Coin is now completely free!

August 24, 2018

Dear Investors,

Yes, Coin is now absolutely free!

We launched Coin, our direct mutual fund platform in April 2017. Over the last 16 months, 100,000+ clients have invested over Rs 2000 crores in direct mutual funds and saved tens of crores in commissions that they would have otherwise paid a regular mutual fund platform. But, what also had us confused was that only 10% of our client base invested through Coin despite the massive cost savings of investing in direct mutual funds, the convenience of buying in demat along with stocks, and the flexibility of customizing SIPs.

Awareness about direct mutual funds in India is still extremely low. The latest AMFI data shows that a mere 10% of retail investors currently use the direct mutual fund route. People who have traditionally been using banks, advisors, and brokers, continue to do so for the convenience of not having to change the way they invest, without realizing that last year a whopping Rs 8500 crores was paid out as commissions from their investments without them even realising it!

We also realised that the Rs 50/month that we were charging for use of Coin above Rs 25,000 of investments was getting a lot of people to not look at Coin as an option. People moved to other regular mutual fund platforms who don’t charge a platform fee but earn commissions by selling regular funds, without realising that the neglible Rs 50/month doesn’t even come close to the tens of thousands, if not lakhs, they’d have lost in hidden commissions to regular mutual fund platforms.

We have thus decided to make Coin completely free, in line with our current brokerage-free plan. All your investments on Coin, irrespective of the invested amount, are now absolutely free. No subscription charges whatsoever.

We’ll soon be starting our Loan Against Securities (LAS) business and hope to be able to monetize by offering loans to anyone wanting to borrow against equity and mutual fund holdings. As you know, our mission with Coin has always been to make direct mutual fund investments easy and accessible to everyone. We hope this move gets us closer to that goal.

Spread the word! 🙂

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Sijagurumayum Sunanda Sharma says:

    If the coin is free, how do we value it? How can we make it profitable by holding it? Kindly make it clear to us!

  2. Desalegn nega says:


  3. Vivek says:

    Can Direct Mutual funds I bought from AMCs and not in Demat form be shifted to your COIN platform

  4. GIRISH aSHRIT says:

    it is very helpful to who having Zerodha demat account to invest in mutual fund. through coin platform.

    Thanking you
    Girish Ashrit.

  5. Gagan Sharma says:

    Do we need to pay for signup Fee of 200rs to be able to buy mutual funds?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Gagan, the account opening charges are applicable even if you wish to just invest via Coin, since units are held in demat mode.

  6. Pratik says:

    Dear Nitin ji & Team,
    I really appreciate your vision and the way you have literally changed the landscape of Equity investing in India. Now you are doing the same for MFs. I am really grateful to witness this change. Good luck to you and your whole family.

  7. Suhas says:

    Do we need to pay interset onto the amount taken as LAS on demat Mutual funds in coin

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Suhas, currently mutual funds cannot be used as collateral for LAS. You can check out the list of approved securities for LAS here.

  8. Ankur Sarswat says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,
    To buy mutual funds through Coin platform, is it necessary to open a demat account on Zerodha?
    Please guide.

  9. Mohit Satish Pawar says:

    Coin will remain free forever? or in future is there any chance of the increase/starting any subscription fee?

  10. Sanjay Kumar says:

    I can directly purchase from mutual fund of the respective site which is absolutely free. Why should I use the coin. What about if future coin apply charges or any hidden charges? As famous phrase there is nothing free in the world.

    • Mohit Satish Pawar says:

      This is very good question. I am also curious on long run how system will sustain? How zerodha will use information that we provide in coin? Either they will start monthly or yearly charges which I don’t think will be huge provided we will get consolidated view of the all of our investment… All MF will be Demat form and you don’t have to open 10 accounts in 10 AMC track them individually. Time spent on managing 10 account will certainly will be large than managing it on Coin.

      Rate at which Zerodha universe is growing I think in future if they add more services like adding your will, net worth etc Zerodha can be used as full fledged financial planning platform. That will be very good.

      Still this is fundamental question what extra features do you get over directly investing through AMC… Nitin sir if you are reading this comment please answer it…

  11. Hirak Talukdar says:

    1. How to sort MFs in Zerodha Coin platform with respect to their previous year returns?
    2. If I do a weekly SIP through Zerodha Coin platform in direct MF, do I need to transfer money weekly into Zerodha Kite from my Bank Account?

  12. Raji says:

    Is there any automated tracker in Zerodha that tracks the MF NAV, wherein alerts can be defined by customers for 2, 5,10,20% dips on NAV value so that we can add more funds during the dip time ?

  13. Rajesh Garg says:

    hi, I have invested in HDFC gold mutual fund -direct thru HDFC AMC web site. I want to transfer these fund at coin -zerodha platform . what’s procedure ?

    • Mohit Satish Pawatr says:

      Rajesh sir,

      What is the reason that you are transferring it to the Coin? HDFC AMC website is not that good? or their service is not that good? What’s main reason you are switching to Zerodha?

      I am also confused should I directly invest via AMC website or do it via Coin? Your feedback would be really appreciated…

  14. Murali P says:

    Is there account opening charges for opening Coin Account to use only for Mutual Funds ? I thought it is completely Free..and the moment I register the first step it is asking me to pay Rs 200 Why ?

  15. Sourav Kumar Samanta says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have started mutual fund investment through Coin/ Zerodha … very easy to access….

    I have one question how can I see my MF transaction details in CAMS/KFINTECH website.
    Please suggest if any other option for tracking of direct MF.


  16. Gokul says:

    Does that mean it will be free forever? Or Zerodha might slowly start charging once they get a sufficiently large customer base and mutual fu d quantity?

  17. Shashank says:

    I request team @Zerodha to add XIRR row in the Portfolio Table


    I have started my Coin account 2 months back after reading that Coin is not charging anything now for any SIP order, but from the beginning, I am seeing a deduction of around 30-40 Paisa in every transaction. What is this then? Can anyone help me with this?

  19. Sriram says:

    Is this going to be PERMANENTLY FREE ??


    I already do direct mutual funds via using their websites and been doing this for years.

  20. vin says:

    can i add my other MFs in to coin for watchin in one platform.

  21. Rahul Pandya says:

    Dear I am using coin for mutual fund investment .i have quarry that if i invest mutual fund through zerodha and when redeem this amount at any time, amount will come in zerodha coin or direct to my bank account?
    Also any amount charges for redeem by zerodha other than AMC charges? and if amount came to coin by redeem what is charges to transfer this amount to bank account?

  22. dhamodharan R says:

    What if i become an NRI after a year or two. ? I know i will have restrictions in Buying MF s but can i sell my MF holdings when i wish.

  23. B B Bharti says:

    1.In my desk top/lap top Kite login is opened but through Kite i am not able to login COIN
    2.I donot find in Coin App any SWITCH option from one MF to another or even within the same AMC fund
    3.I understand there is no charge by Zerodha for buying MFs but If I redeem direct MF from Zerodha portal,after locking period (EXIT) what will be total payment of FEE/CHARGES /COMMISSIONS ??

  24. Roshan sinha says:

    You are providing free service for zerodha coin, as today coin has less customer, but in feature will coin be free….? Or are you planing to impose some charge….?

  25. Harsh S says:

    I already have a portfolio which is through other MF distributor, if I want to transfer the entire portfolio to coin what is the procedure? Do have option of converting them to direct and keeping them regular?

  26. Rahul says:


  27. VISHAL MALGE says:

    I agree there are no charges and its completely free on coin but i have a doubt does Asset management companies charge the commission from the investments?

  28. Lata says:

    Hello Team,

    I already bought some direct MF(via Fund house site) and SIP is going on every month from my Bank to AMC.

    I have kite account in Zerodha. I would like to seem existing MF at zerodha just like stokes.

    Is any way to add existing MF on Coin?

    below are my existing Direct Funds which I want to add on Coin /Zerodha

    SBI Small Cap Fund Direct Growth

    Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund – Growth-Direct Plan

    ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth

  29. Mangesh says:

    Hi All,

    Is there any way to link existing folio numbers to Coin?


  30. Lakshman Vadeghar says:

    I have invested in mutual funds through funds india, as they are charging every year I want to move to Coin. What is the procedure?

  31. Radha V says:

    What is the minimum amount of SIP on ZERODHA. I wanted to start with Rs.1000/- i am unable
    to open . No SUpport too. Call no response. mail no response

  32. Nidhi Luharuwalla says:

    I am trying to contact your customer care for new account opening since yesterday. Impossible to get through!

  33. Sumit says:


    Does coin allow to invest in MF and hold the MFs in physical form (and not dematerialized one)?

  34. Arpan Kedia says:


    From where you will earn if you don’t charge any thing in direct mutual fund … how u survive coin app…?

  35. Ankit says:


    Sorry but it is not clear to me.

    “Rs 50/month that we were charging for use of Coin” is the same as “Account Maintenance charge for DEMAT account”.
    Are these two the same charges? Meaning that is there no AMC anymore?

    Thanks for clarifying 🙂

  36. A Venkatesh says:

    Hi There,
    It is great to know Coin fully free now. I want to know few things:
    1. Then how does zerodha make money via Coin? Are they any hidden charges like while selling any charges (apart from what AMC charges) ?
    2. Where are the ETF orders executed ? I placed one today and still money is no deducted. Any difference why applying weekly 1000 or monthly 4000?

  37. sharad says:

    If I purchase Direct MF on Coin platform can I redeem them based on the folio no on another platform or AMC directly.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sharad, no. These are held in your demat account. You’ll need to first rematerialise them to be able to redeem them elsewhere.

  38. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Nothing is free in this world.

    So how is coin provide free which is not digest by me.

  39. Gubba Vijaya Kumar says:

    Through Zeroda, is the date of NAV will be same as the date of purchase, if done before cut-off time, or it will be a day or 2 after.

  40. Suresh says:

    It is nice to see Zerodha Coin growing leaps and bounds and wish you the very best. I use Zerodha Trading Account. One of my clients has Mutual fund in DEMAT form linked to his DP account in Stock Trading corporation. Suppose he opens Zerodha coins account will he get a Single View of all Mutual Fund schemes bought in the past linked to different DP Accounts? Can he transact meaning, Buy, sell, switch or SIP from Zerodha Coin platform?

  41. Swapnil Waradkar says:

    I am just joined Zerodha……and read about Coin……understood its basic for buying…..but suppose I have to sale any particular Mutual Fund in middle of it…..then what is the procedure ? There is no option of Sale button or like link is shown…….please guide……
    Swapnil Waradkar

  42. anilsuman says:

    How can i transfer all the existing direct mutual funds to Coin and have a consolidated view of my Lumpsum mutual fund and SIP Mutual funds from Coin?

  43. Victor Rodrigues says:

    Can we move MFs bought through banks to zerodha?

  44. Janak Das says:

    Sir, is there any Demat charges at the time of redemption of mutual fund units through your Coin platform? Secondly can I pledge the mutual fund units to take margin for trading in F&O segment. Sir actually I have investments in Mutual Funds and I want to shift those investments at your Coin platform.

  45. Nikhil Modi says:

    As on Today;
    NAV at COIN of Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 – Direct Plan – Growth is 27.71 and on AMC Website NAV is 25.89. what is reason of this difference.

    If I will move to Coin with my Units, which NAV is applicable of my old Units.?

  46. Sanjay says:

    I m a new in this…so any one can help me about this market and using this site..


    I have kite if i am not trading equity, but i am buying only mutual fund on coin. Then Annual Maintenance Charges @ 300 with GST will be paid or not. And give the list of charges on coin annually and every time purchasing and redemptioning of MF.

  48. Aviral Singh says:

    Hey team, what is the guarantee that you won’t start charging again in the future?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Aviral, we don’t plan on charging for now, If we do change this at any time in the future, we’ll let you know well in advance. There are no guarantees, as such, and that holds true for any free service anywhere in the world. 🙂

  49. Debananda Pal says:

    I am a new commer I would like to invest through coin I don’t know the ABC of mutual fund investment so please guide me


    i have purchased some mutual funds directly from respective AMCS. Can I transfer those mutual fund holding to coin.


    I would like to know the amount invested in Mutual Fund through Coin could be used some part as Margin Money for Trading in Nifty/Bank Nifty Option or Future Trading.

  52. Vishal says:

    Can we open coin account without demat account.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vishal, I’m afraid that’s not possible, since Coin allows you to only but MFs in demat mode. You would need a demat account to hold the MF units.

  53. vinod says:

    can i transfer my regular MF to Direct MF in zeroda coin

  54. kuldeep says:

    Hiii team,
    If i start SIP with coin for 5 years , and want to discontinue after 1 or 2 years , it is possible .
    and will i get interest on the same period which i have done with coin .

  55. Nirav Thakkar says:

    After purchasing direct mutual month with option of per month pay can i start/assign ECS from my bank account or I have to load money per month in coin wallet?

    • Matti says:

      You can either set up a standing instruction to transfer funds to your Zerodha account every month, or set up an e-Mandate on Console as explained here.

  56. Sameer Pathak says:

    Hi Can NRIs invest in MFs through Coin? May I know when it will enabled if it’s not yet? Thanks.

  57. navinvyas says:


  58. Amlan says:


    Can I use Coin without opening a new Demat account with Zerodha (since I already have a Demat account)?


  59. Kaushik says:

    Earlier coin platform was not free and as now it has become free… may I ask what changed and for how long is the coin platform going to be free? Or shall I expect that after couple of months/years you again start charging money?

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Kaushik,

      This is answered in the post itself “People moved to other regular mutual fund platforms who don’t charge a platform fee but earn commissions by selling regular funds, without realising that the neglible Rs 50/month doesn’t even come close to the tens of thousands, if not lakhs, they’d have lost in hidden commissions to regular mutual fund platforms.”

      Coin will continue to be free, the monetization plan quoting from the post again:”We’ll soon be starting our Loan Against Securities (LAS) business and hope to be able to monetize by offering loans to anyone wanting to borrow against equity and mutual fund holdings. As you know, our mission with Coin has always been to make direct mutual fund investments easy and accessible to everyone. We hope this move gets us closer to that goal.”

      • Kaushik says:


        Thank you for sharing the details but you still didn’t answer the question whether coin will remain free forever or Zerodha has future plans of charging negligible fee again in the future? Because there are platforms, which are free and provide direct funds. However being a Zerodha customer only advantage that i see is that i don’t have to manage multiple accounts.


  60. Nathan says:

    Do you have any plans to offer Large-Mid cap funds like “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct – Growth” in Coin?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Nathan, this fund is only accepting inflows via SIPs. As such, it’s available on the Coin app. Will take some time to be live on Coin web.

  61. Satpal Sharma says:

    I have opened an account with Zerodha. On 03 October, 2019 I was checking the NAV on coin and found variation of approx 5% in NAV e.g. NAV of Axis Focus 25 Growth on 01 October 2019 raatge was Rs 31.74 on coin while on Axis MF site it was 29.23 and same on money control web page. Then I decided not to buy on coin at higher price as it is available on lower rate on Axis MF or other broker. Why so much difference on same date in comparision to other websites and MF dealers.

    • Lindo says:

      Dear Satpal,

      There are two modes in which mutual funds are sold,
      1) Via a distributor(bank/advisor/third party sites)
      2) Direct ( by choosing this option or using platforms like Coin etc)
      In the distributor model, there is a portion of your investment paid to the channel for getting business and therefore net returns for the investor will be lower. In the direct mode, you are bye-passing the distributor and therefore no distributor commissions are adjusted in your investment and hence you get better returns.

      Now the rate that you mentioned, is called NAV ( net asset value) of the scheme. Just like the value of any product is mentioned with respect to a unit’s cost ( say the Gold price is quoted at per gram rate). The Fund manager in the case of mutual funds for both Direct and Regular schemes invests money in the same securities but since there are commissions involved in the Regular mutual funds, the NAV(rate) will be lower. (Consider 18 caret and 22 caret gold rates as an example.) The NAV is a wrong condition to choose a fund. What you should be looking at and comparing is the returns and expense ratio.
      Check this
      On Coin, you can do the comparision and see what is the difference in returns between the regular and direct option.
      Check this

  62. Prathamesh Shikhare says:

    I am a proud user of zerodha coin and other products. Previously I used to invest in MF with Funds India Platform. They never informed me that the are in regular MF business. I redeemed all my units and started investing in coin. One thing I would like to tell is the interface design of coin in world class and there will be no other app to compete with coin & other zerodha interfaces.

    Keep it up Nitin Sir we love you

  63. Sonali says:

    Hi, I have a MF holdings with ICICIDirect for a few years now.
    1. Is it possible to transfer those holdings to Zerodha?
    2. Will there be a cost involved in the transfer?
    3. Does Zerodha allow STPs and SWPs, and is the DP charge of Rs.5.5+GST be incurred on each STP/SWP?

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Sonali,
      You can refer to these articles for (1) & (2)
      3. We’re still working on the STP/SWP part, it should be available in a few months. There are no charges for mutual fund investments and redemptions.

  64. Nand Ram Pandey says:

    How to update permanent and communication address. Kindly suggest.

    Is there any way to update nominee details online?

  65. Nand Ram Pandey says:

    from Where I can add my nominee detail in Zerodha? Kindly suggest

  66. Nand Ram Pandey says:

    When I am starting my SIP in Mutual fund direct plan(tax saver or no tax saver) then I have to add money in my demat account or this money will auto deduct from my link bank account. Kindly suggest.

    • Matti says:

      For now, you’ll have to add money to your Zerodha account. However, we are working on a process where you can set up an instruction for the money to move directly from your bank account.

  67. Sunil says:

    Hi Team,

    Firstly, great work by making a platform for direct investing in MF’s.
    Am i being paranoid by looking at your writings of “pledging the MF holding to start soon and become an NBFC”. Can you explain in detail to public what collateral’s you are maintaining and how do you deal with loans not repaid? Will that impact the MF holdings? – In case multiple such loans are not repaid and a big NPA is rubbed on Zerodha NBFC.

    What is your take on such a situation. Please don’t brush away, saying, it won’t occur. We have seen giants fall based on the collateral’s not managed properly.

    • Sunil, Zerodha NBFC will run a retail book and the good thing about this would that this is secured lending, as these loans are given out against marketable securities such as shares and Mutual fund holdings. So even if the client defaults, we will have the securities with us which can be liquidated and adjusted for the principal.

      So there is no question of big NPAs or impact on MF holdings.

  68. siddharth shashank says:

    I am planning to invest in SIP’s through Zerodha Coin as I heard it is brokerage free. I don’t want to pay any extra brokerage to third party in my investment, but I am doubtful if suppose after a span of few years when we are used to Coin & then Zerodha introduces brokerage charges, what then ? what are the possibility ?? Suggest ?

  69. DUSHYANTH says:

    i am new investor on share market.i should started with mutual funds later going on share market.please suggest any mutual funds in long term basis

  70. S Mishra says:

    As per AMFI website (Association of Mutual Funds), their FY 2017-18 commission disclosure shows that Zerodha has made INR 110.89 lakhs as Commission. If Coin is really free, how is Zerodha generating the commissions?

    Please do not advertise that it’s free just so that you can get more customers…Be honest and transparent!

    • Matti says:

      Before Coin, we had a mutual fund platform simply named Zerodha Mutual Funds ( This was a regular mutual fund platform. Commissions were paid out for investments in regular funds in 2017.

  71. M Naidu says:

    This is awesome. Coin is free and Mutual funds are direct. You guys are the best brokerage in India..I’m looking forward now to an Interest-free Loan against securities service. This will totally shake the Industry but you guys are first movers in everything so I’m sure that you will lead the disruption.

    Just one important request. When will you make trading free also? This is a bit of discrimination. Equity Investors are enjoying 0 Brokerage. Mutual fund Investors are enjoying free service + Direct mutual funds but Traders have to pay Rs 20 on buy side and Rs 20 on sell side.

    Its causing a lot of problem for active traders like us. Please make trading free as soon as possible or bring it down to Rs 5 per order at least. You guys are the best! I’m looking forward to your announcement soon.

  72. sandip says:

    I have invested for Direct equity based mutual fund through mutual fund house website, now I wish to transfer it to Coin , then is it possible to transfer ? if yes then what will be the procedure?

  73. Khilendra says:

    Is there any fees charged by you or CDSL when I purchase/ redeem direct MF from coin platform. I understand that my mutual fund units will be in materialized form. Please clarify the fees for purchase as well as redeem, if possible with an example.

  74. Vicky says:

    If I want to invest say 10K per month what will be the best schemes that I should. I am currently 46 Yrs.

  75. m d paranjape says:

    Most of the M F (amc) gives options like STP/SWP along with can i get such facilities,when i buy MF through zerodha coin?

  76. Akshay Jain says:

    May I invest in ETFs ? Any applicable brokerage ?

    • Matti says:

      You can invest in ETFs using Kite, our trading platform, since ETFs are listed and traded on the exchange. No brokerage is charged for ETFs. Applicable exchange charges and government taxes are levied.

  77. Roopesh says:

    I have noticed you are not giving full additional benefits offered by some mutual company like ICICI, Reliance .. I mean SIP plus which have the free insurance facility for MF holder. why don’t you add this in your service.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Roopesh, this isn’t possible because we offer mutual funds in demat mode. Having said that, this insurance cover isn’t the cleanest way and it’s wise not to depend on it. Plus there are a lot of terms and conditions attached which make it is less desirable. The best way to get an insurance cover is to buy term insurance.

  78. Gaurav Choudhary says:

    Zerodha, he is frustrated by market correction, may be he has lost money in MF which was not in control and now he’s scolding you for CDSL depository charges.

    I would say removing that 50 RS was needed for retail investors. But depository charges is just petty reason. They can’t see future growth they can only see red portfolios.

    Coins basic income generation is by pledging the MF holding. Earn interest on loans provided. Like a NBFC.

    Coin is improving I recently observed most MF schemes are in your platform. Keep it up.

  79. Niranjan says:

    Nithin Kamath,

    Please get licence and open your own Zerodha bank. We need it desperately. For NRI’s HDFC bank gives us hard time create PMI with Zerodha and often takes too much long time to just respond and complete the formalities.

  80. Suman says:

    I have initiated a transfer from other DP account(s) to Zerodha. Its been 2 weeks and i didn’t get an update on it.

    CML original has been submitted to them, what next ?

    Kindly help me with the procedure

  81. narayan says:

    can i buy directly from mutual fund companies to my demat account maintained by zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can, however, I would recommend you make the purchase on Coin so you can easily track your investments.

  82. narayan says:

    can i use the mutual fund holdings in coin as collateral for option writing.

  83. Suhara says:

    please disclose one by one, what are the total hidden or not hidden charges should pay the customer n zerodha coin while MF buying.

    • Matti says:

      There are no charges to buy MFs on Coin, hidden or otherwise. There is a flat DP charge of Rs. 5.5 when you’re redeeming funds.

  84. Samrath nagar says:

    As you mentioned that currently you are not taking any fee but is it sure that you take any fee in future?
    When i plan long term investment with you, is there any chance that you will apply charges on that investment plan?

  85. Ditto Davis says:

    I would like to know about the 50INR/Month a bit more

    INR50/Month will be charged for the next months If i have invest a amount more than 25000 as lump sum??
    Or is it charge for the particular month in which I have invested more than 25k ?

  86. ASHISH says:

    Good Morning
    I am very much interested in using zerodha coin platform to keep my all investment on one platform. I have already invested in MF through MF AMCs. So is there any possibilities we can migrate already holding filios in this platform? Starting new investment I can think coin but what for already I had.
    Thank you.

  87. Ramanjaneyulu says:

    What about auto debit from bank to coin, instead of adding manually every month

  88. Manikandan Subramanian says:

    I am planing to invest 4k every month on MF, can you suggest from where to start?

  89. Sachin says:

    This is too good to believe that Coin is now absolutely free. Zerodha can break the barriers. Have already spread the word though it does not need now as it #1 brokerage anyway. Given a chance would love to meet Nithin once ( maybe can i just drop in to JP Nagar office 🙂 . Great work !!

  90. Varun says:

    I have existing holdings in MFU online. What are the benefits you offer vs MFU ? How can I move these to this platform ? Currently MFU doesnot offer profit/loss statements . If you give all the advantages of zerodha, everyone including me will opt zerodha

  91. Pankaj Kumar Yadav says:

    Is it possible to transfer your mutual fund on Coin from other broker platform?

  92. NEHAL says:

    Good! Now 1 more step
    you must start giving margin trading on demat holding

  93. surinder says:

    I have existing holdings in MFU online. What are the benefits you offer vs MFU ? How can I move these to this platform ?

  94. VIVEK PATHAK says:

    After a search, I landed here. I am trying to use zerodha coin for mutual fund investment but it is asking to pay min 300 to open an account. How it is free then?

  95. Jinesh says:


    I have raised one ticket (#20181227454604) regarding an issue with one mutual fund in my coin account.

    Ticket was created on 27-Dec-2018, but still no one has replied to ticket.

    Kindly do the needful.


  96. Ganesh says:

    If we buy MF through coin, is there any other charges are there like, brokerage charges, transaction charges & other charges? If we redeem Rs.500 or Rs.1000 in mf you will deduct only RS.6 Am I right? Is it applicable to Liquid fund also?

    • Matti says:

      That’s right. Only DP charge of Rs. 5.5 + GST is applied on all redemptions. Nothing else.

    • ashok says:

      shall i make sure that dp charges are only rs 6/- per transaction … that is independent of total amount redeemed. am i right pl clarify.

  97. Ajay says:

    How do I get zpin for my account. Frustrated, not able to reach anybody on phone

  98. Ravinder Singh says:

    I have also invested via coin but their customer support team is not helping to understand how it works? I am planning to go with other players…

  99. Ravi says:

    Can we run coin after closing zerodha demat account?

  100. Sanjayy adv says:

    my self sanjay yadv.i registered in zerodha bt now am not able to log in.bcoz they r asking me user id whisch is i dont have.
    And no option for id recover so z help me here at 7666337579

  101. Arjun says:

    My sip order failed and this message was displayed : “Amount (58000) is greater than (50000) for financial period”. What does this mean and Can I change the limit of 50000??

  102. Jijesh says:

    Is fund transfer from one fund to another fund in same AMC is possible with zerodha coin?
    Capital gain statements/reports are available in coin?


  103. BALKRISHNA says:

    I am having trading account with zerodha.i want to transfer my mutual funds held in other dmet A/c to zerodha A/c.what is the way . See

  104. Shankar singh says:

    Zerodha is making a revolution in broking industry such as jio makes in telecom industry.

  105. ANIL SHARMA says:

    When will Zerodha start providing Collateral against MFs held in Coin ?

  106. Tanu Sharma says:

    After a search, I landed here. I am trying to use zerodha coin for mutual fund investment but it is asking to pay min 300 to open an account. How it is free then?

    • Gaurav Chaudhary says:

      It’s for the equity 300 and 200 for commodities that’s not a MF that’s stock market where you buy stocks 300 and 200 is for account opening in zerodha and coin is basically a add on to it previously 50 RS monthly was there if your total investment in MF is 25000 or above. That is now removed. If you buy MF from coin then from where it will deduct from your trading account not from your bank account. So basically you are paying for zerodha trading account not for coin.

  107. Gaurav Choudhary says:

    loan against mf holdings; that will gona be really interesting and make a huge amount for you as if a borrower pays you are in profit, if a borrower doesn’t you have the mf holdings. what a great idea.

  108. Tejas says:

    That’s the great news from the Zerodha ..!!!
    I want to open a account in Zerodha.
    Just One thing I want to confirm that “what’s guarantee that in future Zerodha will never charge any Platform Fee(Rs.50) or any other commission to invest in Direct Mutual Funds.”

  109. vaibhav says:

    all the best zerodha…. dont break trust… keep growing

  110. Animish says:

    Amazing job, Zerodha. You are simply the best when it comes to investing in stocks and now also the best when it comes to investing in mutual funds. Thank you for making coin free and all the best for your LAS business.

  111. Balaji says:

    Congratulations to Nithin and team Zerodha for one more lovely and simple investment platform.I am planning to move all my MF holdings to zerodha Coin. We need entrepreneurs like you who disrupt the market and keep the large players on their toes. ICICI has taken crores of money as commissions before zerodha came and spoiled their and other large players party. Keep it up.

  112. Ravin prabhakar says:

    I am user of zerodha.I want to link my existing MF direct plans in coin app,so that I will not need to visit all the mutual funds’ websites I have invested kindly add this feature.

  113. Gunjan K says:

    Great Job in making Coin free from Rs 50/Month, please let me know if there will be any Annual Charges or such. Also please add other Mutual Fund options like STP, SWP along with SIP and Lumpsum.

  114. Saranya VK says:

    Congrats Team Zerodha..

    Keep it up!

  115. Jayaprakash says:

    Why does the cancelled order appear in Order History in Coin – it is just confusing.

  116. Amit Mishra says:

    I wish to congratulate Nitin on this bold decision, market honor those who play positive. this is positive for all of us.

  117. Kunal Joshi says:

    I forgot my userID. How do i go about it? What i need to do?

    • Matti says:

      You can search your email for your Zerodha client ID. It’ll have been emailed to you when the account was created.

  118. Neeraj Singh says:

    Great move by zerodha… Kudos!!
    ..I would suggest to improve the kite app with some options of sorting on Marketwatch, Holding and position page.

  119. Deepak says:

    Still it’s showing Rs 50 + 18% GST as transaction fee per month, what does it exactly mean?

  120. Balakrishna ch says:

    Why are you taking redemption charges? If free means it shud be free. If paid means you need to take fixed amount monthly. Every request you are taking charges. Its not good. I can go free platform like Kuvera where its full free.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Bala. I believe you’re referring to the DP charges. DP charges have nothing to do with Coin. This is a charge levied by the depository when any debit instruction is executed. In the grand scheme of things, however, this amount (~Rs.6) is negligible.

  121. javed says:

    I see that in Coin the Mf units are in Demat form, MFs have fractional units, Can we transact fractional units like full redemption / Sell MFs in Cash denomination like sell for Rs 10000 etc..I had issues with Liquid Bees Fractional units, still not sure how to redeem the fractional units in my A/c.

  122. Shobhit Khattar says:

    That’s great Nitin.

    This is a wonderful step and would make coin competitive especially when multiple platform are now offering direct MF w/o any platform charge.

    Also please extend the cut off time by 3.00 pm for applicable MF NAV’s. Other platforms like Paytm Money is already offering the same. This will be of lot of help to investors.

    • Faisal says:

      Hey Shobhit,
      We have the cut-off at 1.30 PM due to operational restrictions. However, we are looking at extending this to allow clients to place orders for a longer time for the same day’s NAV.

  123. trader says:

    Any chance of getting my friend’s support ticket number resolved


    It has been more than 20 days so far

  124. Kamleshwar says:

    Is there any advisory services available on coin…

  125. Kamleshwar says:

    Is there any advisory services available on coin

  126. Shashank says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for waving off the charges…but the most important tool we would be interested in are STP and SWP
    I know u commented on earlier posts that they will be available pretty soon..but is there a tentative timeline we can look upto ?


  127. Mohantdugli says:

    Sir I’m opened an account in Zerodha and deducted Rs.500/-. But I don’t received any direction……

  128. R Hari Prabhu says:

    Team, it would be better if you directly debit SIP amount from our bank accounts linked with Zerodha instead of debiting Zerodha account.. Last month, have transferred amount from bank to Zerodha and unfortunately that didn’t credited to Zerodha account and I missed that month SIP.. Another time I was in a hurry to buy some stock which was in dip and that was a day of my SIP, forgot my SIP and that month as well got skipped..
    So I feel it’s better to link with bank account directly for SIP..
    Please consider..
    Many thanks..

  129. Maneesh Aggarwal says:


  130. Sameer Nimkar says:

    Zerodha first need to develope backoffice reply yo queries of clients. Dematerialization of Existing mutual funds taking so much time. I got acknowledgement mail on 20th July 2018 and still there are 2 schemes remaining . out of for 1 scheme I have received letter from AMC regarding your request for dematerialization accepted and I had forwarded to support team of zerodha but still remaining to add up in coin. 1 scheme of reliancce tax saver still not getting reply after several calls to support and already written few mails. this kind of service is not at all expected. for ICICi pru value discovery mf need to update units and invested amount but still not getting updated. 2 months already gone. how much time should one have to wait? Please do separate line through zerodha customer care for Mutual fund because every time different person answers calls and again they are giving same reply. need some improvement from back office or from support team for fast reply.

  131. Hari says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Below are the reasons to understand why only few people were using COIN.

    1. Investors are approaching goal based investments plan. this means, the platform should be able to allow them to define, allocate funds and monitor goals.
    2. Investors want the returns to be expressed in CAGR terms.
    3. Investors want to have a look of all their investments at one place. This means, as an investor, s/he should be able to see her holdings in Zerodha, COIN, small case all in one page.
    4. Investor want to assign/ map investments to a particular goals.
    5. Investors would like to know the probability of attaining a goal.
    I think, if these thigs are provided, investors would jump in again for other products of Zerodha. is one of the free online MF platform which provides all above facilities free of cost.
    Zerodha can chose to charge for these facilities. Only the thing is Zerodha should make an attempt to address this requirement.

  132. shugan kumar jain says:

    I opened demat account in zerodha and after account activation I added fund placed some orders. on the very next day none of the orders and holding were shown in my account. I called the response team and they told me that the POA has not been updated yet. I had already sent the POA via speed post track consignment-ED101028475IN and the same has been delivered to you on 11th sept. When this POA update will be done? Will i get any notification regarding this? when my holdings will be reflecting in my account?

  133. Bimal says:

    How is settlement of MF Units is done which are purchased through COIN.
    On 21/08/18 I placed a buy order for BNP Paribas Liquid Fund for Rs.6 Lakh and the money was debited from my account on the same day. I can see the MF units allotted in COIN. But it is not in my demat account. I placed a sell order for the whole units on 5/9/18 and it got rejected stating UNITS NOT RECEIVED IN DEPOSITORY. The reply I received from Support portal is that “This is an issue from BSE STAR MF (our backend order routing system) and ICCL which is the clearing corporation as they have short delivered the units in your demat account”. I want either my money or the MF units credited in to my account. Still waiting after 28days for a solution.

  134. Laksh says:

    Hi Nithin & team,

    Just my 2 cents – I agree that some customers didn’t adopt Coin owing to the fee, but it’s not entirely true. For instance, I had no problem with the Rs. 50 fee, but I saw no value apart from being able to invest and get the consolidated statement of capital gains in a single place. This, I can do with a spreadsheet anyway, by investing directly going to the respective sites.

    The pain of looking for the MFs and their details in Coin is what discouraged me. The list is messy, segregated by Fund Houses rather than type of funds. No option to filter based on historical returns, minimum investment etc. If you would have provided these small but useful features with a better UI and UX, I’m sure at least 25% of your customer base would have gone for it.

    Good luck for future monetization plans though.

    • Matti says:

      We heard you, Laksh. Do check out the explore feature on the Coin mobile app. We’ve tried to make fund discovery as simple as it can be. 🙂

  135. Rajeshwari says:

    Going though website and found that even though Coin is free but we need to pay on sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order, is that correct?
    In direct AMC schemes specifically equity based i don’t have to pay any charges except capital gains based on my investment horizon.
    Please explain me below :
    1. assume that If i invest 1 Lac in any equity direct scheme ( scheme has 0% exit load after a year ) through coin and i sold the same after a year and made profit 10,000 on total investment then what would be the charges need to pay ? how much i would get in hand ?

  136. Tharakesh Guptha says:

    Oh! This is an awesome move.

    Anyhow, I totally understand Nithin Kamath, that people are more worried about the small visible charges than the big invisible charges because at the first place they don’t have the idea what they are losing as probable profit with MF direct investments and secondly its more of a psychological game. I hope you can recover the setup cost and other maintenance costs of Coin platform, through the new product ‘Loan Against Securities’.

  137. P Velmuruga says:

    Your Online account opening process is good, however, I am not clear why a “Signature” on blank paper is being requested for? I have called your Support team, but they dont have an answer. They state as what is mentioned on the website, which does not provide me any comfort as to what is the guarantee that the signature will not be misused? Actually this is the first I am encountering where a signature is requested for on blank paper.

    While the authentication is through AADHAR, why is this required?

    • P Velmuruga says:

      I had posted a comment, and no response till date.

      • Matti says:

        This signature is required because as a specimen to verify any signed documents you send to us in the future. For example, you’d need to send the PoA once the online process is done. This PoA needs a signature that we need to verify.

  138. Praveen kumar says:

    i want to do sip in axis bluchip with rs 1000/- for monthly, but its showing minimum investment rs. 5000/-. how can i do


      The scheme you told above is a large cap fund and for large cap fund it is required to do at least a 5000 investment.

  139. Buddhadev Kundu says:

    I have sent the POA on 5th sept, and received by zerodha on 10th sept. and it has already passed 3-4 days yet the POA has not been updated. how many days does it take to complete the process? please check.

  140. Buddhadev Kundu says:

    I opened demat account in zerodha and after account activation I added fund placed some orders. on the very next day none of the orders and holding were shown in my account. I called the response team and they told me that the POA has not been updated yet. I had already sent the POA via courier and the same has been delivered to you on 10th sept. When this POA update will be done? Will i get any notification regarding this? when my holdings will be reflecting in my account?

    • Matti says:

      Hi. You’ll receive an email confirmation once the PoA mapping is done.

      • Buddhadev Kundu says:

        I have sent the POA on 5th sept, and received by zerodha on 10th sept. and it has already passed 3-4 days yet the POA has not been updated. how many days does it take to complete the process? please check.

  141. Aditya Shingvi says:

    Kindly clarify if investing through Coin shall remain free. I can always buy Commission free Direct mutual funds directly from the AMC.
    I already am a proud trading account holder with Zerodha. But paying more just for the convenience of having all my mutual funds holdings in the same place doesn’t make sense to me as I’ll invest in only 2-3 different types of schemes.

  142. Aditya Shingvi says:

    Kindly clarify if investing through Coin shall remain free. I can always buy Commission free Direct mutual funds directly from the AMC.
    I already am a proud trading account holder with Zerodha. But paying more just for the convenience of having all my mutual funds holdings in the same place doesn’t make sense to me as I’ll invest in only 2-3 different types of schemes.

  143. Jyoti says:

    This is great news. Good luck with your new venture.

  144. Vishwas Mudiraj says:

    Excellent job by zerodha team it’s good going all of you..


  145. Alex says:

    I have already cleared step 1 payment step.
    But still zerodha asking for payment.
    I lost my 300.plz help far as possible.

  146. Ashish Kumar says:

    I was one of initial subscriber of Zerodha Coin platform. Thanks @Zerodha for making coin platform free….



    I have been investing in MF’s for 2 years now and want to move to coin but i have a few doubts,
    1. Are the investments done through coin will be displayed in Karvy’s consolidated statement?? – it helps me alot for TAX filing.
    2. Exit load that is mentioned is only when within a minimum time period units are en-cashed.
    3. On sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order. – What is this i have never redeemed MF’s till now are these charges applicable only when the units are in dematerialised form or even if the units are invested with the AMC without being dematerialised??
    Also if i redeem only 5 units and if i redeem 500 units the charges (Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST) will be constant??

    Thanks in Advance.
    Sanchaya Sriramka

  148. Ajay says:

    In subscription column, there is still notification that Rs 50 will be charged on transaction above 25000

  149. Sambhav says:

    Much needed! I believe you should see a huge surge in the no. of investments in COIN now. Would love to see some data on the growth six months hence!

  150. nitesh mital says:

    my coin app stillshows subscription charges of rs 50 per month. i still am confused what are charges appplicable to it as i wish to invest more than 25000.
    please also mention procedure of how can i transfer my other mf in other demant acct to zerodha acct.

  151. Diganta says:

    Thats really a good move. But I want to know what about AMC charges? And what is the exit load after 1 year?

    • Faisal says:

      AMC charges remain the same.
      AMC free up to investments of Rs 50,000, Rs 100 up to Rs 2 Lakhs and Rs 300 above 2 Lakhs.

      Exit load is charged by the AMC and differs for different funds. Check the scheme information section for the applicable exit load.

  152. Vikas Pansari says:

    Very nice & positive step by zerodha.. Also I liked the pause & play option provided by zerodha for sip.. Thanks zerodha..

  153. sai says:

    in invsting in elss mutul funds also fee through coin?

  154. tarak says:

    LAS – what would be the interest rate (approximate if not yet finalized) ?

    • Faisal says:

      Tarak, the rates will be competitive to the ones currently offered in the market 🙂

      • Rajendra says:

        When do you intend to launch LAS?

        • Matti says:

          Hopefully within the next couple of months.

        • Rajendra says:

          And how will it work…
          Say I have a Equity portfolio of 10 Lakhs with Zerodha, based on the haircut of the holding stocks, I will be allowed to buy stocks on funding margin and hold it for as long as I wish and will be charged interest for the same (on per day fund usage basis). Is that correct or is it going to be any different?
          I would be interested in looking at this – so whenever it is launched, if you can share the interest rates, will be helpful.

          I am already using this but am looking for something lucrative – if Zerodha can offer!

          • Matti says:

            The LAS is essentially a secured loan that would be paid to your bank account. You can avail a loan against equity and mutual fund holdings after a haircut. We’ll announce the rates whenever we start offering the service. 🙂

  155. Rajendra says:

    No comment / clarification about DP charges – MF Utility gives you a choice though but does not mandate!
    No clarification about minimum 5000 investment when starting a SIP – while that is not really mandatory (atleast for lot of Funds)

    While I understand there are some sticky customers and will continue to….but it would be great if Zerodha clarifies on some of these questions for a broader community who would be interested to onboard if there is some transparency.

    Some questions are being clarified by Zerodha personal. Why just these questions are left unanswered?


    • Faisal says:

      1. We continue to settle our mutual fund transactions in Demat mode. Hence, DP charge will be charged at the sell side of the transaction by the Depository. Demat mode continues to be better when it comes to ease of pledging, transfers, etc
      2. Our SIP is different from the conventional. While this offers convenience for the investor such as multiple SIP dates, re-order in case of missed SIPs, etc, it mimics lumpsum investments which have a requirement of Rs 5000 initially.
      Rajendra, we have always been transparent with our business model. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Rajendra says:

        Thanks for the initial clarification Faisal.
        However, from a retail investor perspective, in terms of MFs in specific, can you help what could be transfer/ pledging related issues in non-DP mode. I have been transacting with Direct as well as Regular funds with investment, redeemption, switch, SIPs etc. – all in non-demat mode and never saw nor heard from anyone about any risk with non-demat mode. Also, as I mentioned, atleast ass on date, it is not mandated by MF industry.
        So, why doesn’t Zerodha as well support both mode so the user can choose whether s/he wants Demat mode or not. Despite you making transaction free of cost, if DP charges apply on sell, for a retail investor, it is no longer free. Thats the only concern – hope you understand and will be able to clarify.

        • Matti says:

          Rajendra, the choice to offer investments in demat/non-demat mode is a business decision. Coin is offered as an extension to our primary business, which is broking. Offering demat investments is easy, as our customers already have a demat account with us. This makes building a platform that allows investments and tracking of those investments a relatively simple task.

          As for the advantages of demat investments, it’s the same as moving any other transaction from the physical to the digital space. The added benefit is the ease of pledging your mutual fund holdings in order to use the same money elsewhere is an added advantage. As the post says, we intend to allow doing this as part of our NBFC business that should start operations soon.

          Also since mutual funds are generally longer-term investments with a larger ticket size, a 5.5 rupee DP charge shouldn’t really matter when you look at the larger picture.

    • Matti says:

      Since mutual funds are generally longer-term investments with a larger ticket size, a 5.5 rupee DP charge shouldn’t really matter when you look at the larger picture. As for the minimum investment amount, we actually make lumpsum investments to simulate SIPs instead of the actual AMC SIPs. This is done so that stoping, editing and restarting SIPs is straightforward. The AMC way requires some added paperwork for this, which would lead to a drop in experience. Additionally, going back to my previous statement made for DP charges, since mutual funds are generally longer-term investments with a larger ticket size this initial investment amount shouldn’t matter much in the larger picture either. More so, as the subsequent investments can be lower.

  156. Vivek shrivastava says:

    Please clarify, as your pinned post says that in last 16 month over one lakh customer get into investment. With Rs 50 charged previously it is somewhere 50 lakhs per month. That is a significant amount, how zerodha is leaving such big amount.
    Once someone answered from zerodha that to sustain every business need some amount, now without charging anything how this will sustain.
    Please let us know hidden charges by which this will sustain.
    Question about dp charged asked by many is not taken up.
    Please clarify so that we can bring more people for hassle free investment.

    • Faisal says:

      Vivek, not all of the mentioned 1 lakh customers were paying(most have their investments below 25k). The subscription fee was limiting newer investors to use our platform(who rather chose to invest in a regular plan where they don’t have to pay directly). Foregoing the subscription fee helps us build a relationship with them whether it is offering just mutual funds, or direct Equity or even derivatives. As a business, we had to let go of the subscription fee in order to serve more investors as the market continues to open up.
      As explained in the post, we are starting Loan against shares/mutual funds soon, which would also help us monetize.
      There are no hidden charges, DP charges are charged by the depository on the sell side of the transaction.

  157. Mahesh says:

    Why your coin app is still showing there is 50₹ charge over investment of 25000.

  158. Ravi says:

    #20180812254237 – Zerodha: Important update on demat account mapped – Pending from 12 Aug – Great job Zerodha support team & Nithin – This is a great way of going down in customer service – Hats off

  159. Vaishakh says:

    Guys. Please introduce Save/Shortlist/Bookmark feature on the app.

    There are many mutual funds.. and many live to diversify based on research.. would be great to have this.

  160. Venu says:

    Greatn initiation Team.
    Please mention Crisil rating and better comparison NAV’s with other likly fund which no one is providing till now for decision making.
    Thank u.

  161. Ajinkya Pawar says:

    Great work team ZERODHA !!
    I’m using kite platform regularly since 1 and half year..with this news, i recommended one of my friends to start an SIP by opening zerodha account…but there is one shortcoming !!! To get the SIP processed, we need to have a balance in zerodha account and there is no provision of auto debit in bank account. and this is not worth because usually amount of SIP should go after the monthly salary or any other income credited in bank account. Since we need to maintain balance in zerodha account, everytime i need to transfer the amount from bank to zerodha which is not convenient. we escalate this query with customer service and same reply was there that there is no provision of auto debit from bank a/c. Please correct me if i’m wrong and look into this so as to make coin more popular amongst the people.

    All the best Guys !!!!!

    • Faisal says:

      Ajinkya, we plan to take e-NACH live soon which will allow for auto- debit from your bank on the SIP date.
      We are currently testing it internally.

  162. Nilesh Chaukade says:

    The Subscription tab in the Coin app still says ₹50+18% GST per month.
    Are all charges really removed, for ever?

  163. Sunil Somani says:

    Why minimum Rs. 5000/- initial amount complesery when we start SIP on coin platform. On MF company website it not complesery when we start SIP in direct plan.

  164. BAISHALI DATTA says:

    How can i get benefited by direct mf instead of indirect mf ? If there is no charges then how can coin benefitted from us ?

  165. BAISHALI DATTA says:

    What will be ultimate charges if i do a sip ? Is there any dp charges , redeemtion charges or any other hidden charges ?

  166. Jaydev says:

    Can an NRi having only PAN open an acccouunt?

  167. srinivas ganathey says:

    I appreciate ZERODHA for breaking the barricades for investors for the first time in India and setting a new trend system,
    I have an idea for to be implemented in ZERODHA COIN app & web site, we need an icon to add a comment by ourselves to our individual mutual funds to make a note
    Example: I have multiple mutual funds and I forget the reasons why I brought that mutual fund and the purpose, so Sir, if you advice your IT team to add a provision for comments for each and every mutual fund it would be very helpful for common man to remember the purpose of buying MF, in some case we need to split number of units into multiple parts saying part 1 is for my first son, part 2 is for my second son like that. I hope this would be considered as a valid point.

  168. Rupesh Patil says:

    Hi when I tried opening the account. The fee is 300 rupee and plus 50 rupees per month means 900 rupees per year..
    Need to give a thought of about it??

  169. Giriraj says:

    Great job… You guys are simply awesome.

  170. Kabita says:

    Good customer friendly approach. Congrads for good going. This initiative is going to be a milestone for zerodha, after packed with IDFC bank.

  171. Harshit Sethia says:

    This is really awesome. Love you guys. Zerodha ❤❤

  172. gaurav Soni says:

    I was charged for using coin on 16/08/2018…
    Will I be charged from next month or is it free?

  173. Niloy says:

    One reason I’m not shifting to Zerodha Coin is because of the absence of auto debit from bank account. Making the addition of funds hassle free through a one time mandate is a serious requirement.

  174. Prasad says:

    Their is NO FREE LUNCH in this world.

  175. Dhruval Mehta says:

    Great. Thank you so much.

  176. Bharat Doshi says:

    Great – Making it easier, in line with your company philosophy.

    You should start a actual Class Room once a month at your local office’s for Senior Citizens like me who are afraid of technology. You can even change for it. I would join immediately. I have opened account but no activity since can’t comprehend all that is involved. Please try it as a pilot project.

  177. Sambit says:

    How will you generate profit?

  178. YOGAVISHNU says:

    No business in this world with out profit in the mind. Zerodha is now offering coin for free after seeing the trend set by MF utility, groww and paisa bazaar. Good to see the new initiative.

  179. A Biswas says:

    Thanks for introducing free investment platform to ourselves. I am an existing investor since the inception of direct mutual fund platform, now let me confirm whether I have to pay charges for my future investment of my earlier SIP’s which are/will be continuing? Moreover, it has been mentioned in Zerodha’s post/add that any one can invest in direct SIP’s for lumpsum blocked funds (i.e. reliance small cap, Mirae asset emerging blue chip etc.), which were not possible earlier. Now, let me confirm, whether my SIP’s will be continuing in case fund houses (i.e. reliance, mirae etc.) stops accepting fresh SIP’s as per to other dmate A/c?

  180. Mohit Agarwal says:

    Team Zerodha u guys are Rock Stars. Zerodha is INDIA’S Kohinoor. Only a matter of of time before u guys spread like wild fire. I hope u guys can remain profitable in whatever way. Franly I don’t even mind paying the small amount for the service s u offer. It’s better than being fleeced by so many others. But really , thanks guys ???

  181. Amit says:

    Can I open Coin & Demat account, without trading account?
    As I want to do investments on minor kid’s name.
    Please advise.

  182. Gourav says:

    I really like the way Zerodha puts forward their objective in such simple words. Wish you guys reach your one of the primary objectives to make people more aware about the financial market and investment decisions.

    My next MF investment is definitely going to be through COIN.

    All the best to Zerodha Team!

  183. shubham says:

    I really like the coin platform but the reason that it does not have the option of regular SIP(instead it simulates SIP via lumpsum) makes me really upset because i am not able to invest in funds like reliance small cap and mirae asset emerging bluechip fund who have recently blocked their inflow via lumpsum.

    • Sudheer Yelleti says:

      Hey Subham,
      They have now have AMC SIP enabled for the funds you mentioned,however its not available through their COIN mobile app and not on the web.

  184. JavaCoder says:

    I Coin app, when we go to Account > Subscription, it still mentions that there would be charges if transaction value crosses Rs. 25000. Please correct it.

  185. Sujay says:

    “On sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order.”….

    Why there is DP charges for zerodha coin.. there is no DP charges if you buy direct mf from amc house or reguler mf plans via brokers??

  186. Sujay says:

    One thing i read about charges is “On sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order.”..

    Why i will be ended up paying Rs 5.5 when viaMFU its fully free.. 2nd what about the SWP, or STP those are also part of redemption.. so do i need to pay Rs 5.5 for every STP or SWP??

  187. Sujay says:

    “On sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order.”….

    Why there is DP charges for zerodha coin.. there is no DP charges if you buy direct mf from amc house or reguler mf plans via brokers??

    • Moreshwar says:

      Because zerodha offers you mutual funds in demat form.

      • pareshnmahapatra says:

        what is the advantage of having mutual fund units in Demat Form when compared to Non-Demat Form ?
        Can Anyone explain which I think is the main deciding factor ?

  188. Sudarshan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    This is very good initiative. But I don’t understand that what is the benefit for Zerodha if direct mutual funds are given by distributor without any extra charge? I’m not asking your business model, but since I don’t see any benift with this move, is there any hidden charges applies for taking direct funds from Zerodha? If there is no charge then I will go with coin instead of MFU.
    Please answer.

  189. Sourabh says:

    Only one phrase “God bless team Zerodha in their future endeavours” Thankyou team Zerodha, you listens but quite silently.

  190. Abhishek Dubey says:

    i did alot of research online before settling for ₹50 monthly on coin, but back of my mind, i still wanted to check for free MF portals. Now with zero fee, I am here forever. You guys rock! keep up the good work.


  191. Robin says:

    Finally Coin in back into the competition. Now Coin has also joined the group of free direct fund platforms (many here still thinks other free platforms are just for regular funds). I wish it was done a bit earlier than others. So, that many might not have taken the other platform option.
    More obvious features still need to be improves such as STP, SWP, direct debit from bank. Capital gain statements for equity (now in console I know) and for debt funds after indexing. Tracking and capital gain statement for funds in and outside Coin to reduce the hassle for people who want to move to Coin. Easy shifting to coin, tracking the returns for portfolio even for sold units for consolidated view of yearly returns, portfolio composition, etc. Lot of scope to improve and compete with this market.
    Its a welcome move and would be one of the preferred platforms.

  192. Anantha Krishnan Ramaswamy says:

    I will only think of coming back to coin when they stop the demat way of accumulating MF units.

    Till then there are a lot of direct fund MF platforms out there who directly link the client to the AMCs.

  193. Nagesh Kumbhar says:

    Biggest flaw in Zerodha coin is min initial investment..why initial investment?? MF utility is best. Never asked min intial investment for SIP but zerodha coin is asking 1000 to 5000 rupees as initial where this should not mandatory. Never expected from zerodha..they should remove initial investment criteria..

  194. Umesh Gupta says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am very happy that you come up with such approach. I personally was not taking interest to use Coin because of the monthly charges beyond 25k investment in mutual funds. I would like to invest through Coin in Direct Mutual Funds.

  195. Parmesh Kumar Gupta says:

    Is it possible to transfer existing MF portfolio into zerodha coin and continuing invest in the existing accounts. If yes. What is the procedure???

  196. Ajay says:

    Keep up the good work Nitin and Team,while any savings are always welcome please continue to invest in better customer experience…so Zeroda becomes the preferred platform for all investors…..

  197. Vinod says:

    Great Surprise..

  198. Vikrant says:

    If Zerodha is not going to charge,then how they going to earn and in market where other platform also having same facility.what making Coin so special or ha e extra edge.

  199. Vikrant says:

    If Zerodha is not going to charge,then how they going to earn and in market where other platform also having same facility.what making Coin so special or ha e extra edge.

  200. Keshav says:

    Free for now. Once they have enough people using Coin for MF investments, they will again start charging some amount behind some other reasons.

  201. Prathap says:

    So even if sip or lumpsum whatever d Amount no charges for buy & redeem then it’s absolutely good . Is it right zerodha? Thanks for you providing such platform .

  202. kanak says:

    Congratulations to this great move. “Zerodha style of phylanthropic stock industry movement” will create monopolistic retail market thoughts benchmark. I am hoping to see few more revolutionary changes-
    1. allowing traders to use margin received after pledging stock in optoon buying. Right now only future trading and option writing is allowed.
    2. improving kite charting to the level of paid progessional tool.

  203. Vishal says:

    Great! You are setting the rules for other brokers. Very happy with your initiative, keep it up!

  204. TUSHAR nathwani says:

    I he’d charge subscription charge on 22-08-3018 forest time is it charged or web ?

  205. Harold Cabral says:

    I totally agree with you,before I too can invest there should be an option to hold MF in non demat form as well and a one stop solution where all your MF and stocks show up in one place like your Zerodha platform

  206. Vinay Pathak says:

    Hi sir,

    Great going by Zerodha. Your journey has been motivational.

    I am a recently qualified Chartered Accountant and am also pursuing the CFA course. I would like to be a part of your team and help deliver the Indian retail traders a delightful experience that they always get with Zerodha.

    Can I get in touch to be a part of Zerodha?

    Vinay Pathak

  207. Param Muneeswaran says:

    I take this news with mixed feelings.

    I truly believe ₹50/month is a small price to pay if it helps Zerodha maintain a robust MF Platform like Coin.

    I sincerely hope Zerodha finds a way to monetize and not dilute the pace of improvements to the platform.



  209. Kishore G says:

    I see Kuvera and Groww apps are better than Coin and both r free for direct funds. They include STP option too.Interface is smooth as well.

    Any valid reason to invest in Coin platform?

  210. santosh says:

    O my God, only zerodha can do this. Great work. Purely customer oriented company. Keep it Zerodha team

  211. Dhaval thumar says:

    Great kudos to zerodha team..

    Fews months back I have shift my all direct SIP to Coin..
    It’s really great platform..!!

    I have convinced many friends that Rs.60 per month is not a big deal If you want to stay long in MF .. Many friends shift their SIP to coin..

    Now this platform is completely free..!! So I think zerodha will get compounding effect in their customer base.

    Special thanks to Nitin kamath.

    Zerodha should arrage one session every month with client on which ppl can give suggestion, idea and feedback to make all platform world class..

  212. Rahul Anilbhai Goradia says:


    EAGERLY Waiting for your IPO 🙂

  213. Rohit says:

    If it is completely free and neither you are earning commissions, they how zerodha is earning through coin? Or is it a social service by zerodha

  214. Adarsh Thimmappa says:

    Good news!
    At the same time, this move was bound to happen. Other companies were already doing it from long time. is one such platform.

  215. Ajay says:

    Hi Nithin

    I thought the charge of Rs. 50 was very nominal. Anyways, if you can use LAS to monetize Coin good. I just hope you will add the much needed functionality of investing in Dividend Reinvestment funds to Coin soon. This will enable your customers to hold their cash in Liquid Funds and opt for more tax efficient daily dividends reinvest option

  216. Anil Kumar says:

    I have zerodha a/ i need to pay annual AMC charges INR300 for using coin as well ifi wish too.

  217. Abhijit Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    I dont know why but in 2014 i had a belief in your team and your workculture, I believed that Zerodha will revolutionise investing and slowly slowly you guys have proved me right. Keep up the great work you are doing and you will soon be the only one people will look for. I already hold elss now I will go for other funds.

    With regards,
    Abhijit Bhattacharjee

  218. JAYKUMAR says:


  219. Prasobh k says:

    Good job …..

  220. Ashutosh Mahapatra says:

    It’s really nice to know.
    But still waiting for Zerodha team to start enabling one time mandate or standing instruction facilities available to users so that we may completely automate the process.
    A certain amount gets deducted from our bank account and the same is credited to our trading account each month which further gets automatically invested in SIPs.
    Please start this feature.

  221. Tejashkumar says:

    1) No charge for existing customers also ????
    2) What will be Direct MF charges for NRE ????

  222. Manohar says:

    This sounds good on the saving few bucks, who will guide investors in risky equity markets ? Investors will be in dilemma. Whyy not come up with direct insurance policies where investors are misguided and sold endowment policies and money back policies both neither give sufficient insurance nor beat inflation.

  223. Jitendra says:

    Customer is the King. Free Paytm Money for mutual funds compelled to take this decision.
    Thanks Nitin.

  224. Swapnasarit Sahu says:

    I am regular user of coin and kite for investment not daily trading. I love the platform. The real reason I find ppl not investing in mural though direct route in the reason that they are not aware where to put their money. Their should be discovery method for all debt and stock funds and risk associated with them. Why zerodha don’t try to build these

  225. Murali says:

    It’s a great movement from zerodha team,most encouraging. Thanks a lot. Long live zerodha

  226. vinay says:

    aaahh….its time to delete groww…..waiting for this only….nice work zerodha….

  227. sriharsha says:

    Thankq zerodha.

    1 question,
    Does this apply for those who invest in previously too (2017)

    Or for newly investing traders?

  228. M Murugan says:

    Great. Best of luck Zerodha TEAM.

  229. sajid khan says:

    Awesome ! Now this is a Great News!!!

  230. Aks says:

    If Zerodha is not able to make money through coin, they might take our money and runaway with, they already have POA! Sounds absurd right?

  231. Balaji says:

    Setting up SIP is little pain in Coin as it doesn’t deduct the amount directly from bank account, we need to transfer the amount to zerodha account every month.

  232. Ratnakar Dutt says:

    I have been investing in direct funds using AMC website directly. At max I do with 5 AMC and good to remember 5 logins. I get SWT SIP, switch funds, liquids to equity MF switches monthly. All are open to use the same only keep their long remember.

    So as a customer what is the killer value switching to COIN and entertaining another mediator in between us though it offers direct.?

    You are doing great with Zerodha apart from quote descrepencies shown in kite not in live even in week end when market is closed. All the best.

  233. Vishwanath s narkhede says:

    Excellent step

  234. Rajesh says:

    Sir, Is there a plan in start SIP for stock in zerodha platform. Also TIP in MF section even if there will be small fee.

  235. EJAJ SAYYED says:

    Weldon ZERODHA all the best in furthermore…god luck.

  236. Malay Kundu says:

    It is really a great job done by Zerodha. Thanks to you and your team…..Dear Nithin Kamath.

  237. Mangesh says:

    Great work guys, you people really built trust through such type of intiatives.

  238. Vikram says:

    But why is it still showing the charges applicable as 50+GST for investment beyond 2500 in the coin adroid app subscription Option??
    Not yet updated the app

  239. Sandip says:

    Great work Zerodha team
    This was the day one wish from Zerodha client but anyway it will attract more clients now in coin
    But plz don’t add fee in future also

    One thing I want to say is that Zerodha streak and sensibull should be free for Zerodha clients there is heavy fee applied on these products

  240. Raghavendra says:

    When will SBI Small cap fund be available for SIP… It is not available currently…

  241. TAMAL KANTI BAKSI says:

    I have invested in several MFs through SIP in direct plan. Is there any way to transfer all the existing MF investment to COIN platform without redeeming those? I want to know this to track all my investment from a single and excellent portal you offer. If it is possible please let me know. Thanks,

  242. Sakthivel says:

    Great move zerodha!!! However I think this is being done to compete with paytm money

  243. Gopal vekariya says:

    Great work and best of luck to ZERODHA Team.

  244. CHETAN JAIN says:

    That the way to counter yet to be launched paytm’s sinilar investment offerring.

  245. Ashutosh says:

    Nishanth Kamath,

    If you really care about your consumers and anyways offer free unlimited Direct mutual fund investments, stop selling “Regular” Mutual funds in that case so that customers will always make the right choice.

    Can you do that? Or would you do that?

  246. B Ashok kumar says:

    Thank you sir, Now I will invest in direct mutual funds through Zerodha coin.

  247. N. VIJAYA KUMAR says:

    This is a great service by Zerodha to its customers.

  248. Dheeraj says:

    Way to go..
    Great initiative. Would attract a lot of more customers. Lot of barriers more to break.

  249. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    I used coin and moved to MFUonline as it was paperless way of opening account.
    There are few problems with using coin
    1) money has to move to trading account balance, i prefer direct debit from my bank using ecs.
    2) while redemption money comes to trading account n then i have to manually move to my bank account. I prefer direct credit to my balance account.
    3) capital gain statement is not provided by coin. since holdings are kept in demat account AMC doesn’t provide capital gain statement.
    4) i prefer systematic transfer from liquid funds to equity funds. This isn’t supported yet. It will also attract demat charges.
    5)I didn’t like idea of keeping mf schemes in demat account as demat charges are applied on redemption.

    If above issues are resolved then i will prefer coin. Till then i will use mfuonline which also allows direct mfs.

  250. Priyesh says:

    Good initiative Team Zerodha.
    Another improvement would be to change the current system of SIP replication by placing fresh orders monthly. If a fund stops accepting new subscription but continues to accept sip, an investor with zerodha cannot continue the SIP. (Happened with me for Reliance Small cap fund).

    Nithin and team is there any progress made in this regard?

  251. Abhijit Salunkhe says:

    It will definitely benifit the small investors And also It will help zerodha grow bigger. Thanks zerodha..

  252. Mayur Vekariya says:

    Good work by Zerodha… this amazing news for us.. who locking small amount of investments

  253. B Ashok kumar says:

    Thank you sir, Now I will invest in direct mutual funds through Coin.

  254. Jaydip Damle says:

    As always, great work and best of luck to COIN Team

  255. Rohan says:


  256. Pravin says:

    Good work Zerodha


    Please start STP and SWP options also available so more conveniently transfer money sir

  257. Thanikachalam says:

    Is that all the scheme from the fund houses are listed in coins

    I think only few schemes were listed

  258. Anand Kumar R says:

    PayTM Effect… And welcoming…

  259. KAUSHIK MITRA says:

    Great Initiative?

    Team Zerodha

  260. Siddu says:

    When portals like mfuonline and CAMS providing direct mutual funds without any cost at all , what’s the advantage of coin over them ,I want to know

  261. Imran says:

    Thanks for the move.
    You guys are awesome.

  262. Pratik says:

    Is this going to be a permanent thing or will it change with time, you will charge us in future, also will I be charge upon withdrawal after the investment period?

    • Sriram says:

      Is this going to be PERMANENTLY FREE ??


      I already do direct mutual funds via using their websites and been doing this for years.

  263. Amol says:

    Awesome work!! Keep it up!!

  264. Johny Pittappillil says:

    Good work, Team Zerodha. I was waiting for this .some of your competitors already offering 100% free direct mf, even if you are charging small, lot of customers are directed to normal funds, because of didnt understand the logic behind direct fund. I think this investors will come back to zerodha. you are doing a great work. Keep up. Thank you

  265. KKM says:

    Thanks team zerodha . . Please confirm, What about existing coin users . . Whether they will be charged in future also . . Or from now onwards they will not be charged

  266. Mainuddin says:

    As it is mention above regarding ” Charges on subscription of coin ” which is absolutely free,
    But why still you guys are are charging me 59 rs per month.

    Can any one help me out of this?

  267. Sarang Pethe says:

    Good News. Monthly fee on Coin was the real reason I never jumped into using it. With Coin becoming completely free I will definately be using it for future MF investments. I hope Coin stays completely free in future too.

    Thanks Nithin & Team Zerodha

  268. Sharath says:

    I had moved to policy bazaar when they made mutual fund invest totally free. Now thinking of coming back to zerodha. Good competition.

  269. Alok says:

    Zerodha rocks.
    I am happy and proud to be a investors through Zerodha.
    This is indeed a revolutionary step.

    Thanks Zerodha

  270. Firose M P says:

    Could you tell us by when you are planning to start LAS?

    By 2019 or this year?

  271. Uma says:

    Have made more MF investments through coin today. thanks for this offer

  272. Krunal Potdar says:

    Great inniative by Zerodha!!?
    Your guys definitely change the definition of mutual funds

  273. Rajesh Kumar Shaw says:

    But yesterday only Zerodha cut Rs. 50 plus GST of 18 percent which collectively amounts to Rs. 59 although my monthly investment is way below Rs. 25,000 per month slab. I just baffled. Please throw some light.

    • Lindo says:

      The charges were applicable if your total investment crossed ₹25k not per month as you may have misunderstood. One of the reasons why Zerodha went zero charges on this, many didn’t understand this pricing.

  274. vishal says:

    Great work Zerodha team

  275. Ajay Kumar says:

    #respect @zerodha @nithin U r a disruptor boss.
    Changed the way of trading for common man.

  276. Amit says:

    Great Nithin, it will definitely encourage people to opt more direct funds and make zerodha competitive ( as paytm plans absolute free as well)?

  277. Navin Gupta says:

    Can I track my existing direct mutual funds on coin.

  278. Santosh says:

    Great appreciate making coin completely free for investors ?

  279. RAJAN BHIDE says:

    So what’s the catch here.
    Is the competition from Kuvera, MFU and others free platform forced Zerodha as well.
    Are there any hidden charges.

  280. Jaikishan Pamnani says:

    Great step to encourage people to invest in direct mutual funds
    Highly appreciated

  281. Amit Sen says:

    That’s the reasons I left coin …now my only question is why are u doing this favour and what you get out of it…pls be specific and transplant …as you claim so …thanks A.Sen

  282. Senthil Kumar says:

    Truly a pioneer in the industry who keeps competition miles behind. Your innovative ideas and customer friendly policies are real gifts to people like us. All the best..

    One small suggestion. Coin’s look and feel is not good. You have to scroll up and down for viewing. Pls see other platforms and try to implement.

  283. Vivek Agarwal says:

    Brilliant. Thanks guys for your thoughtfulness, inventiveness and intuitiveness. Great show and good luck

  284. Nishant Vedant says:

    Is there a way I can get leverage for intraday trading against my portfolio (holdings).

  285. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Sky is the not the limit for Zerodha.. Great ideas only exists in today’s business world. kudos to team for great success ahead.

  286. Arun Aute says:

    Will there be monthly charges to D mat account through which M F Units purchaed ? Pl. Clarify. Thanks.

  287. Nabin Patra says:

    Only because the they were charging 50 rs per month above 25000 investment led me to invest through Kuvera. I am glad they have responded to their users. Now going to import my folio in coin.

  288. Anurag says:

    Thank you so much Zerodha?.. I wish no one can beat you…All the best?

  289. Mintu Panwar says:

    Great step towards for pulling the more investors to coin.

    Some people are saying it is because of Paytm…

    May be…
    But good decision.

  290. Abhishek Daaga says:

    Can we pledge the mutual funds and use that as margin for FNO ?

  291. Prashant Madhukar says:

    Still I have been charged by zerodha and my available balance is in nigative

  292. ANKIT AGARWAL says:

    That’s awesome. But I have just a tinny Minny query. I know that there are no free lunches. So how this free model going to work for you. And any system that is not financially viable, will not last long. Please clarify.

  293. Omprakash says:

    Great News!!!!!
    Thank you so much zerodha.
    Would be happy in case there is option to apply for any NFO…

  294. Deepak says:

    Good job. Keep it up. Will use Zerodha now was using individual platform till now.

  295. Manjunath MS says:

    Lots of Love to Zerodha… Grt move..
    I Will share this to every frnd of mine.

  296. Monica says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great initiative.

    Could you please update us when you will be starting the Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB) platform so that we could lend our shares and earn some extra money? The customer support said it’ll be soon.

  297. Shubham Purkar says:

    If zerodha has waived off yhe 50rs/month charges then why is it still showing on my coin platform.

  298. Vishal says:

    Just a week ago, I sell all the Mutual Funds from COIN and shifted to other platform (Direct MF Only) just because of 50 Rs Fee. And now it is FREEEEEEE .. 🙂 Great News
    No other MF platform is as user friendly and well designed as COIN. Just see that COIN shows number of days your amount is invested in a easy way. No other platform shows it.
    The only advantage of other platforms is that you can transferred MF from one platform to another if they started charging fees for investment in direct MF.
    If COIN started charging money in future, then it is very hard to Transferred from COIN to another platform because MF with COIN are in DEMAT Form.

    Still, so far, I have not found anything better than COIN…

  299. Atul Gupta says:

    If it’s free then why it’s still showing your subscription is active for rs 50 + 18% under account tab in coin app

  300. Syam says:

    Appreciated, a smart move.

  301. Swati Sharma says:

    Will Zerodha be giving margin against Mutual Funds Holdings against FnO trades.

  302. Jai says:

    Thank You Zerodha

  303. Mahendra Agarwal says:

    My only complaint to Zerodha is that it has become such a valuable company on the basis of its vast investors base, than why it is not sharing it’s wealth with the investors in the form of preferential issue of Zerodha shares.

  304. Chintan says:

    Thank you tean zerodha
    You are so gooooooood.

  305. Deepak says:

    Thank you so much Zerodha and teams,

    It is good for investment in SIP from today.
    I hope it will same for future anot will not take any charges.

  306. Noushad says:

    I L U

  307. Dante says:

    Excellent step.
    I have some friends who are interested in mutual funds and are looking for a good way to invest. I think nothing is more better than this!!
    Highly appreciate this.

  308. myerne says:

    Will coin remain free forever ?

  309. Amit says:

    you are doing some great work and this is real amazing work. I started trading on your platform, then stocks and now moving to mutual fund investments on your platform. You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work.

  310. Sangam says:

    Thank you so much to the Zerodha Team for the big waiver!
    My question is if I invest 50k from Regular mutual fund along with some Direct Mutual fund in my account, what amount will I be charged?

    • Sangam says:

      If no Coin fee at all, then I think I should invest in eating 15 more eggs each month on the same cost. Lol ?

  311. Nilesh says:

    Zerodha is definitely going to break all the barriers which a retail investors get in , 50/- pm is not a concern but the way you are breaking this is …. Heartiest congrats to CEO n team Zerodha !
    Thank you

  312. Vishavdeep says:

    Shukar hai tumhe sadbudhi aayi.
    2 min pehle hi pesa lgaya.
    Pehle free hoya to coin se lgata.
    Chlo nexttime.

  313. Hiten Popat says:


  314. Pankaj Kumar Garg says:

    Very good initiative. It will definitely attract more people to invest in MF through coin.

  315. Kiran adsule says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Finally you and your team did this.Fantastic work. Now more people will .I’ve toward coin rather than going to others financial services.

  316. Siva says:

    Can you provide goal based tracking tool in coin?
    Also possibility to have simple moving average graphs against funds graph.

  317. Tarang says:

    Great Initiative…another mile stone…..Congrats Nithin and Team Zerodha.

  318. Shashi Parmar says:

    Congrats team Zerodha!

    I would like to know which document an investor will receive from Zerodha and from respectice AMC…!


    • Matti says:

      Since the investments are in demat form, all you need is to get a statement of holdings for your demat account. Much like a bank statement, this tells you what you hold in your demat account. Stocks and mutual funds together will be held here.

  319. Prashant Patel says:

    Still there are issues. The sip is not sip internally , my reliance smallcap sip paused because reliance is no longer taking fresh sip. If it was an actual sip then my plan wouldn’t have paused.

    • Faisal says:

      Prashant, you can continue your Reliance smallcap SIP through the Coin mobile app. Here’s how you can do it.
      We don’t offer the conventional SIP for all funds on Coin as it less convenient for our clients. This post has more on this.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Prashant, we’ve enabled AMC SIPs for such funds on the Coin mobile app. Download the app and check it out! 🙂

  320. Karan says:

    Awesome! There were lots of mutual fund platform which were not charging any fees for investment, and finally zerodha has also followed same.

  321. yogendra says:

    Thanks zerodha

  322. Bandhan Sharma says:

    The charges were affordable but good to hear that monthly charges on Coin are now waived of.

  323. Sibin P says:

    Great!. You are surprising the zerodha customers each and every time. Thanks a lot.

  324. Moreshwar Gawade says:

    Great announcement.
    With this speed zerodha might also start cashback on mutual fubds since next month.

  325. Ashwath says:

    Great, surely invest more. It’s effective from this month?

  326. Rahul Wadibhasme says:

    Excellent move Zerodha and coin, your platform made our investment easy.

  327. Rrishu says:

    I will now make my investments via Coin. Till now, I use to invest directly on the individual fund websites. I didn’t choose Coin earlier because of the recurring monthly cost. However, now that its gone, I will make my monthly SIPs next month onwards from Coin !

  328. Santosh Kumar Pattanaik says:

    That’s nice.. I will surely start the rest of MF’s through this portal.

  329. Alpesh says:

    Will MF units credites to seat account? If yes then what charge applicable when we sell?

  330. Sharuq Shaikh says:

    If one is already on Short term MF and active coin subscription, Which is charging 50pm already. changes will automatically done to all users or they have to Unsubscribe and subscribe once again?

    • Matti says:

      Nothing you need to do, Sharuq. We’ve stopped charging everyone starting today. 🙂

      • manish gupta says:

        Subscription Mai avitak dika Raha hai ki 25000 exceed hoga to charge karega. [email protected] Mai mail vi Kia.unnone bola logout login Ko ..Kia firbi dikaraha to problem hai na

        • Matti says:

          Manish, to change the text on the app, we need to update it. This should be done in the next couple of days. In the meanwhile, you can take our word for it. No subscription charges for Coin. 🙂

  331. Praveen Kumar says:

    I already placed order in coin. Thanks zerodha for making it free

  332. Prashant Yadav says:

    Now that is what I called a “SCHEME”…. Thanks Nithin and team Zerodha 🙂
    But again as mentioned earlier…. What does Zerodha mean by foreseeable future??

  333. Sandeep says:

    Appreciated… Right Call

  334. Azam Ali says:

    Great initiative! I will definitely invest through coin now.

  335. UMESH says:

    Great Initiative!!! Congrats!!

  336. Paritosh says:

    Superb Zerodha Team !!! Keep going. Looking forward to your loan against securities scheme.

  337. Pradyumna Kumar Das says:

    Great Thought Zerodha…Its valuable.

  338. Mantesh says:

    Do you have any plans to charge in the future? May be now it is free but once we enter you might start charging.

  339. Minal Patil says:

    can we import our existing SIPs to coin?

  340. Tejash says:

    Great going Nitin and Zerodha team.

    Eagerly waiting for OD against shares.

  341. Hari says:

    Great decision by Zerodha….

  342. Renish says:

    This is indeed a wonderful news. After reading this, I was trying to open an account but it was asking for 300 as signup amount. I just want to use Coin service and not interested in Kite as I don’t invest in direct equity or commodity. Would this signup charges would still apply?
    Is it something like Annual Maintenance Charges for providing services?

  343. Shyamsunder says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Congratulations to you and your team for creating Zerodha.

    I shifted from HDFC Securities to Zerodha platform from Feb 2018 and am pleased to tell you that its been an excellent experience. I have now shifted my entire investment on to your platform and i hope everyone who invest in equity shift to Zerodha.

    I… and i am sure that all your customers would love to see Zerodha adding more value to investor experience. In this context i am a little concerned as to how a zero brokerage business model would help. My suggestion would be to charge users at least a nominal amount and you all as experts and specialists in this domain provide some value add services like Fundamental and Technical (of only good companies) Recommendations. I do use your small case product but still trying to understand the choice of scrips in the
    Also request you to please consider the following suggestions :
    1. while trying to add funds through desktop website, i am not able to get thru’ atleast 4 out of 5 times. On your mobile app its 100 % successful.
    2. When I place an order, besides the rate of the scrip… can you help us provide the total amount that will get debited from the Zerodha wallet. i made a costly mistake once..
    3.On the mobile app… when i go to scrips that am holding.. am not able to get the market depth option.
    4. Your stock screener website is good but its standalone. is it possible to provide a stock screener on the Zerodha trading website with an option on that screen to directly buy or sell.
    5. The old HDFC securities website had an excellent stock screener.. which was one of the reasons i was using them for more than a decade. But their new website stock screener is a disappointment. Would be great if Zerodha could design a stock screeener similar to the old stock screener of hdfc sec.

    Once again wish You and YOUR Zerodha Team ALL THE VERY BEST and hope you scale greater heights and keep the Indian entrepreneurial spirit soaring.

  344. Belal Ahmed says:

    Great move from Nitin and team @Zerodha

  345. Kapl says:

    Hey Nitin,

    When will Coin be made available to NRIs?

    I am currently using invezta and would switch to Coin in a heartbeat, but I keep hearing Coin for NRIs is in progress.


  346. Amit Arora says:

    It’s a great news, to hear that the charges are free with Coin. I had started investing in Coin from this month and will be doing it regularly….Thanks Zerodha Team

  347. A L BhavaniShankar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I had observed that some of the fund are not in sync with recent categorization by SEBI… example CANARA ROBECO EMERGING EQUITY FUND which is showing SMALL CAP FUND,,,,, actually I want to start SIP on this fund…. by seeing the above equity class…. I am in double mind……this is for your attention

  348. Ishan Kumar Mohanta says:

    Yeah great … So that i love zerodha .. and i never ever leave u ..

  349. Ankit Puri says:

    Great move Team Zerodha!! I wish it will help many Mutual fund investors to reach their financial goals and also as mentioned, your mission with Coin to make direct mutual fund investments easy and accessible to everyone, will also be achieved.
    I hope there will not be any charge on direct mutual fund investment via Zerodha in future as well.
    Also, excited to see the Loan Against Securities (LAS) scheme. Thanks to team zerodha and best wishes to MF Investors!

  350. Vivek Jhunjhunwala says:

    Its still a hassle to trasnfer money to zerodha account first for SIPs.
    Will zerodha move to auto debit anytime soon (using NACH mandate) ?

    • Faisal says:

      We plan to take e-NACH live soon which will allow for auto- debit from your bank on the SIP date.
      We are currently testing it internally.

  351. Sachin says:

    Wow ! I love you guys ! I wish you great success ahead 🙂

  352. Achinta says:

    Great!! More number of people will invest now in Zerodha coin. Thanks !!

  353. Mahesh says:

    Will it be free even after 25000 rs ?

  354. Sameer N says:

    Good decision Nitin sir. Grt encouragement for young investors. Please let me know from next month onwards we will not get any charge like Rs. 50 + GST for existing and new investment in coin. Now sir you also need to launch your own IPO.

  355. Subhasish says:

    Please assure that this will continue in future also. Now free doesn’t mean that you will not charge in future. So please assure us.

  356. Varun says:

    Great Step… I am sure more number of users will start using COIN.

    However, I am still waiting for GTC option in equity as promised long time ago 🙁

    ~ Varun

  357. Hitessh Jain says:

    Much needed initiative for investors like me. Thanks.

    With Regards,

  358. Arul says:

    I want invest lump sum in a debt fund and then do a systematic transfer to equity. Is it possible by coin?

  359. Nitish says:

    Thanks . It’s very much encouraging to choose coin platform. But looking in coin by zerodha app under subscription it still shows the charges .
    Is this removal charges done from immediate effect?

  360. Vijay Rana says:

    Great work team Zerodha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its Awesome!!!!
    There some good performing direct funds still not available in coin. Please do something to include those as well.

  361. Sachin dakhare says:

    I appreciate …thank you for this hats off…
    Nithin can you please provide systematic withdrawal plan in coin..
    my dada is retired it will be easy in coin app

  362. Shekhar Suman says:

    Its the best news of today for me. Thanks Zerodha.

  363. Prasanth Kumar says:

    I’ve been using coin for the last 1 year. Thank you for the great initiative without any charge.
    Keep moving.


    Thank u very much can you suggest best fund for investment through SIP

  365. Rahul says:

    @Nithin How come launch date for All the products is showing is 1-1-2013 and not the actual?

    • Faisal says:

      Although regular plans for most mutual funds have been there for a long time. Direct plans for those funds were launched in 2013 after SEBI made it mandatory for all AMCs to offer a direct plan.

  366. Arvind Yadav says:

    Hope you start goal based mutual fund recommendations soon like Kuvera. I love zerodha for direct equity investments, but coin has long way to go.

  367. HT Jadhav says:

    I have invested 5L in direct MF through Mycams and K track. Can I import those MFs in Coin and then I can top up or add more through Coin?

  368. Piyush says:

    Great news for a beginner like me. Now I can invest in mutual funds without any comparison and worry. Thanks Team Zerodha

  369. Nilanjan says:

    This is wonderful News! Zerodha is really awesome platform to work with. With no cost on Coin, it is irresistible now.
    Next Screener should be made completely free too! 😀 …I know its too much to ask but you expect only from someone who can deliver right? Also Yeah Dil Mange More 😀
    All the best Zerodha Team and Thank you very much for making investing such a smooth & hassle free experience.

  370. Vishal M says:

    A great step Zerodha team. I have been investing and has been paying this 58 rs penalty (50 + taxes every month0 as coin subscription charges. Recently was contemplating a move to another platform that offers completely free direct MFs. You guys retained me. 🙂

  371. Mukul says:

    Great News… !! Kudos Team 🙂

  372. Tejas Lalit says:

    Instead you could have reduced it to 20RS.

  373. Sanjay says:

    Thanks a lot Nitin Ji

  374. Mettu.Rajalingam says:


  375. Rajasekhar Kadambur says:

    Wow great initiative!

  376. Dilip Gangani says:

    Great and innovative thought…?

  377. Mehul says:

    Downloaded coin app now but it still says about charging rs 50+tax

  378. Anindya says:

    But plz don’t delay this Loan Against Securities (LAS) against mutual fund holdings.
    By when it will get started

  379. Ankur Shrivastava says:


  380. Moddi says:

    In the interest of full disclosure you might as well tell everyone how Zerodha plans to make money if there is no fee now.

  381. Rahul Biliye says:

    Really a great initiative by Zerodha. Good to see such an awesome initiative by Mr Nithin Kamath and Zerodha team.

  382. Shivraj Chavan says:

    Really Gr8 move by Zerodha
    This will help a lot to move our MF through Coin only
    I requested to active trade sms alert service too to get real trade info

  383. Anshuk says:

    My existing coin account says you will be charged Rs. 50 for Direct MF investments. Please clarify about this, whether the xisting customer will also have advantage?

  384. Prashanth DN says:

    I completely agree with you that 50rs charge was nothing compared to hefty amounts charged outside. But the decision of revoking that is a good one as “absolutely free” tag will pull more investment.

  385. Jeevan Rao says:

    Wow… Great Zerodha!!!
    Keep up the good work. I believe, Zerodha is the one and only one who listen to retail investor’s heart beat.
    Thanks Nitin and Zerodha team.

  386. Nitesh says:

    Great move, very happy to have Zerodha account, it’s far far better than Samco,
    One question i have :
    If i want to start SIP in direct funds, it’s also free?

  387. Ankith says:

    Awesome step. Right from today, I start investing in Coin…

  388. Pranab says:

    A great step. Wishing the Zerodha team ..all the very best.

  389. Chandrakant Kumar says:

    Just a small clarification. Are all direct mutual funds free or just ELSS funds

  390. Tikeshwar Dora says:

    Absolutely Great step from Zerodha. Thanks Team.

  391. Collin says:

    Really awesome……thank u zerodha team and continue being the industry disruptor?

  392. Dipak says:

    Great, thanks

  393. GS says:

    Hi @Nithin
    Thanks for the initiative of waiving the fee, but I don’t think it was much of a concern rather the information on coin platform is very limited. It should include some more details like

    1. The present holdings of the mutual funds.

    2. Changes in the holdings of mutual funds on monthly / quarterly basis.

    3. Visual Ratings of the funds (ex. showing 5 stars) for quick and easy visibility of performing funds.

    4. Ability to scan mutual funds on the basis of shares for ex. List all MF’s holding Reliance and in what percentage,
    whether they are increasing or decreasing their holdings.

    5. Details of Fund Manager etc.

    6. A monthly newsletter having details of funds to invest from zerodha MF team.

    Any other details which could help investors in making sound decesions.

    • Rajeev Gupta says:

      Good advice, need implementation ASAP

    • Faisal says:

      1. There is no way to live track the present holdings. AMCs only disclose the monthly portfolio as it is a SEBI mandate
      2. You can find this in the monthly/quarterly portfolio shared by the AMC on their website. You should receive an email of the same too.
      4. Like I mentioned in Point 1, there is no way to live track this. The whole idea of a mutual fund investment is to avoid the hassle of individually tracking stocks. Why don’t you invest in stocks directly?
      5. Currently, we don’t have this available. We’d recommend you to check the AMC website for this.
      3 & 6. At Zerodha, we don’t offer advisory services.
      We share investor-related information on TradingQ&A. Make sure to follow the community of traders and investors.

      • G S says:

        Hi @Faisal @Nithin
        Thanks for your reply.

        1. I am not asking for live tracking of the funds, the monthly disclosures data of mutual funds on coin would be fine, as it would be easy to go through the data quickly rather than going on thru searching emails. So many emails come every day so it is not easy to keep track of them on emails.

        3. As you said that you don’t offer advisory services but I checked the coin mobile app, there you have categories like best of equity funds / hybrid funds / debt funds etc. So why you are giving those details on mobile app. I just fail to understand that logic of yours.

        I am not asking for zerodha advisory services, rather funds should be highlighted as per their performance so it is easily identifiable which mutual funds are performing well or have a good track record of performing.

        For almost all the things if I have to go and check with AMCs then what is the point of having coin platform and why zerodha is wasting it’s resources on it.

        Suppose a new investor enrolls with Coin then how will he know in which mutual fund to invest in the absence of data. All he will see a long list of various mutual funds but he won’t be able to make a wise decision.

        But as per my thinking removing this small fee won’t make any big difference to the growth of Coin platform. If there is no substance in the product (Coin platform) then how will it perform ?

        Rest you all are wise people and know much better.

        My Best wishes
        Take Care

  394. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Much needed step, You will see the results as inflated no of clients soon. Further, if you have any plan to launch IPO, I am one of the investors love to invest.

  395. Mahantesh says:

    Great going.. Customer centric

  396. Prashant Agarwal says:

    All the best team and love using zerodha and offcourse going to double my investment on coin…

  397. Mantesh says:

    What is the guarantee that you guys will not charge later? Like free-entry but pay to exit kind of thing?

  398. K Raman says:

    Great initiative good motivating step.
    Kudos Serndha team.

  399. Madhu says:

    That’s great news, this is going to be break through step for Zerodha. Thank you so much.

  400. Saumil Shah says:

    Great initiative!

  401. Suman Dutta says:

    Thats great news.. I must say Zerodha always come up with the solution for the queries raised by the customers and this shows that they really do care for their clients.. Great going and Thanks to Team Zerodha..

  402. Vijay singh says:

    Please make some feature so that SIP amount can be deducted directly from the bank account instead of Zerodha fund balance.

  403. Pankaj says:

    Here i want to tell two things :
    1- I was not moving to coin because i was able to invest in Mutual Funds – ‘direct’ free of cost on websites of mutual fund AMC websites.
    2- Will it be free of cost forever ? What if i move to coin and later it is monetized ?

  404. Nehal says:

    You mentioned of hidden charges that other “free mutual fund” providers levy as a commission. Whit Coin going free, would you do the same?

  405. VishnuKumar says:

    Thanks Zerodha

  406. Pinakin says:

    I am afraid whether this move will let this platform survive long. Hope you have planned for the survival expenses of this platforms. Else 600/ Yr. was just fine for me. This is the easiest way to mutual funds investing. Havent found anything better than this till date. Coin on the app is simply amazing.
    Anyways thanks for bestowing upon this allowance.
    Feeling Humbled…..

  407. Gautham kamath says:

    This amazing move can only be expected from Mr Nitin.

  408. Saajan gowala says:

    Great opportunity new investment for mutual fund… Khoob paisa kaamaw aur crore pati banno through mutual fund…?

  409. Abhi says:

    Hello Nitin, this is indeed a welcome move! The only grouse remaining is the MF units being held in demat form. As a result, every MF debit/redemption however small is charged by CDSL.

    Hope you can remove this too.

  410. Harold Cabral says:

    Can we transfer existing direct mutual funds non demat to zerodha/coin without paperwork in one go?

  411. Punith says:

    Coool. fantastic news . Coin is very good platform for direct mutual funds as well .. so further we can feel free for investing .. ☺

  412. Sreelal says:

    Make Zerodha great again!

  413. Vishal says:

    I joined Zerodha last month for direct mutual funds because of low charges as 50Rs/m but now it’s free
    Very happy with this.
    Excellent step Zerodha

  414. Kuldeep says:

    Hi sir! that’s a good news, so it mean its all free to start a SIP or Lump Sum in Mutual Funds via COIN.


  415. VISHAL WAGHMARE says:

    Just Great!!!

  416. Mahesh Chamakeri says:


  417. SK says:

    This is a good move actually and now it has true meaning of investing in Direct plans. Just one suggestion, when we go to the “Explore all mutual funds” on Coin page, it has listing by AMC. It should have some interactive view by Category , then by other details like Name, NAV, risk profile, returns over 1/3/5/10 years etc…

    Thanks and another great job.

  418. Shivansh says:

    Amazing!! Revolutionary step taken by zerodha. Feeling very satisfied to be a customer of Zerodha.

  419. Shivani Garg says:

    Gr8 step….was reluctant to use coin because of charges….now will plan to move to coin????

  420. Basavaraju Desai says:

    Great news. Looking for the updates on which stocks the mutual funds investing and nominee updates and so on.

  421. Bingi Maheshwer says:

    Good & a welcoming step taken by zerodha.

  422. CA Shashank says:

    I was inviting through the platform regularly and it’s a great approach. I didn’t even mind 50 rs for Hassel free experience.But Thankx for the reduction.
    Please make investors aware of the savings like Bougle did and the safety of keeping your mutual funds in there dmat and make Coin more interactive. It still laks ability to compare mutual funds against each other. And other analytical tool.
    Comoen guys you people are very tech savvy you could built a great analytical tool for mutual fund rather then a plain vanilla solution you have now.

  423. Ashwini kumar says:

    Nice but still confused that what profit you got if all free?
    i now invest through direct companies … i promise you if you not take fees in any circumstance in future then i definitely go with coin soon… but you have to promise if no hidden charges and no future plan for commission or charges will be happen… if any plz tell me in advance…

    • Matti says:

      No hidden fees, Ashwini. We’ll be starting our LAS business soon, as mentioned in the post. We hope to monetise these investments there.

  424. Piyush says:

    Great, Team Zerodha !

  425. Ashish Patel says:

    I request you to please start the LAS facility as soon as possible with inter-linked trading & loan account, all available through kite. And kindly ensure that you provide direct link to the funds available in LAS account. If this is not done, then we will have to first transfer funds to zerodha trading and then buy.

  426. Namita Singh says:

    Am Zerodha customer since Sep 2017 however investing in MF since 2015. MF investments thru direct mode but transactions done directly on AMC websites. It is a bit cumbersome to visit various sites for the purpose. Can I migrate/ consolidate all under Coin and continue from there onward. Irrespective of the answer Zerodha’s move to make Coin free is great with a huge symbolic value.

  427. Bipin Dudani says:

    That’s good news. Thank you for this gesture.
    Have 2 questions. First will it be for existing users as well and second if the answer to first question is yes then do we have to do anything or it will happen automatically.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Bipin, yes, it’s free for everyone already on the platform too. Nothing you need to do. We’ll simply stop charging. 🙂

  428. Ershad says:

    Great initiative! I have been investing in direct mutual funds through Coin for almost a year now and this initiative only affirms my faith in the platform and reassures me that I made the right decision.

  429. Harold Cabral says:

    Is it possible to convert all non demat Direct MF held in MF houses to the coin platform in one go without the necessary paperwork?

  430. Vineet says:

    This is what i was waiting for

  431. Anand says:

    Good news for me as I am going to pay next week, though it’s too good for new customers.

  432. Ravindra A Patil says:

    Thank you so much, Zerodha Team.

  433. Roy says:

    Great move. I hope you’re able to find ways to successfully monetize this. We sometimes get lost demanding free services while forgetting someone has to eventually bear the costs.
    I wouldn’t move or recommend Coin over Kuvera unless you’re able to remove holding MF units in demat form. Having family accounts like Kuvera does would help too.

  434. yagnesh dave says:

    Direct mutual funds subscription
    Your Zerodha Coin subscription is inactive. It’ll automatically start when you make non ELSS direct mutual fund investments at flat Rs 50 / month.
    * This value is excluding all your Direct ELSS investments.

    If you do not wish to have a paid subscription, you can always invest in non-direct regular funds from here.

  435. Santosh Singh says:

    After reading this news. I have invested 2000rs SIP from today.

  436. Anagha says:

    Very good decision, Team Zerodha!!!

    Now the no. of clients will go to infinity…As most of the clients were stuck up in Rs.50/-

  437. Sudhir patel says:

    Really excellant step for retail investor.
    All the best for future.

  438. Dr Samrat says:

    It’s a great step. Such steps need lots of guts and some real passion for dream seen by team zerodha.
    Thanks a lot for coin and it’s advantages.
    Keep going team zerodha

  439. mahesh says:

    Awsom!!! Will suerlly start SIP now…

  440. Atul Kumar says:

    Good initiative, Zerodha is now big enough to educate people about the toxic products in market and miss-selling. Direct mutual funds save lots of money in long term
    All the best.?

  441. kart says:

    I have read in your website that this free service is only for ELSS funds. is it true ?

  442. Sagar says:

    Can we transfer existing mutual funds to zerodha/coin?

  443. Saurabh Shrivastava says:

    Thanks Team Zerodha,

    It is a very bold and wonderful step taken by you. It will definetly boost the trust among retail investors. And I hope Coin will now be free forever. Keep innovating..

    Thanks once again.

  444. Shantanu Ramesh Athavale says:


  445. Ketan Mahajan says:

    This is unbelievable, Nitin. How do you guys do such things! Lots of respects.. Go on..!

  446. Gautham kamath says:

    Great move !

  447. Anilkumar says:

    Thanks Mr. Nitin, great decision!

  448. Anil says:

    wow ! Good news for investors.

  449. Santosh N says:

    This is awesome, I must say I was little unsure of this RS.50 subscription either but now with complete free platform , I shall get more references for subscription. Great work!

  450. Sriram says:

    Thanks a lot.. the next feature most of coin users are eagerly looking fwd to is STP. Please let us know the status of implementation

  451. Mohit says:

    One decision made today, I bet u will see 100 cr invested in coin app minimum by next weekend
    Do check it.. Kudos again wise decision for business
    Not letting anyone divert from zerodha
    Your quick action makes you A wise leader

  452. nakul says:

    All the funds from a fund house is not listed. What are the reasons?

  453. anu says:

    This is awesome news Nithin. Thanks for the initiative.

  454. Jayanti says:

    Is mutual fund investments through zerodha accepted as collateral for option selling?

  455. Saipayan Dutta says:

    Thank you Zerodha for making it free. Now more investors will invest in direct mutual funds.

  456. Amol sopnar says:

    But what about auto debit facility from bank accounts?

  457. Nikhil Anand says:

    Very commendable job sir. It’s companies like you who are changing the way business and technology works in India. Keep it up. India really needs more companies like you in every sector and every aspect of life. Also your presence towards awareness of this platform is still minimal, please focus on that as well, you can be the next big thing, if you can be in future as well be consistent on the service and customer satisfaction that you offer. All the best and a wonderful initiative from you & your team.

  458. Ashish Krishna says:

    This is a great move from Zerodha. I whole-heartedly Thank you Mr.Nithin Kamath.

  459. Sharad says:

    Thank for this initiative.

    Is there any plan to revert all the old subscription charges you/Coin has charged for direct mutual funds?

  460. ROHITH K R says:

    Really a great move

  461. Chintan gohil says:

    It is good to have a broker who wants his clients to educate through varsity and also aware market participants about the truth of mutual fund industry. I would have bought mutual fund still from zerodha even you were charging that nominal fees. But kudos to you guys for making it absolutely free. Proud to have a broker like you. Thank u zerodha

  462. Siva says:

    Nithin, you are the man! I am waiting for this to happen. Thanks.

  463. Aji says:

    It is great. When i sold my mutual fund, the transaction went above 25000, and started charging me rs 50 for another mutual fund i had which is only 1000 per month. And I was planning to exit that also. It is a great news for me

  464. Milind Sapre says:

    That’s great! It’s because of Coin that I started direct investment and our whole family moved to this platform. Thanks Nithin & Coin! ?

  465. Rajan Soni says:

    Nice move il start my investment in mutual funds now….
    btw congrats Nithin Kamath and team for again doing a great job

  466. Sandeep Bharati says:

    Great news once again by ZERODHA. Always breaking the barriers. Hope this will change people views on Direct MF.
    All the best!

  467. Mahesh Kale says:

    I was thinking to move all my mf investment to other platform like mf utility because of these charges.
    But Thanks Zerodha
    You took great step by waving these charges from now onwards.

  468. Umang Kakarania says:

    Free even for users who have been paying 50/month till now right?

  469. Aniruddha Sinha says:

    Great step for customer….thanks lot to Zerodha

  470. Sameer G Patil says:

    This is a great initiative and is like CSR! Really great service for the masses.
    All the best ❗

  471. Atharv Bhatt says:


    Kudos to team Zerodha…..

    Really highly appreciative move…

    Keep up the goood work…… Best of luck for future team zerodha….Unstoppable

  472. Eswar says:

    Thanks Team Zerodha…Keep up the good work with good spirits…

  473. Srikanth says:

    Good move, and a great welcome message for me and others who are starting off with Zerodha.

  474. Bimal Joseph says:

    Already switched to Coin this month. So this is a great news for me. In my opinion this the best option available to buy or sell MF in India. Good work by Zerodha!

  475. Nitin says:

    That’s great news team, thanks for you quality service, first elss no all mutual funds investment are free, I will ask my realitives to open account and invest thorough zerodha now rather then going to fund’s websites, but can someone from zerodha please assure us that you won’t reapply 50/rs in future?

  476. Kapil says:

    Simply Great…!!!
    You are really a visionary entrepreneur… Zerodha has impressed me at every stage…now this coin project also added into my radar…

  477. Sukesh CS says:

    Is there a option to plege our mutual fund holdings and use it for margin requirements??

  478. Milan Joshi says:

    Good decision, Coin is the best platform for mutual fund investment

  479. Mathew says:

    Now Zerodha back to number 1 in the list. The removal of subscription fee for mutual fund investments now makes it India’s best discount brokerage after a gap.

  480. Abhijeet Mahajan says:

    Great news team!
    this will motivate lot of new and current investors

  481. vishwas reddy says:

    Thank you so much love you.. appreciated move…:)

  482. Ayush Sharma says:

    Ohh Nice!
    Thanks for the changes ..

  483. Noopur says:

    Coin is a platform with great potential.
    this is an awesome news.
    It was surely worth choosing zerodha as my broker for stocks and mutual funds.
    Looking forward to more enhancements and features in coin and the new business you are talking about.

  484. Nandita Shah says:

    Excellent Move !

  485. ndran says:

    Good move. Now i will start using coin rather than mfuonline. I hope you have a better UI than Mfuonline.

  486. Niraj says:

    Great Initiative..

  487. nakul says:

    How to add existing mutual funds to coin platform?

  488. Bhav says:

    You are doing good innovative and comparative to enhance trader experience comply with price.

  489. Abhinav Dubey says:

    Thanks Nitin. This is a great step towards taking Zerodha to new heights. All the best!!

  490. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Thanks … A lot

    Now i can ask my wife to invest through COIN too 🙂

    Now just make IPO available too through KITE & it would be like a full package scheme.

    Good work !

  491. Keyur says:

    Great initiative.
    Thank you.

  492. Sudhanshu Goel says:

    Appreciate your effort. Will be using coin now.

  493. Nikunj Agarwal says:

    great initiative by ZERODHA and Nithin Kamath.

  494. Sourav says:

    Yes but which one is the right mutual fund for me? I wanna invest but there’s so many options I’m confused. How do I decide which one will be the right one for me?

  495. Hemant M. S. says:

    I have investments in 2 mutual funds of fixed amount and in 3 mutual funds thru SIP thru broker / AMC who are using CAMS Co. for processing. How can I bring them all on the Zerodha’s direct mutual funds platform?

  496. Prashant Devrukhakar says:

    Great initiative and highly appreciated. Is it applicable for existing mutual fund holder ??

  497. Dhiraj Mehta(XH7138) says:

    I am having MF in some other ARN.How i transfer in Coin.

    Please help or Call 9828299990.

  498. Deepak Reddy says:

    Awesome decision to promote a big step.
    Thanks and all the best.

  499. Abdul Hakkeem says:

    Great … Just now i enroll MF before this notice . Zerodha is the best.

  500. sahitya says:

    Thank you Zerodha …☺️

  501. Pramod Kumar says:

    Very good,
    50 rs./month It was the thing stopping me from investing above 25000

  502. Kh Shor Meitei says:

    Nitin good initiative. I request one thaing that please introduce 4 hrs time frame in mobile apps as well as in kite. It will be very useful

  503. Abhishek Bhattacharya says:

    Great initiative. This will definitely pull lot of people to coin!

  504. Shalini says:

    Nice move! But waiting fir the day when we will be able to pledge mutual fund holdings to gain margin limits in F & O segment. Any recent developments in this direction?

  505. Prateek-Singh says:


  506. SHyam says:

    zerodha is creating a revolution in the financial world….the day is not far when you will be the top brokerage in india

  507. Love Malani says:

    I have been charged more than Rs. 50 per month since I invested in SIP’s through coin , so I stopped. I hope it won’t charge again

  508. Thilak says:

    Love it, thanks for the change.

  509. rajesh says:

    The loan against mutual funds is a very good idea. Rather if you can give us limit on mutual funds which we can use as margin against our option position will be quite nice. You may charge interest on daily basis on the amount of fund used.

  510. Gauranga says:

    Awesome Move!
    Great initiative Nithin !!

  511. RITUKANT MAURYA says:

    This is a very good initiative. Many people would be attracted to invest in Mutual Funds through Coin. Well done! Zerodha always takes customer oriented initiatives and far ahead of other competitors.

  512. Abhishek Anand says:

    Great move thank you

  513. sivaram says:

    This is great since we will get all our mutual funds under one platform that too with out any charge.

  514. Mukesh Yadav says:

    It looks like Paytm Money effect.

  515. ranjan says:

    Great…Nw Coin is convincing enough for MF investment

  516. Kalpesh Mantri says:

    Great initiative, solved problems of every small investors, thank you very much…

  517. K C PATEL says:

    Claps and claps for ZERODHA.
    Most client / investor friendly House.

  518. Sachchidanand says:

    This is a great news. When is this applicable from?
    Keep up the good work.



  520. Akash says:

    You guys always amaze with super duper plans and ideas!

  521. Kishore says:

    Is coin provide free service to existing customers.

  522. Swaminathan V says:

    Woooowwwwww….. That’s a great news!
    Thank you very much Zerodha!

  523. vijay says:

    the coin account page is still showing
    “Your Zerodha Coin platform subscription is active at flat ₹50 / month. This is automatically deducted from your Zerodha account. If you want to deactivate your Zerodha Coin subscription, you will have to exit all your non ELSS investments first.”
    Do I need to make any changes to remove it

  524. Kamlesh Doshi says:

    Congratulation Sir for taking very nice decision !!!

    so, from next month onward(i.e. Aug 2018) we don’t have to pay Rs 50/month. Am i right?


  525. Tirthesh says:

    Great Initiative. Zerodha has always challenged themselves and the industry with their approach. I really admire and appreciate what you are doing? Keep it up!

  526. Shiva says:

    Once the LAS is operational will it result in any change in the current pledging of shares process?

  527. chaitanya mahajan says:

    are liquid funds available on coin
    can amount invested be used as pledge in trading account

  528. Ashwin says:


    Thanks Zerodha!!!! You are India Future….

  529. Sachin Raka says:

    Nithin, you are just awesome!!!

    Coin completely free is very good motivation for me and my family to start SIP!!!!

  530. Ravi says:

    Hi there,

    I have SIPs going on from various mutual funds. Can i transfer them to Zerodha. What is the procedure for the same.


  531. Anthuvan says:

    Very excellent idea to motivate traders to invest…!!

    Thanks to Zerodha…!!

    • Prakash Govindray Shet JP Nagar Bengaluru says:

      After retirement from NABARD on 31.5.2012 as AGM I have done CPFA and MF exam from NISM and worked as FA for 5 years. I was investing /trading in at beginning. But due to high brokerage I left icici and shifted to Zerodha as it is cheapest . Invested in mf direct visiting mf office . Now I will invest mf through Coin . Transfering fund for mf is to be learned? Presently I am in Sydney and will be there up to May 2019.please clarify about fund transfer mf investment

  532. vivekananda says:

    Thank you very much Nithin .You are the person who listen to Retail clients .I Bow down to you.

  533. nakul jain says:

    In future Coin may again impart the 50 rs per month fee?

    • Matti says:

      We intend to keep this free for the foreseeable future

      • Manish says:

        Pls clarify foreseeable future…I insist everyone to stick to AMC only, for Zerodha may charge again after competitors like Paytm starts charging…also the cost of shifting mf from coin to AMC is quite high….

        • Girish says:

          I completely agree.. today it says free n say after 3-5 yrs they may start charging for it again even if its a small amount.. I would still stick to AMCs..

    • Vasanth says:

      This may have really an impact, if they apply the fee in future,once they get good quantity of investors for coin platform..

      • yogi says:

        u can sell same mf which u have bought through coin u can sell it through cams

        • Sumit says:

          I am surprised that people have an issue paying Rs. 50 per month for such a convenient platform.

          • Gaurav Choudhary says:

            If think from their prespective, like if one investor has an sip of 25000 per month he will have no problem and if another has sip of say 500 or 1000 then it’s a huge fee. Ya he’ll not be charged from day one but as his invested money got 25000 he’ll charged 50 per month so it’s a addition to his fund about .50%-1%

  534. Sunando says:

    Very nice initiative

  535. Jana says:

    Thanks, Good initiative Nithin !!!

  536. Mahesh says:

    Wow, this is a great news and more will invest in Coin. Thank you

  537. Bicks says:

    I must say thats the very great decision, you at least got 1 customer straight away for coin.

  538. R VINOD KUMAR says:

    Great step… congrats

  539. Tasso Bida says:

    Thank u Nitin. It was long felt by investors.

  540. Arijit Dutta says:

    Great! All the Best Team Zerodha!

    • Vijit Vishwanath Rai says:

      Great team zerodha good going !!!

      Thanks and regards for your efforts here..

      Vijit Rai.

    • Nanjunda says:

      How about when we redeem the scheme..would there be a charge ?

      • Subha says:

        Redemption charges are inline with AMC charges, most equity funds charge 1% exit load and zerodha does not charge anything extra.

        • Inder Kundnani says:

          All Mutual fund agents also does not charge any service charge and MF units are allotted based on Closing NAV of the investment date. Either entry or exit load is charges by AMCs out of which commission is given to Mutual Fund Agents. My agents infact give 1/2 % discount and pay me in cash…How Zeroda is offering better than him..please explain


          • Ambreesh says:

            You are right, MF units ate alloted based on closing NAV, but there is difference of NAV in direct and regular plan. Even direct plans have expense ratio which is charged anually but it is less in direct fund and is more in Regular fund. The difference in these two expense ratio is given as a commission to the agents. If the agent is known to you, he might shell out some cash from his pocket. But direct funds will not have any such charge and is minimal in that case, zerodha or any other platform will not pay you any money.

            • Gurpreet singh says:

              Account. Open last month. Agar ma 25000 se km investment krta hu to 300 rupe charges lge ge annual hi. Agar koi investment nhe. Ve kre ge fir. Be 300 charges. Lge ge

        • Sagar says:

          What about AMC chargers are about 10% after a year by funds what about that??

        • Roni says:

          Does coin has charges per order?

          • Matti says:

            No charges per order, Roni.

            • Vinoth says:

              What about in the future, does zerodha has plan to charge after 2 yrs.

              • Darshan says:

                Vinoth, even I have the same doubt. What if they start charging fee after few years

                • Matti says:

                  For now, there are no plans to start charging in the future. Even if we do change our minds and start charging a few years later, you’ll have enjoyed the platform for free for as many years and will have the option to stop using the platform if you don’t want to pay.

                  • Ketan says:

                    If, lets say, i want to stop using Coin platform for some reason, is it possible to take my mutual fund to a different platform ? sorry i am new to MF , so i dont know if this is possible ot not.

                    • Matti says:

                      Hey Ketan, in case you want to stop using Coin, you will still continue to hold your MF units in your demat account. You can re-materialise these units to port them to a different platfrom, transfer them to a different demat account using a DIS slip, or continue to hold them until such time when you decide to redeem.

                    • Arun says:

                      Then de materializing will cost me 20-30% tax implications. Not a good idea.

          • chitra sundaram says:

            Pl confirm, there are no charges even the Rs.50/- p.m. in MF investment thru COIN for the investment above Rs.25000 and above., because your saying coin is absolutely free. Though you have explained herein above, as a matter of precaution, I would like to request you to confirm. Thanks and Regards

        • murugesh mohan says:

          Why coin charging 300 as joining fees

          • Matti says:

            Hi Murugesh, I believe you’re referring to the Zerodha account opening fee? This account allows you access to all of Zerodha’s offerings and is charged because there is a cost involved in opening an account.

            • Paresh says:

              HI Matti,
              Its really a welcome thing for small MF investors. But I have come to know that :
              1) MF holdings will be in Demat form if brought via COIN ? Is it like my MFs will be treated like My Stocks and would attract all the charges that Stocks get charged while buying and Selling ?

              2) Zerodha will charge some amount while withdrawing the MF like DP charges, etc. What are all the charges ? Please mention all those charges ?

              3) Will Coin provide me a COMMON Folio Number for all my Mutual Funds that I buy from Different AMCs ?

              Can you please guide me with answers for my above queries, so that I can start using coin asap ?

              • Matti says:

                Hey Paresh
                1. MF holdings will be held in demat form, but there are no charges remain the same as those for MFs held in paper form. Nothing changes.
                2. Only DP charges will be charged at the time of redemption. The DP charge for MFs is 5.5+GST.
                3. When MFs are held in demat form, the folio number becomes irrelevant. All you need is your DP account number.

      • Madhumayi says:

        It’s a good platform to invest in direct mutual funds. But few funds are not included in this. I have few doubts.
        How can I redeem the units?
        How can I cancel or stop SIP?

    • Shubh says:

      Good you finally did it…. PayTM affect 🙂

      • Maulik Gangani says:

        lol I think paytm will give cashbacks on investment too 😀

        • Nikhil says:

          For giving more cashback they need to make more fool of Alibaba so that they can invest more.

          • Kaja Ahmed Nawaz M says:

            Nikhil and team
            Could you move the cut-off time from 130pm to 3pm? that will help us assimilate all market info before placing the MF order

            • Matti says:

              Hi Kaja, the BSE StAR platform that powers Coin for placing orders with the AMCs has a cut-off of 2:30 PM for orders above Rs. 2lk in value. We get quite a few of those. As such, we’ve set the cut-off as 1:30 so we can run the requisite checks on our end and place orders on BSE StAR with some buffer to catch all exceptions.

              • Kaja says:

                The direct platforms of SBI ICICI etc have a cut off of 2:30pm (SBI MF) and 3pm (ICICI Pru). Given that they have the advantage of being directly tied to bank accounts and provide a later cut-off time, its difficult for someone to switch. I understand the constraints with STAR but I know many people who will just use coin if you move the cut off time back by at least 1 hr.

                Anyway great interface…easier than many others

                • AAD says:

                  I have invested through Coin, but the order is in processing since 11.10.18which is very much disappointing.. This may be reason for not using coin service.

                  • Hi, we see that the order was placed after the cutoff time on 11th and hence it was processed on 12th (Friday) at 1:30 PM. As Saturday and Sunday was a non- trading day the units have been allotted/credited to your account today (15th October 2018) by 3 PM as the settlement time for purchase transactions in a mutual fund is T+1.

    • Manu Nair says:

      Hi Nithin

      This is indeed a welcome move however what is financial benefit for coin to avoid the subscription or what is the plan to mitigate platform cost

    • Chandrakant says:

      Just a small clarification. Are all direct mutual funds free or just ELSS funds

    • Rajesh Kumar says:

      Thank you very much sir,now I will also make investment through coin.

    • Suresh N R says:

      Great welcome move.

    • Pravin Rupnar says:


    • Prinsa says:

      Great.You are bringing revolution Zerodha.Keep it up.Cheers to team Zerodha

    • Muthu says:

      Nitin & team always innovate customer friendly ideas b’cos they want to be closest to the customer needs. Kudos to Zerodha!

    • Shubham says:

      Good plan

      Now please let start free trading calls

    • Sunil raja Lakkireddy says:

      Hello Zerodha team,
      I still don’t understand how direct MF subscription increase by waving this small subscription fee. Do you have any plans to close this segment as you don’t see major revenue.
      I believe if you can provide an portfolio monitoring portal similar to money control it might increase subscription.

    • K SREEDHAR says:

      But there shall be levelled dp charges on buy and sell of mutual fund

      • JP Singh says:

        I tried Coin under 25K (free limit) mutual fund purchase earlier. Zerodha charged me DP charges. These DP charges are not disclosed any where but being charged to customer. After waiving monthly charges Rs. 50/- per month, DP charges will continue be levied silently. Right now Zerodha has not announced the waiver of DP charges.

        some one from Zerodha has to clarify please…

        • sachin jiwani says:

          coin mf credited to your demat ac with zerodha when you redeem that funds u have to pay dp charges otherwise contact amc and create online direct folio no and invest in coin you can review amc and funds this is advantage by giving ₹15 as dp charge

        • DR. DILIP SINGH says:

          What are these DP charges and how much are they

    • Dinesh says:

      Excellent !!
      It is great move by zerodha.

    • Surendra Singh says:

      Now that’s a good move from zerodha.
      Luck luck folks.

    • Sujeet Kumar says:

      Great job
      Congratulations for this
      I am a regular investor too

    • Rakesh says:

      Now please also include profit and loss statement on coin as is on zerodha

    • Prasanthi says:

      Coin, kite and small case shall be available in one single app

    • Prasanthi says:

      Coin, kite and small case shall be available in one single app. Fineness shall be improved in the app


      Is any options for paper gold investment?

    • Santoash K says:

      Super Move decision by Zerodha to help its customers.
      I appriciapte the team Zerodha and wish you all the best.
      Once again you all Rock !

    • Anand Gandhi says:

      Good strategic decision…all the best

    • Ajit says:

      This is really a good move…

    • Guru says:

      Zerodha is a gem for us. Good work sr . U r real hero of dis country

    • Tanveer says:

      That is the best announcement I’m waiting for. Now no one compare COIN platform to their respected platform.
      Thanks zerodha….

    • A. Kumar says:

      Great. I was waiting for the paytm money as it said to be totally free, direct MF investment without any charge. I appreciate, zerodha’s initiative to make it totally free. And I too registered for zerodha coin and will start investment soon.

    • Sridip says:

      They may charge later….

    • Amit says:

      Great! Welcome move

    • Vijay Kumar says:

      It’s nice decision not to charge any commission on buying and selling of MF. I just want to know is there maximum cap for investment in MF….
      Is there a any commission on selling MF on your platform?…..can I transfer other mutual fund on your platform?.
      I am already having Dmat account with you….

    • Vishnu says:

      No business is run on free. Then, where does Zerodha generate revenue from coin?

      • Mahadev says:

        Vishnu… are right.
        There will be some hidden charges…..while taking out your money….and I think zerodha is hidding this.

        Zerodha should give an example with number figures……instead of writing an essay on topic.

        • Matti says:

          We’ve always striven to be as transparent as possible. Hidden charges have never been a motivator for any of our services. We either charge and tell people what we charge, or we don’t. I don’t see what hidden charges you’re talking about.

          • Srikanta Jena says:

            I have a question, if I purchase mf from coin, will i get folio number which I can use at direct mutual fund amc site to redem my units.

            • Matti says:

              The funds purchased on Coin are in demat form. While a folio number is generated, you cannot use it to redeem. You’ll need to sell it from your demat account.

    • Raj kumar says:

      Great going sir,,thanks

    • Sarathi Gupta says:

      Hi Team,

      It’s a great news… then what about the subscription fee which is deducting now… it will be stop automatically or do we need to raise a request for the same… If yes then how…

      Sarathi Gupta

    • Sandeep says:

      So if I understand correctly there is no platform fee or any commission being charged. Kindly confirm.

    • Harsh Sharma says:

      Thats a great news. Looking forward to invest more via Zerodha.

    • Chitranjan says:

      In mutual fund through zerodha, why invest 5000rs minimum,

    • raj miglani says:

      Hi Nithin,
      Congrats for Zerodha’s success.
      This initiative looks really good but people alreadyre spectcle about Coin’s future with Paytm stepping into the market. What plans do you have for the future because I really want to be a trustworthy user of Zerodha’s offerings.

      Raj Miglani

    • Kiran Dhawade says:

      I can see on coin the subscription charges are still mentioned per month 50.are you forgot to update or its still there.

    • Akash Janbandhu says:

      Great.. The best just got better..

    • Amiya Ranjan Barik says:

      Nice offer from coin zirodha. Thanks to provide thus facility. It will help us to plan for our retirement.

    • Praveen Kumar says:

      50rs per month, for a tenure of 25 years, with interest of 12%, it would come around 95000, close to a lakh. Plz include this while comparing, instead of saying negligible 50rs

    • Arif Qureshi says:

      Sir its a very user friendly and great app.
      Suggestions :
      For Coin: It would have been great if holdings and portfolio stocks of MF can be seen directly rather than getting entire pdf.
      For Kite: Daily circuit limit of stocks should be there , so that we dont have to go on moneycontrol to check it.

    • Dattatray says:

      Great and good developments! We are eagerly awaiting the opportunities!

    • Manoj anna says:

      What a process to invest in mutual fund I m new in this platform sir suggest me as soon as possible
      Thanksful for uu

    • K. Sreedhar says:

      But you are levelling dp charges for selling mutual funds it should also be waved off.

      • Faisal says:

        Sreedhar, the Rs 5.5 DP charge is charged by the Depository(CDSL) for the debit of mutual fund units when you sell. Zerodha doesn’t derive any income from this.

    • rajagopalan venkatesan says:


      i am just curious to know as to how does zerodha make money here?

      • Matti says:

        As Nithin has said in a comment above, this is an extremely small charge but has been used against why Coin shouldn’t be used for direct MF. So yeah we got pushed to do this. We are about to start both Loan against securities (LAS) and Collateral funding on MF. So yeah, hopefully, we should be able to increase the client base on Coin and hopefully, all of this will help our LAS/collateral funding business.

    • ABHISHEK sinha says:

      Thanks, zerodha a lot..I was using groww app for investing in direct mutual funds despite having account with zerodha. Now coin is fully free so will invest through coin in one platform.Well done Nithin

    • Sanjay Kumar says:

      First of all i have to say thank you so much.
      I started trading recently that’s also with Zerodha,
      it’s well informative, easily understandable. i wish this company grow well, reach its goal, help people who suffering to understand the stock market and trading. and improve our country’s economy.

    • ayaz says:


    • Kenith Sonnel says:

      Will the Annual Maintenance Charge of 300 + GST be charged because Coin holds MFs in Demat form? Is then Coin really free?