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Can I stop paying for insurance if I have saved enough?

Can I stop paying insurance premiums if my savings match the coverage of my life and health policies? The purpose of life insurance is to make good the financial loss that a person would suffer if the earning member of the family passes away. We could bucket this financial loss into three major categories. Any […]

03 Feb 2024

Writing a Will Vs Nomination

Wills and Nominations, both vital legal instruments, play distinct roles in shaping the allocation of an individual’s assets after their demise. These tools, though aligned in their ultimate goal of asset distribution, comprise unique characteristics within the realm of estate planning and so are often used interchangeably. But, the law identifies their purpose, object, and consequence, and hence, it is important to know the distinction.

31 Jan 2024

Trading stocks with the new amount block framework

SEBI has introduced the amount block framework for investing in the secondary markets starting January 1, 2024. This system functions similarly to blocking funds for an IPO application, where your funds are deducted only if you are bound to receive the shares.

03 Jan 2024

What is an Investment Committee?

Here is a quick explainer of what an Invest Commitee is and how it is constituted. An Invest Commitee in a Venture Capital fund is a group of individuals, usually partners in the Venture Capital fund, responsible for signing off on an investment opportunity. Invest Commitee is typically composed of experienced professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds.

15 Dec 2023

What is a Term Sheet?

When a startup receives confirmation from investors on its intention to invest, the confirmation is communicated using a document detailing the terms of the investment along with quantum and valuation; this is called a term sheet.

02 Dec 2023

What is Hard and Soft Underwriting?

In the world of IPOs, underwriting plays a crucial role. It involves an agreement between the IPO issuer and merchant banks to ensure the IPO’s success. There are two forms of underwriting: soft and hard. In this post, we will understand what these mean.

24 Nov 2023

How do VCs make money?

The monetary incentives for VCs involve two separate concepts – Management fees and Carry. We’ll take a deeper look at these in this post.

27 Oct 2023

What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital is a type of private equity that is focused on early-stage companies called startups. And the need for this type of capital came into being because banks and conventional financial institutions are risk-averse. They hesitate to and rarely underwrite loans to businesses early in their lifecycle.

25 Oct 2023

The History of Indian venture Capital

Three decades after the first Venture Capital (VC) firm mushroomed in the US, in 1975, risk capital found its way to India. Even though there were several instances of accidental VC underwriting businesses before 1975, the first formal VC scheme in India was in the form of interest-free loans through the Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI).

19 Oct 2023

Venture Capital 101 – The Origins of Venture Capital

A few years ago, around 2016, I remember stumbling onto an old lecture from Don Valentine. For the uninitiated, Don Valentine founded Sequoia Capital VC firm in 1972, before the terms “Silicon Valley” and “venture capital” had even been coined. I can go on and on about how iconic Don was, but his lecture left a […]

14 Oct 2023