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November 1, 2017
Open an Account


While we are a completely online broking firm until now it was not possible to open an account online and required physical forms. Thanks to Aadhaar you can now open an account completely online. All you have to send us is a copy of your POA once your account is open. Hopefully, the day is not far off when the whole process is completely online. 

The account opening fee will be Rs 300 for an equity trading and demat account and Rs 200 for a commodity account respectively. 

Document checklist before you proceed

  1. Your PAN card.
  2. Your Aadhaar.
    To complete the e-Sign process, you will have to authenticate it with an OTP. So, make sure you have the number linked to your Aadhaar handy. If not, you will not be able to complete the process. If the number linked to your Aadhaar is inactive, or if you don’t have any number linked, then you can visit your nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra to get it updated.
  3. Cancelled cheque/Bank statement to link your bank account.
    If your cheque is not personalized then the bank statement you upload should have both the IFSC and MICR code printed on it. If not then your application will be rejected.
  4. Income proof.
    It is mandatory to submit income proof if you wish to trade in Futures and options – Equity, commodity, and Currency.  You can submit one of these documents.
  • Form-16
  • IT acknowledgement copy
  • 6-month Bank statement
  • Stock Holding Statement, or
  • A CA certifying your networth

You can also check out this video which explains the process.

Step 1: Go to and click on “open an account”

Open an account online using Aadhar

Step 2: Enter your name, mobile, email and click on “continue to signup”

Step 3: Create a password for the account opening portal

Step 4: Enter your PAN

Step 5: Pay the account opening fee

Step 6: Enter your Aadhaar number and click on submit

Step 7: Generate the OTP and validate it

Step 8: Fill in the details

Step 9: In person verification (IPV). This step is only if you are not KYC verified already

Write down the OTP on a piece of paper and hold it in such a way that both the OTP and your face are clearly visible. If not then your application will be rejected.  

Step 10: Click on Aadhaar to continue to the e-Sign process

Step 11: Upload your bank documents. Income proof if you wish to trade in derivatives.  

You will also have to upload clear copies of your wet signature and PAN

Step 12: e-Sign. You will have to authenticate the e-Sign with an OTP

Step 13: The only thing left for you do is to print, sign and courier us your POA for equity and ECN for commodities. If you are thinking why can’t I e-Sign even these docs? Unfortunately, regulations currently don’t allow us to accept e-Signed POA and ECN. Hopefully, this should change soon.

Note: Unless you send us your POA you won’t be able to view your holdings or sell stocks, you will only be able to buy them. You can download the POA here, you would have also received an email with the attachment.

Without submitting the ECN you will not be able to trade in commodities.     

That’s it, your Zerodha account is now open and you will receive your login details shortly.

Offline account opening

If you still wish to open an account offline, you can download the application forms here. You can also find the instruction sheet with signature guidelines and the document checklist on the same link.

Print the forms, sign them and courier them to our office in Bangalore.

You can also request a pickup. Just click on “Open an account” and follow the onscreen instructions. Just select “Doorstep pickup” when prompted.
Note: Pickups are subject to availability and may depend on traffic and weather conditions.  

You can also request a call from one of our sales executives to guide you through the process. Just enter your name, mobile number, email and then click on “Call me back”. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us on 080-40402020 or write to us at [email protected]

If you already have a trading account and if you wish to open a demat or a commodity account, you can download the pre-filled application forms from the profile section of Q.

Corporate, Partnership Firm and HUF accounts cannot be opened online. Check this post for the account opening process.


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  1. Naresh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for Blog, I want to trade in BSE Eq and F&O, but I dont know the Transaction harges, Taxes etc. Please update the calculator, Thanks

    • Pushkar says:

      When user id will be create afyer all d procedure of online account opening has been done?

    • Bhargava says:

      Hi Nithin,

      Your account opening department has become very sloppy.

      My Demat account opening application submitted on 7th April still not processed. Every time I call they just say it will be opened tomorrow.

      Thank you.

  2. Naresh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for Blog, I want to trade in BSE Eq and F&O, but I dont know the Transaction harges, Taxes etc. Please update the calculator, Thanks

  3. SHARADA says:


    I had applied for opening both trading and demat account 2 weeks back and my trading account is opened and am in trading now, but I don’t know the status of my demat account till now and I am unable to trade in equity till today, Please see to it asap.

    Thanks and regards,


  4. chetan says:

    In Zerodha opening account documents sent by mail or courier?

    Plz give me ans..mail or courier.

    • Hanan says:

      Chetan, every legal document that is sent to Zerodha has to be sent either by courier or by normal post. If you’re sending us a cancelled cheque for a secondary bank mapping or if you’re sending us an existing demat account client master you can send it by email. I hope this information is clear.

    • Ankitpatidar says:

      Please help me for my new online account open on
      I can not open account on kite app because login tym my mobile no. And email id is duplicate and already register
      But i am not registered on

        • Sunil Kumar Pandey says:

          Hello Sir

          Since i am trading with zerodha from last 2 years but now i am facing some issues due to your account opening team.
          I did open my account using PAN card but after few days when i checked my KYC details than i found there is spelling mistake in my surname.So i requested to your support team to update my KYC and also i submitted all documents like PAN card,CMASKRA form and aadhar copy before 2 months but still i am not getting any output from your team even they are not ready to pick my call.
          So i request to you please understand my problem and do some needfull.
          ticket #380742,ticket #412856

  5. In case of both Trading and DEMAT account, can i opt for BSDA account for DEMAT?

    • Gorusu APPALANARAYANA says:

      Hi Nithin,
      I read multiple reviews about Zerodha and finally decided to open a Trading cum Demat account thru you. However I have a query which I realised once I had paid the requisite amount(300+200) and completed the account opening process. I invested in mutual funds. So what are documents required?

      • If you have opened an account and invested in direct MF, that means ur account is setup. No more documents needed.

        • VL says:

          Dear Nitin,

          I’m a happy trader from 1.5 years and now, have problem linking Aadhar as my mobile number is not registered in Aadhar Servers and I tried reaching e-Seva [and other Govt facilities] to register my mobile number with Aadhar but of no use for some reason. Please let me know if there is any other way to link my Aadhar number with Zerodha Account [offline process]. I’ll send a scanned copy of my Aadhar to Zerodha support team if required.


  6. Jimmyjoseph says:

    i have printed forms and sent via courier all documents friday. Yesterday i received a message on my mobile saying ‘ Congratulations! Your Zerodha account is open and a Zpin ( 1368 ) has automatically been generated. Mention your Zpin whenever you use our Call & Trade services.’
    I have some doubts.
    1 When can i start to trade online ?
    2 What is the username & password for online trading?
    3 Is there any seperate password & username for desktop and mobile trading ?
    4 How can i transfer fund to my trading account?
    5 I like to trade only in nifty options , can i place Limit orders in it? I heard about that in Zerodha, you can only place market orders, is that correct?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jimmy joseph

    • Jimmy,
      1. You should be able to trade immediately after receiving the welcome message
      2. Username and password would be emailed to you, will get our sales manager to call you up.
      3. Same username and password for trading platforms Web, mobile and exe
      4. You can transfer using payment gateway, the sales manager who will call you up will guide you.
      5. You can place limit, market and Stop loss orders, no issues at all.


  7. Nirupam says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please tell me the timeline you take to open demat a/c.
    Docs. submit on 27th night(physically) so on calculating from 28 to till 19th its ~20 days,

    1. Demat a/c initiation happened on June 3rd
    2. Verification done on by 5/6 th June – informed demat by 12/13 th June, thats good
    3. However received a call on 12 th will be late till 18th Jun, reason given KYC takes time……. How long it take for KYC, is not the given time enough for completing KYC.

    4.Send mail for status on 17th, 18th no reply
    5.Again send on 19th – to help center, get reply one line reply .. will be delaying by 3 days more..

    When I read review about zerodha, its was good.
    However, my personal opinion is that its quite unprofessional, in executing their work.

    Time committed for the entire work is 10-14 days
    When you commit a time, please try tot stick on that .


  8. Prabhu says:

    I am residing at Bangalore hence on Saturday 7th June, I personally delivered my Trading & Demat application to your and got an acknowledgement. On 13th Friday I inquired about the status and was surprised that the same is pending for IP verification, when I convinced your staff who handled my call that I had visited your office and spent minimum 40 minutes in the process of handing over all the forms (with some additional documents required which I had complied with), then he apologized for the mistake and assured me that IP verification is not required in my case. and the demat application will be forwarded to IL$FS for further action.

    On 20th I got a confirmation from IL$FS that my Demat ac. is opened and ready, I forwarded the same to you with opening a ticket No.674223, I was informed that P.A. process will take place another week and then trading ac. will be activated. On the other side IL$FS has clarified that it will be done in one day after the Demat opened. I waited till this day 23rd, wonder why this process is very slow in your case. I was a Trader since the last 12 years, and have changed at least 4 brokers during the period and found this experience/delay frustrating compared to my previous dealings with other companies.

    I hope my Trading A.c. will be activated at the earliest.

    with regards,

    • Prabhu says:

      Thanks for the timely intervention from your team with the latest status and assurance of the Trading Ac. to be activated by this evening.

      I sincerely appreciate your efforts in solving the clients issues with a genuine concern of attending every single complaint with careful attention and helpful nature.

      Keep it up.

  9. Nirupam says:

    Dude I not begging in front of you a bunch of unprofessional people.
    Its 28 + days,If you will not be able to open th a/c then refund the money I will open with others. No updates from anyone, what the hell you people think of yourselves.

  10. Santhosh says:


    I have applied for demat and trading through online with Zerodha and uploaded the necessary documents. I just want to know that do i need to send the address proof documents and bank statement with the KYC form through courier????

    One more thing i already paid an amount of Rs 1300 for trading and demat account opening in the form it says i need to send cheque of Rs 600 and 200 for comodity i am a little confused do i need to send cheque for Rs 600 and 200 in favour of Zerodha?


  11. Anand says:


    I have similar experience like Nirupam.

    Going by the reviews I thought I would open an account with Zerodha, but to be honest your Sales Manager whom I was talking to, does not even have detailed knowledge to answer all the queries. I think he is only bothered about opening an account without giving proper details.

    As told by him, I forwarded the documents, and now he calls me and asks for documents which he himself is not clear about. When asked why, he is not even able to explain properly whats going wrong.

    Your customer support service is absolutely arrogant and unapologetic, without having decency as to how to talk to a customer who wants to open an account. Not to mention, they lie on your face as well.

    I have email/phone records to prove the same to you.

    I just want to give one last chance, otherwise there are plenty of other options.

    • Anand, let me get to the bottom of this and get back to you. We have been having slight issues at our account opening process over the last couple of months, mainly because of our Demat partnership with IL&FS. This is all fixed now, thanks for the feedback.

    • Hanan says:

      Anand, I’m guessing Sharmila from my office has already spoken to you and explained what the issue was with your address proof. Please send us a valid address proof and we’ll get your form processed at the earliest.

  12. Mohamed Mohideen says:

    Dear Nithin

    I am holding a NRE savings account with Indusind bank and would like to open a PIS account with the same bank in order for me to proceed with demat account opening formalities with Z.
    Previously I had an account with icicidirect (PINS and non-PINS) along with demat, trading and savings account and requested them to provide me with NOC for PINS as I do want to open PIS with Indusind and they are currently in the process.

    My question is whether Z is ok with me opening PIS account with indusind instead of Axis/HDFC bank as I read somewhere in Zerodha website


  13. Sandip Chavan says:

    I have handed over my papers to Pune office on Wednesday last week. Could please tell me how long it will take to open an account?

  14. Saurav Samanta says:

    After hearing so many good things about zerodha, I wanted to open an account with them. My IPV was done on 28th June… no demat account till today. I have to say I am bit disappointed.

  15. prasanna says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I am an NRI having 3-in-1 trading a/c (PINS) with HDFCsec+HDFC Bank. (Only stocks). My understanding is that NRIs are allowed to have only one PINS account. Is it possible to transfer my trading a/c to Zerodha. If yes, please advise the procedure to be followed.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      Yup, you can move your trading account to Zerodha. That would mean opening a new Trading account at Zerodha and mapping the HDFC Bank account to your trading account. Once your trading & demat account has been opened, you can transfer your holdings, if any to your Zerodha Demat account. Please send an email to [email protected] to know the documents to be submitted by you to get your account opened.

      Look forward to seeing you trade with Zerodha soon! 🙂

  16. Sinister says:

    I have a question about how a limit order will be executed on Zerodha.
    Assuming an limit order to buy 10 shares of X at 200/share is entered (before market opens), and the opening price of X shares happens 190; at what price will Zerodha execute my order?

    I have used services of:
    1. SBICAP Sec which executes the order at 200
    2. AxisDirect which will purchase the shares at 190

    Is Zerodha order execution model 1 or 2?
    Also, in case of AxisDirect, I have experienced cases where my order was executed at 190 despite it being at about 12:00; it is obvious that the order fulfillment model 2 is more lucrative.

    Please also tell when is Zerodha expected to become a DP.

    If I have existing demat account with someone other than IL&FS, is there any procedure which will allow me to sell shares through Zerodha (e.g. by giving PoA to Zerodha).


    • I think you are confused on this, be it SBI/Axis or Zerodha, when the market opens the order will be sent at Rs 200. If the market price is Rs 190, you order will get executed at Rs 190, irrespective of which broker in India you trade with.
      Becoming a DP is on our list of things to do, but might take a bit. For now the only way for you to be able to sell shares through us is if you have that ILFS account.

      • Sinister says:

        Thank you for clarification.

        The documents required includes:
        Photocopy of last 6 months bank statement … or any other income proof, self attested.

        I am a college student and hence I have no proper income as of now. Am I eligible for having an account? Or is the bank statement only needed to verify that the account holder can pay dues/charges in timely manner?

  17. asiskumar says:

    I have similar experience like.Photocopy of last 6 months bank statement … or any other income proof, self attested.

  18. Pritesh Das says:

    Maybe ILFS issue has not been sorted out even after 2 years .. And its definitely takes a lot more than 7 days to open a demat account. At least that has been the case with me.

    Ticket #730790

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve just gotten info from IL&FS that they had some internal delays with account opening, although your form has reached the final stages. You can expect your demat account to be open latest by end of this week.

  19. vivek says:

    I received ZPIN in Welcome message yesterday when should I be expecting my Login ID & Password for Trading Account for NSE MCX & MCX-SX?

  20. hello,
    i have applied for demat and trading account. The date of form received at ur end is 15th Sep, 2014 & KYC form received date is 23 Sep 2014. and i was told on phone the account will be opened within 7 to 8 days, but now its more than 15 days and no update so far… I am Disappointment with account opening process.
    Kindly do at earliest.

  21. Vikas Kantawala says:

    I received Zpin for my account at Zerodha – I have to payin money for trading.
    I have read that you people are charging 9 per transaction , it is for first time or always ?
    I mean from Bank account to My Z account .

  22. arti says:

    Hello Nitin ,
    if our account is locked due to wrong password on ZT, it takes time to get it on email or SMS. it also consumes valuable time & efforts of your team for this non productive work. would it not be better to have automated password recovery system on
    such technologically advanced brokerage house like Zerodha ?

    • Hanan says:

      We do have one automatic password recovery option on Zerodha Trader. In this method, you need to know your date of birth and your PAN. If you can enter these two values on the Forgot Password option, a fresh password can be generated and sent to your registered email ID.

      You cannot change your password directly on the system only in case you’ve forgotten your original password. If you remember your original password, you can key in that and change your password on ZT anytime you like.

      This and the 2FA questions are done to provide two layers of security since this account deals with your money.

  23. Satya says:

    hello Zerodha
    few days back , i filed “call me back” form,(coz i want to open an account). >>> no reply.
    then i started online account opening process. i tried the # for some help . it’s always busy .
    wassup Zerodha . what is going on ? seems like no one cares …

  24. Saravanakumar says:

    I want want open a Trading & Demat account in my wife’s name. My wife is a house wife and I will do the transactions on behalf of her. If in case there are any issues or queries related to the trading/demat account, i will be contacting Zerodha on behalf of my wife. Will Zerodha provide the required information/solution to me or will insist to make the call by my wife to provide the solution.

  25. chanchal ghosh says:

    i send the document via speed post. after that i got a mail with subject zerodha application tracker login on 27/11/2014 when i login the mention web address showing that kyc verified and no other information. after that no further communication from zerodha side. i did not know when my account open or not. i already paid the required amount. please help.

    • Having our account opening team get back to you.

      • Pankaj says:

        Hello Nithin,

        I recently read a ads about the your new launch of coin platform on Zerodha. It really looks interesting to me, so I gone forward tried to open account last month itself. After the initial payment i got a call from your team, as per need I forwarded required documents twice as 1st time they lost few docs seems.

        But my account is not yet active, even I am trying to the person but he is not pickingup the the call.

        I think I have taken wrong step here. I dont know how your support team is working with clients.


  26. Gaurav says:

    Is it mandatory to open an trading account with the demat account ? I just want to open an demat account, with no trading ??

    • Gaurav, a demat account is like a bank locker where you keep stocks in an electronic form. A trading account is required to buy/sell these stocks. So there is no point opening just a demat account.

      • Gaurav says:

        I just opened an account with Zerodha and they opened a Demat only account for me. After few emails they told me that I need a trading account also. now I have to send the trading account related docs again via Courier. Not sure why you allow to open a Demat only account off that is not useful.

        Also is there any in person verification Thai is done. The reason I ask is that I am currently not in India ??

        • Hanan says:

          Sorry about this. It was an oversight from our Sales staff which allowed you to open a Demat only account as this option is provided only for clients who already have a trading account with us. A demat account is meant for holding your shares which you’d have bought through a trading account, so essentially you need Trading and Demat accounts to be able to transact.

          Yes, an in-person verification is a must if you wish to open an account with any broker. This is as part of the KRA/KYC process. If you are already registered with any other broker, chances are your KYC and in-person verification has already been done.

          At Zerodha, you can do your in-person verification using the ZAT (Zerodha Application Tracker) interface anytime. It takes less than 2 minutes of your online time.

  27. Vikas Sinha says:

    I started my account opening process (trading + demat) on 15 december. That was the day that I filled up the form online and chose to have the printed forms couriered to me. The courier (SPEEDPOST) started on 16 dec but reached me only on 26 dec !! You can check this by the Tracking number EK490832513IN.

    I could have avoided this exxxtra long delay by just printing and sending JUST signed (rest Blank) downloaded and printed forms to you (Zerodha) guys :((
    My mistake! I did not read the first mail sent by zerodha carefully, since in the beginning it looked like a bit of self-promo/spam.
    But, guys please, highlight this EASY route more than it is now….

    Now, Kiran Kaur (of zerodha) has me in a big confusion for NO reason, the DEMAT is resident/ordinary while the rest of the documents are NRI/NRE. THIS WILL NEVER WORK !!
    Sonia (of zerodha) tried to warn me that NRE bank account of mine (only one for which i have CHEQUE) cannot be linked to the Ordinary Trading/Demat. But, I trusted Kiran :((
    I have wasted time and effort and am sad for no reason except the confused zerodha staff, who promised to check before mailing me the forms to sign.
    For which i had paid exxxtra…
    What did they check ????

    Just now, I have uploaded Passport and overseas address proofs. I know this can take time (demat and KYC as NRI), but please help me. I find the staff ignorant and frankly giving openly misleading statements :((
    The only weak point here is my Indian address proof (considered valid so far by zerodha, an SBI bank account statement) for which I can get a different document, such as Gazetted Officer’s letter.

    Now, I have to REDO EVERYTHING…thanks guys! great job…………………………..
    My application number = 37765

    I got money back (from payumoney) after my suspicions of confusion were raised within 3 days! Thanks to Sonia!
    She was steam rolled by Kiran or somebody else apparently..and instead accepted that she was wrong and Kiran was right (WRONG!!)
    But, I DO want to open Zerodha accounts (trading + demat)…

    • Hanan says:

      Vikas, the markets are so huge that quite a few of us are still learning something new everyday we’re here. It may have been possible that one of my executives has never come across a situation where a client wanted an individual account to be mapped with an NRE bank account. The ones who have experienced this situation are much better positioned to handle it.

      I’ll get Kiran to get in touch with you and resolve this soon so you can start trading with us at the earliest. If you’re opening an NRI account, be prepared for a longish wait. If you’re opening a regular Indian account, we’ll move things much faster.

      • Vikas Sinha says:


        Please do not be ABSURD to the LIMIT
        what you are talking about explains the stupid staff of zerodha
        yatha raja ..tatha praja..
        I am still only talking about an INDIVIDUAL account only !!
        Only It will be NRI instead of RI.

  28. vishal lonarkar says:

    M very upset with zerodha service as only because of there good service i join zerodha but as m in my account opening
    Process no one is guiding me m calling zerodha regarding my account opening status but every 1 giving me wrong answer

  29. AK TIWARI says:

    my demat il&fs equity trading account is pending from last 12-14 days ,how can i trade in equity ,,i feel being fooled. , no update status of my application ,what is this give me a fixed date by this year 2015 or 2016 when i will be able to trade

  30. sidhesh says:


    I recently opted for a trading account with Zerodha and the documents procedure was done on the 18th of March, after which I received the user id on the same day itself.

    Upon calling your relationship executive the following morning, i was told that the procedure to open the demat account might take the end of this month which makes it more than 2 weeks, to which i was surprised.

    As I’ve noted, the maximum number of days taken by any comparable depository partner to open an account after submission of documents is 4 days.

    I fail to understand that what different does your DP namely IL&FS does, that it takes approximately thrice the number of days as compared to others?

    I hope I do not have to wait for the unreasonable time that you’ll have specified.

    Thank you.

    • Sidhesh, we are in the process of getting a DP in house. But since we have an external partner for opening a demat account as of now, the process gets slowed down quite a bit.

      • Sidhesh says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Got a call from your executives the same day I raised this concern.

        The Demat account has been opened in the 7 days as mentioned by you’ll and the POA should be done in two days, post which I can resume activities on the account.

        Thank you 🙂

  31. Alpesh Patel says:

    My friend want to open only equity trading account with us. Is that possible without demat ?

  32. Shubhang says:

    My PAN is KYC verified through other DP’s.
    So for account opening, Driving Licence xerox is enough or should I submit any other extra document?
    Also will any other verification will be done??

  33. Karan singh says:

    I am a student with account in sbi but i does’t have cheque book .so now what i can do about cancelled cheque for account opening.












  36. Faizan says:

    I have a trading and demat accounts (with holdings) in ICICI. I applied for trading account with zerodha. I dont want demat with zerodha. I just want trading aacount of zerodha mapped to ICICI demat so that when I buy equity for delivery it goes to ICICI demat. I have also sent holding statement of demat for that. But after reading some posts here I am confused. In some post its written that new demat will be opened and holdings should be transferred. Please tell what will happen. I have already sent forn and docs. Will the trading account be opened and linked with demat so that i can buy equity for delivery.
    Secondly how much time whole process takes? Where I can track my application status?

    • Yes Faizan, your trading will be opened mapped to your ICICI demat the way you have wanted. Trading account should be opened within 1 day from when we receive the form.

      • Varun Agarwal says:

        Zerodha really needs to relook at its Account Opening Process. At best its miserable and painful!

        It has taken over 19 days to open DEMAT, Trading Account and after multiple followups, access to BSE Segment is pending! Support team is asking me to resubmit form to get access though i had selected it in my account opening form. Kite and PI access revoked yesterday evening for no apparent reason. 4 calls to get it enabled again. Password reset without my authorization! Took prints of over 31 account opening pages to save Rs.200 and ran to Bannergatta Road Branch for document submission. All this pain even after paying account opening charge of Rs.950.

        Compare this to Sharekhan or Karvy, where account opening is free, Relationship Manger take care of everything and requires no followups, All segments enabled as per form filled and no access revoked again and again. No running around for document submission. Sharekhan is more advanced in terms of technology and options than any other Stock Brokers such as Karvy.

        Is Zerodha really as futuristic and advanced as it showcases itself ? Above experience says it all.

        Not sure if was a mistake to move to Zerodha leaving behind Sharekhan and Karvy. But last 19 days have really been painful and this morning full of regret to move to Zerodha.

        Client ID is DV2220.

        • Varun, the tie up we have with ILFS for demat is what slows the process down. The trading account would have been opened in 1 day from when we received the forms. Demat is what would have taken time. We are in the process of bringing the demat in house, which should sort this issue out. Sandeep from our team will call you back, the account is already activated.

  37. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    Is it possible for pi to have a overlay of 5 or 15 min or 30 min indicators created by us on a 1 min chart .Is that actually possible since i read it somewhere .That would save space on the screen to open up multiple timeframe charts of a particular script.


  38. Harish says:

    Nitin, please update
    For example demat is required for both interday & delivery, no information on BSDA etc… wherever necessary.

    Also, which printed PDF should I send you guys to open a BSDA account?
    Is it the Trading + Demat account PDF??


  39. safdar says:

    sir i want to with u trading and demart ac what proofs u want and i am a student.

      • kiran kumar.p says:

        i am great fan of mr nithin kamath…i opened zerodha account 3 days back…one thing i want share with u all people…iam comfortable in kannada…dats y iam sharing below lines in kannada plz read everybody….introduction of discount brokarage by zerodha ceo mr nithin kamath it self is a great thing….sir neevu tumba olle kelsa maadtha iddira….great boss…one fine day i vl meet u…account open maadovaga some problems creat aitu nimma one of employee jote i dont want to mention his name even same problem faced by my cousion with the same person and i complained aganist him with avp radhika mam…radhika mam solved dat issue… iam very happy….my account is opened by deepak even he is also very good ….yaake idella helta iddini andre yaaro obba person inda zerodha anno nithin kamaths dream ge yaavade kaarannkku ketta hesaru bar bardu….nithin kamath sir neevu early age alli istu dodda sadhane mind blowing…janagalige lowest brokarage awsome thoght…sooper…even i vl refer people to zerodha not expecting any thing…ur view is good boss…naanu yenadru CM agididre nimge ee saari state award kodtha idde…iam ur big fan…my lost words….open accounts with zerodh n trade…good discount broking company….good service ….mr..nithin kamath is honest person… thank you bosss

  40. vimal says:

    I am interested to open a trading and demat account with zerodha.. please help me with necessory informations.
    Vimal raj

  41. rahul says:

    I am a college student living on rent.I do have a driving license and bank pass book but both have my home address on them.What do i give as address proof?

  42. Vinayak says:

    Yesterday, I filled the online application for opening trading only account. After paying Rs. 350, I received the email confirming the account opening transaction amount is received by Zerodha.
    All the required documents are uploaded. This all was fantastic, and appreciated.
    However, the next steps are that you team will send the form hard-copy to me , and I have to sign it and send it back. Considering I am in Pune, I think it would take at least 4 + 4 = 8 days + 2 more days as buffer, to get me my login credentials.

    Can’t you send the forms though email, so that I could download / sign and send it to you which would save 4 days. I can even upload the signed copy to the portal?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      We could definitely do that. Will intimate your Sales manager to send across the soft copies of your filled forms to your email.
      SEBI doesn’t allow opening of accounts by accepting soft copies of the Account opening forms. Will require you to send us the hard copies.

  43. rohit says:

    Can i open demat & trading Account by linking oriental bank of commerce saving account?

  44. rohit says:

    Ok. But On your wesbsite at fund transfer its not showing OBC bank. So how i am able to transfer fund to trading account. one more query can i transfer money to trading account from bank account other than my linking bank account.

  45. rohit says:

    thnx nithin for your assistance.
    I am a govt. employee but i have touring job, so most of the time i m out of Delhi.
    so i heard about IPV( In person verification). Can you describe it for me and also tell me that will i have to present at delhi at that IPV done?
    what is AMC of Demat account? Is it one time payment annually basis or half yearly basis? what is mode of payment- will be deducted from trading account or i have to pay through other mode?

  46. umagudesh says:

    I am a nri. having NRE/NRO account with HDFC.\
    earlier I was having demat+trading+commodity account based on domestic account. Now not being operated but active.
    I want to open demat+trading account as NRI status with u.
    But I am here in gulf
    is it possible ?

  47. robin sebastian says:

    for opening trading and demat account,i have filled the online application and paid
    the fee Rs.450 online.i have uploades my pan card,driving license and 6 moths bank
    my bank statement was generated online from my online bank acc.
    is it ok,if i self attest my bank statement or should i get an offline bank satement.when
    your executive called me,i chose the option of sendind me a completed document for much time it usually takes for complete process.

  48. Murad says:

    Please resolve my below Queries:
    I have a demat account with Karnataka bank. I understand that I can link it with Zerodha trading account for buying stocks, but do I need to use Karnataka Bank for selling them. But when I have linked my Karnataka Bank demat account with Zerodha trading account, will I be allowed to buy & sell stocks ? (let me add saying that I do only delivery trades)
    Before buying any stock through your organization, will there be any link to transfer funds to ZERODHA account
    For instance, I transfer funds to ZERODHA account amounting Rs 20,000/- and my trade is for Rs 19000/-. Will I receive balance amount Rs 1000/- back? If yes, may I know in how many days? I went to this link. May I know what does this Rs 9 per transaction means were I will be transferring funds online to ZERODHA account. I believe it should have no cost.

    • If you link Karnataka bank demat, you can only buy stocks for delivery, selling will have to be done through them itself.
      Yes, we will give you a payment gateway to transfer funds into trading account.
      If you buy for 19k with 20k in the trading account, the remaining 1k will remain in the trading account until you request for it to be withdrawn. If you put a request, within 24 hours it comes back to your bank account.
      If you transfer funds using NEFT there is no cost. But if you use the payment gateway, there will be the Rs 9 per transfer charge. This is charged by the payment gateway provider.

  49. NILESH says:


  50. NILESH says:


  51. kiran kumar.p says:

    reasons y i joined zerodha?….there are so many trading companies….even there are are so many discount broking companies….y i opened my trading account in zerodha?.i questioned my self ?after few hours n few days i got answers …..its mainly becoz of leader ship of zerodha…nithin kamath is firsr reason.and second reasonn is discount brokarage ..even rksv tradegeni are giving discount brokarage…they are also giving same brokararge…yaaake kiran…zerodha ne andaga…nange experience agiddu introduction of pi superb techonology … service …kooda tumba sooper…every thing payin -payout….call n trade every thing…innodu mr nithin kamath sir is educating everybody through his blogs,,,answering every ones questions….he is directly or indirectly educating us giving sooper informations about all things including taxation?iam a trader from past 10 years…this ten yeras changed 6 broking firms…no body given informations about all these things…sir heart inda ondu maatu heltha iddini nimge janagalige olledu maado kanaside khaditha nooru varsha neevu nimma family chennagirthira…nimma zerodha innu yettarakke belili…yenadru emotional agi exit agi maatadidre davavittu kshamisi nithin kamamth sir

  52. Sindhu R. Hebbar says:

    I am currently in the process of opening a Trading + Joint Demat account with Zerodha. Your account opening process is riddled with pain points.

    Here’s the story…I initially sent out an a/c opening enquiry in Jun or July. Got a prompt response from the sales team and a/c opening forms. As I was keen on Zerodha’s Demat a/c (not IL&FS), I decided to wait for Zerodha’s DP status. Sales team promptly got back to me Sep 1st week with Zerodha’s demat a/c and new a/c opening forms. This is about all that went right in the process.

    For my queries, I tried to reach the a/c opening contact #’s listed on your website about 5-6 times for the next 3 weeks till Sep end with no one answering the phone. I could not reach the Sales Mgr’s Mobile # either. By Oct 2nd week , the Sales Mgr calls to tell that he was on leave . But I was mostly calling the Zerodha a/c opening # on the website, so I fail to understand if your entire sales team was unavailable for 3 weeks.

    It’s been downhill since I sent the completed forms to Zerodha on 15-Oct by courier. I agree that there were a couple of hiccups because of the Joint Demat holder’s address issue and as I learnt yesterday, I dated the PoA which should have been franked the same day as the date on it. But the delay due to that is acceptable. What I have found frustrating is the complete lack of communication from your end. After the initial Joint holder issue, I received a call from the a/c opening team on 21-Oct and they verified all forms were OK. An hour after that I received a ‘Forms Invalid’ SMS. I doubt it takes more than an hour for your team to identify all issues with a completed form and update me of any changes required from my end. I called your A/c opening contact #s 3 times last week and sent out 2-3 emails asking why the forms were flagged as invalid again. ZERO RESPONSE from your end.

    I finally got a call back yesterday to inform me about the PoA franking issue and received an e-mail today about the page correction required. Does it take 10 working days to communicate that issue to me? There is no co-ordination and communication between your sales team and a/c opening team. And there certainly is no one communicating with me.

    I will take a couple of days and reconsider sending out any corrected documents to Zerodha and opening an account. I am concerned that my trading / investing experience will be along similar lines. And for anything financial, that is a big negative. Unfortunately, you are making Zerodha a prime example of why most folks hesitate to consider low cost online broking forms in lieu of established offline brokerage houses.

    I spent 20 minutes typing this on your ‘Connect’ forum as you do not list escalation / complaint email IDs or Contact #s on your website. Anyway, there is little or no response to my calls or emails to your listed details.

    And as I started to write this, I received an e-mail from your Sales team asking me to courier my complete account opening forms as they have not been received yet. I correct what I said initially, the experience is not only frustrating but also amusing. Apparently there is also no communication within the Sales team.

    Maybe I am simply being unforgiving in my tediously long feedback because Zerodha promised a 7-day account opening timeline with an enriching online experience but your team has been a complete let down.

    Sindhu Hebbar

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Sindhu,

      Let me at the outset apologize for the inconvenience caused. I can understand your frustration and regret that you’ve had to undergo such an experience. We’ve made some internal changes because of which there could have been a slight delay but then that’s no reason to not keep you updated/give you proper information. We’ll take it up with the concerned people who were responsible for this unwanted delay.

      We’re getting your account opened without you having to send any more documents. You’ll receive your demat account information and trading account passwords in the next 2 hours.

      • Sindhu R. Hebbar says:


        This is a follow-up post on the account opening issues I mentioned in my earlier post. As per the response I received from Mr. Madhav above, my account opening issues were promptly addressed and closed.

        Overall, after account opening my experience over the last 3 months has been pretty good. The response to service requests for queries is good. Changes I requested in my account were done within reasonable times. The monthly e-mail updates of transaction / holding statement and Funds Retention statement are useful.

        I do have one issue with the Pi application. Pi hangs the last 5-7 minutes of market closing , around 3:25 PM. I cannot modify orders and have to scramble to access Kite when that happens. Is this an issue because it is an installed application? Would help if you looked into it.

        Sindhu Hebbar

  53. Dhiru says:

    I wish to open a trading+demat acc..
    Do u guys still have tieup with il&fs for demate acc?? Or will I get zerodha demat acc?
    M intrested in having trading+ demat acc both to be with zerodha only.

  54. Baby says:

    Hi Team,

    I have a SAME PROBLEM in account opening.

    I am not sure what is making you to hold my account opening process .

    My application was hand delivered on 15th October at your office and later i was told my account is being opened . I do not know how many more days it will take . Initial i was told it is a delay from the demat side, but from NSDL i have received my client ID and every even the opening kit but the same has not been linked .

    Here again no communication from your end . I have exchanged 13 chain email with your team who just does a copy paste answer .

    Please check where is the problem .

    My Zerodha ID is DB1246

  55. Kalpit says:

    Hello Nithin sir!

    I opened account in Zerodha and I sent you all the form and required documents.

    I want to know, How will I get acknowledgement of my forms submitted since your office is not there in my city.

    Will you courier me acknowledgement or Email me the entire scanned copy of my form (verified), just like other brokers do?

    I want to have the the verified and scanned form made available to me for my records.

    Thank You!

    • Venu says:

      You’ll receive an email from our end on receipt of forms. If there are any shortcomings, our account opening team will get in touch with you. If all is well, your account will be opened within 2 days 🙂

  56. Devendra says:


    My Referral Panchlala Gupta, Client ID : RP3215
    has recently opened Trading + commodity ac,
    he has demat with kotak mahindra bank

    he has submitted client master and his demat is linked/mapped to zerodha.
    see attached image “profile pg”

    After login to Q, in Profile is it displayed,
    Details are there in pre filled form by zerodha (see attachment )

    Still his NSE Segment is not activated, How can he buy stocks for Delivery basis ?
    pl. activate NSE for him
    pl. Guide,

  57. Devendra says:

    Hi Venu,
    NSE/BSE activated for my Referral panchlal gupta (ID : RP3215)


  58. sanjay says:

    Should I send the application form by fully filling it up or I should send it by just doing all the signatures.?

  59. saju jacob says:

    I have a doubt about my shares which can be pledged>1.can I sell it under CNC?. you charge for pledge and unpledge,if so is it 54*2?.
    3.what will happen to the dividends etc which may accur when under pledge.
    3.can I call and pledge.
    4.can I put SL on it or sell and buy back intraday.

    • 1. You will have to first request to unpledge and only then you can sell under CNC.
      2. Round trip will cost Rs 55. so Pledge + unpledge together is 55.
      3. They will be credited to your bank account.
      4. No, currently u have to send an email to [email protected] to pledge.
      5. No once pledged you will have to unpledge before placing any orders on that.

  60. Dinesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you pls let me know :-
    1. I want to open a trading + Demat account with Zerodha. I already have a Demat a/c in ICICIdirect but want to open a new demat a/c in Zerodha. Is this possible ?
    2. Is IPV required for KYC compliant PAN ?


  61. sophia says:

    cancelled cheque is important for account opening? is ter any alternative way instead of cancelled cheque can v produce pass book front page?

    • Venu says:

      We require a cancelled check leaf as proof of your bank account along with collecting details like IFSC, MICR. If you have any other document which has this information, you can submit it provided its duly attested by the bank.

  62. Sourish Paul says:

    I have applied for priority account opening and also paid the Rs. 700/- amount. for equity and commodity. Now my questions are- 1. I already have a demat account with kotak securities. so do i have open another demat account? what are the problems if i have a single demat account?

    2. zerodha sales manager mailed me the forms and necessary required documents told me to fill up the forms and send the documents with courier. But I want filled forms as priority process says.

    3. He mailed me that rs 500/- is needed for account opening. My question is I already paid rs 700/-. what else I have to pay?

    • 1. If you are trading with us and use a Kotak demat, you will be able to buy with us, but will have to sell at Kotak at their brokerage rates. You could move all your stocks from Kotak to our demat.
      2. Can you send an email to [email protected] with your contact details. We will have the forms filled and sent to you.
      3. If you have already paid Rs 700, you don’t need to pay anything more. If you send the contact details, someone will call you back.

  63. Smallfish says:


    I have a trading account in my name.

    I wish to open a Demat Account in my name, with joint holders as my son (16 yrs) and wife. Is it possible? As the trading account is only in my name?


  64. Lalan says:

    My IPV is completed, KYC is approved. Now the Demat and Trading status says “Demo yet to be scheduled”. Pls tell me what does that mean? How long would it take in opening my Demat and Trading account from now?

    • Venu says:

      Can you let us know the email ID you registered with so we can check the status of your account.
      Once your account gets opened, our Sales executive will schedule a Demo and help you get started with Trading.

  65. Sreejith says:

    I got kyc acknowledgement letter last week and still demat isn`t open till now.I applied for demat and trading account 36 days ago still under process….horrible . Pls refund the fee if you can`t do this .Truly frustrated with your account opening procedures.

  66. narendra says:

    my PAN is kyc complied
    i have demat with sbicap
    if i send u completed form today how much time it will take for opening trading account
    will u do ipv again or not?

    • IF you are already KRA compliant, no we will not do another IPV. THat is provided you haven’t changed your proofs that you provided SBI. Time taken is around 48 hours if everything is in place.

  67. Gurdip pujji says:

    I already have a demat and trading acct with sharekhan and want to switch to zerodha. Do i still need to go thru all that kyc stuff with long process of waiting.

    Thanx .

  68. shubham says:

    Sir I sign up account opening form by my fathers email which I use .I have printed the form and paid online payment will it cause problem. Can I change email after account opening. Will my form be rejected.

  69. Nirikshit Pujari says:

    After follow up with support, i got the welcome mail containing id & password. yet to receive zpin on my registered no.

  70. Nirikshit Pujari says:

    When i try to trade through web portal, it shows not a valid product code for any stocks.

  71. sibaprasaddash says:

    Sir, can You please check my ID DS1705. I opened a zerodha demat account few days back. I was not a kyc complaint (for some unknown reason), I became a kyc complaint now. So kindly activate the CNC product type in my trading system. I have also asked your support team for my KYC acknowledgement letter, there is no response till time. So please check.

  72. sibaprasaddash says:

    Oh! Yes, just now I got my acknowledgement letter. Thanks

  73. Pravat says:

    I want to open an Account for my wife. Please let me know the options available.

  74. Deeksha Gupta says:

    I have submitted my fees and details on 1st April, Friday and all the documents on 2nd april,Saturday.
    I am calling continuously, and not getting any proper response. How much time do you need to open an account?
    Mine friends account client Id- RA7600 was open in a day after receiving the documents at your end.
    My documents were reached in your premises on 5th April, and still I didn’t got my Client ID and password.

    You are having pathetic customer care and sales executives. I need my compensation for this due to which I am getting loss in market.

    Also, Kindly add referral RA7600(Aviral Srivastava), at time of activating my account. If I found any issues in that, I wont going to spare you.
    I need a strict action from your management against the defaulters.

    I have raised ticket with Support team also, but not a single reply from them. Ticket number :- #808449

  75. bharat says:

    My application was accepted but i dont find a link to make payment of rs.300/- online.

    nor any info on the same.

    • Venu says:

      Once you complete your application, you’ll be redirected to the payment page. If you’re facing any concerns, please feel free to get in touch with your Sales manager, Kevin on 9742302020

  76. Rahul Pal says:

    I had applied for T&D account Last week,received the message just some time ago that my trading account has been opened,and received the ZPIN.
    Just Happy with the process as it was well completed within the time frame.Thank You.
    Just need to know when should i expect the login details and when my Demat Account would be activated.
    Thanks a Lot Team.

    • Venu says:

      Will get someone from our Account opening team to check and update you on the status of your demat account.

      • Rahul Pal says:

        Hey Venu,
        I Received an email after raising the ticket,Zerodha team have committed that they will be activating it by today EOD.
        i received my ID : PR2340
        Hopefully i am able to trade on monday.
        Thank you for the prompt and kind reply
        Thank you.

      • Rahul Pal says:

        Hey Venu,
        The replies were very prompt.
        i have got id and pwd for backoffice and even logged in right there,just need to know how to transfer the funds and by when should i expect to login into trading site,as while logging in to “Trading Login”,it is showing me invalid Client code/User ID.
        Thank you.

  77. Rahul Pal says:

    Hey venu,
    i was asked to wait till 5 PM for my trading password,both over the call and through the email.
    but it is not yet done.
    there was a commitment from your end that the services would be activated by today 5PM.
    It has been more than 2 weeks now.I am quite impressed by your prompt replies and fast processings,but this thing is not acceptable.
    Waiting for the Team to leave me a reply asap.
    Atleast i deserve to have a realtime information.
    Thank you

  78. joyanta mandal says:

    i have trading and demat account with zerodha. At present one of my friend want to open trading and demat account. So, i want to know the account opening fees for both(trading+demat+commodity).which process will be suitable offline or online for account open?
    please reply as early as possible.

  79. Eufemia Deemer says:

    Invaluable commentary ! I learned a lot from the points ! Does someone know if my assistant might be able to obtain a sample a form form to complete ?

  80. Julius says:

    Have trading a/c & dmat in zerodha
    if i wish to enable commodity trading a/c
    what should i do?

  81. Ritesh Jain says:


    I have filled up the form and opted for Priority service and paid online on 28th May, haven’t heard back after that from Zerodha team.

    Can you please let me know the status of my application, is the application form sent out from your office..

    Account/Application No: 123624 (the one I am seeing at the top most right corner, next to my email id)
    Payment id: pay_5bZOdlJI7dpKig


  82. Rishabh Khurana says:

    I had made a payment of Rs.450 online towards priority account opening on 15th May,2016.
    It has been more than 20 days, and I have not received any documents to sign on.
    The sales manager does not pick up my calls/replies to the emails.

    Kindly refund the money,for I do not see any reason to wait longer.

    Rishabh Khurana.

  83. St says:

    Can i fundsin my account by rgts/neft/net banking from my relative’s bank account.? There can be some issues like I am out of chq leaf or permissible limit of net banking reached, etc.


  84. mohan says:

    I am already having trading and demat account with Geojit. is it possible to start other trading+ demat account with zerodha.shall I use both account parallely. will it create any confusion in demat accounts. is it possible to hold two demat accounts

  85. BIPIN says:

    Am planning to open account with zerodha. am now with full service broker. am unable to visit your any of the office in india and wann to know if its possible to do everything online. and zero brokerage for deliver is very good. is that for short time period.

    • If you are already KYC compliant (which I am guessing you will be since you are trading with another broker), yes you can pre-fill the account opening form, sign and send it to us. You can also speak to our sales rep once. Zero brokerage is not a short time thing, the plan is to keep it forever.

  86. Richa Khurana says:


    Will I get any confirmation when you will receive my account opening form. And how many days will it take to open my account.

  87. Johnson says:

    I want to open a trading account. what are the required documents to be sent if I have to courier you the filled up forms.

  88. Rohit says:

    I have a trading and demat account with Zerodha.

    I am trying to participate in an IPO by ASBA application, where they are asking for the following details:

    DP ID, DP Name and Beneficiary Demat account number.

    Where do I get these details in KITE or Q ?

  89. Jasmin J says:

    I can sign all F3 boxes – (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i). However I don’t need the F & O and Currency segments. Also I don’t have income proof. So is it fine to sign all boxes and missing income proof?

  90. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    I would like to know what are the minimum/essential documents that are required for intraday equity trading only.

    I also want to have DEMAT account but I did not understand POA (power of Attorney) and I do not want to give any POA (power of Attorney). Sometimes I would like to buy shares and keep it in my DEMAT account for very long term (for 2 to 3 years).

    I also want to know how to sell shares from DEMAT account without giving power of Attorney.

    What is RUNNING ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION (VOLUNTARY) means? Is it essential for intraday equity trading?

    As per application forms, do I need to put signatures at all 20 to 25 places, or should I need to put signatures only in the essential documents which may be enough for me to start intraday equity trading?

    What is the minimum amount required for intraday equity trading only?

    I could not really understand some financial/legal terms present in the application forms. I will be very happy if definitions of financial/legal terms is given with explanation in the documents.

    I also understand that we need to use some kind of software for intraday trading and to use the software we need to understand how to use the software. Is there any manual for the software? And I would like to know what are the different types of software that your company is providing for free for intraday trading.

    Thank you.

    • 1. POA is just limited power, it is required when you are selling shares. Check this post. Currently not possible to sell shares without POA, you will have to go to a traditional broker who accepts shares through a delivery instruction booklet, and give it to him before selling shares.
      2. Running account authorization is again taken for convenience of operating a trading account. If you don’t sign, we will have to keep sending money back to your bank account from trading account. This would mean incurring payment gateway costs, and time lag in sending/receiving.
      3. yes need sign everywhere. You can choose to ignore signing next to futures and options or currency if you don’t intend to trade the.
      4. The account opening document is pretty much a standard doc as prescribed by SEBI. All self explanatory.
      5. Here is the manual:

  91. guru says:

    Hello sir,
    I am interested to open my Equity + Demat account with Zerodha.

    1) I will print the FORM on my own and fill it & will send it to your office on my own. In this case please let me know how much is the charges to open Equity + Demat account and how I have to pay it ?

    2) Can I print the Account opening + Demat Form on back to back pages ? just like a book

    3) Account opening fees can be paid by cheque ?

    4) Please also let me know are these Zerodha trading terminals : NEST, Pi, Kite and others etc. are all free of cost to use ?

    5) After account opening can I able to use all software (NEST, Pi, Kite etc..) simultaneously ?

    6) Zero Brokerage for delivery segment is it also for BTST trades ? ( for example : if I buy 100 shares today and sold it next day (BTST) than also the brokerage will be zero for these type of trades ?)

    7) What is TRUST facility ? (on Form Page no. 13) can you please elaborate ?

    8) Is it mandatory to sign on F17 ? (on Form Page no. 19) because I don’t want to give any contact details of other than my own, so I think it is not required ? Please confirm

    9) My friend is already a Zerodha client, please let me know where I can put his details as a referral on the application Form ?

    10) Witness for Nomination and POA can be same ?

    11) Last query but I think it is really important one. For Tax Department purpose it is required to determine that a person is Trader or Investor in stock market.Sso my question is that how to determine it ? as there is no column in the Form is stating anything like that.
    a) If suppose I open F&O account also than I will be called as Trader ?
    b) if suppose I open F&O but not trade in F&O in this case I will be called as Trader ?
    c) if suppose I open only Equity Cash segment than I will be called as Investor or Trader ?
    I know this is really tricky query as most of the stock market participants like me are confused with it and it makes a lot of problems at later stages if the participants like us don’t know who we are Investor or Trader and later its implications on tax is really very different in both the cases and make huge difference in tax liabilities.
    Please do the needful to solve my queries

    Thanks in Advance

    • Venu says:

      1) 300 would be the account opening charges.
      2) Best to print one side
      3) Yes, you can enclose a check favoring Zerodha
      4) Yes, all of them are free of cost
      5) Yes, you can use any of the applications that we’re offering.
      6) Yes, 0 for BTST trades also
      7) TRUST:
      8) Yes, we’ll need the signature. You can strike off the second part of the declaration.
      9) You can fill the Introducer details on Page 4 of the form
      10) Yes
      11) It’s required at the time of filing returns. If you’re trading F&O, it’s considered Business and you’ll have to file IT accordingly. More here:

  92. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    I am interested in intraday equity trading, however I wish to place some of the shares into DEMAT and I am not in a hurry to sell shares placed into DEMAT. I wish to retain the shares placed in DEMAT for at least 2 or 3 or may be 5 years and then after 2 or 3 years I will come to your office with delivery instruction booklet and I think it is possible to sell the shares.

    For example I will buy 10 shares and I will sell 8 shares on the same day, and retain 2 shares in DEMAT. I am not in a hurry to sell the shares which are placed into DEMAT but I want retain shares placed into DEMAT for 2 or 3 years and then after 2 or 3 years I will come to your office with delivery instruction booklet and I think it is possible to sell the shares.

    Thank you.

    • Venu says:

      When you open the demat account, you sign a poa which allows us to debit the shares in case you sell shares from Demat. There’s no need for the Delivery Instruction slip. You can trade according to your own convenience.

  93. s.vivekaanandan says:

    Dear sir,
    i have equity trading & demat account in zerodha. i want to open commodity account. please give details. thank you.

  94. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    During intraday equity trading suppose I purchase 10 shares of a company, and then what happens if the 10 shares are not getting sold out on the same day or if there is no buyer for the shares on the same day, and assume that I am not having DEMAT.

    Another question is during intraday equity trading, should I have to be online for the whole day? Can I buy shares at 9 a.m. and then logout of the trading software and then login at 2 p.m. and sell the 10 shares at the market price?

    Thank you

    • That is why intraday equity trading is not allowed if you don’t have a demat mapped.

      Yes, you don’t have to be logged in. You can place your orders, and they will stay till end of day.

      • V. Venkateswara Rao says:

        Hello Nithin Kamath

        What this information “Trading account only (no Demat)” means? I found this information on and just below the “Download and print” section.

        Currently I am interested only in intraday equity trading only (buying shares and selling shares on the same day). Should I need to have DEMAT ?

        Which of the below mentioned forms I should submit for intraday equity trading only?

        Trading account only (no Demat) F&O, CUR on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX
        Trading and Demat F&O, CUR on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX

        Thank you.

  95. Sathya Aasheerv says:

    Hi, I Downloaded the forms required for opening trading & demat account.
    Which Address should I Send the 2 Forms?

    What additional things shld i send along with Demat Form & Trading account form

    • Send it to our Blore address. You need to attach all self attested documents PAN, Address proof, Income proof. All mentioned on the form. #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078

  96. guru says:

    For account opening ( Demat + Equity + Commodity)
    Let me know how many copies of self attested documents required and to be sent to your Bangalore address ?
    1) Pan card ? how many copies to be sent ?
    2) Cancelled Cheque ? how many ?
    3) DL for Address proof ? how many copies ?
    4) Six months Bank Statement ? how many copies ? — Also let me know that can I send the Bank statement which I downloaded from bank website ? OR do I need to get it by visiting Bank, because If I visit and ask for statement printout than they will charge me Rs.100 per page.
    5) Account opening charges ? (I will Print the FORM on my own & will send thru courier – Demat + Equity + Commodity)
    6) Any other documents required ? if yes than which document and how many copies ?
    Please reply all above queries.
    Thanks in advance

    • Shubh says:

      Hi Guru,

      Please find below response to your query posted regarding the documentation required to open an account with Zerodha.

      1) PAN Card one copy – self attested
      2) Cancel cheque one copy- personalised
      3) DL for address proof one copy – self attested
      4) Six months bank statement in PDF format one copy – can be downloaded from Internet ( IFSC and MICR code should be printed on the bank statement)
      5) account opening charges – T+D+C = 200+100+200= Rs500
      6) All the above mentioned documents should be fine.

  97. Amit Agrawal says:

    I have applied opening a demat, Equity & Commodity trading account 1.5 months ago under my HUF name. I received confirmation 2 days ago, all documents are in order & account will be opened shortly. How long does it take to open/activate trading a/c once all paperwork is processed & fee via Cheque is paid. Also, if Zerodha provides any margin (T+n days) on cash equity trading based on existing portfolio of shares held in clients demat account. Early response will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Account opening should ideally not take more than 2 days if all papers correct. Currently we don’t provide any margin to buy shares for delivery. But you can pledge the stocks and use it as margin for F&O.

      • Amit Agrawal says:

        I am still waiting for account opening status information. Kindly advise when will the account will be operational.
        Many Thanks,

  98. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    1. I am interested in equity trading only (buying and selling of shares) and keeping this in mind I uploaded a copy of the Trading and DEMAT account form after filling all the required details in the PDF document format, however I was told to send only a signed document of Trading and DEMAT account form and I was also informed that I need not fill in the document as your company will fill in all the details in the Trading and DEMAT account form.

    2. I will upload all the documents which are required to fill the application form for opening Trading and DEMAT account for and then I will put in signatures at appropriate locations as may be required. Is it possible for you to send filled application to my address so that I can put signatures at appropriate places in the application form and send back to your office?

    3. Is POA (power of Attorney) for DEMAT account or Bank account, or both DEMAT and Bank account?

    Thank you.


    i want to know that whether demat and trading accounts ,both are necessary for trading.

    • rahul says:

      yes, you need both accounts, dmate is for place for your securities and trading is used to trade for credit and debit money from you trading account just like saving account.

  100. Gopinathan T R says:

    I had paid Rs.800 on 30th July 2016 for priority trading and commodity account opening. Payment Id: pay_60dchBhfvZP77wBut
    All required documents were sent on 3rd August 2016. I was informed that forms has been couriered on 8th August 2016 but hasn’t reached here yet. I had requested courier tracking id over phone and email [email protected], so that I can check, but failed to get. Please help.

  101. Anand Roopak Kathpalia says:

    More than 10 days after submitting all docs to Mr. Ankit, for opening 3 family accounts Login id received only for Anand Roopak Kathplia
    Not received for Annu
    And Rashmi
    Is zerodha a slow company ?

    • Gopinathan T R says:

      Yes they are very slow. I opted for priority account opening so that they would send reviewed and filled form for me just to sign and send back. After two weeks of wait, they send me unfilled application form. If that was the case I would have printed the form myself and sent two weeks ago. God knows whether they have reviewed the document which i had uploaded.

  102. omkar says:

    is there any monthly charges after opening trading and demate account ? if yes How much totol monthly & annual charges ?

  103. Prasad says:

    Is cancelld cheque leaf mandatory for account opening? I have taken print of PAN, address proof, bank statement but not having cheque book and cheque book not eligible for my savings bank account. Please guide me,.

  104. Abhinav Arora says:


    Please refer to trailing mail and try to understand my problem . Before approching to zerodha I have an account with angel, but as promised by your sales manager Mr Lindo and Miss Hema that the account will be open on 19.08
    2016 in any case. On that basis I withdraw all my fund(appx 23 lakhs) from angel and waiting for any confirmation mail from your end.

    Sir on my reference two of my colleagues also send their forms along with me. You people recd forms on 12.08.2016 and see the tragedy you opened accounts of them on 17.06.2018 and I am still struggling. sir I trade on the basis of in equity future segment. So I have to be prepare with my trading account and sufficient fund at sharp 9:00 am daily. Please give me assurance to open my account on sunday ie 21.08.16 at any cost otherwise I will have to make some temporary arrangements for monday.

    Expecting a reply …..
    Abhinav Arora

    • Abhinav, having this checked asap.

      • Abhinav Arora says:

        Thanks sir. Really appreciating your prompt reply.
        Sir I just love your kite platform its automatically updation with market. Very light software.
        That’s why I insist you to take n.a. because as of now I square off all my position in angel trading account. So I can move zerodha easily .
        Keep the good work up…all the best.

  105. Anivesh says:

    Can the account opening form be send by speed Post or courier is necessary??

  106. Hardik says:

    I am trying to complete this big form from last 1 hrs. Its so bad experience I had. Please try to minimize it or at least give some hints say why its not accepting form data ! and what and where the issue is?

    U are may be best but account opening experience is worst.

  107. Pankaj says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    I am student and had a experience of a year about trading as well as investing in markets. I want to opt for demat and trading account for stocks only. I have initiated the opening process online but what do i do for the option of “income proof”. I read in the comments that for stock trading income proof is not necessary. I would be investing small amount of my savings, please tell the further procedure to proceed, to whom should i contact for further clarification?

  108. Ravi says:

    I’ve been trying to open both the Trading & Demat account. I tried online submission in filling up the form and was struck with the below:
    1) Name as per the PAN card : The PAN card which i’ve is with ONLY one name on it (i.e., RAVI) and under that I’ve my Father’s Name. Now on the First and Last name field, what should I enter. The system wouldn’t allow to move to the next field without having filled both the First and Last name field. And there is a separate field for entering the Father’s First and the Last name.

    2) For the permanent address proof, I’will be uploading my Aadhaar. Hope this is ok.

    3) For the correspondence address, I will be submitting the rental agreement which is in my name with initials (i.e., J.Ravi), but they was written in Tamil and not in English. Will that be OK?

    4) Does income proof really need to be submitted? I no longer work and will trade using my saving. Will one month Bank statement be sufficient?

    5) While referencing the previous comments on this page, the account opening fee mentioned varies with different comments. Some mentioned T+D+C=200+100+200=500 in a comment. Other mentions Rs.800. Why is that difference? What is the individual actual fee for the Demat, Equity and Commodity?

    6) What’s NEXT after online submission? What I need to do? How long do I need to wait for account activation?

    Pl reply.

    • 1. Enter a . in your last name field.
      2. Yes
      3. You will have to send a translation letter. But best to use Aaadhar itself. We will anyways send nothing to your physical address.
      4. If you want to trade F&O this proof is must. You can send six months bank statement.
      5. The fees is reduced now, T+D+C = 500 if you print and send us the forms.
      6. You will have to download the form, print it, sign it, attach all the documents (attest it), and courier to us.Two days from when we receive the forms.

      • Ravi says:

        Thank you for the reply.

        for my point no 3), for the correspondence address, can i submit the recent LPG gas bill as proof of residence? If not I’ll have my permanent address for both (as per your reply, u wouldn’t be sending any anything to the address) so that would be fine.

        • 3. Yes Gas bill will work.

          • Ravi says:

            I’ve completed the online application process, paid the amount (both Equity and Commodity and the demat) and have printed the forms. Now, I’ve a doubt. How many photographs i need to affix on the application form? There are 4 fields which asks for the photography and with signature. SInce, I’ve applied for both equity and commodity, does the two forms have the same repeat application process and if yes, what is the repeat process and can I ignore any?

            or, should i affix all 4 fields with 4 photographs (with signature across the photo)? Pl reply.

            • Hanan says:

              Since you’ve paid both equity and commodity, we need only 2 photographs with your signature. The same KYC can be used for both EQ and commodity. So please ensure you paste your photo and sign across it on the EQ form. We can replicate the same for Commodity.

  109. Vienodh says:

    I have handed over the duly signed copies of application forms on 31st aug to open only trading account for futures only. How long will it take to open an account.

  110. vienodh says:

    Incase of future trades if i transfer say one lakh to my account,and incase the margin required to execute a trade required say 1.2 lakh, will you avail some more margin from with interest or the trade will not be executed. Please clarify.

    • Trade won’t be executed. WE have a special product type called MIS, if you use this you will need only 40% of 1.2lk, but all MIS is valid only till 3.20pm. All MIS position is squared off before end of day if full margins not present.

  111. hiren says:

    1. Is BSDA facility available with zerodha?
    2. Is opening BSDA charged?
    3. Are the schedule A charges different for normal demat and BSDA?

  112. itzmanojds says:

    Hey Mr. Kamath

    I am a Very Newbie, I have no Demat acc or anything.

    I was opening a acc with Zerodha, I found two types of acc, 1) “Equity & currency” and 2) “Commodity”.
    I dont know which to use.

    My Need : To buy share, keep for sometime(days) till price goes up and sell it off.

    Which to use?


    -Manoj Shenoy

  113. Jerin says:

    I have recently tried to open account with you and I paid the fee,I got the physical form to be sent via courier.I am bit confused with filling up the forms and documents required to be sent . Your customer service employee told me ,you have to provide self attested copies of my documents like bank statements of the past 6 months but i have just started an account with ICICI bank and i dont have any other active bank accounts at the moment to provide a statement of 6 months. In this case what do I need to do ,any help?

    Thank You

    • Jerin, 6 months bank statement acts like an income proof if you want to trade futures and options. If you don’t intend to trade them, you don’t need to give that. Otherwise you can give any other income proof.

  114. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    It is mentioned we can user Adhaar OTP to open an account and use hassle free paperless process of account opening. But while going through all the menus I did not find this OTP option. There was a news that at zerodha this process is implemented with digi. I there any specific process to avail this facility?


  115. vienodh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Its almost 10 days form the date of application handed to your peoples at our local office to open a trading account. I am not sure why this takes so much time to open only a trading account. Can you comment on this and follow up personally to ensure account is opened at the earliest. Even i was told by arvind that it will be opened this day evening since last three days .. but nothing an outcome.

  116. Maunil Joshi says:

    Filled all the columns in the account opening form. Uploaded all the attachments. Unable to “save and continue”. Tried at least 50 times. Team Zerodha says, its a “technical bug”. For me, its a “frustration”. Half of the enthusiasm has gone down. Well.. Of course, manual forms can be filled and process can be completed but the bug needs to be debugged. Zerodha is known for paperless and hassle free trading. Looking for a solution. Thank you.

  117. Shaileshkumar Dayani says:

    I want to open Demat + Equity Trading account for my wife. Address proof in my name (Landline Telephone) will od or not ?

  118. Tushar says:

    (i)I just got connected to zerodha and i wanted to know how much u people charge for security deposit?
    As no information has been provided by u people regarding this.
    (ii)And how can transfer my payments.
    I will expect soonest solution to my problem,
    Thank You.

  119. niteshthakur says:

    Hi Guys

    Please consider strongly “not” to open an account here. Though the interfaces to trade are good, there is big problem with their support. I opened my account a month back and have faced multiple problems since then mainly related to funds transfer. They would charge you 10 Rs every time you want to transfer funds from linked bank account. If you choose the IMPS route, you will have to wait for ages before transfer is reflected in the trading account. Today I faced an issue with their gateway(Rs 10 method) where the money has been debited from my bank account and despite several mails, nobody is ready to respond.

    You might have to regret. Please consider other options


    • Nitesh, payment gateway charges is what is paid to the provider. We can’t do it for free because it could mean that we lose money on transaction instead of earning (if a client transfers funds to do delivery based trades). Also our margins are razor thin at such low cost. IMPS is still not supported fully by the banks, so what it means is that when you do an IMPS transfer to Zerodha, our bank statement will not show an account number from where the funds came in. There could be thousands of transactions in a day, and if we get this without any tag, it takes manual effort to figure out which account it is by looking at the screenshot attached. All banks are mandated to start sharing account numbers on IMPS from october end, we are hoping to have all issues around IMPS sorted then. We are also doing a bunch of changes to ensure IMPS is updated within 15 to 30 mins(btw, we are one of the very few brokers supporting IMPS).

      • niteshthakur says:

        1) IMPS -> If 15-30 minutes is what you claim, let me tell you two things. First you should not claim this to be 10 minutes as stated in your website (“Your funds will be updated for trading within 10 minutes from you uploading this proof during market hours. IMPS fund transfers during off market hours will be updated in a few hours.”). Please consider removing this immediately so as not to mislead the customer. Second, to make you aware of the ground reality, it took more than an hour in all the previous occasions I used IMPS. You can please check my escalations/tickets opened previously. The “funds” department is doing a pathetic job for sure.

        2) Payment gateway -> If any gateway transaction fails, it is Zerodha’s responsibility to get back to customer and get the issues sorted out rather than it being the other way round(like it was today). I would request you to closely look at how much follow up I had to do today and agony I had to suffer just to get the amount reflected in trading account to resume my trading. It was nothing short of feeling miserable.

        Please don’t let your firm go the way any other run of the mill brokerage operates. Understand that fund transfer efficiency is a critical part and needs a close monitoring in case of failures which look to be very common in Zerodha’s case

        • We are about to go live with another payment gateway. When a payment gateway fails, we don’t get to know it failed. We actually get no notification.

          • niteshthakur says:

            I don’t agree with this as I got a notification saying that the transaction failed message from Zerodha. I can’t paste it here but can provide it. If end user has the notification, the system will definitely have that somewhere. To be precise, the link was “”.

  120. uj says:


    Want to know how many days required to open dmat and trading account, documents and form already submitted on date 19th sept

  121. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Want to know how many days required to open demat and equity trading account, documents and form and signatures for both (Trading and Demat) already verified and cleared on date 19th september at 4.00pm but ipv and kyc update status pending how long it would take to open an account and from when can i trade using such account.

    Also mention wheather i will recieve the account opening kit(username and password) by courier or mail.
    Thank You

  122. Amit Rambhia says:

    1. Any idea by when the Aadhar-OTP “paperless” account opening will be available?
    2. Is “cancelled cheque” required for “only equity” account opening paper work?
    3. Is “income proof document” required for “only equity” account opening?

  123. Sumeet Das says:

    I submitted the documents for both Trading and demat account on 19th September I.e Monday in the Zerodha Cuttack office. It reached Bangalore on 21st. The account activation process should take 2-3 days as mentioned in the site. I called Zerodha Support on Saturday I.e 24th for a status. They told me my documents are verified and everything is ready, it will get activated on Monday I.e today. But it has not been activated yet. I called them again and they said it will be actived tomorrow night just as they said on Saturday that it will get actived on Monday. It has been more than a week and also my documents are verified then why it is taking so much time ?

  124. Firasat Ahmed says:

    Hey Mr. Nithin,

    I have no queries or questions right now. I was going through the questions asked by others on this page, what amazed me was your quick response. I read few messages for the month of September to see the pros and cons, after reading 5-6 top messages I later ended up seeing the quickest response from you and your team on every message. No comment was missed or unresolved.

    Cheers man ! Love the support and service. I am new to Zerodha ( just started the process and got an email for documents being successfully verified )

    Hope to see the same support throughout our relationship and eagerly waiting to get started up. Hope I will be able to trade next week 🙂

  125. kapil goswami says:

    Dear sir ,
    I do not have any complaints but have one request .

    I m New to trading and keen to be associated with zerodha .
    My application was received on Monday but some bank statement issue arrised so I received mail that
    My account opening form is being verified yesterday .and was told that it will take 2-3 days to open account yesterday . Today also same reply .

    I just have one request , if it is possible to open account asap so that I can start with it in this auspicious period going on(navratras) .

    Thanks in advance

  126. Vishal patel says:

    Can i change my account to my some other family member name??if possible kindly give procedure details.

  127. CHIRAG says:

    I had applied for opening account for equities and received SMS mentioning ZPIN but have not received client ID. please reply with the procedure after receiving ZPIN

  128. ROHAN says:

    hello sir,
    i am a student and am relatively new to trading.could you please suggest the documents i need as a student and as i have no income ,what to do about the proof for that.also i would like to know if u we can create an account completely online without having to send any physical proofs.

  129. Ravi says:

    Can I open Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA) with Zerodha?

  130. raghuramk says:

    I have opened an account online and paid the registration fees and downloaded the filled application.
    In the filled applied My nationality was marked as ‘Other’ , this was not asked while i am filling the form.How can change it ? . And also what are the below fields in the application and how to fill them :


    • Raghuram, once you have printed the form, just tick on Indian.

      Depository participant will be filled by our team once your demat is opened. Past actions is if you have had any regulatory action on you. You can leave these fields blank if not applicable.

  131. Motilal says:

    sir, what is working time to account opening ,pls process i have sent cancel cheque.

  132. Sudipto says:

    While filling online application form wizard, entry of my bank IFS code UTBI0BMCF39 showing invalid IFSC.

  133. Preena says:

    Dear mr. Kamath
    Kindly look into my account opening. Your website says 48 hours, but it’s been so much more than that with the support team giving false promises that it will happen EOD. But unfortunately the EOD never seems to come.

  134. Manu says:

    Greetings! Zites.

    While going through all the instructions for filling the form to open an account with Zerodha. Would like to clear few doubts .

    1. IPV is still necessary if the KYC documents are attested by authorized entities? (True/False)
    2. Cheque leaf has an account number mentioned instead of name. As it was provided along with the kit of saving bank account. ( Valid/not-valid to use)?
    3. I have no issue in documents regarding the permanent address. but, Residence/Correspondence address on sale deed/ Rent Agreement, Telephone bill and Gas connection are, on the name of Father. Any solution for that ?
    4. mode in which i wish to receive RDD. RDD means ?
    5. In section Zerodha Tarrif Sheet: Clients ID should be left blank? (True/False)
    6. Demat form section: what are pledge instructions ? yes or no, which one to choose ? to let DP accept instructions without my concern ?
    7. Why to share email with RTA ? whats that ?
    8. Bank details for dividend section: what is TRUST facility ? stock exchange/name id. clearing member name/id.
    9. Delivery instruction booklet ? use of it ?
    10. Power of Attorney: witness section is applicable to fill only if nominees are added? (True/False)
    11. Necessary to fill option form for DIS booklet ?
    12. To fill Request letter for registration of mobile/email of person belongs to Client’s family ? if nominees are added?
    13. is it necessary to fill Central KYC registry form?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Venu says:

      1. True, IPV is required even if you are getting the documents attested.
      2. You’ll have to enclose a copy of the latest bank statement with your name along with the cheque leaf if the cheque doesn’t carry your name.
      3. You can provide a copy of your bank statement. Address proofs accepted in your father’s name can’t be accepted as your address proof.
      4. Risk Disclosure Document
      5. Yes, we will fill it after it’s allocated to you.
      6. When you wish to pledge stocks and raise a loan against them.
      7. RTA sends communications of dividends/bonus/splits for the stocks you hold.
      8. CDSL TRUST:
      10. False.
      11. If you want the DIS, you’ll have to select Yes
      12. No, will have to be added regardless of whether there’s a nominee or not.
      13. Yes.

  135. Preena says:

    Dear Zerodha Team.

    After 5 days of waiting, finally you managed to open my account. But what is point of just sending in the welcome mail with login ID and passwords when I cannot either have access to pie download or see any DP Id number, also don’t have access to q-back office. Do I need to wait another 5 days to start trading?

    Hoping for a reply this time.

  136. chandrakant says:

    I want to open both Demat and Trading account, where can i download the form?

  137. mahesh says:

    Dear mr. Kamath
    I am new zerodha associate partner support team giving false promise for account opening process , after reciving courrier how much time required ? Kindly look into my account opening page Your website says 48 hours, but it been so much more than that each time new reason how we develope bussiness? even each time i make a call they just reply (Today it will be done sir…on prirority basis )i disappoint so pathetic support.

  138. Akash Gupta says:

    After received of Trading & demat Account Opening form I got mail that is receiving confirmation mail.
    But after some time zerodha mail that we require details like mother name, occupation,etc.But I already feed the details online in your Online account Opening form.then why account Opening process is stopped.

  139. Krishna says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin,

    I have a demat+trading account (recently created) with using adhaar no. But i like to change the account to zerodha. Can I possible it through online since presently i am outside india? Also note that I did not buy any shares on delivery basis, only traded intraday.

    Expecting your helpful reply.

  140. Srinivasarao V says:

    Hi, IPV was completed 4 days ago but account is not yet opened. Will it take any longer?

  141. Vijay Singh says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin,
    I am an NRI, can i open a normal trading and demat account with my brother’s name and operate from abroad on his behalf.

  142. chandrakant says:

    I encountered some doubts while filling the form :
    Page 4 sub section
    1. Depository participant name ZERODHA
    2. Beneficiary Name – My name
    3. DP ID ? Client ID?
    4. Depository name?
    as i have not been
    i am sending my form direct to you so it means i am not dealing through any sub broker. so should i leave it blank?

  143. Jawad Ahmed VP says:

    Once after the document are verified for account processing, how many days it would require for you guys to send welcome kit containing user ID & password???

  144. Kuberan says:

    I have a Demat account with a 3-in-1 full service broker. A few months ago they converted my account into BSDA account without asking me. Now I want to sign up for Zerodha. So, I asked them to convert the Demat account into regular account. They are taking their own time. Of course, It will be done in a few days. Can I open Demat account with you now even though the full service broker has not yet acted on my request? I understand when I open a Demat account with you, all the other accounts will automatically become regular Demat. Am I doing anything wrong if I open regular account before full service broker acts?

  145. jyotirmaya says:

    Mr. Nithin
    My form has been verified on 7 nov,its been 8 days of verification i ddn’t got the user id yet.kindly fix my issue.
    I also opened a ticket of which i ddn’t got any response and surprisingly the ticket has been closed.

  146. chandrakant says:

    what happens if i miss some details while filling the form or leave something untick(not intentionally)?

  147. chandrakant says:

    How do i enable BSE or NSE exchange in my account?

    • To enable, you need to have a demat account opened with us. Send us your demat account opening form. Go to and profile, you will see a pre-filled demat form. Print it, sign it and send it to us.

  148. fazal says:

    In how many day commodity trading account is opened after u received form?

  149. topgear says:


    I’ve signed up with your website. I’m trying to open my account online ( as per your website option ). So I need help with some information.

    1. On Online account opening form I can see I can upload documents like pan card, aadhar card as identity and address proof. Now what kind of photo I shall upload ie the original colored photo of the pan card, aadhar card take by a camera or scanned xerox copy of the pan and Aadhar cards with self signature ?

    2. After filling all the necessary details online there’s option for paying online. My question is if I pay online do I still need to attach a check of Rs. 300 ?

    3. If I pay and submit the form online Do I still need to take print out of the completed form(s) and send it along a Rs. 300 check to zerodha ?

    • 1. You can upload the photos taken on your camera.
      2. Cancelled cheque will be still required as proof of your bank account.
      3. Yes

      • topgear says:

        Thanks for the info. I just need a little more information :

        1. Your online account opening form is not matching with the images provided . So please have them checked and re upload new images if possible as per your website.

        2. If only open an Equity & currency account ( No Futures & Options or Commodities ) do I still need to provide income proof ?

        3. There’s no option for paying and opening Demat account ( as per the pictures above ) on the for or payment page. Please check it and tell how one can open an demat account online if ther’s no such option on the online payment webpage ? Thank you.

  150. Cp says:

    Please tell me , when can i get my account deactivated??

  151. B S Gurumallesh says:

    My application forms and supporting documents for opening the account was cleared on 29th Dec 2016.But still now no communication .how many more days will it take to open the account. My registered mobilenumber is 9731596328.

  152. Sugam says:

    I tried opening an account online.

    I have provided all the required details and made the payment online to open an account.
    Now, the next steps as per the portal are to print the two forms then sign and courier them.

    Problem is that I live in a rented apartment, and don’t have any address proof for that. Bills are on my owners name.
    Will Proof of employment and residence provided by my company/employer work?

    Secondly, why do I need to courier my Originals to Zerodha(driving Licence/PAN/Passport). I don’t feel comfortable in sending these. I have already scanned these and uploaded and can provide self attested Xerox copies.
    Please advice.

    Thanks in Advance.

  153. SRC says:

    My account got verified almost a week ago. A few days back I got my login for q, and z-pin for call & trade. But I still didn’t get the password for kite and pi. Tried emailing support but still haven’t received an email with the password for kite/pi. How much longer will it take?
    Thanks in advance.

  154. Yesu says:

    I am new to zerodha. All a/c details are come to my mail (id & password).I also received zpin through SMS after the mail I had received by the time before the today market open time.Then with an anxiety open a kite app. And log in I try to buy shares for Intraday & delivery even one share I don’t buy.

    My executed orders are rejected by showing “NO CATEGORY IS ASSIGNED FOR ENTITY DEALER ZY4959 ACROSS EXCHANGE”
    My today executed orders are all only in nse. You it happend like that. Pls reply me.
    Same problem I also escalated to my sales manager NO RESPONSE
    client ID :ZY4959

  155. Dhananjay Patil says:

    I send my demat acc. opening form to zerodha .it may delivered 7th December 2016. how many days it takes to open demat acc.

  156. Sudip says:

    Need Help with these :

    1. C. DEPOSITORY ACCOUNT(S) DETAILS – Depository Participant Name and Beneficiary Name and IDS – what should I fill in here ?

    2. G. I want to Trade only in Equity & currency ( and open a Demat account with you ) for which I’ll pay online. But on the G Section there’s total 9 boxes for signature. So I’ll struck off all three ( F3 b,e,h ) F&O boxes but need to sign all other 6 boxes, Right ?

    3. H . Electronic or Physical what type of contract note you will send ?

    4. On The Tariff Sheet : ” I/ We agree to pay the charges as per following charges structure for our Trading account with Zerodha effective ___________________ Client ID: _______________________ – what to fill in these fields ?

    5. Please clarify these options on : RUNNING ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION page

    I/We request you to settle my fund and securities account (Choose one Option)
    Once in a calendar Month – ??

    Once in every calendar Quarter except the funds given towards collaterals / margin in form of
    Bank Guarantee and /or Fixed Deposit Receipt – ??

    6. All accounts with credit balances of Rs. 10000/- or lesser may be automatically retained and transfer of funds to the bank account may not be made as per SEBI circular MIRSD/SE/Cir-19/2009 & Exchange Circular Nos. NSE/INSP/24849, 20091204-7 & MCX-SX-238/2009 – So I cannot transfer funds from my Demat account to bank account if I’ve less than Rs. 10000 in my Zerodha Demat account ?

    7. Additional Nomination required for Demat Account ?

    8. Should I fill in the ” POWER OF ATTORNEY (Voluntary) ” details or give the right to Zerodha ? Where I can find my Client id ??

    9. If I give zerodha POA what’s the use of DIS ?

    10. I will pay Rs. 300 online for ” Equity & currency ” trading and I want Zerodha to send me the forms for which I will pay online a total sum of Rs. 400. So How I will pay Zerodha demat account opening charge of Rs. 100 later ? Shall I send a check to you when I send in the physical forms ?

    11. What’s the difference between if I take print out of the online forms or choose the option to get the forms from you by paying Rs. 100 ?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Sudip,

      1.C) Depository Participant Name: Zerodha Securities Pvt. Ltd.
      Beneficiary Name: Your name;
      DP ID: 12081600; BO ID: System generated number, which will gets generated at the time of account opening.
      Depository Name: CDSL

      2.G) Yes, you can strike them off. Yes, the others you’d be required to sign.

      3.H) Electronic. You’d receive a digitally signed contract note via email.

      4. Leave it blank, We’ll fill it out once the account is opened. ( Date & ID)

      5. Running account authorization is a voluntary document you are asked to sign by brokers so they can hold funds in your trading account for a set amount of time, which is generally either one month or one quarter. Without this, the broker would have to settle your account on each settlement.
      Though signing this document is voluntary, it’s required to smoothly operate an online trading account.

      6. Broker will transfer any funds exceeding 10000 back to your bank account as per a SEBI mandate once in a quarter. — You can manually place a request with the minimum amount being Rs.100 from Trading account to your bank.

      7. If you wish, you can include the Nomination now which you can include the details in the nomination section or else you can add this even after you’ve open the T+D account.

      8. No, It will be filled by us.
      POA isn’t compulsory, but required for smooth operation of demat account. The POA given to Zerodha is specific and mentions the various powers on the POA. This is just for debiting stocks from demat account towards the settlement of your payin’s. Remember it is required only for the demat account.

      9. DIS is issued by a DP if you opt for one when you open a Demat account with them. You can use DIS for transferring shares from one DEMAT to another.

      10. Trading+Demat account opening charges are Rs. 300 when you print the forms and send us. Yes, you can send us a cheque in favor of “Zerodha”.

      11. If you choose the option of to get the forms, you’ll receive the filled forms along with the documents you uploaded. You would have to only sign and send it back to us. Whereas, if you send us a printed forms there could be chances where you miss out a document or would not be a valid document.

      • Sudip says:

        Hi, Thanks for the reply. I’ve singed up for a zerodha account for trading in Equity ( paid Rs. 400 online. ) I also need a Demat account with Zerodha. So is there any separate charge I should know about ?

        BTW, as per your rules on this page :

        ” If you print your T&D forms, Rs 200 for Trading and Rs. 100 for Demat, Total Rs.300
        If you fill out our forms, Rs.300 for Trading and Rs.100 for Demat, Total Rs.400 ”

        I’ve paid a total of Rs. 400. Do I need to pay any additional fees for opening Demat account ? If so by which method ? Also as I’ve opted for getting the printed forms from you so how long it will take to get the printed forms from Zerodha ?

        • Yeah, you will have to pay Rs 100 more. YOu can do this once the account is opened (we can debit your ledger). Forms should take 2 working days to reach you.

          • Sudip says:

            Is it okay for me to send a cheque of Rs. 100 in favor of “Zerodha” when I send in the signed documents ( including account opening and demat account opening documnets ) for demat account charges ?

            Also, Do I need to send two passport size photographs along with the documents ? Or I shall affix the photographs on the document ?

  157. Ankur Dulakakharia says:

    Dear Team,

    I opened my account in Zerodha. After opening the account , I transferred amount 4000 and started trading . But now I am getting a call that I need to again transfer 5000 to get it activated. I m bit confused why you require 5000 rupees if i can trade with my account .

  158. Zuber says:

    How I know that my demat account is opened or still in process of opening…

  159. Rajakumaran says:

    sir, i received a message before 2 weeks on my mobile saying ‘ Congratulations! Your Zerodha account is open and a Zpin ( **** ) has automatically been generated. Mention your Zpin whenever you use our Call & Trade services.’
    I have some doubts.
    1 When can i start to trade online ?
    2 What is the username & password for online trading?
    3 Is there any seperate password & username for desktop and mobile trading ?
    4 How can i transfer fund to my trading account?

  160. Subash says:

    Hi Team,

    I have submitted the documents on 16th December and I got a mail on 21st December that my documents verification is cleared. But till now no update whether my demat and trading accounts are opened. Its almost 4 days that my documents reached to you. How long will it take for the account opening yet?

    Thanks in Advance,

  161. Divyesh Gohel says:


    1) I applied for trading,commodity and demat and also for printed form.
    Still i don’t received application form but i downloaded and print it.
    2) I have notarized PAN copy, Addhar card copy is preferable?
    3) Now i don’t have cheque of registered bank (bank taking time to giving me a cheque book)

    How i applied for opening?

  162. Vishal salunkhe says:


  163. Zerodha Fan says:

    Zerodha team – In trading technology you are far ahead of others but why are you still asking for physical copies of the account opening forms? I saw your competitors are offering paperless account opening using adhar card. When will you offer the same? I know you had that initiative in place but seems it is still not available to everyone.

  164. ujjwal says:

    Requested for Derivative trading a two ago, but on same date not activated, also provided 6 monthly bank statement. i got mail from zerodha support (all documents are cleared)
    Please clear the same

  165. vikas says:

    I want to open zerodha account. But I have not Pan card. Can I open account without Pan card. Or Is it compulsory.
    Thanks ….
    Please reply…

  166. shreyas says:

    I am student and i have bank account in hdfc can i open d&t account
    And can you tell me if you have branch in Mumbai if yes address please.


    Kyc form received by you on 31st dec 2016 (professional courier – cpd564112)
    Till today no response or mail about account opening status. Plz do it as soon as possible…

  168. S RAJASHEKAR says:

    want to verify who is mapped under my referral account how to verify

  169. amit says:

    if brokers are not allowed to open account completely online Than how ProStocks is offering online account opening.

  170. sudeep says:

    is filling ‘witness’ section mandatory ? who all is eligible for becoming witness?

  171. Zinkal Dhanji Dedhia says:

    how to open a joint demat account?

  172. Ramya says:

    Dear Nithin, the bank account linked to my zerodha Ac is union bank which is not listed in your banks. When do you suppose it will be added ? Going for imps and neft each time seems like a time taking process as I read from the above posts. Do u suppose i should open a savings account with any of your listed banks? Or will the imps / neft work out to be good and fast?

  173. shabir ahmad says:

    Is fully paper less account opening available……..i want to open account at zerodha

    • Paper less still not possible. Our team is in almost 50 cities, we can collect the forms from you.

      • Nandini Kumari says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Kindly ask your incompetent team to update me on my application 946772. Its more than a month now and no progress on account opening.Your sales manager are simply harassing me with their document requirements.
        Let me know how to get back my Rs 500 .

  174. Prabhat Prakash says:

    Hi Nitin

    I have sent the signed docs on 23rd jan. U should receive those by today.
    I was hoping to get my account activated before budget session. Could u help me in this regard.

    Thank You

  175. vivek says:

    hello sir. i dont have the chequebook but a passbook instead. but on the passbook only IFSC code is printed.. is that enough? i know the MICR code but it is not printed on it.. will it be sufficient?

    • Venu says:

      We’ll need the MICR code to be on the document, you can mention the MICR on the passbook and get it signed and stamped by the banker. Else a letter from the banker giving details of your account including IFSC and MICR will also suffice.

  176. Ajay Bhosale says:

    I paid 200/- for commodity account opening on zerodha nut didn’t get the confirmation email..I’m now not able to log_in to account.

  177. chandan says:

    During signup process when i place my adress PIN number ie 834009, it shows city and district name as Lohardaga but in actual it is the PIN of a=Area- Bariatu, City – Ranchi and District – Ranchi, state – jharkhand.
    So kindly correct it so i further proceede my signup

  178. Sondip says:


    I already have a trading account with IDBI Direct.

    Please confirm, if I can open just a trading account with Zeordha. I DONT reuire another demat account.

    Also please confirm the charges for opening just the trading account.

    How long will it take to activate the trading account.


  179. Chaitanya Gupta says:

    For account opening, when i click on “Continue with signup” it says email is already registered. I am not sure how. This is the first time i am registering at zerodha. Also assuming i already have account with this email, when i click on forget password , it says this email id is not registered. Pl look into it, I am looking to open new account.

  180. snehashish.G says:

    hi ,
    help me out ,

    i am from chennai ,on 16th feb , one of your executives collected the documents and also i filled the zerodha account opening form ,i chose equity and FNO , executive said that i can pay through online . he provided me some figures .i forgot the same .

    please advice how much to pay , and when ?

  181. Rakesh Prakash says:

    Just want to know that how much time it takes to generate Zpin / (Username+Password) after the document verification and IPV is cleared. I think demat account opening may take 4-5 days but trading account is activated in max 2-3 days.

    In my case It has been 4 days since the IPV is cleared.

  182. Anit Sarker says:

    Hi .. I have used the online platform to open the the Trading and Demat account at Zerodha. Now I have downloaded the forms, shall I have to print them in color or black & white is enough ?

    Another question, as i have used the online portal to open my account and also paid, Can’t I get the support from local Zerodha resources to help in filling up the form and sending also.

    Actually I am very busy in my work, So if I get this kind of help then I will be relieved.

  183. Atharv Singhal says:


    I signed all forms on 20th Feb 2017 and gave to your representative.
    In how many days my accounts will get activated and how I can check status of my accounts.


  184. Shabiul Hassan says:


    My application form was submitted on 15 feb 2017 and after that i got confirmation mail that all the documents were in order. I made online payment of fee after the IPV but my account is still not opened. I tried to contact the sales manager but he is not receiving my calls since wednesday 22nd feb. I was not even informed if i have missed something in the application form or if my application was rejected or if it will take some more time. I made calls on other nos mentioned in your website but no one could tell me why it is taking so long.

    Please help

  185. Rahul says:

    sir equity and demate ke forms isi address me. send karna hai na
    #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
    Opp. Clarence Public School,
    J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
    Bangalore – 560078

  186. Kumar Abhishek says:

    Hi ,
    Applied for a Trading+Demat account and my In person verification was completed on 27th morning(Monday) ,I received a mail from you people saying -initiated you account opening procedure same day . Today is 2nd march and I tried to enquire about my status 3 time on your contact.
    (1st march -your represent.. -will be done by today evening)
    (2nd march (morning) – there was a technical error will be done within today trading hour .
    (just before I write this comment – kal saam tak hi ho payega sir.

    I mean seriously your representative have no idea what are they talking about t,I mean they either don’t have right information or they don’t give a shit when it will be opened or if you are losing opportunity to trade or what , I am very much disappointed and it would be a lot better if you change your processed within 48 hour statement in account opening page to we have no idea when your account will be opened .

  187. astokarthik says:


    I wanted to open an account for trading and gave all the necessary documents to your representative when he came for pick up of the forms and documents on 3rd of march. Since then i neither got a confirmation mail that you have received the application nor a phone call confirming the status of the application.

    When can I expect the confirmation mail or call about my trading account & DMAT account and also when can I expect my id and password for trading. Can you guys give me a tentative date?

  188. Biresh Mohanti says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I applied for a new account on March 6th,

    Person was deputed by Yogesh of your Gurgaon Office on the same day and he collected all the documents at 1300 hrs on the same day, i.e. March 6th.

    No update since then.

    Can somebody call me to confirm if the documents have been found in order and no further details are required from me? I hope this should become a standard feature if someone from your office has collected the documents.

    Biresh Mohant

  189. Anand P says:

    I completely agree with what Kumar Abhishek has said above. These guys are pathetic, after initiating the account opening procedure online, i was about to send the forms on Feb 28th, and then i got a call from sales manager saying zerodha executive will pick up the forms to be on safer side for mistakes, i thought okay what is there to lose. The guy was supposed to come on feb 28th but he didn’t, he came on next day 29th, and he collected all the forms. I got emails from zerodha that they have received the documents on mar 4, and everything is okay and they have initiated the account opening process. so basically it took 3 days to send it to Bangalore, which i could have sent it myself in a day, very lousy service. They mention the account will be opened in 48 hrs, which is absolute BS, shame on you guys, change that god damn hours on your website. If you cannot stick to your timeline, what sort of integrity do you guys have? and what sort of customer service is this? every time we call customer service, we get some absolutely dumbest answers that it will done by the end of the day. I am absolutely disappointed with the way you guys are treating customers. Shame on you, now if you continue doing the same shit to everyone of the customer out there, then within no time, your reputation will go downhill.

    Its a waste of time writing this post, but then i thought there are others out there who might look at this and would know how zerodha likes to have fun with their prospective customers. If i would have atleast read this thread previous to opening my account, i would have happily avoided this and moved onto other discount brokers.

    • Nikhil A says:

      Hey Anand.

      We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Since we received the on Saturday, the processing only starts on Monday. You should receive the account credentials today.

      • Anand P says:

        Receive the account credentials from where? Out of thin air? Poof magic … guys are hilarious at the best

  190. ANKITA K says:

    How much time taken to open acc after documents are verified? Documents verified two days ago

  191. prakash says:

    sir, please tell me the new account opening procedure with the ” aadhar”
    2.required docs
    3.time to set up opening

  192. chaitanya says:

    hello zerodha

    ive recived an email confirming the verification of my submitted documents on 9th march,would like to know when will my account be activated.Since 12,13 are holidays please try to do by today if possible.No one is replying on your support mail id.

  193. kamath says:

    Hey Team
    Have tried opening an account using AADHAR there is glitch after authentication with OTP the page is not redirected to next page . We do get pre-filled pdf of your form where signatures has been eSigned using Aadhar .
    a) Why do we have re-sign it if it has already been eSigned ?
    b) If there is glitch could you please hide the option else we could be clueless state


  194. RS says:

    I’m trying to open a demat and trading account for my wife. I got the forms printed. I now notice that her aadhar card address and the form address are not a complete match. The aadhar seems to have way more information added.

    Can we use her Income tax acknowledgement or her pay slips as an address proof?


  195. Sameer W says:

    I have the following questions:
    1. What is the AMC for T+D+C Account?
    2. What is the AMC for just T+D Account?
    3. For AADHAR based account opening, I suppose I don’t have send any hard copy of the documents, Am I right?
    4. I have checked eKYC status on CVLKRA website, I am KYC compliant. Do I need to send the screenshot from CVLKRA website?

  196. Anand says:

    Hi sir,
    An error occurring while opening account with aadhar. “esign service currently unavailable. Please try again after some time”. Please give a solution.


  197. Ravikiran says:

    Dear Kamat Sir,

    Sometime back you have indicated that your team is working on Good Till Cancel (GTC) order types for Equities. IT will be helpful for many of us who login on a day to day basis.

    Please let us know when this is going to materialize.

  198. Vikas says:

    Need help to fill DEMAT POA

  199. Prathamesh Ponkshe says:

    If I wish to connect my BOI D MAT account with your trading account,
    1)Shall I get leverage from you?
    2) shall I be able to trade in f&o?

  200. Aiwan R Khan says:

    Hello Sir, Myself a Retired Deputy Director from MPKVVL. As i also wanted to open an account in Zerodha so i made an account online, there i found it is written to fill up all details and print a form and send it to your HQ, but i have got a phone call from Mr. Balaji just after filling that form all payment done, He asked me to sign empty form and required photocopy of bank account and other details like Adhar card income details etc and send them to your HQ, but i find later that the preferred way to open account is to fill by yourself and then send it to your HQ. now i want to ask you that if whether i have done it correct or not ? will my account get open without problem ? or i have done something wrong? please enlighten. thanks

    • You haven’t done anything wrong. Our team will setup your account correctly.

      • Aiwan R Khan says:

        Thanks sir, this process of account opening is going on since last 1½ week. and i was expecting a bit shorter time because of your firm’s reputation in technological advancement as i heard from several broker comparing websites. Anyways Mr. Balaji has told me yesterday that my account will be ready as soon as 48 Hours.
        This is very much appreciable that as a Founder and CEO of a fastest growing broker firm in India you are in directly touch with your customers. One thing I request to you Sir please look after some more technical advancement in PI, as your technical team these days are concentrating on KITE more than PI. I haven’t use PI yet but have seen lots of videos about it, I am very excited to use your A class software PI. thanks once again for replying my concern. Have a good day.

  201. Raj Kumar says:

    Hi, I registered through online & I have printed & singed my application, At Present I am working in Other country ( Bahrain ) , Courier cost is around Rs.4000/-, what I have to do, any alternate solution is available

    Thanks & Regards

  202. Sameer W says:


    At the last page of AADHAR e-sign, I am getting an error:
    Seems your Aadhaar account doesn’t have mobile number.

    Please suggest what needs to be done. Aadhar updation will take time.
    Alternatively, can I print, scan and emailed signed form to you?

  203. Vishnu Jetty says:

    I have a Kotak security demat account and now I wish to open an account with Zerodha as their Brokerage is pretty high.I was not aware that there would not be any charges for opening a Demat account with Zerodha if I already have a trading account and I paid 300 rs online.Will the funds get transferred to my equity funds once the account is opened?
    Can I place IPO order using Zerodha?

  204. Siddharth says:


    I’ve filled in all details for account opening. My KRA has been verified. I have my mobile number and e-mail linked to my Aadhaar. I tried e-Sign/e-Verify option to sign the application. When i Click on e-Sign Equity or e-Sign Commodity, i get at pop up which says “Preparing Your Documents For Signing” and keeps loading endlessly. Some help required here.

  205. Syed Faraz ali says:

    I have filled the online form and attached 6 months online bank statement self-attseted, is it ok. I have received a call from zerodha on 23 march for pickup but still not picked up the form. I also initiated pickup online on 24 march for 25 march but nothing works.
    After reading the complete post page i think that,my form will never reach your office,and if reach your office then it will take years for activation of my account on zerodha. If you are unable to process this,why do you ask for account opening fee first when somebody tries to open account online.
    If you are unable to open my account by 1 April 2017,I will then be not interested to open account with you, then please return my account opening fee rupees 300. As this shows how you care about your customers.
    Because, if this is the condition during account opening then what will be the customer service does zerodha serve me.
    Thank you.

  206. Ashish Singh says:

    I was trying to open account on zerodha through online mode n first step was to complete payment and i completed payment of 500rs but i did not complete application as it was showing that your kyc is not completed but i already had send printed application forms for opening demat account at zerodha office, i have send all the documents related to it to zerodha. My mobile number is 9169367269 Name-ashish singh and the user id of the account through which i completed payment is [email protected].
    I have yet not received user id and password from zerodha but i have paid Already, do i have to pay again??

    • You don’t have to pay again, will forward this to our team.

      • Santosh kumar mishra says:

        Dear Mr. Nitin
        I am facing the same problem with my account opening process.
        I am getting an error of Invalid phone and connot process further to finish my application. As i have paid the said standard amount for process and all KYC process.
        Plaase suggest and advice with ur help to get it end.

        Regards and thanx

  207. Jitendra says:

    When I am trying to open account online, I am getting error message when I input my PAN as “Sorry, there’s already an account with us with that PAN. If you need help, please contact support”

    I am not able to understand why I am getting this error message.

    Can you please help me out.

  208. Souvik Das says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have just opened my account with Zerodha via Aadhaar but want to ask you few question….

    1. 10 minutes ago I go a call from your team that I have to deposit Rs 5000 to complete my account opening process… Is it mandatory to submit Rs 5000 first time to complete account opening process ?

    2. I want to trade in equity cash intraday only but your account manager who called me says still I have to submit POA (Power of Attorney) if I do intraday trading. Again, is it mandatory to submit POA if I want do Intraday trading ?


    • Souvik Das says:

      I thought POA required to sell shares if you gonna do delivery trading.

    • Venu says:

      1. Not really.
      2. PoA isn’t required for Intraday trading, it’s only required to sell Stocks. If you haven’t submitted the PoA, you can only buy stocks, can’t sell them.

      • Souvik Das says:

        Okay… So, I don’t need POA for Intraday right ?

          • Souvik Das says:

            Great… Thank you

          • Souvik Das says:

            Again got call from your sales agent and he is saying rs 5000 is required to complete account opening process…. I told him that Zerodha CEO Mr. Nithin Kamath said there is no minimum amount to open account but still he was repeating that I have to deposit rs 5000 to complete account opening process.

            Now you are telling it’s not required and your sales agent disagreeing with the same statement, as a customer I’m really confused 🙁

            • Let me figure who this agent is, I will get someone to speak to him.

              • Souvik Das says:


              • kariappa says:

                Hi, I opened an account and started trading. The sales and marketing person initially has said that 5000 Rs. are to be deposited in order to get the account activated. Now I got the call again after months, asking me to deposit 5000 and when he described the details, I was surprised to know that other than me ( like each and every client ), there is another person who knows about each and every detail of my account like orderbook, balance, last login and account opening amount. He threatened by discussing lots of these details, and asked again to deposit the aforesaid amount. Is it legit or legal ?
                Also, Since all the ID’s that client sends, the sales and marketing person have them saved which becomes vulnerable in such cases ( In this case he has my details ) and which they can very easily misuse or use to defame. Whose responsibility is it to save the client’s ( specially those who deny to be fooled about this “account activation fees” ) database ?

  209. Vamshi says:


    I have opened Zerodha account on 21/03 and i got a mail with login credentials.i was able to login to zerodha account and buy shares.but now those shares are not visible under holding.when i called customer care it is asking for ZPIN which i did not received.
    Can you please help me out.

    • Vamshi, I am guessing you have signed using AADHAR to open account. You are supposed to send a demat POA physicaly signed to us. Until we receive that,holdings wont’ show up on platform. That is required for you to sell stocks online.

  210. Neelesh says:

    I have opened account using adhaar otp. It automatically esigned for F&O which i don’t want. I got and email to submit income proof. what should i do?

  211. prateek says:

    [email protected] i just fill the form and paid 300 via card payment is it for equity only or it includes demat account aswell ?

    2. adhar option is not available as am not kra/kyc verified so i select doorstep pickup the problem is it shows your pickup has been schedule for 4th april but i fill 15th april not 4th but there is on option where i can change date of doorstep? requires few documents
    Equity form
    Commodity form
    Pan card
    Address proof
    Cancelled cheque
    Income proof
    i have pan card and adhaar as address proof but i dont have income proof and cheque book so what can i do? please help me am waiting for your response sorry i am not good in english hope u understand and thanks in advance

    • Income proof is required only for F&O trading. If you dont’ want to do F&O trading, no need to give this. You can give 6 months bank statement, it will act as both Income and bank proof (so no need of cheque book).

      • prateek says:

        1 sir my sbi acc is opened by kiosk under pjdy today as i go to bank for bank statement bt there micr code shows 480002512 it is different from my online filled form shows the real micr code 480002115 as i checked in bank this is corect one
        then i asked officer of bank about this bt he says he has no idea? annoyed with pathetic service of sbi

        2. one of the bank employyee told me close this account as it is jan dhan acc so no access to internet banking it has many restrictions bt he is not sure about that.

        3.than i go to central bank of india fill his form bt before submiting i goggled somthing & i find out that central bank not in the list of partner banks of zerodha?bt i doubt as zerodha accept neft cheque imps so what should i do ? there is not many option of banks in my city so please help me

        sir i already wasted so much time in account opening process please guide

  212. mukesh shah says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1) I checked my KYC status on cvl website. It states “Under Process – Incomplete / Existing / Old KYC Record KRA has accepted KYC record of Existing Client for processing in accordance with SEBI Circular MIRSD/Cir-5/2012 dated April 13 (Uploading KYC details of existing customers). The verification of KYC is under process at KRA.”. Am i eligible for account opening through adhaar otp?

    2) Or shall i opt for physical Forms? If so, how long does it take for for document verification and account opening once the forms reach at your Bangalore office?


    • You can try entering the PAN on our account opening dashboard, if it accepts you can use aadhar to esign. If it doesn’t work, send us the physical forms, takes us around 3 working days.

  213. Jigar says:

    hello sir, i have completed online procedure to opening account and shows KRA varified..then what is the next step to complete account opening

  214. kishan says:

    can u please tell difference between

  215. prem says:

    Hello sir,
    Im already trading with zerodha(kite) in equity, now I would like to trade in futres also what should I do is there any other procedures or forms to be filled or I can simply trade……

  216. aditya says:

    I sent documents last month.I receved mail of varification and kyc.But I dont received final mail of login id and password from you yet.plese help me.

  217. Anand says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a trading and demat account with 5paisa. Now interested to open new account with Zerodha. Can I open by linking the 5paisa Account? Or open a new account in Zerodha?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Anand, it would be better if you open a new trading and demat account with Zerodha. If you have any holdings you can transfer them to your new demat account once your account is opened.

    • Venu says:

      If you link your 5paisa demat, you can only buy stocks, can’t sell them. It’s best to open a demat account with us to be able to take benefit of being able to sell at 0 brokerage along with access to our Direct Mutual fund platform.

  218. Sangamesh says:

    I wish to open an account with Zerodha. I filled application online but unable to esign the form using aadhar otp. “Preparing your documents for signing” popup is not redirecting and keeps loading forever

    • Venu says:

      We’ve escalated this to the vendor who is providing us this e-sign facility. It’s being looked at. Suggest you try signing in a while.

      • Swapnil says:

        Same problem I have while opening the account. Kindly look into the matter.

        • Balaji Birajdar says:

          I am facing the same issue. I emailed the support. They are telling it to try after some time. But its more then 24 hours I am trying and its still stuck at the same place.

  219. Ravi says:

    I’m a Zerodha Client. My friend was interested to open a trading account and I have asked him to check and open an account with Zerodha. Since he was interested to open an account, he then entered his email and the mobile no in the account opening page, and because of this, i couldn’t able to add him as my referral in my ‘Q’ back office, erroring that the email ID and the mobile no is already registered. Now, how/where can I mention that he is my referral? Kindly reply.
    Note: My friend had not yet finished the account opening process. Payment has be made yet.

  220. Dharsana says:

    I tried opening an account this morning. But, it fails in the eSign step. The web page hangs with a message “preparing document for eSign”.

    In this forum, I see many messages with this error. Why a technology focused startup like zerodha is letting it happen repeatedly ?

    • Venu says:

      Escalating this to our vendor; there are many parties involved here including UIDAI; not everything is directly under our control. Will get this fixed. Thank you for the feedback.

  221. kishan says:

    1. at every evening my trading account shows me a very different balance than the real one
    2. i transferred funds from my bank account to my trading account by NEFT TRANSFER , do i have to upload a proof
    or it will be credited

    • Venu says:

      1. We run day end processes during which time the balances may not show right.
      2. If you’ve transferred from your mapped account, there’s no need to upload proofs. IMPS transfers required proofs to be uploaded.

  222. Dheeraj says:

    I shorted a penny share worth 14 rupees. But it went to circuit and I was not able to buy it back
    Next day in the trade book
    It was showing that ‘Margin Blocked For Sale of Stock’
    Can u please explain this
    2. Will I be able to get my blocked margin back

    • Venu says:

      Credit that you’ve received from sale of stock will be blocked. Auction will be posted on T+3 and whatever margins blocked will be released.

  223. R SARATH says:

    I tried opening my account at Zerodha. I have filled my PAN details and mobile number. After that due to some inconvenience, I had to quit it. I started again to fill it today. I’m not able to login. It says incorrect credentials. I tried the forgot password option but in vain saying that email is not registered. Please help me with this matter soon.

  224. Ankit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I opened Demat and Trading account with Zerodha last week. I spoke to sales support person regarding POA document. As per the sales person, I need to transfer Rs. 5000/- to activate and continue 0 balance account. But as per above comments there is no such need. Please confirm the same. I would request you to discuss the same with your team, not to request for Rs.5000/- deposit as its not a mandatory step.


  225. Kishan says:

    I shorted a penny share worth 14 rupees. But it went to circuit and I was not able to buy it back
    Next day in the trade book
    It was showing that ‘Margin Blocked For Sale of Stock’
    Can u please explain this
    Will I be able to get my blocked margin back.
    following statements i got in ledger

    1.Being margin Blocked for sale of PDUMJEIND-EQ ₹16.92

    2.Squring-UP Adj for
    2017068,PDUMJEIND,1.000 ₹40.70

    this stock worth 14 rupees
    but it had given me a loss of 60 rupees plz tell what is this
    my account is debited everyday because of this
    plz solve this

  226. anuraj says:

    I have opened account and sent printed copy to zerodha. And zerodha confirmed and verified documents and provided a demo link of youtube. Still the account details for sharing is not provided. How long should wait.

  227. Akshay Rathi says:

    I recently opened a demat+Trading account with Zerodha nearly a month ago. I have not done any trading/Investment yet. Today I wanted to add funds in my demat+ trading account BUT my bank name is not showing in the payment gateway page.
    I have a savings bank account in Punjab National Bank and gave the documents related to this bank account only while opening a Trading+Demat account with zerodha.

    What do I do now??

  228. Naziya Nayani says:

    I want to open Zerodha account using E-aadhaar process. My aadhar is linked tomy mobile and used it for other purpose. When i am providing my aadhar number for E-Aadhar verification it is saying your aadhar may not linked to mobile number. I called zerodha support and they saying there is some issue on zerodha side with no further update. Please let me know when i can expect to fix this issue.

  229. Gurpreet says:

    I want some information about brokerage plans I m using icici demat ac can u call me please for clearity

  230. hardeepthakur says:


    Your online application page is really erroneous and highly irritating. Just try to to fill the form, edit it one to two time and see the magic. I am trying to open account for someone else and if i wasn’t existing customer of Zerodha, i would have run from here. Please get it redeveloped from some good developer.


  231. Raghava says:

    Sir is cancelled cheque compulsory to open account???????

  232. shanmugam says:

    I have trading account with Angelbroking already, does that mean I’m KYC approved, will it allow me to use the Aadhar card option to open the Demat and trading account?

    • Akshay.A says:

      You can check if you’re KYC verified here Then click on KYC Enquiry >> Enter your PAN details.
      If you see that you’re KYC verified, you can open an account instantly via Aadhaar.

  233. Rajesh K says:

    Hi. I’m trying to open an account, but I’m getting this issue – “Preparing document for eSign” and it’s stuck there. Can you please help me out?

    • Akshay.A says:

      We’re having checked with the vendor who is providing us with this e-sign facility. We suggest you try signing in a while. If the issue still persists please email [email protected] with your registered contact number.

  234. Kailash chandra swami says:

    I got client id and password today.can i start delivery trading in equity now.
    I confused which is demat account?and is it active?
    pls provide solution


  235. Juju says:

    I have two bank accounts with which one of them have internet banking facility and the rest one have cheque book now . So can I use the internet banking facility account for fund transfer to zerodha trading account

    • Akshay.A says:

      If you link the bank which has internet banking facility enabled as your Primary bank, you could use that account to make the fund transfer to Zerodha trading account.

  236. Ravi says:

    I am a Zerodha client. One of my relative have opened an account with you last week (referral). The account was opened and started to trade. The fund was transferred to EQ account. For the past two days, one of your Asst. Sales Manager have been calling them and asking to transfer minimum Rs.5000/- to activate the commodity account. As Nithin from Zerodha have clearly mentioned in many comments that it’s not required to transfer 5K , however any amount is ok to transfer and start trading. The same was mentioned to your asst. sales manager, but she still asks to transfer minimum 5K to activate the commodity account. Now my question is, whose statement is correct (Nithin’s or the other)??
    Why do the sales repeatedly asks to transfer the amount of 5K and why don’t the sales agree to what Nithin had said??

    Note: Rs.1000/- was already transferred to commodity account and notified to your same sales person. Still they ask to transfer Rs. 5000/- Will the commodity account be activated or not??

    • Akshay.A says:


      It’s not required to transfer a minimum amount to activate the account. You could transfer any amount you wish and start trading. The account is active.

  237. Vithin says:

    Can 14 years old open an account? I’m interested in opening both trading and demat. Will I need to submit my parent’s documents? If yes, Which documents should I Provide?

    • Akshay.A says:

      No Vithin, a minor cannot have a trading account.

      • Vithin says:

        Can I open from my parents documents? Like that?

        • Akshay.A says:

          No Vithin, a minor can have a demat account provided you have a PAN card.
          Buying delivery based shares isn’t possible as a minor cannot have a trading account. This demat account is mainly used to gift shares to the minor or in the case of inheriting shares.

  238. Camelia Sarkar says:


    I have received the Login ID and Password for Q today. I also received the ZPIN. But till now I don’t receive the Kite password.

    Is there any additional formality to receive the Kite password or I’ll receive it automatically in due course.

    Thanks & Regards.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Camelia,
      You’ll receive the Kite login credentials shortly. It’s automatically sent.

      Update: Should have received it. Can you please check your email.

      • Camelia says:

        Received the Kite login credentials today morning. Transfer some funds from my registered bank account through IMPS around 1hour ago, but it won’t shown on my Zerodha funds till now. Already upload IMPS transfer proof in Q.

        Please look into the matter.


  239. Camelia says:


    Yesterday I received my Client ID and password for Q. And today after receiving the password for Kite, I transferred some funds to my trading account and completed 5 intraday transactions. But the problem is whenever I login to Q, it shows ZERO account balance. Again, whenever I click on Q in Kite it shows “502 Bad Gateway”

    Please let me know what to do.

    Thanks & regards.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Q is synced only by the end of the day after all the processes are done. You’d be able to check it today. If you’re still getting an error, please clear your cache and check once. If it still persists, please write to our support team.

  240. Snehal Dharmshi says:

    My Client Code is ZO4891

    I want to tender my TCS shares for buyback.

    Please tell me how to put order in Kite for TCS buyback.

  241. sandeep says:

    Hi this is sandeep, I taught opening an account in zerodha, all the formalities have been done from submitting the document to verification call last week itself(Friday 18/5/2017) ,but till now i have’nt received any mail from zerodha regarding kite credentials and account opening details.I follow up daily, calling zeroda service team and Sachin Kumar ([email protected]) who is a sales manager regarding issue, but i get false promises stating “you get your credentials today” .Very bad service.Please try to resolve my issue or refund my amount back so that i can opt another broker.9901749845 this is my registered mobile number.

  242. Sambit Kumar Pradhan says:

    I am already KYC verified and tried opening zerodha account. Help me here. I have to send only Demat POA and ECN form..Right?? No need to send Esigned documents?
    Another thing , who is supposed to sign on the witness part? Do I have to get two witnesses or Zerodha will find it for me.?

  243. Md Jeeshan Anwar says:

    1. I choose schedule pickup for the form…. Should or I wait for someone from you or should I send you from by courier ?

    2. I paid 300 for equity.. Is this enough or Will I have to pay further for DEMAT Account ?

    Kindly reply…

  244. Ayush says:


    I just couriered the Account opening form along with all document to the mentioned address. I want to know as I am not KYC verified so what is the process of verification. Will it be on call or in person verification. I am not staying at my permanent address which I used for opening account.

  245. md says:

    Hello Nithin,
    I opened an account in zerodha. Yours sales manager “Venkata Sai kumar” called me to deposit Rs 5000 in order to activate my account.I mentioned ur comment that there is no such requirement But he forced me to do that…
    He again called me but i didn’t pick his call…….Please inform him to don’t call me for Deposit Rs 5000 as it is not needed…..
    Note:I have already transferred Rs 2500 in my account before he called me but he said that u must deposit Rs 5000..What is that…….!!!!!!!
    It looks like Sales Managers get some commission to do that……

    Sales Manger detail:::::::: Venkata Sai kumar

  246. Saravanakumar says:


    I am an existing client of Zerodha. Now,I want to open account for my father. Is it possible to have a single login for me as well as my father?

  247. manish says:


    I need to send my documents from Japan by tomorrow.
    I am awaiting for review and mark up for required details by Zerodha.
    However,mr rachan mobile is switched off and your helpline is too busy(call gets disconnected)

    Please help.

    Manish Mirani

  248. Raj says:

    I’m existing customer of Zerodha and doing equity intraday only. I want to trade in futures but being a student don’t have any income… I can share my bank statement but you won’t be any “salary type income” there. So, is it possible for me to trade in futures ? If yes, then what is the process to enable F&O in my account ?

  249. Ravikiran says:

    Dear Kamat Sir!

    Any update on the GTC (Good Till Cancel) feature? we are Patiently waiting for that future as it will help lot of us.

    Let us know when can we expect this feature?


  250. Kishan says:

    are there any charges when we take delivery of stocks in our demat account every time
    because i m seeing a debit in name of DP charges in my ledger

  251. kishan says:

    can square off a MIS position on BSE bought on NSE

  252. Malini says:

    When I try to dig sign documents after uploading statement and signature scan, it says “Not Sufficient credits. Please please buy more signs!”. What does this even mean ?? I have a valid Aadhaar.

  253. Jimmyjoseph says:

    Sir l am not trading for the last three years due to an accident. Is my account is active now. Can I trade as usual.My I’d is kerj0520

  254. SHAHSHREE says:

    what is the address to courier the filled & signed form

  255. dheeraj sharma says:

    are you going to provide leavrg on delivery trades in future………! any idea about this in your mind
    any time frame ……. i m positional trader and need that facility … too much

  256. Joyesh Dey says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I read multiple reviews about Zerodha and finally decided to open a Trading cum Demat account thru you. However I have a query which I realised once I had paid the requisite amount(300+200) and completed the account opening process.

    I want to include my mom & dad as 2nd and 3rd holders in my Zerodha Demat Account.However there is no such option to include their name while filling up the form online. I want to use the E sign facility but cannot do that since my parents will not be included as joint holders in the Zerodha Demat Account. Request you to pls guide on the way forward.
    Joyesh Dey

    • Joyesh, if you want 2nd and 3rd holder, they also have to sign on the form. Currently not possible with esign. You will have to either print the form, sign and send it to us. Or we can have it collected. Will get our sales manager call you.

  257. Hemanth yerramreddy says:

    What’s happening at zerodha
    It has taken 20 days till today from started my account opening process
    Now also I didn’t get any mail regarding my client ID

  258. Gaurav Savner says:

    I am going to the USA for higher education. What should I do to my trading and demat account ? Should I fill the closure form or I can keep the account without doing anything ?