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April 16, 2024

Climate change is no longer a future event — water scarcity, erratic weather patterns, diminishing wildlife — we are already experiencing the consequences of climate change. Solving any problem starts by acknowledging there is one and finding ways to quantify it.

Although the effects of climate change are obvious, it is crucial to measure the actual change in climate to take any remedial action. Once put in place, these solutions also need to be tracked to ensure we’re getting the desired results.

Measuring and tracking such data is a complex and nuanced act. Most organisations depend on independent third-party software services to help them through this journey. LogicLadder offers such a sustainability solution to impact leading organisations.

The LogicLadder team has been at this since the early 2010s and has developed a software platform designed to track carbon emissions, energy consumption, environmental impact, water usage, and waste management centrally. The insights from the data they collect inform the steps that can help companies mitigate the impact on the ecosystems around us. LogicLadder makes it easier for organizations to declutter the complexity around environmental impact through data.

Needless to say, organizations that are transparent with climate action will also attract talent and have stakeholders and teams that will relate to the organization in the long run. All of which will help the company build sustainably and thrive.

We are excited to support them in this journey. Here is a note from Mayank Chauhan (Founder, Logicladder)

Our journey began in 2011 when the market showed little interest in climate consciousness and lacked the motivation to track and account for their emissions. Yet, even in those early days, we saw the opportunities companies miss by not embracing the potential of digitisation and data analytics. We did realise that our vision for the product was way ahead of our time, and navigating uncharted waters would require resilience. So, rather than gazing at our distant goal, we focused on serving our customers and started evolving our product block by block to meet their requirements.

Our Mission

We have a mission to be the world’s most trusted enterprise software company for climate impact measurement, management, and minimisation. We aim to accelerate a net-zero future by empowering enterprises globally to bridge profitability and sustainability. A world where every enterprise harmonises with the environment while achieving economic success.

The Challenge

Sustainability accounting has become complex. Business leaders need to have an accurate account of emissions, water use, and waste generated. Accounting can help them clearly understand every debit and credit. As corporations engage and serve companies seeking their own NetZero, they have to put their house in order. International commitments like the Paris Accord and COP26 are translating to stricter regulatory frameworks, meaning that environmental compliances have to be managed with more importance. With a strong ESG push from investors, CFOs need to be prepared for the cost of accessing capital that is increasingly linked to key sustainability markers. Boardrooms need a data-driven and platform-led approach to transition to their NetZero goals!


We have built The Sustainability Cloud® – an enterprise SaaS platform that enables an organisation to manage its sustainability and Net Zero ambitions, managing enterprise-wide carbon emissions, energy, environment, water, and waste from a single epicentre.

It autonomously acquires sustainability data from multiple sources in a single enterprise-wide repository, addressing a major issue of silo-ed data with increased accountability and accurate carbon accounting. It manages all utility energy, fossils, and renewables while keeping tabs on your effluents, emissions, air quality, waste, and water consumption. We enable our customers to meet environmental compliance by including all state and federal regulations in our platform. The Sustainability Cloud® ensures all stakeholders are actively engaged to meet the enterprise’s sustainability goals. We position our customers to have compliance reporting and management in accordance with both local norms and global standards like GRI, CDP, BRSR, and GRESB, among others.

Our machine learning and AI techniques enable anomaly detection and prediction. We continuously work on algorithms to translate data into what-if scenarios and suggested actions into concrete, actionable tasks to identify and create credible Net Zero pathways for the organisation, enabling them to be on top of their climate goals.

The Journey Until Now

Today, with over a decade of industry experience managing climate actions, expertise, and a roster of over 1,000 satisfied customers, we are well positioned to serve climate-conscious enterprises worldwide as they embrace the emerging global climate economy.

Our vision and mission actively contribute to attaining the goals established by the United Nations, the nation of India, and the inherent forces of nature. This alignment empowers us to serve on a global scale effectively. We are at the forefront of the full digitisation of BRSR reporting mandated by SEBI and CBAM reporting mandated by the EU. We continue to be ahead of this curve to ensure great value delivery for both our current and prospective customers.

What Next

A partnership with Rainmatter opens up a whole new set of avenues and opportunities. We will continue to enhance the Sustainability Cloud® product suite for investment professionals so that they can provide consistent, transparent, and high-quality service to clients.

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