Introducing Portfolio Analytics

While all of us wish that all the stocks we hold go up, it seldom works out that way. There will always be asset classes, sectors, and stocks which underperform your expectations. The “putting all your eggs in one basket” risk with the hope of getting lucky is something all investors need to avoid to increase the odds of succeeding in the long run. Diversification is a technique that reduces this risk by allocating your investment to various assets, sectors, and stocks while also increasing the chances of reaching long term financial goals. 

All of us are also influenced by our cognitive biases which lead to concentrated portfolios. The biggest one being the disposition effect — selling investments that have gained in value while holding on to, or even adding more, to the losers. 

As Zerodha, we have focused primarily on building platforms, tools and utilities to help you execute a trade as efficiently as possible, or teach you how to trade on Varsity until now. We understand that this isn’t enough; most of our clients don’t have a background in finance, or the bandwidth to learn. We need to do a lot more to help our customers make the right trading decisions. Not by forcing our choices, but by using technology to create subtle, intelligent nudges that educate users, while not intruding on their trading and investing experience.

Introducing the portfolio diversification visualisation

Your portfolio can be comprised of:

  • Assets – Equity (stocks), Debt, Equity MFs/ETFs, Debt MFs, and Gold
  • Sectors – Financials, Energy, Materials, etc
  • Market-cap – Large-cap (top 100), Mid-cap (101-250), Small-cap (251 onwards).
  • Stocks – Reliance, HDFC, etc.

The Console holding visualisation now lets you view your portfolio concentration across all of the above. If you are investing directly in stocks and also in mutual funds, the combined exposure to any stock or sector could be much higher than what you’d assume, as Mutual fund underlying holdings could be the same as what you hold directly. So the visualization comes with an option to see stock and sector exposure by including the underlying stock holdings of the Mutual funds you own. The underlying stock holding data from the MF is obtained by the holding disclosures that AMCs are required to make every month. 

Note: Since an MF can hold numerous stocks, we import only the top 20 stocks in value to avoid clutter, but we use the entire sectoral exposure for the fund. Since we don’t import all stocks, if you have selected Equity MF, you will not see market cap breakdown of all the underlying stocks of the fund. 

Filter your holdings to see analytics for specific sectors, instruments, etc.,.

Use the filter option to drill down further. 

Extensive filters for your investments

Insights powered by tickertape provide important information on your direct stocks portfolio. 

Helpful insights for your portfolio

Click here to check it out

What should an ideal portfolio look like? 

There is no single formula, but here are a few general rules of thumb:

  • Subtract your age from 100 and allocate that percentage of your portfolio to equity and the rest in debt. So if I am 35 years of age, 65% to equity and 35% to debt.
  • Across your direct stocks, MFs, and ETFs, maybe diversify across 10 sectors with no more than 25% in a single sector.
  • Across your direct stocks, MFs, and ETFs, hold between 25 to 30 stocks. Maybe lesser if the account size is small. But nothing less than 10 stocks if only direct holding with not more than 25% in a single stock
  • Not more than 50% exposure to small-cap stocks.

The above visualization is just a start for our Nudge project (named after a book with the same name by economist Richard Thaler). I hope that for all of you who haven’t taken the effort to transfer stocks and mutual funds to Zerodha, this now gives you another added reason. 


Happy Investing, 


Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter.


  1. Ritika jain says:

    Great Initiative !!

    • Vikash kumar says:

      Ritika ji aapse ek help chaiye thi vo ye h ki mere share portfolio me show nhi ho rhe h jabki mene kal hi order lagaya tha nd sab kuch details shi bhari thi plz help me

    • ADARSH PANDEY says:

      Maine IRCON liya tha 3/4/2020.kal mere holdings
      me show kar rha tha. But aaj ni show kar rha hai .plz help

    • Sanjith says:

      Sir it is correctly reflecting.
      It is also showing the shares in which I have no holdings as on date of report.

      Kindly check it because it is very useful

      • Avinash chandsarkar says:

        I am experiencing deficit of around Rs.26000/-in my capital built up…why?
        u people r not clarifying .

        have u held my money as security against trade to trade stocks or is there any mischief

        please look in to the matter as it is serious for me..


    • Sachin kulat says:

      Dear sir,

      Main kal BPCL aur Gail ke share kharide hai but abhi wo holding and portfolio me nhi show ho rahe aur muze sale karne hai please help me

    • Anil Kumar says:

      Sir mere RELIANCE ENTITLEMENT share portfolio m show nhi kr rha h

    • Amit Jadhav says:

      1.Please add more than one profile so we can have long term and short term trading in separate profile.
      2. While buying stocks there should be total amount displayed and balance amount should also be shown . while buy stock have to sit with calculator.

      – I am software tester.

    • Prakash chand khandelwal says:

      Sir mene maxindia ke share liye the lakin ab wo app ki watch list me hi show nhi ho rahe sir wo kab show honge please help me bataya

    • sanjeev kumar says:

      sir! mere watchlist column me search and add work nhi kar rha hai.and chart bhi nhi show ho rha hai .vo kah rha hai. The page at http:/ ” says error while fetching data Please refresh again.

    • Babu thoma manthrayil says:

      Pl improve your services
      9447135787 limits against holdings.?? Can you do??

  2. Atanu Das says:

    Sir, This is very good feature which helps long term investors. Thank You Sir

  3. saurabh says:

    Is tickertape that of zerodha or 3rd party.
    If it is 3rd party then doesn’t it mean sharing my data with them?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Saurabh, we don’t share any personally identifiable information with tickertape. We also now have an authorisation that you have to make agreeing to share your portfolio details with tickertape. Only after your consent will your portfolio be shared with tickertape for insights, keeping you in control.

      • Ashish says:

        How to revoke authorization for tickertape ?

        • Ashish says:

          For other app like smallcase, coin,etc there is option in kite to revoke but i am not seeing this .
          Either there is option everytime to authorize OR there should be option to revoke.

        • Ashish says:

          For other app like smallcase, coin,etc there is option in kite to revoke but i am not seeing this .
          Either there is option everytime to authorize OR there should be option to no authorize .

        • Matti says:

          You don’t need to revoke this authorisation because it’s only valid for one session. As soon as you close the browser, you’ll need to reauthorise tickertape.

  4. Srithar A says:

    Nice feature for me, it used to analysis my portfolio better way.

  5. Vineet says:

    Excellent Move

  6. Razeen says:

    Zerodha keeps providing useful updates. Thanks guys

  7. Satyanarayan Mohapatra says:

    Quadrant q3 report is profit .but why these stocks down ward????

  8. Nitin says:

    i think Zerodha team should work more for Intraday trader or Option Trader …. Like
    1. For option trader we don’t have Spread order option (to open strategy).
    2. For Intraday Trader there is no Option Chain available in web platform (KITE).

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nitin, option chain is available on Kite web and mobile. Click on the “…” on any option contract in your market watch and select option chain. Spread orders coming soon!

      • Nitin says:

        Hey thnxs man @Matti…. for ur quick reply

        1. i know option chain available if we have any strike Price in watch list … it would be better if we can open Chain with simple Script symbol too…
        2. & BIG thanks for SPREAD ORDER if it is coming soon… i know u guys also waiting for SEBI notification for Hedge margin 😉

  9. Tarakesh says:

    Excellent! Much awaited feature.. Thanks

    Gold should be a separate class. It does not seem to be there as a separate.

    Thanks again!

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Tarakesh, we do have gold as a separate asset class. Currently, you might be able to see only goldbees under this. We’ll be adding all of the gold mutual funds and ETF’s to this soon.

  10. Harris says:

    great start, guys. it would be lit, if you bring options portfolio analytics (beta weighting, portfolio balancing, consolidated payoff chart for different instruments) too under this project.

    • Nakul says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Harris. We’ll discuss this internally and find out what all could be offered here. Also, you might wanna check out our partner, Sensibull. They’ve got a custom strategy builder, along with some other cool features, which you can use to build your own strategies and visualize the P&L.

  11. Niranjan says:

    There is a data of account holders being shared of their personal mobile number to the third party for private banks for their business and promotion please never share those details I have messaged you but no response in Twitter hope you take care of this @Nithin Kamath we are proud of your work you have built never break it

  12. Lalit Watts says:

    Good initiative for customers

  13. Sayli Kondhekar says:

    Very nice initiative. Would be immensely helpful to see where capital is deployed and how’s the performance.

    Keep up the great work.

    Waiting eagerly to see the US Investments through Zerodha and quick payout to bank.

    Hope that it will be done soon.

  14. Amol Sale says:

    Will you please add the feature of displaying CAGR/XIRR?
    It will be of great help for long term investors.

  15. Victor says:

    I have invested in MFs that invest in foreign (US) stocks. However I don’t see them under the detailed portfolio breakdown. I am able to see the same against that fund name in moneycontrol and also the fund’s website. Why does it not show up in the portfolio analytics?

  16. Jigar says:

    There is a major feature from angel broking which I miss a lot.
    Angel broking portfolio would show individual transaction for a stock.
    Like, I’ve bought ABC stock four times with different prices. It would show the quantity and price and dates when I expand for the transactions view.
    Please consider that as well.

    • siji says:

      Yes, I too miss this feature. In ICICI Direct too we have this. In Zerodha, we have to go to console… its a pain.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jigar, this is already available. Click on the “…” on any of your holdings and click on “view breakdown”. You’ll see when you bought, price, and the age of the investment.

      • Ravi says:

        Thanks Matti .. only that icici direct has the full past stock chronology of transactions , whereas inZerodha it is for stock qty currently held . May be some more data down the time line may be made available to check few past entry / exit points

        • Motilal Patil says:

          Sir today i have sell out bank of baroda share qty 30 @ 54.75 for amount Rs 1642.50 & ONGC total qty 100 @84 for amount Rs 8400/- total sell out price Rs 10042.50 + bal ₹2.44 = 10044.94 . But you shows available funds for ₹ 8036.44 only, why…? Where is my ₹2008.5 Please clarify. My total investment on 2/12/20 is Rs 114540.40 and today after sell Which is up to ₹ 113594.34 why are you reducing it . Today’s amount after sell out ₹115602.84 – deduct your charges and today total amount comes upto _ 115556.84. Please correct and confirmed .

  17. Murlidhar Khedkar says:

    Dear Sir

    This is very useful for long term investor. If possible can we get total dividend received during year at one place from all stock

    Murlidhar Khedkar

  18. Hemant Charya says:

    “Insights” blew my mind! Very close to my estimates. Keep up the stunning work, Team Zerodha. Way to go!

  19. siji says:

    When will you introduce customization of holdings? Eg.I would like to keep Long Term, Medium and Short Term holdings separate. Currently you only have provision to separate Small Case Holding separate. Your CSR says this is in pipeline. I am waiting for you to enable it, so that I can move all my holdings in ICICI Direct to Zerodha. It is becoming difficult to monitor and manage multiple accounts.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Siji, tagging holdings the way you’ve described is on our list of things to do and will be the next major update to Console. 🙂

  20. Antariksh Alba says:

    Cool, let’s begin

  21. Krishna says:

    Awesome 🙂

  22. venkat says:

    excellent 🙂

  23. Rajesh singh Gurjar says:

    Awesome 🖒

  24. Shyam says:

    I would like to split my portfolio into different purpose – eg: buy a home, Children education. This will help me have a different analysis criteria for each portfolio. I can’t do a goal(or other idea) based portfolio in Zerodha now.
    This will help me manage my trades and save a lot of time that I spend on other tools to do the same.


    very good

  26. Sathesh says:

    Very good feature. I welcome it

  27. Arya says:

    Aisa kuch banao jisme long term holdings alag ho Jaye or short term trading ke stock alag alag dikhne lage.bhai long term holdings bik jati hai iss chakkar me.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Arya, stocks in the demat account always move in a FIFO(first-in-first-out) fashion. Even if we display this differently on Console, for taxation purposes, you’d still have to show the transactions in FIFO.

  28. Prateek Chourasia says:

    Much awaited and has been asked so many times earlier. Finally. Thanks

  29. Prashant. V says:

    There should b a separate column in kite or console on XIRR returns on our stock from the day of investment. I mean my XIRR retuns on that stock instead of Absolute returns bcoz absolute returns does take into account no of days,month or years of investment. Some mutual funds give this.

    • Nakul says:

      This is in our list of things to do on Console and will be added for stocks in one of our future updates. By the way, we are already showing the XIRR for mutual funds on Coin. Do check this post.

  30. Navnath Nivrutti Padwal says:

    Very good feature. I welcome it

  31. D P says:

    Great. Useful updates.

  32. Pushpendra Hajariya says:

    It’s very useful platform and good work for trading like short & long term investment.

  33. Y. K. Sharma says:

    Good features.

  34. Rakesh Lingam says:

    Thank you very much for the update.

    I saw this new feature few days back. However, its not working well in Microsoft Edge. When I keep mouse pointer on the pie-chart, it jumps and not allowing to select any of the items.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rakesh, we don’t support Microsoft Edge in its current avatar. I would recommend you use Firefox or Chrome. However, Microsoft will soon release Edge based on the Chrome engine where this will work fine. You can download the new Chrome-based edge here even now.

  35. Prashant. V says:

    There should b a separate column in kite or console on XIRR returns on our stock from the day of investment. I mean my XIRR retuns on that stock instead of Absolute returns bcoz absolute returns does *not* take into account no of days,month or years of investment. Some mutual funds give this.

  36. khushal says:

    god bless you & zerodha team.

  37. R. Bhowmick says:

    Excellent feature…..

  38. Soumen says:

    Hi Zerodha team.. thanks for continuous improvement.. still there is a long long way to go.. this platform needs lot of features in option front. Like even a basic option chain is NOT available.. I am not sure if you have seen think-or-swim platform..

    • Matti says:

      Hey Soumen. Option chain is available on Kite. Click on the “…” button on any option contract in your marketwatch and click on “option chain”.

  39. Yogesh says:

    Thanks, very useful tool

  40. Ashish says:

    This latest addition is an absolutely fantastic provision for a long time investor……Too good…Zerodha is fast becoming or has already become a one-stop solution perhaps unrivalled by anything around….a big thank you and a thumbs up to the developing team

  41. ramesh kulkarni says:

    pl send

  42. DIPAK BISWAS says:

    ,Sir, This is very good feature which helps long term investors. Thank You .

  43. Amit says:

    Very good step.

  44. Prabhat Singh says:

    Hi I want long time portfolio investment my number is 9594609493

  45. Jagmohan says:

    is there any feature available to calculate annualized return on holding. Currently it shows absolute Rate of return.

  46. Manu Manjunath K R says:

    Great move….it will help me a lot….kindly allow us to seperate long term holdings short-term and interday shares and allow us to sell from any holdings we want. I have to use 3 demats for three trades due to fifo followed.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manu, stocks in the demat account always move in a FIFO(first-in-first-out) fashion. Even if we display this differently on Console, for taxation purposes, you’d still have to show the transactions in FIFO.

      • Manu Manjunath K R says:

        Np….at least I can have my long term holdings…everytime I sell interaday stocks using cnc…i end up selling my stocks in holdings…so I wanted an solution…….is zerodha bringing any update in coming days

  47. MG says:

    awesome , u rock !!!

    One suggestion pls provide drill down on STOCK donut chart.

  48. Somen says:

    This visualization is superb and it provides very good information. Hats off to the team 😀

  49. Amit Ranva says:

    Nice feature.

  50. Newton says:

    Looks nice with all the colorful graphs and pie-charts.

    Any option to transfer this data to PowerPoint presentation? That will be great help to share same with peers (since one cannot give username/password).

    Good Work, Zerodha 🙂

  51. Venkatakrishnan J says:

    Was looking forward to something like this.. Awesome.. checking it out right now..

  52. Teja says:

    Actually, it doesn’t match with my folio. When I have high exposure to small cap funds, it shows otherwise.

  53. Deepesh says:

    Will Zerodha be listed one day for trading? 🙂

  54. yashvir says:

    Much needed! I see that my gold fund (quantum gold) isn’t reflecting in the split of my portfolio as a separate investment in gold. Can that be rectified?

  55. Himanshu Shekhar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Good to see this initiative. I have seen that we are collaborating with multiple small companies for example in this case with Tickertape. Can you please ensure and do a risk analysis for having exposure of your client data to outside vendors don’t have a risk either for you and more for users.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Himanshu, you need to authorise tickertape to read your data to see insights. This is not a one-time authorisation, but something you need to do every time you start a fresh session. As such, your data remains safe. 🙂

  56. Shashank Jain says:

    Great, One more great feature and reason to be with Zerodha, Have couple of suggestions
    1. Annualized return on each holding, as well as for the whole portfolio
    2. Graphical Comparison of components of portfolio with different indices, like nifty, sensex, small cap etc..

  57. Sridhar d says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Thanks for the very useful update. I have always admired zerodha for the very clean UI and was not disappointed with this update either.

  58. Aravind says:

    What a beauty! Zerodha at it again.

  59. Siddharth says:

    How to revoke the ticker tape authorization?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Siddharth, there is no one-time authorisation. The authorisation is only valid for one session. If you try looking at insights after restarting the browser, you’ll see that you’ll need to authorise once again.

  60. Praveen says:

    Great job guys. Keep rocking…

  61. Rakesh Kantilal Rathod says:

    Can I import external portfolio and have a consolidated view

  62. Ashish Kumar Mishra says:

    Add a feature where we can upload our Existing MF Investment, like Upload CAMS Consolidated Account statement. This helps in viewing all the funds at one place.



  64. Darvin says:

    Jabbardast nithin
    This proves y zerodha is greatest amongst its peers.

  65. Darvin says:

    Is there any way i can transfer my MF portfolio to Zerodha.
    I have direct MF registered with AMC sites
    Can you find a solution to this??

  66. sourabh kale says:

    its an amazing ………

  67. DHAVAL SHAH says:

    I agree. Good observation.

  68. Siddhesh badhe says:

    Is this service free or it will cost me some money.
    Also please let me know via mail or comment which services are free in kite account and which cost me extra money.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Siddhesh. There is no extra charge for this. Everything on Kite is free. If you use services from our partners listed here, you’ll need to check the pricing page on their website.


    Excellent feature.

  70. Akshay says:

    Great Work! Truly living upto the name Zero-dha.
    It will be great if you have some tool where you can check your portfolio or part of you portfolio’s performance against an index or a mutual fund.

  71. Shamsher Singh says:

    By far this is the best app that I have used for investment. Till date my experience has been beyond my expectations. Now with introduction of this feature i really am impressed and thanks to Zerodha team for such wonderful initiative.

  72. Shahnawaz Alam says:

    Great Service ! I was managing my portfolio different site. Now it will reduce lot of my manual work and also help me to analyse and take quick action if required.
    Thank a lot Zerodha

    Suggestion: Please add one column “ISIN” in trade book report.

  73. Rahul Dwivedi says:

    Thanks, It’s a great initiative ..

  74. Amitkumar Yadav says:

    Very nice sir thank you for your support

  75. wsv says:

    Hi, can the portfolio analytics also include debt mutual funds, I might be holding different bonds from the same company through different mutual funds. Some data around concentration on a particular company, average holding period etc will help

  76. ADITYA PATEL says:

    Very Nice Feature — Dream feature…

    But this portfolio analytics shows some of the stocks which I don’t own, and conversely doesn’t show stocks which I own.


  77. Sandeep Reddy Marthala says:

    Nitin – is there way I can see performance of my portfolio over time in chart, compared to benchmark?

  78. Deep Dave says:

    As usual, a great initiative by Zerodha.. 🙂

    I am so glad I am part of the Zerodha family..

  79. Abhishek says:

    Is using ticker tape free?

  80. Shailesh says:

    There is an urgent need of Consolidated view of all the holdings in multiple family accounts. Most businessman have multiple Zerodha account in family members name but managed by single person. There is a urgent need to visualize all investment in one place. You might choose to not breakdown Mutual Funds holdings but consolidated just based on Mutual fund scheme name.


  81. Rajeen says:


    Thanks for the analytics feature. It’s really helpful

    Not sure if this is feasible, but could you please provide an option to add details about the existing stocks from other systems as I have been keeping those stocks there for a long time. This can give me a holistic view of my entire portfolio.


  82. pramod says:

    Sir,My wife had withdrow 4800 /- from her zerodha account ,processed was successful on 21 January 2020 ,but money was not deposited her bank account.Sir, now what to do ?

  83. KHWAHISH CHUGH says:



    Mene 28th feb ko 2 stock buy kiya lekin aaj 2 march ho gaya h mera stock mere account me show kyu nahi ho raha h ….Only console me show ho raha h….Aap ke staff ko call karta hu to Wo call bhi reacive nahi karta msg ka reply bhi nahi kar raha h …Itna kharab service kyu h aap ke company ki ..Me abhi new hu stock market me to help karo ..Account opening ke time pe reply kiya aap ke staff ne Aab nahi plzz reply karo nahi to me SEBI ko complaint karunga letters send karke. BC…

    • Matti says:

      Hi Shivam, this will be because you haven’t submitted your PoA or given online consent allowing us to debit shares from your demat account when you wish to sell them. Once you give online consent, you’ll be able to see the stocks on the Kite holdings page. You’ll see the link to give consent on the holdings page of Kite web.

  85. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi sir mujhe trading ke baare main kuch bhi nahi gayan nahi hai please help me

  86. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi sir mujhe trading ke baare main kuch bhi gayan nahi hai please help me to hindi

  87. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi sir mujhe trading ke baare main kuch bhi gayan nahi hai please help me to hindi

  88. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi sir mujhe trading ke baare me kuch bhi gayan nahi hai please help me to hindi

  89. Rakesh kumar says says:

    मैं अभी नया हु मुझे ट्रेडिंग की भी नॉलिज नही ह, मेरे कुछ शेयर होल्ड हो गए ह, उन्हें कैसे सेल करु, और जो 3 अप्रैल को खरीदे थे वो भी दिखाई नही दे रहे हैं।मुझे उनकी जानकारी दीजिये

    • Matti says:

      बस Kite पे जा कर “holdings” पेज से सेल्ल आर्डर डाल दें।

  90. Jeon Singh says:

    सर मेरे पोटफॉल्यो में इलाहाबाद बैंक,PVP-Z यूनाइटेड बैंक के शेयर शो नहीं हो रहे। प्लीज चेक करें।

  91. THIYAGARAJAN S says:


    Please show some where like total amount invested into shares from beginning(credited to zerodha from bank) and total value of shares now(investment value in portfolio + unused funds). It will be useful to see how much effective in trading.

  92. Manoj Kumar says:

    Sir good evening
    Sir I had purchased amber share on 13/04/2020 on same day it show in portfolio but today it not will not show
    So.please resolve this issue
    Manoj kumar

  93. Dhaneshwar says:

    Aap se mera anurodh hai ki mere problem ko solv karege Aap mai abhi naya hu aur Maine kuch share kharida lekin aaj 5 day ho gaye o folding me so nahi kar raha hai help me

  94. ramesh says:

    Tikertape is chargeable platform or free?

  95. Sandip Pawar says:

    Gm ,sir ,,,,i am 2 shere purchase ,,,but not sell , holding not show ,,why

  96. Rohit says:


    Can you please add new feature where I can see change in PL in % for my portfolio per month/Quarter/Year?

    This will give very good idea for log term investor how his portfolio is functioning MoM or YoY.

  97. Swapnil Chakradhare says:

    Hi Team,

    I have purchased two share on last week, this share not to show in Holding and I am not able to sell it. So can you help me for the same.

    Best Regards,

  98. ROSHAN LAL says:

    the insights is not functioning.

  99. Rajesh says:


    mene kl Intraday me Share ko ShortSell kr diya
    stopLoss nhi lgaya to Me Loss me chla gya..or Buy nhi kr paya..
    squreOff time thk
    to mere A/c se Pura Funds Debit ho gya hai or.Funds Balance Minus- me bta rha hai..
    help me Mera Fund kb aaye ga A/c me
    help me Plz

  100. Dinesh says:

    Me stock kal holding me show kr rahe te pr aj kucha bhi show nahi ho raha he

  101. Rajesh says:


    mene kl Intraday me Share ko ShortSell kr diya
    stopLoss nhi lgaya to Me Loss me chla gya..or Buy nhi kr paya..
    squreOff time thk
    to mere A/c se Pura Funds Debit ho gya hai or.Funds Balance Minus- me bta rha hai..
    help me Mera Fund kb aaye ga A/c me
    help me Plz plz

  102. Ravi Vijay says:

    I had 500 Daawat shares which I am not able to see right now.. Please let me what’s wrong?
    Those shares were pledged since a long time. Now they have suddenly disappeared from my holdings section.

    • Raj says:

      Bro I’m also unable to see my Tata motors holding was there till yesterday..but today it is not there..I don’t know where has it gone..
      If u get any solution of the problem plz let me restless.

  103. Manju devi says:

    Sir I bought 3 Tata motors cnc shares in zerodha on 30 April….on 5th May I saw it was there in my holding section of portfolio…but on 6 may it is not there ,my holding section is empty..I’m completely restless..plz help

  104. Sreenath says:

    The portfolio analytics feature is an excellent upgrade to the console. I have a suggestion in this regard. A feature to compare the performance of the portfolio to broader market indices or sectoral indices would be a great addition.

    PS if this feature already exists kindly let me know.

  105. Anil Indorkar says:

    good initiative really helped here.

  106. Anand shukla says:

    Ritika ji aapse ek help chaiye thi vo ye h ki mere share portfolio me show nhi ho rhe h jabki mene ek hafte pahle order lagaya tha nd sab kuch details shi bhari thi plz help me

  107. Alaknanda says:

    Hello, Can I trade in futures and options? I am new to Zerodha, so please help/ thanks. If no then what should I do to activate this? Pl help/ thanks

  108. Balakrishna says:

    sir, I added 1000 rs to my account, margin available is 375.47 and in investment is showing 390.60rs. adding both it will be 766.07. my question is where is remaining amount 233.93. I did not got any loss till now. if it deducted for penalty how to check that information

  109. AJAY DUSODIA says:

    hi m ajay dusodia please analyse my portfolio is it low risked high risked long term or short term

  110. Sanju says:

    Sir mene reliancerl share kharidha ek hapthe ke baadh aadha share bhej dhiya us ke baadh bakhi share holding me nahi dhikare .pls bakhi share bhejna tho kaise bhejdheka pls reply

  111. Sumedh Kadam says:

    Can someone please tell me how to download images of the various pie charts?

  112. Rajeev Sharma says:

    may I know how much i have gained/loss from starting my investment in euity on your plateform.

  113. Sapna says:

    Sir kindly help me to know how to sell equity holdings of PSB in console as if lock in period expires still that holdings does nt appear to exit

  114. Prasanth Annepu says:


    I found a bug that my “Today’s P/L” in the Kite App is showing wrong value (less as compared to actual days P/L) from past week. Can you guys fix that error please.


  115. Vikas kumar says:

    Sir. Kindly request. Pls reply about my question. Today when I was tradeimg. That time after my all delivery increase 1 rupes Extra. And after selling going 1 rupes less. How can is it possible. Expecting reply.

  116. Harneet says:

    Hi team,
    Have been using the service for the past 1 year and find the service to be great. However, there are a couple of suggestions which may help as customers and it would be great if you could add them.
    1. All the etf I have are shown in others category and stock specific division is not available.
    2. Sovereign Gold Bonds are also shown in others
    Both of these lead to others section being very high and does not show the real picture.
    It would be great if you can convert it into something like you did to mutual funds.

  117. Siddhartha says:


    Is there a plan to show annualized returns or CAGR against individual stocks in Console?


  118. YG says:

    Is it possible to show sub-sectoral analysis? Currently it shows Bharti Airtel, IRCTC and Info Edge all under a single sector (Communication) but these three stocks are completely different from each other and diversified.

  119. Gajanan says:

    Zerodha हिंदी में कब आयेगा।

  120. Ashish Deokar says:


    How to check the IRR for all stocks which includes the sold holdings returns.


  121. Neeraj Nandanwar says:

    Sir call me mera payment Ac me bhi show ho Raha hai

  122. swikriti priya says:

    unable to open kite.zerodha in desktop need help if it is disabled today..

  123. Chethan says:


    Zerodha is there any provision to have a graphical representation of our investments against the Bench mark indices like nifty, nifty mid cap etc. which will give clear indication whether our investment is able to beat the major indices.


    In the kite overall holdings, there are currently groups available as Kite, small cap, mutural funds & All Stocks. We would love to have a group created by user and group certain equity holdings into the group for better management. Please allow customised group creaton by user under the holdings. It greatly helps.

  125. Santosh kumar says:

    Ser detail of purchage amount visible but extra tow amountrs_118 .oandrs590.00defuct pl.explane it

  126. Sapna says:

    Can you show different colors for the pie chart instead of different shades of blue? It looks very dull, currently.


    Dear sir/Madam,
    I have applied to purchase RComm shares of 300+300 @3.4Rs via NSE exchange on 30.07.20. Received receipt for the same on 03.08.20. But is reflects in Holding from BSE Exchange. Pls suggest How?
    I hv set both TPIN for Buy and sell. For selling, even after two time price triggered in selling stop-loss, quantity not sold. Message comes, contact to your depository. Pls suggest.

  128. Jobish says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a query in understanding portfolio insights powered by tickertape. I have a total of 42 holdings. The price forecasted 26.5% up by next year. The PE ratio shows as 0.83%. How to judge/understand this PE ratio? Is this PE favorable to my portfolio growth.

  129. Rakesh says:

    For “long term investors” one of Key parameter to measure the portfolio performance is ‘CAGR’, because that’s how we will be able to do comparative analysis with best performers in the market. Majority of the retail investors will not be tracking their investments separately due to which it wouldn’t be possible for them to measure actual CAGR of their portfolio. If our trading accounts can provide that crucial information then it would be really helpful. Hope this feedback is given due consideration as it is useful for all long term investors

  130. vaihav kumar gautam says:

    It will be better if you add feature to compare the portfolio with nifty 50 or similar index.

  131. Manohar singh says:

    Sir mere share holding me ha mere ko unko nikalna ha so plz give me suggestions

  132. Anup Kumar Srivastava says:

    I bought sbi liquid fund on zerodha coin plateform but not displayed in console of kite app in portfolio holdings what is the reason

  133. Mahesh vitthalrao bhange says:

    Sir , maine upper circuit lagne se pahile 50 share sell kiya our market closed hua . Fir 2 din ke bad reversal 50 share hua but abhi O share mai holding mai nhi dekh rahe but view breakdown show kr rahe and portfolio mai unrelease profit minus lakh dikha raha please help me to sort this matter .

  134. Kamala says:

    Can you please provide either yourself or through your APP partners a Portfolio Mnagement feature such that I can management my portfolio better with reports and metrics instead of taking the data from here to another app such as MProfit or thanks.
    I think that this is the only missing link in your great platform.


    • Manish Shah says:

      I second this thought… If it is possible to arrange my stocks under separate portfolios under Kite, I need not look at other app integrations. Smallcase is great, but not insulated from human errors on Kite.. Zerodha can do well to provide an option under profile preferences if anybody wants to keep their longterm portfolio under Smallcase protected from the dynamic daily trading and market volatility on the Kite platform…

  135. Baskar says:

    Portfolio Insights need to pay or free of cost ????????????

  136. Umesh Sharma says:

    Yesterday morning I was sell my indusind bank share [email protected] and purchased indusind bank share again 18 @541 but now showing my portfolio indusind bank share @ 618 why

  137. Biju says:

    My holdings breakdown in Large, Mid and Small caps do not add up to 100. I have only equity stocks investments. No mutual funds. Please advise.

  138. Vaishali Nitin Ghate says:

    Madam hamne 7-10-2020 tarikh ko Deepak fertilizers RE ke 80 stock liye the , lekin 10 tarikh se vo hamare portfolio me show nahi kar rahe hai, consol me dikh rha hai lekin vha se sell nhi ho sakta ,aur 12 th October ko vo share expire ho chuke hai , hamare 1500 ru invested hai , so plz , thodi jankari dijiye aage kya karna hoga because ham naye invester hai . So plz we want need your help.

  139. Tanveer says:

    I have purchased advanced enzymes 150 shares but it’s not showing in my holdings.. what’s the issue I cannot understand please help

  140. Alka says:

    Does Insights provide the analytic information (tickertape) about the stocks that have been pledged?

  141. Debasish says:

    In Portfolio insights, only four options are available namely Beta, PE Ratio, Price forecast & Red flags.

    Kindly include the following for better analytics

    1. 5 years Sales Growth of Portfolio vs 5 Years sales growth of Sensex/Nifty.
    2. 5 years Profit Growth of Portfolio vs 5 Years profit growth of Sensex/Nifty.
    3. Portfolio PE Ratio vs Sensex/Nifty PE Ratio
    4. Portfolio PB Ratio vs Sensex/Nifty PB Ratio
    5. Portfolio 5 Year ROE vs Sensex/Nifty ROE
    6. Sharpe Ratio
    7. Sortino Ratio

  142. PC Jain says:

    I want to generate report in Zerodha of how much Dividend (Interest income) has been generated from my Debt Mutual Funds

  143. Roy baby DG7543 says:

    since 2 weeks in my kite zerodha app the chart is not displaying and noticing to refresh the chart, till then it be showing the error messaging and not able to see the chart. please help me to resolve the problem

  144. Bharath says:

    What is securities balance, is it related F&O?

  145. Nita says:

    How may i select, for sale, a higher value purchase so that i can retain the lower value lot. Example
    i bought X co 10 share @ 50
    added X co 10 share @ 75
    now CMP is dropping to 80 from high of 90
    i will like to offload the lot @ 75 and keep the lot @ 50
    However the FIFO principal the sale is done of the @ 50 lot and the higher priced one @ 75 is retained and leads to loss.

  146. umesh khandelwal says:

    when i try to sell call opstion against our future holding, our order rejects because of insufficient margin
    but actual we have sufficient surplus margin than requried margin . that time what we do . To whome we complain so than our order will exicute

  147. Birabal says:

    Sir mere amount se 1300 RUPE jam ho gyr sir chak karna

  148. PN says:

    Suggestion. For liquid fund investment via Zerodha, please treat it as margin on redemption. Else no benefit of using zerodha liquid fund facility for keeping cash. Thankyou for a great platform.

  149. aswin says:

    iam investment in uvsl share at 10000 rupees but holding is not viewable of share so fear of moment the idea tell me every one

  150. Vinod kumar says:

    Sir, can i get some report in zerodha or tickertape wrt dividend received to me against equity holded by me, how?

  151. Sachin says:

    I can see my mutual fund holdings in portfolio. But not able to redeem it. Also I have invest through coin but now coin do not shows this fund. Please guide me.

  152. Deepika says:

    Hi Nitin

    It would be great if we can track our portfolio against index like nifty, sensex. Can we get that kind of feature, many broker provide that.


  153. tarun says:


    Feature Request – If a comparison to the Nifty 50 or 500 is also made available then it’ll be really helpful to see our portfolio performance.

  154. Shreyas says:

    How do I see my overall portfolio’s XIRR in Zerodha coin. I would like to specifically know this for my different SIP in different funds? Currently I am able to see individual fund wise XIRR.

  155. Suresh says:

    In portfolio holding section, I can not get current price of stock as it is showing previous day price and current value stock. Please help me how can I get current price of stock in my portfolio.

  156. Prashant says:

    Is there any reason not to show age of the holding in days/month or year ?
    That is a basic data point for investors.
    Without that, investors can not differentiate between 10% profit in 1 month vs 1 year.
    Please add that feature.

  157. Pranitha says:

    Absolutely I feel the same…moreover one more portfolio filter with weightage of shares to portfolio is required to concentrate on latest stocks and avoid a long back bought stocks..

  158. Sandeep Chodankar says:

    How to place target price and stop loss for Intra-Day Trading ?
    Plz share the link of learning intraday.

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