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    A series of animated stories that revolve around the day-to-day lives of a bunch of friends in a small Indian town delivering fundamental financial lessons to children.

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The Rupee Tales

Where does money come from and where does it go? The innocent inquisitiveness of children is what makes them most endearing. Help your little ones understand the financial world through simple stories that make learning fun.

The Rupee Tales is a collection of five financial literacy books for children.

The Limited edition hard copy books are now sold out now. Download the PDF copies below.

1. Anu learns to save

This is a story about Anu, a little girl from Goa, and how she learns to save money for the future from her friend, Annie.

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2. Mani's Money

Dadi helps Mani understand why his money is safe in a bank as opposed to keeping it in the house.

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3. Vishrambu's bus journey

Super-naughty Vishrambu learns not to destroy public property as it belongs to everyone in the country and is funded by the taxpayers.

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4. One and a half stories

While Janki reads her daughter Tara a bedtime story, Tara learns about insurance and wonders if she can insure her favourite toys forever.

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5. The cake shop

Vidya has a tough task as she has to explain the stock markets to her 8-year-old angry son.

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