Introducing notes on Kite marketwatch

June 12, 2024

If you are a trader or an investor, you probably track multiple stocks and F&O contracts on your Kite marketwatch. You might also have multiple strategies to trade and invest in these securities. For example, you might be following a technical analysis based strategy for one stock and a fundamental event based trigger for another. While this makes tracking the prices easy, it’s hard to remember why you added a particular security to the marketwatch.

It’s not easy to consistently use note taking apps or other tools to keep track of all the reasons. To make this easy, we’ve introduced Notes on Kite. You can now quickly add a note to a stock or F&O contract right on marketwatch. This makes it easy to remember why you are tracking a particular stock. In a way, this becomes your trading and investing journal.

To add a note on the Kite app:

  1. Tap on the instrument.
  2. Tap on Add notes.
  3. Type out the reason for adding the instrument.
  4. Tap on Save.

To add a note on the Kite web:

  1. Click on ⋯
  2. Click on Notes.
  3. Type out the reason for adding the instrument.
  4. Click on ✓

Happy trading and investing.

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  1. Mahashri D says:

    Great Update

  2. Mitesh says:


    Can you please add the feature of viewing notes in portfolio so I don’t have to refer back to watchlist to view my notes when I am in portfolio page and thinking on buying stocks to average or selling stocks to check the notes


    • Shubham says:

      We’ve noted your feedback, Mitesh. We’ll check on the possibilities. Currently, you can use the tagging feature on Console to journal your trades and investments. More in this here.

  3. Satish Sahasrabudhe says:

    In my zerodha app Notes feature is not showing.
    Add notes button is not visible in the market watch

  4. Tenz says:

    Hi team, I’m into swing and positional trading. I my strategy is based on RS so I would request you guys to consider adding RS line on the chart like the one which market smith has. Thanks!

  5. Sanjoy Roy says:

    Would you please include a feature within Kite itself to enable us to know the last few (let’s say 5 or 10) buy-sale transactions of a specific stock day-wise along with average price of buys & sales and type of transaction (e.g. CNC, Intraday). Basically I would like to know recent transactions made on a specific stock.

    Thanks & Kind Regards

  6. LongTerm Trader says:

    It will be better if you add sagments with in the watchlist like the one in trading view. For example i have a watchlist for longterm investment now i want to sagment it based on indicator like 20sma, convergence, RSI etc

  7. Dhruv Binjola says:

    Dear Nithin Ji,
    Good afternoon,

    Requesting you to kindly add MTF option in delivery. I have been using zerodha since 2019 and big fan of yours. I am watching all your podcasts and interviews regularly, especially WTF with Nikhil. today’s morning I have withdraw all my capital from zerodha and added it to Groww. and the reason behind this, as a regular trader I want MTF ( Margin trading facility). Please think about it and provide solution as soonest possible. till then bye bye zerodha…

  8. Sekhar says:

    Thank you for this innovative idea, retail investors especially can save their thoughts in the form of comments under Notes section.

    Would you please help advise how to filter and see for which are all the stocks i mentioned Notes.

  9. Mahesh Kumar Modi says:

    I am new customer


    It is nice to see new note/ feature in individual stocks but if you add this in market watch from 1-7 itself, then it will be more beneficial for common retailer who track many stocks under different strategies. Thanks

  11. Praveen kumar pal says:

    What is the error fetching holding in coin app when sell overnight fund

  12. Vijay Kapse says:

    Finally my recommendation from last year has been acted upon.
    Appreciate the efforts and considering the recommendation of NOTE functionality against the script.
    Thank you Zerodha for this.

  13. CHANDAN KUMAR says:

    Nice features

  14. Prafull says:

    Amazing Features launchd…
    Thanks zerodha developer

  15. Gopinathan says:

    Similarly, please add notes for the stocks available in the holding as well. This will help us to put notes when to add or exit if needed.

  16. Prashant says:

    Great feature introduced by Zerodha team.Thanks.Would like to suggest to insert one more alert feature regarding holdings .where one can get alert on reaching swing or positional target.So it would easy to track and follow .

  17. Aniruddh Bhatt says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,

    Great implements of notes on Kite marketwatch. Given the positive impact this feature has had on managing my Marketwatch, I would like to suggest extending this capability to the Holdings section as well. Allowing users to add notes directly in their holdings would be incredibly beneficial in tracking and managing our shares more effectively. It would enable us to document important details and rationales for our investments, which can aid in making more informed decisions.

    I believe that implementing this feature in the Holdings section would greatly enhance the overall user experience and provide a more comprehensive tool for managing investments.

  18. RAN VIJAY SINGH says:

    Please Sir, you add MTF (Margin Traded fund)facility in kite zerodha we support you for this facility. Like MStocks. We want to connect life time with zerodha
    Please consider my reques please🙏

  19. Mohan says:

    Thanks for this, waiting for treding view v2 full pls complete beta asap.

  20. Baburvahan korti says:

    Bank account change and bank statement change

  21. JIBAN BORA says:


  22. Hemant Dongrikar says:

    Noted sir, very nice

  23. Sahadev jani says:

    Good 👍

  24. Devindra says:

    Very good

  25. JK says:


    Great, but, it would be highly useful if this feature is introduced in the holdings list as we lose track the objective in time. A reminder note will do well.

    Please introduce sector wise segregation in the holdings. You must provide default option as well as those that are configurable by the client.

    Best Regards

  26. Vineet says:

    I need this notes feature more in Holdings page to keep track of stocks I have purchased. Tags doesn’t cut it. I am sure Zerodha will bring this feature too soon. Thanks.

  27. sai says:

    It would be nice if stock will be like sector wise like all IT in one basket so we can shuffle in our watch list it’s hard to search all stocks and check it’s classification

  28. suresh kumar says:

    very good

  29. Faisal says:

    Very good

  30. Jeyo says:

    ADD NOTES : Is it already launched ? I am not able to see the option to add NOTES. Do I need to update or something ?

  31. Deepak Borde says:

    I can not see add notes feature when I go to Instrument.
    Please help

  32. Shrimant d kamble says:


  33. Satyaketu Arya says:

    Good initiative

  34. Pintoo Paswan says:

    Hi Team, can you add a feature to group stocks that are in holding?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Pintoo, tyou can use the tagging feature on the Console to sort the holdings according to your preferences. More on tags here

  35. DIPAK NATH DE says:

    Very nice.

  36. Bhaskar says:

    Great, Long waited for this feature.

  37. Varut says:

    Amazing feature!!!… can enable the same in the position n holding page as well, would be awesome.

  38. Srinivasan says:


  39. Paresh Kapadia says:

    Love this feature. Relieves me from keeping separate notes. All thumbs up!

  40. Akshaya says:

    In my mobile app I am not getting the ‘Notes’option

  41. SAGAR says:

    Plz , price alert notification pe kaam kare, taki jab rate aaye to hame pata chal sake, na ki Roz sock ko dekhna pade 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. Sahil says:

    Thank you zerodha Good Initiative

  43. Ram Chandra Prasad says:

    My email and phone number change

  44. SK PAUL says:

    Good initiative.

  45. Mohammad Azharudeen says:

    I have a few suggestions ,we have already a seven watch list tab’s on zerodha ,1 watch list have 50 stock options to add ,7*50=350 stocks total we can add on our watch list tabs ,i want on another special 8th watch list tab to add all saved 350 watch list in 1single tab to easily see .so we can track and identify the corrected stocks .

  46. Nirbhai singh says:


  47. Gokul Borhade says:

    Adding notes etf tracker

  48. Jawa says:

    We need multiple portfolio windows/tabs for invest/ trading/intra. Our intraday trading scrips are in between long term fno scrips, very difficult to manage easily

  49. Pranab Ranjan Biswas says:

    Good Initiative

  50. sudhir kothari says:

    It will be good if same note feature also be provided for holding stocks also

  51. anand says:

    good initiative


  52. Amit says:

    Hi zerodha team ,
    I have few suggestions ,

    We should be also able to name the watch list such as long term , short term , buy on dip etc. Etc. ,
    Write now we cannot name the watch list

    Total sale and purchase amount in a day should reflected separately apart from funds used, to tally the accounts as funds used reflect only 75 to 80 % of sales amount

    Once a stock is sold the profit or loss on that share
    Should be reflected for the entire day in the portfolio to calculate total profit at the end of the day

    Separate column of Volume of transaction can be added on watchlist along with share price

    Thanks zerodha

  53. harish anand says:

    Great feature, this will help you to remember you why you add the stock in your watch list.
    Most of the time we forgot why we add the stock in watchlist and after some time i remove it.
    this will keep help me in mind to take buy or sell action on that stock.

    Thanks 🙂

  54. Padmaja says:

    Please allow trading in multi device.


    Good 👍 idea all over .

  56. Rajesh Kumar says:

    It is different from above. In the price movement below the trading ,*please so the contour i.e curve price movement in stead of straight line showing movement of price so that the DAY TRADERs can take the buy/ sell accordingly*

  57. hussainkoya says:

    thakyou sir.
    very usefull

  58. Sijju Krishnan says:

    My Request is to have multiple portfolio windows to track the investment stock, trading stock, pledged stock so on…

    Hope we will have such option soon.

    Thanks & regards.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sijju, you can use the tagging feature on Console to tag holdings according to your goals and preferences. We’ve explained more about tags here.

  59. Ninganagouda says:

    Wah I was thinking of having this facility in KITE since years and it’s come here… Thank u so much

  60. Chakramani Sen says:

    Thanks for this

  61. Akhilesh Singh says:

    Thankyou this was badly needed functionality. It would also be nice if we have individual stock trade history viewing option also present along with this.

  62. Ninad says:

    Excellent addition as always ZD! This is cool. Are you saving the notes locally or on your servers – asking out of curiosity

  63. Jay Nandan sharma says:

    All Indians are not PhD in English.thank you.

  64. Lokesh says:

    It will be good if same note feature also be provided for holding stocks also

  65. Somen Kumar Gangopadhyay says:

    I just learnt about it..I’ll start soon then comment.

  66. Manjunath says:

    Very nice it was much needed thank you zerodha

  67. MD abrar alam says:

    Please upgrade trading view chart features.
    ex- auto save chart layout, as as currently any drawing doesn’t save please fix
    and work on chart feature.

  68. Chetan Zende says:

    I do appreciate all the features. Great initiative by you. You people are always apart from the crowd. That’s why I love the platform. I would like to request you to make available Trendline or Technical alert. No broker in the industry offer this feature. This will be a massive breakthrough for you

  69. Mohit says:

    Pls add the Systematic transfer plan feature in coin

  70. Vidya Rajesh says:

    Great feature. I suggest the same facility should be available on the HOLDING tab as well. May be once the trade is done, the stock may be removed out of the watchlist as the purpose is to have concise list which needs to be tracked for a proper entry.

  71. Justine Jose says:

    Pls also move 1M Return and1Y Return details from Fundamentals tab to next to 52 week trend in mobile App. Also enable notes for Holdings and Positions please, which is very much important.

  72. Vasant parmar says:

    You are happy with zerodha…

  73. keyur G says:

    this helps, but actully this is much mor needed in console.
    And one more thing , please enable to highlight stocks which are in holdings, as they can be distinguished easily from list of stocks.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Keyur, thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into the possibilities. For now, you can use the tagging feature on Console to add notes for holdings. Also, you can identify stocks that are in your holdings from the list of stocks on your market watch with a little briefcase symbol.

  74. Debadatta says:

    the same feature for portfolio stocks as well. Often time we forget the reason, cause, duration for which we’re holding a share and sell in panic

  75. Piyush A says:

    Good feature.

  76. Nidhie says:

    This is a much desired feature, but PLEASE PROVIDE THIS IN OUR “Holdings” and “Positions” LIST ALSO. So that we can keep our comments here and our watchlist could have other companies.

  77. Saurabh Prasad says:

    Glad to see this feature in watchlisted stock. Please add this note feature for Portfolio stocks as well.

  78. Ashish says:

    Pl enable this feature in holdings also

  79. Rohit says:

    CHARTS ARE UNUSABLE. After clearing cache, all saved charts are removed. This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


    Can I square up my holding stocks and repurchase during the trading hours by clicking one will help to generate profit in intra day trading.

  81. Pmg says:

    Sir in drag and drop order margin required is not please provide margin required features

  82. Gopalakrishna achanta says:

    Every time you are introducing convinent and excellent features..and articals also very good keep giving like this.. thanks a lot zerodha

  83. Sabeesh says:

    Can we have the same on portfolio as well ?

    That would allow me to note down if some of the same share was sold previously and at what rate ?

  84. Dinesh says:

    What is F&O

  85. Srikanth says:

    Adding notes to stocks in watchlist is wonderfully convenient. Makes it easy to remember the decisions taken long ago. I do not have to refer any notes to take instant decisions.

  86. Chethan says:

    Sir Kindly provide DRAG and DROP feature in TRADING VIEW 2.0..HELP FULL FOR SCALPING

  87. Rohit says:

    I recommend that this notes feature should be made available in Portfolio section also..
    It will help out in avoiding rash decision making

  88. Anusha says:

    Alert is ENOUGH. This is not much useful. Kindly enable Trade in charts (Trading view charts V2.0). Other brokers are provided it’s useful for SCALPING.

  89. Mrs.Yogeshwari says:

    This is a good feature but save note show on portfolio holding,that is much better for share hold or sell decition.

  90. Ronak Patel says:

    How to search all f&O stocks for zerodha.?

  91. Prashant says:

    Hi Team,

    As a dedicated user of the Zerodha platform, I have a small but significant request regarding the table view of Instrument details on the Holdings page.

    Could you please consider adding an “Invested Value” column alongside the existing “Curr. Val” column? This addition would immensely assist users like myself in tracking our investments more efficiently.

    Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your continuous efforts in enhancing the Zerodha platform experience.

  92. Nagendra says:

    Excellent feature

  93. Bulan Foujdar says:

    Why don’t you guys so much concern about chart on kite?
    Have you seen that during market when we click on the chart it opens too slow & lagged this is the big concern !! on the other hand why don’t you guys give us quarter/half early & yearly chart time frame facility which is much required to this service nowadays badly for everyone!!

    Be Alert:-
    Zerodha we have felt something!! which has been alarming concern with the retailers your longterm sustainability on this business has become a big question!!

    Point One:- you people are making us feel that it’s like a government concern! This monotony thinking 🤔 will end of the empire soon trust me!

    Point Two: Your competitor already has started behind of the race within a short time which indicates slowly and steadily gulping your empire think about it ??

    Point Three:- Stop thinking we are the king of the market !! Understand the retailers requirements stay busy in new thinking on services & charts.
    Do work on active mood always don’t work with passive mood that make us feel ” kaam karna hain kaar raha hoon ” ! That’s way i have stopped trading & investing my account has now dormant just because of chart services & all !
    Conclusion: if it goes like this away can’t even find it in the history books trust me!!

    I really won’t be happy that zerodha is sinking better i will be more happy hearing that zerodha knows what retailers want… Think about better service that would be great retaliate massage for your competitors ..

  94. Ashish Girdhar says:

    Thanks for adding this feature!!

  95. That was absolutely fantastic. says:

    If by clicking on the stock we could get delivery data and price curve in last trading day then it would be great help.

  96. latha says:

    The Add Notes feature is really going to be very helpful for me.
    Thanks for introducing it on the mobile app and for sharing the information.

  97. Hemant Bhavsar says:

    Very Good Evening Zerodha Team ,

    Many Many Thanks for wonderful feature of Notes . This is quite unique feature I believe this unique feature will Surely help Short term & long term traders and also intraday traders while trading.Because many times a trader identify opportunities in various instruments at various time frames but then forgets to trade or set up or time frame wise analysis. Now this feature will always acts as reminder that this scrip has this analysis & may form buy or sell signals .

    One last request – many times trader can’t trade options strategies in OTM oprion in Index . so request to remove the Strike restrictions for current expiry and allow the traders to go for OTM option trading of current expiry in all indices

    Many Thanks & Heartiest Congrats to Zerodha Team

  98. Abhishek kumar says:

    For intraday trading only


    Zerodha team,
    Bas humko ab barbaad nahi hona hai.
    Kripa kar ke naye naye notifications na bhejo to hi acha hai.

  100. KVJR says:

    Very useful information sir

  101. UH7551 says:

    I want to give a name to each market watch (watch list), there are 7 there. PLEASE FACILITATE.

  102. Sarmila Bose says:

    Adding note in the market watch feature is great. Also pls think of incorporating these 2 features in the Tradingview version of the kite app :
    1. Buy / Sell on the chart itself at the position of the crosshair , and
    2. Countdown to bar close.

  103. Ashok Prajapati says:

    Woow it’s really interesting step for Kite by Zerodha.Thanks to Zerodha for this feature.


    Please tell in Hindi

  105. Raj says:

    Thanks for enhancing kite. Long time trader
    1.Capital gains tax based on aging ( helps customers to not think which to sell , currently I feel don’t want anyone knows unless you track unless the download the analytics report)

    2. Kite is improved on volatility good feature
    Macro themes playing up , if we can add that as well

    3.Hottest stock traded previous day for huge investors, tailor made news for current portfolio and watchlist. Any +ve /negative news

  106. Manish says:

    Great initiatives, would have liked more than 512 characters, but it is a good start.

  107. natarajan says:

    Good feature. Similar notes feature can be enabled for the list of stocks in portfolio.

  108. Dhiman debnath says:


  109. Shanker narwani says:


  110. Vijay says:

    Please upgrade that the when we trade in options we must be visible to see our active positions in chart and place a order also

  111. Gostha Bihari Das Mohapatra says:

    It’s every investor’s problem that Zerodha has brought the solution. Hats off to you team Zerodha.

  112. prem says:

    Please provide a feature in Streak Scanner to add the scan results to KITE market watch for further tracking. I ran an uptrend scanner in streak which gave 187 scan results. Now all must be added to KITE market watch so that I can write the detailed analysis for each one of them.

    How to add these 187 stocks to kite market watch?

    Thanks for all the features you keep on adding, please try to solve the above problem as well.

  113. Saravanakumar S M says:

    Its nice feature.
    Please add sorting the order by albhapetical of company name in alert list.

  114. Giri says:

    Please include this feature (add notes) to Holdings for each share/stock.


    One more suggestions, is it possible to add/include the history of transactions (buy/sell), (except Intraday) to each shares in holdings ?

  115. Rajesh Kumar Ganvir says:

    Updated…now notes available….thanks

  116. Jay says:

    Plz bring this feature to portfolio page too

  117. Ganesh says:

    Yes.Simple but very useful feature.

  118. Pius says:

    Udates will be helpful to buy

  119. Arnab Ghosh says:

    Please include multiple folders to store purchased equity, Debt funds, Gold Bonds, ETFs etc separately in order to monitor and analyze the said sectors properly.

    The bonus shares are getting added with existing shares with its current prices during addition in portfolios. However those are bonus shares for no amount have been invested separately. These share price if not shown as 0, shall indicate invested amounts on higher side than its actual, thus also show incorrect profit/loss against the said company shares. Please make efforts to resolve this issue.

    There has been difficulty in adding the NAV of MFs partially purchased from sources/agencies other than Z or Coin platforms resulting in ❗. Kindly resolve the issue in a simpler manner.

  120. D.P.Pandey says:

    Happy to see updating in kite app.We’ll be much more happy if we can get the advises for investments in stocks like mo app,angel one etc.etc. We are trusting on Zerodha and Nitin sir.That is why we are using kite app. If we can get the advise for entry and exit the stocks or can get the updated news regarding the invested stocks.We’ll be much more happy

  121. Rajesh Kumar Ganvir says:

    We don’t have such(notes) option on current app ….is there any new version available?

  122. Sanjay Akaram powar says:

    I trade a very small amount whenever I am profitable never want to loose it , I decided myself in this annum I am taking 100 profitable trade with minimum 2.5 % to 3.5% profit .
    My calculation is 3k to 4k is my value per trade then 100trade x 3% = 300% if I minus 50% for all kinds of charges including dp stt etc then 100% is my net profit. ALL CREDT GOES TO ZERODHA GTT FUNCTION ITS NICE AND BEAUTIFUL TRAIL PROFIT.

  123. Kabita Goswami says:

    Wher is Zerodha office in Durgapur WB.

  124. Rajdeep Poddar says:

    This is indeed a cool feature. As a next step, request to add a feature to sync the notes across devices (mobile app Vs web portal). OR probably sync feature across different watchlist and devices.

  125. Erayya says:

    Ok I will take the benefits

  126. Santosh raikwar says:

    Jp associate every day down market why going to down

  127. Mazher Siddique says:


    Your app is very user friendly but I would like to ask you to add one more feature in your spot chart. Please add feature of spot chart trading so that we can buy and sale in spot chart immediately. Like Dhan app.

    Hope this will be added soon.

    Kind Regard
    Mazher Siddique

  128. Rakesh says:

    Hi Team,

    1. Please redesign your watchlist like Trading View watch list on the right side
    2. Add expand and collapse options for the watchlist window. If you are not ready to redesign
    3. Add Section in the Watchlist so that we can divide the stocks accordindly like trading view watchlist section.

  129. Yogesh Pardeshi says:

    Can I participate in bulk deals in live market?
    How can I watch Live bulk deals window ?

  130. Bhavna Gaurishankar says:

    My shukra pharmaceutical bonus issue not credited
    Why ???????

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bhavna, the bonus shares are credited to your demat account under a temporary ISIN and awaiting trading approval. Once the bonus shares are assigned a permanent ISIN, they will appear in your Kite holdings and be available for trading. Once the exchange has credited the bonus shares with a temporary ISIN, it generally takes 4 to 5 working days for them to be listed.

  131. Kadari Dayanandswamy says:


  132. Aaron says:

    I love the idea but I want the note to be on the same line not create a different line if not required. Just put it right next to NSE | Reason
    It’s functional now but little symmetry will make it look awesome thank you

  133. Aaron says:

    I love the idea but I want the note to be on the same line not create a different line if not required. Just put it right next to NSE | Reason
    It’s functional now but little symmetry will make it look awesome thank you so much for the feature 😁

  134. Kavish Lodha says:

    Amazing feature

  135. KVS CHOWDHARY says:

    Appears we don’t need to write notes anywhere now on
    Life is easy once added to kite

  136. Naveen says:

    Please include trailing SL,
    And also feature of adding more stocks name on charts to compare all different stocks rallies on bigger timeframe…

  137. Kamalesh Ubbu says:

    Idea is good but execution is bad.
    Issue :
    If i added a note in hdfcbank ticker in watchlist1, but if ticker is also available in watchlist2 then my notes are not visible …it should also not matter if it is from BSE or NSE

    suggestion : There should be a separate tab to view all the notes sorted according to date added desc

  138. MB says:

    Great feature. Can you also extend this functionality to stocks in my Holdings?

    Additionally, it would be immensely helpful to have the possibility to Group my Holdings into user-defined Groups for example – Own Research, Broker recommended, ET recommended etc.

  139. Vishnu says:

    Hii everyone guys

  140. Devendra Kumar says:

    Please add a feature to show 1 to 5 years returns in fundamental section.

  141. Amit Singh says:

    Dear team zerodha,
    Consider this feature In basket orders for intraday in options market, everytime need to search one by one to add option strike price in basket order. Instead of searching add directly from option chain to basket order for multiple execution of options strategy in same time. Searching one by one makes more time to add and execute the orders.


  142. Raj says:

    Hi team,
    When ever I add a stock please have a option somewhere at what price did I added to have a overall track.

    Also please introduce price alerts on tradingview charts.

  143. Sanjay Akaram powar says:

    It’s great 👍 DHANYAWAD and thanks

  144. Rahul Vimal says:

    Hi Team,
    Can you please add comments on the GTT Orders also …. It will help to track the reasons for various orders for each indivuals.


  145. sheik basha says:

    Dear team zerodha,
    Consider this feature In basket orders for intraday in options market, everytime need to search one by one to add option strike price in basket order. Instead of searching add directly from option chain to basket order for multiple execution of options strategy in same time. Searching one by one makes more time to add and execute the orders.


  146. Chandan Kumar says:

    This feature is very useful. Thanks for it, but i would like to have one more feature for trading f&o: when one weekly or monthly strategy is deployed say strangle or straddle, the positions are shown for all the legs and if i want to deploy some new strategy alongwith the running one using any of the existing legs it will become very difficult to track the p&l of both strategy. so, if there is possibility that i can track both strategies seperately and adjust my positions accordingly, it would become very easy to deploy multiple strategy at once. P.S: it will also be beneficial for zerodha as it can generate more brokerage as the number of trades increase since one doesn’t have to wait for closing one strategy before deploying other.

  147. Umakant says:

    Please give more numbers of watch list, 7 is very unsafisiant

  148. Subash says:

    Create alert system like trading view drag and drop type it’s a long term request to zerodha plz consider this….

  149. Nishikant says:

    This is much appreciated. A very useful feature.
    I used to note all the comments on notebook. Now it would be very easier.
    If the same feature can be added to Holdings that would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much.

  150. VKS says:


  151. mehul says:

    Any alerts in zerodha
    If i set alerts for any stock price at 145 or 110
    In present stock is 125 or 130
    Can I get alerts massage from zerodha

  152. Tarunkumar says:

    Make update all new coming stock in watch list

  153. Ankit says:


    The feature is not showing on my zeroda app.

    Please update

  154. Vijay Garg says:

    Hello Team,

    This is nice feature to remember the share.


  155. Sanjay says:

    Can it may be give me alert

  156. Bhushan says:

    Like the feature Note. But can we have feature, that will indicate the age of Stock that is shown in my portfolio? Currently its very difficult to find directly if I sold this stock then will have to pay short / long term capital gain. Hope this will be also addressed. Thanks

  157. Hargovind singh says:

    very useful thigs

  158. R Hande says:

    In GTT orders please make it possible to cancel multiple orders simultaneously ( as in normal order list)

  159. Chirag says:

    This is the best feature. Going to be super helpfil

  160. Babulal says:

    Learner about f&o, earlier was invester. Thanks for cooperation at verious stage. Thanks.

  161. Ashish says:

    This feature is added to watchlist not holding and positions is because they are after your intent not after your history. They want to know what you would do that your thinking by appling GenAI and LNP on notes.

    Good strategy.


    It’s easy to tracking for me. I am always add fundamentally strong share in my watch least for future investment purpose

  163. Rajesh Sarode says:


  164. Umesh Chandra says:


  165. Vpk says:

    Introduce badla. Or increase time for intra to 1 week. Incorporate volumes in charts for index options. Introduce a reckoner for strikewise option selling and buying.
    These are few things you have to concentrate. What are we going to do with stickers?

  166. Pornima says:

    Thank you😊

  167. Samir Mestri says:

    “Create a feature that gives alerts for stocks in the portfolio, notifying the user when a stock has reached a predetermined condition for selling. Some users trade based on time periods like one month, six months, etc., and they want to sell stocks at specific time intervals.”

  168. Hiral Patel says:

    Wow good

  169. Hiral Patel says:


  170. Sohel says:

    this is very good group ziroda

  171. Saurabh K Balewadi Pune says:

    “Introducing notes on Kite marketwatch”; Wow thats a good one… I was awaiting this for years. Can you add the same in “Holdings” as well.

  172. R Hande says:

    Good Idea. If you could provide average price next to held quantity,in market watch, it would help in taking a quick buy/sell decision

  173. Sujeet says:

    Very much useful feature. I used to make a separate notes on mobile for tracking stocks’ price range, when to explore investing in a stock (especially ones when the industry has a temporary headwind), etc. Now I can integrate them in kite.. thanks for a thoughtful feature…

  174. KG says:

    Pla add Multiple charts in one Screen..currently we cannot view multiple charts in one screen

  175. Shricha says:

    It will be great if you can add this feature on the holdings.

  176. Safi Ahamad says:

    Zerodha app best option

  177. SANJAY kumbhkar says:


  178. Ramanathan A says:

    The notes can be appeared in different Color. For example like light blue or purple

  179. Bhudeb sahoo says:


  180. Zufan fahmi ansari says:


  181. sharma says:

    I was very badly needed this feature. Best addition. Thank you

  182. Vishal Kulkarni says:


    Thank you for the new feature. It would be great if we can also add notes to holdings as well. Once I buy stock no need to keep it in watchlist. And i can update notes in holding.


  183. Supriyo says:

    Need to have the option to deactivate or reduce number of watchlist .

    Also SmallCase relate holding should be shown in different tab in better way

  184. Cheth says:

    Good feature, helps for quick review / entry / exit points ect..

  185. Anwar says:

    Great feature, would request this feature also to be added to Holdings tab too! Please 🥺

  186. IMRAN ALI MIT says:

    Need something like this for trade journal…. Fyres trading platform already providing it… Expecting this feature from zerodha & complete integration of Tradingview… Many Tradingview indicator still unavailable in zerodha.

  187. Naveen says:

    Please add extra features to Charts, once we draw the trend line, they’re erasing automatically

  188. trupesh radadiya says:

    please mcx segment open please
    my mcx segment is automatically close

  189. Faisal says:

    Can we add notes on holding stocks. That will help help to track for stop loss and further addition of stock

  190. PRABHAT says:

    Please send the strategy for F&O and Equity.
    More loss

  191. Prathamesh says:

    Ye sab thik he bas trading ke dauran glitch mat kariyo

  192. Arun kumar says:

    Is this option available for holding stocks as well? Because it would be better to remind ourselves that why we have invested in the particular stock.
    Even this “add notes” are best suited to holdings thus one can identify the purpose of purchasing stocks.

  193. Sk says:

    Please add 2 tabs or tradelist – 1. For holding long term and 2. Trading short term. It will be the best feature ever. It will prevent us from trading too frequently the good stocks.

  194. Prgp says:

    Provision to distinguish between FNO and non-FNO required.

  195. Smart INvestor says:

    Great feature will help with the investment Strategy

  196. Adarsh R says:

    Most and very badly required property you have given thankx

  197. Aditya says:

    Thanks for adding this feature. Still curious- why don’t we have same option to add notes on Holding stocks? It’s not necessary that my all holdings will be present in market watch.

  198. Gaja bhai says:

    Very good zerodha😊

  199. Jony says:

    It would be great for me and others. Please do fast .
    Thanks team zerodha and special thanks to
    Founder of Zerodha Nithin Kamat ji

  200. Ganesh Kacham says:

    Excellent feature!!!

    If you can even accomodate the price when the script was added in the watchlist and the current market price is however visible i.e. LTP.

    So that we can able to know how much the price has gone up or down since we added the script.

  201. Mayuresh Naik says:

    Plz improve your server, when I buy that time stuck all things

  202. Mallikarjun d kakde says:

    Plz add runing stop loss

  203. Javed khan says:

    Please provide yearly dividend view so that I can track easily how much passive income i earn.

  204. Madhuben Mehta says:

    Good one …

    In a separate note, I would like to provide you a feedback on new development. Trust me, Its simple to introduce and unique in nature. It will keep Stock Portfolio app on edge. Not even any prominent App have it. 

    Function Name is *Missed Profit%*

    It should reflect in Mobile app, Days Gain/Over all Gain section. 


    Supposed in January, I had bought ABC share at Rs 100.

    In June, post buying, it highest reached Rs 150. (not 52 weeks high) 

    In Oct, CMP is Rs 120, it means my missed profit is 30%.

    That missed profit indicator besides each bought scrip act as an alarm. It help user to read scrip. 

    *Proposed Logic*

    01)Stock Purchase Price or Purchase date closing Price 

    02)CMP or Stock last closing Price (to keep it simple but slightly inaccurate) 

    03)every day stock Closing Price data

    a) CMP (120) – Stock Highest Price post buying (150) = Missed Loss amount 30

    b) Now,  Purcahse Price (100) to 30 Loss =  30% is the missed profit.

  205. Pk singh says:

    I want become a professional trader

  206. Nitesh says:

    Waiting for this feature. Thank you for nice feature and user experience. ..

  207. Nitesh says:

    Waiting for this feature. Thank you for nice feature and user experience.

  208. mrtn says:

    i would love features like this and appreciate. But why not focus to resolve the basics first.. cloud fare issue of new. kite web only for JIO net connecting customers?alternative solution provided not feasible

  209. Jitendra says:

    Because I want to catch momentum stock immediately for intraday trading

  210. MN REDDY says:

    Good OptionThe same Notes facility should be provided for the open positions as well holdings. It would be far more useful than just providing it for the watchlist

  211. John Manohar says:

    Please add trailing stoploss feature.
    It is definitely a value addition.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Very good feature… best user experience. Thank you zerodha.

  213. Sushovan says:

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  214. Sameer says:

    Please add a feature to highlight stock name in watchlist with different colours

  215. Sunil A says:

    Very nice n good for the investors

  216. Saurabh says:

    Most awaited feature, no need to carry copy pen all time.

  217. Shah Nawaz says:

    And an overall auto trailing stop loss option with the overall all stop loss option as mentioned in my last comment

  218. Ramshankar Acharjee says:

    Awesome useful feature ❤️

  219. Phani Kumar says:

    Good and useful feature. I remember that I have suggested this feature quite a long ago.

    Would like to have one more useful feature 1. Tag note for Instruments in Holdings or 2. Change of Color to the instruments.

    Thank you
    Phani Kumar

  220. Saurav says:

    Add previous close line on stock charts

    Simple but best feature

  221. suresh says:

    i want some more advanced technology and more powerfull tools and as a zerodha customer i want Tijori app free for everyone

  222. EZHUMALAI S says:

    Good to known the reality.

  223. tarandeep says:

    Good feature. I like to suggest 2 “Holdings” tab so that one can move the long term stocks to 1 tab and keep the short term stocks on the other . This will allow us to focus on stocks while trading . Just like the wish list you have where we can categorize the stocks . Emailed you this suggestion many times.

  224. Abhishek NC says:

    please include trialing stoploss, funds added/withdrawn summary

  225. munnalal sabu says:

    good. but is it forever unless i delete it?

  226. Shah Nawaz says:

    Give an for overall stop loss option so that if there is multiple legs or strategies deployed if a certain amount is triggered all the trades get squared off

  227. Sanmathy Raju says:

    Nice. Its a good feature. I can write from which screener i got that stock in my wishlist.

  228. RVR says:

    A good feature. I also request to allow provision to name the tabs (seven) as in mobile app. Eg. Options, Short term, Intraday,Traded stocks etc. I have already suggested in the support portal. It would be easy to toggle the seven tabs easily

  229. Nitesh says:

    Long awaited feature…thanks !

  230. Hari says:

    It would be great if you also add this feature to BASKETS and its stocks..

  231. Gangaram says:


  232. amit says:

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  233. Kisanrao says:

    Thank you

  234. Nishant says:

    guys really liked the notes feature in watchlist, add this to the Holdings section as well, it would be very helpful. Thanks.

  235. Vinesh says:

    Very nice feature, never thought i needed it. Now that you gave, its super convenient and thoughtful. Thanks

  236. Phani Bhushana Reddy says:

    Long back i requsted this facility and thanks for providing this But this notes should be for each watchlist instead each stock if you provide that that would be create instead number i can categorize the stocks like RSI DOW Time to buy GOIG DOWN like that i can categorize and i can timely respond to create welath and will support to ZERODHA through doing multiple transatrions


  237. UMESH DHARAVAT says:

    It will be also helpful if you initiate same note feature in Portfolio holding page which appears right side of watchlist, so one can remember the reason to buy that portfolio holding & what is the thinking behind that holding.

  238. ARUN KUMAR GOEL says:

    The same Notes facility should be provided for the open positions as well holdings. It would be far more useful than just providing it for the watchlist.

  239. Ritika says:

    I was so desperately waiting for this. Every time i add on my watchlist , i forgot why i added this scirp. Thanks so much. Bhagwan ne sun li ! LOL

  240. Aman Raj says:

    Good job by Zerodha

  241. Sanjay says:

    very good featue

  242. urvazi kotwal says:

    amazing feature this is so helpful and cool. instead of making notes on paper daily . here the notes are right on the watchlist and can help in faster execution and analysis. great great feature. thanks

  243. ramdas says:

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  244. kamini says:

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  245. Manoj says:

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