Say hello to the all-new Streak 4.0!

October 22, 2020

Ever since Streak came out in 2018, we have been constantly listening to you, our customers, to understand how to make Streak better for you. One thing that most of our users asked us was to make the app easier to use. And so, after incorporating two years of your feedback, we have completely redesigned the Streak mobile app. This is systematic trading at its best, and it is now available to you in an interface that is simply elegant, smooth, intuitive and super-fast.

We are giving out the platform for free with 50 backtests, 5 deployments, 50 scans daily, for 2 weeks, till November 8, 2020, for all Zerodha clients to try it out.

The new Streak app lets you do everything the old app allowed you to, but it has been re-designed and re-engineered to suit your needs and take you through your trading journey seamlessly. Now, let’s dig into the app. The all-new Streak app focuses on 3 things that are most useful to a trader:

  • Strategies
  • Scanners
  • Technicals


Technicals are the most simplistic section and the perfect way to start on Streak. This will help you familiarize yourself with all the most popular technical indicators and categories of technical indicators. Once you master this section you can easily transition to creating both strategies and scanners.
If you have used any modern-day trading app, then you would be familiar with creating a list of stocks and naming it to track them daily. The Technicals section allows you to do just that with a twist. Along with showing you the stock prices (LTP), it also shows you a quick “technical” snapshot of each stock you want to track.
You can go even deeper and read through all the technical indicators values that are pre-computed for different time frames such as 1m, 5m, …, 1D. Popular indicators include moving averages such as SMA, EMA, Hull, etc and Oscillators such as RSI, MACD, CCI etc.

You can directly place orders from the Technicals section and these orders will be routed through Zerodha and the same will be reflected in Kite as well as in Streak Orderbook and Positions.


This section is your go-to section for everything pertaining to strategic trading. You will notice that it is divided into the following subsections:

  • My Strategies are strategies that you created.
  • Discover has strategies published by Streak for educational purposes.
  • My Picks are strategies that you picked from the Discover section to either edit, backtest or deploy.


This is one feature we recommend you must explore! Creating strategies were never made simpler, not only does it look simpler it is also 10X easier to create strategies with this new strategy builder that we have created. It comes with 2 in-built modes – “Basic” and “Advanced”. Both are powerful and fast, designed to cater to the different needs of the user.

The basic mode lets you create strategies in a pre-defined template format which you are well familiar with already, the pattern is to add an indicator followed by a comparator and then an indicator again. Although it looks simple you can create really powerful strategies such as volume-based price action strategies, trend followers etc. If you use the basic mode with the “Assist” feature (keep the toggle on), even a newbie who knows nothing about technical analysis can create strategies by keying in just one indicator, to begin with, and watch as the rest of the strategy is auto-completed.

The advanced mode is for our Streak users who want the freedom to create absolutely anything they can fathom in an extremely flexible way! Whether you want to use a complex mathematical operator or start the strategy with parentheses or create multi-layered complex nested conditions for entry and exit, this is the mode you want to choose. As the name suggests, this mode is for the advanced technical trader who wants to dive deep and test it all out.

Backtesting and Deploying remain as simple as ever and we still run the fastest backtests in the world. At the time of deployment you can choose to deploy live in the market or if you aren’t confident enough you can just paper trade and still experience strategic trading.


This section is similar to the strategies section as it also has “My Scanners”, “Discover”, “My Picks” and the all-powerful “Create” that comes in basic and advanced modes. It is differentiated fundamentally by its functionality wherein it allows you to scan the market sector-wise or scan baskets of stocks with the custom conditions that you create.
Once you finish scanning, you can buy/sell the stocks/future contracts that have met the scanning criteria or view their technical summary to double-check before making your decision.
It has additional features which allow you to convert the whole scanner into a strategy which you can then backtest and deploy or you can simply take the scanner live so that it can watch the market for you all day long at time intervals of your choice and get notified.

The new Streak app is complete with Orderbook, Portfolio and Profile pages which are best left for you to explore.

To sum it all up, the new Streak app has all the features and functionalities of the old app such as creating strategies, backtesting, deploying, paper trading, scanning, discovering new strategies and scanners etc. But it also has a whole bunch of new features that will make your trading life a breeze. In addition, it also has subtle little things which will catch you by surprise and we will leave that to you to discover.

We cannot thank you all enough because we would not have been able to evolve Streak app to this extent without your constant support, faith and most importantly your honest feedback on the product throughout these years.

We want to extend a special “thank you” to the Zerodha team, who have been part of our journey since day one, believed in our vision and gave us all the support.

Do check out this video tour of the app to learn more.

You can download the app here or search for it on the Google Playstore. We haven’t released the iOS app for Apple phones just yet, it is scheduled to be released shortly in a couple of months.

For further know-how/feedback write to us at [email protected]

As always, stay sharp and stay safe.

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  1. Varun says:

    Last big update from Zerodha for Streak was a theme .

    There are lot of feature requests from Premium users / Enhancements that development team is not keeping up with.

    How will the Premium members renew if the product development has stalled.? No feature announcements for Streak ever since i opted for Streak Premium. Product such as these must constantly look for competitors and keep up with features.

    In Streak, There is no room for automation or talking to external apps. Instead of seeing charts earlier , Now users have to stare at Streak for notifications. Not everyone have that kind of luxury.
    Please look at chartink alerts, they provide EMail, sms, Webhooks for talking to external apps.

    I know it is not allowed to fully automate trading. but expose the APIs or something for Scanner and Strategy notifications because if user is skilled enough allow him to create complex workflow.

    As of now there is no connection between a Scanner and a Strategy, If somehow a scanner result can be piped into a Strategy. This kind of dynamic strategy will be useful for advanced users. If you could expose api to
    – Add/Edit symbols/stocks within a Strategy/Scanner
    – Start stop the scanner
    then we could automate some bits ourselves.

    Paper trading results are not stored. so if i do not login everyday i miss all the trades taken.

    There are some improvement suggestions given by users in which could be incorporated.

    Thanks ,
    Premium user

    • Streak says:

      Hi Varun,

      We understand your concerns and we appreciate your valuable feedback.

      While we are constantly working on new features and improvements, we prioritize those that benefit a wide range of users.

      We released a number of updates and functionalities aimed at simplifying workflow and enhancing the user experience. One such example is that, now, you can also download order logs of all strategies with just one click. We have also added a nudge that points out issues with backtest conditions and highlights common mistakes made by new users, some new indicators have also been added, etc.

      We believe this feature addresses the concerns of a wider range of users

      The features you have mentioned including API service are in our to-do list. All the feedback we receive from our users and looked into and their feasibility is evaluated along with the implications and regulations.

      With respect to providing alerts over SMS/emails/WhatsApp, message delivery in a fixed time is not guaranteed by any provider for the volume of notifications we send, which is why the team has avoided giving it. You can download our mobile app to receive notifications on the go for all your strategies and scanners:

      Additionally, SMS/email/Whatsapp alerts have large delivery latency so we don’t provide it, and for the volume(number of alerts we send), most likely the sending number will get flagged. We won’t be able to comment on services provided by any other platform(s).

      With regard to storing paper trade transactions currently available for the trading day, we are already working on it and will look to add this feature in upcoming updates. However, we won’t be able to provide any ETA on this.

      We look forward to giving you a better experience going forward.
      We thank you for your continuous support.

  2. Paresh says:

    Is there a way I can Screen/Scan “ALL STOCKS FROM NSE CASH SEGMENT” in my ONE Custom Scan ? If I select “NFO Equities” under “Scan-On” field, what/which stocks universe I am scanning ? is it as good as NSE CASH Stock universe?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Paresh,

      Streak scanner currently supports only Nifty 500 scrips only. Any scrip outside the Nifty 500 universe can not be scanned with Streak. We will be increasing the scanning universe in the future soon.

  3. Daksh Sharma says:

    This software is good but, execution is very slow (around 1 minute delay) so, please fix it. In intraday it miss many opportunities because of late execution. It’s my humbly request to fix it on behalf of all users.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Daksh,

      The average delay is signal delivery is 15 Secs. This includes the time required to calculate the indicators and check your conditions. Please write to support@streak,.tech with your strategy details and its order log so that we can assist your better.

  4. Shreyas salvi says:

    why is quantity not editable in live trades on streak

    • Streak says:

      Hi Shreyas, after a stratgey is deployed, quantity cannot be edited because it affects the risk management of the strategy. If you want to edit the quantity, you need to stop the strategy, change the quantity and redeploy it again.

  5. Vimal Pratap Singh says:

    Sir Thank you very much for giving us this great platform.
    Is it possible to trade in USDINR (Options) via Streak platform ? Why its candle stick chart not showing indicators which I used to create new strategy, its charts showing Entry, Exits & TP but not showing indicators which is used on strategy’s charts.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Vimal,

      Streak currently supports Equity and Index (Nifty and Banknifty) options only. We will add currency options soon.

      As regards to the chart, the candlestick chart you see in the backtest area is just for reference. To plot indicators, you need to check the broker platform chart. For further queries on this, please write to [email protected].

  6. Ramesh says:

    Hi Streak Team,
    I am using streak since last six months and doing paper trade as well as live trade.
    I have two serious observations which need to to improve.
    Observation No 1.
    Under My strategies tab, whatever we are creating number of strategies listed all at once. Due to number of strategies it is difficult find out exact one under tab No 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5.
    Now a days due to high volatility in market, it is obvious to practice various strategies under various segments.
    Hence, I would request you kindly insert custom based tab allocation under my strategies tab.
    I wanted to explain in details.
    When I click on my strategies column, there I need to create different tabs under first.
    Such as
    Nifty 50 index strategies tab
    Nifty 50 stocks strategies tab
    Bank Nifty index strategies tab
    Todays top gainers stocks strategies tab
    Today top looser stocks strategies tab
    Today High volume stocks strategies tab
    So, whenever I want to search my strategy, immediately, I can jump into that tab to pick that one in short time.
    I hope u understood the point.

    Observation No 2.
    Under Scanners, Live Scan tab working from 0915 hrs to 1530 hrs.
    Based on parameters, time to time stocks updated and alert appears on the screen. very nice.
    Whenever, it appears in the list, you have given alert flash beside stock which appears recently to identify, great. Its also nice and perfectly OK.
    However, whenever the list of stock much more in number there is lot of confusion to identify which one is latest alert. So, the avoid this confusion, plz insert one column duly mentioned the time of alert and put filter for ascending and descending order to know latest alert on the screen.
    Hope this second one also understood.
    Hope for positive action at the earliest.
    Thanks you.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ramesh,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We have taken note of the first request. As regards to the second request, you can check out the scanner result display in V4 web, where you can check a result based on all individual time candles i.e check the results for 10:30 AM and further sort the results as well.

  7. Abhishek harsh says:

    Hello…M not able to log in in Streak for last two days through zerodha….Kindly help

  8. Nelson Gomes says:

    Is there trailing Stop loss in streak ?

  9. Rahul says:

    When can we expecpt Streak 4.0 WEB VERSION release?

  10. Venkatesh says:

    How much capital required for streak running purpose minimum

    • Streak says:

      Hi Venkatesh,

      Please note that the capital required to run a strategy depends upon the quantity you are trading and the margin required by your broker for the position. Streak does not require any additional margin.

      For example, if you have created a strategy with 100 Qty of SBIN, then the margin required by the broker is needed.

  11. Shashikant Dhanore says:

    you say that automatic trades not allowed for retail traders.
    who are allowed then?

  12. Sumit Bagad says:

    Plz allowed to diploy strategies for banknifty for free.

  13. Dr Saleem Siddiqi says:


    In Pakistan we have TRADING VIEW Software provided by broker with live tick-by-tick data. I want to do INTRADAY Trading. Can you assist me attaching your software with my Trading View.

    I am a 75 years old retired person. What shall be the best cost of this standalone software for me.


    Best Regards

    Dr. Saleem Siddiqi ڈاکٹر سلیم صد یقی

  14. Avinash says:

    Any updates on streak v4 web version?

  15. Harsh says:

    What is the minimum fund balance required to deploy NFO- future strategy?


    can MY self use Algo trading ,
    MY self opened ZERODHA account in May 20,

  17. Deepak says:


    Does streak provide trading strategies for correlation between two stocks?
    I am looking for alerts when the ratio/an equation between two stocks exceed a particular ratio. I used to be a streak user, but don’t think this feature was available back then.

  18. Santos says:

    Does streak scanners scan the Option chains of stocks?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Santos,

      Streak scanner currently runs on Nifty 500 stocks, Futures and Index options. It does not support Stock options currently. This will be added in the future.

  19. Satwik says:

    Can we initiate buy orders between 3:00 PM to 3:15 PM during market hours?

  20. Kamal Hyder says:

    When will we get latest version of Kite

  21. Vinay says:

    Is there any plan to extend backtest duration from 3 months to say 1year or 3 years.

    It is very painful to run backtests and collate date if i have to test multiple strategies over a long time period

  22. karthik says:

    hiii sir good evening
    if i create one strategy for call and one other strategy for put option on streak
    how many times it will get executed in one day for both call and put options sir ?
    please help me

  23. Rahul says:

    sorry,when can we expect STREAK 4.0 DESKTOP release?

  24. Rahul says:

    when we can expect kite 4.0 WEB release? (it is long since mobile version release).

  25. Ashim Kumar Nath says:

    Can I set Option buy/Sell strategy using Streak?
    If no what is the minimum subscription is needed.

    • Streak says:

      Yes, you can create both Long and short option strategies in Streak. You need to subscribe to our Ultimate plan to create strategies on Option instruments.

  26. Prabu says:

    When can we expect Combined PL feature for dynamic contracts?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prabhu,

      This is currently under development and would be released post testing and approval. Unfortunately, we will not be able to disclose release dates.

  27. Ishaan Gupta says:

    Is there any way in which the scanner can be made to work on selected stocks (watchlist), rather than all the stocks?

  28. Ishaan Gupta says:

    Can you please add more intraday timeframes like 45min, 2H, 3H, 4H, etc.? A similar request was raised in the community about 5 months back. Other offerings in the market include the above intervals. Not much point subscribing for Streak with the limited functionality in terms of timeframes.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ishaan,

      After receiving request we have added Weekly and Mothinly timeframe under the MTF and MTF completed function. You can check this out. We would be adding more timeframes in the future. This is in our roadmap. But it will take some time.

  29. Aksh says:

    Can i backtest nifty option and banknifty strategy?

  30. Aksh says:

    Can i backtest iption and futures strategy?

  31. Rahul Deka says:

    Can I connect streak with tradingview premium account and trade through it?

  32. Mukesh says:

    Why auto trading is not there is streak? How other BOT providers provide auto trading facility?

  33. Vijay sharma says:

    Hi, how to back test inside bar strategy for intraday

  34. Subir ghosh says:

    Please contact me 8961970008 I need help to purchase subscription…

  35. Avinash says:

    Any update on streak v4 for desktop?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Avinash,
      This is getting tested. V4 desktop will be released after the quality checks are completed and fixes are implemented.

  36. Ketul says:

    Can anyone tell me, Is there any feature with which streak can find averages of last n number of candles lows nd highs and exit according to that average??

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ketul,
      Yes, you can simply use the Moving Average indicator and select the Field as High or Low and set the period as per your requirement(n).

      For exiting when close price goes below 10 SMA Low, you can create an exit condition like
      Close lower than Moving Average (Low,10, Simple,0)

  37. Raju Bewoor says:

    In streak i am index option traders in index option Ranko chart is updated

  38. Tribhuwan says:

    Dear Streak team,
    I want create an stretgy based on RSI indicator In Zerodha streak. So kind help me.

  39. Jannice anderson says:

    Hi I saw that u have added option geek strategy in streak. Can u tell me how to use it, I am getting error message while applying the conditin

    Condition buy
    Know sure thing KST higher know sure thing single
    Macd higher than macd signal
    Rsi higher than 30
    Vwap crosses above donchian channel period minus 1
    Option geek delta higher than 1

    Condition sell
    Know sure thing KST higher know sure thing single
    Macd higher than macd signal
    Rsi higher than 70
    Vwap crosses below donchian channel period minus 1
    Option geek delta lower than 1

    Please help on the strategy

  40. Binay says:

    I need your support on an issue with Zerodha Streak.
    Please help…
    I subscribed streak last month. Initially my Nifty future strategies giving me notifications as condition trigger. But after expiry I am not getting notifications. I mailed with all details, but not solved yet.

    My deployments are not working since last two days. No triggers in mobile and desktop. Whereas back-test showing results.

    No single live strategy giving notification.

    Even new strategies are not working.

    Please share your mail ID, so that I can share you the mail sent to streak.

  41. Aabha says:

    I wanna trade in “weekly options” of nifty and bank nifty using streak algo. Is it possible?

  42. James says:

    Has anyone used the streak Algo strategy (in Discover) on real market and made profit. If yes, kindly share your feedback and experience.

    Would like to know if they are really profitable or not in real market condition.

    • Streak says:

      Hi James,

      All strategies in the discover section are backtested and are shared for educational purposes so that users can learn and understand how to create good strategies. You can backtest and match the trades as with the instrument charts. You can also make changes to them as per your requirement. If you are satisfied with the results, you can deploy them for paper trading and check if they are working in the current market condition and accordingly deploy the strategies live if you are satisfied with the paper trades.

  43. Avinash says:

    Streak v4 is available on both ios and anroid platform. When can we expect the v4 to be live on the web version? I am having a hard time using it on mobile.

  44. Pratik says:

    I trade in index weekly options . Which plan should I subscribe to trade in weekly options?

  45. Bojjesem says:

    Hi Team,

    Can you please include SSL channel in streak ? This is available in tradingview, but not in zerodha kite or streak. Appreciate if you can include this indicator.

    Thank you for all the awesome app and team efforts.

  46. Sweta says:

    How do I create a strategy for Index options using Streak?
    Thank you

  47. Vikramsingh S Rajpurohit says:

    I am unable to create basket in Streak web version. when i click basket , nothing happens and only dashboard is visible.

    In Streak App i dont see basket icon or column..

  48. harsh says:


    zerodha streak team its great to know that kite and angle broking has been added with API for algo kindly move forward for more brokers as zerodha has higher intraday margin as compared to other brokers .


  49. mayank shah says:

    when are you planning to add weekly options for nifty and bank nifty and nifty financials services ?
    if weekly options are started I will more than happy to subscribe ,thanks

  50. Jayachandran says:

    Is it possible to trail the stoploss after some conditions are met?

  51. Jayachandran says:

    When r u planning to release web version 4.0 right now in app is difficult to use.. Any timeline to release the web version 4.0

  52. Jannice anderson says:

    I tried lot of strategy, all profit gone in brokerage. Can some on help me with one strategy that can give 1000 rupee daily profit. I don’t want huge profit just 1000 rupee daily is enough… Please give me one good strategy which can give me 1000 rupee profit after brokerage deduction..

    • Streak says:

      As per policy, we do not provide tips or strategies, we provide a platform for users to create and test their own strategies. You can watch our Youtube videos to understand how to create strategies. You can also join our Telegram channel for discussion on strategies.

  53. Vivek says:

    Please provide a automatic basket of option chain for banknifty and nifty to add to our strategies.
    Currently it is cumbersome as we have to create and update our basket for options.

    • Streak says:

      Option baskets are available in Streak scanner. You will find a weekly basket for Nifty and Banknifty along with two baskets for current and next month’s options.
      However, for strategies, this is not possible since there are various active expiries in play, adding all strike for all expires is not possible along with the fact that all active contracts does not have adequate liquidity for calculation of technical indicators on them.

  54. Vivek says:

    How to place basket order in streak? This is required for options hedging strategies.

  55. Jannice Anderson says:

    Hi, i have been losing money since 2015 and still now i cant earn constantly. tried lot of algo settings. but nothing helped me till now. can some one give me one proper algo which can help me get daily return of 1000 rupees constantly. planning to invest 25000 for the final time in stock market. so kindly give me one great setting which can help me recover all my losses. looking forward for all your help and support. thanks and regards Jannice Anderson (whatsapp 9094008848).. kiteid RJ1834

  56. Shankar says:

    Once I deploy a strategy based on a specific condition, will the order get executed automatically once the condition is met? Or does it just give me an alert and I have to execute physically?

    • Streak says:

      Once your condition is met, you will receive an actionable notification on your smartphone app/browser. You just need to take action on the notification to execute the order. Streak does not support auto-order execution.

  57. Jayachandran says:

    Is weekly index option is available only in ultimate plan or is it available in basic plan also?

  58. Sridhara Annappa says:

    can i trade in options using streak ??

  59. Jayachandran says:

    Hi. Weekly index option is added. Earlier you said its in progress

  60. Amar says:

    App is not available outside the India.

  61. Varun KC says:

    Hi, Please include Camarilla in streak ..There is only Fibonacci and standard pivot available as of now.

  62. Naren Kandala says:

    HI is the new version of streak available in web also, I am unable to find one.

  63. Hiren says:

    Would it be possible to build a logic wherein 1.when entry condition satisfied, take position for a certain amount, 2.when subsequent condition satisfied, build on the position (add to existing one), 3.when exit condition is satisfied, exit all.
    I would like to do it on different time frames. Please put up a video wherein different time frames are put up in the same strategy (asking to show usage, not a strategy)… i cant see without subscription (had earlier, now expired) but without this knowledge subscription would not serve any purpose.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Hiren,

      Although you can create and implement strategies in various different timeframes. Streak does not support pyramiding positions currently and hence your requirement cannot be currently implemented.

      In case you have any other requirement, please do write to [email protected] and our team shall help you with them.

  64. njustus says:

    Hi Streak Team,

    please add timeframes 3 hours and 1 Week

    Niranjan Justus

  65. nayan says:

    why does the scanner in streak says oops not able to generate result everytime
    I am sure there is no error from my side

  66. T Venkatesh says:


    Can you please add the timeframes – 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 1 Week and 1 month between 1 hour and Day?

    T Venkatesh

    • Streak says:

      Hi 1 week and 1 month can be used while using multi-timeframe function. As regards to 2,3 and 4 hours, we will be adding some higher timeframes in the future.

  67. Sanshis says:

    how can i get higest volumes generated in 5 min candle for last 5 days. ( i don’t want todays candles to be get in scan)
    so my scan should start from previous day but divided only on 5min candles. and i need max of that.
    tried achieving with Period Max () but its not working.
    I want to scan 1st todays 5 min volume to be greater thn any 5 min candle in previous 5 days.

    • Streak says:

      You can check this at any specific time during the market or after the market close. But it will not be possible to create a condition that would check this after every 5min intervals. this would affect the offset value and would include current days volume.

      If you have a specific time, it can be created. Please write to [email protected] for the condition.

  68. Yashas says:

    hey… can you add the feature where we can place the SL below a specific candle like low of previous 5 candles instead of the percentage and also target can be placed according to risk reward ratio of maybe 2 or 3 instead of percentage

    • Streak says:

      Hi Yahas, we are working on adding features that will allow you to place SL below the entry candle. However, you can use Nth Candle to place SL below a specific candle. This is already live.

      As regards to placing TP SL on the basis of a risk rewards ratio, we will be adding this in the future.


    i want to sign in with kite for algo trading

  70. Sherveen Samson says:

    Thanks Zerodha plateform for retail traders.

  71. Jaffer says:

    Im not able to back test a strategy on an option. It is asking for me to become pro user. I first wanna try it out in free trial. Is it possible?

  72. POORNIMA says:

    trader friends,
    why don’t you share profitable strategies so that new and inexperienced traders can benefit

    • Streak says:

      As per company policy, we do not provide strategy recommendations or tips. We have provided a collection of more than 200 backtested strategies in our Strategy Discover section. You can go through the backtest results and choose to deploy or modify the strategies as per your requirement. Your decision to deploy any strategy should be based on backtest results and not recommendations.

  73. Aayush says:

    Why haven’t autotrades been enabled? What guideline is violated? Is it illegal in India?

  74. Vikram says:

    Is this not available in iOS yet?

  75. Rajan says:


  76. Dhanesh says:


    if i am login into Web version, it is showing Version3, Please let me know the new version is available in web as well.

    Also when i am trying to download the app from iphone, the version says. 1.2.3

  77. Jayachandran says:

    When will you include all the scanner features to strategy feature. The scanner has more feature like mathematical operations and other but still the strategy is not so flexible as scanner

  78. shivakumar G R says:

    Hello Streak


  79. Narasimha Charlu Agnihotram says:

    Can I place an options order, dependent on underlying movement. Does your app facilitate this?

  80. Jayachandran says:

    When will you include weekly index options. Is this in pipeline?

  81. Deepak Patel says:

    Hi Team,

    Congratulation to you and your team for bringing one more advance creation in your Application. Please create full Hindi Video for Demo of full Streak 4 Application ASAP….We can get educated in weekend.

  82. Madan Kulkarni says:

    Downloaded the app but not able to login.
    Please help.

  83. Subbu says:

    I am unable to test in MCX . There is no use announcing free trial. It is asking to pay to test.

  84. Nitin says:

    Hindi language required

  85. Brajesh says:

    Error in saving strategy
    This message is showing when we run backtesting in updated streak

    Logon id

    Please resolve the issue

  86. Chandan says:

    Can some one paste code for below condition.
    Lastest close is above previous day high
    And latest volume is more than yesterday volume
    I have to create scanner in streak

  87. Atul says:

    Hi, I have a iphone and my app is not showing interface what is being shown in video of 4.0. I did uninstall and installed my app from playstore but same. It is showing version as 1.2.3.
    Pl let me know if anything else need to be done for getting this 4.0.

  88. Kishore Kumar Thakur says:

    I am on IOS platform so will perforce have to miss . Can’t comment otherwise surely would have tried.

  89. Jayesh Thacker says:

    Where can I get the strategies to trade?? Does anyone come to train or any YouTube links that teaches backrest and other strategies ???

  90. Aftab says:

    Do we have fully automated execution?
    The only thing that kept me away from streak is the need to be there all the time to approve orders.
    I know full automation is a grey area.
    Are we trying for this?

    • Streak says:

      We send actionable notifications to make it easy to place orders in single clicks. Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently, that’s why it is currently not there.

  91. SATHYAMURTHY P S says:

    have been using streak. But i want weekly timeframes for scanning.

    • Streak says:


      Both weekly and monthly timeframes are there as part of multi-timeframe(MTF) indicator.
      Just set the base time frame as 1 day, and inside MTF you can choose weekly/monthly and scan however you want.


  92. Deb Kumar Maitra says:

    Has order execution been automated?

    • Streak says:

      We send actionable notifications to make it easy to place orders in single clicks. Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently.

  93. arvind says:

    I am not using streak but welcome to new app and your efforts for it.
    But I am asking so many times to provide sector indices tab in the watch list .or provide 10 watch lists because with present 5 watch lists we can only add 250 . but as i trade in F N O i have to add its cash value ,fut contract and some option values ( 2 calls and 2 puts ) total six per script . thus i can add only ( 41 * 6 =246 ) 41 scripts. So if i need to watch nifty ,banknifty options ,other cash scrips then I have delete some scripts from my watch list .So its necessary to provide more watch lists or add sector indices in the watch list. Also your carried positions profit loss showing is also very Bad.
    pl do this changes first. Need to improve customer support service also

  94. Prathamesh says:

    Wish streak could also work on FNO. than it would be great.

  95. mohd yasir says:

    can i use it on system/laptop..

  96. Devendra Kumar Agrawal says:

    Is it different from zerodha kite, and please let me know that how to use this…I am a new new client of zerodha..

  97. RUSHIKESH says:

    How to Download Streak 4.0

  98. S.Bhowmik says:

    The simple AND/OR- the way you implemented for combinations (hierarchial priority) was discouraging and very narrow in usage. Did you correct it this time? This was for me the biggest impediment to building up complex/advanced strategies. Will check it anyway in the advanced option.

  99. Ashok says:

    is there index option? can i buy sell option by spot index level?

  100. Girish Agashe says:

    Hi Kite / Zerodha / Streaks team,
    Seems nice app. I am a daily user of Kite / Zerodha app since 06th May 2020. I would love to use Streaks app as well, but PLEASE PLEASE release if on iOS and MacOS. Also, you have stated that you will release the app for iOS in a COUPLE OF MONTHS ! Which is very strange and frustrating. Please release it for iOS asap. Ready to subscribe whatever are the charges. Thanking you in advance.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Girish,

      The team is hard at work, and iOS app is the immediate next release, we appreciate your patience and support for the release.
      Kindly stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and look out for the notification/email regarding iOS release 🙂

  101. Velan Ramadass says:


  102. SUJAN U J says:

    Good Update, however, unless you provide UI related learning and demo videos like how to key in our strategies and scanner criteria into the streak platform it is hard to use this platform. I know there are few on your youtube channel but they not sufficient.

    If you could able to create short videos (2 to 5 mits) explaining each option available and about the keying in strategies and scanner criteria, that would be great.

    • Streak says:

      Yes Sujan, we will try to add such videos soon.

    • Praveen Kumar Agrawal says:

      I do agree. Zerodha has not provided sufficient info about streak or other facilities. Also, staff is not aware of all that OR not responding properly. There are many better alternatives available. I have an account, but suspended trading for long.

  103. PRAVIN PATIL says:

    Very fast , easy to use ,safe

  104. s.g.kulkarni says:

    Thanks. Pl. provide me this app. How to upload in the mobile?

  105. prajwal says:

    Kindly provide bar reply mode in coming enhancements

  106. ARYAN KUMAR says:

    Sir make 2 holdings windows in kite can help retail traders to trade shares for short or long terminvestment sapretly.

  107. sanjaya Nanda says:

    the kite is not giving the accurate average cost .. it only gives the buying cost average without including all required taxes (brokarge , stt etc ) and by that i am not able find the exact profit figure that appears in kite . While i was in Kotak securities , it update the net day the average cost of any holding after considering the required taxes paid for such holding ..Please improve the kite reg this

  108. N BABU says:


  109. Ashish says:

    I had used Streak in the past and I liked the concept a lot.
    But 2-3 things I found were missing, because of which I did not use it further :
    1. If I have created a strategy, backtested it, then I want to automate it. I just cannot stop my office work and stare at my phone and click when entry / exit criteria pops-up. (So automatic placement of orders is offered in this segment ?)
    2. I use Renko chart and moving average to enter and exit. Is that possible ?
    3. Can I place hedge order simultaneously ? e.g. If I am bullish, I buy Future and along with it I will buy monthly ATM PE. Is that possible ? For bearish, it will be reverse of the same.

    Looking for your response.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Ashish,

      1. We send actionable notifications to make it easy to place orders in single clicks. Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently.
      2. Yes this is already available.
      3. We have not added support for multi-legged strategies yet. This is already being worked on and would be released soon.

  110. Vimal Kumar says:

    Is this only as an app or is a web version available? I prefer a web version

  111. Shantaram Aher says:


  112. Ps says:

    What is cost of algo

  113. KARTHIK says:


  114. Ranjan says:

    How can I install this app it’s not available in playstore

  115. Sunny Kumar says:


  116. Vishnu kumar shama says:


  117. RUBIN says:

    We need fully automated Algo trading through Streak . Kindly do the needful Zerodha and Streak Team….

    • Streak says:

      Hi Rubin,

      We send actionable notifications to make it easy to place orders in single clicks. Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently, that’s why it is currently not there.

  118. Kunal says:

    Streak made Algo Trading very easy for me, Easily I can create strategy and backtest it.
    And I must say …..Very awesome interface of new Streak APP.

    Thanks Streak Team.

  119. nilkanth thakur says:


  120. Manoj Kumar says:


  121. Aakash says:

    This is an Amazing Update!!! I have been using streak for a long time now and it has helped me to become a disciplined and successful trader!
    Also thank you for releasing options recently, much-awaited feature!
    kudos to you guys

    • Streak says:

      Thank you!
      We would love to know your feedback. Please write to us at [email protected]

      • Jay says:

        Dear Streak team, It doesn’t help if you collect all the feedback and do nothing about it. I have written to you in the past and other than sending a fairly standard response, you guys hard keep me updated on the requests. Despite being an ultimage package user, I am not even 50% happy with Streak. I had to subscribe because competition is not doing any better, but it is only a matter of time if you guys are complacent and don’t listen to your user community.

        • Streak says:

          Hi Jay,

          We will look into this. Please write a mail to support mentioning a link to this comment so that we can track and address your issues ASAP.
          We strive to provide the best-in-class service along with our innovative products and we will see that the process is improved to avoid any such cases going forward.

  122. vinay singh says:



    Its good but the fifteen days free trail is too short period,because in this 2 week time frame market wil run for 10 days only and this includes holiday if any.

  124. Laurence Bage says:

    So informative. Thanks .

  125. Satishchandra Dinakar says:

    Hi Team Streak, I have been your PREMIUM CUSTOMER from last 6 months. One thing which I want to bring to your notice is that your customer care and support team being not efficient. The team doesn’t provide any telephonic support EVEN FOR THE GENUINE CUSTOMERS. i would like to bring to your notice JUST ONE INSTANCE which has happened recently. I am stuck with a problem in streak in terms of SCANNER & ALERTS from October 6 2020. I AM SENDING MAILS ALMOST ONCE IN A WEEK to inquire about the issue. Till today i have not received any response. The problems have intensified in the past week and i Have mailed the same to your team again just one hour back. but I haven’t received any response. i know there is a lot of effort behind STORY STREAK and i believe in the team. I have repeatedly requested for a call from your team before I subscribe for an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, but again no response. i HOPE THIS ISSUE COMES TO THE NOTICE OF THE CONCERNED AUTHORITY and the problem will be addresses in a true spirit.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Satish,

      We will look into this matter and get it to address as fast as possible.
      We strive to provide the best in-class service along with our products and we will see that the process is improved to avoid any such cases going forward.

  126. TUSHAR devkar says:


  127. Swamy says:

    Nice to have an advanced APP so that Zerodha can stay in the market otherwise Reliance will take over !!!, My request is to fix/improve some of the simple options like entering STOP Loss % or Target %. (One Cancel Other). Many a time Stop Loss triggered but failed due to NSDL pin, how to overcome in Kite platform.(Desk top)

  128. chandru says:

    can we automate our trades in your platform so that it will execute automatically without intervention ?

    • Streak says:

      We send actionable notifications to make it easy to place orders in single clicks. Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently, that’s why it is currently not there.


    Hi Zerodha,

    Congratulations for bringing such an app for the users. please let us know how it works in real time.

  130. Pravin Kumar says:

    I have no idea about share trading but I have my account with zerodha. Kindly give me idea how to sale and purchase of shares.

  131. jitendra says:

    Zerodha me bahut sari kamiya he No 1) Trad nse se kharida portfolio me bse ayega 2) Intradey me most time stop loss hit ho jata he or sone pe suhaga stock wahi se wapas chala jata he kya aap log operatore ko information share karte ho mujhe to yahi lagta he kyoki jaha paisa hota he waha Bemani jarur hoti he.

  132. Vivek G says:

    Like always one more great update. Happy to be part of Zerodha 😊

  133. Biswajit says:

    Is this something to replace the Kite?

  134. Ashu baba says:

    Can we backtest for etfs or not , plz tell

  135. Pravin Kumar says:

    I am not able to understand the things. Kindly suggest me for safe trading less risk. Not entice to much profit.

  136. manoj k says:

    can we avail this free offer trial starting after 5th november for 2 weeks?

  137. RAVI KUMAR says:


  138. Amit says:

    Day by day, Zerodha customer service is getting worse, they rarely respond.

  139. Kunal says:

    Scanners much needed for Zerodha.. Congratulations team

  140. faruk.j.momin says:

    one more magnificient thought for wealth creation.

  141. saravana says:

    I am looking for Index Options trading in streak and also enable auto triggering to zerodha. Otherwise I don’t se any use of this algo. I can’t keep track of every moment and keep clicking. I will have more than 10 trades. If streak has the capability to auto trade the signals it’s the product I am looking for.

    • Streak says:

      Hi saravana,

      We send actionable notifs to make it easy to place orders in single clicks.
      Based on current guidelines, it is very clear that auto-trading cannot be provided currently, that’s why it is currently not there.

  142. Kamlesh kumar says:


  143. Sanjeev kumar v says:

    It’s Awesome…..
    Hats off your efforts……..

  144. srinivas says:

    thank u zerodha


    If good, I will recommend

  146. MAHESH KARANDE says:

    Thank You For Zerodha Team .COngratulation …..

  147. Vinayak kadam says:

    What is difference between streak app and old app? Kahich is better.

  148. Sandip says:

    Zerodha guys..First concentrate on your customer service.. It has become one of the worst now….Foucs on this & then come up with new innovations..

    • Manu says:

      Well ..this innovation is by steak….steak is an independent company that zerodha and fee pthwr broker’s have tie up with

  149. vipin khabyada says:


  150. Aman Jain says:

    Please bring index option strategies and algo execution in streak. Will be of great help. Kindly tell us when can we expect that feature.

  151. Pritam Bhattacharjee says:


  152. shiv says:

    what after 2 weeks ? what are the charges or chargeable to my account



  154. ARUN says:

    Do we have RENKO chart in scanner in this new version?

    • Streak says:


      Coming soon, stay tuned 🙂

      • Arun says:

        Thanks, Waiting for this feature. Ensure we dont have to provide bar value, its should be automated like ZERODHA app scan.

        • Streak says:

          A variable brick size will depend upon the amount of data you are looking at in charts. And they will change if you include more data. Unfortunately when the brick size changes, the chart also changes and hence backtest result will not match. For this reason, we do not allow variable or auto brick size.

  155. Subash Krishnan says:

    Good one zerodha..!

  156. saurabh says:

    Why are you not introducing options index at streak platform???

  157. Mahesh narayan kale says:

    Looks like very good

  158. Jitesh Rajeshwar Uttarwar says:


  159. SUNIL PATOL says:

    It’s Awesome…..
    Hats off

  160. Adarsh says:

    What’s the difference between streak app and sensibull app then?? Which is better.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Adarsh,

      Both are meant for different purposes.
      Streak is for trading with strategies across segments while Sensibull is an options trading app.

  161. Debadutta Barik says:


  162. Nawaltibrewal says:


  163. Khaja Hussain Khan says:

    If it is good iwill recommend

  164. Jaychandra says:


  165. Martin says:

    Until u bring in index option Into streak it ant any use for me. Not sure what is stopping doing this for long

  166. jayeshkuar says:

    is I available on mobile platform?

      • Rohit Telang says:

        The most pathetic service by the support staff of zerodha.Never opt for Zerodha.They are technologically very backward.Their Trading view charts have many functions missing.Nitin Kamath is dead towards the clients and the support staff are anti customer attitude and most are covid patients who don’t care about customers.Fyers is far better than Zerodha.

  167. Vijay kamble says:


  168. Kiran langavadra says:


  169. Shivam Sahu says:

    Thanks to Zerodha for coming up with this useful app. Congrats to the team!