An all new login flow for Kite

February 22, 2019


Our personal question based 2Factor login system has been a long pending headache. We’ve been unable to replace it for the longest time due to 3rd party legacy systems, but that is now behind us. The new login system provides significant usability and security improvements. Instead of guessable questions and answers, you can now set a 6 digit PIN, like on your phone. This same PIN will soon be implemented across the critical parts of our platforms, along with fingerprint authentication on the upcoming Kite 3.0 mobile app for better security and ease of access. In addition, we now support a mobile authenticator based TOTP system for added security.

To get started, simply log on to

Authenticator TOTP login

For added security, Kite now supports mobile authenticator (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator etc.) based 2Factor TOTP logins. You can set this up by logging into Kite and going to My Profile -> Password & Security. Once this is set up, you will be asked to enter a TOTP generated by your authenticator app instead of the PIN every time you log in.

More importantly with the new update, the occasional login issues you would’ve faced should be no more. You will also now be able to log into the platform 24 hours a day, unlike before when it would not be accessible between 1 AM to 5 AM, again, due to legacy systems.

Recent issues

This major update was dependent on the release of the latest version of our 3rd party Execution Management System (EMS) receiving some long pending updates last week. But before we could, we had two attempts over the last quarter that didn’t go as planned and resulted in trading downtime. Major updates like what we just did at our scale are extremely difficult to pull off when certain parts of the infrastructure are dependent on 3rd party legacy systems. We’ve been working extremely hard to reduce these dependencies, and thereby, technical issues.

We are extremely sorry for the login related issues you have faced in the recent months. We hope we’ll be able to make it up to you with a number of upcoming product updates and features, the biggest being the Kite 3.0 mobile app release.

Thanks again for all the love and support! 🙂

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter.


  1. RIYAS says:

    Dear Nithin ,
    We happy to hear from nitin to here these updates , please when u will launch TV platform we are waiting for long times , and please make your platform in nice look in BETA version

    • sanjay says:


    • satish says:

      Dear Nithin ,

      Kite 3 web is really Awesome. It is fast, elegant….
      One concern. White theme/background strain eyes. Please add dark theme as well as an option (similar to what we have now for kite 3 mobile app). This will really help for people who extensively use web login.

  2. Gunjan chokshi says:

    Cool feature eagerly awaiting Kite 3

  3. Chinmay says:


    How do I set up pin? I tried to log in but I am still getting security questions.

  4. K. Dineshkumar says:

    Hi Team,

    Its real cool feature. Thanks for the new update. I have some issues with app trading. I have many times raised the tickets in support terminal. But the issue is not resolved. If some one help me to fix in app side? Because I am using Kite iOS mobile app always for trading. If you improve in app side, it will be very useful not only for me also it will be very useful for the people who always trade via mobile. Hope my comment will reach the right person.


  5. Hardik Shah says:

    You just upgraded yourself to the latest and one of the most secured way to login in IT industry. Good step taken.

  6. Amit says:

    Sir when is new kite app launch scheduled??

  7. Srinivas GP says:

    How can I set up my 6 digit log in pin ?

  8. Shailendra Kumar says:

    Thanks for implement that’s issue,
    Love you

  9. Robin Bura says:

    When the market profile will be introduced in KITE?

  10. Chid says:

    What is the Salary of Sales Executive and Support Executive Per Month
    Recuritment Process- interview and written test ?
    What is the Current Opening in Zerodha

  11. Kritagya Lodhi says:

    I am also face some problems in mobile app from last some days. Thanks for update this app

  12. Samir says:

    The market watch should have unique, user defined name. Also there should be more no. Of market watches than what are available (just 5).

  13. Ravi Raghavan says:

    Mr Nitin it’s better you focus more on 9.15 am login issues where most of the trader lost money twice weekly when your server gets down at 9 15 am, unable to login.

  14. Anuj says:

    Hey Nitin, kindly also introduce new features in your platform like print window, quantity predefined settings , which I have seen, in the TAKION, PPRO8. your platform is good in india, but way behind as I have seen and used very Advanced and feature rich trading platforms for Nasdaq. Kindly upgrade to world standard. Thanks.Anuj

  15. Bhushan says:

    Hi i am Kite connect API user. since this new i was able to set PIN and login to web application but my kiteconnect api authentication is still failing. I tried to logout and relogin again but still it did not help me. I have also tried to logout using curl but no success. Can somebody help me to get this working or i have wait till next morning until my old access token is invalidated.

  16. Rahul says:

    Finally 😀

  17. Sanket says:

    Hey there
    I want to give you suggestion that in kite ,item in watch list are showing only price and % change, not how much it it is changed in rupees,not even in the depth.
    On more suggestion that when I searching any thing it will directly added to the watchlist.i think there should be option to add or not.
    And another one is that in app there is not any data for any script like financials and other things which is important.

  18. Kavita Periwal says:

    I am trying to login as usual but it is saying invalid user id or password, is it due to system updation going on. I remember my password clearly and had just logged in yesterday

  19. Lokanatha j says:

    Very use full feature.log in time save.

  20. kalyan says:

    some improvement in quote panel is required as like pi .open,high,low,close,volume sud be added in quote panel ,in that case quote pannel can be enlarged and right clik option sud be there for chart etc(similar like upstox pro.
    another is nifty and sensex exact + or – value sud be there instead of percentage .
    any way kite is more stable than pi in my end atleast but pi need an urgent version update.
    mainly pi conflict with same type of trading software like dartstock of fyers and others which use dot net 4 or abv and other many issues.

    • Zerodha says:

      This is already available. Try clicking the the icon with the three dashes that appears when you hover over aan item on your marketwatch.

  21. Soumya Singha Mahapatra says:

    When you will introduce bracket order in mcx

  22. Ashish Agrawal says:

    Can we have one more feature(this is specifically for F&O) where a price of stock is also shown along with current future or option price.
    Considering volatility of option specially in Bank nifty and nifty 50 it would have been very much helpful.

  23. PT says:

    Will you forcefully log out everyone at the end of day like before? Or we can stay logged in till we log out?

  24. Lakshman H says:

    OE9208 this my I’d reset the password

  25. Vijay Mhetar says:

    I have been asking for many times to implement a dark theme for dashboard/Market watch as the white colour is very discomforting for eyes. But unfortunately you are turning deaf ears and showing lackadaisical and apethetic approach towards the inclusion and implementation of this simple feature on kite application.

  26. Srinivas Gowda says:

    Dear Mr.NK, Good Evening,
    I’m a Happy Trader using Zerodha Platform since 2 years , its helping a lot and Thanks to you and your team for the efforts in improving the Kite Platforms.
    I’ve a small issue, that the Mobile app doesn’t have the Market Watch Setting, which is very mandatory requirement in segregating the stocks.
    Please look into this and help.

  27. Merwin says:

    Hope NEST platform has no changes and if it dose then please update

  28. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    We need features like OI,PCR,Volatility oscillators .Please work on this ASAP.

  29. Ibrahim Khot says:

    Is it possible to add OI percentage change column in MW,? It will be of great help. If yes, how.

  30. Tarun chopra says:

    I have been using Kite Mobile App on daily basis for trading,But it,s not Feature Rich App like No Data for Derivatives,Market Live Data,Gainers, Loosers Equity data Available.It should get Available on Mobile App too.Developers needs to work hard on it, Current version is just a simple Order Buy/Sell App version.
    Recently IIFL has upgraded their Mobile App with Bundles of Live Data for users.
    We are Expecting Developers to Make it feature Rich Data Bundle fast App from Team Zerodha.

  31. Rahim V M says:

    Hardly visible the letters and figures. Reading glass is not enough, NEED MAGNIFIER.

    What stopping you to make the letters and figures little BOLD!!!

    To save few kbs, if not mbs you made this latters and figures so small???

    Please take care this matter with immediate effect.

  32. Rahim V M says:

    The latters and figures Hardly visible in kite. Reading glass is not enough, NEED MAGNIFIER.

    What stopping you to make the letters and figures little BOLD!!!

    To save few kbs, if not mbs you made this latters and figures so small???

    Please take care this matter with immediate effect.

  33. Rahim V M says:

    For log on 6 digit pin is very good.

    After log in what’s changed. Nothing. Only the investment value, current value and profit and loss made BOLD and hence easy to read. All other need MAGNIFIER to read.

  34. gaurav says:

    I am not sure hw this new login is an improvement….log in with security questions was ver y ezee once you set your ansrwers to a single alphabet…..

  35. Waghmare Balaji says:

    Im so satiefy to

  36. Lakshya says:

    Waiting for kite 3 and a more detailed technical analysis section

  37. Davinder kumar says:

    It’s a nice step with advanced security… that the beauty of zerodha

  38. Rupendra Singh says:

    Bahut achha hua ab update m
    Pahle 2fa ko dalne m arkis karte the ab 1s m hi khul jata h
    Thanks you zerodha

  39. Mahadevan Seshan says:

    Kindly advise how this upgrade will impact opening the trading platform through Zerodha Nest Trader. I trade through Nest Trader 3.14 version, which I find more comfortable Vs the Kite version.


  40. Aditya says:

    You should have left the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
    That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
    Please continue it for those who want.

    • Aditya says:

      I meant, you should have continued the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
      That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
      Please continue it for those who want.

  41. Aditya says:

    I meant, you should have continued the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
    That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
    Please continue it for those who want.

  42. Rajdeep says:

    After enabling the TOTP
    In the kite mobile app, it still shows PIN instead of TOTP on the UI.
    But when 6 digit PIN is entered it gives error saying TOTP is wrong.

    Please correct this UI error as it misleads the user while logging in.

  43. Aditya says:

    Forget convenience, a good security layer to your account access has been removed. One can only wonder if all comments praising this move are real, or by insiders. This is a bad move by zerodha. Ppl who consider question based 2fa a headache should be allowed new “security compromised” system. Let sensible investors continue to have what is not a headache for them, namely personal security question based 2FA.

    • Matti says:

      Aditya, the PIN based 2FA is far more secure than the older, question based 2FA where answers can be guessed or phished. Yes, the PIN system is convenient, but that’s just an added bonus.

    • Munish says:

      I agree
      please continued the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
      That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
      Please continue it for those who want.

      it is misleading that anybody can guess your answer
      it is up to the client what answers he has saves.

      if 10 ques are not secure, how only 1 six DIGIT number is secure
      in ques we can add alphabets in CAPITAL, SMALL, NUMBER, @ # $ % ^ & * etc
      in pin only 1 six DIGIT number is secure so kindly think again

  44. Gunjan says:

    Awesome. Authy is supported, that’s great!

  45. Celestine Dave says:

    It would be better to allow special characters in the PIN for added safety. Finger print recognition will be an added bonus.

  46. Dinesh hasti says:

    Can’t login new pin please help login all ways but can’t tomorrow how tred stock

  47. Sujeet says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Yes, the Kite mobile app needs to be integrated with PIN and do away with painful password. Once you allow kite mobile app to be installed successfully with registered phone OTP, then kite app login should be based ONLY on PIN. Would save a lot of logging-in pains. And this, I think, is due for a long time now.

  48. Anand says:

    I still use pi for analysis. Will it work now ?

  49. Balaji says:

    Hi Nitin,
    How is this helpful in login related issues bcz most of the problems with kite start after login for example price not getting updated, charts not loading, unable to put orders etc. Also, kite app white background UI is very painful. Why don’t we have dark background option? And please let us know when is kite 3.0 app is coming? We have been listening about since a quite long time.

  50. Sumit Khandelwal says:

    Hi Nitin, Thanks for the update. But I request you to please update PI Software also, there are lots of bugs in it.

  51. peter says:

    iam unable to reset my account.

  52. Ramu says:

    Please increase offline phone lines when there is technical issue. I lost 20k due to your technical issue in January. Market watch also worst, it is better if all information regarding live price, future and option prices available when we click on stock name. Now it is very difficult to search each option for decision making. Please see share Khan platform that is user friendly. Looking forward for the changes suggested above. Thanks Rani

  53. Shantanu Mahajan says:

    Shouldn’t the key used to setup TOTP be provided in case a user loses/changes their phone?
    I’v had issues before when i had to reset my phone and the service provider had no way to disable TOTP, causing me to create a secondary account.

    • Zerodha says:

      If you lose the TOTP device, you can use the “forgot password” option to get a reset code via SMS/e-mail to set a fresh password and PIN to login to your account.

  54. MR. MORE says:

    in kite we can use bracket order with sl (means we can set rate /value before order executed)
    but in pi we can do only limit order (why cant we set our value before)
    in pi there is chart full of facility then kite

  55. Kapil says:

    I am unable to login from yesterday. Please help.

  56. Nandan says:

    Can a user revert to manually set 6 digit PIN by disabling TOTP authentication & vice-versa as an when desired ?

  57. Santosh chincholkar says:

    My password reset but apps not login enter

  58. Santosh chincholkar says:

    Call me 9923660084
    Login problem

  59. Raj says:

    I do hope you have considered the algorithmic traders in mind while doing this new migration. And do all the necessary testing before releasing to general public, or at least put a notification that there are some issues.Today ( Monday 25th Feb 8:00 am). I am getting general exception error while trying to login in via code. Direct login to kite works fine with this new pin system.

  60. Manjunath says:

    What is this new login system making lot of problem please make it correct and it’s shows kite error If it goes same then I leave zerodha

  61. FAZAL says:


  62. Madhusudan Tandale says:

    After giving password it is not accepting PIN — showing Invalid PIN error , kindly reply on email

  63. Ravi Bhandari says:


    Why Zerodha Kite is far behind others discounted brokers such as FYERS and Upstock those give lot many technical indicators and live stock screeners those can help traders to select stocks in live market.

    If you see FYERS web application it is very advanced and it has all facilities those are available on and Trading View. Being Zerodha one of the good platform why not Zerodha can Apply some good feature/tools on there app?


  64. Shivakrishna says:

    Not able to login with password to set pin. Please assist

  65. akash pathak says:

    sir abhi tak mera account chalu nhi ho pa rha
    kya krna he

  66. Sanjay says:

    Is referral system gone. can i not refer my fried and get the benefits as earlier system

  67. Uday Konkankar says:

    Please provide detailed steps for Authenticator TOTP login. Is it required to be done from a mobile hand set with registered mobile sim in it, or any mobile hand set is alright. Also, in case I find that I am not comfortable with the Authenticator TOTP login, can I revert to the pin option. Thank you.

  68. Sudheer B says:

    Please integrate with kite. so that it will be easy to use when i am already in kite… just click on support to raise a ticket or to do a chat

  69. munish says:


    if 10 Ques Ans are not secure, how ONLY 1 six DIGIT number is secure……..strange
    in ANS we can add alphabets in CAPITAL,small, NUMBER, special char @ # $ % ^ & * etc
    in pin only 1 six DIGIT number is secure ……………….so kindly think again

    it is misleading that anybody can guess your answer
    it is up to the client what answers he has saves.
    eg my bank saved is BAnana#5

    i know my comment will not be answered by the team

    kindly ..please.. continued the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
    That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
    Please continue it for those who want.

    how to use TOTP if one does not have smart phone
    and he is using LAPTOP/COMPUTER to login
    we should have instant SMS to login

  70. Renu says:

    How to contact customer care?
    I have customer I’d and 6 digit PIN set on kite app. But no vpin which is asked there

  71. Bajrang Sharma says:

    Mene pin number update kar diya fir bhi me wapas apni profile nahi dekh pa raha hu jab bhi market watch ke liye login kar ta hu to ho jata h par Zerodha kite par login karne me or zpin dekhane wifal raha hu please answer do

  72. Prem says:

    Why am I not able to login with my user id. Also its accepting only 6 letters instead of 10 before.

  73. rama murthy says:

    I am finding it difficult to set pin.Show procedure.

  74. Pravin kadam says:

    I have problem occurs when forget password firstly customers service support very poor worst and recaptcha system not work then how recovery do??

    Plz contact to me 9403739410

  75. bharat doshi says:

    how to generate m pin

  76. RAMDAS PEDENTI says:

    Your customer service is unsatisfactory. I unable contact them. While I wanted to talk regarding my username and password after two days of sign up I didn’t get.

  77. Rakesh kumar says:

    I have to add nominee in my zerodha , So that in my all Investment of MF and Share it get added automatic

  78. Sandip rajendra nibe says:

    Dear nitin sir
    I am new sub partner ( broker) to zerodha ,when I have preparing e sign in equity and commodity for client then process not completed. i.e. signing…Is continually working
    So I want contact number of our techincal person to solve my lap top or browsers issue .plz…

  79. Ravi says:

    From where to get the login details for Kite, I have tried calling zerodha but no one picks call. I have account opened for last 7 months but unable to use it.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi, simple go to and click on ‘Forgot password’. You’ll receive an email with the password reset link that you can use to set up a new password.

  80. sujata says:

    i did not recieve any kite zerodha user name and password on my email id. could you help me regarding this.

  81. Pankaj jaiswal says:

    Dear nithin sir
    In how many day account is activated from sign up
    I am waiting for zerodha email for login and trading

  82. Tridip Rajkhowa says:

    Your customer care closed my ticket #20190812156074 and #20190812562011 without giving proper explanation to my query. So, let me explain once again about my problem.

    Kite 3 app in my phone doesn’t have fingerprint password available. When i asked the reason about it they told me that its only available for phone with touch id and fingerprint enabled. I tried to explain them that i got lenevo zuk z1, which have fingerprint and touch enabled. But then they closed my ticket giving the same old response as above. i started another fresh ticket, but it resulted same.

  83. Vivek says:

    Problem is invalid user ID or password. Anyone solve this query.

  84. Sathish says:

    My account is activated by I couldn’t add funds and do transactions

  85. mandar says:

    very good


    Hello Team,

    I am not able to login to kite it is giving me error ‘error setting tries’ this pop ups come when I press login button after entering login ID and password.

  87. Rajkumar says:

    I can’t able login to coin app it’s shown input exemption error what should I do now ?

  88. Manoj says:

    what is my login id & password

    i have pay 300 rs for Account opening on your site…..

    • Adesh kumar says:

      Hi my log in ID is of 7 digits and kite is only taking 6 digit. Pls tell me how will I log in.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Manoj, after making the payment for the account opening fee, there are still several steps, the last one being e-signing your account opening forms that you have not done yet. Please go to and login with the same mobile number you used while making payment and complete the process to open your account.

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