2023 at Zerodha

January 1, 2024

2023 was a busy year for us at Zerodha, with the majority focus on backend and behind-the-scenes changes; be it technology, operations, compliance, or customer support. Our 13th year was dedicated to streamlining, overhauling and refactoring the behind-the-scenes systems, and R&D, paving the way for several new products and features we have in the pipeline.

However, I have realised that not proactively sharing the behind-the-scenes updates, coupled with the unfortunate technical incidents, has caused a segment of our clients to doubt our focus and commitment. That we have many initiatives such as Rainmatter (Fintech, Health, Climate) investments, Rainmatter Foundation, and several more running in parallel may have added to this. However, nothing could be further from reality, and I will address that in this post. All our sister initiatives have dedicated, independent teams running them and the Zerodha team’s focus is always on continuously improving our core offerings and services.

In addition, our mission statement as a business has evolved naturally since starting in 2010 when it was all about reducing trading costs and bringing transparency to broking. Today, it is about helping the customer do better with their money and manage their wealth holistically; not just in terms of money. For instance:

  • Rainmatter Fintech – support startups helping Indians do better with money.
  • Rainmatter Health – support startups helping Indians make healthier choices. No amount of money can make up for bad health.
  • Rainmatter Climate/Foundation – support startups & social sector working on causes that can help our society and the planet, do better. What is the point of success and prosperity if there isn’t a healthy planet or society as we know it?
  • Education, storytelling and outreach – To do well financially, we must do it inclusively as a country. This can happen only through education, knowledge-sharing, and the creation of more entrepreneurs in our country. Almost everything we do on social media or podcasts is an attempt to share knowledge that might be helpful to others.

Slowly, we are working on ways to integrate offerings from this universe of partners (health, climate) holistically so that they are meaningful to customers’ wealth and money management like we have been doing over the years with our fintech partnerships—smallcase, Sensibull, Streak, Ditto, Tijori, Quicko and others. You can check out the full Rainmatter portfolio here.

Regarding technical incidents, we maintain openness and transparency about any incidents with RCAs and postmortem analyses published on our disclosures page. We deeply regret the incidents that happened this year and needless to say, we strive and work round-the-clock to minimize the probability of such incidents. However, it is impossible for any technology-first business, especially ones that are time-sensitive and to have to cater to a large number of users, to never have incidents. To minimize the impact of any potential issues, we have made significant architectural changes over the years. This is one of the reasons why any incidents that happen affect a small % of users. But, given the demographics of our customers, we tend to get disproportionately large social media attention and press coverage. The exchange data however indicates that we have the least complaints among the top brokers as a percentage of our active customers at the exchanges. All that said, minimizing the probability of any issues is always at the absolute top of our list of priorities.

Here are a few select updates from last year:

Trading platform

  • New universal search on Kite enables discovery and searching of all instruments available for trading and investing including mutual funds, govt. securities, T-Bills, state development loans, and IPOs in one place.
  • Charts: Latest versions of ChartIQ and TradingView with 20+ new indicators, 10+ new drawing tools, 5 new chart types, and keyboard shortcuts. We re-wrote the entire backend for charts and migrated billions of rows of chart data points to a more performant, distributed database bringing support for custom time frames.
  • Auctions: Place orders in the auction market (that opens daily at 2 PM) on Kite, where exchanges invite sellers to offer their shares that are short-delivered, typically at a premium.
  • Bids: New unified bids orderbook on Kite to bid on Govt. Securities, T-Bills, and SDL (State Development Loans).
  • Virtual contract note: Real-time estimated breakdown of brokerage, STT, stamp duty, exchange transaction charges, SEBI turnover charges, and GST for the day. Unlike conventional contract notes, this version also offers order-wise charge details to see charges for an order before placing it.
  • Tagging and portfolio analytics: Tag orders directly from the order window for historical per-trade, per-holding analytics and visualization on Console going all the way back to the acquisition of a stock.
  • Faster 20-depth feeds: A new in-house tick-by-tick system that delivers lower latency 20-depth feeds on Kite.
  • Realtime persistent bulletins: A universal message “tray” that persists important messages and account-related updates on Kite and Coin.
  • Pledging of securities: Pledge T-Bills along with other government securities and also instantly sell pledged shares without having to wait for T+1 to unpledge. We also no longer wait for new issues of government securities to be added to the approved list of securities, making them instantly available. 653 instruments across stocks and mutual funds are now available for LAS (Loan Against Shares) pledging.
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP): Set up Systematic Withdrawal Plans on Coin to redeem mutual fund investments for cash regularly.
  • NFOs: Participate in New Fund Offers directly from Coin.
  • NPS: National Pension System (NPS) investments directly from Coin.
  • Nudges on Coin: Similar to Kite Nudges that warn users of any potential pitfalls of certain risky actions, Coin now has nudges related to mutual fund investments.
  • eMandates on Coin for automated transfers for SIPs and easy management of mandates.
  • Realtime earmarking of stocks sold from the demat account to enable credit of 80% of the value of sold stocks instantly.
  • In-house OMS: Our in-house OMS (Order Management System) which we have been working on since 2019, is now in beta.
  • New “silos”: Commissioning of new data centre “silos” in different geographic regions.
  • Sensibull becomes free for all Zerodha customers. Our partnership with Sensibull via Rainmatter started several years ago with the goal of enabling a specialised options trading platform that helps traders handle risks better. Today, Sensibull is one of the best option trading platforms in India.
  • Streak scanner becomes free for all Zerodha customers. It allows you to create and run scans across equities, futures, and options using technical indicators and math operators.
  • and more …


  • Near-instant account opening: A complete revamp of the account opening systems now enable near-instant online account opening.
  • Family accounts: Add family members with Zerodha demat accounts to Console and view the consolidated holdings and analytics.
  • Verified P&L: Verified P&L allows users to publicly share their P&L report proving its authenticity.
  • Fundamental Insights: Console now offers fundamental insights for the stocks in your portfolio, with data from our partner, Tijori, showing historical performance of stocks against their sectoral benchmarks, revenue sources, historical revenue patterns, and peer comparisons.
  • XIRR: Console now has per-stock XIRR with portfolio level XIRR on the way. We revamped and migrated 100s of billions of records to a new distributed database to enable computation of historical XIRR in the way Console calculates its True P&L.
  • NRI non-PIS TDS: Carrying forward of losses in NRI accounts to reduce net TDS to have more liquid capital for investing.
  • Faster contract notes: A new distributed system that processes, generates, and sends millions of contract notes daily before the next day’s market opens.
  • Online account opening for minors.
  • Improvements and automation in account opening that reduce KYC rejections by 18%.
  • A new reKYC flow now integrated into Kite and Coin, makes the annual reKYC process seamless.
  • Additional payment gateway for fund transfers.
  • New LAS backend that powers LAS (Lending Against Shares).
  • New semantic search system for improved search results on the support portal.
  • and more…

R&D and overhaul

2023 has been a year of numerous invisible tweaks and rewrites of mega-projects for backend systems and infrastructure, many of which involved considerable risk. These have been crucial to handling any technical debt and laying the foundation for major upcoming product updates.

For instance:

  • Over many months, we migrated 100s of billions of portfolio records to an entirely new high-performance database backend. Migration for all similar databases continues.
  • Migrated all systems and applications including legacy ones to a modern, robust, runtime environment.
  • Deployed significantly improved infrastructure-wide logging, monitoring, and auditing systems.
  • Significant upgrades to security features across infrastructure.
  • Overhaul of data crunching processes, bringing the generation of reports from hours to minutes, for instance, PDF contract notes.
  • A new in-house distributed, fault-tolerant messaging backend to enable scale message delivery to customers (e-mails, SMS, notifications).
  • A new in-house system that synchronizes realtime streams (orders, positions etc.) from the Order Management System across multiple datacentres with low latency and significantly improved fault tolerance. This makes the integration of our 4th data centre location seamless.
  • Significant improvements to regulatory and compliance backends.
  • and more …

Zero1, Varsity Junior, and education

Varsity, our biggest financial educational initiative started in 2014, continues to be one of the largest openly accessible financial education courseware on the web. Complementing our financial education initiatives, we launched Zero1 by Zerodha — a new YouTube channel — to impart lessons with a more fun approach. We are building the channel in partnership with LearnApp, our collaborator of many years.

We also launched Varsity Junior on YouTube with the goal of imparting the basic concepts of financial literacy to children. It is our belief that it is not just enough to educate adults and help them become financially literate but also to educate young Indians to embrace financial literacy early in their lives.

Zerodha Capital

We started Zerodha Capital, our NBFC business, in 2020 with the aim of helping our users build a strong credit profile and also give people access to lower interest rate loans that could perhaps help pay off costlier loans. However, Zerodha Capital has been in capacity-building mode until very recently. We only really started lending operations in 2023 and are currently at a book size of 112 crores. We have now also expanded the list of securities eligible for pledging to avail a loan from Zerodha Capital to include 653 securities across stocks and mutual funds.

Zerodha Fund House

We believe that while we’re doing everything we can to allow and simplify direct investments in the capital markets, it is paramount to have easy-to-understand products for the masses to increase the overall participation in and depth of our markets. So, we got an AMC license and built the Zerodha Fund House as a joint venture with smallcase.

We launched the Zerodha Fund House AMC at the end of October with its first two funds:

  • Zerodha Nifty LargeMidcap 250 Index fund, and
  • Zerodha ELSS Nifty LargeMidcap 250 Index fund

Within the first two months, these funds have a combined AUM of Rs 200 crores.


We believe that there is no absolute trading strategy that can guarantee returns. To improve the odds of doing well, we need to reduce breaking a few basic trading rules like portfolio diversification, having stop losses but not too many, not going against the trend (and if at all, only by reducing the value), and so on. We started this with Nudge for Penny stocks nudge which reduced our penny stock trading volumes by over 70%, helping our customers significantly. All the systems and infrastructure overhauls we have done over the past year now enable us to develop the next generation of nudges that can help customers do better when trading the markets.

Here are some product updates we have in the pipeline:

  • Realtime Nudges: Set alerts, trigger orders, or even enable Kill Switch based on rules on live P&L.
  • Nudge Assist: A system that analyzes trades and provides actionable insights when deviations from the rules set for your trading discipline occur.
  • Alert triggers basket: Execute a basket of orders when an alert triggers.
  • Trade from Option Chain: A new OI-based order execution experience for active traders.
  • Lumpsum equity SIPs: Equity SIPs that auto-adjust based on lumpsum amounts instead of pre-set quantities.
  • Re-imagined marketwatch: A fully re-imagined experience for organising and managing watchlists on our trading platforms.
  • New portfolio visualisations and analytics on Console.
  • Instant fund withdrawals.

The features we have built and will launch is a reflection of our main focus which is to help our customers do better when trading and investing. With that, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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    hi Nikhil fantastic things in pipeline , but as far as buying otm options Zerodha is lagging behind as it limits the otm strike selection whereas other brokers do allow it , it is helpful for the people who are not trained , but a hurdle for people who have skills , and know how to apply , thanks .

  2. Ajay Shah says:

    I have 3 accounts with Zerodha & I m quite satisfied, I just want to make one suggestion that please provide facility of ” disclosed quantity” option in your GTT window. My whole portfolio is connected with GTT window so that there is no need for me to watch the market everyday, OCO facility in GTT Window is one of the best feature I have ever seen.

  3. Gautam says:

    not getting 20 depth in mkt width. Donot know hwy did u mentioned it!!

  4. zubair says:

    can I used zerodha api and integrate it on my platform

  5. Bharat jain says:


    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bharat, we’re sorry to hear this. Getting this checked, someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly.

  6. Utashna says:

    Happy new year 2024 everyone and may this year bring prosperity and health to all of us.

    But getting started with Zerodha is starting to look very very tedious for me as a NRI.

    After a lot of struggle with the offline documentation verification, I waited till I was in India to open my account at a branch. It was delayed and I was requested to send the same documents over again and again to different persons (via email and whatsapp etc) but last week, I did get an email that all was good to go.

    Now, I made my first fund transfer to my Zerodha account using IMPS (I cannot use the other methods) and the fund did not appear in the given delay. I got a reply that I did not use my mapped bank account to do the transfer. I sent all proofs/screenshots to show that I used my mapped bank itself to do the transfer. Since the replies via support are quite ambiguous and they do not provide important details to tackle the problem itself, I tried calling them yesterday; but I was told I cannot talk to the concerned department and I have to be patient.

    Yesterday end of day, I got an email saying there was an error on their side and that the issue has been resolved and the ticket was closed. But when I checked, my funds still did not appear in my Zerodha portal, nor can I contact them to understand the issue properly.

    From the support exchange emails that I have received; which are often during the end of day; I feel that they reply only because they have a kind of service level and deadline to respect for replying; but the issue is not being tackled. A single call between me and the correct department would have resolved this issue long time back and it’s almost a week now.

    Anyone can advise me from here please?


    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Utashna, we’re extremely sorry to hear this. Getting this checked, someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly and you’ll have an update as well on your ticket.

  7. Vaibhav says:

    XIRR today is only for > 1 year investments. However many of us do sell most stocks due to market conditions before 1 year. It would be good to have XIRR at a portfolio level irrespective of holding period. Basically, at any point of time I would like to know my XIRR for the current year (both for holdings and sold stocks) and for last few years.

    Can you add this feature please?

  8. Hardik shah says:

    Great, but still needed improvement in reasearch section, every brokerage firm provides buy or sell call time to time , this is India’s largest brokerage firm – highest volume driven also ,so think for it and drive market

  9. Kapil says:

    I face a lot of difficulties in analyzing the stocks those i want to check daily in my portfolio as all stocks & Etf’s are displayed in the same portfolio, in which some are for long term and some are for short term. I want to see short term stocks on daily basis and don’t want to see my long term stocks on daily basis.

    For which I had given my feedback to your customer care where I had told that your portfolio should have the option of different stock categories.

    I suggest you to add three or four options in your portfolio on which we can place our different strokes like Long Term, Short Term, Etf etc. which will make it easier for us to see and analyze our stocks.

  10. Arun says:

    Pls work on to display the expected margin requirement for the next working day if the current position are carried forward to next day.
    During the final few days before the monthly expiry, the margin requirement shoots up and available margin opens in negative.

  11. JAGAN HELA says:

    Happy New 2024 …All Of You

    I like zerodha
    Happy New year 2024

  12. Vipin says:

    If you can impliment adavanced programminng for sl and target it will be appreciated.

  13. Yash Jain says:

    Many basic functionalities are missing in the Coin app –
    1. Zerodha Coin does not show the units available in a fund which won’t incur in any exit load upon redemption. Also, it does not tell units available in a fund which have completed more than 1 year which can be redeemed under LTCG.
    2. Mutual funds sorting based on returns / CAGR while exploring.
    3. Compare Mutual Funds option.
    4. Market cap allocation of a particular mutual fund in Coin (e.g. Parage Parikh Flexi Cap invests 60% in large cap, 20% in mid cap and so on) before investment
    5. Overlapping of the mutual funds holding in terms of percentage

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Yash, we are continuously working on adding more features to our app to make your experience better. Thanks for your feedback. BTW, you can check the age of your investments under transaction history.
      Mutual funds can be filtered based on CAGR in the explore section.
      The sector wise allocation is available for mutual funds.

  14. rajesh says:

    Request you to increase the volume of watchlist from current size of 350 to 700.

  15. Milind Wagle says:

    Congratulations & Happy New year 2024 to all Zerodha Team.Very happy to associated with Zerodha for almost 13 Years since 2010 without any problem .Keep it up guys so as to be No 1 throughout 2024 also.

  16. Pranav says:

    Even Simple features like
    1. when we are in full screen view, there is no buy/sell button. We have to go into other tab to buy/sell.
    2. No wishlist is available in fullscreen view, no way to quick go through all wishlisted stocks in fullscreen view.
    3. Have to open two different windows while we are looking at the chart to keep watch on PNL.
    4. Trade from Chart is the Traders favourite feature, that too is not available.
    5. CO/BO extremely useful for intraday options trading is not available. I will prefer to put CO and let it hit in volatality some rare time than to not put it and continously watch the trade or loose entire capity due to no SL

  17. Pranav says:

    The Most Important features the Cover Order & Bracket Order is not being provided for Intraday Options trading at Zerodha !
    This is being done on the name of Market Volatility.

    **How can even Zerodha justify to say this ??**

    Is it better to not put the Cover (SL) and take unlimited risk than to not put Cover Order and avoid hitting SL in volatality is what you think ?
    A trader might loose 4-5 thousand due to volatality using Cover Order. But might loose all the capital if there is a sudden move in opposite direction and there is no SL.
    Why is Zerodha playing oversmart roles without understanding the basic requirement of traders.
    You guyz are making this platform dumb and investor centric. Not Trader friendly.

    ZERODHA do you have answer for this ??

  18. anand says:

    thank you for lovely service and support.

    below are few constructive feedback as a active user of zerodha.

    1) skewed prices shown in the positions, if it can be resolved or get more closer it will be great.

    2) a pause button for GTT to pause all trades on a wild movement day.

    3) some indicator of absolute value for VAR margin / Peak margin 1 day in advance. for individual script. so that it gets easier to address the situation and RMS will have lesser work to square of the positions.

    in such case also make a system to square of open orders first and then square off from positions.

    some alert that RMS will square of XYZ position 15 – 30 minutes before squaring off

    4) in GTT need a sorting formula for options sell / buy. the filter is according to price of option.
    for eg if an ATM order is placed at 10 and CMP is 5 it will show 100% away rather it will be helpful if it shows as per cash / future price that is if stock price is 500 it should show 1% and not 100%

    rest will share later.


  19. Nilesh d Badhe says:

    Yes mast aahe ha aap handling pan chan aahe lagech samjat
    Pan mala as vattatki he angels one aap la konta pan trade geu shakto
    Manje jar bank nifty 48000 chalu aahe tar tya made 49000 tya pude 50000 cha trade geu shakto Tas aapla nahi geu Shakat apps 48300 47700 ch gets yeto
    Tasha mala tar khup chan hoil

  20. Ravindra singh ratore says:

    Team zerodha please add some options in app
    1 exit all position or 50% quantity.
    2 p&l at bottom of screen when any chart is opened. Also exit all should be available at that corners of P&L.
    3 multiple charts at a time
    All these will help in scalping . And for fast exit. Please look into matter

  21. Ravindra singh ratore says:

    Team zerodha please add some options in app
    1 exit all position or 50% quantity.
    2 p&l at bottom of screen when any chart is opened. Also exit all should be available at that corners of P&L.
    3 multiple charts at a time
    All these will help in scalping . And for fast exit

  22. Arvind says:

    Dear Nithin

    Kindly include moving average alerts in kite alerts and make it free ..just like sensibul 🙂

  23. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Happy New 2024 …All Of You

  24. Neeraj says:

    Hi, please enable auction session participation in BSE Auctions too.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. God says:

    Please allow a feature like Robo Order, as provided by Angel One.
    Angel one provides Robo Order at limit price. You can allow it at market price.
    Then you trully will be the leader in the Indian Brokerage System.

  26. Bal Kishan says:

    Dear Nitin, Thanks your mail, received for new years greeting, But i think you need to give greeting to your staff, as i tried to demertalize my share, in this account there is only received mail, from different from your staff but my problem is as it is in the entire 2023, and still as it is in 2024, still waiting for demertalize my shares. None of your staff is willing to demertalize of my share except reply of my mail, and their reply, thats all. problem of my share demertalize as it is none of bother about that. hope you will improve your service and give best to your customers. thanks

  27. Clifford says:

    Can you have a provision, where we can use color -codes for our holdings, in order to know for example which are our Core portfolio shares and which are Short Term ones?

  28. Amit Bajaj says:

    I have used multiple other Demat accounts in past and I know what value Zerodha brings to me. Haters will be haters. I wish more power to you and your team, Nithin. Keep Shining.

  29. Jayesh Vaghasia says:

    Sir please remove API monthly charges for algo trading,
    Other many stock brokers are not charging any for API linking

  30. Dr Ramesh Rohiwal says:

    Zerodha has simplified the way for investments.Very user friendly and transparent
    My best wishes for the further growth and all the future endeavours

  31. sarfuddin miya says:

    zerogha wep update and chart purane jamne ke ficher hai kya aap kisi ko bit kar sake hai mai 3 months pagal ki tarah kikayte ki par kuchh farak nahi kiya gya to mai dekha mujhe bahar jana hoga fecher jo mila jisme aap 0 ho

  32. Raja Singh says:

    I like zerodha
    Happy New year 2024

  33. Ramesh Tikamdas Bajaj says:

    I am a retired 76-year-old man (forcibly retired). My children, both of whom have accounts with you encouraged me to open my account with you. I have my old broker, with whom I have a 50-year-old relationship and it’s easy ….pick up the phone and place my order.
    Why cannot it be the same with you? I have no one to talk to for guidance and I am a little slow in navigating my way.
    Also, could you consider offering a similar service, like my broker (hand holding)?
    Also, maybe some senior citizen perks, as you may call them?

  34. Rohan Chavan says:

    It’s crazy that you still don’t have plans for Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) feature in Coin. Absurd! I think Zerodha continues to not spend on improving its product quickly. But they’re now getting punished by losing market share to others who have a better product. Hoping to find an easy way to transfer all my holdings out of Zerodha.

  35. Amit Kumar Mishra says:

    Happy New Year

  36. Vikas says:

    Happy new year team.
    The way zerodha has come forward all these years is a great journey. As a user for more than 4 years happy and proud to be part of Zerodha journey. Just a small recommendation of handling the server issues we are facing frequently from one year. Please try to make sure we have a good experience in critical days also.

  37. Saket Mundhada says:

    Thanks for the info

  38. Kishan says:

    Can we expect tick-by-tick data ? Time and Sales feature if possible

  39. Jay Parekh says:

    Thank you. Happy new year!

  40. BHARAT says:


    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bharat, we’re sorry to hear this. Getting this checked, you will have an update from our team shortly.

      • Ravindra singh ratore says:

        Team seedha please add some options in app
        1 exit all position or 50% quantity.
        2 p&l at bottom of screen when any chart is opened. Also exit all should be available at that corners of P&L.
        3 multiple charts at a time
        All these will help in scalping . And for fast exit

  41. GTATR says:

    Happy New Year all Zerotha community people.

    My kind suggestion is like candle stick graph all zerotha users have to allowed minimum “Tradeview subscription”.

    like other new comming trade brokers it’s very much make your market stable and reliable in competion it’s one of the market (Users) need now.

  42. aju says:

    Zerodha was first to brought up best learning resource online on trading (varsity), which helped lot of people to get into trading.

    I believe if there is a good papertrade option for its users it’s gonna definitely help people who want to start trading.

  43. Dinesh Pradhan says:

    Zerodha (Kite)
    All managing staffs
    Wish you Warm Happy New Year .
    Happy to be a part of Zerodha trading members.
    I hope this year market will grow in massive high margin

  44. Dinesh says:

    Please active my Acount


      Acotiv trading Account

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Dinesh, what seems to be the issue? Could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest? We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  45. Dinesh says:

    Please active my account

  46. is this a link back says:

    test link

  47. Shrikant Mehta says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    First of all accept my congratulations for being the most groundbreaking trading platform. Kite has enabled me to do much more informed “on the move” trading. While, the platform supports most of my needs, I am struggling for few aspects which I would be keen to see on the platform soon.
    1. While trading, I should be able to see the transaction history (date-wise) and row wise P&L from the Kite app and should not be required to go to Console.
    2. Need to have a desktop app if possible so that
    3. Watchlist names are not changeable from browser
    4. App does not have native interface for console. Only kite has native interface.


  48. VIVEK SHUKLA says:



  49. Arvind says:

    Dear Nithin and team

    Happy new year !
    zerodha has become synonym for trust . I love everything about kite platform ..alert feature made my life tension free ..if zerodha team could incorporate technical alerts into kite . It would be great like you made sensibul free

  50. Brij says:

    Thanks for the update and congtaulations. However, 4 easily fixable issues remain which are major irritants:
    1) The columns on holdings are fixed width, wasting scarce real estate on mobile devices with wide name column etc. Please make columns moveable including watchlist box so that one can optimise view.
    2) I had baskets invested with Trendlyne via their Star Portfolio linked to Zerodha. The purchases gets mixed up with other holdings and should show up separately like smallcases to enable proper tracking.
    3) Please modernise trailing stop losses making available without restrictions and auto moving with the movement of prices.
    4) please enable switching between MFs. I got stuck with massive capital gains recently as after having sold I found that switch was not permitted


  51. Naveen Kumar M says:

    I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent services provided by Zerodha for my mutual fund investments.

    I have been an active user of your platform and have found it extremely beneficial for managing my investments. I appreciate the transparency and user-friendly interface that Zerodha offers.

    However, I would like to bring to your attention a feature that I believe would significantly enhance the user experience. It has come to my notice that some of your competitors, such as Grow, provide an option to calculate the Overall XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) for mutual fund investments. This feature allows users to assess the performance of their entire mutual fund portfolio comprehensively.

    I am reaching out to request the inclusion of a similar feature on the Zerodha platform. The ability to view the Overall XIRR would be immensely helpful for users like me in evaluating the overall performance of our mutual fund investments.

    I understand that your team is dedicated to providing the best services, and I appreciate the effort put into continuous improvement. If it’s feasible, I kindly request you to consider implementing this feature, making Zerodha an even more valuable platform for investors.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to seeing further innovations on the Zerodha platform.

  52. gopal meena says:

    It good now
    Happy new year avryon

  53. Shivakumar says:

    It’s Good now …
    Happy new year

  54. saravanakumar says:

    still we struggle to plot horizontal line lock in particular price. horizontal price edit option not available, buy and sell from chart entry and edit option not available

  55. Vishal Dembla says:

    Hi, Is there any plan to offer MTF ? I think this will help us a lot. Also please give more brokerage options. Regarding customer support there should be a way where we can talk to a person to resolve client queries.

  56. babasaheb desai says:

    Wish you all a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR to the entire ZERODHA TEAM . ZERODHA the best Trading Platform !

  57. manoj says:

    Wishing u n all staff a Happy New year 2024

  58. Clifford says:

    But disappointed to see grouping feature – promised for so many years, is not even in the pipeline 🙁

  59. Shailendra says:

    Please sapota
    Zerodha account not working??

  60. Anita kshirsagar says:

    Good morning Team,
    I saw there are many transitions of the Rs 88 amount deduction in my account from Zerodha’s side so can you please tell me the reasons and stop the amount from today onward
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Anita kshirsagar

  61. Abhijit says:

    Hope zerodha team is reading this. I am trader and investor. Is it possible to highlight only long term trades on mobile app. That way we can see where we are trading and where we are investing. This will help keeping long term portfolio intact.

    It will change the way of looking at portfolio.


  62. K madhu sudhana reddy says:

    Happy New year

  63. HARI LAL says:

    Thanks for sharing achievements and facilities for Year 2023.
    Happy and Prosperous New Year to Team Zerodha.
    Wish many more innovation and achievements in New Year 2024.
    Stake holders will thrive with Team Zeroda.
    Software may be improved further with automatic additional features “shares tagged with Long Term” in portfolio holdings list.

  64. Preethivarsheni says:

    Happy to use your platform for investment

  65. Ajit kumar verma says:

    Happy new year

  66. Ravindra singh ratore says:

    Team seedha please add some options in app
    1 exit all position or 50% quantity.
    2 p&l at bottom of screen when any chart is opened. Also exit all should be available at that corners of P&L.
    3 multiple charts at a time
    All these will help in scalping . And for fast exit

  67. VINIT says:

    Happy New Year sir……

    Nifty 250 is good for Zerodha.

  68. Hamza says:

    Nice good app👍🏻

  69. Prashant says:

    Thank”U” Zerodha
    “Happy new year”
    Government security bid option is good step and sensibull is now free that also very helpful.
    I’m proudly to say you are with me

  70. Mahesh Tarte says:

    This really summarizes the whole year updates. This really helped me to catch details which I missed, so many platforms, so much of quality education.. and that too free!!! Thank you Zerodha team for all these offerings, really helpful!! Keep it up!

  71. Vivek Kumar says:

    Nice 👍🙂 good looking app

  72. Gurchain Singh says:

    Happy New year 2024 .Zerodha great experience with my Zerodha account.
    I was invented in Tata technology IPO but my refund is not yet received.over a month is spend.
    Then I want to speak with your costumer service but my support code is not opend in Zerodha this is my problem please help me in this meeter.

  73. Manish Kumar says:

    Happy new year 2024🌹🌹❤️🌹🌹zerodha team all of you

  74. Sanjay birkh says:

    Happy New year
    Best wishes,,,,,,, thanks

  75. Aubhreen Bhowmick says:

    That was an impressive 2023 accomplishments, and am looking forward to 2024.

    Had a query-
    1. Are there any plans on introducing STP on mutual funds in 2024?
    2. Can we get a weighted avg ‘duration of days held’ metric for mutual funds on coin?

  76. Vinod says:

    Best Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous and Good Health for the year 2024 to Team Zerodha and all the members.
    I am a recent member into the equity market, and it has been a good learning experience for me so far, and I believe it is a long journey ahead. I feel Zerodha has provided a good platform to endure one’s financial journey and its Varsity courses are the best , especially for beginners.

  77. Suguna says:

    Sir we are so many (waiting for long while) looking for “SWITCH” and “STP” features in zerodha COIN to invest in mutual funds as a good investor to beat market fluctuations. Hence kindly do the needful in this regard ASAP, your earliest action will make us very happy..

  78. Ashish says:

    Amazing work, as always. In spite of the technical challenges, your quest to educate, and improve the capital market investment experience for people of India is indeed praiseworthy. Lots may complain for tiniest of inconveniences but very few say ‘Thank you’. Let me be one of those, who appreciate your hard work & a big heartfelt “THANK YOU” to you, Nithin & your excellent teams.

  79. Chhatra Pal Singh says:

    Happy New year to Nitin Sir and all Zerodha team members…..
    and thanks to all above ……. that we are getting some new features by time to time which helps and play positive approach in our trading and investing journey……

    Suggestion — at kite holding — column of age should be there, which presently we can see by select stock and select option of view breakdown.

    Again thanks to all Zerodha team members…..

  80. Tirumala Nagaraju Purijala says:

    Hello Zerodha team,

    Good day!

    First of all, congratulations on your continuous efforts to improve your apps and softwares.

    I have a request/suggestion for the F & O section. When buying an option, such as (for example) – Nifty 21700 CE @ 160, Now I want to buy 4 lots at a time, every time it comes near that level (160), in a fast manner. However, currently, I can only specify the quantity (manually), which I have to type in every time I place a trade. Other platforms have a settings where I can choose, whether to enter the quantity or lots and then the platform will automatically convert it to the other unit type when I place an order. This would save me a lot of time and effort.
    Like, I am just giving an example copying from other Platforms,,, 1. Go to Settings –> Select, Quantity___ Lots___ –> Select Quantity- 1000 or Lots – 20, –> Save as Default.
    Now who are Scalpers for them it will be good. So, now, if i am trading in Nifty Options,,, so after the Above Settings done. Now, when ever i take any trade by seeing Chart in Market order, it will automatically take 1000 Quantity or 20 Lots, which ever i saved in the settings (automatically). Eliminating the time to type 1 0 0 0. Some times in Fast we type 1 0 0 8 or something else, then it shows error. which is very frustrating. And we miss the desired price.

    I hope you understand my request and will consider implementing it in the next update or as soon as possible.

    Thank you and best of luck.

  81. Zakir Hussain says:

    Zerodha should generate script wise detail profit/loss reports as other broker like Angleone is providing.

  82. Zoeb says:

    Thanks Owners and Team at Zerodha.
    I like your platform.

    Need more watch list.
    See my trades, I need to slice and place orders.
    Take a flat fee per month, put my login on seperate fast server to trade.
    Charts are slow in loading.
    Show all individual trades in a scrip for last 5 minutes, with details.
    In chart, display Full name of company.
    Show a watchlist with last 50 listed IPO.

    Almighty bless you All, Nithin and team.

  83. Arvind says:

    There is one simple additional feature which can help you maintain major market share for a long time. The reason why people open accounts with multiple brokers is because they maintain one broker for intraday, other for swing and the other for long term holding which they dont want to see day to day. Can you include the feature to have mutiple tabs or folders for portfolio so that we can move around the stocks depending on what strategy we are following and not keep looking at all the stocks all the time? I, for one, wouldn’t want to check my long term portfolio on a daily or weekly basis and would be great if all long term stocks are in one tab which I visit only once a quarter and I check only my swing or intra day stocks on a daily basis. Makes sense?

  84. Pramod patil says:

    Our zerodha platform are last quarter to Today not conffert. I think it’s server issue. I face many problems order placing, late screening ,kite mobile show massage, always refresh the screen. Pls correct this problems…!
    Happy New year 2024

  85. Yogendra dubey says:

    Excellent app broking zerodha

  86. Manoharan says:

    Claps…your establishment is a genuine one accurate information speed trade smooth withdrawal process. I love your crystal clear accounting.Big big thumps up CEO SIR. HOPE ZERODHA WILL GROW LIKE A BANYAN TREE. I APPRECIATE YOU SIR

  87. Shirish says:

    I tried to find profit and loss for certain period, say from 1st Nov 2023 to 30th Nov 2023, but there was no way to view it. All you showed was daily profits, but no total figure! And in tax P&L I have to download it for viewing. Why there is no option to view it without downloading?

  88. UttamP says:

    Happy new year to team zerodha!!!
    Hope Nikhil sir announc some discount on brokerage this year.
    Its helps lot new traders like me.

  89. Dhaval A says:



  90. Saharsh says:

    One suggestion: Create single platform(App) for all instead of kite,coin etc.

  91. Lakshmiknt upadhyay says:

    Very nice zerodha plateform all segments and India no.1 platform happy new year 2024

  92. DN Gupta says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful updates.
    Happy New year to you and your family.

  93. Amit Kale says:

    Hi Nithin,
    That’s wonderful compilation overall. Looking forward to have each and every feature mentioned in the upcoming section delivered as soon as possible in 2024 calendar year. The universal search in kite is still not good enough though and needs improvement but I will write a separate post about it on trading qna portal. Regarding you saying that it’s impossible to avoid technical glitches is something that makes me very uncomfortable as a techie. Your attitude should always be to have 0 such incidents and you should be very passionate about achieving it only then you will be able to achieve it.

    All the best to you and your team. Waiting for much more from Zerodha in a quicker timeframe

    Amit Kale

  94. Amol says:

    Its fantastic journey with you.
    One suggestion, you should work on real time speed, all other is best.

  95. Priyanka says:

    Happy new year

  96. Raimohan Parida says:

    HaPpy New Year 🎊

    Thanks for every update 👍

  97. Gautham says:

    STREAK is not completely free for zerodha users as mentioned above.

  98. Mahendra Kumar jain says:

    Your working process is excellent but customer care service needs improvements

  99. Asif says:

    Thanks Nitin,

    Below are my 4 requests:
    1. Alerts and Order trigger based on Drawings and/or indicators plotted on charts, Trading view has this feature.
    2. When pledging Holdings for Margin, make the process instant. Currently we have to go to cdsl site and do it only to get the margin next day. Groww has seamless experience.
    3. Reports: A trader should see how his performance is/was to get better. Performance summary needed. How many trades he took, what his % win is, avg profit, avg loss to understand if he is winning/losing big/small, etc. on a weekly/monthly basis. Currently we are downloading the data and analysing it.
    4. Make back testing free on Streak.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Asif,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are working on a simplified UI for back testing and the possibility of providing free back tests for all Zerodha users, we will keep you posted.


  100. Jigar khimashiya says:

    I am happy on initiatives. But in ipo section in kite there should be sme and normal visibility for easy application.

    • Ashu says:

      Happy new year nitin sir

      I have a request kindly chart pr order place karne ka option laye isse Target and stoploss lagana easy ho jata hai scalping me like other plateform than or angle one .

  101. M D Tungar says:

    Thank you sir, it will help me to make trading easy.

  102. Ashok Shetty says:

    Happy new year 2024 to all team members of Zerodha.
    You all are doing excellent work in bringing transparency to the broking business along with ethical business practices.
    In any financial transaction one needs to build transparency in accounting systems leveraging technology, which ZERODHA has done well.
    This approach from Kamath brothers has built TRUST with all the stake holders
    Thank you & Best Wishes to team Zerodha and keep up the good work
    always with the philosophy –
    Good Thoughts
    Good Words
    Good Deeds

  103. Pramod Sakpal says:

    Authorization for sell need to improve or skip this stage.

  104. k sivaprasad says:


  105. SS says:

    TradingView is not fully functional. Many features are still missing e.g indicsators like Relative Strength{not RSI
    ].Also can we have multiple scans with filters to help us shortlist the stocks to invest in.

  106. Arindam says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,
    Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year !.. Have been on Zerodha platform for over 18 months, except for a few occasional issues with the platform which i guess would have been because of sudden spurt in traffic (common on all platforms), i have really enjoyed the experience so far, especially the uncluttered interface which while simple provides everything relevant … really appreciate the efforts of the team, ever new feature has only made the experience better… Keep up the great job !!!

    Few suggestions which i feel could make the platform even better and versatile.
    1. If in the Watchlist section “Flags ” of 3-5 different colors can be introduced, this could help prioritize the scripts – similar to Tradeview
    2. The “Header Section ” can be of a different color as the white/ dark background
    3. Button to collapse the watchlist while viewing charts – similar to Tradeview

  107. Kumar says:

    Need consistency and trust of your platform when market goes crazy. Few weeks back your platform
    was completely down when market crashed and it was not easy to reach customer support and your customer support is very bad.
    Your user interface is not easy .
    Reaching out customer support is not straightforward.
    I am using your platform for more than 10 years

  108. Manoj Roy says:

    Hello Zerodha team,

    Good day!

    First of all, congratulations on your continuous efforts to improve your apps and softwares.

    I have a request/suggestion for the F & O section. When buying an option, such as (for example) – Nifty 21700 CE @ 160, Now I want to buy 4 lots at a time, every time it comes near that level (160), in a fast manner. However, currently, I can only specify the quantity (manually), which I have to type in every time I place a trade. Other platforms have a settings where I can choose, whether to enter the quantity or lots and then the platform will automatically convert it to the other unit type when I place an order. This would save me a lot of time and effort.
    Like, I am just giving an example copying from other Platforms,,, 1. Go to Settings –> Select, Quantity___ Lots___ –> Select Quantity- 1000 or Lots – 20, –> Save as Default.
    Now who are Scalpers for them it will be good. So, now, if i am trading in Nifty Options,,, so after the Above Settings done. Now, when ever i take any trade by seeing Chart in Market order, it will automatically take 1000 Quantity or 20 Lots, which ever i saved in the settings (automatically). Eliminating the time to type 1 0 0 0. Some times in Fast we type 1 0 0 8 or something else, then it shows error. which is very frustrating. And we miss the desired price.

    I hope you understand my request and will consider implementing it in the next update or as soon as possible.

    Thank you and best of luck.

  109. Susheel kumari says:

    I am not a pro trader but trying my best in this field. I lost most of my capital in brokerage. So, I request you to kindly decrease the brokerage from Rs 20 to Rs 5 for the persons having capital less than 1 lakh. This will help thousands of traders.
    Kindly consider my suggestion positively.

  110. Krishnaa says:

    Trading view beta version shows error often while changing timeframe lower to higher or vise versa & can not
    use conveniently on pc like trading view..
    need more improvement on this beta version…

  111. Amit says:

    Its absolutely OK if no updates are shared like this . No statement is required .. no update is required .

    Just make sure system works flawless .

    I have almost left Zerodha as platform since chart loading is also a big issue . I sent videos , pics , snapshot to customer care but in vain .


  112. Savio says:

    Glad you are rolling out new initiatives. Still it seems some basic bugs still exist in the system. Your tech support team is mostly clueless and takes a long time to fix issues. Just one email a day from them means an issue that can be fixed in a day can extend up to even 10-15 days because of their one-liner or short replies. They seem keen to send a response to show in the system that a response has been given, rather than really trying to resolve the issue.

    They also need to be better trained. Go through the tickets I have opened recently and you will know exactly how buggy the system can sometimes be and how better training at the front lines can result in quicker resolutions. Oftentimes your KB articles do not give the full picture. If they were complete (incorporating feedback from resolved tickets), your ticket volume could be reduced.

    All the Best for 2024!

  113. Santosh Mudgal says:

    Thank you for sharing the updates…appreciate team Zerodha for their work towards creating value for their customers. Happy to use your platform for trading and investment, my trust level has gone up over no. of years.

  114. naveen says:

    oh really, i think you just joking because your terminal is full of glitch, many time retailer trapped and your team only said that never be happened again but next time again glitch because of your terminal i lost my capital. if you want connect people in your terminal then please value a retailer effort to become a pro also his small amount which is gather by him with so many effort, and upgrade your connection otherwise many broker there

  115. piyush says:

    Auto pledging of shares

    Please put it on your roadmap. Small brokers like anand rathi etc also have it. its quite unexpected for zerodha to be so behind in implementing this

  116. piyush says:


    Need couple of more options for Verified P&L page for duration. Right now you have
    30 days
    90 days
    180 days
    360 days

    Want the following options. Its primarily for own purpose of seeing P&L instantly and easily, instead of having to run P&L report each segment wise. And most of the time P&L report will not run properly, specially during market hours.

    Calendar YTD
    Financial YTD
    Month to date

  117. SSharma says:

    Give us TRADING from CHARTS interface of TradingView as it is present on TradingView (drag & drop editing features).
    Is it that hard to do it? Other brokers are leading in interface friendliness for retail F&O traders.

    Why is KITE not able to do it?

  118. Zerodha_Wellwisher says:

    Dear Nithin, you have done really well and I have been a long-term user of Zerodha, getting at least 20 more users to sign up for the platform. Lately, the social media presence of Nikhil has been slightly questionable. As investors using the platform, we ideally wouldn’t be wanting to know the thesis of where is Nikhil investing, unless it is Rainmatter which is in platform-related capability. Would urge you to either keep Nikhil away from Zerodha (without trying to be rude or personally pointing fingers) or to ensure that the press is aligned to Zerodha as a platform. I hope you get a hint of what I am trying to highlight.

    Even your focus on health is unrelated, but still it is understandable given the fact that you are a CEO of an employer which cares about health. But Nikhil’s take on economy and focus areas for investing is conflicting in nature, and many times ‘wrong’ as well which doesn’t go too well for viewers

  119. Lokesh says:

    When are you introducing STP?

  120. Aditya says:

    When can we pledge Zerodha LargMidcap250 Mutual Fund to get collateral margin.
    Also, Please launch G-Sec Index based debt mutual funds so that we can pledge and use as cash component of collateral.

  121. Ranvirsinh vaghela says:

    Good work, hope you will continue it for make much better.

  122. Rajkumar Umrigar says:

    Happy New Yrear.
    I am very happy with Zerodha trading platform. Quick buy and sell transactions with very lowest brokerage.
    Thanks to every one of Zerodha.🙏🌹

  123. sujan says:

    Dear team
    i am not happy with this products, try to reduce the brokerage, that adds more value to u and ur customers,

  124. Ankana Bose says:

    I have really liked console , but I feel console lacks various data points which active traders require some other international brokers(who operate in India as well) has some beautiful reports with various data points, Active traders work with data, and data visualization should be another feature in a Tech First company like you.

  125. Santosh Agrawal says:

    Happy New year. What is the roadmap of Displaying Tags on Kite holding page. With 30+ stock in holding it becomes hard to take decision which is short term or long term stock.Gong to console everytime is time consuming.

  126. Rajesh Kothari says:

    In the contract note if you can add a row to sum up the total break-up of the expenditure in one row ( Total expense for the day)…Will be of great help.In coin….if possible allow placing of orders at desired or chosen NAV…something like GTT.

  127. Pradip says:

    This year as per my experience, we faced lots of error while login, trading. We are expecting good experience in new year 🎉. I guess due to this issues everyone has definitely created account in alternative platform.

  128. Deepak says:

    My issue is re. the Virtual Contract Note. My account is not an Individual account, and so I pay brokerage on every trade that I make. However the Contract Note shows delivery brokerage as zero. So the brokerage and GST figure displayed for me is wrong. Can’t a brokerage paying client be differentiated by the system, for calculating the figures in the VCN? I had raised this matter when this feature was added, but nothing has happened.


  129. Nishikant says:

    Best platform , happy new year Zerodha Team

  130. Dhiren says:

    Hi Zerodha team,
    Happy New Year!

    When would be below feature made available?

    XIRR: Console now has per-stock XIRR with portfolio level XIRR on the way.

    Thanks & Regards

  131. Vivek says:

    Corporate bonds me apply karne ka option kab aayega

  132. Md Tonik Shaikh says:

    Sir,I have partnership account in Zerodha and My Client Approx 70
    I am not get help partner.my many of questions are not solve by my partner .I want to get support from my partner 🙏

  133. Sudhangshu Biswal says:

    Wish you Nitin and Zerodha team a great year ahead!
    This is called transparency. That’s why you guys are the greatest disruptor in this segment.
    Even most of the listed companies do not give these details.
    Keep it up and keep disrupting.


  134. Pragyesh Gupta says:

    Happy new year team zerodha 🎊🎊

  135. Imran says:

    Few more things to consider:
    1. Allow to switch funds between Equity & Commodities and vice versa, this is allowed in Kotak as they treat funds available for all segments.
    2. Display Cash Balance on Order Ticket so user can size the position.
    3. Make Tabs available on Positions page to arrange and filter trades.
    4. Allow up to OTM 10 to OTM 15 for hedging for those who are holding long term Options. ( long or short)
    5. Show daily Profits on Funds page
    6. Add 2 entries to Ledger daily – 1 for Profit and Loss and another for Brokerage and charges.
    7. Allow to hide Watchlists if not needed by user, currently its rigid and can’t resize too.
    8. Charts  make it more user friendly, saving on TF and multiple indicators, most of the settings are not persistent
    9. And last but not least, reduce the brokerage for Traders.

  136. Rahul says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Can u introduce the option to add “Sections & Tags” in watchlists similar to what Tadingview allows?

  137. Rahul says:

    Hi Nitin,
    What r ur plans for MTF… do u intend to introduce it either this yr or later?

  138. Subhash Sharma says:

    Zerodha is the best platform for retail.trading and convenient for any budget invester it’s payment process is so easy and addition of amount in account is so fast other than platform

  139. Abhijeet says:

    Stocks heat map should be provide by zerodha. Only basic scanner is free on streak.
    Zerodha should provide all scanner free on streak.

  140. Narendra Singh says:

    The chart is required to refreshed intermittently to obtain the correct open, high, low and close. This is the big mistake in zerodha, I complained it earlier but no any action was taken.

  141. Nishant says:

    Despite all the technical glitches going round, Zerodha by far still stays the most preferred broking house at least for me because of the application interface and continuous improvement on tech side. Hope 2024, Zerodha works on removing whatever tech glitches we faced last year and makes this year even better for its traders.

  142. Maya Shanker Yadav says:

    Plateform is very nice and easy to use for beginners also.
    Congratulations team Kite, Zerodha.

  143. Yashavant says:

    Wish you all of us a very happy and prosperous new year 2024. Happy with the services provided by Zerodha Organisation and Thanks All Staff members of Zerodha

  144. Vikas Prajapati says:

    Good to hears about 2023 updates.
    I’m interested in knowing when the Realtime Nudges features willl be available for Zerodha users.
    Specially ‘enable Kill Switch based on rules on live P&L.’ this rule for kill switch will be definitely useful for intraday trader to avoid the over trading.

    Realtime Nudges: Set alerts, trigger orders, or even enable Kill Switch based on rules on live P&L.

  145. Mallikarjun says:

    Thank you so much and heartiest congratulations for all the efforts put in. Just wanted to bring out MORPENLAB when I open the chart from watchlist, yesterday candle is green, however, when I open the same chart from portfolio, yesterday candle is red. Wondering how this could be possible

  146. Ravinder tiwari says:

    Thanks for your summary report but I have two main issues with zerodha which need your urgent implementation.
    1. You have said in report that ” online account opening for minor ” which I m not able to do that.
    2. I m holding my portfolio 2.5cr but I will intiate migration to different broker by march as I m not able to withdraw amount instantly,
    Some time I add fund 20lakh but not used in any transaction, so I need to withdraw, zerodha does not allow.

  147. Ram Baboo says:

    F&O order should with stoploss and Target.

  148. M.R.K Rao says:

    Zerodha is a best demat investment stock platform services….. All team to **wish you happy new year 2024** this year also best stock are provide to all

  149. Lakshmi says:

    Dear Nithin ,
    Kindly allow to buy atleast 10 LOT in all strikes for Normal Position.

    Use MIS (Intraday) to trade all option strikes with no position conversion (MIS to NRML). This will act as a risk management check, ensuring you don’t hold any losing intraday positions overnight. NRML buy orders are blocked for this strike price due to open interest (OI) limits prescribed by SEBI. You can exit existing positions or place NRML buy orders between 47600 – 48000.

  150. Hitesh patel says:

    Happy new year, team zerodha..
    Thank you.
    Very nice platefrom. for treding
    Welcome 2024

  151. RG PATIL says:

    Wish you all Zerodha family and Divine clients a Happy Healthy and Prosperous year 2024

    It is wonderful experience to be part of Zerodha

    Hats off to your knowledge sharing and your concern about clients

    Blessed to be part of Zerodha family

    Thank you Kamats

  152. Arvind says:

    Happy new year team zerodha .. thanks for bringing everyone under one basket.

    It would be gamechanger if technical alerts in streak scanner ( Taking scanner live ) .. becomes free like sensibul .. just want to get moving average alert on nifty


    • Streak says:

      Hi @Arvind,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will keep you posted on any latest updates with this feature.


      • Arvind says:

        Dear streak team…Thanks for responding quickly ..just want moving average alerts on live basis 😕 at affordable price or free ..1400 +GST is extra hole in pocket of loss making trade 😭

  153. Suyash says:

    For option selling needed otm call or put buy but we cant buy as nrml order

  154. Mithun says:

    bS defending post, zerodha is doing business in 1980 with 40 page offline forms for basic status change, these should be done online in digital era like other platforms. Plus platform goes down esp during critical time when market is down and one wants to sell. Lastly pathetic and arrogant customer support who talk as if no other competition exists. You can say whatever you want Nithin, but this year i will be completely out of zerodha. Already equity section is
    Moved out, will move out the coin mf funds also.

  155. Sk says:

    Would like to have bracket order in cash and futures

    Lack of this facility in zerodha feels like a con platform

  156. Devdatt Sharma says:

    Happy new year 2024
    I am satisfied user of Zerodha, I have earned handsome money using Zerodha platform.
    Thanks for such a facility.

  157. Sk says:

    Would like to have bracket order in cash and futures,

    Lack of this facility in zerodha feels like a con platform

  158. Soumyabrata says:

    Two things i am looking for
    1.I cant see my SL order while i am, using trading view chart 1/2 so i have to go back to order page to modify my SL. while i switch back to Chartiq its shows as i placed my order whether it is SL/LIMIT. so i can drag to my desired price,without going back to order page.
    2. if possible try to bring one feature which i guess no broker has, that is trading view extended session data settings, if you go TV then setting then symbol you can see the option of extended/regular session view, so if you can bring that on too.
    Thank you, Happy New Year.

  159. Gurunath Malvankar says:

    Happy New Year to You Nithin and your entire Zerodha Family. I am 73 yr old long term investor doing trading for over 5 decades. I work on desktop with large screen and bold letters /Nos. I opened trading account with you in 22-23 and very satisfied with your services. But one irritant I am facing at log in stage itself. After putting in’ password’ POT system asks for ” Open mobile APP on your phone to generate the 2FA App code. ” Since I don’t use any APP on my mobile, I press problem with mobile app code. Then I have to wait for “SMS/Email OTP” for 15 seconds. When I get OTP on my mail I get access to my KITE. Since your name itself is ZERO RODHA for me these 20 seconds wait can be avoided if login option of either Mobile App or SMS/Email OTP is given initially. I am having trading accounts with SBI Sec as well as Kotak Sec and login is possible with password/ OTP easily without any waiting . Kindly look into this make it optional in beginning.

  160. Akash Yadav says:

    Great job

  161. Mohamed Rafiq says:

    What about allowing buying of equities and buying of stock options against margin pledge/MTF?

  162. Paaras says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    You are doing a good job, I am a satisfied user of zerodha platforms. I am looking forward to instant fund withdrawal and option to invest in U.S stocks.

  163. Sultan surti says:

    Dear Nitin sir,Kindly provide us facility like placing order,stoploss and target directly from chart and existing all with one click. This will help us a lot.Wishing u n ur team a very happy new year.


    you are doing very good service, customer care is good.
    I feel that the following can be implemented.
    – margin trading facility, which is 100% safe for you, will benefit customers too. even if you keep the interest rates low, you too will get good amount and we too will be benfitted.
    – in the holdings page, incorporate the number of days we are holding the particular stock. In the present version, i have to open console, go to holdings etc to see whether the particular stock will be long term holding. You have all the details as to no of days etc in the console, just incl it in the holdings page, and if i am trying to sell the share, this additional info will help me to hold back selling if the holding will be long term holding in a few days and i will benefit by 5% in cap gains.

  165. Sandeep says:

    My only ask is please start showing CMP, Change in amount and Percentage on Android app for v2 charts. You have mentioned it in release notes as SOON but after two updates it is still as NaN. I don’t think it is that hard bug which will require 6 months to get resolved.

  166. चंदन सिंह says:

    Many times my broker cut my SL before my real SL and market goes up/dn in my side
    But due to my broker’s mistake a huge amount that can be my profit is theft by the market and I goes in to a big loss

  167. Kousik says:

    Hi team,
    I had raised ticket for not getting RE-GREEN POWER shares,still no solutions…

  168. Sandesh Jadhav says:

    Thank you team Zerodha for the best in Industry service.

    Please can you add Relative Strenght (RS) Indicator in the new TradingView 2.0 chart.
    and also in the Watchlists, please give Weekly and Monthly Change% feature.

  169. Malarselvi says:

    Happy New Year.
    After my retirement Zerodha has shown me new source of income. Thank you Zerodha.

  170. Aayush says:

    Hi, when will zerodha integrate itself with TradingView ? We cannot connect the brokerage account as of now. trading via the chart itself will make things so much easier. Many foreign brokers are already present in TradingView.

  171. N. KRISHNAMURTHY says:

    Happy New Year.
    After my retirement Zerodha has shown me new source of income. Thank you Zerodha.

  172. Vimal says:

    Can you also add xirr to the xlsx download file ? Navigating to each and every stock and seeing xirr is pain.

  173. Aditya Lathe says:

    Great work Nithin! Absolutely love the focus of the team to relentlessly keep working on improving the app (both frontend and backend). This shows your continued committment to customer satisfaction – one of the key premises with which Zerodha was launched more than a decade back. Keep up the good work! Wish the entire team a very Happy New Year and look forward to more new initiatives from the team.

  174. Girinder Kumar says:

    Hi Nitin, Zerodha has always been a wonderful trading partner for most of us and the regular improvements in platform has always helped us in quick trading decisions. However I do have some suggestions which I felt during my time on the platform and would like to share with you – firstly, I often feel the need to segregate my watchlist/s in different sections (since its currently not possible to open 2 watchlists on a single screen) where I can seperately club the scrips (e.g. nifty & bn options) and put some kind of seperator (like 2 colums within a single watchlist or the option to insert a blank line/marker between scrips) between them for a better focus. Simultaneouly a highlighter (or pen) would help us to mark the scrips I am currently focussed on – the confusion sometimes results in placing a wrong order which this can help us avoid. I do believe this is doable and you will look into it positivey.
    Wishing you and entire Zerodha team a Very Happy New Year!!

  175. Ajay kumar tripathi says:

    It is very helpfull for the bigger and all who want investing

  176. Nitin says:

    Scanner by Streak needs to support more features similar to chartink.com screener. It should allow filters based on fundamentals like market cap, yearly PE ratio, ROCE, net cash flow, total income etc.

  177. Prakash jadhav says:

    Happy new year…. 🌼🙏🏻🌼

  178. S pramanik says:

    Want……. Custom Time frame chart for users.

  179. Salil Nair says:

    Please feature the ability to create folders or sections in Holdings so stocks can be arranged based on sectors, user preferences etc

  180. Rambabu says:

    Happy new year.
    I am new for Zerodha and only buy and sell the stocks in cash. I would like to know whether Zerodha have any platform where it is explained how to use SWP, or any other products. I am thankful to Zerodha for services served till date.

  181. arpit avadhoot gaikwad says:

    kill switch option ko one click pe leke awo jise over treding se bacha ja sake

  182. Kunal Deogaonkar says:

    Nitin sir User Interface seems to be little hard to nagivate if you check 5paisa they have very easy to use interface and reports are very easy to pull up.Please compare with other brokers UI and make kite little easy.

  183. Priyabrata Mohanta says:

    Devidend is not timely given

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Priyabrata, RTAs are responsible for processing dividend payments. Zerodha does not receive any details about the dividend being credited to the shareholders, you can contact them for more details. Please check this article for more details.

  184. MANOJ PATEL says:

    Kindly do something up the issues we are facing when market is completely volatile.
    For E.g. App not opening, unable to place order or unable to exit.
    This has happened many a times and on regular basis. In regards to this, we have received regular updates and replies from your side that this will not happen in future. But it has always happened.
    If problem not solved then there are many users which will be forced to transfer to other platforms.

  185. M. D. Ingawale says:

    Happy new year 2024 to Zerodha Team.

  186. Shreyank Shah says:

    I would appreciate it if Zerodha could consider the feature request below that most of us would agree to have.

    1. Bracket order in Kite application (Buy, Sell along with Stop Loss)
    2. Merge Kite and Coin applications into a single app only to track mutual funds and stocks together at one place
    3. Simplified charts like how Groww has
    4. Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) feature in Coin
    5. Market cap allocation of a particular mutual fund in Coin (e.g. Parage Parikh Flexi Cap invests 60% in large cap, 20% in mid cap and so on) before investment
    6. Overlapping of the mutual funds holding in terms of percentage

    Feel free to add more!

  187. vijayalakshmi says:

    happy new year

  188. Bhavinkumar Joshi says:

    Funds withdrawal process is very slow. Funds deposited today can get back nto account on 3rd day Morning. Request to look into this. Happy New Year

  189. Balasaheb says:

    There Are a mazor problem in this app that is add A new Nomination of a family member the application show many more error on that time
    And there is no issue to add a nominee in other apps

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Balasaheb, could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com with details of the error, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  190. ANIL says:



  191. Narayanan Chandrasekaran says:

    Pay out process takes ling duration compared to other regular brokers. Please fast this process.

  192. kalpana kothari says:

    still you are charging rs. 20+ 20 for buy and sell one lot banknifty option. retailers working with one lot for one/ two.,they are suffering and can not come out from loss, pl.make it rs. 10

  193. Ansul Pratap says:

    Hello Nitin! HNY! A small yet a detrimental query. When are we going to see zerodha Kite develop small features like sliced orders and baskets shortcuts. Sliced orders reduce impact costs unlike started earlier then large quantity has to be bought/sold. Using multiple orders in baskets is time consuming. It works be very small yet a pertinent upgrade if sliced orders can be facilitated which would help people place large orders by system generated order and quickly compared to human response. Thanks

  194. Pragya says:

    This app is very supoortive and easy in handling a person like me who has no knowledge in techonology

  195. Minhaj Ahamad says:

    Good working

  196. Ashok says:

    Best wishes for the New Year and thanks Team Zerodha for improving the system . Lots of more to see in coming days. All the best

  197. Pavan kumar says:

    “May the markets bring you abundance, and may your trades be filled with success in the coming year. Happy New Year!”,

  198. Allen says:

    If you really want to improve your services… Do Something about the UNAVAILABILITY of the Option Strikes as per the Clients preferences. On the one side, SEBI and your Organisation talk about the Safety of Retail Trader… and on the other hand your Zerodha DOES NOT ALLOW (For Whatever Reasons) the Client to Hedge his positions with a OTM or deep OTM strikes of his choice. Such a situation is Very Frustrating… and not in keeping with the stature Zerodha has reached. Try and remove this anomaly please – however genuine the reasons are for the same… or come up with a way Out of this dilemma… especially when a majority of your competitors DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM.
    No wonder new and active retail traders are now joining other Brokers – where there is No Problem or issues concerning the Choice of Buying or selling the Option Strikes as per the Clients preferences. Thanks and Regards

  199. Nanda DT says:

    Sir/ madam,
    I am new to trading and in great need of auto trailing stop loss future because as soon as I exit my position price go up and if I hold the position i have to bear loss. Kindly add auto trailing stop loss future in option with easy to use for beginners.

  200. Sudhir Shambharkar says:

    Amazing and Easy to handle.

  201. Dhananjay says:

    Dear Sir,

    Bring the facility to segregate the stocks in porfolio like for short term, for long term, for trading etc. on console this facility of no use.. like watchlist, once there should be multiple tabs for segregating stocks.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Dhananjay, we show the long-term tag on Console for quantities that are older than one year. You can also tag and filter holdings based on long and short-term holdings and according to your preferences and check the performance based on tags on Console holdings.

  202. Hemant Shah says:

    Happy new year to all 😀

  203. sandip says:

    Now a days most important facility is free API and low brokerage …..
    Please think about it.

  204. swamy says:

    Happy New Year! Good to hear all these updates, Great effort.

    I would request your team, Is it possible to display the Strike prices and future prices of bank nifty when click on a bank nifty spot chart. so that we can select choice strike prices on the display.


    1.For ALERTS NOTIFICATION the RING TONE to be created by your PF. The existing one we use the tones available in our phone. Which gives lot of confusion,Your created alerts should be different tone from other like birds, animals and horn like tones.
    2. Once we fix SL then it should be automatically changed according to price action.
    3. Please do not have separate account for commodity and equity, keep common account.
    4. If possible when one instrument price high or low provide automatic buy and sell.

  206. Withheld says:

    In the holdings page dropdown filter, can you add a way to seperate out the stocks from the GoI bonds? Currently these are clubbed, so not possible to find out the portfolio value and performance of only stocks in Kite. If there is some other way I have missed, pl let me know.
    Apart from a few glitches and sometimes “Validation Pending” messages, it has been a smooth ride for me, and no regrets for switching to Zerodha so far. Happy New Year to team Zerodha!

  207. Sunil bhat says:

    Thanks to Zerodha team for providing well service and ultimate user friendly approach to their customers….

  208. Sanjit dhar says:

    Happy new year

  209. TraderZ says:

    While I appreciate Zerodha, I truly believe that Zerodha is lagging the industry in terms of features and platform being offered. Simple things like being able to set default trade quantity, trailing stop loss, some way to scale out of positions, trade directly from the chart to name a few are things that would be such a great benefit the traders, which some other brokers are offering or there are ways to get them on third party platforms. But Zerodha charges even for use of their API, which other brokers don’t.

    I traded with Zerodha back in early 2010s and now again recently I am trading with you guys for a month now and may be I had higher hopes but to me the development so far doesn’t seem that impressive considering that Zerodha is one of the pioneers in this industry.

    • Anuj says:

      The Trading from Charts feature is essential for a small retail option buyer to become profitable, then they claim option buyers can’t make money. :/

  210. Love Sharma says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Please provide nifty , nifty bank option chain in kite. Sensibull opening in kite app take little bit more time than Groww interface. Option chain trading /analysis is easier in Groww than kite/sensibul. You know if you know.
    Happy new year.

  211. Dharmesh Pareek says:

    Happy new year

  212. Kapil says:

    Wishing u n all staff a Happy New year 2024

  213. Laxmi narayan Soni says:

    Happy new year-2024
    Zarodha is the best app to all of Indian exchanges app. Every thing is best. Unique and super app.

  214. Ajai Kumar Bist says:

    Everything is excelletn in Zerodha!!
    One feature I will request to be added , details of expenses in Tax ( P &L ). This is being given by some other brokers ( like ICICIDIRECT.COM ). This will greatly help in calculating capital gain/ loss while filing returns. Thanks

  215. RamC says:

    Thanks Nithin for the improvements. Best wishes for a Healthy and Peaceful 2024.
    Kindly add a time field in the basket order screen , so as to enable us to send the order to the exchange at a predetermined time.

    This will help us very much.

    I wrote to your team for this functionality, but didn’t get any clear reply.

    Thanks – RamC

  216. Ajai Kumar Bist says:

    Everything is excelletn in Zerodha!!
    One feature I will request to be added , details of expenses in Tax ( P &L ). This was being given earlier but stopped now. This is being given by some other brokers ( like ICICIDIRECT.COM ). This will greatly help in calculating capital gain/ loss while filing returns. Thanks

    • Raju George says:

      I have been trying for last 3 months to regularise the discrepancy shown in my holdings. No attempts are accepted by the system

      • Shruthi says:

        Hi Raju, we’re sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so we can have this resolved at the earliest.

  217. Aravinnth G says:

    Sir, Besides SMS alert and E-mail alert in the kite platform, kindly provide a sound alert when a stock hits a particular target set by the client. It will be very much helpful for intraday traders.

  218. Amit says:

    It says here “Streak scanner becomes free for all Zerodha customers” but after login to streak with Kite credentials it asks for a paid plan after the free trial? Please clarify

  219. Nanda says:

    Multiple chart links do not open the next day. I created around 100 multiple chart links, only to realize they don’t open up next. Some thing went wrong message appears.

    I raised over 5 tickets only to be told to update the version in web, that doesn’t help. I am not at all happy with any progress if those do not solve my problem.

  220. Veetrag says:

    Can you just do little change in browser title of page. Show price at first then symbol of company or derivatives or options. Currently it is not showing in case of option as it hides.

  221. Zoya abdul rashid bakali says:

    Wishing u n all staff a Happy New year 2024

  222. Raj Kumar says:

    This app is good

  223. Biswanath Giri says:

    Good job sir
    But i requested your comqani phone
    Number need to solve any problam

  224. Ashish Kumar Pandey says:

    Very much good service,pls try to simple option chain view, happy new year to all

  225. Shailendra Kumar says:

    Dear zeeroda,

    My issue still not resolved last 20 days ago..mere pese bapish kar dijiye zeeroda team.


  226. Biswanath Giri says:

    Good job sir
    But i requested your comqani phone
    Number need to solve any problamb

  227. Mohan says:

    Dear sir
    There Are a mazor problem in this app that is add A new Nomination of a family member the application show many more error on that time
    And there is no issue to add a nominee in other apps
    some name and adress and relationship and that’s it will done

    I am your old coustomer I will be always with zerodha please make sure with zerodha team all problems was solved in a sort time
    Zerodha App loving coustomer
    Mohan ….

  228. Sachin J says:

    Instant withdrawal is a good feature, and we hope this is prioritised early in 2024.
    Similar to the mobile web, do you plan to bring “Day’s History” into the mobile app?

  229. Abhijith says:

    Coin Platform requires an overhaul, its interface is outdated and the fund finder is below par. Also, off late, the orders tab in Coin has gotten a lot slower.

  230. Saikat Ghosal says:

    I am happy about your dream success.

  231. Rupesh magnani says:

    Nice app. Easy to oprate. But should work on intraday charges. It’s little bit high than others.

  232. sunita patravali says:

    why dont you introdues trade from chart ie trading view???also as premji gada says in the previous comment the trendlines and other markings and line and studies done on the charts etc dont get saved, as they do on TRADING VIEW PLATFORM we have to redo again which takes a lot of time, would really appreciate if this could be solved , also we need more than 7 market watches at least 10

  233. Shekhar Salvi says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Happy New Year.
    I am very much fond of Zerodha. It’s one of the most user friendly trading platform. Thank you for adding new features to this. My only request to Zerodha, is to upgrade to chart features such as, saving of chart layouts , which is not there even in 2.0 version. We have to depend on other platforms for this. Kindly look up in to this so that we don’t have to depend on other trading platforms.
    Thank You

  234. Rama says:

    Holding display layout was better in earlier version. Like giveing the total little bigger at the bottom.

  235. Tushar says:

    Please add trade from charts facility, rest all is perfect. Faster fund withdrawal would be a boon for all.

  236. Akilan says:

    The rise of zero-brokerage firms, many still choose Zerodha.
    Do you know why?

    People trust and believe zerodha have robust infrastructure and commitment to client safety, they’ll be compensated if broker-caused losses, during glitches.

    But zerodha proved everything was wrong.

    Zerodha glitch happened so many times.

    While even zero-brokerage firms experience glitches, they often offer transparent 100% refunds for losses directly caused by those glitches.

    In 2024, focusing on infrastructure improvements to truly secure client funds✨ should be a top priority for Zerodha.🙏

  237. GUNVANT PATWA says:

    It is nessasry to add feature – spread contract to roll over the f&o position we do not have this option because of that we suffer trading loss when we trnaser our position from current month to next month..

    So please do the needful

  238. Dhanapal says:

    Happy new year sir. I wish all the best for your future efforts. Thank you

  239. Vivek kumar jain says:

    Happy new year

  240. Utpal Kumar Das says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have called several times but find no positive reply from your support department(on call). Please do seperate trade book from longtime holdings in Console>Tradebook.

    Intraday profit/loss are all time clubed(added) with long time investments which does not give clear picture of my day trading summary. What ever profit of loss i am doing in the day trading, it is added with my portfolio gain/loss. I want portfolio gain will be shown other place or with some seperation system with trading gains(intraday profit/loss).

    If the above system is there please help me on this regard.

    My present contract no 7044435329(Registereed no-7001535329 not active)

  241. Sandeep kumar says:

    Very nice app…. Easy to oprate

  242. Rajkumar says:

    Cloud Storage of Chart Markings Required – Please Provide. Thanks

  243. Mariyappan Veluswamy says:

    Hello Nithin, Thanks a lot, Happy New Year! Good to hear all these updates, Great effort.

    Addition to all these, I would request your team to focus more on the below 3 points,

    1. Downtime optimization – Cloud is offering these days with Zero downtime options, please ask your team to look into it, because customers are suffering most of the time not able to square of the position at the critical time and we receive sorry emails from Zerodha which is fine from the courtesy perspective, but it can make huge loss to the customer.

    2. Prediction Model based recommendation – Please focus more on the AI/ML prediction model-based trading recommendation where we as customer can look into those stocks and make the appropriate decisions but we trade on those.

    3. Stock Options – Physical delivery is a pain to customer when we don’t find buyers to square off the stock options, there was an option provided by NSE called ‘DND – do not opt for delivery’ but they withdrew that option hence we as retail traders afraid to take more positions on the stock option due to the huge fund require for taking physical delivery, what would you suggest on this so that we can still do the stock options seamlessly.

  244. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Few of the above features are brought based on sebi instructions to all the brokers. The contract note was asked by me a year back before it was introduced. I have also asked if we short a stock on Entrada and if it reaches upper limit, we are not able to close it since no seller is there. But sometimes after sometime some sellers are coming and we are not keep monitoring it. When sellers started coming again I asked to notify in the kite app so that we can buy and close it. It’s not considered at all. Planning to move out of zerodha as most money is going to brokerage itself (excluding taxes)

  245. Syed Siraj Bandi says:

    Great platform for trading. But, I am not getting clarity on profit earned during sale of positional trade and the same was purchased after it came low.

  246. Kiran Shetty says:

    We want equity,& commodity in same platform.we are not satisfied in2023.update such things.

  247. Vedant Giramkar says:

    Hi Zerodha Team ,

    Using Zerodha has always been an awesome experience for me!

    I’m having a few suggestions for the further enhancement of your platform.

    I would like to suggest you to please start providing various in-app fundamental scanners like for stocks having Low P/E ratio , Low Debt , High ROE , High ROCE , High Dividend Yeild , You can also provide scanners based on strategies like Coffeecan Stocks , Magic Formula Stocks , etc so that it would be very helpful for retail investors like us to pick our preferred stocks without going anywhere out of the app and visiting multiple websites to manually create scanners and scan the stocks.

    Having all the scanners in-app would save a lot of our efforts.

    I request you to please take this into consideration.

    Thank You.

  248. Suthakaran says:

    Please add one last trade price ltp column in Alerts window for example in GTT window is reflected in order price and ltp price that is helpful for quick decision. So the same type in Alerts window will reflect order price and ltp price for helping quick decision.
    I already wrote the same there is no response.
    Now I am waiting for it
    Thanking you

  249. Kishan says:

    Very easy and great platform zerodha some minor change to need when we make withdrawal it should be credited to our account immediately Happy new year zerodha family🎊✨

  250. Raj Gupta says:

    Please make reduction in charges

  251. Harshit says:

    It is good service but I requested to you Improve you withdraw service in bank account. Other services provider is withdraw demat to bank account within 2-3 hours.

    Thank you



  253. Chetan Rajput says:

    Please, resolve ggt issue,
    GTT create karne k baad apne aap trade hit hona chahiye jo nahi hota ..
    Please do something on it.

    Otherwise all good and wish you Happy New year 🎊🎊

  254. Abhijit says:

    Ok, understood

  255. vinod says:

    Good to see the technological implementations and integration of multiple platforms.. I suggest 2 more things to analyse and fine, if it can be implement:
    – Provide option for demat based stocks to hide from immediate selling portfolio.. this helps the investor to quickly book the profit. Option can be set that from console, first you allocate and then sell it after 2hr or 3 hrs.. this allows to think and sell or even differentiate the long term vs short term/Swing trading etc
    – Possibility to allow the delivery of stocks using margin funds (Other Brokerage firms are already providing this facility like ICICI Direct / Angel one etc). This is one of the big feaature from others, which i am missing with Zerotha

    Keep doing a good job and Best of luck for all future endeavours!!!

  256. Farook Ahmed says:

    Can we also expect Trade from Chart from Chart IQ to be upgraded like the one from TradingView which allows to view P&L on the same option chart price and also we can square off position from there.Please Upgrade this present trade from chart which is present in your chart IQ like Suggested it helps to trade conviniently.

  257. Versatile says:

    Hello Support,
    Please check for the possibility of introducing MARKET PROTECTION PERCENTAGE (MPP) available in many brokers. This will enable user to set percentage as 2 or 3% of LTP, so that user can submit MARKET order itself, but order goes to exchange is LIMIT order of 2 or 3% set limit of LTP. This is very help for F&O traders.

  258. SATISH SARKATE says:

    Respected Sir,
    your services are too good. We send the account statements are so faster and clear than other i heard. We have one request we need more branches all over the districs in maharashtra. We are totally satisfied with services.
    Happy New Year 2024 .. to all your BEST ZERODA TEAM..
    thank a lot to Join you Zeroda..
    Satish Sarkate

  259. Jahir Hussain says:

    Really easy to use so far I had good experience and nice service do well team zerodha

  260. Sudeep S Nair says:

    While commendable efforts have been made to ensure an easy user experience, a notable drawback remains: there is still a charge for adding funds using net banking. My suggestion is to offer at least a few free transactions per month, which would assist investors in reducing these charges. Given the substantial taxes imposed by the government on investors already, providing some free transactions would be beneficial.

  261. Rayappa says:

    Instant deposit & Instant withdrawal is a must and most needed fecelelity in this app..

  262. Jitender Kumar says:

    Ok understood

  263. Jayesh Deore says:

    Please add the feature of MTF. I had to switch to ICICI Direct just because MTF feature is not available on ZERODHA. I hope it’s in your development plan for 2024.

  264. vijay says:

    hi NItin,
    will you provide direct trade from tradingview facility ???

  265. Kurmaum says:

    You should give 5 years of free stt and other taxes and brokerage and everything else for all these issues

  266. Abhishek says:

    Happy new year Zerodha is best trading platform thanks sir

  267. Sanjay says:

    Please provide the facility of online opening joint DEMAT ACCOUNT and also to add a spouse’s name as joint account holder in demat account which are already opened.

    • Deepak says:

      Is there any technical or regulatory constraint to open join demat account online? The facility will be very useful for small shareholders having old physical shares in joint names.

  268. J Muthu Subramanian says:

    Thanks for all the hardwork! Happy new year.

  269. Lakshmi Chandra Dikshit says:

    Jarodha isa best share marketing company.I like Jarodha.

  270. Vasu goyal says:

    I have been using Zerodha Kite mobile app for more than 7 yrs now with ChartIQ charts. Last week I changed charts settings to move from chartIQ to Trading view beta version. Now the charts don’t even load when I open kite mobile app. All the trading view features are of no use if the charts don’t load. I am contemplating going back to ChartIQ. Pls sort out this issue.

  271. Srini says:

    Great Job team Zerodha helping retail investors to reduce their risk and create wealth

    You are providing great support and tools for trading request is to enhance fundamental analysis tools or closer integration with partners tools for FA

  272. M Prem Kumar says:

    Respected Sir ,

    I love ZERODHA for its quick order executions and clean UI and all other great features .But now that we are in a phase of bull market , swing trading is also a lucarative area .. to manage both intraday and swing with the same capital is not possible unless there is Margin Facilty for Swing .. Due to this we have to open other broker accounts for MTM facility, which is causing us to split the capital or completely withdraw the capital and transfer to other broker .
    ZERODHA gives a sense of safe feeling for the capital kept in the accounts also the features to trade with .
    So sir ,can we see MTM in near future in ZERODHA ??? Very badly need this feature !!! I know , I’ve read your posts on MTM- safeguarding against taking levarage..but.. the ones who want to do it obviously move to other brokers at any cost , no matter want I want to stick with ZERODHA itself .. so please try to bring this feature sir .
    Thank you !

  273. Anujsoni says:


  274. Yash kamble says:

    Instant widrawall

  275. Premji gada says:

    There is a big problem in ur chart when we mark or draw any line on chart like hosizontal or vertical or Trend line it’s not save on perticular stock like in trending view platform.plz solve this problem

  276. Sahajan PG says:

    Sir , All are good and satisfied except technical issues in chart . Expect a clear solution for it . Thank you , Happy new Year

  277. Ayush Sharma says:

    Thanks for all the good work.
    However, your charts have started taking too much time to load. And for faster scalping or option trading purposes its becoming difficult.
    May be due to larger traffic, I request you to look in to it. It may have longer term effects as if the quality is going down on the existing features. New features will have no role to play.

  278. Amit says:

    Hi, looking forward for the listed features and happy to read about NPS and XIRR. In coin, any plans to show CAGR returns too, my bad if I have missed it in post.

  279. Sebastian says:

    Great. Keep it up.

  280. Koti reddy kalam says:

    Zerodha is best trading platform thnq sir

  281. Narayan Malusare says:

    Account opening process are difficult compare to other broker like angle one, upstock,Groww,tmTo much documents And zeroda kite app is not user friendly app actually I am client of zerodha but I am not happy with your services so everyone please check comments before opening demat account

  282. Manish Gupta says:

    Hi, please keep it up.

  283. Arun Raj says:

    Happy new year sir. Hope your vision can impact positive to our upcoming generation. God bless.✨️

  284. Vishal says:

    As an investor I often find myself questioning whether I would be better off just investing everything in NIFTYBEES, than doing the stock picking myself. The XIRR is a good indicator to do that analysis, but not completely the accurate metric. Something that informs the investor the alpha generated/lost would serve to be a great analytical tool.

  285. Lt Col Asha ( Veteran ) says:

    Happy New Year Sir,
    After superannuation got some to think of self and family. As a beginner need help to step in right path, can you please help.

    Best Wishes and warm regards,

  286. Sugunakar Reddy Kalva says:

    It is great to hear on your efforts for the improvements as explained.
    I am very new to the trading activity and not able to look at the changes in day’s volume in comparison to its avg. figure and other Indicators in standard format on chart as shown by other service providers.

  287. Vishal says:

    Is anything being done to improve the withdrawal process? It is one of the most frustrating parts of Zerodha now, especially when holidays come in between trading days. I’ve had a situation once where I placed a withdraw request on 23rd, and it said I would receive it only on 27th.

    4-5 days is unacceptable even with trading holidays. Many brokers give next day settlement, sometimes even same day if you place a request before 4 PM.

    For smaller amounts, I’m sure Zerodha can calculate the settlement amount themselves and credit 80-90% of it immediately when the customer requests (the percentage difference to protect against settlement risks). It might involve using your own capital, but other brokers like Groww offer less 24 hour settlement for small amounts, and it is a feature in the industry now.

  288. Ashish says:

    Compare to other brokers i found zerodha the best app and each transaction is clear.. other brokers transaction are not clear they are hiding and stealing the mo

  289. Priyansh says:

    Hi Nithin & Zerodha Team,
    Wishing you a very happy new year!

    I would like to request your kind focus on Stock Lending & Borrowing (SLB) portal as well. Stock pledging, loan against stocks, & other trading related features are very commendable development for 2023. But these are traders focused, for value investors the SLB portal could be complete game changer.

    Most of the other brokers chargers 15-20% of the lending fee (on balance we investors have to pay 30% tax, thus leaving no advantage for us investors) & manual order flow for SLB order, same is the case with Zerodha. Hence, if Zerodha can introduce a DIY interface for placing SLB orders at lower brokerage fee then it would be really helpful.

    Hope this request can reach to your team. Looking forward to some action on the same!

    Best Regards

  290. Shailesh Borase says:

    Nice App

    Please implement instant fund widrawal feature first

  291. Don Benny says:

    Happy new year Team Zerodha,

    May this new year takes you to a new milestone. Comparatively I am new to the share market and still learning to do the things right. I see Zerodha is a right platform to do business in share market world. Thanks for the support and look forward yet another fruitful year ahead.

    Again, I wish all the best for Team Zerodha.

    Kind regards,

    Don Benny

  292. MOHAMED arshak says:

    Zerodha is a good platform although pls include mutual fund to the Zerodha platform instead of login to another app and reduction in maintenance charge,add more and more information about a stock when finding a stock to invest improvements in Zerodha charts 😀

  293. Suraj More says:

    Human call center option required. It’s great you are technology first company. But some of us prefer to talk to a customer care person. When raising tickets there should be an option to do so.

  294. Suresh Patki says:

    Your team is probably working overtime to change the user experience of Zerodha users. Thankful to you for that. However, I am feeling we need a small space to record /save targets, comments or any small info limited to 50 characters against each stock watchlist entry. It is similar to inserting a comment in each cell of a Excel cell. This will help us to keep small info on Zerodha screen and retrieve info at the click of mouse. Hope you will think over and consider.

  295. Vijay Lalwani says:

    Hi Nitin Sir. Wish u & ur family a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year. Trading with Kite app is just awesome and few suggestions i would like to give you from my side.

    a) All your reports related to P&L, Trades etc should be in PDF formats.

    b) Margin Trading Facility with atleast 2x limit should be there. I know some people will over trade through this, but some users might genuinely need this MTF for better results.

    c) Zerodha Capital should have tie-up with renowned banks (Private Banks mostly) , so that if a user request for pledge of securities or MF units, automatically the loan amount should be credited with the bank account of user registered with zerodha and if one wish to unpledge the same, he just repay the loan amount to bank and securities should get unpledge accordingly as per request.

    Many more suggestions I can give coz having an experience of more than 18 years of working in capital markets and back office management.

    Hope one day will get a chance from zerodha also.😊

  296. Brejesh says:

    Sensibul ka data dely hai please isko realtime Kiya jae.

  297. Monika says:

    How to put trailing stop loss in Zerodha, I cannot find it pls advice

  298. Chander Jeet Singh says:


  299. Balwan says:

    Happy new year sir please till me new stock and high returns small time

  300. Kamal Das says:

    In case of withdraw money from the trading a/c to our bank a/c, can it be made easier ? Then we can get the money of profit within an our.

  301. Satish says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for all updates.
    Are you working towards reducing losses of traders by doing data analysis. There are umpteen reports of losses occurring in trading, especially in options, stocks, futures etc. I think even Mr. Kamath also stated that maximum people incur losses in trading.
    To stand out of crowd, please do provide some value addition to your clients in terms of reducing losses.

  302. S Prabhaharan says:

    Portfolio level XIRR is highly appreciated initiative…. Kudos

  303. Nagesh says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I think one wishlist is to have more options in terms of providing MTF ( at a nominal fee)…Presently few other platforms provides this @a exuberant fee- since for trading – zerodha is always provided-however for investors/traders looking for margin trading, we are forced to look for other players who provides this option..Pl see if Zerodha can offer this..

  304. Velu says:

    There should be a simplified consolidated view to trac dividends

  305. Sajid says:

    Hi zerodha.i am not able to apply for IPO’s since I don’t have UPI facility as this requires local mobile number which I don’t have. I am a non resident nro bank holder with isd mobile number as personal.
    Please let me know, how can I apply at ipo’s.

  306. Samir Parkhe says:

    Thanks for the updates and it’s worth mentioning that the whole team is doing an awesome job with respect to tech update, back end automation and integration side of business. I am not sure if there is any space were we as a customer can ask/request for the features in Zerodha applications. This can be provide the team more insight on what we need as customers. One things I was just enquiring today with your customer care was that is there a easy way to know the tax harvesting option in coin for MF SIPs. This will help lots of beginners and specially folks who don’t have much exposure to market and just hand over money to AMC via SIP.
    Happy New Year!

  307. Rakesh says:

    Dear Team,
    Zerodha is fantastic, but I would like to suggest couple of things for the 2024 release:

    1. Add STP functionality for Mutual funds in the COIN app.
    2. Revamp the Market watchlist similar to Trading View in both Desktop and Mobile view, which is more user friendly. Since in the current Kite app, I need to move back and forth between stocks and chart. Need inline stocks and timeframes selection while viewing charts.
    3. In the Holdings section, add a new Column as ‘Inv Val'(Invested Value) to show, how much we have invested in each stocks. this will help to check the Invested Value and Current Value.

    Thank You

  308. Sundar J says:

    Is it possible to add feature like add 100 stocks in single watchlist(From 350 to 700 stocks over all)?

  309. GP says:

    Try to improve trading facilities, instead of boasting yourself.your trading app is not for large qty traders.while buying options,your app not allowing us to buy above freeze quantity.For this you guys take a step to provide solutions.for example instead of asking us split or clone it.better you guys execute the input quantity by traders and charge us by calculating freeze quantity limit.apply this for while exiting time also.
    I was faced lot of issues while want to exit maximum quantity at once and incurred me losses.

  310. Sheetal Gupta says:

    Happy New Year to Zerodha & The Whole Team !
    One request :
    Can you please do anything about the charges? They are too high. I used to do F&O but then switched to Equity trading due to heavy intraday charges plus stt plus plus plus charges. Now even in Equity trading I am incurring quite a whole lot of charges. Please Please do something. There is no fun if we have a boundation to pay so much to the broker…

  311. Sagar Shah says:

    Please add option to save GTT and other lists in specific order same as market watch.

  312. Rahul Rawandale says:

    Hi Nitinji , Happy New Year To you and entire Zerodha team , The changes you incorporated and future plans are excellent. Thank you for that . If you can enable us to place orders directly from Trading View it will be a great facility as not all the functions of Trading view are available in kite trading view charts. Thank You.

  313. Pavithra says:

    Nitin sir….Can we have the money indicator in Zerodha..
    Money = (Today’s running OI – Yesterday’s OI) × Today’s ATP

    It is available in ODIN terminals…Can’t we have the same. Kindly check.


  314. Aakash Rajak says:

    Not able to activate the Trading option in segment. Future option

  315. Raj says:

    Ye saal ke ending ke kuch months mai jada problem hua hai , mai acha nahi lagta koi creator or competitor ke chele zerodha ke bare Mai ulta sidha jab bolte hai to , 24 mai best bana hai Kamath Bro. Startup of the decade mai aate ho aaplog

  316. Shekharv says:

    Great Job Nithin Sir,
    Can’t imagine trading without Zerodha, Best wishes for new Year.

  317. Preeti Singh says:

    Good platform, fast response,

    Few observation like not easy to add new informations, I tried to add nominy but not able to add.

  318. Nikita jhunjhunwala says:

    Kite is doing very great job. I have a suggestion for kite that kite need to be have archive option like which script we want for long term as investment need to be archived and for that we do swing trade should be shown in portfolio.

  319. Ankush loharkar says:

    Overall service is good. But I m facing problem with login…..

  320. gurpal says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,
    Instant fund withdrawal – still pending
    Trade from Trading view chart – still pending
    Basket order not working since three months – still pending
    Foreign investment trading options (USA markets) in Zerodha KITE – still pending
    Guru Sachdeva

  321. V Vijaya Lakshmi says:

    Hi, Happy New Year.
    How is it Zerodha, did not provide Trailing Stop Loss provision especially in Indices Options Trading.
    What is the problem.
    Please enable it.

  322. Rat says:

    Is there an option to request for wishlist features – given that traders tend to have trading accounts from multiple houses, there are always some good-to-have features ; some of them may be a minor cosmetic UI change, but bring a lot of value.
    Note: Just last week, I got a call from my other trading account operator that a certain must-have trading feature (GTT) is going to be launched from Jan 1. That I still dont see it on the site is another story.

  323. Vishal says:

    Hey Nithin!

    Can you improve the login flow? Right now, I get logged out every time I close the browser completely. That means every time I close all windows in my browser profile, I have to login with password + TOTP. This is a 10-30 second login flow multiple times a day.

    I made a ticket on this (#20230726492881) but it was closed as expected behavior and as a safeguard for security issues, but I don’t think the risk it is protecting against is even a minor one.

    I had suggested multiple ideas in the ticket, such as Web Authentication login using fingerprint, or a 4 digit code like most mobile apps and also the Groww web app, but haven’t seen any progress on it.

  324. Deepak Tiwari says:

    You have to improve your dashboard like new competitors in the market, they have providing excellent services at lower cost.
    I am your past customer since last 6 years you have to analyse your customers demand on time to time basis.

  325. Pradhan says:

    Please make the GTT order just like bracket order. Single order buy stoploss and target.

  326. Mohd khalid says:

    I love only zerodha app

  327. Kamal Baidya says:

    Great work and keep it up! You are the reason for me to be an Investor. Let our future be glorious.

    Best Regards,
    Kamal Baidya

  328. Om prakash Sen says:

    Happy New year ❤️

  329. varun says:

    Hello & Happy new Year Team Zerodha & NK sir,

    ->Any plan’s to tie up with any banks for easy & free transfer of fund. I believe IDFC do not provide the service of 3 in 1 account anymore with Zerodha.

    -> Looking forward for feature to maintain my trading Journal online

  330. Nagaraju vattam says:

    Hai good afternoon. Zerodha is a very good platform for trading with stocks ,Futures and Options.
    For new comers like me we need some training to understand the fundamentals of your trading tools. Pl provide some training to make it more effective and successful

  331. Anubhav says:

    Account Opening is still a nightmare with Zerodha, too much compliance and too much paper work. Groww and other apps do it in minutes for which Zerodha takes days. Else its a wonderful platform to trade and invest

  332. Mohammed Asif says:

    Hello zerodha team, Aap ko web platform itna bekaar hy ,
    Waha par chart ki problem ,trade execute ki problem aap ka platform dusre platform se 10 saal peche hy

  333. Kamal Kumar says:

    I made payment for my Mutual Fund purchase before 11.30 AM on working day . But even though payments were deducted same day I was allocated units with next day NAV . This is not expected of a platform like COIN of Zerodha and my confidence was gone . On that day in November Business TV channels were showing that many faced problems in kite also . Not sure whether with the upgraded such problems recurrence shall be avoided .

  334. Hitesh says:

    What about otm option buying issue u are losing lot more customer due to this. Kindly have a solution for this.

  335. Praful says:

    I don’t have 6 months bank statement. Then how can i start F&O without holding stocks.

  336. Roshan says:

    Please add 4H TV charts and saving charts on your servers like investing.com so that they can be accessible on all devices, and we can also clean our browsing history/cache without worrying about losing our charts.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Roshan, custom timeframe and cloud save are available in the new version of Trading View charts on Kite. You can check out more details here.

  337. Parasuram says:

    Very nice app and every one use it and grow it thanks you zerodha kite team
    Happy New Year 🎉

  338. Falgun V says:

    Zerodha mad lots of mistakes in 2023 but overall ui interface is clean so fast execution possible that save lots of money.

  339. Leepin says:

    It would be great if Zerodha could waive off API charges

  340. Jose says:

    I want to highlight about the greed also. I had introduced few clients to Zerodha under the referral program and I received the share of commission for few months. But, one fine day Zerodha deleted the referrals. When I contacted Zerodha, they reverted asking me to introduce new clients and that my old referrals have been reset by Zerodha for which I am not longer going to get any share of commission. What an unethical way to maximise profits!

  341. D D ghodmare says:

    Happy new year 2024
    My trading is smooth with zerodha

  342. Akshat says:

    As a general retail investor everything is at fingertips and looks great. Please Try to incorporate instant cash withdrawal.
    Also on varsity, please create a video on how to verify sebi registered folks.

  343. Jimi patel says:

    Please try to make easy contact with the customer care because we are providing supporting Code what is not working properly.

  344. Ganesh says:

    Ur Customer support services is very very bad . It’s my personal experience that I experience. Pls upgrade this for companies longest journey. If not then ur firm face situation like telco firm e. F VI, Airtel and others.

  345. Arul says:

    There’s a daily dividend given by Nippon India mutual fund in NiftyBees held in demat. This dividend is not appearing in tax profit and loss. It is not appearing in AIS also. It has resulted in “hi value transaction” campaign by income tax department

  346. Shrikant Borse says:

    I am not able to see stock charts on mobile application from last 1 month and I can’t escalate this issue with you online on complaint register. For complaint I have to call your customer service and waiting in que for talk to your customer care.

  347. Hasmukhrai says:

    I would suggest once for any shares available rates and addition new purchases rates are made and shown at the new average cost, which upon sales from this lot, the remaining balance lot need to have average cost as it was, but in ZERODHA the remaining balance lot do not show the average price cost but it shows different rates either in some cases either higher or some other cases lower then the average cost.
    I will appreciate if you can explain the reason of such individual share prices changes instead of having average price cost of such remaining lot. As it makes difficult and complicated in my case of computing my total investment cost at the end of the day.
    I have as auditor in many companies the average cost need not to be changed, as not new purchases made.

  348. Rakesh Kumar Jain says:

    Trade-wise/script-wise charges are not available on your site. This item, I have raised several times.

  349. Dr. Balmiki kr Choudhary says:

    Happy Nee Year
    Happy with new updates.

    With Regards

  350. Sudhir Shrotre says:

    in 2024 we expect one change i.e. if you provide us the option chain and from there only we can Buy or Sell
    Presently we have to see the option chain in other window and ad that strike price in watchlist.
    In intraday this procedure is very time consuming and by the time we add that strike price in watchlist, the price is changed. Its getting very difficult.

    Lot of brokers are providing this facility.
    Hopefully you will consider this in Zerodha.

    Sudhir Shrotre

  351. Dhiren says:

    Just love it
    Very crystal clear view on development

  352. Sathees Pai says:

    I am very new to zerodha kite, but the experience is above my expectations, keep it up. Kindly share local contacts state wise, which will be easy for new comers to spot them. Thank you, team zerodha. 💙

  353. Venkatesh V says:

    I have been using zerodha from a long time (more than a decade). Very happy with the service. But, one feature that is bothering me is the need to move funds from Kite to Coin through bank transfer. This is painful and time consuming. I will appreciate if you find a way to allow me to sell my shares and move that proceeds (after T+1 or whatever) to coin directly.

  354. C Kankappa says:

    Good platform. But doesn’t place BO orders. Can you please update BO orders in Zerodha . because atometic tryling stop loss I want . please update me

  355. devansh says:

    Can’t we have a single account for both equity and commodity? if you guys can workout on this it would be great.

  356. subodh says:

    XIRR for portfolio to track long term investment missing.
    GTT does not hit sometime.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Subodh, portfolio level XIRR is on our list of things to do.

      once the GTT order is triggered, a limit order is placed, which will execute at the price you’ve specified or a better price, until then the order will remain pending. We’ve explained this in detail here.

      For better execution, you can keep some difference between the trigger and limit price. So once the GTT is triggered, the limit order will execute at the best available price in the market. We’ve explained this here.

  357. Mohit says:

    No mention of integration with Tijori?

  358. Deepesh says:

    Users should be able to add Alerts on Charts.
    Please see if this can be in your upcoming features.

  359. Joseph says:

    Hi Nithin hope you are doing good by the grace of Almighty God.
    Am from Udupi, retired from oilfield, worked in Saudi for 35 years. As you mentioned you love playing Poker, I have a project where i would like to play tournaments in Europe, starting from Feb 2024 in Paris if you sponsor me for the expense i would share all the winning amount. This year i want to play the the Tournaments in Europe. Its costing me lot, If someone like you take care of me i will be appreciated.

  360. Neel Kamal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I also got loss on 4th Dec 2023, and am continuously following up to get reimbursement but no action is being taken by your team. Please looked into this as I am very small retail invested and the money lost due to Kite app server error is having huge value for me.
    I hope you will see this issue positively

  361. Rohit says:

    I like to see if you can provide important trading journal like tradezella (tradezella.com), I feel if you can provide that will be added edge to your business and retail customer.

  362. Brij meena says:

    Zerodha platform is really easy and user friendly, all things upadate time to time ; i learn a lot from zerodha varsity and your youtube videos…lots of love and well wishes
    Love you team zerodha🎈❤️

    • Vidisha Parab says:

      Can’t see your videos properly because of small fonts in mobile app. I am using Zeodha app in mobile . Please do something for mobile app also.

  363. SUDEEP SINGHAL says:

    A lot of conjunction and no proper connection with customer care

  364. Dr. Balmiki kr Choudhary says:

    Happy Nee Year🥳🙏

  365. Ashish Mondal says:

    Hai Nitin sir ,
    Please increase Oty size in one leg ,
    Oribis account holder ko ve atlest etf hold kar na ka option hona chahiya .

  366. Sharanu says:

    Any update on much more simplification and ease of use for Coin platform?

  367. Shrikant says:

    Fund withdrawal process is still slow at Zerodha. Other competitors have come up with instant fund withdrawal upto 5 lakh through IMPS, while with Zerodha we have to wait for a day for amount to get credited.
    I think instant fund withdrawal was part of your agenda but seems like the team has forgotten it.

  368. Prakash says:

    Wish you Happy New Year 2024! User Interface and the new features are excellent.

  369. Ketan Mulay says:

    The chart layouts created on kite web are not visible on the kite app on phone or tab. Please include a requirement in your backlog to have unified experience across.

  370. Paras nimbark says:

    Happy new year India & zerodha
    App is so amazing zerodha

  371. Gajanan hegde says:

    I am new to share market, I hope that you will support to trade market….thank you

  372. Rajesh Yadav says:

    Happy new year

  373. Pradnya says:

    In bid and ask screen, It would have been better if we get last traded price

  374. Shanti Lal says:

    Happy New Year Sir Ji

  375. Machhindra kale says:

    Verry nice app

  376. Shivam mishra says:

    Great work

  377. Dhananjay Kumar says:

    Trading is smooth but I nead a favour please add more index on top… Nifty, Bank Nifty, Finnifty, Sensex etc. Also I need a option to choose index on top. Thanks

  378. Dinesh says:

    Happy new year 🎊

  379. Santosh says:

    Can we take trade from the Tradingview chart like other platforms? Is there any plan to bring this feature ?

  380. Guru says:

    Please allow us add our own indicators to TV charts. This will tremendously help the retail community. I don’t want to relay on the technical indicators which were suitable for the market a few decades ago. New age traders new indicators.

  381. gopal korale says:

    happy new year

  382. Colonel SC Mann says:

    Great effort. Happy prosperous new 2024!

  383. Sandeep Mourya says:

    Heat map of P&L is not showing.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sandeep, the P&L heatmap is temporarily unavailable on Console. It will be made available shortly. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sandeep, the P&L heatmap on Console will show once you load the P&L report. If the issue persists, please create a ticket at http://support.zerodha.com with the details so that we can have this resolved at the earliest.

  384. Akhil says:

    I am your very satisfied customer. Nice interface. Never seen such hardwork and passion in investing startup and made so easy investing for us. Just an request which would benefit both zerodha and traders. Collaborate with trading view in zerodha to add second by second time frame chart also for free. This would be first mover advantage and would boost zerodha unbelieveably and help gathering more intraday traders also..

  385. Jitendra Chouhan says:

    Happy new year

  386. chetan says:

    upstox has ddpi fully online. zerodha still needs to send physical documents to head office to enable it. any plans to go paperless for simple things like address update, ddpi? including for NRIs? currently procedures for NRIs are tedious with lots of physical paperwork.

    • Devender says:

      Yesterday my online DDPI was activated in Dhan. I opened this account just over weekend and when I saw this online facility I first jumped in excitement and paid Rs.100 which I would have to paid courier charges anyway. I am not sure how they prioritize things but these simple things should be allowed. Its interesting and funny to think about Zerodha has an online button to close their account but don;t have a button to enable DDPI 🙂

  387. Sarat says:

    Trailing stop loss option will be very useful..

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sarat, trailing stoploss is currently not available on Kite. We’ll take this as feedback and check on the possibilities. Thanks 🙂

  388. Chetan Devarmane says:

    Have you considered offering an algo platform?

  389. Avinash J R says:

    The charts hang many times & this has to improve,brokerage could be reduced as Zerodha has a huge client base.Also in the order box for F&O specially options, the target & SL should be in terms of points instead of %age.

  390. Balaji Inder says:


    I love your App and trading on it, but having to keep capital in two different accounts(Commodities/Equity) is restricting us, do you have any plans to have just one account to trade from, if yes by when will this be implemented ?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Balaji, we’re working on merging the two so you can use one ledger for your trades. Will keep you posted.

  391. sunil says:

    customer support is very very poor, phone ringing but nt pickping if cooneceted then asking for support code…after entering right support code the voice message is you have enter wrong support code.( its very harrassing) and this lenghty process killing time value.

    Please do the something to avoid it, customer to connect very fast to support backend………..it is very big drawback other then halftime or fulltime broker

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sunil, please check your support code once more, and try contacting us using the registered phone number connected to that ID and support code. Please use the registered phone number that is associated with the Zerodha account whose support code you are entering to make the call. If a call is made from an unregistered number, please enter the registered mobile number followed by the support code.

  392. RAJESH RATHI says:


  393. Mukesh Mirpuri says:

    Nicely put. You are very transparent and honest in your approach towards small investors. Only improvement I see is that you should transfer funds to our account by evening for withdrawal requests filled before certain cut off time, for rest you can give next day early hours as usual.

  394. Sanjay Surve says:

    Excellent service given by Zerodha.

  395. Bharat arora says:

    Good work 👌

  396. Harjinder Kumar says:

    This is Great for me

  397. Ankush says:

    Sir , Please add an option to create more stock lists .

  398. Manish says:

    Happy new year

  399. Ram says:

    Add Mutual fund options on Zerodha rather in Coin.

  400. Meet says:

    In the past year due to technical glitch of your application I loss 6000 rupees. And also many other times trades doesn’t shows , not exit from trade. We exit the trade but it is not complete and loss will continue. What will you say ? Who will pay for it ??? I don’t like this application also the employee. Who are never supportive.

  401. Anil Mane says:

    Excellent Service
    Happy New Year

  402. Manoj says:

    Good platform
    Or platform me Jo bhi buy karte hai to quantity barte hai usme amko kaun karke likhana padta hai please insor and apdate kare

  403. Abhinav giri says:

    Sir why there is no Market order for iceberg orders please can you focus on that thing. Iceberg market order help us a lot but not in limit sometimes we lose money in limit order. I hope you will do some work about this please. Thank you

    • Faisal says:

      Hi Abhinav,

      Iceberg orders is an exchange approved algo orders and regulation doesn’t allow market orders for algo orders.

  404. Kuleshwar prasad says:


  405. Vinod says:

    Happy new year.
    Zerodha ji bus 1000 point ki ce or pe carry karva do please.

  406. Sopan Nakhate says:

    Thanks sir, wish a very Happy New year all of you.

  407. Anil Tirkey says:


    I would like request to add watch like trading view. It will help a lot for trading.

    Thank you Sir.

  408. Arabinda behera says:

    Everything good.
    But only one problem at stock option. market order not available

    Zerodha good 👍

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Aravinda, market orders are not available for stock options since the liquidity is low. You can however use limit order like a market order, we have explained how to here.

  409. rani udasi says:

    great work

  410. Arun says:

    Multi mobile login facility

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Arun, as per exchange guidelines, you can simultaneously maintain one login session on Kite mobile and another on Kite web. More here.

  411. I love zerodha says:

    i love zerodha

  412. Subhash chand says:

    Plz inform before about any share which is going to bankruptcy

  413. Subhendu Roy says:

    For zerodha technical glitch many trader booked loss who will take responsibility for this. And you must be returned their money as soon as possible.

  414. Shreya Arora says:

    Since yesterday, I am unable to use your app. Request your team to call me on my registered mobile no.

  415. Nakka Srinivas says:

    No comments

  416. Dinesh Chandra says:

    Please,we want mutual funds in kite.

  417. Inderpal Singh says:

    How to pinpoint, evaluate and analyse for investment in start up.

  418. Sapna Agrawal says:

    HNY 2024 Team Zerodha

    Just few suggestions for 2024

    1. Integration with bank account so that funds need not be transferred to and fro to Kite.

    2. Reduction in maintenance charges.

    3. Investors education programme

  419. Anirban says:

    Have been using this platform for 7 months and tbh it is a great platform to work with. Especially the customer care support is 10 out of 10. Improve it even more and go ahead

  420. Mohammad Hasan says:

    Good work

  421. Pravin MIrajkar says:

    I’m happy to hear those new changes from Zeroda. this is a really nice platform for treading and investment.
    wish u a happy new year to the whole Zeroda family.

  422. Mukesh says:

    Happy new year sir

  423. Talibhussain shaikh says:

    Zerodha is best treding platform

  424. Vinod Kumar says:

    Verry good performance
    So nice trading

  425. kaushik says:

    Thank you Nitin for giving TV new version where drawings are automatically saved.

  426. Ashwin says:

    Zerodha is best, but you should put one step further to connect with rural areas of India by collaborating with SBI CSP’s.
    Further we can discuss.

    Best Regards

  427. Drx Shailesh Patil says:

    Nice, thank you, and wish a fabulous new year ahead sir.

  428. Vinod says:

    Very helpful app


    Reduction in maintenance charges

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Jayesh, if you only have one Demat account across all depositories and your holdings are less than 50,000, your Demat account is considered BSDA, and no AMC is applicable. You can learn more about BSDA here.

  430. Jyothieswar says:

    When can we expect investment options in foreign countries stocks (USA markets) ?

  431. Amit Shelar says:

    I have used many other trading app long back but never be use to of it but kite by Zerodha is something that change the game and mentality of the people about the stock market you guys make it very simple and user friendly which is the revolutionary it’s self and many other inspired by you kudos to all Zerodha Team.
    Wish u all successful years ahead.

  432. Swapnil says:

    Great progress. Please merge commodities and equity account margins. It is a big hassle to maintain margins in both accounts. Lot of missed opportunities. This was in plan a while back, if i’m not wrong. Can we see it sometime in future?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Swapnil, we’re working on merging the two companies so that you can use one single ledger for your trades. Will keep you posted.

  433. Sukesh says:

    Hi, Nithin ,
    Yencha Ulla. Hope you are doing fine.
    A humble request . Please better your COIN App and team. For one query finding difficuit to get proper reply from team which is going on table to table via escalation. Buying Mutual fund , SIP is also big glitch in Zerodha. I Love Zerodha so much i closed my DEMAT account in SBI and Canara and pushed all funds here. But now starting to regret it. Buck up. Success never stops. With additional clients additional responsibility should seap in. Rags to riches is better story but it wont take time to turn other way. Please get better trained team on COIN atleast .

  434. Musheer Choudhary says:

    Plz focus on your own option chain sensibull is not ok with phones

    • Tushar Arvind mody says:

      Dear Sir,

      Awaiting Big Enhancement in the
      Number of Shares in the

      “” Watchlist “”

      The current 350 is Too Less in view of Plenty of Coming


      And so many many IPO which came in the last few years…

      Hoping for required changes


      Tushar Arvind mody

  435. Chetan dherage says:

    Nice performance from zeroda

  436. Rakesh says:

    Happy New YEAR 2024!!!!!

  437. Shubham Dalal says:

    Please Use High speed portal…
    That would help users to punch order faster….

  438. Amit mehta says:

    Zerodha have done very better,thanks
    One request on portfolio screen positions realised and unrealised and market to market profit and loss required on screen

  439. NASIR says:


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Nasir, we recently launched a new version of Trading View charts on Kite. Do check it out. More details are available here.

  440. Mangeshkumar says:

    Sir plse keep the price low in selling I m sure we people are going where the price is less …

    Good service till now from ZERODHA thankss ZERODHA members

  441. Manju n says:

    I sent all document to change my pan number n do name correction but zerodha customer care has utter low service. From past two montha im not able to trade. Worst customer service

  442. Sanjay says:

    Dear Nitin – I am not sure whether your back office is ready to listen to the feedback – calculation of rights renunciation prices and feeding off into P&L had been wrong – the guys were extremely rude in telling that this is the way it is inspite of my pleading with them with details Further when I requested to connect with you – I was told to write on social media as you are out of reach for customers. Anyways, after speaking to my CA, have been following the correct methodology as per contract notes.

    You may want to check – alternatively I am happy to let go.


  443. Mayank Jain says:

    Thank you for offering great platform. Just want to understand, how we can calculate XIRR of the whole portfolio instead of single stock investment ?

  444. Manoj prasad says:

    Mera 4Lakh losses ho gya
    Please help kare
    Kuchh mony return kare
    Mai bahut garib aadmi hu

  445. Veeral says:

    Spend some money on buying best in class tools and technologies rather than building on your own. Platform performance is becoming worst day by day.

  446. Deepanchakravarthy says:

    Well-done to service and customer service Tamil Language add in sector is good ….

  447. Jyothieswar says:

    when can we expect Foreign investment options (USA markets) in Zerodha KITE ?

  448. Inderpal Singh says:

    How to evaluate, analyse and invest in potential start up.

  449. Om Prakash says:

    That’s because of all above I am closing this account

  450. Ajay says:

    Please don’t charge too much during delivery,you say no charge and even we withdraw 2k there are 300₹ charge. Please show me your charges scheme.

  451. Abhishek says:

    My Trading is Smooth with Zerodha kite 😊

  452. Adi says:

    If Available stock scanner

  453. J p jivani says:

    Happy New year

  454. Suresh K says:

    Need another update in the holdings, drop down if we select Mutual funds that also has to be shown in the Holdings screen itself instead of opening Coin app.

  455. Vikram says:

    Been longing to see a column showing Cost Price alongside Current Value (already existing) in the holdings window. Had raised this on Twitter previously as well, but no sign of having it yet.
    Best, provide customers with a list of fields (incl. the above) that can be customized by them via a drag and drop feature or like.

  456. BS says:

    Though I was using zerodha since 5 years.now Everyday expiry came.But you dont allow OTMs to buy for hedging,I had to shift to another one.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi, we allow buying options of any strike for hedging purposes if you hold a short option position.

      The restriction is for naked long options due to the member-level OI limit. We’ve explained this here. If you want to trade without strike price restrictions, we have an alternative solution for this. More details here.

  457. Chandrakant says:

    Very much like

  458. Shobhit Modi says:

    I have had a good time using zerodha. The differentiator for me was that earlier kite used to display peer stocks of any script that was being looked at. For the past couple of months, that screen has been replaced by smallcase window. Now although smallcase could be a good option to invest, but for retail investors identifying peer stocks and analysing performance was a huge added advantage. Can we get that window back ? You can reach me incase you want to understand my concern better

  459. S says:

    I never liked zerodha personally and professionally both still hate it

  460. Agni says:

    1000 watchlist option dedo bass

  461. Ravendra singh says:

    Happy new year sir

  462. Sapna Agrawal says:

    HNY 2024 Team Zerodha

    Just two suggestions for 2024

    1. Integration with bank account so that funds need not be transferred to and fro to Kite.

    2. Reduction in maintenance charges.

  463. Kuldeep says:

    Hey Happy new year , this system is very good and helpful for technically supporting from theirs Side

  464. Vaibhav Singh says:

    From past one month, the charts are not being saved on trading view 2.0 chart. The drawings get deleted after the page is reloaded or refreshed. I have to save every time on loadout. earlier this was not the case.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vaibhav, the auto-save option was removed from V2 of Trading View charts, we’ll look into the possibilities of bringing this back in future updates. For now, you will have to manually save any changes you make as default layout so they aren’t erased.

  465. Pankaj says:

    Nice platform for all level investors.

  466. Sapna Agrawal says:

    HNY 2024 Team Zerodha

    Just two suggestions for 2024

    1. Integration with bank account so that funds need not be transferred to and fro to Kite.

    2. Reduction in maintenance charges.

  467. Ashvin says:

    Its been a week, Zerodha executive is not getting that I am questioning BSE transaction Tax. I am continuously asking about issues for the BSE charges and executives is replying me about NSE charges.
    Height is , after week they gave me charges breakdown which is nothing but converting pdf contract note into excel.

    Problem is I have been charged with NSE transaction tax while my transaction with BSE f & O
    whenever I call , executive on the phone is understanding my question but the executive who is replying me on ticket is continuously talking irrelevant things.
    I urge pls education your staff that NSE and BSE are different exchanges.
    ticket no. 20231224285701

  468. Hemanathan R says:

    Good work done in this field

  469. Meenu Bhat Mukherjee says:

    Similar to some other trading service providers, can you please work out on the HOLDING Page to display all the Stocks bought by us to categorize as per respective sector/domain. Example: Banking, Auto, Energy, Railways etc. This will clearly help the users to navigate the portfolio based on respective sectors.

  470. Shankar says:

    That’s great news. Portfolio performance tracking (PF XIRR) was a huge miss from Zerodha.
    Am sure we are gonna be even more be ok to pay little higher maintenance fee with that and some more analytics and insights built in… Think about it.

  471. Neha says:

    Do zerodha provide Future options calls

    • Sarthak says:

      Why not … !!!

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Neha, you can trade in the F&O segment on Kite, for this you will have to activate the F&O segment. You can check the process here. If you’re referring to advisory, we do not provide any advisory or money management services. To learn more about F&O trading, would suggest you check out Varsity.

  472. Ali says:

    I suggest required branch offiices overall india

  473. kavindra sachan says:

    great platform nd performance
    happy new year to all zerodha family members

  474. Silambarasan says:

    Instant fund withdrawal suppose to be first. But that was mentioned at the end. Please make it quicker.

  475. Rahul Singh says:

    Please provide buffer option ( difference between trigger price and limit price) when we place a SL order from ChartIQ.

  476. Sasi says:

    In the open position page, please add a button to exit and also in the order page please add a button to edit/cancel. this will save the precious time of executing faster when the market is making a sudden move.
    Now we are doing a right click and doing the edit/cancel. But by the time we finish editing the order the price would have changed dramatically and we end up losing the trade.

  477. Viswanath says:

    Happay New Year Nkl kamat

  478. Ashish Goyal says:

    DDIP, feature which is present in Dhan to sell equity holdings incase of GTT order hits, skipping the Tpin verification. Pls incorporate in zerodha also.

  479. subodh says:

    Can you please implement portfolio comparison with nifty or xirr for long term investment track.

  480. VIJAY SHEKAR says:

    Switching funds in COIN should be made available, waiting for this feature to be introduced in zerodha under COIN

  481. Bramesh says:

    Great to see your progress

  482. Bali says:


    Good job done. One more request, there is a need to improve Call Center support as well. Please check.

  483. Ganesh says:

    My ticket KDZ737 pending since more than 2 months. No solution.
    Al, the time copy paste reply, ” we assure you we are working on it.. blah… blah… blah “

    • Rohan says:

      Please increase the number of watchlist creation option (don’t limit it to 7 only) as I want to create watchlist for all different sectors stocks such as metal, Pharma, sugar, largecap, midcap, smallcap, banking, dividend, etc.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ganesh, we’re sorry to hear this. Getting this checked, someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly.

      • Deepak says:

        Hello Shruthi,

        While you are at it, kindly check ticket nos #20230712182464 (pending since Sep) and #20231207938177. Not getting replies even after sending reminders. Thanks.

        • Shruthi says:

          Hi Deepak, we’re sorry to hear this. Getting these checked as well, someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly.

  484. JIMMY says:

    Currently, I believe Zerodha Capital doesn’t offer Over Draft Facility. Only vanilla LAS is offered. Any plan to role out OD facility?

    • Pratik says:

      Faster 20-depth feeds:

      Everyday i face this issue of sluggish depth speed.

      Price moves but depth gets updated after delay.

      This needs an improvement.

  485. JASPAL says:

    Happy New year Sir, One request can you please share the pnl statements of all financially influencers and sebi registered analysis so that we can verify and take decision which services to opt

  486. raghavendra says:

    happy new year

  487. Madhav says:

    Hi Nitin, sir. I have a question about the post you shared about health. But Zerodha isn’t working in sustainable agriculture, such as organic farming. As a student of BSC Agriculture, I love to see Zerodha working in sustainable agriculture as well.

  488. Taman says:

    we need customer car number without ivr 24 hours . immediate answer customer calls and solve our queries

    • No large business can have customer support work without an IVR. Our preferred mode is to have customers create tickets, as during the ticket creation process, most customers figure out the answers to queries within our support portal. We now have a speedy response time on tickets. We will create a post soon sharing information on this.

      • Monu says:

        Sir commodity market is open till 11.30pm.No one answers customer calls after 5.30pm in Zeodha.Try to shuffle your staff so that someone answers calls till 11.30pm!

      • Deepak says:

        Hello Nithin,

        I have 2 tickets open, one since Sep. The last replies I got was that it was being forwarded to the concerned team. But nothing has happened after that. The ticket nos are:

        #20230712182464 – re. STT and Stamp charges for intraday trades
        #20231207938177 – after the 5 Dec 2023 STT glitch

        For the Dec ticket, I have sent 2 reminders that There has been no reply but there’s still no reply. Not even the system-sent drafted email.

  489. Satish Singh says:

    Required call support. For opening account.

  490. Dhaval says:

    Dear zerodha team.
    Please enable feature of online minor account opening as well and smooth processing of the account opening for minors that will be a added update.
    And drag and drop stoploss and target on live market should show as shown in case of tradingview platform.
    Bring back bracket order.

    • Prithvi says:

      Make it easier for firms such as proprietorship and partnerships to easily open accounts.

      Right now the page itself is a very heavy read and the actual process might be even more cumbersome.

  491. Dinesh Balaso Jadhav says:

    Please increase order quantity limit of drag and drop trad from chart feature

  492. Prince says:

    Instant fund withdrawal feature is the one I’m waiting for…

    Happy new year 🎊🎊

  493. Anonymous says:

    You still refused to give single rupee to us when there was technical glitches where else your competitor gave money for loss incurred for technical glitch.

    Never spoke on upgrading leased lines and infrastructure to reduce technical glitch.

    No message or data stastical provided on technical glitch.

    Not increased investment on infrastrucre to protect investors as zerodha might reduce profit.

    Charts never load properly or refreshed on time.

    Your focus on 2024 is to reduce technical glitch

    • We have reimbursed customers where there have been actual losses. On the issues around glitches, do check out the disclosure page that we have linked to in the post above.

      • Mohammed Shakeel ur Rahman says:

        Thank you! Pl add Invested column before Curr. column at scrip level. Also, pl freeze the headings of total investment, curr. value, Day’s P&L and total P&L, so with scroll up & down, these headings visible.

      • Manan shah says:

        How many of the customers were reimbursd? Because i have seen none of them tweeting for it.

      • Jaskeerat says:

        Rightly pointed out.
        Zerodha has claimed that only a few % of users faced the issue. Then, the small % of users who suffered lossed due to technical glitch on your part should have been compensated. After all they were only a small %.
        Where is the disclosure about the persons who were reimbursed?

      • Shashidhar Banakar says:

        I tried investing MF using coin. Amount deducted from my account but, it didn’t get converted to units nor I got units credited to account. I rises multiple quaries over platform and contacted Z rodhacustomer support with no success. Made two transactions for same

      • Shashidhar Banakar says:

        I tried investing MF using coin. Amount deducted from my account but, it didn’t get converted to units nor I got units credited to account. I rises multiple quaries over platform and contacted Zerodha customer support with no success. Made two transactions for same MF investment, second attempt was successful and units also allotted. Initial amount is gone and Zerodha team is always referring second transaction and closing my complaint

      • Jaykumar says:

        Pls try to give “on chart trading” system.

        • Anuj says:

          Trading from CHARTS in TradingView charts is provided by several brokers, which is helpful for retail option scalpers. It is high time Zerodha brought it up.
          I have to trade with other brokers using Trading from the Charts facility because execution becomes slow due to its interface in KITE while trading Breakouts.

      • Vijay says:

        Dear friends, your support technical team is not working upto our satisfaction resulting into lots of technical glitches every now and then, leading to our losses. Even your Twitter handle doesn’t reply. Apart from this lodging complaint in your app is a much complicated task. Please allow us to write in text form emerging from the difficulties faced by your customer and not as per the drop down chain, which leads to frustration.

      • Kanyakumari Manna says:

        No, you never do that! I believe, you never reimburse a single paise to any of your clients for the technical fault of Zerodha! Instead, you charge Rs. 50 + GST/ equity transaction as a call and trade charge, although in this cutting-edge technology, your system is capable of doing AUTO SQUAREING OFF of all the opened MIS executed trades after 03:20 pm! That is cheating! If your system is incapable of doing AUTO SQUAREING OFF of all the opened MIS executed trades after 03:20 pm, you must upgrade your system! At least all the clients will be happier than in the current situation.

      • Vishwas says:

        Dear sir/ hats off to your work, but as a non commerce background we are weak in advance tax and all, so my thought is that like salary how they deduct 10%tds, similar way for every profit in equity if TDS gets cut then it will be better while filing itr to get that money back, because I have seen many not filing itr only if there income is less. Just my thought I have expressed , pls think about this, thanks

  494. Saurav says:

    You are all doing a good job. But other brokers have left you behind in terms of unified and several additional features they offer on top of it. (like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, option chain all within the app itself. Unlike Kite which have to depend on third party sites which also is not that much user friendly)

    • It is impossible to meaningfully add all aspects of fundamental analysis or options to within the trading app. For example, Sensibull has so many features that is impossible to have within Kite without Cluttering and slowing down the app. That is why our strategy has been to have different apps for these. That said, the native option chain is something we are working on. Also everything related to charting is within the app, the only thing outside is backtesting using Streak which again can’t really be incorporated within.

      • Sandeeo says:

        I have list of product features to be built by zerodha how cani share with you.

      • RAJESH RATHI says:


      • Kalpana says:

        Agree, I just trading through Zerodha from last 2 years, it’s fantastic experience. Previously used well know brokerage co. but not get good service though paying very high brokerage.
        One request that when we submit order ,it directly goes and executed. Some time beginners make mistakes and get loss. So there must be confirmation page and then order must forward to exchange so traders can edit order details if there may be typing mistake.
        We don’t know anything about many different facilities like sensibull etc.
        Please spread awareness about it
        Thanks 👍

      • Ravindra singh ratore says:

        Please add ….Exit all and exit 50%

      • Abhishek says:

        When you will make SLB online? This feature we have been waiting for nearly 5-6 years.
        Not able to understand what is the technical issue in enabling?

      • Kalpana says:

        Zerodha is giving very good service than well known brokerage companies. Keep it up .
        Happy New year.
        Wish you more success in future.

      • Pramod says:

        Thankyou for making it different from others and also great that you promise to add these features in 2024.
        Nithin sir, I am too happy since i switched to Zerodha.
        Only basic things to be improved are,
        Charts indicator settings to be more advanced.
        The app takes much time while switching to charts and few of the other pages.
        support team connecting is a challenge.
        and baaki sau khoon maaf… Every thing is good.

  495. Manoharan P V says:

    No mention about QUICKO ( income tax filing)

    • It is mentioned in the post.

      • Abhinav says:

        Sir why there is no Market order for iceberg orders please can you focus on that thing. Iceberg market order help us a lot but not in limit sometimes we lose money in limit order. I hope you will do some work about this please. Thank you

        • Shruthi says:

          Hi Abhinav, iceberg market orders are not allowed due to regulatory reasons. You will have to place a limit order.

          You can use limit order like a market order, here’s how.

        • Shubham says:

          Hi Abhinav, Iceberg market orders are not allowed due to regulatory reasons. You can however use limit order like a market order, here’s how.

        • Sumit says:

          Sir, if you can please add feature for profit/loss on option chart itself like other brokers have for e.g. fayers. That will be very helpful for traders to take decision on the option chart itself instead of checking in another window. Thanks

      • Rajneesh verma says:

        When we get, bar replay of historical data, its needed feature for backtesting.

      • Jadeja says:

        India me sabse jyada glitch koi app me aati he to wo zerodha he. Jab market me volatility badhti he tab zerodha bandh ho jata he. Recently aapko demat a.c. kholna ho to zerodha me kabhi mat kholna. India me bahut sare aachhe broker he.

        • Kalpana says:

          Bade bade brokers ka bhi yahi hota volatile market ke time . Maine 3 bade brokers ki ghatiya service ke bad Zerodha me account open Kiya hai muje kabhi problem nahi hua.
          Apni advice apne pas rakho, mari Puri family ka account Zerodha me hai

      • SULBHA Vedpathak says:

        Hi sir my account b blocked
        Aadhar card to pan card link to
        30 days waiting

      • Parthasarathi Chakrabarti says:

        When will we see STP facility in COIN?

    • Vyas Sureshkumar says:

      નવા વર્ષ ની શુભ કામના

  496. Rakesh says:

    Thanks and Happy new year. All the updates post from Zerodha are so unique, have hardly ever come across any business who transparently shares updates this way.

    • Chinmayapati says:

      Thankyou, Happy New year sir

      • vsprao says:

        It would help investors immensely if your team could share the winning portfolios of select investors who have made it very big in 2023; how the portfolios were constructed, what the winners did that was different from others, how the winners picked up stocks, when and how long did they keep to reap the harvest–of course by not revealing their names to the general public. If you can share such portfolio picks of the top 10 clients, that would help millions of investors follow suit and make money. thanks

        • Rahul prakash wagh says:

          Changes in themes & sound effect in kite. Some thing new & Exotic.
          Happy New year 🎊

        • ch v n rao says:

          well said. sharing of top 10 will definitely help many others.

        • Pradeep Masand says:

          Wish a very happy new year to entire team for their dedicated efforts to make Zerdha the best trading platform.

        • Balusu says:

          Not to be negative, but that’s the secret sauce of their business on top of the customer privacy rules. As it’s well known fact, only less than 10% of the traders get success and they just take the money from the rest 90%. Even if Zerodha reveals the trades/tickers, the dynamics would just change and become opposite which again causes majority lose money, just think about it. Being said that, I lost a ton of money, including my retirement nest too, learned my lesson at the cost of life savings!! Now only Mutual funds aka Long Term Investment, no more Trading.

      • Zoya abdul rashid bakali says:

        Wishing u n all staff a Happy New year 2024

      • पराग says:

        Many updates were known to me now after reading this post. Will try to use them in my trading.

      • Amit Kumar Mandal says:

        THANK YOU

      • Dinesh Kumar says:

        Happy new year to team’ KITE. In respect of other trading apps zerodha is more convenient and transparent. But inspite watch list also add a alert list according RSI and other trading factors.

    • Jaiprakash says:

      Happy new year team zeroda

    • Akash Mohite says:

      Happy new year

    • MANOJ says:

      I like zerodha

    • Savita says:

      Nithin sirji…
      Happy New Yaar 2024
      Please start Systematic transfer plan facility in zerodha coin mutual fund. I want to invest lumpsum investment in debt fund and then slowly will do STP in other scheme within same fund house
      I am missing it badly in zerodha coin.
      Currently i am investing lum3in groww.
      So plz start STP facility

      • Krishna says:

        Sir, please make Mutual fund also immediate sell without unpledge from coin

      • Suguna says:

        Sir we are so many (waiting for long while) looking for “SWITCH” and “STP” features in zerodha COIN to invest in mutual funds as a good investor to beat market fluctuations. Hence kindly do the needful in this regard ASAP, your earliest action will make us very happy..

      • Roy says:

        Even I am waiting for this much needed feature. STP is very much needed on any serious mutual fund platform.

    • Muralidharan says:

      Thanks Zerodha. You have made share trading interesting for me.I shifted all my trading from another stock agent. It has proved to be good.
      Happy New Year
      I am happy with you.

    • Raushan says:

      When we buy options of a particular strike price and sell it……then it shows profit or loss…..But, when we buy the options of the same strike price again……then earlier trade is clubbed in it and thus shows average buy price and overall profit or loss…….My request is than when we sell a particular option……it should be treated as closed transaction……and should not be clubbed in subsequent purchase/sale of options of that particular strike price on the same day………This is because we sometimes misjudge whether our current purchase is in profit or loss as the current system clubs the past profit or loss made …

      • ch v n rao says:

        this problem is very genuine. i also agree for all the comments.

        zerodha should takeup steps to avoid such problem at the earliest.

      • Surya says:

        Thnks .

      • GM says:

        Very True !
        Really Annoying Problem !!
        Every time we need to Remember the Buy-Price in order to track the ongoing trade which is Quiet Inconvenient !!!

        So ZERODA,
        Please look into this Issue and Fix it ASAP !

        # Different Order ==> Different P&L Entry #

      • Priyanka says:

        Please look into this matter…. This is very genuine problem…. As we often get confused whether our current position is in profit or loss as the present system clubs our previous profit or loss and shows average buy price…. As a result, we have had to look into the Order book again and again to find the buy price of our current order…..

    • पराग says:

      Many updates were known to me now after reading this post. Will try to use them in my trading.

    • S Sujoy says:

      Thank you for sharing your accomplishments and future plans. Wishing team Zerodha the very best. Keep Improving and Leading ☆

    • Ratan Patwari says:

      Thanks for the the detail writeup …

      Wish you along with the whole Zerodha, team A very prosperous New Year.

    • Akshit Gupta says:

      Where can I give a suggestion for an improvement?
      My user id is ZR5699.

    • Kanyakumari Manna says:

      I realized there were some changes in the layout of the trading platform! But I strongly believe that your trading system is still backdated! A tremendous drawback is the lack of capability of doing AUTO SQUAREING OFF of all the opened MIS executed trades after 03:20 pm! If your system is incapable of doing AUTO SQUAREING OFF of all the opened MIS executed trades after 03:20 pm, (as you charge Rs. 50 + GST/ equity transaction as a call and trade charge, that is cheating!) your trading system must upgrade. At least all the clients will be happier than in the current situation. Another thing is the calculation of the brokerage per unit for the MIS execution in a Combined Equity Contract note! All intraday traders are very keen to know that! So you need to improve your system in this area too!

    • Thomas Mamkuzhy says:

      Happy to know Zerodha is doing well 2023 and ready for future.
      Being a leading discount broker Zerodha need lot of improvement in your trading platform especially in the charting . Looking for trading view like chart that support multiple symbols. Due to this issue I prefer deferent broker for trading. please work on this.

      • Arockiya Raja says:

        You can use multiple charts on the Kite Tradingview chart as well; could you please be more specific in your feedback?

    • L S MISHRA says:

      Thanks Zerodha for providing cutting edge technologies and handling our issues promptly.
      Keep it up 👍

    • Tippasandra Bhima Rao ShantharamaMurthy says:

      I am purchasing shares online through you but not sure whether it is good or bad purchase.It is always better if your team educate us about purchase of shares.

    • jo says:

      very very slow in market live, taking more money in profit including brokerage more than 10 % in profit ,not happy with your service

    • Kannan says:

      1. In holdings, if you can provide one remark column, where we can put our small comments on it. So that we can put exit price or anything else

      2. If we can get buzzing or ring tone for alert, it will be more helpful.

      3. After partial selling also, it should show how much we sold at what price and how many remaining at what price.

    • Ganesh says:

      Happy new year sir

    • Nimith says:

      The concept that you have introduced is India is about democratizing stock trading, similar to Robinhood in USA.
      Its a great effort. Also, I applaud your personal growth over the years.
      Zerodha as a platform is a work in progress. Being in US for more than 20 years, I have used professional platforms such as Fidelity, ADP, Empower, Robinhood etc,
      I find Zerodha as a platform is in its infancy. I have noticed many violations, such as using “Production data of customers” for testing purposes, No proper response to customer complaints on using Production data, the platform does not follow “standard Privacy Practices” such as statements and reports being protected by Passwords. The reports display all the personal information that any hacker can make sure of.
      These acts display immaturity of a platform and exposure to probable law suits by customers.
      Zerodha needs to wake up before it can be brought down by law suits.

      Please spend some money and make this platform robust and to the international standards so that customers can use it. There are international players in this field like “Interactive Brokers’ who not only provide Robust UI but also allow stock trading in various countries of the world.

      Its time for Zerodha to grow up and become professional.

    • Nitin Bhuva Rajkot says:

      Stay hungry ,Stay foolish
      My goal is I will talk with you on phone call please sir call me

    • Praveen Bajaj says:

      appreciate if the customers are made aware on regular basis for the updates as we can try this earlier and not wait at the begining of the year

    • Rajkumar jain says:

      Aap ye puri suchna hindi aur any pradeshik bhasha me dijiye. Aap ke sabhi investor ucch shiksha prapt nahi hain.aur kam se ka me to 10th pass hu.

    • Bama says:

      Thank you Man for this extensive coverage of events happened at zerodha. Happy new year too

    • Prashant says:

      Many Thanks… I am looking forward to Alert triggers Basket! Bring it on real quick!!!

    • Rahul says:

      Dear Zerodha team

      I was told that NRIs based in UAE can not invest via Zerodha fund house, I am unable to understand this. I have been investing into multiple MFs through various fund houses and platforms like Kuvera and there was no restrictions on me. I know for sure NRIs based in US/Canada have certain restrictions though.
      Appreciate if you take this feedback and work on making this process smooth for UAE NRIs.

    • Sushil Shelot says:

      Best wishes to Zerodha for 2024.

      1) I expect like the ‘Current Value’ , ‘INVESTED VALUE’ should appear at the ‘HOLDINGS’ page on Kite application.
      2)The sale details also should appear in view breakdown option similar to the purchase details appear.

      Hope these requirements are incorporated soon.


    • P.Muralidharan Menon says:

      Here is one suggestion from my side.
      Some time back the actual value of stocks on movements of daily trade were brought up along with the percentage which give an easy assessment instead of calculating the same for each which is time consuming.
      Similarly, the face value of each stock may also be reflected to enable a quick understanding. Now one finds it
      difficult to judge whether the stock is of value Viz 10,5,2 or 1
      Submitted for consideration please.

    • Dev says:

      Good work team ZERODHA!
      my fav mutual fund AMC and stock broker

    • Ved says:

      Hi Nitin, When are we getting SWP feature in Coin?

    • Raju says:

      Please add STP option for mutual funds in coin app

    • Ubed says:

      Thanks for sharing and Happy New year to you and entire Zerodha team.
      I am inspired with Zerodha making the progress with foreseeing tech-first approach and technology transformation is great achievement. big kudos to you and all IT team who is back bone for all backend and architectural changes. There are less companies who achieved success in transforming technology and backend architecture. There are many things to learn from this blog for an individual and companies who are struggling for technology transformation. Hats off to you for sharing on this blog.

    • Nikhil says:

      Please add drag drop stoploss and when we full screen multiple charts we again have to add all chart manually the prosess is very time consuming.


      Zerodha’s initiatives in providing a solid trading platform is highly appreciable. Zerodha is really providing a user friendly software for beginners like me. I am much thankful to Zerodha for providing SENSIBUL free . I request to explore the possibilities of providing GOCHARTING software at a discount to ZERODHA users.