Introducing Zerodha’s New Support Portal

March 20, 2018
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As you know, we have grown exponentially over the last 2 years, and have still strived to provide the best possible support experience. We’ve observed that when it comes to the large volumes of support queries we receive every day:

  1. Most support queries are repetitive in nature and in fact have answers already available.
  2. These answers are spread out across Z-Connect, Varsity, or TradingQ&A, making it not very straightforward for clients to find.
  3. Often, queries pertaining to specific aspects of an account (for example, a particular order) do not come with the necessary information (eg: order ID) for our support team to process. This results in a lot of back and forth e-mails significantly delaying query resolution.

To address this issue, we’ve built an all-new support system – Zerodha Support – a manually curated and actively maintained knowledge-base of information, questions and answers pertaining to all aspects of Zerodha, from account opening to trading. In addition, we’ve focused extensively on making these answers discoverable through an intelligent search system. If you’re still unable to find an answer to your query on the Support Portal, you can create a support ticket and track it right from there. The new ticket interface automatically pulls information from your account (orders, holdings, positions etc.) and let’s you pin point the exact issue while writing your query, saving you significant amounts of time. This is a much better and smooth experience than writing e-mails directly to our support e-mail address.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

With over 400+ topics across 6 broad categories that are updated regularly, the portal has everything you need to know about trading at Zerodha.


Intelligent search

We’ve put in a lot of effort to make the content discoverable through an intelligent search system.

Intelligent search

Contextual ticket creation

In the unlikely event that you don’t find a solution to your query, you can create a ticket from a topic specific to your query. Not just that; with the hooks we’ve implemented in the portal you can even select a specific transaction or entry (orders, holdings or positions) that you’re facing an issue with when creating a ticket.

Let’s say for example your order was rejected and you couldn’t find the reason, you can create a ticket by selecting the rejected order as shown in these screenshots. This ensures that your tickets are assigned to the appropriate teams and comes with enough contextual information, thus ensuring a quicker resolution.

Search for a topic

Select orders, positions or holdings to specify your issue.

Track all your tickets easily

If you have multiple tickets you can track their progress easily from your dashboard.

Track all your tickets from your dashboard.

View responses to your tickets

Next time you have a query, instead of sending an email (we will soon stop accepting emails on support[at] head to the all-new Zerodha Support Portal!

Happy Trading

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter.


  1. Soumen Ghosh says:

    Great. Good Job…… !!!

    • Amit Chaudhary says:

      4th days POA still not updated

      Please give any senior person contact detail.

      If you are not able to resolve

      Prashant N not talking properly on call

      I called him so many time but no response

    • Manphool says:

      I suppose Zerodha’s peoples think all the customers are CA or MBA whereas most of us donot know the ABC of stock market. Insptead of ginving simple one line reply you fowarded a link of some complex stereotype web. OK, I hv no option but to go through the technical vocubary/terms. So sorry for disturbing you.

      • Matti says:

        Hey, what seems to be the issue? Do you have a ticket that was responded to unsatisfactorily? Can you share the ticket number? Will check.

        • Manphool says:

          Simple:-How can I sell my equaties the querry was that. It needed a ticket or not the same customer canot decide. I hv given PaO but was told not correct. I feel as a spacegoat at the hand of Zerodha.

          • Matti says:

            I only asked so we can check what was the response you received and how we can respond better to this and similar queries in the future.

        • Sristu sandhyarani says:

          Dear sir,I have transferred Rs.50,000/- to the equity account of zerodha.Funds had been deducted on 21-09-2020.but did neither credited to zerodha account nor refunded to my account.

      • Arathi Suresh says:

        My NRI application was submitted 10 days ago and after repeated calls and reminder emails, I have not received a response. Please do not give me covid19 as an excuse for even a simple acknowledgement of receipt of application.

        If this is how applications are processed, should I expect such laid back and I different treatment after I open the account as well?!!

        No point in having state of art technology, if the human intelligence behind it is mute!!

        Appreciate a quick response.



  2. YASH GUPTA says:


  3. Rahul says:

    @Nithin – Why don’t you guys integrate Heckyl in your platform? Will make you guys surely best in the market if you could do that. Thanks

  4. Ketan Waghela says:


    Thank you for sharing the details on new support portal. I have a small request. if you could link Brokerage and Margin calculator on Kite application. It will be really helpful for us while using Kite app on mobile.

    Thank you,

    Ketan Waghela

  5. Manish Chakraborty says:

    Neat… It never fails to amaze me the innovation that Zerodha brings to the trading community…

  6. puja dutta says:

    congratulation zerodha …great work

  7. A.P says:

    Good upgrade, How come my ticket was closed after 3 useless replies and the problem still persists ?

    When checked from a tech background, follow up after fixing the issue seems not so important to the support team. Please do something about it if this comments section is a better way to deal with overlooked tickets.

    Old charts stuck: #20180308490104

  8. Dinesh Khandelwal says:

    Nithin Sir its too great again ZERODHA provide all types of support for traders, and improving day by day sir i am a commodity trader and i think its time to make a research team for equity or commodity.I know this is hard but as per till today zerodha given best in all things for a trader so in research team provide a way for achieving best results in future.

    Thanks Zerodha thanks Nithin Sir G.

  9. Tuhin Chatterjee says:

    It really sounds good and should prove to be very effective. I would request the team to introduce an “alarm” facility on the Kite-3 trading platform so that we can get pop-up notifications when the price of a particular stock(s) arrive at a certain price level or about to arrive. Your effort to this effect would be highly appreciated.


  10. vishal says:

    money transfered is taking time to coming in my funds, tckt numb #20180320670250

  11. KULDEEP CHAND says:

    Please! Add 2H, 3H and 4H Chart in KITE Platform. I can use 4H Chart in Kite but 2H and 3H is not available and just for these Timeframes, I use Sharekhan’s TradeTiger.

    Why not just create a way to specify CUSTOM TIME in Kite so that chart could be generated on the basis of CUSTOM TIMEFRAME as is in Sharekhan’s TradTiger.

  12. Ragul says:

    Amongst many discount brokers out there…Zerodha is a well known name. Please stop blocking the scripts during live trading hours.

    If you are taking the comments seriously…Please avoid such things

  13. M S RAO says:


    • Siddharth Jain says:

      Not really..its cheapest..the best by far is icici direct…zerodha is not even close to it…i am saying it having used both of them

  14. Baikuntha says:

    I have purchased 10 stocks of HSCL @ 156.50 on 16.03.2018. But till date (21.03.2016) in holdings the average price shows N/A and its value is not included in my total investment amount. please update.

  15. Inderpal Yadav says:

    Sir kite app achhe se kaam nhi kar rha h.
    Pls help kare. Hang ho jata h. Sirf kite app m hi problem h. Baki apps achhe se kaam kar rhe h. Koi connet no dijiye jispe baat karke m apni prblms bta saku.
    Thank you

  16. Madan L Chanpur says:

    Tried to call Rachan from last 2 days not picking up the my call.Just sending SMS as busy in meeting.I had just open the account on March 20,2018 and already send the required documents by courier still my account is fully active for call.Please informed me that need done here.

  17. Manju sharma says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    services are very poor ,I m unable to open my account , I m calling Naveen v as he was in touch with me last month, but now contact no not available , I m sending mails no response of mails. customer care also un supportive.

    Manju sharma

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manju. Sorry to hear that. I see that your account is already open. For more assistance, you can call our support desk on 080-40402020.

  18. Manju sharma says:

    Dear Matti

    as I mentioned we have done all the excursive but not getting results, Kindly arrange call for support . urgently we want to buy stocks ,but unable to do the same.if you are not having person to call or support us .
    sorry to say we will open Account with some other facility.
    Manju sharma

  19. Jagannath Banerjee says:

    I had posted a fund withdrawal request on 23/03/2018.
    Sent a mail at zerodha support and a ticket was opened.
    Request did not get processed on Friday or Monday and not even Tuesday.
    Called several times but only got fake promises from zerodha support team.

    Helpline numbers do not work after 7 PM although it is claimed to be working till 11 PM

    Such a harassment from zerodha.

  20. Abhay says:

    sir option Brokerage calculator data is not proper show margine

  21. Meher says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I raised a ticket (#20180321775351) on 21st March, 2018 about STT being levied while buying ETFs.
    I haven’t received any acknowledgement/resolution till now.
    Request you to look into the issue.

    Best Regards,

    • Matti says:

      Will have this checked.

      • Meher says:

        Hi Matti,

        The ticket was closed by the support by saying the following:
        “Thank you for writing to Zerodha.
        We have reported this we will check and get this reversed if its charged wrongly.”

        It’s been about a month that I raise the ticket. How much time do you need to check? And what do you mean by “if its charged wrongly”?
        I have reported an issue with your software and the least your team could have done is to properly investigate it.
        Why would you close the ticket without solving the issue?

  22. Rohit Tewari says:

    Created tickets 20180402252775 and 20180403470817. My 20k stuck in because I transferred to the account from tez UPI. I have e given transaction logs and everything and confirmed from hdfc it is credited to zerodha account . But no response on the tickets for two days. Can anyone help me ? How long will my money be stuck with Zerodha account I just wanted to add it in for trading.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rohit, I believe your transfers have been updated. Please check. Best initiate UPI all transfers from Kite going forward.

  23. kiran says:

    my user id is ZJ4186
    i had requested for f&o options to be activated.
    i have sent attachment of itr by mail
    still no response

    kindly do the needful


  24. Gaurav Pandey says:

    hi ientered wrong answer for my security questions …so in zerodha trader i am not able to login now …it showing login id is blocked …what i have do now so ple kindly reply me

  25. Shaila says:

    I changed mobile yesterday. Whatever operations I did on Friday r not getting updated in mobile.
    I uninstalled n installed app many times. But it’s still the same

  26. hans raj says:

    how can change security questions

  27. XX9752 says:

    how i can invest in bond through zerodha

  28. Swetha says:

    I opened account with you but my name is wrongly spelt along with my father name it got opened in all my ovd only my name will be there while i request for correction you pepole are asking for publication in the news paper you only opened like that and asking me to bring publication

  29. Gunaji Shinde says:

    Dear Zeroda Sir,
    I have purchased some stock on dated…23/03/2018…details follow…
    1. HAVELLS….10 [email protected] 490₹
    2. HSCL………..10 [email protected] 147₹
    3. RCF………….25 Stock…@ 73.25₹
    But till date (13/04/2018) Contract note not received to me on my mail. So please update and send contract note ….

  30. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    In Q-backoffice only contract notes for Eq are available for this year not since 1/4/17 as specified How do I get Contract notes for F&O trades and Eq trades done during FY 17-18?

  31. Gopal Bandaru says:

    U are doing good job between 9 am to 5 pm. But Commodities also in your platform. after 5 pm no person will co-operate in commodity trading. U r staff replying commodities are no way connecting to me, it deals by only in Bangalore branch. in that also the system is not responding in proper way. in the night also if one person will co-operates in that segment, 100% U r services will be very great and automatically Ur platform will also bags first place in the country. Please appoint one person to support for commodities in odd hours, especially for new members.

  32. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Tax P&L report does not have the dates of purchase and sale ,it is being demanded by CA can you have it included in the report

  33. Abhijeet kumar says:

    My account balance shows lower than my actual amount

  34. Subhasmita says:

    Is there any technical problem today. I can not log in my account.

    • Matti says:

      Due to a connectivity issue, you may face an issue with logging into Kite. We are looking into this and should have this resolved shortly. You can login to Pi. You can call us or write to us in the meanwhile to place orders. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  35. Debasish tripathy says:

    I have some queries regarding POA and Nominee forms. Is the costumer help center available on Saturday and Sunday?

  36. Rathnakara Hande says:

    I am extremely unhappy to mention that the support group has become inefficient and insensitive. Fund transferred late in the night is not updated, in commodity account, causing auto placing of orders, resulting in loss to your customers. Telephone calls are answered with a prerecorded message that the services are not available. Even on the next day the account is yet to be updated. I am seriously worried. Hope you consider support issues related to fund transfers a higher priority.

  37. Rajesh Chaudhary says:

    In future trading today I was holding Tata Steel lot which I sell, during selling error occurred and had asked me to retry. I had tried again and sell it.
    2 lot have been sold and in my summary -1200 is reflected.
    Also in fund section exposure and span some amount is reflecting.
    Please call me and let me know line of action.

  38. Jai Singh says:


    I’m using Zerodha since last 6 months and I’m facing few issues with your technical charts and I’m listing them here for your reference.

    1. If we open 2 or 4 charts window in Google Chrome or Firefox it doesn’t display the toolbars for charting options i.e. minutes options, views, displays, studies etc. These option only work in Internet Explorer. Is it possible that you make changes in your software and these options start working in Google Chrome and Firefox as well.

    2. Although the above mentioned options work in Internet Explorer but when I want to add some trend line or any other drawing tools in chart it doesn’t allow me to do that because the moment I take my cursor on chart area, it start showing the studies which I’ve added to my charts and it highlights the area infront of those studies and thus my cursor won’t allow me to add trend lines etc. For e.g if some moving averages are included in my chart and I start to draw a trend line it shows the moving average row in chart area and that area gets highlighted.

    3. I’ve noticed it numerous times that (in Zerodha Web Kite portal) some candles does not show the entire price action covered by the candle in live charts and once I change it 2-3 times to different time frames than it shows the full price action area covered by it (I’m not talking about gap down and gap up opening). This problem is not there in your PI software.

    4. Another issue which I face is that sometimes your chart stops refreshing and then I’ve to refresh them by pressing the refresh option provided in charting software. I wonder why sometime auto refresh option work and another time it won’t.

    5. Last issue which I want to highlight is that when I open a technical chart at market open i.e. at 9:15 am and if the chart is set for 3 minute or higher time frames then candles don’t start forming in these times frames instead charts start moving forward with dots. To avoid this I’ve to first open the chart in 1 minute time frame and after 2-3 minutes I change it to the desired time frame.

    I hope these issues are not faced by me alone and further I would like to apprise you that I don’t have connectivity issues and thus you can’t attribute it to my net connection.

    Looking forward to the eagerness of your technical team to resolve these issues on priority basis. I hope you’ll not ask me to raise these issues with your support team and if it is to be raised with your support team then I would appreciate if you could directly forward these issues to your support team and it will be taken more seriously if you forward it to your support team.

    Jai Singh

  39. Raghunathreddy says:

    I have placed a complaint in zerodha support since no one contacted me.when i am trying to call it is getting busy.please solve the issue

  40. Rajesh Mittal says:

    Hi Nitin sir
    I have been with zerodha since nov 17. My querry is only a general querry. In the Backoffice platform in the ledger section credit entries do not seem proper e.g i sold cadila health care equity shares 125 nos on 20.06.18 at higher rate, but credit amount was not showing in the ledger. Secondly in the margin statement , every time under MF segment an amount -967.94/-(Negative) is shown which is reduced from my margin available amount. Why it is so? Please refer to my Margin statement sent to me on 20.06.18, 27.06.18. Nothing is due from my side towards MF segment then why available margin amount is shown less after deducting Rs 967.94
    Please do reply as i am not satisfied with this.
    Thanks and regards
    Rajesh Mittal

  41. Uday Joshi says:

    My F&O is not active. So when he was open pls confirm me
    Uday Joshi

  42. Seshendra says:

    I have submitted all necessary documents on June 21, 2018 for re-opening of demat account with Zerodha. I was told that the account was active. When I took the CMR copy to transfer my shares from another demat account, I found that my account status is closed – raised this issue on July 11. Today is July 13 and still no closure on the issue.

    I’ve been calling the customer care for the past 3 days and everyday I am being promised that it would be resolved on that particular day. When will it be resolved?

    Hoping that at least through this comment my issue would be resolved.

  43. sourav sur says:

    Hello nithin sir I just want to know that the equity or f&o per executed order charge flat 20 RS by zerodha but if I buy 10000 shares and the software divide that shares by 4 part 2500+2500+2500+2500 so it’s brokerage still 20 or I have to pay 20+20+20+20=80 Rupees brokerage..

  44. Karthik says:


    I really thought a lot before opening a HUF account in zerodha and then I had faced so many issues while opening as well. Hardly anyone in zerodha is trained to handle HUF account opening. All possible mis-information is provided and then so many follow-ups to know the status. Now I tried to activate F&O trading in the same account, and yet again the same problem. And learning from past experience i thought it is better to visit your office and do all the required formalities and 2 hours after reaching home (travelling 12kms in Bangalore) i get a mail that my application is rejected as I was misinformed. And i have to go through all the same hassle just so that i can trade in my account.

    Now i should seriously reconsider my option to move to either Upstox or tradejini.

    Just for your information, i had got at least 3 more accounts as i referred my colleagues.

  45. Paresh R Kapadia says:

    This great reliance on technology at the exclusion of human interface even in crucial area of support can backfire at times. I can understand that FAQs and Automated Help can take care of “routine” queries but my experience shows where Zerodha has failed in its duties to take care of its clients online.
    I transferred shares from another brokerage house to Zerodha in Nov 2017. This included shares that were bought many years ago in the other brokerage. I then updated manually the buy date and price via discrepant share entry. These shares were sold in March 2018 through my Zerodha account.
    But the transaction is not reflected as Long Term Capital gain/loss as it should be from its purchase and sale dates in my Tax P&L report. It’s been more than 48 hours since I raised multiple tickets about it with the words URGENT as I need it to finish my tax return but to deaf ears.
    When I called helpline number, the person could only ask me to raise a support ticket after listening to my explanation as written above. So either by calling or raising a ticket no human being can help me with my problem. In my conversations couple of times, they have admitted problems with your backoffice software and promised that it is being updated “soon” but that “soon” has still not come after several months.
    Sorry to put a spoke in your wheel but it’s time to stop all this self-congratulatory business with superduper technology if it cannot provide the required help to clients as and when needed, and in the timeframe required.

    • Paresh R Kapadia says:

      Further to my comment above, I just called to inquire about the status of my support ticket because neither have I received a phone call (considering it’s URGENT!) nor have I received any email messages showing status of my request. All the poor slob at Helpdesk could tell me that no ‘live’ human being is available to talk to me, that they are working on it and hope to resolve by 2pm. And what if it is NOT resolved, I asked. All he could say was call the helpline number again! It’s been 3 days since the ticket was raised. Lessons to learn from this are:
      (1) If you sign up for no frills brokerage, this is what one ends up with!
      (2) Reliance on technology which is not fully matured or still evolving has its unintended consequences.
      (3) Even in trading software Kite, I have had stoplosses which were rs.15 above current price gone in a microsecond (stock was DRL). The huge price move was not shown on any Zerodha chart or on Google or any other chart I checked. Even NSE didn’t record it as day’s high. The prices/charts only got updated at the EOD. Raising a query with SEBI is like dealing with a dumbass government dept. that only wants you to fill out forms and stuff. Then they forward your complaint to the brokerage house. What if it is the exchange that is at fault? How many places can one file a complaint? Zerodha standard reply was that not all price points can be shown and a valid response at least. So in all likelihood someone at NSE could be playing with our stoplosses but us hapless clients have no recourse. All the more reason to stay away from costly futures.
      (4) If slightly higher brokerage is deterring one to enter the stock market then our trading plan is not correct. Time to seriously rethink your trading strategies. Better stick to delivery based trading only.
      Good luck to all and God bless.

  46. Himanshu says:

    I am not able to login into my account an error is being displayed ‘” user blocked contact system administrator”.
    I don’t Know MY ZPIN,

    Kindly resolve the grievance urgently

  47. Jeetu says:

    Sir agr koi pakistani zerodha ma account bana chaye tu bana sakta hai y nhi or bana sakta hai tu is ka liye kya kya requried hai plz sir bataya

  48. Debjit Gayen says:

    Dear Sir/Medam
    I have paid Rs.500/- during opening of account in your website through wallet (Airtel Payment Bank wallet). Your gateway partner i.e. Rezorpay confirm me that payment was successful.
    Further, it may be noted that, money was debited from my wallet. details are given below:
    Transaction id : 1197949754
    Transaction Date : 12/08/2018
    Transaction Time : 04:15 PM
    Payment Id: pay_AkYWeX8LOsm8Wu
    Amount : Rs. 500/-

  49. Ratnesh says:

    I bought 194 shares of TVS motors in multiple trades over a period from Sept 17 to Aug 18. Recently I sold 65 shares at average price of 553.23 in Aug 18. As it follows FIFO rule, my current holdings of 129 share has average buying price of 558.44, which is correctly being shown in my holdings. The average buying price of sold 65 shares was 646.55, and hence my total realized loss is approximately 6000. But Tax P&L report of FY 18-19 is showing showing the average buying price for sold shares as 594 and hence realized loss only 3000 approx. No loss is shown in Tax P&L report of FY 17-18. Why this mismatch is there and which report I need to claim loss of 6k.

  50. ABHIMANYU says:

    MY USER ID IS- DA7387

  51. Sanket lad says:

    Unnecessarily deducted 10 rs as debit my account when I trf fund from my linked sbi bank to the zero dha it can be happen from last few transaction of depositing money when I try 10000 rs 10 deducted

  52. Abdul Haseeb says:

    Dear Team,

    I have created a ticket on Aug 21, 2018 16:48. Until now no feedback.

    Issue : On august 16th i sold 710 shares of “X” company @ Rs 48.20.But in the P&L report it is appearing only amount for sold shares of 375 qty.

    Can you please support me.

    Thank you!

  53. Ramkishan says:

    Is it possible to place stop loss and target at a time in single sell order for normal option sell call?

  54. mouli chandran says:

    Iam facing some isssues with zerodha kite platform. Whenever i placed bracket order it buys shares on market price… Don’t know why… It makes me more loss…. So solution need

  55. Manoharan T says:

    Pl check script HOCL,demate charges debitted from fund balance twice and FIPP Dividend pay out twice has been debited on 21 08 2018 and credit back back to my fund

  56. Nitin Suri says:

    No technology is good if the willingness to resolve customer issues is missing.

    struggling with opening account on Zerodha. Paid fee and completed formalities two weeks back however my account is still not active. No one from Zerodha customer care is ready to help.

    I even tweeted and logged a support ticket but sad to see Zerodha not paying any heed to the issue.

    At least return me my money.

  57. Masud alam says:

    I filled application form for dmat account in zerodha .which copy sent at zeros office.and how can get my login details for treading

  58. Pusuluri Madhava Rao says:

    Yesterday I done 4000 imps to my commodity account still not coming any possition my I’d rm3700 please rectify my problem

  59. Pusuluri Madhava Rao says:

    Please change my phone number
    Now I am using this number 8074502310

  60. Pusuluri Madhava Rao says:

    Yesterday I put 18000 payout but still not received some time after noon 1:30pm coming but today not received my amount please clarify this is my equity account

  61. Felix says:

    Dear Sir,Kindly make the provision in the chart that ,there should be visible pointers purchase,sale and SL pointers in the chart.So that From chart only we can alter all purchase sale and SL quickly by just sliding that poiters .It very helpful if u do this sir…

  62. Naveen says:

    How to know my zpin

  63. Dinesh Mulchandani says:

    It’s very sad to share here regarding my sales manager, she is not responding over any call & messages, hope for good co-operation.

    or can you please change my sales manager.

  64. Rahul Sanas says:

    I’ve very bad experience with Zerodha Support. They’re not providing support in timely manner and nobody is willing to resolve the customer issues.

    I’ve opened support ticket 4 months back and have not received any solution yet. They keep waiting 15-20 days each time I comment on the ticket. Nobody is willing to work on it.

    Also they’ve closed the ticket multiple times saying that they’ve reported the issue to their developer team. But still the issue is not resolved, so I had to re-open the ticket again and again.

    I tried to call the supprot number and talked with the representative and their senior and they’ve no knowledge about thier systems and they keep telling the same instead resolving the issue.

    What is the purpose of all this “Zerodha’s new support portal” if you’re not resolving the issues effectively?


  65. Purohit Naveen says:

    sir i am trying to call for help but not connected what reason

  66. Agnivesh SP says:

    I have paid my opening fee of rs 300 and recived the payment recived email . but i m still stuck on the second page and it says “Your payment could not be captured. Please try later” .

  67. Kadlag u n says:

    My clients I’d is YI1987.please I want to know my account statement and balance

  68. V. Krishnarekha says:

    Hi… My Name is Hawwa… I’m to share trading business from 2006… I had Great Experience with My Zerodha Accounts and I Had Recommended Many Of My Friends And Clients to Open An Account in Zerodha. But now, As Requested by Me one of my friend Named V. Krishna Rekha wanted to Open An Account. We Send the Documents offline 20 Days Before after Checking Thoroughly By A Zerodha Sales Executive Fazal. But to Our Surprise our Application Was Rejected telling that we Missed some Documents. And with Support of Another Sales Executive Boyish we Sent it All thoroughly check cling with them before a week. Believe me, We Are Not Been Even Called For Verification and We wonder whether our Application is in Process Or not. So What You Want us To do Know

  69. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    Dear Sir
    For client ID: RM0279, though F&O segment is active as shown in the client profile, any order related to NFO segment is rejected showing the reason “this segment is not active”. The matter has been raised to support.zerodha portal, yields no result and also no response.

    Mita Chattopadhyay

  70. Prasanta Chakrabarty says:

    I am an existing customer. Customer ID is QE2165.
    Currently I am having only equity account.
    To open the commodity account I have completed the necessary procedure through online. And then I sent the necessary documents (ECN, Bank Statements, POA) through Blue Dart Courier at least 10 – 12 days earlier. But still I am waiting for login ID and password.

  71. Ankitkumar says:

    I want to open on line account, also i paid 300 rupees for equity account but when a processed on line during digilocker process, my father name showing wrong, my grandfather name show instead of my father name, so please help me.

  72. SANJAY THAKUR says:

    gann square of 9 in zerodha

  73. Benadict Cyril says:

    Kindly explain, why Zerodha indicators are not running in real time, I have noticed there is a lag in realtime vs indicator time

  74. Arka Mukherjee says:

    i send my clients form one week ago through blue dart . it’s showing delivered but still account not opened and i raised ticket on friday still no response your courier team not even find it out. i faced same problem before.. plus my client lead added by me also not mapped under me. it’s getting frustrated

  75. Rohini says:

    Very bad experience with your representative in opening an account. Details are mentioned in the ticket 20190621663840, please check and refund my amount at the earliest..

  76. kishor says:

    Ticket id – #20190927765656.

    I have provided monthly statement, but it does not contain bank ifsc code and mirc code. For that additionally i have sent passbook first page photo which has all information, still my account opening rejection not resolved yet.

    Passbook photo – rejected due to Axis bank logo.(Passbook is provided by axis bank, if they do not have logo on passbook font page in that what is my mistake.)

    What else i can give, i have given all bank info that i have still you people not trusting on us and supporting to open account.
    I can not give further more docs, because only this much I have.

    Constantly taking followup to open my account, but not getting any positive response. If it is not possible to open Zerodha account then close or stop opening process for me, So I can go with other brokerage. I have paid 500 Rs. if you willing to repay to me then refund it.

  77. SARATH says:

    It would be grateful, Zerodha have options to download statements and Holding reports in the PDF format as well. Because some of the situations, excel format documents are not acceptable due to its editability.

    • Matti says:

      Will pass this feedback on. By the way, you can download PDF contract notes, margin statements, and annual global statements under Downloads in the Reports section on Console.

  78. Aarush says:

    My client id is QM8842. I Sent mt poa and nominee form on 27 th september.Today is 17th october.My nominee got updated but my poa is still not updated. I raised ticket but still no reply even after 2 days.This is frustrating.

  79. Suresh says:

    Hi Techteam

    Opening the multiple chart 2 or 4 directly moves it to the new window where watch list is not available can this be moved to the main screen
    the multiple chart 2 or 4 can be synced for script like in trading view where by typing the script name all other charts sync to the same script

  80. Kumar Kannan says:

    My demat account is not opened from 22 Nov. till now. Its ur’s fault that ipv webcam is not working. My money Rs. 500 is deducted from my account and I ceate a ticket but i don’t know how to check ticket progress without log in.
    Please resolve my problem.

  81. hari krishna says:

    HI, where I get the exact list of stocks that are eligible for MIS in ZERODHA ,before the market opening everyday….
    iam little bit confusing about the stocks that are eligible for intraday .Because the stocks available for intraday trading today….after some days that stock is blocked for intraday by RMS…..where i get the exact list of stocks everyday…please tell me

  82. SB Gupta says:

    Zerodha is sending emails to clients, but client is unable to send emails to zerodha team. Can Zerodha remove this blockage?

  83. AYUSH says:

    I have added money through IMPS through my HDFC bank, but it is not reflected in my Zerodha account. Kindly look into this matter at the earliest. Please do the needful on a priority basis.

    Pl. revert as early as possible, as my amount is hampered in the account of Zerodha with account No. 05230340001348. Kindly look into this matter at the earliest & Transfer my amount in the Zerodha Trading account or reversed to the original source


    Chenge my IFS CODE SBIN0005461
    I requested you to payout. Not out yet Calling Customer Care Can’t even call. By the way, how much time do you have for payout.

  85. nilesh says:

    I am trying to reset my login password but it show invalid credential i don’t know why..not able to call customer care call gets disconnected automatically. user id – WL5191

  86. MADAN KUMAR me says:

    Main zerodha main account opening ke liye try kiya tha pura process ok ho gaya last mein Bank proof project aaya han main second time Bank proof upload kiya hai fir bhi reject aaya han Mera purse dusra bank account nahin hai hi main support ko call kiya bola Mera Paisa return karo lo bole theek hai return hoga ek mahina se jyada ho gaya abhi tak Paisa return nahin aaya naahi humko client ID password Mila SBI ka Bank account hai mera

  87. Abhishek says:

    I have not yet received my credentials only able to login through mobile number and OTP. but its not showing account opening status I have done with payments.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Abhishek, I see that you have e-signed your account opening forms only today. Your account will be ready to use in a couple of days.

  88. Shradha says:

    I have submitted all account opening forms online, made the payments including digitally signing the forms using AADHAR. Also after completion of process, it was displayed that i will receive email with account information once account is activated. However no update yet.

    May i know how much more time is required for the same.

  89. A MOHANAN says:

    I raised a ticket no 20200311564558 on 11.03.2020, regarding a referral through whom I wanted to open this account. No response till date. I also tried through your phone customer care twice, but no response.
    Please confirm the referral.
    You advertise account can be opened in one day, I started the account opening procedure on 19.2.2020,
    I am not able to operate the account even today. IT IS A SHAMEFUL EXPERIENCE FOR A SENIOR CITIZEN.

  90. navnath says:

    I have submitted all essential documents to your documents collector but still no any updated received regarding account opening.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Navnath, we’re processing your application and you should receive an email with login credentials soon. We are seeing a lot of account opening applications right now due to which things are a little slow.

  91. Pradnya says:

    I have applied for Dmat service and paid Rs 300 however, i was not able to upload my documents. Request you to pls call me to suggest alternative.

    Urge you to activate the account as early as possible.

  92. chandru says:

    I gave a withdrawal request on 25-march-2020 for rs.50000. The same day the withdrawal status shown as processed but in my account i have not received the payment.

    On 26th march i raised a ticket #20200326381114.

    “Withdrawal status says 50000 is processed. But i didnt receive the amount in my acvount. Please share the utr number and other details”

    Reply by zerodha

    “As per your mail the withdrawal request has been processed from our end and you will receive the funds by the end of the day. There may be a delay from the banks due to COVID-19 lock downs. ”

    I again replied that “i work for the same bank where i have my bank account so please provide UTR number”.

    Till now there is no reply from zerodha. I tried support line 080 4718 1888 and i waited for 20 minutes there is no responsoe at all. I even tried after market hours too – no response.

    I know this is critical time, everyone is working from home and all. for the same critical time only i gave withdrawal request. Why there is no response for the same? All i asked is just a UTR number to find where and what went wrong. The problem might be on the bank side too. I agree but why there is a delay in provindg UTR number.
    It is suspicious, I demand the reply immediately and help me out to ease the problem immeditely.


  93. Rishab says:

    Worst response. No body is attending calls from last 10 days . If they receive they will give you useless reason from last 10 days i am calling them but still my problem is same.

  94. Nathiya says:


    Zerodha is doing very worst support, nobody responding to the tickets.
    And, we dont option to chase the tickets.

    • Nathiya says:

      #20200409221547, i raised on 9th April.

      the tickets about, the default segment not included, its basic mistakes from Zerodha.

      • AMISH KUMAR says:

        Dear Sir/Mam,

        My Name is Amish Kumar, My Client ID is XJ9622
        I have downloaded my Console Report of Stocks, Canara Bank Shows in Unrealized Profit/Loss Statement.
        But I have already sold Shares of Canara Bank.

        I did not have any single stock of Canara Bank in My Portfolio.
        Then why Console Shows Shares of Canara Bank with Unrealized Loss.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Amish Kumar

  95. Ashok says:

    Ticket #20200413794865
    I’m Ashok Salave from Pune Maharashtra. I’m writing this mail because I’ve faced the unnecessary website hanging issue so many time.
    I’m not able to trade share as per my choice instantly due to website hanging issue, It is now dramatically impacting to my interest towards share market.
    There might be many people with the same query.
    This is my humble request to you for your possible improvement in terms of website trading service.

  96. Manjeet yadav says:

    My account is not activating and agent isnot attending my call

  97. Surbhit says:

    What is breakeven point and how it is calculated and charged on us .
    I got to know about it when I was using zerodha brokerage calculator portal

  98. Jaydeep Sharma says:

    I was calling zerodha customer care number since 9:30…but still no answer from zerodha side….my position is going in loss…but nobody is giving answer….it’s a very bad thing from zerodha side

  99. apurba dutta says:

    Realy very much apportioned about your service I’ll already sales before it going to Dement Account. pls update your transaction. i’ll not Pay DP charges this tym.

  100. alekh says:


    Please manage growth properly. If you fail to support at this stay. you are smart enough to know the results.

    An empathetic support wont hurt to have.

    A couple of thoughts

    1) your support portal is punishing, once I login into support portal, Can I not have a create ticket straight by my login ID.

    2) enable a live chat some where, atleast on support portal, it is not like poeple are bored and come to bother your guys by chatting.

    3) today after 30 mins or so call got dropped saying call back we are busy, I can under stand that. but then IVRsaid email to (where my email bounced). IT is just audacious to be in a service industry and not answer a call from customer (though this has become the norm with telecom & banking sectors) .. you do not where they are heading with this attitude of service.

    4) watchout for fyers, they are addressing all the issues zerodha has (like, you do not give 1 minute data even after 1-2 minutes lag. you just want us to build from bid-ask. )

    4.1) a person picks up phone and speaks. I do not mind if you delete this post. but please pass it on to mr.kamath.

  101. SatyaDheeraj says:


    Its really very difficult to reach your customer service team, i am placing an BUY order from last 3 days and your are cancelling the order with out any info or clarification and the stock price of that company is increasing day by day.

  102. Hemant M. S. says:

    Subject: how to overlay rsi(3) and rsi(27) over the same indicator chart area in kite zerodha ?


    may i request you to let me know how to do of the above subject matter ?




  104. Raman says:

    I’m unable to set ADX in My account. Could be issue with my account alone. Can you please help me in this.

    I am sure this issue is only for my account as i checked couple of my friends account, the chart properties looks good.

    Ex : I see the options like ADX/DMS in others account, But I am seeing only ADX in my account. Please find the below screenshot which has issue.

  105. AMISH KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    My Name is Amish Kumar, My Client ID is XJ9622
    I have downloaded my Console Report of Stocks, Canara Bank Shows in Unrealized Profit/Loss Statement.
    But I have already sold Shares of Canara Bank.

    I did not have any single stock of Canara Bank in My Portfolio.
    Then why Console Shows Shares of Canara Bank with Unrealized Loss.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Amish Kumar

  106. Avnish Sinha says:

    Not able to see proper category to enable BSE cash segment . Can you please enable BSE . Hope you have my income proofs too. Have just emailed about this.
    Avnish Sinha

  107. Virendra Singh shekhawat says:

    Not satisfied since last 4 days still my fund not update
    Worst app

  108. KUMARA C says:

    Kindly Re activate my ID YF8321

  109. Srinathareddy says:

    Sir margin amount is decting more I don’t know y in in 309 rs profit margin is 149rs y…. Please call me

  110. Basanti says:

    Below stock i set a sell limit price Rs 681 when current price was Rs 695 but it sold with current price 695 immediately. may i know the reason why it sells with current price . Is it a technical error ?

    Id #200727100536749

    Time Status Exch. time Exch. update Qty. Filled qty. Avg. price Price
    09:52:15 COMPLETE 09:52:15 09:52:15 10 10 695.4 681
    09:52:15 OPEN 09:52:15 09:52:15 10 0 0 681
    09:52:15 OPEN PENDING — — 10 0 0 681
    09:52:15 VALIDATION PENDING — — 10 0 0 681
    09:52:15 PUT ORDER REQ RECEIVED — — 10 0 0 681

    • Matti says:

      If you want to sell below the current market price, you’ll need to place a SL or SLM order. Limit orders execute at the best available price, limited by the limit price. Explained here in detail.

  111. Rushiv Bansal says:

    My F&O segment is not being activated from past month whereas all the documents have been uploaded and the payment has also been done. I am facing huge difficulties. Please activate f&o on my account.

  112. Sanjay singh rajpoot says:

    I applied in FPO and received 1000 quantity but my some payment hold in nse not release yet so please tell me what should I do ..

  113. SANDEEP says:

    Sir your phone no. not connected. please call me return my phone no. 7988279473. and solve my problem.

  114. Mateen Hajwane says:

    500 rupees deducted from my account on 22 nov 2018 but still i am unable to trade i have resubmitted my kyc one week back please check.

  115. Mateen Hajwane says:


    My documents delivered 10 days back but still my account not opened please do the needful.
    My Id is WG9101

  116. Ravichandran says:

    I have send bank account modification form with new bank account statement . But, still not modification my bank account. Approximately 1 month done to send my documents. Still no response. I am totally disappointed. I called many times they won’t reply.

  117. Nagaraj says:

    My Client ID or Client Code (Ledger Code) : XB6455
    The Retention Account Statement for XB6455 on 14th August shows that I have to pay Rs. 187.84 to Zerodha.

    I do not know the direct link to pay Zerodha.

    I have never opened Kite and do not know the login credentials.

    I have following: –

    Zerodha Password : 19xxxxx18zo (11 Digits)

    Client ID or Client Code (Ledger Code) : XB6455 (6 Digits)

    Zpin : 4xx0 (4 Digits)

    e-CAS ID: 10XXXXX84 (9 Digits)

    I do not have ID & password for Kite. If I have to create them please let me know whether I have to use ID and Password as

    1. “ID” – is it Numerical or alphaNumerical & how many digits?

    2. “Password” – is it Numerical or alphaNumerical & how many digits?

    Please help me with these details to pay the dues to Zerodha and to renew my KYC

    Thanking you in anticipation,

  118. Thrupthi says:

    How Can I create my own ticket ?

  119. Santharam Kamle says:

    Trading Account YH0015
    Today I have transferred an amount of Rs. 2000 through Union Bank of India (my account was with Andhra Bank and Andhra Bank has merged with Union Bank of India) from my account No. 000210012004758 through RTGS and the relative No.ANDBN20251037749. Kindly confirm receipt and credit to my Trading Account.

  120. Poornima says:

    My Ticket No #20200918843311

    Please replay ASAP waiting for long time
    Subject: 87,000 rs missing in my Demat account

  121. Vipin jariwala says:

    I have just opened Trading A/C. & Dimet A/C,In my zerodha dimet A/c, we transfer the shares of rupees: 300000=00 to my account here, then I will get a trading limit of how many rupees.

  122. K. Gunasekaran says:

    I tried to create a ticket to send me a signed and stamped CMR copy so as to send it to my previous broker for transferring my stocks to Zerodha account. But could not do it. Tried to contact over phone several times but no one is answering. When I send a email there was an auto reply that I should log into support portal. This has become a vicious circle. Everything cannot be done through email/portal. We need a human support.

  123. B.K.Agarwal(HUF) says:

    My client ID WY3034/Support 4277,
    I wanted ‘Transaction with holding statement’ for F.Y.2019-20, but I was unable to raise the ticket. When sent e mail, there was an auto reply to log into support portal. I have lost two hours to raise a ticket. We need a human help.

  124. Ramnarayan Bhakkad says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,

    Yesterday I applied IPO application for Angel Broking Limited having Application number NJ484858086682

    From UPI bhim app I received message to block the money which having expiry till 5:30 pm on 25.09.2020 but now i am looking there is no request & on my console IPO i see the message – The block collect request has expired.

    I don’t understand whats happen. I request you please do the needful & inform me.

  125. RS says:

    Can you please help resolve my ticket: #20200928868746 . I am not even getting assigned to anyone and no response yet. This is so frustrating.


  126. Navin kumar says:

    I have tried to reach zerodha following by Registered mobile number and support key. But the IVR always again and again saying please put your registar mobile no and support. Its very bad service i want to discontinue this service

  127. Gaurang Desai says:

    Kitne Dinon se main zerodha mein account kholne ke liye prayas kar raha hun per khul nahin raha please call me my number is 9016083878

  128. Rajiv Behal says:

    Sir, Earlier I have opened a account (BX….) with you. I have closed the account due to some personal reasons. Now I want to restart the account.
    So kindly guide me the procedure or start my account at the earliest.

    Rajiv Behal

  129. Shruti Lad says:

    I have a issue reagrding the start payment..
    I paid the amount of ₹300 2 times how will I get the refund of the amount

  130. Sathyendran Sekhara Pillai Nair says:

    I was compelled to make payment for Rs. 580.85 for my annual charges. When I received mail from Zerodha, there was no mention regarding the charges, But I have asked about the charges, but did not receive any reply and also tried to contact Zerodha Customer care Number but was in vain. Inspite of sending my query regarding the increasing payment, I did not receive any satisfactory reply, but the amount was increasing frequently. Ultimately I was compelled to make the payment of Rs. 580.85 in the place of Rs. 300/- which was really unfortunate. Kindly arrange to refund the extra amount you charged at your earliest and oblige.
    Thans and regads
    Sathyendran Sekhara Pillai Nair

  131. Mukti Dey says:

    Account open nahi hue payment ho Chuka hai
    Regt mob no

  132. R Gurunathan says:

    They are asking us to create a ticket under some standard topics.This is nonsense.Our query may not fall under any of these topics.
    Why are they refusing to accept e mails?

  133. Umesh says:

    Very bad experience with zerodha . No customer support .

  134. Umesh says:

    Very very very bad customer service .

  135. Gopal Ghuge says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since my Adhaar No. is not linked with my current mobile number, I am finding difficulties in the opening an account.

    I have already paid Rs. 200/-.

    Request you to please return the same.

  136. preety agarwal says:


    I want to open new account with Zerodha, i started online process and then during aadhar verification my mobile no. for verification was different so i again started with the no. mentioned in aadhar, but now during email id and pan verification its showing that its already exists.
    request you to kindly undo my profile so that i can open account.


  137. Mangal gowda says:

    You charged but account is still not opened.

  138. Mangal gowda says:

    You charged but account is still not opened.please look into it.

  139. Ashish saroj says:

    Maine 300 pey kardiya hai par mera account open abhi tak nahi hua please help

  140. Paras says:

    Very bad experience with zerodha . No customer support .

  141. Kunal Narayan says:

    Please make me know how can I change my income details,i mistakingly choose high income option while creating my account

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