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Recent comments

  • 328 shlok on DCF Primer

    If i apply formula of compound interest on 32,80,842 at interest rate 8.5%,then after ten years the amount I'm getting is 74,17,929 and not 50,00,000.Price of 32,80,842 is loss for him ...

    13 Jun 2024
  • In a bearish maruzobu, how do you short on the same day? IF shorting positions are squared off in intraday, and a risk-loving trader decides to short at 3:20 pm, how will he carry forward the trade on the next day? ...

    13 Jun 2024
  • I would like to reframe the third question actually. Its incomplete. Sorry for that. What am trying to ask is can you recommend any other funds that I can make use of for diversification of my investment. And yea, I am in my early age (20s) of inve ...

    13 Jun 2024
  • Hi, Can I buy back a sold call option the very next day? Suppose I have SBI 750 CE and I have sold the same. Now the share price is at 740, however the next day the price has increased to 747. I do not want to wait for it to come in the mo ...

    13 Jun 2024
  • 153 Abhishek Gupta on Equity Scheme (Part 2)

    I called them today and they said that himanshu mange is a very experienced guy although he is associated with nippon india MF for the past 4 years only and he can manage it and they will share my concern about tracking error with himanshu mange. Bas ...

    13 Jun 2024

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