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  1. Amit shivraj limkar says:

    300₹ paid but acount issue, kindly provide details

  2. Rajat Singh says:

    Hlo sir I have two issues –
    (1). m getting MSG_FAILURE error while login to zerodha console for ZPIN again and again.
    My user ID – A08787

    (2) I buy a call order today at 13:24 hrs today and after it climbed up over my buying price, I immediately sell the call order on a profit of Rs. 450 but it showed up in pending orders and status also shows pending and at time 15:33 hrs the selling order got cancelled and now m in Rs. 3223 loss, so I want to know WHY THIS HAPPENED????
    If I sell the order at a 450 profit then why it got cancelled at end of the day and now m suffering a huge loss instead of profit…

  3. RAVI GOHIL says:

    Hi Team,
    I am Zerodha user from last 3.5 months.
    Today i am facing issue while trading.

    Issue Description:
    I am not able to trade through KITE platform.
    Whenever i am setting limit for BUY and placing order it gets rejected every time. I have tried several times. I am getting STATUS as Rejected and below status message.

    server not ready

    Please help.

  4. Ravi Jadav says:

    i am getting MSG_FAILURE while login please look in to it

  5. vinayak says:

    i am getting MSG_FAILURE while login please look in to it

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vinayak, we run daily end of day maintenance on our systems post-midnight, when logins aren’t possible. You can log in after 6:30 AM though.

  6. Ratnamala y khairnar says:

    I subscribed to KiteConnect API two days ago. Whenever I am trying to login in, it’s not working. Error message MSG_FAILURE. Similar incident is happening when I am trying to login to Kite App from mobile. Can you please explain what’s the reason?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Ratnamala,

      We had a mock trading session on Saturday where we were conducting some internal tests due to which some clients weren’t able to log in. In addition, you get this error when you try logging in between 12AM to 4AM.
      However,You should be able to login now.

  7. VISHAL PATEL says:

    I am also Getting this issue from last 30 min – “MSG_FAILURE” unable to login

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Vishal,

      We had a mock trading session on Saturday where we were conducting some internal tests due to which some clients weren’t able to log in. You should be able to login now.

  8. krishnakant says:


    USER ID: SX8331

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Krishnakant,

      We had a mock trading session on Saturday where we were conducting some internal tests due to which some clients weren’t able to log in. You should be able to login now.

  9. Krishnakant says:

    Username SX8331

  10. Rahul Yogendra Singh says:

    Hi I am also Getting this issue from last 15 min. I am unable to login from app as well as from Web.
    What is the issue ?? My id is BG5593

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Rahul,

      We had a mock trading session on Saturday where we were conducting some internal tests due to which some clients weren’t able to log in. You should be able to login now.

  11. Chinmay Tevani says:

    I am having a same problem like this with the message “MSG_FAILURE” after creating new password.

    USER ID : CZ4404

  12. SUKUMAR PATI says:

    Msg failur plz help ma sir… my client ID is YR8207.

  13. hrushi says:

    I downloaded the kite mobile app on android and I am unable to login. It gives me msg_failure error continuously. Was never able to login to the mobile app. I am able to login through web though, from my laptop.
    Please let me know what is the problem. My id is XO6795

  14. ashish yadav says:

    i have send POA it will received in banglore when i checked status .. but when i file complaint they reply the do not get .. its deliver on 9/9/18 but till it is not updated with my account i logged to complaints with AWB(AIR WAY BILL) till now no reply.. please help me @nithin kamath sir..??????? my Z pin 1302

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashish, we’re slightly swamped on Mondays. All the couriers for the weekend arrive at once. As such, even if we’ve physically received your PoA, it wouldn’t have entered the system yet. It’ll be processed soon. Nothing to worry about.

  15. Himanshu sharma says:

    I’m opened new account on zerodha. While i trying to login in kite app it always shows `msg failure’. Please look into it
    .my client id is WJ1936

  16. Prashant says:

    “MSG_FAILURE” error comes when login after 12 PM.

    • Faisal says:

      Did you mean 12 Midnight? Our system undergoes scheduled maintenance for a couple of hours at night.
      Our tech team is working on reducing the maintenance hours to make the platform available for our users at all times

  17. Pratik says:

    I’m new to zerodha and I have successfully logged in on web platform
    But while logging in mobile app, I’m getting a error notification of MSG_FAILURE.
    Kindly look into the matter on priority.

    User ID: QA1866

  18. RAHUL DEV BARMAN says:

    same problem msg error clint id LW9778

  19. ajith says:


    if i apply hull moving average in chart it only shows the red color,how can set different option for uptrend and downtrend in hull moving average in kite


    • Matti says:

      Hey Ajith, a Hull MA is at the end of the day just an MA, it’s a single smooth line and would have just one colour. No way to define up/down trends for colour coding as these would be subjective.

  20. rashid says:

    Zerodha run end of day process between 1 am to 4 am. So between that time it is not possible to get login. That’s why it shows MSG failure.

  21. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On this new kite platform, charts are not supported on Internet explorer. We are getting “ChartIQ” Error. We used to do trades from our office where we only internet explorer only and now with this new version, we are no longer can see the charts and do the trades. We are not even allowed to download/install other softwares on office PC as all other web sites are blocked. Appreciate if you can help us on this.


  22. bhavesh says:

    kite only shows candlesticks or any charts till 3.30 pm which is kites closing ; while may other charting platforms provide price feeds till 4 pm or 3.45 this difference of 15/30 minutes makes indicators and oscillators react and indicate inappropriately sometimes . For example closing price and last candles closing price always varies .

  23. Vikas says:


    My ID is :XT7836

    i am getting error while login time “MSG failure”
    i am trying from two days and same issue has happing

  24. VIJAY says:


  25. S.R.MISHRA says:

    i’m a new user too and after changing for the first time the old password to new one it won’t let me to login!! says client id error or sometimes internal server error !! What the hell and i am try to call the customer support for 5 days one is responding!!

  26. Rajendra gavande says:

    I’m new user . I’m facing login issues . When I’m entering the I’d n password then shows MSG failure…
    pls resolve this issue ASAP..

  27. Vedant Solanki says:

    Incorrect pricing on kite app. I purchased 50 shares of urja global on bse but now on my holdings it is showing NSE price.

  28. raman says:

    i bought 22 sep 17 “shivalik bimetal control” 1 share @ 135.8, after 15 days (approx) 1:1 bonus credited. after bonus value Remains same. but in my account value is showing double 271.6, after so many complaints by email and mobile conversation issue is not resolved till today by zerodha team. please correct it. client id ZA4750.

  29. Nilesh says:

    I got the credential but unable to login kite app. getting error message like MSG_FAILURE

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Shouldn’t happen unless you were trying to login post midnight. What time of the day/night did you see this error?

  30. Amala Robinson says:

    Msg failed massage came, during log in, my account wouldn’t log in YC2437.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Amala, you will get this message when you try to login to your account during 12 AM to 6 AM. We run our internal processed during this window and you won’t be able to login.

  31. Pradeep dhakare says:

    I facing login problem please solve it urgently
    Client id- ZM4430

  32. Koushik says:

    Hi ,
    I am new to stock market can someone help me out to square off in Zerodha kite app

  33. Anubhav says:


    1 point which I have noticed is that if I trade on Options eg I buy 2 lots of Nifty 9700 CE at 25 and then again buy 2 more lots at 20 then they are shown together along with the average price 22.5
    I think it would be better if you show it separately because both contracts were purchased at separate times and price. I may like to exit from the 25 one but stay with 20 one.

    Otherwise an awesome platform to trade as well as hold shares with almost zero brokerage

    Please look into this suggestion


  34. RAHUL HANDA says:

    DASHBOARD holding IS NOT showing buy price / , p/l values for some shares i have bought recently.


    Please check ZIG,it is repainting

  36. RAJENDRAN VR says:

    Awesome Zerodha,Nithin you nailed it…as a failed entrepreneur myself multiple times, Zerodha is what saved me to recover and float around…

    As a thanks giving I have made atleast 10 guys join Zerodha, after proving n bit educating,the earning potential ,with evidence of my trades…

    Goodluck buddy n cheers to all Zerodha team..

  37. Rajesh says:

    today I saw, i was not able to see charts on kite on laptop, seeing new layout etc. Can any one tell me what i need to do to see charts

  38. Animesh Kumar Naskar says:

    I started using Zerodha recently. I find it quite simplistic and easy to use compared to lot of discount/full fledged platforms. However, this site has quite glaring design issue which I feel are neglected over long period of time.
    1. There are multiple login credentials for different portals within zerodha. In the age of popular single sign ons, why we need so many credentials.
    2. Most of working class folks login at night to check their portfolio. But based on my experience and updates from the forum above, looks like you are virtually not allowed to login with error messages which makes no sense to general population. A simplistic downtime message would have been sufficient. If no transaction are allowed when end of day jobs runs at backend, the least zerodha should allow to have just read view.
    Hope developers at Zerodha can follow some best industry practices to make this site better.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hi Animesh,
      You can login to all the Zerodha platforms with just one set of logins. You can login to Kite, Pi, and Q (from Kite) using the same login credentials.
      We are working on replacing our back office, so all these issues will be a thing of the past in a few weeks.

      • Abir Mondal says:

        Perfectly stated by Mr. Animesh. These are the exact issues. The onboarding process is very confusing for a new user as there’s email/user id/client id. People are there to make money, not get smitten by your fancy Oxford dictionary. Aso seriously what is this MSG_FAILURE? Even some 18-year-old intern would know that you are supposed to provide a clearer Error Message. Why can’t you mention it somewhere in the site itself that there’s downtime going? Seriously I signed up only because of the trust you guys built up over the years. If the system is like this, I don’t see me being for a long time in this place.

  39. Raghuraj Kongattil says:

    Hi Mr. Nithin,
    I have been using Kite for some time, and like to know if there is any facility to have split view of
    different trade. Suppose my open positions contains Two hedges with 4 legs each i.e. total 8 trades.
    In kite-positions I am getting the net total of all the 8 trades at a time and not able to filter
    hedge-wise net position. So I am not able to know whether hedge 1 or 2 is in profit or loss.
    Is there a way out?

  40. Snehasis says:

    1. Graph is not coming
    2. Withdraw button shows error ” 502 Bad Gateway”
    How do start my my journey?

  41. tejkiran says:

    I am using Kite since 5 months in chrome I didn’t face any problem.
    But recently I am facing problems with loadings charts.
    I customized few charts for my convenience and saved them.
    Whenever I click on them beside view they are not loading in “Chrome”.
    They are loading fine whenever I use firefox.
    Please help with the issue.

  42. Bhavesh says:

    Hi Nithin
    First of all thanks for Kite… Great Platform for new traders..
    I was reading Varsity Their was line “use the 15 x 30 minutes crossover to identify intraday opportunities. A more aggressive trader could use 5 x 10 minute crossover.”

    I know how to apply EMA on kite but it is giving option of only days(Periods) and i want to use EMA crossover in minutes. so please tell me where is option of time EMA in Kite ??


    • Bhavesh, when you select EMA it asks for periods. If you are looking at 1 day candle chart, it will plot moving average on days, if you are looking at 1 min chart, it will plot 1 min EMA. SO open a 1 min chart on Kite, apply EMA, choose 15, and another EMA 30. That is ur 15 min x 30 min

  43. Shiva says:

    Kite is not working both in web n mobile app.

    Is there any ETA for resolution?

  44. Sunil says:

    Iam Observing more problem in payout withdrawal from 7pm to 7.30 pm in kite aswellas in backoffice portal..How to put for withdrawal if both fails. but fund payin is working why this happening…..pls do something or else we need to put payout request before 7pm. from 7 to 7.30 pm window not at all opening …

  45. nimisha says:

    the ios app gets timeout every 5-10 mins doesnt happen for android . its happening from past 1- 2 weeks . please look into the same

  46. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    Hi Team,
    I am Zerodha user from last 3 months.
    Today i am facing issue while trading.

    Issue Description:
    I am not able to trade through KITE platform.
    Whenever i am setting limit for BUY and placing order it gets rejected every time. I have tried several times. I am getting STATUS as Rejected and below status message.

    server not ready

    Please help.

    • A few of our clients who were on a leased line had issues, both primary and backup for those clients went down completely. Took us more than usual to move clients to another setup completely. Unfortunately leased line infra in India is not great, we are working on ensuring that moving from one setup to another happens faster if an issue like this happens in the future.

  47. AG Rajeshvar says:

    Dear Nithin,

    First of all thanks for giving us excellent platforms to trade such as kite and pi…

    I have some suggestions regarding kite, (i) for NSE hourly chart, hourly bars are created from 9.15 to 10.15, 10.15 to 11.15, and so on… can you alter this to 9.15 to10.00, 10.00 to 11.00,… 3.00 to 3.30…

    when i put horizontal lines in chart to analyze in kite the some of the lines disappears when i reload/refresh, please look into it…

    and when are you going to include hull moving average and giving exact value for horizontal lines (which you gave in last update for pi) in kite…

    Currently i am not trading actively but going to start soon, and I once again thank you for this wonderful platforms and initiatives… I am real happy being an Zerodha Customer…

    AG Rajeshvar

  48. Ashok Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin

    Just look following post, this post creatd by umabathy on july 29, 2015

    umabathy says:
    July 29, 2015 at 9:32 am

    How to watch Index (Nifty, Sensex) in Kite?


    Nithin Kamath says:
    July 29, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Index watch still not there, but will be added soon.

    Dear Nithin after a long time here are didn’t find any solution. This is must to watch how to moving nifty50 and sensex live for trading. but here are no index watch option in kite. ..

    Hope you will take a fast action on this serious topic. Thanks


    I’m new to Zerodha, wherever I try to buy share, it’s showing error “Not a valid product code”. FYI I’m trying by selecting CNC with MKT price. Plz help me to resolve this. Thank you

  50. Punith Muniyappa says:

    When i am placing order in futures and options market i am getting “NOT A VALID PRODUCT CODE” why is it ??

  51. shirish gupta says:

    I am new to zerodha. I am trying to buy some shares but getting “not a valid product” error. Kindly help…..

  52. Sampad says:

    K Lite iOS app does not support funds (Add Funds or Withdraw) activities ..though on screen buttons are available. Can we get this fixed.

    thank you.

  53. Jeewan says:

    I am not able to log in getting error MSG_Failure and OMS_Timeout respectively again and again since trying todays 1st login (12oclock)
    Plz resolve prob.

  54. Ganesh says:

    Please correct this msg_failure error as early as possible

  55. deepak says:

    I am also facing the same MSG_Failure issue. Please look into it urgently.

  56. Rajashekhara says:

    I am getting MSG_FAILURE message, unable to login to kite due to this, pls fix it asap..


  57. RAGHAVA K says:

    I am getting MSG_FAILURE while Login.
    @ Zerodha Team : Kindly look into the issue as soon as possible

  58. Dhiraj says:


    I have frequently been receiving error messages like ‘MSG_FAILURE’, ‘No License Availabe’, etc. And these error messages are at different points of time within a day.

    Please investigate.

  59. Rohit Upadhyay says:


    During morning session , That’s such a shameful 🙁

  60. Mrs.Rajani Shetty says:

    I have few suggestions which are as follows:
    1)-Kindly make the price figure a little bigger font as much as the time on x axis.
    2)- make the whole look of kite little more darker or bolder , to stop from straining ourselves , esp for those using specs.
    3)- if the keys having sign” – / + ” shortcut keys can also be used to expand and contract the charts instead of always pressing -/+ on the charts.
    4)-how to place buy/sell orders from popped out charts .. what are the shortcut keys. is it F1 and F2. its not working in my charts.
    5)- can u add 23.6% in Fib RETRACEMENT and once fib is added, the cursor should not be again showing retracement levels on being pressed… only once the retracement can be added…( it cud be deleted and again added if not proper…. by going to study and selecting tools).

  61. Arvind Jetwal says:

    Hi ,

    I am new to Zeroadha and while placing order for delivery transaction getting error of not a valid product. Please help

  62. Gururaj says:

    Can we have LTP column added to Order book as well in Kite? We have to swap to Holdings or Positions tab everytime to see the order price v/s the LTP to edit the price if required.

  63. Rose says:

    I want to use the Bracket Order in Kite platform. I want to open 3 lots of Nifty and i want my SL to be 30 points per lot. So should i enter the Stop Loss as 90 or 30?

  64. YOGESH moga says:

    I am New user Of zerodha And I want to know with example of cover order and bracket order. Please give examples on option like nifty June 8000put buy at 49 with target of 61 And stop loss 39.
    Please explain Co and no.

  65. vinod says:

    Well i want to know how to open nifty and bank nifty spot rate chart in Kite, it shows ETF and f&o results.

  66. Sanket says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When initiating the first trade on Kite, the transaction password is asked.
    Can a feature be incorporated that after login is done & before the first trade, we can click some menu option (under our Login Id where we have “My profile”, “Edit profile”, etc.) and enter the transaction password?
    After this, the transaction password should not be asked at the time of first trade.

    • Venu says:

      No such feature yet. We will soon be providing you a preference tab through which you can choose to opt/opt out of entering the transaction password.

  67. Manoj says:

    Hello Nitin ,

    I am missing advance option chain with all the advanced greeks value in zerodha platforms like we find in Sharekhan .Is there any plan to add those features in kite .


  68. AMBUJ SHARMA says:

    Can you provide 2 minute chart on KIte.

  69. Adi says:

    I tried to apply EMA on Volume bar in Kite. Steps followed:
    1) Select MA from “Studies”
    2) Field = Volume
    3) Type = Exponential
    4) Click “Create”
    But there is no average line on Volume bars.
    Please suggest am I missing something. I’ve been using Pi but now planning to shift to Kite. Have to trade tomorrow and would highly appreciate your speedy response.


  70. Rajeev says:

    Hi Nithin,
    First of all I would like to thank you for providing such a great platform for trading. It is really a very simple and powerful trading platform.
    I have one doubt regarding the BO product. Is it possible in the BO type to place an order with trigger price. Currently it is only showing price?
    And what is the meaning of trailing stoploss? Can you please explain the same?

  71. Bharathiraja says:

    I’ve been trying to view charts on Kite mobile. The charts do not show up. Earlier I was able to.
    I use Redmi 1s

  72. Harish says:

    I am getting MSG_Failure error while login to kite zerodha, can’t login

    client id: DH1064

    Please look in to it….


  73. SRINIVASULU says:

    Is Kite App is available on iphone 6 for trading?

    Please give the Link.

    • No, the IOS app is still not out. Try on your mobile browser, works almost as good as a native app.

      • satish says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Kite is very nice option to trade. Best part of it is
        1) simplicity
        2) ability to stay logged in for full day
        3) support for simultaneous dual login (through veb version & mobile app).

        I prefer to stay logged in on my desktop as well as mobile. So I would like to know when Kite ios app would be ready. Please share rough timeline in order of months. If it is going to take more then 1-2 months of time, i will plan to switch to android phone.


  74. Hrishikesh More says:

    Hi, its a while i am using kite on both app and web.
    On my Sony Xperia T charts doesn’t show up at all.
    and on web based platform i don’t see correct candle stick graph in 30 mins interval.
    Hope both the issues get resolved soon, for hassle free trading.

  75. Pravat Kumar says:

    Please enable Trigger Price in Kite BO. It will definitely help a lot.

    Is there any technical issue in this ?


  76. nirmal says:

    Does kite has features for commodities too? not able to find..wanted to trade in commodities too. Pls help

  77. Mukesh says:

    The last traded price tag on the right axis fully covers the current candle being formed. Can you move it further to the right so that the current candle can be seen? Thanks,

  78. sandeep says:

    Here is the screenshot of kite where i have been trying to modify the order.

  79. sandeep says:


    I am not able to modify intraday order in Kite. It has been happening continuously. All i have lost so far just because of this is 57000. Could you please let me know the workaround. When i called customer care they just said sorry.

    Mr. Nithin Could you imagine the side effects of these issues in trading platform? Could you atleast reply what i do to modify the order I have just placed. Not at all a pleasant experience. too bad so far!!!

  80. Gourav Maharshi says:

    hello team,

    Want to ask:
    – Can i place spread orders through kite ?
    – Pi do not run on mac. Are you guys working ? If yes then expected date for release ?


  81. kishor says:

    When will kite be available on Iphone?

    • Venu says:

      Kite for iOS is still under development. It will take a couple of months atleast before it’s rolled out. You could use Kite web on your iPhone till then.

  82. kuldeep says:

    i have 2g network in my villege
    should i work with kite in my laptop

  83. kuldeep says:

    minimum net speed required for zerodha kite

  84. Pravat says:

    Is it possible to add Trailing Stoploss in Futures across days. If not any future plan ?

  85. Manojkumar says:

    The way and speed zerodha showing to clear our doubts , its amazing , thanks zerodha

  86. Yogesh says:

    Is BO/CO working in kite app? Is it applicable for f&o?

  87. Manojkumar says:

    Pay in , pay out option. Available in kite ????

  88. Vijaya Chandar says:

    I think I was using CNC. I will check tomorrow and update.

  89. Vijaya Chandar says:

    I found it and added to my list. I can see the option to buy, sell, market depth and charts like any other stock.
    When I placed the buy order, it threw an error: ‘Not a valid product code’.

    Please resolve the problem.

  90. Karthik says:

    Does Zerodha offer the facility of a trailing stop loss across days?

  91. samrat chanda says:

    I am going to open an account with zerodah soon. my query is that do kite have the ickimoku kinko hyo indicator. its very important for me .

  92. Manojkumar says:

    Nithin sir, when we will get kite mobile trading app please tell me , we are waiting for kite mobile app , waiting for your reply

  93. Rajiv Kumar says:


    How to set target price for any equity in Kite. e.g. I purchased ACC@100 with StopLoss@90. If I want to set a target price@120, where I can do that?

  94. Sooraj Jogendra Mishra says:

    Plz tell me how to turn off transaction password in zerodha kite?? There is option in PI but I can’t find it in Kite..

  95. Nishan says:

    Can you Please let me know how Can I tradeb(Buy/Sell) share in BSE using kite website ? If BSE stocks are not enabled in kite then Can you plz suggest some other platform of zerodha to trade in BSE ?

  96. prakash says:

    Prakash here

    I personally feel kite is a wonderful platform for zerodha.

    I have problem of selling sbi shares which i bought 10 days back.

    This is first time i am squaring off a CNC product type.

    when i exit from holdings it came to positions and rate started fluctuating instead of freezing .

    But when i square off my MIS product it freezes in positions. Is it the intended behaviour?
    when i square off it CNC product shouldn’t come to positions from holdings right?

    please provide me the detailed information?

    • Hmm… not able to figure out what you are saying, can you send an email to [email protected], we will call up and check it out.

      • prakash says:

        when I sell shares in CNC type, shares switched to positions from holdings. trade is not cleared

        • Venu says:

          When you sell your delivery stock, its your position for the day which is why it appears under the position window.

          When you square off your MIS position, the buy and the sell quantities match which is why there’s no further fluctuations..

          When you sell delivery stock, there’s only a sell quantity with no buy quantity and hence the system keeps showing you the MTM.

  97. ravi says:

    can you please indicate the % of PL next to appreciation of PL

  98. Yogesh Jagtap says:

    Hi I was using kite for trading , after researching I found more technique but when I was try to implement in chart then chart not display create button I am using Chrome browser Version 47.0.2526.73 (64-bit) on Linux system. For ex. If I apply “Pivot Points” charts it not display create chart button. PFA

  99. RG says:

    How about BSE charts on Kite?

  100. Anant D Karve says:

    Hi Venu,

    Anant here. Any update on having BO and CO on kite?

    Anant D Karve.

  101. manoj says:

    Nice Platform .please include 4 hr chart .

  102. Nalinikanta parida says:

    when I want to buy stock , why it is showing “not a valid product code”. what is it mean?

  103. Arijit Halder says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How to disable transaction password in kite ?

  104. vijay pranay says:

    hi nithin,

    excellent platform
    Please include 4 hour chart in kite it will be very helpful.


  105. Manish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Was hoping to see CO in kite by the end of January as you’d said earlier.
    Can we please have it asap?


  106. amar kinhikar says:

    Till today morning kite was working fine on mobile browser . But suddenly it stopped working in mobile browser . Request to resolve issue .

  107. manas says:

    kite is not working on safari software

  108. R Raman Singh says:

    Hello Nithin, Team Zerodha,
    hope we can get CO and BO feature with Kite asap…..
    it will be miracle for the intraday traders….

    R Raman Singh

  109. S kumar says:

    Hi Nithin, Please activate BSE also in Kite Platform…

  110. Vina sharma says:

    Is BO available in kite now. As I am unable to see. Please do reply.

  111. Sakthivel says:

    KITE is very user friendly. Mainly Graphical charts, look & feel is very NICE in KITE app… I able to trade only via KITE only… BUT i unable to do the BRACKET ORDER… And My office & most of the office will not ALLOW to install the window based application like NEST & PI.. that’s why we need these features in KITE.. Please let us know, when it (BO orders) will come to live in KITE application to trade?

  112. Anant says:

    Hello Nithin, Team Zerodha,

    Here’s wishing you all a very happy, successful and ambitious year ahead!

    Hoping to see a lot of novel initiatives from you guys for retail traders and investors!


  113. AN says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have a suggestion for adding one feature to the trading platform. Not sure if it is already there(however could not see the feture what I am thinking of). please provide your mail id where I can send it.


  114. Ganesh says:

    Hello Venu,
    How much more time is it going to take to get exchange approvals for enabling cover orders on kite?
    From the posts above, I could gather that it is the only blocker that is currently holding you up from introducing cover orders in kite.
    Otherwise kite is a great platform, but cover orders are sticking out like a sore thumb!

  115. Anil Kumar says:

    Is there any possibility to provide an option of saved chart template in kite? When the chart of a stock is opened it would be helpful if frequently used tools are preloaded.
    Also any update for fibonacci tools in Kite?( difficult to spot the open/close,high/low points.I have used trade tiger earlier, the fibonacci lines do not move above/below the four points while looking for the swing high and sing low.)

    Thanks in advance.

  116. Chitra KV says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    My account is opened recently and i am trying to place a order of cash market segment however it is showing a error msg “not a valid product code”, whereas if i place a order in FNO segment it is accepting the order.. attaching the screenshot of the same for your reference..


  117. shreyans says:

    hey kindly improve current zerodha app….

  118. Raja says:

    Kite, though a great success is yet to be armed with CO.Please tell me if you have something(as light n simple) like kite where CO can be placed.

  119. G.Anil Kumar Reddy says:

    When can we expect market watch,More historical data and custom time frames?
    Thanks in advance

  120. Madhav says:

    How to add NIFTY Futures current series in Kite?
    I tried with NIFTY & CNX NIFTY, but unable to get.

    Thanks in Advance

  121. Viraaj Badhwar says:

    I had read that the index watch is now available on kite. However when i type in cnx nifty it’s not showing up in the search results?

  122. Nitin says:

    Still no light of day for cover orders on kite?
    All have been waiting since July/ August.
    Can you give a definitive deadline?

    • Venu says:

      It involves getting approvals from the Exchanges which is why its difficult to give a deadline. We’re trying our best to get this up on Kite asap.

  123. G.Anil Kumar Reddy says:

    When can we expect bracket orders and market watch in Kite?
    Also finding the exact high/close etc while drawing fibonacci retracements is a bit difficult. I request you to rectify this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  124. shailesh says:


    I can see only LTP in KITE.
    How can I see current BUY & SELL price as well?
    there is some gap between these.
    Also After click market depth icon, the massage disple “No market depth”

  125. Anant says:

    Nithin, Venu,

    Dunno why it is taking so long to introduce cover orders on kite!
    Also, can you please confirm what is the session timeout for litre once we’re logged in through a browser?


  126. Shivam says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am loving Kite. Its just so great and very easy to use.
    But I feel Fibonacci Retracements should have been a must in charts for TA.
    When can we expect having Fibonacci in the kite system?

    Also, on, I get my name as None ie. the system greets me as Hi None. Hope this will be corrected soon

    • Fib retracements are there, check this link.. On the left side of the chart, there is an option called select tools, click on that and you will be able to see it. When you add Fib retracement, you can also select using the settings upto what retracements you want.

      About the issue on Q, it is already fixed.

  127. Vijay says:

    Is BSE trading started in Kites?

  128. sreenivas says:

    Whom should we approach to write a algoZ code (technical analysis based) for trading in zerodha , pls

  129. Sainath says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When can we expect BSE in KITE?

  130. sreenivas says:

    Pls introduce a cusotm index builder in kite software , which is already marvellous

  131. Keerthi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Have been waiting for Kite Android mobile application for a long time now. This is already November. Can you give some rough estimate/timeline, when kite mobile application will be available?.

  132. R Sivaramakrishna says:

    I am having problems in zerodha kite through Android phone.
    Inserting indicators is causing touch sensitive problem. That means if iI scroll indicators down or up it displays where i
    First touch. Not able to insert other indicators of

    • Yes, there 100+ indicators, so until the native mobile app is ready, adding indicators etc might be tough using Kite on mobile browser.

      • senthil says:

        Hi Nitin,

        As per your earlier responses it seems rolling out of native android app would take more time than expected. meanwhile it would be great if you could provide scrolling option for inserting indicators in mobile browser. Even though we have good android mobile we cannot use kite effectively. we have to always rely on pc/laptop for using chart in kite.

  133. R DALAI says:

    Dear team zerodha
    let me know other than pi where can i place cover order

  134. CA Ravi Khanal says:

    Sufferred loss of 31k due to server issue on kite on expiry day, while the other websites were working.
    Was very unhappy with Z5 but with launch of Kite, trading experiance was smooth.
    That was put to hold yesterday when kite stopped working between 3.00 PM to 3.07 PM.
    On expiry , especially in last 20 minutes every second counts and as a result the position which was doubled from buy price has to be sold at a loss.

    Out of frustration sent a few emails to zerodha support and got a call back in half hour post mkt close.
    What seem to be ok is they accepted the mistake and assured not to repeat such disaster on other days.

    but i lost a lot and dont have courage to rely on zerodha on expiry day trades.

    P.S Attaching 1 snapshot, during the said time period, when either the site under maintainace or gateway timedout problems were faced. Which burnt my profits like anything.

  135. Girish says:

    Again lot of issues 🙁

    i kite website was showing that the site is under maintenance around 9:30 am.

    Now the charts are not opening at Kite


  136. Girish says:

    Hi ,

    Kite has become very slow nowadays, order updating has become damn slow.

    sometime order will not get placed only.

    Losing lot of money because of these silly reasons and most importantly losing my patience.

    please do something on this issue.

    NOTE: I have 8 Mbps internet with awesome latecy( my internet is never a issue)


  137. Vinod says:

    How to disable kite transaction password ?

  138. S KUMAR says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Using kite in Android, if I launch charting from the market watch, I am not able to scroll on the chart using left and right swipes. There is also no scroll bar seen at the bottom of the chart.

    pls arrange kite android version


  139. Viraaj Badhwar says:

    Hey guys,
    brilliant job on kite, i can see you guys are putting in a lot of effort to make sure it is perfect! I thought i’d bring one more issue to light. When i try to set a stop loss for currency futures, it only lets me set the trigger price upto two decimal point i.e eg: 74.13. However, i would like to be more specific with my stop loss, but when i try to put something like 74.1320, it gives me the error “enter valid trigger price”


  140. RVT says:

    Fantastic product and so simple to use. Thank you guys for simplifying trading.
    Quick question – how do I change candle colors in candle chart?

  141. Joseph says:

    Too much instability while trading in KITE, you guys are tarnishing the good work by rolling out such a buggy product. Stability is the most important requirement of a trading platform

  142. anandhp85 says:

    Hi , Kite is simple and very powerful. i want some feature,

    1. how can add moving avg in volume chart.. (i attached image )
    2. please give some more details in marketwatch in kite.. just (open interest, ask,bid ,volume,high,low, open,close)
    3. Can you give some option data analysis, put call ratio analysis, FII Data ananlysis, , HEAT Map, sector wise analysis, option greek values etc….

    I think above are most useful for trader… so if possible add the kite or pi ASAP..

    Sorry for compare with others.. your service and platform are too best but i want some information so compare others (just reference only… )

  143. Jevish says:

    Kite is not loading at all… Its 8 mins left to trading and this website is not loading my orders.

  144. Ravi Shankar says:


    The auto update feature is not working for me. Most probably because I am behind a firewall or the fact that I am using a client VDI in UK to log in. Is there a way I can get kite to work for me. Manual refresh in the earlier client works pretty fine.

    With Regards,
    Ravi Shankar

  145. Hi,

    I am unable to login to KITE for the past two trading days. It is throwing error as user name and password is wrong. But using same user name and password i am able to login to the back end application.

  146. sree says:


    When ever a pointer or cross hair is placed at any indicator , the values need to be shown so that chart utility can be increased manifold and eliminate need to subscribe to other charts . Also the need to drag and drop indicators on each other may be considered for development

  147. Bharat Virani says:

    Kite is very good tool for trading I have seen ever,

    Great way to use technology in trading.

    keep updating.

    waiting for Mobile app..

  148. Satyajit Shetty says:

    Sir when can we expect cover order features in KITE…….

  149. Chirayu says:

    Hi Nithin,
    why is EMA option not available in kite. it’s the most basic thing, did you guys missed it ?

  150. Amul says:

    Thanks for a wonderful Kite application.
    Today, Kite was not updating any price in “Market Watch”.
    Also your Support number was always busy. No customer executive picked up.
    Would you be able to give continuous future data, in next 2,3 months ?

  151. Anant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Using kite in Android, if I launch charting from the market watch, I am not able to scroll on the chart using left and right swipes. There is also no scroll bar seen at the bottom of the chart.

    Also, can we have a time frame by when CO will be enabled in kite?


  152. Mony says:

    Range Bars are not editable in kite?… Please make an option to edit the Range Bars so it can be useful to traders based on their range-preferences…
    unless the trader has editable ranges, there is no use whatsoever of having range bars with default size…
    Please make amends…Thanks!

  153. amar says:

    Request to see that like mobile nest trader we donot have to log in again in kite android when we minimize .

  154. Kislay says:

    Hi Nitin
    I am using kite quite some time and it’s really amazing and wonderful. I was wondering if you could fulfill one dream which I have from years that.. is it possible to save different stop losses for any scrip and have to just touch to activate it without remembering everyday all the time and typing daily for that to activate. It will b really great relief since any one day I will study about scrip or f&o and save stop losses and targets subsequently activate in AMO just by touch. Thanx

  155. Saumita Roy says:

    I am looking for future spread chart which seems to be not currently available. Is there any plan to include that?

  156. Pramod Pogal says:

    Excellent work on KITE website. Appreciate that. !!!
    But really need Cover Order feature in KITE. And also a limit order to exit or Square off from cover order. Manual square off is the toughest thing to do. Hope you consider giving this feature.

  157. Pankaj says:


    I understand kite is in beta phase, therefore would like below changes to be incorporated.

    1. Once i have put SL order the screen only shows me the price but its not showing trigger price. Ideally both the prices should be visible. See attachment.

    2. Chart times are not showing correct times. For example in an hr chart the bar should show as 1.15 – 2.15 whereas it currently shows as 9.15-2.15.

  158. Rohit says:


    I see the commodities and Nifty futures are incorporated in Kite. However, the daily and weekly charts do not open for them properly. Any time frame by which it will be available similar to stocks?

    • Nifty futures would have limited historical data, Nifty sep fut will have data only from July onwards. So there is not enough data to be seen. We are making our database show continuous data for future contracts also. It will take a little longer.

  159. Atmaram says:

    After suffering from the frequent ‘session expired’ issue in Z5, I just switched to Kite last week. And I must say, it is awesome! Lightweight, easy on the eyes, and a very smooth experience. The charting is an added bonus. Great job on this one 🙂

  160. prasad says:


    I can see only LTP in KITE.
    How can I see current BUY & SELL price as well?
    It is useful as there is some gap between these.

  161. Darshan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Joined Zerodha family just last week. In “kite” portal, tried to place an “AMO” order type (on Sunday Night) with “CNC” (Delivery) and “Limit” options. (for one of the selected Scrips)

    On clicking “PLACE”, system asks Transaction Password first. On entering the ‘correct’ password, system shows error “Not a valid Product Code”. Keep getting same error and cannot proceed at all. Kindly help. Thanks..

  162. Anant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great to see that mcx is now enabled on kite! Waiting for CO now!


  163. Sitesh says:

    Volume based chart studies are not appearing on Kite. Can you please look into this? I have verified lot of studies are not appearing on chrome.

  164. Anant says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Have come to like kite quite a lot in my recent trials.
    Kudos to the Zerodha team for that!
    At the cost of re-iterating, can we please have both MCX and CO (at least) on kite?
    I guess a lot of users have been wanting this since the launch of kite beta.
    And also, can you confirm that whenever available, will BOTH of them, MCX and CO, be made made available simultaneously?

    Keep innovating and rocking,



  165. vijay says:

    Hi Nitin,

    What is probable week when kite will be ready for mcx? Badly needed.


  166. Satish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do we have any option to turn off transaction password in Kite?
    When is Kite getting released for Android? Eagerly waiting.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Although it isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere, the Exchanges insist on the transaction password being part of the trading application being offered for retail trading. Kite Mobile is under development. Should be out soon 🙂

  167. Sharad says:

    Hi NIthin,
    I just opened kite on today morning, which being Saturday. Charts are showing wild swings in prices (in Nifty and Nifty fut.), even when market is closed. What is that??

  168. revendar says:

    Been using KITE for a while.
    Very good effort. have some suggestions.

    1. Save the preferences of the indicators and drawings in cookies so that next time we need not have to redraw or load our interested indicators. This will help in avoiding timeframe change to 1min as well.
    2. Load minimum of 25 days hourly data. May be we can add this in preferences of an user. People doing swing trading cannot make use of current charts. For daily charts minimum of 100 candles is required.
    3. In dashboard I could only see freecash. Would be great to have summary of the current EQ/F&O positions value (Cash price and M2M price)
    4. This is for Q: Need a weekly trend of profit/loss bidirectional – barcharts. This is available, but showing wrong statistics. Especially when futures and options are combined.
    5. RT Horizontal ticker of just indices, VIX and world markets. Which we opt to track.
    6. Sometimes the charts are not auto updated especially after drawing some structures in chart.
    7. Would be nice if there is an option to hide days positions in Open position. Because it also calculates P&L based on LTP based on my Selling price. This may interrupt traders, thinking of closing early/late seeing P&L. Just a collapsible dock will suffice. moreover we have this in separate tab – order book already.

    Some things which are actually cool:
    1. Simplicity not having too many things to confuse.
    2. Notifications of order execution and sounds.
    3. Bootstrap site
    4. Pulse and varsity in Dashboard.


  169. Vijay says:

    I placed an order today and tried cancelling many times but it never cancelled.
    I placed 8000 CE at 120 and the order never cancelled and now it’s 116.

    So it was not canceleling I thought it would be executed but I am seeing it as lapsed.What does that mean?


    Thanks in Advance.

  170. Sharad says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Just looked at the kite today and found it wonderful. Charts are excellent. However I couldn’t find charts of Nifty/BankNifty or any other index.

  171. Umesh says:


    I have recently opened my account with Zerodha. While i am trying to login in to kite, it is showing that you kite account is not activated yet. So please help me out to activate the kite account.

  172. soujanya says:

    hi Nithin,

    When does KITE available for Commodity Trading?

  173. Rahul Dholariya says:

    Can I place CO and BO order using Kite?

  174. Vishal says:

    Please check AMO orders in kite. the price it showed after confirmation was 100 times the price i entered.
    For ex: If i place AMO buy 280 it shows 28000 in Kite and also in Z5.

  175. PRAVAT KUMAR SEHI says:

    Team Zerodha,

    Kindly Update the iOS Zerodha App as it has many Issues. Square Off Page not opening in Position Tab.

    When can we expect Kite on iOS ?

  176. Mehul Bhanushali says:

    Hello Nitin Sir ,
    Kite is great trading platform on desktop browser and also on mobile web browser. There is hiccup it works awesome during market hours but during post market hours time/duration on chats is displayed NAN(not a number). Also if u can add market movers (gainers losers….) would make it complete..

  177. Bhavir says:

    Excellent product. Thank you and congratulations to Zerodha team!

    Looking forward to customized time frame especially 3min for intraday. Any eta on providing this?

  178. Dinesh says:

    Doesn’t work on Chrome in Win 7.
    On the very first screen, in the dashboard, I want to see a quote and cannot click in the ‘Search’ box.

    Not a good first impression, Zerodha!

  179. kiran_25 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Kite is good and light weight. I liked the UI. Here are my suggestions I expect in Kite.

    1. Char preferences to be saved (eg. I use 5 min chart and i’ve to set every time i load a chart, by default it loads 1m chart).
    2. Some times after I change from 1min to 5min/1hr candle, couple of times i see a spike and some times i see a gap up where it’s not available in real. This gives a wrong info for me.
    3. Sensex and Nifty ticker.
    4. Need kite BADLY for MCX. We are very desperate for this.
    5. Market depth is some times very slow.

    Kudos to your team for the innovative light weight “Kite”.

  180. Anant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Couple of comments on issues with kite here –

    1. When I open the order book in Android web browser (say chrome), the order table does not fit in the frame (rightly so). However, the only way to see the order details by opening a particular order is to scroll far right where the “>” arrow is seen and click on that.
    It would be helpful if an order would open up by clicking anywhere on the order row.

    2. Neither MCX nor CO seen yet, any timelines when they will be available?

    And as always guys, keep up the good (rather awesome :-)) work!!

    Thanks and Regards,



    Also provide a demo session on Kite for better understanding…


    Dear Nithin,
    Kite is really wonderful. When can we expet Kite on iOS ?
    Please add CO & BO soon for intraday traders.

  183. flipperson says:

    So i’m not sure if my previous message got posted, so forgive me if i end up with a double post.
    None of the drawings are showing up on the advanced charts. However, i just checked on google chrome and it seems to be working so i’m guessing it’s an issue with Safari on Mac. Maybe you guys can figure this out?

  184. flipperson says:

    Hey Nithin,
    What’s the minimum internet speed requirement for Kite to run smoothly?

  185. Mony says:

    Hi Nithin,

    can we expect Cover Orders on kite soon ???

  186. Athar says:

    Kite looks really nice.

    One suggestion – Could we have span margin calculator as a tab beside the Positions-Funds tab. Also can we integrate it such a way so that if any one clicks on FNO scrip , the calculator auto calculates and shows the margin for that instantly?

    Another One : If its not a big pain, could you make the multi-watchList bit priority. It will really help to organize the scrips.

  187. VIDYADHAR says:

    Kite is a nice platform. please add cover order.

  188. Mohan says:

    Kite !!you really fly very high…!! Its my first day in KITE.. Market Watch is refreshing bit slow.. other than this.. outstanding.

  189. Eswar says:

    This new platform is awesome. Can you please include CO and BO (Bracket Order) options which help intraday traders a lot

  190. Karthi K says:


    I have placed AMO order in Kite. But its not showing in Orderbook as well as in Pending orders. But same order can be seen in Nest web version.

    Also in Chrome browser Market watch Tool tip is not disappearing until page gets refreshed.

    Please fix the issues.

  191. Rahul says:

    Kite is great ,thanks for this .
    One issue I am facing currently with kite is that it takes lots of time to add new scrips to market watch
    and then it sometimes takes too much time in showing market depth. Please do something for this…

  192. RK says:

    Can we expect kite app also for windows phone?

  193. umabathy says:

    How to watch Index (Nifty, Sensex) in Kite?

  194. Athar says:

    Is different WatchList going to be available on kite? Like Stocks & Futures in different pages. Also NSE BSE live rates on the page will be great help .

  195. pankaj says:

    Looks awesome….very light……Kite is super fast. Couple of queries.

    1. Currently, kite shows 1 min and 1 hr chart. Is there a plan to add multiple time divisions like PI. (Asking this query since PI installation is kind of a risk on official machine, while Kite is a website – which will be really helpful).

    2. Are there any tools in the market where we can define 2 hr chart should be from 9.15 to 11.15 am or from 9.30 am to 11.30 am. I assume no ….still wanted to confirm once.


  196. prasad says:

    Is this available to trade comodities?
    I am not able see commodities in Kite, can see only shares?
    If not, when this will be available?

  197. Abhishek says:

    Hi Nitin,

    KITE seems to be a bit slow in displaying order book, positions and even while placing the order. Do we expect any improvement on this front as well?

    I am very pleased overall with the UI of KITE.
    Regards, Abhishek

    • hmm.. that is surprising. We are upping the servers infra next weekend that should speed this up, but ideally the speed should be alright even now. Getting someone call you back and have this checked tomm.

      • Abhishek Gupta says:

        Thanks Nitin. I will appreciate that. I am also facing issues with the Marketwatch. It does not refresh when I add or remove a script. Even after logging off,t he same scripts are shown on the marketwatch.

  198. Anand says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I use Macbook Air, I think Kite is the only solution of yours that will work for me! ( Hopefully)
    When will Kite be released for us to take advantage of your innovation. I have a very high expectation from you guys as you are ahead of the curve always!
    I am happy to be a part of the Zerodha family!
    With u guys always.

    • Anand, beta of Kite is already live, You need to be enabled for Pi to be able to use Kite. If you aren’t, do send an email to [email protected] asking to enable Kite for you.


      • anand says:

        Thanks Nithin,
        I loved the UI, This proves that u guys mould the best of technology and make it simple to use!
        Hats off to the team for this great effort, i am sure loads of additions will come in due course.
        As a Mac user, this is the best ( any browser supported and lite too)

  199. Ayush says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I tried kite beta application. Needless to say it seems to be very light and very effective tool for traders.
    One thing i want to know whether only BSE listed stock can be traded on Kite Beta application or not as I could not find the ways to place order for such companies.


  200. Dhiraj Sharma says:

    when will kite mobile trading app be released?

  201. Hi Nithin,

    We are eagerly waiting for Kite release.
    Z5 is not much comfortable now a days, it is taking so much time to execute an order.some times it hangs in middle of order execution saying session expired.


  202. Amit Maurya says:

    Kite is a nice platform.Please add Cover order feature ASAP as it is the important thing missing in the arsenal as of now.


  203. Milan says:

    kite is really good tool for trading. we really appreciate your team.
    thank for making such a good trading platform.

    here color combination and hanging issue is solved permanently.
    here i suggest very points as my feedback.

    1) change should be in numbers(points) too, with percentage.
    suppose voltas yesterday close is 314.55
    VOLTAS 0.09 ^ 315.75 – here increase/decrease percentage is display but ….
    actual point 1.20 upis not shown.

    2) Sensex and nifty should be display anywhere in the screen.

  204. SivaKumar says:

    Hi Nithin, Please activate MCX also in Kite Platform…