Introducing virtual contract note on Kite

July 3, 2023


One of the biggest reasons for active traders to lose money is overtrading. And having low brokerage only makes them trade more—something this research paper has explored in detail.

While how much brokerage you pay is limited for each order, other charges like STT, exchange transaction charges, stamp duty, impact costs, etc., are levied as a percentage of the turnover and these can rise exponentially the more you trade.

SEBI had recently mandated all brokers to start displaying charges while placing an order, helping traders and investors get an estimate of the charges they will be paying upfront. While this is helpful for someone placing fewer orders, for someone who trades throughout the day, it isn’t, as the charges you see are only for that particular order, while you get to know charges for all orders you place during the day only when you get the contract note at the end of the day. For this set of traders, the best way to give them an estimate of charges is to show the charges for all the orders placed during market hours itself. This is why we’re introducing a virtual contract note on Kite showing you charges for all the orders you have placed during the day.

You can check the Virtual contract note in the Orders tab on Kite web and in the Orders > Executed section on the Kite app. This provides the details of brokerage, STT, exchange transaction charges, stamp duty, SEBI turnover charge, and GST for orders placed during the day, along with order-wise charges.

Virtual Contract Note on Kite app

Virtual Contract Note on Kite web

How are charges computed?

Charges are displayed based on trades and not the product type (MIS or CNC). The FIFO (First In, First Out) method is used to determine intraday and delivery trades. Since in equity, the brokerage and STT change based on intraday or delivery trades, the charges displayed can reduce if an existing position is closed, causing a delivery trade to turn into an intraday trade. This doesn’t apply to F&O trades since the charges are the same for intraday and overnight trades.

For example:

If you place a buy CNC order for RELIANCE and then a sell MIS order for the same stock, these will be netted off, and charges will be computed as per intraday.

If you later square off the MIS position, both MIS orders will be netted-off against each other, treating them as intraday trade, and the buy CNC order will be delivery trade, and charges will be applicable as per equity delivery.

Computation for all other segments like Equity F&O, Currency F&O, and Commodity F&O remains the same irrespective of it being intraday or overnight trade. You can check all the charges here.

Hopefully, seeing the charges for all the trades during market hours will help the traders from overtrading when things aren’t going according to plan.

Also, if you want to take a break from trading, the best way to do it is by enabling the Kill Switch from Console.

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  1. Overcharges says:

    On the contract note, the total charge is 1518.64 for October 4, which I checked after the market closed; however, Zerodha has deducted 1.83k as charges.

    On 4th October, I made a net profit of Rs 477.11, but instead of 477.11, Zerodha deposited only Rs 163.5.

    Also, it happened for 3rd October, on 3rd October, I made a net profit of around Rs 280

    This has been happening since October 3rd.

    Please fix this issue quickly.

  2. Sunil Gupta says:

    Sir Background pr kisi bhi stock ko live dekh sake ya apni position ko background pr dekh sake aisa koi naya update karo na

  3. Vikash soni says:

    Zerodha is a great platform to buy sell easy to use .

  4. VISHAL chakravarti says:

    Thanks for this feature

  5. Aryaman yadav says:

    Good layout

  6. Thoti gangadhara says:

    Pls… F&O Activate to my demate account

  7. Gopal Tiwari says:

    Application Working Good.

  8. Mayank rah says:

    Sir chart pe option ya stock buy krne ka techniques lao na zerodha mai easy ho jayega trading…

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    Thank you

  16. Sarbjit singh says:

    Thank you

  17. Shruthi says:

    Hi Devendra, we’ve explained how to reactivate your dormant account, here.

  18. Mithlesh potter says:

    Thanks zerodha💖

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  20. Harsha says:

    Good initive by zerodha . Thnx. As i m new in trading, Want to know about my statement.. It is possible to get statment from the day i start trading to till this date.. As i know i used receive statement fromzerodha but i need now full statement.. Kindly pls help me on this.. Thnx

  21. Manoj says:


  22. Shruthi says:

    Hi Shankargouda, could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  23. Avishkar says:

    Best app

  24. Anand Singh says:

    Dear sir
    My Pan& Aadhar card link but not Active account, Please Kindly activate my account

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Anand, we’re sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at so we can have this resolved at the earliest.

  25. Ram Shankar Das says:

    We add fund in demat account but we can not visualise how much cumulative fund we add in demat.
    Or how much total fund invest

  26. Kunal jain says:

    Wow Zerodha, this is very good information, if it has come in your mind, then please apply it as soon as possible. I’ll be awaiting

    If I get a chance to do virtual trading on your real interface then nothing would be better. (I’ve always loved Zerodha’s interface.)

    It will be really wonderful, very amazing!

  27. Abdul Aahad says:

    Not see this option in my order list

  28. Alok Shrivastava says:

    Good initiative

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  30. Dev says:

    Thank you

  31. Chetan Duvedi says:

    Thank you


    Very good decision aken by Zerodha,I appreciate Zerodha

  33. Aman Kumar Sah says:

    My account is in dormant state , despite doing kyc on 25 th of july , my account is yet not activated….
    Please activate my account….

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Aman, your equity re-KYC is approved and EQ segments are activated. The FNO rekyc however, was rejected, since the copy of the proof you have submitted is not clear. Please place a fresh request again with a clear copy of the proof.

  34. P Guru Madhav says:

    I think, when it is calculating margin at the same time, it can calculate and display total value of the transaction including all charges and brokerages. Further it can be displayed as profit and loss. It will solve the issue of how much actual profit /loss will be, if and when squared off at LTP. I think that will be the best way, instead of referring to the Contract note, which is not practical when we are trading very fast eg. Scalping

  35. Babita Mundel says:

    It’s really a very beneficial feature. But Why it is not showing in my account?

  36. ADH says:

    Please make it on mobile app also

    • Shubham says:

      Hi, Virtual Contract note is available on the app too. Please update the app to the latest version and check.

  37. Hrushikesh says:

    Zerodha is always best then other broker

  38. Satharapuramesh says:

    Good ofter noon sir bse shares sell karetho nahi horahe hai sir kya prablam hoga

  39. Kapindar kumar says:

    Sir order karte hai to ye likhta hai Nfo is disable for you account you can activate sahme the on console iske liye kya krna padega

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  44. Avinash. A says:

    My demat account breeze due to lately link with aadhar.
    Last weel i linked aadhar with Pan.
    But still now i cant able tooperate my account in Zerodha.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Avinash, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

  45. Mohammed shamsheer hussaini says:

    Dear sir/mam
    I have a complaint, regarding The Zerodha platform De de los 13 July Thursday with capital 47K I was trading with my 40,000 capital and my PNL wars +40 K almost double when I tried to exit I was not able to exit and I closed in -40 K at the end of the day in expiry I want refund of this regarding platform issue

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Mohammed, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

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    Very 👍

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    Good initiative !!!

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    Zerodha no 1

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    My all these money invested in zerodha in trading,last year my all these money is lost but profit and loss statement is cut of some money in this statement tax department mai Kitana loss rakhenge my rest of money is cut?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Manoj, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at with details of the issue. Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

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    Please sir
    Close my account sir

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    Very useful and good information

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    Nice information

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  68. Mahiraj jadeja says:

    I do swing trading in etf through zerodha, i saw your website saying the charge is same as delivery equity but stt is not applied is my assumption right?

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  71. Santoshi says:

    Noted for future references

  72. Samidurai. M says:

    My aadhar card and pan has been linked . Trading is blocked check ✔️

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Samidurai, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at, our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

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  74. Naveen says:

    I have zerodha account and I was trading for options, option charges is more kindly reduce the charges I will help for charge i was many charges amount provided to trading.

  75. Satish Gulati says:

    Where I can see ledger ?
    Please reply.

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    Very nice

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    Very good

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    Hindi me

  80. Gokul says:

    Hi team zerodha
    I have been using f&o for last 3 month but suddenly my f&o segment has been turned off and every time I’m trying to activate it and it is getting rejected (submitted my 6 month bank account statement)

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Gokul, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.

  81. Deepak says:

    Sir My Account is Blocked Due to Adhar and Pan Not Linked

    But Now adhar and pan both linked already one week paased

    But My Account Still nt unblocked

    Please Advice When Can Unblocked my Account

    Please Unblocked Asap Thanks

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Deepak, sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at Our team will check and have this resolved at the earliest.



  83. Satish Gulati says:

    A very simple question, hope you reply.
    Share bought for Rs.100/ sold after 30 days for RS. 110.
    How much I saved?
    Please reply.

  84. Ganesh says:


  85. Rahna says:

    Zerodha is always the best ….. zerodha offers Transparency at its best levels… Good work Zerodha

  86. Ved Prakash says:

    Good initiative.

  87. Soumya Dutta says:

    Bahat hi achha laga ☺️☺️

  88. Lokesh lilhare says:

    Best information

  89. Arun Upadhyay says:

    Good work Zrodha

  90. Arun Upadhyay says:


  91. Hari says:

    Have a question on how period of holding will be determined to calculate capital gains while selling equity share ?

    Let me take an example.
    1. Assume that I buy 1 share of a company at Rs. 100 on 1st April 2022
    2. Assume that I buy another share of the same company at Rs. 50 on 31st March 2023
    3. If I sell 1 share of that company for Rs. 75 on 30th April 2023, will this be considered as

    option A : Long term capital loss of 25 rupees (Assuming that the share bought on 1st April 2022 was sold)
    option B : Short term capital gain of 25 rupees (Assuming that share bought on 31st March 2023 was sold)

    Appreciate if anyone can clarify this which option is correct from taxation standpoint

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Hari, wehn you sell shares from holdings, FIFO (First In First Out) method is followed. So the shares that is bought first is sold first. FIFO is mandated to be used to report profit and loss (P&L) while filing income tax returns. More here.

  92. Devendra nath pandey says:

    My adhar & pan all ready link but my account is lock

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Devendra, sorry to hear this. If the PAN is already linked with Aadhaar, please create a ticket at so we can have this resolved at the earliest.

  93. pritesh chaudhary says:

    This feature is good as well as help us lot but i have one suggestion is when we open contract note on web kite is ok but when we want to close the tab is to Hectic bcoz u put close option on bottom to we have to scroll the whole note and the close the tab so i suggest u can move the close button to top or u put option when we side click it close, i think this make your UI better .


  94. Shrikant says:

    virtual trading ka bhi kuch karo na sahi hoga.

  95. NUTAN KUMARI says:

    can u provide complete trading view indicator like fibicco indicator
    so many thing are not available in trading view chart which u r providing
    reduce charges
    jitna profit nahi hota usai jada to brokerage pay karn hota h
    tax itna q h

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Nutan, thanks for the feedback. We’re working on upgrading the Trading View charts on Kite. We’ll keep you posted 🙂

  96. rvr says:

    Its superb. I get the commission/brokerage for all the trades and could be incorporated into my excel sheet and modify it , if there are minor changes in value. It saves time by no using the brokerage calculator. Keep it up . Those not knowing Hindi cannot follow the conversations in this post.

  97. RAJESH says:


  98. Chhathoo Lal Singhq says:

    Please implement option to exit Stock Options at market order instead of limit order.. Other brokers like angelone, fyers, dhan, edelweiss and more allow us to exit stock option at market order, which makes our life easy.

  99. Kushal says:

    Not working when total orders crosses 100.

  100. Rajeev says:

    CharIQ view doesn’t save the markings on the chart.Is there a way to save charts on this view ?

  101. RAJAN says:

    zero brokarega chahiye ab to fno kai broker zero brokarage charge karte hai

  102. RAJAN says:

    option ki brokerage bhi kam karo.
    tradingviews charts se direct trading provide krao.

  103. Bal krishna says:

    Sir Sabkuch Accha he .Bas Trading View Jesa Direct Trade Wala Feature ,laaiyr plz Direct Option Ke Chart pe Buy & Sell
    Stop loss Or Thoda Charges Bhi Reduce kijiye Plz …Thank you So much Team Zerodha ….
    With Love
    Balkrishna : )

  104. SRK says:

    This is good. Pl enable download in excel option or email this concise report in excel format end of day.
    Best Regards

    • Shubham says:

      Hi, you will get the regualr contract note on your registered email ID at the end of each trading day. You can also download it from Console, here’s how.

      • Aswin says:

        Hi Shubham,

        Please enable download option for virtual contract also as it will help us to segregate charges incurred for algo as well as discretionary trades we took during the day by 3.20 itself. Currently I am manually copy pasting the virtual contract note to excel and filtering out, which is bit difficult. Bit impatient to wait till midnight/next day for the actual contract note. I would like to be cognizant of net P/L under each category by 3.20 itself.


  105. Manish says:

    You should provide this option for Holdings as well.
    Plus, there is not value in seeing a combined contract note. I am more interested to see the contract note for individual stocks. As a Swing Trader, it will be very helpful for me.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Manish, the virtual contract note also shows you charges for each individual order. Please check the GIF posted in the main post. We’re working on showing trade-wise charges on Console, we’ll keep you posted.

  106. Dheeraj Sharma says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    I have been using this since 2019 and congrats for bringing a new feature. I want to reduce the cost cutting charges which is levied on profits. People are searching platforms where they get more profits but due to huge charges on profits they get demoralize. I have seen that even on the profit of Rs100/- Zerodha put huge charges which makes you feel bad to invest more. Well, I hope that new feature will not only show us a good sign of investing but to earn more.

  107. Saptarshi says:

    Zerodha Team,

    This is a good feature. However, the charges only appear to be visible after I’ve executed the order. It would be useful to know all the charges BEFORE placing the order. That way traders can decide if they would like to get into the trade to begin with.

  108. Anurag says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    It is my understanding & requirement also to upgrade the charting features with tradingview. we also look forward Zerodha to reduce the charges or fix the charges on monthly basis as like other brokers.

  109. JM says:

    On Console in the trade list, there should be a way to view charges paid. Seeing the detailed charges paid per order could also act as a deterrent.

  110. Utkarsh says:

    Can you guys use provide third party terminal such as odin diet, or maybe integrate your terminal with tradingview. Kite is without a doubt one of the best terminal available but sometimes it just feels too simple and gets boring, like there is no flashing on screen not being able to see bid and ask for multiple stocks at the same time and also price ladder. Also there is no way to customize the web page like if we want a watch on top to see time or change color of market depth and move columns here and there a bit.

  111. Ram says:

    How to view or extract the same details as Report ( Charges for each Trade Order for both Buy or Sell) as it is provided in your KITE Virtual Contract Note in your Portal. Reports in P&L, Tax P&L is not showing Orderwise, it is showing Perday cumulative Charges for all Trade Orders Placed on a given day. We need charges report for each Order. Thanks.

  112. Captain. Ajay says:

    Hello Technical team,

    We are not interested in such options instead we want better working platform and Please find the below lack of facility NRI’s gets to face on this platform:

    – No Facility to trade on U.S. Stocks.
    – No Tradingview integration.
    – No facility to add sub headings on Watchlists [REALLY IMPORTANT]
    – No facility to autosave drawings.
    – Dark mode color coding is heavily greenish black.
    – No price Rewind features for backtesting.

    RND development and innovation level on this platform is too poor and there is no concept of updated versions on Zerodha.

  113. arvind kumar says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,
    All things are fine from you but as you know new traders does overtrading it helps them to learn a lot too. Your charges hitting them very hard why not you also introduce one time payment system like other brokers offering. It will help you to retain more traders with you.

  114. Mukesh MS says:

    pls, add a Notification/Alert of Max Loss/Profit as per set before Trade Intraday (Set Goal every day) this option is available on the Dhan Option web.

  115. Amit says:

    Good work.

  116. Mukesh says:

    Wonderful upgrade to stop over trading. It’ll surely restrict atleast few traders to do over trading.

  117. Rohit Kumar says:

    I am unable to see my virtual contract notes for today, please look at the ticket ID: #********104306 and help me with the issue.

    Thank You !! 🙂

  118. Shankar Vasudevan says:

    Not working for me !

  119. Shriram says:

    This is a nice add on, Zerodha. Thanks for implementing it 🙂

  120. Chetan says:

    This option
    This option (virtual contract note) is available for current day trade.
    If i want for Previous dates. Is that available ?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Chetan, for previous day’s trade, you can downlaod the contract note from Cosnsole. You can check the process here.

  121. Sujit Chakraborty says:

    Good update. It would be even better to show the total expenses just next to the PnL under positions tab. That way we can track whether we have been net profitable or in loss during the day. It will be very useful for day traders.

  122. Rajesh says:

    This will be a great feature for day traders. Now we can stop trading once we have met our daily goal (profit/Loss)

  123. MAKKA says:

    Improve your Tradingveiw charting system, add more indicator and BUY SELL order in chart itself

  124. tarun verma says:

    introduce Trader’s Diary to track all the trade for future reference(for study) ……….

  125. Ganesh says:

    Along with this please introduce Trader’s Diary to keep a track of each trade and which can be use as journal. Here the present “Tag” option can be use to note the remarks or observations during trade if any.

  126. VC says:

    In america brokerages are way less and taxes are charged when you make a profit. they encourage shares trading a lot. india is way difficult in this…

  127. JD says:


  128. Vishal says:

    Not Working

  129. Jigar says:

    I cant see this feature on my web positions.

  130. Kamlesh says:

    nice feature zerodha

  131. Manoj says:

    Can u please add the field ” No. of Contracts” before the Brokerage field.

  132. Vishnu says:

    Very Nice , But sir, Brokerage Charge down kiya jay. small treders ko benifit ho sake.

  133. Selvam says:

    thanks zerodha.. interesting feature requested long ago. today i opened the page but its’ not showing anything

  134. MILIND DIXIT says:

    Unbelievable! I hope revenge trading will reduce.

  135. Vijay Upadhyaya says:

    Good move to provide detailed list of charges to traders, charged as brokerage + tax & fees charged by concerned. Earlier it was as contract note provided after trade executed. The said virtual contract note will definitely help the small traders who wants to trade with their small budget.

  136. Abdul Aziz says:

    I request to reduce the brockrage to half.
    Or, no brockrage if loss.

  137. Tanuj Singh says:

    Zerodha always invents something new to facilitate its customers.

  138. Teg Bahadur Singh says:

    This will help to avoid over-trading blindly .

  139. Aneek says:

    This is useful but when it will show on the web Terminal or as well as on the kit.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Aneek, the virtual contract note feature is alreay available on Kite web (please check the GIF shared above). This will be available on the app soon.

  140. sudhakar says:

    Good information. Is there any plan with which we can control over brokerage too?

  141. VISHAL PANDEY says:


  142. ritwit halder says:

    Very good feature. it’s helpful for traders. please I think Zerodha add ‘Rupee’ symbol in kite application or web application on Position, Oder’s, holding all place to help out traders. Many reason that I think. when Position is Red closed is loss, Rupee symbol its shows that is your money so many people would not be taking any Revenge to Over trading and virtual Contract note showing you are going Wrong Path and Stop your impact cost is going big. I think decreasing Revenge and Over Trading. those who are new participants are survive in the market.

  143. Prakash says:

    Usesfull Information.

  144. Dipak patra says:

    This upgradation will be very use full. Thanks, Zerodha team..

  145. Gitanjali says:

    Fabulous inclusion !

  146. Krishna says:

    Excellent feature.

  147. Shashikant Pawar says:

    Virtual contract note popup is not closing. After refreshing the whole page only it is disappearing.

  148. GANESH SHETTY says:


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Ganesh, we allow buying options of any strike for hedging purposes if you hold a short option position. The restriction is for naked long options due to the member-level OI limit. Explained here.

  149. Ashok says:

    If I buy shares of a particular company multiple times on the same day say 50 shares of Rs. 100 each, 3 times during the day, will the orders be treated as one order of 150 shares and charges is applied accordingly or charges will be applied on individual orders of 50 shares.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ashok, this will be considered as 3 individual orders of 50 shares each and charged accordingly.

  150. says:

    That is fine but why govt. charges for loss-making trades.
    Aap maro ya jio Govt mauj me hai, All investor come together and brokers need to support investor and ask to reduce the STT rate.

  151. ashok kumar sahoo says:

    very nice. appreciate it. i think these small small innovations from zerodha makes it no 1.

  152. Roopa A says:

    It would be a great stride forward.. thank you Zerodha.

  153. RVR says:

    It is not working for IPO sold today- HMAAgro. Error message : Error computing charges. Could not get instrument details. Could not load contract note. Maybe initial hick-ups.

  154. Pankaj says:

    This option is good, Can you please add option to add tags on open position so we can see our open position in group for multiple strategy. Its very confusing when you deploy multiple strategy in single account.

  155. kirit jadav says:


  156. JUZER says:

    also provide analytics e.g. charges as a percentage of Profit made.

  157. kiran says:

    very Good

  158. Sheethal says:

    Very good, its really helpful for traders specially intraday players

  159. Janakiraman says:

    A welcome facility; gives upfront the charges paid for each trade to assess the impact of these on the profit. Hope to see this soon. Thanks

  160. Sravan says:

    I think this will be more useful if this detail is shown in “Positions” tab/window. it would give approximate P&L and charges right next to P&L shown currently. overtraders will get the impact of overtrading immediately in “Positions” tab, how fast the charges are piling and eating on the profit or adding to existing losses

  161. ANAND SONDUR says:

    Zerodha needs to develop a system wherein one can place an order (market or limit) and in the same order can place target and stop loss. Now we have to place target as a seperate order and stop loss as a seperate order.

  162. shameem says:


  163. Manoj says:

    Kudos. Useful.
    One request.
    At times we want to increase / take new positions in the same underlying and we have some funds remaining.
    Our Need:
    Can u help us with some sort of a calculator, as to how much maximum position / quantity of the strike, we can take, with the remaining funds ? say if we take a strangle , or spread or naked sell.

  164. James says:

    Consider linking daily trading charges to a intraday trading kill switch.

    If I reach a pre-set trading charges amount say, 20K Rs, trigger the kill switch.
    This would avoid someone overtrading.

  165. RAJ MAITHIA says:


    I bought a subscription plan of sensibull, but in STRATEGY BUILDER – profit and loss segment calculation is not shown correctly when applying various strategies like – Delta Neutral Strategy etc..

    the profit and loss estimated in strategy builder is not proper, kindly work on it.

  166. Anwar says:

    Excellent ! Many times I felt the charges are high. Hopefully this tool would help me understand live. Thanks

  167. SP says:

    Happy to get this feature. Will be very useful. Along with this, hope to get Drag & Drop feature for shifting scrips within watchlists. Also had requested for 10 watchlists as against current 7. Thanks

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, we are continuously working on adding more features to our app/web to make your experience better. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  168. ghanshyam mishra says:

    bahut accha feature hai isse kahan kitna charge apply hota hai consumer ko crystal clear pata chalega.very helful feature by zerodha

  169. Kartikey says:

    Great initiative! Had to manually calculate till now, thanks for this!!

  170. nishant soni says:

    Amazing… that’s all we wanted yo

  171. Vinod Kumar Dhand says:

    Excellent because generally in Email sometimes it goes to Spam and you have to waste a lot of time to find the same.
    will it be automatically OR I am suppose to do something please. Thanks

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vinod, you can check the Virtual contract note in the Orders tab on Kite web. Please check the GIF above to know how to view this. A contract note will still be emailed to you at the end of the trading day.

  172. parth says:

    why this virtual contract note not work..?

  173. Parmeshwar says:

    I would request if you can explore to keep FD as Margin money (it is available in Kotak Securities) that would be great……also some work need to be done on the way orders are getting placed….may be from chart itself….or other facility to the customer/trader…..

  174. Sharique says:

    Good Initiative. Will helpful for most traders. Waiting for your final updates.

  175. Pooja chaubey says:

    Nice….. Zerodha was , is , will always best choice..

  176. V Shirsath says:

    Very good feature…

  177. siddhant says:

    great job

  178. P D Meena says:

    there is no details of these expenses in tax p&L repots till date. whether this issue is solved in this feature.

  179. surendra says:

    very nice information and very helpful for traders to known charges and brokerage

  180. Srithar A says:


    Wow, most awaited page, nice initiated.


  181. GMAGZ says:

    Happy to hear.
    In fact I requested this in a ticket last year.

    Its long overdue.
    This will help control trade volumes and overtrading.
    Thank you Zerodha!

  182. AMIT KUMAR SARKAR says:

    Is the virtual contract note is applicable for both, real trade & virtual trade both?

  183. MARY MATHEW says:

    Please include in option chain all expiry dates even weekly options for coming months

  184. deepak says:

    That’s is the need for all

  185. Venky says:

    A step in the right direction

  186. Sandeep says:

    How to view this on the app

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sandeep, we’re working on making Virtual Contract Note feature available on the app. This will be available in upcoming updates 🙂

      • vijay says:

        option ki brokerage bhi kam karo.
        tradingviews charts se direct trading provide krao.


        • Rahul says:

          Direct trading from trading view charts will be a huge advantage. if Dhan and Fyers can do then Zerodha can too.

        • Arnab Das says:

          yes! agree. pls lower options brokerage. and enable direct trade from trading view charts !!! and improve the clarity of trading view charts.
          pls look into the matter.
          thank you

          • Negi Rikhola says:

            I am also also fully agree with you Arnab Das to trade directly from trading view charts as that would also help us to trail the SL promptly as of now, this facility is not available in kitezerodha. If trading view chats could open through kitezerodha then, could also be available for trading.

  187. Tribhuvan Nath Maurya says:

    Jankari acchi lagi