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Key takeaways from this chapter

  1. Fundamental Analysis is used to make long term investments.
  2. Investment in a company with sound fundamentals creates wealth.
  3. Using Fundamental Analysis, one can separate an investment-grade company from a junk company.
  4. All investment-grade companies exhibit a few common traits. Likewise, all junk companies exhibit common characteristics.
  5. Fundamental Analysis helps the analysts identify these traits.
  6. Both Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis should coexist as a part of your market strategy.
  7. To become a fundamental analyst, one does not require any particular skill. Common sense, basic mathematics, and a bit of business sense are all that is needed.
  8. A core-satellite approach to capital allocation is a prudent market strategy.
  9. The tools required for FA are generally fundamental; most of these tools are available for free.


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  1. Laxman Rawal says:

    Was checking the website to clarify a topic and saw these new amazing video based modules. Will help all those people who are lazy to read (Sometimes even me 😅🙈)
    So happy and once again Zerodha and team taking the financial awareness to the next level in India.
    So so happy to see you karthik sirji 🙂 and Prateek.

    Thank you Zerodha

  2. Udit Agrawal says:

    I’ve really loved this new way zerodha come up for teaching us! Thanks zerodha for adding one more thing in my everyday’s to-do list.
    I’ll refer this to some of my lazy friends who are damm lazy to even read a single card of the course.
    Thank you Karthik sir and all other members of his team to make investing exciting as hell!

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  4. kartheek says:

    i am a 17 year old kid ,read this fundamental analysis module its easy to understand and i am feeling exciting to watch this video [even sometimes i am lazy to read].THANK YOU KARTHIK SIR

  5. Harmeet singh says:

    We Indians need more and more knowledge about our stock market as our market is a gold mine with highest potential of the companies

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