Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

January 31, 2016


You can now pledge almost 1000 approved securities (Stocks & ETFs) to get collateral margin which can be used for trading futures and options on equity and currency.

Pledging a Stock

Visit the holdings page on Console and in the holdings table, hover the cursor on the stock you want to pledge and click on ‘options’ and select pledge for margins.

Once you do, you will get a pop-up, which will show how much margins you will be eligible for. Enter the quantity you wish to pledge and click on Submit

You now need to authorise your pledge requests as explained in this post.

  • For all pledge requests placed before 4:00 PM, the collateral margin will be available to trade on T+1 day (next working day).  All requests placed after 4:00 PM will be processed only on the next working day.
  • Margins will be provided after the applicable haircut. Check this list for the applicable haircut on various stocks. A haircut of 10% would mean that if you pledged stocks worth Rs 1 lakh, Rs 90,000 (90% of 1 lakh) will be added as collateral margin to your trading account.
  • You can see this margin under the heading Direct Collateral on our trading platforms Pi (desktop), Kite (Web/mobile), and NEST.
  • You will be able to use this entire margin after haircut for taking intraday or overnight positions in Futures, and for writing Options of equities, indices, and currencies. You will not be able to use this margin to buy Options or take further positions on the equity segment.
  • Exchanges stipulate that for overnight F&O positions, 50% of the margin needs to compulsorily come in cash and the remaining 50% can be in terms of collateral margin. If you don’t have enough cash, your account will be in debit balance and there will be an interest charge also called delayed payment charges of 0.05% per day applicable on the debit amount. So assume you take positions that require a margin of Rs 1 lakh, you will need at least Rs 50,000 in cash irrespective of how much collateral margin you have. Assuming you don’t have this Rs 50,000, whatever you are short by will be the debit balance for the day, and interest will be applicable for that amount. Check this link for more information.
  • Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalents by the exchange, so the above 50% rule wouldn’t apply. So margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account.
  • All interest accumulated will be debited once every month on the ledger. A link to see cumulative interest calculation can be found on the holding page itself. Check the picture below.
  • All pledged stocks will be debited from your demat account until they are unpledged again. The entire process of pledging and unpledging will cost Rs 30 per scrip irrespective of the quantity. So if you pledge 100 shares of Infosys and 200 shares of Reliance, the total cost (pledging + unpledging) will be Rs 60 (Rs 30 x 2). This charge will be debited from your ledger the day you place the pledge request.
  • You will continue to get benefits of all corporate actions like dividends, splits, bonuses, etc. on the stocks you have pledged.

Unpledging a stock

On the Holdings table in Console, you can see the pledged quantity marked next to the symbol name. Hover your cursor on the stock and click on ‘Options’ and choose ‘Unpledge’.

Enter the quantity you wish to unpledge and click on Submit

  • For all unpledge requests placed before 2:00 PM, stocks will be credited to your demat account on T+1 day. Any request after that will be processed on the next working day. So for example, if you unpledge at 1:00 PM on Monday, you will get the credit of stock in your demat account before trading commences on Tuesday. Anything unpledged after 2:00 PM on Monday, you will receive the stocks only before trading commences on Wednesday.

Do note that if you start running trading losses on F&O using collateral margin, and don’t provide the requisite marked to market (MTM) additional capital, we will have the right to square off your pledged holdings to make up for the losses.

Pledging of stocks is a good way to run strategies like covered calls (pledge stock and short OTM call options), arbitrage between stock and future, and also for taking higher leverage. We will soon start accepting mutual funds also to provide collateral margin.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Anurag Singh says:

    When can we pledge zerodha fund house mutual fund to get collateral??

  2. nikhil says:

    Can we pledge NCDs (secured bonds/ debentures) ? If yes, then what is the haircut ?

  3. Shubham Shah says:

    I have mutual fund holdings in MF Utility. How will I pledge this security. Please answer.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shubham, you will have to transfer the mutual fund investments to your Zerodha account before pledging them. We’ve explained the process for transferring mutual funds here.

  4. Abhilash says:

    is the interest of 0.05% applicable for selling options on intraday trade , if the cash balance is not sufficient in my account , or it is applicable for holding positions

  5. Yuvraj says:

    Hi sir,
    Good Day …

    Shall we use a Pledge margin 100% for Option selling in intraday or it requires 50% Cash

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Yuvraj, you can use 100% collateral margin for intraday option selling. The 50:50 rule is applicable only to overnight trades.

  6. Shaik NagoorBhi says:

    Equity Mutual Funds can be Pludged Now? like -large,small, Midcap funds..Plz Reply.

  7. naresh says:

    i had 1600 itc share and i had sold atm call can i wait till last day of expiry or it will required extra margin in the last week of expiry

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Naresh, the exchange blocks physical delivery margin only for Long ITM stock options. Since you’re holding a short option position this will not be applicable. You can learn more about physical settlement here.

  8. Keshav Maheshwari says:

    Does zerodha has made meber-wise limit for securities or is it done by other brokers also? Is it a compulsory requirement by SEBI?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Keshav, the limit is set by the clearing corporation. We’ve explained this here. To check whether the limit has been reached or not for a particular security, you can check this sheet.

  9. Keshav Maheshwari says:

    I got the Member-wise limit for your security is reached
    How to know the what is member wise limit for a particular stock or bond

  10. Jayant says:

    If I buy GSEC 5 year bonds that are accepted by the clearing organization,

    for example 1 lakh gsec..

    I pledge it and get Rs 90,000 in collateral Margin.

    My main account has 100rs only.

    1. Can I use this 90k, for doing Intraday Equity like buying 100 shares of ITC, with out maintaining balance in cash.
    1.1 Will I get margin of 90k, or 450k (x5) for intraday trading.
    2. Can I use it for selling INTRADAY without maintaining balance in cash account. (without 50%).


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Jayant, you can use collateral margin for equity intraday trades. The intraday leverage you will get will depend on the stock you’re trading, you can check this on the order window on Kite. 2) You can do this too.

      However, would suggest you maintain cash in your account to cover for losses and charges as collateral margin cannot be used toward this. If you do not have sufficient cash, your account will result in a debit balance, on which interest will be applicable at 0.05% per day.

  11. tanishk says:

    can i get margin benefits from an unlisted bond that are being holded in my zerodha acc, if so how much

  12. mayank saini says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    I need clarification on pledging shares. Zerodha follows the rule of [50% Collateral margin & 50% cash/cash equivalent] for overnight option selling positions at the client level. Is the same rule applies to intraday option writing as well or 100% collateral margin can be used for intraday positions?

  13. Jinesh says:

    The haircut on zerodha is different from the actual haricut on CCIL’s website for government securities. Most securities which have a haircut of 10% on Zerodha actually only require 1% or 3% haircut on CCIL’s official list. Can zerodha please make the update for the same?

  14. Tarun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Why and for how long zerodha holds the dividend received on the pledged stocks?

    I have not been paid dividend for the pledged shares since Jun 2022. Although the amount is visible in the dividend report downloaded from console.


    • Shubham says:

      Hey Tarun, the dividend for pledged shares is directly credited to your primary bank account. This doesn’t get transferred to us now. If you are eligible for dividends and have not received even after the dividend payment date, you will need to contact the RTA of the company. Explained here.

  15. kushal says:

    can i buy in hedge strategies like buy a CE and sell a CE of nifty with my collaterral margin of suppose 40000 intraday? margin required is 20000 as per zerodha under basket order . or is it used for only selling and not buying?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Kushal, the collateral margin can only be used for trading futures and selling options, for buying options you will need cash balance in your account.

  16. Kalyankumar Kulkarni says:

    Have you started accepting mutual funds to provide collateral margin.

  17. ashutosh says:

    suppose i have colleteral balance as 200000(2 lac) and 100000 (1 lac i.e 50% of cash balance) in my cash balance.
    now if i take a trade of 250000 (2.5 lac) then how much interest is charged in one month on this trade.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ashutosh, to trade F&O, you need to have 50% of the margin requirement in cash or cash equivalents. If not, interest at 0.035% per day will be charged on the shortfall of the cash margin requirement. More here.

  18. harsha poojari says:

    One of the stock I hold cannot be pledged (not in the approved list): JPpower. Is it possible to request for the approval? if not,
    May i know how is the securities approved, I mean on what criteria? (I understand that my second question is related to exchange decision, and we don’t have a say in it, I asked it, out of curiosity to learn)

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Harsha, JPPOWER is currently in ASM Stage 1, hence not available for pledging. You can check out more details here. You can check the list of all the approved securities here.

  19. SOMNATH DEY says:

    Pledge Margin suddenly removed and positioned in fno open…How is this possible…should give at least a week’s notice to clear the fno position before removing the margin.

    This is not acceptable at all…

    Suppose someone buys 90lac in Future on pledge margin today without giving any prior notice suddenly all margin is removed. How one can arrange 90lac cash on the same day?

    You should give the trader enough time to clear fno position…Forward this to Exchanges.

  20. Kumareshsomalinga says:

    Sir, for example I have 300 shares of Infy, which is equivalent to one lot, I pledge these shares and out of that margin and cash, I shorted one call option at a particular strike, on expiry the strike price goes ITM, Can the pledged stocks(without un-pledging) be used to settle at expiry? Or It should should have been compulsoryly un-pledged before expiry?

    I don’t want to face short delivery and auction penelity, please clarify.

  21. satish k says:

    Hii Nitin,

    Can i use pledge stock margin for Currency Intraday Future trading ???

  22. PRADEEP says:

    Sir, I have following questions;
    1. Is cash margin of 50% is needed for intraday index option selling?
    2. Is cash margin of 50% is needed for (intraday) index option strategies like butterfly, iron condor, where we use to do both buying and selling of options?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Pradeep, for intraday trades in F&O you can use 100% collateral margin. The 50:50 Cash – Collateral requirement only for overnight positions.

  23. Kaushik says:

    Hi Nithin,
    my question regarding collateral margin
    50% cash component rule is for positional fno position only or for intraday also?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Kaushik, the 50:50 Cash – Collateral requirement is for overnight positions only. Not for intraday trades.

  24. vel says:

    if i get 1,00,000 rupee by pledging what will be the interest rate? how it is calculated every day?

  25. Devendra Singh says:

    Have few questions please.
    1. I want to buy index option only for intra-day purpose can i do that using collateral only ? is cash required ?
    2. If Yes and if I make a loss of e.g 500 on intraday trade then what happens ? how this gets adjusted ?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Devendra, collateral margin cannot be used for buying options, for this, you’ll need cash in your account. Collateral margin can only be used for intraday equity, trading futures and short options. You can learn more on this here.

  26. Akash Rajpal says:

    1. In pledging Is 50% cash requirement needed even for intraday options trading where no overnight positions will remain?
    2. Do pledged collateral automatically unpledge every day or it can stay pledged as long as we need. So if I pledge today I pay 30₹ and I can keep it pledged say for one year without need to pleading it again during that period?
    3. While buying mutual fund from your pledge approved list do I need to buy from coin app or kite app. What is the difference.
    4. I would request you to have a dedicated blog detailed pledging and charges explanations for intraday options trading (specially short straddle etc) without any generic info.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Akash,

      1. For intraday trades you can use 100% collateral margin. The 50:50 Cash – Collateral requirement is only for overnight positions.

      2. The securities you have pledged will remain pledged until you unpledge them.

      3. You will have to invest in Mutual Funds through Coin, it is our mutual funds platform. Through Kite, you can invest/trade in stocks, F&O etc.

      4. You can check out all the charges here. Also, you can easily calculate all the charges using our Brokerage Calculator.

      If you have any queries, you can reach out to us by creating a ticket on our Support Portal.

  27. UMA SHANKAR says:

    Suppose I have Non cash component collateral as 400000 and cash component collateral as 200000. So total collateral as 600000.
    I understand that
    1) No penalty will be levied if i have used total 600000 for intraday option selling. and
    2) penalty for 200000 (400000 – 20000) will be levied for positional option selling.
    Kindly clarify my assumption.
    Thanks well in advance

    • Team Zerodha says:

      That is right.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Uma, right, you can use the entire collateral margin for intraday trading. However, for overnight positions, you will have to maintain minimum 50% margins in cash or equivalent and the remaining 50% can come from the collateral margin, using a collateral margin more than 50% will attract interest on the excess margin used. You can check out more details here.

      • CP says:

        If that is so then the above answer from Zerodha team is incorrect, Uma will pay interest on 1,00,000 in case of overnight position because cash component required is 3,00,000 and available cash is 2,00,000


    Is Zerodha is accepting FD as a collateral for F&O trading ?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Surreddy, we accept Equity stocks, SGB’s, G-Sec & MF’s for collateral margin but not FD’s. You can check out the list of securities available for pledging here.

  29. Mitul Donda says:

    What is the meaning of 0.05% per day of the debit amount?
    I have 1000 shares of NMDC and I will get 1.4L by a pledge, so do I have to pay this interest on 1.4L?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Mitul, no, the interest charge of 0.05% is only charged on the shortfall amount or the debit balance in your account.

  30. Deep says:

    for how much period we can used the pledged margin for F/O trading like 1 year -2 year or till we unpledged it..
    and if ans is till unpledged it then the charges that you take 30 rs for pledged and haircut is approximately 8% for liquidbees is taken for once only?

  31. Sriram says:

    Hi Team,

    I have pledged but i not used the amount for a 7 days and unpledged on 8th day . Whether it interested will be calculated for a 7 days ?

  32. Peddi Srinivas says:

    I am have 50% margin as collateral and 50% in cash, If I am doing a calendar spread, the margin required is around 35k for nifty, I am having a total margin of 40k. As the days passes I will be incurring the loss in the option which I have bought and will make profit in the option which I have sold. Will I be asked to add more funds? Will the margin requirement increases? Will there be any margin shortage as I will be holding it overnight for many days??

  33. mcm says:

    I have a Demat A/C with a broker linked to NSDL and want to continue with this broker for equities.
    Can I open an Zerodha Account for Trading in in F& O and can i pledge my shares from the Non Zerodha Demat account as collateral for margin /Option selling ?

  34. Kumar P says:

    can’t these funds be pledged for margin benefit ?


  35. hiresh says:

    Dear Nitin / Zerodha Team,

    You are requested to add one additional statement in Console under Portfolio tab for Pledged stocks and their valuation after hair cut having following columns
    HAIR CUT %

    Hope you support customer satisfaction with this update in Console



  36. Praveen says:

    Sir , Pledge option not showing on my scripts…

  37. Ankit says:

    Can I use 50% margin from pledging liquid funds and the rest of 50% from pledging stocks/ other mutual funds? or the remaining 50% should be actual cash?

  38. vikas mogane says:

    if i get pledge amount as 1lakh and in my account i m having 0 ruppees. can i use that 1 lakh for intraday equity, future option trading ? is there any penalty for this type of trading in intraday? extra fund needed in account?

  39. Jogendra says:

    I want to pledge my shares for intraday index option buying..I’ll maintain the drawdown amount as the cash 30% cash balance..can I able to do intraday option buying..I read all the comments This collateral margin is only for option selling and futures.. but I wanted to do option buying..

  40. Vasav Desai says:

    As I have learnt, charges for pledging shares are 30+GST per request.
    If I pledge shares and keep it pledged for few days, are there any daily charges for keeping shares pledged?

  41. rambabu matsa says:

    If i have cash collateral of liquid fund, everyday i need to pledge for margin or can i use for option selling some days to months with 30+gst till i unpledge

  42. chidambaram says:

    I would like to know few details regarding pledging.
    1. Can SGB can be used for pledging?If yes is it considered as Cash Equivalent or Collateral?
    2.I read some above comment of Nithin saying once pledge they don’t track where the margin is used.If so then can it be used to buy delivery based equity.

    • chidambaram says:

      Can you please answer this above query?

    • Avinash Jadhav says:

      1. SGBs can be pledged and they are considered Cash equivalent. There are two separate lists available on zerodha site for non-cash Collateral and cash collateral
      2. Pledged Margin can be used for any kind of margin trading.. And EQUITY delivery CNC is not margin trading, you need hard cash for that
      3. Similarly – margin can be used for SELLING options, but naked OPTION BUYING is cash product, cannot be done with margin

  43. Agnel Leyon Thattil says:

    I have pledged my shares and got 20lakhs as margin. But have to maintain 50 percent cash to trade in Futures & intraday. If I pledge my Sovereign Gold Bonds worth another 20 lakhs(after deducting the haircut), can I trade for 40 lakhs without keeping any extra cash in my dmat.? (considering SGBs as cash instrument).
    I have pledged only my Sovereign Gold Bonds worth another 20 lakhs(after deducting the haircut), can I trade for that entire 20 lakhs without keeping any extra cash in my dmat..? (considering SGBs as cash instrument).
    When I contacted Zerodha regarding this, two persons gave me different answers, and I got confused. Considering the diversified investment and optimisation of the fund I was thinking about the above possibilities.
    Hope I can hear from you soon.

  44. Muthu says:

    Can “Covered bonds” be used as a collateral for option selling ?

  45. Biju Karthikeyan says:

    i am holding about 5 lakhs worth of bharat bond ETF for pledging, after 8% haircut shall i use the entire amount for my overnight holding position of options or only 50% can be used from pledging and other 50% as cash, please explain

  46. Selvaraj says:


    I requested for pledge the shares and later i have decided to cancel the request.

    Will i get any charges if cancel the request?

  47. Parag says:

    Is FIFO applicable to pledge the securities?
    For e.g.
    I bought 10 shares of ABC at Rs.100. After few days I bought 10 shares of ABC at Rs.110.
    1) I want to pledge only 10 shares of ABC. Which lot of shares get pledged? 1st lot (Rs.100/share) or 2nd lot (Rs.110/share)? If i want to sell remaining 10 unpledged shares, for consideration of profit, which buy value will be taken? Rs.100 or 110?
    2) I want to pledge all 20 shares. After some days I want to unpledge only 10 shares for selling purpose. Is it possible? Which 10 shares will be unpledged? Rs.100 or Rs.110?

    Thank you!

  48. sumed khobragade says:

    Can this pledging margin used for Equity delivery?

  49. Anuj says:

    Sir , can margin obtained by pledging shares be used for
    MCX commodity futures trading ? ( these positions can go overnight )

  50. Anup Tatekar says:

    May I unpledged and sell the shares immediately as both are T+1.

  51. Geevarghese says:

    can we trade with 100% equity collateral?

    could you give some examples of cash equivalents other than liquid bees

  52. Sanjay says:

    I have Liquidbees in my Holdings but i do not see the option to pledge them when i go on console ! Why?

    I only see options of 1) Fundamentals 2) Stock reports 3)Set Alert & 4) Create Algo

  53. subramanian N says:

    Sir, I understand that the collateral margin cannot be used for Option Buying (Ie. CE buying and PE buying). However, can we buy Futures with this margin? If so how much cash margin and how much collateral margin is required?

  54. MADHU says:

    I have pledged CDSL shares and got the margin too. Suddenly, yesterday, CDSL is showing as 100 % haiurcut and amount got reduced from the available collateral. Why it is so? It can further be noted that there is no reduction in CDSL share price recently. Infact, the price has appreciated and there were no violent movements in the share price of CDSL. How such sudden mid of the month decissions be taken resulting cash balance gpoing into negative and the consequent penalty?

  55. Waseem Akram says:

    I have pledged my portfolio to be used for option selling.
    Now if i want to sell one of the stock from the portfolio can i sell it if i already have an equivalent amount of cash in my account so as not to be effected by short of margin/margin penalty.

  56. SURESH says:


  57. charmi says:

    Will Liquid Funds be considered as cash equivalents ? or just Liquid bees !

  58. Thulasi Krishna says:

    Hi sir,
    If I create Covered call by pledging delivery position, and my call is in deep ITM on expiry, I need to sell my Pledged delivery stock to cover this losses. But If I unpledge it, then I will run short of Margin for my Call position. So , first I have to square off my Call position. If I square of my call position, then my cash balance will be in negative. Can I Square off both the pledged delivery position and call option at the same time for my covered call strategy ?

  59. Kunal says:

    Hi, If I pledge liquid bees to take position in F&O and once I square-off F&O position, do I have to deposit cash in my account if position squared-off is in loss or Zerodha will recover difference by selling liquid-bees?

    Eg: If I buy 1 lot Reliance April Future @ 2020 for which margin is approx. 67000 and I pledge liquid bees of INR 100,000. After few days, I sold Reliance April futures @ 2000 and there was loss of INR 5000. Do I have deposit cash or Zerodha will recover by selling liquid bees amounting INR 5000?

  60. Saurabh says:

    If I have covered CALL option on stocks pledged. And the option expires ITM (in the money). And I dont square off the CALL option. Will the stock automatically unpledged and exercised?

    eg. I have 550 HDFCBANK stock in my account.
    I pledged all 550 and got collateral margin after haircut.
    Now I do covered call of 1 lot (550 quantity). For this 50% margin I got from pledged collateral. And 50% I provided as cash.
    Now this option expires ITM. then will the stock automatically get unpledged and exercised?


    After this new Pledging and margin rules of Sep 2020

    – Can we use 100 % LiquidBees Collateral margin for Intraday Writing option and futures?
    – Can we use 100 % Stock/MF Collateral margin for Intraday Writing option and futures?
    – Can we use LiquidBees Cash equivalent collateral margin for Intraday Buying option ?


    I have 20+ stocks pledged for margin purpose and wanted to pledge few more stocks but in options it is not showing the pledge or unpledged options. Kindly let me know if there is any time duration for the pledging.


      I could pledge in the phone app but not in the web console (Chrome browser). Please check whether there is any issue.

  63. Srivenkat says:

    Shares should be unpledged before selling.

  64. Avinash says:

    What is haircut% in margin for pledging SGBs

  65. Sarang says:

    I have following questions regarding pledging –

    1) Are SGBs considered as liquid bees when pledged?

    2) If SGBs are pledged, can I use that Collateral (Liquid funds) margin for equity intraday in cash segment?

    3) If answer to Q. 2 is “yes”, since 50% cash rule will not be applicable for collateral (liquid funds) margin for pledged SGBs, can I use this margin when my Available cash is over, or I still have to keep some Available cash?

    It will be very kind of you, if you clarify this and send answers on my email id.

  66. Raj says:

    Can Goldbees be pledged as collateral ?

  67. GAURAV SALOT says:




  68. Tharun M says:

    Hello sir,
    Is it not possible to buy options using the collateral margin received by pledging?

  69. Rahul says:

    Can I take a loan against equity in forms of pledge, what will be loan interest rate?

  70. Uma says:

    Now that pledging does not move stock out of our demat and they are pledged with CDSL only, we see that other brokers like Angel etc. are providing real time margin on pledge and real time unpledging. So can zerodha not do the same and reduce the time for pledging and unpledging making it real time ??

  71. Kumar P says:

    May I know why is pledging option not available for ” UTI NIFTY INDEX FUND – DIRECT PLAN “.

  72. Sharad Kumar Ramesh says:

    I have say Infosys shares in my demat account and I want to write covered call on that holding.

    Please clarify: –

    1) As I have the shares in my demat account, will I be charged margin while writing covered call?

    2) If my shares are pledged, can I sell them through Zerodha? Or should I unpledge them first before selling?

    Kindly clarify.

  73. Kumar P says:

    ” Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalents by the exchange, so the above 50% rule wouldn’t apply. So margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account. ” is this still allowed or any changes , please clarify.

    • Jothi Prakash says:

      Same here. My portfolio consists of 70% of LIQUIDBEES. So assuming I’m pledging all of my portfolios and I have less than 50% of the position I’m taking in cash in my account, will I be getting the penalty charges?

  74. dharmen says:

    if i am holding shares in another dp, how do i pledge in favor of my zerodha account for f&o margin purposes

  75. Krishn a says:

    is pledging mutual funds available now?

  76. AJ says:

    “Exchanges stipulate that for overnight F&O positions, 50% of the margin needs to compulsorily come in cash and the remaining 50% can be in terms of collateral margin.”

    For intraday FNO trading, like option writing can I use 100% margin from collateral? Will SEBI new margin rules affect this?

  77. Asheet says:

    Will the Liquid mutual funds pledged as collateral be considered as 100% Cash equivalent or only 50% cash equivalent?

  78. Sandip says:


    I am not able to pledge my funds which are KOTAKNIFTY and KOTAKBKETF.
    I came to know from zerodha support that – the number of securities which can be pledged is limited member-wise by the clearing corporation. And that limit has already been crossed for these 2 funds.

    So I wanted to know the names of the ETFs (based on NIFTY and BankNIFTY) which have still not crossed this limit. So that I can buy them and pledge for collateral margin.


  79. VINOD says:

    I have 10lakhs as cash i account and another 12lakhs as pledged amount in liquid mutual funds.
    when i sell options which one will be picked up first .

  80. SB says:

    After pledging, our holdings don’t appear in Holdings. But in Console the current values of the stocks are not updated more than once a day. How do we track the values of our stocks intraday.

  81. Joseph S says:

    I have one lot hindustan petroleum shares (2700). I want to write a covered call option. Is it possible to hedge the position without maintaining margin?

  82. Prabhu says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Have a question:

    Can I split my capital as 50% for Bharat Bond and 50% as Liquid bees, pledge both and use it for trading F&O overnight positions

  83. Asheet says:

    Wanted to know what happens to the haircut while the security is pledged. Does the 10% of 1Lakh (10,000) continue to appreciate in value or not?

  84. nishant says:

    I own 600 petronet stock.
    now if i pledge 300 stock out of 600 stock, Cost of pledge= (₹30 + GST)
    now after 1 week, if again, i’ll pledge remaining 300 stock, do i have to pay (₹30 + GST) AGAIN??

    i understand, you can unpledge scrip in multiple part without any cost, but is this also possible in pledging ?

  85. Kailash Kumar - NW9240 says:

    i am unable to un-pledge my mutual fund.

    Please Help

  86. Jana says:

    Sir, If we pledge “money market funds”, is it considered as cash equivalent like Liquidbees or we should maintain 50% cash ?

  87. Vineeth says:

    Kindly let me know if I can use the collateral margin for mark-to-market losses.

  88. Shravan says:

    Hello there,

    Can I use my Fixed deposits as margins and trade in F & O’s & Equity stocks?


  89. Vijender Singh says:

    Suppose I have some shares of reliance and I pledged 5 shares. After some days I bought 5 more shares of reliance and I want to pledge these 5 shares. Do I need to pay charges once again ? Or the charges are fixed ?

  90. Anshuman S says:


    Can you please let me know why do we have some Regular MFs under the Non-Cash Pledge list but not their Direct plans. For ex. Can Robeco Emerging Equities Fund.


  91. Khandavalli Sridhar says:

    Can I pledge NHAI Bonds – bought last year – Please advise.

  92. naveen says:

    I have query regarding the pledging system, once i pledge the stocks we can take the over night selling positions in options. As per the margin rule only 50% of money can consider from pledging stocks and remain 50% we have to add cash in my trading account.

    for remain 50% can i use the liquid bees or debts funds as collateral to selling options without adding money or do we need to add money to trading account ? Please provide your inputs

  93. ub says:

    Supposed I bought 100 shares of xyz company at 500 2 yr back and pledge them for margin. Now 2 months back same company stock around 600 say I buy 50 shares. This 50 shares are in my holding.
    Now if I sell 50 shares which shares would be sold one that have been bought at 500 or that which I bought at 600?
    on this sell — short term capital gain or long term capital gain ?
    in this case — how FIFO apply ?
    please answer

  94. charms patel says:

    Has zerodha started giving FNO margin against sovereign gold bonds?

  95. Nishant Sharma says:


    I am facing this issue of inability to pledge Bharat Bond FOF purchased through Coin app despite of it being listed in the securities that can be pledged for margin on zerodha. I purchased this units solely for the purpose of pledging.

    I have written to your support and generated multiple tickets regarding this, but till now no acknowledgement received let alone resolution of the issue. I also endeavored to reach your customer care lines which are always busy but never got connected to a executive even after waiting for half an hour or so (multiple times).

    This is really not expected from a broker which has received the best startup of year award- keeping your clients in limbo. I humbly request you to help me in this regard, so I could execute my trades accordingly.

  96. Priyanshu says:

    Can you please update the list of approved mutual fund list with names of Mutual funds, we are unable to find most of the codes in NSDL website

  97. Deepak says:

    What will happen if i have 10L worth of equity shares and after pledging those shares i get 5L margin from zerodha and i also have liquid bees worth 5.5L and i also pledge liquid bees, Now after the hair cut i get 5L cash equivalent……..
    1) So can i freely trade in f&o with 7.5L (5L from bees and 2.5L from equity, since 50% cash to collateral rule applies) am i right ?
    2) Also will the pledging take place according to the LTP, for eg i bought bajaj finance @1800 now its close to 3600 so the haircut of 40% will be applicable to 3600 right??
    awaiting your reply

  98. Agnello says:

    If i pledge 1 lot of shares and do one covered call in that stock, is margin in cash be still required? if so why?

  99. Karthik says:

    Yes, it is based on per request basis irrespective of quantity.

  100. Dhruv says:

    As explained in the article Liquid bees don’t have this rule applicable. Similarly is this 50-50 rule not applicable to Nifty bees too?

  101. Amit Tiwari says:

    Hi Zerodha team, Can i sell my pledged share directly ?

  102. SAMAY JAIN says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    I have two questions regarding the Margins:

    1. In the approved list of categories GOLDBEES is considered under the cash section? I have taken the GOLDBEES but the pledging option is not available in the console. Please help.

    2. I have read that the pledging cost is Rs60 per scrip, can you guys throw some light what does this exactly mean.
    For example: I have 30 shares of Reliance If I pledge 28 today I will be charged 60 bucks.
    In future if I buy 10 shares of Reliance and then pledge 8 of them, will I be charged again Rs 60? Please clarify .

  103. mahesh joshi says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    I have kept my Liquid ETF as a collateral since last 0ne Month. But till time I have not received any interest part anywhere. c an you please let me know when and where I will get that???
    Surprisingly, I have raised Ticket for the same query buy Zerodha is not answering it since last week.
    There is no use to keep collateral if we dont pay back.

  104. Arun kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I heard, SEBI updated the new rules and regulation about the pledging and margin process. Is there any article I can refer to and understand.

  105. PSNARASAIAH says:

    can we do positional trade FNO with Liquid bees collateral margin ? or its only for intra day trading?

  106. Prateek says:


    Suppose in my account I have 20L = 10L cash + 10 L from collateral margin.
    And if I take some future position of amount 10L, then will it be from cash first or mix of that.
    Also, if I take another 7L future position then do we need to arrange 50% cash or it would be settled with 20L.

  107. HD says:

    Hey, How can we pledge liquid mf worth more than 2 lakh in a scrip?

  108. bhuvanesh says:

    can we pledge sgb bonds in demat as collateral or not ?

  109. Rahul Oza says:

    Please add HDFC Overnight fund in your pledge mutual fund list RT only icici overnight available hdfc liquid only available please add overnight fund of hdfc as well

  110. Swet Chand Shukla says:

    Is goldbees considered as cash component . Can I pledge goldbees to use it as margin in F&O to trade weekly and monthly contracts.

  111. Samir Mandal says:

    Hi, Nithin..

    If I do option writing on MIS and have no cash in my demat account have only pledge margin. Can I affected by 0.5% penalty per day ? thank you…

  112. ArulvelRamanan N says:

    Hello Sir,
    I purchased LIQUIDBEES and i wanted to pledge it for trading. But, unfortunately, the above mentioned options are not available if i check in the holding page. I tried this during market hour and also, after market hour. No luck. Is there any changes in the UI done to pledge? Please support. I could not reach support portal – might be because of the reduced support staff. Appreciate if i get a response. Thank you

    • Prashant Prabhu says:

      @ArulvelRamanan N .. Someone else I know is having same issue (I purchased LIQUIDBEES and i wanted to pledge it for trading. But, unfortunately, the above mentioned options are not available if i check in the holding page) ….
      Would like to know if this issue got resolved for you…thanks

  113. Arun Kumar Singh says:

    I am going for the following trade :-
    My aim :- Sell Options and buy a protection.
    To able to incur less margin requirement, I do the following:-
    (1) Buy an option
    (2) Sell an option.
    Margin requirement = 60000 (say) for the complete trade.

    Now the document about pledging says that you cannot use margin to buy options, so i need to pay say 30000 (say) from the cash. Now for selling options i can use pledged margin, but the requirement is say 150000. So in this case i need 75000 in cash and 75000 can be used from pledged margin. So in effect i need 30000+75000 = 100000 as cash to execute this trade.
    i need 30000 as cash to take this trade.

    Please clarify.

  114. Rajeev says:

    On holding table option menu as shown above, There is no Pledge option showing for me on any of the stock. . Why is it so? kindly note that all my shares name are in your 1000 securities list.

  115. Narvekar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Why I see all of sudden of Available margin as ( Cash+ Collateral ). How to get rid of it. I just want to see only Cash. Please help.

  116. Chander says:

    I wanted to pledge NLC which is there in your list but the option for pledging is not there, can you help me out. Also by when will you allow pledging of Bharat Bond?

  117. Suresh Chandra Behera says:

    I have not received the dividend pay outs of my Pledged shares of Hndustan Unilever (HUL) – 50 nos of shares. Though I have already received the dividends in my account on 03rd Jul 2020 for my unpledged shares of same HUL. Pls guide me.

  118. Saurabh Kaushik says:

    Hi Nitin ,
    I just want to know do Zerodha accepts Bharath Bonds or Govt Bonds as collateral.
    If so can you kindly know the procedure to accept as collateral in your platform?

  119. Satya Mahendra says:


    why i am not finding option for pledging “SETFNN50” in console.

    • Matti says:

      Because this isn’t on the list of securities accepted by the exchange. Check the list of approved securities in the post above.

  120. Aditya Gupta says:

    Please allow pledging in F groups which consist of debentures

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Aditya, we are working on something for this. You should soon be able to pledge a lot more securities. We’ll keep you posted.

  121. Dips says:

    I do not see the option for pledging for Bharat Bonds. i.e EBBETF0430-F and EBBETF0430-F.
    Will pledging for Bharat Bonds be availble any time soon ?

    • Nakul says:

      Hey, Bharat Bond ETF’s are pledgable. However, we see that these aren’t yet settled in your account and are currently under T1 holdings. You can pledge these only after the securities have been credited to your demat account which happens on T+2 days after the purchase. Go through this support article for more.

  122. prem kumar says:


    can i pledge/collateralize ETFs online. i have ICICINXT50 & SETFNIF50 which is in the list of ETFs eligible for collaterlization. but when i right click against the above in my console/kite, pledge option is not coming.

    online pledging is available only for Stock?

  123. Rachit Gupta says:

    Hii Nitin, I have 5 lakhs of rs in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme can i use it as collateral to get margin at zerodha?

  124. Raja says:

    If pledge the liquid bees – what time i need to do ?

    timing of Pledging and unpludging timing ?

    how long day’s can i pludge the liquid bees ?

  125. Ajay MK says:

    1) If i purchase Bharat Bond ETF and Pledge it, will it be considered as Cash component or Equity?
    2) If Niftybees (say 10L) is the only Pledged security i have (and no cash or cash equivalent securities) and use it fully to sell options and trade Futures, what is the penalty and where can i track or calculate this penalty?

  126. Yogesh Kanade says:

    From the collateral margin can we implement closed Options strategies like,
    Bear Call Spread / Bear Put Spreads / Iron condors where for every sold option there is equal number of bought options. Do I need separate cash for purchase of option.

    Consider : Collateral margin is received selling liquid bees.

  127. Trilok says:


    Whenever I see to trade a options I see Margin required & Capital required.
    Say for example: Capital required is 50K & Margin required is 40K.

    So Do I need 90K all together
    Only 50K capital is enough?


  128. Dr. Sandip Patel says:

    LIQUIDBEES INF732E01037 Nippon India ETF Liquid BeES

    this list also considered as cash equivilalent like LIQUIDBEES???

  129. Sahil says:

    Is the margin recieved by pledging liquid funds equivalent to cash as it shows it as liquidbees collateral?

  130. Abhijeet says:

    I tried to pledge liquid funds for 2.5L for single instrument HDFC Liquid fund. It is giving the message that you cannot pledge more than 2L for single instrument and getting exceeded by 50K.
    Why is this so? It was not mentioned that there would be a limit.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey! The pledge limit for online DIS is still in place. You can pledge up to 2L per scrip and 10L overall a day. You can place a pledge request over multiple days to pledge a higher value. We are seeking the depository’s approval to lift this rule.

  131. Sivaram S says:

    i unable to find below ETF/Mutual fund
    Security Symbol: LFAG-GR
    ISIN: INF204K01ZH0
    how i can buy this LFAG-GR.
    If it is comes under Mutual fund. how can i pledge?
    it is act as cash component like LIQUIDBEES or 50% rule applied?

  132. Anant says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have liquid bees worth 5 lakh which I want to pledge for writing Nifty options.
    Q1. How much additional cash I need to have in zerodha account if I wish to write Nifty options wort 5 lakh ?
    Q2. If after a week I close the trade and plan to place another options writting Trade after few days, do I need to unpledge the liquid bees in interim period and again pledge for taking trade or can they be kept pledged ?
    Q3. If I keep liquid bees pledged for long time, do they keep generating returns during pledged period or I loose the returns ?
    Q4. All the above questions in relation to Liquid Funds- Direct plan as well.

    Thank you.

  133. Kapil Arora says:

    Which are the liquid bees which can be used as liquid bees collateral in zerodha ?

  134. Rajesh says:

    Hi Team,

    I am holding 500 reliance shares pledged on my zerodha account as on 13th May. If I unpledge my request on 14th May record Date will zerodha credit the shares back on the same day and will I be eligible for Rights issue ?

  135. Indrani says:


    Do you consider Bharat Bond as the collateral and if yes is that considered as cash equivalent as Liquidbees.


  136. Tushar says:

    Supposed I bought 100 shares of xyz company at 500 1yr back and pledge them for margin. Now 2 months back same company stock around 600 say I buy 50 shares. This 50 shares are in my holding.
    Now if I sell 50 shares which shares would be sold one that have been bought at 500 or that which I bought at 600?

  137. rajeev gupta says:


  138. ROhit says:

    instant unpledge is available now?. If not, by when will it be available?

  139. k s rao says:

    Sir can I pledge hdfc liquid fund (in demate form) as for margin

  140. Chandra Shekhar says:

    If you pledge shares on Zerodha the charges levied are Rs 60+taxes. I want to know how long we can keep the shares pledges without any additional charges or penalties. I mean, 3 months, 6months, years etc. Or it can be indefinitely pledged with no extra charges or consequences? Thanks in advance.

  141. Dr seema says:

    Suppose I sell a put option and keep the position overnight. The span and exposure margin is 80k I have around 90k cash equivalent pledged liquid mutual fund in my account. Will there be any extra cash requirement or it will suffice?

  142. Harish Dasari says:

    Hi Team,
    If I invest in 100 shares of liquid bees and wana to opt for pledging.
    1. Can I use that collateral amount to trade other ETF’s like bankbees or niftybees or goldbeees for short term?
    2. Do I need 50% of cash?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Matti says:

      1. You can only take intraday equity trades with pledged margin, not overnight.
      2. No, liquidbees are considered cash equivalent.

  143. Gangadhara says:

    After I pledge my liquid mutual fund holdings, I find that the holdings in that folio becomes zero. Does it mean that you are transferring the mutual fund holdings to your name? Is it safe, since how can I prove that those mutual fund holdings are only pledged and not sold to you? In short, Please inform whether there is any risk in pledging shares and mutual funds for collateral margin.

  144. Sumsam says:

    Are liquid MF ( for ex: ICICI PRU liquid fund) purchased on the coin platform available for pledging. If so how is this done: through Coin or Kite or console? Further what is the unpledging mechanism. My query is specifically for liquid debt mf shown on zerodha list as equivalent to cash and procured on Coin platform

  145. Paresh says:


    I have pledged 199 units liquidbees. I wanted to pledge 200 units but it was giving an error that I can pledge maximum of 2 lac per instrument. So my question is, is this requirement per pledge request? If I buy 100 units of liquidbees again then can I pledge it or I can pledge total of 2 lac value of liquidbees only?

  146. sachin says:

    URGENT – Have purchased ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct Plan – Growth using COIN with intention of pledging. But cannot see pledge option. Please help to pledge. Also cannot see ISIN number in dashboard of investments in COIN.

  147. Sachin Singh says:

    Suppose I’ve invested & pledged a certain amount in ICICI overnight fund (say, transaction 1). After some time, I decide to invest & pledge certain amount in the same fund (say, transaction 2).
    Wanted to know whether I’d have to unpledge the securities from transaction 1 before I can pledge the securities of transaction 2? Or I can pledge the transaction 2 securities just directly?

  148. sandeep says:

    can I pledge nifty bees, if yes i’m not able to pledge since its been more than t+2 days

  149. RG says:

    Hi. i Want to know what are the charges for pledging shares. Also if i sell options worth 2.5-3 lakhs and take overnight position in that so do i also need to have 50 % margin for me funds or i can use full amount of pledge shares.
    And does it also same for intraday postion. ?
    Also if i buy options intraday than also do i required to maintain 50% margin or again can use full amount of pledge shares.

  150. DR says:

    When trying to pledge TCS of 250 quantities, it is throwing error that Pledge can not take place more than Rs.2,00,000. Can not understand this error. Nothing described in support.

    • Matti says:

      This would happen if you haven’t submitted your PoA, in which case the limit for pledging per instruction is set at 2lk. If you want to pledge more than that, you’ll have to create multiple pledge requests or send a physical PoA via courier.

  151. MOHIT says:

    according to current scenario if i have to sell one nifty strike of CE 9000 total Margin required is 1,37000 along with that if i bought 9200 CE margin is now 66,700.
    My question is which margin i have to maintain now with my collateral (with 50% etf & 50% liquid bees) 1,37000 or 66,700?

    and my second question is for buying this 9200 ce i have to transfer some money from my bank account to my trading account equal to the amount required to buy this option this transaction will be free if i have account in IDFC bank ?

    • Faisal says:

      You need to maintain Rs 66700 in your account once you have both the positions.
      Yes, buying options require cash and you can fund your account using UPI/Netbanking/IMPS/NEFT.
      Of the 4 methods mentioned above, only Netbanking transfers are charged at Rs 9+GST, the rest are free of cost.
      Yes, if you have an IDFC account, you convert it to a 3 in 1 account and transfers from that account will be free too.

  152. Chetan says:

    Why has the hair-cut for pledged shares increased dramatically. Initially it used to be 12.5% across the board. Now I see haircut has increased to min. 40% across the board. Why such sudden increase and when will it be brought back to 12.5 %?

    • Matti says:

      Chetan, the haircut is determined by the ‘Value at Risk’. When the market volatility is high, like right now, VaR is higher, so haircut is higher.

  153. Prince Nahata says:

    When will you start taking mutual funds for pledging as collateral?
    I have AXIS FOCUSED 25 FUND (G) nearly 21000 units in my demat account.

  154. Yalgonda Gavade says:


    How to use collateral margin from liquid bees for trading in commodities?

    • Matti says:

      That’s not possible right now. You can only use pledge margin to trade equity and equity index F&O.

  155. brokenbull says:

    I have ₹10 lakhs cash lying in my Equity/FO account.
    Can I buy LIQUIDBEES (10% haircut) for Rs 5 lakhs (5 lakhs I keep as cash for emergency over night currency/futures or lot of intraday trading of equity restricting free margin next day ) & use for “intraday” Currency & futures trade margin requiremnt?
    Since I wont have any position at the end of the trading day (equity/currency)- will I will be charged any interest if I use the pledged margin collateral ?
    Also let us say (with 5 lakh cash) , I trade “intraday” -10 trades or so buy side 5 lakhs -sell side 5 lakhs -no position at the end of the day . what will be my margin available next day ?

    • Nakul says:

      Liquidbees collateral is considered to be cash equivalent. You can use this margin to trade derivatives and hold overnight positions without having cash as well since the collateral is considered to be cash equivalent. Interest will not be charged unless your account goes into a debit balance.
      In the example you’ve given, you’ll have a margin available of 5L – charges, the next day.

  156. Prince Nahata says:

    When will you start taking mutual funds for pledging as collateral?
    I have AXIS FOCUSED 25 FUND (G) nearly 21000 units in my demat account

  157. Naveen says:

    Hello Team,

    When can we expect to have pledging option for Embassy -RR, please advise.

  158. Akshay says:

    I can’t see option to pledge SETFNIF50 in kite.

  159. Sachin Singh says:

    Hello, I have invested & pledged some amount in liquid mutual fund, and wanted to redeem it. So for that, after unpledging it, can I place the redeem order on the same day or do I need to do it the next day? Assuming all this is done before 1 pm.

  160. Rajesh Mahendran says:

    Hi Team,

    Pledging option is not available for SBI cards Position, please look into it

  161. Sandeep says:

    If i pledge 50k liquidbees and will i have to add another 50k cash or its not necessary for liquidbees and what r the charges for pledging as i see its 60-70rs per stock…… is it monthly or how it works (the charges for pledge ….every month or just once or depends on trade and can u explain with example. thanks

    • Sandeep says:

      any one who can reply

      • Matti says:

        Sorry, missed your comment. If you have 50k liquidbees, that is considered cash equivalent and you don’t need additional cash margin. The pledge charge is per pledge instruction. If you pledge only once, it’s charged only once.

        • sandeep says:

          So, if I pledge liquid bees and trade sell options and fut n number of times……..for 6 months….. I’ll be charged let say 70 rs (for example) only during this 6 months, its not 70 rs every month or 70rs per trade

  162. MOHIT says:

    Can i do option buying for hedging my sold option with liquid bees as collateral or
    not .

  163. Rangaraj says:

    Could I pledge my liquid mutual funds ?? what are the charges ? what is 0.05% interest rate ?

  164. Altamash says:

    What is the interest on Liquid bees and Nifty bees and what is the frequency of payout?

  165. Rohit Agarwal says:

    Dmart has been changed to Dmart it removed from the collateral list and the earlier pledged would not give us the collateral limit ?

  166. adhik says:

    Hi Nithin
    now pledged liquid funds are also considered as cash like liquidBees. is it?

  167. jose says:

    Pledge/Unpledge button not visible for SETFGOLD-E. I hold 300 scripts but in the holdings/Options Pledge/Unpledge is not displayed. I was able to pledge the same script earlier.

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on this and will fix this shortly. In the meanwhile, please contact our support desk for help.

  168. Kartikbhai says:

    I have pledged SBI

    Am I eligible apply IPO as Existing Shareholder category in case of SBI offers shares in sub-subsidiary which has this special category for existing shareholder ?

    • Matti says:

      Since you’ve pledged your holdings for margin, you will not be able to apply successfully in the shareholders’ category. The RTA will check if you had at least one share of SBI in your demat account as on Feb 18, 2020 in order to mark your application valid in the category.

  169. Jignesh says:

    If you have enabled liquid fund pledge, is there any plan to enable equity funds also for pledging? Why you are now allowing all kind of MFs?

  170. Vaibhav says:

    My question is regarding pledging a combination of liquidbees and stocks:

    Let’s say I have 100k as liquidbees collateral, 50k as stock collateral and 30k cash in my account. I see that I am entitled to sell options worth 160k total margin. If yes, then why does available cash shows a negative balance even though margin appears as positive and my unrealised profit is positive too? Does that mean I’ll be charged an interest because this number appears negative? Can I safely ignore the number against available cash as long as margin available and total P&L shows positive numbers.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Vaibhav, you’ll have 180k margin available to trade. This is because liquidbees is considered cash equivalent, and that will balance your 50% cash requirement for the stock collateral. In this case, the available margin wouldn’t be negative until your position requires more than 180k margin. I’ve considered the 50k stock collateral after applying the haircut for simplicity.

  171. Sachin Singh says:

    I know that 50 % margin for a covered call has to come from cash, but if I’ve pledged say 10 lakhs in Liquid Fund, then I can invest the 9 lakhs (amount after haircut) for the purpose of covered call, right?

  172. Ravi says:


    In your Road map, Any plan to accept Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) or 3rd Party FD as collateral in near future on Zerodha?


  173. Aditya says:


    I have 400 RELIANCE shares in my DMAT account.
    Can I pledge them and buy 100 more reliance as well as sell a OTM option ?
    Please guide me

  174. Dhiraj S Patil says:

    I have pledged certain amount of liquid funds and have some cash in the trading account. Where can I see the split up of how much cash is available and how much margin money from pledged liquid fund available at any point?

  175. Tomy says:

    I bought 2 Nos of LIQUIDBEES and the same is shown as holdings in “Console”. As explained, I tried to pledge the same, but there is no option displayed for pledging in the sub menu. Please help.

    • Nakul says:

      You can pledge any of these securities only after they are in your demat account. In your case, you have bought liquidbees on 16/01/2020 which are yet to be settled (the settlement cycle for equity is trading +2 days). The units will hit your demat today and you should be able to pledge it tomorrow.

  176. Prince Thamburaj says:

    Following SEBI/Exchange’s instructions, Zerodha has been faithfully/blindly reversing entire cash balance back to bank and also unpledging all the pledged holdings, which I keep to maintain “available margin”. Zerodha applies extra charges, when I bring back the cash to my trading account, and also when I pledge back my liquidbees units, in order to recreate my “available margin’ level. Any ideas, what is the way forward to continue smooth trading. Zerodha Support has not been of any help, other than explaining the Exchange’s rule.

  177. srinivasan veeraraghavan says:

    how do we sell a pledged shares on the same day ? otherwise, we have unpledge and wait for a day or two to sell it off

    • Matti says:

      This isn’t possible as of now. However, we’re working on making instant unpledge available in the coming few weeks.

  178. Deep Dave says:


    Is pledging of Mutual Funds started?

  179. Siva says:

    With Zerodha IDFC FIRST Bank 3-in-1 Account can I pledge IDFC First Banks’s Fixed Deposits ?

  180. Manu says:

    If i pledge my liquidbess of wroth 1 lakh for margin or collateral. as liquidbess is equivalent to cash,can i use the money for delivery based trade of equity.Is it possibe.

  181. vinod says:

    i bought 100 of indianbulls shares at 750 a year ago and it became longterm holdings now.
    and now i bought same indianbulls shares of 100@300 which is short-term holdings and i want to sell only the short term holdings of qty 100@300. pls let me know how?

    • Esha says:

      Hey Vinod, shares are always debited from your account on the First In First Out basis. Therefore, you will not be able to do this. The shares which were purchased initially will move out of your account first.

  182. Parth Desai says:

    hi sir;
    i have started 25000/month sip in zerodha coin.i would like to know that after year my MF worth will be 3 Lakhs
    after that could i pledge my MFs to zerodha for margin?

  183. Sheena says:

    One more question( my previous question is answered already in the past)
    I have 10 quantities of Maruti in DP. Suppose if I pledge 5 nos and average the rest and sell. Will, all the 10 get averaged price wise or the unpledged shares will be averaged as a separate entity? Am I allowed to do this?
    Thanks very much for answering this.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Sheena, didn’t get you here. Can you please give a more detailed example? The average price calculation is on a pure FIFO basis excluding intraday transactions. There is no separate calculation for pledged holdings.

  184. Sheena says:

    I have hdfc life shares in delivery. Can I pledge it and use the same money for trading intraday, including hdfc life?

  185. Alka says:

    Why should there be a charge for pledging my shares; other trading platforms do not charge for this service. I opened an account at Zerodha because your charges seemed low but once I started trading I realised that there are a lot of other hidden charges.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Alka, this is a one-time flat charge of Rs.60. The charge exists because there’s effort, and hence cost associated with the act of pledging.

  186. manas trivedi says:

    Please allow overnight funds of all AMCs to pledge with haircut of 10%, as i think they are more secure than liquidfunds.

    Any plan for the same?

  187. Rizwan says:

    Hi Nithin/Zerodha team,

    What is the plan and ETA for following:

    1) allow pledge/un pledge of major debt / equity / balanced mutual funds for margin. Currently only liquid funds are allowed to be pledged.
    2) allow pledge of securities for MCX margin.

  188. Kushal says:

    When are you going to start accepting Bank FDs as collateral ?

  189. SIVA PRASAD T says:

    I am already using zerodha. I have following doubts and suggestions regarding pledged shares.
    1) Can I sell pledged shares directly without unpledging??
    2) Suppose I have 500 shares of HDFCBANK shares and I pledged them for margin and I want to do covered calls every month. As now we got rules to settle the stock options physically, What happens if the call I sold becomes ITM?? Will you settle or will you treat this like I don’t have shares shares in my demat account, will you close my call positions 2 days before expiry??
    3) The additional units I get for Pledged liquid bees will be credited to my demat or will you add to my pledged liquid bees??

    • Matti says:

      1. No, you would have to unpledge the stocks, the stocks will move back to your demat account, after which you can sell them.
      2. If your covered calls become ITM, you need to unpledge them on or before the expiry day, and we will deliver the shares to the counterparty. If you fail to unpledge, this will go into short delivery and auction settlement.
      3. The additional units will be moved to your demat account. If you wish to, you can pledge them again.

      • SIVA PRASAD T says:

        Regarding second point, If i have pledged and doing covered calls. If the option I sold becomes ITM will your risk management team closes the position automatically as I don’t have those shares in my demat account??

  190. KP says:

    1) Which are all the liquid funds that zerodha treats equivalent cash.list please.
    2) In case option selling, for overnight MTM loss any extra cash required even though you have above enough
    collateral margin.
    3) why debt fund invested in Coin not considered for collateral, at least 50%?

  191. Sanjeet says:

    Hello, i hv another doubt, if i buy for example niftybees and liquidbees 50% each and hold on colleteral then still 50% cash required or it will manage by my liquid bees equivalent to cash.

  192. Sanjeet says:

    Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalents by the exchange, so the above 50% rule wouldn’t apply. So margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account.
    This rule also apply 4 liquid mf or i hv to keep 50%cash??

    • Sanjeet says:

      Anyone plz give answer about liquid mf also equivalent to cash or 50% applicable

      • Matti says:

        Liquid MF is considered cash equivalent and you wouldn’t need 50% cash margin.

        • Sachin says:

          I am trying to buy liquid fund from the list of collateral but I can not find any in the kite!! Please help

          Also will this liquid MF be treated as cash equivalent or will require additional 50% cash??

          Sr. No. Security Symbol ISIN Scheme Name For every Rs 100 worth of stock pledged, you’ll receive collateral margin of Rs.
          3 B153GZ INF209K01VA3 Aditya Birla Sun Life Liquid Fund – Growth-Direct Plan 90
          4 IPRU8096 INF109K01Q49 ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 90
          5 FILFDSIPGP INF090I01JV2 Franklin India LiqFund – Super Inst Plan – Direct 90
          6 RELLTPDPGP INF204K01ZH0 Reliance Liquid Fund – Direct Growth Plan – Growth Option 90
          7 IPRU9425 INF109KC1OO2 ICICI Prudential Overnight Fund Direct Plan Growth 90

  193. Vinay says:

    Why is Nifty 31st Oct options are not displayed on kite zerodha now whereas Nifty 7th Nov options are being displayed. What all weekly options will be displayed in kite zerodha.

  194. Vinay says:

    If I pledged for Rs 1000 and received Rs 900 (assuming Rs 100 gone for haircut); what happens to the haircut money Rs 100. When I un-pledge will I get back the whole Rs 1000 (which includes Rs 100) assuming I made no trades or no losses with the pledged money. If the stock from which I pledged rose 10 % meanwhile, will this 10% get adjusted for the whole Rs 1000 i.e. including haircut money ?

  195. Arjit says:

    How can I cancel my pending please request?

    • Matti says:

      You can go to the holdings page on Console and click on the “…” button on the stock and click on ‘Cancel pledge request’.

  196. Murugan says:

    Hi Nitin Kamath,

    Quote: “You will be able to use this entire margin after haircut for taking intraday or overnight positions in Futures, and for writing Options of equities, indices, and currencies. You will not be able to use this margin to buy Options or take further positions on the equity segment”

    Question; Why Zerodha don’t allow to use the margin money received from collateral for Options Buying? because you are allowing for options writing but why not options buying? kindly clarify.


    • Matti says:

      When you pledge stocks, you get margin to trade, not actual cash. In order to buy options, you need cash, because the premium paid to buy is credited to the seller.

  197. Varun says:

    The option to pledge is not appearing for my holdings

  198. U.S. Goel says:

    I have read this thread from top to bottom since 2016 and carefully crafted my questions.

    1) Time and again (since 2016) it is said that Zerodha is working on instant un-pledging of shares so that they can be sold instantly. Has this been achieved ? Can we now unpledge and sell our stocks instantly since now no IIFL is involved and Zerodha itself is full-fledged demat provider ?

    2) Say we are holding a stock Reliance as pledge and we sell call options against our pledged holdings. Now price of reliance rises and we want to close both (position in equity as well as buy back calls).. Can it be achieved (as our holding of reliance is pledged) ?

    3) Lets say i have 1 lac stock which i pledge and receive after haircut say 80K and say 10K cash. So total Margin available is 90K. Now i sell a call for which i have margin say 50K and i receive premium of say 10K So total cash becomes 20K (10K my own cash + 10K premium) and margin is 50K for which you need 50% cash i.e. 25K
    So will i be charged interest on 25K-20k = 5K or 25K – 10K = 15K on the date of trade.

    4) Do you now T+7 or T+2 delivery against margin to place CNC / NRML order to buy equity ?

    5) Say i have 10 lac collateral margin and 10K cash. So i sell a Future which results in M2M of 50K so my ledger is in 40K debit by end of day but since i have huge collateral of 10 lac so sufficient margin is there. I understand that i will be charged interest on 40K debit + 25K margin required = 65K but if i don’t have funds to clear debit but have sufficient collateral margin to keep it covered (like in this example 10 lac) is my pledged position or f&o position in danger or will you keep holding it all till i have sufficient collateral margin to cover.

    A quick response in this regard is highly appreciated. I opened a new account with Zerodha. I am already trading with other brokers since 15+ years so your replies will help me plan my trades and positions i make at zerodha..

    Best Regards,
    U.S. Goel

  199. profit says:

    is the Collateral Margin received by pledging Liquid Bees allowed to be used in trading Intraday equity?(as Collateral margin of Liquid Bees considered Cash equivalent)

  200. Ajit says:

    I saw in the list of shares/ETFs for pledging some liquid ETFs other than liquid bees. But when I phoned and asked, I was told it was allowed for some time, but is not allowed now. Please clarify which liquid or debt ETFs or MFs are allowed for pledging now like liquid bees.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Ajit, we currently accept 18 ETF’s and 6 Liquid Mutual Funds as collateral. These instruments are mentioned in the list of approved securities shared above in the blog.

      • Ajit says:

        Thank you. I shall try and see. On phone your support team mentioned that only liquidbees is allowed, and other liquid funds stopped for the present.

    • Manikandan says:

      where can I find the list of shares eligible for pledging?


  201. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Is the pledging of shares is for some specific period,as my shares which I had pledged are now unpledged

    • Ramesh Sehgal says:

      Why no reply?

      • Nakul says:

        Hey Ramesh, in case the collateral margin hasn’t been used, the shares would have been unpledged as part of quarterly settlement. Read here to know more about quarterly settlement. You can verify the same with the retention statement you must have received on your registered email id on the day the shares were unpledged.

  202. Ajay says:

    Can HDFC Sensex ETF or ICICI Sensex ETF money be used for margin for trading Futures and Options?

  203. Dheeraj says:

    Can u please tell us from when we will be able to pledge MF for collateral margins for FnO?

    It has been long overdue for more than couple of years now…

    Thanks in advance

  204. Abhijit Sen says:

    I have open positions in 2400-CE and 2160-PE of HDFCBANK for September 2019 expiry. The equity of HDFCBANK is due to be split from the face value of Rs.2/- each to Re.1/- each on 19th September 2019 (prior to the contract expiry day of 26th September 2019). The equity price will be adjusted as a result of the split in the face value. How will the option premium and option contract be adjusted?

  205. Micheal Kala Rani says:

    Hi sir,
    Shall we give bank deposits or any other thing as collateral for trading in options.

  206. Nithy says:

    Hi sir. My ID DN0317, I want to pledge the shares of Gencon . But which not listed in your list.
    I spoke with your customer care. They are saying t’s management decision. We can’t add from our end.

    Kindly add gencon in pledging list It will be beneficial for both of us. In form of capital for me.

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Nithy,
      the approved scrips for pledge is usually EQ category scrips which are liquid, we do not allow any other category scrips.

  207. vinayak mahajan says:

    can i pledge liquidbees for buying gold mini future, and what is the procedure..

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Vinayak,
      when you pledge liquidbees, you receive collateral which can be used only in the Equity, F&O and CDS segment. The same cannot be used for MCX segment.

  208. Abhijit Sen says:

    I have pledged shares of HDFC Bank and am using the margin available for taking an overnight position in NSE FO. The shares of HDFC Bank is scheduled to be split up with Ex-date of 19th Sep 2019. Upon split-up of shares will the additional holding be pledged automatically OR once that is credited to my holding I would be required to pledge the shares again?

  209. SUNIL KUMAR A K says:

    Hi I am a positional option trader, can I get collateral margin if I pladge my liquid bees ?
    Means collateral for trading Oprions(over night holding)

  210. Lakshmi Marappa says:

    I pledged shares some months ago, I didnt use margins for a long time. Now when I checked there are no pledged stocks. I want to know why my pledged stocks unpledged automatically.

  211. Vani says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I understood that there is a rule that 50% cash is required to maintain for taking F&O Position.
    But that rule is for broker not to traders.

    Many other brokers are accepting, 100% collateral , Why not you..

    Zerodha is great platform, I don’t want to switch to other, But this rule kills me.

    If others are able to do, Why not zerodha ???

    If this rule is not there, My returns are tippled.
    Double from trading
    One more leg from underlying stock

  212. Shivansh says:

    do we need to maintain 50% cash after pledging LIQUIDBEES too?

  213. Rahul Vora says:

    hello sir,

    What is the Interest charged if i pledge Liquid bees of Liquid mutal fund to get margin to Trade in F&O

    is interest charged only if i do FO Trading by margin from pledging liguid mf or bees?

    • Matti says:

      Interest is charged at 0.05% per day only if you don’t have 50% cash margin available. If you have the required 50% cash margin, no interest is charged.

  214. Kumar says:

    Hi Sir , I have few queries related to Stock Pledging. could you please clarify.

    1. What if Pledged Stock price goes up or down. will it have impact on Margin given by zerodha ?
    2. what is the max validity of Pledged stock ? can I pledge for one year or is there any limit on time ?
    3. when I unpledge , the credited stock to my demat account will have market spot value or deviation in that ?

    • Matti says:

      1. Margin offered varies in line with the current value of the stock and is revised daily.
      2. You can pledge for any amount of time.
      3. The value of the stock is always what it is trading at.

      • Kumar says:

        Thank you sir for clarification about Pledging and Unpledging.
        sir , what will happen if I forget to exit or square off the contract on expiry date.
        could you please clarify both cases like F&O BUY and SELL contracts.

  215. Sagar Jain says:

    The article says,
    “Pledging of stocks is a good way to run strategies like covered calls…”

    If I pledge the shares equal to the contract size of the call option, do I still need to bring in an additional margin (SPAN + Exposure) to write a call option on the stock?
    The risk in the short call option is completely covered by holding (and pledging) shares of the stock.

    • Matti says:

      That wouldn’t be possible. The exchanges mandate that 50% of the margin has to necessarily come from cash.

  216. Vamsikrishna says:

    Hi, where can I see the list of various ETF and liquid bees for which ch you can give colletrol limits

  217. Mani says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Please let me know if we can pledge NIFTYBEES for collateral. If yes then I bought NIFTYBEES 2 days back and I am not seeing the option to pledge. Please help here.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Mani,

      I suppose you have bought the units on Monday and the settlement would be happening today. You will be able to pledge only once the units have got credited in your demat account. You should be able to pledge the units tomorrow.

  218. Sudhanshu says:

    Can i Pledge my NCD’s from DHFL mainly DHFL NP , DHFL N6 ? IF yes, what the Haircut caluculated on it ?

  219. Mayur says:

    Can FD in IDFC First Bank be pledged for margin in Zerodha?

  220. Praveen C says:

    @nithin, any update on pledging of MF ?

  221. Akhil Jain says:

    I have 157 quantity of Indoco, and i had earlier pledged 52 units. now when i am pledging 105 units (157-52), i get the error message “please enter a valid quanity”. why am i unable to pledge the remaining stock?

  222. Keshav says:

    Can we pledge liquid bees, liquid funds, mutual funds to avail collateral margin?

  223. Bandana says:

    Any company like DHFL which is pledged at stock price Rs.600 on 03rd march 2018 and suddenly drops to Rs.200 on 03rd oct 2018, with a haircut i may get (80% for suppose) 480 Rupees of margin and stock drops to Rs.200 (still not Unpledged). What will be the effect on the margin taken from you for pledged shares in intraday trading. Will it change day on day basing on current stock price.

    • Billy says:

      Hey Bandana,

      Yes, collateral margin is dependent on the price of the stock and will change accordingly day to day. In such cases of extreme volatility, at the discretion of the RMS team, the stock may also be unpledged.

  224. Nikhil Kulkarni says:

    Can u please tell us from when we will be able to pledge MF for collateral margins for FnO.
    Thanks in advance

  225. Paras says:

    I bought Reliance Junior bees on 13th, it has been 2 days but U am nit getting an option to pledge them?
    Is pledging not applicable to junior bees ETF?

    • Faisal says:

      Are the units delivered to your demat account? You should be able to see the pledge option once the scrip is credited to your demat account on T+2 days.

  226. usha says:

    i have purchased liquidbees (quantity=80) seven days back.
    and 3.095 units are already in demat which was delivered as dividend.
    (shows as discrepancy 3.095)
    so, total 83.095 units are balance.
    now, i tried to pledge 80 units but it shows ” failed pledge/unpledge. invalid literal for int() with base 10″
    what to do?
    please reply

  227. Nitin says:

    1) Can I pledge MF liquid funds units in COIN pledged, If not what is the timeline?
    2) WIll MF liquid funds also have same treatment as cash and LIQUIDBEES?

  228. Investor says:

    The pledge charges are 60 per scrip. So if i pledge additional quantities of a scrip already pledged, will i be charged on the additional scrips? For example, i pledge 100 shares of Reliance Industries today for which i am charged 60 bucks. If i wish to pledge another 50 shares of RIL a couple of days later, will i be charged another 60 bucks for these 50 shares?

  229. Viswa says:

    According to SEBI circular dated 21.02.2019, reducing haircut for collateral for government securities, any change in haircut for liquid bees?

  230. Manoj Salgar says:

    50% collateral margin plus 50% of LIQUIDBEES can be used ???
    or need Cash on trading account???

  231. Agnel says:

    I have 1 lakh in cash and 6 lakhs in margins showing,
    my question if I sell the call or put options of F&O and use the margin of say 6 lakhs and carry forward the trade for few days, will there be interest charge from Zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      You can use up to 2 lk of margins without attracting an interest charge. Basically, the non-cash margin you can use is equal to the cash available. Any utilisation above the cash available will attract interest charges.

  232. Suhas says:

    When will the facility be available for mutual funds units pledging?

  233. GANESH AJALKAR says:

    When will the facility be available for mutual funds units pledging?

  234. Xyz says:

    It has been mentioned that 18 percent per Annum interest is applicable if not having 50percent cash . My question is that who receives this interest income.does Zerodha receive this.If yes then is it Zerodha who funds the remaining margin amount to exchange or is there any catch on this.

    • Matti says:

      Yes, Zerodha receives this income since it’s funding the client to the tune of the shortfall in the cash component.

  235. Arun says:

    I have liquidbees of 10 lakhs. Can i pledge them and use the amount to buy ETFs. If yes can you help me with these questions –

    1. What is the interest charged on margin
    2. Is there any limit on how long we can pledge the shares.


  236. Mahadish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    After pledging of stocks. Will i be able to trade bull put spread (buy option and also sell)?
    If i use only pledged amount and no more balance in the account?

  237. B S Kumar says:

    I am writing options with pledged stocks as margin. How about ‘option buy’ positions as hedge. Is there any way to use the collateral for that.

  238. sandeep says:

    When can we use mutual fund as a collateral margin? Will I be able to use direct plan mutual fund (not regular plan mf) for this. Kindly explain.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sandeep, just the final few pieces to be put in place before you can start pledging mutual funds. Should be done soon. 🙂 You will be able to pledge direct funds, yes.

      • Tirupathi says:


        We are hearing this for last 2 years that it is in final phase and will update soon. Do you have any timeline for this?

        We are eagerly waiting for this to happen sooner than later.

  239. Mandeep says:


    If i have 1 Lac worth of collateral (pledge equity after haircut) & additional 1 Lac of liquid bees in my account. Can Liquid bees act as part of 50% cash requirement for margin. Or am i to leave idle cash in account. Am i allowed to take position in F&O Option selling worth 2 Lac (span + exposure)?

    In case if liquid bees can act as cash component, what about MTM losses, how does MTM settle.

    • Matti says:

      You’ll have to pledge the LiquidBees. The collateral would be cash equivalent, not the holding itself.

      About MTM, as long as the collateral margin covers for the SPAN+Exposure requirements, the F&O position will be kept open.
      All the MTM losses will be posted to your ledger, and your account will result in a negative balance(interest will be charged at 0.05% a day). If you fail to make good of the debit balance, our RMS team will square-off your pledged holdings to the extent of the debit balance.

  240. Anshuman S says:


    I am not able to pledge DSP BR Liquid ETF. Is it not in the list of approved scrips.


  241. Amit says:

    Will pledging more of any security which is already pledged incur additional charges?
    For example, if I pledge 100 LiquidBees today and another 100 LiquidBees next week, and unpledge all 200 next month, how much will the total transaction cost me?

  242. Shivam says:

    Hi @Nithin
    I have two questions…
    How long can a stock be remain pledged? (By paying only 60 rs+gst) ie 60rs is for one day or for ever; if I want to pledge .
    Can we pledge MFs as well? If so then what are the haircuts and charges?

  243. Madan chavan says:

    Hi sir,
    Can I pledge my bank fixed deposit for option trading in zerodha..
    Pls guide

  244. Vipul Agarwal says:

    I am having shares of Dwarikesh sugar and I had pledged the same for getting collateral margins.
    It is there in the approved list of shares eligible for margins.
    But in my account the collateral margins is not being shown and i am unable to sell options.

  245. Rushikesh Kanthamani says:

    I want to write options (not intraday) using collateral from my equity. So My question is do I need 50% cash to write options or Can I write options using 100% collateral, because some where I read that we can write options using only collateral and no cash has to be maintained. Cash is only required for futures…is that true?

    Second question is if 50% cash has to be kept for writing options then Liquidbess is considered as free cash equivalent then is there a need to pledge that liquid bees too or can I simply leave it ,buy liquidbess and leave it in my demat(Assuming it as cash equivalent and no need to pledge)

    • Matti says:

      You’ll need 50% cash component for shorting options. Margin from pledging liquidbees is cash equivalent. As such, you’ll need to pledge to liquidbees.

  246. Mohan says:

    Any company like DHFL which is pledged at stock price Rs.600 on 03rd march 2018 and suddenly drops to Rs.200 on 03rd oct 2018, with a haircut i may get (80% for suppose) 480 Rupees of margin and stock drops to Rs.200 (still not Unpledged). What will be the effect on the margin taken from you for pledged shares in intraday trading. Will it change day on day basing on current stock price. Let me know if margin provided will be always at current price even if pledged 8 months ago before stock has plunged (i.e., 160 Rupees of margin for DHFL @ Rs.200) for trading now @ Rs.200. or else can i keep 480 rupees that i initially get as margin for pledged shares to take intraday trades.

    • Mohan says:

      Would you provide any authorized agreement proof on collateral like shares or liquid bees for pledging that a client’s property was kept with you just like you send contract notes to mailing address of client.

  247. Kanhaiya says:

    – How Zerodha is progressing on Margin against Mutual Funds / GSECS?
    – In this post; couple of years back – it was said that Zerodha will try to give the option to Pledge/unpledge on same day….Any progress in this matter as well?

    • Tony says:

      This is very critical for me to continue using zerodha. I dont like the dividend distribution tax I will have to miss out on LiquidBees. So I’m thinking for very short term Liquid fund Growth, or a short term Gsec, for Cash-Equivalent. Pls give us a timeline on when you can do this, or should we be better off looking for some other brokerage?

  248. Zerodha user says:

    Hello Nithin Sir/ zerodha team,
    How can I use my bank FD as collateral with my zerodha trading account. Pls reply.

    • Matti says:

      The exchange accepts FD as collateral only if it is in the name of the broker. As such, we don’t allow margins with FD as collateral.

  249. Amarjeet Singh says:

    My strategy is to buy Nifty in cash in the form of niftybees and sell OTM call on it to make regular income. So please advise me what quantity of niftybees should I buy so that it can be equivalent to one lot (a lot = 75) of OTM Call sold

    • Amarjeet Singh says:

      My strategy is to buy Nifty in cash in the form of niftybees and sell OTM call on it to make regular income. So please advise me what quantity of niftybees should I buy so that it can be equivalent to one lot (a lot = 75) of OTM Call sold. Alos I will pledge my niftybees to take loan for writing the covered call option. How much total investment will be needed to enter into this covered call position using pledging of niftybees? Thanks


      • Faisal says:

        Since a unit of Niftybees is 1/10th of Nifty 50 index, you will need to purchase 750 units of Niftybees.
        Yes, you can pledge this and get 90% of the value as collateral with which you can short OTM calls.
        As explained in the post above, you need to get 50% in cash and 50% as collateral to not be charged interest for the option short position. Otherwise you can use the full collateral value to take the short option position

  250. Lino says:

    Since pledging liquid bees is considered cash equivalent, so can it be used for buying stock or just trading F&O?

    • Faisal says:

      Lino, you can trade F&O only

      • Lino says:

        If sell covered call from collateral margin (from pledging same amount of shares as the lot size) and incur unrealized loss, how this is treated. Assuming that I dont have enough free cash to cover the loss, do I need to have cash balance on daily basis so as to cover for losses or is this settled during expiry?

        • Faisal says:

          Futures and short options are marked to market daily. Since you have short options, this loss will be reduced from your account and a short margin will be reported. If you fail to add funds, your position will be squared off.

          • Lino says:

            So covered call cannot be done in zerodha? If it can be done then how?

          • Lino says:

            The shares I have pledge will offset the loss of the call sold, if zerodha keeps swuaring off my shares just to maintain M2M then covered call can never be done without extra cash …..
            I understand that M2M is maintained for safety but in case of covered call broker doesnt need to do that like i said earlier the shares will offset the loss of the call sold since shares owned n call sold will be of the same quantity… on top of that the profit is decided on expiry day so why do something so meankngless?

            • Faisal says:

              Lino, you misunderstood my previous response, you can do a covered call without any issues. We wouldn’t square-off your position as long you have enough collateral margin to cover for the losses.
              Actually, since you are selling call options, your MTM losses will go up only if the stock price is going up, hence, your available collateral margin will only increase.

              • Lino says:

                Thanks for clarifying. because of the 50% margin 50% cash rule I thought the collateral shares will be squared off if i don’t have sufficient free cash

  251. Subramanian Padmanabhan says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    We are all waiting for Mutual fund accepted as collateral for some years now.. when will this be enabled? The wait is killing us 🙁

  252. RAVI BOGA says:

    If i trade from collateral margin (from equity pledging) and incur losses, how this is treated. do i need to have cash balance on daily basis so as to cover for losses or this can be settled when unpledging the stocks.

    Could colateral margin from Liquidbees be used as cash balance.

    • Faisal says:

      1. If your trading account results in a debit balance, you will receive an alert to add funds to your account. If you failed to do so, the pledged shares could be sold to make good of the losses
      2. Yes, you can pledge Liquidbees to get collateral margin

  253. DeepWater says:

    Typically how many days does it take for dividend for pledged shares to be deposited to trading account..

    For few share in my demat account the dividend was credited to bank account on 19th and for the remaining shares which are pledged I have haven’t received till date(29th Sept)

    Typically how many days does it take for zerodha to transfer??

  254. Srini says:

    We will soon start accepting mutual funds also to provide collateral margin.

    Would you have any timelines for this?

  255. Prakash says:

    I’m overwhelmed when i see the reply for a feedback from the CEO of Zerodha. Thats really shows your commitment and care for customer service. Thanks a lot Nithin. Hope to see more creative products and services.

  256. Krish says:

    After pledging the shares ,will the cash received from Option writing be considered for M2M losses?

  257. Krish says:

    Does unpledging change the original buying price of the stock? Lets say I have pledged 100 shares @160 Rs.(original buy price) . After some days the price of the share goes up to 180 Rs. If I unpledge it, will the buy price remain 160 Rs? or will it change to 180 Rs?

  258. BEB says:

    i got shares of sanwaria agro and crest ventures, can i pledge these stocks and use the proceeds for margin at zerodha?

  259. Rahul Tank says:


    I was tried to contact on 7406014020 but they does not call pick up from last 2 days. Kindly contact me I want to know about my tread

    Rahul Tank

  260. kamini says:

    I have some query.
    1. when i unpledged my shares ,why does it not show me the buy price of it , as it does when they were pledged.
    2. If zerodha gets the dividend for pledged shares after unpledging how many days it takes to credit the dividened to the holder’s account and where to check that.

  261. Asish says:

    For example if I have Stock A and if I opt to pledge it, will I be able to use it only for equity Future or Option of Stock A only or it can be used for any Equity/Index F&O?

  262. Aditya says:


    Can you please clarify the following items.
    Let’s say I get limit of 50k by pledging stocks and keep 50k as cash in the account. Now, I decide to write options in my account and it required margin of 80k.
    1. Can I use limit of 50k to write options?
    2. Will you charge me any interest on this?

  263. Ketan Rane says:

    I am trying to pledge some stocks such as Maruti, Biocon etc which shows the “Pledge” icon next to it but nothing happens when I click it. There are other stocks like INFY, JSWSTEEL etc which show me the box for choosing quantity to pledge on clicking.
    So what’s happening here. Can the process be made more intuitive for customers.


  264. Prasanna says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I plan to invest in Mutual fund in COIN, please confirm I could leverage the same to pledge the MF to do intraday option trades, thanks!!

  265. Himanshu says:

    Does LIQUIDETF (the one from DSP Blackrock) be considered as cash equivalent?
    Do I need to pledge that to take the benefit of collateral?

  266. Ravi Rajan says:

    I have pledged liquidbees. Now after the haircut you show the value as cash balance. Now for quarterly settlement of account you again buy (over night) liquidbees and sell it(next day). Now because there is a debit balance for one day you charge interest on the debit balance. The debit arose only because you have bought liquid bees for quarterly settlement of cash. There is no cash balance, but the system shows as cash balance the pledged value of liquidbees. Please do something about this.

  267. Kiran says:

    Do you allow NCD (10 year debt instrument from edelweiss ) to be used as collateral for trading in F&O.

  268. vishwas s says:

    Example if i get a 50000 colleteral margin and i have 1000 as free cash can i buy nifty futures, if i buy till what percentage of loss can i hold that position (i know about the debit will be 34000 and interest charges is 0.05%/day).
    only thing is that for 1000 free cash can i buy the nifty futures lot and till how many days can i hold that and loss percent for squaring up.

  269. Melwin Mathew says:

    Hi Nitin Sir, wanted to know 2 things:
    1. If i Pledge my Shares, apart from F&O positions, can i also take Intraday & Delivery Positions in the Equity Shares using the Margin Available?
    2. If i have Shares in my account, which are in F&O, what is process for lending those shares through zerodha?
    Please do help me with the same.
    Thank You

  270. Honey Sawa says:


    My previous broker was allowing me to take equity delivery positions for 3 to 5 days based on my DP stock balance. When will this be introduced by Zerodha? I know I can pledge and take intra-day positions with Zerodha but what about delivery? I last checked this with your customer care in July 2017 and they said it would take couple of months.


  271. Firoz Ujjainwalla says:


    I spoke to the zerodha helpline. People there dont seem to have the answer to this question. I have got 3 conflicting answers.

    My question is this.

    I already have an existing position in futures. I pledge my shares today. After I pledge, on T+1 the pledge amount shows up in the collateral section on kite.

    1) Will the collateral be used automatically for the existing position that I have? As in, will kite understand that this account has a futures position and now that there is a collateral amount available, kite should utilize that amount to pay 50% of the margin?

    2) If the answer to the above question is NO. Then what am i supposed to do to get kite/zerodha/pi to use the collateral account for payment of the margin?
    a) One person told me that I would have to sell my position (its a long position), and then re-buy it immediately for the collateral amount to be used for margin payment
    b) One person told me that if i sell and buy back immediately, it would count as an intraday trade, and zerodha/kite/pi would not pick up 50% of the margin from my collateral. Hence i would have to square off my position today, and re-enter it tomorrow?

    3) Can i change expiry? I have a position in july futures, if i want the margin to come from the collateral account, can i square off my july futures, and take a position in the next second in august futures? will 50% of the margin in this case be taken from my collateral account or will it still be an issue?

    Why does this mechanism exist? is it for brokerage collection? i dont mind paying you the brokerage AT ALL as long as I can do my trades quickly without having to square off today and re-buy tomorrow. Hell, debit my account for brokerage if you must :P, i dont mind in the least. I am more worried about the potential price differential between close today and open tomorrow because my position is considerably large in reasonably volatile scrips that have the potential to open 7-15 rs up or down the next day.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Firoj. The system doesn’t really differentiate between cash and collateral like that. When you add collateral to your account, the total margin available increases. Only if the positions you have cannot be covered by the cash and collateral available in your account with cash making up at least 50%, then a penalty is charged. That’s just about it. 🙂

  272. Firoz Ujjainwalla says:

    I have shares of reliance capital that i would like to pledge. Lets assume that I pledge 1000 shares at the price of 368. That frees up 3,68,000 out of which you take a haircut. lets assume the haircut is 20%, which means i get 2,94,400.

    I can use the 2,94,400 ALONG with the cash in my account to take a position in futures of reliance. At a price of ~990 currently, the margin required is ~1,24,000. Now lets assume i want to purchase 4 lots. Which means my margin requirement is 4,96,000. I have FREE CASH in my account. So 2,48,000 will be taken from my FREE cash in the account. and the remaining 2,48,000 will be taken from the collateral account.

    My question is this. When the price of reliance capital starts reducing, the collateral account will reflect those changes as well. Correct? At a price of 300, the 1000 pledged shares will have a value of only 2,40,000. Which means that this goes below the amount that has been previously used for the 50% margin above (which is 2,48,000). What happens here? Lets assume that i have plenty of cash in the account. I have another lakh or so more FREE cash in the account as well.

    After the price of relcap drops low enough that it doesnt even account for the 50% margin in the account, will my cash be used to make up the pending margin? will i be penalised?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Firoz, as long as you have sufficient cash, there is no issue. Penalties are only levied if the margin contribution for your position is more than 50% comprised of the pledged margin. In your case, even when the share price drops since you have enough cash to maintain the position, this cash margin is consumed. In this case, your margin is more than 50% cash, so this would work fine.

  273. Mahendra C says:

    Hi Nitin & Team,

    Could you pl. confirm on pledging of MF? By when(best and worst case) can we expect the MF pledging will start in Zerodha. The timeline helps us to plan the alternative for MF pledging.

  274. SASTRY says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can Mutual Funds in Coin platform be used as collateral?

  275. Bhumika Shah says:

    I have been informed that dividend for the pledged stocks will be credited in trading account instead of bank account.

    1)Kindly confirm the same.
    2)Also, within how many days will dividend be credited in trading ledger ?
    3) What will be the description in trading ledger ? how can I audit if previous dividend for my pledged stocks has been credited ?

  276. CA Nagendra Sah says:

    You have mentioned share pledging cost is RS. 60 per script.
    Suppose, I have 10 shares of Maruti RightNow. Hence pledged all 10 for which u charge RS 60.

    After one week I am going to buy 5 more share of Maruti which will reflects in my DP on 7th day.
    Now I want to pledge that 5 shares again. It means total share pledged is 15.
    Will u charge RS 60 additionally for 5 share again?
    Or, per script includes all additional share pledged and u will not charge more??

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nagendra, it’s Rs. 60 per pledge instruction, so you’d be charged twice.

      • CA Nagendra Sah says:

        No where mentioned “per pledge”.
        Read Rule:
        “The entire process of pledging and unpledging will cost Rs 60 per scrip irrespective of the quantity”.

        It is clearly mentioned “per script”. it means they don’t have to charge again for same script.

        • Matti says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong. The post says “The entire process of pledging and unpledging will cost Rs 60 per scrip irrespective of the quantity“. This doesn’t really say it’s per scrip. In the response to the other comment that you’re referring to is clarifying that if one pledges more than one scrip at a time, then the pledge request charge is applicable to each scrip irrespective of how many stocks of each are being pledged. Each time you place a pledge request, it’s a fresh request and is charged accordingly.

  277. Rajesh says:

    Hi Nithin & Team,

    You guys are doing a phenomenal job and congrats for becoming the 3rd largest stock broker in India. I am happy with your services. I would like to know when your team can start allowing pledging of mutual funds for getting F&O margin. Eagerly waiting for your reply.


    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Rajesh, this will take more time, we will have to accept only growth funds as dividends/lock in funds etc aren’t possible. We can’t give you a date yet, but the good news is that we are about to launch the new Q finally, so hopefully much sooner than later.

  278. Amol Gholap says:

    Sir/Madam, I am working with Varroc Group since 17 years. Now presently our company is going to be listed in stock exchange and it is in process. Our employer is offering its employees to apply for discounted rates in IPO. Our group has appointed Kotak Securities as a channel partner for applying for IPO. When i disclosed that I am having an demat account with Zerodha i was told that IPO cannot be applied thru Zerodha directly instead we have to apply thru ASBA service. Now my question is how to apply for IPO for my employer @discounted rates after I share my Zerodha DP ID with my employer. Whether I am eligible to get the shares allotment and how this transaction would take place. what is the procedure to follow as Kotak representatives have already filled up forms from Varroc Group employees for creating their demat account. Whether I too have to open a Kotak account or i am eligible to apply for IPO with the Zerodha platform if I share my DP ID with them. Pl confirm at the earliest.

  279. Sritharan says:

    i am having account from you. Can i have collateral margin from my mutual fund??

  280. Rahul says:

    HI @Nithin
    We all are waiting for this answer from last 2 years about Collateral Margin against mutual funds Units.
    Please let us know when it ll start. just dont tell it ll start soon.
    or is there any difficulty in this being lunched plz let us know

  281. AU says:

    Can we get margin on Reliance Junior BeEs after pledging ?

  282. DeepWater says:

    Hello ,

    Could you please let me know if we get collateral by pledging ICICINIFTY ETF and KOTAKNIFTY ETF . These are not included in the excel list. What is haircut for these ETFs


  283. senthil says:

    Can i take a loan against my MF holdings in Coin platform. The loan is for other personal purposes, not for trading.

  284. Priya Agrawal says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I have few questions regarding this facility:
    1. If there is some negative balance then only there will be interest otherwise no charges on using 50% collateral for longer period, correct, means if I hold a F&O position for 2-3 month or more than 1 year with 50% cash from my side then I dont need to pay any additional money to Zerodha, am I correct?

    2. Suppose for any stock, I have requested for some quantity for example: 200 as collateral and later I increase/decrease the quantity, Will I have to pay 60 + GST everytime?

  285. ramanuj says:

    hi nitin,
    would like u request u to start taking collateral fd in f/o segment instead of cash or nifty bees. it wil give additional return to trader like us.

  286. Tirupathi says:

    If I have liquidbees pledged for 1lac amount and do not have any cash in the account. Would I be able to take the options writing to next day carry forward?

  287. Jagan says:

    Do we get any notification when pledging actually executed? Small action in Q for big decision. It would be better if we get the email notification with quantity and amount of margin added due to pledging. Last time when I tested by pledging, i never came to know if the stock is actually pledged, or pledging charge really charged or margin really increased. Does pledged quantity been shown as T1 quantity in Holding API?

    • Jagan says:

      If Q provided some indicator to show pledging status like with icon for COMPLETED, REQUESTED, INPROCCES , that would also solve the purpose.

      • Matti says:

        This is being added in the new Q currently being built, Jagan.

        • Jagan says:

          Thanks for reply, Some more questions..

          Since stocks will be removed from d-mat, once we pledge, which makes sense to get more right to pledged stocks which they need in extreme cases. But dividend will be credited to zerodha instead of original owner.
          Can you please explain how these dividend money will be transfered to original owner of the stock .

          After pledging Stock, customer need to get contract notes or any formal pledging document else broker will be legal owner of pledged stocks . Even though customer has +85% of money in their account, as margin which is NOT really customer’s money. I really find the need of some official contract document which can be used legally.

          • Matti says:

            Hey Jagan. The dividend is credited to Zerodha by the company. This is in turn credited to your trading account by us. As for the ownership of the stocks, we display these stocks as pledged stocks in the backoffice, which should be proof enough.

            • Jagan says:

              Matti, We trust Zerodha. please understand customer may want to play safe. Financial dealing usually won’t be done based on mutual trust. keeping integrity in extreme critical situations is almost impossible. After so many frouds from banks and very famous personalities are talking the news headlines, it makes sence to be cautious, when we plan to pledge more stocks. Company-customer relations need be same always. World’s most pupular email service provider said “Their customers don’t expect privacy of their email content”. Simple leagual e-document is suffient, Most of the customers may not even keep the copy of it, but that gives feel of safety.

  288. nilay says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Pls help me understand the use of liquid bees & pledged stock collateral in the below scenario:

    1) Margin requirement is 1 lac & I have pledged 50 k of liquid bees & 50 k of stock. Can i execute a trade of 1lac margin requirement.If yes will i have to sell off the liquid bees to provide zerodha actual cash or I can keep the liquid bees pledged as collateral & earn interest on the same as well. I believe the interest would be only payable if i do not provide with the MTM margin

    2) If i have pledged 1 lac liquid bees & 2 lac worth of stock. Need to do a trade on 1 lac margin on day 1, whether my liquid bee balance would be utilized or it would be a equal proportion of liquid bee & stock.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nilay, pledged liquid bees are cash equivalent. So, if you have 50k worth liquid bees collateral, and 50k work stock collateral, you can take a trade worth 100k. If you have 100k worth liquid bees collateral, and 200k worth stock collateral, you can take a trade of up to 200k without having to pay any interest for margin shortfall. In this case, 100k of the liquid bees collateral and 100k of the stock collateral is used. To utilise the rest of the pledged stock, you’ll need to bring in 100k cash or pledge equal liquid bees.

      • Deepwater says:

        How do can I differentiate or know the status of collateral available due to stock and liquid bees .. Is there separate heading under which these are differentiated. I want to separately know collateral available. In the above example. If I have stock collateral of 1 lakh , liquid bees collateral of 1 lakh and utilities 1.5 lakh margin.. I want separately know 25 k of liquid bees and 25 stock collateral available.. Do I get this info from q or kite ?

        • Matti says:

          That wouldn’t be possible. The system will always try to use 50% of the margin from cash/liquidbees collateral and the other 50% from stock collateral.

  289. Abhi says:

    Hi, I see the approved list is composed mostly of stocks and stock like etfs and few short-term debt like etf. Can one pledge indian government bonds /bills? If yes, where one can find relevant haircuts. One would presume being the safest of short-term debts, Indian government bonds/bills especially of short-term maturities would qualify;

  290. Tirupathi says:

    Hi Team,

    I have come across below news that Zerodha has got the lending license, which could help to provide the collateral margin again mutual funds also. Is it true? If yes, how soon we can expect the Pledging against the mutual funds.


    • Matti says:

      That’s right, we should start offering this soon.

      • Tirupathi says:

        Hi Matti,

        Any update on the progress of providing mutual funds pledging option. I have hearing that it will be soon from almost 2 years now. I have been keep waiting for this to happen and no luck till now.

        Could you please provide any timelines, if I not we can plan alternativies if it is gonna take more time.

  291. Kalp says:

    How can we track our pledged liquidbees return?
    I have noted that whenever the returns cumulates to a whole unit it is getting credited in our account at the end of the month. But I want to know what happens to the fractional units when we unpledged. I recently unpledged my liquidbees portfolio but I didn’t get any fractional units, and it is highly unlikely that there are no fractional units as it is a daily dividend scheme. Kindly guide.


    • Matti says:

      The fractional units will not be shown on the trading platform as they can’t be sold from the platform but will be available in your demat account. You can redeem this. The process is explained here.


    kindly provide the list of stocks which are allowed for intraday/MIS trading in Zerodha platform.

  293. Priyank Nevatia says:

    My wife and I have formed a LLP. We will be opening a trading cum dmat account under the LLP name. I would like to know if shares in our individual names can be used for the purpose of margin against shares (maintaining the stock – cash ratio of 50:50). I am 99% partner while my wife is 1% partner.

  294. Avinash Jadhav says:

    My ID ZP6251, i had purchased a stock as CNC named SRDL some weeks back, now the same is not reflecting in and other platform, on the other hand i am not able to sell the same in open market. as i find this as dead stock with no buyers and sellers , and the value of the same is decreasing day by day. can you please help me get rid of this stock? kindly help its an request

  295. som says:

    Hi Nithin and Team,

    Would you like to consider FDR for margin in FnO? I see that exchange allows for it. I wonder if you would like to provide that facility


  296. Prajkta says:

    i am re-posting it again!!
    can someone answer the querry
    tried calling the branch office at pune but hey couldn’t resolve it

    i wanted to check how much margin do i have if i pledge my stocks. So i tried pledging and checked the amount for few scripts. Then i again un-pledged them after checking the amount which i can use as margin. i hope with this action of mine i am not charged with 120/- per script.

    thank you.

    • som says:

      Haircut is 80-85%. So you will get that much of pledged value back in your trading account. Actual haircut varies because different stocks have different volatility

  297. Prasanthi says:

    I have Equity collateral (Pledged stocks in my DP) of 23 Lakhs. I have used margin of 11 Lakhs for taking positions in stock futures. Now after some loss in the positions I am holding, my cash margin got almost wiped out for M2M losses. If the Cash gets short of covering the M2M losses, and I have a lot more margin in Collateral….Still will your RMS square off my positions if M2M is in loss? or will you charge me interest on the shortage of cash for M2M. Please let me know.

    • Matti says:

      The rule is that 50% of the margin should be in the form of cash. If there’s no cash available, interest is charged. If your cash is completely wiped out, then a part of your pledged holdings are liquidated to maintain the position. This, however, can only be done up to the extent of SPAN margin. If the collateral you have is less than the exchange stipulated SPAN margin, then the position is squared off. In case of extreme volatility, you’d require to have exposure margin as well to maintain the position.

  298. SACHIN says:

    Who decides the percentage of haircut .Does it decided by broker or the list is available on NSE website which is same for all..Can you throw some light on this ?

  299. Prajkta says:

    i wanted to check how much margin do i have if i pledge my stocks. So i tried pledging and checked the amount for few scripts. Then i again un-pledged them after checking the amount which i can use as margin. i hope with this action of mine i am not charged with 120/- per script.

    thank you.

  300. LATESH says:

    How to check charges of interest , on delayed payment ??

    • Matti says:

      You can view the daily breakup under Holdings in Q (View delayed payment (interest) charges). The interest is charged at the end of every month.

  301. Kundan says:

    Hi Team,

    I am not able to see pledged stock in NSDL statement. May I know, why these are not visible in NSDL statement.
    I have pledged stock from HDFC security to get margine. However, these stocks are visible in NSDL statment.

    Please help me to understand it.


  302. Rahul says:

    When will the instance margin available, by pledging shares or ETF

  303. Ajay says:

    Why is haircut taken even on Liquid Bees when the exchange stipulates that it is as good as cash ??

  304. ravikumar says:

    hi nithin sir,

    i am new to this sharemarket
    By mistake i selected the buy overnight liquid fund option , please tell me sir

    how to deselect this option i dont want this

  305. ravikumar says:

    by mistake i selected the buy overnight liquid fund , please tell me how to deselect this option i dont want this

  306. Syamsunder says:

    Please answer my queries. I am reposting my questions that I have asked on 04th Jan 18.

    Two Questions:

    1. I have pledged nearly half of my Piramal Enterprises share holding with you for trading in F&O margin purpose. Now PEL is coming up with Rights issue. I want to subscribe for the rights they offer. Now as these stocks are pledged with you. Will there be any effect of this pledge on the rights issue? Will the rights issue on the pledged shares be offered to me or not. Please explain if there is going to be any change in the process that will be followed for Pledged shares when rights issues are offered? Please let me know if I should un-pledge the shares before the Record date for the rights issue?

    2. Is Zerodha facilitating “Rights issue” purchases like they do in “buybacks” or we have to do it manually on our own.? please explain.
    Thank you.

  307. SANDEEP SHARMA says:

    Hi Can I use margin for FNO trading from the Mutual Funds I hold? When this will be available?

  308. Dhrutika Patel says:

    Posting again as I did not receive reply:
    I have 1 lac of liquid bees, 1 lac of shares and very little cash say 20000.

    If I pledge 1 lac of shares and 1 lac of liquid bees, can I use total margin of 2 lac (after haircut) without paying any penalty / interest for buying future or selling options?

  309. Imran Memon says:

    Nitin sir,
    Right now I hv account with angel brorcking but having high charges like 45 rs per lot of nifty option….The margin required for option writing at current nifty price of 10650 or 10700 CE call option is Rs 7000 and for current Bank nifty price for option writing the margin required is 8000 Rs……I tried to calculate the span margin calculator for zerodha margin required for option writing but I didnt get the answer…..Pls let me know how much margin is required for option writing for both Call and Put at current nifty and bank nifty price…..Pls let me know the approx amount of margin req,,,,, I hope it will be less than angel brocking.

    • Matti says:

      The margin required for one lot of Nifty is about Rs. 55k for overnight positions and 22k for intraday positions.

  310. Rohit says:

    Dear Nithin

    Please let me know when can I expect the pledging of Mutual fund units.
    I am planning to buy MF on coin platform only if pledging is allowed.
    It will be highly appreciable, If you can give an approximate timeline in days/weeks/months/years so that I can plan accordingly.

    • Pooja says:

      Dear Zerodha Team

      I am also seeking answer to same question.
      Please tell whether it will be a reality in near future…….? Collateral margin against mutual fund units..????

  311. RSehgal says:

    I wanted to pledge all my holdings after ticking and filling up the quantity is there something else to be done as the screen is not shaowing acceptance.

  312. Prateek Mandhana says:

    How much interest rate will be charged on collateral amount?

  313. Senthil Kumar says:

    For overnight FNO positions 50% cash margin is required (other 50% being collateral). For intraday FNO positions can I use 100% margin from collateral without interest. If it is squared off within intrady.

  314. Syamsunder says:

    Two Questions:

    1. I have pledged nearly half of my Piramal Enterprises share holding with you for trading in F&O margin purpose. Now PEL is coming up with Rights issue. I want to subscribe for the rights they offer. Now as these stocks are pledged with you. Will there be any effect of this pledge on the rights issue? Will the rights issue on the pledged shares be offered to me or not. Please explain if there is going to be any change in the process that will be followed for Pledged shares when rights issues are offered? Please let me know if I should un-pledge the shares before the Record date for the rights issue?

    2. Is Zerodha facilitating “Rights issue” purchases like they do in “buybacks” or we have to do it manually on our own.? please explain.
    Thank you.

  315. raman saini says:

    dear sir
    try to explain in easy form,, my stock holding has a pledge sign i can’t understand ,, plz

  316. Abhishek says:

    When will you allow pledging of mutual funds? What’s the timeline for getting this feature in Zerodha? I keep hearing it will take some time for the past 2 years. Can you be more specific?

  317. Shaffi says:

    “For overnight F&O positions, 50% of the margin needs to compulsorily come in cash”.
    Need clarity how the word margin is defined?
    Here 50% of the margin means “50% of the SPAN margin” or ” 50% of the Total margin (SPAN+Exposure)” ?
    For example,The margin calculator says :
    SPAN Margin : Rs 50000
    Exposure Margin : Rs 50000
    Total Margin : Rs 100000
    Here, 50% of the margin in cash means Rs 25000 (50% of SPAN Margin) OR Rs 50000 (50% of Total Margin)

  318. Rohit says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Can cash (received by pledging liquid bees) be used for buying Mutual fund schemes available on coin.

    • Matti says:

      While the margin obtained from pledging liquidbees is cash equivalent, it isn’t actual cash and cannot be used for MF purchases.

  319. Priyank Nevatia says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I wanted some clarification on Margin against shares.

    So as a family we mutually decided that all long term investments would be done on my parents name. And all short term trading activities would be done in my name. But in this scenario what is happening is all the long term stocks we have are held in my parents name and I have to give cash for margin / m2m. So in which scenario would I be allowed to use my parent’s shares and get margin against the same. I am aware that 50% of margin has to be funded in cash or cash equivalent. In both my dad’s and my mother’s case, theirs is the first name and mine is the second name. So if I open a joint account but with my name as first and their name as second, would I be able to use their shares for margin ?

  320. PICOXAM says:

    when can we get margins agains MFs?

  321. sangesh says:

    how to use margin for intaday equity market.margin is available for intraday or not.iam bid confused with these pledging .can u explain me where we can use margin how it can be applied for equity intraday

  322. Dhrutika Patel says:

    I have 1 lac of liquid bees, 1 lac of shares and very little cash say 20000.

    If I pledge 1 lac of shares and 1 lac of liquid bees, can I use total margin of 2 lac (after haircut) without paying any penalty / interest for buying future or selling options?

  323. ST says:

    Do you accept collateral such as NHAI bonds which are there in NSE pledgable list and also traded on nse

    • Matti says:

      There’s a list of approved securities that are accepted for pledging at Zerodha in the post above. I suggest you check it out.

  324. Dhruv says:

    I have X quantity of a stock already pledged. I would like to pledge more of the same stock. As the Pledge charge is per script, will i have to pay 60 rs additional to pledge more shares ?


  325. Surya S says:

    Can you answer my question “Do the pledged Liquid Bees treated as cash margin for F&O trade?”

  326. Thathabeer says:

    Hello sir.I linked aadhar for my friend have one mistake I linked my aadhar for him do identify in which account linked my aadhar.and how do unlinked aadhar for my friend account

  327. Surya S says:

    Do the pledged Liquid Bees treated as cash margin for F&O trade?

  328. Surya S says:

    How do I buy liquid bees from surplus fund and pledge them?

  329. Hemant says:

    “We will soon start accepting mutual funds also to provide collateral margin.”

    May I ask if you have already begun accepting mutual funds to provide collateral margin ?

    • Matti says:

      Not yet. Should start of in a few weeks now.

      • dinesh says:

        Did it start yet.?

        • Sandeep says:

          Is this started? I mean can I use Mutual fund to pledge and get margin for trading?

          • Satya says:

            Is it started yet? In one of your other posts, you were referring to the practical problems of dealing with dividends, closed ended funds etc. To begin with why dont we keep it simple and just accept open ended & growth option mutual fund holdings? Why delay the whole concept because of complex cases. Request u to start accepting simple cases as I mentioned. Regards

  330. Aravind Kumar says:

    What is the need for maintaining 50% cash margin to maintain a covered call position. Any adverse movement in the option is 100% captured by the underlying equity ? Please clarify

  331. Harpreet Singh says:

    Thanks Nithin/Venu, you guys are doing a great job.

    I wanted to understand the situation when i need to immediately sell my pledged script units.
    What option do i have and how do i go about it.
    I could only gather that -> unpledge today (before 2.00pm) and sell tomorrow.
    Would it be possible to sell today and unpledge request given today (before 2.00 pm) or tomorrow (since cutoff is 2.00pm itself)

    Also it would improve my confidence, if overall procedure to buy script and pledge(5 days) and unpledge requests (1-2 days) time is shortened somehow.

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on this, but this real-time pledging/unpledging will take some time. The current, vendor backoffice we use doesn’t support this.

      • Praveen says:

        Hi Harpreet & Matti,
        I have thought of a workaround on this issue specially when dealing with covered call and underlying is pledged. Kindly update me if I m wrong somewhere. Suppose I have 1000 reliance shares and are pledged together with a covered call. At some point if I want to exit both the position, I will exit covered call together with selling one lot of reliance future ( current series or even next series). Then we can unpledge the shares and then square off both the shares & short future position. It may also happen that prices goes down considerably and we only square off the short position only and keep the shares in holding. Maximum loss may be one or two point in the price and transaction cost which is any way very less.

  332. Prashant says:

    Hi Nithin/Venu,

    I need a clarification over position after pledging shares.
    Pledged shares worth 10 lakh.
    Trading Margin availability (after 10% haircut) is 9 lakh which we call it collateral amount.
    Now as per SEBI guidelines our any position must have 50% cash & 50% collateral amount. It means maximum position limit would be 18 lakh (50% cash- 9 lakh & 50% collateral- 9 lakh). If I have 9 lakh in cash then no interest charged and in case if I have no cash then 9 lakh margin will be provided by Zerodha with .05% interest per day which in this case would be Rs. 450 (.05% of 9L) per day. Correct?

    My another question is, if I have taken position of 18 Lakh (9 lakh cash & 9 lakh collateral), what should be my cash amount (span & exposure) to carry option position till expiry date?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, if you’re getting 9 lk collateral margin, you can take positions up to 18 lk by bringing in 9 lk cash. Also, any cash shortfall will attract interest charges of 0.05% per day. The margin required to maintain a position itself isn’t differentiated between cash and collateral. As long as you have margin available, you can take and maintain a position.

  333. Gaurav Bajpai says:

    Nitin, How abt body fat %, how much you have reduced ? 😀

  334. lokesh says:

    Zerodha, You are charging very high cost Rs. 60 per stock Pledge the stock for Margin. This margin mostly available for free in all other trading terminals.

    Zerodha have many and many hidden charges it never tells to us on opening of account.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Lokesh, we take pride in being completely transparent about our charges. Not only has the cost been put up here, on a public forum, but it is also mentioned in the tariff sheet in the account opening form itself. If there are businesses not charging for pledging/unpledging, this would be because they more than make up for it in the brokerage you pay.

  335. SK Aggarwal says:

    Hi Nitin, When you are going to start pledging of Mutual Funds ?

  336. Ganesh says:


    Can we apply for IPO through zerodha?? is this facility added? or if not , any plan??


  337. Adhir says:

    i am not able to pledge my shares of Jain irrigation and Engineers India. tried thrice but no margin has been credited and pledged holdings are still not updated.

  338. poonam says:

    Can I have 50% margin as niftybees and 50% as liquidbees?

  339. Tushar Jitendra Mehta says:

    As you have mentioned in the instructions, that we can pledge shares to take further positions in Equity segment. Wanted to understand what is the risk to Zerodha if they provide us margin after a haircut of 50% which is as per RBI regulations. Further, other market players are also providing this facility like Kotak, Edelweiss to name few. By daily collateral valuation monitoring, value of pledged shares can be checked accordingly available margin can be varied and in case of a breach, margin call can be made.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Tushar, you can take positions only in F&O and not equity. SEBI mandates that only 50% of that can be brought via collateral margin and the rest has to be brought via cash. And yes, our RMS desk constantly monitors these positions if your total account balance falls below 50%.

  340. MANI00 says:

    my question is that if i have pledged my stock than can i place stop loss on that stock or sell it because settlement in DPs take T+2 days.

  341. Palash Barania says:

    Any PE or CE Option can be carried till the expiry of the current month (when bought through collateral margin).

    Please tell me whether this is TRUE or FALSE?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Palash, exchanges stipulate that for overnight F&O positions, 50% of the margin needs to compulsorily come in cash and the remaining 50% can be in terms of collateral margin. Assuming that you have enough margin, you can hold the position till expiry.

  342. Bhaskar says:

    Any update on pledging of mutual fund….???

  343. pranab sarkar says:

    Mr.Zerodha, its been long time to make Pledging & unpledging instant in action but no update is there. It is very unrealistic & trading in FnO future using the demat holding is still risky! Plz come in with good news.

  344. harsh says:

    Can I use the money which I shall receive after shortselling

  345. harsh says:

    can I use the proceeds received by short selling in slb by borrowing the stock

  346. KM says:

    If I pledge smallcase stocks how can I rebalance it?

  347. safdarali says:

    how to open slb account can you tell me ? and what procedure of its ? and what documents provide ? and what is eligibility for this ?

  348. Ronak says:

    Still awaiting MF pledging….How’s the progress on that?

  349. Yogesh says:

    A few queries on pledging.
    1. The blog states that 50% margin for FnO should be in cash and any shortfall will be charged interest. Is this rule still applicable since I believe ICICI Direct does not have such requirement.
    2. The blog also states that pledging and unpledging is not immediate and takes 1-2 working days. Is this too still applicable. I have an account with ICICI Direct and both these activities are immediate.



    • 1.hmm.. maybe they are covering this interest cost as they charge higher for trades. Do check your ledger for all charges once though.
      2. We are working on making this instant soon.

  350. DeepWater says:

    Hello Nithin/Venu

    Could you please clarify

    The situation is
    1. I have pledged stocks worth 1 lakh , after the haircut I received a collateral Margin of 80000
    2. I have some cash say 1lakh.
    3. I buy the Nifty future,

    Can , i know how the following in kite GUI

    1. Amount of cash available after taking the Future
    a. I wanted to know like 70 k more is available in cash
    2. Amount of collateral available
    a . I wanted to know like 50 k is available in Collateral
    3. Total Margin available (Sum of above).

    This would be helpful in taking new positions and also know the exact debt / cash Available for any more Positions.

    If the above information is already available in Kite. Please help me finding the remaining cash and remaining Collateral margin available for next positions in the below example.

    MARGIN AVAILABLE 72,336.74
    MARGIN USED 83,913.13


    PAYIN 0
    SPAN 38,421.5
    EXPOSURE 45,491.63
    COLLATERAL 71,457.21


    • Venu says:

      Haven’t understood your question clearly, however to clarify, you can take a future/short option position for margins upto (Cash+Collateral). At the end of the day, if you’re carrying forward the position, SPAN & Exposure margins would be deducted from your account, the details of which you can see on your ledger in Q. The whole of the SPAN + Exposure margins will be blocked from the Cash component, since the effect of collateral margin isn’t shown on the ledger. However, if you have cash margin equal to 50% of the total margin (SPAN & Exposure), no interest would be levied on the account.

      • DeepWater says:

        Hello Venu,

        Basically i want to know how much cash & collateral margin separtely is available for new position . How can i get that data (Cash Available ) from the following.
        MARGIN AVAILABLE 72,336.74
        MARGIN USED 83,913.13
        TOTAL ACCOUNT VALUE 84,792.66

        The above date gives Margin available but doesn’t say how due to Cash and collateral individually.

        If the cash balance is in debt. How do i get to know this information before being charged interest.

        Let me know if you want more clarity on the question or share the email / Phone number to whom i can discuss this.


  351. Raj says:

    I would like to buy liquid funds for my account to pledge for the margin for F&O trading. Where do I buy the liquid Funds ?. Is it in kite or coin platform? . How do I see the various liquid funds available with zerodha?. I couldn’t login to coin as it says ‘ Mutual Funds are not enabled in my account’. So, How do I go about it?. Thanks.

    • Venu says:

      You can buy and pledge liquidbees, to buy liquidbees, you’ll have to add it on the Equity marketwatch and execute a CNC purchase.

      We aren’t accepting MF for pledge yet.

  352. Umesh says:

    Why are Liquid Bees not in the list of pledges?

  353. Ishaq says:

    If I Pledge my shares today and after over a year, I unpledge and then sell those shares for a profit.
    Will these profit be taxable or not.

  354. skumar says:

    When will pledging of MF units be possible ? It has been pending from a long time.

  355. RAVI says:

    Suppose if I pledge 200 liquid bees first then again 100 later but unpledge total 300 in multiple times (say 15)then I will be charged (Rs 60×2)+GST or much more since I am unpledging in multiple times?

    • Venu says:

      It’s Rs.30+GST for pledge and Rs.30+GST for unpledge, if you unpledge multiple times, then charges will be applied accordingly.

      • Ishaq says:

        I think we are charged Rs 60 + GST for Pledging and nothing for Unpledging.

      • RAVI says:

        But Zerodha charged me Rs 70.8 (60+GST) while pledging only. It means u will again charge for unpledging if I do multiple times? In that case u should have charged me Rs30+GST then why Rs 70.8 was charged? This all is in reference with the reply give by you to my query.

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Ravi, the entire process of pledging and unpledging will cost Rs 60 per scrip irrespective of the quantity. Rs 30 + 30 is the breakdown, you won’t be charged anything when you unpledge.

  356. Jaykant says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can i pledge direct MF?
    For example if i hold 1000 shares of a company and i pledged 500 of them by paying Rs.60 and later i want to pledge some more shares of the same company. Do i need to pay Rs. 60 as change for additional shares?


  357. Atul says:

    You can improve system further
    You can
    1) Give option to “cancel pledge” after giving request for “Pledge” (but before accepted by Zerodha) i.e. before 4 pm
    2) Why you charge “processing fees” if you are otherwise charging for interest ? or moderate processing fees parallel to brokerage
    3) Margin on T days is better than T+1 day
    4) Offer Nifty & Sensex chart on Kite marketwatch
    5) Reduce space between stock list on marketwatch on kite, so we can see more stock without scrolling
    6) Can increase marketwatch list from present 5 to say 8 on kite
    7) Why you need mothers median name while uploading Aadhaar ?
    8) Offer margin funding for equity delivery segment AS WELL AS “FPO” with moderate interest
    9) Make good profit by
    a) charging on equity delivery segment too 🙂
    b) One stop financial stop can be further evolution / enhance brand zerodha i.e. start offering more securities as well as financial / nbfc products too
    so one day we can make money in Zerodha IPO too 😀 😀

  358. harish kumar k g says:

    hi nitin, a genius of stock market:
    i have heard many people saying that if we place stoploss order then those orders are visible to some operators and they will hit all those orders by there counter orders is it true? if it is true then what is the solution to over come from this problem?

    • Harish, conspiracy theories they are. Yes,people who subscribe to exchange TBT data feed can see all ticks on the exchange. But moving the market to just take someone’s stoploss out is not really possible. Also, there is no way to know if it is stoploss or fresh order.

  359. karthik says:

    Hi Nithin sir

    im not understanding liquidbees?could you pls elaborate it
    im presently holding 9200rs worth stocks(hdfc,ongc,coal india)
    cash in trading account 800rs
    if i pledge stocks how much margin i will get (as per 50%cash+50%margin)
    if i get margin on pledging can i use it for intraday equity
    will i get 20*times in bo for this

  360. Praveen says:

    Hi, I want to know if i have pledge some shares then can i short sell first and then unpledge the share. This is for the situation where stock price has gone up and i dont want to cover it. Regards.

  361. Satya says:

    Hi Nithin
    Please specify a exact time by when margin funding accounts will be available for us.
    Due to lack of this facility in Zerodha many people including me are planning to shift ShareKhan with bargaining interest rates.
    I am eagerly waiting for this requirement as being a the Zerodha community!!


  362. Aditya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    As per recent media reports, providing overnight margin facility by brokers has been cleared by SEBI, for upto 4 times the pledged amount (in shares). Any details on when Zerodha is planning to provide this option to its customers?


  363. Aaqib says:

    If I pledge SBI ETF NIFTY 50 (SETFNIF50) . Will the colateral be considered as equivalent to Cash for Options trade?

  364. skumar says:

    Also, for MTM losses only cash is accepted ? Cant my pledge margin be used for it ?

  365. skumar says:

    If I have pledged LIQUIDBEES + STOCKS, and my F&O margin required is well within pledged margin, will I be charged any interest ? In what order do you consider pledged margin to cover F&O margin ?

    If I have only LIQUIDBEES, this problem wont be there as there would not be any interest. Please correct if I am wrong.

  366. Aaqib says:

    Are all ETFs, like newly intoduced bharat-22 fund, treated as equivalent to Cash while using as margin for FnO trades?

  367. pranab sarkar says:

    1) Is it possible to place unpledge request if Future contract is in place with positive MTM ?

  368. pranab sarkar says:

    1. whats th benefit of Pledging the demat position If 50% cash needs to be allocated for taking position in FnO segment even after having enough pledged margin when you have right to square off pledged equity in case of MTM losses which is not paid regular basis ?
    2. Why i cant sell directly the pledged equity if market turn in opposite direction. Waiting to unpledge and then sell is a risky factor then whats the benefit doing pledge.
    When AxisDirect hav no such mentioned problems and my switching to Zerodha become unsuccessful.

    • Venu says:

      1. That’s how the Exchanges block margins for F&O positions taken, equal amounts of cash and collateral. In the event that you don’t maintain the ratio, our funds would be blocked which is why we charge interest on such shortfall in cash margins. However, you’ll continue to get the benefit of keeping positions open to the total value of cash+collateral available in your account.
      2. There’s time involved in unpledging, which is why we aren’t providing the instant unpledge facility. We’re working on making it happen instantly.

  369. Gouri sankar says:

    If i occur loss from the pledging margin, say i losses 10% in FNO, How much time does zerodha give me to maintain MTM margin? Or will it continued as loan amount and interest will be charged from the debited amount until i deposit money into the trading account?

    • If you have sufficient collateral margin, interest will be charged. If not position will be squared off before end of the day if margin drops below minimum SPAN.

      • Gouri sankar says:

        Thanks for the clarification.One more question?
        I brought sunteck and pledged it, 3 days back stock was split and now the stock was not showing neither in pledge holding or in t1 and t2. How much time it will take to credit my stock?
        If credited, will it be in pledged holding or in my demat(mean t1 and t2)

        • Venu says:

          If the stocks are already pledged and then there’s a split, the number of stocks you’ve pledged goes up. Eg: If you’ve pledged 100 stocks, and the split ratio is 1:1, the number of pledged shares becomes 200.

  370. Prateek says:

    Can I pledge stocks and take available margin back into my account and use it for other purpose?

  371. Gouri sankar says:

    Is it possible to do cash and carry arbitage with pledged margin?
    Say i have 2Lks margin available in my tading account and i want to sell one lot kotakbank( 800shares) in current month future and buy 800 shares of kotakbank.
    Buying will cost 800*share price 1000= 8Lks
    Selling will block around 1.5-1.7Lks
    Total required money in account around 10Lks.
    But as this a hedge trade can i have margin benifit?

  372. Priyank Nevatia says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I had two questions for you. I have spoken to the support team of Zerodha but I am still unclear so posting here.

    1) I want to pledge 50% stock (after haircut) and put 50% liquid bees (after haircut) am looking at 25L stock and 25L liquidbees to start with and go upto 1cr stock and 1cr liquidbees. But I want to ensure my trade is squared off if I do not have M2M balance. I do not wish to touch my margin money to service M2M loss. I prefer my trade being squared off keeping the margin money strictly for margin use. Is that possible ?

    2) I am in the process of forming an LLP with a friend of mine. For which we will open a trading account with Zerodha. Can I pledge stocks in my personal name and get margin against it in the LLP account ? I will be 50% partner of the LLP. I do not wish to buy the stock in the LLP name as the partnership is strictly being formed to trade F&O. But I have a lot of long term stocks in my DP which are just sitting idle so would like to use those stock to get margin (keeping the 50-50 stock and cash ratio). And the first question is related and relevant now cause I would not like to risk my personal stocks for M2M loss of the partnership firm where I am only 50% partner. It also makes the trader discipline where in he is forced to square off without M2M balance.

    3) If not for trading, can we pledge shares to Zerodha to be used as margin funding for other traders and receive a premium / interest on it. So for a stock I am holding long term, I get additional income over and above the appreciation in the stock. If Yes, what rate of interest are we talking about. A ball park figure.


    • 1. hmm.. no. Our square off rules set by RMS doesn’t distinguish clients based on if margin through liquidbees or cash.
      2. No, the stock has to be in the LLP name.
      3. No

  373. Puneesh says:

    Since Sovereign Gold Bonds are accepted by nse as collateral, then zeroda should also allow it as collateral as cash component and also please allow trading in the listed sovereign gold bonds

  374. Mukesh Singh says:

    Hi Sir,
    How to activate F&O trading in my account account as it is not active

  375. Vivek Ojha says:

    Why are you charging Rs.60+ gst on pledging of the shares.
    Other brokerages does not charges for it.

    • Vivek, unlike other brokerages we don’t keep the share with us, we actually pledge it with NSDL. It is not compliant for broker to keep client stock with himself.

  376. sanjoy kr sarma says:

    Here is a humble request for u… please provide margin from pledging of shares to trade in cash segment (intraday purpose only)

    with regards
    sanjoy Kr Sarma

  377. Rajeev says:

    Whether margin received from Pledging of shares can be used in cash segment (Intraday). If yes, whether there will be any interest charged.

  378. Diwakar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Have you started to accept ‘Smallcase as a single unit’ for pledging charge purposes?
    If not, request you to consider as it costs too much to pledge/unpledge 10-20 number of stocks per smallcase every 3 months.

    Thanks in advance.

  379. drsuhask says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Have you started to accept mutual funds for pledging ? If yes, which funds ?

  380. Adithyaa Vasudevan says:


    If I pledge liquid bees, I can carry overnight sell positions and the amount received from the pledge of liquid bees will be considered cash.
    Wrt above, once pledged, will I continue to receive dividend from the liquid bees?

  381. Aaqib says:

    What is Tejasnet not available for pledging as collateral for FnO ?

  382. ANSHUL says:

    hi, if i pledge shares of RS 1 lakh and get margin 90000 (after 10% hair cut), can i use this margin for CNC i.e. for like cash delivery for 3-4 months or trading for long and short term on delivery bases but in cash equity market only not in derivatives , is this possible? what are other t&c for cash delivery trading on pledge margin?

  383. AKD says:

    If i pledge my holding, then will it be considered as long-term capital gains (exempt from tax) if I sale it after 12 months period?
    Script: Reliance (Qty:1000)
    Date of Purchase: 01.06.2017
    Date of Pledging: 01.07.2017
    Date of Unpledging: 01.05.2018
    Date of Sale: 01.09.2018
    Total Holding period: 15 months
    In my Demat a/c: 5 months (1+4)
    With Zerodha (Pledged): 10 months

    Thanks in advance.

  384. gaurav gupta says:

    hi nithin ,
    once we pledge a stock , is there any time limit for pledging the stock or are there any extra chrges apart from rs 6o per script . ????

    can a stock be pledged for 1year …???

    • Venu says:

      You can pledge when you wish to, there are no time limits. Cost of pledging+unpledging would be Rs.60 regardless of when you unpledge them.

  385. Vinoth says:

    Lets consider a scenario,
    1. pledged liquidbees for Rs.1,00,000 and got margin of Rs.90,000 ( after 10% haircut)
    2. Bought Nifty future as overnight position Rs.58,000
    3. Remaining is Rs.32,000
    Can this residual margin of Rs.32000 be used for covering MTM losses in Nifty future position

  386. Nirmal says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When can we expect the mutual fund pledging?. Is the same available for small case?

  387. Jignesh P Patel says:

    I have query on pledge shares. After pledge, shares are debited from DP account. From DP where they goes?
    Can zerodha sell them even if I have enough margin and use funds? Once I unpledge, zerodha can buy shares from market and give me back. How zerodha make sure that this fraud does not happen?

    • The shares get pledged with NSCCL (National clearing corporation). No, we can’t sell them, there is a trail to everything that happens after you pledge a stock. Also unlike traditional brokers we never keep any stock in our pool account.

  388. sanjoy says:

    Hi Nitin / Zerodha,
    Can you please add newly listed Govt company “HUDCO” in your pledge list? As it was 10-12 days of listing the price is stable now and you can add to pledge list. Kindly reply.

  389. vijay says:

    Hi can i buy options with liquid bees pledged margin.

      • vijay says:

        Dear Nithin
        thanks for quick reply but i have two more question suppose i pledge 100 number of liquid bees with you and also same amount of other share like sbi i pledge with you for margin requirement, so in this scenario first question is when i will take overnight position in future how you will cut margin? fifty fifty from both liquid bees and other pledged share because liquidbees i am considering same as a cash please clarify this.
        second question for same scenario if i made loss in my position and there is no hard cash in my account so for recovering the loss what will you sell first Liquidbees or other pledged share?

  390. Aaqib Qadir says:

    why don’t I get a response.

    i have bought 98 shares of liquid BeES on 20-03-17 and have pledged them.
    As on date, I have not received any additional shares as returns.
    my client ID is SA0647.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Aaqib, You’d have received additional unit in your demat account. Check out here to register to Easi and create a CDSL login to view your holdings.

  391. Naveen Jain says:

    TCS has recently given buy back offer to its investors.

    I have 50 TCS shares pledged. I did not receive any information on it. I do not get any communication related to my pledged shares regarding Buyback, dividend, companies AGM, Bonus issue, etc..

    As per my understanding, Even if I pledged my shares to get the trading margin, I am still entitle for all the corporate benefits.

    Please do let me know how will I get the communication related to pledged shares and especially for TCS buyback offer.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Yes, Naveen. Even though you’ve pledged you are eligible for Bonus, Dividends and other corporate actions. But in the case of a buyback, you’d need to have the shares in your demat account as on record date to participate in the buyback and receive the tender form. You would have been eligible to participate had you unpledged it before 05/05/2017.

      For example: If there’s a dividend declared when you pledge shares, although the shares aren’t in your possession, you will still be entitled to receive benefits of all corporate actions since you’re the ultimate beneficial owner of such sharesThe broker will pass on such dividends to your account.

  392. Narendra says:

    I have Loan against shares account with HDFC bank for which i want to pledge my shares from Zerodha account. Please guide process

    • Akshay.A says:

      Narendra, you would need to provide us with the pledge form along with the agreement copy between you and the bank. Please write to us at [email protected] and someone will assist you with the procedure in detail.

  393. Praveen says:

    Hi, I want to know if liquid bees are sold then whether amount can be used for buying shares CNC on the same day or not. This is because I have noticed that your pi system is not allowing to do so. Thanx.

  394. Aaqib Qadir says:

    i have bought 98 shares of liquid BeES on 20-03-17 and have pledged them.
    As on date, I have not received any additional shares as returns.
    my client ID is SA0647.

  395. Aaqib Qadir says:

    please reply to this query?
    say, i have 1000 shares of Liquid BeES and i have pledged them for margin.
    now, the question is when i will receive the monthly returns of liquid BeES in the form of shares itself, Will those shares be added to pledged shares or will I be having them in my Demat account?

  396. Vaibhav Gaggar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Can you provide me some timeline you will start instant unpledge.


  397. Aaqib Qadir says:

    say, i have 1000 shares of Liquid BeES and i have pledged them for margin.
    now, the question is when i will receive the monthly returns of liquid BeES in the form of shares itself, Will those shares be added to pledged shares or will I be having them in my Demat account?

  398. sudesh says:

    What securities are considered as “Liquid bees ” ? does it include largecap stocks like INFY, RELIANCE ?

  399. Technofunda says:

    “So margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account”. But we cant use it for buying options. ????
    Any way around ? because to create cash need to first un-pledge the bees & then sell ( minimum 2 days ).

  400. Sandeep says:

    Hi, I had Kotak trading account before shifting to Zerodha and I noticed they were providing margins based on the stock holdings as a percentage of stock value based on the quality of stock (with out any pledge) which can be used in F&O or cash market trading also. I am not sure if Zerodha has any such options. Suppose I have 900K holding in my portfolio and I don’t want to pledge any particular stock but get some 300K margin for trading (may be with an overall sell restriction for the portfolio based on the margin utilized), is it possible? It will be very helpful if this option is there like it was there in Kotak securities, this will allow us to utilize our holdings anytime without pledging and with adequate safely for Zerodha because of overall restriction on selling holding beyond a point when margins are used. Thanks!

  401. raj says:


    I want to know the margin for USDINR futures contract. I could not find it here: .

    Like for instance,for shares futures its pretty straight forward here:

    Thanks in advance.

  402. shashikumar says:

    Now it is clear.

  403. shashikumar says:

    I need to know about margins in FUTURES segment. Can any body pl guide me where this information on this site will be available.

    My problem. I have placed a future order with stop loss. I could not understand the difference between the cover order and bracket order even after going through many posts on utube on this subject. The whole problem is all inputs are for people who know basics but of no help for a lay person like me.

    Coming to the problem I have placed an order for a future with a stop loss. The margin is lower. Purchase is done, no stop loss hit and price is above stoploss. So whether this future position will be carried next day or will be squared by RMS.

    • Venu says:

      There are different product types under which you can buy a futures product: MIS/NRML/CO/BO.

      MIS/CO/BO are the intraday product types; meaning these positions get squared off by eod.
      NRML is our carry forward product type. If you buy/sell a Future under NRML, you can carry it forward to the next day provided you have sufficient margins in your account. You can calculate the margins for futures position using this tool here:

  404. shashikumar says:

    You should make it more simple. Instead of next day pledge and next day unpledged it should be done on same day.

    More over the stocks are in your own DP so why the problem. Others are doing even in more simpler way by not going to pledge and un pledge business. Just allow limits on the basis of holding.

    • Venu says:

      Stocks are inturn pledged with ILFS and there’s a charge for same day unpledge. We’re working on making same day unpledge happen. Give us sometime.

  405. Koushal says:

    Hi, Nitin can you pls help me clearing a doubt?
    I’ve pledged some securities & can see its value in ‘collateral’ section in kite app.
    But as we’ve to keep 50% in cash for F&O overnight position, i get confused with this.
    May i know is that ‘Free Cash’ section also includes Full collateral margin/50% collateral or its the pure cash i’m holding with me for the day.

  406. Saurabh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Will the good till cancelled orders be available with Zerodha?
    This is really helpful when placing stoploss orders since it is difficult to place order everyday.
    You may keep certain validity like 10 days or 20 days till which the order will have validity.

  407. Ajay says:

    When will you start including investments in equity MFs to be pledged for F&O Trading

  408. Aaqib Qadir says:

    # Date Margin blocked Cash balance Debit balance Interest
    1 2017-02-16 0.0 ₹-76,224.92 ₹76,224.92 ₹38.11
    2 2017-02-09 0.0 ₹-76,259.92 ₹76,259.92 ₹38.13
    3 2017-01-22 0.0 ₹-66,253.31 ₹66,253.31 ₹33.13
    4 2017-01-21 0.0 ₹-66,253.31 ₹66,253.31 ₹33.13
    5 2017-01-20 0.0 ₹-66,253.31 ₹66,253.31 ₹33.13
    6 2017-01-19 0.0 ₹-66,345.41 ₹66,345.41 ₹33.17

    please note that above is the interest charged on debit balance.
    but i had collateral available on the said dates too and collateral amount was more than the shown debit balance and less than the free cash.
    i dont understand why am i charged with interest.
    besides, the interest charged as shown by Q was nil uptill 24-03-17 and appeared only today ie 27-03-2017.

    PS: my client id is SA0647.
    hope the unwarranted interest charge is reversed soon.

  409. Karuna says:

    If I short sell options the margin of which totals 15 lakhs, I have 10 lakhs worth pledged stocks, 5 lakhs worth liquid bees, I suppose I still need 2.5 lakhs of cash.
    Now, what happens to the short option premium which is to my credit, is that added to the cash balance ?
    In that case my cash requirement is reduced to the extent of the short option premium credit ?
    Please confirm.

  410. Aaqib Qadir says:

    Say, I have 10 lakh rupees of margin available from pledging of X no of shares of a Stock Y.
    and I have 10 lakh rupees of margin available from pledging of LIQUIDBEES.
    And i have no other free cash besides the above two.
    Now, I use 20 lakh rupees as margin against Selling any option derivative on NSE.
    Would I be liable to pay any interest against any kinda of debt ?