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Recent comments

  • 256 Andrews K on Currency Basics

    For US Dollar u have written UD Dollar ...

    07 Dec 2023
  • 583 Pankaj Upadhyay on Theta

    Will the theta decay continue if the stock goes in the ban list due to high traded volumes? ...

    07 Dec 2023
  • in both the case, Dividend reinvestment plan & Growth plan the divident goes back into fund and you will get more NAV right. Can you explain lit bit more? or correct me if i am wrong ...

    07 Dec 2023
  • Hi Karthik I have doubt on the density curve which is arrived at using the ratios of the stock prices. If i compare HDFC (Numerator) and Axis Bank (Denominator), the density curve comes to around 0.95, however when i compare Axis bank (Numerator) ...

    07 Dec 2023
  • Sir if today nifty is trading at 20919 And vix is 12.83 can we predict niftys range for 1yr, 1m ,1w range by just spotprice and vix . Can we say that nifty range gor next 1 yr can be upper 20919+12.83% and lower range 20919-12.83% ...

    07 Dec 2023

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