Open Interest on Kite charts, track events, and more…

June 12, 2019

Open Interest (OI) is an essential factor to track when actively trading F&O contracts or their underlying stocks. You can check this chapter on OI on Varsity to learn more. Change in OI indicates the strength of the price move, as explained in Varsity. All trading platforms display only the current OI on any contract, but not the change, making it tough to use change in OI as part of the trading strategy.

We now have Open interest as an indicator on Kite charts. You can not only see the current OI but historically from when the contract went live.

Click on Studies on the Kite chart of any F&O contract and search for Open Interest

Search for Open Interest in Studies

Open interest plot underlay

Open Interest plot

While tracking OI, it is crucial to know how OI is treated for institutional trades. This is the reason why you see a sudden change (mostly reduction) in OI after market closing every day. I have explained here in detail.

We have a few more updates:

There are many times we trade stocks without knowing if there is any stock specific event (Dividends, Corporate actions and announcements) around it or not, which can be detrimental to the trade. We have this covered for you going forward. You will now see an event alert on the Kite Marketwatch if there is any scheduled event within the next 3 days. For example, Infy went ex-dividend today 13th June 2019 by Rs 10.5 because of which the stock price is down by that much and not because of market reasons. If you did decide to trade Infy today, you would know this important piece of information which you otherwise may not have known. This is currently available only on Kite web and will take a few weeks before it shows up on Kite mobile. We will also try to have this alert for Indices for macro events (RBI policy, Inflation numbers, etc).

Click on the context menu and then on Fundamentals

Track all stock specific events within the next 3 trading days


You can now initiate a chart, buy, sell, etc. without adding it to the Marketwatch and directly from the search window.

Initiate action from Search

And yeah finally a very popular request, you can now initiate a chart for any scrip from an existing chart without having to add the scrip to the Marketwatch.

Initiate any chart from within a chart


We have a lot more exciting updates and announcements lined up over the next few weeks for you, including the launch of Kite 3 mobile, which has the OI update on charts as well. The current Kite mobile app will also get these features in a couple of weeks. Do help spread the word through our new referral program.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Kindme says:

    If stock is in ban then if stock oi comes below 80% in middle of day then when can we take call and put same day or next day

  2. Prateek Dubey says:

    how do I see open interest moving average, and few other indicators supported by streak in zerodha charts like WMA, HMA and all. is there a way ?

  3. Chandrakant M says:

    The app needs lot of updates, specifically in Trading View Charts where in Many indicators are not available, along with Buy and Sell Tab on Chart itself. Further the chart needs Technical indicator for Option buyers, like option indicator on chart with Open interest data for each level or may be for at least ATM on Call & Put Side.

  4. Padmanabha Upadhyaya says:

    I Have subscription with sensibull, still i think the information being provided by zerodha is not enough. I expect in open interest data, along with percentage change, OI quantity there is a need to provide a performance evaluation data as well. Such as whether a particular strike price is having long build up/short build up/short covering etc.

    Please have a look at this.

  5. Ram says:

    sometimes Candlestick issue still Props up when there are big moves.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Ram, the charts are working fine. Could you please please create a ticket at along with more details? Our team will have this checked and assist.

  6. Nilesh Himmatrao Wankhede says:

    Hi, Sir this is very good platform provided by you for trading. All are very well design but if may be i am not aware about it can you have tool or anything that gives ideas which shares we have to buy or sell.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Nilesh, we do not provide any advice as such. It is recommended you do your own research on stocks before you place trades. You can check out Stockreports+ which is a utility to research stocks based on financial data. It has comprehensive stock reports for over 3000+ Indian stocks, updated daily.

  7. sachin says:

    I cant find oi option in field in moving average, is it removed?

  8. senthil says:

    sir,if we can plot the oi in the same price chart then we shall get the cross over points to take trade

  9. Rohan vilaspure says:

    how plot moving average on open interest in tradingview chart

    it is possible in chartq but not in trading view.

    their no source option for moving average in trading view but available in char q.

  10. Bharath says:

    How to copy continous data to excel?

  11. Kumar says:

    Nithin Kamath sir, is it true that you cheated in the popular online chess game?

  12. Swati says:

    Hi sir, OI indicator is a revolutionary addition to Zerodha kite platform Please add OI setting in moving average options in trading view platform as it is added in chart IQ platform it would highly serve the traders need for OI analysis. Looking forward for the same.

  13. raghuram says:

    thank you for your efforts , could we get the open interest graph in bar chart

  14. Sunando says:

    Is it possible to plot Options price and Open Interest in the same graph,my objective is to see price in line chart and Oi crossover points to initiate trades.Kindly revert back.

  15. Atul Bawari says:

    Great work on the OI indicator.
    1) is it the sum of all OI in all future expiries? like Aug+Sept+Oct?
    2) is there any way I can export my chart into excel or plug your api into my excel and run an excel script to calculate some ratios like vol to OI, % change in OI etc?

  16. Dhanaji Borate says:

    Please add change in OI in your Pi software. It is must have column in Trading terminal.


    I had tried plot open interest in chart that’s couldn’t display, all value zero.

  18. Raghunath Sahoo says:

    I raised a ticket #20200317818262.. 3 weeks back, but on one is brother abt to look into it , if possible can u please sort out the issue ASAP.. the customer service is now pathetic..


  19. Bhabani Prasad Nayak says:

    From the last few days the OI chart isn’t. Is there a problem ?? On the day of expiry it’s out of the list of indicators

  20. Santosh says:

    Can you put some light on this OI indicator which your team has developed. I am very curious about that.

  21. lalit isarani says:

    is there any possibility to check the OI chart in the form of candles instead of line chart? Thanks in advance

  22. Jibanesh Roy says:

    is this oi for current expiry?
    If yes, I would suggest you to add cumulative oi also. Cumulative Oi is of more importance than only current month oi.


  23. Kumar says:


    Event should have some importance of impact on stock or index like giving a star rating in, otherwise on Nifty we see event very frequently.

  24. Shree says:

    If any company has a event in zerodha meaning?

    • Matti says:

      If there is an event, like dividend announcement, bonus, stock split, etc., you’ll see an ‘Event’ tag next to that scrip on the marketwatch.

  25. Lokendra says:

    hey guys, i have been using zerodha for some time now, really enjoy it. Just a small suggestion, didn’t know where to post. this has got to do with charts in Kite web platform. one good feature i miss is when we move cursor on candles in Pi it shows relevant data point like price on cursor, time of candle but i can’t seem to find the same on kite web. i believe its a handy little thing to consider.

    P.S. Just a suggestion
    Happy trading

  26. Sayan says:

    I would like to know if I can buy & sell directly from the chart without having to go back to the main page.

    • Manjesh Mj says:

      In kite web you can’t able to buy & sell in a chart. Kite 3.0(Mobile app) you have an option to buy & sell in chats, Once you open a chat in the righthand top you can able to see Buy & Sell option.

    • Matti says:

      This option is available on Kite already.

  27. Suresh Kumar Srivastava says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I appreciate your efforts and request you please do not deprive Pi users like me, to use these features as you incorporated OI Graph chart and Events next 3 days ahead in Kite only. While shorting options these features will be very useful in risk management, if you provide in Pi too.

  28. Naveen singh says:

    Could you please add facility of GTC order.. it will be more helpful for trader who unable to track market daily due to some other commitments.
    I have requested this on you kite review, also to your customers care executive and also on Twitter but nothing happen. Please add this also on forthcoming kite 3 mobile app.

  29. rushikesh ghorpade says:

    provide Central pivot Range feature under Studies

  30. Shekhar says:

    I m trying to buy share from a long time through kite app but I couldn’t buy.plzz help me in buying share

  31. jobby says:

    I am not able to see the events page or fundamentals page. It pops out blank except the buy sell close button on the bottom. It was fine on the day it was launched.
    Anybody else facing the same problem?

  32. Bhagya says:

    These features are good…I have a request to introduce BO/OCO order option in mcx segment…Many other brokers have this facility but despite zerodha a leading broker is lacking this…hope it will be added soon…

  33. Ravi Kumar says:

    Great work. If i may ask for Just one change: Instead of showing scheduled Events within next 3 days, can you increase it to, say 7 or 10 days (Configurable option is even better). Usually, the stock gains momentum much ealier due to these events.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi. Three days is a reasonable amount of time is what we felt. If the time horizon were longer, the chances of a lot of scrips having the ‘event’ label at the same time is higher. This would mean missing an event on a stock becomes more likely, hence the decision. Allowing custom timeframes is operationally a lot more complex and the value it adds doesn’t justify the added tech that would be needed to support it.

  34. Prashant says:

    OI along with PCR will be valuable.

  35. Mukesh says:


    If I open multiple charts (2 or 4) in same window, the script search still works only in my watch-list scrips. Fix this as search from the whole list of scripts is most needed on multiple charts.


    Still no depth option in holdings page of mobile app. Ridiculous

  37. Jaidev Thakar says:

    Thank you.

    The new feature of OI on chart is really good. But can we have an option of different formats. like it is available in line chart only. I am comfortable to see it in bar chart. But I don’t have that option right now.

    • Matti says:

      We tried this, but since the change isn’t that rapid, it doesn’t look all that difference, so didn’t make sense doing this.

  38. TUSHAR says:

    Good Going KIU…
    Yet, Not all indexes covered till date… ie:Nifty Next 50…shld be… include all features that may avail to equity market community…

  39. Shrikant Sharma says:

    पर बंधु….ये काम कहां कर रिया है …? deployed OI indicator on Banknifty, both on TVC and CIQ . but it shows a Flat line like an ECG of a patient of Cardiac arrest/Asystole…kuchh bhi activity nahi show kar raha…Na live market mein na uske baad…!!!

  40. v p vadodaria says:

    very handy appreciable information that for each script.

  41. S M VISWANATH says:

    Keep moving sir, we will also. your winning ways are always appreciated.

  42. Rakesh says:

    Great work Zerodha team

  43. Amjad pathan says:

    My ne aapko request Kiya tha ki gann sq9 lavels plots on charts indicatear dedo karke but aapne nahi diya…
    Am very disappointed…

  44. RAMYA.S says:


    Thank you Zerodha for Open Interest update….

    One Request Kindly Update Ichimuku Chart able to Option in Zerodha PI System …. I cant able to insert.

  45. MORE says:

    sir, in BO we can place order by limit and SL,
    but in CO we can place order only in market and limit , (not SL),
    some times limit order can’t get executed as jump of price,
    and market order also not good because of jump in price.
    but in SL we can give trigger price, (whenever that price came our order will executed),
    so can you please start SL in CO ?

  46. Vivek says:

    Thanks for the update!

    I think right now it is not possible to place buy or sell order by clicking on chart. Will you please add this feature so that we don’t need to add it to marketwatch when the chart is already open.


  47. Sathish says:

    how we get trade confirmation email or sms in zerodha ?

    • siva says:

      On kite3 app, one will get push notification on completion on every order. Kite3 app will be out soon.

  48. umakanta says:

    These is reason why zeroda is no.1 platform user friendly,low cost.

  49. Shivam Gupta says:

    Good work

  50. Sanjoy says:

    Dear Brilliant Zerodha Management and Development Team,

    I would like to take this opportunity to provide you my humble feedback for Zerodha Kite platform. Needless to say, it is a great trading platform for individual counter and indices that one may have in the watch-list. However I feel it lacks the functionality to provide a holistic picture of the market. I would explain below what I mean by that. It would be really great if you could kindly consider these features along with other must-do items (you may have in your worklist) in the subsequent release of Kite.

    * Global indices (at least the main ones – DOW, Nasdaq, DAX, CAC, FTSE, Nikkei, Hangseng)
    * Advance/Decline ratio in Indian Market, Sector wise would be even better
    * Advance/Decline ratio against time to understand how the sentiment is changing throughout the day
    * Top Gainers/Losers, Volume Shockers from user defined Index or from their own stock-universe
    * An event Calender with at least major Indian Economic events
    * Information on Bulk/Block deal as and when it happens (or at least End of Day report)

    Thanks and Warmest Regards

  51. Vinod Nelliat says:

    Mr. Nitish
    I am having a dematerialize account with you but till date I haven’t done any online trading the reason being not knowing how to do it.
    Hence I will be grateful if any body from your team can help me by mailing me step by step procedure for purchase and sale of any stock in mobile online.

  52. Anukul says:

    Please add market profile and order flow

  53. Shabir Gilkar says:

    My suggest is to keep 1 dedicated Marketwatch for Nifty 50 stocks (or with dropdown to display different index with in).

  54. Rajdeepsinh Gohil says:

    Dear Nitin Sir, Please update feature that trading from Chart means directly order placed from chart no need to go in order book ..Also stop loss trail from chart . Thanks in advance …

  55. Vrajesh patel says:

    Most important update oi indicator,plz do work on tradingview chart “trade open @ click on price bar cross hair (+) indication” and “drag drop for stoploss and take profit” like TRADINGVIEW on chart fyres have already this but if it will be in zerodha it full feature platform.

    Plz sir do work on it we will wait.

  56. Kuber says:

    ‘Opening a chart for any scrip from an existing chart without having to add the scrip to the Marketwatch’ is really great feature addition Thanks for this .Earlier it was very painful to add/remove scrips to market watch and then open the chart.
    Can you also please plot FNO charts with past 6 months of data for Kite .That will be really helpful.

  57. Naveen Gupta says:

    This is really awesome and an essential feature. Is there addition of PCR and IV in your future roll-outs?

  58. Rohan Sawant says:



  59. Praveen says:

    Were good info on how to use OI and major events on stocks. These are very useful indicators and infor for trading or investing.

  60. Anshul says:

    Wow what a great work you guys are doing. I am also thankful to you guys how you have improved your servers. I did not expect your app to not crash on election result day but you guys proved that you are now much more stable. Kudos to your team. Keep on doing the same.

  61. Hemanth says:

    1. Events notices 30 days in advance would be nice
    2. I sent a mail about Font size and color setting years back. Grey is not easy on weak eyes. Age happens.
    3. The drawings keep moving erratically when we click near them. Even on th – + zoom buttons.

    I hope this feedback is noticed

  62. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Dear Mr.Nithin,Thankyou for introducing OI indicator,it had been my long time request,great work by the team.Please have an option to convert in bar form also.Thanks once again for the fantastic work.

  63. PARESH JOSHI says:

    Very good work for OI
    Since one more request in case of PC login of KIte…… as you can see exact difference between closing rate and current rate under mobile kite application but we can view only % difference under PC login. If you can introduce option or both possible thing i.e. % difference and amount difference, it will be great

  64. Vijay says:

    1. Giving OI as indicator is really good initiative. Thanks. But, I cannot read the values for previous dates! Right now, for previous dates, only OHLC is available and none of the indicator values for previous dates are not available. Can it be enabled along with OHLC?
    2. ‘Events’ is it only covered for equities? What about same stocks in futures?

  65. CH V NAGENDRA says:

    Just a recommendation for trade and analytics point of view:
    It is highly appreciable if 52 week high and low fields were added to the bottom of the stock chart wizard.

  66. Neelima says:

    Inclusion of OI is great. Thanks Zerodha and Nitin. OI is presently line chart. Can you please also make it a bar chart as it is difficult in line chart to see changes in OI as the slope gets clarity only on major moves.

  67. Prasanth says:

    Sir can u introduce Chart trading in your next update would be helpful to see chart and buy or sell from that itself

  68. Harbeer Singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Would be much nicer if we could have a magnet mode and also a facility to auto change futures to next month after expiry. Or another way could be if we could use something like fut and option small buttons on the display window of spot so that we could switch from one thing to another in a jiffy..

    Although asking for more but still feel it would be very helpful for traders like me.

  69. Kuber says:

    To make this more useful please provide 90 or 180 days backdated data for FNO charts.Now kite displays only current month data only.

  70. Ch V Nagendra says:

    Good improvisation by Zerodha Team…Thanks

  71. jaideep says:

    Hi team,

    I am new to zerodha, and somehow I am finding a little difficult understand the reports which we get, yes good that it has a lot of details, but we can also add one more data which tell my all trade and total amount I gain or lose

  72. R. Sivasankaran says:

    Great work by the Team Zerodha.
    Keep going.
    As an improvement, I world expect an SMS alert if my trade is executed.

  73. Ravi Bhandari says:

    Hi Zerodha Team and Mr.Nitin,

    This is awesome feature added to Kite, really very helpful and we don’t have to elsewhere to lookout for events and impact on stocks if any. Great… Great work.


  74. Preeti Goyal DP1762 says:

    Thanks for the date regarding alert. I added Infy as well as Infy June Fut to my marketwatch. I find that alert is there for Infy but not for Infy futures. If one trades only in futures and in his Marketwatch only derivative stocks are there, then he will not be benefited. Please there fore add such alerts for derivating stocks also.

  75. ARUN says:

    I cannot see any changes in OI indicator. It sticks to value 0

  76. manju says:

    where can i see the market watch ?

  77. Krithika says:

    Great. Continuous upgrade means a lot to customers.. Keep it up..

  78. Santhosh Sriramula says:

    Excellent work …way to go

  79. Srinjoy says:

    Plz Change in oi also

  80. Aravinth says:

    Kindly try to add BO for Crude oil sir

  81. rajnish says:

    not working on my chart . pls see the issue.

  82. VINODH KUMAR says:

    Option Greeks we need

  83. Hemanth says:

    Mr. Kamath — Your team is putting in extraordinary work to bring in the best possible studies that we as trades can use while trading. Thumbs Up!!!!

    Per me – I would love to have “AMO BO” which would enable us to place Bracket Orders after market. I am not sure if this is a feasible option or not per guidelines. If there is a possibility, please add this feature.

    Thank you

  84. Kh shor meitei says:

    Nitin sir one request also make ready-made watch list for nifty 50 and different sector it will also helf in EOD enalysis
    Thanks in advance

  85. Kh shor meitei says:

    Hi sir please provide buy and sell facility in chart itself and stop loss change in drag and move it will be very helpful

  86. Ramesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My question was can you tell me what is Open Interest of the previous candle?
    because you can see only current candle of the Open Interest , how do you compare with previous candle? You may reply or not, left to the Zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      You can use the crosshair tool to determine the value of the indicator at any point.

      • Ramesh says:

        Thanks for reply , you can get Open,High,Low,Close,Volume and Date of the previous candle but not for Open Interest even if we use crosshair tool. If so can you put screen shot of the Open Interest indicator value in it (ie.previous candle).

        Thanks in advance.

  87. Shivakumar patil says:

    One more request pls add wick for the renko charts.
    Thank You.

  88. Sushant Pol says:

    Also include cumulative open interest which will be more usefull with eod data

  89. Prabakaran says:

    I had multiple accounts and closed everything. Now using Zerodha as my primary account.

    I have one request:
    1) Please provide advance / decline indicators like rsi so that we can cross check the market trend in chart itself.

  90. Sekhar biswas says:

    I’m not able to open equity account. Do help

  91. Ramesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    why was my message deleted by modulator ?


  92. Vishal Sharma says:

    Hi Nitin,
    The most needed feature for any trader would be the brokerage charges should start displaying the moment we get in the trade because it will help us the most to manage the risk and reward of the trade.

  93. Lakshmikanth Jadhav says:

    Good updates….thank you.

  94. Sara says:

    i like this one “fetching chart without adding it in market watch”. Thank you

  95. Harsh says:

    Is this current month OI or cumulative of 3 months?

  96. Phani says:

    Is this on PI?

  97. Kunal says:

    Hello Nitin sir
    Really good move looking forward to this , excited for kite 3.0 .

    Please introduce one indicator to mark low and high of candle.


  98. chandra BV says:


    is the open interest what ever is displaying is selected month Open interest data or cumulative interest data ?

    if not CI data, is there a possibility to display cumulative Open Interest of all three months ?

    it would be a great advantage if it can be done.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance

  99. Naeem says:

    Congratulations and many many thanks to nitin sir and zerodha team for providing us new features every time.. Appreciate that.. Further pls start fully automatic trading in streak in place of semi automatic now..

  100. DJ says:

    Thanks… This is really great and very useful. Can we have the option to draw a line for previous day close. Thanks

  101. Rajesh Vasudev says:

    Great work. Keep improvising.

  102. Nilesh s joshi says:

    Nitin sir
    Happy with new features but I always looking for t and s scanner or can say volume scanner , tick query in mobile I don’t see in any mobile platform , it’s not like volume soccer or any but I can scan high volume in script.
    Plz try for it

  103. Surya says:

    Will it work for tradingview setup on Zerodha??

  104. P K Mohan says:

    thank you very much for adding such an innovative charts to help the traders

  105. kritagya lodhi says:

    useful tool

  106. Ravi says:

    It is great,please add top gainers and loosers list availa ble in kite

  107. Kunaram Besra says:

    Thanks I was waiting for this features only

  108. Nikhil Sabhani says:

    Feeling awssome ….with OI chart and ability to open any chart without adding under WL…

  109. saurabh singh says:

    great work sir,
    i have tried a lot to find this on web ,but only professional softwares are providing this.
    thanks a lot to zerodha

  110. Suman Chatterjee says:

    Is there any feature in kite to handle multi a/c at a time?

  111. Umasankar Sahu says:

    Nice to have the OI chart on Kite. Its a grate help to the option players.
    I have few queries and thoughts.
    Is there development going on the PI application? If yes, then please consider following features for scanner on PI.

    1 – display the stock on the top of scanner screen automatically when the scan condition satisfied.
    2 – Adding a beep/pop-up option to the scanner whenever a new stock satisfies the scan condition.
    3 – Scanning the market instead of the scanning from the watchlist.

  112. Geet says:

    I want join ur family as a franchise member in m.p plz contact 8817141149

  113. Suman Chatterjee says:

    Thank you Nitin Ji for adding up OI chart on Kite.

  114. Mampi Banerjee says:

    I want a feature on kite. If I have 10 open positions, I can always track the combined profit and loss of the same.
    But I want to track combined profit and loss of say 4 selected positions out of this 10 positions. please think about the feature. It will be very helpful.

  115. Devils_den says:

    The Functionality to pull up charts without adding things on the Marketwatch is brilliant! fantastic work Nithin and Team Zerodha

  116. Sanjoy says:

    Fantastic….thanks for bringing this great update.

    One request : when would you be able to bring ‘Valid Till Canceled’ type of order please. This is long due… 🙂

    Warmest Regards

    • Matti says:

      Working on this. 🙂

      • Sanjoy says:

        Ok, Thank you. looking forward to it……

        I would like to take this opportunity to provide you my humble feedback for Zerodha Kite platform. Needless to say, it is a great trading platform for individual counter and indices that you have in your watch-list. However I feel it lacks the functionality to provide you a holistic picture of the market. I would explain below what I mean by that. It would be really great if you could kindly consider these features along with other must-do items (you may have in your worklist) in the subsequent release of Kite.

        * Global indices (at least the main ones – DOW, Nasdaq, DAX, CAC, FTSE, Nikkei, Hangseng)
        * Advance/Decline ratio in Indian Market, Sector wise would be even better
        * Advance/Decline ratio against time to understand how the sentiment is changing throughout the day
        * Top Gainers/Losers, Volume Shockers from user defined Index or from their own stock-universe
        * An event Calender with at least Indian Economic events
        * Information on Bulk/Block deal as and when it happens (or at least End of Day report)

        Thanks and Warmest Regards

  117. Divyanshu says:

    Really happy to have an account with you. The services provided by you are great !

  118. Sumit Agarwal says:

    Can u please provide Fibonacci Retracement tool?

  119. Sameer Prabhu says:

    Great! Much awaited changes. OI will be of a great help.

    Any plans to add “Relative Strength” (stock vs NIFTY index) indicator?

  120. Rajesh says:

    Hi Team,

    You guys are making super progress. This is a wonderful addition for all the retail investors. I have one suggestion, this indicator will have more importance along with Change in OI indicator. Hope to see that soon.


  121. Alex says:

    Thanks once again to Zerodha team. Kindly add trendline alert ASAP

  122. SAurabh Bhatia says:

    Can we please get the option chain within Kite and not have to go to Sensibull for that?
    Also, when we search for Options, the searching space is limited so if you type ITC Jun 1… the list will start with ITC 120 or something and the ATM will not even appear unless you type something like …17 and then the 170s will appear. this is irritating. I should be able to say… ITC Option chain and see the option chain on right and then click on any SP to see its chart… (may in 2 chart settings, which would be wonderful)

    • Matti says:

      Ah, option chain within Kite would be difficult the way it is currently built. Will take this into consideration though.

  123. K.Murugesan says:

    Very thanks for OI display facilities, pls add two more facilities PCR and ATP.
    If add the PCR and ATP very useful for Zerodha clients.
    We hope Mr.Nithin will do it.

  124. Kaustubh says:

    OI is a huge figure generally. Put K or M there.
    K- 1 thousand
    M- 1 million

  125. s kaleel rahman says:

    very useful feature for those research trade like me.. thanks .. please thinkabout oco(like bracket order) order in commodaties . thanks

  126. ashish kesarweani says:

    hello sir,
    kindly provide an option for 4 chart view vertically in a single page. like this ||||
    we are getting like this |-|.
    kindly do needful asap.

  127. Parthiban says:

    Dark Mode in Kite IOS App plz!

  128. vishnu chidambaram says:

    Wooow , best ever feature

  129. Satyam says:

    Great Work, please include feature of multileg order for Options trade

  130. RT says:

    Isn’t it possible that we can see it on spot price also! Thanks

  131. Nehal says:

    Need a feature to open chart of a scrip/option from MarketWatch on mobile by swiping on the name. similar to delete scrip

    • Matti says:

      This wouldn’t be something we’d be doing. There are only so many ways that one can swipe. Using one of those to move to a completely different screen wouldn’t be a good experience for a majority of users.

  132. Rajendra Shrowty says:

    Thats a useful addition. Appreciate your efforts to make important info available to traders. Keep it up!

  133. Rahul says:

    Please add indicator values per candle below it in indicator panel or in information box

    such as rsi value at 5 min candle
    currently we have only last candle value for indicators

    • Matti says:

      That would just add too many numbers and the chart would become hard to read. You can use the crosshair to determine the value of an indicator at any point.

  134. Amit Hirawat says:

    Thanks Zerodha. I was actually looking forward to this feature, which is so very important. Earlier I had to refer to third party website/ apps for this data and the switching over was cumbersome. Thanks for bringing the much needed feature here. Best Wishes!

  135. kuldeep kumar says:

    Good step sir, this will be very helpful

  136. Amitkumar Gupta says:

    First of all thanks a lot for this new feature.
    I just have small request.
    Please allow your customers to create a list of multiple charts setup.
    As of now, i can create only single chart with a particular setup but many times i want to analyse stocks on different charts setup. Its not feasible to change the settings for each stock.
    This will be a great feature. Please add it if possible.

  137. Sumit says:


  138. Ankit Singh says:

    Request you to increase the futures data(time duration plotted) set for stocks and Nifty so that there’s continuity while analysing the charts.
    Currently once we are done with expiry there’s no way to go back and have a look at the past futures data for analysing.
    Include a feature(futures chart) which shows data continuously similar to Nifty cash and stocks, basically chart with continuity.

    Looking forward for your support.
    Thank you.

  139. kunchala Ramanaiah says:

    thats great Zerodha, my request to you to incorporate options of comparing OI with other strike prices or others like CE or PE. that would be a great tool for us.
    but the tools being provided by Zerodha, are awesome. thats why you are no.1 in India.
    Kudos to all Zerodha Team

  140. Chaitanya Deep says:

    Open interest is not plotting in my kite App

    • Matti says:

      OI chart isn’t available on Kite mobile yet. Will be made available on the app in a couple of weeks.

  141. Arjun Yadav says:

    @nithin kamath @zerodha sir it is hearty request to you that this open interest chart should be in the form of Bar or candle stick. it will be very very help full to understand.

  142. Chetan Deshmukh says:

    This would be really helpful and handy to get the stats which we collect from NSE website ..
    Zerodha platform helped so many to become successful traders, thank you for your honesty, loyalty, transparency in trades and accounts. I have multiple demat accounts but I really enjoy trading & investing with Zerodha my favorite platform.

  143. Meghdut Choudhury says:

    That’s awesome, your team is doing really great work Nithin. You guys are miles ahead of the competition and I hope you guys keep building on top of what you already have. I’ve spread the word to a large number of people I know and everyone has switched over to Zerodha and hold the same sentiment that I currently do.

    Do keep up the great work, and thank you for all the products that your team has delighted us with!

  144. Srikrishna Rowthu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    One feature which I am eagerly expecting from Zerodha team is:

    Currently we are able to place Target/Stop Loss/Trailing Stop Loss while placing a bracket order.

    But for a CNC order, after say (we buy a share), we can either place a stop loss order (or) target order and not both.

    So, if you can help us to place both these orders at once, that would be really helpful. Especially for people who trade Nifty and Bank Nifty. Hope this feature comes out soon. Thanks in advance.


  145. Star jeno says:

    Great effort. It will be quite interesting if available in bar chart. Hats off

  146. Ameet Mehta says:

    Fantastic Update!

  147. Sharad Thombre says:

    You are Really working on the easiness for the trader… Keep going the EXTRA MILE always… Thank you very much…

  148. Nilesh says:

    How do we know if its OI of call or put? and how to get separate OI chart for call and put? Which strike are you showing or is it overall ?

    • OI shows for the contract whose chart you have opened. If you open the chart for a certain Strike call, you see OI for that contract.

    • Matti says:

      The OI will be for the scrip whose chart you have open. If you have Nifty 12000 PE chart open, the OI is for Nifty 12000 PE.

      • Madan singh says:

        Zarodha not complete broker I contynew complend no contact and not solve money transfer HSBC zarodha client account not informed new zarodha client account thanks

  149. Piiyussh says:

    This is a Great Update. Good Job!
    But we are still waiting BO in MCX while other Brokers have started.
    Appreciate if Zerodha can initiate on the same.
    All the Best !!

  150. Bhagwan says:

    I have one suggestion,

    If a shares / options value doesn’t reaches my expectation today, I have to re-enter all my order’s again on the next day which is very tedious. What if the value reaches the expected value but goes up/down after that then you will have to wait for next possible day. What if he don’t have an active internet connection or he took break etc

    If you provide a option where user have to explicitly tell that he wants to continue this order for next 15, 30, forever etc days

  151. VELAN SARATHY says:

    @nithin sir,

    once again ZERODHA breaks the barrier . Thanks for introducing OPEN INTEREST indicator.

  152. abahy says:

    thanks for such important update, here is my few suggestion, kindly allow side stock price bar like we have trading view when we pop multiple chart view. also there are are many space waste in chart kindly reduce it, so that we have more chart area., there is no flexiblity to change width of market watch , its soo wide. kindly do it in next update.

    • abhay says:

      hi,, thanks for such good work, but if it would be link to underlying equity too rather we need to load future symbol, it would be great .

  153. PRAMOD says:

    Dear Nithin
    Many thanks for this new feature, however in a given link article you have mentioned that “I don’t think it is a smart move to use the intraday OI data as part of your trading strategy. This is because of how institutional trades are settled” if the O.I. data is not trustworthy than what is a purpose to use it.

    Thanks in advance for your calrification.

    • I have said that it shouldn’t be used for active intraday trading, bothered about the change every tick. This is like an extremely slow indicator, best to treat it that way.

  154. Hemant Thorat says:

    Very good initiatives. Keep updating.

  155. BHANUDAS PATIL says:


  156. Dilip Dabke says:

    What about PI ? Login problem.

  157. HARRY says:

    Hi Nitin,

    In Kite web version.

    If we pan through the chart using mouse, if there is an ELLIPSE or CHANNEL drawn, then the position of the ellipse changes. But this does not happen with FIBONACCI drawing tool.

    Can you please make the background of the drawing tool ELLIPSE as transparent, so that we can scroll and navigate in the chart without having to move the ELLIPSE and CHANNEL tool.

    Like locking the position of the drawings in the chart.

    Thanks in advance.


  158. Ravinder Kumar says:

    This is awesome, I am waiting for this one.

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  160. Muthu says:

    Absolutely did Zerodha well HATS Off TEAM

  161. Swaroop says:

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  162. Raj says:

    OI data of current month consider for this ?

  163. Sameer says:

    Not working for me. It shows blank space..Maybe I will try again after few hours.

  164. Rinkesh Meena says:

    Hello Sir congratulation For Increment Kindly Update The Understand How We Understand Oi on Chart and What Digits Range Mostly Effacted Reversals.

  165. raees says:

    Great… now moving towards all in one platform.

  166. Jagdish Jha says:

    Great Work..keep it up..

  167. Subham Jain says:

    Hi Sir,
    Its a very good thing, was searching OI chart (specially of futures) since long and today you ended that search. thank u so much.
    But I have another request, instead of making it open in another section i.e. below chart, i would have loved to have it on the chart itself like MA.
    If possible kindly make that provision also.

    Thank u once again.

    • Matti says:

      Will look into the possibility. This would be tricky since price and OI have different scales.

      • Prabakaran says:

        There are 2 scales right. Try it in the secondary scale.

        • Matti says:

          We could, but there’s no comparability between the two at that point, so it might as well be in a separate pane.

          • Ashish Sharma says:

            How about having OI values in the section where we see OHLC of candles? Value can be shown only when user is interested. It can give precise information to the users, anyways you already have all numbers with you which you process to draw charts. Yes to play safe from performance point of view or to have some abstractions for retails, you can set limitations to see OI numbers in OHLC section only in timeframes above 5mints or 10mints.

            By the way, current OI is only considering Future contracts or all derivatives for the current series?

            • Matti says:

              Ah, will check if showing OI in the data box is possible. The OI chart you see on a futures chart is just for the future contract. Similarly, if you’re looking at an option contract, the OI is only for that particular contract.

  168. vinay says:

    sir please add 7 minutes time frame … please humble request from a small retail trader

  169. Nilesh says:

    How much is the delay of the OI data plotted.

    • It is live, whatever is sent by exchange is what is shown.

      • Vikky says:

        NSE data server – do they send OI data lagging by 3 minutes ? because other web OI tools clearly mentions : NSE updates OI data every 3 mins only.
        Is OI data on zerodha realtime ?

        Also is it possible if we can have OI data charting selection in lots as well ?

    • Matti says:

      The OI is plotted realtime from the data we receive from the exchange.

  170. Rahul says:

    You should show in the money OI in spot chart also. this will be very helpful

  171. Srikrishna Rowthu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    These features are really awesome. Tried initiating a chart for a script directly without adding from yesterday and it helps a lot. Great work:)

    Thanks again.


  172. Mahesh says:

    good work. it is useful to all

  173. Ameya Vaidya says:

    Hi Team Zerodha!
    Yet another effective, and positive development!
    The OI factor is so pivotal. Indubitably.
    Keep up the good work.

    Is it possible to provide ‘Option chains’?!


  174. Ak says:

    Is this cumulative OI or just for that specific contract? If not cumulative then can we have that too 🙂 ?

    • It is only for that contract 🙂 I don’t think it makes sense to add across all contracts, could be misleading.

      • Ak says:

        Thanks for the clarification Nithin, Actually just single contract OI might be misleading if we were to consider how the positions are built for a bigger move around 3rd or 4th wk of expiry which is where OI could play a role. Cumulative could give a uniform and consistent view. Just my opinion. Nevertheless its a great addition in the current form.

        • Yep, get your point, might be a good idea to have charts of both the current and next month contract at those times.

          • VIRAG says:



          • PRASHANT CHAUAHN says:

            Please provide cumulative OI option in open interest Indicator.

    • Matti says:

      It’s just OI for that contract. Will consider showing cumulative OI if feasible.

  175. Anshul says:

    Is the Open Interest cumulative only current month OI? Thanks for the feature.

  176. Ganesh Kamath says:

    OI on chart is a much needed functionality. Thanks Nithin and Zerodha Team.

  177. DEVRAJ VERMA says:


  178. kamlesh doshi says:

    Wonderful feature , Awesome !!!
    This will be of great help.
    Well Done

  179. Dinesh says:

    Bhai hindi language ya ગુજરાતી મે likho.

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    Nice Nithin, Thanks to Zerodha Team

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    Awesome! These are “Always Wanted” features. You guys are doing great job. Keep adding features and continue helping us!

  185. Kavin says:

    First of all Thankyou for your continuous upgrade of KITE app.As off now i have one request
    1.Could you please add flexible options in pivots study like (Daily,weekly,monthly)

  186. shiv says:

    excellent …. please try to give market profile indicator

  187. Sameer says:

    Will it work for tradingview setup on Zerodha??

  188. dinu says:

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