Introducing Indian Business Class

June 19, 2024

Consider this: do you know more about businesses in India or outside India? Chances are, you are more familiar with the latter. Few people talk about our homegrown businesses, how they started, what led to their success, and the stories behind them.

We are excited to announce the launch of Indian Business Class, dedicated to breaking down Indian businesses in Hindi. We are building this with Think School, who are exceptional researchers and know how to tell India’s growth story.

This is another attempt from us to educate more people about money and business. Varsity is one of our biggest financial literacy initiatives and is now one of the world’s largest open-source learning platforms. Sometime back, we started Zero1 to educate young Indians about money, careers, and life in a fun way.

We have grown up with the idea that products from outside India are better. That means we know more about foreign brands than our own Indian brands. Look around your house and see if you know the origin story or growth of the companies behind the products you use. It is quite likely that you know very little about them. This lack of awareness exists partly because not many people talk about Indian brands and businesses.

We hope to make Indian Business Class your go-to platform for learning about businesses in India. After all, for India to grow, people need to back Indian entrepreneurs.

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