Introducing e-Mandates – Now fund your SIPs automatically

September 17, 2019
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Using SIPs to regularly invest makes for a good personal finance habit. However, when you set up Coin SIPs, you constantly need to nudge yourself to transfer funds on the scheduled date. There is now an easier way to ensure your SIPs are funded on time – e-Mandates!

e-Mandates allow you to schedule automatic transfers from your bank account for your investments, mutual fund SIPs, etc. You can set up an e-Mandate in two simple steps:

  1. Register an e-Mandate on Console using your net banking or debit card credentials
  2. Schedule transactions to automatically transfer funds

e-Mandate registration usually takes up to 5 working days, in contrast to physical mandates which take about a month. You can register an e-Mandate with the bank account linked with your Zerodha account if the bank supports NACH e-Mandates. NACH e-Mandates are currently supported by banks on this list. In addition to these banks, State Bank of India also supports the e-Mandate facility.

Setting-up an e-Mandate

Create new mandate

To set up an e-Mandate, go to Console. Click on Funds → Bank mandates. On the Bank mandates page, click on the ‘Create new mandate’ button as shown in the image above.

Select bank account

*Before you proceed, ensure that pop-ups are not blocked for the Console web URL. Click here to know how to disable pop up blocker in Chrome & refer to this link to do the same on Firefox.

After clicking on ‘Create mandate’, select the bank account from which you want the funds to be debited. Check the details of the eMandate displayed to you in the next window and click on ‘Submit’.

Select authorisation method

You will then be directed to the mandate approval gateway. You can choose to authorize the transaction using net banking or debit card (if your bank allows it) as shown in the image above.

A token amount (Re. 1 or Rs. 2, depending on your bank) may be debited from your account for authentication. This amount will generally be reversed by the bank. Your mandate registration will be verified in the next few days after which you can schedule transactions.

Scheduling Transactions


Scheduling transactions

Once your mandate is registered, you will need to create a Schedule by specifying the amount, account credit date, frequency and transaction name as shown above.

The ‘Name’ will be posted as a narration on your bank statement and your trading account ledger to help you identify the transaction. The ‘Account credit date’ is the date by which funds will be available in your account for your investments. This can be chosen to match your SIP date. The money is debited from your bank account one working day before the account credit date.

You can choose any ‘Frequency’ (weekly, monthly, alternate months, quarterly, or yearly). The transactions will be automatically scheduled as per the selected frequency. The ‘Amount’ you enter will keep getting automatically added to your trading account funds until you delete the schedule.

The maximum limit for transfers in one day is Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh). You can set up schedules for multiple days. You can also set up multiple schedules for the same day as long as the total does not exceed one lakh.


There is a cost to NACH e-Mandates, but for the next three months, you can register and schedule e-Mandate transactions free of cost.

Happy investing,

Team Zerodha

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  1. Nagesh kini says:

    Thanks for the detailed article. Unfortunately the Link provided for the list of banks supporting E-NACH is not working.

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Hi Nagesh, thanks for pointing it out. The link should work now.

    • Mohammed Ameen says:

      My bank is not in the bank list..Telangana State Co-op Apex Bank… So What is the advise for me..
      Please advise urgently.

    • Srinivas says:

      I have tried to buy HDFC Index funds from Zerodha but these Funds are not available in coin app but when I check in other platforms these funds available why these funds are not available in zerodha coin, please give clarification and advise me how should I buy thse HDFC and TATA index funds.


    • Kiran says:

      Thanks for providing good facility.Link provided in the description says the bank does not support, my Bank’s name is mentioned in the list. Please guide how to proceed.

    • Vipin says:

      Not working link

    • Nithin says:

      My money was deducted from the bank by Zerodha as part of e mandate, and it is not deposited to my Zerodha fund , for past 2 days ,zerodha has blockedmy money not refundin back to my bank and not depositing it to zerodha account , why such a bad customer service – i have created ticket but no use , nobody is helping , even cant reach out to the customer care number

      #20200407932727 – Ticket number

      tomorrow is my SIP , but i dont have fund , should i file a case now ?

      • Mallikarjun says:

        Even my case also same , I got deducted from account and not deposited in trading account , better to not use from next month need to check

      • Mohit Mehra says:

        Hi Nithin, this happens if we don’t receive a confirmation of the funds from the bank and NPCI. However, since you have provided proof of the funds debited from your account in the above-referred ticket, we’ll process your SIP manually (as confirmed on the ticket).

        The confirmation, in this case, has been delayed due to the operational issues at the banks and NPCI because of the lockdown situation.

    • Mallikarjun says:

      How many days will take add funds to account after deducting from bank account

    • Kishore says:

      I have multiple SIP, is it required to schedule multiple schedule trancation or I can add all money and keep one transaction?

    • Pradyumna mandal says:

      I make a application for account opening,but it take 3 day ,but dont reply form zaroda,i pay 300 ruppess for opening account,
      Please told when my account open,or any problem,
      Wow i can refund my money, i thing i get frauad by zaroda

  2. Rohit says:

    How much it will be charged after 3 months

    • Matti says:

      We haven’t decided the pricing as it. It would depend on the bank charges, however, it won’t be much.

      • Rupesh says:

        Why is there a transaction fee? Other platforms do not charge anything for bank mandate for setting SIP. Please help understand.

        • WhyChargeMandates says:

          I second that…. Zerodha is sitting on a stinking stack of cash and is the biggest player in town by volume and subscribers. cant it just wave off charges for auto mandate…

          Hello, the money comes to your wallet only right? i mean think over it.

  3. Saksham Gupta says:

    Please clarify whether if we schedule within 3 months then debits will be free for lifetime or after 3 months we will start incurring charges

    • Matti says:

      The transactions after the 3-month period will be charged, if we decide to start charging.

      • Sushant says:

        Why do you want to charge for this when other platforms/apps dont charge for the same thing.
        Remember why people started moving to Zerodha in the first place?
        Dont force people go to other platforms

        • Suyash Bele says:

          Indeed a good point. The whole reason for choosing zerodha is the same reason. If it starts charging, there’ll be no choice than to move to other platforms.

    • Vinay says:

      You said, there won’t be any charges for the first three months after registration on e-mandate.
      But what will be the charges after that for each month?

      • Mohit Mehra says:

        Currently, we do not have a charge structure in place. Once we finalise the charges, we will ensure this is communicated to all clients in advance.

  4. Franky Johnson says:

    We need Systematic Withdrawal Plan and Systematic Switch Plan

  5. Yekavi says:

    The decision to charge transaction fee or not, should be clearly stated. And the approximate fee should be provided too, so that the consumers/ users could decide to use the service or not. Otherwise, half information creates apprehensive to the customers. Thanks.

    • Matti says:

      The cost of registering a mandate would be Rs. 15. This is a one time cost. The cost for each transaction is around Rs. 5. Hence, when we do start charging, this will be approximately what we charge.

      • Kamalesh Rakshit says:

        None of the banks or platforms charge anything for this service. I don’t think so its a fair idea to charge

      • Senthil Kumar says:

        In case some one is choosing SIP for Rs. 500 a month then there will be upfront cost of 1℅ (Rs.5) each month apartfrom 3 ℅ ( (Rs.15) one time charges . This is not acceptable and will spoil the purpose of investing thru SIP. Better not to charge any thing in case of digital. Expect a revert ASAP

  6. Bijoy mallick says:

    I have a regular fund but I want to go from regular plan to direct plan.
    What to do ?

  7. Shashank says:

    It’s good to have e-Mandate feature but transaction charge fee most not charged.

  8. Ajit says:

    Hi zerodha team,

    Support to Rupesh’s question. We are paying for so many things and not charging anything. If it is Nach and chargeable then what is meaning of digital transaction. I would like if we considered this request to make charges nil. I m sure more customers will start it as major obstacles or time consuming is fund transfer only.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ajit, we haven’t started charging yet. However, there is a cost associated with mandate registration as well as each transaction. If it is feasible for us to offer this for free, we will continue to do so. However, if the cost has to be passed on to the customer partially or in full, we may do that too.

      • Ravi says:

        There is no charge when we transfer funds from Google Pay or other wallets to Zerodha, then why the charges for it. When the free options are available, why anyone will register for it. How this system of funds transfer is better than transfer of funds free of charge from Google pay etc.

        • Ankur says:

          For convenience, people will opt for auto debit with 5 Rs per transaction.

          Some banks like kotak have also started charging for upi.

  9. Bijoy mallick says:

    I have a mutual fund in dmate account of axis Bank but I want to go zerodha it possible ? And how ?

  10. Maninder says:

    which banks are available on zerodha platform for emandate

  11. Sachin Gupta says:

    Much like everyone on this thread. Would like to understand the cost for these transactions. Better to keep it known upfront as other companies do not charge this.


    • Matti says:

      The cost of registering a mandate would be Rs. 15. This is a one time cost. The cost for each transaction is around Rs. 5. Hence, when we do start charging, this will be approximately what we charge.

  12. Jayant says:

    This is like honey trapping, transparency says that either cost should be known or the option to cancel the e mandate be available.

    • Matti says:

      The cost of registering a mandate would be Rs. 15. This is a one time cost. The cost for each transaction is around Rs. 5. Hence, when we do start charging, this will be approximately what we charge.

    • Sandesh Naik says:

      I have transferred INR 1000 to my Zerodha account but i received funds by deducting INR 10.36

      Can u pls me for what these charges are?

  13. Mihir says:

    This is something that I could do very conveniently if I used the same broker and bank. This is a limitation for zerodha coin platform and not a value added service.
    Having this functionality makes life easy for your customers and that should be a priority. Value added services is something that you should focus on and charge a premium for.
    Ensuring I have an easy way to make SIP payments is not a value add, but a necessity.
    Please end the suspense instead of dealing with it 3 months later. 😀

  14. Harshil says:

    Systematic withdrawal plan(SWP)
    & Systematic transfer plan(STP) are required

  15. Shweta Gupta says:

    Just add zerodha’s hdfc account as a beneficiary in your bank account net banking page and set a scheduled transfer with transfer frequency ( monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly) and the neft fee is nil now for a few bnks as per RBI new rule, in this way u will be saving your fund addition charges as well as scheduled transfer will be done automatically

  16. Johnson says:

    I want to transfer liquid fund to multiple equity funds in STP mode in different funds. Is it possible?

  17. Debayan says:

    Suppose, I do the e-mandate today. It costs Rs.15. Now, I want to do a SIP. I cashed in Rs. 1000. So, the total transaction charge that I have to bear will be- Rs.(15+5+1000)=Rs. 1020.
    For the next month if suppose i want to add Rs. 2000 then i will have to pay Rs. 2000+Rs.5= Rs.2005
    Please clarify this doubt

    • Matti says:

      Since we’re not charging anything for the mandates right now, there will be no charges for the first 3 months. If we do start charging later on, it’ll only be Rs.5 per transaction, since the mandate is already registered. Also, while the first 3 months are free, we’d only start charging this later on IF it is required. We’d ideally want to keep this free for all. 🙂

      • Ambuja Garnaik says:

        Sir, I want to do a stp in your platform. How can I transfer from debt fund to mutual fund in SIP mode. Please suggest.

        • PAUL VARGHESE says:

          Hello Sir,

          I want to do SIP for 1000 per month, but the coin only allows minimum of 5000. That way you are cropping out majority of investors.

          • Lindo says:

            Hi Paul,

            At Zerodha, we do not follow the conventional SIP model. All your orders are sent to the AMCs as lumpsum investment orders on your chosen SIP dates. This allows you more control over your SIPs. You can select the SIP dates and frequency as per your convenience & you can easily pause, modify or restart your SIP online without any hassle or document submission. The minimum amount that is shown on the Coin platform in such cases is the minimum first-time lumpsum investment amount, once that is done the additional purchases can be for lower amounts too.

  18. Manish says:

    I think most of the brokers provide it as free value add service. One time mandate we can understand but fees on each sip is not something good for us.

  19. Zoeb says:

    ”There is a cost to NACH e-Mandates, but for the next three months, you can register and schedule e-Mandate transactions free of cost. “
    So this wording means even though the facility is free. It will be charged after three months?

  20. Sachin kumar Madesiya says:

    My cnc orders not show in my zerodha dimat account after 3 days

  21. Ghanshyam Swami says:

    What will be the minimum fund to transfer?

  22. Ambuja Garnaik says:

    Sir, I want to do a stp in your platform. How can I transfer from debt fund to mutual fund in SIP mode. Please suggest.

  23. Pranith Kumar karampuri says:

    Please don’t charge the fee just like in other platforms for automatic transfers at the time of sip. One time mandate fee is acceptable. But recurring fee would be a problem.

  24. Manoj says:

    How do we cancel this e-mandate?

    • Matti says:

      For now, there are no APIs for cancellation, so you’ll have to get in touch with your bank. However, if you cancel the scheduled transactions on Console, there will be no transfers from your bank account to Zerodha account.

  25. Vithal says:


    I am having regular mutual funds investing in other platform, I would like to bring mutual funds to zerodha coin and thought to change regular plan to direct plan. Could you please suggest me on my queries.

    Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      There is no conversion from regular to direct, as such. You’ll have to redeem the regular funds and buy the direct variant.

  26. Amita singh says:

    I want to withdraw my money how can I do this. plz help

  27. Anees says:

    E mandate is showimg user name not found. And its not working

  28. Sudheer says:

    I have created a e-mandate recurring every month on 3rd for funding my SIP payments .The first schedule was to be triggered on oct 3rd and I got a mail also from zerodha that auto debit is scheduled for 3rd OCt and amount would reflect in trading account by 4th.However my bank account didnt get debit and now in e-mandate page ,it shows next schedule as 4th Nov and it has skipped the current schedule without debit of account.I raised a support ticket #20191004169479,the support agent said amount would get reflected by 4th Oct which hasnt happened and the ticket is closed.Can you check what happened here?

  29. Shaiju says:

    What is the cost after 3 months?
    You should have mentioned it first.

  30. Prasanth Kumar M says:

    I’m very satisfied with COIN.
    But, recently I search SUNDARAM EQUITY FUND for investment, but that fund is not yet listed in COIN platform, and almost all other platforms like PAYTMMONEY, MONEYCONTROL etc, has already set the facility for that. Hope will consider this too.

    Thank you.

  31. Archana says:

    Is there anyway we can transfer SIP funds from other funds ?

  32. Kamal Kant says:

    I agree while using sip to fund transfer

  33. Suman says:

    Are eMandate charges started? I wanted to enable eMandate. But want to check before starting it. If not, any tentative date from when it will be started?

  34. Nilesh says:

    How can I invest in sip…

  35. Srinivasan says:

    Is there any maximum amount limit for emandate in a single day?

  36. Siddarth says:

    The link still does not work. After clicking it, it just goes into endless loop..

  37. surya prakash says:

    how to know my selected investment is SIP or lumpsum?

  38. surya prakash says:

    How to increase the amount of SIP investment per month? OR do i need to create another SIP

  39. Chethan says:

    If I set-up a SIP for 5th of every month, will it work fine if I set the transfer also for 5th of that month?

    • Matti says:

      You’ll have to set the schedule a little earlier, as explained in the post above as it takes time for the bank to process teh mandate and make funds available.

  40. Solanki Sureshbhai javabhai says:

    My documents is reject.

  41. Varun says:

    can you please work on to add digibank by DBS.

  42. R. N. Kumar says:

    Pls. enlist Bank of Baroda for e-mandat facility immediately. I have to register for e-mandat.

  43. R. N. Kumar says:

    I m getting problem regularly for fund transfer through UPI.
    All times it gets transaction failed.

  44. Amit Chaudhary says:


    Still not updated POA

  45. Amit Chaudhary says:

    Zerodha Faltu service

  46. Amit Chaudhary says:


    Faltu service

  47. Amar says:

    Hello Zerodha Team

    I wish to invest in SIP on dates like 3 and 9 of every month. I think its lucky number for me but option on coin is for 1/5/10/15 etc. When are you going to open each day schedule. or can it be done through e-mandate. in that case what date should be for me for transferring fund for SIP on 3 and 9

  48. VINOD KUMAR says:

    Plz make a option to credit redeemed amount in Bank Account directly on mutual fund redemption page.

  49. Rakshith says:

    is emandate works for smallcase? If yes, please share the steps how to configure.


  50. Kalu ram says:

    Hello sir ji my pan card upload plz help mera pan card dubara upload karna h kes hoga

  51. sathiyaraj says:

    Qn1:How to start SIP on a particular date? i cannot see any option to select date, it only shows order will be placed
    before 1:30 on trading days?

    Qn2: my linked bank account is ICICI bank, and had set up multiple SIP with weekly, monthly multiple frequency, for eMandate, from Zerodha side, do we need to setup multiple eMandate for each MFs or its onetime?

  52. sathiyaraj says:

    If i have started a Weekly SIP , can i able to possible to change from weekly to MOnthly SIP, or can i change the SIP amount in between?

  53. Sourabh says:

    I am requesting you to add/display CAGR(%) of the SIP fund from the day I have started to present in main screen.

  54. Kshama says:

    I want to opt for auto-debit. But I dont understand why my account balance shows up neagtive. If i set 6000 as autodebit amount first it will deduct an amount so as to neutralise negative amount in my account and then my SIP wont get enough funds. Please look into thi

    • Matti says:

      Hi Kshama, I see that you were charged AMC on November 6th. AMC is charged on a quarterly basis (300/4 per quarter). You can transfer the negative amount manually and then set up a mandate for your SIP.

  55. Akash Gaikwad says:


  56. Bittu says:

    I m use

    Online Google pye

    For the trading

  57. V.Jagadesh says:

    My SIP not triggered and mentioned as an insufficient fund, But the fund sufficient fund was available, can you
    help to buy SIP.

  58. Shaher says:

    My bank is not mentioned in the list (Corporation Bank). I want to start a SIP and I am curious about how will I pay the monthly installments.
    Please brief me about the procedure.
    (Additionally, If there is some procedure from Zerodha’s side about monthly payment options then please I request you to explain it in BRIEF manner. I tried contacting your online helpdesk but no proper answer was given, you can check my last ticket raised)

  59. Hardik Shah says:

    What is the cost for emandates after 3 months

  60. Sumit says:

    Can i buy IPO automatically with your E-mandate or should allow with BHIM app E-mandate to buy IPO?

    Please clear the confusion.

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      The e-Mandate feature on Zerodha is to fund your trading account. You can use these funds for investments in Coin. However, when applying for an IPO, the BHIM app mandate request has to be accepted.

  61. ShrikantN says:

    It would be helpful if e-mandate can be triggered based on SIP trigger/schedule setup with account instead of a new separate schedule defined for it. That way it will be always in sync automatically based on changes we do with SIP.
    Ok with charges if we keep it minimal.

  62. H P PRAHLADACHAR says:

    Find the email account open

  63. Ravi says:


    I have done this e-mandate process with following instructions, and received email after few days that my e-mandate has been activated, but last 5 december when my sip amount which need to transfer AMC, not done and my sip got failed and get message that money will be taken during next schedule.

    Please help me to pay my sip amount to AMC.


  64. Sushil bhingardive says:

    Why there is no option to look how much unit get deposited in my account ….

  65. SureshK says:

    This is a very good move! And the charges are pretty low. I am spending around Rs.10 for each transfer. I see some comment that e-mandate charges will be Rs5. This is less comparatively.

  66. Krishna says:

    There should not be any charges.
    It will discourage investor if they have to pay transaction charges.
    Already SIP start from 1000…people has to pay many times..

  67. Sumit says:

    Thanks for this feature, it would be very helpful & I have been eagerly waiting for this, but currently it’s not working via Bank of Baroda website. BOBO website is throwing error.

    However I am able to login on my BOB net banking separately. There must be some issue between digio & BOBO integration.


    Whenever trying to creaate e mandate with SBI, after dedication of 1 rs, it is showing as “failed to create mandate entry”. Kindly help. I would also suggest to add UPI mandate for SIPs as done in case of IPOs..

  69. Abhith G says:

    Hi I am getting an error in the first set “Error creating mandate entry” , please help

  70. Tanmay says:

    Whenever trying to create e-mandate with SBI, after dedication of 1 rs, it is showing as “failed to create mandate entry”. I have checked that the amount 1 rupee twice was debited from account.
    Please help

  71. Kalpesh Patil says:

    I sir, I have my tax saver SUPs with NJ client, Can I shift the same with Zerodha?
    If yes then need your valuable guidance on

  72. Venkatesh says:

    As on 27/Dec/2019 eNach site is down.I wrote to Zerodha – no acknowledgement from them yet !

  73. Ajay says:

    If I redeem mutual funds .Then how to cancel e-mandate.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ajay, you can cancel the schedule you’d have created on Console, and we’ll stop debiting your account. To cancel the mandate itself, you’ll have to reach out to your bank for now.

  74. Uday Revadigar says:

    My bank is not listed for e-Mandate feature (Corporation bank). I want to start SIP for mutual fund investment.
    Please guild me the procedure to be followed in this regard.
    Thank you.

  75. Renuka says:

    how much amount u will deduct per SIP after three months? is it decided?

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Currently, we do not have a charge structure in place. Once we finalise the charges, we will ensure this is communicated to all clients in advance.

  76. Santosh Kumar says:

    kindly share link to link with e-mandate

  77. Puneet Jindal says:

    Link on console to register for mandate is not working. Please provide a link which will work.


    I have purchased some mutual funds in another Platform and now i want to these funds in zerodha platform. Please tell me what is the procedure.

  79. Harshad Dixit says:

    Nice feature, can you please add an option to link it to existing COIN SIPs? Or when user starts a new SIP there should be an option to just use the mandate for funds on SIP date.

    If I have to create a schedule, its still easier to just setup a recurring NEFT transfer to my zerodha account, thats free as well.

  80. S V JANARDHAN says:

    Dear sir please
    I user-id

  81. Kannan says:

    @Zerodha Team, Does Coin App has any plans of bringing in goal based investing/ tracker functionality into its application anytime in the near future? Actually I am hoping for such a functionality from Zerodha.

  82. Sarita Yadav says:

    Respected Sir,
    When can we expect the following features from Zerodha:
    1. STP
    2. SWP
    3. Margin for Delivery Trading
    4. Margin against the holding.

    These kind of features are being offered by many platforms but are still missing at Zerodha.


    Sarita Yadav

  83. Ankit says:

    Hi I am glad that Zerodha came up with this. But I have been using Kuvera over the last 1 year and currently it is way ahead. Request you to please add similar features which makes it much more user friendly. Features like importing existing portfolio via Karvy CAMS statement, family accounts, managed accounts and tradesmart are very much required. Without importing existing portfolio into coin it becomes very inconvinient for anybody to switch over easily to Coin. Hope it helps. Thanks.

  84. Moulali says:


    This is Moulali. Can I invest every month 500/- Rs for 30 years in ELSS mutual funds? please let me know?

    Ex: Axis Long Term Equity Direct Plan – Growth


  85. Saurabh says:

    So, if I register an e-mandate, it will give Zerodha the ability to withdraw funds from my bank account. But, how does it help me in an SIP? To schedule an SIP, I will also have to schedule a fund transfer from my bank account to Zerodha trading account, ideally 1 day before the the SIP is scheduled. For example, if my SIP of 10,000/- is scheduled for 8th of every month, I should ideally schedule a fund transfer of 10,000/- on 7th of every month.

    The real value add of an e-mandate would have been when the amount gets deducted from my account automatically, on the day of the SIP transaction, without me having to scheduling a fund transfer. For example, in Feb 2020, 8th is a Saturday. So, my SIP transaction scheduled for 8th Feb will actually happen on 10th Feb (Monday). The e-mandate would be useful only if it can automatically deduct 10,000/- from the bank account on 10th Feb, when the SIP is presented. In the current process, the fund transferred to Zerodha trading account will lay unused for 3 days.

    Why would anybody want go through all these hassles, and pay Zerodha for it (when they start charging)? Why should I just not go ahead and schedule a recurring NEFT transfer from my registered bank account to Zerodha trading account based on the schedule of my SIPs? What additional benefits do I get by registering an e-mandate?

    Platforms like Kuvera already support the flow where e-mandates facilitate automatic deductions from bank account for mutual fund SIPs on the same day without the need for scheduling fund transfer.

    • Matti says:

      This is on our to-do list.

      • Yogesh says:

        Hi Zerodha Team,
        Can you please prioritize this feature ? What’s Saurabh says is exactly correct and this is same query I have for which I havent started SIP in Direct MF through Zerodha yet. Please let us know when this feature will be available for the users ?

        I also have additional query, that any MF scheme will have multiple dates to go for SIP, is there any way in Coin where I can choose all such dates and go for SIP on these days ? For exa: My 20K SIP for one such SIP, i can divide into 4-5 days which that Fund house allow ?

        Also on the charges part, can you please provide some more updates, for which transaction Zerodha is planning to charge us for Direct MF investments?

  86. Chandan Kr Sah says:


    I Have sufficient account balance in my linked account number though it always says the payment is failed. Someone Help me out please.

  87. Mannish says:

    Is there any charges for auto mandate to us for an monthly sip ? Or is it completely free of cost ?

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Currently, we have not been charging clients for e-Mandates. It is free of cost for now. Once we finalise the charges, we will ensure this is communicated to all clients in advance.

  88. Jana says:

    It’s been more than 3 months now, can you please confirm the applicable charges or these transfers are made it as FREE ?

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Currently, we have not been charging clients for e-Mandates. It is free of cost for now. Once we finalise the charges, we will ensure this is communicated to all clients in advance.

  89. Karan Chhabria says:

    On clicking Submit, after selecting Net Banking, the next page seems to be down. It says the site cannot be reached.

  90. Sandesh Naik says:

    I have transferred INR 1000 to my Zerodha account but i received funds by deducting INR 10.36

    Can u pls me for what these charges are?

  91. Varun says:

    Please add digibank by DBS


    I am maintaining all my MFs is Zerodah. But this kind of statements on e-mandates are confusing . The core reason why somebody would chose Zerodha is simplicity and if that is taken for granted – there is no point in continuing the MFs here. Our best bet is to directly open with AMC’s.

  93. Shrikant says:

    How about the penalties if in case the bank account doesn’t have enough balance to run e-mandate?

  94. Harsh Vardhan says:


    While creating new mandate, I am getting “Signing Successful” message and then getting below error:

    Mandate creation failed
    Please try again
    Ref: ENA200222012927224XTKW5OEG8LGLAP


  95. Dharmendra Singh says:

    I am trying to setup e-mandate but when i see pop up appears with soem information, Submit is is disabled for me.I am not able to click Submit button and process further.Please let me know what I am missing?

  96. Deepu says:

    I started coin 2 days before
    My already investment my shown
    How it will show all the my previous investment

  97. Surbhi says:

    Understand that Emandate is free for the first 3 months. What are the charges for Emandate after 3 months?

  98. Kushal says:

    My eMandate registration is successful also after that I have created schedule for 4th of every month however as per rule (T-1) date it should deduct amount from my bank account on 3rd which is not happened. Is there any rule that for first time bank should accept payment request even though already mandate is added and is successful. Please suggest, will it deduct at midnight if it is not deducted till 08:30PM on same day ?

  99. Chandni thawani says:

    I am trying to setup e-mandate but when i see pop up appears with soem information, Submit is is disabled for me.I am not able to click Submit button and process further.Please let me know what I am missing….?

  100. Ponnore says:


    When I trying to sign in through e-mandate through Canara bank, it is failing often and not able to complete the mandate procedure. I tried in various browsers chrome, firefox & edge! Chrome took to better extent of successful login of the netbanking.

    Please guide.

  101. ankur singh says:

    I didn’t know what is my zerodha acc plz Help

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ankur, looks like your account opening process isn’t completed yet. You need to e-sign your account opening forms and wait for the documents to be approved to start trading. One of our agents has been trying to reach you to help with this but hasn’t had success in reaching you on the number we have for you.

  102. Jitendra kumar kushwaha says:

    My 7509416264

  103. Lalit Khandelwal says:

    What are the charges?

  104. Simerjit Singh says:

    Greeting everyone!!
    My question, on my the dashboard it always promote to setup e-mandate, whereas i have requested it twice 3 week back….need help my sip is due

  105. Shreyas Patil says:

    I am gettinga mail from Zerodha saying the e-Mandate transaction is pending confirmation from my bank.
    Am I supposed to approved something from my bank account or is the delay because of the lockdown?

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      The delay is due to the lockdown. Some of our clients are facing this issue and we are coordinating with NPCI to ensure we can get the bank confirmation from them on the transfer at the earliest. Meanwhile, please raise a ticket on if you want to track this better.

  106. Anisha says:

    what are the charges per transaction through the e-mandate?

  107. A kshirsagar says:

    I don’t have welcome e mail with it or password

  108. Nilesh Singh says:

    There is a cost to NACH e-Mandates, but for the next three months, you can register and schedule e-Mandate transactions free of cost.
    What does this means? Is NACH e-Mandates is free for only 3 months??? What after 3 month, will I be charged??

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Hi Nilesh, presently we’re not planning to charge for e-mandates. We’ll make sure to communicate comfortably in advance to our users if we do.

  109. Ashish says:


    why there is a max mandate amount of 1,00,000 when i am registering e mandate???

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Hi Ashish, this is the maximum limit of the amount you can transfer using eMandates per day. You can choose to set an instruction for any amount between ₹500 and ₹1,00,000 once the mandate is registered.

  110. Ravi bhushan tiwari says:

    Please activate p&o

  111. Abhishek Chauhan says:

    do i need to add money to Zerodha before making a SIP purchase? Or will the minimum amount (in my case 5000) for the purchase be debited directly from my linked bank account?

  112. Udaya says:

    prior to joining your services, I do have few MF in my account. How do I do transferring into your platform?

  113. Bharath Raj N says:


    My e mandate request is pending for a long time. Can you please check this and let me know the issue.

  114. RAJ GUPTA says:

    i am unable to process my e-mandate process i have tried many times the problem is authentication.
    i am uploading money through current account but in e mandate it shows its an saving account so whenever i tries to authenticate using internet banking or debit card it shows authentication failed as it is problem from your side i tried many times contacting your help desk but i didn’t got any positive response from them hope this helps

  115. Hitesh thaokar says:

    Plz change my primary account
    We all most done but not conform till now ..and no-body pickup the phone …

  116. SachinB says:

    Most of my questions answered from the posts of other users. But still some specific questions. Appreciate quick responses:

    1. If I need to create a new SIP or increase the amount of an existing SIP, how to increase the amount in scheduled transactions? Only see the option “Delete Schedule”.
    2. Do I need to delete the existing schedule and create a new schedule with total increased amount?
    3. Or do I need to just create a new schedule for the difference of increased amount and it will work?
    4. Please confirm, In second above, there will be single transaction fee and in third above, two transaction fee.
    5. If I schedule NEFT transfer from my registered account to Zerodha HDFC account, can this also be used to service my existing and future SIPs? And this would not incur any transaction fee?

    • SachinB says:

      How much time normally does it take to get a response? I saw responses in a day also. But here , there’s no response even after 7 days. Appreciate a response against each of the query above.

  117. Deepak says:

    It is pretty much informative Thank you.

  118. NIKUNJ says:

    is NCAH/auto debit from bank still free as 3 months have long been over in december 2019? i wanted to begin SIP using NACH / AUTO DEBIT, if its free.

  119. Aditya says:

    My money was deducted from the bank by Zerodha as part of e mandate today, and it is not deposited to my Zerodha fund yet,zerodha has blockedmy money not refundin back to my bank and not depositing it to zerodha account , why such a bad customer service – i have created ticket but no use , nobody is helping , even cant reach out to the customer care number

    #20200729155234 – Ticket number

    tomorrow is my SIP , but i dont have fund , should i file a case now ?

    • Mohit Mehra says:

      Hi Aditya, the funds debited from your account get added at the end of the day when confirmation from the bank is passed onto us and are available from the next day onwards. You can check the funds confirmation from us on your ticket.

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