Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

July 22, 2019

I am happy to announce a long-awaited feature, GTC, but even better. Introducing GTT (Good Till Triggered) orders.

GTC orders

GTC (Good Till Cancelled) orders are orders that are valid until cancelled. They are most commonly used for placing long term stoploss and target orders. Offering this has been a challenge because exchanges in India don’t support this feature; all pending orders are cancelled by the exchange at the end of every trading day. The few brokers who do offer GTC, essentially re-place all the pending orders which were cancelled by exchange once again on the next trading day. This is not a scalable solution.

We have developed an innovative alternative to GTC that offers all of its features and more. Not only can you place single-leg triggers to enter or exit stock holdings until your price condition is met, but you can also simultaneously place target and stoploss (OCO or One Cancels Other) for your stock holdings.

Creating GTTs

On Kite web, click on the context menu (marketwatch, holdings, positions) to see the Create GTT option.

Creating a GTT on Kite web

On Kite mobile, click on any scrip and click on ‘Create GTT’ on the right.

Types of GTT


Buy GTT can be used to creating triggers to buy stocks for delivery. When the trigger price is hit, a buy order with the entered limit price is placed on the exchange.

Consider the example in the image below:

Current price of Reliance = 1485.30
Trigger price = 1500
Limit price = 1505

In this example, if the trigger price of 1500 is hit on the exchange, a limit buy order at 1505 is placed. Since the limit price is greater than the market price, the order behaves like a market order and executes at 1500. However, since this is a limit order, it won’t be filled at a price above 1505. The reason for having a limit price higher than the trigger price is to ensure that the order is executed when triggered and doesn’t stay pending and get cancelled.

Buy GTT — Single

Sell GTT

Sell GTT is used to exit current stock holdings, either just a target order or both stoploss and target where triggering of one will cancel the other (OCO).

Sell GTT – Single:

Consider the example in the image below:

Current price of Infy = 785.70
Trigger price = 799
Limit price = 799

In this example, if the trigger price of 799 is hit on the exchange, a limit sell order at 799 is placed. This order will be executed if you have the stock in your demat account and a buyer is available.

Sell GTT – Single

Sell GTT – OCO (One Cancels Other):

Consider the example in the image below:

Current price of Infy = 785
Stoploss trigger price = 700
Stoploss limit price = 700
Target trigger price = 800
Target limit price = 800

In this example, if either trigger price of 700 or 800 is hit on the exchange, a limit sell order at the corresponding limit price is placed. This order will be executed if you have the stock in your demat account and a buyer is available. The other trigger is cancelled when one is hit.

Sell GTT – OCO

Using percentages to set triggers

You can also easily set your GTT triggers at any desired percentage points away from the LTP. Consider the example in the image below:

Current price of Infy = 793.65
Stoploss trigger price = 674.6 (-15% from LTP)
Target trigger price = 912.65 (15% from LTP)

You can simply change the percentage value below the ‘Trigger price’ field (positive for target and negative for stoploss) and the trigger price will automatically be set to that level. You only have to enter the limit price.

Setting triggers 15% away from LTP

GTT for Nifty and Banknifty F&O

Updated May 4, 2020

We have now extended the GTT feature from to include Nifty and Bank Nifty futures and options. You can also set the target and stoposs as a % of the price at which your order will get traded while placing the order itself. This feature is currently available on Kite web and will be launched on the mobile app soon.

In the image below, while placing a buy Nifty May Futures market order, an SL and target of 1% are set. What this means is that whatever the price at which the market order gets executed, a sell GTT is placed at 1% above and below that price. If either one of these gets executed, the other gets cancelled.

Setting SL and Target while placing a Nifty futures market order

Managing your GTTs

All GTTs placed you place can be managed under the GTT tab on the Orders page of Kite.

GTT Tracking



You don’t need to have any cash or margins available in your account to create a GTT. The system only checks for margins when the GTT is triggered and an order needs to be placed on the exchange. You will need to have margin available only then.


  • A GTT is valid for one year. If it isn’t triggered within one year, the GTT will be cancelled. You will need to place the GTT again manually if required.
  • A GTT trigger is valid only once. So, if an order fired by a GTT is not filled at the exchange for any reason, you will need to re-place the GTT order manually.
  • Whenever there is a corporate action, like bonus, dividend (if greater than 5% of market value), stock split, etc., the GTTs for the corresponding stocks will be cancelled before the ex-date. You will have to re-place the GTT manually after the corporate action. These GTTs are cancelled to ensure that the order is not triggered by the movement of stock price due to the corporate action.

Important to know

  • When a GTT is triggered, and order is placed on the exchange, it is executed only if the limit price order placed is filled on the exchange. For better chances of execution, make sure to place your limit price higher than the trigger price for buy GTT orders (acts like a market order with the protection of your limit set), and sell limit price lower than the sell trigger price for sell GTT orders. The further away from the trigger, the higher the chances of the order being executed.
  • All orders will be triggered and placed only during market hours.
  • Orders placed at the exchange by GTTs that trigger will only be filled if you have enough funds for buys and if you have enough stock in your demat for sells when the order is placed on the exchange.
  • Our dealing desk does not support GTT; you will have to place, cancel, modify these on your own.
  • A maximum of 100 active GTTs is can be placed at a time on one account.
  • Sell GTT orders triggered on your equity holdings will not go through as you need to authorise the delivery of your shares using CDSL TPIN. This is not applicable, if you’ve submitted a POA.

Free for use

There are no additional charges for using the GTT feature.

Help us spread the word by letting all your friends know about GTT. It can help save time by not having to login daily to place orders and help save money by having a stoploss in place when an investment doesn’t go in the expected direction.


Happy trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Sandeep says:

    What is mis and cnc while placing selling order?
    How to check if poa is signed? And confirm to clarify if I hv signed poa then once the sale order is placed, mo need to do cdsl pin authorisation

  2. Punit Kumar Jain says:

    For Sell GTT orders, do we need to authorize on the date of creation/modification of GTT or we must authorize on the date of trigger of GTT?

  3. Rajeev says:

    Pls provide entry stoploss and Target in one order together, in gtt SL is given only when I try to sell, it should also be given with buy order, Amo/ PMO should also be given with buy order along with Target and SL

  4. Saheb Baliramji Bhosle says:

    Sir please provide Bracket Order in position stocks entry in long term

  5. Vinayak Sawant says:

    Is there any charges if buy GTT price triggered and enough money in account OR sell GTT triggered and not enough stock in the account?


    Please provide the explanation about the need to authorise the delivery of your shares using CDSL TPIN. This is not applicable, if you’ve submitted a POA.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, we’ve explained why you need to authorise your shares with the TPIN here.

      Yes, this is not applicable if you have already submitted a POA.

  7. karthik yella says:

    hi this is karthik , i have a question regarding on auto upgrade stoploss or target

    ex; my price is 100 stop loss is 90, target is 110 but when it goes 105
    my stoploss is 95, target is 115 but it goes 110
    my stoploss is 100,target is 120
    this feature is available in zerodha,if ia where i can find it?

  8. Anil Kapoor says:

    As I did some transactions of F&O in GTT , but now I want transactions in normal , then I close GTT

  9. Saurabh says:

    I have an active GTT for sell placed which I need to delete but is not getting deleted saying trigger price has been activated.
    The order has already been rejected.
    Kindly help me delete this GTT

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Saurabh, once the GTT order is triggered, it will become inactive and the placed order can be canceled by going to orders screen. The inactive GTT order will be automatically deleted from GTT orders tab by next day.

  10. Gourab says:

    I want to enable GTT order.How i do it?

  11. Vikash says:

    I want a pdf view of my investment with charges

  12. MG says:

    Kindly include MIS order option in GTT orders.. Otherwise the app is jus perfect..

  13. Guru says:

    Hi, I creat the GTT, but it creat in BSE, how to change the GTT from BSE to NSE.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Guru, you cannot modify the exchange in a GTT order, you can delete the existing one and select the stock from the preferred exchange and then create a new GTT.



  15. Pravin Sakure says:

    As sell GTT will not be executed then what to do so that a sell GTT can be executed.

  16. Dhrubajyoti says:

    How to create GTT at lower than LTP

  17. Lakshmi Narayanan says:

    Would it be possible to provide an option to set an absolute price for TP and SL instead of a % value ?
    Setting % value means that in order to set a precise TP and SL values I need to convert the price to % value that matches my precise TP and SL points and then enter that % in the order ticket.

  18. joji says:

    Why no TRAILING STOP LOSS feature????? . I’ve waited a long time for this feature in GTT. Planning to move my ionvestments elsewhere as this is a crucial feature for my strategy of trading and i belive its the same for lots of other traders.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Joji, trailing stop-loss is not available as it comes under Algo trading. This feature was previously available as part of Bracket Order. We’ve explained why BO has been stopped here.

  19. Vivek Deshpande says:

    If I want to place a Buy order with stop loss as well as target, then I will have to place two GTT orders

    1. GTT to buy when desired LTP is hit
    2. Another GTT Order with OCO option to sell either at stop loss or at target price

    Why don’t you provide a common single GTT option for this ?

  20. Rajeev Agarwal says:

    This GTT is a great feature indeed. Only yesterday I decided to move my portfolio to Zerodha (from a full service provider) mainly due to GTT. You will see over the next month the actual size of my portfolio when the move fully happens.

    I request you to include a BUY example where the buying price is lower than the LTP.

    I mainly would use GTT for two purposes:
    a. For not having to enter orders every day – both BUY and SELL
    b. To place orders outside the daily limits

  21. Dr Kamal kishor says:

    I think GTT feature of kite is very good but I want you to make it possible that Entry, Stop loss and Target orders can be placed together even after market hours

  22. Deepak Bhandari says:

    Why Market price option is not there in GTT for Options

  23. Ishwar singh says:

    Sir,option trading me iska use kar skte he.

  24. Gourav says:

    Why GTT order are not been allowed for commodities market

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Gourav, GTT orders are currently not available for Currency and Commodity F&O. This is on our list of things to do, we’ll keep you posted on it 🙂

  25. Sridutt Shanbhag says:

    OCO is a feature I have been awaiting for. Excellent. It is very nice that you & your team keep thinking about features those will be beneficial to your users. Thanks a lot.

    Heard that you had some Heart related issues. Wishing you a quick healthy recovery !!

  26. Rajbahadur says:

    I am absolutely New player in this field so I want to know how we can cancel the stoploss and trigger status because I want to hold my portfolio for long time but we observe my shares sell on trigger price but I am not interested to sell the same.

  27. Kalpana says:

    GTT got triggered but since CDSL not authorised order not executed .
    Now it is showing as triggered but not executed . How do I sell my equity now . I am not able to delete the GTt , how do I delete the same

  28. AK says:

    Hi, If I am creating a GTT for buying a stock, would I have to add funds in the demat account then or it will ask for funds when the price is triggered? For ex- If the trigger happens at 11 AM but the stock price still moves upper and there are no funds in the demat account at that time. What will happen to my order? I am asking this because if there is any idle fund in my demat account for a longer period, it gets transferred to my bank account automatically.


    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, you will have to ensure you have the funds available in your trading account. Else it is bound to be rejected due to insufficient funds.

  29. Prakash ks says:

    Very nice platform created fro small investors who have other work during market hours, no need to login or fear of losses when persuing other work

  30. Nazeer says:

    Why my gtt rejection??
    How can sell my holding shares tell meee

  31. Jaysukh Joshi says:

    Very nice feature leaving us tension free, thus saving time and keeping us worry free.

  32. Manish says:

    How can i authorized cdsl tpin for sell gtt order
    For all time

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Manish, your sell GTT orders need to be pre-authorised using CDSL TPIN every day since the validity of the TPIN lasts only for a day. Alternatively, you can submit a DDPI to avoid using the CDSL TPIN.

  33. Tariq Ansari says:

    How can we Authorize with CDSL after GTT sell is triggered?

  34. Abhijit kanchan says:

    Plz generate my GTT application

  35. Sudhakar Raman says:

    Thank for unveil of ZERODHA application because now knowledge of market and sensex made easy.

  36. Goutham Karanam says:

    Can i not place GTT’s for intraday options positions?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Goutham, GTT orders can only be used for CNC/NRML product types, not MIS. However, with CNC or NRML you can buy and sell on the same day, and it will be considered an intraday trade.

  37. Aasif says:

    My GTT is triggered. I don’t want to authorize CDSL and sell the instrument now. How do I cancel my GTT now?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Aasif, once your sell GTT is triggered, your order won’t be executed until you authorize it via CDSL TPIN. If you don’t wish to sell the instrument, don’t enter your TPIN and authorize the sale.

      BTW, once the GTT is triggered, it’ll become inactive. If your order isn’t executed, it’ll show as open in the “Orders” tab, and you can cancel the pending order from there.

  38. I'm unable to generate GTT in my demat account. Please help me Sir. says:

    I’m unable to generate GTT in my demat account. Please help me Sir.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Chowdhury, what seems to be the issue? Could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  39. Umesh Kumar Singh says:

    Gtt is very useful

  40. mohan gujral says:

    After creating a GTT for SELL, How do we get the CDSL authorisation to ensure that the SELL goes through?

  41. Ali says:

    Is it possible to change the Exchange, i.e., NSE to BSE or vice versa?

  42. Sumit Gadhiya says:

    I can not update GTT asy price.

    System not allow to keep SL and target less then 0.25%.

    So we cant keep SL and target at our price..

    Why there is 0.25% is mandatory??

  43. Shambhu says:

    While buying orders u have provided GTT in % for stoploss or gain…pls modify both option in the form of % or digit while buying in mobile app.

  44. Appu says:

    Why OCO is not allowed for intraday (MIS) F&O? Please add support for this.

  45. S K Puneeth Kumar says:

    I have a stock in my holding. I want to create a gtt that gets triggered when stock price reaches 3,00,000. I am not able to do the same . Please help.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Puneeth, what seems to be the issue while setting up a GTT? BTW, you can set up a GTT with any price less than 1,00,00,000.

  46. Ramalingam says:

    Is there a way i can create /import bulk gtt orders for holdings. i see this feature is useful more often is what i feel. kindly share us the information on how to it



    GTT is valid for one day only or for long term also?

  48. Ch says:

    A good feature!
    Have a query though!

    GTT was placed at a higher price for sell. GTT gets triggered when the price was reached. Since CDSL authorisation was not made, the item could not be sold.
    Now, later in the day, price being higher than the triggered price, if the seller gives authorisation, would the time be sold at the triggered price or the new price at which the seller wants to sell?

    It would be helpful to receive a reply!
    Thanks in advance!

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, once a GTT is triggered but fails execution, it will remain failed. You can manually execute a new order by authorising the sell order with a T-pin. To avoid this, you can pre-authorise your GTT sell order, explained here

  49. sandeep shah says:

    Feature request: Please add single execute/submit switch for all GTT orders, what happens when market starts at 9:15 some scrips have abnormal rate fluctuation, so if execute or submit button available than user can execute all GTT order at their own time.

  50. Rao says:

    My GTT is triggered, did not execute due to lack of a CDSL PIN. I want to cancel / modify the order. Unable to find a way to do that. Pls advice.

  51. RAkesh jain says:

    HI ,

    i have another query for gtt order.

    why cant you provide trigger price and market price order inspite of trigger price and limit price order for target and stop loss.
    it will sure execution of gtt orders.
    Is the any limitation from exchanges on market order for gtt.


  52. Prashant says:

    Can we use Sell Type Single GTT as a Stoploss?

  53. RAkesh jain says:

    When we place order for options for overnight position we have gtt option but there is only % option showing they should have both absolute amount like stoploss 30 points target 30 will be help a lot.

    • Shubham says:

      We’ll check on the possibilities, Rakesh, Thanks for the feedback. For now, if you want to make any midifications to the GTT order you can do it by going to Orders > GTT.

      • Rakesh Jain says:

        HI ,

        i just talked to customer care and lots of people have same demand to display in absolute nos in place of percentage but you people do not look serious. I am working in option and you know how much volatality is there.

        we are going to calculate percentage into nos and we do not have time for this.

        Please do this asap.


  54. Phani says:

    If we have a sell GTT active. Do we need to authorize the delivery shares using CDSL TPIN everyday?

    • Shubham says:

      Yes, Phani. To ensure that the order isn’t rejected once triggered, you will have to do CDSL authorization everyday.

  55. Vipin Soni says:

    Last Wednesday I had placed an GTT order for stoploss it didn’t triggered and I loss Rs. 6015/-

    Pl refund the amount

  56. Suryakant M Shah says:

    I am not able to delete GTT order, please,thanks.

  57. Ganesh says:

    Gtt nahi lagta kiv

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Ganesh, could you please create a ticket at with more details? Our team will check and get back to you on this.

  58. Abhishek Jain says:

    How do I create an order having validity of more than 1 day (user defined expiry date)? Let’s say Infy trades at 1400 and I would like to buy it at 1200 (+- 5% is okay). Rather than logging every day I want system to buy it for me when price gets triggered. Is this possible?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Abhishek, you can already do this using GTT orders. However, the validity of a GTT order is one year from the date of creation or until triggered, whichever is earlier.

  59. P Karthikeyan says:

    GTT for Sell has triggered once, but i dont want to sell the shares now. iam not able to remove the GTT now. unknowingly i selected GTT while buying i wanted to keep the share for long time

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Karthikeyan, once the GTT order is triggered it’ll become inactive. The order can be canceled from the order’s screen, if not executed.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Karthikeyan, if you haven’t already pre-authorized the sale, you can avoid entering the CDSL TPIN & OTP if you don’t wish to sell your shares. Once the GTT is triggered it will become inactive and will be automatically removed from the GTT tab. The order placed once the GTT is triggered can be canceled from the orders tab, (if already not executed).

  60. Abhi says:

    Coz sometimes support level is at 1490. If its break Then We will Buy it so

  61. Arvind says:

    How to cancel/delete a triggered order?
    In case a lower trigger(Means LS) actuation will target be still considered if SL price is not reached.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Arvind, once the GTT is triggered it will become inactive and will be automatically removed from the GTT tab. The order placed once the GTT is triggered can be canceled from the orders tab, (if already not executed).

  62. Laxmi Patkar says:

    Hello. For GTT can we add feature of sorting as per alphabetically. After placing few orders, one needs to check manually which is added and which is not.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Laxmi, you can sort using the alphabets on the web. However, this option isn’t available on the app, we’ll pass this as feedback and look into it.

  63. Ajay KS says:

    In the GTT Buy Order example:
    “Current price of Reliance = 1485.30
    Trigger price = 1500
    Limit price = 1505

    In this example, if the trigger price of 1500 is hit on the exchange, a limit buy order at 1505 is placed….”

    Why would anybody do all this to buy at 1505 when it can be bought at CP of 1485.30? Am I missing something? Or, is it sell function applied, as it is, to buy side. Make sense in selling at a target price, but not to wait and watch and the buy at higher price!

  64. Hursh Verma says:

    Hi! I placed a Single Sell GTT order for Titan today where my Trigger Price was higher than Limit Price but as soon as my trigger price hit my holdings were sold even when the price did not come to limit price. Shouldn’t my holdings be sold at limit price set by me and not trigger price?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Hursh, a limit order will execute at the price specified or a better price, that is the price specified for a lower price for a buy order and the price specified or a higher price for a sell order. When your GTT was triggered, since the CMP would be higher than the sell price specified, the order was executed at the best available price in the market. We’ve explained this in detail here.

  65. Sampat Mayankar says:

    I had created OCO GTT order on LT22OCT 1900CE NFO today with SL 36.75 and target 51.15. GTT was triggered at 9:18:54 but could not fire, why? what is the reason? I am sitting at 3735 loss.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Sampat, once the GTT order is triggered, a limit order is placed, which will execute at the price you’ve specified or a better price. If the price goes beyond the limit price specified, the order will remain pending. More details here.

  66. chhaya more says:

    how to place bulk gtt order in zerodha

  67. Manish says:

    I just switched over to Zerodha due to discount brokerage and found that it doesn’t have bracket orders, huh!! BO orders are the most important for Risk Management as we can’t be trailing SL manually with other order types. Will move out to other brokerage till Zerodha brings back BO orders as my strategy heavily dependent on BO to minimize loss. Wake up Zerodha and help retail traders.

  68. ulaganathan says:

    Zerodha is really worst .. don’t use this app . many times i have raised the complaint but still no there is no response . this is the very worst behavior and too worst .
    I have created the GTT on 18-08-2022 it was created but next day ie 19-08-2022 07:33:00 am it was expired . Very worst behavior and cheating the people .I have evidence for that .

  69. Srinath says:

    Zerodha is very big and No.1 flatform for Trading.
    I feel bad, about trailing loss is not available

  70. Harsh Shah says:

    Hi Team,

    2 features require into GTT order.

    1. Bulk GTT Order create using excel
    2. Bulk GTT Order Delete from the GTT Screen.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Harsh, we’ll pass this on as feedback to the concerned team and will look into the possibilities. Thanks.

      • Neeraj Kumar says:

        What is the progress in the ‘Bulk GTT order through excel’?
        Also, what is progress into merging the equity and commodity account into one?
        We are waiting for above mention problem to be solved from a long time. it is nothing but the sheer loss of opportunity.

  71. Soumyajit Ghosh says:

    I placed a GTT order while buying nifty option premium. The GTT order is still showing in the order section even after 2 days my stop loss got executed. Is this order still open? Why it is taking long to get disappeared.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Soumyajit, once the GTT is triggered, it will become inactive and will be automatically removed on the next trading day.

  72. s k says:

    holding option i create gtt (OCO) i see on top stock BSE,,, but i was buy NSE stock~ which my hold ,,will it create any problem / charge

    • Shubham says:

      Hey, stocks in your demat account don’t have any exchange mapped to them. You can sell the stocks on either exchanges, there are no additional charges for this. Kite holdings display the exchange price where the previous closing was higher. Explained here.

  73. Vatsal Solanki says:

    Thanks for this wonderful feature… I would like to provide suggestion if we can put market price order if GTT hits triggered price…As current price is 100 and Triggered price is 102 than system automatically place Market price order… It will help to buy at Open Price purchase… thank you….

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Vatsal, in the above scenario presented by you once the GTT is triggered, the order will execute at the best available price in the market, but not beyond the limit price specified by you. We’ve explained how this works here.

  74. Nandan Laad says:

    suppose if i place trigger of 100 rs and limit buy price 101 but in volatile market suppose market move direct from 99 to 105 will gtt get trigger or not??

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Nandan, the GTT order will trigger, and limit order will be placed at the price specified by you. If the price moves beyond the price specified the order will remain pending. For better execution, you can keep some difference between the trigger and limit price. So once the GTT is triggered, the limit order will execute at the best available price in the market. You can check out this support article for more details.

  75. antony says:

    hi team how to calculate GTT target percentage????
    plz explain in option trading not equity

  76. Vishal Raj says:

    Hello team,

    I had 25 qty(buy) BANKNIFTY in my account which I was holding from yesterday. I had kept a GTT(sell) for it but then I manually exited it(Sell). I forgot to delete the GTT. After this point, I have no BANKNIFTY future holdings in my account. Neither sell nor buy.

    Later in the day at 3:16 pm I see that the GTT has been triggered and a BANKNIFTY SELL order has been placed. Can you please change this feature because as I manually exited my position and also there were no other banknifty future holdings in my account the GTT should not have been triggered and order shouldnt have been processed. Even if it gets triggered it shouldnt have been placed because I had no bank nifty futures in my account to be sold.

    Thank you

    • prateek says:

      BNF futures can be sold even when you do not have an existing position. You can Buy then Sell a future , or you can Sell and then Buy a future.

    • nandan says:

      how will zerodha know you are sqauring off or creating a new short position….the feature ur demanding makes no sense…it will be annoying for person who want to create fresh short and at same time his gtt for open position will also get cancelled…

  77. HK PRASAD says:

    In option trading nifty buying a call in GTT oco order how to place a order and stop loss.

  78. Shruthi R says:

    Hey Pranay, currently you’ll have to visit the GTT order page to edit or modify your trigger price. We’ll take this as feedback and will look into the possibilities. Thanks!

  79. Pranay Chitnavis says:

    Hi Team,

    While placing a normal GTT order, the trigger price and target sale price is the same. We have to edit the trigger price once the order is executed. Can you please add a option to set the trigger price on the first page itself so that there is no need to edit the trigger price.

  80. Jay says:

    Please provide an import option, from excel into GTT.

  81. Sunil says:


    Below as per Zerodha expalination w.r.t GTT help
    Buy GTT
    Buy GTT can be used to creating triggers to buy stocks for delivery. When the trigger price is hit, a buy order with the entered limit price is placed on the exchange.
    Consider the example in the image below:
    Current price of Reliance = 1485.30
    Trigger price = 1500
    Limit price = 1505
    Can i use GTT the same to Below current price
    Current price of Reliance = 1485.30
    Trigger price = 1300
    Limit price = 1290

    Anyone please confirm. OR Someone from Zerodha please confirm if the above is possible where i place GTT orders to get good entries /buy on DIPs

  82. Prabhjyot says:

    Old content and poor GTT plateform..pathetic..why are you not allowing BO/AMO/PMO too..conect with me if its under paid serives ..dont know where to connect and have the complete demo of using wanna make now peoples money to ZERO

    • sunil says:

      Good evening traders

      I am novice to do trading at Zerodha and today being second day, few points to ponder and I may be corrected for inexperience.:
      1) On FNO segment and on position page, once the order get executed ,you get only the P&L and LTP(Which keep changing),Theres no sign of Bought price and sold price.
      2)On execution of orders on similar strike(Option) NIFTY 17500 CE/PE the cost price change to the cumulative avg price of the same strike price.

      Problems I encountered :

      Scenario One:If your previous trade on FNO Cost price was Rs 100 SELL price @ 110 and you generate a profit of Rs 1000(Nifty Lot 50)

      Scenario Two: Current trade on same Nifty 17500 CE/PE and I bought the strike at Rs 110(Nifty 1 Lot=50),and now my cost price shown in position page as avg Rs 105 (when compared to Previous order bought at 100)

      Now I see on screen that my avg price is at 105 and I decide to sell off at 108 thinking Rs 3 profit, however actually I am loosing Rs 2 x 50 =Rs100/Lot) on my second trade.

      The cost price appears for a second while buying the lot but it disappears very soon and you tend to forget or notice what price you bought for and get distracted with the avg price on the position page.

      Can something be done to it ?

      Its better to have the cost price of each trade while doing the assessment on your position during trading time and even before execution and sold/sq off price at the end of the trade with P & L and LTP.

      pls do revert.


      • sunil says:

        Pls introduce square off all position with one click on the counter. Merits and demerits are well known to all traders….as well as to the administrators here.

        A No 1 brokerage farm must meet the minimum expectations of traders.


      • AJ says:

        Check the executed orders under the order Tab.
        the live prices that you see, are in the “position” Tab and the “order” tab is on the left side.

  83. S V Srinivasan says:

    I realised that FROM MARKET WATCH I CAN CREATE A GTT ‘CNC’ SELL ORDER FOR STOCKS WHICH I DON’T EVEN OWN !!!!! How is this possible? This shows:
    1) The GTT order system is flawed. In CNC, how can I sell stocks which I don’t own?
    2) The GTT sell order created from market watch is not linked to the holdings.
    Also, there is no provision to choose the exchange. In some cases, it is either BSE or NSE by default.
    Please provide feedback on these issues and resolve them.

  84. Ramesh Babu says:

    In Zerodha GTT Sell OCO order placed, say last day closing rs.100, Target Trigger price Rs.107 & limit price Rs.107. if the opening market price is Rs.110. …at what price sell will happen?

  85. Nagesh. says:

    Can GTT be used for Stock Future buying or Selling ?

  86. Mohammad Farooq Siddiqui says:

    People talk much about Trailing Stop Loss.
    Is it available on Zerodha?
    Probably, this question might have been answered somewhere. But honestly, no time to search.
    Please do reply.

  87. Pradip B says:

    Can I place a GTT Buy Stop Loss Limit order?

    E.g, CMP is 10, I would like to buy @10.6 only when LTP crosses 10.5. How can I do this using GTT?

  88. SHIVAM says:


  89. Anshu Aggarwal says:


    Cover order Banned by Zerodha from today itself for Bank Nifty and all other option trades.

    Can we use GTT order in place of cover oder. Is it working or its also banned for Bank Nifty.

    Please confirm.

  90. G.manohara says:

    No need to me, how to cancel gtt if creat by mistake.

  91. Vijay Krishnan says:

    Let’s say i want to buy Naukri Futures @6700 rs, 1 lot, positional. I want to keep a stoploss @6030. So, can I say buy Naukri Fut 1 lot at 6700, GTT Stop loss -10%? Would this GTT SL Order exit the current long position of the future or create a fresh sell order? Please do let me know.

  92. Umesh Gupta says:

    Dear Team,

    GTT and watch list is a very useful feature.
    Many like me are feeling that a maximum of 50 GTT and 250 watch list per account is not sufficient.
    Please increase it both up to 500 and 1000 respectively , so it can benefit us more

    I saw some comments above, they also requested to increase the GTT and watch list limit of 50 and 250.

    Please consider our request

    Thanks and regards
    Umesh Gupta

  93. Kanak Kanti Ghosh says:

    I am a new user of Zerodha.
    I placed a GTT order for a stock on 06.08.21. The GTT was triggered on stoploss side on 09.08.21 morning before aurhorisation to CDSL for sale. As a result the GTT order is not executed till now inspite of authorising. Price of the stock is falling further, but I do not understand what should I do now.
    Please advise early to avoid further loss.
    KK Ghosh

  94. Anupam Garg says:

    How can option writers use GTT feature? It seems like the current validation logic restricts them from placing GTT because SL must be a negative percentage (which is a positive % for an option writer) and target must be a + % (which is a negative % for option writer)

  95. Sandeep says:

    Dear Team,

    GTT is a very useful feature.
    Many like me are feeling that a maximum of 50 GTT per account is not sufficient.
    Please increase it up to 200, so it can benefit us more

    I saw some comments above, they also requested to increase the GTT limit of 50

    Please consider our request



  96. Harshad Pavagi says:

    Hello Team,

    I had one doubt about margin requirements using GTT orders.
    consider this example;
    let’s say I’ve 4L as my capital, & I bought say 10 lot of Bank Nifty at avg price of 450.
    So net margin needed should be 1.13L.
    Now Let’s say I place GTT OCO order, so either my SL or TGT gets triggered. In this case, when the order gets triggered would I face margin issues, or I don’t need any additional margin in my account?
    Some brokers allow Bracket Orders (BO) in Index options, & with above example I wouldn’t face any issue, placing BO. I hope GTT OCO for index options is a substitute for BO on Intraday level, since you don’t allow BO anymore.

    I shouldn’t really any additional margin (when GTT is triggered) is my understanding, but pls advice for above example.

  97. Bibilu says:

    How to auto-trigger purchase when the stock price dips to a particular level from LTP?. The example cited in the “Buy GTT” section of the above page shows current price of Reliance as 1485.30 and the trigger price as 1500. Why would anyone prefer to buy when the stock reaches a higher price. Is it possible to set auto-buy trigger price below current price so that order can be placed automatically with-in next few days whenever there is a dip in stock price?.

  98. Akash Dhorajiya says:

    I see GTT is very useful feature and many of Zerodha’s customers including myself are using it extensively. I do all my trading through GTT. Many like me are feeling that maximum 50 GTT per account is not sufficient. I would like to know following things from Zerodha.
    1. Why there is limit of maximum 50 GTT per account at first place?
    2. Is there any plan of increasing this maximum limit? if yes, How many? My personal suggestion is that at least 200 GTT per account is required.

  99. Rajesh says:

    If a stock closed at upper circuit….. and if, I placed buy GTT at next upper circuit after the market.. So, at what sr. no. do my order will stand.. I mean i will be considered as first buyer next day or have an advantage for buying the stock than other people who add manually next morning for the same stock at upper circuit. Pls elaborate.. How system works ?

  100. Om Prakash Gupta says:


    does GTT stop loss trigger takes care of Gap Down opening. Will it trigger ?

  101. Raj says:

    For GTT orders, can you provide an option to have Stop-Loss Market price instead of insisting on a Limit price always ?
    In many cases, if the market gaps up or down, the GTT gets triggered, but the order is not executed if the market price is above the set limit (for Buy order) and below the limit (for Sell order).

    Please provide an option just to set the Trigger price, and let the order be executed at the market price.

  102. JAYANT SINHA says:


  103. Ravi Shankar says:

    Will GTT place orders in pre-Open market hours ? There are few stocks which open in UC and lot of pending buy orders. What i know is that if some body sells when multiple orders are there, then priority is given for orders which are placed first.

    Is there any option to place order on priority during pre-open market hours from Zerodha ?

  104. Ranjit Wakade says:

    I have placed Buy order in GTT which got executed also I have placed the same order for sell which is triggered and i exit from this trade so there is no any order i can see in position but still I can see the same order for selling executing on Days Order List, will that we lose for from my account?

  105. Sudarshan Hegde says:

    Is there no option to have GTT for Intraday cover orders?

    We really need this feature and can’t go to losses without booking profits.

    If this can’t be done on Zerodha, we’ll have to look on some other brokers.

    Thanks and please respond to this.

  106. PRASAD says:

    GTT has a very NEGATIVE FEATURE…I have placed a BUY order for RELIANCE with TRIGGER PRICE.. YESTERDAY it was triggred but TRADE is NOT EXECUTED so far..NOW I WANT TO CANCEL or MODIFY the is very sorry to say that the order is now shown under the TAB of PENDING ORDERS and under GTT tab the order is shown as TRIGGERED and not ALLOWED to do anything..As per your website, such orders can be modified under PENDING ORDERS TAB.. But THERE IS NO SUCH FACILITY.. TODAY, I tried calling CUSTOMER SERVICE, but no one answered, as usual..I have sent a mail to DP@ZERODHA, the reply is they will attend to the ticket in 24 hours..LACK OF ORDER MODIFICATION FACILITY FOR triggered, GTT orders speaks very POOR about ZERODHA.. May I hope you will look into this??

  107. Ramakanth says:

    Need Trailing Stop Loss Option. Earlier i use to do in BO orders but that option was removed off late … Trailing SL is very much required for traders.

  108. Rajeev Bagri says:

    I cant see the option to create GTT for intraday.
    Can you help me with how to do so?
    Thank You

  109. Yashraj Raje says:

    Can I place gtt for an after market order of F&O?

  110. Mallika Arjuna says:

    Super feature for working professionals, no need to keep checking the price movement to place/exit orders.
    Just enter the price or % , and place an GTT order, system will automatically take are buying/selling at pre-defined desired price.

    You guys are rocking in bringing the innovations to the Indian Stock Market.

    Hoping many more innovations.

    Active investor through Zerodha

  111. Mallika Arjuna says:

    Super feature for working professionals, no need to keep checking the price movement to place/exit orders.
    Just enter the price or % , and place an GTT order, system will automatically take are buying/selling at pre-defined desired price.

    You guys are rocking in bringing the innovations to the Indian Stock Market.

    Hoping many more innovations.

    Proud of the entire Zerodha family.

    Active investor through Zerodha

  112. Dipti says:

    Hi, I am trying to create a GTT, I put the company name in the Search however its just searching I the details are not getting displayed.
    I tried putting several companies but it doesnt work. Just keeps searching, no info displayed. Please advise.

  113. Dipika says:

    1. Whenever I tried to pay-in through UPI payment, bank (ICICI Bank) is declining. As a result I am using Net Bankiing and for that payment, Zerodha is deducting an amount every time. Why my payment to Zerodha through UPI is being declined ?
    2. I tried to place a GTT order for sell of a scrip (I am having that much scrip in my demat account) as trigger price 158.65 and limit price 158.95 (market price was 155.30). Unfortunately, the limit price was placed as 185.95 (due to typing mistake). In fact, I had not noticed it at the time to place GTT order. Now, the price has triggered but naturally the order was not executed. As a result, it is showing as “TRIGGERED”. In GTT order, it is still (after 4 days) showing as “TRIGGERED”. I tried to cancel it and place a fresh GTT, but can’t do it. My question is How it should be cancelled and I may place a fresh GTT order for that particular scrip. Will it be automatically go if I place a new GTT order ? Now the scrip is trading aroung 165, so I would like to sell it.

    Please clarify.

    • Sameer says:

      Dipika, Try using NEFT with the bank account registered with Zerodha it is free at Zerodha and as per RBI it is free even for any bank. Also try support pages to cancel GTT if not try to amend / modify GTT Limit price.

      • PRASAD says:

        mr SAMEER, you have advised DEPIKA to go to SUPPORT pages to CANCEL or MODIFY the TRIGGERED GTT orders, but I am sorry to say, there is a suggestion there, to go to PENDING ORDERS and MODIFY.. I am asking you, whether, you have done practically? Please try one GTT order for yourself, get it triggered and see. EVEN FOR DAYS, IT WILL BE LIKE THAT WITHOUT EXECUTION AND OUR FUNDS WILL BE BLOCKED…THIS IS A VERY BIG LACUNA IN YOUR SYSTEM, WHICH NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY….


  114. Sameer says:

    I am new to Zerodha and reading this GTT order example , I still do not understand this example given for BUY GTT order in CNC (cash) section. Which is mentioned as bellow.
    Current price of Reliance = 1485.30
    Trigger price = 1500
    Limit price = 1505

    Can any one elaborate why should I place GTT to buy at 1500 or 1505 (Limit) when Reliance current market price is 1485.30?

  115. Sashikumar G says:

    please provide a feature to define default stop loss, why because ‘m doing intraday I’ll take 10 to 20 trades approximately everyday so what’s happening here in every single trade i should change the stop loss from -5 to -2.
    Please add some option to define fixed stop loss while placing the order it will automatically enable the GTT stop loss with defined will be very useful to everyone

    Sashikumar G

  116. Koushik Ghosh says:

    Hi, I by mistake I have crested one GTT sell and my account also debit the amount ! I have holding for same CAMS and wants to simply sell those and by mistake create GTT sell option, Pls guide me how to cancel that, trying to do but unable to do so ?

    Pls help, I am new in your platform

  117. Renuka Malav says:

    What time will GTT execute on next of trading i mean if i place a GTT for any stock and that stock is on UC then my order will get placed at sharp 9:00 am or will be at 9:15am

  118. Sandeep says:

    Direct numbers would be good rather than the percentages in NFO for SL and Target

  119. Santhi says:

    We need more than 50 GTTs atleast 150-200. Even if you want to charge, its okay. But please increase the number of GTTs that we can place from 50 atleast to 100 if not more. Also is there any other way that we can place GTT like orders if you are not providing such facility?

    • Santhi says:

      Would you please consider increasing number of GTTs per account to 150-200 instead of just 50. Its okay even if it is a charged service.

  120. Pre says:

    This should be available for MIS/Intra day orders as well. It is unfortunately not available for that.
    I need to place stop-loss and target both during the day and I want one of them to be executed and other gets cancelled.
    This is pretty standard feature in all brokers outside India.

  121. shrikant says:

    can a gtt order be placed in illiquid stocks like sakar healthcare , in which selling is not permitted on same day, if gtt is placed and triggers, what will happen?

  122. sashi kisku says:

    mra gtt sell nhi ho rha hai. sell kr rhe hai to reject ho rha hai. normal m bhi sell nhi ho rha hai

  123. Viswa says:

    I have a suggestion to enhance this feature :
    In addition to cash, can you provide a provision to use liquidbees instead of cash for funding the GTT buys ? As we do not know when the GTT order is going to trigger, it would be better to have the cash in the liquidbees.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  124. Upinder says:

    Please post an official video of placing GTT including that in options

  125. Akash deep shrivastava says:

    Need target and stop loss trigger to work in MIS order.

  126. arun dalal says:

    can i placed gtt in intra day

  127. Vishesh says:

    Can GTT be used for Intraday orders (one which are not settled)?

  128. KKK says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    I dont know how to use Zerodha much as I am a fresher.

    Pls clarify as to why do we need to place an order with higher price while creating a GTT, while buying a share at either current value or lower value..??


  129. Om Prakash Verma says:

    Sorry , cancel my above post . I had to click on GTT . Got it, it is there.
    Sir, It is a GOOD idea to protect your portfolio by placing GTT. This will /should protect against the sudden fall .Thanks . I will try Target price also. Thanks once again.

  130. Om Prakash Verma says:

    Dear Nitin , I liked this feature of creating GTT. I learned today only. Read most of the comments and the blog as well.
    I have just ( On a Sunday) created a GTT for one of my stocks for stop loss limit sell order. The stock is trading at 345 and I have placed sell order ,Triggr at 338 and limit also at 338 ( It could have been 337,336 332 etc Am I right here , it has to be equal or lower than the trigger ?).
    But when I look at the order book , there is no indication. It should be visible for modifying ,or may be because it is Sunday today. But off market hours one can place such orders ,I presume .
    Kindly clarify ?

  131. GM says:

    i am a new comer with Zerodha.
    How to open the screen for intraday trading???

  132. Ankit Kumar says:

    Will I still be required to authorize my GTT sell order.

  133. Ponni says:

    Today I have place the limit order. The order reached the limit price. But the order not successful.

  134. jaydip arya says:

    i have put gtt order for selling stock. i authorise order daily night. but still when my stoploss hitted it showed that you need to authorize your share. plese give solution of this problem.

  135. Guruprasad says:

    one of my stock triggered at Rs.10.5, but not executed due to CDSL authorization. Now price of that share is Rs.10.25. I am not able to edit or delete the GTT. How can I edit or delete the GTT?

    • Matti says:

      You’ll need to create a new GTT. The triggered GTT cannot be edited.

      • Shubham Kumar says:

        When a GTT is triggered, now It should be in the GTT list, right. A GTT that got trigger 10 days back is still on the GTT list, but why?
        Triggered GTT should be removed from the GTT list just like the orders list gets refreshed on daily basis.

  136. praveen sharma says:

    I have doing stoploss Gtt but somthing is rong hapend pls halp

  137. Akhilesh says:

    In Gtt one thing missing in buy order trigger price for purchase price in OCO if I want to buy 100rs mp stock at 105 then trigger price stop loss and target should be activated

  138. Siba Mohapatra says:

    How to remove a already “TRIGGERED” GTT order from my GTT Order List ?

  139. MADHU says:

    I have taken a position in options, say, sold call option of a stock. Now I would like to exit the position when price reaches a particular level. Usually, I keep watching the price and square off the sold call position by buying it back9Exiting the position). Now, under the GTT facility, I can place a separate buy call at the required price under GTT. But will it be treated as a squaring off of sold call option?

  140. Arun Yargole says:

    Dear CEO Mr. Nitin,
    Thank you so much for this. I stared using recently for buying options. now I’m able to control my losses by machine and sentiments, emotions are not in picture. I need to decide only how much loss i can bear. Usually the options returns are much more if losses have been taken care. I made great losses due to emotions. Thank you.
    One Question-
    Generally I do trade for intraday. and successful in closing positive, But if I carry forward an bought option for next day. and market gap opens in other direction then how SL trigger will act.
    For example I purchased Nifty option at 100 with stop loss of 5% . i.e if option value hits 95 SL will trigger but what if on next day option price hits 90 or less at open on next day will SL trigger as it is set to 95? or it will wait for option price to hit back 95. If it is so then I wouldn’t venture to carry forward option as it may never hit.
    Seek your advice.
    and Thank you again for featuring this.

  141. JAGADEESH GOLI says:

    1. It would be helpful if the buying of a stock with target and stop loss is enabled in GTT also like in the case of Bracket order.
    2. It would be great if the trailing of stop loss is enabled in GTT.

  142. B K Madhav says:

    Suppose I place a GTT order for buying Call Option on Tuesday (T-2), lets say for a premium of Rs. 10 per share, lot size of 6500. Trigger is set for 10, price to be executed is also 10. CMP is lets say 15.
    Now, the trigger is activated on Wednesday (T-1) or Thursday (T), but will the order get executed, as exchange doesn’t allow to enter fresh long position on Wednesday and Thursday?? Does the GTT order get registered at Exhchange on Tuesday itself?? Or does Zerodha place the order with exchange only once the trigger is reached, lets say on Wednesday or Thursday??

  143. Vinit Kaushik says:

    GTT seems relevant. How about a GTT at a portfolio level, i.e., across a set of stocks or other assets?

  144. Prerna Prasad says:

    How to place SLM (Sell) Orders for Nifty / Bank Nifty options in GTT ?

  145. Nantha says:

    Can you enable the GTT feature for Intraday(MIS) trading as well?

    • Matti says:

      GTT is meant for overnight orders. If you want to trade intraday, you can use normal SL and limit orders. 🙂

      • Rahul says:

        I can use GTT for overnight orders to set target & SL and need not monitor it as either will be hit & executed. I cannot to same with intraday trades. If I set GTT on it and it it’s triggers trade is executed in NRML mode and doesn’t square of my position. Why can’t you trigger a trade in intraday if underlying trade is in MIS category? Is there any way to set target/ SL for intraday trades?

  146. Anand says:

    Where we can see the placed GTT?GTC?

  147. Nimisha says:

    GTT buy order example looks incorrect—If the price of a stock today is 1485.30, why will I want to set a GTT order to buy it at 1505—I would rather buy it right away at 1485.30? Am I missing something?

    • Melwyn says:

      I have the same doubt. Why would anyone want to buy a stock higher than it’s current price??

    • Ramesh says:

      You are right . But there are other scenarios as well. Please consider the following.

      A. If the market opens gap-up, the LTP (Last traded price) could be skipped with a jump to 1500/1505 levels, so your chances of buying is above those levels, that way it makes sense.
      B. If you want to take an conditional entry position and expect a break out near the resistance, you place your trigger just around the resistance anticipating a rally to exit.
      Hope this helps

  148. vinayaka says:

    sir.i have a doubt . if i am long on bank nifty jan futures cmp 31285 if i set target as 300 points as trigger and 301 points as my limit price where i want to sell it.and i set a stop loss trigger 300 points doen and 301 as my limit price to sell on down side. and if monday market opened with a 600 points gap up and what price my target will get executed sir?

  149. Devang says:

    I’ve created a GTT and it got triggered but didn’t result in a trade. Now that I would like to delete this GTT, their isn’t any option to delete; please help as I’m new to Zerodha. Appreciate your quick response.

  150. Vignesh says:

    Hello Zerodha team, Please can you share why is there a limit of 50 GTTs per active account ?
    We would like far more number of GTT setups to cover a prospective portfolio of buys and sells.
    I dont see a reason why this is so much in restriction. Please can you change it to a much higher number or even unrestricted.
    Nice to have feature requests:
    1) Should be easy to group GTTs, organize them

  151. Radha Gulhane says:

    Can I place GTT order for option writing

  152. Raisa says:

    I am a beginner in share market and online trading
    I have placed a target trigger 8.75 for South Indian Bank ,I bought 50 shares for 8.40 in GTT.
    Today the target price of 8.75 is reached and then I got a message that it is triggered but I need to provide authorization using a CDSL TPIN. I did so.
    Considering the above scenario please answer my below doubts.
    1. How many days it would take back to get profit ?
    2. After the target trigger occur, should I click sell/Exit again. Because I can still see the share in holdings list and as well GTT list. I have authorized it also.

    • Nakul says:

      1. When you book profits, the sale value will be credited to your ledger on the same day on an accrual basis. You’ll be able to withdraw the amount to your bank after the actual settlement of the trade which is trading + 2 days in case of equity and trading + 1 day in case of derivatives.

      2. When the GTT is triggered, the order is automatically placed on the exchange. You can go through the Important to know section of this blog.

  153. Arijit says:

    Granules stock currently at 377
    I want to place a buy order when the stock falls to 360 and then touches 365.

    Can I put a GTT for this?

  154. gd says:

    This is a great feature for swing traders like me. Just a suggestion/request. Is it possible to add a trigger for cash price levels when buying the futures of the underlying? I mean it would be great for me to enter/exit equity futures based on price triggers on cash/underlying since I/most swing traders primarily use cash charts for price levels but have to take futures for optimum position size. Currently I have to manually predict an equivalent price in futures with trigger based on EOD/CMP price differential in future-cash price levels while using GTT which cause a slight entry slippage. TIA!

  155. ALam says:

    My Question is – If i paced GTT Order, but is it possible to get execute without TPIN? (If Delivery Position) if yes please tell me what is the process, if not than no use of GTT.

  156. Julius says:

    Does not market trigger …very dispointing …my GTT order is not executed . Please support market trigger for GTT

  157. Shashank says:

    Suppose I don’t have any sell target. I just want to place a stop loss.

    Say I bought ONGC at 78. Its currently trading at 89. My target is open as I am track my target near the end of day. Though I have a stop loss of 86.2. If 86.2 is hit I want a order at 86.1 to be placed automatically.

    Can this be done???

    Please reply.

  158. Amit says:

    GTT order is an amazing feature. Can someone from Zerodha confirm that GTT orders are free ? Unable to find this information.

  159. Pankaj says:

    Is there option to cancel triggered GTT if still not executed

    • Matti says:

      You can cancel it from the orders section of your orderbook on the day it is triggered. If you don’t do it, it’s cancelled by the end of the day automatically.

  160. Subhankar Bhandari says:

    GTT was triggered but not executed. Still I can’t delete this. Can anyone please help me out how to cancel that GTT order?

  161. Pramod Nair says:


    I am trying to place GTT order. I need to place with Target & Stop loss. But am not able enable this feature. Is there vdo on how to do this?

  162. Hiren PArmar says:

    How I delete GTT Order after Triggered Price ?

  163. Neha Tripathi says:

    GTT is unique and very helpful to save profit. However, the stoploss need to be manually updated every other day. Can we please add trailing stop loss feature in GTT orders. It will be very helpful from customer usage perspective.

  164. Das says:

    how much are you charging for GTT?
    Unable to find this information. My account is more than 3 months old..

  165. Varinder Singh says:

    Very good feature GTT and free of cost.
    Zerodha is one of best in industry. Big fan of Nithin and his team.

  166. sandeep mali says:

    My GTT triggered to sell but not excecated . It got cancelled.

    What is the reason behind it.

  167. Nansal says:


    Your GTT concept is unique and very nice to do order in future. I am really impress with your very good work. I congratulation to whole Zerodha team and for concept of GTT.

    Only small request I want to notify you that % calculation (display) is not showing properly at the time of GTT creation.

  168. C L VERMA says:

    I put a sale on Rs 360.00 in Vishal Fabrics on20.10.20.
    but price go down at Rs 332.35 and triger not work.
    I bear loss Rs18000.00
    Can you explain why happend this . and who will bear loss?
    Will you pay me loss of Rs 13825.00

  169. C L VERMA says:

    I put a sale on Rs 360.00 in Vishal Fabrics on today 21.10.20.
    but price go down at Rs 332.35 and triger not work.
    I bear loss Rs18000.00
    Can you explain why happend this . and who will bear loss?
    Will you pay me loss of Rs 13825.00

  170. Nutan says:

    Hi Nithin, Team Zerodha,

    Please run analytics to check – How many GTT orders are getting rejected on daily basis due to “# quantity needs authorisation at the depository. ”

    Few suggestions:

    1. Ideally what I think is that, “While placing a Sell GTT order it must ask for CDSL TPIN right in the GTT panel it-self”. There should be text box or some thing similar to authorise TPIN right inside GTT panel.

    2. A sell GTT order shows incorrect status, it shows as “Triggered “, but in reality order was rejected due to “Rejection reason : # quantity needs authorisation at the depository. ” So I’ve to keep guessing why my Sell GTT order is not getting executing even after it was Triggered.


    • Prakash says:

      I also faced same problem. I lost my position due to this now in loss. what is the way out for this

      • Vishnu says:

        Even I also faced the same problem today, I was in profit and sold some quantity via GTT which got triggered but Rejection Reason showing the same reason showing me the same message which Nutan reported earlier, now I have bear the loss if rise in the stock gets over and also wait for the funds to make new positions, which is frustrating 🙁

  171. T.R.Madhava Rao says:

    When can we expect Dynamic Stoploss?

  172. santosh kumar sahoo says:

    Thanks to zerodha for this GTT which is helpful for office work peoples. Hats off to you.
    Recently i had purchased some scripts from nse & placed GTT from holding. But during GTT execution it is sold on BSE automatically. It happened for 3 to 4 scripts. Is there any settings i had to change for this.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Santhosh, if you wish to specifically sell on NSE, please add the NSE scrip to the Marketwatch and place the GTT from there.

      • Garima says:

        But why are you doing like this? BSE has lot less volumes and many times my trades were not triggered and I encountered losses. When a normal EXIT gives option to select exchanges, why not GTT?

  173. Venkat says:

    how it handle about the gap up and gap down in market. for example my CMP 25rs, my stop loss is 20 rs. But next day is market is opened in gap down at 18 rs. the GTT is working or not. same case for Gap up market also

  174. ASHOKI GAUTAM says:

    During GTT window, in % of LTP box, Up & Down arrow is hiding the numeric value

  175. VINAYAK says:

    Dear Team,
    Thanks for GTT update but we are facing problem with your new GTT Updates . we are unable to buy at market price and create target sell price and Stop loss at the time of Buying , In BO also buying at market price is not enabled so pls give us old GTT Option Or Market Price Option In GTT And BO . we are facing Issue with market Buy Order so before your GTT Option Was Good Compare To Your Resent Update .

  176. Jitendra says:

    During selling , GTT is created on LTP.
    Is it possible to use user’s average purchase price instead of LTP.
    Else I need to maually calculate my selling prices for GTT.

  177. DEEPAK GUPTA says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone in here can let me know that what happened to GTT order if I already have sold the stocks same day but forgot to cancel GTT sell order and I noticed that GTT order was also triggered, I wanted to know if it is executed or not as I already sold the stock same day on lower price. Thanks

  178. Saurabh says:

    I just started with the Zerodha account and transferred an initial amount of INR 18K into Kite to start trading.
    To my amusement I see that approx INR 11/- has been deducted for no reason. I have never seen such kind of fund disappearing ever in ICICI demat account in my last 15 years of association with ICICI demat.

    Whatever they charge atleast they tell upfront be it brokerage or anything.

    Such hidden misappropriation of funds is something I have seen for the first time.

    Not even 1 month of opening the Zerodha account but I have decided to close it already.

  179. Ramshiva says:

    How van i delete GTT after stock triggered…i dont want to sell that order please help..

  180. ARK says:

    will GTT be charged after 3 month period???

  181. sheik ahamed says:

    Is there any possibility of introducing gtt order for MIS order type.. like having an one day validity kind of thing

  182. JAGDISH PATEL says:

    Great to find GTT on this platform. Duration of GTT is quite long 1year. Normally upto 1months/2months or individual need based date entry can be given for better balance.

    Its great milestone.

  183. KETUL says:

    Can I Place GTT for call option writing trade ? Say I have sold 1 lot Reliance20September2540 CE at Rs.16. As a stop loss mechanism, Can i place GTT for the entire September 20 expiry at Rs.25 ?


  184. KETUL says:

    Can I Place GTT for call option writing trade ? Say I have sold Reliance20September2540 CE at Rs.16. Can i place GTT for the entire September 20 expiry at Rs.25 ?

  185. sunil kumar says:

    zerodha help center customer care not working
    now a days if we purchased in NSE but after purchasing it shows in BSE and if we purchased ioc aug 100 ce after puchased it shows in ioc20aug100ce zerodha plateform is now cause of losses Mr Nitin kamath attention for you please improve your zerodha apps it is shows debugg your apps

  186. Satya says:

    I did a MIS SELL. Now how to setup BUY GTT OCO where i want a stop loss of 3% and profit target of 6%.

  187. Prashun says:

    So I followed all the instructions as per this article for Nifty Options trading but I ran into this issue:

    LTP for the contract was 120
    I gave a GTT buy order for 107
    I placed another GTT (Sell OCO Order) stoploss for 100 and target price of 145

    My buy order did not trigger because the market went up but my sell order for 145 triggered and my account placed an order for selling Nifty at 145, luckily I did not have margin for such a huge trade. Any idea what I did wrong?

  188. Padmanabha Holla says:

    If i place a order and create GTT,
    then if I manually square off the position, GTT still remains.
    I have to manually go and delete GTT.

    Can you please make this automatic? When I manually square off the position, please delete corresponding GTT.

  189. Padmanabha Holla says:

    If you place an MIS order in GTT and when the trigger is hit,
    GTT will place a different NRML order.
    It wont square of the position.
    Is this how it is intended to work?



  191. Prashanth Kamath says:


    GTT is by far the best order type I’ve seen across brokerages…..

    Just 1 small suggestion – can you give the option of setting a Dynamic Stoploss? If this is done – it’ll make GTT even better……

    Waiting to see this feature soon on Zerodha -> GTT Orders……. 🙂

  192. Himanshu says:

    Hi guys….
    Today My gtt price is already trigger and my order placed to the exchange but have no Enough funds for exicuted completely so my order is rejected but in gtt status will showing to me the same in order how can I delete my order in gtt who doesn’t placed by reason no more funds

  193. Jay says:


    In case you introduce charges for GTT, can you give a range of how much it will be?

    Do you have plans of introducing charges for GTT this year?


    situation….. GTT is triggered, but order not filled , because price jumped away from order limit price. Now any modification or cancellation of order is not enabled in the order pop- up window. how can I modify or cancel order.

  195. Imran says:

    My BUY orders expire the next day. Aren’t GTT orders suppose to stay active yearlong or until we cancel ourselves?

  196. praveen says:

    Hi, whenever i create a GTT sell order (my holding stocks) it was triggered but gtt sell order rejection, what i do please guide me.

    GTT logo
    Created at
    2020-07-30 09:47:02
    Updated at
    2020-07-30 14:19:26
    Expires at
    LTP created at
    Trigger @ 42.05PLACED
    Transaction type
    Order type
    Order ID

    Rejection reason
    26 quantity needs authorisation at the depository.
    Trigger at price
    Triggered at
    2020-07-30 14:19:25

  197. Sampat says:

    Hi, Matti… I have placed GTT (OCO) order on all my holdings for safety reasons. I always buy from NSE but some of my GTT orders are placed in BSE and some are placed in NSE as I can see in my GTT window, why?

  198. Santosh Kumar Jha says:

    Rejection reason
    5 quantity needs authorisation at the depository.

    This was the message of GTT , Stoploss hit. What I need to do?

  199. Anuj says:

    Say to wow. amazing feature with validity of one year. Even we can trigger for sell as well as for buy also.

  200. Sachin says:

    I have purchased a share in MIS. Now i put GTT so that the position will exit itself once LTP touches trigger price. But, It got rejected saying i dont have shares quantity to sell. May be because i purchased in MIS and GTT for sell is placed in CNC. So, how to place GTT in MIS so that MIS bought orders exit automatically once LTP reaches trigger price.
    I hope i made myself clear…..

  201. Sunil sharma says:

    Wrongly sent

  202. Rajesh G R says:

    There was a GTT order triggered in my account which i don’t remember creating, after that i canceled it.
    But still it is appearing in GTT list, will it get triggered again?

  203. Rakesh kumar says:

    In my account gtt order created and executed automatically. I didn’t place any order. But faces the problem. I think zerodha is not secure for trading.

  204. inderjeet says:

    how i cancel or remove the GTT order placed.?

  205. Srinivas Pasumarthi says:

    I am very happy to be associated with Zerodha. I wish i learnt about GTT a little earlier. I started my baby steps into Options trading, made few good trades but i was always in the impression that i need to sit in front of my system to constantly monitor the price at which i need to sell or buy Nifty options. I would have made much bigger profit if i would have know this GTT feature much earlier. Nevertheless its better to be late than never. Hope this feature comes handy for me to build my long term career as Options trader. A BIG THANKS TO ZERODHA FOR CONSISTENTLY SURPRISING ITS CUSTOMER BASE. 🙂

  206. Venu says:

    Like in Index F & O, can Zerodha team extend the GTC feature for Stock Options aswell? A much needed feature for people like me who can’t get time during market hours (busy with office work), but could analyze the charts in the evening and accordingly please orders outside market hours.

  207. Renuka says:

    1. Is your system accept Bracket orders?
    2.Is your system can able to link chart like Trading View?
    3. Do you provide GTD (Good till date) option. If so can you confirm that no money blockage for GTD orders from our margin.

  208. prakash deshmukh says:

    if i use GTT in nifty banknifty F&O intraday will be extra chargeable ?

  209. raj says:

    Excellent facility, used it today, waiting for this feature since long. kudos to zerodha

  210. Sandeep Sharda says:

    There can be a facility to de-activate a GTT, now if we want to avoid some order we have to delete and create again. In that case pain is, we have to remember the buy or sell price. If we de-activate then the price and quantity will remain same and we do not need to remember that. Kindly consider this facility too. Thanks!!

  211. komal baddi says:

    Hi, I am new to trading.
    me and my husband want to buy stock at same price with stop loss and target profit at same time but I will be buying and he selling.
    @Matti can you please tell us how to do it.

    • Matti says:

      If you are buying/selling from each other, that would be considered circular trading, which is not allowed.

  212. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Team,

    If i buy equity shares through normal process CNC today. On same day i create sell GTT order using OCO. Now,
    stop-loss got triggered on same day. So, what is the final result of my trade? pls help me.

  213. N Ahmed says:

    Yes it’s a good application, GTT order , but one thing I have noticed that , when you placed GTT order for your holding s , sometimes its come BSE and sometimes it comes NSE in Left upper corner. If I have holdings in NSE and during the placing time If it shows BSE , then What we should do?

    It is advised by Zerodha support team to place the order from market watch list. Done the same and placed GTT from MW but surprisingly when Stop loss triggered and holdings sold, next day that both stocks showing in portfolio.

    Please help to understand this.

    • Matti says:

      When you buy stocks and they are in your demat account, you can sell on either exchange. By default, we show you the holdings with the exchange that has the higher previous close.

  214. Sikkander kaleelrahman says:

    Thanks for this .
    Please give this future in commodity also.

  215. Dr.Kiran says:

    sir, I have a doubt regarding GTT. I want to place a GTT in such a way that:
    The trigger price should be greater than the target price so that if the price is still bullish, I will not book profits in the target area and can check for the next target after crossing this target. if it feels confusing, let me ask a straight forward question.

    “can the trigger price of gtt order be higher than target price?”

  216. Shandeep says:

    Thanks to Zerodha for this great feature, it is quite useful. It would be more helpful if we have an option like HOLD, means those orders will not be triggered unless the user change the status to ACTIVE.
    So that we can create multiple GTT orders and decide which one to ACTIVATE or DEACTIVATE on some particular days, weeks, months. (Something like prioritizing some orders on some market conditions)

  217. Sunil Bhave says:

    How to deleted GTT triggered history Type-Single ?

    • Matti says:

      If your GTT is triggered, it places a regular limit order that you can cancel like any other normal order.

  218. Prasad says:

    GTT is a great feature, Need it for F&O sector. In fact, a few days back i could use it for a position on SBI option, however the feature seems to have been pulled back. Can I know if this is going to be avialable soon

  219. ASRAO says:

    How to cancel GTT ORDER

  220. Nisarg Sojitra says:

    I placed GTTs for selling the stocks in my account. They were triggered but I forgot to authorise through TPIN from CDSL. So they were triggered (Trigger price and sell price being the same) but weren’t executed. It showed that the selling has failed.
    But GTTs are still showing in my kiteZerodha account. So how do I remove them from there? Will they be executed in future or what? I am not clear with that part.

    Kindly help.

  221. B SHIVALAL PATRO says:

    GTT triggered but it didnot got remove from the allotted limit of 50. Is it that one can create GTT of 50 whether it gets triggered or not.

  222. Jayaprakash A says:

    Suppose a create a GTT for a stock with trigger at 100 and limit price 101. On the trading day, if the stock gets opened at 90, what will happen to my order? At what price will the stock get bought?

  223. Anchal says:

    Will i get any sort of notification when the Price set in GTT gets triggered or will it automatically get canceled without any intimation if there are insufficient funds in the account?

  224. Chandan Kumar says:

    If order is place after enter into limit, will this share be sold in between limit and trigger price or if it doesn’t touches trigger price the order will get cancel ????

  225. Rahul kiron says:

    I was able to place GTT orders before for my F&O positions. But today i couldn’t place the GTT for them. Can you guys resolve this?

  226. Sridhar says:

    Thanks for the great work.
    As per one one the criteria , GTT orders will be cancelled if the stock price moves more than 5 pct . For delivery based stocks & if the stock has less than 5k cr market cap , 5 pct move is very common . So if we leave the SL (or) Target to the system for EXITING positions only (Not new) , this might create more issues as we miss the GTT orders are cancelled
    Any Suggestions ? Please advise

  227. AADESH KUMAR says:


  228. Surajit says:

    Sir, Also kindly introduce market order option for buy, sell and Stop Loss. Greatly essential, as often the GTT orders fails to execute.

  229. Surajit says:

    Sir, It would be nice if stop loss option can be provided for buy option.

  230. Ganesan says:

    Apropos my last comment I have gone through a comment in this blog that zoom works. I will check it and thank the person who posted it.

    I also want that whenever a cursor is moved over a bar high low close and open of that candle bar be displayed. This feature will greatly help.

  231. Ganesan says:

    I tried it today with nse f&o option.

    But for oco order the window pane is only partly visible. Create button goes down and is not accessible.

    Repositioning window does not work.

    Scroll pane returns to main page and the create GTT window pane disappears.

    The issue is with both IE and chrome.

  232. Athang Satav says:

    Hi my user id is KT5729. I am unable to place GTT orders when I try to I have a window which says “Authorise your holdings before selling.” And when i click Proceed I have this error “Page not found
    The page you are looking for does not exist.”

    Please help facing this issue since morning

  233. JK says:


  234. T V Chalapathi says:

    Use of GTT needs more illustrative publicity. It should be published in Regional languages periodiclly. Best comments should be high lighted.

  235. Hemanth Roy M V says:

    The GTT order window is not fully visible in kite web
    the bottom is off at 100% zoom on chrome… No way to scroll down to get to buttons.
    Have to zoom down to 80%

  236. Vijaya Sai Molakalapalli says:

    Hi team,
    Great Job! Can we have video tutorial on GTT ? I want to know if we can place orders outside market hours and taken into consideration when market actually opens for the next day.
    Example: If I’m bullish on the market for tomorrow can I place GTT order before market hours so that I get time advantage on Gap up openings for the day?

  237. sumit says:

    On May 13, I bought Infy @ 694 and placed GTT/OCO for sell.
    (Target trigger/limit: 704/704)
    (Stoploss trigger/limit: 683/683)
    But on May 14, Infy opened way lower than 683 – around 658, why sell didn’t happen after breaching the stoploss price?

  238. LOKESH says:

    Hello sir
    can we use GTT Buy orders for options in intraday. Active GTTs we can manually close the positions in same day?

  239. Kadmiel says:

    can I place an pre market order at 9:07am Banknifty option ?? the stoploss default is -%10, can I able to change stoploss manually to -%5 ??

    thank you.

  240. Anto says:

    How to delete rejected GTT order

  241. RAMACHANDRA A says:


  242. Ankrit Paul says:

    How to cancel an GTT Order?

  243. Sudhi says:

    It’s great to hear that you are extending the GTT facility to F&O. It is also requested to give the Kite connect facility free of cost, at least for few months, so that trader’s can make use of the facility to develop & test their strategies. Expecting, a favourable reply considering the fact that Algo trading has a fantastic future.

  244. Vasudev Sharma says:

    Please explain logic of why to put limit prices > trigger price for GTT buy order & vise versa for GTT sell order. while there is “No” short selling in the case.

    • Matti says:

      This is to ensure that the GTT is executed as soon as it is triggered, as explained in the post above.

  245. uminder singh says:

    sir, for bank nifty fno . i created a gtt with SL percentage only. that is single leg. how do i book my profit ?
    i eneter other gtt with SL as well as Target. what if i want to exit in between.?
    in first case after GTT i simply sold the option, my position was showing as zero but GTT was standing active. So i deleted it . was that ok to do. Please Guide how to exit from GTT. is it by modifying the target to current Market price

    • Matti says:

      What you’ve done is right. If you’ve only set SL and exit with profit manually, cancel the pending SL GTT. If you’ve placed target and SL GTT, and want to exit before either is hit manually, again, cancel the pending GTT after you exit.

  246. Anupam Behera says:

    sir, can you please make a video about GTT and OCO for Nifty and Banknifty F&O.

  247. Ramesh kumar says:

    Nifty may futures closing price on 8.5.20 is 9236.65
    Today it opened at 9335.85,
    If my GTT order is in between these 2 prices, whether it will execute.

  248. SD says:

    Sir, Me too agree with most of the people. We liked earlier version of GTT i.e., flexibility in limit order placing above or below trigger. Let the user decide what they want regarding probability of order execution rather than putting restrictions. GTT is one of the many innovation that you brought for indian investor. Therefore, don’t reduce its effectiveness. Also, I have some suggestions other than the above:
    1. Don’t restrict our buy and sell order based on market cap of the company (a warning regarding this which you are already displaying is more than enough). To invest in such stock why should we have to send you email everytime?
    2. If possible increase number of GTT order more than 50.
    3. 50 Rs. Per scrip for auto squere off of MIS position is very much higher side for retail if possible kindly reduce it.
    Hope you will take note of our views and suggestions rather than enforcing your views only….
    You always listen to your customers for years….this is one beside a few other which makes you better and superior than all your competitors.

    • Matti says:

      We have removed the restriction on GTT creation.
      1. This is to ensure that our clients are aware of the risks of investing in such stocks. This practice is to try and insulate our clients from fraud. Read more here.
      2. Will consider this, perhaps as a paid add-on.
      3. The idea is to square-off the position yourself. This high fee is to encourage you to do it yourself. You shouldn’t be letting us do it.

  249. MANU GAURANG says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    Please bring out a solution for placing multiple FNO orders in form of a basket, to avail the reduced margin after 1st June 2020. Also please clarify if the calender spreads will be considered for reduction in margins??
    Congrats in being the market leader when it comes to innovation.

    All the best.

  250. nitin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know about GTT feature, Sir ,Can i Short Sell Equity stock in delivery position with target n stop loss ???

  251. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Hi नितिन Sir,
    I just want to know what will be the brokerage for that. Also please introduce a unlimited brokerage plan or something like 10 orders free/day plan or 20 orders/day plan. It will be very helpful. When market has wide spread ther buy/sell orders got divided into multiple orders. Kindly design a system for this. Or traders who trade a lot during day.

    • Matti says:

      “Unlimited brokerage plans” or “Pre-paid brokerage plans” are disallowed. Regulation doesn’t allow such brokerage plans. As for GTTs, there is no charge. Brokerage will be charged at normal rates for any orders that are created and executed when the GTT is triggered.

  252. Yogesh Gautam says:

    Now finally you are starting to think about poor FnO folks.

    When you are planning to provide order size setup for F & O segment. It is the must required feature.
    Also, adding F&O to streak if you really want that product to sell.

    • Matti says:

      Streak already supports futures, however, backtesting options is tricky because of the time-value component of the option price. Also, Streak is an independent company. Write to them on [email protected] to reach them.

  253. Sanjay Tiwari says:


    This is the best thing made by Zerodha ever.

    Sanjay Tiwari

  254. SIJI K says:

    Why don’t you increasing the limit of 50. I do all my transactions through GTT. It would be of immense help.
    Now that you have started GTT on Buy; and for NIFtY options, consider increasing the limit as well.

  255. Arjun says:

    Please provide us with conditional order as most of trade options based on futures trigger. Interactive broker provides such feature.

  256. TIKASH says:

    Can you send this information in hindi also

  257. Kailash says:

    Once GTT is place, can we cancel it if we do not require at later stage?

  258. Yogesh says:

    Good innovatieve by zerodha team.
    Please upgraded limit of GTT order to minimum 100 stocks.

  259. Rinku Tiwari says:

    Great step,

  260. Deepak says:

    Dear Sir,
    We need feature where the stoploss and the order can be executed and exited by a drag and drop button on the chart itself as is available in fyers for stocks as well as index such as Bank nifty. The market is volatile and in that case we should be able to exit as well shift stoploss in minimum time possible. This can be done by showing three buttons one of stoploss, one of my order (showing current P&L) floating on the chart and one button showing the target. By dragging the button we can change the stoploss and dragging the order button. Also by single click on the order button we can exit the order from the chart itself. This will save the hassle of going into orders and then modifying the target/stoploss from orders.

  261. Hiren says:


    This is the best thing made by Zerodha ever.


  262. Kk srivasta says:

    Just realized that my GTT orders can’t be set with limit price below trigger price. There was an error showing that limit price should be above trigger price. I think there’s some error in new alteration in model. Were you intending to set limit price above trigger price as an error, you instead did the reverse. Now I can’t place GTT properly. Please correct the bug you may have developed unintentionally. Some of the worst mistakes are done with good intention. Make it right.

    • Matti says:

      This modification was intentional. Updating the post. We have made it so that all GTTs execute as soon as they are triggered instead of sitting as pending orders that may or may not execute. For example, if you have a buy GTT with trigger at 100 and limit at 101, a limit order at 101 is placed as soon as the stock hits 100. Since the limit price is higher than the market price, the order executes at the best available price below the limit price of 101.

  263. Mr Alok says:

    GTT model has been altered. Its outrageous! Why would I buy (limit price) above the Triggered price (LTP), what’s the use of putting a limit price if the triggered price ie. current market price is below my limit price and order will be executed at market price?
    This whole notion of setting trigger price below limit price is outrageous. Stopped using it altogether.
    Why did they changed it for that matter? What was the actual intention? To increase the GTT order execution numbers?
    Did they overlooked the fact that instead investors would stay away from it altogether?>

    • Matti says:

      Since GTT is designed to be primarily used for stoplosses and targets, this change was indeed made to ensure that triggered GTTs are executed immediately. As for the point of having a limit price is to ensure that your order is executed within the range between the trigger and limit prices. Have a small range and your purpose is served!

  264. Ramakrishnan says:

    Thanks for introducing GTT for nifty options through kite web. When can we get it through kite App? Some query
    When I try to place a square off buy order, still it asks for trigger price to be lesser than strike price. How is it possible as in a square off order, the price of the option will be coming down and will hit the strike price first instead of trigger price. Please clarify my understanding. Thanks again

  265. Vivek says:

    gtt trigger doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

    the example given in the post is not working any more.

    Current price = 785.75
    Trigger price = 701
    Limit price = 700

    If I try to set the trigger like above, it gives me the following error.
    Trigger price should be less than or equal to limit price for buy orders.

    so what I did was set the trigger price and limit price to be same value.

    example I set trigger for HUL like below
    Trigger price 1904
    Limit Proce 1904

    the LTP went to 1902 today. But the trigger did not work.

    • Matti says:

      We have changed the behaviour from tigger above limit for buy and below limit to sell to below to guarantee execution.

      • Manoj Akondi says:

        Why do I even want to use it if I have to create a new GTT everyday? The point should not be the guaranteed execution . It should be execution at right time.

        Please change it back. It’s senseless.

        • Matti says:

          You don’t have to create a new GTT every day. We have made changes to the GTT system to ensure that orders are executed. Changing it back will make it so that orders may not execute. I mixed up the prices in my previous response. It is now trigger below limit for buy and trigger above limit for sell.

  266. sumit says:

    Today , I notice that GTT option is now available for ‘Options’ also but only via Web portal.
    I have query regarding the “set stoploss” and “set target”.
    Is it possible to set both at the same time, and will then 2 orders be places one for stoploss and other for target ?
    and if any one of them i triggered then other will be automatically cancelled or not ?

  267. Ritesh Jha says:

    Hi, can we use GTT feature with futures/options trading?

  268. AK says:

    I cannot place GTT buy orders anymore. Error message reads “Trigger Price has to be less than equal to Limit price on Buy Orders”. Is this a bug or some new requirement? Please fix either way – I was using the GTT feature to place Buy Orders automatically at specific prices. Please help me understand why you think I want to buy at price (limit price) higher than CMP (trigger price)?

    • Alok says:

      why do you think I want to buy at price (limit price) higher than CMP (trigger price)?

      Ans: So that your order which got triggered once, after many days wait, can surely be executed (if you have money in Zerodha). The (Purchase) Price entered in your GTT, More the near to your trigger less chance of purchase, and more the far your purchase price more chance you will have to get your order executed on that same day.

    • Matti says:

      The behaviour has been intentionally changed so that the order is guaranteed to execute when the trigger is hit.

  269. Yashwant says:

    Hi, does GTT will be triggered if there is a gap-up or gap-down at the opening time of market

  270. Rajesh says:

    Please revert to the old GTT model. The old philosophy of GTT is really good and much need for everyone on this platform. Am not able to use GTT effectively now. It’s almost equivalent to place the orders on the same day instead of using GTT.
    Please change the GTT and make it for the greater good.

    • Matti says:

      What do you want us to change?

    • Alok says:

      You can still place GTT with a buy Target price (Trigger Price Field) below to LTP at your chosen price, and selecting the Price field above your chosen trigger price.

      • RB says:

        Am not still able to place a GTT with Trigger price less than Target price.

        @Matti, GTT will help us to place the order when the price goes down at an expected value and we want to buy at a much lower value of the triggered price. I found this is very much logical and the majority of them will use this feature in this way only. You can take a poll about this product feature.
        Such a great platform and a great GTT feature, why restricting the end-user not to able to use the feature to achieve better automation of stock purchase.
        Please consider the request and remove the current validation.


        • Matti says:

          As I’ve explained already, the use-case GTT was meant for was as a target/stoploss. Both cases need to ensure execution, hence the change.

  271. Harikumar J says:

    Seems, you have modified the rules for placing the GTT order, recently. Buy order is not allowing to place price below trigger price. I used this all the time. Lesson learnt from AgroPhos (pump and dump stocks) that I should never use the “trigger price” and “price” the same. Despite my argument on how a trigger must work Zerodha was simply quoting the small printed “disclaimer” stating order is placed when the trigger crosses the LTP. I couldn’t argue further 🙁

    Thus, I was using few percent less than the trigger price so that when Zerodha place the order to Exchange it would show up in my Pending Order list rather than buy order executed immediately. I could go and modify/delete easily, gives me breathing time, by quickly checking the numbers (volume, RSI, market depth etc.).

    But now you are not allowing to place GTT buy order with price less than trigger price. Please confirm. If so, at least, send a notification to users on change in rules. Also, it would be great if you could allow to place buy orders less than the trigger price like before. I would appreciate that.
    Fellow users, request to be cautious using this feature because the way Zerodha has implemented it.

    Harikumar J.

    • Matti says:

      Hari, this change was made to ensure that stoploss/target orders are executed as soon as they are triggered. The GTT feature is mainly meant to allow long-term investors to set targets/stoplosses and not for use-cases where you would want to immediately modify orders placed via GTT based on any technical indicators.

      • Mr R kumar says:

        1.Ok, but as you stated long term investors would rather not like to put in target immediately and so for stop loss, after all its long term!. And even if they do, their target price would be too high for the order target to execute so ‘soon’, lon term investors right?! On the other hand they would rather prefer to buy good value quality stocks at opportune time and make out of it. I for one prefer my GTT without stop loss and target, their time will come later.
        2. By placing limit above trigger as you stated it will execute at market value irrespective of limit value. Than if that’s the case why even bother to ask limit price, except to put upper limit on buying side due to order execution, which implies that order have enough capacity to alter market flow with its sheer size. Why bother about small size investors for whom limit is of no use. Can’t place limit below trigger.
        The argument by others above is fairly valid to see the market tendency before the order to be executed. I too place my trigger close to a strong support and won’t want it to be executed in downward flow, since we can’t judge how far it would go and can’t predictively place trigger at that bottom.
        Please, remove this restriction of limit price above Trigger. Let the investors be better judge of their logic and requirements.

        • Matti says:

          Answering the second question first. No, the Limit price is not meaningless. That is not how limit orders work! The order will be executed at the market price provided the market price is better than the limit price. If the market price isn’t as favourable as the limit price, the order will stay pending. As for your first question, this order type is mainly meant for setting stoploss and targets and so would be designed to favour that use-case.

  272. Tushar Parkar says:

    I specially joined the zerodha platform due to GTT feature. This feature making zerodha platform better than other Broking platform. Let’s wish zerodha to introduce more useful feature like GTT which is beneficial to all investors especially small scale.

  273. Vijay Swaminathan says:


    I notice that there is a change in behaviour of the GTT-Buy feature.

    It no longer allows me to set the limit price at a price lower than the trigger price.

    Earlier this was allowed. Now I see that I have to definitely keep the limit price above the trigger price.

    Can you please explain what happens in this case –

    Assume that a stock is being traded at 970. I wish to buy the stock at 950 and wait until the stock falls below 960.

    Earlier I could set the trigger price at 960 and limit price at 950 and execute the order.

    I don’t get the point why would anyone keep the limit price higher than the trigger price when the stock price is showing a downward curve. Everyone would like to buy it at the lowest possible price.

    Can you please clarify why the GTT behaviour has changed?

    • Matti says:

      This is to ensure that once triggered the order doesn’t sit as a limit order on the order book, but gets traded. If you’re placing a stop-loss or target, you’d want the order to be filled.

  274. T V Chalapathi says:

    whether the rates quoted in the GTT can be altered, modified and cancelled. If so how.

  275. Ashish Kumar says:

    Can’t place GTT Trigger above limit price anymore.
    For ex.
    ITC current price 181
    Trigger 177
    LImit price 173
    The GTT platform don’t allow me to place such order which was allowed previously, where limit price is allowed to be less than trigger.
    The main use of it was to verify the rapid downward trend in market and when the GTT gets triggered (Like breaking a strong support point just below which the trigger was set at) the order gets pending in the order book and I can adjust my Limit price as per the demand of the situation (like putting the limit price on the next support which will obviously be less than previous support and trigger price).
    Please re-enable this feature again. This shouldn’t be blocked in first place.
    Please Reply.

  276. Karan says:

    GTT has a bug now.
    It’s asking me to enter the trigger amount which should be less than buying price.
    It defeats the whole purpose of GTT.
    In the above-given screenshot, we can see the trigger price is greater than the buying price.
    Why did you change it @zerodha team?

  277. Manoj Choudhary says:

    Sir GTT Ka limit Shrif 50 Jo ki kam hai
    Eska limit 500 Ya 1000 hona chahiye

  278. pK says:


    I was experimenting with GTT. I created on 23/3/2020. When I checked on 24/4/2020, there is no GTT in history. I have lost the track of it. If it was triggered then where I will find amount or my GTT history??

  279. Hiren says:

    As on date, do you charge for GTT? If Yes, how much and if No, till when this feature would be free?

  280. Manepalli Pavan Kumar says:


    I am new to Stocks and to this platform too. I have a doubt about the GTT feature.
    When I try to buy a stock using GTT and I set a stock trigger price @ 700rs and limit price as 699rs then will the GTT trigger at exactly 700rs or what if the stock never hits 700rs but goes below 690 or 691 or something else ?
    I have big confusion on this.

  281. Sanjay says:

    My GTT got triggered , but where can i see the delivery of those shares i am not able to see it in holding, can anyone help?

  282. SUMAN KUSHWAH says:

    Subject: How to cancel a GTT order which is already “triggered”?
    Hi, I have placed a GTT buy order. It is now shown on the “GTT” screen with status “Triggered”. However, it is not shown on “Orders” screen. I want to cancel this order. Please suggest how can I do this.

    • Matti says:

      This would happen if the GTT was triggered on a day before today. After being triggered, the order wouldn’t have been filled. In such cases, the order would have been automatically cancelled at the end of the trading session and you don’t need to do anything.

  283. Atul says:

    Things that are missing in “Important to know” part of this page is
    1. GTT does not work in pre-market session.
    2. Once the GTT order is triggered but not executed yet, in such situation even if client wants to but can not cancel

    I think we can expect improvement in Kite related to point 2.


    • Matti says:

      1. Yes.
      2. If the GTT is triggered but the order placed isn’t executed, there is nothing you need to do to cancel it. It becomes invalid after being triggered. You can ignore this, it’ll disappear after 4 days. You can place a fresh GTT after this.

  284. M Murugan says:

    I have created GTT, How to cancel the same. No option in the system. Kindly help me.

    • Matti says:

      You can cancel it. Go to the order book on Kite and on the top-left you’ll see a separate GTT section where you can see all open GTTs and cancel or modify them, as explained in the “Managing your GTTs” section in the post above.

  285. ron says:

    Hello Sir,
    If gap down opening will be there,will GTT work…? Suppose i bought shares for Rs 200 and I placed GTT trigger at Rs 195 and stop loss limit price at Rs 190 for sell.The next day market opens at Rs 185,then at what price will my shares get sold.Please help…….
    Thank you.

  286. Madhu says:

    While placing the GTT-BUY orders, in the window it should show the margin or funds required as per the price limit mentioned for completing the order is required. As even if insufficient funds are there the GTT order will be active but the order will not get executed in exchange.

  287. susheel says:

    my order was triggered on my trigger price. but not placed on price given. now the order is not cancel or modified.
    now what should i do?

  288. Srinath says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have placed GTT order 2 days ago and now i would like to modify.

    But, i dont see modify option anymore.

    Please advise how to proceed

    Thank you

    • Matti says:

      The GTT order will be in the GTT section of the order book. Check the top-right corner of the orderbook to find it.

  289. Hemal Rathod says:

    Why chart not Refreshing auto
    kindly know me if change make in setting for that ,

    kindly inform by sms too please

  290. Gurumurthy says:

    Does the GTT order puts the trailing stoploss automatically?

  291. saurah says:

    hello Team ,
    I am unable to delete/modify my GTT for which order is triggered and showing as due to order price is lower than the current lower circuit limit.
    YesBank Stock , Price is 20 & trigger price is 22 trigger at 2020-04-01 09:15:00
    Can you please let me know how can i delete/modify such orders.

  292. nalini says:

    more than this…if you could just add CANCELLATION feature between STOPLOSS and TARGET in BRACKET ORDR…this will be the best solution and best order style

  293. Jay says:


    a)What are the charges for GTT after the initial 3 month period?
    b)Is this available on the mobile platform?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jay, we’ve not started charging for GTT yet. It still remains free. And yes, it’s available on the Kite mobile app.

  294. Suresh Parakh says:

    Really appreciate the feature of GTT. I request you to give filter facility as well in GTT. This will enhance the capability more to GTT.

  295. Shweta says:

    Hello sir,

    I had set target GTT while placing the order (buy) and after some time target hit but stocks did not sold out and also i am not able to sell the stocks. How to sell the stocks now?

  296. Sathish says:

    GTT is a nice tool. Will be really useful for futures and options also.
    When likely you are planing the GTT rollout for FnO.

  297. barun maji says:

    wrongly created GTT on SBI which showing triggered at 220. want to cancel it but no option coming.
    can any one guide about GTT feature.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Barun, if you read the above post, you’ll see that once a GTT is triggered, an order is created. This order is in your regular orderbook and you can cancel it from there.

  298. ATMIYA says:


  299. Pravin Sawant says:

    Nitin bhai,
    Although I am not a professional trader and have lost chunk of money in stock market due to my mistakes, I would like to say one thing about you and Zerodha is that, you both are incredible…..way to go….keep innovating and keep rocking! God bless!

  300. Saurabh says:

    Currently we have to specify the quantity for setting up GTT.
    But is it possible to set such that all my holdings of a particular stock is sold at a particular price.

    Because someone it happens that I add or reduce my holdings and then I have to change my GTT settings also. But if there is option such that I can specify “all” then it will just sell all my quantity.

  301. singh says:

    Their in article under important to know it mentioned that “To be guaranteed of execution, make sure to place your limit price higher than the trigger price for buy GTT orders ”
    as i understand from the earlier screenshot trigger price should be higher than limit price for buy orders.
    Please clarify what is correct ?

    • Matti says:

      Both hold true. For example, if you want to but a stock at Rs. 100, the trigger price could be 101, and the limit price 100.05 or 100.1.

  302. shashank says:


  303. ASHRAF SHEIKH says:

    you are peerless, unbelievable mind/thinking, simply its tremendous job

  304. Dayanand ovhal says:

    Nice work this option I’m really happy.💐💐💐☺️

  305. Somen says:

    Someone please help……
    I have purchased a stock as CNC order, after that immediately I placed GTT order – stop loss & target.
    Question is , if my trade will against me , Before get the schedule CNC delivery time T+2 in my account , the GTT stop loss will trigger or not?
    or It will work after the delivery of stock ?

  306. Tushar says:

    What if the stock price shoots suddenly and skip trigger price, will the GTT be placed? for example,
    LTP = 780
    Sell GTT = 800 limit to 805

    market news strikes, and share price shoots to 850. in this case, will the GTT be triggered?

  307. Vivek Deveshwar says:

    1. A DISABLE button on each GTT order shown in list will be really useful. This gives advantage of both having a position open when one is comfortable with price action, and quickly re-activate a disabled GTT order (with possibly updated price) when price action becomes risky to position.

    2. Also, a DISABLE button will be very useful to deal with volatility at market open where illiquid scrips can be manipulated with wild swings down. Otherwise, people’s GTT sell orders may get hit only to see stock trading comfortably higher after the opening price ‘glitch’.

    3. The other way to deal with wild swings at market open is to provide a blanket option to disable all GTT orders in first 5 minutes of market open at choice of user. For those who don’t use this open, their GTT orders will remain open always as is the situation now.

  308. Saurabh says:

    This feature is good. What would have been even better if Zerodha had a ‘real’ 3-in-1 account collaboration with IDFC. The current collaboration with IDFC is limited to free instantaneous money transfers between IDFC and Zerodha’s trading account. Zerodha will not deduct the amount instantaneously from IDFC when a trade is executed. Which basically means, for a GTT order, I will have to keep the money in my trading account.

    Traditionally, all 3-in-1 accounts by full-service brokers provide seamless credit and debit from savings account and trading account. Among discount brokers, I find the collaboration between Upstox and Indusind better in this regard. They have this smart transfer feature. You keep the fund in your savings account, and when a trade is executed in Upstox the money gets automatically debited from the IndusInd savings account.

    However, the way GTT feature has been thought of and implemented is brilliant. Just that a true 3-in-1 collaboration with a bank would have been even better.

    • Matti says:

      This is on our to-do list.

      • Vivek says:

        It seems “hold & release” feature with IDFC 3 in 1 account is still not implemented in zerodha. With the revised margin requirements from SEBI, hold & release feature becomes all that necessary for option selling as well as for GTT orders as no one wants to keep lakhs of rupees in ledger without any interest. Hold & release type of 3 in 1 account is the only way to meet SEBIs increased margin requirement, otherwise zerodha will lose revenue due to lower trade volumes

  309. Ashok says:

    Can we edit the GTT after market hours?

  310. Raviraj says:

    Hello sir/mam,
    if I create any GTT For buying and order executed but do not wished to sell it immediately for some time is there any time restrictions for selling. Because this thing is happened with me, I buy some shares through GTT but didn’t place any sell order later I saw that there is no any share listed there in GTT which I purchased .

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi, once your GTT is triggered and the purchase is executed, you can see the shares bought in the holdings section on Kite.

  311. Satinder says:

    When will this feature be available for future and options??

  312. Abinash Tripathy says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,
    Excellent work.
    Just one question.
    I have placed a GTT order and it also got triggered but didn’t execute. Now I could not find any option to cancel it. Please help me out here.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Abhinash, if a GTT is triggered but not executed, you’ll need to place a fresh GTT. The triggered GTT will disappear from the GTT order book after 4 days.

  313. Price says:

    is there a price announced for GTT ?

  314. sudip kr. ghosh says:

    It says it is free for 3 months. So what are the charges for this as of now??

  315. Aniket Kale says:

    After the GTT order is triggered, does the stock still stay in Holding tab or it moves to Position tab?

  316. Himanshu Jaiswal says:

    how to remove triggered GTT ???

  317. Dr Ravi says:

    It is not working properly,i suggest do not believe it i lost lot of money to rely on it.

  318. Alok says:

    Hello guys
    Can u post a video or a lecture sort of thing here for better understanding of gtt.
    With few examples and in detail explaining how gtt can be better exploited and what it can not do

    Also how can the issue of funds be sorted out plz
    hypothetically if i have placed a gtt i need to have funds available. Now if my gtt gets triggered after 7 months it means i need to have funds kept idle parked for 7 months. And this doesnt really guve me an advantage
    Whats your comments on it

    R u guys looking for any alert on mobile and not mail where the alert on mobile gets u activating the order

    • Matti says:

      Still some enhancements coming to GTT. Will post a detailed video when they’re live. 🙂 As for Kite notifications, we do send a notification on Kite whenever your GTT is triggered.

  319. Minjesh Patel says:

    Please make it free for the lifetime.expeting this type of features to be free.

  320. SYED MOHD MEHDI says:

    is gtt available for commodity?

  321. Sahil says:

    I would need more than 50 gtt orders… It’s a lot of help for trading. My limit is reached daily. Could you please increase the limit to 150-200 orders. Even if it is paid service doesn’t matter. You can add charges for more than 50 orders limit.

  322. Stanley says:

    IS there charges on GTT Orders other than brokerage,

    I understand after 3 months of introduction you will charge

  323. Hari says:

    When copying an existing Sell GTT order, the popup where you confirm the order selects Buy, when it should select Sell. This is highly dangerous and should be fixed.

  324. GK says:

    Debit card is same as your netbanking. What additional benefit by using debit card. Allowing card payment means it has to go through gateway which adds extra cost. Also type of card detection is another issue.

  325. Moiez Ajmerwala says:

    How do I delete a GTT order which has already been triggered but not traded

  326. Birendra kumar prajapati says:


  327. RAM says:


    GTT going great specially for passive investor.

    Have you concluded for pricing?
    When the prices are going to be effective?


    • Matti says:

      We’ve not yet decided pricing. We’ll let you know once we do. We’ll make an announcement well before we start charging.

  328. Hari says:

    Why is there a limit of 20000 shares per order?
    Is this a limit imposed by zerodha or the exchanges?
    This makes it very inconvenient if you want to buy a large number of shares. You can hit the maximum 50 GTTs easily.

    • Matti says:

      This limit is imposed by Zerodha as part of our risk-management policy.

      • Hari says:

        Whose risk are you managing? You should leave it to your customers to manage their own risk. US brokerages do not have such arbitrary limits and they have been at this much longer than zerodha. Do other brokerages in India have such limits? I hope you will remove this limit or at least increase it to a larger number, at least 100,000. Looks like zerodha is doing this to make things easier for itself.

  329. Khemraj says:

    Current Price is 193. I have put GTT SL trigger price Rs. 186 and limit price 185 and target trigger price 500 and limit price 501. what will happen If trading session opens at 186 and goes downwards?

  330. Aditya Krishna Swamy says:


    GTT is a great product. A major hickup is it only relies on LTP and doesn’t capture Opening Price. For example, if a GTT trigger is set at 1200 and opening price is 1201, but the next traded price is 1190, GTT does n’t get triggered and the trader loses out on an opportunity.

  331. Chandresh Shah says:

    Why pricing or extra cost to traders? This must be free of cost..

    • Matti says:

      Hi Chandresh. There is a cost associated with maintaining the GTTs on our system and monitoring the market to place them at the right time, hence the suggested pricing.

  332. Venkatesh R Shenoy says:

    Great feature for part time traders/investors.. Please do keep the charges minimum please.

  333. Sumant says:

    Can GTT order be placed after Market hours ?

  334. sameer says:

    Is the feature available for commodities as well ??

  335. Pradeep says:

    When GTT triggers, we get an email from. The subject line says “GTT for *** was triggered”, if we can differencitae trigger of Target & SL, it will be of great help, if we receiving mail of mobile. No need to open the mail & read it. You may change teh subject line to
    1. GTT Target for *** was triggered or
    2. GTT – SL for *** was triggered

    Hope you will consider it.

  336. Pradeep says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It’s an excellent & useful feature however limit of 50 Nos only, is a big shortcoming. Suppose you buy a script is 3-4 lots and would like to place different GTT orders for every trade, to harness the maximum profit, the limitation of 50 nos becomes a big drawback.

    Pl look into the removing this limit of 50 when this feature becomes paid one. You can charge slab wise i.e. 0 – 100, 100-200 etc.

  337. Abhilash Anil says:

    I hope the GTT will not be triggered on mock trading days. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  338. Vedant Kajaria says:

    When will it be available on Pi?

  339. Manoj says:

    Hi, did you apply any charges on GTT order? Or still free.

  340. zr5532 says:

    hi kamath,
    my ac has some probs.
    i want to trade in comodity mcx
    but system do not give option to credit amount to MCX comodity section.
    comp[lanied to customer care , ticket been generated .
    but no response
    hence this message .
    plaese do some favor

    • Matti says:

      Hi there. I see that an agent has replied to your ticket on the same day. Your account has been deactivated due to prolonged inactivity. Please renew your KYC here to get started again.

  341. Anand says:

    It’s really cool feature. Like combination of sentinel trigger and baskets.

  342. Pinak says:

    Hi –
    While creating a Buy GTT, I am getting an error “Invalid Quantity”. When I reduce the quantity, I succeed in creating the GTT order. Is it because I am exceeding the cash / margin in my account? But then, the GTT information indicates that there is no cash / margin required while creating the GTT.

  343. Mahernoz says:

    I would request Nitin Kamath and his team to make this feature free permanently , it would greatly benefit the retail investor and with retail investor earning its good for zerodha too in the long run. please consider my humble request.

  344. Aravind Pai says:

    “We have developed an innovative alternative to GTC that offers all of its features and more.”

    This is not correct as per your own explanation. For example, let’s say you place a Buy request at ₹500, with trigger price of ₹450 in GTT. The trigger price is hit, so Zerodha places the order, but the Buy price is not hit till the end of trading session. The exchange cancels the order and the GTT has to be placed again. Whereas under GTC, the order would be re-placed the next day automatically.

    This is not to criticize the GTT feature, I think it is still a really useful feature, especially coming from a Discount Broker. However, that specific statement is inaccurate and potentially misleading to an inexperienced user.

  345. Sudheendra says:

    Once GTT Buy is placed, I don’t see that order in “Order” page. If required, How can I see/modify/cancel the GTT order?

  346. Kavita says:

    सर तीन महीने के बाद GTT का चार्ज क्या होगा और इसको लगाने का कोई हिंदी विडियो हें क्या हें तो प्लीज शेयर करे

  347. Daud Khan says:

    how to activate this feature, This is not visible in my Kit app, also there is not updated version in play store. Thanks

  348. Ashar A Latheef says:

    Thanks for such a great feature. I see that you are constantly upgrading this to meet our requirements. However, the update that came recently was a very ill-planned update. While placing a GTT sell OCO option, it does not let me place a stop loss which is lower than the last traded price. This totally does not make any sense. Why do we put a stoploss which is higher than LTP? It simply defeats the purpose of a stoploss. Please remove this validation.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ashar, when you’re initiating a sell trade, your target is on the downside and you lose money if the stock price moves up. Hence the SL on a sell OCO would be above LTP.

  349. Emon Das says:

    Hello Nithin,
    GTT is a very nice feature for retail part time traders like us. I am unaware if any other broker provides this feature! only one request and suggestion- please dont charge for this feature!!

  350. sashi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    why dont you people introduce it in “options” also

  351. Manish Goel says:

    Good feature


    very sorry to read
    “Free for 3 months
    GTT is absolutely free of charge to use for the next 3 months, after which, we’ll announce pricing.”

    it should be always free as we are paying charges on every transaction .

  352. ARUN R S says:

    Please make available this option for other segments like options and also for day trading. I mainly trade in options and if this option is available, target price and SL can be set as once



  353. Krishnababu says:

    Great feature! Thanks much!

  354. Rishabh says:

    From when will you start charging for gtt?

  355. Raghu says:

    GTT can be used for nifty or banknifty option??

  356. Anurag Singh says:

    In GTT, it’s good if we also have MARKET order. Right now, it is only supporting LIMIT order.

  357. saurabh says:

    Small suggestion:
    Why cant we have a unable/disable button against every GTT that is created !!
    When a GTT is created successfully, it comes in ACTIVE state. If user doesn’t want his order to be triggered for some reason, the option currently available is ‘delete’.
    If one button “Active/Disable” is provided, user can enable or disable a particular GTT on the fly without deleting it. It will be very helpful.

  358. Sriram says:

    These products are good but why is zerodha giving very low margin against our holding s for selling of derivative contacts…. While other brokers are providing good margin even with out collaterising the holding……
    In zerodha we have to pay for collateral…
    Apart from all these since zerodha is charging lowest brokerage… We have to bear with your technical errors also….

    Shall I take that the lowest brokerage in the market comes with the lowest quality…
    Kindly reply…


  359. Girish says:

    Hi Team,

    I am having HDFCAMC in my holding from long term. On 01-Oct-2019, I placed GTT Sell order with following details,

    Trigger price: 2675
    Price: 2675

    Today’s (03-Oct-2019) low shows 2650.05, then also how this order was not triggered.
    Please explain/help.

    Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Girish, we’ll have to look into this. Can you please create a ticket on our Support Portal? Will have someone check.

      • Girish says:

        Hi Matti,

        I did create a support request, that is not the point here as it was small quantity and I was just testing the system/feature.
        What I am trying to point out here is, “Are GTT really trustable ?”

        Two suggestions as others also mentioned,
        1. Enable/Disable buttons will be really helpful
        2. Along with of LIMIT order, Market order option should be there.


        • Matti says:

          1. Cancelling a GTT and creating a new one whenever required would achieve the same result. Don’t see the value add of the disable feature.
          2. Market orders bring with them significant risk of impact cost for illiquid scrips, hence limit orders only.

  360. Saurabh says:

    Buy GTT is not triggered. Please help.
    Scrip (bond) : MFL29NOV18
    Buy trigger price :1081
    Limit price : 1061
    Last trade price: 1077.45
    Date : 3oct2019

    Please help.


  361. V K Gaurav says:

    It’s nice tool,

    Thanks to Zerodha Team for developing it.

  362. sudarshan badhe says:

    Great to have GTT , it will be very helpful to people like me who invest and trade rarely

  363. tirupathi shenaveni says:

    can i short selling order in gtt means i want sell first and then buy.
    stock -gati
    i want sell in the price of 46 and after trigger the price
    then i want buy 36 .
    is this possible in gtt order.

  364. Mehul Mishra says:

    It would be very useful if GTT was added in F&O.
    Also it would really help if it had a trailing stop loss feature.

  365. Kumar says:

    Appreciate for GTT feature which my friend and my self was discussing that such facility should be available, and suddenly I show your post. It seems you are finding problem from market and updating software. I like the way you are doing.
    one more request :
    Please create some tools like dartStock which freely provide for upstock user. I show some excellent feature which help to select good stock to invest.

  366. Suresha says:

    Dear concerned, please provide option to cancel all the pending GTT orders in one go if need arises. This will be useful in case of emergency and saves time.

  367. MITHUN says:

    what If gap up or gap down open?? & my GTT price is in range of gap??

  368. Sachin Junghare says:

    @Nithin Kamath – Congratulation ! on another big milestone in the great stock platform.

    One question, why we are asking money on the GTT and related features ?


  369. Zingo says:

    Finance Minister announcement is NOT a Corporate Action, like stock splitting etc.

    • Jaydeep says:

      Don’t go on exact word, point was to avoid circumstances where high market movement is possible, it should be avoided.
      Announcement by corporate or government is likely to move market too much and everyone knows it.
      So either zerodha should not say there is a provision to protect from sudden market movement,
      And if zerodha claim the provision for it , then it should have covered scenario of Finance minister announcements.

  370. GULSHAN says:




  371. Jaydeep says:

    I thought you said before any corporate action or announcement GTT will be cancelled and we have to order again. This is to protect against sudden price movement.
    But today afer finance minister announcement, market jumped 2K points and my GTT was executed .
    Did I get your feature terms wrong or what happened? Can you please explain this and when exactly our GTT will get cancelled?

    • Matti says:

      GTTs are meant to cover these events when there is a big move.

      • jaydeep says:

        I am sorry i did not get that completely.Can you please elaborate ? .
        I will put three query here, can you please share your comment on that ?

        do you mean 2K jump was not a big move ?
        GTT is meant to cover means it will continue to be triggered in case of big movements (which are known before hand to move the market , like planned conference from finance ministers to boost economy etc)

        I am just trying to understand it completely how and when GTT gets canceled ?

        For example, I may think for a 100 Rs share , 200 is big price to sell and if it touches 200, there are chances it will come down soon from over price , and offer opportunity to buy again at low after selling at 200 , and hence I put GTT sell of 200.
        But in case of sudden boost to market scenario, where in single day it reached from 100 to 200(just for example) , it is more likely it is going to go even higher so i would have preferred if my GTT was canceled day before and i get to set new GTT sell, based on the mood of market and make sure i anyway set 200 as stoploss just in case market recovers that fast too.

        3) is above case stop loss possible where i am not buying above 200 but , if before corporate/government event my GTT gets cancelled and next day I place it again for say sell GTT of 250 and want to sell at least at 200 if it starts falling before reaching 250 ? basically two GTT sell without any buy in that range or day, with one cancels other option ?

        • Hey Jaydeep,

          Corporate actions announced by companies, we will know much ahead in advance on how much the stock value will actually change. For example if a stock is at 100 and a 1:1 bonus is announced as on ex-date of 1st Oct, we know that instead of 1 share of 100, client will have 2 shares of 50. So on 1st Oct there will be a 50% drop in the value of the stock. But understand that corporate action doesn’t change the overall value of the stock you own. So we have two options, either ask clients to cancel the pending GTT and modify it accordingly or cancel it on our own after informing and ask clients to place fresh GTT. The reason we decided to cancel it on our own is that most people don’t read the messages we send out to them.

          Coming to a news event, there is no way for anyone to know how much the movement of the stock is going to be. Most people who use GTT, use it as a stoploss. So the idea is to protect, and if we cancel it, what is even the point of having a GTT type of order. The idea of GTT isn’t to time the market entry/exit, it is to provide long-standing orders. If you are an active trader trying to time the market, it is best not to use GTT.

  372. Nagaraja says:

    Awesome features 🙂 cheers !!!

  373. Zoeb says:

    How to delete triggered orders from screen

  374. Rahul says:

    Thanks for adding GTT to mobile app!
    Why there is no chart button on GTT order/section? We need to go to the watchlist, see the chart and come back to the GTT order to edit the order for each GTT order placed. You can stop this hassle by just adding the chart button on GTT order. Also there was a script info pop up window after moving back from the chart, which is removed after GTT update. So we need to search the script again to place order. Hope this will be corrected in next update 🧐🤔

  375. Amit says:

    That’s a great news. Keep up the good work & keep adding new features.

  376. sushantvs says:

    Isn’t this a limitation of the broker? And why is it free for only 3 months?

  377. Vaibhav Kalra says:

    Hi sir

    Can we use GTT orders for options ?

  378. Zoeb Sutarwala says:

    I have 10,000 cash balance in my account.
    I place Buy orders in 2 scrips (in Nifty) to buy for amount 8000 in A and amount 7500 in B
    when B is triggered, and after sometime , A also gets triggered.
    Explain what actions take place in my account.

  379. Ankita says:

    Thanks Zerodha team. This feature will really help small traders like me to ensure that by ensuring that risk is managed properly. One need not to sit whole day and tracking the stock price and deciding the buy or sell call.

    It will be more useful if I will be able to distinguish my holdings as in on which stock I have already created the GTT or which one not. Currently either one have to remember it or swapping between orders and holding screens.

  380. Sarfaraz Patel says:

    Hi, So Finally you have started GTT is a good thing, but it seems like it looses its charm in the way you have implemented it, Reason being if the order is triggered once and if the order does not goes thru next day it is not re triggered which means One has to keep a close eye on it to see where it stands, It should not be Good till Triggered it should be Good till transacted. And I do not think its a major change that cannot be implemented if you have reached so far.

    • Matti says:

      If a GTT is triggered and doesn’t execute, then the price you set has very likely passed and it’s beyond that point in whichever direction. In such cases, re-placing the GTT wouldn’t help, which is why we alert you of the trigger with an email and you can place another order manually if it hasn’t executed.

  381. Ankit Agrawal says:

    It’s a great product, this is something that I suggested as Product Idea to ICICI Securities some 3 years back but those folks didn’t understand or were too arrogant to listen to their own customers.

    I have a small question, why the product is being rolled out for CNC only and not for Options, Margins, and Futures segment. Maybe GTT for these products could be set only for a set period like 1 week and not for a 1 year. I think since the user itself is setting clearly define trigger and limit price he is totally aware of the risk in Rs value in case of stop loss.

  382. siji k says:

    I have recently opened zerodha account, and love ICICI Direct UI and ease of use. I had not shifted for many long years because of the ease of use, and multiple features, but am shifting to zerodha as I discovered that I am paying a lot of money as brokerage; and was sad that I would miss the VTC feature in ICICI Direct, but was happy to learn that a even better option has been introduced (GTT). But seeing that it will be charged, is a downer 🙁

    Some suggestions on first use, which are very simple to implement immediately. (a) Please add sort feature for trigger percentage. this will help us quickly find and update prices if needed, when the price is near my target (b) Please display the Limit price as well, currently only trigger price is displayed.

    If possible, request you to make it free, or with very minimal charge. Being unable to monitor regularly, I am a “fill it – forget it” type of investor, I am planning to use only this feature, as was doing with ICICI Direct. I am yet to see your reports, and will make suggestions. Hope you listen to your customers.

  383. Pavan Sarda says:

    Again the pop up screen of GTT order does not stay and we cannot scroll up and down. It vanishes if we click outside or try to scroll.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Pavan. I see that scrolling works, however, clicking outside, as you said, will make the order form disappear. We’re working on changing this behaviour.

      • Pavan Sarda says:

        The scroll does not work in the pop-up window of GTT. You cannot go down by any any means. I had to reduce the screen size to see the whole pop-up window.

        • Matti says:

          Hey Pavan, the GTT order window itself should ideally fit in one screen on any device. There is no scroll on the order window.

          • Pavan Sarda says:

            In that case then the the GTT order window does not fit in one screen. When you select OCO the window size increases and does not fit in. Also when the window opens it opens from the middle hence the lower part goes out of the available laptop screen .

          • Mehul Mishra says:

            Pavan is correct . There is a scroll on the order window. Even though the order box fits in one screen

  384. Pavan Sarda says:

    The limit price should have percentage setup because using a absolute value for it in cancel of using percentages does not make sense.
    LTP = 100
    Stoploss = 15% i.e. 85
    Limit = 85
    Now say the LTP moved up and it is 120
    New Stoploss = 15% i.e. 102
    Now in this scenario the Order would be yet triggered for 85.

  385. Onkar Sapre says:

    Better late than never. Is a must have feature on any trading platform. Should not be published as an value added feature with additional charge.

  386. Chokka says:

    Hi, Its a good feature. However, this feature does not allow me to place a new trade with entry price, SL and target all at once. This is something available only for bracket orders on intraday basis. I’m also disappointed to know that GTT will be priced, which i haven’t heard of.

  387. Rajnish says:

    Sir what to do in GTT if my stock price float in .10 paise & .05 paise only.(eg.uvsl-be)

    • Matti says:

      You can place the target GTT at any price, however, for a stoploss, you’d have to place it at 0.05, since this stock price can’t be 0.

  388. VivekPhadke says:


    Much awaited option and much advance form than others but such services are free of cost at axis direct and icici direct.

  389. Kishor N Mahajan says:

    The order is triggered, but not executed since no funds. Now if I add funds it will be immediately executed, but current price is still lower than my quoted prices. Hoe can I modify to lower limits. During off market hours, I am unable to modify, nor cancel the order. Please help.

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve placed a buy order and it is triggered when there are no funds in the demat account, it’ll be rejected. You will need to place a fresh order.

      • Rajneesh says:

        Hi I am finding the similar situation – i have created OCO GTT but next day market opened below my stoploss, GTT is showing triggered but its not sold —now i dont find any modification or cancelation Tab – Pls help how to modify the GTT. If required call me.

  390. suresh pal says:

    how i do this? …and what is my profit for GTT order?

    • Matti says:

      The process of placing a GTT order is explained in the post above. The GTT order acts as a stoploss, target, or both that you can use to minimise risks.

  391. Pavan Sarda says:

    Using of percentages while placing a OCO Sell Order does not help as you ask to put a Limit Price rather than a differential percentage of trigger price.
    e.g. LTP = 100
    Stoploss = -15% i.e. 85
    Target = 15% i.e. 115
    Here you have asked to put the Limit Price for both. If we use percentages then it should work as trailing stop loss or moving target and the Limit Price should have a option of percent on Stoploss or Target. This feature would help investor to maximize the profit and stay invested.

    • Matti says:

      Having a moving target is equivalent to not having a target because as the stock moves favourably, the target keeps getting revised and would never be hit. As for a trailing SL, again, since this is meant for long-term investments, the idea is to stay invested up to the stoploss or the target, so trailing the stoploss isn’t a great idea either.

      • Pavan Sarda says:

        I would disagree here. Below is the theoretical definition of Trailing Stop Loss order. I believe Zerodha has a lot of opportunities to evolve.

        Trailing Stop Orders
        A sell trailing stop order sets the stop price at a fixed amount below the market price with an attached “trailing” amount. As the market price rises, the stop price rises by the trail amount, but if the stock price falls, the stop loss price doesn’t change, and a market order is submitted when the stop price is hit. This technique is designed to allow an investor to specify a limit on the maximum possible loss, without setting a limit on the maximum possible gain. “Buy” trailing stop orders are the mirror image of sell trailing stop orders, and are most appropriate for use in falling markets.

      • Matti says:

        Rohit, we get thousands of feature requests. Not assessing how useful they are before building something wouldn’t be wise.

  392. Vinayak says:

    Are you planning to introduce GTT on Pi platform as well? It would be better if you’re planning on Pi as well.

  393. Babu says:

    Free for 3 months. but if I do not like it then how can I deactivate it. Will it charge if I do not use it after 3 months?

    • Faisal says:

      GTT is still a free feature. If you plan to charge for GTT order placement in the future, we will notify all clients for the same.

  394. Supratim Bhowmick says:

    Since 1st Sep’19 unable to create new or modify existing GTT orders. What is the issue and when will it be resolved?

  395. Rajesh says:

    Sharekhan has this facility free of cost.

  396. Uday says:

    but why not in derivatives

  397. Pavan says:

    This feature is very much useful. But it should not be charged.. It is just an option for placing the orders. Why it should be charged..?

  398. Sajid Sheikh says:

    Nithin Sir

    You are what you deserve…
    While others are struggling to survive, you are still Creating new innovations in market..
    Due to customer oriented nature, zerodha is far ahead from its competitor..
    Your twitter message wrt Yes Bank, Ashok Leyland & Tata motors is a proof that you are concern with the investment of investors & not just brokerage.

    God Bless

  399. Atulesh Kumar Sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have placed 5 GTT order out of which 4 were triggered. My trade book is showing all 4 trades on 19.08.2019 & 20.08.2019 but my holding does not showing any stocks. I am confused that weather I have any stocks or not. please help me understanding this.

  400. Vishnu says:

    I got into a special case, I placed a Gtt for yesbank to buy at limit price 52. The trigger price for the Gtt was set at 55. Today the Gtt got triggered unfortunately the trade didn’t happen because the lower circuit was 52.35.
    I wanted to know the possibilities of the order

  401. ravi says:

    Not seeing for futures

    • Matti says:

      This is only available for stocks right now. We will make it available for futures and options in some time.

  402. Sampat Kumar Roy says:

    What if my buy and sell price triggered simultaneously on the same day? (Ex. Maruti Buy @ Rs 6160 and Sell @ 6270. Profit Rs 110 per share).

  403. HDP says:

    I have created gtt order for single buy for one stock, for which trigger price was set at Rs. 40 and purchase price at Rs. 39 per share for 50 shares.

    Now my order had triggered, at price 40 but since purchase price set was Rs. 39

    But I don’t want to purchase the shares now, but there is no option to cancel the gtt order as the stock had triggered the price.
    Please suggest what to do??

    • Matti says:

      You can simply cancel the limit order at 39 placed and visible in your order book. If you don’t cancel it and it remains pending until the end of the day, it gets automatically cancelled after markets close.

  404. Amitkumar Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot for this amazing feature.

    Small suggestion, It will be helpful if could you use some color coding for GTT orders type like Red for sell and green for buy instead of showing all inn blue.

    If possible present both types in different section

  405. Sumit says:

    GTT should be Free, not chargeable. My existing Broker offering it for FREE since last 6 years. Keep this feature FREE FOREVER to gain more clients in order to get extra edge over other brokers. I have a future plan of becoming Zerodha Marketing Partner, so please consider my request.

  406. SAURABH says:

    Good feature, but why only free for 3 months, this feature should be available for free? If you want more people to use zerii don’t keep anything free only for limui time please!!

  407. Ramesh kumar says:

    whether,orders can be placed even after the market close.

  408. sharanabasayya hiremath says:

    Sir i had placed a gtt order though the price was triggered and also hit the limit price , the stock is not reflecting in the holding, i am not sure if i have made any errors .i can give my order no. Thanks

  409. Rohit says:


    I wanted to know if we can cancel GTT order after creation. Because i am not able to see the option any where.
    There are situations/scenarios where you feel that the stock will not trigger the GTT price. hence, you sell the stocks early. thus, the GTT order is still active waiting to be triggered even though the stocks are sold.
    I believe we need 2 options. a> modify GTT. b> cancel gtt buttons for this scenario


    • Matti says:

      You can, of course, modify and cancel your GTTs. Go to your order book, and click on the GTT tab on top of the order list to switch to GTTs.

  410. Manish says:

    Hope zerodha will not use our data for their own benefit.

  411. Naveen says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Honestly, its not a good thought to charge for GTT feature separately. This should be recovered through brokerage charges and hence should be part of Kite application. By charging separately for GTT usage, you are discouraging usage of this functionality.



  412. Ajith says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When can we expect this feature for FnO ? It will be really helpful


    • Matti says:

      Will make this available for F&O soon.

      • Anshul says:

        Then i suppose if this will be available for FNo then this feature can easily be recovered from brokerage and settlement charges over there. why charge separetely just for equity. This will surely discourage equity retailers who are busy and cannot track market. Regular Fno players will need this more for their trading infact.

  413. satya says:

    I have set up GTT for ACE stock buy at 65 a week ago. Now it’s 63.95 but my GTT was not triggered. Can you help?

  414. SANKET says:


  415. Nirav says:

    Is this applicable only for Delivery or can be used for Intraday and Future as well??

  416. rajan says:

    It is good to know of this very useful feature in kite. Please let me digress from this topic.

    I use charts for trading in trading view. Some charting platforms like Meta trader provide a view of stop loss and target in the chart using horizontal dotted lines and allow the user to move them (SL and Target) up or down using the mouse. Please provide this feature as it becomes very difficult to keep on shifting the stop loss by typing the numbers. A constant Trailing stop loss won’t be much useful here as we need to decide this in real time based on candle sticks.

    Also, please allow the user to buy or sell a scrip with just a single click (with the quantity and order type filled from the previous order).


  417. Anil Bhargava says:

    Too much confusing. Couldn’t understand.

    I don’t understand why Zerodha doesn’t come up with a VIDEO to explain things instead of all pictures /text content.

  418. Amit kumar yadav says:

    great sir …. salute you … very good innovation

  419. Jothibash says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Im waiting for a long time on BO in commodities. Still it is unavailable in zerodha. I trade during crude inventory time every week, without bracket order it is really tough exit with the volatility at 8PM on the day. So Kindly enable Bracker order for commodities ASAP.

  420. Gaurav Yerawar says:

    Cheers !!
    New milestone!!

  421. BlaBla says:

    Please make this GTT free don’t make again mistake like zerodha coin initially charged and make free after sometime because of competitor.

  422. Savan says:

    I had placed GTT, with stop loss trigger. Script achieved that Stop loss price, however, still GTT order not executed. Serious concerns on the facility provided. Further, concerned person not able to help. Very Bad experience on this.

  423. Parthasarathy says:

    The Trigger price difference is expecting more than 0.25. Why did this make like this? Any special reason?

    • Matti says:

      Hey. No such restriction for GTT orders. Where are you seeing this?

      • Parthasarathy says:

        I’m getting the error while placing the order after sell target is set and placing the order.
        Error message as “Error creating GTT Trigger price was too close to the last price. (difference should be more than 0.25)

        • Matti says:

          For stocks less than Rs.50 in value, the difference between trigger and LTP has to be at least 0.25. In case of stocks that cost more than Rs.50, it has to be at least 0.5% of the stock value. This is because GTT is intended to be used as a long-term stoploss or target.

          • Desikan says:

            I am getting the same error even for a script for which the LTP was 773.4. Why is the trigger price 0.25% from the LTP? GTT need not be a long-term target. I may want to buy the stock the next day but might have time to place the order when the market is open.

  424. Somenath Paul says:

    Why do the GTT orders DO NOT have disclosed quantity?
    When one would like to place a large order, he cannot do it with GTT as there is no disclosed quantity option.

    It would not be very hard to incorporate the disclosed qty option, just another field on the popup.

    Request to please take this up on priority. Other brokers with GTC option do have the disclosed option feature as well.

    • Matti says:

      The GTT order window already has too many inputs. Adding another would simply make it complicated. We see that disclosed quantity is used by very few people and the added complexity isn’t justified by the number of people using the feature.

      • Hiren Shah says:

        I suggest you to reconsider Disclosed Quantity field based on your experience so far. It is the only field missing from standard order page. You may keep it with 0 value (indicates no different disclosed quantity) and still allow those few to take advantage of this feature. For higher quantity CNC order, I’m sure lots of people use disclosed quantity and they may not use GTT.

        • Kailash Gupta says:

          I also support this request to include the option for “Disclosed Quantity” for ease and parity to the normal order.

  425. subrahmanian.n says:

    Congrats, Mr Nitin kamath and his team, A good one, though i have not yet used it. It is mentioned that GTT is chargeable after 3 months. I am already paying a good amount for various zerodha extras. It is not a good idea to charge each and every thing, when the trader is already paying for small case, sensibull pro etc.

    • Matti says:

      We don’t charge anything for delivery orders already. There is an effort and cost associated with each order which is why we intend to charge. Sensibull, smallcase, etc., are separate companies charging for their services.

  426. Sanket says:

    First of all kudos to team Zerodha for all the good job you are doing. I have a query– whether these GTT orders can be placed for T1 holdings? Or do we have to wait till stocks are in our demat accounts?

  427. sathish says:

    Please increase the GTT free time limit from 3 months to one year.Thanks

  428. Chakravarthi says:

    To open new demat account I completed payment step and I’m facing problem to continue digiloker process help to continue create new demat account

  429. Rakeshkumarprajapat says:

    I want gtt

  430. Avinash K R says:


    I noticed one thing. A minor bug on display. When we create a GTT (either single buy or OCO), trigger at price is not shown in “info” tab of GTT created.
    Another enhancement can be of : conversion of single buy to OCO and vice-versa, with a check of stock is in holdings or not for OCO.

  431. Sunil says:

    Is it applicable for existing positions in Futures & Options?

  432. pradeep says:

    Hi Currently only 50 active GTT orders are supported per account. Is there a plan to increase them for paid customers say to 100 or 200 after the trail period is over?

    • Matti says:

      We haven’t considered this yet, but may increase the limit later based on demand.

      • vikas says:

        Yes, please increase the limit to at-least 100.
        Also triggered GTT orders should be moved to a separate area.

        No way to see only the active ones.

      • Sarita says:

        Respected Sir, I am sharing this feedback since long but Zerodha seems to be ignorant towards the requested upgrade in the feature. Me amd my wife are together holding 35 lakhs in the Zerodha trading account but with the GTT feature limitation of max 50, face many problems as both of us are working professionals and can’t access Zerodha during working hours. Kindly upgrade the feature as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will be forced to move with Kotak Securities Limited as they offer unlimited GTT order facility. Regards. Vikram n Sarita Yadav with Client ID ZO4589 n AS1460.

  433. Badal Khemchandani says:

    Awesome Work Mr. Kamath

  434. Ahitosh says:

    Cover & Bracket order is only available for people who need margin. I need the facility to place buy stop loss & sell target price in one order but don’t need any Margin. Is there any option to do so?

  435. Rahul Shinde says:

    It says you don’t need margin till it hits the trigger price. But here if you don’t know the margin how can you calculate the quantity which you are able to buy? I want margin also.

  436. Mukesh says:

    Is it possible to modify/cancel GTT once it is triggered.

    • jd says:

      Go to ‘Orders’ tab/section on Kite. There is another tab/section named GTT. You can see all your GTT orders and modify/delete them.

  437. Sara says:

    A long waiting functionality Thanks.
    Additional Request: There should be an auto-calculation and display saying how much money is required for all my GTT request. so that I will ensure I will have enough money in my Fund.

  438. SUBRAMANIAN says:

    Is it not available for Options Buying / Selling? .. Of course options / futures have monthly expiry..But you could consider having GTT which can be valid till triggered / cancelled or till expiry date?

  439. Pritesh says:

    This feature is an edge over others and should not be charged.

  440. Parth Pandey says:

    Can we short a stock using GTT or CNC orders? Today I tried to short a stock using CNC for a delivery trade but my order was rejected. Please clarify the correct procedure for doing this.

  441. Bharati says:

    The full form of GTT is not suitable, of course the name doesn’t matter but still it conveys that the orders are good till triggered, if triggered ,do they turn bad? 😜😜

  442. Vithal Desai says:

    Sir, It is great feature.
    Please activate GTT feature for options also.
    Explain for gap up or gap down opening how it works. Give example.

    • Matti says:

      GTT for F&O is on our list of things to do.
      For gap up/gap down, your GTT will be triggered at open. However, if the market price is already beyond the limit price, this would stay as a pending order on your orderbook. You’ll either have to modify this order to execute at market or wait for the price to go back to the limit price you’ve set.

  443. brijesh kumar mehra says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    you are the one of the best sorry my opinion only you the best broker in this industry.
    your innovative idea help us to retail trader and investor.

  444. dwaipayan sarkar says:

    Can you add the “Smart order routing (SOR)” service or feature to kite dashboard for executing orders, like Icici direct and some others brokers providing ,it will be a best gift and option for users like us ?

  445. rajiv says:

    what if i am using kite app?

  446. Sandeep Tomer says:

    Why their is cost involved in placing GTT Order, all other broker provide this feature free of cost for a long time

  447. Tanmay Prakash says:

    Any plans to roll out this feature for the FNO segments?


    why trigger price is needed for GTT ? We should be able to place order without trigger price

    • Matti says:

      If the order is placed directly with the exchange, exchange cancels the order at the end of the day. Hence, we use triggers to trigger your order. You can have the trigger and the price as the same value and it’ll work as a regular order.

  449. Vasant says:

    If I place sell GTT for a particular stock with trigger price as 100 and limit price as 95. If the stock opens next day at 90, will my entire quantity be sold at 95?
    Pls explain GTT in Gap up/down situation with some examples.

  450. Atul says:

    Congrats! Very useful feature.

    But I mostly deal in Futures. How do I use it for Futures or Options?

  451. Suneetha says:

    Like to know if this feature is available for equity futures too.

  452. Dipneel Saha says:

    Revolutionary features for investor like us, those are busy in their daily working life and give 4-5hours of time at the weekend.
    Thank you zerodha team.and make it free just like ur name ZEROdha.or charge some minimal charges on target hit,not on target set. This is a suggestion from a zerodha family member. 🙂

  453. Dev says:

    Hey Guys!
    Just a Suggestion.
    While putting qty in buy/sell case.. If you can show the total amount that would be of great help. Have to calculate that manually.
    Eg. 2 shares x 100(price) = 200.
    Maybe show this 200 there just like a calculator.If you can, please Do it.
    And Btw KITE 3 is Great!

  454. Siddharth says:

    Nice feature which is already provided by other brokers with free cost.. since this is basic feature it has to given free of cost.

  455. Santhosh K R says:

    Very good initiative… Definitely this will be a good advantage to active traders….

  456. Siva says:

    I just want to know the margin required to buy a stock

  457. senthil says:

    Please create a feature for portfolio stop loss trigger also

  458. Rishi Kothari says:

    Its a very nice feature for working professionals who cannot watch the market on daily basis.

  459. Irfan Hussain says:

    GTT Should be free of Cost.

  460. Revanth says:

    Great work from zerodha. Infact I called customer support of zerodha long back to discuss about possibility of this feature. It is great help for ppl like me, who is busy in their own profession during trading hours. Thank you. Hope you won’t charge much for this.

  461. Ashish M says:

    Suppose my GTC oder got triggered but did not get executed, will my GTC order is valid for next day automatically ?

  462. rajesh says:

    is it applicable for f & o also

  463. Sumit says:

    Hey. I’ve a doubt in this statement “When a GTT is triggered, and order is placed on the exchange, it is executed only if the limit price order placed is filled on the exchange.”

    So let’s say I bought 1 share at 100 Rs and now I put a stop loss GTT like below:
    Trigger price: 99
    Quantity: 1

    Does it mean that the order will get executed at any price between 99 and 95 once it reaches below 99?
    Or does it mean that the trigger will happen at 99 but the order will be placed with price as 95? And if didn’t reach there (95), the order will not be executed?

    • Rishi Kothari says:

      Boss, sell price should not be lower then the current market price. If you put the trigger at 99 with limit price at 95, you order will be placed at 95, once the stock reaches 99 and your stock will be sold immediately, since you are offering to sell at 95<which is lower than the current market price

    • Matti says:

      As Rishi has pointed out, if your trigger is at 99 and sell limit order is at 95. When your GTT is triggered, the sell is executed at 99 since it’s a better sell price that 95.

  464. S says:

    It’s not available on Kite Mobile app?

  465. neeraj says:

    This is a good feature.

    I trade in options where order has to be placed quickly especially during expiry days to buy or sell at the desired rate.

    To help traders like me place orders quickly, I am giving below a suggestion, which I think is easy to implement:-

    1. When we click buy or sell in market watch, we get the Order placement window. Here we have to enter the quantity every time before clicking “Buy” button. After that kite closes the window immediately. I suggest that the window remain there permanently (as long as I want it there) and close it using an additional button captioned as “Close” or “Dismiss”.

    2. Allow a maximum of 2 order windows (i.e., for 2 different scrips) to be there on the screen (instead of just 1, as it is now). This will help in quick order placement for hedged positions. This will help traders who create a hedge using another scrip instead of stop loss.

    Could you please implement these 2 features in kite?

    • Faisal says:

      GTT for F&O trades will be available soon. We will have this feedback passed to our product development team.

      • neeraj says:

        Thank you, Faisal for your prompt response.

        Here, I have asked for these features for a general intraday order for any scrip (it is not about GTT). My suggestion is meant to enable a trader like me to place an order quickly with just one click, when the prices move fast.

        Currently, to place an order we have to take the mouse to market watch, click the Buy / Sell button there, then bring the mouse to order window and enter the quantity and click Buy or Sell button (for market order). This is a bit time consuming. Instead, if the order window is left there on the screen with my previous order quantity filled (not erased), then I have to just click Buy or Sell button only, to place a new order. (This is like One-click trading). It will be very useful in the case of options.

        Allowing one more order window of this type would enable traders to enter hedging order. I am looking for a maximum of 2 order windows only on the screen, to be available for this one-click trading.


    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Neeraj,
      1. GTT orders are available only for equity.
      2. That would be very unintuitive and would just add additional clutter on the screen. The order placement flow remains the same as all the other order types.

      • neeraj says:

        Dear Bhuvanesh,
        My request has actually nothing to do with GTT. I have just asked for a specific kite feature in this forum because this is the latest news from zerodha.

        All I am asking for is to not close the order window immediately on clicking “Buy” button or “Sell” button in the order window (To close the order window one can click an additional “Close” button or the existing “Cancel” button itself). This will enable a trader to place one more order with the same order window with just one click. (In fact a similar feature is there in Pi and so I don’t see any confusion for the user; but in Pi it is available only in the chart window and so if I want to buy another scrip immediately, I have to open the chart for that scrip and then place the order there. Moreover Pi charts are not very user friendly when compared to Kite. That is the reason I am asking for this feature in Kite where market watch and chart are there on the screen side-by-side. It is easy to place an order for another scrip from the market watch window in kite.

        Two parts of my request are:-
        1. Do not close order window on clicking Buy or Sell button. Let it be thru the “Cancel” button only or an additional “Close” button.
        2. Allow a maximum of 2 order windows on the screen, one each for a scrip clicked by the user in the market watch. This is useful for a trader who does hedging or pair trading in intraday.

        Even if you cannot implement point no. 2 above, at least consider implementing point no. 1. I feel it will be very useful for traders.

        • Matti says:

          Will look into the possibility, but I’m not sure if this behaviour would help much.

          • neeraj says:

            Thank you Mr. Matti for the response.

            Actually I have always felt the need for these 2 features when I trade in options while having the chart of the underlying or the futures kept open. During expiry days, in the last few hours of trading, option prices move so fast (by even 20% to 50% within few seconds) that we don’t get it at the price we desire if we have to bring the Order Window from the market watch and enter the quantity and click ‘buy’. With Options, many times I felt the need for placing order for both put and call depending on the situation, as the direction of the price movement changes. In such cases 2 order windows would help (but I think this can be achieved by having kite instance in 2 separate windows).

            But One-click trading with the order window retained on the screen (until “cancel” button is clicked) and the order quantity retained in the text box from the previous order as in zerodha Pi, (point no. 1 in my previous post) is definitely very useful IMHO.

  466. Phani says:

    I am Commodity trader. Please clarify, GTT offered for commodity and currency segments also?

  467. KD says:


    1. Need one clarification on GTTs buy orders. If I place a trigger price of 100 Rs for a stock ABC and place limit buy order at 99. Then if price doesn’t goes down to 99 on same day but next day, will my GTT buy order will be cancelled by EOD on day 1 or will remain in the system for next day?
    2. if it is cancelled Will I get a SMS by EOD to place it again next day?
    3. if executed, I prefer to get SMS over email. Could you please see possibility of implementing this as well?

    • Anshul says:

      Hi, As per my observations
      1. Yes it will be cancelled by EOD and needs to be placed again if you want it to be executed. For that only they have suggested to enter trigger price lesser than the price so that you never miss any order execution or price or trigger price make it same.
      2. No.

      • Faisal says:

        Anshul has already answered the 1st point.
        2. No, however, you get an email notification when the GTT is triggered when it hits 100.
        3. Emails for now. We will soon have Kite mobile notifications too 🙂

  468. KD says:

    Hi Zerodha team,
    Congratulations for long awaited feature. I am a long time user of Zerodha and find it most innovative brokerage in india.
    Could of suggestions on GTT feature:
    1. Whenever a GTT is triggered, instead of sending email, pl send a SMS on registered mobile no sothat customer may place additional funds if required. it will be much faster and remove your team’s headache of end of day work in triggering sell orders due to lack of reqd margins.
    2. On pricing, I feel it should be offered pay as you go model for triggered alerts for infrequent investors/traders and a unlimited/large GTTs for professional traders for a monthly fee….Pay as you go model will allow you to get your infra costs covered .

  469. Nitish Prabhu says:

    Yes, at least GTT should be free for small orders. Otherwise, we ended up with commission, charges, and tax only 🙁

  470. Sanjeev says:

    Unable to delete GTT order that triggered two days back, but not executed as yet. Client ID RWS95

  471. Anshul says:

    There is one suggestion to you guys. Why are triggered orders still displayed in the GTT tab. I think after they are executed they should either be removed or they should be taken somewhere else in the tabs. I can see huge list of all the triggered orders. This does not seems nice if after some point of time I have 100 orders in list and 50 gets executed then also it will be displayed there.

  472. Balaji says:

    First Kudos to Team Zerodha for bringing this much awaited feature.
    I am listing a few enhancements (after placing few GTT orders on kite web)

    1. The default Order type is Sell and Trigger type is OCO. Shouldn’t it be ‘Buy’ or there should be an option to select the default option.
    2. The popup window for GTT should be movable on the screen so that we can see the actual quantity available with us on the Holdings screen
    3. Why do one need to agree on the GTT everytime one places the order. Shouldn’t be agree forever option
    4. Cancellation of GTT is not intuitive. Kindly update the help pages and make it more clear that only delete option is available for GTTs
    5. How GTTs are different from Algo trading. Is it not an algorithm at your end that triggers these orders? Certain features (such as TSL) are considered algo and while GTT is not ? How do one know which feature is algorithmic or not? How does SEBI regulate the algo trading.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Balaji

      1. The most used case is placing a stop-loss on holdings, hence – Sell.
      2. Will look into the possibilities.
      3. Just to ensure that users are aware of the risks of placing GTT type orders.
      4. All you to do is Orders>GTT, select the context menu and hit delete. This is similar to your normal orders.
      5. GTTs just create triggers and when a trigger is met, it is sent to the exchange.

  473. Debkrishna Ghosh says:

    Can I place SL-M order in GTT. Because of let’s say I Bought ABC stock at Rs 300. Now I put a stop-loss which is sell order at Rs 280. Now tomorrow if the price gaps down at 278 and falls the rest of the day my sell order will not get triggered. How to overcome this situation, because I want to sell at whatever rate is coming if the LTP is at or below the sell order or stop loss order..

  474. rohit says:

    when this facilty will be stared for future n options trading
    icici n kotak are having it
    can we get it here

  475. Abhijeet Joshi says:

    1. If a 3-in-1 IDFC account is linked with zerodha, would it be possible to get the required funds from IDFC account when the GTT gets triggered.

    2. highlight the buy GTT orders whose LTP is close to triggers (may be in 10% band), so the user could ensure sufficient funds are maintained with zerodha that the order can be executed

  476. Smitesh says:

    Please donot charge for GTT order, make it easy and free to used.. And i request zerodha co founder to add unlimited script stock in kite. Now, a days, other broker are giving unlimited stocks script. There software doesnot get hanged nor it crashes, so i request zerodha to add unlimited script stock list and make software also very strong that time…

  477. Rajesh says:

    Hi I have few doubts on placing an OCO order. Say the LTP for a stock is 100, I have set the Stop loss Trigger price as 50 and the limit price as 48 with quantity 5 and Target Trigger price as 150 and limit price as 152 with quantity 5. After placing this OCO, the below scenario happens.
    1) Say if the LTP is 50, so my Sell Limit order of 48 is placed. So when the LTP moves to 48, then my trade is executed and this will be successful only if i have 5 shares in my demat account already?
    2) Consider the LTP moves to 49 in after trading hours, when the trade starts next day, I think the Sell Limit order of 48 will be triggered and if the LTP moves to 48, then my order gets executed. Is that right?
    3) Consider the LTP moves to 45 in after trading hours, when the trade starts next day, I think the Sell Limit order of 48 will be triggered and at what cost my trade gets executed ? Will it be a market order automatically and gets executed at 45?
    4) Say if the LTP is 150, so is it a Buy Limit order of 152 will be placed ? If So, then when the LTP moves to 152, then my trade is executed and this will be successful only if i have enough equity right?
    5) Consider the LTP moves to 151 in after trading hours, when the trade starts next day, I think the Buy Limit order of 152 will be triggered and if the LTP moves to 152, then my order gets executed. Is that right?
    6) Consider the LTP moves to 155 in after trading hours, when the trade starts next day, I think the Buy Limit order of 152 will be triggered and at what cost my trade gets executed ? Will it be a market order automatically and gets executed at 155?
    7) Say if the LTP is 150, if a Buy Limit order of 152 is placed, If So, then when the LTP moves to 152, then my trade is executed. So if i wanted to sell the stocks at 170, then i can place a separate Sell GTT on the same day or only after the shares get added to my Demat (T + 2 ), i can sell the stocks.
    As i am new to trading, I know, it’s lot of doubts 😀

  478. Arshad says:

    This was one of the TWO features that was stopping me from trading in zerodha. Thanks and congrats for this to team Zerodha for being innovative all the time. The other feature is direct debit from bank account or what we call 3 in 1 account. I think it is available with IDFC first bank account but hope other major banks like Kotak, HDFC ICICI, SBI etc. are also included. I m awaiting immensely for this feature also.

  479. Aaron says:

    GTT does not place a limit order if the value is below the days circuit. However, this should not be applicable on FnO stocks. My GTT on yes bank did not get executed as the price fell below 10% and the limit order did not get placed. Request you to rectify this bug.

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Aaron,
      this isn’t a bug, this is how it works. If an order is placed beyond the circuit limits it will be rejected.

  480. Hary says:

    But ye facility kite app me nahi h so plz kite app me bhi ye facility provide kare…

  481. sharad bass says:

    very good & usefull feature
    but it should not be charged

  482. Nahas N says:

    Now i know why i am paying good broker fee to zerodha. You guys are awesome . The only thing i am missing is order edit, position edit directly from chart like fyers. Which is very good if you guys implement this on kite i will trade intraday on kite . Any way my positional trade are also from zerodha. Thumbs up

  483. KuberNath says:

    You Rock !!! Still not tested .Is GTT is possible with Future also in Future ?where it gets cancelled 2 days prior to expiry.

  484. Chetan says:

    This order will only be useful if Zerodha provides execution(trade order) of placed GTT order after triggered price and a message over mobile & an email shall be auto generated to the customer with “Your GTT order has been filled however the required margin shall be paid within T+2 days else auto debit from demat shall be done”.

    Hope then only this kind of order will be successful.

    • Matti says:

      We’ll email you as soon as the GTT is triggered, so you can always bring in funds at that time. 🙂

  485. Abhijeet Joshi says:

    I am unable to delete the GTT that has already triggered.. the GTT page is becoming messy.

    The “triggered GTTs” could be made part of console as this is more of a back-end data after the order is executed.

    I would really like to propose a feature of having description/comment text box along with GTT order. As GTT is a year long valid order, one needs to keep track of the analysis that lead to the GTT order and check whether the analysis still holds true. It would be nice if the user is given a place to write this analysis preferably in kite or alternatively in console.

    • Matti says:

      A GTT once triggered cannot be deleted. You can, however, cancel the order it places. The GTT itself will be removed from the GTT screen in 4 days.

      As for notes, yes, we are working on a tagging mechanism where you can tag trades to strategies or any other text for not only GTTs, but all orders.

  486. Karan Chhetri says:

    Thanks really great feature. Looking forward to it’s pricing after 3 months

  487. R,Muthukumaran says:

    Sir, I have been using Pi software .Since two days I am not able to get 1,2,3,5 minutes charts for Nifty options and Bank Nifty Future.Please do the needful.