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  1. N P Manippadi says:

    i’m from Media background have very little knowledge about this field of expecting the unexpected move of stocks…, .. after reading about few of the achiever in Zerodha, i’m really inspired by straight forward, honest , prompt & bottom of their heart words…thoughts.. reasons..and views… then i made my mind to start trading in small way , with the limit of Rs 5000.

    Because in stock trading business, generally people think WE LOOSE MONEY.. or it’s a Gamble… but after reading about achievements of achievers like you at…. yes, you people made me to think twice…!! I have realized & understood the REAL philosophy BEHIND THIS stock TRADING BUSINESS!!!. then i got special interest on this subject, with curiosity i studied the basics through various website pages, newspapers & magazines….. read few feature articles, collected maximum online information, watched few videos, presentations… and attended one workshop to understand myself…. with trust & hope for last 6 months i have developed my own small research work to step in to this trading business … ( and after analyzing all the online information, i found that Zerodha is truly professional & very honest company in this field of uncertainty .. and the achievers are real & genuine )…. you are the guide , the pole star to the new comers like me …, i have one request from the achievers…. please give me your valued views, opinions & suggestions to develop my skill & understand the logic of Stock Movement.. so i can ( avoid the Crooks &…… ) able to understand more & able to make my own right judgement (at least most of the Time).. if you can, guide me , give me the general information, ideas & tips to understand more & better …. Finally, to all the achievers.. my best wishes !