Launching the all-new Streak 3.0 Beta

December 4, 2019

The Streak team has been working for the past few months on revamping the platform to make your experience better, based on your feedback. Here is a post from the Streak team introducing the new Streak 3.0 beta platform. You can write to [email protected] with any feedback you may have.

We have all come a long way as traders. Before Streak, our trading days pretty much looked like this: staring at the screen for 9 hours a day, trying out some complicated software that needed to be installed and maintained, trading based on impulse and hearsay, searching for that excel sheet where you had worked out a good trading idea and slamming your laptop shut at closing bell thinking about the “what ifs” and “maybes”.

With Streak 2.0, magically all our trading problems were solved in an instant with a clean and easy way of trading strategically: from opportunity identification to covering your positions while getting notified along the way, allowing you to go about your day-to-day.

But it’s time to up your trading game and your performance as the markets are getting more fierce with increasing algorithmic volume and new entrants to the stock market.

We are launching Streak 3.0, with the single goal of upping your trading performance. After a lot of consideration and internal debate with experts, we have launched the hero feature of 3.0 – “Discover”.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Discover Strategies

Trading ideas are dime a dozen, however, trading strategies that fit the right opportunity at the right time are not. For the first time in trading history, we are proud to say that we have built a strategy engine that allows you to take advantage of top-notch trading strategies that are personalised to your trading style and preference. The best part is, this feed gets refreshed every single day and factors in current market conditions and time frames.

Scroll through and filter out strategies and quickly view their performance across stocks, currency futures, futures contracts and commodities.

Use this section as a beginner’s guide to strategic trading until you master the art of building your own strategies. Please note, these strategies are meant for inspiration and are not to be construed as recommendations. You can modify these strategies anyway you like before taking it live.

View Backtest


We understand that every second matters. Our new interface allows you to quickly slide through backtest results of multiple stocks in a single view for each strategy, whether it’s a strategy you are discovering or whether it is a strategy you created yourself. As always, you can edit the backtest parameters to your fancy and re-run it again.

Paper Trade

For those who don’t know what a paper trade is, it’s just another word for virtual trading or simply put placing hypothetical trades based on real-time stock market prices. If you are trying out Streak for the first time or if you are new to the stock market in general, we highly recommend you paper trade the strategies before taking it live.
If you are happy with your strategies, you can always deploy it again and take it live to receive notifications with an order window that lets you place orders with a single click.

As always, we are offering free access to the new Streak 3.0 Beta platform to all Zerodha users from 4th Dec 2019 to 10th Dec 2019. The plan will entail 20 backtests, 2 live deployments, and 20 scans per day.

We will be launching our mobile version of 3.0 soon and will keep you posted.

Do write to us at [email protected] for any assistance.

Quick links:

Try Streak 3.0

A walkthrough of Streak 3.0

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. kishan says:

    It is good and simply understanding,all good

  2. Shahnawaz Rayeen says:

    I am doing trading with chartink scanner and my strategy in chartink is working good.
    But as for algo trading i have created my charink strategy in zerodha streak but it is not working properly.
    Please do the needful.

  3. lalitha says:

    is paper trading free and how to do it

  4. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay says:

    How to user open interest indicator for buy signal and sell signal

    • Streak says:

      It depends on what your idea is,

      Suppose you want to buy when Price and OI is increasing, you can write

      Close higher than Period Max(20, High) and OI higher than OI MA(20, Simple,-1)

  5. Rubens says:

    I did the registration, but so far didn’t get the feedback.

  6. ramakrishna says:

    i am using this since 6 montsh its great but now i am using camarilla strategy manually which is not present in this ALGO please include PIVOT CAMARILLA in streaks. Now, only pivot standard and facinocci is available if you include camarilla its helps me a lot and if possible please include ” n “candle trailing stoploss… i am eagarly waiting for your reply

  7. ADHI says:

    HI if i build a strategy n induct for 15min chart type…… “and” MULTIFRAME COMPLETED(DAY,STOCHASTIC MTM) LOWERTHAN NUM(0) as supportung condition …….its not working……when MULTIFRAME(only multiframe like in scanner) will be introduced IN CREATING STRATEGY ????????

  8. Nayan Agrawal says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    Its always great to connect with the most innovative fintech company in the nation. I have a humble suggestion regarding possibility of options feature with Streak. If possibly you can source minute wise data for options especially for index, i think that can help solving the problem of back-testing and live implementation. That shall solve the mathematical problems associated with time decay and IV.
    Even with that feature the backtesting will be limited to expiry based options, i think thats where the real money lies.
    I think the customers will be comfortable in paying an extra premium for it.
    Impatiently looking for options enabled with streak.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Nayan,

      These are some great points suggested by you. Our team also have been ideating on an approach for the same, and we would like to hear more from your vantage point as a customer and experienced trader.
      We would request you to write to [email protected] with your contact details so that we can have a more detailed discussion on the same, we will make it worth your time 🙂


  9. Sarnab says:

    Hi Team ,

    1.Can you bring fractals Chaos band indicator ?
    2. Can you bring a time between when to take a trade like 11am to 3.15 ?

  10. krishnan narayanan says:

    Can it be used only for cash buy or cash sell with out giving exit details?

  11. Shravan kumar says:

    Hi Team,

    After creating stratergies the backtest range is of only 1 month, what if i want to do 3 month backtest in a single go?

    • Streak says:

      Currently, for 1min timeframe the maximum allowed backtest range is 1 month. You cannot backtest 3 months at one go but you can run the test 3 times to test on 3 months’ data.

  12. Juliana says:


    Does streak also cover nifty options trading.

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  13. Nalini says:

    How I can open the chart of a scrip in Streak?

    • Streak says:

      Currently, charts are not supported in Streak. However, we will be adding charts in the future. You can use kite charts to verify signals.

  14. Nithyaraj says:

    Hi sir I have doubt in getting notifications from streak. How will I get signal from streak. Should I run streak app in background to get notifications or should I keep the streak app always open to notified. Is there any way to get signal notifications like msg which we notified top on our mobile screen.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Nithyaraj, you need to install the Streak app in your mobile phone and login using your account details. All notification would be sent to the app. The notifications would appear in your notification drawer like WhatsApp messages.

  15. satheesh says:

    Hi have few queries and clarification. Appreciate your response.
    1. How to create a condition to enter at the beginning of 9.16 AM. giving time as a condition?
    2. How to select the Day open price as entry condition?
    3. Can I store the purchase price in a variable and use in exit condition?
    4. How to set entry time frame and exit time frame?
    5. How to set an else ccondition if exit condition not met till certain time such as 1 pm?
    6. If exit condition not met , what will happen? will it auto square of at 3.30pm for margin trade?
    7. How to find days high till certain time of a day? like till 1 pm high price of the day.
    8. Any option to add if else conditions?
    9. How to place sell order x%above day open price?

  16. Ritu says:

    I have an demat account in zerodha. If we use streak algo for auto trading in intraday equity then will we get margin leverage?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ritu,

      Streak does not support auto-order placement. You will need to confirm the actionable notification sent to your device to place the order.

      The margin requirement while using Streak will remain the same as using Kite since leverage is given by the broker.

  17. Koushik says:

    How do I perform backtest on NIFTY-I futures as a continouts data in Streak? Actually, without this feature Streak is not useful at all and you folks are simply misleading newbies.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Koushik,

      You can backtest your strategy on Nifty Spot to determine the credibility of your strategy. There is a very high correlation between spot and future.

      Currently, we do not support continuous data for backtesting any futures instruments. However, we will be adding continuous data soon.

  18. Sam says:

    I just logged into streak mobile app using kite to see what it is. Does it mean that am already subscribed and will be charged? I didn’t intend to subscribe now. Will there be charged for logging into the app?

    • Streak says:

      No, when you login for the first time you get a free trial. During the trial period, you can test the platform and learn how it works. You will not be charged during the trial.

      For any subscription-related issues/queries, please write to [email protected]

  19. Lakshmi says:

    Technicals – Stop Loss & Resistance levels are showing incorrectly when i switch from 15 min to 30 Min and above.
    For lower timeframe it works

  20. Mandar says:

    How to add 2 conditions with OR and 3rd condition as AND like below :
    Positive MACD crossover AND (RSI crossover above 50 OR RSI crossover above 30)

  21. Raja Bharathi says:

    I would request you to consider letting users implement strategies on Options. I agree they cant be backtested. But by introducing that feature, you might help lot of retail traders to develop a system and stick to it. Thereby you are removing the emotional aspect of trading as well. And it might do wonders for the brand of ZERODHA.

  22. Gnanavelu says:

    Team, streak is really good for partial automation, but unable to perform options. Even though backtesting is not possible in option, still we can implement our technical strategy to automate the options. Hope option feature is available very soon. please take it as a serious note that most of them likely to see the options in streak.

    • Govind Panday says:

      I fully agree with you that launch the feature without backtesting for Options. I also requested Streak team many times in the past about this feature but they are not paying any heed to customers on this request.
      This is really annoying and so I left streak for the moment.

      I will take subscription once they implement this feature.

      • Streak says:

        Hi Govind,

        We hear the clients requirements and focus on adding possible features, kindly know that adding some things take more time than other and the team works on many features at a time, currently, we are working on many such features, and would appreciate your support and patience regarding, we will keep you posted as soon as we have updates regarding the same.

        • Govind Panday says:

          Thanks for reply this time.

          Streak’s platform is already functional for Strategy feature for other segments. Streaks team need to implement this for Option segment and this work is not a huge task.

          Nonetheless, do steak’s team has defined timelines to implement this feature.

          This is the fundamental need of Options Traders

  23. harsh says:

    Dear Mr Manohar

    tradetron is aggressively introducing automation for algo , the only handicap is strategy is not readymade like zerodha , why zerodha is not looking out of box solution as many midsize algo expert are offering automation through zerodha api , hope your tech team will soon launcha solution



  24. Shiv says:

    I am aa new user, a very basic question, anyone aware please answer – what does 200 backtests means, is it 1 strategy on 10 stocks , then it will counted as 20 backtests?

    • Mervin Anklesaria says:

      Wonder why this query has not been replied as yet by Streak…I can see all above and below queries of this post replied appropriately.

  25. Sudhir says:


    Will streak be giving a provision of automatic exit in a particular strategy. Since right now both entry and exit have be confirmed manually when signal is received. There should be an automatic exit when stoploss condition is triggered so one can minimize losses

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sudhir,

      This is already available.

      After you deploy a strategy when you receive an entry notification and take action on it, you receive an SLM order notification as well, immediately after your entry order is executed at the exchange. The SLM order remains open for execution as and when the price hits your SL or goes beyond the SL.

  26. Partheeban says:

    Is CRUDEOIL near month continuous chart available in Streak for back testing ?
    If so what is the ticker name and what interval it is available?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Partheeban, Crudeoil continuous chart is currently not available. It will be added in the future.

      • Partheeban says:

        Someone asked about the same thing in 2017 and Zerodha replied same thing, Soon it will be implemented.

        • Matti says:

          And we have since added this on Kite. Streak is yet to implement this. Since they’re a newer business, it’s only natural they’d need some more time.

  27. Anita says:

    The SL order in % terms in not a good idea. I would like to provide a SL condition, for e.g. X points below an inidicator or low of signal candle etc. Please provide this in future updated to make it a more reasonable system.

  28. Arun Chandel says:

    why “Maths functions , up by,down by comparator ” are not present in streak..??

    Actually i was making one strategy to sell the stock whenever there is 1 % percent movement in 1 min candle. This is possible in scanner but not while making strategy. Is there any way i can get this logic executed with current indicators in streak ..??

  29. Unnikrishnan E S says:

    Is it possible to get the result of the strategy as api call?
    Say for example I want to check whether the first three 10 mins candle are green… is it possible I can check these through api call ?

  30. Gaurav Dhiwar says:

    Is this fully automated algo trading app or software?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Gaurav, fully automated trading is not allowed for retail traders in India. Streak allows you to run a strategy and will alert you whenever there’s a trade as per your strategy and you’ll have to click to place it.

  31. Arun Kumar says:

    I did back-test for a stock & the start time is 10:15 AM. but while doing back-test buying is happening as 9:45 AM itself. What is the issue? Thanks

  32. abhay says:

    can also trade in bank nifty and nifty option ( call and put ) or not

  33. Manohar says:

    so many times i contacted streak customer care regarding how to place BUY,SELL,SHORT,COVER orders using streak, in create my strategy, i could only see ENTRY and EXIT CONDITION, i think this condition only places BUY,SELL order, then what about SHORT and COVER order, i did’t find tutorial on this

    • Streak says:

      Hi Manohar,

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

      We have checked and you have sent one mail on March 31st regarding this. The response has already been sent on the same date with links to the respective resources for reference.

      In case you are unable to understand them, please write to [email protected] with stating your Kite ID and we shall arrange a callback with one of our Customer Education Specialists.

  34. Sridhar says:

    Is there an option to compare different statergies and know ,which one is better

  35. Rajesh Prajapati says:

    Does Streak 3.0 support range-bar based strategies?

  36. Gaurav Jagetiya says:

    If i getting some problem to create strategy on regular basis, whom should i contact to resolve the issue and who can help me on creating the strategy.

  37. Gaurav says:

    How can i create below strategy for back testing:
    Condition to buy:
    1) Buy to be initiated after 9:45 AM
    2) Buy to be initiated in any time of the day, if the price level crosses the high of 9:00 am to 9:45 am
    3) Not to buy in case difference of high and low of 9:00 to 9:45 is more than Rs 5.
    4) SL to be 2% and target to be 2%.

    Condition to Sell:
    1) Sell to be initiated after 9:45 AM
    2) Sell to be initiated in any time of the day, if the price level crosses the low of 9:00 am to 9:45 am
    3) Not to sell in case difference of high and low of 9:00 to 9:45 is more than Rs 5.
    4) SL to be 2% and target to be 2%.

    I have just joined streak.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      You can implement both strategies. However, the 3rd condition cannot be implemented in the strategies currently.

      You can use the following condition to implement the long strategy.

      Timeframe: 1 min
      Entry: Close crosses above Opening Range (High, 45min)
      TP: 2%

      Similarly, you can create the short strategy.

  38. Kiran says:

    Do we have Java API to interact with Streak notifications of deployed strategies?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Kiran, currently this feature is not supported. However, it is in our roadmap and would be released in the future.

      • RAJESHKANNAN K S says:

        HI Streak,

        There is any estimation in progress to release API for notifications? I am planning to write my custom code with kite connect, But its taking lot of effort..If streak allow reading notification throw API.It will be very helpful

        • Streak says:

          Hi RAJESHKANNAN,

          Unfortunately, we cannot provide any estimation regarding this currently. However, we will reiterate that it is going to be released soon. Stay tuned!

  39. MM says:

    Can you please add the feature which will enable us to use the scanner for the customized list of stocks from which we can scan rather than from the basket. We should be able to add the stocks just just we have the ability to that while creating the strategy.

    • Streak says:


      The feature requested by you is called custom basket feature. It is already a part of our road-map and will soon be launched with our upcoming updates.

  40. SANDEEP DAKE says:

    can we buy & sell with supertrend

  41. Rahul Kumar says:

    Whether any documentation is available of various ‘Indicators’ present in Streak 3.0. Finding it a little tough to understand a few of them like
    – In ‘Previous N’ indicator. For example: Prev N(High,-5,day) is the high of previous 5th day or highest value of last 5 days
    – morning star(bearish,0.0,0.0) what are these ‘penetration’ and ‘offset’ values

  42. Govind says:


    First of all I would like to say thanks to Zerodha’s Streak team to create this platform which is immensely helping working professionals /retail traders like me who can’t remain in front of screen. Streak gives us power to fairly work at par with professional traders.

    Now the real problem which I am facing as on now is that I primarily deals in options and Options are not available in the Streak. Although in FAQ you already mentioned that time decay will impact back testing & therefore its not added in steak and that reason is acceptable BUT you can launch OPTION feature without back testing feature.I HAVE (I am sure many retail traders also have their own validated strategies) MY OWN VALIDATED STRATEGIES AND I WANT A PLATFORM WHICH CAN SEND ME BUY & SELL ALERT AS PER MY STRATEGIES.




  43. Suneetha Nadella says:

    Is paper trading available for equity futures?

  44. sagar says:

    Can we code our strategy in python rather than using the interface?

  45. Suneetha says:

    Is paper trading available for equity futures?


    When would yu update it to fully automated

    • Streak says:

      Hi Kunal!

      We do not provide completely automated execution due to SEBI regulations. Whenever the regulations are updated, we shall be able to provide the feature.

  47. Shyamal Sinha says:

    I have two queries,,

    1) when 3.0 will be launch for Android mobile??

    2) Unable to find commodity section like crudeoil etc in Discover section in streak 3.0 on Laptop??

    • Streak says:

      Hi! Shyamal!

      1) Work is in progress for the Android Version of V3. It should be released soon.
      2) You may add commodities to the strategies already available in Discover. Different sectors will be made available in upcoming updates.

  48. Rangarajan A L says:

    Is there an ORB strategy in Streak ?

  49. Dhananjay says:

    Hi Team,

    Why you removed banknifty spot and nifty spot back was very useful now we can’t backtest banknifty more than 1 month

    Thanks & Regard

  50. Prithiv Venkatesh Selvaraj says:

    Will the order be placed automatically once the conditions are met…

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prithiv,

      Once your conditions are met, an actionable notification will be sent to your system. You need to click on the notification and confirm to place the order. As per regulation, this cannot be automated.

  51. Arunava Mitra says:

    For any deployed strategy if anything triggered why Everytime we need to take action (buy/sell) why it is not automatically executed

  52. Ram says:

    Why all BSE stocks are not available for trade in Streak?

  53. Srikanth says:

    Streak mobile is not working in abroad.
    Don’t you have an option to use out of India…?

  54. Abhishek says:

    AtR trailing stoploss using 1mnt chart. Strategy
    I also waiting for this version in mobile.
    Launch as soon as possible,

    • Streak says:

      Hi Avishek,

      ATR trailing stop loss will be added with several other indicators. We are already working on the Android app and it would be released soon.

  55. Deepak says:

    Finally zerodha did something called paper trading 😂😂 is it free or u want some fee for using it😂😂

    • Streak says:

      Hi Deepak,

      You need to subscribe to use Streak.
      You can check our subscription details from the below-mentioned link.

      However, we are offering free access to the new Streak 3.0 Beta platform to all Zerodha users from 4th Dec 2019 to 10th Dec 2019. The plan will entail 20 backtests, 2 live deployments, and 20 scans per day.

  56. Raghav says:

    Work in price action ?

  57. Raj K says:

    kindly add CPR PIVOT OF pivot boss..frank ochoa..thank all pivots from monthly to be added..

  58. Sandeep Singh says:


    I have been using some logic but believe only consider 1..2 parameter of all the given ones though I have added AND between these

    Can someone help to discuss on this over this week preferably Saturday time

  59. Kashi says:

    Is Paper trading free? Or only seven days or need to subscribe

  60. Kapil says:

    Hi,when will be partial booking implementation done like trgt1,trgt2

  61. Sachin patel says:

    Fractal chaos band is not included in streaks. Please add.

  62. Anshu says:

    Streak and zerodha dont have option of indicator on indicator.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Anshu,

      You can do this for some indicators. For example, RSI moving average. However, in case you are not able to implement your requirement, you can write to [email protected] with the deatils and the team shall help you with this.

  63. Rakesh says:

    back testing of option trading possible?

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  64. Parameswaran S says:

    If provide tradingview chart platform directly streak app is better identify and check statergy now i am only checking zerodha after only we will do execution better provide direct chart access

  65. Dhananjay says:


    Can we deploy our strategy as scanner ?

    As of now we need to put input in stratagy also for creating scanner also any option can be possible we can convert our stratagy in to scanner ?

    • Streak says:

      Yes, you can implement your strategy logic in the scanner manually. However, we would be introducing features that will allow users to replicate their scanner, with the click of a button, in the future.

  66. Jovish Puthiyedath says:

    Thanks a lot for adding the feature to select variable quantity. But you could have made that automatic using max loss per trade or max percentage loss per trade so that people wont have to manually adjust the quantity every time.

  67. Aditya Bhat says:

    When will the automation feature come out? Can you use streak with a third party virtual private server to automate?

  68. Yuvraj Kalikate says:

    I was wondering if entry & exit for option trading would be possible based on nifty index.This is very critical as we cannot keep SL & Target based on option prices.This is specially for intraday trades.

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  69. Surender says:

    Is Streak available on android app

  70. d sudhakara rao says:

    how can we download it

  71. Pratik says:

    Hello team,
    why can’t you put open interest Indicator in streak which is critical for creating live strategy for F&O stocks.?

  72. Dipak chakraborty says:


  73. Shivanshu Vashishtha says:

    Can we create our custom strategy ?

  74. Sunando says:

    Please keep Streak free to use as options of auto trading is emerging very fast using Java , Python development and reduce cost of API .

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sunando,

      Our focus has always been to provide the best of the technology to our clients and reduce their efforts and help them take informed decisions based on proven past record of their strategies using backtesting, paper trading, etc.

      To further enhance the experience, we conduct regular webinars to educate our clients about the platform. We have also focused on building a strong support team to support our clients whenever they need help with the platform and we also do provide a free trial to each client to get comfortable with the platform and understand if it suits their trading style before they subscribe. We have also put up a unique ultimate plan where one can consult our platform expert over the phone for 30 minutes to get all your doubts cleared regarding technicals and the platform itself and get educated in every aspect of using the platform.

      We are only charging our clients for huge server cost that we incur for carrying our various operations and services that we provide including backtests, deployment, data, scanner and quick support, which we offer at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have also incorporated different pricing plans based on the requirement of different users.

      For any further clarifications, help or doubts, please feel free to write to [email protected]

  75. Devv says:

    Can i use this strategy on BANK Nifty Options ?

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  76. Manish says:

    Streak login error. Please contact support at [email protected]
    Kindly solve the problem.

  77. Bharath says:

    Login error

  78. prafulla bhople says:

    getting login error

  79. Tanmay Dash says:

    Will it work in BANKNIFTY and nifty Call and put??

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  80. Madan says:

    I m waiting for the update

  81. Dharmesh Satwara says:

    keep it up…

  82. SACHIIN TONDON says:

    is new streak 3.0 chargeable or free of cost , please reply. thanx

  83. sujit says:


  84. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    I am waiting for the update

  85. AKSHAYa says:

    Nice initiative..
    getting error to log in !!! Please fix it


    Can I create a strategy based on multiple time frame in Streak 3.0?