Introducing Fittr

January 8, 2024

Helping Indians manage their health and wealth excites us the most at Rainmatter.

India has monumental health challenges, and the numbers are scary. 100 million+ people are diabetic. 135 million+ are overweight or obese, and this includes 14.4 million children, predicted to be 27 million by 2030.

Awareness is the first step toward solving a problem, and we think kids should be taught about the importance of nutrition and fitness from a young age. This increases the odds of healthier choices as kids become adults.

Like every company has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), we think that every home needs to have a Chief Fitness Officer (CFO). This desire to help people become healthier led us to the FITTR team. They are a nutrition and fitness platform working on helping Indians live healthier.

The company was started as a WhatsApp group in 2014 by the founder, Jitendra Chouksey (JC), to help people around him stay healthy. It became a Facebook group and today a company that leverages technology and human coaches that helps over 3 million people with their nutrition and fitness needs.

We are happy to partner with and support FITTR in its mission to educate people about the importance of nutrition and health. Their mission aligns with our desire to do whatever we can to help Indians live well.

Below is a note from Jitendra Chouksey (JC), Founder & CEO of FITTR.

Fittr is a community-based fitness education platform driven by passionate coaches who help users through their health journeys. The platform aims to provide science-backed health and fitness knowledge to its users.

In the long term, Fittr aims to make 50 million people fit and create thousands of meaningful career opportunities in the fitness industry. Its mission is to become the leading global social platform and marketplace for fitness coaching by educating and inspiring people to get fit & transform their lives. The primary focus for the next year or two is to generate effective employment for more than a thousand fitness and nutrition coaches. A strong philosophy underpins Fittr revolving around fostering awareness around fitness and nutrition, alongside empowering its community members with the right knowledge, skills, and support to achieve their fitness goals. Being a community-driven platform, it aims to bring the fraternity of fitness enthusiasts together to usher in much-needed innovation in the industry. The team here strongly believes in democratising fitness and busting myths around fitness education, thereby building a healthier society.

How it started

It all began as a small WhatsApp group in 2014 by Jitendra Chouksey (JC), the founder and CEO, to help his friends get in shape. The other co-founders, Jyoti Dabas, Rohit Chattopadhyay, Bala Krishna Reddy, and Sonal Singh, joined JC soon after. In the same year, given the overwhelming response and positive feedback, they quickly became a Facebook community. The group helped more people participate in the fitness revolution with a safe space that is free of judgment. The Facebook community enabled them and others to understand the specific requirements, which could be addressed with quantified nutrition.

In 2016, with an initial investment of INR 90K, they launched a platform. As like-minded people, each wanted to provide a safe and judgment-free platform where anyone could learn, transform, inspire, and explore their career opportunities in fitness. Later, they created the fundamental training methodology to prove that anyone can get fit with the knowledge of Quantified Nutrition. Then, in 2018, the team launched the Fittr application to democratise fitness. Today, Fittr is a tech-enabled, community-first health and fitness platform headquartered in Pune.

The app offers a full suite of easy-to-use tools such as a free diet tool, training tool, body fat calculators, macros calculator, and many others. The platform also provides personalised guidance, customised plans, and weekly check-ups through Fittr’s certified coaches.

The company’s strength is its three million-plus inclusive community, which supports each other’s fitness goals and encourages them to become a better version of themselves. Additionally, Fittr’s B2C freemium model, along with its principle of ‘Quantified Nutrition’, a scientific and proven method for achieving life-long health and fitness, makes Fittr stand out from the clutter.

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  1. saurabh says:

    JC is a great guy and coach. Know quite few whom he has guided towards fitness.

    One of the reasons why i am a bit fit (perhaps) and love to hit the gym 3 times a week.

    Zdha and Fir just makes sense together – i say !

  2. Shiva says:

    I had joined squats in their earlier days. Every diet they gave was ketogenic. Then they changed tracks. I was pissed off eating only cheese and panner. Eveurally I out one more weight

  3. Herrmann says:

    I am part of fittr since 2016. This is good collab

  4. Jinesh says:

    Am part of fittr and it’s amazing