Introducing Scanner by Streak

July 9, 2019

Scanners, typically, until now have been used to identify stocks using plain filters with limited functionality. Retail traders lacked a single source that allowed the use of custom conditioning while including mathematical functions and operators. A few who were able to provide complex conditions had to compromise on usability. Thus, making it very complicated and cumbersome for users.

Up until now, retail traders had to struggle through different charts, screens, and platforms. The lack of a seamless experience was affecting how users traded. The need of the hour was an advanced system with easy to use functionalities and an intuitive interface without the complexities of coding.

With this in mind, we’ve built Streak Scanner from the ground up to be as simple as possible. You can filter stocks based on pre-defined technical conditions combined with math functions across market segments, including Nifty 50, Nifty 100, Nifty 500, currencies and commodities.

Streak’s Technical Scanner, lets you create more than a million conditions of your choice without getting into the complexities of coding. Our promise is to bring the latest technology at affordable prices.


Popular scanners

Access over 70+ Pre-defined scans that are ready to use such as Top gainers, Top Losers, Bullish, Bearish, Range breakout, Crossovers and more.

Popular scans

Create custom scans

Create a new scan

With Technical Indicators and advanced mathematical functions, you can now create custom scans with more than a million conditions to scan across thousands of stocks.

Harness the functionalities of built-in technical indicators, mathematical operators, and easy to use interface to skim through resulting scans. With Streak Scanner’s, lightning-fast processing, you can now cut down your stock search time to less than a second, every time you trade.

Do more with scanned stocks:

  1. Directly place orders from the order window or
  2. Create a basket or
  3. Create a strategy for preferred stocks.

Trading from the order window

You can now choose to Buy or Sell stocks directly from the order window. These orders can be tracked from Orderbook and Portfolio.

Trade from the order window

Create a basket

The basket feature allows you to save stocks by giving the basket a unique name. These baskets can be accessed from the ‘Menu drop-down’. You can use these baskets to create strategies from the ‘create’ page any time.


Create a Strategy

With the scanned stocks, you can further choose to gauge the performance of the stocks by creating a new strategy and backtesting it.

Create strategies

We heard you!

We have also introduced a range of comprehensive plans for you to choose from. Here’s a quick look at the Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual plans.

Bonus tip: You can get unlimited scans with the Premium and Ultimate Plan.

Pricing plans

All Zerodha clients will be able to access Streak free trial plan till 18 July 2019.

20 Scans per day
20 Backtests per day
2 live deployments

Check out Streak Help for more.

Happy Trading 🙂

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  1. Jitendar says:

    Can you provide a scanner for open low and open high of options chain different strike price in all F&O stocks at 9.20 am?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Jitendar,

      Although you can easily add condition that scan for Open = High and Open = Low easily in Streak, your requirement is not clear. We request you to kindly share the details of your requirements and write to [email protected] so that the team can assist you better.

  2. Rahul says:

    How to use { [-1]15 minute Max(20, [0]15 minute Close) } conditions in streak ?

  3. Ishwar says:

    I want to run scanner on weekly chart and monthly chart. is it possible with streak scanner ?

  4. Ikramuddin says:

    Team can cmo can be add in scanner

  5. Azu says:

    Can i create pivot as a scanner in streak.

  6. Abdunnasar says:

    Kindly mention that the delay with NSE exchange data for the streak database
    Is it 100% real time or one or two minutes delay?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Abdunnasar,

      Streak uses LTP data for scanner alerts and strategy alert generation (Both paper and live). LTP data is also used for SL and TP triggers as well. Streak does not use any delayed datafeed for NSE, CDS or MCX.

      In case of any further queries, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

  7. Pratik says:

    Can stocks be scan(1 min data) by our strategy in live market using zerodha’s scanner?

  8. shanmugha says:

    hello, Pls let me the below condition can be executed in streak

    If a Nifty50 or Banknifty 5 Mins candle fall by 50-80 points ,my at the money call/put trade should get execute with target and stoploss.

  9. Kuruvila Thomas says:

    What does open(1) and close(1) mean in streak. I have seen this being used in some scanners.

  10. Jayanta Mishra says:

    Is it possible to have a scanner where I can get the list of stocks for which spot price is higher than future ?

  11. Shailesh says:

    Streak is free for Zerodha User or it is chargeable

  12. Rahul says:

    how can we use %change field in scan.
    if i have to scan for %change on 1 minute candle greater than 0.5
    can you pls help on this asap

    • Rahul says:

      Also, in “scan on” field, we have only options like nifty50,nifty100,health , likewise sector and indixes.
      do we have way to search stock from all available stocks at same time. how can i keep changing sector every 10 second to keep checking stocks from different sectors

  13. Sivanesan says:

    Am aware of the price difference in futures and equities. 01-02-2021, on this day both ICICI and Indusind bank went high at morning and till the day . With my scanning setup in future shown icici only and not indusnind, HDFC, and missed many scripts etc on the complete day .

    With the same scanning parameters , am getting more and better results in equities rather than futures. Any technical problem on this day or I should not use NFO futures for scanning .

    Please clarify .

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sivanesan,

      Futures replicate the movement as their underlying but its not exactly the same. It depends on your parameters being used. For example, a crossover of two MA can happen at different candles for the stock and the same stock futures.

      Ideally, you should use the underlying to track the movements but tracking the Futures also is not too different apart from the limit on data availability. So to verify the signals, you can just open the charts and check whether the condition was met on the futures at the same time you got in the underlying. There were no issues from our end,

  14. Ravindranath. P says:

    Is it possible to deploy a scanner as follows

    1) Nifty 50 Index Futures and Bank Nifty Index Futures
    2) Scan one minute range, Time: 9.15 am to 3.30 pm (Open scanner and activate at 9.15 am and close the scanner at 3.30 pm)
    3) Buy Action: Buy 10 Lots of Nifty Futures at Market Price: When price is crossing Lower Bollinger and RSI is below 30
    4) Sell Action: 20 Lots : When Price is crossing higher Bollinger and RSI is above 70
    5) Buy Action: 30 Lots : When Price is crossing lower Bollinger and RSI is below 30
    6) Sell Action: 40 Lots: When Price is crossing higher Bollinger and RSI IS above 70

    Repeat till closure for the day.

    I would like to get this tested if possible and understand results thereof.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Ravindranath,
      A scanner allows you to scan only and not buy/sell anything, But you can create a strategy and backtest the following in Streak
      1. Buy 10 Lots of Nifty Futures at Market Price:
      Entry Condition: Price is crossing Lower Bollinger and RSI is below 30
      2.Exit Condition: When Price is crossing higher Bollinger and RSI is above 70
      3. Till 3:30 PM
      Pyramiding is not possible currently but will be available in the future.

  15. Mohit Garg says:

    Hey team,
    Saw your videos on Youtube.. looking for something like this. Feedback guys, if someone inputs a filter for a pattern and scanning analysis engine should show those patterns on the chart…. check out Marketsmith India charting.. they show some patterns. You have already filtered everything based on formulas. I think it will be much easy for you to show in the chart as you have all the data points ..when some click on a particular stock. Also, another query, can it show a cup and holder ? or flat base? or suacer with handle

    if you can draw these pattern on a chart after one create a scan. It would be huge value add. Plus if we align this with Volume wow.. i can see lot of value.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Mohit,

      Thank you for the feedback.

      We are already working on adding quick access charts from scan results and this would be released soon. However, the patterns will not be highlighted. Note that Marketsmith is a charting platform and Streak provides tools for creating strategies and scanning instruments across Equity, FnO, Currency and Commodities segment. Hence there will be a difference in features.

      As regards to scanning for the patterns you mentioned, Flat base is already available, a scanner for saucer would be added in the Discover section soon. You can always create and search for any patterns that you want to filter using the various techniques discussed in our Youtube videos. Please write to [email protected] if you face any issues.

  16. Neeraj says:

    I want to use the following in my scanner:

    Slow Stochastics (8,3) <= 40 i.e. I want streak to scan for stocks below a certain stochastics %. I am getting an error stating that it is an invalid condition.

    Let me know how I could set this up.

  17. Arvind Solanki says:

    Can I trade with bank nifty index

  18. Vivek G says:


    I have question regarding scanner. Does scanner detects stocks that meets my strategy conditions in real time in live market.

  19. Laj C Mathew says:


    Can you add a beginner plan below basic? Something like 5 scans per day, 10 backtests per day, 5 deployments at a time, and no automatic trade?

    I might eventually upgrade, but for now it is more like learning than testing your system, and trial period of 5 days appear too short.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Laj,

      This will not be possible currently.

      However, in case you have not used the trial i.e you have not backtested during the trial, you can write to [email protected] when you feel confident. Another trial can be arranged after checking the usage details.

  20. murari bhartia says:

    Do below scanners possible in Sreak:
    like Stocks rising higher with increasing volumes for the past 3 candles on a 5 minute chart

    ( cash ( [0] 5 minute close > [-1] 5 minute close and [-1] 5 minute close > [-2] 5 minute close and [-2] 5 minute close > [-3] 5 minute close and [0] 5 minute volume > [-1] 5 minute sma( volume,15 ) and [-1] 5 minute volume > [-2] 5 minute sma( volume,15 ) and [-2] 5 minute volume > [-3] 5 minute sma( volume,15 ) ) )

  21. jimmy says:

    i am a zerodha customer but i am not able to use streak scanner…..
    why ??

  22. Max says:

    Just wanted to know if there are plans to include Intraday Momentum Index in the list of indicators.

  23. Wasi Abbas says:


    how can i combine my strategy on live scan? suppose i want to apply 15 min breakout strategy for live 15 min breakout scanner. how can i do it. because right now i am able to apply only previous selected stocks which is not given bullish breakouts. so i want to scan stocks live which is given 15 min opening range breakout and it should be automatically given buy and sell signal alert on the live stocks caught by scanner.


    • Streak says:

      Hi, Scanner is basically a live filter, it is not meant for sending buy/sell signals. You can create a scanner based on your requirement and then take trades manually once your condition is met. A scanner cannot send entry/exit notification like a strategy.

      Please refer to the following link for more details on this.

  24. Jigna says:


    In the list of indicators available on streak platform, stochastic momentum index indicator is mentioned on the website. However, this indicator is not available in the scanner. Please clarify.

  25. RAJ says:


    Will strategies and scans created remain private or any one can search and access ?


    • Streak says:

      Hi Raj,

      The strategies/scans that you create are listed under My Strategies and My Scans. Items listed under My Strategies and My Scans will only be accessible by the user of that account. Discover strategies can be accessed by all users.

  26. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy K says:

    How can add a new column to the scanner? At the moment, scanner shows only few columns. I need indicator columns. For example I want to see the MA(30) or RSI(14) values on the scanner table.

  27. Ravi says:

    How can we scan higher volume changes in futures through streak

  28. Vivek says:

    How to Scan Monthly And Weekly Candles?

  29. Saurabh soni says:

    Hi, I just subscribed to streak and found out that I can’t copy my code to create variations of my scanners. Every time I want a variation, I need to select all the conditions from scratch. That’s very bad and time consuming. Cursing myself to waste 500 rs because I can do this on chartink very easily. Am I missing something so that I can create copies and variations of scanners easily? I just wanted to move from chartink to streak because I trade on Zerodha and was searching for reliability as these algorithms, which I write for scanning are backbone of trading. But every time doing everything from scratch is such a waste.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Saurabh!

      The team is already working on implementing the copy feature and much more. It should be made available soon!

      • saurabh soni says:

        Thanks for the revert, please let me know how can I know when the feature is live because till the feature is live streak is of no use to me and I have unsubscribed but without subscribing how would I know that the feature is live on streak?

        • Streak says:

          We send out feature update mails, so just watch out for that, also you can follow us on twitter @streaktech .

          • karthik says:

            hello, just save as option for scan will work, so that we can duplicate the scan and then edit it as per requirement.
            When can it be implemented.

          • saurabh soni says:

            No copy paste feature, No ‘save as’ version for scanner for last 6 months. I am willing to buy a pro feature just for creating my strategies on streak but in the end can’t create everything from scratch for the variations. I think it should be a basic feature to provide copy paste or save as feature. 6 months and no update.

      • Amit says:

        Hi Team,

        It would be a great help if you provide copy feature on scanners, its herculin task to keep creating same scanner all the time for minute variations. Looking forward for positive outcome or any viable alternate.

  30. Sourabh says:

    If live scanner doesnt meet criteria specified by me, will it still give me alert that ‘no stocks found’?
    Or it will alert only when criteria is matched?


  31. Umesh J says:

    (1) When I create a strategy is streak and click on “Backtest”, for what period backtesting is done? I didn’t notice any option to select period for backtesting.
    (2) When I deploy a strategy, is it necessary to be logged in kite or streak to receive signal notifications?
    (3) What is the strategy cycle column in deploying the strategy?

  32. Prasad KS says:


    I would like to backtest first 1 hour breakout strategy for Bank nifty.Could you please let me know if this is possible in streak?

    Basically I would like to find out if first hour high/low is broken whether it reverses back and breakes the first hour high/low . If Yes what is the frequency of this happening?

    Once first hour High/Low is broken how high/deep will Bank nifty travel?

    Thanks in advance.

  33. farzan says:

    MACD 12,26,9 cross over with williams crossing -80 and -20 respectively on a 5 minute candle scan
    how do we create the above…

  34. Chockkalingam says:

    Pl give scanner conditions for %K line cross above %D line & vice versa.
    %K periods – 10
    %K smoothing period – 3
    %K smoothing double period – 3
    %D periods – 10
    %D moving average type – Exponential

    • Streak says:

      You can use the below conditions to implement this in scanner.

      Stochastic(10,%k,Yes,0) crosses above Stochastic(10,%d,Yes,0)

      However, note that stochastic use SMA for smoothening and cannot be changed to EMA.

      Hope this helps.

  35. Anand Yesu says:

    Can someone help me with weekly range breakout formula, please ?

  36. Ravinder Babbar says:

    Hi Team, It’s a very nice effort by the streak team. I just want if you could add some option to apply the scan on all the sectors. Because each time we have to change the sector for getting results.


  37. Siddharth says:

    How to cancel the subscription? I have just logged in from the Zerodha Account, I haven’t deployed or used any of the services? It is stating the 7 days of free trials.

    I wanted to know will it be charged after 7th day?

    Help me out with it?

  38. Parth says:

    Please add open = high and open=low scanner

  39. Lone ranger says:

    How I apply manually created scanner to particular watch list?

  40. ravindra matolia says:

    myplan for mcx in dema 200 high price not crossover just buy when high & low above dema 200 high price without tuch dema line& sale dema 200 low peice when high low below dema 200 low price please set my stragety for mcx plan

  41. ravindra matolia says:

    i cant explain my strategy so if possible call me my no 9830278061 for my mcx stragety than i can subribe for mcx plan

  42. Bineeth Mistry says:

    If i’m a positional/swing trader, how am i to benefit from Streak, since
    most of the scanners are on Minute timeframe?

    a) How to tune the parameters for indicators / Candle interval (Timeframe) while creating a strategy.
    e.g. How to use Supertrend for Long , holding the position for few days/ weeks,
    Supertrend(7,3,0) ,MACD( ), MACD SIgnal( )
    How to tweak the parameters to align with my trade horizon.
    b) The Backtest calculation is based on candle interval? How does it work for Day/Weekly interval.
    I have noticed that when the backtest is run it doesn’t consider the relevant look back period, nor is there an option to put the same before running the same.
    c) High(0),Low(0), High(-1),Low(-1), Offset is not clear to me.
    d) .

    • Streak says:

      Hi Bineeth,

      a) Supertrend for long in strategy is “close crosses above Supertrend(7,3)”
      In scanner, you can also use “close higher than Supertrend(7,3)” Ref:, also ASSIST feature helps you with auto-filling most of the conditions with default settings.
      More can be found on the link above. Key point is to note the difference b/w cross over vs higher/lower than (
      b) Backtesting we currently support upto day candle, higher will be released soon.
      The backtest lookback period can we changed as per your requirement by clicking on parameters on backtest page(this option on create page will be released soon)
      c) High(0) means the latest high, of the lastest candle, like normally when you speak, and say what is current candles high,(it refers to that).
      High(-1) i.e with offset 1, means previous candles high. Offset lets you access any older value.
      Hope this helps.

  43. Nilesh Choudhari says:

    Very complicated user interface. Good try but very very long way to match with Chartink.

    Why conditions creation options are different for Scanner & Startegy??? e.g. OFFSET (SMA) setting given in scanner and not in Strategy…..

    Why cant scanner is linked/enabled to create strategy ????? If you want to keep them separate then at least keep programming fields same for both. Otherwise no use of scanner as one can not backtest the results given by scanner. (This is available in Chartink)

    Request your program team to use Chartink for a month and then upgrade Streak.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nilesh Choudhari

    • Streak says:

      Hi Nilesh,

      Scanners and strategies are different form the perspective that one filters out scrips passively while other is for generating timely trade signals.
      Our scanner has more options than the create strategies(although most of it can be achieved in strategies too, eg: for SMA offset you can use moving average indicator which has offset option), as it newly released, and same will be available in strategies as we are working on backward compatibility. Our scanners are real-time, and produce accurate results when compared to other similar services.
      We will also release much needed short-cuts for converting scanners to strategies and vice-versa very soon.
      Please not that Backtesting of scanners as you mentioned in you comment about other platform is completely misleading and not relevant as it just tells how many scrips have meet the condition in the past, but nothing about the performance, risk, target metrics, etc.
      Streak Scanner beta has been released, soon we will be releasing many more features, which continues to provide extremely simplified user along with many webinars.
      Hope this clarifies.

      • Nilesh Choudhari says:

        Hello Streak Team,
        Thanks for clarifications. Will eagerly wait for scanner and strategy integration.

  44. Jatin says:

    Please make scan trial available for MCX.

  45. Yogesh Thakkar says:

    Sir ,
    Not able to get scanner option (button) in streak android application

  46. Kiran KS says:

    Unrelated question…when will zerodha provide a common ledger for both equity n commodity markets…it’s long overdue

  47. Nithy says:

    Dear sir,

    Is possible to code harmonic patterns scanners in streak.

  48. S says:

    Scanning/creating strategy with multiple time-frames parameters – is this in the pipeline of future developments for Streak?

  49. Amit says:

    Many free tools available on Internet. Zirodha need to create MTF facility like upstock… Many my friends move from Zirodha to Upstock becuase MTF facility

  50. JOSEPH KV says:

    Very difficult to read!

  51. Rajbir Sharma says:

    1. All alerts and scans should be on Kite ONLY, instead of separate application.
    2. It should be for Cash and & F/O both

    I compliment you for introducing multiple applications and Technology,
    however your customer support is very bad . It is very difficult to reach to anyone in cash of any confusion and emergencies. This needs to be set right on priority, before it becomes a threat for your organisation

  52. Prem says:

    Can we open a foreign dmat account through zerodha in usa

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Prem,

      I’m assuming you wish to open an NRI account with Zerodha. Please check this link
      Kindly write to nridesk[at]zerodha[dot]com and we’ll connect you with an NRI sales manager who will assist you further.


    I want to know which of these strategies give maximum return ? If you can compare and upfront tell then we can deploy that. Backtesting and finding which one is best also takes lot of time. Further, if you see chartink website, they have also given scanners for free. I wanted to create one scan which looks very simple but for your program to handle that looks complicated. Although you say no coding requires but the simple language is not there. E.g. if I want to know that there are 3 or 4 red or down candles continuously (assume day candles) and then there is one green candle next day, How do I write it. This is no where explained nor available. Therefore, either call me on 9833561182 to get many such good feedback or give your reply in comments section itself.

  54. arun kumar ray says:


  55. C R BYRAREDDY says:


  56. NIKHIL VORA says:

    For Zerodha users, all the applications should be free.

  57. Raj kumar says:

    Is it another means to milk customers. Because upstocks is providing dartstocks software with maximum scanners free. Fyers is also providing dartstocks free. Instead of it improve pi as it has not been updated since 2016

    • Streak says:

      Dear Raj,

      This is a new feature release, in the same plans which already existed in Streak.
      There is no separate charges for this services other than what you pay for the plan.
      Just that the same plan say the basic 500 plan, not not only has backtesting, live deployments, but also has scanners all in the same cost, where earlier it only had creating strategies, backtesting, and deployments.

      Hope this clarifies.

  58. Mrinmoy Chakraborty says:

    Hi Can you please help me with the scanner,
    I want to scan futures stocks when RSI crossed 60 on 15 min time fame and Candle stick waking/ outside upper bollinger band.


  59. arun kumar ray says:

    i want to talk about streak and iwant to know how work,please call me after 3.30pm

    • Streak says:

      Hi Arun!

      Kindly write to us at [email protected] along with your Kite ID and contact details. We will be happy to help.

      • M Y Vinod kumar says:

        My kite ID is DU1007. on august 20, 2019 i had watched demo of scanner streak on you tube. I am interested in the scanner Pls let me know how to download the software and if any training is given to learn the same I deal in equity (cash) segment

        thanks and regards,

        M Y Vinod kumar

  60. jagdish Mahato says:

    I think this will be very helpfull for all the investor. Thanks for the new effort.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Jagdish!

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation! We are always committed to bringing the best of the technologies and features to our users.

  61. Umeshchandra says:

    There is a proliferation of apps on the platform and each of them doing a separate function, at a separate price point. Guess this will work against Zerodha’s initial philosophy of “Zero Rodha”. I am not suggesting against charging, but one has to be very careful in managing the portfolio of products & features. You may be giving your competitors (in fact, Fyers spoke about this…) a stick to show that Zerodha is not as inexpensive as it appears…

    I have liked & trusted the platform, despite some odd blackout days. It is up to you to run the business as you deem it fit.

    All the best in your endeavors.

    • Streak says:

      Dear sir,

      This is a new feature release, in the same plans which already existed in Streak.
      There is no separate charges for this services other than what you pay for the plan.
      Just that the same plan say the basic 500 plan, not not only has backtesting, live deployments, but also has scanners all in the same cost, where earlier it only had creating strategies, backtesting, and deployments.
      More value delivered in the same plan and at same price.

      Hope this clarifies.

  62. Puneet says:

    Zerodha platform is itself totally crap…no support staff..order placement and cancellation of orders stops whenever there is high volatility.. customer support staff doesnt respond.. U just get an sorry email from CEO for the incovenience caused.

  63. Shubham says:

    Great. Been using it and loving it but there’s lack of option to filter out FO Only stocks. We can only chose from Nifty 50, 100 and 500. It’d we awesome if we’ve option to filter FO stocks.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Shubham!

      We are constantly working on improving and introducing new features to the scanner. Adding FnO Stocks is already in our task list and shall be out very soon.

  64. Mayur Wadke says:

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to suggest you. Please upgrade zerodha kite with technical indicators signal alerts I think this function will help to trader while trading. I hope my request will take seriously and fulfill soon..Thank you..

  65. KIRAN BADIGER says:



  66. suyash says:

    need guide for explaining its feature and how to use it, as never used any scnner before

  67. Sajwan Beerbal Singh says:

    Hello Zerodha I am an Nri and want to open trading and demat account I need your help to open and how to resister Nri phone number because there is no option to add phone number for isd

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Sajwan,

      The NRI account opening process is explained here.
      Kindly write to nridesk[at]zerodha[dot]com and we’ll connect you with an NRI sales manager who will assist you further.

    • Bandar Singh says:

      I want to know whether it is possible to result of shares that pass two or three different scans. For example I want one scan to be done on 15 minute and another to happen on 1 hour candle. But on a single scanner we can’t have two candlestick time-frames. So if we create two scanners, one on 15 min and another on hourly candles, I want to know if the results that pass both can appear as a list.

      • Streak says:

        Hi Bandar Singh!

        You can do this using the Multi-time frame function available on the scanner. It can be used to create a scanner which can scan on 1 hour and 15 min aswell. For further assistance, please write to [email protected]

      • Jitendar says:

        Can you provide a scanner for open low and open high of options chain different strike price in all F&O stocks at 9.20 am