US Elections and Market: What should you know?

November 3, 2020
Sensibull, Trending

Hey there!

The US election result is just around the corner. There are many uncertainties surrounding the results, and more importantly, when exactly the results will come out.

Sensibull – India’s Largest Options Trading Platform is happy to do this webinar that helps you make sense of US Elections. We will also be answering your Questions on a TradingQnA.

In this webinar by Sensibull on US Elections results we will talk about:

  • How will US elections impact the market?
  • How does the US system work?
  • What should we expect?
    • What are the election results going to be?
    • When will the results come out?
  • What is the derivative data saying about market movement?

Balajee Ramachandran, Co-Founder of Sensibull will be answering questions on this Trading Q&A thread

Questions on TradingQ&A


Derivatives trader turned startup guy. Making the retail trader profitable in the derivatives market is the absurd dream. A trader all my life, I traded derivatives for STCI, ICICI, and IIFL. I started Sensibull in 2013, but that hit regulatory roadblocks back then. This is my second attempt at the same. I went to NIT Calicut and then IIM Ahmedabad. I was a member of SEBI’s AIPAC Committee on hedge funds.

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