changed to end of day? Does end of day take till 7 am??

  118. Sourabh says:

    Hi Team,

    I got my q credential but not able to login and always getting bad gateway. Could you please update me why I am facing the same. Is this because of new account opening or some website up timing.


  119. Abhay Mahashabde says:

    Why payout takes 24 hours where as payin in 2 minutes. In Payout there is only one option to fill amount. If there are multiple bank a/c where the amount will go.

    • Payout is done after daily trade process to ensure we don’t payout to someone who doesn’t sufficient balance at end of trading day. Also bank NEFT/RTGS can’t be processed after 7pm which delays. If multiple bank, withdrawals always go to the primary.

  120. M Singh says:

    How to get a detailed report with all the trades and breakdown of final cost for each trade including all taxes etc ?

    • The current reporting platform has daily cost and not per trade cost. Login to Our new platform will have per trade cost as well.

      • Niraj Bhagtani says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Which screen should refer to in to know the details of each and every trade that i have performed Today.

        Details like Brokerage,Tax Levied etc. And do we Receive Contract Notes about our Trades on your Email ID ?

  121. Rishikesh Shenoy says:

    In the Q-Back office Holdings page, when you expand the share details. It does not show any bonus shares received at all. Please add that also.
    E.g 26 Texrail were added to my account and my total count stands at 126 but the portfolio does not mention about 26 shares.

  122. Sarun says:

    Q does not show my ledger or P&L report. Previously I have seen it working inconsistently (meaning if I press the show button couple of times it used to work.) Past few days it just keep spinning and not working at all.

  123. Shikha says:

    Hi. In Q what is the calculation basis for ledger. Like it shows the fno obligation with credits n debits. I understood that it should be our daily gains or losses.(mainly on futures section not in the optios). So wanted to understand the calculation basis. I believe that it should be gain or loss. And should it match with the trade book or pnl book.

    • It is essentially the SPAN margin + exposure margin + P&L + charges for the trading day.

      • shikha gupta says:

        Hi Nithin, thanks for reply, but my PNL trade book shows different profit nos and ledger shows different nos, not taking into account the margin blocked for span and exposure, usually the ledger shows lower nos and pnl book shows higher nos. my user is DS7587, can you please check.

        • Ah yes, ledger credit/debit may not really match P&L. You need to look at a particular time period. You also need to add/substract fund transfers, stock purchases from your ledger, and then match it to the P&L for the same period. If you are spotting some kind of mismatch, do send it to [email protected]. Ledger is always right as it gets reconciled with the exchange, P&L has to match the ledger.

          • shikha gupta says:

            Hi Nithin, I agree but I am telling only for F&O obligation, no funds in out, no stock purchase no margin block.
            so F&O obligation should match with the daily trade book after adjusting the brokerage & other levies.

            I am facing this difference from quite some time, will send the mail to support team, but it would be better if you can also look personally into this, as most of the times support team doesn’t satisfy with their answers on my queries. My user id DS7587


  124. Ajay Mittal says:

    hello team,
    we have 4 accounts RL0657, RA2486, DA1727, DP1528 . i tried to get p&l ,Tax P&l, tradebook,& turnover for Fy 2015-16. but i got either incomplete excel reports or with no data. and i wrote same to zerodha support, but i was sent same report from your end as for RA2486. as i downloaded from Q. pls check your backend system q and modify same as march come and small investor and traders need these documents to file their IT return.

    • Nikhil A says:

      Hey Ajay. We’re in the process of migrating the backoffice to an in-house platform. Should solve all these issues. We’ll have the reports you’re requesting sent to you via email.

      • ajay mittal says:

        hello nithin,
        i have yet not been got reports for accounts as mentioned as you said would be sent to respective mail ids. pls make sure to send them quicjly . we need them to file our IT rteturn.

  125. Jitha Joy says:

    Dear Nitin,

    can you explain me how to get the profit and loss statement for last three year, need to file a tax return. or is there any other option to file. i was doing F&O trading and had a loss of around Rs.3,00,000/- I was stopped from doing the F&O trade by not filing a tax return.


  126. Sukumary Amma says:

    I tries to buy SH Kelkar Closing rate 292.70.But I could not buy it.In market watch also I added this name .But no rate was appearing.
    So How I could buy this script in future.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  127. Nilesh Deshpande says:


    What is the procedure to recover / reset password for Q.

    Actually would not have needed it if payouts of referrals would have been possible without IE. Who uses IE nowadays?

    But since it is cumpolsory to change the browser to a compatible one, suddenly I have realised that I need to recover or reset the password for Q. And to my utter dismay, found that this has been overlooked by your tech team.

    • You could login to and click on Q without needing a password. For Q, you can reset your password yourself on Btw we are moving out of our vendor backend for backoffice soon, so no ie requirement on that very soon.

  128. Sukumary Amma says:

    Yesterday I tries to buy SH Kelkar Closing rate 292.70.But I could not buy it.In market watch also I added this name .But no rate was appearing.
    So How I could buy this script in future.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  129. Tejashri Deshmukh says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    I am Zerodha Customer, I am not able to understand the difference between Absolute, indicative and challenge P&L.
    Also unable to get the Future trading and how to calculate the margin.


  130. Prashant Bhat says:

    Can you let me know how to setup auto-debit SIPs from mutual funds from bank? I don’t want to remember and transfer amount every month manually.

    • Prashant, in the current scheme, money has to go from trading account. We send you a message before the debit date to transfer funds to trading. Since we run SIP the nontraditional way, we get flexibility to start/stop etc whenever you want. Not possible if you use auto debit facility.

  131. VIBHA says:

    I am new to zerodha. the contract note i received by mail didnt include all the trades executed by me. the first page is blank. how can I download contract note from Q?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Vibha,
      You can download your contract note via old backoffice –
      Please follow the steps given below to generate your contract note:

      1. Login to your backoffice : – It’s a vendor app that only works on IE.
      2. On the home page, select the segment for which you require the contract note. The exchanges are NSE, BSE and MCX – you can download the contract note for either EQ(cash) or F&O.
      3. Click on View Contract Note
      4. Select the date and click on view.

      You can either download the ‘segment specific contract note’ following the steps mentioned above or you can directly download the Common Contract Note where you will get NSE and BSE – EQ and F&O trades all in 1 note.

      Please Note: Password for is the same as your Q backoffice password.

      We’re working on a new version of Q which will be a lot better.

  132. pratik says:

    i cant login into q . i tried reset password option 3 times but yet not login into q.

  133. Kawalpreet Ghai says:

    I have not been guided correctly by your support centre for adding discrepant script entries. As a result I have wrong added the script entries. I wish to have those deleted. But you support centre says it cant be done. Ticket #477766. Now my P&L report shows incorrect data. Please help here .

    • Hmm.. it was just buy price and dates that needs to be entered right? We are in the middle of transitioning to new Q, deleting the old data requires us to make changes on the database. Will try to find out what can be done.

      • Kawalpreet Ghai says:

        Thank you so much for your help . In spite of 3 calls and logical arguments I was unable to get it done from your support office until you pitched in. The only answer I could get was “wait for release of next Q” . I am glad that Zerodha actually takes care of its customer. I received a confirmation via email regarding the deletion of wrong entries. However I still see the deleted discrepant values appearing in my holding view .I have requested for deletion of all discrepant script entries along with correction in values in the holding view to your customer support center ticket # 477766. I am hopeful they will complete my request.

        Thanks once again. Great trading through Zerodha.

      • Gerin Jacob says:

        When will the new Q that allows edit/delete option for discrepant values be available? Currently my profit/loss calculations are messed up because of this.

  134. Atish says:

    Yesterday night i was added 90000rs through net banking in kite trading app n also debited through my bank account but not added in my trading kite app…what i do..plz help

  135. Danny says:

    Please fix the payout error. Unable to perform any payouts….

  136. Nehal says:

    Getting an error message everytime I use the withdrawl page. “502 bad gateway”

  137. Rukma says:

    Hi Nitihin/ Zerodha Team – Kudos for offering value for money services. The trading PL/ tax PL reports are of great help. However i frequently come across 502 Bad Gateway error while accessing Q-back office. would you please be able to advise what causes this error and how to resolve this?


    • Rukma, we are we are in the last leg before replacing our old backoffice vendor with our in house platform. These issues with Q should hopefully get sorted by month end.

  138. Atheeq says:

    I assume Zerodha Q gets updated daily, but could you confirm what time all updates (transaction details) gets reflected in Q?

    I think it will be good to display last time (datetime) Q was updated. Thus user knows all day’s transaction details are yet to be updated in Q.

  139. Chenthil says:

    If there is some links for calculating the brokerage immediately, then it would be appreciable.
    Currently, I’m entering all the trades in Zerodha brokerage calculator for calculating during trade.

  140. Chenthil says:

    How to transfer amount from Referral wallet to Zerodha account? It’s asking for me to go old q-backoffice.
    Any simple way to transfer?
    Is there any restrictions?

  141. Amiya patra says:

    from last 2 years I have been using icici direct …when I saw zerodha report I feel there are lot of improvements : in pl report charges shows cumulatively /total rather then showing charges against each trade . That will show actual profit of trade…there are so many changes required…if you guys visit other brokerage firms site then that will help you to make a best site .

  142. I have been trying to access 60 day challenge tab since yesterday. Everytime it gives an error ‘connection timed out’. Also the P&L tab is not accessible. It gives an error ‘502 bad gateway’.

  143. Withdrawal from wallet in Q is still not started. When is it likely to start?

    • Venu says:

      You can place withdrawal subject if your referral income is a minimum of 10,000. You’ll have to place the request from

  144. Harshit says:

    Is there an option to check the total traded value? Kite shows the quantity purchased and average trading price but does not sum it up in the next column. (Quantity* average traded price = total traded value)

  145. Prince Jaiswal says:

    My account balance and withdrawal balance are showing different amounts in q. Why??

  146. Steffy says:

    Hi Team,

    I opened my account with Zerodha very recently after going through the Varsity (Warehouse of Information). Thanks for the initiative and good work.
    I am allotted some shares through IPO, but the ‘BUY’ price and date is not reflecting in Kite>Holdings nor in Q>Portfolio>Holdings. It prompts me to enter the buy price and date, but the scrips are missing under the discrepant holdings.
    1. Will the scrips gets automatically listed under Discrepant holdings for editing?
    2.Do I need to enter the scrips once again and edit it?
    The warning ‘Discrepant holdings can’t be edited once entered’ makes me afraid.
    Please guide me on how it can be edited.

    • 1. Any stock transferred in or allotted through IPO for which there is no buy price with us will automatically show up. .
      2. Yeah whatever scrips you see, enter buy price and date. You can send an email to [email protected] if you need account specific help

  147. Ajoy says:


    Can you please let me know where can I see the dividend details. I saw I have received some dividend directly on my bank account, but not able to get any details of the same at Q.


  148. Rohan says:

    sir, almost done with the accounting procedure.
    Only knew about kite platform. Can I trade with PI with my usual Demat account?

  149. Gopi says:

    yesterday, i have transferred my holdings to zerodha, i am unable to update discrepant data in Q, as shares of same scrip are purchased on different dates with different prices.

    • Currently in the discrepant page, you can enter average value of the quantity transferred (not a breakdown). Send this breakdown data to [email protected], we will see if this can be done from the backend.

      • Gopi says:

        As advised i have sent the breakdown data to support, got reply saying “you cannot enter multiple quantity and price for single stock under discrepant, so kindly provide the details for stock total quantity and average price “, without date of purchase, avg price has no relevance. So, even after switching to zerodha, i still have to use outside tools to manage my Tax matters. Hope you will rectify these in near future.

        • Hariharan says:

          Joining issue with Gopi. I got a response from Zerodha support that you cannot edit/delete any discrepant holding records. It should surely be doable from the back-end. P&L calculations and capital gains calculations may be incorrect if users enter these records with mistake in any fields. For users migrating from one DP to another, the P&L statements may show incorrect value. The Q-backoffice allows to update quantities, but no option to save

          • Hari, once you enter a discrepant quantity and price, we go back and insert this data in a certain table. Involves manual work to change it, of course it can be done, but what is the point if clients can’t be careful when doing this. The next version of Q will have this option to edit entered values (essentially a request form, which we will manually edit from backend), but we plan to charge for it. This is to make sure people are careful when entering, and don’t stack up work for us unnecessarily.

            • Hariharan says:

              Thanks for the clarification Nithin. It was not meant as a complaint, but as a suggestion to improve the platform. I do agree that we should be more careful whilst entering the values, but inadvertently mistakes do happen

            • Chandra sekhar says:

              HI Nithin,

              I have been allotted shares from an IPO which however, after listing, did not show up in the discrepant trades space. Nevertheless, I have manually added the stock, purchase quantity, buy price and it just shows up there always but never syncs up with my holdings. Buy price of that share is still Zero in my holdings despite me adding the buy price of those shares in discrepant trades many days ago.

              Please advise.

  150. Hemant says:

    I recently opened a Zerodha account after assessing a number of discount brokerages, in order to fully migrate from HDFC Sec. I am happy with my decision, so far.

    I request you to please include the following columns that will display TRADE-WISE levies in Q at the soonest?
    – Brokerage (even it is zero/constant)
    – Exchange Transaction Charges
    – Service Tax plus cess
    – STT
    – SEBI TO fee
    – Stamp Duty
    – DP Charge (even if it is constant)

    I have written to Zerodha Support already. Support replied, “…you will have to manually calculate it. We are working for the trade wise detailed report very shortly we will go live with it.”

    Hoping you will deploy this enhancement soon. It will tremendously help like-minded users who prefer recording these discrete details in our offline money-management systems.

    Thank you.

    • Hemant, we are working on getting out our new backoffice by november. This will definitely available then.

      • Paul says:

        Hi ,

        Are these columns listed out by Mr. Hemant available in “Q” back office trade wise report now ?.

        Thanks and Regards,

      • Hemant says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I wish Team Zerodha a bullish 2017!

        Please can you advise by when will Zerodha include the following columns that will display TRADE-WISE levies in Q?
        โ€“ Brokerage (even it is zero/constant)
        โ€“ Exchange Transaction Charges
        โ€“ Service Tax plus cess
        โ€“ STT
        โ€“ SEBI TO fee
        โ€“ Stamp Duty
        โ€“ DP Charge (even if it is constant)

        Thank you.

  151. BKB says:

    I would like to raise the below concern with you.
    I transferred the amount yesterday at 4:04 PM and this reflected in my account after I raised this issue two times and send screenshots to support team. But as per your working procedure it shouldn’t take this much time and also I don’t need to send the screenshot everytime when I send to your accotnt numbers ZERNSE and ZERMCX.
    Can you please give more details on this?

    • BKB, if you are doing an IMPS, we don’t get account details from where we are receiving money. We are working on a new process, hopefully from next week.

      • BKB says:

        Thnaks Nithin, So if I transfer to accounts ZERNSE and ZERMCX from my SBI account using IMPS and upload/send the screenshot how much time it w0lil take during market hours and how much time it will take during non market hours.

  152. viveksah says:

    Most features of Quant don’t work in Q. Pls look into the same, the message the app for Time Bases, Contract, Equity, Market shows “We are syncing your latest data, please be patient” & simultaneously also shows “No Data Available”. Holdings breakdown works but the data & sectors are inaccurate. Only flashback seems to be working.
    Please look into the same.

  153. Ashish says:

    I am new to back office, where do I see trade wise amount debited / credited and how much brokrage and tax is deducted ?

  154. Raja Rajan says:

    Since is not accessible from all devises please have a cut off time for your back office team to update q back office and ask them to stick to that cutoff time.

    Normaly cash segment bhav copy is ready by 4.30pm and derivatives by 5pm except on expiry days and CD is ready by 6pm but your back office settlement posting time is veired and do not stick to time.

  155. Yash says:

    In the last year P&L summary, I see the following three categories for the (Deductions related to DP and AMC).
    Could you please explain, what are these:
    DP Charges
    Being DP AMC Charges Debited as per consent for consent debits
    Being DP AMC Charges Debited


  156. BOPANNA says:

    my account is not displaying tax p&l statements for the current year

  157. sumeet pujari says:

    hi nithin sir
    how does my a/c and withdrawal bal showing negative figures? i.e minus amount

  158. Surya says:

    Hi Sir, Today only opened account and need to see how mobile and other apps of zerodha works. My main concern Is brokerage till now…. daily I am getting profit but end of the day my pockets are empty due to heavy brokerages in other firms. Thanks in advance…

  159. Jayakumar Subramani says:

    I am having real head ache trying to download contract notes from bo.zerodha and of course I am using internet explorer on windows 10.However many times the internet exlorer simply closes sayng “Sorry. You need a browser that supports XDK. Please use IE “.

    Please give me a solution.

    I am u8sing windows 10 and internet explrer.


    • You must be getting contract notes on your email as well right?

      • MNK says:

        Yes, we are getting contract note in email but it is requested to provide the same in Q-Back Office.

        When zerodha team developed such a wonderful & complex applications like kite, pi, Q-Back Office then to make contract note available in Q-Back Office is not impossible job.

        I assume you can hear voice of your customers for their such small requirement.

        • We are working on an all new backoffice, something quite cool, and yes contract notes will be on that. Hoping by November

          • Abhijeet says:

            Whats up with your new backoffice with contract notes link…Its March 2017.

            • March end is our deadline, hoping to have it up by then.

              • Jayanthi says:

                Hello Sir

                The contract notes is still not available in Q. In it’s giving an error. I need the consolidated position not as the one I receive in email (which gives the PL based on the close price).

                I used to get this in, but even that is not available now. This is the only issue I’m facing from ZERODHA and I hope you can scale up and provide some solution to this ASAP. We are nearing Financial year end as well.


              • Steve says:

                Any update on this?

  160. Naresh says:

    Can you guide me on the following issues:
    1. I have transferred my holding from other depository to Zerodha. How can I update the contract details of my old trades in my current demat account with you?

    2. Can I get the limit for buying based on my holding with you?

  161. Koshti Mahendra says:

    how can i edit/add the personal identification questions…..?

    • Hanan says:

      You can edit your Email ID or Mobile number by accessing the “Edit Profile” feature by hovering your mouse over your client ID on the top right hand side of your screen. Once you make these changes, they will be updated within 24 hours.

      For any other changes to your profile like address or bank details, you should send us requests by hard copy by downloading the relevant form from our downloads page.

      To edit the personal identification questions on the trading terminal (Kite, Pi, NEST) you should send a request to [email protected] asking to reset your 2FA questions.

  162. ra6130 says:

    Hi Team, What is the old back office URL to withdraw wallet fund?

  163. Durga Prasad says:

    I can see Account Balance amount 30k in my back office, want to know how to withdraw that amount?

  164. tarak says:

    In the T1 and T2 holdings, there is rupee symbol for every value. Can you just give the numbers; some times this symbol makes the value look different (especially on small screens)? In the column heading you can just mention INR.

  165. Vj says:

    Hello Team/Nitin,

    I have recently moved to Zerodha DP from IL&FS . My Zerodha DP is opened. The problem Started from here.

    I could see two lines of shares in Q and was expecting it to be resolved soon . But a month since, no updates .

    Assumes, I contacted your customer care over email, the ticket id is #876568 .

    First thing is the response is so irresponsible and vague. Have a look at the response on ticket .

    My question here is,
    1)Is it not the responsibility of Zerodha to fully move all stocks in IL&FS when I have preferred to open Zerodha DP and close IL&FS.
    2)Why was I not informed when my IL&FS closure was rejected . If you do not inform how do I get to know ?
    3)On what basis your team has transferred some stocks to Zerodha and kept some in IL&FS. For ex out of 10 shares, you moved 9 to Zerodha and kept one in IL&FS .


  166. Avinash Kumar says:

    do zerodha provide intraday limit on share holdings. if yes what is the leverage

  167. Mirza Nazim Ali Baig says:

    Although u have a great backoffice sir, can we have a trade history like thing in Q backoffice like they have in MT4 as i see here the order book doesnt make the picture very clear . Thanking you.

    • Venu says:

      Trade history is available on Q under the Reports option.

      • Mirza Nazim Ali Baig says:

        Hi sir,

        I am sorry but it seems sir u didnt get my question , u have got tradebook in reports where u get to see the order history and not the profit or loss . My request is in that in trade book of yours, it would be wonderful if u can add a column showing profit / loss for that perticular trade in place of order no. or trade no. thanking you.

  168. chauhan mufzal says:

    in any of your platform has SMS alert fetcher as predefined price level touched, i.e. nifty spot and futcher, option price and open interest as certain level reached, if u have please revert back me ,

    Or if it is cosmize in some personal application, on any of your platform ? or any other source ?

    • Venu says:

      No, there’s no plugin available to send SMS. You can set email notification though by using the Alerts option on Zerodha Trader.

  169. Usha says:

    I need to change the address which was given to zerodha. How can I do that?

  170. Ashish says:

    I have transferred my holdings from another account and I see those under “Discrepant holdings” which allows me to enter buy price date and quantity. I want to check if is there a way to enter details of every transaction done for that script? e.g I have purchased hdfc on 2 different dates.

  171. SATYEN SARANGAN says:

    What is OFS?, in Q -> PORTFOLIO. (other than OPEN POSITIONS, HOLDINGS).

  172. nizsohoney says:

    Under P/L reports, brokerage and taxes are not showing at all. Everything is showing zero.

  173. karthik says:

    I opened new trading account with zerodha. i had 3 queries.
    1. I transferred money from bank account to zerodha. how to transfer money from zerodha account to bank account?
    2.Is there any minimum amount that should be maintained with zerodha.
    3. Suppose if i place a sell order for a call/put option of any share, will there be charges for only execution of order or brokerage for expired order too on End of day?..
    kindly clarify

  174. DA6739 says:

    Hello NItin ji

    How to access & download contract note from back office

    • Venu says:

      For contract notes you have to login to and download the contract note from the respective drop down of the segment.

      Contract notes will be available on Q very soon.

  175. Karthi K says:


    Please include the feature to withdraw amount from Wallet (Referrals) in Q iteself instead of old backoffice.

    I’m using windows 10 with IE edge as the browser. Old back office is not supported in IE Edge, chrome, Firefox. So please mark this feature in your priority dev list.


  176. Mages says:

    In Q->Reports->P&L … why are the rows NOT sorted by date? The whole order seems random there.

  177. eevra says:

    sob: taxpnl
    My turnover until this day is 300,000 INR and the gross profit is (-) 90,000 INR. As the turnover is < Rs 100,00,000 INR and the prfitablility is < 8,00,000 INR , Is there a need to take to tax auditing by a CA ?
    Pls hel me understand.

  178. King says:


    Can we also track the following serperately for FnO, Intraday and delivery based trading?

    Turnover during a particular period
    Profit/Loss during the period
    Brokerage and other charges

    Dividend income

  179. Sandesh says:

    Hi Nithin, Is this Q- backoffice is demat account from Zerodha? How can I confirm whether my purchased equity has been delivered or not to demat?

    • Venu says:

      You can login to Q and check your demat holdings to ascertain whether shares are delivered or not.
      Q is your backoffice where you can check your historic trades, p&l reports, ledger etc. The above blog gives you more info on what you can do on Q.

  180. Varun Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have some holdings in Zerodha and trying to add more Stocks. How can I get Margin against those shares ? I need to use that margin for shorting usdinr and nifty OTM options ( Call and Put writing) . Will i be able to do so ?

  181. Venkatesh V says:

    HI Nitin/Venu,

    Present background theme in Q is just white and font size is extremely small and at times i could not see the values due to the small font and white theme.

    can you add some additional themes like moderate, gray or black with different font setting options.


  182. hmt80 says:

    Hello Nitin
    Is ther a report in q-back office i can track script wise all charges levied ( ie stmap duty , transaction charges, brokerage , cess, tax etc etc.)
    I had raised this query to Zerodha support team, as a solution i was told to refer to contract note . But the problem in contract note is if i trade on multiple scripts , the i get consolidated values of tax , brokerage etc.

    • Venu says:

      We do not charge percentage brokerage. Our brokerage is a flat fee of Rs.20 per trade. An order may get executed in multiple trades, but our brokerage remains the same. This is why it isn’t possible to give you charges scrip wise.

  183. sats says:


    I am a long term investor. Currently having demat in Kotak.

    1. Which platform is suited for long term investor who checks his investment once a day or some times once in a week? How simple is charting of yours and other portfolio mgmt by self?
    2. How is your charges compared with Kotak Sec?
    3. is it possible to transfer my holding from Kotak Sec to your portfolio?

    Pls give relevant info and pdf to understand your platform. if there are any video link pls send the same.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      1. You can trade on You can read more on Kite and see screenshots here: Its simple, minimal yet effective. Couple that with our Backoffice which helps you analyze your trades and make better informed trading decisions. Do check out Q, our backoffice here: (Click on Take a tour)

      2. You can check our charges on our brokerage calculator here:

      3. Yes, securities can be transferred once your account at Zerodha is opened.

      Do leave your information here: and one of our Sales managers will get in touch and will give you more information that you seek.

  184. Suneel says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Could you explain me if we want to view the account details in Zerodha, How do we check?
    (Account Detials – e.g. Date on Amount credited to Zerodha Account, Amount transferred from Zerodha to bank account etc).. Thanks in advance

  185. Ganesh says:

    How to pay in money using iob bank

  186. mahesh1010 says:

    I am unable to login to Q using my trading ID & password. It says invalid ID/Password. Why is that? Do we need a different user ID for using Q?

  187. Shan says:

    How do I view contract notes in Q. I made a trade on friday and not yet received the contract note via email. I am hoping the contract note will be available in Q to view.

    • Shan, currently Q doesn’t have the feature to see contract notes. You will have to login to our old backoffice for that: (you need to use internet explorer). Use the same Q login/pwd.

  188. Karthi K DK0229 says:


    Please include the feature to withdraw amount from Wallet (Referrals) in Q iteself instead of old backoffice.

  189. Srikrishna says:

    Your back office tool “Q” is excellent. Went through it, looks very neat.
    Great job guys

  190. Vikram Batra says:


    I have been trying to login to Q for hours now, Its the first time I am logging into it, but it says that the username/password is wrong. I am entering the same ID password as for the trading account. Please look into the issue.

  191. MAHENDRA says:

    According to TAX IQ for calculating turnover of OPTIONS ABSOLUTE sum of all profits and losses. But according to you Sale value of the Option + Absolute sum of all profits and losses. Please calarify

    • Mahendra, we are putting up the most conservative way of calculating turnover, which is to also include sale value(check page 23 on this guidance note). We have also recently introduced tradewise turnover report, where you can take absolute sum of P&L of individual trades, probably the most conservative way to calculate. Login to Q and check and for it.

  192. Ganesh Jothi says:


    There is some serious problem with Q. My T1& T2 holdings are not showing up, The summary graph does show my holdings in demat account & tradebook heat map is completely empty. I opened my account (DG0869) Two weeks back and did some significant investments. My account currently is completely blank. Opened a ticket – 307684 and waiting for a resolution,


    • Ganesh, I am able to see your holdings in my admin access. I guess it might be issue of your browser caching, can you do a force refresh of your browser (ctrl + Shift +D). Someone will anyways get back to you soon.

      • Ganesh Jothi says:

        Nice!!! I guess they fixed the issue. Now I am able to see. Thanks a lot for your quick help!!

        On a different note – Your brokerage rates are really awesome, I was bit skeptical at the beginning but now I am enjoying it!! Keep up the good job.

  193. DS4753 says:

    Basic question : Where can I see detailed contract notes with breakup ? The trades email that was sent out did not have any details apart from trades done for the day .

    • DS, contract notes are sent as an email everyday. If you want to look at your historical contract notes, you will need to login to our old backoffice ( using ie). You will be able to download it there. We are in the process of incorporating it on Q also.

  194. DS4769 says:

    Q Zerodha shows arbitrary values now, earlier it used to be updated by 8 pm – 9 pm every day. Nowadays there is no fixed time. My Q is still showing incorrect values leading to heartburn ๐Ÿ™‚


    S Kumar

  195. Ashish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. After how much lag will the Q show the correct absolute P&L and indicative P&L? Is there a T+1 or T+2 settlement ?
    2. Also, the unrealised profit in the absolute P&L is based on Close price or the LTP price ?

    Please let me know if you need any further details.


    • 1. Assume you bought 100 shares of Reliance at 800 on 1st April, and today is 10th April and price is 850. If you do an indicative or absolute for between 1st April to 10th april, you will get the same value. But assume Reliance was 820 on 2nd April, and you select for P&L between 3rd and 10th, your indicative will show profit of Rs 3000, and absolute will still show Rs 5000. (indicative for open holdings will consider previous day closing as a reference price, absolute will still use the price at which it was bought).

      2. Previous closing price.

  196. shashankde says:


    I am not able to login into Q.
    I am getting a blank page once I enter the login credentials.
    Can u pls help ?

  197. DV1440 says:


  198. DV1440 says:


  199. DV1440 says:


  200. Yashaswini says:

    There are some serious problems in backend tool i.e ‘Q’. As one of the other member said, I am facing problem of missing scripts in the “Equity Holding Value” in Home page. Hence the total amount invested is not reflecting exactly in Home page.

    I am able to see all the holding scripts in ” P&L”, “Equity Holding”. But in the graphical chart display of Home page, the total value invested is having problem. Missed some of the scripts amount.

    Also some of the days, the script values will not be updated in Q according to market end value.

    I have done some calculation and mailed zerodha at ‘[email protected]’ with subject : “Discrepancy in calculating total holding value in Q tool”

    Hope the Zerodha will rectify the problem and help us in proper analyzing our transactions & profit / loss.

    If you have any issues in understanding, please mail me back


    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Yashaswini,

      We’re unable to find any emails like that. Would you be able to let us know the ticket number for the query you’ve raised?

      • yashaswini says:

        There was some delay in delivery of shares to demat acc from the buy date. Instead of normal 2 days, this time it took nearly 4-6 days. Now things seems to be fine.

        • I guess it must have been because there were two settlement holidays last 30 days. If a settlement holiday is on a friday/Monday, and if you have bought stocks on Tuesday/Wednesday, yeah it can take 5 to 6 days before getting delivery.

  201. rs4977 says:

    mobile apps is not good there is no option to squreoff of position

  202. coolblr says:


    Can you please add:

    1. Total Trade costs (Brokerage+Taxes+STT+Stamp) in tradebook for the trade?
    2. Along with showing the heatmap for trading activity (Light to dark green, light being less traded, dark as in most traded), would be great if you could add another option when clicked shows the day where the equity curve has gone up/down from previous day, basically indicating profitable/loss day ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. An option to show the cumulative trading data contract wise (contract wise is already there, but cumulative data is not there), Lets say I search NIFTY15JANFUT, when selected cumulative it should show for all days cumulative data like Avg buy/sell amount, total trade costs, and ofcouse the heatmap will have two options, one which shows trading activity, another which shows profit/loss due to that trade.
    4. Also, please add Day of week in the excel report or the report when clicked on show.

    Just trying to improve and make an effective journal ๐Ÿ™‚


  203. Karthi K DK0229 says:


    In Q, T1 and T2 Holding, Sorting the columns using profit is not working as expected. PFB Screenshot.

    Also let me know on what basis serial number is generated.

  204. kiran dsouza says:

    I have been charged more than 20rs brokerage , i gt charged 77.05 as brokorage
    The mobile app , why does the order go to intra day by default , is there a way to keep it to cash and carry by default ?

  205. Akkamahadevi Patil says:

    Please provide for to save the template as default template in “Pi” and apply on opening a new chart by default.

  206. phani says:

    There is a serious problem with q.zerodha, could you please find the error and rectify it.

  207. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    I think there is something wrong with my Q.
    The buy and sell numbers sometimes go to zero and then magically appear a few weeks later and then disappear again.
    This happens more often with stocks which have been demated as opposed to being bought .
    My 60 day challenge numbers seem to be off too. They appear to get updated once a month and i am pretty sure they are incorrect.
    Also my quant numbers have never been updated .. ever . They are the same since the first time i saw them.

  208. Karthi K DK0229 says:


    I could not see nifty in my Equity Curve (Quant) chart. PFA sceenshot. Also is data sync happens daily?

  209. chanchal ghosh says:

    how can withdrow fund through Q? or any where?

  210. Smallfish says:

    When is Q updated daily?

    I did a cash transfer today, which was reflected in my trading limits but not in Q. I checked at 1555 hrs. Is there a batch job that runs later? Thanks

  211. Ramesh Chinnasamy says:

    Quant data is not in sync. It has data up to 17th Nov only. Is there any plan to sync daily basis?

  212. Mehul Mishra says:

    Is it possible for the Backoffice to update in real-time ? ie the moment a trade is conducted ?
    I think that used to happen in my HDFC securities account, though i don’t remember its been a while since i used it.

    • Hanan says:

      Quite a few things cannot be updated on the back office real-time as the exchange sends us the positions file only after the end of day’s trades.

      What you were seeing with HDFC Securities and what you will see with our new web platform being developed is real-time information from your trading system going through to the back office. However, complete clarity can be provided only end of day after the markets have closed.

  213. S Sinha says:

    Please upgrade the mobile application and bring out Pi at the earliest. You have been promoting “Pi” but still no signs of it.

  214. S Sinha says:

    With regards to futures trading in Zerodha mobile app, while buying and selling futures, the default product type should be set as NRML rather than MIS. If someone is not paying attention then the orders will be squared off at the end of the session. Learnt it the hard way by suffering a loss of Rs 3000. At least an option should be made available where I can set my default order type. Zerodha comes out with all kinds of fancy stuffs everyday but still there is no sign of upgraded platform “Pi” . Also no effort is being made to improve the mobile application which is pretty ordinary and it makes trading even more difficult with slow feed and stability issues.

  215. Sandeep says:

    In q, Tax P&L it says
    Where, audit is required if
    If turnover < 1 crore and profitability is less than 8% of turnover (Section 44 AB)

    So my doubt is
    If my total turnover is 5000 and net profit is 50 do I need to audit my account?

  216. Hi Nitin,
    My client id is DM1680, i have query on my recent transactions performed on 3/Nov/2014.
    I performed Options trade worth 22000 and I received the contract note from Zerodha. But was doubting why didn’t i receive NSE transactoin information which i used to receive from other service providers earlier.

    May i know if i will be getting the NSE sms’s and NSE email’s with reference to SEBI circular ref no. CIR/MIRSD/15/2011dated August 02, 2011, regarding SMS and email alerts to investor by Stock Exchanges, the SMS and email facility that has been provided for ease and convenience of verification of trades.


  217. AastroGuru says:

    I am getting certificate related error.
    In IE it works not in firefox

  218. DM1559 says:

    These days “Q” is not accessible most of the time due to some server error. Please look into this.

  219. S Sinha says:

    In Z5 platform and Mobile app, there is no provision to check the total profits/losses in Futures that one is holding. It only reflects daily M2M profits/losses. Also the buying price refers to the previous day closing price and not the price at which one has bought the futures. So it’s really important to include some more columns where once can see the total profits in addition to the Price at which one has bought/sold. Can this be included in the Z5 and mobile app soon.

    • S Sinha says:

      Backoffice login is also not working. I’m not being able to log in inspite of entering the correct username and password. Why can’t Zerodha integrate the backoffice as a part of Trading login as followed by other brokerages.

      So far experience with Zerodha has been not so great but it may be because I’ve used other trading platforms before Zerodha so I’m expecting the same quality here. But frankly speaking, almost all the platforms are not upto the mark compared to what is available in the market. There is an urgent need to revamp the Z5 platform and Mobile app. NEST trading platform is also not great when you compare it to Sharekhan’s TradeTiger or IIFL trade terminal.

      I hope that in addition to providing fabulous brokerage , Zerodha should also offer cutting edge trading mediums . Right now the lure of low brokerage is keeping me associated with Zerodha .

      • Q would be down for a bit after midnight, when we are running end of day process. We will have a fix for this soon. Until now we had been using vendor based products, and hence the gap between Sharekhan and say us. But, Pi (Desktop and web), Q,Quant and our brokerage should give you the best combo in the country.

    • We are building a new web based platform (mobile compatible) and this will have this feature.

  220. S Sinha says:

    It would be great if Zerodha can come out with a better mobile app which may not be rich in features but is stable and fast. Also there should be an option of seeing the scrips in various indices like Nifty, Sensex, BankNifty. NSE smallcap etc, so that one can see the stocks listed in the index. That will be a very handy addition. Also the authentication system while using the mobile app may please be simplified. Quite often the system logs out and one has to enter User ID. membership password and then answer the security questions before one is able to log in. Atleast we can replace the security questions with an OTP or transaction password. Since Zerodha is busy developing the desktop trading platform “Pi” , I hope after the launch of “Pi”, you will improve the functioning of the mobile app or even better come out with a revamped app. I wish you all the best and hope we get to use “Pi” very soon.

  221. Shyju Neyyan says:

    One more thing… Why does Zerodha not support automatic update feature of Perfios ( finance management software). Its supported by few other brokerages and makes keeping track of things absolutely simple…
    Will it be supported in future?

  222. Shyju Neyyan says:

    been trying to login to q.zerodha since yesterday.. was showing some unknown error. Today it gets redirected to europa.zerodha. Q is now europa? not able to find any mention about it anywhere…

  223. S Sinha says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have the following queries.

    When I transferred funds from my bank account to equity trading account using payment gateway service, the transaction was successful however the funds are not reflected in the Back office login. As it is an instant funds transfer why the balance is not getting reflected in real time.

    Also is there a provision of transferring funds from Equity trading account to Commodities trading account .

    When will Pay in feature be enabled in Back office.

    Both the HTML platform and Mobile app become unresponsive and the scrips don’t get updated properly. Please fix the issues in the platform and Mobile app so that the same can be used for active trading.

    When can we expect the new platform “Pi”.

    • The backoffice and trading platform are not synced on a live basis. So if you transfer funds on the trading platform, it will get updated for you to trade immediately, but this will show up on Q by end of day(around 7pm).

      As per exchange rules, we cannot let you transfer funds from equity to commodities. You will have to withdraw and transfer it back.

      Even if Payin is enabled on Q, it is better that you use the one on the trading front end.

      Yes working on the HTML and mobile.

  224. Sukesh says:

    I could not see any option to ‘Pay In’ or ‘Pay Out’ in ‘Q’. Should i do this in the normal Backoffice itself?


  225. Sukesh says:

    A few questions regarding the ledger that i downloaded from ‘Q’:

    1) Why is SPAN Margin credited and debited back every day from my ledger when i take overnight positions?

    2) Is there a way i can remove the SPAN & Exposure margin entries in the ledger? As they are just margin blocked and does not actually refer to my profit or loss?


  226. ashokcool789 says:

    i have given withdrawal request yesterday i have not recieved amount in my bank account till much days it will take

  227. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    Zerodha Qconnect is not functioning for last few days. Is there any technical issue ?

  228. Nihar says:

    For first time users of Q or (for that matter the old backoffice site) can you please tell me how do I generate a password to access my a/c? Is it my Z-Connect pw or ZT pw or a totally a new one. Thanks

  229. roy2000 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Although Q is an excellent backoffice system, but I think two features are necessary in Q as these are available in the older version of backoffice :
    (i) after resetting the password, we can login Q with only the password sent to our
    e-mail ID. We cannot choose a password of our own choice.
    (ii) contract notes are still not available in Q

  230. renuka.m says:

    in the commodity segment we have open position crude as on 9/09/2014 we trade up to 9 pm same day and squarred all position, next day morning i need a pay out but there is no updation of funds in the ledger,when can i get pay out

  231. vinaynp24 says:

    hi Nithin,

    I found an issue in the P&L report from Q back-office (Both Absolute and Indicative).
    Buy Avg and Buy value is coming other-way around. Below is the details.
    Could you please get this corrected?

    Buy qty Buy avg Buy value
    50.00 2800.00 56.00


  232. RH0398 says:

    Thanks very much Nithin for prompt reply

  233. RH0398 says:

    Good morning
    basically i am new trader with Zerodha
    i am very much appritiate with zerodha specially a brokerage structure for Option trading
    i have a one query with Q backoffice , is there contract note is avaiable in our Q-backoffice i mean contract note is uploaded on Q-backoffice ?



    • Hemendra, for now Q doesn’t show the contract notes, but we will soon start showing you that here. You will get contract notes on email, and you can also find it in our old backoffice (you need to use ie for this)

  234. kars says:

    Q is good. I request you to add the communication & permanent address, Exchanges & segments subscribed to in the Profile page.

    Also, If you can show the links to the demat account management urls for ILFS next to the account details, it will be great.

  235. Ashish Kumar Varun says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Great broking services.
    Why not become DP?
    Ashish Kumar Varun

  236. BK says:

    Thanks for freeing us from having to use the IE anymore. Hope someday Zerodha will provide us a trading terminal for Linux.

  237. Sandip Chavan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    1. I buyed Alumini at 124.70 which closed on the day at 124.35 so around 350+ got deducted from account then on next day I sold it at 124.55 but the back office shows only trascation of 124.55 and loss of 400. Could you check why it shows only sell order and not the buy order.

    2. I buyed Infy option for 25Sep14 at 111 and last traded value is also 111 but the back office is showing last traded vale as 189 and unrealised profit of aorund 8000+. Clould you check from where the software is picking 189?

    • Sandip, can you send me an email with your client id to [email protected],

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Sandip,

      1. Just checked your ledger, it shows a credit entry of Rs.168.. This has been arrived as follows:

      Buy Alumin @ 124.35, Sold @ 124.55 which gives you a credit of Rs.200/- Minus: Brokerage: 12.46, CTT: 12.00, Stamp charges: 1.25, Transaction charges: 3.86, Service Tax: 2.02 = 168 which is posted on your ledger.

      2. What we consider when we are MTM’ing any open position is the settlement price of the contract on any given day as per the Bhavcopy from NSE. The Bhavcopy contains the price as 189 which is what is shown on the P&L. The reason you so much difference (111 & 189) is because it is an illiquid option.


      • Sandip Chavan says:

        Ledger is proper, but P & L statement and Tradebook doesnt show transcation of ALUMINI14AUGFUT buyed at 124.70 on same day it closes with 124.35 which created a transaction of 369.60 in ledger

  238. Rajvir Bains says:

    Nitin, you are doing great job. From the features you have introduced in the Q, it shows that how thoughtful you are about client requirements. You have your hand on the pulse of the client.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes.

    Rajvir Bains

  239. Anoop says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can you guide me from where i can download the contract notes from the ‘Q”??

  240. Sathish says:

    Thanks for very good reporting tool, which is not having any restrictions of one browser. Now I am able to open on any. Also the screens are very refreshing and light weight and fast loading.
    One suggestion though, the screens can be loaded on mobile browser also without any alignment issue that will be great.
    Also please consider the features for now users too. Like transfer of funds from bank to zerodha etc.

  241. sohil says:

    why there is no option to transfer funds from bank to zerodha?

  242. Vijay Bhide says:

    Why there is a difference between figures of profit shown in absolute profit and Tax P&L for FY 2013-14

    • Vijay, Absolute considers the actual buy/sell of your open position on the starting day, whereas tax P&L (also indicative) considers prices of open positions as on closing price of 31th March 2013 (we also call this indicative P&L)

  243. Santosh C says:

    Hi, I have a query on Fund transfer. Can I transfer fund to Zerodha only from the Bank account i have registered while opening or can it be done from any other account as well ? Since There may be cases when one may have to use a different account due to lack of funds in one. As of now, i can see only my registered account in Z5 fund transfer window.

    • If you want to from any other account, you will have to first get that new account mapped with us (note that you can have multiple bank accounts mapped). Send us a cancelled cheque of the new account, and we will have that mapped, and once done you can transfer using both(or more) accounts.

  244. sauptik sinha says:

    Well I have opened a trading account with Zerodha and I’m not that impressed with the services so far, and all that was promised to me at the time of account opening was mere hype. First of all more than 24 days have passes, still my demat account has not been activated. Have already got in touch with them and the support team is still looking into it.
    Secondly with regards to the back office application, is it supported on other browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla firefox. As per my knowledge the same is supported only on Internet explorer. It’s good that Zerodha is providing new report tools and features but unless the application is supported on other browsers, all those add on features have no significance.
    I had tried using the Z5 application and there is nothing ground breaking in that too. Most of the times the browser page goes unresponsive and then one has to kill the pages. Also the widgets like Position log, Trade book etc, there is no way to scroll them to the right when you expand them. It would be better if Zerodha had focussed more on the stability and functionality part rather than adding features that cannot be used properly.
    The Mobile app seems to be in a nascent stage and it will take a while before one can trade using the mobile app. The appearance and features of the mobile app still needs vast improvements.

    The only thing positive about Zerodha is the low brokerage fees. But on closer look, the transaction charges are higher compared to other trading portals. Also for online transfer of funds, a fee of Rs 9 is charged which really is something not desirable. Also if one transfer funds using NEFT, then the bank will charge a commission. Either ways the customer gets penalised for transfering funds online. This will really be a problem when you have to meet M2M requirements in future trading.

    Well The Z5 platform needs vast improvements and atleast the functionality of widgets shall be improved. Also the mobile version of the website will be something that may be useful for traders.

    • sauptik sinha says:

      Well the new back office system works in Chrome. Apologies for the earlier comment. However please look into the Z5 platform and Mobile app. Also the payment gateway system needs to simplified.

      • Sauptik, Check this, the transaction has dropped to the lowest in the industry. Q works on all browsers and we are presently working on revamping the desktop, web and mobile version(presently all vendor products). Our desktop version Pi will be out soon. The payment gateway charges is what we are charging at actuals, don’t see this dropping unless the gateway providers drop the charges. If you want to avoid this, you can use NEFT to transfer (if you have HDFC bank, you can do a HDFC to HDFC for free).


        • sauptik sinha says:

          Well right now I’m still struggling to get my Demat account activated with Zerodha even after 25 days. I had brought this problem to the notice of your customer support team, also mailed my problem to [email protected] who promised that it will be activated by 01/08/2014 but still nothing has been done in that regard. I’m really surprised at the huge delay in getting my demat account deactivated. Unfortunately at the time of account opening, I was assured that everything will be done without any delay but the reality is entirely different.

          With regards to online payment, I have an existing trading account where I don’t have to pay for online funds transfer.It would be great step if Zerodha can move ahead in that direction as charging for a funds transfer is really like penalising the customer.

  245. saurabh singh says:

    hi Nithin

    where I can find contract Notes ?

  246. botany02 says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    This feedback is regarding withdrawal of fund using Q back office.
    In that, Equity withdrawal balance is showing as 6061.44, but when I place withdrawal request for 6000/-.It’s showing error “insufficient balance”.But the same withdrawal request is accepted in IE xdk back office.
    So please rectify that withdrawal error from Q back office.
    Thank You

  247. Jeetu says:

    Hi Nithin,
    These are great initiatives & I appreciate the efforts being put in to develop your systems to be at par with international standards.
    It would be wonderful to know by when we could expect the new trading platform. Also, would it have any emphasis on built-in charts as I’m eagerly looking forward to the same?

  248. swapnil says:

    Really very good tool feeling good that we are associated with Zerodha.
    My suggestion is when we click on password reset it’s only asking client id, DOB and PAN Number. i think it is quite easy to get this information. hence whenever client want to reset the password there should some one time password or code should be sent on client’s register mobile number for verification and for safety.
    Please think on it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  249. Rajesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    It would be good to have a history of our fund transfer details under Funds section.


  250. RS2869 says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Congrats to team zerodha on this one more new initiative for customer delight. I agree that this is a beta version and would like to see proper portfolio for my bond holdings as well. Presently I am facing problems on old back office also. Pl take care of investors also along with traders. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks RS, we are fetching details of most bonds. Can you check if this was bought before April 2013? Q has data only from April 2013, if you had bought this before that, you will have to use the discrepant holdings page to manually update the cost of acquisition. (you can see the discrepant holdings in brackets in the holdings page itself)


  251. vko says:

    Even when “Q” wasn’t officially released, and was under testing as, I found myself going there more often than the original BO. Best thing is it works on all browsers and not just limited to IE like the old BO. The features are great, simple to use. Hearty congratulations to the development and testing teams, who have (once again) done a fantastic job!

  252. Sumanth says:

    Nice kick start with the new back office. Few things i feel needs to be implemented are the pay in options and contract notes. Also we’re eagerly waiting for the release of your new trading platform any chances of it getting released soon and any salient features?.Waiting for it to be more colorful than ‘Q’.

  253. Ranjan says:

    It seems that there is no way to transfer funds into the zerodha account using the back office! Please guide and rectify!

    • Yes, we will soon have this facility, you can use the payment gateway on the trading platform itself, or else you can also use the payment gateway on the old backoffice

  254. Q is Excellent Work from Zerodha. Pls Keep it up

  255. Radhe Shyam says:

    Thanks for new back office “Q”. What I liked the most about it is now I can open back office in any browser even in my android browser too. but sadly website is not rendered properly in my mobile phone, if possible please fix that. and if possible please make the dates sorted “old to newest” not ” new to oldest” like in old back office. My last 2-3 comments were neither replied nor I could see any action on them, but I still believe that Zerodha is far better than many other brokerage houses not only in term of brokerage but there so many clear difference which can easily be counted.
    Hope for better.


  256. Athar says:

    Q looks great. Two suggestions..

    1. It will be great if we can access all Contract Notes directly from Q.

    2. Can we have day-wise P&L & Open position? It will be a great help for personal tracking for those who mainly deal in intraday trading. Right now it shows all trade details in a list of a particular contract[Qty: ALUMINI14JULFUT]. Per day basis[intraday] P&L will be a great help ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1. Yes, contract notes will be available there soon.

      2. For a day wise P&L, just choose indicative and choose the day for which you want P&L. It will also have open position on the same P&L.

  257. Aftab says:


    What are DP charges..?

  258. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    Finally the platform is here ๐Ÿ™‚
    A couple of things
    1) The tradebook section in reports does not seem to show me the total value of the trades . It only shows me the price and quantity not Price*Quantitly it would also be great if it had the option to show me all the trades of a stock at average price.
    2) It would be cool if we select a range of dates in the heat map itself as opposed to just a single date we have currently

  259. kishanbobba says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Only because of ‘Q’ I filed my first tax report. Thanks a lot for the article – taxation simplified.

    Thanks you very much once again.

  260. N says:

    Very good initiative, Nithin. Impressed.

    Is it possible to have a scrip-wise break-up of the margin used. This will solve a lot of the headache we are currently facing with having to guess or go to the Zerodha tool and find out.

  261. raghu says:

    Finding it difficult to use Q portal on touch devices as the menu drop down works only on mouse hover

  262. vinaynp24 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have a problem in P&L report of EQ section. I have bought 147 shares of NBCC on 29-04-2014 but only 104 shares has been credited to Dmat account after 2 days. I have also been informed from Zerodha rep that they could not get the delivery of remaining 43 shares so they have credited the equivalent amount with some interest. I have sold my holding of 104 shares of NBCC on 8-05-2014.
    Now the issue is when I generate the P&L report for this FY. The report is showing 43 share as net quantity and showing unrealized profits. The same has been added to cumulative Unrealized profit section. I tried to find the way to rectify it some where in trade book. But no luck. Could you please help me. My Client Id is DV0603.


    • For me same thing happen for sujana towers. is this zerodha problem or company prob ?

      • Pavan, when you trade illiquid stocks or those which are in T2T segment, the chances of default are quite high. Basically the person who sold you the shares, didn’t deliver it on time. Exchange conducts an auction and if no stock available there, it is settled in cash by the exchange.

    • Vinay, we are giving an option very soon where you can put a counter trade (highlighting that it was settled in cash) for trades on which you don’t get delivery but adjusted in cash by the exchange. We already have a similar option for you to enter price of holdings which were transferred from other brokers.

      • vinaynp24 says:

        Ok Nithin, Will wait for this feature. Hope it will be available before the end of FY, which will help us in P&L report.

  263. Better to keep one portal for trading and back office too. And we are expecting same time of changes on trading window too. Eagerly waiting for such a felxi options.

  264. kamal says:

    how can we see earlier year details and also contract notes which were available on previous software

    • Kamal, we presently have details from April 2013 onwards on Q, if you want to see earlier to that, you will have to login to the old tool on Contract notes link will be available shortly on Q.

  265. Venkat_V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Few quick observations for your attention..

    1) I’m getting same PNL Summary when i select for FY2013-14 & FY2014-2015, Is this a bug? Pls clarify

    2) further when i downloaded my Tax PNL, i Noticed my FNO PNL is duplicated on CDS PNL also, where i have no trades done on CDS segment.. Is this a bug? Pls clarify

    3) How the Total Turnover figure calculated for FNO Segment? is that the Net Realized profit is the Turnover Figure? I believe in my PNL summary the turnover figure is same as my Realized profit (before deductions). Pls throw me more light on this.

    4) Also the Absolute PNL & Indicative PNL concept is not clear to me..i just tried to visualize the same on my portfolio, however i find the PNL figures what i saw for Absolute & Indicative PNL looks exactly same. Could you pls clarify why?

    5) To produce to my CA for IT filing, Whether your Tax PNL statement alone is sufficient?

    Appreciate for your fast response.


    • 1. We haven’t updated FY 14/15 yet for tax p&L, we will do it in the next few days.
      2. Checking this out
      3. For Futures it is absolute sum of all realized profits, so if you have made Rs 5000 profit on Nifty July and 10000 losses in Nifty Aug, the total turnover will be 15000, whereas you have a Rs 5000 loss.
      It is same way for options, but additional to this in options you need to add the total selling value of options.
      4. Assume you bought Nifty Futures at 7500 on 30th May. Assume the Nifty closing price on 31th may was 7600 and on 10th June you sold it at 7700.
      If you search for P&L from 1st June to 10th June.
      Absolute: It will consider the buying price as 7500 and show you a profit of 200 points.
      Indicative: It will consider the buying price as 7600 (the previous day closing price of 1st June) and show you a profit of 100 points.

      If there was no open trade on starting date of the time period, your indicative and absolute will show the same value.

      5. Yes this should be enough, you could also download the tradebook for the last year and attach it along with this.

  266. Vandana says:

    In the discrepancy holding of price, I am getting the list of stocks which does not have any discrepancy.

    • Vandana,

      Q has trade reports from April 1st 2013, so if there are stocks which you had bought before this, even if you have sold it, it will show up in the discrepant holdings. If you enter this, then you can generate correct P&L statements.

      • Soundaravalli V says:

        Actually all the discrepeant holdings (transferred shares from other demat account) that are added in this year are not accounted for P&L. Could you please correct it ASAP.

        Currently it gives a wrong P&L (especially for TAX perspective) for FY17-18.

        Appreciate your quick resolution.

        Soundaravalli V

        • Preetam says:

          Purchased an NFO on ICICI B22. The buy price was somehow not loading into the backoffice. I tried entering the details through discrepant holdings – still the price does not show up on the portfolio.
          Kindly help

  267. Mohan says:

    Hi Nitin, How to get user id and password to logon to Q?

  268. Ramanathan A says:

    Nithin, I have been an senior executive in MNCs @ overseas for the last 25 years. I am an investor and trader as well for the last 20 years in India and overseas. Currently living in Singapore on full time trading having network of friends and investors. Trading have been mainly thro’ CFDs on non-India CFD products. Looking at any potential broking house or discount brokers for start trading on Indian stock market (Equity and derivatives) for my own and for my network. Open to discussions. You may contact me thro’ the email provided below. You may provide your contact so that I can call you. Have a nice weekend!

  269. Smart_trade says:

    Great initiative. Getting Tax complient reports and reports on Long term /short term capital gains, Turnover as defined for Audit , business profits will help a lot in reducing my unproductive work and time spent of boring things like IT returns working which is a nightmare in June /July every year….thanks a lot..

  270. Athar says:

    This may be a wild Idea and I know both are separate exchanges but I wish there was a single account to transfer cash @ back office section , and Zerodha internally manages the free cash balance to be used in both commodity and equity while placing order. This way user don’t have to maintain/transfer cash balance separately.

    • Athar, this is a compliance issue and not really a technology issue. Exchanges and regulators have clearly prohibited same funds to be used across Equity and commodity.

  271. praveen says:


    What is the significance of color in heat map in the page ?

    • Light to dark signifying number of executed orders placed in a day, the dark green are days when you placed the most and light are days on which you placed the least. You can access the historical trades directly from this heatmap. The next project for us is to be able to plot your profitability on this heatmap, showing what are your odds of winning based on number of trades executed in a day.

  272. Athar says:

    This example is based on Equity. I hope same is available for Commodity as well including the donut chart

  273. suraj suresh says:

    Hi will there be a payin option in Q…

  274. Ram says:

    Have traded with a bunch of brokerages, and have to say this has to be the most modern reporting tool I have used. Feels like I am using one of those google analytics/adsense accounts. Great job and waiting to see what you guys build here.

    • Pramod says:

      I have bought Granules India 107.5 CE Options last month on Zerodha.

      The stock price went up till Rs. 117, I could not Book Profit because Trading was not allowed on the scrip.

      Now the share price has slided back to Rs. 110, and all my profits have vanished.

      Why is Trading not happening on this scrip in F&O ?

      • Pramod, the issues with stock options is that it can get illiquid very fast (no buyers/sellers). Nothing a broker can do about it. Also if trading is blocked on a certain scrip, it is done by the exchange. But when in ban period, you can exit positions, you can’t add new.

        • Kiran says:

 to get contract note after trading hour….because i have to wait till next morning to get my contract note (is there any other way to know the final brokerage charges after the trading session)

          • Zerodha Social says:

            We are probably the largest in India currently in terms of the number of contract notes sent per day. Current Email delivery solution takes time to send this out, we are looking at ways to improve this. We will have a contract note download link in Q next week. Once done, you should be able to download it after 5.30 pm anytime.

        • Prasenjit Biswas says:

          I am new in this market. I bought some shares. But the backoffice holdings are not showinh all the shares even after 1 week. Please help

    • Nehal Joshipura says:

      These days tradebook report is not getting generated from backoffice Q. Also there is a problem in other reports. Only holding statement gets generated. I am disappointed as this is taking many days.

      • Venu says:

        We’ve made a bunch of server upgrades after which they all seem to be working fine. I was able to generate the tradebook and other reports. Can you check now please?

        • Nehal Joshipura says:

          The same problem is again happening. This is now quite often the trade reports cannot be generated.

    • Pranab Paul says:

      What I feel that now I have landed in a correct place. I am very much eager to learn more and more. And I hope your user friendly and easy to understand tools will help me to emerged as an successful trader

    • tradevgr says:

      Hi, Past three days(13th Oct – till date) P&L report is not working properly. I am not able to select the from date as per my choice. Whatever from date I input the report comes for the whole year. I have created a support ticket for the same(ticket #102329). Please correct this ASAP. Thanks

      • Zerodha Social says:

        Currently, we support P&L only for the current FY and hence we have blocked the option to select the date. This will be enabled in the upcoming updates to Q.

        • tradevgr says:

          Current FY is 2017-2018 right. I know that for 2016-2017 i need to check Tax-P&L page. This P&L page used to work last week, but stopped working this week, and I suppose last week was also in this current financial year and I am wondering how the page worked last week and not this week. So My question is where can i see the P&L for lets say October 1st 2017 to October 17th 2017. These features give flexibility and I am not sure why such a beautiful feature is disabled?.

          • Matti says:

            We’ve been revamping our backoffice for some time now. We’re glad to say that we’re in the last few stages of taking the new backend live. In the meanwhile, we’ve disabled fetching the P&L for custom dates for the time being. This isn’t a permanent change, but will remain in effect until we complete the upgrade.

    • Jasmeet says:

      Do you provide consolidated capital gain statemnt for mutual funds?

      I am not able see the same in back office