Introducing instant GTT on equity buys

December 12, 2019

We launched Good Till Triggered (GTT) orders in July this year to help you place long-standing equity delivery orders to set stoploss and target on your holdings, or to set triggers to buy stocks at a certain price in the future. If you aren’t already using GTT, check out the intro post.

Many of the 100,000+ clients using GTT have sent us feedback appreciating how GTT has greatly improved their trading and investing experience. However, it is surprising that this is just about 15% of our active equity delivery clients. I believe this is mainly due to what behavioural economists call “status quo bias”, an inertia or preference for things to remain the same unless the incentive to change is strong πŸ™‚

Like I have said in the past, our next big goal as a business is to help all our clients trade or invest while building discipline, thus significantly improving the odds of success. Having a stop loss is probably the most important aspect, especially if the idea of buying a stock is with an intent to sell (trading) and not an investment (hold forever).

So now, instead of having to go to your holdings page to place a stoploss or target, you can do it right on the order window when buying a stock. It is currently available on Kite web and will soon be available on mobile.

Set stoploss and target while buying a stock

And yes, GTT for equity delivery is just the start in our push towards helping you trade along with trying to offer the best execution platform in the country.


Happy trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Mayank Upadhayay says:

    For last three years i m suggesting concept of rolling gst but zerodha dont value its customers who hv been since start

  2. Avinash Sharma says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    Please add sorting facility for GTT order against percentage of achievement of target.

  3. Chetan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I request you to increase maximum number of GTT’s. 50 GTTs are less in number when trading in several number of stocks.
    Because of lesser GTTs, trader has to regularly monitor and set the GTT for the stocks which are approaching the target or stop loss (to make adjustment within 50 GTTs).
    Please provide some solution to place more than 50 GTTs.

  4. Kanhaiya Somani says:

    How to Place more than 50 Gtt order in Zerodha ?
    We are facing these issue from last 3 months but no solution provider in Zerodha.

  5. Vikram says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    GTT seems to be a very good feature specially for those retail customers who are working professionals. However, it is understood that the maximum number of GTT Order may not exceed 50 in the order book as per the present limitation.

    Kindly increase the limit to minimum to 100 for better utilization of the feature. It will be a great help for retail customers. In case the feature may be enabled for the select customers , then the same may also be explored.

    Expecting early and favorable response.

  6. Sachin says:


    Can we exit the GTT on Market Price? If not there should be option for that.

  7. sandeep says:

    dear sir. I am want to know. here is a problem facing. if gtt order is trigger. why cdsl authorization is required. if required what is the benefit of gtt.

    • Matti says:

      You only need to authorise once every 90 days. Authorisation is required because that’s the rule. There’s no way around that. If your GTT is triggered and you haven’t authorised your holdings, the order will simply be rejected.

  8. Pradeep Kotecha says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,

    Option Question ?

    if i Place GTT Order Buy side and also Place Sell Side GTT Order (Same Strike Price) so sell order act as a square off or Place Fresh Sell order.

    Example :-

    if i suppose Place GTT Order In option BANKNIFTY2NDJULY22000CE Strike Price Currently Traded Rs. 319.75 I wanna Buy @466 so I Placed GTT order and at the same I wanna Sell @472 so i placed Sell GTT Order From Order Tab.

    This GTT I Place From Zerodha Order tab Where We can Place GTT any time Before or After Market.

    Question is once Price cross 472 it will Square off my position or Place New Sale order?

  9. SHASHI YADAV says:

    Hi, I am trying to install the PI software , even changed windows but nothing got it to connect the servers because it always say , could not connect to the server…how can I do this?

  10. Kedar Phadke says:

    Thanks for this update.
    This is like placing a bracket order for delivery positions.

    Just a suggestion, if you could also implement trailing stop loss feature in GTT SL orders as well.
    This would immensely beneficial.


  11. Shubhasis says:

    Is GTT free till June 2020? Is there any plan to make it chargeable? I wish it remains free

  12. Hariharan says:

    HI Zerodha team,

    What are the Charges?
    I understand its not applicable as its not yet published.
    Also the DP charges is charged while selling a stock should be part of Zerodha Calculator.
    Its not shown any where 15/- Per transaction is a lo of money please in corporate it.
    My Humble request to reduce it too… CDSL only charges 8 /6 rest is being charged by Zerodha.

  13. Dheeraj Kesri says:

    Is GTT still free in May 2020?

  14. Suta says:

    Sir, I am more happier to have zerodha as my broker still I have one sincere request, pls. do not revise charges all of a sudden. Send notification atleast few days before revising any charges. I am saying this because I have noticed one revision on last thursday when Zerodha have revised the charges of MIS squire off as well as change of timing of squire off. I got notification around 3:13 pm and when tried to squire off (one position which was in mis due to technical reason) it was not working. So, it is evident that you have retrospectively revised charges for squire off. Though I have not found any deduction in the contact note for the same. by the way if the intention is to reduce the load then why don’t you change the timing of intradey squire off timing permanently to before 3 pm for trades below certain threshold say Rs. 10,000 or for stocks less than 5000 cr Mcap. There is no need to hike 2.5 times unnecesarrily. However at the same time for call and trade you need manpower so it is ok to increase but not justifiable for online trade below 1000 rupees (what if the trade was of less than 50 Rs. Just imagine, how wrong it is). Hope you will give importance to customers view in decision making process. Thanks.

  15. Krishna says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Please add VWMA indicator in Kite mobile app.

  16. Amalendu says:

    A really nice feature added by Zerodha. Very helpful. Couple of suggestion for future improvements regarding the same feature:
    1.> Give an option to delete an existing GTT order when selling/exiting a delivery position. Currently after doing the sell transaction, people have to go to GTT to cancel/delete the existing GTT order.
    2.> Can the trailing stop loss feature be added in overall GTT functionality?

  17. Chinmay says:

    Hi, I have a suggestion for improvement of Zerodha’s app and web interface. It would be a good idea to add a stock screener that would give results based on specific search filters. It could also give notifications if the user wants. The search parameters would be based on technical parameters like Moving Average Crossover, RSI crossing in or out or overbought zone, MACD crossovers, Open = High, Open = Low, Top gainers, Top losers, Only buying, Only selling and so on. It could be available during the day and after the trading closes as well. It would be very helpful in filtering out stocks for the trade next day. Please consider. Thanks.

  18. Vivek says:

    There is issue in Kite while drawing trend line – Tools–>Line
    When you draw line on any chart at higher time frame ex. – 1 hr or 1 day then you switch to lower time frame, then drawn line points also changes.
    You can check.
    RSI – improvement is required similar to Trading View.


  19. Utkarsh says:

    Kindly enable placing a stoploss or target using instant GTT option for equity buys even for AMO orders. Currently, you are allowing this ONLY for REGULAR Order Type & NOT for AMO Order type. This will be of immense help.
    Kindly let us know when you are planning to make this feature available.
    Thanks & Regards,

  20. Nitin G. says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am a regular user of kite web application for a over a year now.
    It’s a great product.

    How do I give suggestions for adding more features to this app ?


  21. ankit says:

    Is there any charge on trading using margin money provided by Zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      No charges on leverage offered for intraday trades, however, if you have a margin shortfall for overnight trades, a margin penalty of 0.05% per day is charged on the shortfall.

  22. Santhosh Kumar Thokur Raghava says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Have you thought about including the feature of Drip investment and also creating a portfolio with different % , having drip automatically distribute the investment in that portfolio?

    I believe this would be a great feature.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Santosh, this isn’t available in India since dividends are directly credited to the bank account. You could consider a growth mutual fund for this.

      • Santhosh Kumar says:

        I totally agree. However, isnt it possible to say for example if i deposite 100Rs distribute it into my portfolio based on the % of allocation i selected?

        • Matti says:

          That wouldn’t be possible for equity, because you may not be able to buy all the stocks in your portfolio with that Rs.100 in the right percentages since partial stock ownership isn’t available in India.

  23. Mahesh Chawla says:

    I withdraw 7000 to my account but not show in my bank account


    I booked to buy Bajaj Finance through GTT but next day I don’t find if the order is still pending

    • Matti says:

      You’ll see the pending GTT in the GTT section of the order page. Check the top-left corner of the orderbook to find the GTT section.

  25. Amrish Masalia says:

    As you rightly said unless changes happen for a benefit people don’t adopt changes even if it’s for their own benefit..making GTT more adaptive to basic needs is a sure way in the right direction.. all kudos to zerodha.. great job.

  26. Anand says:

    Is the stop loss order a market order or limit order?

  27. Chetan says:

    Nice facility ..thanks to zerodha!

    Seems there are few queries left to answered and seems really imp to understand as 1. If u keep of adding stock upon going down then how GTT act as a whole qty.

    2. When we buy today and next day if the target trigger then what happens.

    Could you please clarify this

    Anyone has knowledge sharing whatsapp group then please add me on the group many futures i dont understand and want to get clear.

    Best regards,
    Chetan warange
    Whatsapp number +965-65053377

  28. Swapnil Nirhali says:

    Sir could you also include Market Profile and Order flow into the Kite platform …Right now only composite volume profile is available , however session wise volume profile would be of great help .

  29. Abhijit D says:

    Hi, thanks that’s why Zerodha is best.
    Well I have a doubt, in case we buy a share and put GTT (stop loss and target) at the time of CNC order, as it gets T+2 to get credited into account, if it hit stoploss within T+2 days (lets say in next or next to next day) then how it will get executed.

  30. Abi says:

    Excellent service.. proud to be your client

  31. Naveen Prakash says:

    This is a very good option. But since this is now being used by so many people, I am sure Zerodha would start charging for this option very soon :-)..

    Hope the charges are minimal. πŸ˜‰


  32. Brij Mohan Sharma says:


    Great effort to help investor community. Keep rocking. Thank you for your initiative.

    Best wishes to Zerodha team

  33. Akash says:

    Nithin has always amazed me with his innovation in the segment. one request: please make option chain part of kite or pi and feature to analyse option strategies and ability to enter and exit them in single trade (integral part of Zerodha and not Sensibull ) like it is there in TD Ameritrade.

  34. Raushan says:

    Plz focus on ur Chart, from Monday & even before that it continuous shows a wrong chart. . . .today when SBI was @ 322 on chart it shows 317.50, RBL Bank was @330 but on chart it shows 327, in Axis bank when it was on 727 but on charts it shows 725. . . . . . . .. All are F&O levels

  35. Rajan says:

    Can I know currency prediction one day before from zerodha .And dont want any others to inform only zerodha to their currency trading cutomers. Especially I. want to know in GBP INR
    please if you can do daily its worth and it should be true. Dont make any sentence in the information putting BUT inbetween

  36. Hemant Charya says:

    Great stuff, Team Zerodha!

    One question: What measures are taken by zerodha to ensure that its clients GTT orders and SLs are NOT VISIBLE to any member in Zerodha’s team?

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Balappa says:

    Is there any charges for GTT feature?If yes then explain the charges details.

  38. Prateek says:

    When will GTT functionality be available in F&O? I’m sure you can expect a big jump in users once GTT functionality is introduced in F&O.

  39. Kalpana Kothari says:

    Every day improving , helping traders as possible, why don’t you provide third stage bids/quote to every one? Is bro.100/- rs is that important? Think of it,pl.
    Next big bang…. remove INTRADAY WORD for equity ,give less leverage, when loss crossing fund auto squreoff ,can be carried until fund permits, like international currency market.
    This may be biggest BANG .
    Kalpana kothari

    • Matti says:

      Hi Kalpana. The 20-depth feature is currently only available to active users who have generated brokerage because it is in the beta stage. We’ll soon make it available to everyone, for a fee.

  40. Karthik R says:


    Is there any plan of rolling out BO in the commodity segment?

  41. pradeep S says:

    GTT is game changer for retailers

  42. Franky Johnson says:

    If you want to help long term investors, here is the feedback. In the GTT Sell Order (OCO), allow us to keep the trigger price above the current price. Suppose I buy a stock today at 1000 and I have a conviction that it doubles in three years. Allow us to keep the trigger price for SL at 2000 and Limit price at 1900. As of now it does not allows me to place the trigger price for SL above 1000 i.e., current price.

  43. mangesh y shirke says:

    HI , nice

  44. Pramod Kumar Dwivedi says:

    Dear sir mam I have a parchase shares IB Venture-E3 quntatity 88 one week ago but my portfolio not showing so plz clear our query

  45. haritha says:

    GTT is free right now

  46. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan says:

    Thanks. Bravo, Keep it up.

  47. siji k says:

    You should include this feature while placing GTT orders as well.

  48. Sreedevi says:

    I would to place GTT Buy stop orders on some strong support levels of my portfolio stocks for lumpsum investments, meantime I have parked my capital in liquid funds in Zerodha COIN, can Zerodha link/deduct/block money from this liquid fund once GTT triggered?

  49. GURPREET says:

    I tried 5 online trading platforms. But Zerodha is best including services and cost of services. Keep it up Zerodha and I will be enjoying best platform.
    Could you please introduce grouping of options, and setting up a Stop loss for the group? Idea is to exit when there is 4% loss at the group level.
    Thanks.I’m a happy trader of Zerodha
    Excellent work Zerodha. Thank you Zerodha.!!…Love GTT…Thank you.

  50. Ansuprakash Lenka says:

    When will gtt be available in commodity section as i do trade only in commodities.

  51. Nagesh says:

    WHAT is Mean by gtt

  52. NIKUNJ says:



    This is very good. Also please consider strategy orders for derivatives like covered calls, straddles and strangles themost common strategies in one screen or order, Thank you.

  54. Shivraj Chavan says:

    Nithin ji
    I am very happy with zerodha service. I had closed my angel n Kotak account and switched to zerodha n proudly say that i am very satisfied with zerodha. Only some feature missing with zerodha that real time trade sms which was available with past broker. Plz explore this facility too.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Shivraj, SMS deliverability is highly unreliable and doesn’t really add any value, hence not available. We alert you on the Kite mobile app whenever a trade happens though. πŸ™‚

  55. Hanumant says:

    Good features

  56. Sameer Wagh says:

    Sir, gtt is superb, this for zerodha team,

    can BO is available in mcx and currency.

  57. Ravindera says:

    I like’s good feature.

  58. siji k says:

    Very Good Feature !!! Thanks !!!
    BTW, what happens if I placed an order and it executed partially? Say I placed order for 1000 BUY qty, but 500 executed, will it still place a 1000 qty SELL order in GTT?

  59. MOINU says:

    Appreciate if your interface save chart drawings like upstox and Edelweiss.. Everytime we have to re draw our trend line, support and resistance etc.

  60. Shubhank says:

    What are the charges to use GTT? And if it’s free to use as of now, then when Zerodha is planning to put a price on it?


  61. Shubhank kaushal says:

    What are the charges to use GTT? And if it’s free to use as of now, then when Zerodha is planning to put a price on it?


    • Matti says:

      GTT is free for use for now. We haven’t determined pricing yet. We will make sure to let you know in advance before we do.

  62. Sunil Kumar says:

    Can we create GTT order for nifty future indices ??

  63. N K Tukadia says:


  64. Lokesh says:

    Thank you zerodha
    I am happy with your service

  65. Prakash Ahire says:

    Zerodha really cares its investors…πŸ™

  66. AMIT KUMAR says:

    U R DOING GREAT ZERODHA Hope u will not do karvey

  67. Govind pareek says:

    Very grateful service by zerodha.. Thanks to team zerodha..

  68. Lokesh Kumar says:

    When u introduce next Kite or Pi platform update.

    Kindly give an option in Settings where the trader can choose to put the Buy or Sell Price as LTP/bid Price/Offer Price.

    It will revolutionize ur trading platform.
    Market orders get executed at bizarre prices and are most front run by HFTs.
    If rather than market order the trader places the order at best offer it will still get executed and save a lot of money for the active trader.

  69. Sudhin says:

    Nice facility thanks

  70. shanmugam B says:

    It’s pleasure to introduce of new features in GTT. I would like to share an information that some of other countries already giving more features that even any day if we set a Buy/Sell price with Stop loss/Limit or Exit price, it will be in order book unless it reaches that value. All features are provided with free trade. This will give higher confident to traders to look feature prospects while make their buy/sell trades in equity/commodities. You’re requested to kindly take necessary fine tuning action, so that everyone will get benefit in good time spend with zerodha in their portfolio.

  71. Sanjay Mehrotra says:

    Sir if you flash out import ent news regarding to market.such as Rbi policy, FM announced corporate tax cut etc. Thanks

    • Matti says:

      Hi Sanjay, you can see important events relevant to individual stocks and indices right on the Kite marketwatch. A message for all macro events that may impact the markets would be difficult. Will look into the possibilities. πŸ™‚

  72. Sachin says:

    Is there a plan to introduce GTT in F&O? This will really help clients and take ZERODHA to the next level soon as many are awaiting this feature.

  73. Balaji Canabady says:

    Thanks to Zerodha Team for implementing the requested features.

  74. San says:

    GTT is a great addon.
    Thank you for this feature.

    In the above gif, Equity capital is 4 lakhs+ wheres Commodity capital is just Rs.860 πŸ™
    Its a blow for MCX traders like me :lol

  75. sandeep Mankotia says:

    can I Apply in currency market also ?

  76. Kapil rathod says:

    I had put once a GTT order from r kotakbank when price was near 1560 i had put trigger price 1556 and buy price 1553 the price went to 1540 my order was triggered but i did not get my stocks… From that day i m using after market orders only….

  77. Anbarasan says:

    As a trader I’m improving myself to be better.As a broker, U also introducing and improving services to be better..
    Cheers dude..:)
    I’m a happy trader of Zerodha

  78. Avneet Yadav says:

    Thanks zerodha.
    Aap ke vazah se he coman man ka interest stocks market ke or ho paya hai.

  79. Anindya says:

    Hi can anyone explain why there isn’t the field of ‘ Disclosed Quantity ‘ in GTT?

    • Ranjan says:

      Yes Same i need know. How this trigger price work

      For example
      Day-1 – I will bought 10 share in hcl @ 538 and i want to GTT to close the trade once it reach 1% profit

      Day-2 – Market went down 1% so bought another 30 share in hcl @ 532 and i want to GTT to close the trade once it reach 1.5 % profit

      Day-3 – Market went down another 2% so bought another 100 share in hcl @ 521 and i want to GTT to close the trade once it reach 2 % profit

      Will the GTT close only the share which i opened for that price.

  80. Dinesh Gupta says:

    Hi Team,

    Its fantastic to have this option.
    Is there any plan for GTT in Future & option orders.

    Dinesh Gupta

  81. Rajat Upadhyay says:

    Excellent work zerodha…Love GTT…Thank you

  82. soumya says:

    Yes, very good initiative.Thanks has helped me immensely . as earlier i was used to find the level for buy but cant track market all the way so, as the price misses then i leave it. but with GTT, i place the price as i want then i get notified also via email and kite notification which is a great thing. most importantly after buying we can place SELL with SL order so, absolutely superb

  83. Rajendra m shah says:

    I am tradeing in options but my selection is very bad sometimes i earn but maximum timess loss only how to approch properly can soneone call me please

  84. Rasheed CP says:

    Great job


    Thanks Zerodha. Excellent service. Started using it for disciplined trading in equity ….
    Pls. improve it for future trading..

  86. NARENDER says:

    Facility is great but if I have placed such order. My stock is purchased today. Next day my target price is achieved. And sell is triggered Delievery of stock is yet to come. In that case u will go for auction and I will loose unnecessarily. Do u have a mechanism to manage this.

    • Matti says:

      This isn’t really a very significant problem for liquid stocks. However, this is something you’ll have to manage on your end.

  87. INGOLE says:


  88. Pradeep Kumar says:

    I tried 6 online trading platforms. But Zerodha is best including services and cost of services. Keep it up Zerodha and I will be enjoying best platform.

  89. Aamer Suhail says:

    Zerodha is using every possible technique to strengthen their traders. Thank you Zerodha.!!

  90. Kumar says:

    We trade in options. Could you please introduce grouping of options, and setting up a Stop loss for the group? Idea is to exit when there is 2% loss at the group level.

    Helping your clients with capital preservation (with portfolio/options stop loss) would help Zerodha too πŸ™‚

  91. Amit Jain says:

    This is really awesome. I noticed it today morning while placing CNC order. This will surely help to manage loss during investing. Thank you for your continuous efforts and your policy about Customer First. Really happy to be Zerodha Customer.

  92. Ram sagar says:

    Very good job done by team and this platform always ahead

  93. Anagha Ghanashyam Paradkar says:

    Good update.

  94. Madhura says:

    What are the charges for the same?

  95. Debasis says:

    GTT is the best feature of Zerodha. I can stop worrying about losses in future.

  96. gaurav says:

    what is the charge for it?


    Great Going On.. πŸ‘πŸ»

  98. Sham Prasad says:

    It’s Great. Very usefull. Thank yaou team Zerodha.

  99. Jagan says:

    Thanks Zerodha..! Excellant service. I started using it and thanks for pushing disciplined approach towards market.

    • v says:

      pl make available gtt facility in f & o

      • Veer says:

        Yes that will be very helpful. Please if this can be done and made available as priority then it will benefit a lot.
        Btw nice work on the feature. Looking forward to using it for the profits πŸ™‚

      • Pradip says:

        It’s very good feature im using in options and i make good profits .
        Thanks for this ,
        But we need also stoplos and target orders with or without BO/CO order we need easy stoploss option direct

    • ATANU BIKASH DAS says:

      Hello Sir, what is the charge of GTT Order?

    • Sambhaji patil says:

      Please make separate zerodha wallet so that we can decide in the morning how much amount we can use for equity, commodities, currency.
      Very good platform.
      Dr s a Patil