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December 7, 2018
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Trigger basket orders and SIP alerts on Zerodha Sentinel


With Sentinel, you can create real-time market alerts that reside on the cloud. These alerts, unlike other platforms, remain active until they are triggered, even if your device is inactive. Sentinel has been live for 6 months and is now a whole lot better with the launch of baskets. You can now use triggers to initiate a basket order on a group of scrips, create equity SIP (Systematic Investing) alerts, longstanding order alerts that can work like GTC/GTD (Good till cancel/Good till day orders), one fires another order, and multi-leg derivative orders.


Creating baskets on Sentinel

Baskets on Sentinel allow you to create a basket of stocks, ETFs, F&O contracts and then use sentinel triggers to generate an alert which can initiate a buy/sell order for the entire basket. In this example, I have created a basket of Bank stocks and a trigger to execute the basket when LTP of Banknifty is > 26900. When the condition is triggered, you will get a notification on Kite and on your email. When you click on the notification you will be redirected to the baskets page where you can execute the basket. Mobile notifications will be introduced soon.

SIP alerts

You can now setup a SIP in stocks and ETFs on Sentinel with the new SIP alerts feature. You can create weekly, fortnightly, or monthly alerts as a reminder for you to invest. You can also tag a basket of stocks so that you can execute the basket orders in just a couple of clicks. This feature is available only for Sentinel pro users and through the advanced triggers screen.

Create SIP alerts and tag your baskets

Longstanding orders

Currently, all orders on Kite are valid only for a day as exchanges don’t support GTC/GTD (Good till cancelled/Day orders). Baskets feature can double up as a longstanding order alert, similar to GTC/GTD orders. You can, for example, setup a stoploss for your holdings/positions or a buy alert for the stock you’ve been wanting to buy at a specific price.

All you have to do is to create a basket with the stocks and contracts you wish to trade, create an alert with price to buy/sell a stock at your price, and tag the basket to a sentinel trigger. When the alert is triggered, you can execute the order almost instantaneously.

One triggers another Order

We have had this request for a long time. If nifty >11000 buy Nifty futures, or if Nifty >11000 buy Nifty 11000 Calls, essentially trigger an order to buy/sell an instrument based on change in a different one. It is now possible using sentinel baskets. Create a basket by adding scrips that you want to trade (Nifty Fut/Options in the above example). Create a trigger on the instrument (Nifty index) which should initiate the order placing alert and link it to the basket.

Multi-leg F&O orders

If you are an F&O trader, you can use baskets to execute multi leg strategies. Here’s an example of a bull call spread, if Nifty >11010 Buy Nifty Jan 11000 calls and Short Nifty Jan 11200 calls. I have created a basket with the contracts which is tagged to this condition. I have shown this using advanced triggers available on Sentinel Pro version, but this can also be set using the free basic version.

Nifty bull call spread based on the spot level of Nifty

Baskets are available on all plans but SIP alerts will be available only on the Pro plan. You can compare the pricing plans here. Check out the Sentinel User Manual to learn more about using these features. You can also interact with the trading community on TradingQ&A if you need help building your triggers.


Happy Trading,


Nithin Kamath

[email protected] Zerodha, working towards breaking all barriers that I personally faced as a retail trader for over a decade. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. “You don't have to be a hero to accomplish great things---to compete. You can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.” - Edmund Hillary


  1. Pramod says:

    Finally an option like GTC. Better late than never…. Good work!

  2. Manish says:

    One fires the other – Does it only give the trigger or it can place the order too ?
    Example – If Nifty spot goes below 11600, buy 11200 PE

    • There is a click required. You click on the alert, takes to order form where you place. That is the closest we could do because of regulations.

      • Anand says:

        You had always said about constrain to have auto nation in trading but so many people selling auto trading tools like auto trader, presto etc does they do not have any regulation? Since these guys are working on your api what stopping them from auto trader type of tools?

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Hey Anand,

          Exchange approvals are mandatory for automated trading. It is likely that theses platforms you’ve mentioned has the necessary approvals. If not they are operating illegally.

          • Vikas says:

            Just curious what is the definition of automated trading here.

            Where the computer takes a decision on its own in real-time basis some parameters.

            Or even when it just executes a decision that was taken by some human at some point of time in the past.

            • Faisal says:

              Any order that follows an algorithmic pattern(even though preset by a human) requires an exchange approval to be made operational.
              As a broker, we are required to collect the order via phone or a web interface directly from the client

      • ved prakash says:

        I donnot know what regulation you are talking about. GTC orders are there in KOTAK since long and you need to place GTC order. Once triggered, order placed automatically. please clarify what regulations you are mentioning here. It will good to place automatically once trigger GTC order is set.


        • Faisal says:

          The response was specific to algorithmic orders generated for which Sentinel gives triggers to the user to be able to execute the order.
          Concerning GTC orders, there are no regulations restricting it as the order is initiated by the client and remains valid till its executed or cancelled.

  3. gunabalan g says:

    Really its a nice work sir.I am very much love to trade with ZERODHA because of your innovative ideas and improvements in trading platform.I really like it very much

  4. rohi says:

    Good…atlast Zerodha got that feature GTC which could have been a deal breaker for me…..

  5. Sreejith says:

    fantastic ….. think or swim

  6. Alok says:

    If only BO and CO orders could also be placed in these basket orders, it would have been awesome. Any plans to do so @Nithin sir?

  7. Srini says:

    Feathers keep adding…

  8. Srini says:

    It would be nice if there is a sound alert on the pc when the trigger fires – a short and sharp ‘ting’ is good enough.

  9. Nir says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we expect CFD (contract of difference) on different asset class with mini and micro lots from Zerodha in near future?

  10. Mamta says:


    Can we have something in zerodha which gives us the details of OI built durring the day, this should be a game changer in terms of trading the stocks intra-day as well as positional. Please do think on this and do let me know if OI data can be fetched live during the market hours

  11. santosh Viswanathan says:

    Great features.

  12. rajendra says:

    how to create an alert if I want to buy infy when it triggers LTP=EMA 15 on hourly time frame. Please advise.

  13. BalajiCanabady says:

    @Nithin & Team,
    Kudos for bringing alive the long-awaited feature…
    I usually park my cash in liquid funds. Is it possible to liquidate my funds before executing the basket orders based on my triggers so that my basket orders are not cancelled due to lack of fund?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Balaji,
      Liquid funds have a settlement period of 1 day i.e if you place an order on Coin before 1:30 PM, you will receive the money in your trading account the next day. So, an alternative is to park your funds in Liquid-bees. When you sell liquid bees the sale proceeds can be immediately used to place your basket orders.

  14. Ramesh rao says:

    I want to invest in ELSS under direct funds. How to do in Zerodha kite site.

  15. GS says:

    Hi @Nithin
    Thanks for bringing up new features. Some suggestions

    1. There is no sentinel mobile app, please make an app for it as it would be quite handy (same goes for sensibull as well)
    2. It would be very convenient for users if every thing is integrated into one Kite app only because with so many new features coming up it become quiet inconvenient to jump from one app to another. Already there are three or four apps (Kite / Coin / Streak / Pulse) and now I have placed a request for Sentinel and sensibull app.

    If single app is not possible then pls keep only two apps, one for trading Kite and make one another app which combine all other features like coin / streak /sentinel etc.


  16. Mahesh says:

    Hi Team,

    Request you to makewebsite(combo boxes-for picking scripts) and apps for mobile accessible for blind persons to use all features in zerodha.



    Thanks for Deleting my queries….
    I am really to happy if zerodha solve the issue of pivot.

    Yes.. If zerodha add DAILY PIVOT instead of standard and fibonacy dynamic , just let us add only normal DAILY PIVOT TRADITIONAL IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL.

    it is 1 and half years gone but no support from zerodha end….
    thanks you very much for your kind support.

    I would be very happy instead solving this issue without deleting my query….
    thank you.

  18. rahul kaushal says:

    what is the key to be a successful trader.

  19. GOPAL DASADIYA says:

    Pls call 9712283212 GOPAL DASADIYA

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