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October 15, 2019
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There is something about good content on finance and markets that excites me, and Finception has done it since their first article. We have partnered with some of the coolest FinTech businesses in India working on expanding capital market ecosystem through Rainmatter – Finception is the latest. Their daily newsletter, Finshots, is how I start my day now.

The following is an introduction by the founders of Finception. I hope all of you like it as much as I do and subscribe. 🙂

Our journey started with a simple premise — to make Finance less complex and more exciting. We started writing long-form articles on stocks and stock markets and we have been doing that for a good year now.

You can find all our stories right here.

And as an extension to this ethos, we recently started a daily newsletter called Finshots.

What is Finshots?

With Finshots, we are taking the most important financial stories of the day and rewriting it in a language more people can understand. We try to keep the stories as relevant as possible and since we have a self-declared mandate of being a 3-minute newsletter, it’s as crisp as it can be. Have a look at some of our stories.

Who is this for?

We want to make finance less boring and so this product is for anyone who finds the current stuff on finance too taxing to read.

The Ultimate Goal

Since we started our journey last year, I can’t think of the number of people that have approached us asking for help on the investing front. The only thing we could do to help was to suggest a few mutual funds, understand their needs and priorities, and help get their finances in order. We even ran an AMA (Ask me Anything) asking our subscribers to write to us if they had questions on personal finance. And out of the 2000 odd people that saw the post, a whopping 600 people wrote back to us asking for help. And that’s when we figured we had to do something about this.

A new product in the works

So right now the focus is on building a full-fledged Financial Planner. Not the kind that’ll give you some generic advice and a couple of mutual funds to go along with it. We want to understand where you come from, your needs, priorities, if you are covered in the event of an emergency, how buying a house can affect your financial goals, how best to invest every time you have some money saved up and most importantly, how not to lose money.

The hope is that we can someday become a brand that’s synonymous with all things finance.

Also if you have any suggestions for the product that we are currently building, please write to us at [email protected]. We are actively seeking inputs. Cheers 🙂

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:



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    Please create one paper trading platform most of the people’s are ready to pay

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    Since I read first post of finception 6 months back, I thought one day some big media house will acquire this platform because quality was so good and now here you are Zerodha! Congratulations both!

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    would be interested to know more

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    It’s a nice way to create enthusiasm for finance by telling the theory behind financial market. Before investing, I read many articles on stocks and other things. This things will help me to understand better.

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    How save in you platform

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    Can you create a platform for trading with virtual money? It can be either live or replay..

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    There are many such type of services in Indian market. You may start considering to start some unique service like posting news in advance of scheduled events hitting the market like new drug release, FDA inspection report etc for pharma industry, any litigation or judgement days in courts.
    To the best of my knowledge there is none which provide such specific news

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    Please make sure Financial Planner works with Linux unlike Pi.

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    Zerodha now has a very good options in multiple streams, but the only issue i face is all are in a different way, it would be very helpful if we have everything in one place.

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    It’s really good to hear that about your new thing ‘finception’.
    I hope we all readers will get good knowledge from it.

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    Hoping that it will be a financial knowledge feast.

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    Great Initiative to Simplify Financial Topics.


    Sir, how to know about yearly turnover as well as yearly P&L from zerodha. This will be needed for filling ITR. Please respond. If anyone knows kindly comment.

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    Stock market is always betting. No sure way of making consistent money!!
    Whatever trade u make its always going to be a bet!!!
    Waste of time and energy!!!
    Stop making people loose hard earned money!!!

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    Always been an admirer of you . Keep doing good work. You are an inspiration boss

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    I too may be kept abreast of all the evolving no concepts in the share trading including MUCH ADO ABOUT ‘EASY TO LEARN ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF TRADING SMARTLY with ALGO TRADING CONCEPTS in a a rudimentary style for a NOVICE to enter with confifidence and SUCCESS being the the native mantra from Zerodha varsity. Kudos to ZERODHA.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mobile :. 9486106260

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    Nice incentive. Zerodha is always innovative. Sometimes it is difficult to track what is the latest tool and learning you are offering. Thanks for all your support.

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    I hope we all readers will get good knowledge from it.

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    So, kinda like Morning Brew?

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    Am working on FIRE and would like to help others

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    It’s really good to hear…
    I hope we all readers will get good knowledge from it.

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    Right from zerodha to finception you have always tried to “help people grow” not just with knowledge, but with knowledge that will foster wealth. This is your uniqueness. “Simply Amazing” Nithin.. Fintech is the next happening thing and i am really glad n grateful that you have chosen to empower us with Finshots. My best wishes to u and all zerodha team for an exciting journey ahead 🙂

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    Great initiative
    Thank you, It helps a lot of people to make their investment decision.

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    Inshorts ka Finance Wala Bhai Finshots!

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    Nice move, it helps common people to understand the market.
    I am very thankful to you for providing such a newsletter.

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    What may be the content of this service,is it a summarized version of relevant financial news from daily newspapers.What may be the cost of this

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    Good. We all set together to improve our economy & indian economy in front side. All individual goals full fill means, country also fullfill with great economy. Zerodha is also a part in great steps to improve business & customer satisfaction on markets, studies, trades. Building a unique simple platform so that everyone can understand, informing their quentions & getting answers for right time.

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