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March 16, 2017


Portfolio investing is probably the best way to invest in the stock markets since you are taking a diversified approach to investing in stocks (more here).

However, investing in portfolios is a cumbersome process, involving at least 3 different portals and 100+ clicks for each of the four steps involved.

  • Discover/Create – finding portfolio-related research or creating your own portfolio happens on different platforms – your broker research, advisory, screeners.
  • Buy – to buy a portfolio of 20 stocks, it takes you over 100 clicks/20 minutes to buy each stock.
  • Track – since brokerage interfaces do not support multiple portfolio tracking, you have to export your portfolios onto spreadsheets or portfolio tracking apps & tools to see how they’re performing.
  • Manage – investing more in a specific portfolio, or rebalancing/exiting the portfolio takes another 120+ clicks on your broker interface.

With smallcase now – you have access to 60+ readymade portfolios (or smallcases) – each of them tied to a market theme, trending idea or an investing strategy helping you take an informed decision about where your money is going. At the same time, this is seamlessly integrated with your broker – so you can buy & manage portfolios in 2-clicks. Get started instantly by logging in here.

This week, we also launched the ‘Create your smallcase’ feature; to help you build your own portfolios and invest in them easily.

In 3 steps, you can create your smallcase and invest in it immediately.

1. Select your stocks & organise them by segments

  • A smallcase is a weighted list of up to 20 stocks.
  • Get started with adding a stock, and use the similar stocks widget to see more stocks in the same sector.
  • Once you have added all your required stocks, use ‘segments’ to organise and categorise them as shown.

2. Assign a weighting scheme for these stocks, or weight them individually

  • You can pick between an Equi-weighted or Market Cap-weighted scheme to weight your smallcase (more on weighting a portfolio here).
  • Else, you can assign individual weights to your stocks or even choose the number of shares for each stock.
  • While assigning weights, you can see the final weights/shares for that stock along with the minimum investment amount for this smallcase.
    • This minimum amount ensures you’re buying the stocks with the weights you have allocated.

3. See the past performance of your created smallcase & buy it instantly

  • While adding your stocks, and assigning weights – you can see how the smallcase would have performed in the last 1 year with respect to the general market (Nifty).
  • Once you are happy with the stocks, weights – you can add details for your smallcase – image, name, overview and buy it immediately.
  • Or you can also save your smallcase for later, track it on your Drafts page and buy it whenever you feel like.

Customise an existing smallcase

You can also use an existing smallcase to start with, and customise the stocks (add or remove stocks), change weights and then buy. When you do this, you will not receive any updates made to the original version of the smallcase though – so only customise a smallcase if you know what you’re doing.

You can customise a smallcase from the Stocks & Weights tab of that smallcase page.

With this feature, it’s now easy to create, buy, track & manage multiple portfolios for different use-cases you may have, for example

  • Long Term Holdings
  • Bets for this month
  • Dad’s Portfolio, Kids’ education
  • Replicate a portfolio from your advisor
  • Buying a portfolio of stocks mentioned in a news article etc.

The fees for buying a customised/created smallcase are the same at a flat Rs. 100 (or 2.5% of the investment amount, whichever is lesser) for each smallcase. No additional charges from our end when you invest more, add/remove stocks or exit your smallcase.

  • You can only add NSE stocks to create/customise your smallcase.
  • Your smallcase will be private and will be visible only to you.

We’re adding more options to help you create your smallcase better & easier – better way to select your stocks, easier weighting options and more. Tune into a webinar to learn more about creating your smallcase here. Do let us know how we could improve this experience for you, by commenting below.

Happy investing!

Vasanth Kamath

Founder/CEO at smallcase | Changing how India invests


  1. Ravi says:

    Waiting for this so long.. yayyy

    • Veekhay says:

      Me too

    • Pradeep Kochath says:

      Sir allow portfolio based day trading with fixed amount stop loss and fixed amount profit booking trigger. Irrespective of stock prices the trigger should sell total portfolio as soon as profit or loss amount trigger ACHIEVED. Allow shorting of small case with multiple margins . allow options to be included in small case for hedging purpose.
      Sreeja Pradeep

      • Vasanth says:

        Hey Pradeep – on our list of things to do – adding portfolio/smallcase-level alerts to take decisions easier

        Anything other than equities in a smallcase is further down the line – not anytime soon

  2. Mihir says:

    I created my smallcase.. dont want others to see the same.. how do I make it private?

  3. MUKESH MS says:

    what charges?

  4. Padhiyar Niraj Sinh says:

    why route of smallcase join? please suggest me.

  5. Ritesh says:

    Is Convenience fee of Rs 100 also applicable on custom made smallcase?

  6. Soummyajit Guha says:

    Sir, I am not able to do this in Kite, is this some new update to be rolled out or in other app?


    only benefit i lost in 2016 Jan to 2017 Rs,6.75 lac previous since 2009 to 2015 more than 55 lac
    now iam totally wickedness in finance support iam thinking best to stop the trading

  8. Pmd says:

    There are so many issues with kite(web). It was down yesterday during crucial market hours. There are so many other issues I have mailed on kite app and ite(web). When will you address them ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      We have made a few changes which will ensure that yesterday’s issues won’t happen again. Post the system change, today’s performance was the best it has ever been at market open. Check this link for more details. If you have any other queries or issues you can write to us at

  9. PrabhakaranRajendran says:

    Is it a chargeable service ? how the brokerage will be processed – for each stock or for portfolio

  10. Baiju says:


    consider we invested in one small case, if one of the shares in the small case has gone down drastically, if i want to buy the same and add in the small case, can we do it.

    Please advise.


  11. PrabhakaranRajendran says:

    Place, modify, and cancel orders – is it ok to give this permission.
    and pls quote the information regarding pricing

    • Hey! Yup, we cannot place orders without your permission/approval each time – no worries there!

      Charges for buying a smallcase is a flat Rs. 100. This is over & above the usual Zerodha charges for buying/selling stocks

  12. Kazi says:

    Super Kool…

  13. Anand says:

    i have my portfolio (already invested), is there any way i can track it? Currently i believe i can’t change buying price so what if somebody like me who has already invested and want to track/create smallcase for same?

    • Umm.. not right now, you’ll have to create a new smallcase right now for the same – so from next time

      Will think of how we can export your current investments to a smallcase

  14. Amit says:

    A small clarification….suppose (don’t laugh at this stupid querry)
    1) I create a watchlist with 6 stocks, irrespective of segment
    2) I add 50K
    3) Assign number of shares to be purchased
    4) Start trading everyday (intra and not positional)

    Possible….or I got it all wrong

  15. gautam says:

    how to and where to create smallcase

  16. Narayanan says:

    Game changer…:)

  17. sONJOE says:

    Dear Sir,

    Even the concept of smallcase is good i feel the charges are a bit high. As a sample purpose suppose we buy one small case as the the charges its coming around Rs.200 for one small case ie (Rs.100+Rs.40+All the STT & ST). IF the cost is Rs.200 then we are never and ever going to get any returns even from one small case.


    Sonjoe Joseph.

    • Hey, these are all flat fees so the cost percentage for your investment decreases with a higher amount invested. Working on optimizing this for smaller amounts as well

      Also, this is a long term investing platform 🙂

      • sONJOE says:

        I know its flat amount but still the cost is on the higher side. Since u already have a tie up with Zerodha from yr side also the cost is to be Rs.20 so the total small case cost should not go above Rs.100. For Zerodha clients u guys u need to charge only Rs.20 then only even the small invest clients can be profitable in the longer term. Now a days the logic of the business is to increase the volume and not to charge high. Only those guys will only sustain in the longer term.


        Sonjoe Joseph.

  18. Dipankar says:

    Request you to make an app for smallcase.

  19. Shashidhar A says:

    Really, if I put money in one of your pre existing small cases without customising, how is it different from a mutual fund ?

    • Similar in concept, that you have a portfolio exposure

      Here, no expense ratio, instead just a flat fee = so more cost-effective
      each smallcase is related to an idea/theme/strategy = more relatable
      you own all the shares and are in complete control = transparency


  20. Afra says:

    Existing holding can be add in small case…? by crating new my own small case.

  21. Anirudha says:

    Team Zerodha,
    Great initiative. Thanks.
    The coolest feature is to see the past performance of your smallcase. Which is very cumbersome in case of all individual stocks.

    Thanks again

  22. Rishi says:

    Is there an option to create small case to buy F&O stocks ?

  23. Pradeep Kochath says:

    Allow portfolio N smallcase based day trading with fixed amount based stop loss N fixed amount profit booking target. As soon as the specified amount is achieved the total portfolio will be sold. Alow portfolio N smallcase shorting to allow theme based short selling, with higher margins

  24. Sumeet Das says:

    Small Case is a very good platform. Its a great experience in Zerodha so far 🙂

  25. Sundaram says:

    SIr, by investing in smallcase, is there any locking period?

  26. FRANCIS XAVIER says:

    “You can only add NSE stocks to create/customise your smallcase ” – why this restriction? a lot of valuable small caps are listed only in BSE. Is your theme/strategy based smallcase also have this BSE restriction? then you must be missing some good smallcaps!!

  27. Chiranjeevi says:

    If we create a small case portfolio and buy 1 lot, after couple of days – I change the weightage and buy again – will I have to pay 100 more ?
    If I add or delete a stock in the same small case portfolio that I bought previously and buy again, will I have to pay 100 again ?
    Can I sell only one stock of portfolio separately through zerodha? If I sell will my small case portfolio holding reflect that?
    Small case order is limit order or market order?
    Can we place off market order that can get executed only market opens?
    One suggestion – please include sip way of investing in small case portfolio

  28. vikas says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    i undertood that for long term wealth genereation smallcase is ideal.
    Is there anything we can do for saving tax? if i invest in directly in smallcase.
    I know Zerodha does provide mutual fund investment, but just need to confirm that smallcase provide that facility.
    Please advice.

  29. Praphs says:

    Hi Small Case Team

    – Good Concept. Best Wishes for Successful venture.
    – Lots of queries on pricing front. Understand price on small case is applicable on initial purchase only. So in case of small case of total value less than 4000, it makes sense to buy one lot and add subsequently. Am i right?
    – Any thoughts on integrating sell transaction initiated on small case directly from Kite/Pi

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Praphs, thanks for the support! 🙂

      – Yup, that works. We count the total amount invested in a smallcase on the day of buy to calculate the charges (Rs 100 or 2.5% of the amount)
      – Nope, working on it, but for now – you should sell/manage smallcase stocks on only

  30. kamlesh soni says:

    Please add awesome indicator in PI with adjustable parameters (sma ema periods)

  31. Chamundeswar says:

    Very interesting and cool idea Nithin and Vasanth..I believe it would help the individual retail investors well and also folks who wanted to have SIP kind,simply create a portfolio you are keen about and buy as funds are available or based on the performance and current situation.

    Yet to explore how we track the created segments’ or smallcase’s performance.Usually Brokers maintain portfolio view for currently held assets,which is a report or graphical view but did not yet excel to provide a feature to buy right away from it skipping usual Quote,Hold funds and Order process.

    It would be helpful if you provide an option to create small case by choosing existing held stocks,do we have one to do that?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey! Thanks for the support – this is exactly what we’re trying to achieve – making portfolio investing as easy & seamless as possible

      This is how tracking works for a smallcase you have bought – you can manage (invest more, rebalance/add/remove stocks/shares, exit your smallcase from your Investments page)

      Not yet – this is on our list to work on soon. For now, the best way would be to create a new smallcase and buy fresh stocks to view it as a separate portfolio

  32. PANKAJ JAIN says:


  33. su says:

    do you have any plans to introduce co with limit option in kite just like in pi? it would be really helpful.also gtc orders will be superb if you can introduce it.

  34. pradeep patil says:

    hallo sir i do not understand about cover order buy / sell entry. sir cover order me buy kiya to sell on the spot kaise karte hai? aur cover note se sell kiya to buy on the spot kaise karte hai pls tell & guide to me sir .order book me jaker modify karne ke liye destop ke back jana padta hai usme time weste hota hai hai trade rate dn/ up ho jata hai.

  35. pradeep patil says:

    kal jawab milenga kya sir? sir meri problem maine a/c open karne ke time hi batai thi .muze earing problem hai mai sun nahi sakta karke cell phone nahi karta sir.taqlif dene ka erada nahi sir software new type hone se samaj me nahi aata mai 5/6 saal se trading band kiya tha.

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