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Key takeaways from this chapter

  1. Zerodha’s margin calculator is a simple tool that lets you calculate the margin required for a futures contract.
  2. The margin calculator has many versatile features inbuilt.
  3. The margin calculator gives the split up between the SPAN and Exposure margin.
  4. At any given point, NSE ensures there are three contracts of the same underlying, which expire on three different (but consecutive) months.
  5. A trader can choose the contract of his choice based on the expiry date.
  6. The contract belonging to the current month is called ‘Current Month Contract’, the next month contract is called ‘Mid Month’, and the 3rd one is called “Far Month Contract.’
  7. The current month contract expires on every expiry, and a new far month contract is introduced. The mid-month contract would graduate to the current month contract in the process.
  8. A calendar spread is a trading technique that involves buying a particular month contract and selling another month contract simultaneously for the same underlying.
  9. When a calendar spread is initiated, the margins required are lower since the risk is drastically reduced.


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  1. neelam Khubnani says:

    Will this chapter need update post new margin rules implemented by SEBI? Any thing planned on peak margins?

  2. Narayanan says:

    What is margin required and margin collected in zerodha statement

  3. RAM says:

    Is the training module updated?

  4. Kaushal says:


    In margins, Sir mentioned that if I have one long and one short margin requirement becomes very less. So how can I leverage this to place trades so that my margin requirement is less, as I do not have so much capital.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Kushal, with lesser capital, it is advisable not to trade leveraged trades in the first place. But anyway, the margins do shrink when you have hedged positions.

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