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Recent comments

  • 315 Ananda Kumar an Investor on Cross Currency Pairs

    hi , this is the longtime awaited, need fund swap option between cash and Commodity in Zerodha kite. kindly conform, when this option is going to enhanced, Investors waiting for the long time! ...

    25 May 2024
  • Hi Karthik, Thank you for sharing this great peice of knowledge, I have a little doubt, when there is uncertainity, If the portfolio is in positve MTM, Don't you think the hedge should be on current value rather than invested value. Plea ...

    24 May 2024
  • "If you build a valuation model based on FCFE, the cash flow is discounted with a blended rate, satisfying both the debt and equity holders." Shouldn't this be FCFF, because because FCFF will include the debt component, so it would make ...

    24 May 2024
  • Hi Karthik When i check the iron condor for today on Sensibull using its strategy builder, I find that the equations of max profit and max loss do not hold. Pls help with why this is so. Sharing the values below since I cant paste any image here. ...

    24 May 2024
  • what about time and sales? ...

    24 May 2024

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