Introducing family portfolio view on Console

June 14, 2022
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Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

In many families, even though investments might happen through multiple individual accounts, one person is usually monitoring all the portfolios. It is extremely important to track the portfolio risks in terms of asset allocation and concentration to stocks and sectors not just at an individual level but also at a family level. But getting an accurate family portfolio view is a nightmare. The person managing the accounts would have to cobble together Excel sheets and various other portfolio tracking tools and deal with data quality issues. 

Introducing the Family portfolio view on Console. It allows you to add up to 10 family member portfolios (Zerodha accounts) and track the consolidated portfolio through one account. Only viewing and tracking is allowed after explicit authorisation from the family member’s account. Regulations don’t allow one account to place orders on behalf of another, even if the other account belongs to a family member. 

The combined portfolio shows asset allocation, exposure to stocks and sectors across all the accounts. You can use the drop-down to select a particular account.

Portfolio analytics

Here are the steps to add family accounts

  1. Visit and click on Family.
  2. You will be redirected to Console. Click on Link a sub-account. 
  3. Enter the sub-account’s Kite user ID, PAN, and mobile number and click on Continue.
  4. An SMS with the verification link will be sent to the mobile number of the sub-account holder. The sub-account holder must authorize by clicking the verification link in the SMS, allowing the requester to view their portfolio. The verification link is valid for 2 hours. 


  1. Holdings on the Console portfolio view are updated live with the latest price, but any stock bought or sold gets credited or debited becomes visible after the end-of-the-day settlement.
  2. NRI account addition for accounts with non-Indian numbers are not supported. This will be made available soon.
  3. This is a beta release. Currently, only holdings can be viewed at the family level. We are working on adding support for family-level tagging, goals etc.
  4. Linked sub-accounts can be removed from the Family section under Account on Console. 
  5. Follow the steps described here to add family portfolios from the Kite mobile app.
  6. You can transfer shares from another demat account to your Zerodha account and update trade dates and prices for those transactions to effectively track the portfolio. Check this article for more.


Team Zerodha

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  1. Mullick says:


  2. George Antony says:

    This is a good option.

  3. Anuj says:

    Great initiative

  4. ketan says:


  5. pulkit says:

    perfect ,zerodha is on next level !

  6. Fanil says:

    This Makes sense Cool Feature

  7. Ravi says:

    Much awaited enhancement. Thank You.

  8. Manish says:

    if possible show this option as drop down menu in holding so that we do not have to go to console portal.

  9. Apurva mahajan says:

    pls let me know if we could add minor child in this family account

  10. Jatin Bhadani says:

    Now we are bigger than uncertainty. like health insurance.

  11. Bhattathiri says:

    Excellent and novel idea.
    If family member have account with another broker what to do ?

    • Chetan says:

      Then you can’t use this feature.
      For using this feature, another members of the family must have account in zerodha

  12. deepak says:

    Great Solution. Please work on also allowing transaction from one single platform too.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Deepak, regulations don’t allow one account to place orders on behalf of another, even if the other account belongs to a family member.

  13. Ravi says:

    Why to inform Zerodha about my family details and stock portfolio….?

  14. saurabh says:

    Can you also provide feature so that I can segregate my holdings into various kind of portfolios. eg.
    Long term portfolio,
    Short term portfolio
    Portfolio for my child 1
    etc etc.
    And can easily move my holdings into it.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Saurabh, do check out the tagging feature on Console. Using this you can tag and sort your holdings according to your preferences. You can check more on tagging here.

      • Venkat says:

        Please allow the market watch in kite to be named as customisation. It is available in the mobile app and not desktop kite. There are 7 tabs in the market watch. Tagging would not be a solution since it is not in the front and visible while placing orders.

        • Shubham says:

          Hey Venkat, the name given on the app will appear on Kite web when you hover over the watchlist number. We’re working on bringing tagging feature to Kite, making it possible to tag during placing orders itself. We’ll keep you posted on it.

          • Shyam says:

            Hi Shubham,
            I appreciate the introduction of Family and Tags(in the past). I had a lot of struggle without these features in the past.

            In tags, one of the important problem is if I have the same stock bought in different periods of time under different tags(eg: long term, short term). While selling stocks(partially) due to FIFO logic, I can’t assign the correct tag to the sale transaction. I understand for tax calculation FIFO has to be followed, but can you please delink P/L calculation for tax and P/L calculation for tags. I’m ready to explain in detail even over a call or email.

            1/1/2020 – Stock A – bought 100 at price 1. Tag – LongTerm
            1/6/2022 – Stock A – bought 50 at price 2. Tag – Short Term
            1/76/2022 – Stock A – sell 50 at price 2.5. Tag – Short Term.

            In this scenario, profit is not calculated as 50 * (2.5 – 2). Instead it is calculated as 50 * (2.5 – 1). Without this I’m still dependent on Spreadsheets and manual entries, it is a painful process.

  15. Gaurav says:

    Good one Nithin 🙂

  16. Swetha says:

    Wow!! it is just an amazing feature. Now we all have a reason to bring more family members into Zerodha platform. Thank you for this useful feature 🙂

  17. Harsh Shah says:

    Nice Feature!

    But apart from Stocks..Can we see positions taken under NFO?

  18. Mahipal Singh says:

    Not a appropriate plateform, rather worst broker, stole my holding

  19. Abhishek Hirapara says:

    Superb feature provided, easy to track whole family portfolio on single screen.

  20. Venkatesh Shenoy says:

    Fantastic… will certainly use this
    Thanks and appreciate this initiative.

  21. vinay says:

    how i can tranfer my shares to zerodha and what will be the charges

  22. Shobhan says:

    Is it just for View or can I place orders on the sub-accounts?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Shobhan, you can only view the portfolio. Regulations don’t allow one account to place orders on behalf of another, even if the other account belongs to a family member.

  23. Harendra says:

    Awesome! I had built a tool for myself for this usecase and was thinking of publishing it, great to see this feature coming inside Kite itself! 😁

  24. Vijay says:

    Superb Feature, Was searching for this one. In my families one person is responsible to take care of the portfolio of many members. This helps a lot.

  25. Manan Gandhi says:

    Superb Facility. Was waiting for such facilities since years. Please keep on adding features to this facility.

  26. leena says:

    How to place orders in multiple accounts at the same time? please make a detailed video on this


    Well thought !!! Excellent Feature added.
    This will be of great help.
    Keep adding new features.

  28. Jayanti says:

    Wonderful… I have been thinking of such a solution for long.. This will now obviate use of downloads and excel.. Thank you so much for introducing such a useful tool..

  29. Prathmesh says:

    Awesome… Gonna love it

  30. S POORNIMA says:

    Really a good added future which is very much useful for me who is managing two to three accounts of my family. Zerodha team is thinking in trader perspective and adding valuable futures. This is what required for the business grow. Hats off to the Zerodha team. Thank You very much.

  31. Sai says:

    Zerodha should also add other brokerages accounts as family members would have access to other brokerages accounts as well. Kindly appreciate this and hope they’ll look towards it.

  32. Ravi Kumar J says:

    Great feature.. Thanks Zerodha Technical IT Team and Business Team to work on this feature & make it happen LIVE.

    Is this chargeable to use this feature ??? or free of cost

  33. Akash mahanwar says:

    Great option 😊

  34. Mangesh says:

    Just Great 👍🏻 ❤️

  35. Hari says:

    Its a cool feature, very much required for multiple account

  36. Dharmesh Bharti says:

    awesome ., if possible please add option strategy tool and option chain too.

  37. Shashank says:

    This is a great feature!
    But, is this possible with small cases as well or only on the console dashboard?


  38. Vijay Kumar says:

    Very Good

  39. Sanket Ingale says:

    This. Awesome feature and will be really helpfull. Thanks Zero…!!❤️


    A very good initiative by Zerodha. I will be linking my wife’s account with mine and experience. Hope I will not be disappointed.

    Thank you Zerodha

  41. Kishore says:


  42. Pradeep says:

    Please make provision for multiple login icons in main login page…as while switching to another login id…it is promoting to write login id name…which hardly can remembered

  43. Jaikishan Damani says:

    Introducing such features and still not having an option to calculate my internal rate of return. I don’t understand.

  44. Biraj Das says:

    Much needed and appreciated User Story that has been shipped out.
    Thank you.

  45. Sarath says:


  46. Aayush Jain says:

    Thank You So Much!!!

    Was waiting for this feature since long

  47. MAHESH GAIKWAD says:

    Nice one Awesome Gr8 app
    Thanks Zero da…..

  48. PRASAD DAYALAN says:

    I was thinking about it as tracking multiple accounts is tedious. Zerodha is on next level in execution!!

  49. Rippan kumar says:

    Nice investment in Zeroadah

  50. सिद्धार्थ says:

    परिवार का होल्डिंग अगर दिखाना नहीं चाहे तब भी दिखेगा क्या?

  51. NG says:

    It will be good. if you could provide some way to create groups under holding. So people could put some for short term and some for long term (movement b/w the groups). Right now what people do. they create multiple account with same user but different broker. One broker for short term and another for long term. If you figure out a way to this in our holding it self. people will stick to only one broker. group is just for showing what no of share people will sell/buy in short term. Behind the ui everything is just same. Users should be allowed to move shares b/w groups. here I just gave group name as short/long term.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey, you can do already do this using the tagging feature on Console. You can learn more about tags here.

      • Rajendra says:

        tagging is just logical view.. it do not help in trading view/screen.. also one need to keep adding tags as and when he buy shares, one need to keep separate account otherwise same shares hold for long term and short term gets mixed while selling and shares you kept for long term (because you bought earlier at lower price) gets executed first.. that distrubs your port folio.. so in my opinon tagging do not help really.. for such case.

  52. Shuhaib says:

    Zerodha super upgrade🥰💥💫
    This will be helpful 👏🤝

    Expecting more and more features from zerodha 🤟


    Nominee add kaise kare

  54. Chandrakant Vilasrao Bhosale says:

    1. Add time remaining for Candle Close
    2. Add feature to automatic cancle one if other get executed. (Like cancle stop loss if target order executed vice versa)

  55. Ananthu says:

    Very useful feature, thank you for adding

  56. Parth Mistry says:

    Hi team, that’s a great feature you have released.
    But I have a confusion/query.
    Lets say, As a father, I want to see and track my son’s portfolio but I dont want my son to see my portfolio.
    So if a Father want to add Son’s account to Father’s portfolio and son authorizes the request,
    only father will see all the portfolios or even son will be able to see father’s portfolio?

    • Esha says:

      The son won’t be able to see your portfolio, Parth. If he has to see your portfolio, he’ll have to add your account as a sub account, for which you have to authorise.

  57. Sidd says:

    Very good initiative. I faced the same issue before by managing 4 different family accounts in an excel. Now it is much easier.

  58. Arindam Bhowmik says:

    A very good initiative by Zerodha. I will be link my wife’s account with mine and experience.

  59. Arindam Bhowmik says:

    A very good initiative by Zerodha. I will be link my wife’s account with me.

  60. Mohit says:

    Not able to connect account.Please help.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Mohit, please create a ticket at with more details so that our team can check and assist.

  61. Shibu Muhammed Ismail says:

    Super decisions

  62. Nanjappa says:

    Good option. Thanks.

  63. Siddhesh says:

    This is an absolutely brilliant idea and zerodha always ends up knowing the right area to hit 🎯!!! Keep up the good work!!

  64. Phaniraj says:

    Very useful feature. Hat’s off to Zerodha team who identified the need of such services.
    However I could not find an option to unlink the family accounts. It might be necessary at times.

  65. Nilesh Joshi says:

    Please introduce copy trading feature too.. As soon as I place the order in my account, same order should be placed in all 10 accounts of family members. Its need as many more traders are coming in the market and want to manage their family account with copy trading
    We are ready to take permission from SEBI or concern regulators. Let’s us know the procedure and where to contact?

  66. Anish says:

    Now this is what separates zerodha from other brokers. Very Innovative and much required feature added. Great Work!!!

  67. Suresh says:

    Great to hear.. Much awaited… But still looking for linking two zerodha demat accounts to same kite app and switching between them would be a dream thing to happen.. Nithin.. we will be waiting for this feature…

  68. Avadh kishor says:

    Nice Required feature added. Great Work!!!

  69. Ramakant Prajapati says:

    Thank you for saport team

  70. Ujjwal Jian says:

    Great Initiative. have been wanting this since long time.

    When it says family, can we add friends accounts too or there is any catch which will distinguish between both.

    Reason for asking is that it can be used by small advisors to club client holdings too.



  72. Kamal says:

    Many great features are being introduced recently. Market leaders usually start slacking off. Instead you guys are doing a fantastic job!

  73. Vadivelan says:

    Actually this option was good, however there is no possibility to download the combined portfolio statement to excel file. So we still have to login in different account for excel download. Another thing I had requested a very minor modifications in KITE page which will be useful for Investors/Retail traders however it is not yet implemented. So please focus on the minor modifications. Anyhow I am using the third party screener which allow for combined portfolio download and it is more better than Console. If Zerodha really want to look in to the modifications, you can send me an email where I can share the features requested

    • Arvind says:

      Hi Vadivelan, which third party app do you use for this feature? Also, does it provide grouping of holdings? Thanks

  74. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Nice feature in ZERODHA

  75. Anshul says:

    Finally!! Was waiting for this for like ages. I have 6 Family accounts incl my HUF. I hope more features are added to this. Separately, I wish you could implement account switching (which imo is something very basic). Today I have to either use different browsers or log out and log in back to another account.

  76. Krishna says:

    Why don’t you clearly mention that this feature is NOT available for NRI customers??

    VERY disappointed

  77. Lalita says:

    Great feature. Thanks for adding it. I’ve been thinking of opening accounts for family members but wasn’t sure if i’d have band-width to track.

  78. Siddhartha Mukherjee says:

    This is very helpful option. The families have more accounts will be beneficial. Thanks for continuous R&D for our support.

  79. Edwin says:

    Exciting feature, thank you. Please provide also for combined trade book, and P&L statement

  80. Inder Bhatia says:

    बहुत अच्छी पहल. ध्यान रखने के लिए धन्यवाद

  81. Jagan says:

    very good and useful feature

    similarly can sub account owner can they see main account?

  82. Nitanmala says:

    Why can’t you the provide portfolio differentiator just to bifurcate our own folios in t 2-3 parts to helps us distinguish which are long term and short term scrips for investment or trading purposes?

  83. Hemanth says:

    Good initiative, requesting to consider adding the buy or sell from one account to another.

  84. Pramod Purohit says:

    Great initiative

  85. everalgo says:

    great featurs

  86. Ag says:

    Even better is to allow tags..that way same stock can have two tags

  87. Bishnu says:

    Good effort. Exporting reports to Excel will be more useful.

  88. Rajesh says:

    Guys, This is awesome. A very practical usecase for most people. I am sure many of us are going to be benefitted by this. Thank you so much for all these neat little tricks.

    Also I was looking for one other simple stuff. Currently none of the reports or even the holdings page in kite does not show a serial number in front of the stocks list. Is this consciously not present because of any performance issues in creating the list/report?

    Often I have been wondering i have too many stocks in my portfolio or should it cut down etc.

    Thank you

  89. jk says:

    also trading and investment portfolio bifurcation for viewing tax purpose etc may be a great idea

  90. Gautam says:


    Can two accounts be linked to each other as family? I. E., each can see overall family holdings?


  91. Krishan kumar says:

    Aap mobile sim ki tarh dusre Company ke demat acount zirodha me jodne ke liye koi upay kre, yani kisi ghar ke sadsay ka 5 pesa me demat acount h or vo chae to uska zirodha me convert ho jaye esi koi skim laye

  92. Sanjay Kapoor says:

    Can we do trading in options, commodities and currency for our family accounts simultaneously on any time frame.

  93. NK Shrivastava says:

    Zerodha may provide easily switching to any family member account to do investment, like it is done in Kuvera for MF investment for family members. A single platform is needed to save time and quickly use the investment opportunities available. Currently we login and logout from one account to another, it is inconvenient. Thanks.

  94. NK Shrivastava says:

    Kuvera platform allows to invest for linked family accounts from single login. Similarly it should be possible for stocks in Zerodha.

  95. Naveen says:

    This is awesome, Zerodha got it absolutely perfectly. This shows they are constantly getting customer feedback and working on it. The product team which priotized this feature is serious about customer problems. I think you have a good team out there

  96. NK Shrivastava says:

    Request a feature to divide holdings in different groups like tech, FMCG, banking, consistent compounders etc like watch list to decide and focus on stocks of interest along with holdings. Hope it may be possible.

  97. Reena Sahai says:

    Good work.
    I hv been requesting for addition of 75min candle and Adaptive Moving Average in the ‘studies’ for trading purposes. Please introduce it asap.


  98. Atul Mathuria says:

    How do I open other members of the family and HUF account with same mobile no and email id?

  99. John says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for this.
    I would like to propose an idea.

    In the holdings, can you please enable a sub protfolio options.
    E.g. I have 20 stocks in portfolio

    I would like to classify them into 3 subportfolios.
    Sub portfolio 1 with 5;
    Sub portfolio 2 with 5 &
    Sub portfolio 3 with 10
    I would also like to see P and L for each sub portfolio.

    Can you please think about this?

  100. Manickam says:

    Great feature, Excited to explore it

  101. Hemant says:

    Much needed utility. KUDOS to the team

  102. Senthil says:

    Is this supported for the MF portfolio on Coin also. Or just the stocks in Kite for now?

  103. Hemantha Raju says:

    Any tax implications if we add our family members. If our family members account is treated as separate for tax purposes it’s ok . Pl I need clarification in this regard.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Hemantha, this feature only provides you with a view of the portfolio of accounts linked. There are no tax implications.

  104. R P Harit says:

    It is good but more things is required ie one should do all operations in this application

  105. Mayank says:

    How to add minor’s account because minor can’t login and approve the request? Minor account login is not enabled by Zerodha.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Mayank, if the minor account has been opened online, you can link it as family account as you would have received the login credentials. If the account is opened offline, it cannot be linked as login credentials aren’t available. This is on our list of things to do.

  106. George says:

    very nice move from Zerodha

  107. harish says:

    Hello – is there any tax implication because of this? Any possibility IT department can look for clubbing of incomes? Please clarify??

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Harish, this feature only provides you a view of the portfolio of accounts linked. There are no tax implications.

  108. V M Shenoy says:

    Great initiative by Zerodha and trust that they will add more such initiatives in the days to come

  109. Prabhu says:

    Is this facility is chargeable ?

  110. Simanchal maharana says:

    Console ok give me

  111. Gopinath says:

    I did not receive any message after Linking sub account? Any issues today? Its still pending

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Gopinath, could you please create a ticket at so that our team can check and assist?

  112. Purvi says:

    Excellent feature. However, it would be simplify our job if this can be having downloading feature. Rightnow it only displaying overall family portfolio but could not download. Am I right?

  113. Ashok says:

    Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikash

  114. Murli says:

    Will this impact the taxation part? is this information shared with CDSL/NDSL/IT department?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Murli, this feature only provides you with a view of the portfolio of accounts linked. There are no tax implications.

  115. shakib says:

    hello dear zherodha how can i create demat account from bangladesh

  116. sorabh says:

    Can we see commulative p&l also at family level in future ?

  117. Piyush Keshavraj parekar says:

    I want to be a sub broker. You send me details

  118. Krishna Knath says:

    I am unable to add my family members’ accounts, as the family members are not getting any SMS for verification

  119. Esmail says:

    In my opinion to transfer fund from one Zerodha account to another Zerodha account should be allowed.

  120. DR.DILIP SINGH says:

    Can I link the account of my minor kids with my portfolio.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Dilip, if the minor account has been opened online, you can link it as a family account since you would have received the login credentials. If the account is opened offline, it cannot be linked as login credentials aren’t available. This is on our list of things to do.

  121. Vivek Pathak says:

    Hello zerodha team

    The new option of family portfolio is quite helpful for managing and analysing performance at one place .
    There is one small request to you people that make an option to download family holding in pdf or XML format , sometimes it is needed to have a printed copy to share with aged family members.

  122. Santhosh says:

    Hello, It would be great if Day’s Chg. % is also shown in the Family portfolio view so that it would be easy to know which stocks have changed on that day making it easier to track & invest immediately.

  123. Shubham hanchate says:

    Let’s say if I add 2 sub accounts under my account. Can that both sub accounts see the whole family portfolio or only I can see whole family portfolio?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Shubham, only you can see the family portfolio. You will have to link these accounts as sub-account with other accounts for them to see the family portfolio.

  124. Arkendu says:

    Hey, just went through the discussions about your tag feature, this is great. But I see tags are available only on console and not on Kite. Please please make it available on portfolio section of kite. As we need those segregation during buy sell also.
    I appreciate your innovative mindset.

  125. umang says:

    not able to add my family member’s account. it says worong user id, whereas the user id is correct

  126. Srinivas says:

    Any tax implications of family accounts? I mean if we list spouse or other family members in our family, will it affect year end taxation

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Srinivas, his feature only provides you with a view of the portfolio of accounts linked. There are no tax implications.

  127. Chethan says:

    Getting error as invalid user whenever I’m trying to add my family’s other account

  128. Himanshu Dwivedi says:

    Hi Team,

    Can I take beneifit of margin of of my sub account into my account by plegding the shares of the same?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Himanshu, you can only view and track the portfolio of the sub-accounts linked. You cannot place orders or avail margin benefits from one account to another.

  129. Prabir Kumar Dey says:

    Firstly, I would say that I become proud my self as one of the members of ZERODHA family.
    Secondly, I would like to draw your kind Notice that my Wife Mrs. ANASUYA DEY is also having a Zerodha Trading A/c vide ( Client ID: PWT730) , which is active now. She has got/acquired (10) Ten nos of Titagor Wagon Shares in physical form where 1st Holder is ANASUYA DEY and 2nd Holder is PRABIR KUMAR DEY, jointly for a long time which should be in the form of De-mat . Sir / Madam I am very much in trouble at this juncture due to want of help.. help. Please help me to include the stock jointly as is where it is.
    As per your instruction, I will send the original documents as received from the Company.

  130. Pranav says:


    Does report extracted from console include combined scripts from all the family portfolios?

  131. Rahul says:

    How can we view family level daily positions of fno also.

  132. Nazim says:

    Family account stocks profit loss cannot be seen like what we see for our own account

  133. Manju says:

    Once I link a sub-account to my primary account, will the sub-account holder have the access to view my primary account portfolio too?

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