Introducing Amwoodo

April 15, 2024

We started investing in climate action and health a couple of years ago. At the intersection of the two, there is a large plastic waste problem we want to help solve. The ramifications of plastic waste do not end with the pollution of soil and water bodies; microplastics have even found their way into our food sources. It is alarming to look at some studies around the health problems microplastics cause including neurotoxicity and immune system disruption. These health hazards have begun to affect all life forms.

Enter Amwoodo.

While bamboo has many use cases, Amwodo focuses on personal hygiene and building materials for now. Bamboo is obviously biodegradable and grows quite fast, which makes it suitable for some of the use cases we listed. But what was really heartening was how the business is working with farmers and artisans and enabling livelihoods, which we think will set them apart from the rest of the companies in this space. Overall, we are glad to support them in this chase to solve the problem of mainstreaming bamboo as a material. Here is a note from Agni Mitra (Founder) of Amwoodo.

At Amwoodo, our mission is to spread awareness about the need to shift from plastic to sustainable alternatives and to work towards a better future. Our focus is on Bamboo technology and innovation, as we believe it holds the key to solving many environmental problems. We are committed to creating a positive impact on society through our initiatives.

Our product range includes personal care items, kits for the hospitality sector, bamboo polymer composites, bamboo veneers, and engineered bamboo. Our products are not just practical but also eco-friendly, making a promise for a better tomorrow. We are proud to say that our efforts have not only helped the environment but have also had a positive impact on society. Our initiatives have diverted 284 metric tons of plastic from landfills and afforested more than 674 acres of land.

Our goal is to bring about social change, which is why we work with 310 farmers and 380 artisans across India. We have employed over 1200 individuals, both directly and indirectly, and offer 100% reskilling programs to help people increase their income threefold.

We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Rainmatter Climate. This enduring collaboration sets the stage for our long-envisioned journey addressing issues of climate change and plastic pollution and cultivating sustainability-driven transformation. Together, we hope and work for a greener and healthier tomorrow.

Patient capital for Indian fintech, health, and climate startups.

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  1. Kavitha Anilkumar says:

    In Bangalore everything is packed in plastic.In our younger days jute bags were famous.I think bamboo bags can also be made for packing .And lot of publicity should be given for bamboo products.And in Kerala I saw bamboo Puttu maker.We as citizens should be an example by bringing about changes for a better tomorrow for future generation

  2. Manmohan Singh says:

    Appreciate the vision. Would like to know as to how can I be in a position to help Amwwodo.

  3. Md Zeeshan says:

    Amwoodo is going to be the next big thing in Indian startup space. They have an amazing team and one of the few Kolkata startups doing this welll.

  4. Abhinav Bajpaye says:

    This is a great news, startups like Amwoodo needs more support. They have really changed the Bamboo products market in India. I have personally used thr products and the quality is great.