Module 7

Markets and Taxation


  • 1. Introduction (Setting the Context)

    The first chapter aims to reassure the reader that taxation is not something to be feared and can actually be interesting when looked at from a traders’/investors’ perspective. ..

  • 2. Basics

    The reader is introduced to the meaning, importance of Income tax and the applicable tax slabs to different income levels. ..

  • 3. Classifying Your Market Activity

    Here we study in detail the four heads of income for a trader/investor and their meaning and relevance. The rules for computation of tax under each head is clearly outlined. We also study the advanta ..

  • 4. Taxation for Investors

    This topic explains how long term and short term capital gains/losses are determined based on the holding period of the investment and their applicable tax rates. We also studied how one can reduce LT ..

  • 5. Taxation for Traders

    Here we take a detailed look at the two heads of business income (speculative and non speculative) and their tax treatment. We also studied key terms such as BTST, Advance tax and Tax loss harvesting. ..

  • 6. Turnover, Balance Sheet, and P&L

    This topic covers the differences between paying income tax and filing income tax and the various ITR forms for different categories of assesses. The chapter also addresses several relevant queries on ..

  • 7. ITR Forms (The Finale)

    The final chapter on taxation introduces and explains the different income tax forms and the importance of selecting the appropriate form. This chapter also walks us through the entire tax filing proc ..

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