Author: Shrehith


How to make sure your term insurance application doesn’t get rejected

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is scampering to invest in ELSS mutual fund schemes, NPS products, and insurance policies just to reduce their taxable income. And while buying investment products may be rather straightforward, insurance policies are anything but straightforward. Even if you’ve decided on a policy and made payment, it could […]

Co-founder at Finshots and Ditto insurance.
19 Dec 2023

Top reasons why Insurance companies deny your claim and what you can do about it

Most people don’t understand health insurance. Even those who do, may not fully understand how to navigate the claims experience. While insurance companies have a whole host of reasons to deny your claim, it doesn’t always mean you’re out of options. At Ditto Insurance we’ve been dealing with health and term insurance policies since 2020. […]

Co-founder at Finshots and Ditto insurance.
26 Oct 2023

How to protect yourself when a single event throws your life off course?

Consider for instance a trip to the hospital. It can drain you physically. It can drain you mentally. And it can drain you financially. The prospect of healing from physical and mental trauma is already daunting as is. But to deal with a massive financial burden as you’re recovering from a debilitating illness can be […]

Co-founder at Finshots and Ditto insurance.
11 Mar 2022