Now gift stocks and ETFs to your friends and loved ones

November 14, 2020

Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

We all have been in situations where we’ve spent several hours searching for the right gift for an occasion. Choosing a meaningful gift is never easy. One of the things we’ve wanted to do at Zerodha for a long time was to make gifting stocks, mutual funds, and bonds easier, but making the process seamless and online wasn’t possible. The only way to gift stock was to execute an off-market transfer by filling up a physical delivery instruction slip (DIS) and then sending it to us to complete the transfer.

But thanks to the recently introduced CDSL’s e-DIS (Electronic delivery instruction slip), we now have built a platform to gift stocks, ETFs, and gold bonds to your friends and loved ones in a few easy steps. We’ll soon enable gifting of mutual funds and gifting to minors (<18 years).

We think stocks and ETFs are the perfect gifts for most occasions, and they are quite literally gifts that keep on giving. They are also a great way to introduce your friends and family to investing and capital markets and in turn, help in the financialization of our country.

With this in mind, we’ve made gifting stocks as easy as it gets. 🙂

How to gift

  1. Head over to the stock gifting page on Console

    Gift stocks, ETFs, and Gold Bonds

  2. Enter your friend’s name and/or email address and click on “Continue”.
  3. Select the stock(s) you wish to gift and enter the quantity.

    Select the stock you wish to gift

  4. Click the “Confirm & send” button. The recipient will receive an SMS and email with the details of the gift.

    Confirm the details

  5. You can also share your unique gift link by copying it from the history section.
  6. Once the recipient has accepted the gift, you will receive an email and SMS notification from Zerodha asking you to verify the details of the recipient and approve the stocks to be transferred from your demat to the recipient using the CDSL TPIN. If the recipient doesn’t have a Zerodha account, the account can be opened in a few minutes, and he or she can then accept the gift.

    Approve gift email notification

    Approve gift on Console

    Approve gift on Console

    Confirm the gift you're sending

    Confirm the gift you’re sending

    Authorize the debit of stocks with your TPIN

    Authorize the debit of stocks with your TPIN

    Enter your TPIN and approve the debit of securities

    And you’re done!

  7. After you have approved the debit of stocks using the CDSL TPIN, Zerodha will set up an off-market gift transaction at CDSL which you need to verify using an OTP sent by CDSL. Shortly after the off-market gift transaction is set up by Zerodha, which happens at 5 PM on every trading day, you’ll receive an email and SMS from CDSL with this link to verify the transaction through an OTP. You will be required to enter your PAN or 16 digit DP ID and generate the OTP. The OTP verification has to be done by 8 PM on the same day.

    Authorize the demat transfer

    Enter OTP and complete the transfer

  8. On successful verification of the gift transaction, the stocks are transferred from your demat account to the recipient’s demat account.
  9. To calculate the P&L and buy averages, the gift trade will be entered at the previous closing price available of the stock on the day the transfer. The holding transferred by the sender of the gift will be closed at the previous closing price of the stock, and the average price for the receiver of the stock will be the same closing price of the stock.
  10. There are no additional charges for gifting. Off-market transfer charge of Rs. 25/- or 0.03% whichever is higher is applicable for these transfers.
  11. There will be no tax implication for the sender of the gift. However, there could be taxes on the receiver if the gift received is more than Rs 50,000. Check this article to know more.

You can also check out these support articles for more:

The next time you’re looking for a gift, you know what to do. 🙂

From all of us here at team Zerodha, wishing you all a happy and prosperous Diwali! 🪔

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    i want to gift share to my wife but it shows “cash balance cannot be less than 0 to process this request.” i have balance in my funds.
    what can i do?

  2. Vartika Sharma says:

    I’m getting “unable to gift the stocks when you have 0 balance in your account” even though I have balance in the account.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vartika, if you’ve just added funds and placed a gifting request the same day it won’t be processed since the funds statement balance will be updated on the following day. As a result, the gifting request can only be processed the next day. More here.

  3. Swathi says:

    I want to gift the stocks to my friend. But the error message is showing like “ unable to gift the stocks when you have 0 balance in your account “. I have money in my account. What to do in this situation? Please help

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Swathi, please create a ticket at so that we can check and have it resolved at the earliest.

  4. Chaitanya says:

    While sending the stocks as gift I am getting an error as ” Error sending gift: Failed to send gift request: Cash balance cannot be less than 0 to process this request’. I have a balance of Rs. 560 in the Zerodha account under funds. Can you please suggest?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Chaitanya, sorry to hear this. Could you please create a ticket at Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

  5. Twinkle says:

    Is there any way in which we can keep a lock in period for the gift stock from getting sold

  6. Ali says:


    I am not able to send stocks as gift even though enough margin / cash is available. I get the following message:

    “Error sending gift: Failed to send gift request: Cash balance cannot be less than 0 to process this request”

  7. sai says:

    i have added 300 rs to my funds but still the cash balance shows -29 rs . Why its not reflecting ?
    is it because its sunday today ?

  8. Shruthi R says:

    Hey Suresh, charges for gifting are 0.03% of the gift value or ₹25 whichever is higher, plus 18% GST. If you don’t have enough cash balance to cover the gifting charges, this error will be displayed. Please ensure to maintain sufficient funds in your trading account. More here.

  9. Utkarsh says:

    Can we gift YESBank shares which are currently in lock in period?

  10. Abdul Hameed says:

    I’m getting this error: “Error sending gift: Failed to send gift
    request: Cash balance cannot be less
    than O to process this request”

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Abdul, if you have zero cash balance in the account while gifting stocks this would result in an unsuccessful request. This is in order to cover the transfer fee. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. We’ve explained the fees for gifting here.

      • mohit says:

        I’m getting this error: “Error sending gift: Failed to send gift
        request: Cash balance cannot be less
        than O to process this request”

        Although, I have added Rs 500 to my account. please help

        • Shruthi says:

          Hi Mohit, we see that you’ve added the funds today. You’ll be able to place the request tomorrow. i.e once we reconcile the balances to your ledger at the end of the day.

  11. Rajesh says:

    I wish to gift few shares to my Sister who has a Demat account with a different service provider (not Zerodha).
    In this case can I gift the shares or this gifting is possible only between Zerodha’s account holders?

  12. Niranjan says:

    It’s been 2 years since this blog was made. When will we be able to gift mutual funds?

  13. Sanjoy Sarkar says:

    Recently I have gifted some shares which are in profit, but in report it’s showing in the realized P&L but it’s not reflected in the funds. where all these profit went? receiver also not received the profit!!

  14. Senthamarai says:

    I have 1 stock in my account which has 6 shares. I’m trying to gift those 6 shares to my son. I have sent a request and he has accepted the gift but when I’m trying to approve the gift, the application says “something went wrong”. Please look into this issue.

  15. Piyush Jani says:

    How can we gift a stock to someone who is having a DMAT account with some other company/broker ?

  16. Tasleem Khan says:

    Can I send gift stocks to Angel broking from zerodha?

  17. Sanjay says:

    While gifting stocks. It’s coming like this.
    ” Error , your cash balance should not be 0. ”
    I have cash in both sender and recipient account . What should I do

  18. Shubhashree says:

    I am getting the following error message while transferring the funds, what does that mean and how to rectify?

    Error sending gift: Failed to send gift request: Cash balance cannot be less than 0 to process this request

  19. Omkar says:

    Can we use this to apply for IPO from friend’s account and if allotted, transfer the allotted shares into our account upon listing? Please reply.

  20. Srinivasan Balakishnan says:

    I am unable to gift the stocks which I purchased through IPO issue.

  21. Kiran says:

    Can you please provide us the list of stocks/ securities that can be gifted?

  22. Mahesh says:

    I got an allotment in Clean science But I’m unable to gift those shares. when can I gift those shares?

    • MANISH SWAMI says:

      I talked to the support team regarding the same.
      As there is a list of approved stocks for gifting it will take them some time to update the list to make CLEAN giftable. You could However use CDSL’s Easiest to transfer the shares.

  23. Milford says:

    If otherwise, you have to gift stock or a bond, the process is entirely physical. The donor has to fill up a delivery instruction slip (DIS) and submit the same to his Depository Participant (DP). The DIS will have details such as names and DP IDs of the donor and donee, client ID and number of shares to be transferred etc. The transfer date needs to be mentioned too. Once you submit the DIS, the transfer will get executed on the mentioned date. However, the shares will still be with the DP of the donee. Now, the donee has to fill up a receipt instruction and submit it to his DP. Once that happens, the shares received from the donor’s DP will be credited to donee’s Demat account.

  24. Hardik says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    I would like to gift all of my SIP holdings on Coin to my father. Is it possible? If not, what’s the best way to gift/transfer them to my father’s Demataccount with Zerodha.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

  25. Mitesh Agarwal says:

    Gifting stock means receiver get stock at sender buy price and sender do not get any profit to pay Capital Gain. But with Zerodah platform, receiver will get gifted stock at last closing price and profit realised by sender. How is it different than sender selling and receiver buying the same stock at market price?
    Also, does it not violate that the sender statement will show profit of those stock and become liable to pay capital gain taxes?
    Please explain Zerodah team and others to be careful using this feature.

  26. Renu says:

    While Approving it shows below error, how to rectify this.

    Error approving gift: Internal server error.

    I managed to speak to the call center guy, by holding for about 30min(did all other work during that 30min). What he, said was that CDSL server could be down and hence the message was displayed. But, somehow, answer is not convincing. I will follow-up again with them tommorrow.

    • Hari says:

      Any solution provided to this issue? I am also facing the same issue.

      • Krithika says:

        There could be some shares where there is an event. Please cancel the transaction and re-try gifting the active stocks where there are no events. I tried and it worked.

  27. Anuruddha Saxena says:

    While Approving it shows below error, how to rectify this.

    Error approving gift: Internal server error

  28. Neha Rathod says:

    “Error approving gift: Internal server error.” This message keeps appearing every time when I try to gift a stock.

    The gift request has been accepted by the ‘Receiver’

    And now, I have to approve this process, to proceed further.

    But, the “Error approving gift: Internal server error” keeps appearing, and I’m unable to gift the stock.

    I request you to resolve the problem & let me know.

  29. manish patil says:

    Error approving gift: Internal server error
    what is this error indicates

    pls let me know

  30. chander says:

    Sir, could you please tell me about the accounts of Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham & Mahakaaleshwara temple, if I may wish to offer my shares to the deities, & what will be the charges involved?

  31. Sateesh says:

    Is the gifting can be done from Zerodha to Non Zerodha DEMAT account?

  32. Kunal says:

    Getting internal server error whenever I try to approve the transaction.
    Workflow was..

    Selected stocks to gift to my wife, then wife accepted from her account.
    Then I tried to approve from my account , but getting the msg..
    “Error approving gift: Internal server error”

    Please advise how to approve?/

  33. DeepWater says:

    In the history section of Gift.
    We see there is status for each transfer.

    Kindly update the above thread with meaning of each different status message. So that individuals can know & understand the current status of Gift.
    May be workflow of change in status can be updated so that people don’t keep asking trival questions on process.

  34. Abhay Singh says:

    Worst service. After gifting share it showing discrepancy on all my portfolio shares. Same on other side also.
    Already raised the ticket but no action has been taken last 24 hours.

  35. SHRIKANT says:

    Dear Sir,
    we have transfer the off market stock in cdsl as a Reason ‘GIFT’ so my question is. Is that GIFT deed mandatory or not as per CDSL & SEBI.

  36. Ben says:

    Is it possible to send gift stocks from Canada to the United States using zerodha?

  37. Indranil says:

    I am not getting Approve button for the gifting option. Recipient was able to accept the gift.

    • David says:

      Did you get this resolved? I seem to be facing the same issue.

    • Akhilesh says:

      Same problem here, I am also not getting the Approve button. Recipient has accepted it though and i have received a mail from zerodha as a confirmation

  38. Rajesh Kumar says:

    I want to gift stocks of 11 companies. Please tell the charges for that. If there is only 25 rs. to be paid for all these or I have to pay 25 rs per script?

  39. Akshay says:

    Not getting Accept button on sender console. Any known issues in system. Receiver has accepted long back.

  40. Ssan says:

    What abt gifting of G-Sec bonds.. ? Can we gift them too…?

  41. J Doshi says:


    Thank you for this guide. It is very useful.

    I followed the steps and reached the step where I have to select stocks to gift.

    I could not find couple of stocks in the list that I want to gift. I have bought these shares months ago and are visible in my portfolio. But they are not available in the stock gift list.

    Any particular reason?

    Thanks for your time

  42. kiran jagtap says:

    i have tried too many times but approve request is not shown on sender console
    verry disapponted with zeodha
    fucking system

  43. Amarjeet kar says:

    Kya ipo me mila stock ko apne friend ko gift kar sakte hai Yadi kar sakte hai to kitni din bad

    • Manohar says:

      I am also looking for this answer. when will be KIMS stock will be added to approved list for gifting.

  44. John says:


  45. Ashwin says:

    I have gifted few, but it hasn’t been delivered yet. How long will it take??

  46. Rohn says:

    Can we gift PNB banks stocks frm kite to kite account is it possible please reply

  47. Kashyap says:

    Love the idea! I tried this feature recently, but the status is “Processing” for 2 days. How long it will take?

    • Nakul says:

      Hey, this transfer must have failed because the final step of OTP verification might not have been done. You’ll have to reinitiate the gift transfer. The status of the transfer will change to failed in a couple of days.

  48. nirali says:

    I have bought the stocks from the list given for gifting but still, I am getting a “You do not hold any stocks approved for gifting” message.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nirali, have the stocks been credited to your demat account yet? You need to wait for the settlement to happen in T+2.

  49. eMarket Education says:

    Thanks for the info. We’d definitely inform this to our digital marketing students.

  50. Prashant says:

    This facility using i got one shear,
    But Day after my portfolio showing mi all stock average price and invested value miss match and some stock showing me discrepancies
    This is my ticket no 20201210871539

  51. Mandar says:

    Can I gift the stocks of YES bank which have a lock in period ?

  52. DEEPARAM says:

    When we get these shares in recipient a/c, mean time period

  53. Anil says:

    When we get these shares in recipient a/c, mean time period

  54. Barun Dutta says:

    Dear sir,
    Today fund Balance Rs.7598.27 and holding share Aarthi durg sell 10quantity @Rs. 738.00 and buy 25.11.20 qunty 10 @ Rs.705.00 but why credit amount 5904.00 pl check this matter and immediately solve.Before it my fund balance Rs.7686.77 on dated 27.11.20 but this day after market clossing fund balance Rs.7598.41and fund dabited Rs.88.50.why dabit amount. No statement my mail and few call your customer care number but no response.. please my problem immediately solve.

    Thank you
    Barun Dutta.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Barun, only 80% of the value of the stock sale is credited on the day of the transaction according to the new peak margin rules. Read more here.

  55. Karan joshi says:

    I had paid the account opening fees..but the process didn’t get continued.. that got stopped and the portal is asking again to pay the opening amount.. please clear my issue


    I want to gift some shares to my family members and requested for a DIS booklet and my signed form was received by Zerodha on 19th Nov. Till now I didn’t get any update on my request. As per advice of a support personnel I have even submitted a ticket on 27th Nov. but no reply from your end.
    Please appriciate that gifting something to a family members generally done on special occasions and I an unable to do so since you have not acted on my request in last two weeks.

    May I request you to check my support ticket and atleast reply with the status?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Biswajit, sorry about that. Owing to the pandemic, our staff working from the office is very minimal, so dispatching documents takes more time now. However, you can now use the gifting option on Console as explained above to gift stocks.

      • BISWAJIT BHOWMIK says:

        Hi Matti,
        I know about gifting through CONSOLE but this transfer would be from CDSL to NSDL and that is why I need a DIS.

  57. Ranganath Yugandhar says:

    Its has been almost one week gift of stocks to other family member. But not credited shares so far.

    Usually how many days it takes to complete the transaction.

  58. Pranav says:

    First of all thank you for adding such a great Feature.
    I would like you to consider adding one more facility for all the investors who want to invest in individual Stocks through SIPs. Also make the process automatic. So for example once I register for SIP of 3 stocks of HDFC Bank, then every month (on a fixed date) automatic Buy order must be placed for three stocks of HDFC Bank irrespective of the price of the stock.
    Thank you.

  59. Vinay Kumar says:

    How can i invest in “ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK)”.

  60. Binoy Kumar Das says:

    I gifted share to my wife on 19.11.2020 but unfortunately today (23.11.2020) the shares are not reflected in her DMAT account. Even though Zerodha said it will reflect in the DMAT of transferee’s on next day of transfer. How much time it required.

  61. Ashish says:

    Do we need to manually give the buy price for the recipient in console? Or will it be adjusted by team Zerodha ?

    I thought that the whole process is automatic.

  62. Prithiv Venkatesh Selvaraj says:

    Can we not gift ELSS Mutual Funds ?

  63. Nithin S says:

    Hi Team,

    How’s the tax calculated for the receiver while selling it, is it regular ltcg/stcg,?

  64. Arpita says:

    Hi Team,
    Can a gift stock be sent from a Zerodha A/c to a non Zerodhar A/c? meaning a demat A/C not held with Zerodha?


    • Nithin says:

      It’s required hold the account with zerodha. Meaning sender and receiver both should have the accounts with zerodha.

  65. Rajiv says:

    Nice thing ☺️

  66. M M Ghosh says:

    Very cumbersome process

  67. Chatthish says:

    Dear Team,

    This is an excellent work. I have been looking for this option since ages. Now, You have made it. Made everyone’s life easier. Keep doing great work. Thank you


  68. Arei pamei says:

    Even I have sufficient holding it is rejected while trying to sell. Saying insufficient holding. I cant understand what is the issue. kindly clarify

  69. PARIKSHIT says:

    A very good initiative by Zerodha. I was searching for way to gift stocks and Zerodha has provided an easy one.

  70. Umesh says:

    Can we transfer unquoted shares from this option. In my account I have shares of Bharat Hotel which is an unlisted share.

  71. Malli says:

    Will I get a Certificate of Gift, at least a softcopy which prints the Gift of stocks, so that the same can be printed on a card and gifted as a physical copy to friends by meeting in person, on a special occasion?

  72. Abi says:

    What about Tax and Trading charges?

  73. Prakash kesh says:

    Happy diwali

  74. Azimmiya says:

    Very good

  75. P bharathi says:

    Very very good idea.

  76. Vishwa says:

    Is it compulsory for the recipient to have a demat account and if yes, then does it have to be Zerodha and CDSL only?

  77. Jnaneshwara says:

    I’m trying to gift around 20 stocks from my Zerodha account to my wife’s

    But while approving it’s showing error as it exceeds 10000 msec

    Is there any upper limit of number of stocks and amount?

  78. Manisha says:

    Happy Diwali

  79. Sathya says:

    Can an NRI open an account with Zerodha ? Please let me know.

  80. Jitendra Patel says:

    Brilliant stuff. Other big bank brokers and independent brokers are still stuck in 1998 attitude. Not thinking out of the box. Want customer to give them money for nothing. They want infinite returns by scamming customers and zero investment. Zerodha is not doing any disruption. They are changing people’s behaviour and thought process towards capital market and especially Direct Equities by using tech which is easily available to everyone.

    One question on gifting.

    Wouldn’t be there a tax incidence in gifting stocks to friends and non blood relatives as defined by Income Tax.

  81. Prithiviraj says:

    Only stocks that are listed under *Approved list of securities* can be gifted.
    How about the recent stocks that got listed, for eg: CHEMCON etc, are not in the list.
    Are there any time frame for these stocks to come under *Approved list of securities*, so that it can be gifted.

  82. Girimon says:

    Innovative thinking, Nithin.

  83. Sarfaraznawaz Patel says:

    Should not the price of gift 1remain the original buy price rather that the previous day closing price. As the person giving gift is not going to pay any tax on capital g a in received till date as he has not sold the share.
    Eg. I buy 15 shar at10 rs and after 2 years it price turns to 100 rs and gift to my spouse and she sells them in a month at 110 ideally she has to calculate it as profit of 100 rs per share and not 10 rs. Please clarify. Also will that be short term gain or long term gain for her as she hold it only for 1 month but over all share is hold for 2 year and 1 month

  84. Tapas Sarkar says:

    Bast biking hause zerodha


    Good response zarodha brokereg

  86. VIKAS VERMA says:

    Nice Doing good Job.

  87. Gurvindar singh says:

    Good response zarodha brokereg and vary sanative

  88. Sanket says:

    Great idea…but wanted to know if same can be done to transfer of stocks from individual’s one trading account sat Zerodha to another trading account of Upstox or Kotak securities through same process?

  89. Anil chauhan says:

    Oll zaroda temm happy Diwali

  90. Adarsh Jaiswal says:

    I have thought so many times to gift stock to people at occasions, and now it can me done so easily, thanks for making it happen, Zerodha and team!

  91. Jnaneshwara says:

    Is there any timeframe for gifting?

  92. Anirban Konar says:

    This is a good one. However there is huge fraud risk involved. If account is compromised with CDSL pin then there could be huge loss for the account holder. As of now that risk is less unless someone adds or modifies the bank account cannot transfer money out. But this way fraud guy can gift all stocks to their own account from a hacked account. Then sell those and transfer the money to their bank account and run away. By the time the original account holder come to know and take action (not sure what that person can do) it will be all gone. Zerodha will not take any liability. Hope the gift option is not enabled by default.

  93. Harish says:

    By what formula is 0.03% on 10,000 Rs would come to 300 ???
    wouldn’t that be 3 Rs – and thus the transaction would effectively cost Rs 25.

    Can u please explain. May be I forgot some basic math here.

  94. Krishna says:

    Charges 0.03% !!!!
    So for every 10000 we need to pay 300 !!!

    • Chandu says:

      By what formula is 0.03% on 10,000 Rs would come to 300 ???
      wouldn’t that be 3 Rs – and thus the transaction would effectively cost Rs 25.

      Can u please explain. May be I forgot some basic math here.

  95. Naushad Ahmed says:

    Zerodha team Happy Diwali

  96. Chinmay Bharadwaj says:

    Don’t need to think hours before gifting something meaningful to you loved ones

  97. Madan Lal Sikri says:

    Zerodha hai..Toh Mumkin hai.!

  98. Bibek Patra says:

    This feature was very much required and thanks to team zerodha.
    Kudos !!!!

  99. Rajesh says:

    Can anyone gift from non resident DMAT account to a resident holding zerodha dmat account?

  100. H R Anil Babu says:

    Thank you for your wishes,
    Wishing you all of the TEAM ZERODHA a happy and prosperous Diwali!

  101. Suresh Patki says:

    What will b the statutary tax liabilities? If taxes apply who will pay? Though it is a gift will it b treated as sale for the calculation of tax?

  102. Kowsik Pindikura says:

    Proud to be associated with Zerodha and always forward for innovative features

  103. Kishore says:

    Wow… Amazing… This is a really nice feature and good one for introducing the younger ones to financial world, saving and investing mindset

  104. Ankit says:

    If the recipient doesn’t have a Zerodha account, they will need to open one. Will this new account opening be considered as a referral for the sender?

  105. Tanmoy says:

    I want to buy and gift Mutual fund units/ETF to my close relative. I understand the recipient has to open DMAT account in 7 days. Questions:
    1. Can I use money from my account to buy the units in her name
    2. If DMAT required, what are the requirements for the recipient
    3. is the whole process paperless


  106. Rakesh Kumar Singh says:


  107. Dhannana BABY KUMARI says:


  108. Vaidhiyanathan N says:

    Happy Diwali.

  109. BHARAT THAKOR says:

    Wish You And Your Family Happy Diwali And Happy New Year…….

  110. Guru says:

    Finally, my long awaited wish became true by Zerodha.
    Now life is easy for me to give people an appreciating gifts.


    happy diwali

  112. Saurabh says:

    I think it’s a great feature which is going to make everyone happy 🤠

    Wish you all and Zerodha team Happy Diwali 🙂

  113. sudhir singh says:

    hi nithin & nikhil….happy diwali to u, family & great team

  114. Sai Pavan says:

    Few stocks are seen in the list of holdings while gifting. Is gifting limited to few companies?

  115. RITUKANT MAURYA says:

    This is really very fantistic feature introduced by Zerodha for transfer/Gifting of DMAT instruments to our dear one.

  116. Brahmananda Majhi says:

    My daughter has no Demat or Trading Account. I gift her some Stock. How much it will cost to open a demat and trading account and how many days it will take?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Bhramananda, we’ll enable gifting stocks to minors soon. Once that process is live, you’ll be able to open a minor demat account and gift.

  117. Vaibhav says:

    When I go under gifting it only says You do not hold any stocks approved for gifting.
    How do I gift someone?

  118. Ganesh maske says:

    Zeroda no 1 brokar

  119. Prashant Desai says:

    Happy Diwali zerodha

  120. Tejas Chawda says:

    Open for gifts! Haha

  121. Kuldeep Singh says:

    I am purchasing this diwali many shere for sagun

  122. Varun says:

    Awesome feature. Looking forward to transfers for minors as well.

  123. Arjun prasad yadav says:

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    My Zerodha account to other non-zerodha account??

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  128. Ramachandra says:

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    Can u pls tell me that if recipient have no demat account and he does not wants open demat/zerodha for few years so gifted stock are valid after few years

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    First, you changed the landscape and now creating some new as well. Happy Diwali !

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    When zerodha provide basket order in kite app?

  140. Ramesh Khankar says:

    It is fantastic without any paper work we can transfer stocks mf etc.Only question is to any broker a/c holder?

    • Matti says:

      No, Ramesh, the recipient needs to have a Zerodha account too. If they don’t have one at the time of gifting, they can also open one after you gift to accept it as stated int eh post above.

  141. RT says:

    Can I gift even the loss of that stock from the purchase price to my friend along with the stock😂

  142. Arvind Sampath says:

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    What’s the procedure to open a demat account for a minor?
    Aadhar, Passport would be only ID proofs possible.

  143. Sachin says:

    I want to transfer all of my shares to my spouse do it will be counted under gift or I have to go by another process to transfer shares…

    • Nakul says:

      If you wish to transfer the securities, not for the specific reason of a gift then you’ll have to use CDSL Easiest to make an off-market transfer.

      If you are initiating a transfer for the purpose of gifting, then this process works well. Do remember that there can be tax implications. The sender and recipient must maintain proper documentation such as a gift deed to justify the genuinity of the gift transaction as there are chances of scrutiny from the tax department if the gift amount is high.

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    • Nakul says:

      You can initiate a gift transfer to anyone. The person receiving the gift can open his Zerodha account and then accept the gift if he/she already doesn’t hold a Zerodha account.

  161. Shyam gadia says:

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    Kindly narrate on gift transaction brokerage and charges and how it impact on exit process profit and loss effect.

    • Nakul says:

      A gift transaction is considered to be an off-market transfer. The charge for an off-market transfer is Rs. 25/- or 0.03% whichever is higher charged on the value of the securities transferred.

      The P&L will be adjusted at the last available closing price of the securities transferred. For example, if you had bought stock X at Rs. 100 and gifted it to someone when the previous closing price of the stock was 150. Your holding will be closed at Rs. 150. The receiver of the gift will get the stock at Rs. 150.

      • Sandeep Batra says:

        What about tax implication of rs 50 by which the stock price increased ? Sender or recipient is taxed ?

      • Rajesh says:

        That means, even I am making profit of x% from N quantity of stocks, in case of gift, my receipant will get the stock in market price, not on the price I purchased, even the same stock is already in his/her portfolio.

  164. Madanmohan says:

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    With this we can be utilized to transfer stocks n MF holdings of one person to another person without any paperwork.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Venu. All stock transfers need to mention the reason for the transfer. In this case, the reason if “gift”. If you intend to transfer stocks to someone in exchange for cash, you’ll have to wait for some time. We’re working on making this possible separately.

  169. Velli says:

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    Really impressed

  171. Akash says:

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    • Nakul says:

      The recipient of the gift will have to have a Zerodha account to accept the gift. You will be able to initiate a gift transfer to anyone but they’ll have to open their Zerodha account if they’re not already holding one and accept the gift.

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    • Nakul says:

      You can initiate a gift transfer to anyone. The person receiving the gift can open his Zerodha account and then accept the gift if he/she already doesn’t hold a Zerodha account.

      • Kumar says:

        His question is very clear, if the recipient already holds demat account with different broker, then why you need to open zerodha, cdsl to cdsl demat share transfer is already there through easiest? What’s unique about this?

        • Matti says:

          Hey Kumar, this wouldn’t be possible with this system. The recipient would need a Zerodha account as well.


            My account is with Religare & want to transfer shares to my wife’s account which is with Zerodha. How can this be done?

  177. Pritam Hait says:

    Receiver will get stock at current rate? Or sender buying price?

    • Nakul says:

      We’ve taken a conservative approach keeping the tax implications in mind. The holdings in the recipient’s account will be at the previous closing price available at the time of the transfer.

      • Pratik says:

        so lets say a sender purchases a stock at 100. and its 200 on the day he/she transfers it to recipient. So the receiver will get the stock at 200, right? so where did the gain of 100 go? Is it added to the P/L of the sender?

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  182. Sanmati Barmecha says:

    What if he/she are less than 18 years old and doesn’t have demat account. Can we give it to them and they can redeem it after like 10-15 years or whenever they are 18 plus?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sanmati, a minor can hold a demat account. Like we’ve said in the post above, we’ll make gifting to minors possible soon on the platform!

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  184. Ritupon Deori says:

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    • Manu says:

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  187. Shreya DR says:

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    • Nakul says:

      Yup, this can be used to transfer stocks and MF as gifts without any paperwork. Transfer of holdings of a deceased to his/her nominee is a different process called transmission of holdings. You can go through this support article to know more about transmission of holdings.

      • Dhanush says:

        Super 👍

      • Vinay says:

        I want to open deemat and trading account for my son who is 10 years old. Is it allowed to open deemat account to less than 18 years old kids? pls clarify.

        • Matti says:

          Hi Vinay. Minor account opening is something that we’re working on. We’ll let you know once this is live. Should be done soon.

          • Nabina says:

            Hi Sir, i already applied offline forms for minor account in Oct end for my twin kids 4 years old. first i tried online its not successful. so i send offline. its very needful sir

          • Vasu says:

            I am clear that Zerodha is now allowing to open Dmat account for minors (through off line and also online mode), Now i want to know whether it is possible to open Trading account as well.

            Please provide reply


            • Shubham says:

              Hey Vasu, you cannot open a trading account in the name of a minor. Hence, they will not be able to buy or sell shares. You can only transfer shares in and out of the child’s demat account. More on this here.

      • Srinivas says:

        Why is QUESS CORP Share not a part of the gifting list? Similarly many other stocks are not present in the gifting list. Why is this so?

  188. Rajesh patel says:

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    When ever i think of coming up with something innovative,you guys are already done with it.
    Wonder with pace/ speed of execution you guys @zerodha are blessed with .

    Ill have to think something else 😊

    Hopefully you remember me 😁

  189. Teja says:

    Wow. Recently gifted mf to my nephew just few days back. Zerodha came up with this now. What a business with tailwinds


      Please let me know how non-demat MFs are gifted ?

    • Sampat Kumar Godavarthy says:

      The tax implication for the gifted stocks are incorrect completely and against the Income tax rules.

      When you gift a tax using zerodha online, the profit /loss report is considering it as profit and showing in the p/l statement as profit. Once shown, income tax will have to be paid which is completely wrong reporting by zerodha.

      From this FY 2020-21, every broker has to send the p/l stmt. of each acct. holder to it dept. and would reflect in our form 26as. We will be forced to pay income tax for wrong computation/reporting by zerodha.

      This is against income tax rules and also concerned about how/why the same can be allowed by sebi/it dept.

      Please treat this as serious and i have raised a ticket – but there is no reply from zerodha since last 10 days.

      I am very concerned and so would all.

  190. Tarun says:

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    • Afjal says:

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    • Hemant Maheshwari says:

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      Zerodha is trying to remove every hurdle and making procedures easy.

    • Manoj says:

      Always liked the idea of gifting stocks but as mentioned process was cumbersome. eDis should make things better now.

    • Mathew says:

      Very nice, Is there any tax implication? Will this attract GST?

      • Sampat Kumar says:

        The tax implication for the gifted stocks are incorrect completely and against the Income tax rules.

        When you gift a tax using zerodha online, the profit /loss report is considering it as profit and showing in the p/l statement as profit. Once shown, income tax will have to be paid which is completely wrong reporting by zerodha.

        From this FY 2020-21, every broker has to send the p/l stmt. of each acct. holder to it dept. and would reflect in our form 26as. We will be forced to pay income tax for wrong computation/reporting by zerodha.

        This is against income tax rules and also concerned about how/why the same can be allowed by sebi/it dept.

        Please treat this as serious and i have raised a ticket – but there is no reply from zerodha since last 10 days.

        I am very concerned and so would all.

        • Harsha says:

          I am also facing same problem. I thought that my profit and loss would be zero and receiver would need to pay tax whenever they sell but instead i am seeing profit in my account. If that is the case then sender would need to pay tax which is serious issue and as stated by you from this year they need to report p&l to it dept that profit would reflect in my account.Please rectify this zerodha.

        • Pravinkumar says:

          Not sure what about you but, in my case profits are shown in the realized P&L but it’s not reflecting in the funds.
          when you sell stock the funds reflects by adjusting Profits / Loss.

          Have raised a ticket with Zerodha but no logical answer yet. they say rates are updated correctly. here my concern is not rate but the funds

          • Matti says:

            Hey Pravin, if you’re gifting stocks, there would be no funds credited, right?

            • Pransh Tiwari says:

              I am also facing the same issue. In all the articles, zerodha has mentioned that there is no tax implication. But this is not true.

            • Rakesh Singh says:

              Hi Matti, if no funds are getting credited then receiver of the shares should receive them at the price at which sender of the shares bought them.
              Otherwise, who is benefitting in this case? Zerodha ?

              • Shubham says:

                Hi Rakesh, tax rules are based on the relationship between the parties. Since we cannot determine that, we’ve chosen to most conservative method. While filing income tax, you can change the acquisition price as per your view. We’ve explained this in here.

          • Rakesh Singh says:

            Hi Pravin, what was the resolution in your case.
            I also see Realized Profit but amount is not available for withdrawal and the person whom I gifted the shares also didn’t receive the shares at the price which I bought.
            Either they should return the difference to me or the person who has received the shares should receive at the price at which I bought.

            It seems a case where Zerodha is actually keeping the profit.

        • Manjunath AN says:

          this is a serious issue and will create income tax demand nightmares. Why can’t zerodha not include the gifted for sender and include gifted stock with purchased date and price for teh receiver? can support team please look into this at the earleist.