Introducing Stockreport+ by TR

September 12, 2018

Note: Zerodha has stopped supporting Stockreports+, and new subscriptions will not be accepted. Existing subscribers can use Stockreports+ till their subscription expires.


From the time we went zero brokerage for equity investing in Dec 2015, our client base has grown by over 10 times. A majority of the new clients joining us are investors, and quite a few are first-time investors. As a business, we have stuck to our original belief that the best way to help a client is by educating and providing all the tools that help in decision making, rather than telling people what to buy/sell. The extremely popular fundamental analysis module on Varsity has everything an investor would need in terms of analysing a stock fundamentally. What was missing though, was a utility to research stocks based on financial data. There are many websites that put out fundamental data, we didn’t want to build just another stock research page.

Introducing Stockreport+ by Thomson Reuters (TR)

Comprehensive stock report for over 3000+ Indian stocks, updated daily. By far the most detailed report I have seen. This report is typically accessible on Thomson Reuters’ Eikon, which costs thousands of dollars annually. However, we have been able to partner with Thomson Reuters and convince them to offer the same report on our platform at approximately $2/month to use. Do try out the sample report before subscribing. Since this data is proprietary to TR, these reports can only be viewed and not downloaded.

Apart from the fact that TR probably has the most reliable and extensive market data which is updated daily (at 11:30 PM every Sunday and Tuesday to Friday) find below some of the features on the report that I liked quite a bit and not easily available elsewhere online.

12-month stock price targets with high, low, and mean forecast –

Average score (used to make investment decisions) based on 5 key fundamental components, with complete drill down into each component –


If you want to check why the above stock scores 2 on relative valuation –

Earning per share, actual data for last 4 quarters and for estimates for next 2 with mean, high, and low forecasts.

Forward-looking fundamental charts of the company, you can compare this with both the broader market and industry-specific averages –


Analyst coverage with their recommendations ( in this example, there are 45 analysts tracking the stock) –

Make sure to read page 10/11 of the report which has tips on how to use the report.

StockReports+ Ratings

TR average score combines five widely used investment decision making tools – Earnings, Fundamental, Relative valuation, Risk, and Price momentum. Tracking these changes aren’t easy, hence we have built the Stockreports+ Ratings tool. You can now stay upto date and not miss anything that is changing on a stock that you hold/track.  This will soon be available within Kite holdings, and you will also be able to set alerts using Sentinel.

StockReports+ Ratings


Find below a webinar that we had conducted recently on using StockReports+.


Visit to get started.

Thanks a lot for all your love and support. Hopefully, you are liking all our new products and updates.

Happy Investing,

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


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    Thank You Mr.Nitin , Zerodha is very user friendly.

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      I fully agree that Zerodha is definitely a user friendly site for traders and investors.
      My best wishes to Mr Nithin Kamath for all round development and for the success of his endeavours in the direction of educating the Investors and/or Traders through Zerodha. Best of luck.

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    Keep up the good work.

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    i would like to see this report in detail, and let me know the process to get the same.


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    Wonderful move rather than creating a research desk. This will help most of the retail investors

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    sir u r doing great job in market except all broker in india.great work with honesty.

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    interested for report and agree to subscribe so far it is available at 2 doller per month

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    Nice. The report is very good. Zerodha is always user friendly. There was no need to go zero brokerage for equity investing, and then scout some other ways to get revenue.

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    Why does the app wants to know the account balance and margins while downloading the sample report also.

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    The sample report does not have download option. Will the paid version have option to download the reports, say in PDF format, and read at leisure ?

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    Looking forward such info on technical and trend analysis rather than fundamentals.
    Can you look into full fill the need of the hour.
    Wake up and say bye to fundamentals.

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    Hi , is this report is useful to analyse my portfolio holdings? whether i can hold the stock or sell it

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    1. Any 1 week free trial option available? I want to test it on stocks which are not in FnO to see the accuracy of the data on those stocks…
    2. And after subscription will we be able to download the report in PDF or any offline version?

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    This is a great news..Is this access available over Android app Eikon? along with web.

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    In the journey of prosperity, you are taking us with you. Thanks a lot.

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    Dear Zerodha Team,
    Thanks for giving us – the regular people, a no-nonsense platform. Its simple and intuitive.

    I have been suggesting the ‘Good-until-canceled’ ordering feature for long. Hope your are bringing it out soonest.

    Thanks a ton…!

  48. Dr.Yatender Sharma says:

    its a very good research platform …. good work….
    sir please add a feature to download these researches in pdf format… so that can be read easily
    you can protect the pdf with a password which can be customized according to the subscriber. it will be a hugh comfort for studying

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    One word simply awesome..actually you are making level playing field for ordinary investors with Harvard showcase wall street people nithin..

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    You are actually doing what needs to be done, “educating traders/investors”. Unlike other brokers who push for Tips, and they loose the money!!…The Varsity contents are also so Precise and crisp…keep going sir

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    I have an issue with the stockreports.I have subscribed it but am not able to view it.Please help.

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    Great news for investor
    I am not a zerodha client,
    But I want to subscribe this service , can I get this service ? Without zerodha account.

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    Nice Service…Thanks Zerodha Team for this service

  58. Suraj Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath & team,
    First of all congratulations to the entire team for launching Stockreports+.
    Sir I have a query related to my demat account which I recently got opened. I had opened my first ever Demat account with Zerodha on 20-08-2018. After getting the account opened I was intimated to submit POA after which I will be enabled to sell my share. I had sent the POA, ECN and Nomination form for my demat account on 03-09-2018. But still I am unable to see my holdings in Zerodha Kite or sell the shares I have been holding. I have raised a complaint ticket (Ticket #20180909474481) regarding this issue on 09.09.2018 but no body from zerodha has so far contacted me or replied to my email id. I have also tried calling on Zerodha Support number i.e. 080-40402020 thrice but everytime they tell me that my holding will start showing up and the issue will be resolved by end of the day which later turns out to be a false promise.
    I had opened my demat account with zerodha after going through lots of positive reviews but after getting my account opened with your company I am getting nothing but despair.
    Sir, I request you to kindly look personally into this matter and get the issue resolved as I don’t think that the complaint ticket raised on Zerodha support portal will be answered.
    Hoping for a favourable reply from your end.
    Suraj Kumar

  59. rushikesh someshwar says:

    dear sir,great product n ideas for bright future.but i feel your pace is leaving customers behind.specially about back end services..platform vulnerability..customer support bcs of growing numbers..hope u have better understanding of all this and ur system.all the best

  60. kunal vora says:

    cant open the link!
    it shows only blank page

  61. Ankur says:

    Good. I have subscribed but resolution of reports is extremely poor. This needs to be improved.

    Also, platforms like TR also publish research reports from institutions like Morgan Stanley, CLSA, JP Morgan etc. Any effort to bring these reports to retail investors, albeit at a slightly higher cost, will be much appreciated.

  62. Arun Ramakrishnan says:

    The content on StockReport+ is quite comprehensive and very nice. Kudos for giving access to bloomberg like report data at such affordable rates. Keep up the awesome work.
    I had only a small issue that the report pdf panel occupies only 50% of my page in the browser. I had to manually resize/zoom to beyond 100% to make it expand. Can you please give an option to expand the panel to full page width,full screen etc as found in other web pdf viewers.

  63. Kishore Kr. says:

    Really nice. Report is showing in pdf viewer and the quality of it is not good. Is is getting pixelated and hence not easy to read. Please improve its display quality.

  64. Divesh says:

    I believe Marketsmojo gives best details of every stock.

  65. Pradeep says:

    Nice tool for the investor who can analyse and invest long and short term investments..

  66. Anurag says:

    It would be good if there are Summary Lists e.g. Positive Outlook Stocks, Neutral, Negative etc. and also Stock with Strong Buy, Buy, Sell etc. This will make the reports much more meaningful as otherwise one has to check each stock one by one or use this report only for validation of a stock. It would be much more useful to have the categories so that buying / selling decisions can be made easier too. Making subscribing to this much more valuable.

  67. pravin says:

    first time really disappoint from ur service .. today morning i subscribe stock report after i search for 4 to 5 stock report but not got full report( 13 to 14 pages ) of any stock mostly 2, 3, 4, 7, & 8 pages are missing from report ..

  68. Deep Kansagara says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Great job zerodha team !!
    Please plan to be a Global player,
    be a broker for NYSE stock etc.
    thank you

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    i love zerodha for thier elegant design which is very clear and very nice…so prity..
    These new feature will be very nice… ?

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    The report on stocks with overall average ranking is very helpful indeed for correct stock picking. Is there a way to see the list of companies based on their average rank? Eg all companies with rank 10 etc

  71. Sunil says:

    Excellent tool for beginners. Nithin sir, thanks for the support by Zerodha.

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    Please keep improving n thanks for addition of new guide.. but we keep getting msg for account not being safe so kindly clarify the doubts n see our accounts safety.thank u.zerodha is gr8 platform.

  73. Dev says:

    Hi Nitin Sir,

    Greetings !

    I am a law student and was eager to learn the trading craft. I remember the days when my father used to read the stock prices daily and would keep analysing , whether it’s a bull or a bear. But see today, you have made it so simple to analyse and to read the expert’s report directly.

    I am fortunate to see how you have brought this revolution in the investment market and how our future generations are going to be indebted to you guys . !

    P.S. the new kid on the block .

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    DEMAT ACCOUNT IS NOT Opening.Applied 15 days back then why sending such masseges
    Sunil kumar minz.

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    thank you

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    Hi Nitin Sir,
    Proud to be associated with the Pioneers of low cost brokers. Zerodha is no less than any other and the fastest growing Brand. Trading with Zerodha for more than a year now and totally Satisfied with my choice. I thing i would like to have from Zerodha is Stock Tips in all segments. Most brokers provide that to their clients and I’ve seen people making decent money out of that. Am sure with the kind of Team you have at Zerodha you should think in that direction. Of course Zerodha can charge a Nominal fee for the same.

    Thanks and Regards.

  77. Hariram suthar says:

    Me abhi stock market me naya shuruaat kiya hai, me kewal 12th pass hu
    Kya ye report mere samajh me aayegi

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    Great nitin pretty cool I like your ideas and energy now one more step give me order flow chart and charge whatever you want and be ahead of all broker. some are in that process as demand is increasing and softwares are costly and not good as sierra. I want we become first for this charting.

  79. Anand kesavanarayanan. says:

    Simply superb for beginners
    Like me

  80. Sandip says:

    Good step but it should be free for Zerodha clients
    All other leading brokerage houses provide it totally free
    And one thing very necessary for investing community is STOCK SIP FEATURE IS MISSING SINCE VERY LONG TIME IN ZERODHA.plz start it as early as possible
    Gtd order is also missing from Zerodha
    Plz start it also

  81. T.Mohan Reddy says:

    Good Days Ours Faithfully

  82. Sandip says:

    Plz add stock sip feature

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Sandip,

      We believe in empowering our customers by offering excellent execution platforms and quality educational resources. Check out Varsity to learn how to invest without help of tipsters/advisors.

  83. Alongbar Basumatary says:

    People are saying that Zerodha is not Safe for Long Term Investment and not Safe for Trading with Huge Capital.
    So I want clarification sir from your end.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Alongbar,

      It is absolutely safe to invest with Zerodha. We have a million customers who trust us with their investments. Check out this post to know why.

  84. Abhishek Jaiswal says:

    Will there be a trial for accessing this tool?

  85. Abhijeet Bonde says:

    Hi Sir,
    Was searching for the same platform from long time…You made it available..thanks..
    Plz tell me can we download these reports after we subscribe for this Thomson Reuters?

    Awaiting Response

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    Great feature.
    This will really empower retailers to make better decisions and take calculated risks.

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    good iniriative. when this will commence.

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    plesase send

  89. Vidhyapathy says:

    Dear Nithin

    Why zerodha is charging for everything. Broker is very low apart from that everything is chargeable in zerodha. Even screener is also fee

    • Matti says:

      Any business or service needs to charge in order to be sustainable. If a business isn’t charging you, ask yourself, how is the business making money?

  90. Pet says:

    Very good. It’s surely a great initiative and product. One question: why zerodha stopped the product which used to tell what major traders are buy options? Please let me know if it is paid and how can we subscribe to it.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Pet, I believe you’re referring to OpenTrade. The product didn’t pan out as we envisioned it. Due to certain compliance concerns, we decided to discontinue the offering.

  91. VINOD says:

    I buy cash securitues on Zerodha but do nit know how to put stop loss or targets.

    Secondly how do I see the lost if securitues I purchased and sold and P&L STATMENTS ?

  92. Ashok Kumar says:

    So nice initiative… Everyone linked with zerodha kite and trading day by day will follow it and will be thankful for all this…

  93. Karthik Kannan says:

    I just subscribed to a yearly package for StockReports and here are my observations and suggestions with regard to the application: –

    1. The reports should contain a section showing the financials of the company for a few quarters/years similar to the financials shown in most brokerage reports. This is particularly relevant to investors as most free and commonly used applications tend to have discrepancies/errors/omissions in the financial data a particular company.
    2. I am of the view that more value can be offered to customers in terms of the quality of information as ratings of companies don’t really matter when making a decision to invest. I would rather like to be provided detailed information about the shareholding patterns, corporate actions, company/industry related news, conference call takeaway’s, future business path etc.

    I’d suggest you modify such analytical reports to help investors conduct their own research using accurate and authentic information provided by Thomson Reuters through such reports. Most investors in Zerodha would find ratings to be useless. Its better to focus on helping investors understand a particular company better rather than providing ratings.
    I’m not so satisfied with the application as it doesn’t provide a great deal of value for me to conduct my research upon. I’m regretting the having bought the yearly package.

    • Ankur says:

      Very true, strongly agree. I am regretting even subscribing to monthly package.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Karthik. These reports are created and compiled by Thomson Reuters and only offered at a subsidised rate by Zerodha. We do not create these reports. The reason to have ratings in the reports is to simplify the whole process of stock picking/analysis. Once done, you can drill down on specifics using the details provided in the report body. As we don’t really create these reports, it wouldn’t be possible to modify them in any way.

      To add, we’ve allowed viewing of a sample report before an investor chooses to subscribe so one can ascertain whether or not the information they’re looking for is provided in the report prior to subscribing to the service.

      • Karthik Kannan says:

        Hi Matti,
        To be honest, no investor who reads through these research reports really understands the rationale behind why a particular company is rated with a particular number. I think investors should have an indepth analysis and understanding of the working of a company that they invest in. Not merely base their investment decisions on ratings. So, I was looking for a proper brokerage-type research report from Thomson Reuters when I subscribed to this service, not ratings.

        I’m of the view that re-subscriptions or repeat purchases of this service wouldn’t happen in the future among your existing lot of subscribers if companies are just merely assigned ratings.

        Though these reports are compiled by Thomson Reuters, I’d suggest you get in touch with Thomson Reuters and overhaul the concept a bit as ratings do not help an investor in making investment decisions at all.

        I’m sorry to be negative, but this service would just be a fad if companies are just assigned ratings.

        Serious investors always intend on reading a research report about the fundamentals of a company and the outlook of a company. Not ratings on investments. Ratings are very subjective in nature and I don’t think it helps an investor in any manner.

  94. Fazil Rehman says:

    Now even new investors can understand about a company very much. It is 100% investor education step. No need to look for any tips. Investor can learn all details before investing in. Zerodha concentrate on providing investor knowledge to the companies available. Pls continue your good steps empowering investor knowledge at a very cheap price.

  95. Manish says:

    Hi, it is good inititative for retail investors who do not get good reports in affordable price. Hence they just follow the news. One thing that i am looking for is how can i identify multibagger stocks? Will these reports tell me that? I see that few stocks have given 1000 % returns in 5 to 10 can we catch some of those?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manish, there’s a sample report available on the site. I suggest you check it out and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

  96. bhaskar says:

    The viewing area of the report is little bit below normal , could you make it look bigger so dat we dont have to scroll the mouse very much . the view of the report is very small window , if possible make this window big .

  97. Indrajit Bandyopadhyay says:

    Thanks for this initiative. It will really help us to make better decisions at such a low cost.

  98. Ramesh Patwardhan says:

    Can I unsubscribe from the reports if I do not wish to continue? Is there any minimum subscription period?

  99. Ankur says:

    I subscribed on first day and since then, till date, there are very frequent times when the app does not work. This is not expected from a paid subscription service like this.


    Needs much improvement in readability, app robustness, as well as type of reports. Currently there are only single monotonus type reports for all stocks with no explanation or reasoning behind fundamental analysis scores. Need to have reports with more indepth fundamental analysis.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ankur, we’re looking into the downtime and agree that it isn’t acceptable We’ll have these issues fixed soon. As for the reports themselves, these are created and compiled by TR and we merely display them. For cues on how to read these reports, please check page 10/11.

  100. Debashish Brahma says:

    I subscribed yesterday. I was able to view for few hours yesterday.

    After that, since yesterday evening and today, unable to login.

    It is showing: Server 500 error.

    Please help!!

  101. Santosh says:

    Stockreports site is down. Any planned/unplanned downtime?

  102. Sanjana Thakur says:

    I, Sanjana Thakur, surprised to recieved your message on 16-09-2018 at 12:47 am at my registered mobile number for withdrawal request of Rs 4989.38. I have not made any such type of request. All the detail of this account is with my husband with whom I have dispute under section 498 A. Kindly don’t process any such request and block the account till judgement of our case.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Sanjana, regulations require us to settle all unutilised funds in a trading account with the bank account once every quarter. This withdrawal will have been processed for the same. The funds would hit the bank account that is mapped with your trading account.

  103. Babasaheb chate says:

    I fully agree that Zerodha is definitely a user friendly site for traders and investors.
    My best wishes to Mr.Akash sir for all round development and for the success of his endeavours in the direction of educating the Investors and/or Traders through Zerodha. Best of luck.

  104. Abhinov Asthana says:

    The entire thread looks great, but while trying to open provided link [] i am not able to see anything in sample reports.

  105. Mrunal Solanki says:

    I subscribed Stock Report by TR
    But this link is not working (
    I am not able to see any report by TR
    Please resolve this issue

  106. Sandeep Dubey says:

    I had subscribed stockreport+ TR for six months, but not able to view the reports either on mobile or laptop. Please help

  107. Arvind Upadhyay says:

    I am trying to open this since yesterday but it is showing Server error.

  108. Sandeep K says:

    Stockreport not open in mobile browser. It is not suitable for slow network connections. Very disappointed

  109. himanshu says:


  110. valliappan says:

    when viewing in HQ quality, right edge of the image is getting cut.

  111. Nakul says:

    Hi Nithin, I want to know that how do you protect traders personal data. The reason I am asking is that in our office we are a group of 8-10 people who opened an account with Zerodha this year. After opening account, everyone started getting calls from third parties about trading, trading tips, investing etc. So I want to make sure that you are taking all actions to keep traders/investors information confidential.

    • shaw says:

      Dear Nithin,

      Same here. I am quite concerned. My email and phone number is already compromised, due to my earlier exposure. These days it is very difficult to keep away from such calls.

      I wish zerodha, aspiring to be a retailer friendly, needs to state clearly state its privacy policy and customer data sharing. It needs to be good for users so that they can trust zerodha and it needs to be enough for zerodha to leverage its position. Its easy to use the retailer tag leverage to transform into a corporate, but values are equally important not to be lost. Even small mistakes can hurt, and by staying moral grounds you will be much safer.

      The best would be to give an options in kite to opt-in on how your data is being shared with whom and what kind of agreement zerodha has with others and if you unsubscribe how that is taken up to delete your data.

  112. Hari says:

    What’s the cancellation policy for this service? If you subscribe for a year & cancel do you get a pro-rated refund?
    Would be nice if they provide stock ranking reports in different market-cap categories.

  113. Manoj says:

    Zerodha badly need a marketplace were the clients can check all the
    kite products

  114. Amol Sawool says:

    Dear Nitin ji & team zerodha


    I hv been staunch fan of zerodha from 2015. Have seen trading terminal evolve to its current form which is Kite.

    But would request you to incorporate “Limit SL sell order” (for equity as well as option) “with trailing SL”.

    Presently this is available only for Equity MIS orders which is of limited use.

  115. Manjunath says:

    this is awsum for investors like me … thanks nithin

  116. Ash says:

    Hi Guys,

    Really appreciate the services and technology Zerodha is adopting and making investing/trading great..
    One request is there a way we can customize the positions screen eg.. If i want to take out the pnl coulmn from there?

  117. manas says:

    Is the subscription charge for Single stocks or we can view all the 3000 stock report with monthly subscription.?

  118. Naveed says:

    Hi sir,

    I have taken the subscription of the reports, but i am unable to understand the reports properly. Can you please write a blog how to use the reports properly for the trading & investment.

    Thanks & Regards,

  119. Aravind says:

    Dear Team,

    The exact tool we have all been looking for but why is there no trial access to view all reports for a trial period, how can we commit to use the tool unless we have a good look at it ?

  120. Harish Pai says:

    Hi Nithin,

    You have done a excellent Job till now ( Stock report ) & am a bit more optimistic on future products that you can introduce…Definitely providing Delivery Short team call long team should be on the cards ….What do you say…..

    • Faisal says:

      Harish, we believe in self learning to trade/invest in the stock markets. We have a policy of not providing advisory and don’t plan to do so in the future. It was the same reason we started Varsity and now StockReports+ 🙂

  121. SK says:

    Why it is asking to subscribe to get access to all reports? Is it chargeable?

  122. HIMANSHU says:


  123. Hari says:

    Is this report helps in intraday trading

    • Faisal says:

      The report contains fundamental data and is used by positional and long term investors.
      Usage could depend on what you are looking for in it. Request you to check out the sample report 🙂

  124. PANKAJ says:


  125. AJEESH says:

    Hi Faisal,
    Can you include real-time stock scanner facility like that of with kite so that we can trade right from the screener itself on kite. Can subscribe for that. Thanks..

  126. Rohit Nath says:

    Everything is good but there is one problem I always face.
    While placing an order by regular mode in either cash or f&o and put stoploss then it never gives a option to trail my stoploss to save our money and earnings.

  127. SHUBHAM says:

    Awesome platform good wishes mr.kamath& all zerodha team

  128. BENJAMIN says:

    Dear Kamath,
    Kindly post the experiences and opinions of 60 day challenge winners so that beginners like me can learn from them. Previous reporting of winners report is very useful. Hope you will post them that will surely encourage others to trade.

  129. Pritam says:

    Is it chargeable?

  130. Shubham says:

    I want to study the reports
    Kindly provide me update through email

  131. Yogesh says:

    Hi Team,

    I felt Karthik was desperately trying to sell the product during the webinar. However my questions are:
    1. When you were discussing about Stop loss on intra day basis. I wanted to know whether that 2.3 % is Intraday high – Intraday low or the difference between the close and open price of that day.
    2. When it comes to valuations, I feel relative valuations is of no use unless you provide us the DCF for it. We need more substantial data than saying it is cheap because other companies in this sector are more expensive. I request the team of Zerodha to connect with the report providers and ask for DCF as well. If this is provided i dont mind paying a higher price for the reports as well.

    • Hey Yogesh, I’m not sure why you thought I was desperate to sell this. This is a great report and I know it will do very well, so no desperation there 🙂

      1) This is measured as a difference between open and close.

      2) DCF is not a viable model, especially when you are covering the entire market. This is becuase the free cashflows for many companies could be -ve. Given this, relative valuation is a fairly good alternative. By the way, no research firm would give away the entire model. At best, they will share the results.

  132. veda says:

    is there android app available for this?

  133. C.R.KESAVAN, says:

    I have subscribed for one year of Stock Reports by Thomsun Reuters. The link to open that is not available. My Id is ZS5836. I paid through the fund available in my account. Please help

  134. Satish says:

    What is the use without giving download option..??

  135. Phani says:

    I’m a subscriber for stockreports+ but for the past few days it is not loading. No error message, keep on loading and not displaying any information. Previously worked fine but last few days something broken. Tried different browsers, both mobile and desktop versions not loading anymore. Any help?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Phani,

      There was an issue with Stockreports+ where the reports wouldn’t open on some internet networks. However, the issue has been resolved today. You can access the reports now.

  136. Hiren says:

    From last two days even though paid service not working

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Hiren,

      Some Stock-reports+ wasn’t opening on some internet networks. However, this issue has been resolved now. You will be able to open it now

  137. Krishna says:

    Sir, is there any app started by zeroda for sentinel and learn app

  138. Dhairya Desai says:

    Is this package free for zerodha existing users?

  139. Niteen says:

    My stockreports+ reports are not getting updated. All reports were last updated on 8th Nov 2019. Please have a look.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Niteen, thanks for pointing this out. We’ve updated the reports and will look into why it didn’t happen automatically.

  140. Ramu says:

    shall i get stock reports plus to my mail address

  141. Sheshadri Adiga says:

    Not able to subscribe to stockreports+, the screen just disappear after the subscription option.

  142. Rakesh says:

    Are the latest reports not published on Stockreports+ ? The report of Tata Consumer (Tata Global Beverages) is dated 28th Feb 2020.
    This is after subscribing to this service.

  143. SUNIL MAHANAND, email [email protected] says:


  144. SUNIL MAHANAND, email [email protected] says:

    many time i have trying to call customer care no. 08047181888, there is no reply . always one message found zerodha is a great platform on stock trading broker, all client are know that Zerodha is a great .
    when a client call to the centre & get there is no reply got . if we have not solve the clients complaint online & not able to pickup call. please remove the customer care no. from the site

  145. Anil Palo Jyotsana Mai says:

    These reports are quite useful and I sincerely thank Zerodha for making it available to us….

    However, I am struggling in one aspect…. How to know which Specific Stocks got updated (ratings/details) on 11:30 PM every Sunday and Tuesday to Friday….. There are 5000+ stocks in the database…. At least if we are able to know which specific stocks got updated on the scheduled updated time that will help…..

  146. Anand Mulgund says:

    Just started using Zerodha and exploring. So far so good. Looking forward to have a easy to navigate stock reports
    for informed investment (only delivery based) in stock market. keep up the good work and best of luck to your team.

  147. Ankita says:

    What is the link to access the stockreport+ for existing users? All the links are redirecting to the Page “Does Zerodha support Stockreports+?”

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hi Ankita, we’ve stopped supporting Stockreports+.You would’ve also received a communication by mail on 17th Nov being the last day and the subscription amount being refunded (for existing subscribers), on a prorated basis, to your trading account. Please refer to your email for more details. More here.

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