Futures & Options Filters

July 11, 2017

Filters on F&O contracts now on screener

Firstly, a huge thanks to all of you for the appreciation and constructive feedback you have shared with us in the last month for screener

We are constantly working towards providing the best stock discovery experience. Since our launch in May, we received a lot of requests for providing filters for future and option contracts. You can now screen stocks futures and options filters on screener – making it a one-stop comprehensive stock screening solution

To access F&O filters, you can click on the big blue ‘Add Filters’ button on the bottom left of your screen. Here, you can see the relevant categories at the bottom. You can also simply type the filter name in the search box at the top

Inside the F&O filter categories, you would be able to screen stocks on the following filter types

  • Basic filters like F&O contract close price, lot size, volume and open interest
  • Calculated filters like change in volume, open interest levels and put call ratio
  • Derived filters like fair value of the futures contract
  • Rollover filters like calendar spread, percentage rollover and rollover cost
  • Arbitrage filters like fair value spread and cash and carry profit
  • Strikes for options with highest open interest and highest OI percentage changes

You can read the detailed descriptions for every single filter in our Filter Guide here

F&O screens

We have also put up some readymade screens built using these F&O filters. Just click on the All screens button on the top left of your screen to see the screens dropdown:

Screens like long and and short buildup will help you screen for stocks where corresponding momentum is building up. For example, Fut: Long Build Up screen will give you a list of stocks which have seen a positive OI change in the last 5 days along with increasing prices. This is generally considered a bullish indicator

We also have a screen for identifying candidates for cash and carry arbitrage. The screen gives you a list of stocks where its most profitable to execute a cash and carry arbitrage trade along with indicative profit that can be realized. You can read more about the screen here

As always, you can also build and save your own F&O screens

A webinar on F&O Filters/Screens was conducted on 11th July. Watch it here

Happy screening!


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  1. akshay says:

    Can someone share link to screener ?

  2. Debkrishna says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    in my commodity account , Rs 732 is been deducted in the name of ”Net obligation for MCX Commodity F&O” , can somebody please explain it

  3. santlal singh yadav says:

    Dear Nitin sir, i opened demat account through Zerodha and want NFO activation. I spoken Mr Adarsh and tolled that send required documents. I send FORM-16, through mail on 11Sep 18 but till now no response.

  4. Karthik says:

    How can I place SL for options as BO/CO aren’t Available for options other than NIFTY & BANKNIFTY?

  5. Rahul says:

    //Ticket No. #20180824107979//

    Hi Nithin and Team, This is to inform you that my ledger is wrongly updated for 24th August. It is showing two entries for exposure margin debit entry. I had 4 lac in my demat account as on 23rd August and today there is an additional debit entry of 172813 rs as stated earlier. Please check and correct this as I am trading in futures with Zerodha for last couple of years. If any artefacts required i will provide.
    Look forward for your quick response.

    Thank you.

    • Rahul says:

      #20180824310129 – Why is my withdrawal request being rejected?

      Because of above system issue, my fund withdrawal request of 12000 rs got rejected. Please look into this matter on priority.


  6. Jagruti Patoliya says:

    Please help to get the details of various investing options available which can also be used as cash collateral for F&O selling. Also suggest the best option.

  7. Sonu Kumar Patel says:

    hello sir!
    I am sonu patel i want to know about NFO(NSE Options) in details that how to buy in NFO segment, One more thing what i observed that when i was buying in NFO there was some key thing like- Strike Price and one Validity- Day/IOC and also Quantity type- NRML and MARKET, SL, SLM in these Firstly i want to know that in Validity- Day/IOC which one is applicable for holding stock because there was not any options for holding so, can i hold my stock for next day in NFO segment if yes then inform me how can i do that. Secondly NRML and MARKET which one is good in this can i change Quantity and price by putting NRML
    All these i am asking in Zerodha Pi not in kite plzz do not provide for kite, mainly i want to know that can i hold the stock for next day in NFO(NSE Otions) i was trading in OPTSTK(options stock) kindly provide me all the information of OPTSTK. thank you !

  8. murali says:

    i wanted to know future trading brokerage charges???

  9. Subha says:

    How to check F&O is active my zerodha account…?

  10. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I have been asling for this for last 15 days but unable to get so far As I have to leave for USA I wanted to get my a/c audited and file my IT return ,can you help ?

  11. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I have requested for last financial years contract notes as on Q I am unable to get them but have recieved no reply.I had downloaded the contract notes but it is asking for password kindly give me a hint for password.

  12. Dhanapal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have purchased Fortis call option April series (Fortis APR150 CE) on day before yesterday. How do i know the status of that option after Manipal-Fortis deal… Please explain me the scenario here….

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dhanapal S

  13. Manish Sejwal says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have heard a lot about you man and your company – doing good stuff lately. Good stuff – keep it up!!!
    I want to ask one thing – is it possible to virtually do FNO trading on your company app. I understand NSE had a similar application – NSE Pathashala but for some reason it is discounitued now. Perhaps you know the reason.
    I want to get into it eventually but would like to try my hand virtually first before getting onto the real platform.
    Please let me know
    Thanks and all the best!

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manish. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 Not sure why Pathshaala is closed. I’m afraid we don’t have a virtual trading environment available at the moment.

  14. Anish says:

    How do I put a Bracket order for an option with a Trailing stop loss?

    Let me take an example, I already have an SBI option with CMP of INR 5. I want to sell it (target) at 7, with a stop loss at 4 and a trailing stop loss of INR 0.1 (10 paisa). I am using Kite app, and it takes Absolute values for BO. And it doesn’t me me put a Trailing SL value of 0.1 (1 is the minimum)!

    Can someone pls tell me how to place this order?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. falguni mishra says:

    I just want to ask one question to Nitinji that when an orderin nifty/banknifty option is rejected and reason is given that the LTP is based on percentage of strike price what does it mean ? Trade cannot be done. Or there is an another way to place order ? If trade is not possible then how the LTP is changing. Someone must be buying and someone is selling. Please clarify .

    • Matti says:

      Falguni, the exchange has a limit on how much percentage of the marketwide OI a given trading member can have. As such, in order to avoid hitting that limit, we don’t allow far out of the money contracts, as if the limits are hit, new orders and all pending orders are cancelled by the exchange. To avoid this, the tradable strikes are limited. This also mitigates the inherent risks of trading deep OTM options. Read more about this here.

  16. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Today I traded in F&O but in normal, limit price Disclose quantity could not be put due to which I had to split quantity/How to make it work?

  17. imran khan says:

    why rupees 20 only why not any other figure?

    • Matti says:

      So, when we started, Nifty was at around 3000 and the lot size was 100. The minimum brokerage at the time was 0.01%, which meant to buy & sell one lot, the brokerage was 60-80 rupees. Our idea was to be able to charge people paying this brokerage at least 50% of what they were paying. Hence Rs. 20.

  18. Narayann says:

    Where can I get real-time data of 6,14,30 days EMA values of stocks.

  19. Nataraj says:

    Kindly make a seperate Fund Segment for MUTUAL FUND same like equity and commodity.
    It will be extremely helpful for mutual fund investor.
    Is there any plan to introduce it ?

  20. Ramesh says:


    I have a clarification on profit calculation on contract note.

    I have written mails to support and i spoke to 6 of the customer care executuves no one is able to explain the calculation and no reply for mails.

    Could you please help me out


  21. Surya S says:

    Is the facility of pledging MF and availing margin for trading F&O is available

  22. Dilip says:

    Hi, I have recently open a/c , I m using KITE on laptop & mobile ,very good experience.
    I would like to know about PI , can I use it , is there any charges for it ??
    What is the difference in KITE & PI ??

    You may reply me at my email .

    – Dilip

  23. shaikh @bdullah says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath,

    Sir, Its been more than 2 months i have opened my account with zerodha just because all my friends recommended. when i had opened the account online i have given each n every doc. including my financial proof (bank statement) since last one and a half month I’m calling my sale manager Kadambhari Gohil regarding F&O concern. Its a very small concern I’m just saying to enable my F&O and cdx segments? i can’t trade F&O without that because its not enabled. From last month whenever i get time i called her but the issue is same not solving. so many times i have given email’s also and the reply is same “I’ll let you know?”. Please I request you to enable those segments (F&O and Currency) ! Please Help Me!

  24. Surya S says:

    can we pledge our MF and trade in equities future against them?


    unable to find FNO Screener.
    How to load it.

  26. shafeeq says:

    i have recently opened account with zerodha…but on trying NFO trading it is saying “exchg not enabled for this acct”…what does this mean? do i need to do anything to enable F&O trading?

    • Matti says:

      Shafeeq, in order to trade F&O, you need to submit an income proof. Email a 6-month bank statement to support[at]zerodha.com.

  27. Ulhas says:

    Dear Nitin sir,
    Kindly tell your KITE software developing team to develop / modify software so that we can keep VWAP indicator like in seperate window like RSI/ AROON / MACD indiacator which is always combine with candle chart. Please make it seperate with 25.4278 (0.0000) four digit accuracy.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. chaitanya says:

    Does screener provide data about change in OI wgar is time lag for real time data

  29. Bharath says:

    Hi Nithin,
    FNO section for future and option trading, I have added some quantity in next day it’s showing correct average in options.After i have sell out some quantity, average not showing properly its take fresh call average on Monday morning, its little confusion for you, please can you resolve ASAP.not properly averaging.
    Equity also I BUY 100 quantity holding 10 days after sell out again buying same day in my portfolio which price i bout quantity it’s not showing.Average quantity and showing less price.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bharat, not sure what you’re trying to say. Can you please email details to social[at]zerodha.com? Will have this checked.

  30. Jeetendra Kumar says:

    I opened my account with zerodha some time back but did not sign in FNO section for future and option trading as i did not have any knowledge about the same. Is there a way to get FNO trading activated in my account? My Zerodha ID Is @8YPV278

  31. DR D VENUGOPAL says:

    Please clarify the following :

    i) In FNO If I traded in the month of NOVEMBER-2017 & I Selected Optoion of Expiry December 28th 2017
    In FNO Can I give Sell Option without holding the Stock in my Holdings.

    ii) In FNO if it executed can I Buy on the same day or next day by choosing a profit price … will it be possible or should I wait upto the given option of Decemeber-2017.

    iii) Please confirm there are two options in FNO while trading A) NORMAL & B) MIS If I choose NORMAL I have to pay full Amount …. If I choose MIS I have to pay the Margin amount in FNO based on Stock and it is valid upto the expiry period as mentioned in Trading Options.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) Yes, you can. All equity and index contracts are cash settled. You may want to explore the F&O module on Varsity for more.
      2) You can buy a contract and sell it very next minute.
      3) MIS is an intraday product type. If you buy a contract using MIS, all positions will be squared off by 3.20 PM. If you wish to carry the position overnight, you need to use the NRML product type. You can learn more about order types here.

  32. lingaraj says:

    Is it Live F&O Scanner ?If not then no use .

  33. draj says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin, I just have 2 questions about the brokerage charged by zerodha.
    1. If I buy 5 lots of nifty index options and square off 1 lot of it 5 times on the same day, will the brokerage charged be the same as when I square off the entire 5 lots in one go ?
    2. As I’m a small trader, it is a bit scary to trade 5 lots or 10 lots in one go. Instead, If I guarantee to trade a minimum of 10 lots per day but in one lot size (i.e. 10 times), will you consider the same brokerage of Rs. 40 for this?


  34. Sumit Saikia says:

    I want to do future contract. Can you tell me how to log in to future contract in zerodha.

  35. Mukesh says:


    I opened my account with zerodha some time back but did not sign in FNO section for future and option trading as i did not have any knowledge about the same. Is there a way to get FNO trading activated in my account?


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Mukesh, in that case, you will have to send us the segment addition page (Page 5 of the account opening form) and your income proof. You can submit your latest 6 months bank statement as income proof and it needs to be self-attested.

  36. Karthik says:

    Hii sir good evening ‘ is there any automated trading software in zerodha ?

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid automated trading isn’t allowed for retail traders in India. You can, however, semi-automate your trades using Pi, our desktop trading platform. If you’re a developer, you would also be interested in Kite Connect.

  37. Nachiket says:

    Can we buy sell options after market with amo order?

  38. ram das says:

    Futures and options trading financial markets have come a long way from being constantly avoided to becoming an essential part of one’s portfolio. Futures and Options are Derivatives products. They offer a host of money making opportunities that help in minimizing risk in futures and options trading. Advantages Of Futures And Options Trading Excellent tools to hedge risk Minimize exposure to riskier assets Futures can be short sold for more than one trading session Improve market efficiency
    Lower transaction costs as compared to equity

  39. r.k.jain says:

    i find out delta value at zerodha terminal p. help me and how it is helpful on option trade

  40. Saurabh says:

    My name is saurabh and i am a student
    Currently i am trading in equity intraday but now i want to trade in nfo . Being a student i have not any income proof .i have only bank statement and 2 stocks in holding can i send this as a income proof . And second ques. Is where to send this . I mailed at zerodha support . Its ohk ?

  41. Ashish says:


    While log in to smallcase screener through kite, application is asking for permission to Access
    – holdings and positions portfolio
    – View your account balance and margins,
    – Place, modify, and cancel orders
    Why it is require?

  42. muniraj says:

    पाहिले आपका कॉन्ट्रैक्ट नोट सुधारिय बादमे देकेगे ( smallcase, balance,coin)
    हाय ज़ेरोधा
    ज़ेरोधा का Contract notes का्य चोर हाय का्य ट्रेडिंग ट्रमिनल पर प्रॉफिट दिकता हाय ओंर ज़ेरोधा कॉन्ट्रैक्ट नोट लोस
    का्य ज़ेरोधा अकाउंट प्रॉफिट खाता हाय का्य ? ज़ेरोधा का कॉन्ट्रैक्ट नोट्स कुछा भी समाज नहीं आता प्लीज इसे अछा कीजिये नितिनजी

  43. Traderx says:

    Where can I find the interest charges if any on the Q?

  44. Traderx says:

    I was wondering where can i find link for interest calculation charged on margin for overnight positions.

    I had cash margin of 1.5 lakhs and collateral margin of 5 lakhs approx, I had taken overnight position of 5.5 lakhs, however I think Zerodha has a rule where they will fund 50 percent free of cost of collateral margin that is 1.5 lakhs in this case. So the interest chargeable is on 2.5 lakhs @0.05 percent per day.

    Is this correct?

    Also is there a calculator for same, i do more of covered calls so need to understand the cost of carry.

  45. akash says:

    one more thin man
    if I wanna place a buying bid on options then ur executive told me to place the range on sl order
    if suppose that I have target of 1 rupee that my target may be reduced to .60 /.70. paisa due to range

    pls tell me how can I place the order exactly at 8

  46. akash says:

    hey Nithin how r u ?
    Is pi available on IOS??

  47. Suneel Suryavanshi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have just opened my account in Zerodha and did few transactions. When I got my contract note, I found few missing details. Strike price of Option brought and sold were not available in that contract note. I raised this to support team two weeks back but there is no response from them even after numerous follow ups. Ticket number is 445389.
    Request your intervention here.

  48. Kalai says:


    Do you accept MF units as collateral for stock futures margin which we can pledge n trade.


  49. Suresh Kamath says:

    Goodevening Nitin,
    I just needed to know how we could keep shares in my dmat account with zerodha as collateral for stock futures margin and information on the haircut for exposure for eligible scripts. Please advise, regards

  50. Ankush says:

    Coin platform lacks custom investment option, for example
    I want to invest 500 rs daily in the mutal fund when market is open to make the daily average
    I want to invest 500 rs every alternate day in a mutual fund. Your thoughts @Nitin?

    I am talking about NOT SIP but one time buy opportunity.

    • Ankush says:

      I am already doing it and it becomes tough to manage, Not interested in SIPs as I am not looking for commitments of monthly fixed investments. Currently I am investing Rs 500 daily in the mutual funds.

    • Venu says:

      Will pass your feedback on to the right people.

  51. rajendran says:

    What as a trader need to trade options on kite is a list showing all strike prices along with columns showing call/put/premiums/bid/ask/delta/implied volatility etc..for a script selected to make buy/sell as an easy process.Also one needs a combined order placement for any vertical spreads buy/sell etc..You are not showing any interest give important data like delta, volatility etc.. May be interested in gambling type of investors.
    Not happy with the your process of moving forward.
    Wake up and do first thing first.

  52. ZL0345 says:

    Some Indices data missing

    In your application Pi, I am not able to find any data for some NSE as well as BSE indices. Even in web application Kite, data for some indices is missing.

    For eg., in Pi, there is no information of NSE indices like Nifty Metal, Nifty Realty, Nifty Private Banks etc. Similarly, there is no availability of BSE indices like BSE Telecom, BSE Infra etc.

    Please include data and charts for all Indices too.

    Roopak Sharma

  53. jayesh says:

    pi is not opening and Re instaled .twice, call support desk It team conneceted through Team Viewer, buy he Ravikumar could not solved the issue and tole me email with screen shot , another personwill call me and solve the issue, Whole day past but not even phone call received.

    very poor IT Team.

    • siva says:

      Tried calling you but was not reachable, can try doing ->go to run, type %localappdata%Pi, find the file user.config,delete it and relogin. If still facing any issue you can revert to the ticket we have answered to.

  54. Akhil pr says:

    Is there a fundamental data provider in india like bloomberg terminal .is there any way to obtain correct fundamental data to make trading decisions

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Akhil, smallcase (screener) gets its data from Thomson Reuters, one of the most trusted & reliable data feed providers globally

  55. anl says:

    Hi sir , what will happen for the below situations given , ( all are just examples , not real values )
    i think one stock will rise from here CMP is 90
    if i sell one 100 PE strike at premium Rs.10 and with buy 90 PE strike at premium Rs.8.
    if the stock cross abv 100 at expiry or before , i will get 2 Rs profit ,and both the PE values will be zero , ie .05 paise
    what if there is no buyer at expiry end ? how will i square of my PE bought and PE sold ?
    will any extra stt for that PE sold ?

  56. Hariharan Velu says:


    Are there any plans to integrate Kite, Coin, SmallCase, Balance, Q (Crux) into a single consolidated one place do all, check all – balances, positions, portfolio? I do understand that a couple of them are spin-offs or RainMatter funded ideas, however a consolidated accounts page will help to see the big picture.

    As of now, its 4-5 different tabs on a browser and have to manually reconcile the holdings.


  57. Sandip says:

    Hi Nitin, the below details are about Zerodha’s DP (Depository participant) charges taken straight from Zerodha’s website.

    DP (Depository participant) charges

    ₹13.5 per scrip per day(irrespective of quantity) debited from demat account when stocks are sold. ₹5.5 per MF (irrespective of quantity) debited from demat on redemption. Charged by depository (CDSL) and depository participant (Zerodha)

    Could you in simple words make us understand the paragraph above? It seems to me that Zerodha is not charging brokerage to equity investors but charging a heavy dp charge of 13.5 rupees per day for each scrip once sold. If this is true then how is it beneficial for equity investors? Brokerage is nil but DP charge is higher than most other brokerage firms. Its practically the same with the other expensive broking houses.

    • Sandip, it is Rs 13.5 the day it is sold, not for everyday it is held. That would be ridiculous if we charged that way. I have answered here. Also, we are the lowest in market when it comes to DP charges also. Most brokers charge between Rs 20 to Rs 30 per day or 0.04% whichever is higher.

  58. Nisar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have to come up to you. I use to trade with zerodha earlier with nest and I was fed up with that system so I left zerodha then you came up with new system so again open up new account lots of new features artificial etc…..

    still it does not have basic capability I cant customize how I m comfortable with the system. Please use trade tiger it is honestly awesome system.

    Only issue is that their brokerage that’s why I m here. I check with your support site also they are saying we are still

    you have good team at least push the system for basic capability every time new update come whole setting gone
    if there is more then one work space it overwrite charts does recognize pattern, list is long..


  59. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Is ther any decision by Higher tax authorities about the turnover.Pl. give the details.

  60. PSDeepak says:

    Ex: If my ledger balance is 1,00,000 on jan 1st, On next day jan 2nd ledger balance will get less if holding futures are in loss (less than 1,00,000)
    but if holding futures are in profit at that time ledger balance will remain same as of jan 1st (same 1,00,000)
    i have to wait for jan 2nd night to get my ledger balance update
    Because of this i am missing margin money on jan 2nd to buy/sell.
    Kite software should update the margin available according to profit/loss of holding future contracts.
    It always moves in negative balance direction when holdings are in loss
    when holdings are in profit it will not add positive balance.

  61. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    if the Turnover is over 1 crore the account has to be audited.for turnover figure of value of contracts is taken or it is profit/loss over one crore?

  62. karan sharma says:

    dear kite charting is good but could you add another feature for drawing parallel lines from already a drawn line …
    it helps in exact drawings .. for now i roughly draw a parallel line which is never exact (for me atleast) … that would be great thanks

  63. punterdgr8 says:

    probably,a wrong forum to post this but I am unable to pose queries on zerodha varsity.urgent help required.
    thanks in advance

  64. Venkatesh says:


    what is the realistic ETA of New Q, I certainly do understand migrating the back end do take time, however i’m hearing the same since last 1 year. but no developments.

    do you really have plans to launch it or not?


  65. ratnam says:

    if underlying value is added the depth window it will be helpful

  66. Harshal Gosrani says:

    Dear Nithin,

    When is the new Q launching? The Quant analysis in Q is not working since ages. Also if Tax PnL format can be improved.

    Thank you

  67. Boxoffice says:

    Did anyone else see the webinar “Identifying Cash & Carry Arbitrage candidates with screener by smallcase” ? Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iHT-BXkhbI

  68. Sheetal Tyagi says:

    How to place Spread Order, Bracket order, Cover Order in kite, Pi?
    Also how to download and install NEST if it is still available? Please do the needful.

  69. vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Eagerly waiting for Crux, why it is delayed…your promise in its release is getting delayed.
    What is present status – when we have access to crux ?

  70. SATISH says:

    Kindly introduce 4Hours timeframe on Kite Charts please
    Thanks & Regards,

  71. santhosh says:

    Request attach video link also for better knowledge…………….

      • kiran says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I am a learner and interested in doing Trading. On reading an article in newspaper about your company, called Zerodha and enquired about how to do trading as a new comer. The response I received is not very satisfying and not convinced completely. The person to whom I spoke is only interested creating an account with me. I need more information on like what is trading, how to do trading, where to invest kind of stuff as a starter. Is there any one in Zerodha very experienced Trader where I can talk to him and clear my doubts…? Can you give their contact email or phone no. Can you plz point me in right direction – Thanks

      • Nikhilesh says:

        Hi Nitin,
        Is it possible for you to show the margin required when placing a “Bracket Order” in Futures. As the Stop Loss is blocked in a bracket order you can make a provision to show the margin required (which can be less than the actual margin i.e. the margin without a Bracket Order) as per SL which is the first leg.
        Margin requirement for an order without the Bracket Order can also be displayed when the trader is placing the order.
        I have mentioned the above so that the trader need not go to the Margin calculator every time he wants to place a call. As the trades in futures are very fast a trader is bound to lose valuable time getting the margins from the margin calculator.
        Future trading requires big margin and the whole of it gets blocked in one call for most of the traders.
        This may help you to popularize Bracket Order concept and increase volumes
        Secondly the target price (second leg) can be optional in a Bracket Order as the trader can decide on it.
        ShareKhan has the above facility which is quite beneficial.
        Hope you give a thought to it.

      • Basavraj says:

        Hi, How can we see/access option chain data with a click on a stock (anywhere else) and their performance in Kite or Pi