We recommend reading this chapter on Varsity to learn more and understand the concepts in-depth.

Congratulations, you can now be proud to understand various financial statements. Now that you understand the concepts and techniques, we hope you apply them to your trading strategies and take mindful trading decisions. But before you get started, read our Innerworth module to understand trading psychology and the impact of events on a trader’s mind.

Happy trading 🙂


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  1. Sidhant says:

    Thank you for great work

  2. Sidhant says:

    I’m reading Varsity for almost 7 Months and this help me a lot better to understand step by step approach so so much thank you for financial modelling, I understand the company’s growth a lot more before reading financial modelling

  3. Sidhant says:


  4. aji says:

    hey Karthik, fantastic again. great to see you in person. Had printed out the pdf file, sometime back. Great contribution to investing knowledge.

    A query – is there any case studies – books, that you could recommend – that deals with fradulent or inappropriate BS/CF. it could be either real life or imaginary (example satyam computer). That would help in consolidating the knowledge learnt, a sort of self assessment; and better prepare to search/analyse/weed out inconsistencies.

    many thanks. again, great work – your work is and should be the starting point to learn about markets.

  5. Muktesh says:

    Thanks a lot, Sir. It’s really nice effort you are showing. I really appreciate your conceptual teaching, which is everywhere in Varsity.

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