Introducing TWF Flours

February 27, 2024

Our focus on health at Rainmatter started because of the core team’s focus on living a healthy life. The result of this passion was endless questions about the quality of common food items we eat every day, like vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, etc. So we started interacting with experts in the domain, such as doctors, farmers, and founders. In this exploration, we met Pranjal and Arjun, the co-founders of TWF Flours. They are working on techniques to ensure the maximum amount of nutrition is retained during the milling process. That might naturally lead you to question whether there’s something wrong with the flour that’s available in supermarkets—it’s the same question we had. It turns out that the wheat flour we typically consume, be it wheat we mill ourselves or buy from supermarkets, is not as nutritious as we assume. Pranjal explained that most of the nutrients in the wheat grains are lost during the grinding process. Many of us on the team didn’t know this. It was surprising considering wheat is the second most consumed grain after rice.

Pranjal and Arjun started TWF Flours to solve this problem. They have developed new milling technology to retain maximum amounts of micronutrients in the flour during the grinding process. Considering the fact that wheat is a staple in our diets, we are super excited to support the TWF team in their journey.

Below is a note from Pranjal Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of TWF Flours.

TWF aims to make everyday meals healthier by making our core food ingredients intelligent. We are unveiling and unlocking the treasure trove of nutrition that already exists in nature via our data-based approach to midstream technologies.

Our initial focus is flour, the staple powering your roti, sandwiches, pizzas, and cakes. Recognising that 47% of the average Indian’s carbohydrate intake is derived from flour, we aspire to transform this ubiquitous carb source into a superfood. Our pioneering “Multi-Dimensional Milling” technology is a cohesive fusion of grain science, baking science, data science, and mathematical precision.

This endeavour goes beyond merely crafting nutritionally exceptional flours; our products have set new benchmarks in terms of performance and flavour. Our first mill in northern India has quickly positioned us as the flour of choice for the most celebrated restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bakeries nationwide. It has also helped make TWF part of the daily diets of several thousand families!

We are very excited to partner with Rainmatter Health. This long-term partnership will allow us to chart an ambitious trajectory – to dream big – to imagine a future where our everyday food becomes the solution to our most pressing health challenges.

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