Quarterly settlement of funds & securities

December 18, 2016


We keep getting queries on quarterly settlements, hence the detailed explanation below.

What is Quarterly Settlement of Funds & Securities?

Back in 2009, the market regulator, SEBI, introduced the policy of Quarterly Settlement of Funds & Securities. According to the policy, brokerage firms are required to transfer back all unutilized sums of money kept in the client’s trading account back to the client’s bank account at least once, in a period of 90 days. Similarly, if any client securities are held with the brokerage firm, such securities need to be transferred back to the client’s demat account, once in 90 days. Client securities (Stocks, MF, etc) could be lying with the broker either when they are pledged for trading in the F&O segment or when such securities aren’t fully paid for by the investor.


Which accounts need to be settled?

As explained above settlement is essentially the act of transferring unused funds lying in the client’s trading account back to the client’s bank account. To avoid operational inconvenience, SEBI has relaxed the rules for accounts with balances less than Rs.10,000, these accounts are deemed settled without funds having to be transferred back.

Additionally on the day the brokerage firm is settling funds, the brokerage is allowed to block upto 125% of any margin being used for F&O position held by the client to ensure that there is enough funds to manage any MTM loss, and only transfer back the rest of unutilized funds.

However, if your account has a balance less than Rs 10,000  but you haven’t made any trades in the month/quarter considered for settlement, in this case the money in the your trading account will be sent to your bank account as per this NSE circular.

The settlements are done separately for Equity & Commodity segments.

How does Settlement work at Zerodha?

Settlement of stocks

Unlike traditional brokers, at Zerodha we don’t hold back client stocks in our pool account. This is because currently we don’t offer margin trading facility and hence all the stocks are fully paid for. Whenever our clients buy stocks, they’re transferred to their respective demat accounts. (P.S: We’ll be starting margin trading facility in the future :)). Stocks that require settlement are those pledged by clients as margin for trading F&O.

If stocks are pledged but margin is not utilized, stocks are unpledged and transferred back to the client demat account once in a quarter. A new pledge request has to be initiated if the client wants to use them as collateral for trading F&O again.

Settlement of Funds

On the day of settlement, all excess unutilized funds in the last quarter (90 days) are transferred back to the client bank account through NEFT/RTGS. RBI accepts RTGS requests until 06:00 pm and NEFT requests till 07:00 pm. To determine the excess funds that need to be transferred, the daily trade process needs to be completed which happens around 07:00 pm on every trading day.

Since the cut off time for NEFT would have lapsed by the time trade process for the day completes, such transfers get processed only the next working day. While credit through RTGS (for funds > 2 lacs) is much faster, NEFT can sometimes take upto 8 working hours. The NEFT service also remains closed on every second and fourth Saturday owing to the banks being closed.

Operational inconvenience due to settlement

Once funds are received to the client’s bank account, the client will have to initiate a transfer back to the trading account in case he wishes to continue trading. One may have to incur costs for transferring funds back to the trading account in the form of bank transfer or payment gateway charges. More importantly a client also gets exposed to a situation where the money gets stuck in the entire to & fro process when a trading opportunity arises.

Similarly, when unutilized pledged securities are transferred back to the demat, there could be upto 2 days turnaround time before they get pledged back to obtain margins.

On several occasions in the past, we’ve received complaints from clients ruing the loss of trading opportunity because of this. However being a SEBI regulated intermediary, we’ve to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the regulator.


Is there a way I can ensure that I don’t miss any opportunity?

Yes. If a client hasn’t utilized all funds for an overnight position in the trading account even for one day in a quarter, he could buy liquid bees or liquid mutual funds any one day in the quarter and sell them the next day morning as soon as market opens. With liquid mutual funds, this trade can be done is such a way that the funds get debited only after market closing and credited before next day opening. Liquid funds are fixed income instruments and have no brokerage (at Zerodha) or STT charges. This way a client can ensure that funds are never blocked when markets are open and also not have to bear any bank or gateway charges.

If the client doesn’t have the bandwidth to do this on their own, client can request us to track, remind, and place an order for this. To do this, visit console.zerodha.com and set preference as ‘Buy overnight liquid fund’ as shown below.

Update: Effective December 2019, the greyed out content is redundant.

In case of pledged securities, the only way out of not having to go through the entire pledge/unpledge requets would be to take a F&O position utilizing the collateral value completely on at least one day during the quarter.


Happy Trading,

Team Zerodha

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha

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  1. Yash says:

    Update: just got my money credited. At 11:12AM on April 6. Phew

  2. Asis says:

    Money debited. But not yet credited in bank account

  3. Bharat ghuge says:

    My fund has been debited in the name of Quarterly Settlement, but the debited amount is still not showing in my account. Please reply me, when will this amount come to my account.

  4. Anusha Nadar says:

    Its showing that Funds auto settled but not visible in my bank account please i want my money back

  5. Pavanvijay Punati says:

    yesterday ie., 7th July 2023, My funds are sent back to my bank account. I got panicked & wanted to contact support, but it seems on weekends the support is unavailable. Requesting to make call support 24X7, come on Zerodha you are a million dollar company. pls, give us 24X7 support.

  6. arun says:

    Assume in zerodha account 10 lakh amount is there and due to quarterly settlement it is transferred into SAVING account, and again 10 lakh from SAVING account it is transferred back to zerodha account.

    In this case in one financial year saving account transaction crossed 20 lakh … will it create tax liability ?

  7. Priya says:

    Till now I didn’t receive my money to my account… I raised a tickets but not got a solution…
    When will the amount will cridit in my bank account

  8. Malay Bag says:

    Hi, Same here
    I have received the email on 8th Oct, now it’s 11 Oct but still I didn’t receive my money to my bank account. Don’t know what is going on. Put multiple tickets but no satisfactory answer. Try to call them but no response. Guys why we are suffering due to there problem.

  9. Manas Garg says:

    I have received a mail on 8.10.22 stating quarterly settlement of funds.. But even on 11.10.22 I have not received funds in my bank account… I don’t know why this is delay for.. Rule is made for safety of investors but it’s turns out to be a harassment..

  10. Ramachandran says:

    Still, I have not received the quarterly settled amount yet,pls help me

  11. MD AZIZUR RAHMAN says:

    Quarterly settlement happened but no fund credited in bank ac


    On 08/10/2022 I received a mail from you regarding a quarterly fund settlement. Its been more than 72 hours, and still, I have not received the fund in my bank a/c. Neither it is showing in my trading account. Please explain

  12. yashas v says:

    Dear Team,

    Still, I have not received the quarterly settled amount yet, please do let me know when I can be expected to credit to my account, as per the notification this should have been credited end of today but still awaiting it.

  13. Shivakumar M says:

    Dear Team,

    Still, I have not received the quarterly settled amount yet and Zerodha funds balance went up to zero, please do let me when can be expected to credit to my account, as per the notification this should be credited today but now is 8:30 PM but still awaiting.

  14. Ashish says:

    is date available anywhere?
    how can i know when is Quarterly settlement

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Ashish, you can check the tentative dates for the next quarterly settlement on the Funds page on Console. Explained here.

  15. Priya says:

    If I have understood SEBI’s Quarterly Settlement rule correctly, it does NOT apply to accounts having a balance of less than Rs.10,000/-. Also, the rule applies to only those accounts where no trade has taken place in the previous 90 days.

    I am purchasing Mutual Funds via SIP for which I transfer funds (Rs.3500/- only) to my Zerodha account *every month*. Since they are SIPs, purchases are happening every month, so my unused fund balance *never* goes above 5000/-.

    STILL, my account is settled every quarter and funds are returned to my bank account. This is a NUISANCE. The whole idea of starting an SIP is to have hassle free investment — set up an SIP, set up a corresponding transfer mandate from my bank account, and let the mutual fund investments happen automatically.

    But, every quarter, you are returning the money to my bank account — even though the money in my account:
    a) Is LESS THAN Rs.10,000/-
    b) Is for that month’s Mutual Fund SIPs

    This is a NUISANCE because I am afraid that sometime you will transfer the money back to my account and I won’t be able to transfer it back to my Zerodha account on time for the SIP.

    My question is: WHY are you transferring money back to my account even though there are Mutual Fund transactions happening every month & my balance is less than Rs.10,000/-???

    I think you should change your auto transfer system so that if there are MF SIPs defined, the amount of those SIPs should NOT be transferred!!

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Priya, the quarterly settlement is a regulatory requirement. To Fund your SIP, you can always add funds on the SIP due date before the cut-off time. Also, SEBI brought about some changes to the way the settlement of funds needs to be done. This circular has all the details. Highlighting the salient changes here:

      a. Earlier, we would retain funds if the balance was below Rs.10,000. This is done away with, no more retaining any funds. So you will receive credits less than 10k as part of quarterly settlement payout.

      b. Payout of funds in case of inactivity for 30 days (Clause 5.4) of the circular: Earlier, funds would be settled on a quarterly (90 days) basis. The new rules now require us to payout credit balance even if there have been no trades for 30 days.

      Also, from 1st July, funds for your mutual fund investments will be directly debited from your primary bank account, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. Aziz sekh says:

    How can I chose 90 days quarterly settlement in zerodha?

  17. Abhay says:

    I had added fund on 13/05/2022 to zerodha account. Today if i see the zerodha ledger it says Funds transfer back as part of quarterly settlement (inactive) .

    When will the funds reflect in my bacnk account.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Abhay, the funds are credited to your bank account within 24 hours. If funds are still not credited, please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so that our team can have this checked and assist.

  18. Gaurav says:

    what is the schedule of this quarterly settlement? can you pre-publish the sates?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Gaurav, you can check the tentative dates of your next quarterly settlement on the Funds page on Console. However, we also send an email notification before the quarterly settlement is due.

      • kumar says:

        What do you mean by unused funds regarding quarterly settlement ??? confused….suppose if itraded my 5 lakh capital continously from may 1 to July 29 and on aug 1st holding 5lakh in trading account then will it move to bank ??

        • Shruthi R says:

          Hey Kumar, suppose you’ve chosen the 90-day settlement cycle, i.e. quarterly settlement, and you trade continuously without the gap of 30 days. In that case, any remaining funds on the due date will be transferred to your account on the quarterly settlement date.

  19. Kaushik Chatterjee says:

    On 14th April 2022 I got a mail with subject line “Account due for quarterly settlement” and “Your Zerodha account (*******) is due for settlement and it will be settled within the next 10 days”. Then on 20th April (i.e. 3rd working day or 6th calendar day ) the settlement happens in the morning, leads to barred from order placing. This process happens in every month in-spite of every quarter.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Kaushik, recently, SEBI made changes in the way funds are settled, mandating that all brokers transfer back funds to the client’s account in 3 days if there have been no trades in the client’s account for a period of 30 days. This is despite the client having chosen the ’90-day’ settlement cycle. We’ve explained this here.

      • Srinivasarao says:

        I had 150 Rs in the trading account and didn’t trade within last 30 days.
        SEBI mandate has relax this settle if the client’s balance is less than Rs.10,000. But still Zerodha has transferred money back to account; why is it so?

  20. Vinay says:

    My unused funds got debited from Zerodha demat account but did not get credited to my Bank account. How long does it usually take
    Need assistance

  21. Ali says:

    My quarterly money was sent back to account but it hasn’t yet credited my account statement doesn’t show any money cming back from zerodha… but it zerodha it is said tht they have transferred back.. how much time will it tke to come to my account

  22. Vishwaroop Chakraborty, says:

    Rs 63,382.79 was retained by you & not transferred by quarterly settlement on 19/2/2022.Why?

  23. badha shereef says:

    A message came to my mobile phone this morning . this was the message “we ve transfferred unused funds from your trading account back to your bank account as per SEBI’S mandate,pleas check your email for more details ” .
    I checked my email. this wat it says “Dear badsha . We’ve transferred unused funds of Rs.*****.** from your trading account (WF****)back to your bank as per SEBI’s mandate. you can add funds back to your any time using UPI. net banking or IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/.This is what come in the email. what should i do if the amount you say your transferred to me has not yet been credited to my account?

  24. Akash says:

    I got a message saying unused funds from trading account is transferred to bank account but still did not receive the amount to my bank account!
    What is the time period?

  25. Lakshmanan says:

    How much is the quarterly due. I dont have any due. i have 500 plus in my account

    What does it mean
    Your Zerodha account (LQ4565) is due for settlement and it will be settled within the next 10 days. The idle funds in your trading account will be transferred back to your bank account and you will have to transfer the funds back in order to trade/invest.

    Team Zerodha

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Lakshmanan, as per SEBI mandate, any unused funds in your account are transferred back to your primary bank account as part of the quarterly/running account settlement. You can check out more info on this here.

  26. RAMT says:

    Why can you inform us in advance of this upcoming move of quarterly settlement…?

    If I had known 3 days in advance would’ve managed it and and lost a trading day

    • Matti says:

      HJey Ramit, we send an email a few days before settlement. You can also see the approximate settlement date on the withdrawal page on Console.

  27. Sayeeganesh Sivaraman says:

    i hate this, money gets refunded unnecessarily, there should be an option to say i dont want to refund, or keep money for the sip for the day

  28. K.balamurali says:

    As part of quarterly un-used fund transfer, my funds have been transferred yesterday. But still i haven’t received my funds in my bank account.
    Kindly suggest where it is pending. If pending with bank, kindly share me the reference numbers.

  29. shobana says:

    As part of quarterly un-used fund transfer, my funds have been transferred yesterday. But still i haven’t received my funds in my bank account.
    Kindly suggest where it is pending. If pending with bank, kindly share me the reference numbers.

  30. Saish says:

    Funds transferred as quarterly settlement but not received in bank account it has been more then 12 days but I haven’t received the funds what should I do ????

  31. Gautam Mahajan says:

    My Quarterly settlement was done on 23/10/2021 @ 6.487am but haven’t received my amount in the bank yet…
    pls, get it done soon…..

  32. Pranava kapur says:

    Hello sir/maam,

    My quarterly settlement was done on 14th oct. 2021 on 6 30 a.m by zerodha and today its been 5 days i havent received my amount in the bank

    pls help…

  33. Chandresh says:

    My Quarterly Settlement Amount Has Been Withdrawn And It’s Still Not Showing In My Accounts
    in how many days will my pay be returned
    And what will happen to the shares we held in time?

  34. Chandresh says:

    The funds got deducted from my zerodha account for quarterly settlement on 11 jun 2021, and are not yet credited to bank account. Could you please tell me the transaction details of the payout so that I can verify with the bank.

    Also, what happens when the payout transaction fails. Does it get re-initiated or what.

  35. Komal says:

    my zerodha id is ZN5593:
    The funds got deducted from my zerodha account for quarterly settlement on 11 jun 2021, and are not yet credited to bank account. Could you please tell me the transaction details of the payout so that I can verify with the bank.

    Also, what happens when the payout transaction fails. Does it get re-initiated or what.

  36. Yogesh says:

    1. The quarterly settlement date for my account as per Console / Funds tab is between 08.07.21 to 15.07.21; however I have received emails from Zerodha on 25th and 26th of May stating that the quarterly settlement date for my account is within the next 10 days. Please confirm which one is correct.

    2. When should I buy the overnight MF or LiquidBees in order to avoid the funds being transferred to my account, i.e. is there any specific date. If there is no specific date and I have to do this every day then how many days should I select this option.

    3. When can I redeem the overnight MF / LiquidBees back to my trading account.

    Please reply urgently since I have to avoid the transfer to my bank account.

  37. Abhijit says:

    When I’m trading in f&o its showing your settlement is pending and activate segment what should i do

  38. Ankush Agrawal says:

    Can someone highlight how is the amount of unutilized funds to be consider for settlement calculated? I see Zerodha shows a timeline as to when the settlement will happen, can show a tentative amount as well so that one can consider using that much amount for some Liquid transaction.

  39. Sarath says:

    On 1 feb 21 i received a message stating that money from my trading account is transfered back to my bank account due to quaterly settlement. Today is 2 Feb 21 but still not money credited back to my account. How much time it will take to credit back my Amount ???

  40. Sudhir says:

    Where is my quaterly settlement amount ….i have not received in my bank account

  41. Sumit Hingmire says:

    today morning 1:48 AM i received a mail stating that We’ve transferred unused funds of Rs. xxxxx from your trading account (xxxxxx) back to your bank account as per SEBI’s mandate. but now time is 12:16 PM still money is not credited to my bank account…. can you tell me the exact time when will i get

  42. Ashok KE says:

    Suppose I have 1 lakh in my trading a/c.
    1. I use only 50K for trading. Then the rest of 50K is considered as idle money. This 50K will be transferred back into my bank as settlement of unused amount. Yes or No.

    2. If I purchase Liquid Bees from 1 lakh
    with product type CNC, and sell them the same day. Then I have used all the money in my account. And there will be no settlement in my account. Is it the correct way to avoid qtrly settlement ?
    Please reply. Thanks.

  43. kumar says:

    Sir, Is it mandatory that we should use 100% of the funds overnight at least once a quarter? Because if we take F&O overnight position, we may be utilizing 80% to 90% of the balance. It would be difficult to use the entire 100% overnight

  44. MOULIK says:

    Hello team ,
    As per quarterly settlement funds may have been transferred back to my bank account from trading account . as on 3rd sept 2020 , my account zerodha balance was rs.58770 , which have been transferred as per zerodha. But its 4th sept , 9.45am i have not received money in my bank account yet. does it take this much time as last time i got my money into bank account on the same day , but this time a new day still money is not received.

  45. Usha says:


    I don’t see an option in my console to make a decision of the quarterly statement, I saw this thread where a snapshot provided I can choose between transfer to my account or buy overnight mutual fund. Can you show me from where I can make this option.

  46. Prateek Jhunjhunwala says:

    hi –
    1. Since I do not know when is the settlement date for my account, I assume last 90 days are considered?
    2. If i pledge shares worth 1L today and use all of it tomorrow, so I have qualified for “using all the margin for at least 1 day”. But if I pledge 1L more shares next week and do not use that extra amount, will there be automatic unpledgin during settlement?
    3. Transferring unused funds to bank account – does this happen for every account or only if someone has not taken a single trade in the last 3 months?

  47. Manish Jain says:

    Here you defined that

    ‘The NEFT service also remains closed on every second and fourth Saturday owing to the banks being closed.’

    But NEFT is 24×7 service now. Please update this information and act accordingly.

  48. Deb says:

    I am assuming that automatic sweep into liquid funds is disallowed from Dec.

    Now, I find I have no funds in my account since morning, money not credited till now and so I cannot put it back and I cannot trade. In that case, what is the way out ?

    Is there is a specific date when this settlement is done? I find my corporate accounts have balances

    • Manoj says:

      I have the same question as Deb:
      I am assuming that automatic sweep into liquid funds is disallowed from Dec.

      Now, I find I have no funds in my account since morning, money not credited till now and so I cannot put it back and I cannot trade. In that case, what is the way out ?

    • Sumit says:

      Have you received amount Bala it happened with me

  49. Bala says:

    today morning 3.59 AM i received a mail stating that We’ve transferred unused funds of Rs. xxxxx from your trading account (xxxxxx) back to your bank account as per SEBI’s mandate. but now time is 7.54 AM still money is not credited to my bank account…. can you tell me the exact time when will i get

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bala, this should have been done once banks opened in the morning. We can only process the payout, it is up to the banks to actually transfer the funds.

    • Pranav Pote says:

      did you receive it later ? message was sent at 7 a.m. sept 2 , 2021 and it’s 9 a.m not still i haven’t received the money in bank account

      • Fins k peous says:

        I received below message at 7:16 AM today September 02, 2021

        But amount is not credited to bank account even at 4:50 PM IST! . Will it take more time than this!!!!

        We’ve transferred unused funds from your trading account back to your bank account as per SEBI’s mandate. Please check your email for more details.

  50. G says:

    hi sir/mam,

    i have retrun my fund what should i do plzz tell me

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey, if you’ve received the funds, you can transfer it back to the trading account within 3 days and the payment gateway charges will be waived off.

  51. Kishan Singh says:

    I got a mail saying that my funds are being transferred to my bank account for settlement process..but I haven’t received the money in my bank account..what should i do?
    Today is Saturday(bank holiday)
    Should i wait till monday for the transaction to complete ?

  52. Umang Gupta says:


    Now exit load is applicable in Liquid fund withdrawal for up to 6 days. Will exit load be applicable to my funds too?

    Or we are parking funds in overnight funds instead of liquid?

  53. Bikash says:

    I used to trade 3 to 5 times in a single quarter and that too intraday. I never hold any position in my account. Fund available in my account is around 1L. maximum used fund in intraday is also very less, around 10000. Will my account come under the quarterly settlement process?

    • Matti says:

      In this case, 10000 will be considered utilised funds, whereas the rest will still be considered unutilised and will be settled as per the preference you’ve set on Console.

  54. Lakshmi says:

    If we select the option of Liquid funds, I have seen comments above related the small returns if applicable..But, What would happen in a scenario overnight global cues market crashes will my funds that are invested in overnight liquid funds still safe ?

  55. Madhur says:

    On what basis are idle funds called idle funds; like after what time period or rule.
    What to do if i dont want to transfer it back to bank account nor buy liquid funds ?

    Will “idle fund” status go away if i just buy 1 share of any company ?

    • Matti says:

      Idle funds are funds that aren’t used in a quarter. If you want to transfer idle funds back to the bank account, you can check the preference set here and change it if required. If you buy one share of a company worth Rs. 100, only Rs. 100 is considered not idle, while the rest is still idle.

  56. JITESH says:

    Sir, I had purchased stock in last 2 yrs back but still not in market up in such listed company so what to do i dont want to sell my stock in loss i dont want settle my account
    kindly advice sir
    awaiting your valuable reply

  57. SRIBALAJI says:

    Thanks zerodha for kind clarification

  58. PHANIRAJ says:


  59. Raj says:

    Can you help me with the process of the overnight investing, i am unable to understand it at all.
    what are the charges, which are the funds in which investment will be made, how & whn can i redeem the money from the investment into liquid fund
    Help me at the earliest

  60. manju says:

    by transferring unused funds to liquid funds, will we gain something ?

    means any appreciation from liquid funds or it will just be an exercise to save Zerodha from regulator ????

  61. Parul Joy Saini says:

    a) Is there a daily sweep facility which transfers unused cash balances into an overnight liquid mutual fund?
    b) Which liquid funds are bought for overnight investment (for quarterly settlement)?
    c) Is there a DP charge on the sale of the funds bought for overnight investment (for quarterly settlement)?

  62. Mohamed says:


    I have opted Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs .But i do not see it the statement of interest
    How i confirm that my funds are invested overnight

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Mohamed,

      You need to check the funds statement (Ledger) to verify the investment into overnight liquid fund. The interest statement shows the amount charged to you per day in case you had any debit balance.

  63. gopi khindria says:

    sir there are two account attached to my de- mat ..,primary central bank of india and secondary axis bank,, sir i want to completely disconnect axis bank account as i am going to close that account ,pls tell me the way , my zerodha accunt id is yb3798


  64. Alok says:

    If i opt for liquidbee option.
    Does the balance amount goes to liquid fund every night including the holidays sat n sun or only once a qtr.
    Will it have any effect on cash amo orders.
    Can i easily give a request of cash transfer back to account post mkt in evening without any hasseles
    Does it involve any cost of any kind


    • Matti says:

      This is done only once a quarter, Alok. Your orders are not affected and there’s no cost associated with it.

  65. Joshua says:

    you said there will be returns for the overnight buying of liquid funds. yes I have selected that option. can I able to see the returns if there is any ?

  66. Reena Ghaghda says:

    Dear sir
    Its very unfortunate that without informing the clients zerodha has sent all my excess balance back to my bank account. Upon complaining to the staff, they are replying that this is because there is change in our back office mgmt . And for last couple of quaters you have been buying liquid bees in my account. then why all of a sudden this change without informing clients.Your staff is saying we have very large customer base ……..Very unprofessional cause I was clueless as my trading was affected?????????

    • Matti says:

      Hey Reena, brokers are required to settle all unused funds to the client’s bank account once every quarter. This is a regulation. The above post explains how you can avoid this.

  67. S K Jain says:

    At what time on settlement date the fund is transferred to customers’ account and when it must reflect in customers’ account.
    Who is responsible for delay in receipt of payment in customers’ account?

  68. Aditya says:

    Hi Team,

    I think there is an issue with your quarterly settlement this quarter. Firstly, the account preferences for a long time has been transferring funds to overnight liquid funds, however for unknown reasons this time you folks seem to have chosen the other option on your own. The amount has not been received by the bank either when we checked with them, and when we call your helpline they either route us to the bank again or the call gets dropped or we are asked to wait till EOD.

    Its really sad that your customers are losing time and a live trading day and need to follow up for these basic transactions to close! Pls ensure going forward that if your systems get refreshed, the customers are alerted in advance to recheck their preferences if that was what the issue was here.

    Also, kindly acknowledge that there is an issue here and help avoid recurrence folks who trust the service they once moved in for!

  69. Kunda says:

    Rs15000 debited on 28/12/2018 from account for Q3 settelment. But the money was not credited in bank account and also not in zerodha account. I have 3 in 1 idfc bank account.

  70. Sumati says:

    Rs 1,92,548.66 was debited from my account on 28th December “Quarterly Settlement Payout for Q3” but it has not been credited to my account even though 29th December was a working day.
    Can I know the reasons behind it?

  71. Rahul says:

    on the 28/12/2018 i was having 1.23 L on the day open and at the day end after loss in the trades it was 1.11863 L in the account, on 29/12/2018 i received a sms from zerodha stating withdrawal request for Rs 13916.620 has been processed, so what about the remaining funds which was there in the trading account.

    • Matti says:

      The 13.9k withdrawal was from your commodity account. The remaining balance was retained as you have an open position. As for the 1.11L in the equity account, this was sent to your bank account as part of quarterly settlement and you should receive these fund by the end of today at the latest.

  72. Harsh says:

    hello sir Quarterly Settlement Payout for Q3 what is that meaning and my account balace now 0 please help thanks

    • Matti says:

      Hey Harsh, as the post above says, regulations require brokers to transfer all idle funds in the trading account back to the client’s bank account every quarter. I suggest you read the above post to learn more.

  73. vishalv26 says:

    My question is i trade on intraday basis utilizing pledged margin. So, will i be able considered for this monthly settlement process? I technically do not buy positions i buy and sell on same day. Does the margin is unutilized in this case?

    “In case of pledged securities, the only way out of not having to go through the entire pledge/unpledge requets would be to take a F&O position utilizing the collateral value completely on at least one day during the quarter.” This confused me a bit.

    Whole idea is i don’t want to pay pledging charges every 90 days. Any way out?

    • Faisal says:

      Quarterly settlement is done only on the free cash balance available. This has no bearing on the collateral margin you hold.

  74. Sunith D K says:

    Dear zerodha,

    I am an old customer of zerodha and my demat account linked with zerodha is that of IL & FS, so will this be a problem for quarterly settlement through overnight liquid funds, as these funds are bought in to your demat account. If my demat account is not changed to zerodha demat, will this quartely settlement via liquid fund be not possible in future ?

    • Faisal says:

      Quarterly settlement via Liquid MF will not be affected due to your demat account.
      However, we request you to move to Zerodha demat from IL&FS as your stocks will stop showing from 1st January, 2019 in your holdings

  75. Pintu says:

    Dear sir if my unused balance is used for over night liquid of mf then next day it will automatically sale or sale by zerodha.and when I will be able to withdraw my amount

  76. MANISH GAUTAM says:

    I had some balance from previous month in my account and Zero balance was showing into account now and after transferring money for this month still it is not adding with previous month balance…What to do???

  77. Jahnavi says:

    what will happen if you invest in liquid funds and how does that option work?

  78. Yogesh says:

    By mistake i select the “buy liquid funds” option how i can unselect

  79. Priya says:

    I’d like to have the liquid bees purchased overnight on all days and be made available to me for trading the next day. I keep over 1 L Rs. in my trading account to be able to use any opportunity that comes. Is there a way to do it automatically. If not how can I do the same manually. Please advice.

  80. Ram says:

    Dear Nitin

    I am having only F&O trading account with you, no demat account.

    Many days I keep 5-10 lakhs without using it for trading.

    Can I buy Reliance ETF liquidbee in that?
    Can it be used as margin amount (without selling) for trading in F&O on the subsequent days?

    If I am allowed to use it as margin amount, will I be still eligible to get the benefits of liquidbee growth during the time I have used it as margin?

    Is there a difference between Reliance ETF liquidbee and Reliance Overnight liquid fund?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ram, you wouldn’t be able to purchase any stocks without a demat account. If you wish to purchase liquid bees and then use it as collateral, you’ll need to open a demat account. The returns of liquidbees will be credited to you.

      The ETF and liquid fund are different in the sense that one is an ETF and the other a mutual fund.

      • Priya says:

        Hey what liquid bees is counted against collateral. Is it possible to automate parking funds overnight in bees and withdrawing the next day. If it has to be done manually , please guide on how the same may be accomplished. thx

  81. Umesh says:

    I have inadvertently opted for quarterly transfer of funds… I want to reset it… Plz help

  82. Arpan Mitra says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Please help me clear the understanding on Cover order.

    When I place a cover order for a stock say SAIL to buy at 800 quantity at Rs. 72.45, along with this a Stop Loss order also gets raised say suppose the stop loss price is automatically taken by the system as 71. Now the buy order gets completed at 72.45.
    Now I place the sell order at 73 for SAIL. In the mean time if the current market price falls to 71 at first i.e the stop loss price and then after a while or before the 3:20 PM, the current market price goes to 73 or more, what will happen ?
    Will I suffer loss by selling at 71 or I will get profit at 73 ?

    Please clear what will happen

    • Matti says:

      When you create a cover order, it’s a separate type of position. Once you buy, the SL is also placed. This SL would be triggered if the stock falls. In the meanwhile, if you’ve placed a separate sell order at 73, then that would have created a short position. This you’ll have to close manually. The best way to go about this, for your use-case, would be to monitor the cover order position and exit it once your desired profit is achieved, instead of placing a separate sell order.

  83. Mahavir says:

    How can I uncheck “Quarterly Settlement: Transfer funds back to bank account”?

  84. nitin says:

    can i uncheck option for quarter settlement?

  85. Kanhaiya Shaha says:

    On a trading day to day basis; is it possible for Zerodha to buy overnight Liquid funds for the amount remain idle in trading A/c ? If the answer is “No” then why?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Kanhiya, this wouldn’t be possible. This basically means placing an order at the end of each trading day to buy and placing a sell order every morning. This isn’t practical.

  86. raj says:

    very short, i would like to say,
    the facility’s you provide us really appreciable ,
    but please improve your customer service department . they are very curt .

  87. Siraj Uddin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I unknowingly had selected the option for transfer of funds back to the bank account in the Quarterly Settlement area, which I don’t wanted to have. So, what should I do in order to de-select this option as I don’t my funds back to the account rather than my request….Please help me sir…

  88. Pani says:


    Where do I find the transaction details of my liquid bees/liquid mutual funds?


  89. Vinayak Nayak says:

    I have opted for “Transfer funds back to bank account “. But now I want to remove that. I cant see uncheck option. How can I Uncheck that now?

  90. Krishna says:

    Hello, I need this clarity about “Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs?”

    if i opt for this in q-backoffice and everyday would i earn interest say @3.5% as most banks would offer or the rate would differ on my unused funds in my zerodha account? & Is there any condition like t+1 or t+2 days settlement during as such days for these funds to be released on these settlement holidays back to my acc and any restriction and conditions apply as i couldn’t find any article in detail ?

    If i select this option will i be able to do trading in f&o and DELIVERY of stock irrespective of settlement holidays as officially declared ??

    is the meaning as intact only OVERNIGHT use of funds or any downside involved with this option?

    hope there would be a reply!

  91. pavan raj shetty says:

    Can I Get format of Quarterly statement of accounts issued to clients (if any prescribed format of exchange or SEBI)

  92. suhas says:

    deduct my fund from demat account frequently 16 and 24 ,what is reason?

  93. ROHINEE KAKDE says:

    When you transfer overnight in liquid funds, what is our benefit ?

  94. Milind Srivastava says:

    1) Firstly, whether the unused funds get utilised in an Mutual fund or get transferred to bank account should be left to the customer, and not Zerodha.

    2) Last quarter, you guys had started a Mutual Fund wthout my request. Okay fine. I’d changed the option to ‘transfer the fund to bank account’. Now, from this quarter, you guys again started using the money in a mutual fund. Why? Last time around when I had complained, it was said that if I selected the ‘bank transfer’ option, from next quarter onwards, that would be followed, but you guys have again invested in an overnight fund.

    Sorry but this is BS. I’ll honestly consider closing my account if this continues. I mean, sure you guys have low brokerage, but I’ll pay higher brokerage somewhere else if I don’t get the choice of knowing where my money is going.

  95. Balachandar Hariharakrishnan says:

    Is there a way in zerodha for using the net amount available in trading account to be used for overnight liquid fund on a daily basis. The same amount alongwith dividend can be credited back to the trading account the next trading day

  96. Kasturi says:

    Zerodha credited the available balance of my Demat acct to my bank account without my withdrawal request (In ledger it displayed the narrative as I requested the withdrawal). The funds were in my account just for about a month not even a quarter. Yet they did it and I had to pay extra gateway charges for same. Help me with this since withdrawal without my consent is not appreciable.

    • Matti says:

      This was because the funds were lying idle for a quarter and SEBI guidelines instruct us to send these funds back to the bank account at the end of the quarter.

  97. darshan says:

    Hi, When Zerodha invests our unused funds in the overnight Liquid Funds, A new FOLIO is made every time. Why not reinvest in the existing folio? such as my funds are invested by Zerodha in Reliance Daily Dividend, and it will be reinvested in the same fund but with a different folio no. every time. so now I will have multiple separate folios with zero balance in them to maintain and documentation & tracking while filing ITR may become a headache, can you please address this query?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Darshan, when investing in mutual funds in demat mode, the folio number isn’t really relevant. You can show this gain the way you show STCG for stocks (however low it is). The reason why the investment isn’t made in the same folio is that tracking these folio numbers for all our clients is a huge operational overhead that would bog down the system.

  98. shankar lal says:

    my BSE fund showing -33.585 daily and it is cut from my fund. i dont know why

  99. shankar lal says:

    why 33.58 rs. daily debit from my fund .

  100. Sharat says:

    Thanks for the clarification, I got shocked to when I saw that without my knowledge my balance is invested in Reliance Mutual Fund.

  101. Debashis Basu says:

    Why dont you give a choice of funds?

    • Matti says:

      That would lead to a huge operational overhead considering the fact that the choice would mean that users could potentially chose from several funds.

  102. Vinayak says:

    As i am new to share market, I am not able to understand client account ledger details and retention of funds and securities statement that i have received. Please help me in getting to know these. I am unaware what figures to verify in the statement.

  103. Uttam Jadhav says:

    What is the procedure for NRE account holders?
    I bought some stocks on 1st march and sold some on same day. The buying amount deducted from my account but selling amount is still not credited to my account? This was not happening previously. How to sort out this issue?

  104. Shiju says:

    Is it mandatory that we should use 100% of the funds overnight at least once a quarter? Because if we take F&O overnight position, we may be utilizing 80% to 90% of the balance. It would be difficult to use the entire 100% overnight

  105. Akshay says:

    By mistake i clicked “Buy Overnight night liquid fund with no transaction costs”
    How to revert back

  106. Chetan Gupta says:

    I selected “Transfer funds back to bank account” accidentally..
    How to deselect it

  107. Jeeji says:

    Can I do this on a day to day basis through Zerodha, so that I can earn interest on my pledged stocks? If yes please explain how to

  108. Ranjith Dev Inbaseelan says:

    What is the meaning of “buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction charges”?

  109. Anjali Bhagwat says:

    How do I know the total interest received through such liquid fund in a year for filing income tax return ?
    Will it be in Gross Total Income /or/ Exempt income?

  110. Vishal Patel says:

    Can I invest unutilized funds into Liquid funds when it is idle for say 2-3 days to get daily return ? when I want to trade then same can be available.

    Please confirm..

  111. niraj says:

    unused funds(if its above 10,000) will be transferred to MF
    this process will take place only 1 time (with no transaction cost)
    will there be any loss/charges if NAV of MF reduces ?
    if i choose to transfer funds to my bank account (i assume it will cost payment gateway charge 10rs , nothing else )

    please clarify

    • Matti says:

      This is an overnight transaction, so there are no NAV changes. Yes, if you choose to transfer funds back, you’ll only be charged payment gateway charges while transferring back.

  112. Milind Srivastava says:

    Recently, received a SMS/mail fromyou guys that a Mutual Fund has been started. Honestly, this was unexpected & a bit poor from Zerodha. This option shouldn’t be there by default. Either, Zerodha should let the customer know that there’s such a thing, if not, at least let them know a day or two before it starts, not AFTER the Mutual Fund has already started and there’s no way to change it (at least for this quarter).
    Whether I want to invest my money in a Mutual Fund, or let it stay idle, or simply party it all away, should be left to me & me alone, and anything regarding that shouldn’t be done without permission.
    Anyway, I’ve made the necessary changes to my profile, so that from next quarter, fund gets transferred back to my bank account.

  113. Surya S says:

    Can we park our surplus funds in these for a longer time and earn interest?

  114. Vivek Nayak says:

    You have sent me SMS/email today after 1 PM informing investment of unused funds on account of Quarterly settlement. Also I received email from Reliance MF at 7:22 PM today with statement of investment in liquid scheme. The NAV is of yesterday’s date.
    I have made a Delivery buy at 11:47 AM i.e. before I received your SMS/email.
    Kindly advise whether I have to bring in funds to ensure that the Delivery Purchase of shares is not affected.
    Also, do I have to redeem the Liquid fund investment on my own?

    • Matti says:

      No Vivek. No need to bring in additional funds. This purchase will be reversed without any charges overnight. Nothing you need to do here. 🙂

  115. Lokesh says:

    suppose if u transfer fund balance in liquid fund then still can we buy stock(buy delivery) because and liquid fund redemption process in minimum 1 day required please clear this??

  116. Manoj Singh Patel says:

    Yesterday my account had 45000₹ but I received settlement sms account is due for quarterly settlement . because I have bought fund to 20000₹. Why plz reply

    • Matti says:

      Quarterly settlement is done for all unused funds in your account, so if any fund is unutilised in the quarter, this has to be settled as per the post above based on the option you choose.

  117. prasannajit says:

    i have selected Transfer funds back to bank account in Quarterly Settlement options.
    I want to deselect it agin, but it is not happening.
    How to deselect it again?

  118. Rahul Pandey says:

    Hello sir,

    Yesterday, my account had money about 4000 rupees only. But I still received retention fund statement. About 2000 was deducted.!

  119. shobhit says:

    i got a message from nse which shows my fund balance is -1500 it means
    what but i have done all settlements please give your reviews

  120. Kamlesh Kumar says:

    Sir, I have some question in your below answer.
    “When there’s a quarterly settlement due, the funds in your trading account will be invested in an ‘overnight liquid fund’and It’ll automatically come back by next day morning. ”

    1. Will my fund be invested only for 1 day on the eve of quarterly settlement or it will be invested daily over night ?
    2. where I will checks its ledger ?
    3. How much interest will I get approximately ?

  121. Chandraprakash says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have accidently clicked transfer funds back to bank account. I am not able to uncheck it again.
    I don’t to transfer funds back to my bank account.
    what to do now ?
    Please reply.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Chandrapraksah, by now your request would have been processed and your funds will be credited to your bank account soon. In the future, if you place a withdrawal request by mistake, you will have an option to cancel the request in the same window before 7.30 PM.

  122. Shyam Rawal says:

    If we select Transfer funds back to bank account.Can we retrive this request, if we don’t want to fund transfer to bank account. Please guide me. And tell me process.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Yes, you can cancel the request before 7:30 pm on the same day by selecting the pending request and deleting the same from Q>Funds.

  123. Chandan says:

    Sir i purchased HPCL 50 qty @436.25 ₹ on 03/10/2017. On 3rd n 4th oct it was showing same as avg price in my positions. But today it is showing avg price 442₹ on 5th oct . And showing T-1 in brackets.
    How this is even possible…??? Feeling like cheated badly.
    You are requested to Please clear the issue asap. Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Chandan. Best write to support[at]zerodha.com with account specific issues. You should get an answer within 24 hours.

  124. Kanak says:

    I have selected buy overnight liquid funds, but its not happening. Do I need to follow any other step then clicking on ‘Buy overnight liquid funds with no transaction cost’ ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      When there’s a quarterly settlement due, the funds in your trading account will be invested in an ‘overnight liquid fund’and It’ll automatically come back by next day morning.

  125. SULOCHANA says:


  126. Pravin kumar says:

    I think option for buy overnight liquid fund is only for save payment gateway charge only .I am correct sir ?

  127. Abhineet Saini says:

    Hi, actually i am new to Zerodha and while surfing the q for the first time I by mistake ticked the option of transfer the funds to my bank account.
    I actually do not want this facility but I can not uncheck the option so please help me.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Abhineet,

      To switch options and to invest in Overnight funds instead, just click on the ‘Select’ option next to ‘Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs’.

      • Hiren Shah says:

        Hi Venu, Nithin,

        Kindly READ ticket 405080 (previous ticket 340096 in Apr-17) contents which is related to “Quarterly funds payout” and guide your team to take appropriate action to investigate and rectify the issue.

        Q option to switch payout option might not have worked for us. I don’t want to divulge more details here however I need to draw your attention on priority.

  128. Ketan Mehta says:

    I just wanted to know that i mistakenly ticked the option under profile tab that “Transfer funds back to bank account” What does this means actually could you please explain? Is there any charges for this facility ?

  129. Primal says:

    Can we place the order before market open , as stop loss & tgt in previous day holding position in fo.
    Pls explain how it is work ?

  130. Mohd Taha says:

    I accidentally clicked on ‘Buy overnight liquid funds with no transaction cost’. It is showing a tick mark over there now. Please help.

  131. Qamar says:

    Is there any option to get the balance transferred to the bank account earlier than the quarter end?

  132. Vinoth says:

    whether Buy overnight liquid fund facility is available for underutilized Balances in commodity segment.

  133. Maya says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Tax P & L statement is not correct. Gain from IPO is not being included on it. I have already mentioned IPO allotment date details on discrepancy list. It is quite sometimes not being synchronized all this info in your software.
    Please rectify at your end as early as possible. I have already communicated all this issue with your support team. But, work is yet to be done properly.

  134. MNK says:

    will it automatically credited on next day morning?
    what if I don’t wont back in next day morning and keep in liquid fund for more 2 weeks and so.? any other way to do so?

  135. Gautham says:

    Are there any entry and exit charges money being transferred in and out of these liquid mutual funds? If so, what are the charges?

  136. Chandrakanta Kabra says:

    I am receiving Margin Statement for every day for NSE and BSE separately. Why there is constantly negative balance in BSE margin Statement from the day I stated Trading. Is there something to be done from my side? Please Advise.

    • Venu says:

      As brokers, we are required to maintain segment wise balance for all accounts. If you transfer any money to your trading account, the credit would be given to NSE-EQ segment. However these funds would be available for trading in any of the segments that you’re active in.

      For eg: If you have transferred Rs.100 to your trading account, credit of this would be given to NSE Eq segment. However you can use these funds to trade in Equity/F&O/CDS Segment provided you have the exchange enabled. If you utilise these funds for trading in F&O and make a loss of Rs.30 then your NSE Equity Balance would continue to show Rs.100 credit while your F&O segment would show a balance of minus 30 thereby making your balance across all segments as Rs.70 (100cr in EQ – 30dr in F&O).

      This is the reason why you see a debit in your BSE statement. You will have to view your balance across all segments to know the your actual balance in the trading ledger.

  137. surendra says:


    I haven’t started any trading yet. nor funded the account. But my Equity account balance show -ve(negative) balance.
    Please help to understand the same.

    thanks in advance

    • Venu says:

      You opened your demat account in the last Financial year. We compute & levy AMC on the demat account on 31st March every year; hence the debit.

  138. Muralidar says:

    today 5th april 2017 amount is still lying in liquid fund and not redemmed and credited back to my account. And my account is showing negative balance.

    • Venu says:

      The purchase and redemption entries have already been posted. Your account is already in a credit. You can check the same on your ledger.

      • Muralidar says:

        though my zerodha account is showing the correct balance, when I request a statement from AXIS Mutual fund using the folio number it shows that the amount is still lying with them and earning daily dividend even as on 6th april. This is after you have redeemed the units and credited my zerodha account. Please clarify what is the amount/units balance being shown by axis mutual fund as lying in my folio.

  139. ROHIT SHARMA says:

    hi nithin sir,
    i have been trading continuously since june 2016 in F&O but still on 10th march my funds has been (32145/-) transferred to bank account. i started sip as well for 10th every month. that is also cancelled due to shortage of funds in account.
    can u pls explain why this happened.

  140. Soumitra Chatterjee says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    I have opted for the overnight liquid fund investment option and I receive an email from the AMC for purchase.
    Here my question is,
    Is this investment for only 1 night? And when will I got back the money in my trading account?

    Soumitra Chatterjee

  141. Alok says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have opted for the overnight liquid fund option and I got an email from the AMC confirming the purchase.
    My question here is – will the redemption the next day be automatic or do I need to do it?
    Also, it would be helpful if we can see this transaction in mf.zerodha.com since essentially this is an investment in a mutual fund.


  142. ZW7201 says:

    I just wanted to know that i have ticked the option under profile tab that “Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs” by mistake and now I am trying to deselect that option but I am unable to do it. Help me.

    • Can you email [email protected] if you are not able to untick. Btw, if you have ticked it, you are saved the inconvenience of receiving back money once every quarter to your bank and you also having to bear payment gateway charges. Overnight liquid funds will most probably give you interest for that 1 overnight day it was bought in your account.

  143. Ajit Nayak says:

    I just wanted to know that i have ticked the option under profile tab that “Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs” What does this means actually could you please explain

  144. Dileep Joshi says:

    Sir I have only trading account with u, will this system work for me.

  145. Deepesh Godha says:

    Hi Nitin,

    My client id is DD2228.

    Amount of Rs.16000/- debited towards quarterly settlement.

    Within what time it will be appeared in my bank / trading account for trading.

  146. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    For quarterly settlement, in case of cash, you said 125% of margin money will be kept. I would like to get clarified on this. For example if Rs 100 is blocked for various margins, will you allow additional Rs 25 cash or Rs 125 cash in trading account?

  147. Sanchita Chatterjee says:

    Dear Nikhil,
    The quarterly settlement payment has not yet reached my bank account since November 11 2016. Could you please let me know the reason behind such a delay? I would like to have the money in Zerodha trading at the earliest or in my bank account which ever is convenient for you.

  148. vishal says:

    How to uncheck the checkbox ? Its not allowing us .

  149. omprakash says:

    i need to deselect both the options..i selected suddenly..could u do it for me plz

  150. Mohit Chhillar says:


    Is there a statement issued whenever these transactions are done. If have selected the option for last 1-2 months and my average overnight balance is 2L, but i have never got any intimation of any transaction. IS there is place i can go and check the transactions ?

    • Mohit, the transaction happens only if you haven’t utilized the funds even one day in a quarter. yes, you will get a mutual fund transaction email.

      • MUKUL SAPRE says:

        Hi there,

        Mr. Kamath, When Zerodha invests our unused funds in the overnight Liquid Funds, A new FOLIO is made every time. Why not reinvest in the existing folio. such as my funds are invested by Zerodha in Reliance Daily Dividend, and its reinvested in the same fund but with a different folio no. every time. so now i have two separate folios with zero balance in them. why so?

        • darshan says:

          Mr Kamath,

          i also have this same query, can you please answer, every quarter there is liquid mf investment through a new folio number? it can be a headache submitting details of all mf, while filing ITR
          please clarify

  151. vicky says:

    I am a new trader, in my fund’s section total account balance is 5k but for withdrawal only4.89k are available.Is there any charge levied on me(i bought intraday stock with margin and sold them on the same day).please clarify.

  152. Sunith D K says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I had a lot of confidence in Zerodha Q untill this happened two days back.
    My profits realised till Jan 24 th was 4, 30, 000 Rs ( Q was exactly showing the same. And i also have my own track of my profits ).

    The next two days, i was not able to log on to Q, and yesterday when i see the realized profits its showing 3, 44, 000 Rs ( Around 90000 Rs less ) And i havent done any trades in these days.

    And i checked the profits realised during an earlier Period, even that also is shown 90000 Rs less, i have the screen shot saved for this earlier period. So i have attached the screenshot and raised a ticket already.

    Nobody has even looked into the issue or contacted me, and i m here worried about my Funds in your system. I have made almost 5 Or 6 Calls to the support center, every body has only one answer, they have intimated the concerned Person and he ll contact me by the end of the day and rectify the problem . I dont know who this person is, and nobody has contacted me.

    I dont have the number of any person who can help me in this regard. So i kindly request you to look in to this issue.

    My ticket number is 766776. If you can give the numbers of some senior persons ( I dont think the support team is able to underatand what i m speaking to them. I already had enough calls with them ) I can tell them the situation.

    Please rectify this issue because i didnt get any response from the service team yet and i am still worried about this mismatch shown in Q.

    Atleast give a contact number where i can explain what is the problem, and a person who can understand and give the solution

    I hope you can understand a person’s frustration when its related to his funds.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Having this checked Sreejith, there is nothing to worry. P&L is a report, doesn’t affect the account balances. I am getting someone check this. Our tech team doesn’t work saturdays and your ticket has come in only late afternoon yesterday, they will be able to come back only on monday.

  153. Suresh Sharma says:

    In my view, Portfolio should also has capability to show stocks- holdings sector-wise too, alphanumeric wise etc. and need some more features to add like others.
    This is my suggestion and should not be taken otherwise.

  154. Suresh Sharma says:

    By what time, you will be able to show individual’s stock/s purchased in individual’s account which remains directly linked with market just after its purchase, ( i.e. FOR THE TRANSITION PERIOD untill it comes to individual’s D-mat account ) so that BTST facility could be used by individual as per the actual available, till it comes in D-mat account of individual.

  155. Swarna says:

    This is absurd mainly because it was not informed (at least to me) . Why are the contact details taken if you are not using those to share such important information.
    I was shocked to get the MF statement at my address and I was about to take it up with SEBI as I was not aware of any such thing happening from Zerodha. And that too this happening in December when demonetization effects were in its peak, I thought someone has used my account to turn their black money into white as these transactions are shown in PHYSICAL mode !!!
    Suggestion: When you want to introduce any such new feature, ensure that it has been communicated with customers and don’t turn them ‘on’ by default. Let the customers subscribe to it.

    • We send an email to all clients about this, will get someone to check on your account.

    • Raj Shelat says:

      That is exactly my point. I got SMSon my registered Mobile number as,
      “As per your request, an investment into Liquid fund has been made, however there funds will be available as trading limits in your account. We have sent an email to your registered email ID with more details.”

      Please note that I have not made any such request. And I have not got any email on my this registered email ID as well.

      Isn’t this a misuse of POA?

  156. Ritesh says:


    What exactly happens when we select “Buy overnight liquid fund”, since the liquid fund price changes everyday, say the NAV price increased by 0.02%, if my free balance is Rs 20000, will it increase to 20004 or it will remain 20000 only.

    The reason for asking is i have this option enabled, but didn’t notice any change in free balance, How to check this transaction…


    • Ritesh, this option works only for 1 day in a quarter. Unless the underlying NAV changes, you won’t get a return for that day.

      • VISHAL says:

        Hi Nithin,

        can you pls explain in little detail?
        What if underlying NAV changed? Let’s say it goes negative, what happens then?


        • VISHAL says:

          And if i choose option of buying overnight liquid fund:
          1. When will the fund be deposited back to my trading account?
          2. and Do i have to initiate request for this or is it automatic process?

          Thanks in advance!

          • If you use the overnight liquid fund option, it would be as good as the money exists in your account. Goes from your account after trading hours and comes back next day before market opening. Everything is automatic, you don’t have to do anything.

        • These are liquid funds with massive AUM, NAV going down is extremely tiny. But this can be held longer also if required to recover any drop

          • Vikash says:

            Is it possible to buy liquid fund and remain in that fund and also place stock orders for delivery etc.
            Say – I have 50000 as unutilized fund and liquid fund is bought and now I don’t redeem it and my free balance is zero. Now I place order for any delivery on share for price 10000, will I be able to buy the shares.
            Of course after I buy the shares I will redeem the MF to match this transaction.

            Or the second case, say at 9:15 I place an order to redeem my liquid MF fund, will it be credited back within that day market hours so that I can place my other delivery etc. orders.

            • Ah no, not possible. You need to have cash in your account. If you buy liquid bees (instead of liquid fund, works similar),you can sell it and use it to buy more stocks.

  157. Akash Malhotra says:

    Does Zerodha provide the facility of parking your money in overnight liquid funds while waiting for price of a stock to correct? Back in 2015, BSE introduced overnight liquid funds on its Star MF platform with the same motive.

    • Venu says:

      Liquid funds transactions can only be done in non-demat form, something which we aren’t facilitating for now. You can invest in other liquid funds, but you’ll need to have a demat account with Zerodha to be able to access the mf platform. You can place orders for Mutual funds here: https://mf.zerodha.com/

      • Lokesh Jain says:

        How much time it takes for the funds to be credited to my zerodha account after I sell these liquid funds? Is it available immediately for trading?

        • Available immediately for trading, takes 2 days to withdraw.

          • Lokesh Jain says:


            • Lokesh Jain says:

              Hi Nithin,

              Probably I am missing something here. I redeemed my units in Peerless liquid fund – Direct Plan, expecting for the funds to be made available immediately for trading. However, that didn’t happen. It seems funds will be available after settlement, that is T+1.

              What I am missing here? Are we talking of some specific liquid funds here? Is there a way for me to invest surplus amount somewhere, so that on redemption they are available immediately for trading?


              • Lokesh Jain says:

                Ok, I think I got the answer. We need to invest in liquid bees and not liquid funds. I can see, apart from liquid bees, there are number of other bees available such as Gold Bees, Bank bees, Nifty bees. Can they also be used instead of liquid bees? Or only liquid bees can be used?

                If yes, I can see only one option Reliance ETF liquid bees available on NSE. Is that the only one which qualifies? Also, what is the difference between LIQUIDBEES and LIQUIDBEES-BL? What does BL stands for?


    i am a client of zerodha from last 1.5 years . But i am listening this rule 1 st time . i haven’t recieve all fund in my bank account . never . why?

  159. Dinesh says:

    1: Other trading firm maintains fixed dates for Quarterly settlement.
    2: if you guys buy overnight liquid funds how I am going to check it via Ledger.

    • Venu says:

      1. It isn’t possible to have a fixed date, since ledger balances change everyday.
      2. There would be debit and credit entries of the purchase/redemption on your ledger.

  160. Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:

    For ‘Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs’ option, if I have Rs. 10,000 as balance then I hope I’ll be credited back not less than Rs. 10,000 back to my account automatically the next morning that will be available for investment. I understand that you have mentioned that there are no charges by Zerodha. Is there any additional cost involved like DP charges etc., since the fund will be debited/redeemed from demat account?

  161. Biswajit says:

    I notice that Zerodha does not have provision for Agri scripts such as Jeera, Soya bean, Mustard seed etc.

    1. Do you have specific reason for this?
    2. Do you intend to start these in future?

    • Firstly, we have very few people trading agri and secondly risk management on these contracts are extremely tough. Very tough to take the risk with our razor thin margins. No plans to start as of now.

  162. Aniruddha says:

    Can I enable automatic purchase and subsequent day sale of liquid MF on daily basis from zerodha account, something similar to what happens once in a quarter.

  163. Jinesh says:

    “In case of pledged securities, the only way out of not having to go through the entire pledge/unpledge requets would be to take a F&O position utilizing the collateral value completely on at least one day during the quarter.”

    1) Does this mean that, if collateral value was completely used in ‘any one day’ during quarter, pledge/unpledge hassle will not happen ?

    2) If collateral value is partially used during quarter, how will quarter settlement process work ?

    • Venu says:

      1. Yes
      2. If it’s used partially during the quarter, the day your account is due to be settled, the unused collateral stock will be transferred back to your account.

      • Jinesh says:


        1) So, if my collateral value is Rs.100,000 and have used max Rs.80,000 on any single day in quarter. 20k unsued collateral will be transferred back ?
        2) how can I know exactly how much collateral value I have used in a quarter ?

        • Venu says:

          No, you could have used collateral worth 80k on an earlier day. What gets transferred back is the unused collateral on the day your account is due for settlement. You can track the margins from your ledger.

          • Sunil PAUL says:

            I am not happy I want to change options but not able to do neither your banglore office picks up the Call nor chennai office PS4028 Sunil PAUL

  164. Chandra G Dilip says:

    I want to open an account.
    As i am interested in F& O trading.

    Please let me know the margin amount that i can use if i have 1 lac cash in demat amount.??

    And also in case if i hold shares of about 1 lac in demat??

  165. Bhavya says:

    Past performance of liquid fund. Is it in line with FD interest rates

  166. amol b babhulkar says:

    what is date of my quarterly settelment

  167. firoz says:

    can i buy stock today with my funds?

  168. denny says:

    what happens to the interest earned for that short time from the liquid fund ?

  169. KA says:

    Dear Sir,

    Investing the surplus funds in liquid funds or liquidbees overnight is a welcome idea. But, pls confirm whether we will lose any value, due to change in NAV value of MF units. Shall I assume that Whatever, we are investing overnight will get credited into the account the next day morning,


  170. R.Manojmurthy says:

    Sir am day trader 15000 rs margin so what you i do?

    • R.Manojmurthy says:

      Sir in that same time i have only trading account no demat how to buy liquid funds……

      • Venu says:

        Wouldn’t be possible if you don’t have a demat account. If you haven’t utilized the funds, then they’ll get credited back to your account.

        • R.Manojmurthy says:

          Sir any impact my account margin i have only trading account but used daily can u explain pls why suddenly this type of collapse?

  171. Piyush says:

    What will be cost of this transactioin ? What are the chance of loss due to difference in NAV of debiting and crediting ? or There will be no loss. eg. A account has one lakh rupees, you will debit one lakh rupees in evening and credit one lakh rupees in next day morning without loss of single rupee.

    pls reply.

  172. surendar says:

    Good info. This time, while Zerodha did the buy, I had to call and ensure the trading amount got credited back. can you ensure this process is also automatic?

  173. gaurav says:

    thanks zerodha for informing clients about this and other things, like the excess stt on option on expiry day that was an eye opener

  174. Siddharth Jain says:

    Would this overnight fund buying mean that it will be considered speculative buying and hence, one may be classified as Trader instead of investor?
    A person who does not deal in F&O or day trading would NOT like such a thing to happen automatically as it can lead to liability in terms of filing ITR4 vs ITR1/ITR2.

    Could you please clarify?

    • Nikhil A says:

      Buying and selling of liquid funds wouldn’t be considered speculative, so this shouldn’t be a concern.

  175. Srinivas says:

    What happens if say the value of my pledged securities is about 16 Lacs and I use only about 5 Lacs for overnight positions and the rest is in reserve for fresh trading opportunities.

    • Venu says:

      If you haven’t used full collateral margins, then the securities will be unpledged and transferred back to your account. You can pledge again, if you wish to.

  176. Sujith says:

    How to know the settlement date? will it happen on specific day or qtrly settlement is different for each client?

  177. Sujith says:

    How I will know the pay out date? I believe it is different for each client right? Is it mentioned anywhere in Pi or Q?

  178. Manujanshu says:

    Thanks for the info and the pain you guys take to inform traders & investors is really appreciative. Advice for Nikhil, don’t be a Grammar Nazi.

  179. Rajiv says:

    Can you please share the dates when this Quarterly settlement will take place. Thanks.

  180. vijay says:

    can u avail this facility

  181. sunitha says:

    Thanks for the clarification, I got panicked by seeing mails that someone has invested in Reliance MF from Zerodha without my knowledge.

    • jalindar says:

      unused balance transfer to bank account in quarter is there any charges deduct form account
      please clarify unused means if i have trade for 1 day for quarter it calculated as used or unused fund in this
      condition fund transfer to back bank account or not

      • Venu says:

        No charges for transfer from our side. If you have used all your funds even for one day, then your account doesn’t fall due for settlement.

        • tushar4544 says:

          i have selected transfer funds back to my account what will happen now?

          • Matti says:

            Once a quarter, unused funds will be transferred back to your bank account.

          • Ashok Kumar singh says:

            dear sir my account no has been changed so that you send it the amount in my old account which is already closed. so it is request to you kindly refund in my new account.

            • Komal says:

              Hi Ashok,

              Similar thing happend with me also, I had changed base branch of my account which was not updated in zerodha.
              So the IFSC was different but bank is same.

              The funds got deducted from my zerodha account for quarterly settlement on 11 jun 2021, and are not yet credited to bank account.

              Could you tell me how did you get this resolved.

              Thank you.

    • Alok says:

      please advise the process of transfer of free cash balance from Equity Account to Commodity Account and vice-a-versa like other brokers.

      • Faisal says:

        Alok, we are working on providing one account for both Equity and Commodity trades which will enable using the same fund balance.

    • T.s.Karthik says:

      Hello sir/ madam,
      in case if i enable “over night liquid fund” option. Later on can i change to “transfer bank option”.

      Pls suggest .

    • Brij says:

      I want to buy liquid bees or liquid mutual funds on Friday having consecutive non banking Saturday or holiday and sell them the next working day morning as soon as market opens to utilize unused cash in account.This cash I cant transfer to bank account as next day is holiday.
      Pl explain with timing details how with liquid mutual funds, the trade can be done in such a way that the funds get debited only after market closing on Friday and credited before next day opening i.e. Monday. I have done this experimentation with specified overnight fund , but units were not credited next day. so was unable to sell. Also as per information on coin platform the order placed post 1.30 pm is executed on next day. Pl clarify in simple logic.