Kite charts update – Trading from chart & more

July 10, 2020

We have an exciting update to Kite charts (Chart IQ).

Note: If you are facing issues in loading charts please hit Ctrl+Shift+R

This update is currently only available on Kite web. Coming soon to the mobile app.

Trade from charts

Place orders directly on the chart (Kite web). Click and drag them up and down to modify or cancel.

Trade from charts

Trade from charts

Click to drag & modify or cancel

Click to drag & modify or cancel

Plot all open and executed orders on the chart

Plot open & executed orders on the chart

Plot open & executed orders on the chart

New indicators & tools

  • Candlestick patterns on the chart (see above image)
  • RSI divergence
  • MACD divergence
  • Stochastics divergence
  • Stochastics RSI
  • Central pivot range
  • Anchored VWAP
  • Adding indicators over other indicators.
  • New drawing tools and more.


  • If you are finding an issue with the visualisation of certain indicators, please delete the indicator from the chart, add it back,  save the view, and save the preferences. Or you can click on the layout menu in the chart and clear all preferences. This will fix the issue.
  • On the mobile to drag the chart left/right, keep crosshair disabled.

Check out this short explainer video to learn how to use these new features.

Hoping you like the new chart update.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new features, please post them here.

Note: This update is only available on Android devices running Android version 7.1 and above on mobile devices.

Happy Trading,

Team Zerodha

India's largest retail brokerage


  1. RAHUL ROY says:


  2. Ketan says:

    Hello Team,

    Explain me , why trade button is not working at all right now. When I click it nothing happen.

  3. Lijoo says:

    In the CPR, why you have not provided Support and Resistance ?. Please provide at least s1/s2 and r1/r2.

  4. Sudheendnra says:


    I am not getting a proper view when I am opening IQChart. No chart is visible, But if I switch to TradingView it is fine.

  5. Umesh G says:

    Not able to view chart on kite mobile

    • Arockiya says:

      kindly do manual log out from the account page and login to the app. This should help.

      • Nitin says:

        Yes, same thing is happening with me.I am not able to see any chart in chart section.
        Even re-login doesn’t work.

        • prakhar says:

          Same here. I am not getting candlestick patterns in the app. The app is updated to the latest version, tried logging out as well. Please help with this.

  6. Patil PP says:

    Again issues followed by firstone update while working on mobile or Tablet no zoom by two fingers, no sliding by fingers which were in first one. Cross hair not working properly. New theme generation blocking.again problem to save charts. Font sizes of numbers and tabs and stocks names appearing so smalls to view even on big tablet.probably it will work on PC but not mobile friendly.chart size becomes small than existing view. Rather than adding some new studies and trade click on chart u have changed out all interface with lots of bugs. It’s heavy to use on mobiles. Also it’s hanging in between again effortless work by ur team not all ur users are wondering here and there with hanging PC and laptops on there necks but most of all uses mobiles so think about it and make it user friendly as before as it was. Only add the things that are useful but do not stretch it till becoming useless. U had not any taken lesson by month of may 2020 ur team stick and paste that update of may 20.same as it was with bugs. Nothing change. Give option to use old one otherwise Best luck for ur bright future.

  7. Srawan Kumar says:

    Pivot Points for the chartIQ are different from tradingview style pivots. When OHLC values are same then why they differ?

  8. sapan kumar khuntia says:

    The pivot study is showing the wrong levels. previously it was right. kindly rectify it. otherwise, it is misleading.

    • sapan kumar khuntia says:

      kindly add the classic pivot options in the chart IQ chart view.

    • Arockiya says:

      seems, it’s matching with the calculation can you provide a bit more info?

      • sapan says:

        the one that is available on the new view is the traditional pivot. i am talking about the classic pivot. the both have different calculations. for example, you can go to trading view and check the difference on the settings of pivot points.

        Thank you.

  9. Sudarshan says:

    Normal drawimg mode is fine. But in full screen mode, the drawing options section occupying 25% of my screen. What drawing you expecting me to do there? Why you have to display unnecessary tool all the time in full screen mode? We select a line draw and the tool bar shud dissapear. Its becoming serious hurdle in mobile.. Im done. Im switching to trading view. Till now i was sticking to zerodha charts just because of the ease of use.! Now trading view mobile app also came which is much easy to use.!

    • Sudarshan says:

      And i heard you give good pay package to your employees! Cant they brainstorm these simple things and bring in new items? Waste if money efforts and energy!!

  10. Amar says:

    Charts (Chart IQ) not loading on my mobile after the update. No charts are visible. Kindly let me know the procedure to get it fixed. I have a latest android version on my mobile.

    • Akshay says:

      Hi, Please try to clear the cache data for Kite (Settings -> Apps -> Kite -> Clear Cache) and then do a fresh login and try loading the charts.

  11. AMIT M says:

    Great Work ! Team.
    Some dumbos would keep complaining

  12. Abhishek says:

    Tum logon ka dimag nhi hain kya? Arey why do u want to update an existing system which is already the best. Who asked for a new charting plateform. Instead of playing this update game improve your existing system or provide an option to go to the old version. Are u not liking the money u r getting from customer? Why do u yourself want to ruin your business let the competitors do that to you. The new update is again bullshit. The problem is complicated drawing your drop-down menu occupying space fibo and other tools r not sticking to its place. Go back to the older version or give an option to the older version and you keep playing your update game.

  13. Krishna Das says:

    Kindly add, “traditional” type in Pivot Points indicator …in chart IQ.
    Its now has “Standard” and “Fibonacci” only.

  14. Vicky says:

    Attention !

    1) CPR: Give atleast R1 and S1
    2) Mobile view: while mobile held horizonatally, why two cross hairs, two ohlc icon, two drawing icon ?
    3) Also on laptop view, the candlestick color scheme is somewhat weird ! the green candles are somehow causing problem to the eye ! Please retain the old green/red color scheme of the candles.

    Please give a choice to retain the old format.

    Good traders might want to keep things simple !


  15. Rakesh says:

    After updating kite app, Chart n supportive indicators are not user friendly in mobile. Space for chart has decreased n continuous pop up of indicators name is creating problem. Pl make it simple to use

  16. Vicky says:

    Hi, I second this thought.

    Zerodha , please listen to us..

  17. Selva says:

    Hi sir, good set of features , I have been really craving for this feature of grade from chart , but am also not able to move from Zerodha- at a time when I have been seriously considering to move out of Zerodha – nice good work , thanks again.., how about trailing loss..? Can it also be performed from chart like – just moving the line ..?

  18. rakesh says:

    Please provide option to restore the previous mode of default view.
    you may retain all new features but changing view will impact us badly.

    • siva says:

      What exactly you mean by default view? can you email me with screenshot to [email protected]

      • rakesh says:

        New default color used for candles & background in laptop view.. I tried alot to set the previous color but unable to do that.. the new candlestick color scheme is somewhat weird ! the green candles are somehow causing problem to the eye ! Please retain the old green/red color scheme of the candles.
        Please provide option to restore the color atleast..

        This is problem for so many users.. please consider this request.

  19. Vinu says:

    Candle stick pattern will be plotted on a real time chart after formation of each candle or only after end of the day.
    pls confirm

  20. sunil says:

    in tradinview plz provide 4hour charts

  21. reneeth says:

    If I use the in-chart trade button. When I put a buy at a higher price than the current price, will it be treated as trigger price or the trade will be executed immediately.

  22. Jowhar says:

    Great work! You gave us access to indicators such as CPR which is not commonly available but essential.
    Keep up the good work!

    One question: In the trade option, if we drag the price above the current one and submit an order, will it create an SLM order?

  23. Jowhar says:

    Hopefully, in the next change, you would include the ‘script’ feature in TradingView version

  24. Anish ahamad says:

    Great work thanks

  25. Madhusudhan Kulkarni says:

    Great work Team. Appreciate your efforts to bring up these features.

  26. pratik goenka says:

    I need help.

    On my ipad, I am not able to view chart in neither chartIQ nor trading view.

    I am just getting a blank screen.

  27. Guru says:

    Hi Team, ‘Trade From Chart’ option is very intuitive. I mostly use cover order… How can I place cover order using trade from chart option, please?

  28. Aakash katoch says:

    Found a bug in new ui kindly take note and rectify ,when a moving average is plotted on volume its y axis is saved as default but whenever it is refreshed after that it automatically sets itself to “right” eating too much screen.
    IT further leads to scrambled erroneous moving average data plotted on volume or any other indicator as well kindly correct it ASAP

  29. Om Pattanaik says:

    Kite website is getting tooo slow after the update of the chartiq.. its actually taking a lot of time to get reloaded even after using the ctrl shift r method.. too slow. please either enable to the previous version of chartiq or please speedup the website

  30. vikas says:

    hello zerodha team. After the latest update which happened on 11-07-2020 zerodha charts are not loading candle stick data before 11-06-2019 in 5 min time frame. being support and resistance trader those data are very important to me and for many others traders like me. If it is a bug please do let me know and please fix it as soon as possible.
    And also provide the option to choose between old chart and new chart.

    • Arockiya says:

      we are able to see the data like earlier. can you check in incognito window once.

      • Vikas says:

        Arockiya i tried that as well but it’s not loading. If you are from zerodha team then i request you to provide option to choose between old chart and new chart. I personally find zerodha old chart way better than the new one. Let the user decided on which chart they want to work on.

    • suresh says:

      this is correct

  31. Sravan says:

    Problem with Y AXIS option at bottom of each indicator. Even I am opting for NONE and saving the chart, still I am getting Y axis data on chart

  32. Kasireddy says:

    Y axis data option not working. Even if opt for none, it’s still available on chart window after reopen

  33. suresh says:

    zerodha kite mobile app in tools properly not working

  34. suresh says:

    please provide the old chartiq

  35. AMIT M says:

    Seems few people don’t like Poriborton

  36. suresh says:

    thanks the zerodha i know it Great work

  37. Dhiraj says:

    please help me.
    I am unable to change the timeframe in zerodha after updates…

  38. Soumitra says:

    The space for the indicators like MACD, RSI and Volume automatically takes the space for half the screen, every time i have to manually reduce the sizes. Inspite of saving the view and saving the preferences the new chart pop out these indicators take their original shape.

    • Soumitra says:

      Pl look into this space issue, everything else is great. Else for every popout chart, I have to resize the volume, macd and RSI. It is taking a lot of time.

  39. Jagjit Singh says:

    Hi All, long wait will finished today. Thanks zerodha team for update, please don’t remove this update. All chart are working fine. I hope I will use these charts on coming Monday.

  40. Priya says:

    Hi Team,

    All works fine except drawing toolbar. it is little weird. earlier drawing toolbar is better.

  41. reneeth says:

    I need an option to hide the left tool bar after choosing a tool like line. Otherwise it is occupying too much space on the split window screen.


    When Bracket order will be enable for cash and derivative segment ?

  43. Akshay says:

    Hi Team,
    Could you please help us understand what’s the difference between ‘Lookback’ and ‘Min Length’ parameters in RSI / MACD Divergence Indicators?

  44. Option seller says:

    Hi why you have taken back the update it was really nice update

  45. Vijay says:

    Please provide Trade from charts in’Multiple charts’ display option for 2 charts & 4 charts.

  46. Tushar Deshpande says:

    Best update sir,it is working fine,, no issu like last time,please restore it..some will still complain as of they r playing with millions

  47. Amresh says:

    Awesome!!!!!…… Well done

  48. P.S.SATHYAMURTHY says:

    while this all ok, one problem. when i scroll down the cursor of mouse, the chart should enlarge. now it is opposite., Can u please reverse this to original setup? hope this has nothing to do with charts. this is confusing to senior citizens like me.

  49. Sandeep says:

    Sir y u ppl will update and u ll remove.. I ll be adjusting my indicators after work if I see. U ll remove update you please reply me… Update was super because of few ppl why u ll remove it..

  50. Tushar says:

    Please update it back or as soon as …it was good…

  51. AMIT M says:

    Pity those Mfkr’s who complaint everytime. crybaby

    Ps : Good work team

  52. Asrujit Mohanty says:

    Most awaited features. i.e. CPR ( Central Pivot Range) Very Nicely done. thanks for the update.
    please add one more i.e Market profile, and custom time frame so we can plot the chart accordingly say 75min chat. or allow us to edit the time.

  53. J M says:

    Don’t revert pls , waited long for this update. ignore the dimshts.

  54. Freaky says:

    Central Pivot range indicator is not visible in studies section.
    Please help

  55. Abbas says:

    most people are using Trading view chart when you are going to update on it. ones a time zerodha was first for advancement. but slowly zerodha loosing ground. other brokers are going more advance then zerodha. which is not good for zerodha clients

  56. ilyas says:

    Plz update same chart buy sell option from Android app immediately

  57. Rohit Das says:

    Not showing any movements in graphs or on percentage is it because i have not deposited any money in it ?

  58. vaibhav says:

    update is rediculous…..charts are not same on diff. time frames…..trendlines are not accurate on diff time frames…..very bad charting experience with this update …. need that old version badly

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