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Underlining the Underlying Exposure

The RBI requires anyone trading in currency derivatives to have an underlying exposure to forex. It seems many market participants were not aware of this. So, the RBI recently reinforced this requirement through a recent circular. The deadline to ensure that users participating in currency derivatives have an underlying exposure was set at 05 April […]

Content, Zerodha Varsity
05 Apr 2024

Can I claim Sec 54F tax benefit on selling foreign shares or ETFs?

Yes. Indian taxpayers can avail of the tax exemption under section 54F of the Income-tax Act against gains earned from selling foreign shares or ETFs if the money is utilised to buy or build a new residential house, provided the house is located in India. This means they won’t have to pay capital gain tax […]

Partner, Nangia Andersen India
09 Mar 2024