Introducing new fundamentals widget on Kite powered by Tijori

June 24, 2024

If you wanted to get a quick snapshot of the fundamentals of a stock on Kite, you had to check multiple sites. To make this easy, we had introduced a fundamental widget right inside Kite that gave you basic insights. The new widget, just like the Timeline on Console, is powered by Tijori.

The new Fundamentals widget gives you a quick fundamental snapshot of stocks, ETFs and indices across metrics such as valuations, revenue breakdown by products and geographies, financials, peer comparison, shareholding pattern and much more. You can also keep track of events such as dividends, bonuses, splits, earnings releases, the publication of annual reports, and more. 

The widget is currently available for stocks and ETFs and will soon be available for indices. We’re also working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock.

Here’s what’s new in the widget.


This tab gives you a quick performance overview of stocks, indices, and ETFs. You can see the PE ratio, the PE ratio of the sector, the 52-week high/low and a few key ratios. You can also see a chart and compare the stock price with the relevant sectoral benchmark across different time frames. Tijori has created several niche indices like solar, polymers, fertilizers, batteries, etc. for a more granular comparison. 


Revenue mix

In this tab, you can see the revenue breakdown of a company by products and location. You can quickly get a sense of how the company makes money and from which locations. This tab also helps if there are geopolitical events like the Russia-Ukraine war and you want to know if the stock is affected.


You can keep track of corporate actions such as earnings, dividends, bonuses, splits, and more in one place. You can also follow news stories related to a stock, which will be live in a few weeks. 


You can get a quick snapshot of the quarterly results and a financial summary of the stock. You can also see peer comparisons and the stock’s shareholding pattern. Under the shareholding pattern, you can also see the percentage of shares that are pledged and the breakdown of the shareholding pattern by promoters, domestic, foreign, and retail investors. 

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

For ETFs, you can see their performance overview, tracking difference, asset allocation, holdings, and sectoral exposure. You can also see a peer comparison based on fundamentals and performance.

The widget is live on both Kite web and mobile. You can invoke it from the context menu on Kite web or on the Kite app by tapping on the instrument name and swiping up. 

Dive deeper

The widget is designed to give you a bird’s-eye view of the fundamentals of a company. If you want detailed insights, each page of the widget has a link to the relevant page on the Tijori website. Tijori is an investment research platform, and they have built an amazing platform for all things fundamentals. Check out for more.

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  1. Siddhant Jadhav says:

    This is by far the most usable feature for me. Now I don’t need to switch apps to understand the basic fundamentals of a stock… Thanks for the good and useful update!

  2. Kanchan Dey says:

    Most of the zerodha users prefer and want tickertape over newly introduced tijori.
    So, zerodha should think of it and give preference to the sentiment of users/customers.

    So, like to request zerodha to give customer the option to choose from both tickertape and tijori or both as they find comfortable.

  3. Ritesh says:


    My account Demat BO not so please help

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ritesh, you can find your BO ID here. If you face any issues, please create a ticket at with more details and provide a screenshot so we can get this checked.

  4. Saravana says:

    Corporate Events are not shown properly, for example – PGInvIt – dividend record dates are not shown. Also, buyback record dates are also not visible. Please improve on Events section.

  5. Man Singh says:

    Former application ticker tape which was linked to zerodha to analyse the stocks, was good. That was quite easy to use having many features than tijori. So please provide the same. Thanks

  6. Vasudev says:

    Dear Team,

    Nice update but the details of number of shareholders which was in old Fundamental Analysis has been removed, Request you to kindly provide the same in the new dashboard as well.

  7. Dilip Shinde says:

    Tickertape was good. Tijori is not user friendly. Many features of ticket-tape are available in it.

  8. Rahul Aggarwal says:

    Very pathetic move by Zerodha. Earlier, the Tickertape chart and fundamental details were very good. The chart view by Tijori is very bad, and many more features are missing.

  9. Velu says:

    Events like buyback record date is not showing. For example Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd (GPIL) buyback record date is June 28th, but its not visible. I used to trade based on Events Record Date, i am loosing here.

  10. DEVENDRA says:

    Investor details like number of stock holders for a particular stock is not showing

  11. Vrushabh e says:

    Pahele app par work karo phir update kar na featured bahot glitches hai app me bar bar stuck hota hai app

  12. Pardeep says:

    Invester detail not showing

  13. Rajan says:

    Very nice keep it up your updates in future more. Also you need to indicate that share which cap like small, mid or large it will be very helpful us. This one you can indicate near market cap.


  14. Bala says:

    If there was a widget button on main chart it would have been good to do both technical analysis and fundamental analysis at one click without adding to watchlist.

  15. Sunil Divekar says:

    When kite was using Tickertape I subscribed to the tickertape premium to have a thorough study. Now kite has switched to Tijori. I am adapting to Tijori. I hope such changes will not be frequent.

  16. Subhash Yadav says:

    Very good artical

  17. Jitendrabhai says:

    સારું ઇન્ટરફેસ નથી, ઝડપી સમીક્ષા અને વિગતો માટે સારું નથી. અગાઉનું ઇન્ટરફેસ સારું અને ઉપયોગમાં સરળ હતું.

  18. Shraddha says:

    Jyada tar cheeze premium ke option me hi dikh rahi hai. fir kya fayada?

  19. Saravana Kumar says:

    Corporate Actions at Events are not shown accurately as before. Please Check.

  20. Dhukle says:

    Why u guys Stuck Glitch in markets hrs in every month 2-4 I face this problem plz fix it

  21. Chintan vyas says:

    You all are not doing what actual customer need and how you react it. Not good all the time we get data 5-10 Second late. Please more improve it.

  22. Sumatej says:

    In the previous version we would get to know the alpha value of well performed stock. I don’t see it in the current version of kite.

  23. Siddaram Jangamshetti says:

    All is well but A/c Closer And Withdrawal is very very very much Tuff Once Feel to me why open this A/c

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Siddaram, we’re sorry to hear this. What seems to be the issue, and your reason for closure? Could you please create a ticket at so we can have someone reach out and assist you?

  24. Suneel says:

    I wed droll my mutual funds 20/06/24 funds value is high but payment is low please correct fund pay in my account thanks Sir

  25. Avinash Phadke says:

    Great facility provided at kite.
    Thanks for it.

  26. Vishnu says:

    Not good interface, not good for quick review and details. Earlier interface was good and easy to use.

  27. Mahadeo Ingawale says:

    Useful for selection of Stock, easily.

  28. Mohnish says:

    Is there a way to access older version (Tickertape)?

  29. Arvind Gupta says:

    Ye mujhe samajh se bahar hai.

  30. Pradeep P Mishra says:

    Not use

  31. Yaqoob Mirza says:

    Now kite has been inconvenient to trade. It opens very late and chart patterns or candlesticks do not appear so quicly as before. New version is just problem loaded..

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Yaqoob, could you please create a ticket at and provide more details along with a screenshot/video recording so we can get this checked?

  32. jayesh.. says:

    This feature is not good …old version is best..

  33. Abhijit Manna says:

    Not useful to me!

  34. Vajravelu says:

    Tickertape no more?

    I’d preferred to have improvised tickertape rather than another new app 🫤

  35. Ajay says:

    This feature is very bad
    Old is gold
    So can continue old version…
    This update was useless 😔

  36. Vandana Chauhan says:

    Also you may consider partnering with stock edge for fundamentals.

  37. Vandana Chauhan says:

    Wow! That’s a great addition to the platform. Kudos to zerodha team for this integration. I have used tijori and it’s a beautiful platform giving insights into aspects which are not covered elsewhere.
    Many thanks.

    A recommendation from my side for the charts…. If it is possible then please provide all features of trading view. Certain very important indicators, public indicators and mapping of certain financials are not available on the trading view charts on zerodha. Kindly consider this.

  38. Bhadeshwar says:

    Includ SCALPER button just like dhan and sow position on chart please.
    Insabhi kamiyon ke Karan bahut tredars kite ko chor kar dhan me ja raha hai . Aap bhi dhan jaisa kijiy

  39. Krishna Priyo Hazra says:

    Please add trailing stoploss in Kite zerodha and in chart buy and sell button and stoploss on chart.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Krishna, trailing stoploss is not available as it comes under algo trading. This feature was previously available as part of Bracket bracket order. We’ve explained why BO has been stopped here.

      Also, trade from charts feature is currently available on ChartIQ charts on Kite web. Adding it to Trading View charts is on our list of things to do.

  40. Deepak Chandra a m says:

    Give us choice between the two

  41. Akash says:

    Tijori is not user friendly at all.
    Screener or ticker Tape is best. Kindly partner with such apps.

  42. C MATHIVANAN says:


  43. DRKRM SIVARAM says:

    How to find out today’s movement of the stock? In your updation min 1 month movement is there. I need one day movement like earlier.

  44. Sanjay says:

    Sir what about 30% tax on f&o trading, please clarify sir.
    #No 30%tax on f&o trading

  45. Jayappa says:

    Very good app

  46. R Ram says:

    Tijori is not user friendly. Tickertap was the best.

  47. Tijori says:

    Hi, let us know which data points you feel are missing and we will try to get it added. We are planning to enhance the ratio section

  48. Manoj says:

    Previous version was good as there was entry point was present and that was user friendly.

  49. M. Mallikarjuna says:

    is very y use full and zero maintenance app .taij is support me but screener added other wise wonder app is kite

  50. AkAsh Pal says:

    Zerodha’s all apps are superb !

  51. Vinod Kumar says:

    Let me watch. Iam very aggressive….

  52. Altaf Hussain says:

    Previous is better one for trading

  53. Mishal says:

    One of the worst updates. The details are incomplete and inconsistent. A lot of information is missing. Not at all user friendly nor the information is useful. Most of the basic details are missing. Kindly roll back or give the option to choose. One of the most important reasons of being on kite is lost.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Mishal, we’ve partnered with Tijori for detailed insights for fundamental analysis. Please let us know if you feel something is missing by writing to us at, & we’ll look into it.

  54. Vikram Shah says:

    Tijori is good but previous one Tickertap was the best. Kindly give choice to Zerodha customer to select by making option in the menu.

  55. NAGENDRA says:

    It is not user friendly. It is better to tie up with screener.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Nagendra, we’ve partnered with Tijori for detailed insights for fundamental analysis. Please let us know if you feel something is missing by writing to us at, & we’ll look into it.

  56. Nagaraj S N says:

    Where can I find beeta value ?

  57. Krishan pal says:

    Why money pending today.

  58. Krishna says:

    This tijori is not specified the equity is high, average or good, not specified entry point is good, average, bad it’s not showing if there any red flags are there are not it’s showing almost everything, but not mentioned any advice from broker. Compars to Tijori old version is better for trading.

  59. Sharmila says:

    Previous one is better

  60. Manaj Barman says:

    Trading karne ka Paisa nahin hai
    Fundamental kya Karen bhai

  61. Veer vinay says:

    Bad experience, very complicated and missing information like divided yeild, proper share holders etc

  62. Manaj Barman says:

    Best fundamental analysis!
    I like this

  63. Shubham sangameshwar Karale says:

    It is good one but it not shown stocks come under cap- such as large cap, mid cap & small cap and note show Beta value but tickertape app also good one

  64. Kanhaiya Jha says:

    These are good informative data. Here are the things which are yet to added:
    1. Sector PB ratio is missing
    2. Market cap (Large, Mid and small) are missing
    3. Only events are captured, news should also be captured, at least which are available on NSE/BSE
    4. Beta of stocks is also missing

  65. Awesome says:

    I think it’s good for customers services

  66. Vikram says:

    It does not have the info for 1 month/week high/low and market cap large/mid/small cap.

  67. Pappu Sahani says:

    How to know whether to buy or sell a stock ??

  68. Kantibhai says:

    I do agree with you , Previous one is better.

  69. Aditi says:

    In this new widget nothing is mentioned about mid cap small cap or large cap.. one should know clearly about the stock that to which category it belongs

  70. Sunny says:

    Very very complicated …

  71. Shantanu jain says:

    The actual problem is user can’t decide or make perfect
    share universe
    It’s by size
    It’s by pat
    It’s by technical 200 dma or other
    It’s by volume greater than average volume

    A user comman sense is number of parameters my share in which phase

    Value buy

    This four combo cocktail with relative strength against benchmark index 55 days daily basis or when the Market change the direction

  72. Sanjay Akaram powar says:

    Is it same as screener ( PE and EPS)Co relatively graph and in shareholding pattern there is specific superstars or star INVESTORS can we find easily 🤔
    Thanks DHANYAWAD and be happy

  73. Hanish says:

    Zerodha platform is very slow down after this update

  74. SUSHANT m kabadar says:

    The news tab which was there earlier is not available now.
    Kindly add the tab back.

  75. Pallavi says:

    Keep both. Tickertape was brief and good

  76. Shankar kalagate says:

    Please add bita

  77. My Love Shruthi says:

    Along with tickertape & tijoori widget also put zomato widget so users can trade & order breakfasts & lunch simultaneously when hungry.

    One breakfasts & lunch with you too my
    Shruthi ❤️.

  78. Kush says:

    Excellent move by zerodha

  79. Rama says:

    I don’t like this fundamental. better last time we used one

  80. Max says:

    Tijori is useless it misses a lot of information as compared to tickertape and screener. Zerodha should provide option to users to choose research companies.

  81. Praveen says:

    It is good but it’s missing cap info label like Large, Mid, Small. Please add this. Thanks

  82. Pravin vasani says:

    Good job

  83. pravat says:

    Pls add face value…

  84. Meghana says:

    All the new features are good..but, it is not showing market cap i.e.., whether it is a small/mid/large cap.

  85. Sarthak says:

    News which is the most important part is not available 😕

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sarthak, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  86. Lalit Goyal says:

    Can you introduce a comment section on major stock indices (Nifty50, Sensex 30) or stocks with daily high volume of trading? I am talking about a live chat box like thing.

  87. Lalit Goyal says:

    Can you introduce a comment section on major stock indices (Nifty50, Sensex 30) or stocks with daily high volume of trading?

  88. Meraj Ahmad says:

    Good job

  89. Bankeylal Singh says:

    It’s very nice to understand about stocks.One more thing needed like small.cap Large Cap or Mid Cap are not reflecting.

  90. Brig. Jolly Jose says:

    Is it possible to have a ‘corporate score board’ like they have in ‘Capital Market’ Magazine

  91. Anand says:

    Important parameter of Investors recommendation percentage is missing in new version of analysis. Please add that in new version

  92. Joseph says:

    Overall it is good.The only flaw is in the event section corporate action like dividend split bonus etc is shown only two three days before the ex date whereas ex date is published in bse NSE and most other financial publications much before . So please publish the ex date at least 10 to 20 days early if it is published in other publications so that we can buy the stock in a lower price and make more profits.

  93. Madhu says:

    can u keep both, tikori as well as tickertap?

  94. Maheswara says:

    Add fast exit and entry and trailing stop futures for option traders, if you need any view , look at 1 click futures ( exit partial position also)

  95. Nabeel says:

    Is the same available on the app?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Nabeel, the widget is live on both Kite web and mobile. We’ve explained this in the article above.

  96. Tony fx sm says:

    I want online widget for steaming

  97. Rupesh says:

    Mera account chalu kyon nahin ho raha hai

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Rupesh, could you please create a ticket at and provide more details along with a screenshot so we can get this checked?

  98. Yatin chitre says:

    Do kite has any widgets to watch stock on phone’ home page

  99. Khishbu says:

    Beta is beter then tijori

  100. Yogesh Tiwari says:

    Kite ka I’d nahi ban pa rha

  101. Kanchan says:

    We need tikertap back. Tiker tap chart is more simple and provides past perform of a script. Why don’t you give choice to client . Keep Tikori as well as Ticker tap and let them chose. Why to impose tijori on their head?

  102. V K D says:

    Please include Company CEOs, CFOs etc, their education qualifications, their professional experience etc.

  103. Vishwesh says:

    It does not show features like investor’s recommendations % wise as indicated in your previous Tickertape related platform. Secondly it does not connect through ideas to Smallcase and further connect deeply to see previous orders placed in different smallcases which is very basic requirement for those who are clients of smallcase. It should allow to see all previous smallcase investments and place fresh orders.

  104. suresh says:

    TIJORI is free for us. i mean zerodha customers

  105. Ravindra Khedekar says:

    Thank u for this

    one more thing is that can we get Quantity Traded vs Quantity Delivery taken after mkt data for the last 20-30 days. for stock
    and % growth of Stock and industries in recent days/week/ monthly.
    that will b much helpfull
    please and Thank u

  106. Mohammad Sufiyan Khan says: is very smart and easy to use compared to others, so add it to Screener.

  107. Pratik rathod says:

    Dear, zerodha
    It’s a really fantastic update but you guys have removed the total number of shareholders that was there before in old fundamentals options but now you have diversified it and showed it in a much more collaborative way, which is good but not that good.
    Kindly update it and put it somewhere total shareholders in a individual company’s shares.

  108. vishwanath chandrashekhar says:

    dear sir
    every stock seen… small cap/mid cap/ ladge cap, not available fundamental
    please provide every stock buy not confused

  109. Sunitha M says:

    Hello tyke,
    I have a request to make. Can you please add some tabs or somehow segregate the SGB investments from the equity in the portfolio holdings so that it becomes easier to see the total investments by sector/category altogether.


  110. Rakesh Dhawan says:

    Important parameter of Investors recommendation is missing in new version of analysis. Even we could click open peer’s site from the same page.

  111. manohar kalro says:

    hi Earlier zerodha used to give recommendation percentages. it was very helpful , i would like to see that again

  112. Mandeo Yadav says:

    In the ‘view breakdown’ table I want to view the P&L % instead of absolute value of P&L. This will help us to take quick decision for part selling.
    Also in market watch table if latest RSI value in place absolute change value is provided, it will help us to take quick decision for buying/selling the stock.

  113. Nitin says:

    Updated News not showing for particular stock,
    Earlier it was showing. Pls update as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Nitin, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  114. Selvaraj says:

    New features cannot see company entry point
    Have option how to see ENTRY POINT pls let me know

  115. Kiran says:

    It’s not working properly

  116. Parminder says:

    I would like to load Zerodha on my laptop with MS platform

  117. Chithra says:

    It is the worst experience I am facing with your update.
    Most of the time, the charts are not loading.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Chithra, could you please create a ticket at with more details and provide a screenshot so we can get this checked?

  118. jeetendra kapoor says:


  119. Roy says:

    What about liquidity for any ETF? It used to be there before. Please add that urgently as is a very important metric

  120. Mrigank Shekhar says:

    I would like to suggest that if it can add some more insights like Beta Value of stocks and show labels of Large/ Mid/ Small Cap share it will more helpful as it was previously available with “smallcase fundamentals.”

  121. Pawandeep Singh says:

    News section is missing. That was very helpful.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Pawandeep, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, which will be live in a few weeks.

  122. Abid patel says:


  123. Shivam Rathaur says:

    we can not see stock market cap large mid or small

  124. Monika Aggarwal says:


  125. Aman says:

    Great ,

    Excellent service .


  126. Anuj says:

    when will you integrate buy and sell feature on tradingview chart into zerodha such like fyer and dhan?
    i have been waiting for years!!

  127. Dalubha Makvana says:

    That was very good first not good like tijori

  128. pramod bansal says:

    This is a very oood initiative. It will go a long way to invest and trade the scrips without looking for alternative information sites. It will help in taking quick and correct decision.

  129. Saba says:

    Come on. Missing Beta. Unexpectedly disappointing!

  130. Mohammed Shakeel ur Rahman says:

    Dear Team,

    Glad to see upgrades in keeping the investors up to informed about the scrips. However, earlier I was able to see P/B along with Sector P/B and now Sector P/B is missing! It helps me to understand up to what scale a scrip’s P/B is safe when compared to Sector’s P/B.

    Thank you,
    M. Shakeel ur Rahman

  131. Maran says:

    In Previous version, When I open fundamentals of any stock, I used to see the stock is large or mid or small cap. But here in this new version I dont see it. It ll be very useful to show the stock is large or mid or small cap new near market cap option.

  132. phani Bhushan Reddy says:

    Like the fundaments but needd this fundaments against portfolio in a separate sceen i can consolidate and see the fundamentals agaijns my portfolia and i can do transactions agains that it will be help full for user to analyse consolidatedly not individual, example i have 50 stocks in my portfolio i wanted to see some fundamentsls based on monthly, quarterly or annual it is taking timne i am bot able to compare one and another hope you can uderstand my issue if not please feel free to call me thanks

  133. Vinod says:

    are yaar indices k fundamental pr to abhi b coming soon hi aa rha hai kitne dino se.
    ye problem kb solve hogi??

  134. Stne says:

    The only problem, Tijori took for granted that all DEMAT holders understand Market cap. It forgot to mention whether a stock is Small cap, mid cap or large cap.

  135. Samad says:

    Earlier Zerodha used to give Recommendation percentages. It was very helpful to know some idea about the stock. Now zerodha removed it. So, no more interest in zerodha

  136. Abhi says:

    Is Tijori Free with kite ?? or does it have separate subscription for detailed report ??

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Abhi, you will be on the free plan if you click on detailed timeline. Upgrades to premium are available for a fee.

  137. MK says:

    It would have been nice to show if the stock if a Large / Mid / small cap (despite the Mcap)!
    This is a simple feature that zerodha should also introduce in Kite >> portfolio (depite available in console)!